What are Sneakers?

Originally, Sneakers were soft rubber soled canvas top shoes made by Keds that first appeared in 1916. Being quiet to walk in, you could “sneak” up on someone. As our redshoe logo is a graphic design of this type of shoe, we decided to call this new section Sneakers.

Sneakers are mini-articles from a wide variety of topics that address a specific thought. Think of it as sneaking a peek on a subject of larger scope often related to current news events, theological points or a reader’s question. The intent is that one or more of these Sneakers will ignite a spark of curiosity that will encourage us to find the relevancy and meaningfulness of the Biblical record in our daily lives.

The articles are updated with new information and references from time to time, so check in to see what's new.

Have a question about something? Send us a note: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michael J. Miller

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