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War In America

The War Dispatches


NEW YORK CITY— John F. Kennedy said, “The world knows that America will never start a war. This generation of Americans has had enough of war and hate ... we want to build a world of peace where the weak are secure and the strong are just.” The Bay of Pigs notwithstanding, about forty years later, a new generation of American leaders apparently motivated by a tumescent imperial swagger for “war and hate,” started the Iraq war over non-existent weapons of mass destruction, and not the obviously gauche raison d’etre, existent oil and gas. The Middle East, and the world haven’t been the same since the fateful day in Baghdad, when America, ignorant of its prophetic portent, opened Pandora’s box in the ancient land of Babylon.

The hot spots of war move about our planet like locusts on leaves, spawned by the greed for our world’s geo-political power and wealth. And while the US military-corporate complex wages wars on many fronts, some with troops, drones and missiles, others with economic sanctions, and others with covert cyber-ops, war, not peace, has become a perpetual part of everyone's daily life. When we follow the money, when we look at the annual US federal military budget, it’s who the Anglo-Zionist US is now and what they do. They are building a world at war.

However, to the average American, war is something done over there to those people, not within US borders. What a difference two oceans can make. So Americans feel relatively safe, insulated from the daily rasping realities of war perpetrated under the protective banner of “large flag patriotism,” even though fewer and fewer enjoy the good life at home replete with debasing forms of televised entertainment to keep the "common people" distracted, including working class versions of modern day gladiator games.

While the corporate mainstream media focuses our attention on those wars over there, Americans remain largely oblivious to the deliberate political, social and economic war taking place in its own cities, in its own states and throughout the country with an on-going battle over its borders, although California may be the archetype of this decline. However, more and more the domestic war being fought against its own people is becoming more apparent. [See the Feature article, The Princes Of A Plundered House]. And why has the government put drones in US skies? Why does the US Marine Corps suddenly need to form law enforcement battalions? And why is the US military conducting joint exercises with police departments above and in major US cities? To an objective observer, this has the appearance of a prelude to martial law. [See US Concentration Camps]. All that's needed is the casus belli.1

Remember when drones were used solely for surveillance … keeping America “safe” by spying on its enemies overseas? Then one day the drones were armed with missiles, blasting insurgents to smithereens and, oops, the occasional wedding party guests, along with sundry civilians too. Now drones are used for surveillance in the skies of “the homeland” for “our safety.” The next logical step is arming the drones with missiles for “our safety.” Keep in mind, the word “our” when used by the globalist corporate-state fraternity isn’t the all-inclusive use of our, as in "all of us." It is the mostly exclusive our, as in just them, the princes. It’s a prime example of the one percent doublespeak, which are lies intended to give the reassuring appearance of truth. As native American Indians say, it’s “speaking with a forked tongue.”

All the same, for most people, it doesn’t register that domestic war is being waged upon the American people. Like the proverbial frog in water that progressively nears cooking temperatures, Americans are oblivious to the increasing heat of this domestic war, which appears as nothing more than the normal progression of everyday life.

And while the US may be the prime example, Western Europe and the UK, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia, are not without their own troubles. It’s as though the US is steadily morphing into the old Soviet Union,2 including the accoutrement fail of the Afghan war, and Western Europe is becoming the old eastern bloc with all its government mismanaged economic woes. So while American's attention has been directed to the overt wars over there, they are blinkered about the covert domestic wars in their own homeland.

Sun Tzu, author of the Chinese book of military strategy, The Art of War, wrote, “All war is deception.” The modern terminology for this deception is false flag operations. [See False Flags]. And “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” like a "pandemic." This is sort of like cooking the frog without all the fuss, hence, the strategic importance of using deception/false flags when waging war. They aren't used when honest and peaceful purposes are the goal.

Do you remember when we could walk into an airport, buy a ticket and fly somewhere? That all changed with the false flag of D.B. Cooper. Government issued photo IDs weren't needed before Cooper's escapade. And there wasn’t a single police commando in body armor with an automatic weapon in sight. They were only necessary in banana republic dictatorships back then. We just bought our ticket and hopped on the plane.

Airports have changed. They’ve come to function as state run conditioning centers where citizens are subtly subdued. Citizens are being trained to keep quiet, acquiesce to government control, and accept the loss of lawful constitutional rights. Having bought our ticket to fly someplace, we see no choice but to submit to Big Brother. The road to captivity is paved by expediency. Little by little, we’ve become the frog in the pot of water.

Consequently, airports have become an archipelago of doubleplusfear3 zones. Every day items on the outside, like bottles of spring water, are confronted as potential tools of mass destruction. And, as with all wars, it is important to dehumanize the enemy, hence ‘nude’ body scans, invasive ‘junk groping‘ searches, and Code Bravo's when travelers are ordered to "Freeze" upon command. Rebel against this process of dehumanization by exercising alleged freedom of speech in an airport and we can’t fly. It can, however, get us detained, possibly arrested and thrown into the gulag. Now the police drive down our streets in armored vehicles shooting us with paintballs, for now at least, for sitting on our front porches. Once sufficiently trained, and the kinks are ironed out, this process easily can be implemented to increasingly larger applications in society.

The genesis seed of 9/11 spawned this enigmatic secret state process of subjugation. It is conducted for “our good” in the name of that magical all-inclusive abracadabra doublespeak phrase, national security. This genesis seed also spawned several hundred new US domestic spy agencies, with the NSA at its head. Technology has been developed that can match our identity to our voices from phone eavesdropping. Our smart phones essentially being NSA portable eavesdropping devices, while the EMR rots the brains of our youth.  Smart TVs and computers can be turned on remotely and used as spying devices in our homes and offices. [Spying]. Cameras can now identify us by the way we walk down the street. And the FBI recently instituted, what is surely just the initial foray, a billion dollar facial recognition system at undisclosed locations within the US. [FBI's New Facial Recognition]. Added to this is the fact that our computers conveniently come packaged with GPS locators, user-facing cameras and auto scanning facial recognition software that can’t be disabled. Our digital devices, upon which we eagerly have become so addicted, have surreptitiously become personal Trojan horses.

So, iBigbro listens in on our phone calls, eavesdrops on our e-mails and social network messages checking them against a list of apparently nefarious keywords such as initiative, exercise and prevention. [See DHS word link] Use enough of these words often and mysteriously we may end up on a no-fly list.

Likely, we are spied on in ways of which we aren’t even aware, besides booking a trip through a travel agency and having it reported to the government. [See XKeyscore]. Did anyone ask our permission? When did warrantless surveillance become lawful? Does it really matter any more? For what possible purpose are our governments, and corporations clandestinely collecting data on every law-abiding citizen and foreigner in distant lands? And who had a chance, in what’s left of the alleged US democratic republic, to vote about this? But, you might say, we have elected officials who represent us. While it is true there are elected officials, they represent those who believe they are too big to fail. [Delivered To The Masters].

The big corporations, who, according to the US Supreme Court, are now legally deemed to be persons [don’t even get me started on this Orwellian lunacy], provide mega sums of money to their chosen candidates, hedging their bets by giving to both parties, to advertise their true campaign lies in order to persuade the sheep to elect them by exercising “our democratic freedom of choice.” [See the Feature article, Why Do We Believe The Lies?]. It turn, these selected elected officials serve their constituency, big corporations, not the redundant electorate. And these big corporations get their money to unduly influence political decision makers from purchases made by the redundant electorate. If it weren’t a truly grim situation, we’d be amused by the irony of it all. With faux patriotism imprinted upon the masses, the sheep are footing the bill with their lives and money to disenfranchise themselves.4 [Again, see the Feature article, The Princes Of A Plundered House].

And it appears those who control the spending of the US empire's money have no sense of destiny, as in lemmings headed for the cliff. In discussing economic and commercial supremacy in the world, the financial cost of world empire means there are limits if one values it owns nation's future. Supply is infinite within one's borders. Therefore, a nation must violate the borders of other nations with impunity in order to plunder their wealth to remain supreme, not just during war, but in its aftermath as well. This is one reason why other nation's borders are such a nuisance to the Zionist One Worlders. [12/6 2018 Zionist US Led World Order].

In the book The Silk Roads, the chapter The Road To Compromise, it reads, "With Britain's [the US is the leading debtor nation in the world today] debt soaring, painful and discussions took place about the cost of maintaining troops in the numbers needed to run an empire effectively. The overwhelming cost, wrote Lord Curzon, 'is one that no longer can be sustained.' It was a conclusion duly taken on board by Winston Churchill ... who recognized that 'everything that happens in the Middle East is secondary to the reduction of expense.'" [p. 352].

As it happens, the Fed, who controls the US money supply and the central banking system along with its ilk in London, appear to have no such qualms. They plunder other nation's resources, sanction others, and start trade wars. They manufacture "money" out of thin air. Going cashless will make it even more convenient to spend what it takes to plunder the Middle East of its oil and gas resources. And in the process, it also plunders the US and the West's middle and lower classes economic strength. We are heading back to a feudalistic states of lords, and serfs who are too little to succeed.

Eventually, corporations, who much prefer serfs to citizens of a democracy, will be able to save lots of campaign money simply by owning the machines that count the votes without any paper trail. [This just in from our news desk… they already do]. And at some point, the corporate overseers will no longer see the need for the charade of elections, having gained dominion over us,  the Redundants.5 We will have been trained and tamed a la Orwell.

Big corporations make billions in annual profits off our purchases, but can get away with paying no federal taxes. If we are the average flesh and blood citizen on the other hand, we have federal taxes taken out our paycheck to pay for weapons, invasions and wars before we can buy groceries. Credit this to the supreme art of mergers and acquisitions. Corporations merge, consolidating money and power, and in the process, they acquire us, who by comparison continue to get fenced in and poorer. The oligarchic US has become a land of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. How did this happen? When did this happen? We didn’t see this coming. All war is deception.

Like it or not, true Christian morals and values have been supplanted by societal values, which are corporate values. We can be an irresponsible, vile and immoral person with little socially redeeming value, but if we‘ve got a dollar in our pocket, then we are their kind of person. Corporations love nothing more than money and the control it brings. “For the love of money is a root of all evil, for which some have strayed from the faith [Greek, pistis, a conviction of the truth] in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” [1 Tim. 6:10].

In the corporate-state world, honesty is a liability to be shunned, its place taken by true lies. Established laws and regulations of the people are disdained. Corporate warranties are Alice in Wonderland labyrinths of “catch us if you can” jargon. We’re incessantly pummeled by corporate adverts using the primal instinct sex to sell us every ‘good life’ commodity under the Sun. In mammon and money we trust. The biggest money season of the year comes upon us like clockwork. Each year we fall for corporate advertising, some people borrowing money to pay back with large rates of interest so as to participate in this corporate cornucopia. In an act of mass mania, the sheep throw their money at Santa so he will bring them joy with all those corporate products they can’t live without. All war is deception. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. And better yet, get them to go further into debt to the masters in the process. It's buying rope to hang oneself.  [See the Sneakers article, Bum's Rush].

When we lose sight of our core values and foundational principles, we are frogs in a pot of water. We‘ve put others in charge of the temperature control. It’s just that we don’t know when this happened or why we allowed it to happen. While we’ve been in hot water for quite some time, we’re getting very near to cooking temps, so the urgency of the situation is beginning to dawn on some folks.

However, to be very clear, our war is not about droll ads that sell us products and services, bought and paid for politicians, or self-serving edicts made by and for corporate interests. It goes much deeper than these effects, these means to an end. It’s about truth versus lies. It’s about ethnic cleansing. The reason why we are in such dire straits is that we’ve lost our knowledge of and love for the truth. As a people, we’ve been sucked into the morass of corporate values, whose god is mammon. And the most successful pitchman is none other than that affable and jolly, dare we say insidiously deceitful fellow who comes across as an "angel of light," Santa Claus. And he’s got his pudgy little hand firmly on our temperature control. Every year, the control knob turns a bit hotter.

The line between the false witness that is Santa and the Nativity myth regarding Christ compared to the Biblical record's truth has disappeared from public view. Like many of our allegedly inalienable rights that have been usurped by government, so too has the truth about Christ’s birth and the purpose of his first coming. It has been progressively shunted aside over the past two millennia in favor of deception, which has resulted in delivering our ignorant selves to the doorstep of Babylon the Great, the sixth head of the beast. As pointed out in previous articles, our children, and most adults for that matter, know more about Santa and his reindeer than they do about Christ and his apostles. 

Redundants’ views to the contrary, Merry Christmas is a corporate slogan if ever there was one. [See the Feature article, And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor]. There was, and may be again, a movement to boycott merchandizers that use the non-approved marketing phrases, Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings, in its place. The campaign pandered to the Redundants based on the doublespeak expression, “Keep Christ in Christmas.” This too is a deception to keep us in our ever-warming pot of water. [Okay To Say Merry Christmas Again]

You see it’s those wise men’s fault for bringing Christ birthday presents in the first place. Yet do corporations care that the wise men weren’t there at the time of Christ’s birth? Do corporations care that he was a young child living in a house when the wise men showed up years later? Do corporations care that shepherds are not out in the fields with their flocks at night past late October? Do corporations care that a pagan Roman emperor [Rome being the fourth head of the beast] officially sanctioned a made-up date for Christ’s birth? [See the Sneakers article, Birthdays Of The Gods]. Okay, maybe the birthers do. But, the majority of us who claim to be Christians don’t care either, at least judging by our actions. The fact is, theologically, Christ was never in Christmas.

The point of all this is that as long as we have a dollar in our pockets, corporations will feed us whatever they feel we need to hear in order for us to serve their merry mammon and corporate greed. Unwittingly, we’ve already given the sixth beast our birthright, and when we have finished handing over our God-given inheritance, we will then offer up our souls. It’s written in the prophecies of those who perish, those who do not have the love of the truth. So, it’s time to throw out the charlatan in the red suit and get back to Christ and the truth. We are at war.

And the reason why we are at war, why we’ve gotten into hot water in the first place is that we’ve been ethnically cleansed. When knowing what to look for, one has to marvel at how cleverly it has been done, not to mention how careless and stupid we’ve been with our birthright. [See the Feature article, Moving Forward]. Twenty centuries later, we don’t know who we are in terms of the truth delivered to us in the first century by Christ. Nor do most of us really care. Being trained and tamed Redundants, our apathy is a fruit of deception. And being apathetic regarding the truth is the hallmark trait of the saints in this age just prior to Christ's return.

Even our religious organizations have been trained and tamed, sanctimoniously accepting, perpetuating, and even defending the spiritually poor Santa-Nativity myth in our midst. But for those of you who haven’t lost your grip on reality yet, we have the chance to get out of the pot of water. And to do this, we need to redirect ourselves in faith. We need to clear our minds of this befuddled haze of apathy and deceit. We need to return to the truth of our ancestral roots. For more about this, we turn to our first century war correspondent in Galilee.


GALILEE—Thomas and I just returned from Japhia, which is down the road from Nazareth and southeast of Bethlehem about a morning’s walk. This is not Bethlehem-judah, our Lord’s birthplace south of Jerusalem, but Bethlehem of the nation of Zebulon, in the north not far from the Sea of Galilee. Zebulon was the first to be taken into captivity of all our brethren due to the House of Israel’s idolatry “on every high mountain and under every green tree”6 as our prophet Jeremiah wrote. All the nations of the House of Israel were divorced from God, violently taken from our birthright lands and scattered into slavery throughout the Assyrian empire seven centuries ago. We were returning from Japhia on day two of the week after spending some time with those descendants of the House of Israel who had returned to Galilee from the diaspora, and joyfully received the gospel. [See the Feature article, The Good News Colour Revolution].

As Jesus originally instructed us to do, we preached to them the good news that the power and authority of God has come to us through the Spirit of God. The formerly divorced brethren of the House of Israel are redeemed into a new covenant relationship with God. For those who have a love for the Word of God, this is wonderful news indeed. Otherwise, the House of Israel would be forever lost.

And as we were directed, we freely cleanse lepers, cast out demons, and heal the sick of the House of Israel, all to the glory of God our Father. We do so because when our Lord sent us out, we were told not to go to the Gentiles nor to enter into the cities of the Samaritans, but to deliver the good news only to those who were cast out of the covenant with God, but are now redeemed, our brethren of the House of Israel. [See the Feature article, And It's Still A Mystery].

Years ago when we were with our Lord in the coastal region of Sidon and Tyre not far from here, we were beseeched by a Samaritan woman whose daughter was possessed of a demon. Jesus made it very plain as he told her that he was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. After 700 years of being outside the covenant, Christ was sent as our kinsman Redeemer. But the Canaanite woman persisted anyway. She came to Jesus and kneeled down before him, saying “Lord help me.” Our Lord answered her saying, “It is not good that I take bread from my children and throw it to the dogs.” Hearing this, she was not deterred, for she answered Jesus humbly saying, “That is true, Lord, but even the dogs are able to eat the crumbs that fall under their master’s table.” Hearing this Jesus said to her, “Woman, great is your faith. Let it done for you as you will.” And her daughter was healed that hour.

Many of the House of Israel that we talked with inquired after Jesus of Nazareth. As I mention at the very beginning of my gospel epistle, we told them it is as promised by oath to our father Abraham that the Lord God of Israel, Christ, who was raised up from the house of David according to the prophets, visited and redeemed his people Israel. As our prophet Micah said, “But you, O Bethlehem Eph'rathah, who are little to be among the clans of Judah, from you shall come forth for me one who is to be Ruler in Israel, whose origin is from of old, from ancient days. Therefore he shall give them up until the time when she who is in travail has brought forth; then the rest of his brethren shall return to the people of Israel.”

Though our Lord was born of Judah, he has redeemed the children of the House of Israel first, brought us into the covenant promise made with Abraham. The church is in labor bringing forth the first fruits of Christ. Then, when this age of the first fruits of the House of Israel is complete at the end of the great tribulation when our Lord returns on the day of Trumpets, all Israel, including our brethren of Judah, who have been given up until that time, will be joined again as one people. [See the Feature article, The Relevance Of The Holy Days In The Plan Of God In The Last Days].

You see, on the day of his crucifixion our Lord broke the law covenant he made with the House of Israel and the House of Judah as written by our prophet Zechariah. Then Christ said to them, “’If it is agreeable to you, give me my wages; and if not, refrain.’ So they weighed out for my wages thirty pieces of silver.” It is a true witness that in the day our Lord was crucified, Judah Iscariot was paid thirty pieces of silver. Also, on that same day, the bonds of brotherhood between those of the House of Judah and those of the House of Israel were broken too. As a result, Judah is blind to Christ until his return as our prophet Micah said, and as David wrote prophetically of in the psalms, saying that their “eyes were darkened so that they could not see.”

However, this will change at Christ’s return. As Ezekiel our prophet quoted our Lord, “As for you, son of man, take a stick for yourself and write on it: ‘For Judah and for the children of Israel, his companions.’ Then take another stick and write on it, ‘For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the House of Israel, his companions.’ “Then join them one to another for yourself into one stick, and they will become one in your hand. And when the children of your people speak to you, saying, ‘Will you not show us what you mean by these?’— say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: Surely I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel, his companions; and I will join them with it, with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they will be one in My hand.’”

Our fellow apostle, Paul, who was chosen to bear the name of our Lord both before kings, and nations, the sons of Israel, explained in a letter to our brethren in Rome, the good news is that this is the age of redemption for the House of Israel so that the full number of our nations can come to Christ by the time of his return. And then all Israel, both Judah and Israel will be saved, joined as one again in the hands of our Lord, our Redeemer as written by our prophet Isaiah. It is to this end that Peter, James, John, Thomas and I and the other apostles diligently follow our Lord’s command, “do not go to the Gentiles or the Samaritans.” Instead, we go to those nations only to whom our Lord was sent, to preach the good news of redemption to our brethren, the House of Israel.


NEW YORK CITY— To tell Christians today that we are descendants of Abraham, the House of Israel, well they will ridicule the idea and point you, wrongly, to John 3:16. We are Gentiles they will proclaim, which is doublespeak for frogs in hot water, disavowing any idea that supports Christ’s plain statement that he was “sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” as Matthew pointed out. This is such a clear, absolute statement made by Christ, which is wholly supported by that written in the Law and the Prophets. Why have we rejected our lawful birthright? Is Christ the liar? Or is the Antichrist the liar? All war is deception. Do the math. [See the Feature article, Moving Forward].

This paradigm of deceit has developed ever so slowly guaranteeing our lack of resistance to the war being waged upon us by our adversary. Instead, we joyfully celebrate Santa, doing as the heathens do with evergreen trees cut out of the forest, decorating them with silver tinsel and gold colored ornaments in the enticingly spurious solstice spirit of “Christmas,” terminally deceived into believing we honor our Savior.

As the House of Israel, we are warned by our prophet Jeremiah in his chapter ten against participating in this idolatrous deceit for our own good because it culminates in the events of Revelation crashing down upon us by the hand of our Lord. [See the Feature article, Our Corrupted Compass]. As noted with the chronicling of events at the top of the dispatch, the Lawless One, the Babylonian beast is rising from the sea of Revelation 13. [See the updated Feature article, Damascus A Heap Of Ruins]. But because all war is deception, we haven’t a clue. If we knew our true ancestry, our Biblical heritage, we could actually read and heed these prophetic warnings given to us, getting ourselves out of the increasingly hot water we are in. But self-righteously clinging to the errant belief we are Gentiles, and therefore are not in the Bible prophecies, our future increasingly will be one of severe adversity and tribulation.

As Pogo classically noted, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” [Pogo]. We fall on our own swords. We’ve been deceived so greatly that we joyously throw ourselves into the clutches of our adversary. We’ve forsaken Peter’s advice from the first century. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” Believing we are not deceived is the greatest deception. It’s subduing the enemy without fighting.

All war is deception. And deception is a lie. And the father of the lie is not our Savior, but our Adversary. We need to flee the familiar darkness, and in faith leap into the unfamiliar light. Our goal, therefore, is to get back to the truth. And to do so, we need to have the love of the truth, and no longer tolerate the lies. This is why Christ asked, “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find the conviction of the truth on the Earth?”

The question we need to ask ourselves, however, is in whose best interest is it that we are deceived, ignorant of our House of Israel birthright that we have so merrily forsaken? So for this Christmas message, and for those of you who aren’t totally drugged by the apathy of deceit, and who would like to know why our society, values, and liberties are being destroyed, and the current day identity of, according to the Biblical record, the Lawless One, as well as ourselves, I have selected pertinent intel dispatches, listed below, to help us fill in the blanks.  

All war is deception. The best defense to combat it is with the love of the truth, and to put it into action in our lives. If we wish to be victorious and stand with Christ, then we must be passionate. Therefore, we must heed the warning given to us, “The coming of the Lawless One is according to the working of our Adversary, with all power, signs and lying wonders, and with all wicked deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth that would save them.” [2 Ths. 2:9, 10].

The love of the truth is a mighty treasure. For without the love of the truth, we perish.

The beast is afoot.




BERLIN-- Recent history has provided us with a poignant lesson. Walking along the lanes that border the former East Berlin on a hot summer night, the haunting evidence of this cautionary tale is literally etched into its streets. When the residents of Berlin woke up on Sunday morning August 13, 1961, east was separated from west with guns, and a barbed wire barricade, which quickly rose up to become the infamous Berlin Wall. In one swift stroke, without warning like a thief in the night, the government of the euphemistically named German Democratic Republic cut off the East Berliners from family, friends and income in the West. Freedom and liberty were instantly lost behind the wall, vanquished overnight to an oppressive and ruthless totalitarian regime. 

Theologically, we are East Berliners in the summer of ‘61. On one side of the wall is the love for the truth of the Word of God and the liberty that comes with it. On the other side are the lies and deceit, which bring oppression and death.

However, we need to jump out of our hot pot of water to the right side of the wall. We still have the advantage of time and freedom to exercise the love of the truth. For at some point, having rejected the truth, we will be shut off from it without warning by the hand of God to suffer the consequences.

As Paul continues about those who do not have the love of the truth, "And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness."  [2 Ths. 2:11, 12; see Rev. 17:12, 13; also read Jer. 30:15; Mark 13:31].

In reference to the beast, the first incarnation being Babylon, the prophet Daniel wrote, "This matter is by decree of the watchers, and the demand of the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomsoever he will, and sets up over it the basest of men." [Dan. 4:17].

To this point, we read regarding the sixth incarnation of the beast, Babylon the Great, "It was granted to him [the beast] to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation." [Rev. 13:7].  This is both the House of Judah and the House of Israel.

Without the fervent love of the truth, we will wake up one day to find ourselves cut off from the Word of God, condemned behind a wall of lies, a wall far more dreadful than Berlin’s. And it appears that day is not that far away. 12/6, 2018: Big Brother Out Of The Closet, 12/6, 2017 Jerusalem Capital Of Zionist Israel; December 6, 12/6, 2017, The City Of Jerusalem, December 6, 12/6 2018, The Beast ... 12 = 6+6/6 .

Footnotes: The War Dispatches

Appearance of a prelude to martial law seems like a plausible explanation given the fact that the DHS, not the army or the marines, recently purchased approximately 1.5 billion rounds of various ammunition according to several on-line sources. Also the House of Representatives introduced HR Bill 6566 on September 28 directing FEMA "to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning" in the event of an "act of terrorism." Additionally, FEMA is advertising for internment camp specialists, which camps are being built as you read this. See the Sneakers article, One World Peace and Security.

2 US morphing into the old Soviet Union. According to former CIA asset, Susan Lindauer, the PATRIOT Act, itself the epitome of doublespeak, contains pages taken verbatim from Stalin's Soviet criminal law code wherein citizens can be taken and put in prison without due process, without access to legal counsel, detained indefinitely, where secret "testimony" can be used against you. Why is this now part of US law? Lindauer was the second non-Arab US citizen in the US to be arrested and put in prison under this law. See video link 3 below. And how is it possible that this law is allowed to trump the US Constitution? 

3 Doubleplus is an Orwellian prefix that creates the consummate form of an adjective or adverb. Thus doubleplusfear is an unsurpassed sense of fear, bordering on mass paranoia. There is no place for common sense and rational perspective. Every citizen is perceived as a potential enemy combatant by the corporate-state. Therefore, we are treated accordingly.

4 Corporate wealth continues to grow while we grow poor. Since 1970 US federal spending, i.e., our national debt grew about 12 times faster than median household income according to The Heritage Foundation. See Spending link. This is zeroed in on by the fact that it was the “median households” who bailed out those corporations “too big to fail,” whose avaricious actions caused many to fail in keeping their houses and their jobs. Sitting under the sword of Damocles, flesh and blood Americans have been saddled with the biggest debt in the history of the world. This $16 trillion debt is currently larger than the US economy. And our debt continues to grow rapaciously; the biggest debt expenditure is for war… engorging the military and for arms supplied by corporations. Hence, we’re patriotically footing the bill to disenfranchise ourselves. See Richest 1% Own More Than The Rest Of Us.

5Redundants are those who are no longer needed to have input into matters of the state, whether through voting, or other means of interaction except for the payment of taxes or serving in wars. These are the same people who, eventually, will end up worshipping the beast of Revelation 13. Travel restrictions, abrogation of constitutional rights and the loss of liberties are just the beginning. With societies in all respects dependent on the banks, it culminates with not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast, Babylon the Great.

6 Every green tree are the trees found on these relatively high mountains [1000-1200 meters], the highest being Mount Meron and Mount Tabor in Galilee in the areas northwest and southwest of the Sea of Galilee. They often are forests of cedars including groves of Cedrus libani, the Cedars of Lebanon. Cedars, including Cedrus libani, are coniferous evergreen trees. The House of Israel, then and now, has an affinity for false gods and evergreen trees. As our prophet Hosea said, “Hear the word of the LORD … My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Prior to the House of Israel's Assyrian captivity, Hosea also wrote, "Ephraim [king of the House of Israel] surrounds me with lies, the House of Israel with deceit ...." [Hos.11:12]. When we don't learn from our history, repeating the same mistakes as our ancestors, we are foolish to expect different results. We are warned, however, that this time of torment and suffering will be like no other since the beginning.


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