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Book Excerpt - The Hijacked Elephant

Where Do We Go To See The Elephant?, The Hijacked Elephant

For the past several hundred years in particular, we have observed counterfeit days that have led us away from our heritage and birthright. These days, two most popularly, have grown in strength that to question their validity today would appear to make one look rather foolish. You know, sort of like saying about four hundred years ago, the Earth orbits the Sun foolish. But these counterfeit days contain one vital flaw within them. They have no duality. The days set aside by God for the House of Israel to whom Christ said he was sent, do have this one important feature. It’s just like telling counterfeit money from the real thing. There are markers. And the Biblical physical/spiritual duality is one of them.

The two primary counterfeit days celebrated by the multitude, if you haven’t already guessed, are Christmas and Easter. Before you readily dismiss this, let’s take a look at them. If you’re spiritually strong, you should be able to maintain an open mind. If not, you certainly will run off with the herd.

The first thing we Christians should ask ourselves is, Do these two days portray Christ as strong and powerful, someone capable of being a king and savior? The obvious answer is no. These days portray Christ as a helpless baby in a manger and then dead on a cross. Make no mistake; the Roman crucifix is a symbol of death, not life. This is the spirit of the Antichrist that fosters these feeble images contrary to the true nature of our Savior, as we are about to discover in the original documents of the Biblical record.

Regarding Christmas, Christ wasn’t born in December. A Roman emperor, Constantine, set the 25th celebration date in the fourth century CE. Even though the Emperor Constantine wasn’t exactly a contemporary of Christ and the apostles, his actions set in motion religious events that have snowballed pagan practices into our contemporary lives. [See the Sneakers article, Birthdays Of The Gods]. It should be clearly noted that Peter, James, John, and Paul, who delivered to us the original documents that make up the canon, never celebrated Christmas, or the birth of Christ or anything in the least related to it. Christ was never in Christmas. It is an apostasy that has grown into a modern day “800 pound gorilla.”

The original apostles did observe the days God gave to us to keep us on our path. And no, the days of celebration didn’t change from the Old Testament to the New. This is merely another fable brought on by the delusion Christians are a mish-mash group of Biblically unrecognizable gentiles. [See the Feature article, Moving Forward]. What changed was the performance. No longer was there to be a physical observance of these high holy days by all Israel. Rather, they were transformed into being fulfilled spiritually by Christ on Israel’s behalf, as was the intent from the very beginning when Moses first delivered them. And as we’ll thoroughly discover, “Jesus Christ [is] the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.”

Then Archbishop of Canterbury [Rowan Williams] noted that the Nativity is a myth.1 But what quaint scene do we see portrayed in front of church buildings every December? And Christmas paraphernalia, no doubt including miniature nativity scenes, are available for sale in late August now in some retail stores. Of course, this stuff is available 24/7/365 on the Internet, not to mention Christmas movies showing up in spring and summer on television as well. As we’ll also discover in the original documents, it’s a path that has lethal consequences for Christians in a most unexpected way, from a most startling source despite the “warm and fuzzy” feelings that Christmas-time traditionally generates.

There were no wise men bearing gifts when Christ was a baby in a manger. It’s a myth! It was just the shepherds. The wise men from the east showed up to visit Christ as a young child living in a house. That’s what it says six times in seven verses in Matthew chapter two anyways. Should we trust that those first century apostles got it right? The men from the east gave their gold, frankincense and myrrh to a king after whom they came inquiring of Herod.

It may come as a shock to many twenty-first century Christians, but the wise men weren’t first century versions of FedEx® delivering birthday presents! How far off the path have we come that we really believe these guys showed up with birthday presents? And even if they were birthday presents, which they absolutely were not, why on earth would this be cause to give each other birthday presents on someone else’s birthday? It makes no sense whatsoever. We are so “stupid and foolish” in this regard. These aren’t my words by the way. They are our LORD Jesus Christ’s as we are about to learn from the Biblical record.

You see, we Christians think everything is hunky-dory. And that God is really angry with the heathens of this world, but not us. We’re the good guys. He will save us from his anger. However, we would be wrong. Dead wrong might be a good way to put it. As we just read, Christ’s anger is directed at Christians, the lost sheep of the House of Israel over following after false gods delivered to us by false prophets. We have become servants of corruption.

Mentioned in several places, both in the Old and New Testaments as we’ll read, his anger results in the subsequent events described by Jeremiah, which are more commonly known by us today as the "Apocalypse," the “time of Jacob’s trouble,” which begins with the opening of the sixth seal as described in the Book of Revelation.

How many Christians today realize there is a direct cause and effect relationship between our celebrating Christmas and the “Apocalypse?” How many in the herd realize the “Apocalypse” is directed towards us because we celebrate pagan winter solstice practices centered on a tree? Christ is telling us we are stupid and foolish regarding our celebration of Christmas. This would be the cause part. Because of our joyously observing pagan customs, we are told Christ will open the sixth seal, initiating the horrific apocalypse. This is the effect part. There is only one major religion that celebrates Christmas with a tree that pertains to Christ. Taking into account what we’ve just read in the original canon, what is the obvious course of action any Christian serious about their faith should be taking? [See the Feature article, You Know You're A Christian When ...].

Therefore, how can Christians, who celebrate Christmas, expect to be raptured out of the “Apocalypse” by Christ when this is the causal event of the "Apocalypse;" and Christ is the one chastising us? We would be remiss, then, if we treat our Christian faith more like an insurance policy rather than a way of life. [See the Feature article, Apokalypsis].

1 I recently was in a large retail store in late October. I happened to notice a children's book on display. It was a book about the Nativity myth. It had paper cut-outs that could removed from the pages of the book so children could have their very own Nativity scene. On the first page was cut-outs of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus. In turn, these were followed on other pages by three wise men, some pretty packages, and then the shepherds, sheep and an angel. Of note was that of all the paper cut-outs in the book, our Savior was reduced to a little round circle with only a nondescript face about the size of a US nickel. All the other characters in the book were much larger and had much more detail. And, of course, the guys who brought the all-important gifts were given top billing. Never mind the gift of eternal life given to us by our Savior. This has been replaced by our having an "immortal soul" from birth, which is another lie corrupting Christianity. See the Feature article, Heaven Can Wait

Of course, we know from Matthew 2 in the Biblical record that the "wise men" were not at the "Nativity." They showed up years later when Christ was a young child living in a house. The Nativity lie is what "Christianity" has been reduced to in terms of daily relevancy. Santa has become real to our children, while our Lord and Savior has been reduced to nothing more than a happy face cut-out in a children's book. We are training our children to be non-Christians in terms of the wonderful truth out Father has given to us. And then we wonder why our society is under attack on all quarters. We are reaping what we've been sowing. And unless we make wholesale changes away from the myths to the love of the truth of the word of God, the prophetic promises of the Apocalypse will come to pass with great severity. For more detail, see the Feature articles, Our Corrupted Compass, also And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

The above is excerpted from chapter one, Where Do We Go To See The Elephant? The Hijacked Elephant. The complete chapter is found in the PDF on the bottom of the Home page. The footnote and references to the Feature and Sneakers articles are not in the book.

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