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The Elephant Book Trilogy

  • The Curious Elephant

    TCE iconEditorial Preview:

    The Curious Elephant completes the elephant book trilogy, which includes The Blind Man’s Elephant and The Hijacked Elephant. In all three, the elephant is a metaphor for Christianity.

    Pastors of religious organizations claim the US and the other Christian nations are not in end-time prophecies, but nothing could be further from the truth. Lacking a clear understanding of the relevance of the covenants to Christianity, however, we‘ve lost our understanding of the gospel Christ actually delivered in the first century. Christians were intended to be followers individually, not denominationally, of Christ. Twenty-first century Christianity has been rendered irrelevant for many people by organized “churchianity.”

    Each chapter in the book has the related verses from the Biblical record bracketed for easy reference. Every sufficiently curious reader, therefore, can discover directly from the Biblical record how significantly different first century Christianity delivered by Christ and the apostles is compared to what has evolved to become our 21st century version, including our place in end-time prophecies.

    A flow chart at the end of the book diagrams all the key characters and historical events making it easy to follow the big picture from Genesis to Revelation. In the end, we discover the answer to the extremely pertinent question, “Twenty centuries later, why is first century Christianity more relevant than ever?”

    Ed. Note: The Curious Elephant was published at the time when it was decided to switch to a digital format going forward rather than a print format. Thus, the chapters in The Curious Elephant were used to "seed" the first iteration of the website. The website contains all the chapters found in the book, although they have been expanded upon over the intervening years. The other two books are available in PDF format at the bottom of the Home page.

  • The Hijacked Elephant

    altEditorial Preview:

    The Hijacked Elephant takes up where The Blind Man’s Elephant left off. While the two books are different, they complete each other.

    The Biblical record is one story written about and for the same people. The characters in Genesis are there at the end in the Book of Revelation. In between the bookend creations of the heavens and Earth in Genesis and the new heavens and Earth in Revelation, our story unfolds. Its characters, circumstances and duality of sub-plots flow like a river; sometimes east, sometimes west, sometimes calm, other times raging and roaring over rocks and falls. What may appear as different rivers in hindsight to each generation of participants who ride its waters, it is one vibrant river making its way to journey’s end.

    When we allow the Biblical record to interpret itself, rather than injecting our personal prejudices, it tell us its story. In the case of The Hijacked Elephant, we discover that every major theological event found in the New Testament is the fulfillment of the archetypical high holy days found in the Old Testament. The apocalypse, the second coming of Christ and others are waters that flow from our past into our future.

  • The Blind Man's Elephant

    BookCover icon2Editorial Preview:

    Christianity in the first century, we discover, is much different than the Christianity we experience today. The single message delivered by Christ and the apostles has fractured into more than 30,000 recognized denominations. What we perceive to be basic tenets of Christianity now, are dramatically different than what was first taught by Christ. When we add scientific fact into the spiritual mix along with our expanding awareness of the quantum world, many tenets of which we surprisingly find written in the pages of the Biblical record 3000 years ago, we re-discover the relevancy of the message of Christ to our daily lives. It is an amazing revelation, the astounding secret of Christianity hidden in plain sight, a glimpse into a lost 4000 year old mystery with Christ at its fulcrum completely changing the roles of the players with incredible implications for us in the 21st century.

    Miller has laid out the arguments and logically addressed each point using the historical Biblical record and scientific fact in an adventurous style that uncovers many surprises for all readers, none more so than chapter six, The Genesis Birthright.

    "So oft in theologic wars, The disputants I ween, Rail on in utter ignorance,
    Of what each other mean, And prate about an elephant, Not one of them had seen." -- John Godfrey Saxe, 1881


Reader Comments

from Connecticut, USA

“Just a quick note to say that I have "climbed the mountain" [read The Blind Man’s Elephant] several times, and each time I have found more to think about. It is a great read, and continues to stimulate my thought process.”
from Toronto, Canada

“I do not know much about the bible. I fall somewhere between an atheist and agnostic, so I have really appreciated learning about this. Overall, what an impressive, thought provoking doubt, you will capture the interest of many readers! I also love how you create suspense through your story telling. It makes for a real page-turner!”
from Los Angeles, USA

Mario Silvo in his book, "The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved," talks about the importance of extraordinary creativity and its impact on society. He says that "... by extraordinary creativity I mean... an idea or act that brings about meaningful change." The creative ideas presented in Miller's "The Blind Man's Elephant" certainly have the potential to do just that. It's simply elegant how resolving the issue of creation and evolution becomes. Rather than conflict, symmetry emerges. From a Christian standpoint, it's one of those "Why didn't I think of that" revelations.
from Toronto, Canada

“Interesting punch line to your chapter [Chapter Five]. Very complex, rich territory for a layman… One of my favorite [sci-fi] books by Robert Sawyer is predicated on scientific proof of a human soul. It looks at what happens to humanity once the proof is proffered. It [Blind Man’s Elephant] is…an important, timely book. This is clearly a major accomplishment. Congratulations.” 
KT, Toronto, Canada  
[Publisher’s note: The Blind Man’s Elephant [Chapter Five] is a non-fiction relative of Mr. Sawyer’s premise. KT is an Emmy award winning producer.]