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 Autumn 2018

Pride Goes Before The Fall: The Dream Of "Unparalleled Military Power" Beyond Challenge
The Bipartisan Con Played by The US & Western Media, So Guess Who Plays The Role Of The Patsies?
Goldman Sachs Hands In $4.5 Billion Cookie Jar
Saudi Arabia Part Of Terrorism Triumvirate
θηρίου Give Us Our Daily Blood: Pro-Zionist America Living By The Sword
ψευδοπροφήτου Pope Francis Queering The Roman Church?

οἶκος Ἰσραήλ Guilty Of All The Evils In The World
Video: Leftist Open Border Immigration A Scam, Another Lie, Only Serves To Weaken US, Western Nations, Not Help Solve World Poverty
Making War Not Music
US Spent $6 Trillion On War Since 2001, And Climbing
Zionist Israel Media Meddling
No Sun Spots Makes For Colder Winter
3 Tankers With Russian LNG Reach US ... Resell To EU For Profit?
California's "Fukishima" Faces Triple Threat, But Gov't OK With It
It Gets Worse: Nuclear Waste Materials Up In Smoke In California Wildfires
When A Reporter Becomes The News Story Rather Than Observer Of The News, He Is No Longer A Journalist
Cinderella Clinton's Clock Ticking To Midnight?
Hillary A Shoo-In For 2020 Presidency ... in Libya
Regime Change Trumped? Grateful Syrians Carry Assad On Their Shoulders
Mark Of The Beast: You Will Get Chipped, It's Just A Matter Of Time
Surprise!! Not ... CIAmazon's New HQ Goes To New York And DC, Central Banking HQ and Political HQ
America's Descent Into Madness
De-Dollarization: Western Oil Traders Pressured To Pay For Oil In Euros
Ukraine And Montenegro: Two Peas In NATO's Pod
Pompey-o One More Zombie For The Zionists As End Justifies The Means
Blind Leading The Blind At Stanford U ... Sorry, Prof, But It Takes Too Much Time To Check Sources For My Dissertation, "Twits On Twitter"
Emergence Of A Fascist EU, ZIonist Israeli Security Firm To Patrol EU Maritime Med Borders
NGO Caught Teaching Migrants How To Illegally Enter Europe
Isabella Chow: Profile In Courage, UC Berkeley Once Forefront Of Free Speech, Now Forefront Of Leftists Virtual Signaling, Spout Diversity, Free Speech, But Don't Really Like It, Want Totalitarian Conformity
True Orwellian Doublethink: Equating Constitutional Freedom Of Speech With Illegal Entry, Grand Theft Violations Of Federal Law
More Orwellian Doublethink: War Criminal Awarded Liberty Medal
Best California Can Do? Trump Blasted For Federal Fire Relief Funds Comment, But On The Ground, 1.37 Million Acres Burned So Far In 2018, Firefighting Costs $773 Million, Not To Mention Loss Of Life And Multiple Thousands Of Houses
Worst Fire Catastrophe In California's History
Worst California Fires In Recent Years
Pope: Sexual Abuse Stonewaller In Chief, "Liar, Fraud, Hypocrite"
US Fed Elections Change Nothing Except A Few Names On The Doors In The Halls Of Congress
NATO War Games Mishaps Blamed On ... Yes, Russia, If So, Imagine What They Could Do In A Real War!?
The Worthy And Unworthy Victims Of War
Throwing Good Money After Bad? 2 Time Loser Hillary Re-Run In 2020?
Pathological US Economic And Financial War On Iran A Shortsighted Move
Trump Administration Just Yelled Fire In A Theater
America's Thugs Collective Punishment Of The Iranian People, Ally Of Zionist Israel's Palestinian Genocide, Saudi's Genocide Of Yemenis
Facebook's Political Firing, Words To The Contrary
Google's New Europe Home In STASI HQ Building In "East" Germany?
Empire Of Europe? How Tall Is Macron? One Inch Taller Than Napoleon
Video: War And Insults
Whose Foreign Policy Is It? President's Or Deep State's When The Only Change Is In The Name Of The Commander-In-Chief?
New US DOJ Lawsuits
UK, Like US Excels At Selling Weapons Of War
Make Music Not War
NATO's Keystone Cops
The Geo-Strategic Sanctions Exemption In Iran
US War Veterans Perspective On The "Grandness Of War"
Some Brits Have A Brexit Sense Of Humour
The Race For The Next Weapon Of War: AI
Reaping The Whirlwind: Another Mass Shooting, By US Marine
Video: Election Meddling: Non-Citizen, Illegal Aliens Allowed To Vote In US Elections
$550 Million Bank Robbery: Don't Trust UK, US When It Comes To Gold, UK Central Banksters Refuse To Give Venezuela Back Its Gold
Pardon Us Mr. President, But Your Divide And Conquer Sanctions Ploy Is Showing
Systemic Roots Of American Degeneracy
Video: Carrot Or Stick? Iran Response To US's Illegal Sanctions
From The "Hitting Them With A Stick" Dept: Another Blow To Weaponized US Dollar, SWIFT Caves In To US Demand On Iran, Countries Seek Alternatives
Multipolar Currency World? France Leads Move To Make Euro Currency Of Choice
Iran-S. Korea Agree To Bilateral Trade Avoiding US Dollar
US Election: Nevada Voters Preferred GOP Dead Man To Live Dem
Snowden Warns Israelis About Zionist Government Surveillance
Video: What US Used To Be, Caution Strong Message And Language
America The Messed Up
French Macron Wants "Real European Army," And The Role Of Napoleon Would Be Played By ...?
From The "Fickle Finger Of Fame Blame" Dept: "I Never Want To Spend Time With White People Again," (She Must Have Changed Agents) Just The White Man's Money In My Pocket
Zombie Voters: Apparently, Democrats Get The Walking Dead's Vote
New US Poll: Young And Poor Don't See Zionist Israel As Ally
New Twist In Khashoggi Intrigue: Political Assassination
US Trying To Stir The Pot In Russia's Chechnya, Of Course, Gitmo Doesn't Exist
Countries Sanction US By Using Alternative To US Dollar
China-Pakistan Trade In Yuan, Not US Dollar
Another UK Chicken Little Moment
Iran Bypasses SWIFT System To Continue Trade After US Sanctions
Video: Brazil Election, Iran Sanctions
French Conservative Party Overtakes Macron In Election Polls
US Continues To Use Banned Chem Weapons In Syrian Airstrikes
Pompey-o Verbiage Erupts Over Iran
The Pakistani Volcano
Buying Future Votes To Undermine US: Soros Partners With Mastercard To Hand Out Money To Migrants ... Fine George, Give It To Them In Their Own Countries, Not For Entering US Illegally
Send In The Autistic Hamsters And US War With Russia, ... China, Iran, N. Korea, et al
Trump Telling Truth About Trade, But Not All The Truth
Is There Anything Left Of American Democracy?
Another Trump Pullout, Survived 2 World Wars And Hitler
US Getting Desperate Starts Manufacturing Russian Weapons Violating Copyright
Zionist Israel Calls In Syrian Reporter Over Coverage Of Israel's Election In Illegally Occupied Golan Heights
20,000 Armed Refugees Ready To Enter EU
The Extra-Tangled Web We Weave
Money's Love Of Power, Another Root Of Evil
Make Music Not War
Russian Bear Photo Bombs NATO Exercises
Kavanaugh Rapist Accuser Admits She Made It All Up
MAGA: When Will GE File For Bankruptcy?
EU Not On Exempt List So Will Continue To Trade With Iran
Globalist-Zionist Created The Immigration Crisis
Leftist Biden Calls For Rule Of Violence Against US Congressman, What's Next, Violent Overthrow Of Government?
What's That Saying About Living In Glass Houses? Don "White Men Are A Terrror Threat" Lemon's Boyfriend Is ... White
Feed The Beast As US Urges Taiwan To Buy More Weapons
Video: Talking War
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: Stupid Or Really Trying To Provoke WW3? US Military Drills On Russia's Border
Going Backwards: The Destroyer Trump Pulled Out Of Iran Nuke Treaty, Now Reinstates All Sanctions
Trump To Send Haley Clone, Ex-TV Presenter To UN?
Russia, China, Turkey Buying Gold, US Steals It
Trump's Imperial Order "Blocks," With No Legal Standing, Venezuelan Gold Sector, US Wants It For Itself Like Ukraine's Gold Taken To US
After US Backed Coup, Ukraine's Gold Gone, Taken To US
Russia's Alternative To West's SWIFT Gaining Popularity
Start Home Schooling ASAP
6 Ways To Homeschool While Still Working
George Washington "I Cannot Tell A Lie" Trump "I Tell The Truth When I Can" But Is He Telling Us The Truth??
In The End, The 1%ers Of The Roman Empire Helped Bring It Down, Lost Their Balance, And Fell Over
America's Choice: Celebrity Obsession
Big Brother AI "Lie" Detector At EU Borders, But Will Politicians Be Able To Make It Through?
More US Blowback: Russia, India, Iran Seeking Trade Route Bypassing Suez Canal
Canada's PM: Trick Or Treating Its Citizens?
The Ponzi Central Bank Of Canada: Guards Everywhere, But No Gold
The Merkelization Of The EU: She's Leaving After The Damage Is Done
As US Pulls Out Of Nuke Deals With Russia, Russia Should Pull Out Of Alaska Deal With US And Take It Back
Spectacular Facebook Fail Transparency Tool Doesn't Catch Fake Ads By US Sentate & ISIS
Amazing How Pompey-o Warns China Against Doing What The US Has Done For Half A Century
Uncle Sam, Pickpocket Extraordinaire
India Calls US Bluff, Will Pay For S-400s In Rubles
Blatant Hypocrisy Of The Left, Complained About Meddling In Elections, So Twitter Meddles, Drops Conservative Candidate
Map Genocide? Zionist Google Ahead Of Zionist Israel: Wiped Palestine Off The Map
Get The Duck
The Race To WW3 Faster, More Perilous Than Ever Before
Russia's Response Options To A US Nuke First Strike: Forget The Details, We're All Dead
Rule Of Law Or Lawless Based Global Order? US Zionists Prefer No Rules, But War, Both Foreign And Domestic
From The "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" Dept. Khashoggi Premeditated Murder, Now What US/UK?
Middle East Regime Change Without Bombs And Missiles? MbS To Be Replaced By AbA With West's Backing?

Judicial Watch Filed FOIA Lawsuit To Get Clinton's Security Clearance Records
Canada's Really Big Ice Cubes, aka Glaciers, Quickly Melting In The Climate Cocktail
Two Horned Dilemma: Hot (War) And Hotter (Climate)
That Black Man Must Be Talking About Those White Men, The Middle East Terrorists
Tribal Beliefs Or Occam's Razor: Dilemma For The West
From The "Cart Before The Horse" Dept: Pope Says Attack On Catholic Church Is Satanic, And The Church's Attack Over Decades On Young Boys By Its Priests Is What?
The One-Sided Hypocrisy With US/UK Sanctions: Silence The Lambs
The Khashoggi Murder Intrigue Snafu
Ron Paul: The Privately Owned Central Bank Of The US, Federal Reserve, Is Crazy
Why Is US So Willing To Commit Nuclear Suicide Taking Everyone With Them? But As Putin Said, There Always Will Be A Russia Or There Will Be No US And Allies Either
Merkel's End Due To MIgration Policy
US Allies Using Banned Chem Weapons In Syria, So Where's The Sanctions, The Denouncing Headlines By NYT, CNN, CIAmzaon Post?
More US Military Weapons Left By Terrorists Found In Golan, Syria
From The "It's Bad For Business" Dept: Zionist Israel Won't Risk Snafu Class F-35 Fighters Getting Shot Down By S-300s
Land Of Nu, Ukraine Still A Wreck After US Backed Coup, Lugansk Region Rising
The Caravan, What's The Old Saying? Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do To You
Liberal Party Canada Prefers State Of War With N. Korea Like Conservative Trump?
Liberal Party Canada: The Trojan Horse Within The Gate
Liberal Party Canada Follows US Model, Secretly Gathers Info On Its Citizens
The Netflix Moral Geniuses Obsession With Genitalia: Introduce Kiddie Porn
60 Minutes Or National Inquirer?
Now US Has China Preparing For War Along With Russia
US Muslims Show Class Despite Zionist Israel's Violence Against Palestinian Muslims
Make Music Not War
Bully Bolton: No Olives, No Stones? He's No Oliver Stone
US To Lose Hosting Too? The Genocide World Cup Brought To You By The US: Saudi Arabia/Yemen Vs. Zionist Israel/Palestine
What Was Agreed To At Instanbul Summit On Syria, i.e., What The US And Zionist Israel WIll Ignore
Exceptional "Ugly Americans" In London, Boozing It Up Before The Game
Billionaire Wealth Grew 20% In 2017, How About You?
Currency Traders Sentenced To Death For Rigging FX Market in Iran, In US They Get Rich, Live In Big Houses And Drive Expensive Cars
US Government Workers Porn Addiction Threatens National Security, Computer Network Infected With Malware Watching Russian Porn On US Tax Dollar
Zionist Facebook "Freedom Of Censorship" Vs. Free Speech Just the Beginning According To Insider, So Ditch It
The Fruit Of US Foreign Policy: The Well-Organized, Funded Caravan, Hardly Sunshine And Light ... Gang Members, Human Smugglers, Terrorists
The Destroyers: No Morals, No Ethics ... Yemen Vs. Khashoggi
World Gold Demand Up 42% In Response To US Actions
China, Japan In $30 Billion Trade Swap Deal Avoiding US Dollar
The Destroyers: We Came, We Saw, We Made Libya A Failed State ... Ha, Ha, Ha
Russia Preparing For War With US If They Attack Russia
The Lemming Syndrome: Warmonger's INF Walk Away And Increasing Nuclear War
Video: Bolton's Bolt On Arms Race Diplomacy
US Would Face No Threats If It Kept Its Military And Black Ops Within Its Borders
Guatamala Rescues Group Of Minors From Human Traffickers In The Caravan
Zulus Side With White Farmers In S. Africa's Land Grab
Swedes Take To RFID Chip Implants
The Paul Craig Roberts Never Used Twitter
Check Out Paul Craig Roberts For Yourself
The Maria Butina Case Is Falling Apart
The Destroyers: Antifa And Its Slogan Chanting Adolescents = Mob Mindset
The US Middle Class Debt Saddle: More Than Half Americans Get More From Government Than They Pay In Taxes
Going Rogue: Mueller Has No Life Support For Hillary's Dead Horse, Russiagate
The Divine House Of Saud Or US Milking Cow?
Western Elites Creating A Muslim Europe?
Video: The Killer Within: Crippling Interest On US National Debt, About $250,000 Per Family
India Looking To Avoid Paying In US Dollars Too
The Triumph Of Evil In Our Culture
Arctic: Militarizing The Last Frontier?
Jordan Peterson's Speaking Truth To Lost Youth And Society, And The Liberal Left Hates It
If Gender Is A Contsruct Of Old, Dead White Men, And Therefore Really Doesn't Exist, How Can One Have Gender Study Courses?
Reaping Fruits Of Their Policies
Remember When CIAmazon Was A Retailer? Facial Recognition Pitched US To Track Immigrants
Pence: "Peace Comes Through Strength," So Russia And China Should Get Stronger?
Saudi Meddling In US Midterms, But Who Will Sanction Them?
With US Pullout From The Last Nuke Treaty, Brings World Closer To The Brink Of All Out Nuclear War
The US Homeless Curse
Video: Progressive Leftist Liberalism = Totalitarian Ideology, Preaching Diversity Means Conformity To Their Values, The 21st Century Crusade Creating The World In Their Own Image With Us As Their Slaves 
The US Has No More Olives
Big Tech, Data Industrial Complex, Overreach Needs To Be Curtailed
Big Brother Marches On, Doesn't Need Facial Recognition To Pick You Out Of A Crowd
Beware Government Leaders Who Promise You Something Tomorrow, But Not Today
14 Year Old US Crude Oil Leak
Video: Don't Text And Walk
When It Comes To Elections And Taxes: Read My Lips ...
A Tax Cut But Not For Middle Class Americans
China Opens New 55km/34mile Sea Bridge
Barbarians At The Gate
Saudi Name Calling A Deflection? Saudi Intel Agency A Terrorist Organization?
Lots Of Smoke: US Slaps Saudi Sacrifical Lambs, But Will US Sanction MbS And Cut Arms Deal? For A Sense Of Perspective, Imgine If Putin And Russia Had Done This To A WaPo Reporter? WW3
Macron's France A Willing Accessory To Murder For Sake Of Arms Sales?
Political Street Thuggery Rising In America
Has Trump Ever Met A Treaty He Does Like?
With All The Complaints About Zberg's Facebook, Why Is No One Creating An Alternative?
USAF Gives Up $10,000 Toilet Seats, Goes For $1200 Coffee Cups
US Provocateur In South China Sea
China's New Stealth Bomber Threat To US Carrier Fleets
Ergogan And The Khashoggi Murder Evidence
From The "Don't Drop The Soap" Dept: Khashoggi Murder Excuse For US, Zionist Israel To Ease Saudis Out Of The Triumvirate?
No Choice But War (Continued Genocide?) On Palestinians Claims Belligerent Zionist Israel
Selling Swamp Land? White Helmets Ride Again, Given Refuge But Not In US Or Zionist Israel, Hmm?
"As California Goes, So Goes America:" Anti-Christian, Anti-White, Anti-Male Communists Money To Educate K-12
Leg Of Lamb Anyone? The Elite At Google Wants To Herd All Us Sheep Into Their Pen
Get The Duck Today
Left Doesn't Like Trump Because It Hates Average Americans
From The "Snowflake Generation" Dept: The Immature, Whiny Adults Who Can't Solve Their Own Problems, Real Or Imagined
Why Doesn't Mexico Take In The Refugees?
Mexico Wants Tariffs Off Steel Before Signing New "NAFTA"
US Continues To Isolate Itself With China Gambit
Uh, Donald, More Than Enough Nukes In Existence To Wipe Out All Life On Earth Many Times Over, So Why Waste The Money?
US Wants More Nukes
Governemnt: Rather Than Sex, Check Off Box Which Represents Your Chromosomes As Medically Verified?
US Public Pension Fund Collapse Inevitable?
Interview: Jewish-American Anti-Zionist Journalist
UAE Hired Hitment To Assassinate Yemeni Politicians
The Imperial US War For The Eurasian Landmass, But Eventually They Will Settle For The Mddle East
India, Follows Russia, China, Sells Off US Treasury Bonds
Canada Installs China Sub Dectectors Near US Base
Big Time US Meddling In Macedonia Vote
Zionist Israeli's Kidnap Jerusalem Governor, Put Him In Prison
Video: Khashoggi Middle East Intrigue
Why Khashoggi Murdered
US Electoral College A Product Of Sound Economics And Balanced Voting Representation, Industrial States Vs. Agricultural States, Not Ignorant Politically Motivated Slavery Claim
Putin Stops Re-Sale Of Russian Oil To Ukraine
Who's Supporting And Handing Out Cash To The Invading Refugee March From Mexico? Although Syria Might Ask The Same Question About The US In Its Country Illegally
Why Does NYU In US Capitalist NYC Have A Love Affair With Marxism?
US War On Iran Escalates As They Seek Removal Of Iran From SWIFT
Japan Filling Up With Trash
Jordan Wants Its Farmland Back From Zionist Israel
EU Poodles Reliance On Cheaper Russia LNG Not Acceptable To US
Germans Stand Strong With Nord Stream 2 Despite Continuing US Pressure
Merkel Caves On US LNG
Make Music Not War
Haley Derided Civilian Deaths In Syria, Now US Airstrikes Kill 60 Civilians
Another Nuclear Agreement Trump Plans To Leave
Ever The Weapons Saleman, Trump Willing To Believe The Saudi's Story
Now Saudis Say 60 Year Old Khashoggi Killed In Fist Fight With 15 Intel Agents, So Produce The Body
Damage Control: Khashoggi Sh*t Rolls Down Hill, MBS Will Sacrifice Everyone But Himself
Trojan Horse Day: Trudeau Settling White Helmet ISIS Allies
Abortion, Roe Vs. Wade Already Headed Back To US Supreme Court
Sharp Rise In UK Jews Seeking German Citizenship
Russia Invites Other Countries To Join Its SWIFT Alternative
Shades Of Rome: Undermining Our Youth's Morality, New UK Rules Allows Millions Of Porn Videos Available To Kids
Germany, France Join Russia, Turkey In Syria Summit
CEO Rages At Goldman Analyst
Where Is US Democracy In Identity Politics?
Game On: Witches Use Facebook To Put "Hex" On Kavanaugh, Catholic Church Responds With Mass
Figure They Can't Win Fair And Square, US Dems Prepreint Filled In Voter Forms
The British Empire? Four Major UK Warships Never Left The Dock In 2018
Will Saudi's Prince Be Brought To Heel?
MbS, The Unfit Prince?
Nikki, The Zionist Zombie, The Perfect Candidate For President?
Politics Anyone? Lockheed Matin Moves HQ From SoCal To DC
9 Seconds To WW3? Hackers Get Passwords To Pentagon Weapons
NATO's War Games On Russian Doorstep Could Have Started WW3 ... By A Mistake
Trade Triumphs Over Murder In International Relations, It's How To Justify It
Russia Divests Itself Of More US Debt
Skripal & Khashoggi: The Hypocrite Gap
And Then There Were 14 ...
Facebook Sued For Inflating Ad Watch Time By 900%
Facebook: Leftists Screams For Diversity Mean Conformity To Their Ideology
Security Double Standard: ex-FBI Agent 4 Years In Prison For Leak, Hillary Unsecured Classified Emails ...
Does The US Really Need An Ambassador To The UN?
Court Lied To, Critisizes US State Dept. On Clinton Emails
Oops, US Air Attacks Kill Kurds Not ISIS
Democracy In Central America At End Of US Stick
Persian Gulf Powder Keg
US Ally Daesh Holds 750 Foreign Citizens Hiostage
EU Political Doublespeak Sanctions Regime For Use Chem Weapons: So Will They Go After US [White Phosphorus], Saudis Whose Equipment/Weapons Have Been Found In Syria? Ha
From The "Nothing New" Dept: Total Ignorance Of Biblical History And Purpose Of Christ's Ministry Pops Up In An Inane Ad
The Demands Of The Outlaw US Regime As In The Illegal Invasion/Occupation Of Sovereign Territory Of Syria, Backing Violent Overthrow Of Democratically Elected Ukrainian Government et al
The Billionaire President Unmoved By Moral Appeal When "God Of The Bottom Line," Mammon Is Jeopardized
US Identity Politics A Boon To China's Future Preeminence In Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
US Democratic Party Has Become The Extremist Party Of Hatred And Violence
NYT's Cartoon Character Columnist
After Much Obligatory Dancing By The Politicians And Media To The Tune Of Janus, There Will Be No Outcry From The West's Malleable Masses
Video: US Gives Free Pass To Saudi Arabia As It Does Zionist Israel
You Gotta Love America's Allies: The Wonderful Folks In Zionist Israel's Army Using Rubber Bullets And Tear Gas To Close Down Palestinian School, Yet Had That German Fellow Done The Same Thing, The World Would Condemn It, Why Not Now?
US Spike In Rare Spinal Disease
Is US Economy Really Booming For Everyone?
By George, They've Got It ... Lots Of It
Leading Cause Of Death Among Americans Under 50: Opioid Overdose
The G20 From Hell?
Twitter Gets Weird As YouTube Goes Dark
YouTube Goes Dark
Another Reason: Facebook's Censorship "Right Arm" Is NATO/US Funded
New Big Media Censorship Buster Media Site
Go To Distributed Info Banned By The Big Brother Tech Outlets
UN Grants Palestine More Rights As Zionist Israel Bombs Gaza
Time To Play CYA With Saudi Arabia
If Saudi's School Bus Bombing In Yemen Won't Sway US, Then Khashoggi Murder Won't Either
Sacrificial Lambs Will Make Everything Better
Time for New Sports Category, Men, Women, Transgender
Big Brother Zionist Israel's Grip On American Politics
France's Gift To Italy: Homelessness On An International Scale
They're Back: Trump's Neocon Administration
Goldman Sachs Admits US Sanctions Formula For Loss Of Dollar As Reserve Currency
The Zionist ADL Influence In America
Really, It's Time To Ditch Big Brother Facebook
BBC Goes Gender Nuts
Political Religion: Russian Orthodx Church Splits From Constantinople
Russia Has S-700 System?
No More US LNG In China
Video: The Disappeared, Big Tech And Saudi Purging
From The "Every Coin Has One Side, Our Side" Dept: Facebook, Twitter Move To Expell Dissidents a la The Old Soviet Union
US Economy Headed For Titanic Iceberg?
South Africea Plans To Speed Up Land Confiscation
Trump Walking Back Saudi Threats Over Khashoggi, Could Be "Rogue Killers' In Their Consulate?
US Sanctions On Saudi Arabia Damage To US, Saudis Threaten Use Of The China, Russia, Iran Card
Sanctions The Weapon Of Choice The World Over Now
Make Music Not War
America The Bully: Telling Other Sovereign Nations What They Can And Cannot Do
US, Allies Using Illegal Chemical Weapons In Syrian Airstrikes Again
US, Allies War Crimes In Syria
Israeli Settlers Back To The Stone Age
The Unelected Censors
US Corruption In Hgh Places Means Snafu Class F-35 Not What It's Cracked Up To Be
National Security At Risk As TSA Punishes Whistleblowers Not Managers Misconduct
"Anti-Semitism," Like Hillary's Dead Russiagate Horse, An Important Prop For The Left
More Of Hillary's Email From Unsecure Server Keep Floating To The Surface, Yet No Charges Brought Against Her?
US, Allies Sitting On Their Hands In Aftermath Of Their "Liberation" Of Raqqa In The Name Of Democracy
Cowardly Canada? Protecting Criminals Not Victims
International Rogue's Gallery Set Out To Dump Trump From Office
Remember When Robots Were Learning To Walk, Now They Can Run, Jump, Leap And Do Back Flips
Video: Trump "Planet Earth Already Doomed," So Why Not Stop All The Nasty Foreign Policy, Trade War Crap?
One Flu Over The Big Pharma Nest
True Driver Of US Foreign Policy: Arms Sales, Not Democracy
Tennessee Democrat Lied To "Ignorant Voters" About Kavanaugh
US Billionaire Trump: "Chinese Lived Too Well Too Long," So Let's Bring Down To The US Standard?
Trump's Let Them Eat Cake Mar-A-Lago Castle
Orwell's History For Dummies Or How To Learn To Love War And Total Annihilation
Feminism Has Become An Ideology Of Blind Hatred, The Barabbas Syndrome
Video: 2nd Wave Feminism Is Collapse Of Western Civilization
The Scary People Are Those Without A Sense Of Humor
From The "What Do US Democrats Stand For These Days Besides Violence And Obstruction?" Dept: Hillary's We Came, We Saw, He Died Meme Lives On With Democratic Party In US
How Can The West Treat Islam Respectfully When Touching A Water Bowl Elicits A Death Verdict?
Google Investigated By US
ISIS Attacks al-Nusra/White Helmets, Captures Their Chlorine Canisters
Our World Gone Mad ... Any Correlation With Rise Of Cell Phones?
Mental Health And Cell Phone Use
The Lies Of Our Financial Times
US Upgrades Snafu Class F-35 In LIght Of S-300 Missile Defense System In Syria
Poli Sci 101: An Empty Wagon Rattles The Loudest Case Study Of "In Over Your Head"
Attempt To Re-Brand The Extreme "Moderate"
No Wonder US Worried About Russia, China, Entire Gen of US Weapon Systems Easily Hackable
Haley True To The End: It's Is Fear And Despising At The End Of A Stick, Not Respect
A Look At Haley's Imperialist Warmongering Tenure At UN
Free Speech Not In Google's War Plan For Americans, Others
Need Anyone Say More About Goolag Google? Why Are You Still Using Them?
Go To The Duck
All The UK Press Takes Saudi Money
US Economy On "Sugar High" Prior To Midterm Election
It's Still All About Trump For The DNC As Hateful Kavanaugh Lies Fail, To What Dark Corner Will US Dems Go If They Lose The Midterms? Mass Suicide?
Russia Ready To Increase Exports To China To Make Up Gap In US Imports
Video: US Threatens Russia With War
British Intel Services Become Organized Crime ... Skripals Too?
India Ignores US Sanctions Threats, Buys Russian S-400
Haley Not Concerned About US Caused Civilian Deaths In Raqqa, Only When Losing The War In Idlib
US Bombed The Hell Out Of Civilians In Raqqa
Shine A Light On EU Corruption And Get Murdered?
The Ideology Of Hatred And Lies Fails Again
Google: Anti-American Terrorist Supporter?
Go To The Duck
As For My People, Children Shall Be Their Oppressors, Women Shall Rule Over Them
FBI: "Sketchy As Hell"
The US Ship Of Fools
US Continues To Provide "Ubercopter" Services To Its Daesh Terrorists in Syria
Make Music Not War
After The Left, Dems Unproven Accusations, Libel And Slander Attack On Kavanaugh Fails, US Supreme Court Made Up Only of Jews And Catholics, No Protestants
Protestants 50% US Population, Catholics 20%, Jews 2%
From The Babylon The Great Watch Desk: Zionist Israel Moves To Evict UN, Palestinians From Jerusalem
The All Or Nothing US Crashing The Global Economy Policy
New  CAMUS "NAFTA" Deal Rated PG: Mexico, Canada Need US Permission To Make Deals With China
From The "By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them" Dept: Young Americans Overweight, Suicidal, Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol
FEMA Alert Another Reason To Ditch Cell Phones
Due To US Sanctions, Middle East Countries Buying Chinese Drones
This Is What US Fears, And Why It Has Initiated A Trade War With China
Russian Cyber Attack? Same M.O. As Kavanaugh Circus, Allegations, No Evidence
The Fruit Of US Lies And Illegal Wars: Military Suicide, 5,520 So Far In 2018
Apparently, "#Believe All Women" Have Liars, False Accusers In Their Ranks, Then There's Hillary, And Bill's Accusers
Cirque Du Sénat: Leftist Lies Vs. No Credible Allegations Against Kavanaugh
From The News Desk Of Ace Reporter Rickety Stilts: Check The Hippocampus
Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Works For Soros
Video: Political Escalation, Lies And Accusation, Universities Are Dumb Down Factories
Time To Sue Slanderers, Libelers For Defamation Of Character By Kavanaugh?
What Socialism Means To Americans: Free Stuff, No Work
Orwellian Hatred Becomes A Time Traveller In US
China Issues White Paper On Trade War With US
FBI Met US Dems/DNC To Discuss "Russiagate" Conspiracy Theory
Claptrap Ideology Of Hatred Pushed By The Left
Continuing Benefits Of "White Privilege"
China Used Tech Chips In US Products, While US Tech Company Installed Secret Cameras in Our Computers And Televisions
Big Brother Tech Spies In Our Televisions
Bosnian Village Bans Politicians, Enough Lies
Hysterical Zombie-Minds Left Mob Freaks Out Over Unfounded Accusations, Real Issue Not Kavanaugh, But Any Trump Conservative On Supreme Court
Shady Macedonian Referendum
Will FBI Go To AG Over The Real Russia Collusion Uranium One Deal, Or Keep It Under Wraps For The Clintons?
How And Why Days Numbered For US Dollar As World's Currency Reserve
Switzerland, Like Other Countries, Would Join Alternative To US SWIFT
One Man Could End World Hunger, But He Won't
The World According To Trump
Video: US A House Divided
Top UN Court Orders US To Lift Sanctions On Humanitarian Goods To Iran
From The "Let Them Eat Cake" Dept: It Doesn't Appear That These Guys Are Our Future Farmers
US Government Doc: US Supports Anti-Democratic Oppostion In Syria
The Meddling Cartel In North Macedonia
Facebook, Google, Amazon Get CYA Protection From New "NAFTA"
In A Society Of Lies, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, And The Burden Of Disproving A LIe: False Accusations Pass For "Evidence" Be It Syria, Election Collusion Or Supreme Court Nominees
The Cursed Snowflake Nation
No More Teddy Roosevelts
More Allegations And Accusations, But Again, No Evidence
Doomsday Clock: US And European Allies Move It To Two Minutes To Midnight
US: So Many Places From Which To Start Planet Killing WW3
Meanwhile, US Debt Hole Grows Even Larger
Life In Google Land
Get The Duck
Three Dozen Secret Memos Unranium One, Clintons, Obama And Russia
US Loves Terrorist Organizations That Don't Like Iran
Brexit: You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave
US To China: We Want Competition, Not Cooperation, But What US Really Wants Is Dominiation
Not That Nutanyahoo's Paranoid ... But You Have To Watch Our For Those Carpet Cleaners In Nowhere Land
The US Two Party System Has Become The Double Standard Party System
Another Way US Spies On Its Citizens
Syrian FM: US Direct Supplier Of Terrorists
US Policy Of "Action Without Evidence" Comes Back To Bite Them
Silicon Valley Takes On Role of Big Brother, Anti-White Male And Founding Principles Of US
Snafu Class F-35 Vs. 50 Year Old Russian S-300
Make Music Not War
US Money Used To Influence Brexit Vote
US Asserts Right To Self-Rule, But Doesn't Respect Other Countries Rights
Despite All The Hysteria And Histrionics Thrown Its Way By The West, Russia Maintains Its Sense Of Humor
Hong Kong Role: Trump's China Trade War Not Just About US, Move To Curb China's Rise In The World Market
US Fear Of China Evident In Trump's Trade War
Facebook's Zberg: "They Trust Me, Dumb Fucks"
Belgium Suing Google
Buying & Selling: Big Brother Google Pays Apple $9 Billion A Year To Be Your Default Browser
De-Default Google, Go To The Duck
Why The Neocon Bolton Dissed The ICC: Jerusalem Embassy Move
The Kavanaugh Circus: A Microcosm Of How The World Sees The Exceptional US
Video: Donald At The UN, Going To War
$200 MIllion Up In Smoke, Snafu Class F-35 Crashes In US
The Greatness Of America Was Found In Its Christian Principles, Not In Its War Crimes, Lawlessness And "BIG FAT LIES"
Empty Wagon Haley Rattling On: Same Old US Meddling In Other Countries Politics
Soy Boy U
Since Hillary Lost, US Democrats Have Come Out Of The Closet As An Anti-American Fascist Party Concerned Only With Power
What'sApp Sells Your Soul To The Devil
The Blundering Zionist Israelis S-300 Wake Up Call
Nuclear Weapon Nutanyahoo Accuses Iran Of Having Nuclear Site, But Israel Wont Join NPT
US Senators Can't Get Past The Idea That Crimeans Democratically Voted To Leav'e Ukaine AFTER US Backed Coup Overthrew Their Elected Government
Video: What's The Best Way To Break Up Facebook, Google? First Step, Stop Using Them
Go To The Duck
If American Chrisitans Believe The Principle Of "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You,", Where Does That Leave The US In Terms Of Yemen? Where Are The Church Leaders?
Video: Court Of Credibility Or Rule Of Law?
Heavily Indebted Uncle Sam Needs To Acknowlege The Reality He Sees In The Mirror
Wow, Haley, Get A Grip On Reality, The Only Respect In There Was Dis-
Trump's Plan To Move EU, Russia And China Away From US Central Banksters System Is Going According To Plan
Boy, These Liars Really Hate Iran
EU Moving Aggressively On Alternative To US SWIFT To Bypass Weaponized US Dollar Sanctions
Wag The Dog Video: Mini-Doc Cuts Through The BS, Exposes The Oscar Winning Hollwood-Washington White Helmets War Propaganda
Documents Show How Hollywood Pimps For The Pentagon
Iran's Rouhani Forgoes Self-Congratulations And Empty Propaganda Rhetoric, Challenges Trump To Negotiate
The Bigger Picture With Kavanaugh Nomination: Ideologically Left Driven Hatred And Lies Reminiscent Of Advent Of Marxism
State Of The Union: Kimmel Rivals Saturday Morning Cartoon's Dialogue, Moronic Attempt At Humor, Audiences Maturity On Par Though
Teen Morality Slipping To Gomorrah
UK's Skripal Case Becomes A 3rd World Tragic Comedy, No Wonder They Can't Figure Out Brexit
Trump Out Lies Haley With Speech At The UN, Do You Not See The Redwood Forest In Your Eye Mr. Persident?
Trump Brings Vaudeville Act To UN, Gets World Leaders Laughing
EU Sets Up Legal Entity To Facilitate Trade With Iran
More Details On Russia's Response To Israel's Attack In Syria, Basically, Next Time We Shoot Your Ass Down
Zbook Teams Up US Propaganda Outfits To ID Fake News In Foreign Elections, i.e., Meddling, But Only Those Big Brother Doesn't Like
10 Commandments: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down, Barabbas?
From The "Moving Target" Dept: US (i.e., Zionist Israel) Reasons For Unlawfully Staying In Syria Keep Changing With The Times (Use To Be When Terrorists Were Defeated), Which Means US Isn't Going Anywhere
Video: NYT Plunge Into "Bad Romantic Fiction"
Russia To Install S-300 Missile Defense System In Syria, Should Prevent Any Further Incursions By Israeli Aircraft, Bolton And Nutanyahoo Both Whining
US Bolton Doesn't Like The Pound Of Cure, So Go Complain To Nutanyahoo
How Does Haley Spell US Foreign Policy? L I E S, VERY BIG LIES TOLD OFTEN
If Israel's Attack On Latakia Is Justified In Their Eyes, Allegedly Arms And Weapons Used By Hezbollah To Attack Zionist Israel, Then Israel Is Acknowledging It Must Be Attacked For Providing Bombs And Weapons To Anti-Syrian Terrorists
Zionist Israel's Bombs And Weapons Found In Syrian Terrorist Cache
You Gotta Love The Catholic Church, Cans Priest For Burnng LGBT Flag, While Child Rapers Run Amok
Make Music Not War
Twitter's "Fraidy Cats," Who Have No Clue About The Value Of Liberty, Continue Censorship Of Conservatives; Mr. Dorsey, Are You Anaesthetized To The Fact That Your Actions, More Than The "Potential" Of Mr. Woods' Words To Impact An Election, Have Done Exactly That For At Least 1.7 Million People In One Whack, Jack?
Video: Big Tech Has Become Big Brother Political Machine
Go To Duckduckgo
Emotion Replacing Evidence Based Facts; For Pilots, It's Trust Your Instruments Not Your Instincts
Russia Continues Its Move Away From The Petrodollar
From The "What Took You So Long?" Dept: Two Years On FBI Said It Doubted Intel Community Russiagate Claim
Top Grad From US Military Academy Pimping For Arms Manufacturers Doesn't Make America Great
Trump's China Trade War, A Modern Version Of Bonaparte's March To Moscow?
Napoleon's March Was The Beginning Of The End

Summer 2018

Venezuela: Another "Action" For The Interests Of US, Not For The People Of Venezuela Who Are The Justification
Watch The Trailer! Idlib Staged Chemical Attack, Coming To A Corporate Media Outlet Near You
From The "One Track Mind" Dept: Sanctions Are A Reflection Of Poor Management And Decision Making Abilities
Russia, And China Too, Give Up On The Unsustainable Bully West
Change Of Pace: China Terlls US To Remedy Mistake Or Face Consequences
The Audience Is Gone, But The Dog And Pony Show Goes On Stage Once More: Tabloid Sends In The Clowns With Hillary's Dead Horse Complete With Flies And Lies
A History Lesson: The Rise And Fall Of The United States
The Rising Beast: Tossing Out The Rule Of Law In Favor Of Might Makes Zionist Israel's Protector America Great Again, Right?
Nuclear Zionist Israel Throws Stones At Non-Nuke Iran From The Outside The Nuclear Non-Proiferartion Treaty
Though Zionist Israel Is To Blame For Setting The Chain Of Events In Motion, Was Incident A FUBAR?
Will Putin Install No Fly Zone In Western And Southern Syria After Latakia Attack?
Google Beast Election Meddling, Manipulating Minds
Move To Duckduckgo
Worse Than TV Reruns:: US Nickel And Diming Us With Sanctions, Just Sanction Everyone Already
Looks Like An Emperor, Squawks Like An Emperoer, Must Be A Dying Empire
World Dominion: US Throwing "Democracy" Around Again, That Means Offensive Cyber Warfare
But We Don't Trust You, Big Brother Apple
War Sanctions: It's Just Getting Childishly Stupid Now
Iranian Sanctions Damaging The Weaponized US Dollar
Rule Of Law Disregarded Daily By Socialist GAO Bureaucrats
Trump Gives Treasaury [nee Goldman Sachs] OK To Sanction Russia Over Unproven, Alleged Skripal Poisoning
MH-17: BUK Missile Serial Number Was Ukrainian
EU Copyright Move To Curtail Info Sharing
Sanctions Blowback Weakening US
China Drops $8B More US Treasuries
Video: Uncover Deep State Sting
Video: Situation Worse Than 2008 Crash? Biggest Crooks Benefit, ICC "Dead To Big Brother"
Oscar Winning White Helemts Kidnap Boy For Their War Purposes
Hungary Sending Message, EU Not Only Game In Town
How Will Russia Respond To Israeli Clever Attack?
Putin: "It Looked Accidental" ... Israelis Too Crafty For That
MAGA Means Yemen Less Great: War Supply And Demand Economics = West Supplied Bombs Demands They Be Used To Keep Military Contractors In Business
Meddling Anyone? Syria Army Discovers Zionist Israel Weapons Cache
Berlin Won't Buy US LNG
Staged Skripal Case: When Two Is Not Enough
Why Is CIAmazon-Southern Law Poverty Center Censoring Michael Hoffman's Books?
Moses In, Hillary Out In Texas
US Backed Terrorists Deliver Chlorine Canisters To Bsanqui For Staged Chem Attack, Human Rights Violations
China-Iran OIl & The Designated Village Idiot: Pompey-o Slams China Human Rights, But Guess He Forgot Raqqa, Fallujah, Ukraine, Libya, And BFF Zionist Israel's Palestinian Holocaust and Saudi Arabia's Yemen Genocide, Well, Maybe Next Time
Make Music Not War
The New US Fred Of State
Video: Blowback: Syria, China And The Law Of Unintended Consequences
Oh The Tangled Web We Weave: Internet Deep Fakes
The Yemen Atrocity, A  Condemning Look Into The Soul Of The Whole World
From Too Big To Fail To Much Bigger Will Fail?
When Chaos Is What You Want: Syria On The Brink Again 5 Years Later
Syria: Betrayal Of The American People ... Again
Surpirse Attack By Syrian Military On US Backed Terrorists
Frick And Frack, The Warmonger "Bobbsey" Twins
Zionist Israel Sale Of "Iron Dome To Saudis?
North Korea And US School Yard Politics
The Strange Russian Spy-Skripal Story
When Did US Corporate Media Become The Drama Queen Of The World?
Campus Drama
Space Alien Drama
Publishing Drama
Even Drama Drama
Trump Bull In China Shop: Tariffs On $200 Billion More
10 Years After 2008 Financial Disaster, "Brightest Minds" Have Fixed Nothing, Greed Gotten Worse
15 Years After, Cart Still B4 The Horse: Same US IAEA Inspector Who In 2002, February 2003 Told Us Saddam Had No WMD Is Now Telling Us US Using Fake Intel, US Determines Political Action, Then Asks For Justifying Intel, Media Spawns The Narrative
Orwellian Cognitive Dissonance: US Protects Its Al-Qaeda Assets, Of 9/11-bin Laden Fame, In Idlib
Iran Strikes Kurdish Militants
Puhleeze Serena, You're There To Play Tennis And Make Obscene Amounts Of Money (Forbes, $170 Million Net Worth) For Yourself, One "Wrong Call" And It's Suddenly About Women's Rights? It's Really An Excuse For Losing And Getting Old, Time To Grow Up
Tennis Cartoon
Not Changing Her Spots: Hillerator, Defender Of Bill's Infidelities, Still Spouting Lies
In Case You Had Any Doubts About True US Political Character, US Empire Speaketh With Double Standards: Do As We Tell You, Not As We Do In Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen Ad Infinitum
Guaranteed To Speed Up Brexit? UK Spymasters Run Afoul Of EU Law
US Empire Maintenance Requires Lots Of Brute Force And Lying
Not To Mention Quietly Dropping News Outlets It Doesn't Like From US Media Channels
Audio: Senator Sisyphus Is It?
Will US, UK, France, NATO Start Mutually Assured Destruction WW3 Over Defending al-Qaeda Terrorists In A Country That Does Not Threaten Them?
From The "Getting The Log Out Of Our Eye" Dept: That's The Trouble With The US, We Think "Our Values," i.e., illegal Invasion Of Countries, Overthrowing Elected Governments, Torture, Bombing Women And Kids, etc., Belong In Everyone Else's Country, Because We Certainly Don't Want This Stuff In Our Country
Well, John, Now That You Bring It Up, The Court Would Like To See You About A Few Things
Arrogance & Ignorance: Haley Must Think Idlib Syria And Their Terrorists Are Part Of US, Oh, BTW Haley, Do You Recall Destruction Of Raqqa's Civilian Popuation By The US With No Humanitarian Aid Afterwards?
Someone Have Haley's Email Address? Send Her This Reminder Of The War Crimes Regime She Is Part Of
It's A Miracle ... 1973 US Running Out Of Oil, 2018 World's Largest Producer Of Crude
The Delusional Folks At Google Or Just Old Fashioned Lying And Deceit?
Leaked Video: Google Thinks Americans Who Didn't Vote For Hillary Are Extremists
Apparently Google Values Not American Values ... Why Are You Using Google?
Go To Duckduckgo
US/Obama Government Collusion In 2016 Elections, More Swamp Creatures Under The Rocks
UK's Dirty Hands In Syria
While Trump Is Tariffing And Sanctioning, Real Economic And Political Progress Is Made In Asia
New World Economic Order: Russian East Integration With Asia
French Schools A Mess Too
Pictures Don't Lie, Well, They Didn't Use To: Racism For the Sake Of Racism And The Dollar
Globalist EU Moves To Force Hungary To Give Up It's National Identity, Take In Plague Of Refugees
Donbass More Determined Than Ever After Leader Martyred By Ukraine
One European Leader Willing To Stand Up For His Country, Culture, And People
White Helmets Shot At Least 9 Videos Of Staged Chem Attacks Using Orphans, Who's Videoing Them Videoing?
China Set To Dominate Oil Production In S. Sudan
China-Qatar Game Changing LNG Deal, Sets US Back
From The "Religious CYA" Dept: It's Not Our Fault! The Devil Made Us Do It, Decade After Decade After Decade, And The Roman Church Wonders Why Their Flocks Are Scattering, Can't Resist Temptation, Put Them In Prison Where They Can Do No Harm
Rotten To The Core? Maybe Time To Start Over With All New Clergy, And Let Them Marry
Pompey-o Lying Again As Usual For Him
Trade War: China Has State Owned Corporations, US Has Corporate Owned Government
China's State Over Everything Including Church
Ever Notice How MI-6 Building Looks Like Ancient Babylon? Just Saying ...
Ancient Babylon Architecture
Plenty Of Eyewitnesses That Idlib Terrorists Planning Staged Chem Attack
Even Fox News, Ann Coulter Call Out Staged Chem Attacks In Syria
The Man With One Red Shoe Ploy: Russian "Intel Agent" Suspects In Skripal Case
The Man With One Red Shoe: Watch Movie Trailer, Seems Like MI-5 Did
Which Way Will The Swedish Domino Fall?
Maybe "More 9/11 Lies" Mad Dog Should Have Gone To Syria To See The Abandoned Terrorist Chem Labs First Hand, Especially The Ones With US Made Equipment
Anyone Have Mad Dog's Email Address? Send Him The Link, US State Dept. Admitted Year Ago Syrian Terrorists Use Chem Weapons
Or Just Give Hillary A Call, She Can Detail The "Rat Line"
"And Action!" Filming Of Another Staged Fake Chem Attack In Idlib Has Begun, Even Regional US TV Affiliate There To Film It, But Syrian Forces Are OUTSIDE The City, Terrorists Are IN The City 
Russia Warns US, Allies Against Doing Anything Stupid In Syria
Iran Will Accelerate Nuke Development If JCPOA Collapses
ICC Ignores US Threat
300K Russian Troops In Military Exercise, China Joins In
From 9/11 2001 To 9/11 2018: Why Is US Siding With al-Qaeda?
From The "It's So Obvious, But We Don't Care" Dept: US Regime Prepping World For Chem Attack By Its Salaried Terrorists In Order To Falsely Blame And Attack Syria, Again, As US And Allies Are Losing The War, Chance For Regime Change
Netherlands Ends Its Support Of Terrorists In Syria
Veteran Intel Officers Open Letter To The US President
US Considering WW3 Option Over Syria ... Attack Russia?
Zionist Zombie Bolton: US Going To Full Outlaw Criminal Mode For Godfather Nutanyahoo
Hate Infested Dems Gone Berserk And Taking America And Western World With It
NYT Epitome Of Irresponsible Cowardly Yellow Journalism: Anonymous Hate
The One Way Street: XO Sanction Any Foreigner Who Meddles In US Election, Okay What About Sanctions Any US Person For Doing Likewise In Every Other Country?
Why Socialism Repeatedly Fails
Superbugs Jump Between Animals And Humans
Idiot Humans Jump Between Countries
Radio/Text: A Sane Voice In The US Senate, But US Zionist Deep State Still Wants More War In Syria, Staging Terrorist Gas Attacks To Do So
Video: US In Syria Forever? Damascus A Heap Of Ruins At Some Point
UK/US Demonizing Russia No Longer Enough, Need To Criminalize Russia
From The "Tell Us What We Don't Already Know" Dept: ZIonist Controlled US Declares Itself And Zionist Israel Above The Law, Can Do Whatever It Wants, Anywhere It Wants ... Are You Beginning To See The Lawless Beast?
War Criminal US Uses Banned Chemical Bombs, White Phosphorus ... Will France Attack US With A Missile Strike As Macron Promised? No Only Applies To Syria
Macron: France Will Attack If Chem Weapons Used
US Jewish Ambassador To Israel Says Trump Recognition Of Jerusalem Is Irreversible
Sexist Serena Disgrace: Ruined The Win For The Guy She Was Playing, Claiming Sexism On A Call, Oh Wait, Wasn't She Playing Someone Of The Same Sex Who She Lost To Earlier In The Year?
Make Music Not War
American Industrial Base NYT Manufacturing Fake News At Record Levels
No Confidence Vote For UK Zionist Labour Friends Of Israel
China's Adds One Of World's Largest Amphib Plane To Its Fleet
Idlib The Alamo of Syria For US?
Sounds Like The US: All The Russiagate Ruckus, And US/Trump Team Met With Venezuelan Coup Plotters?
Strong Message To The World: Illegal Occupying Force US In Syria Stirring The Pot
Delusional UK Leadership: Living On The Fumes Of Their Lost Empire, Sending Naval $hips To China While Brexit Mess At Home?
Eurasian Strategy: Strengthen Trade And Accelerate Ditching The Dollar
Trudeau Political Campaign T-Shirt Slogan? Diversity Is Entropy: Meaning To Be Right, He Got It Wrong, Which, In Truth, Is Right
US Continues To Stir War Pot In Syria With Its Illegal Military Presence
Terrorists, White Helmets Meet In Idlib To Prepare Another Chem Attack
So Much For US One China Policy
UK & 5 Eyes Spying
Outlaw State UK Totally Losing Its Grip On Rule Of Law, Covering War Crimes, A Game Of King's X, Time Out?
The German Iceberg Shifting In Multipolar International Waters
China Has Tested Several Dozen Hypersonic Missiles, US Has No Defense For Them
As The Noose Tightens, Remaining Idlib Terrorists Will Use All Means At Hand Including Chem Weapons, But US Will Blame Syria As US, Backed Into A Corner, Faces Another War Loss
Time On Russia's Side In Both Syria And Ukraine
Iran Calls Out Zionist Israel-US As Illegal Interlopers In Syria
Anything The US Can Do To Prolong A War And Avoid Peace
Snowflake Twitter Can't Take The 1st Amendment Heat, Takes Its Ball And Goes Home
Yet, Twitter Shadowbanned 600,000 Accounts ... Don't Be A Twit, Get Off Twitter
FBI Cherry Picked Russia Info To Present To Court, So Much For Their Oath Of Office
Folks Are Waking Up ... Deleting Facebook App
Iran Moves Towards Cryptocurrency
More Zionist War Moves: Goldman Sachs' US Treasury Dept. Sanctions Syria's Fuel Trade
If Zionist Israel Sees No Difference Between Lebanon And Hezbollah, Then What Difference Can They Expect The World To See Between The Jewish Holocaust And The Palestinian Holocaust?
Zionist Israel Evacuated Terrorist Commanders In Addition To White Helmets
Video: Atlantis Found?
Japan Builds World's Biggest Match Box, 70 Stories High
New Russian Agent Skripal Story Full Of Holes And Contradictory Photo EVIDENCE (Time Travellers Too?), No Wonder UK Can't Brexit
New Fake UK Skripal Allegations Timed To Coincide With Idlib Liberation From West Backed Terrorists
True Knee Jerk Reaction By Zionist Israel
Seriously, I Don't Think That's One Bit Funny, When A Society's Culture Cannot Laugh At Itself, It Is But A Generation Away From Extinction
US Military Winning? The New Math Numbers Combined With Newspeak Prove It: 4,000,000,029,057, No Parades Though
With Afghanistan And Syria Not Looking Too Good, US Expanding Its Drone War In Africa
Alleged Chem Attack By Assad A Lie By US/UK As Excuse For Losing Another War
More From The Empty Wagons Rattle The Loudest Gallery: Of Course She Knows, US Backed Terrorists Will Try Chem Attack, US Signs Their Paychecks
Syrian Terrorists Get Up To $400 US Per Month From US Military ... That Would Be Your Tax Dollars
Saudi Prince Joins The Illustrious Ranks Of War Criminals
The Ascent Of Man? Hardly, The Lopsided Balance Sheet Of US Wars
Danes Really Know How To Waste Public Funds
Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Is A Weapon To Be Used Against People He Doesn't Like ... He Hates America, Why Are You Still There?
From The "That's Really A Mature Adult Response" Dept: Paraquay Moves Embassy Back To Tel Aviv, Zionist Israel Throws Hissy Fit And Closes Its Paraguay Embassy
Mad Dog Mattis Bad Bet Loses Billions
Israel Supplies Arms To Syrian Terrorists, Article Withdrawn Hours Later At Request Of Israeli Military
9/11 Responders High Rates Of Unusual Cancers
Walk Down Memory Lane: 9/11
News Flash!! Read All About It! UN Says al-Qaeda Capable Of Producing Chlorine Gas ... Hmm, Do You Suppose It Was The Actual Chem Labs With US & EU Equipment Left Behind By The Terrorists In Syria Or Just The Photos?
Iran Correct: US Deep State M.O., Always Accuses Others Of What They Do
Russia Global Leader In Grain Export, Organic Grown
Facebook CEO Globalist, Swamp Creatures Conspire To Create US Police State
Why Is Social Media Platform Facebook Acting As Political Watchdog For The Left? Subtle Attempt To Bypass Rule Of Law, Get Off Facebook
Half Of US Facing Drought
Simple Solution: $400K For Homeless Man Gone, Pay It Back Or Go To Jail For Fraud
Palestinians, Now Pakistanis: Trump Continues His Foreign Aid Cash Cutbacks
Democracy In Action 3rd World Country Leftist Style: Paying Protestors To Disrupt Kavanaugh Hearing
When You Have No Policies, Only Ideology: A More Sophisticated Form Of Leftist Political Blackmail, Buying Vote With Threats
Why Doesn't Taiwan Hold Crimea Type Referendum?
Has UK MI-5 Gone Hollywood?
Planting Fake Evidence Always Seems To Be Contrived, Obvious
Again Lies, Cover-up, Same Old CYA Accusations Aplenty: Why Is UK Hiding, Destroying Alleged Skripal Evidence And Trying The Case In Public, Yet Uncooperative In Normal Police/International Channels? Deceit Is A Never Ending Trail
From The "Seeing What You Want To Believe" Dept: If Two Brits, John Smith & Bob Jones, Flew Into New York From London A Couple Days Before 9/11, That Means They Did It? This Is Your Logic Sans Evidence?
British Health Service: 80% Malpractice Cases Doctors From 3rd World Countries
Big Brother Not Content With Current Spying Levels On Citizens, Wants To Increase It
The Eurasian Split Widens: India Joins Russia, China, Dumps US Treasuries, Buys Gold
China Reduces US Oil Purchases
By Weaponizing Dollar, US Painting Itself Ever So Surely Into A Corner
US Deep State-Zionist Banksters Not Smart Enough To Know When To Stop Pushing: China's Actual Gold Reserves, Plus Goldie Yuans, Enough To Kill Petrodollar As Trade Currency
US, Facing Defeat In Syria, To Up Military Assistance To Illegal Ukraine Government Formed After US Backed Coup
Russia Resumes Massive Airstrikes On Idlib Terrorists
US Launders Weapons For Syrian Terrorists Through Ukraine, Other Countries
Ukrainians Voting With Their Feet, Millions Fleeing
From The "Hitting Your Thumb With A Hammer" Dept: If NFL Chooses To End, Rather Than Prolong, The Public "Anthem Drama," Keep Players In Locker Room, Where They Can Stand, Sit Or Kneel To Their Heart's Content, Until All The Non-Football Pomp And Circumstance Stuff Is Over, Simple
Maybe The NFL Fans Will "Just Do It" And Boycott Nike Too?
Yep, Nike Takes $4 Billion Hit
And While You're Pondering That, How About Dropping The Legal Sex And Beer Drinking Age To 16 In "Coors" City Too?
Networks Censor Themselves, Can't Show Truth, Clinton On Stage With Farrakhan
The Imperial Colonial Trump Warns Assad Not To Attack Anti-Syrian Terrorists In Sovereign Syria Territory Who Are Killing Syrian Citizens ... But Then US Shouldn't Have Put Them In Harm's Way To Begin With
But US Wouldn't Leave Syria Then Either
India Bypasses US Sanctions With Iran Oil Purchases, Sends Message To US
Birds Of A Feather: Losers Encouraged To Work For Free For Big Loser, But They Did Make History
Big New Eurasian Free Trade Agreement In The Works?
Ukraine/NATO Offensive In The Works?
Big Tech And Big Credit Card Colluding
Here's An Idea EU: Take All The Money Earmarked For NATO and Use It To Offset US Sanctions On iran Affecting EU Companies
Video: Go Granny Go! Attacks Carjackers
Stating The Obvious: US Deep State, Banksters Weaponized The Dollar
Sanctions Dollar: Serious Look For Alternatives To US SWIFT Banking Currency Exchange
Pompey-o Man Speaks With Forked Tongue, Why Not Take All The Idlib US Backed "Freedom Loving" Terrorists And Find Homes For Them In Washington DC? Certainly, Pompey-o Has Room For A Few Sleeping Bags In His Teepee
US CYA Ops In Idlib Exposed
US Blue State Exodus
Video: Swamp Creatures Make Quagmires: US Makes Situation Worse For Themselves Every Time They Interfere
French Admit Another US Military Defeat
Mueller The Meddler
Ten Years After Banksters 2008 Crash, Nothing Changed Except They Got Richer
China Trade With Russia Rapidly Catching Up To EU
He Remains The Most Influential Political Leader In Past Couple Hundred Years, But Time To Get Over It: He Liked Beer, Mercedes, The Alps Too
Czech PM: We Don't Want To Live In Middle East Or Africa
Europeans Still Paying High Price For US Foreign Policy
The World Makes Complete Sense ... As Long As You Don't Change Channels
When War Criminals Pay Tribute, It Is To One Of Their Own: Lying In State, Lying In Life And Revisionist Lying In Death
Russian Collusion Confirmed!! But It Was Mueller And The Russians!
Make Music Not War
US "Mr. Magoo" Foreign Policy: "Punishes" Russia Short Term (Also Chinese Trade War), While Making US Weaker Long Term, For Goal Of World Hegemony, Time Not On US Side, It's Now Or Never, The One Big Omission Is Russia's Ability To Wipe Out US, Allies With It's Nuclear Arsenal, As Putin Said, There Always Will Be A Russia Or No One Else Either
Mr. Magoo, If Only The Real World Was A Cartoon, Globalists Must Think So
And Don't Forget The Russian-Chinese Military Alliance
The Growing Trend: Way To Go, Donald, Iran-Iraq Totally Ditch US Dollar In Trade
Doc Shows UN Supports US Not Rebuilding Syria Until Regime Change, No Qualms About Standing By While It Is Bombed And Citizens By US
Video: Our Wireless Devices Are Killing Us
Trump Threatens (Advanatge Posturing) To Leave Canada Out, So Canada Can Turn Tables, Goes To Work On A New Trade Deal With Mexico, And China Replacing US
Canada Uses VR To Ease Medical Patient Pain, Think Trudeau Could Get Trump To Wear One During Trade Talks?
From The "One True Government With 2 Heads" Dept: Want To Know Who Are The Deep State Political Warriors, Here They Are
Video: US-EU And The Growing Divide With Eurasia
The Beastly Artwork Of Artificial Intelligence .... Suitable For Rothschild Manor
Chess Master Russia's Move On The Korean Game
Ridiculous Politicians Call World's Attention To 18, Austria's Thought Police, Did The Officer Write 2018 On Citation? Interesting When The Neo-Nazis Declare 18th Of Every Month Hitler Day, Does XVIII, IH', 十八 Count Too? 
Washington DC Based IMF Supports South Africa Land Grab As Long As It Doesn't Affect Their Loans
If It Wasn't For Russian Rocket Engines, US Astronauts Would Need To Use Trampolines To Get Into Space
Get Those Trampolines Ready: Russia Tells US Will It Stop Ferrying US Astronauts To Space Station In 2019
Judge Orders All Money Raised To Go To Homeless Man
Heroes Or Traitors? Janus McCain Suppressed Information About "The Men Left Behind"
Russia Presents Evidence Of Planned Chem Attack By US Backed Terrorists To UN, OPCW
White Helmets Kidnap 44 Kids To Stage Chem Attack In Idlib, Last Outpost Of Syrian Terrorists, Though Proven Otherwise Many Times Over, Only US Refuses To Acknowledge They Have Gas Making Equipment, Some Made In USA, And Chlorine Gas, Etc.
Syrian Terrorist Douma Chem Lab "Made In USA," EU
Trump US Out Of WTO Too? How Much Is Left, UN, NATO, Fed Reserve, What Else? US Concept Of Fairness, We Win Everytime
Schools Have Become Globalist Re-Education Centers Designed To Undermine Our Culture, The Western Nation-State
The Heartland: Eurasian Integration Vs. US Sanction Segregation, A Beijing-Berlin-Moscow Axis Nightmare For US
Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Russia To Germany Direct
China-Germany Trade Train Completes 10,000th Trip
Deliveries To Start With China's Golden Yuan Oil Futures Contracts
Watchdog: US F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Still Has 100's Of Tech Flaws
Transgender Math: XX Does Not Equal XY, Any More Than 1 Plus 1 Equals 3, Even If You Want To Believe The Lie Rather Than The Truth
Big Brother Takes Us From Fake News (Western Corporate Media) To Real Fake Sex (Silicone Brothel Dolls) And Fake Porn To Fake Reality (Spread By Social Media)
From The "Low Expectations" Dept: Sex Dolls Offer Escape From? Fake Sex With Fake Woman/Man With Fake Orgasms Paid For With Plastic Credit Cards Fulfill Fantasies?
31 Million Pounds Of Unexploded Munitions In US Waters ... Deliberately, Smart, Eh?
Back To The Bug Mud
Who Was This "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" Pope Before He Was Pope?
Iran About To Give Up On EU's Poodles
Nazis Were Socialists, Not Captialists
NATO PR Already Interfering In US Election Process
Russiagate: "It Was All A Set-Up"
Why Don't Americans Understand The Middle East?
Russia Provides US With Intel On Fake Syrian Chem Attack By Terrorists In Last Stronghold
Syria, Russia Warn US Not To Interfere With Major Military Anti-Terrorist Op In Idlib
And Hillary's Hits Just Keep Rolling In, And In
Hey, Nothing To Be Concerned About, These Guys Are The Best And Brightest ... Does Clueless Start With The Letter "C" Or "K?"
Video: From The Immoral Depths Of The Swamp, US Senate Votes To Keep Killing Children With US Bombs
US Opioid Epidemic So Bad Pet Owners Harming Pets To Get Drugs
Z-Berg's Facebook Admitted Bias ... Why Are You Still There? Where Is Its Competitor? Time To Wake Up
Iran & Syria Sign New Defense Agreement While US And Zionist Israel Still "Meddle" In Sovereign Syria
OK, Maybe It's Time To Put A Giant Wall Around The Belt Way Swamp And Not Let Anyone Out
Looks Like "Free" Sex Has A Price After All

US Private Banksters, Swampsters World's Greatest Fraudsters & Thieves
The From "Curse Of Growing Trees In The Air" Dept: U$ Running On Empty ... Even Big Trees Rot From Within And Die
If The US Climbed The Ladder Of Hypocrisy Any Higher, They Wouldn't Need Rockets To Go To The Space Station
US Refuses Russian Info On Terrorist Coming Fake Chem Attack In Syria, Even Though Previous Alleged Syria Government Attacks By US Have Been Proven False, Why? US Painted In A Corner, Last Terrorist Stronghold Provides Last Opportunity For False Chem Attack
White Helmets Accompany Large Supply Of Toxic Chemicals For Attack ... So Stop Them?
The Pope And His Church: Pay Me Now, Or Pay Me Later, Later Always More Costly
Video: MH-17 What Happened?
And We Puny Humans (Homo stultus) War Over Pieces Of Earth: Scientists Believe About 2 Trillion Galaxies In Universe, Or Enough For Everyone Who's Ever Lived To Have 20 Entire Galaxies Of Their Own
Warning: Corporate Media Is Not A Reflection Of Reality: 5 Reasons Why They Think You're An Idiot
See What We Mean? NYT (Homo stulus editorialis): Putin, Not US Deep State, Rules America, If So, When Is He Going To Shut Down The Anti-Putin NYT?
Only US Military Unaware Of This Then
Video: Inside Afghanistan's Opium Trade
Europe Went Against US Wishes With 1973 OPEC "Oil Crisis," Will They Do So Again With JCPOA "No Nukes Crisis?" Sanctions
Background: Bretton Woods, Gold Standard, OPEC And The Petrodollar
Putin, Lavrov Meet With Turkish FM And Intel Chief
Big Picture Coming Into Focus Yet? Proof Hillary's Personal Email Server Was Not Secure, Gave Up Secret State Information, Ignored Warnings, Colluding With China In Back Door Deal? Arrest Imminent For The Deep State's Protected One? Trump Would Have Been Impeached By Now
Balochistan: A Bump In China's Silk Road
1.5 Million Chinese Students Study Overseas
Why Does US Foreign Policy Continue To Be So Destructive? Besides Poor Leadership, LIes, Disinterested Voters, Lies, Corporate Propaganda Media, Lies, Military-Industrial Lobbyists, Lies and The Prevaricated Deep State Globalist Bureaucracy? Nothing Really
South Africa Civil War: Worst Than Apartheid, Any Protest By Countries, UN?
US Mexico Played Canada With Trump Trade Deal, Why Did Trudeau Take His Eye Off The Ball?
Treason, Conspiracy By Deep State To Oust Sitting President, Intentional Purchase Of False Evidence Presented To Court?
Doublespeak: Interesting Hearing Politicians Lie While Trying To Convince Themselves Its The Truth
Where Have All The Real Women Gone? Only Transgenders Left? Toronto Opens Up Sex Doll Brothel
From The "Par For The Course" Dept: Pink Floyd Waters Listed As "Criminal" By Ukraine For Speaking Truth About Ukraine Coup And Crimea
EU Making Move To Inch Closer To Russia, Away From US?
Pope Is Human After All, Cops Out Of Sex Abuse Scandal Rocking The Roman Church
Do All The US Administration Officials See The World Backwards And Upside Down? Who's Meddling In Countries Sovereign Rights, Mike?
Geomagnetic Storm Warning For 27th August
German FM: Working On An Alternative To US SWIFT System
Overprinted US Dollar Backed By World's Largest Debt And Increasing Lack Of Confidence, Ruble Goes For Gold
"Christian" London In A Nutshell
Corporate-Earth Self-Destruction For Profit
China-Germany Trade Train Completes 10,000th Trip
The Pentagon Plague Arrives In Norway
Since WW2, US Has Overthrown 50 Countries, Murdered 50+ Foreign Leaders, Subverted Elections in 30 Countries, Yet Moralizes What Other Countries Should Do?
No Doubt The True Believer Admiral Was Looking In The Mirror When He Spoke, Expressing His Belief In America's Purity
A History Lesson For Pupil Bolton Sans The Western PR Lies
Colonial Minded BBC Keeps The Russian Fear Propaganda Machine Operating ... A Bit Of A Stretch, However, Even For The BBC
Squeezing Us Dry: Britain, Like US, Can't Spend Enough Money On Weapons To Fight Imaginary Foes, While Letting The Rest Of The Country Go To Hell, After All Little UK Has Nothing That Huge Russia Or China Wants Except Trade Relations
Lockheed Martin, (Of Yemen School Bus Fame) McCain Eulogy Backfires
Video: Russia-China's Joint Month Long Vostok Military Exercises
Video: Eurasian Look At McCain
SWAT Call Outs For Routine Incidents Doesn't Make Citizens Safer, But Intent Is To Desensitize Public To Seeing Militarized Police
Namibia: The First German Holocaust, Not To Mention The 27 Million Russians Killed In Hitler's Invasion
Guiness Record? CNN 2 Fake News Scoops In 1 Week ... Leaves Fake Stories Online, Digital Version Of San Fran Streets
Make Music Not War
Trailer: Idlib, Fake Chem Attack IV, Opening Soon In A Syrian Theatre Of War
Another US Dog And Pony Show Slated For Syria?
Syria Got Rid Of All Its Chem Weapons Under International & US Supervision, While US Still Has Their Chem Weapons
Russia Sends Largest Naval Armada To Syria Amidst Signs Of New Fake Chem Attack And US, UK, French Response
Bully Boys US-Saudis Kill 22 More Children In Another "Accidental" Attack, A Refugee Camp Rather Than A School Bus This Time
From The Heights Of Stupidity We Can Watch America's Collapse
If It Wasn't For Russian Rocket Engines, US Astronauts Would Need To Use Trampolines To Get Into Space
The Growing Chinese Navy
So Much Of The World's Problems, Like Ike Said, Go Back To The US Military-Industrial Complex Greed, Lust For Power
McCain Staunch Supporter Of Military-Industrial Complex
McCain Lying In (Deep) State
Friends, Military-Industrial Complex, And Countrymen ...
Adult Mentality? LIke Watching Kindergarten Kids Playing With Blocks And Crayons
Impeach The Pope!? The Reign Of Lies And Sexual Perversion
Lavender Mafia: Pope's Deep State?
Nope To Pope
First Facial Biometric Catch Made At US Airport, Big Brother Just Warming Up
From The "Their Heads Too Big For Their Helmets" Dept: The Public And Their Money Have The Right To Keep Walking Away From The NFL, Coach, But Remember, Folks Are Paying To See Entertainment, Not Protest They Can Watch For Free On TV News
Okay Sun And Trees Have Been/Are Used By People As "Gods," But An Asteroid?
Brennan Definitely A "Three Fingers Pointing Back At Him" Loose Cannon, Besides Aren't Dems Vs. Republicans Already a Division?
Trump Setting Up To Drop BIG Hilary Bombshell Before Mid-Terms?
War Provocateur US Keeps Pushing World Towards Big Number 3
Another False Flag Chemical Attacked Planned For Syria ... So US Can Have Another Missile Attack Before Mid-Terms?
But The Bolton Goes Public Calling For al-Qaeda To Stage "More" Chem Attacks In Syria, Who Should Respond When US Sponsors Chem Attacks?
UK, US Governmental Hypocrisy On Free Speech, Assange No, But Every Other Publisher Who Printed The Same Material, Yes?
Give Him The Money Or Criminal Fraud Charges? Pick One
Canada's Gender Bender Identity Phase Spreads Throughout Hockey ... Until The Games Begin
Beginning To Wonder If Any Of These Guys Made It Out Of Jr. High, Lucky For Them Missile Wasn't Named VLADIMIRPUTIN
From The "Poor Sport" Dept: Mafia Black Mail Or Open Competition? US Will Sanction Countries If They Buy From "Competitors"
Merkel's Green Lighting Nord Stream 2 Project A Slap Back At Competitor Salesman Trump's More Expensive Product
Sock Puppet Bolton To EU: Need To Be Beholden To US, Israel
Duterte Says Nyet To Purchase Of US F-16s
More And More Countries Tired Of US Bully Empire Practices, But Will US Know When To Stop? Probably Not, So There Will Be War
US WMD: Banksters Dollars
China Can Push Hard On The Overprinted Petrodollar With Goldie Yuan, And US Is Fully Aware, Hence The Trade War And Tariffs
More US Sanctions Accelerate Russia's Complete Move Away From US Dollar, Blazing The Trail That Others Will Follow Such As Iran
American Miniature Horse Neocon Bolton A One Trick Pony In Barnum's Circus
Big Left Tech Get Together, Collusion, On Their Meddling Election Strategy, i.e., How To Persuade You To Vote
The Hand Of The Beast As VISA, MasterCard Join Facebook, Google, Twitter In Anti-Conservative Speech Censorship ... Is The Big Picture Coming Into Focus For You? And Since When Is The Southern Poverty Law(?) Center The "Moral" Compass Of The US?
Conservative Anti-White Hate Southern Poverty Law Center Co-Founder Levin, Wonder If He Hates Hypocrisy Too
The Love Of War By The Fools Who've Never Experienced It
Billionaire Class Excels At Greed, But Not Fit To Rule
Another Sky Is Falling Chicken Little False Alarm By DNC, World Done Listening Dems
Why Is The Secular Malorossiya (Little Rus, i.e., Ukraine) War Spilling Over And Threatening The Russian Orthodox Church? The Old Power & Land Grab Ploy
WW2: False Flags, Banks And The Path To War And World Empire
From The "Whose Money Is It?" Dept: Bully Banksters Steal Other People's Money
China Adds New J-16 Multi-Role Fighters
Snafu Class F-35, aka The Flying Lemon, Mid-Air Emergency, Nose Down Landing
Soros The Villain, One Has To Wonder Who Was His Hero
Soros, NY Dem Party Candidate Ties
Tariff Enstupidation, To Borrow A Word, Continues
While I'm Borrowing A Word, An Entire City Council Gets Enstupidated, Now In Deep Poo Poo

China Russia In Biggest War Games
Trump The Treaty Trasher, But What Happens When All The Treaties Are Trashed?
The Cosmic Gong Show? Okay, Who Else Wants In On Hacking US Elections? ... Elvis, OK, BIg Foot, Right, You're In, UFO Aliens, Sure, Why Not?
Iran: Bolton, "Regime Change Not US Policy," But We Can't Help Ourselves, It's Just What We Do And Do And Do
Kadyrov: Only Russia Can Save Malorossiya (Ukraine)
The Sanctioned: New Super Rock Group From The East, Album Eurasian Integration Going Gold
Trump's Trend To Get Countries To Ditch The Dollar Really His Way Of Hitting The Private Fed Reserve Banksters?
Appeasing The Intellectually Putrified, Pussyless Pussies: Is A Front Hole A Manhole Too? Seriously Folks? Changing A Medical Anatomically Correct Word? Hmm, Does That Make Sex A Spear Fishing Adventure?
Lingering US Colonial-Globalist Mentality Shows Poor Judgement For Long Term China Relations
Russia Set To Get New Batch Of Su-57 Stealth Fighters
Video: Amazing How Those Promulgating Diversity Are So Intolerant Of It, Actually Preaching Conformity To Their Ideology
SIgn That The End Is Near: Will Someone Please Pay For My Paranoia, Of Which I Accept No Responsibility
Bully Good Question, What If US Was Held To Its Own Standards? Besides The Rest Of The World Cheering, Well Except For Same Difference Zionist Israel
Meddling Cartel: US Funds Organizations To Sow Chaos Abroad, Then Complains About Meddling, But Not When Israel Does It, Why?
South Africa's Stupid Is As Stupid Does Land Grab Policy, Forgeting That Productive Land Leads To Many Aspects Of A Productive Economy And Vice Versa
Microsoft Allegations Of Russia Meddling Unfounded, The Usual No Evidence Knee-Jerks
We're Off To See The Wizard ... Microsoft Joins Fairy Tale Russiagate Witch Hunt
If This Is The Case, Then In Who's Interest Was It To Have DNC Seth Rich Murdered? Yes, Who Could That Possibly Be?
Zionist Israel's Mob Rule, Disregard For International Law
Mob Rule Or Rule Of Law? A 2 Way Street, What Happens When The Government Becomes The Mob, Students?
What Is Your Facebook's Reputation Score? Why Are You Still There?
Let's See, US Deports 95 Year Old Last Nazi Prison Guard, But Caused Ukrainian Coup, In Which Many Civilians Were Killed, That Has Led To A Neo-Nazi Haven?
US Congress Admits Nazi Role In Ukraine
From The "When Did You First Realize This?" Dept: EU Needs Banking System Independent Of US Banksters
Financial War Video: Senior Royal Bank Of Scotland Banksters Laughed At Their Role In Destroying The US Housing Market
53 Major Earthquakes Hit Pacific Ring Of Fire In 24 Hour Period ... What's Going On With Pacific Plate Tectonics?
Argentinian Cop Breastfeeds Baby While Children's Hospital Medics Overwhelmed
US Michigan Cop Tasers Man Holding 2 Month Old Baby
India Trying To Walk Down Middle Of Road, US Will Bite Their Hand Too When It Suits Them
Russia Begins Delivery Of S-400 Missile Defense System To Turkey
Russia Hacked Flock Of Birds To Take Down Swedish Military Jet ...  Sarcasm Rises To The Moment, No Doubt US Will Sanction Russian Bird Keepers Next
White Helmets Belong In Their Own Countries, Not Canada
Soros Abuses US Charity Laws
US-Deep State Qualify As Regime
What's The Difference Between Hollywood And The Catholic Church These Days?
Lavender Mafia: The Pope's Deep State?
US Provides Impetus For Possible Iran Trade With Crimea
Video: Life In Crimea Like Good Parts Of US
Our First Response To Western Mass Media News: It's A Lie Until PROVEN Otherwise, Take Iran For Example
The Trump (Media's The Enemy) Vs. Media (90% Anti-Trump) Hatefest
Well, US, Zionist Israel Need To Get Rid Of Saudis At Some Point
Remember When US Use To Do This Sort Of Thing? Barely ... Russia Working With Lebanon To Repatriate Syrian Refugees Back Home
Why Is US Slowing Down Return Of Syrian Refugees, Cancelling Aid Package?
US, Zionist Ally Saudi Arabia More Barbaric, Hypocritical By The Day, Here's Your Chance To Speak Up Hillary
London the Slave-Cannabis Capitol Of The West, Who's The Mayor?
The West Underestimates The China-Russia Growing Alliance As Unsustainable
UK's Divide EU Against Russia A Brexit Strategy?
Brazil-Venezuela Descending Into Border Chaos
Mark Of The Bezos: Gets You To Pay His $170 Million Electric Bill, Simple Solution, Buy Local, Cheaper In Long Run
US The Leader In New Immoral Standards
Be Careful What You Ask For, Lockheed Martin Woked
Will Ukraine Divide Russian Orthodox Church?
From The "Cutting One's Nose Off To Spite Their Face" Dept: South Africa Begins Walking Down The Path Hewn By Zimbabwe
South Africa Not Learning From History, A Look Into Their Future
French M.O.: France's Total Flees Iran
Impeachment: Based On Law Or Politics?
Video: Private Central Banks Collusion 2008 Crisis, Hijacking The Gobal Economy, Noose Gets Tighter
Cell Phone Poisoning
Australia Gives Us Another Reason To Ditch The Cell Phone
Funny, People Think The Folks Making Decisions In Government Are Daft, Bereft Of Common Sense
Paranoia Central News Flash: "Sky Is Falling" Bolton Claims The Whole World Is Going To Meddle In US Elections
1953 US Led Iran Coup ... Meddling Anyone?
Make Music Not War
Follow The Money With Nazi Germany And Allies In WW2
17 Years On: Never Let It Be Said That America's Military Elite Are Quick Learners, US In Vietnam 1954-1975, Then There's Korea
World's Worst Kept Secret: Uncle Sam A Dying Geezer
Syria: Why Would Dumpster Trump Say "Let The Saudis Pay For It?" Everyone Knows Exceptional US Takes A Dump And Expects Others To Clean It Up
Why The White Helmets Had To Be Removed From Syria: Witnesses To West's Fake News & Propaganda, Would They Lose Their Oscar?
Over $700 Billion For Destruction, Not One Penny For Humanitarian Assistance, Raqqa Streets, Buildings Still Have Corpses After US Bombing
Zionist Israel Held Palestinians Mail For 8 Years In Violation Of 2008 Agreement
Facebook For Dummies, Not A Book Title
China To Boost Iran Ties In Light Of US Sanctions
Spanish Oil Services Company To Continue Work With Iran
Five More Classified Emails On Hillary's Unsecured System, Why Is She Still At-Large? Read Next Article
When The Bus Is Over The Cliff, Turning The Steering Wheel, Stomping On The Pedals Makes No Difference
Messed Up Sweden Keeps Getting It Wrong, While Switzerland Gets It Right, Want To Be Swiss? Then Adapt To Our Culture
Socialist Mimics Trump Media Is Enemy ... No Media = People Feeling Safe
Facebook Hates Conservative Right's Speech, Therefore It Is "Hate" Speech, Blatant Censorship With Orwellian Rationale
Give Credit Where It Is Due: Maher Is Right About Freedom Of Speech
US Sanctions On Russia A House Of Lies
The Rebuilding Of Syria: US, White Helmets And It's Terrorists Nowhere In Sight
Bottom Line: What's The Difference Between SJWs And The Plague? Nothing Apparently
Vatican "Shame And Sorrow," How About Some Hardcore Prison Time Too?
Caspian: The Art Of The Deal Trump Should Learn From
Well That Doesn't Make Us Feel Better Does It? 90 GB Apple's "Secure" Files Hacked, Downloaded
Nuclear Waste: Sort Of Like Sweeping Dirt Under The Beach Blanket
Making CEOs Richer Again
Be Happy, Ditch Facebook
More Big Brother Z-Berg's Facebook Censoring: Removes UK Pro-Palestinian Page
"My Lie" Massacre: Massacred By Daily Lies, Truth Becomes "Hellishly Difficult"
CNN Uses Photo Of PRO-Govenment Rally In Anti-Government Piece
Why Elephants Don't Get Cancer: Apparently, They Never Smoke And Only Eat Whole Foods
A Year On, DNC Evidence Shows It Was A Leak Not A Hack, As Usual True Believers Remain Unfazed
Brennan In A Fix Of His Own Unmaking
Saddam Has WMD!! Russia Hacked The Elections!! Both Have The Same Veracity, Let's Hope Not The Same Outcome
Malaysia PM: Anti-Semitism A Creation To Protect Jews, Calls Out Zionist Israel's Palestinian Policy
Criticizing Policies, Actions Not People Isn't Anti-Semitism
"Anti-Semitism: Zionist's Ultimate Weapon, Don't Care If Jews Killed
Example, George Soros Helped Round Up Jews For The Nazis
Monsanto's Chem Warfare: Roundup Glyphosate Found In Breakfast Cereal
Glyphosate Report
West's Leftist Media Push, Facebook "Full Of Itself"
Political Leftist Platform Twitter Abandons All Sense Of Fairness, Integrity
Who Appointed "White Man" Z-berg's Facebook As Global Arbiter Of Truth?
Does Trump Understand There Is No Chapter 11 In Foreign Policy?
China-Russia Spearheading The Anti-US New World Order
Lawless US Sanctions On Iran Move To Slow Down Eurasian Integration, Risks Blowback On The Petrodollar
Chinese And Turkish Shorts More Expensive
Kids Drowning While Stupid Parents On Smartphones
From The "Been There, Done That" Dept: Common Airline "Bait & Switch" Fraud, Sell You Seat With Extra Cost, Change Schedule, You Arrive But Don't Get The Seat For Which You Paid Extra, Airline Won't Honor Their Sale, Passenger Is The Bad Guy When You Complain
Video: NSA Binney Debunks Mueller Indictments, US Does More Spying Than Anyone
Security Clearance Revocation: Long Overdue, Now Who Else?
Wow, Crimea Really Is Part Of Russia, Ditches Visa And MasterCard
The Fruits Of Diversity, No Respect: China Says "Up Yours" To US Sanctions On Iranian Oil Purchases, We've Got Your Rare Earth Metals
The Move To Currency Diversity
US Supreme Court Ruling Ignored By Colorado Sh*t Stirrers, Only What They Want Counts Or They Can't Read
Is The Russiagate Witch Hunt Beginning To Turn On The Witch?
NATO Repeating Same Mistake As Warsaw Pact
F-35 Snafu Class Fighter, In Addition To Its Insane Huge Initial Cost, Also Costs About $40,000 An Hour To Operate, Oh, BTW It's Not So Stealthy Apparently
Video: Direct Questions To, And Answers From Russian Ambassador To UK
This Ain't Your Grandfather's Democracy: Alex Jones Calls On Twitter To Stop Censoring, So They Censor Him On Twitter, However, The Solution Is Simple Folks
Facebook Moving Into Its Designed Big Brother Censor Tool Phase, So Use Your Bookmark Menu & Go Direct
From The "Given The Choice" Dept: US Pushing "NATO Ally" Turkey Into Non-US Dollar Trade With Russia And China
Fat And Dumber: America Wants More Wars But Can't Find The Recruits
No Wonder Warmongering US Wants Robots
Caspian Sea Deal A Stark Contrast To Warmongering Destructive "Exceptional" US
The Digital Privacy Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley And Won
Evidence Israel Detonated Nuke In Indian Ocean In 1979
Rare Earth Metals A Victim Of Trump China Trade War?
US Driving Turkey Away As A Trade Surplus Partner, Lira Responds
Afghanistan: You'd Think US Warmongers Would Have Learned After Vietnam Defeat, But You Would Be Wrong
More US Withdrawal And Isolation
Video: The US Nuclear Experiment, Apartheid With Marshall Isanders, And The US War On China, If You Can't Join 'Em, Beat 'Em?
Chongqing, China: What NY Would Be If It Were A Big City
Zionist Israel Is A Repressionist State
How Strong Is Strong: EU Wants To Save JCPOA -1
Monsanto Ordered To Pay $289 Mln In Roundup Cancer Suit
"Big Editor" Facebook A Threat To Western Journalism
Election Meddling? Jeremy Corbyn Calls Out Zionist Nutanyahoo Hypocrisy
In Hungary There Is XX and XY, "Social Gender" Is Nonsense
Heads On A Pole For Murder, Well, Their's Not Ours
So Many Buses, So Little Time ... Saudi's $400 Billion Arms Purchase
Trump Signs $716 Billion Money For War Bill
Others Can Bend Under Antagonistic US Foreign Policy Only For So Long, Then ...
MIT Computer End Of World Predicition Optimistic ... Gives Us Until 2040
UK People Vote With Their Pounds: Print Media Drowning In Their Stormy Seas Of Mendacity
It's About Time The World Realizes What Kind Of People Zionists Are, Hiding Behind The Cloak Of Being Jewish, They're Not
Zionist Media No Different Than Zionist Israeli Gaza Flotilla Pirates, Different Venue Is All
Liberal Jewish Journalist Detained And Questioned About His Political Beliefs In "Jewish" Nation-State Israel
Zionists A Different Manner Of People, Genesis 25:23
Canada Gets It Now
China Printing Other Countries Currencies
US Still In Afghanistan To Make Sure China's Silk Road Doesn't Go There
Re-Education Centers: "As For My People, Children Are Their Oppressors, And Women Rule Over Them," Isa. 3:12
Antifa Bullies Hide Behind Masks While Shilling For New World Order, No Borders, Not Selling Diversity, But Conformity
Torture And Lies: America's Broken Moral Compass
Sick US Senators Longtime Fans Of Torture, Not Golden Rule
CEO: Twitter Will Not Ban Infowars
Russiagate: It Was Those Pesky American 11 Year Olds, Get Rid Of The Easily Hacked Machines
Video: DNC Was Not A Russian Hack, Guccifer 2.0 A Fabrication Led By The Gang Of Mentally Impaired
Did Hack Hit The Slot Machines Too?
China, Russia Victims Of Neoliberal Economics?
Caspian Sea Resources Only For Caspian Sea Countries, Signed Deal, Excludes US/NATO Military
Apple Cooking Our Goose
Google Hypocrisy Or Plan: Terrible To Censor In China, "Violating International Human Rights," While Google Censoring In The States
Google US Censorship
Use The Non-Censorship Duckduckgo
Zionist Israel Murdered Children Playing On The Beach
Masked Leftist Antifa Anarchists Hate Group In Charlottesville, Attack Police, NBC
Masked Leftist Antifa Anarchists Hate Group In Toronto
Saudi's Yemen School Bus 500 Pound Guided Bomb Traced Back To Lockheed Martin
Trade War?? US Pursuing The Japanese Economic Model? US Sanctions On Turkey To Have The Effect Of Turning Trade Surplus Into Deficit?
Blowback And Backfire With Censoring
Censoring Diversity Of Speech: A Determination For The Courts, Not The Un-American Activities Of The Tyrannical Tech Left
Hydrogen Bombs And Such: UN Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Signed, Never Ratified By Exceptional US
Chem Weapons & Typical US Demand: Do As I Say Not As I Do, Just Diverting Attention Away From What US Does
Make Music Not War
Can US Trade War Slow Down China's Production Of Its Formidable Military Arsenal?
Eurangloland's Militiary Industrial Complex Bleeding Their Hosts Dry As It Falls Behind Russia And China
Russia Sanctions: Holding A Royal Flush?
Germany Must Invest More In Iran
Russia: US Dollar Not A Reliable Tool For International Trade
Twitter Leftwits Keeps Plodding Though The First Amendment
Twitter In Process Of Destroying Itself From Within?
Video: The Fake Political Anti-Semitic Campaign Against Jeremy Corbyn, Part 1
Video: The Fake Political Anti-Semitic Campaign Against Jeremy Corbyn, Part 2
The Anti-Semitism Political Myth ... True Jews Less Than 1% Of Semites Today
Israel's Zionists Are Not Jews, "Zionism Starts Where Jews Are Destroyed"
Example, George Soros Helped Round Up Jews For The Nazis
Orthodox Jews Refuse To Serve In Military Of Their Zionist Enemy
May's Silence Of Her Bloody Hands Guilt
World's #1 Arms Purchaser, Saudi Arabia's Major Reaction To Canadian Molehill Is Warning To Britain
With Turkish Lira Not Looking Good [But More Ditching Od US Dollar], Turkey In Strong Position With Russia, China Vs. US, Nuke NATO Base In Jeopardy?
Bankrupt Identity Politics
Zionist Israel Out To Control Free Speech In US Through The Zionist Media
Russia, Not US/NATO, The Trusted Middle East Fixer
Pull Out Of Iran Nuke Deal Only Makes Threat To US Dollar Worse, But It's Still About The Oil And Petrodollars
From The "Who's Side Are They On?" Dept: ISIS Militant Who Planned Bombing Of Oprah and Chicago Sears Tower Quietly Released After FBI Intervention
Trudeau To Make Another Bad Irreversible Decision For Canada?
Canada Becoming Victim Of Mass Shootings
Canada Oil Crisis Continues As WCS Drops Below $40 BBL
Video: Transatlantic Poodle Challenge
Divide And Conquer: Big Brother Winning In Portland As Citizens Turn On Each Other
Apologies Folks For The Language, But This is Pure Bullshit And Typical Candy-ass Refusal To Step Up And Take Responsibiity For Your Own Cowardly Bully Policies
Long Overdue On The Part Of Russia
Short Term Gain For Long Term Risk: More Sanctions Means Less Use Of US Dollar
Not Thanksgiving, But Trump Going For The Kill With Turkey
What Toll Does "Progress" Take For The Bridge To Our Future?
Imperial US Foreign Policy: Lies, Sanctions, Tariffs And War For All, No Evidence Required
Valid Point As US Deep State Answers With Its Actions

Iraq To Trade With Iran, Just Not In US Dollars
Canada Checkmate: Fire It Is Whoever Got Canada Into This Situation, Neutered Trudeau And Freeland Should Step Down
Interview Graham Phillips, On Scene British Reporter: Donbass, Crimea Never Returning To The Western Destroyed Ukraine
Crimea Voted To Secede From An Illegal US-Backed Coup Government, Which The Guilty Party Still Cannot Accept
He Hit The Clear History Tab Once Too Often: SecState Pompeo Supports Soviet Communist Dictator Over Democratic Elections
Soviet Communist Dictator Gifts Crimea From Russia To Ukraine, January 25, 1954
Crimeans Democratic Vote 96% To Return To Russia, March 16, 2014

Asking The Fox To Check The Locks On The Chickencoop: Big Brother Facebook-NATO Censorship Alliance
Scheming US Leftist Tech Giants Meddle In 2018 Midterm Elections Under Guise Of "Free Speech," US Rated 45th In World, Way Below Slovakia And South Africa
$65 Or 47 Cents? Price Of Viagara Pill To Drop Like A Rock
From The "Showing Us Your True Colors" Dept: Zionist Israel Sells $500 Million F-16's To Holocaust Denying Croatia
The Zionist War Criminals In Sheep's Clothing Who Deny Humanitarian Aid To Gaza
Ha, Zionist Israel Adds International Big Brother To It's Moniker, Suing BBC Over One-Sided Coverage, So Will They Allow BBC Camera Crews To Accompany Them When Intercepting Humanitarian Gaza Aid Boats In International Water?
US The Imperial Police Sanctions State, But No One Allowed To See The "Evidence"
Proof Hallucinogens Are Legal Inside The Beltway: US Doubles Down On Skripal False Flag Idiocy, Unnamed Tooth Fairy Cited As Source?
Like Flushing Drugs Down A Toilet: The Guilty Party With Something To Hide Destroys The "Evidence"

Rothschild Having A Time Of It As Trump Is Mucking Up Their Global Economic Plan
Will Twitter CEO Cave To Vituperative Principleless Mob?
We All Should Be So Lucky: Banned From Snowflake Twitter For Life, A Lesson In Fear And Intimidation About Monopolistic, Sheep Herd Corporations Who Define Free Speech As What They Want You To Hear
No Such Thing As Free Speech, Folks, In Leftist Big Brother's Corporations, They Only Want You To Buy What They Sell, Time To Wake Up Or Die
Restricting Free Speech In US Violates First Amendment Of Citizens
Scores Of US Military Officers In Turkish Probe For Links With Terrorists
Swallowing The Camel, Eh, Prince? Protesting Canada's "Interference In The Kingdom’s Domestic Affairs," Who Do The Saudis Think They Are ... Zionist Israel? And Speaking of Domestic Affairs, Prince, Have You Noticed Your Yemen "Interference" aka Genocide?
Video: To Wit Prince ...
Saudis Justify Themselves Over Bombing Bus, Killing Kids, Not A White Helmet In Sight
More On Saudis School Bus Bombing, Where Are The White Helmets And Their Camera Crews Now?
Lone Ohio Actress Immune To Putin's Election Superpowers: How Many Chicken Little Idiots Can One Country Have?
Shutting Down Those With Whom You Disagree Is Not 1st Amendment US Democracy, It's A 2-Edged Sword That Leads To Anarchy
America Exceptional, But For The Wrong Reasons
Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution?
Impossible, US Airstrike Bombs Never Kill Civilians Or Friendly Forces
Why Is US Congress So Afraid Of Talking To Russians? Their Zionist Keepers Don't Want Them To?
The US Nazification Of Ukraine As Zionist Israel Arms Them
Intel Agency Blames Zionist Mossad For Syrian Assassination
Sick Bastards The Lot Of Them
Poodle Revolt: EU Hanging Tough With US Iran Sanctions, But For How Long?
UniCredit Blows Off Facebook, Others To Follow?
Ignorance Of The Law No Excuse, So What Are The 5 Freedoms Guaranteed In 1st Amendment?
Okay, Then, How About A One-Way Ticket Back To Your Country!
Notes From An Old White Guy: Racism And Bigotry At The Jew York Times?
Declassified: US Government Controlling The Narrative, Worked Behind The Scenes On 800+ Major Movies
78% Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations Share Board Members ... You Lose
US Stealth Mortgages
The Beast "Shall Cause Them To Rule Over Many, And Shall Divide The Land For Gain"
Death Of US And UK ...
,,, In The Graveyard Of The Middle East
UK May Refuses Christian Refugees, But Takes All The Muslims
Stop Complaining, You Have The Power In Your Hands, Don't Be An Addict, Just Say No, Delete Facebook!
Big Brother US Demands Total Submission
Hold Them Or Fold Them? Trump Pushes All The Chips To The Middle Of The Table: Trade With Iran, No Trade With US, And If They Call His Bluff, Trump And US In Deep Poo Poo
Goldie Yuan Oil Contracts Surge On US Iran Sanctions
Big Brother Facebook Wants Banks To Share Your Financial Information ... So Ditch Facebook
Twitter Suspends Free Speech In Favor Of Leftist Propaganda
Meddling Are We? Big Tech Out Of The Closet With Removing Right's Free Speech Before Mid-term Elections ... Fight Back, Get Rid Of Biased Big Tech, Go Direct To The Sources
For Example ...
Another Example ...
Use Different Search Engines, For Example ...
And Then Read Why This Is Happening
Civil Unrest: Zionists Arrest Orthodox Jews Over Military Service Refusal
US "Mind Reading Game" Put Forth By Washington Concerning Iranians Is Pure Bunkum
US M.O. Economic Wars, i.e., Meddling In Other Nations Domestic Affairs: Russia Versus Turkey
The Coming WH Political Tsunami In Time For Mid-term Elections
Video: Why Would Russia, Or Any Sane Country, Want A Relationship With Pompey-o's Exceptionally Antagonistic And Dysfunctional US?
Enough Already, Countries Getting Tired Of US Wars And Sanctions
EU Pokes Trump Policy In The Eye: Disregards US Iran Sanctions
Trump's Trade War Message: Don't Buy American, Russia Imposes New Taxes On US Goods
ISIS Biological Attacks On West: You Think That The Imported White Helmets Will Come To Our Aid After They Do?

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Convenience: You Can Live Without Facebook, Racist Twitter And Google, Start Here
The Blatant Hypocrisy Of Big Brother Media ... Anti-White Semitism Okay (BTW, Jews Are White), But Owens Paraphrasing NYT's Racist Bigot Gets Her Kicked Off NYT Fellow Traveler Racist Twitter
Proving That "Elite Education And Stupidity" In This Case Are Not Oxymorons: SJW's Anti-White Semitism Racist Bullshit
China Sees The Obama-Trump Foreign Policy Continuum
Apples Do Fall Far From The Tree: This Trudeau Ain't That Trudeau
Election Meddling? As With All Fake News, Let The Backpedaling Begin
The Swamp Of Lies Americans Inhabit
Chicago War Zone: Still Not As Bad As What US Does In Yemen
The Country That Use To Be Sweden
Saudi Arabia Expels Canadian Ambassador
Make Music Not War
US State Dept. Theme Song, Sing Along: All They Do Is Lie, Da, Da, Da, Dada, All They Do Is Lie, Lie, All They Do Is Lie, Repeat Ad Infinitum
US Wouldn't Be Dumb Enough To Send Marines Into Taiwan ... Would They?
The Vegas Shooting Vanishes Into The Air Like A Thin Wisp Of Smoke That Was Blown Up Our Collective ...
Zionists Got US To Ignore UN Mandate On Jerusalem, Now Trying To Do The Same With Palestinians
Tens Of Thousands Protest Zionists "Nation-State" Law in Israel
New Pentagon Budget $717 Billion: The Only Emerging And Persistent Global Threats Are Those Caused By The Globalists In The West
Goldie Yuan And The Three Bears (Brent, WTI, Dubai Mercantile) Or Musical Chairs? China's Oil Futures Beginning To Show Its Teeth
For Those Of You At Home Keeping Score In World Trade Tariff Pong 2018 , US Farmers Are Feeling It More Than Chinese Tech Companies, Coach Trump Says US Doing Better Than Expected?!
Really Coach? Look At The Score!
5 Years On, Snowden More Relevant Than Ever
Apparently US Can't Keep An Agreement
None Dare Call It Treason
Government Issuer Of Fake News Now Complains They Are Target Of Fake News, Or What We Use To Call Lies
US Government Disinformation Spreaders, aka Fake News, Lies
Video: Armed Gunmen Follow Innocent Travellers Through Airports
Video: White Helmets Oscar Good Guys Or Terrorists?
Silk Road Hits Speed Bump In Kazakhstan
Google Elite: Unhappy That Access To Documents Shut Off With China Project
Ante Goes Up, Iran Just Got Some Company: China Military Willing To Help Syria Regain Its Territory
Dollar Cracks A Bit More: Turkey Issues Yuan Denominated Bonds For First Time
Lest We Forget What The Government Tells Us
Tell Us Again Who Was Meddling In The Election? Obama's Political Use Of FBI Who Paid For Fake Steele Russiagate Dossier
More Trade War Blowback: China's Stops Buying US Oil, Will Continue Buying From Iran
Why Do People No Longer Working For Government Still Have Top Secret Security Clearances?
Americagate? US Billionaires Meddling In European Politics
More US And Israeli Weapons Cache Found By Assad's Syrian Army
Tariff Pong: Back At Ya
Maxine Waters In Deep Water With FEC
Facebook Offers Us Over 70 Gender Choices (Who Knew?), Not Including Extraterrestrial Men-In-Black Or Quantum Extradimensional Alien Options, One Can Hardly Wait For The Next Census Report, Eh?
Identity Politics Makes The Left Lose It's Collective Identity
Hypocrisy Of Left: NY Times Hires Anti-Semitic White Male Racist Bigot For Editorial Board While NY Times Chairman Is White Jewish Person
Russian Navy Protecting Its Trade Investments In Indian Ocean
Russian Exports Of Gas To Europe Go Up
Syria Progress, But US Still In Syria Training Anti-Government Terrorists, Yet Imagine Uproar If Russian Military Was In US Training And Arming Anti-US Terrorists Rather Than Fake Russiagate
Ethiopian Assassination: A Random Act Or Thickening Africa Plot?
China's Massive Space Control Base ... In Argentina, Three Guesses Who Doesn't Like It
"Buy And Sell" Mark Of The Bezos: Amazon Deep State's Go To, First CIA, Now Pentagon
Imperial Self-Infatuation: Biggest Violator Of International Law Now Has Global Laws
Hit Job: UK State Media Open Bias BBC On Political Prisoner Assange
Going Steady? Has Kissinger's Ploy To Wedge Russia Away From China Hit A Stumbling Block?
Iran Has Nearly 8 Decades Of Reasons, And Nearly A Million Dead, To Distrust US And Its Allies
US Helped Saddam Gas Iran
A Known Unknown: Rumsfeld Facilitated Iraq's WMD Delivery
Putin And Trump Agree On WTO Ukraine Case
Russia's New Railway Line Bypasses "Little Russia," i.e., Ukraine
Sign That The World Is Doomed: Digital Fake Boob Obsession
America The Homeless Continent: To Misquote Thomas Jefferson, Though Not In Principle, The Banksters Are The Enemy
America's Middle Class Becoming Homeless
Calexit: Half Of State To Native Peoples ... Other Half To Illegal Foreign People? The Next "Brexit" Fiasco?
Brexit Made UK Politics More Chaotic Than Italy
A More Enlightened World View: China Smart Phone Maker Overtakes Apple For Second Spot In World
Gaddafi (And His 70 Virgins?) Laughing Now, "We Came, We Saw, He Died," Europe Paying Big Price For Their Regime Change
"Meddling Cartel:" Zionist Israeli Bombs And Other Weapons Cache Found In Syria ... And They Dare Point A Finger At Iran?
Video: US "Exceptionalism" Same Actions, Different Rhetoric
Russia World Leader In New Military Hardware ... How Can They Do This With 1/10th US Budget?
US Government Has To Borrow More Than Expected After Russia Dumps Treasury Bonds
US Collects Record Taxes First 8 Months Of FY 2018, Still In The Hole
US Socialist "Free" Medical Care For All Amounts To Additional $3 Trillion A Year

From The "Two Wrongs Make A Right?" Dept: South Africa's White Apartheid Policy
South Africa Since Mandela
Seymour Hersch: Skripal Story Doesn't Add Up
Zionist Israel's "Jewish Only" Blowback
Video: The Ideological Hatred For The Rule Of Law By The US Democratic Party
Brexit: Okay, How About Best 2 Our Of 3 Then?
From The "We Ain't No Smarter" Dept: McCarthy Era Tactics Today, Accuse With No Evidence, Then Have To Prove A Negative
Syria Providing World Stage For US To Show Itself As Lawless Nation Or International Law Abiding Nation
Iran: US Must Return To The Nuke Deal For Any US Talks To Take Place
A Bit Of History With US "First Iraq, The Iran"
US Homebrew Crisis And Threat
Liberal 9th Circuit Court Rules In Favor Of Open Carry Guns, Now We Know Why
Violent Left Antifa (Anti-American Terrorist Instigators Of Fascist Aggression) Planning Gun Battle In Portland Against Patriot Prayer?
Fascism Is A Leftist Political Philosophy As History Shows
Video: How'd That Turn Out For The Father Of Fascism? Viewer Discretion Advised
10 Signs America Is In The Dumpster
Illegal US Military Presence In Syria Hit With Legal and Invited Russian Electronic Jamming
"Moderate Rebels" Join With Syrian Army To Fight Daesh
The Last Colonial Power Still Standing
The 8 Myths That Make America Exceptional
US NDAA 2018 ... And The "Angel Of Light"
Iran Still Not About Nukes ... It's The Oil And Regime Change As Usual
Divide And Conquer: The Balkanization Of The Middle East On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
Will Jerusalem Ultimately Be The Sticking Point For An All-out Middle East War?
US Hegemonic Goals Means Disregard For National Sovereignty, Russia In The Way
Video: Changing West And East Relations, US, UK, France, China, Russia And Iran
Arab World Has Lots Of Martyrs, But Lacks Leadership
US Farms: Government Doing Same Things, Wanting Different Results
Has Burqa Merkel's Immigration Influx Sparked A Backlash Of New German Nationalism?
Nunes FISA 20 Page Bomb About To Hit The Fan?
Big Brother US Airports: Citizens Are Treated As Suspects
Another Big Brother Hi Tech Product For Police To Use On The Rest Of Us
More BRICS Means More Mortar
Underwhelming Non-Surprise: al-Qaeda Missile Casings Tracked Back To US Hughes Aircraft, US World's Largest Arms Dealer Of All Things War
Americans Can Never Have Enough War, So More Iran Lies By US: Not Regime Change, (It Is), Bomb Nuclear Facilities, (They Have No Nukes), But They Do Have Lots Of Oil, And Their Zionist Israel Masters Don't Like Them
Proud To Be An American? You And Your ISIS Backed Jihadists Scored A Victory
NATO, Part Of The EU "Meddling Cartel"
Dust Up In Poodledom: US Senators Warns Europe Over Iran Sanctions
Make Music Not War
Orwellian SJWs Out To Rename Capital Of Texas
Zionist Israel Adept At Creating PR Figures
Global Carmakers Response To US Tariffs
UK Sounds Like Sweden: Crime Rates Up, 90% Uncharged
Sweden In Name Only
From The "Cake And Eat It Too" Dept: Sanctuary State Governor Asks For Federal Help After Refusing To Help Federal Officers
California Refuses To Assist Federal ICE Immigration Ops
Depression, Lack Of Sleep
Put The Cell Phones Away
Amsterdam: The Lawless Jungle After Dark
Real Danger For US Elections Is The "Meddling Cartel" ... Deep State, Facebook, Twitter
Net Neutrality: Make Public Internet Work For You, Not Big Corporations
Iranian General Responds To Trump's "ALL CAPS Cabaret"
Make America Hated Again: Trump Pulls Out Of Iran Nuke Peace Treaty To Start Another War?
The American War Troops In Africa
Mass Insanity: Hatred Of The "Deplorables"
US Using Dollar As A Political Weapon Pushes Countries To Other Alternatives
Pakistan: Imran Khan, An Outsider Wasn't Expected To Win Election, So Western Media Doesn't Like Him Either
BRICS Stick It To US In Arms Deal
NGOs: Always Different When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot
The Madness That Has Gripped Washington: Spreading Lies And Starting Wars Is NOT Democracy
Video: Removal Of White Helmets By Western Allies To Cover Up War Crimes And False Flag Ops
He Hit The Clear History Tab Once Too Often: SecState Pompeo Supports Soviet Communist Dictator Over Democratic Elections
And For All That Talk About Democracy: Obama Supported Soviet Communist Dictator Over Democratic Elections Too
Soviet Communist Dictator Gifts Crimea From Russia To Ukraine, January 25, 1954
Crimeans Democratic Vote 96% To Return To Russia, March 16, 2014
Lies In The Land Of Nu And The Emerging Truth Of Maidan
Defense Minister: A World View From The Other Side
Video: US Can't Afford Better Infrastructure, Airports, Spending Money On Planes, Missiles Bombing Other Countries
Outreach Or Overreach? Why Does US Have 300K Troops In 177 Countries?
Now That's Funny ... 2500 US Marines In Australia to Counter 1.5 Billion "Chinese Threat"
EU Poodles Come To Heel, Buy More LNG, Soybeans
Pathetic Deep State A La Skripal's Novichok: When You've Got Nothing, It's Best To Keep It Hidden Away
The Tightly Woven Metastatis Of The Military-Industrial-Media Complex
Old War Bird Reunion
MSNBC: News Outlet (Bombs 0) Or Tabloid (Boobs 455)?
From The "If It Wasn't Broke, Don't Fix It" Dept: Trump Pulled Out Of Iran Nuke Deal, Threatens All Out Sanctions, We Know Now It Was Never About The Nukes, Rather Same Old Hackneyed Oil And "Wishful Thinking" Regime Change To Get It
India Not Swayed By US Sanctions Threat Either
Turkey Shuns US Sanctions On Iran
Canada's Trudeau Fails To Live Up To Campaign Promise With Iran, Another US Poodle
Video: Swamp Creatures Going Psycho With A Real Live Russian (Anti-Putin) Woman
Showdown At The F-35 Corral: US Senate Vs. Pentagon, Place Your Bets
Isn't It Wonderful That These Are The Type Of Guys Our Leaders Are Bringing Into Our Countries?
NATO's Humpty-Dumpty Arsonist Track Record Of Destruction
As Largest US Creditor, Will China Dump US Treasury Holdings Too?

Russia At Bottom Of Polls What Concerns Americans, Only The Incestuous Beltway Swamp Creatures Of Deep State, Military-Corporate Media And Dems Seem To Care

Airlines Move To Accept One China Policy
Dapper Is As Dapper Does: We Prefer Our Sociopaths To Be Well-Dressed And Spoken, Keeps Us From Disturbing The Little Grey Cells, N'est-ce Pas, Mon Ami?
From The "Yes They Are Crazy" Dept: Bringing The Trojan Horse Terrorists Into Your Neighborhood
This Ain't Their Grandfather's Russia
Europeans Backlash Against The Merkelization Of Their Nations
Where's The Beef? In Cold Storage ... All 2.5 Billion Pounds Of It
The Ministry Of Truth's Media Conglomerate
io, io It's Off To Profits We Go: Digital Day Colonialism
For Sale, Headless Chickens In A Barrel: Now If You Disagree With Deep State And Dems Narrative, You Are Treasonous
Clapper Throws Obama Under The Bus: He Set Russiagate In Motion
Former FBI Lawyer: No Legal Basis For Mueller Appointment
Video: Lowest Common Denominator Intelligence-Corporate Mass Media's Russiagate: Beyond Stupid
Make Music Not War
The Baby-Talk Of Corporate News Media
Oh, And Russiagate Too, Censoring What We Can Watch
US Gearing Up For Iran War By November? Looks That Way
Two Years On FBI, CIA And Many "Dirty Tricks" Later Still Can't Admit Defeat Of Hillary
Facebook A Tool Used By The Deep State
Fruits Of US Aggression: China To Speed Up its Nuke Program
America's Bloodstained Sins In Afghanistan
Zionist Israel Evacuates 800 Oscar Winning White Helmets For US To Grateful Israel ... Oops, Not A Chance They'd Bring Those Arabs Into Israel, Sends Them To Jordan, And Then To Us
The Fruits Of Living By The Sword: People Dying, Cities Destroyed, Lives Ruined But American Military Industrial Alliance Keeps Pocketing The Big Blood Money Profits
Mattis "Concerned" About Trukey's Authoritarian Direction, Rule Of Law (Though This Is US Foregin Policy Model), But Still Wants Them To Buy F-35s, Got To Get Some Money Back On A Flawed Product
US Releases $200 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine
News From The Nursing Home Known As England: Not An Aircraft Carrier, But A Carrier Of The Ghosts Of Empire Past
Trade War: It's Not The 1950's, Too Many Options Out There Besides The US
A Case From The FBI Files
Hysterical Brennan Guilty Of His Own Accusations?
Did You Know That Ike, JFK, Nixon, Carter And Reagan Were Traitors? Yep, They All Talked To Soviet Leaders!
During Clinton Administration Americans Helped Get Russia's Yeltsin Elected, CIA Delighted
Punching Bag Russia: What A Difference A Decade Or Two Makes, Eh?
The Insane Fools Would Rather Have A Nuclear WW3 Than Have Trump Normalize Relations With Russia, Worse Than Height Of Cold War When US Sanely Realized Mutually Assured Destruction Meant Everyone Lost, Sad Thing Is, They May Get Their Wish
Will Iran Decouple From Its Historical Middle East Ties, and Build A Persian Future With Russia, China and The Eurasian States?
Iran Is Not An Arab State, Was The Persian Empire, After Babylon And Before Alexander's Greek Empire, 323 BCE
Map Of Persian Empire
Swiss Catch Banksters Being, Well, Banksters
Trade War: Don't Complain About The Fight You Picked
The Religious Move To Isolate Russia
Economic Warfare: Deep State Rubber Stamp, US Senate, Introduces Bill To Hurt EU Gas Supply ... Time For EU To Cut The Leash From Around Their Necks
Former Obama US Ambassador To Ukraine Pyatt Now Stirring The Pot In Greece ... Is This Meddling Or Prelude To Coup? And Is He An Ambassador For Trump Or Deep State?
Video: Exceptional US The Exceptional Meddler And Spender Of Your Money ... Manufactured Consent
Video: Sending Your Kids To Die In Montenegro On Behalf Of US Deep State?
Known By The Company They Keep
Not Rocket Science, NFL, Keep It Simple, They Can't Be Respectful, Keep Them In The Locker Room
Monopoly Mueller Begins Handing Out "Do Not Go To Jail" Cards
From The "Look Under The Rug" Dept: Why Does Former CIA CYA Deep State Director Brennan Accuse The President Of Treason Over A Press Conference?
Former CIA Director John Brennan Voted Communist In America's Bicentennial Year
Brennon A Muslim Convert?
The World Asks, Are There Only One Way Streets In America? Will US Senate Do The Same To Block Mueller Questions? Not On Your Life, If US Is So "Exceptional," What Are They Afraid Of That Russia Isn't? ... Well Besides The Truth
Putin Calls Mueller's Bluff, Willing To Live Up To The 1999 Treaty Agreement, US Deep State Quickly Backs Down As Mueller's Grandstand Collapses Under The Weight Of Hypocrisy And Lies, Doesn't Deep State See How Transparent They Really Are?
US The Exceptional Merchant Of Weapons And Death
"Truth Exists, Lies Are Invented" By The Weakest Among Us: How Annoying That The Factual Narrative Doesn't Follow The West's Propaganda
BRICS Nations Close Economic Ranks In Light Of Trump Sanctions, Tariffs
America's Imperial Consuls
From The "Actions Speak Louder Than False Words" Dept: Israel's "We Don't Have Nukes" Nutanyahoo Paranoid Fake News When IAEA Shows Iran In Total And Complete Compliance
Israel Passes Racist "Jewish Only" Law, Sort Of Like California Passing A No White People Law
US Poison Pill Rep, Geoffrey Pyatt, First Ukraine, Now Greece
US Dems Mid-Term Slogan, "For The People," Especially All The Illegals? As Opposed To "For The Rights Of Our Citizens"
US Dems True Purpose For Supporting Criminal Immigration Comes To Light As San Fran Registers Illegals, Non-Citizens To Vote
US Empire Building: Spreading "Democracy" (i.e., Tyrannical War In The Name Thereof) See Raqqa
NATO/US Doesn't Need Another Weak Member, But It Does Want Its Territory a la Imperialism
Russia Really Is America's Enemy ... America's Deep State, Not It's Citizens
Western Deep State: Russian Media Can Never Be Trusted, Well, Except When They Say What We Like
It Seems That Former Ambassador To Russia McFaul Is A Bit Nervous, Wonder Why?
Appears Putin Knows Who He's Really Dealing With In The US, Russia Dumps Another $40 Bln In US Treasuries, China Next?
EU's Juncker Pranked
Russiaphobia 24/7: The Game Is Afoot
Video/Text: The Answer To Your Question Ambassador McFaul, Putin Interview With Fox News
On The Road To Killing Their Party, And The US, Dems Can't Shake Neurotic Fixation That Trump Won Election, Prefer Nuclear War With Russia If Hillary Can't Be President?
Argumentum Ad Trollem: West's Gaslighting The Masses With The Incessant Imprint Of Lies
Now That You Mention It, Russia's Prosecutors Want To Talk To US Officials And Intelligence Agents About Browdergate Pelf Crimes
Swamp Creatures And Ignoratti Twitheads Collective Delirium, Have They Forgotten Saddam's WMD As "Verified" By US Intel Agencies, Do They Want A WW3?
Former US Ambassador To Russia McFaul Asks What Did US Do Wrong? So Here's The "A List" Of What US Deep State Does With Those It Labels "Bad Guys" Like Putin ...
... Or To Countries US Deep State Deems To Be In Their Way
Key To Starting Wars: Justification And Plausible Deniability
Soros Protesters, As Brennon Calls For Bolton To Quit White House, Does He Not Recall Bolton's Trip To See Putin To Set Meeting Up?
Bolton Meets With Putin In Relations Push
A Brett Kavanaugh Ruling In FOIA JFK Documents ... Plans For Trump?
Fetullah Terror Organization Weakened In Turkey, Growing Stronger Elsewheres
Did US-Israel Sucker Russia Onto Their Team?
Israel's Zionism Becoming A Problematic Brand
Israel Wants Iran Out Of Syria So Badly, Got US To Agree To Get Of Syria Completely If Iran Will, But Will Israel Get Out Of Syria's Occupied Golan Heights So Everyone Is Out?
Putin Punches Back: $400 Million Transferred From Russia To Clinton Campaign By US Deep State, No Wonder They Don't Like Trump
Hillary's $1.4 Billion Campaign
Hillary's Top Donors
The Zionist Oligarchs Of Russia
Zionists Are Not Descendants Of Israel's Judah
Well, If They Can't Pay Their Student Loans, Put Them In The Worker Class As Laborers, Won't Need IlIegal Aliens
Synopsis Of Putin Trump Summit Talk
Swamp Creatures Gone Berserk! React Like Snowflakes, Bogeymen Are Hard To Find What With Saddam and Gaddafi Gone, Now Trump Wants To Ruin It With Putin!
This Ain't The "Good Ship Lollipop:" First US Slaps Tariffs On Goods, Then Files Complaint With WTO When Countries Respond
Sonic Attacks In US Diplomat's Heads A CIA/DARPA Experiment?
The Meddling Cartel: Soros-Clinton-Obama Crowd Spend Millions To Influence US Senators On Supreme Court Pick
Following In Their Footsteps: Collapse Of America
US Institutional Dry Rot: Failing From Within
UK May's Skripal Story A Fiction
Whether Or Not Russia's New Weapons Exist, Good To Say They Do For More Money Into Military Industrial Coffers
Syrian Army Keeps Winning, Takes Strategic Hill In South
US In Afghanistan 17 Years, A Trillion Dollars Later, Taliban Controls More Territory
US Merry-Go-Round Foreign Policy: Now US In Syria Not To Fight Terrorism, But Because Iran Is There Because Of US Backed Terrorists To Effect Regime Change, So When US-Israel Leave, Iran Can Too
Video: Trump The Salesman, EU And Outdated NATO
One China Policy: Colonial Bravado Of Sailing Taiwan Strait Is Meddling In Domestic Chinese Affairs, But US Doesn't See It That Way
Russia Proves Success On World Stage Best Revenge
Make Music Not War
Jews Protest Zionist Israel's "Racist" Nation-State Bill
Zionism Contradicts Human Rights, Israel Minister Of Justice
Einstein Warned Of Zionism In Israel
The Dark Side Of Zionism
Jews Against Zionism
Additional Zionism Articles
De-Dollarization Trend Continues In Russia
Two-Thirds Germans Say Trump Is The Guy to Watch Out For, Not Putin
DNC Not A "Hack," A Leak Intel Experts Say, Nevertheless Former FBI Director Mr. "I've Got Nothing But Air" Mueller Scapegoats 12 Russians [Who He Knows Will Never See A Trial Or Evidence Presented] Just Before Putin-Trump Summit, BTW, What About Murdered Seth Rich Who Worked At DNC And Had Access To DNC Computers? Smells Like Deep State
The Deep State-Mueller "DNC Hack" Bluff
FBI Official Heading Up "Russian" Election Meddling Task Force Quits FBI
FBI Not Probing Seth Rich Murder
Report: Seth Rich Was The Leaker
DOJ Rosenstein Target Of Impeachment
Video: US Corporate Media Keeps On Lying To Us
This Says It All About Thoughtless US Leadership: Trade War With Rwanda Over Used Clothes, Really America?
No Wonder The Light Of The Future Shines Forth From China, Wars And Destruction From The West
From The "Will They Never Go Home?" Dept: US Opens More Bases In Iraq Though Local Authorities Want Them Out
Flexibility Key To Modern Day Economic Success
Peak Oil Error Being Repeated?
US Deep State's Real Concern: A Formal China Russia Political-Military Alliance To Go With Their Economic Ties
What A Coincidence On The Part Of The Dem Led Deep State Theater To Make Allegations Just Before Trump-Putin Summit
Much Ado About Nothing: US Chicken Little SNAFU Corporate Media Goes Berserk With Trump-Putin Meeting
A Nation Built On Lies Part 1
A Nation Built On Lies Part 2

We've Been Lied To All These Years ... WMD's In Iraq, Gulf Of Tonkin, 9/11
How Did Amesbury Drug Couple Get A Bottle Of "Novichok" Nerve Agent? Local Porton Down Chemist Or Chocolate Chip Cookie Baker?
Russia Says UK Has Some Explaining To Do About Alleged Lethal "Novichok" Leaks
A Paradigm Step Up In Weapons Tech
A Long Way From Descartes "I Think, Therefore I Am," To "I Think It, Therefore It Is," The Little Minded Ignoratti's War On Curiosity
Time To Break Up The Too Big Wall Street Banks
Is Trump's Machinations With EU Trying To Push Them Out Of The Nest Or Locking Them Up In The Basement?
Video: Iran & Oil Lust By The West And Regime Change On Behalf Of Israel's Interests
Iran's Revolutionary Guards And Role In Iran
The Useful Idiot In Syria
Bottom Line: When It Comes To Assange, UK Doesn't Give a Hoot About International Law Or Court Decisions
A Push Too Far? 3 European Countries To Continue Trade With Iran Without US Dollar
From The "Don't Try This At Home" Dept: Abracadabra, Your Crimes Against Humanity Are Absolved, Or So Says Saudi Prince
It's Highly Likely That Highly Likely Is Foreign Policy Strategy
Brexit: UK Shambles As Commons Exit, Madness
If America Had A Debtors Prison, The "Middle Class" Inmates Would Be The Most Educated In The World
I Need Another War ... Just Put It On My Credit Card
Let's See, Putin Using Lethal Nerve Agents To Attack Homeless People in UK, Or Maybe Nearby Porton Down Chem Lab Has Some Leaks
US Prefers Nazis To Russians: Empowering Nazis In Ukraine
A Look At The West's Coup d'Etat In Ukraine
Life Comes Full Circle: Zionist Israel's Weapons In Hands Of Ukraine Neo-Nazis
Ukraine Presidential Advisor: Heil Hitler Symbol On Facebook
Another T-Rumpus: Brewing Storm For US Oil Exports, All Crudes Not Equal
The Amazing Superputin: Hillary Dems Self-Delusional To The End
Zionist Israel World Leader In Cyber Election Meddling, "Guile And Deceit"
Zionist Israel's Dark Secrets Come To Light
Looking To Save Face Or What? US On F-35 Snafu Vs. S-400 Turkey Deal
Missile Updates On Russian Soil Just Another NATO Justification
Big Freedom Of Speech Trumps Little Freedom Of Speech In Elections
US Pull Out Of NATO? Yeah Right, That'll Be The Day
In Afghanistan Year 17, And A Trillion Dollars Later, Mightiest Military Force In History Claims Their Strategy Is Now Working ... Not
N. Korea Snake Oil Salesmen Or Just Low IQs & SAT Scores? NBC, CNN, WSJ
Trump Urges EU To Spend More On NATO ... Hmm, He Must Be Trying To Offload Those USAF $1200 Coffee Mugs, $10,000 Toilet Seats
Arab States Pulled Towards Asian Mutual Benefit Trade Based Relations Versus Old World Colonial Western Hegemonists
Trump's Proposed China Tariffs Attack Modernity
Kim Jong Un: Let's See, Pompey-o, Potato Farm, Potato Farm, Pompey-o? Potato Farm
Like Cheney Said, Unending US Wars On Planet Earth
NATO Still Upset With Russia, Who Apparently Keeps Moving Their Borders Closer To NATO Military Forces (They Move Them At Night!), Do These Guys Really Believe Their Own Lies?
Map: Oh, So Russia's Not Moving Its Borders
Read My Lips: No NATO Expansion To The East
Poli Sci 101: Putin's Basically Anti-Empire, Anti-Globalist, Soros Wants To Transfer The "Rulers And Subjects" Theme From A National Stage To A World Stage Led By His Guys
UK Media Trust Last Place In Europe ... Monty Python Leaving
China 25% Tariff On US Oil?
German Bundestag Committee: US Illegally Operating In Syria, Should Leave
Please Don't Poop On The Floor: Open Border Parasites Invade Europe
UK May's Novichok Poisoning Allegations Coming Full Circle?
Just Asking, But Is UK's May A Fan Of Agatha Christie?
Feeling Guilty Are We?
US Women's March: "In Response To Donald Trump's Nomination Of XX ..." Sorry Ladies, His Nomination Was XY
Trump Stirring Up The Pot With Germany, He Doesn't Want Russia Selling Oil To Germany, Instead Remain US Poodle
To Those Who Want Socialsim: Pick One, Sweden Or Singapore
Race Discrimination As Cal Poly SLO Works To Reduce Number Of White People On Campus
US Mafia Dues: New Zealand Spends $1.5 Billion For 4 Airplanes When Hospitals Are Suffering
Syrian Army Finds More US Missiles Given To Terrorists
Israel Wants It's Allies' Terrorists In Syria, Not Iran, Who Are A Block To The Yinon Plan For Greater israel But Iran Won't Go
Iran Aware Of Zionist's Yinon Plan For Middle East
South African Farmers Heading To Russia?
Putin's Israel Policy Almost Identical To Stalin's
Novichok Butterfingers? Apparently Residing Near Porton Down Chem Lab More Dangerous Than Russia
The Rotting Corpses Of Raqqa: US Only Capable Of Making Messes
Iran Drives US Neocons Crazy
US Foreign Policy: Tromp Loudly And Carry A Big Stick (Nukes)
US/NATO Divide And Conquer EU
If Charm Doesn't Work, Keep Him On The Assassination List
Just Goes To Show There Is No Shortage Of Knee Jerks
What's Next? Airlines Charging Extra To Use The Regular Size Toilets?
2 Faced US Senator Victim Of Self-Inflicted Projection, When It's The US That Backs Out Of Deals
The Unabashed Hatred Of Israel And US For Iran
Another Reason Not To Trust The Banksters With Your Money
The Helsinki Summit: Diplomacy Or Just Another Photo Op?
Peace, Peace And There Is No Peace, Can Trump Stop America's Needless Wars?
If Non-US Citizens Can Be Given The Right To Vote, Then How Can Any Foreigner Be Accused Of Meddling In An Election?
The Danger Of False Flag Ops, Acting Before Evidence, Pushing World Into War
Pot Not Legal In UK, Yet GW Pharma Grows 20 MILLION TONS Of It Under Gov't License
EU: They Supported Hillary For Prez, Now They Are Trump's Bozos
Hey, They're Eating Cake in Versailles!
Siri, Get The Chaff Out Of His Eye, But Leave My 2x4 Alone
Does Boris The Buffoon's Departure Clear The Way For May To Exit Before Brexit?
Erdogan Establishes Himself As Turkey's New Sultan With Autocratic Powers
Just The Facts: A Case For The US As A 3rd World Country
US Not A Fan Of Two-Way Foreign Policy Streets
Video: Trump-Putin Pre-Summit; Brexit Collapse, Novichok Fairy Tale
America: Transmogrifying Bombs Into Refugees
And US Vets Into Suicide Victims
Economic Vision: Ha, I Cut My Nose Off To Spite You
The Art Of Losing Military Supremacy
Make Music Not War
A Primer On The Make America Great Again-Made In China 2025 Trade War
Politicians Still Mucking Up Sports With Their Politics
Walk Away From US Democratic Party Founder Refused Service In NYC
Two Front Attack On The Russian Orthodox Church
A Lesson Learned Is A Painful Experience Spurned
Where Has The World Come To Since 9/11? The US Government Still Refuses To Examine The Overwhelming WTC 7 Evidence, By Their Inaction, The Only Reasonable Conclusion We Are Left With Is An Inside Job And Cover-up
Video: This Is Where We've Come To, "Squeeze Everything Out Of The US, Then Let It Dry Up And Blow Away," Netanyahoo
Dan. 11:44, "He Shall Go Forth With Great Fury To Destroy, And Utterly To Make Away Many," So Who's Wars Are We Fighting?
Red Alert: Trump Pushing Towards Global Civil War ... Western Civilization Reaching Its End, Our 500 Years Are Up
US Nasty Tactics To Get Regime Change In Iran, Economic War On China, Russia, Iran And N. Korea, Can Military War Be Far Behind?
US Good Cop/Bad Cop: N. Korea Disappointed In US (Pompey-o) Attitude And One-Sided Demand For Denuclearization After Trump Summit
BBC: Happy To Tell Us What To Think
F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Jet: Bad Deal, Italy Considering Cancelling Agreement a la Trump
Typical Ignorant American Media Outlets Self-Righteously Blabbing On About Nonsensical Fake Issues, What, No Criticism Of Homogeneous Japan, Or The All Black African Teams?
Meanwhile, US Purging Its Military Ranks Of Ethnic Foreigners
OPCW: US Claim Of Chem Attack In Douma Fake, No Nerve Agents
The Old Divide And Conquer Ploy? Make Nice With Putin While Trade War With China, But ...
Russia Now Part Of Trump's Global Trade War
All Or Nothing: Trump Threatens $500 Billion In Tariffs, Billionaire Gambling With Middle Class America's Future
Breaking Down Trump's Trade War With China ...
Trump's War On Iran To Cut It's Oil Exports To Zero By US ... Leading To Hot War In ME?
US Congress Ally Zionist Israel Snipers Shoot Defenseless Women ... Why Is Congress Supporting This?
US Blares Their Rights Of Passage In South China Sea, But Not So Keen On China Helping Venezuela Oil Industry
Freezing One's Bank Assets Over A Simple Transfer
War Is A Racket, "We Should Fight For Our Homes" [Wall Street Banksters] "And Bill Of Rights" [Big Corporate/Gov't Spying] Instead Of Corporate Profits
False Face Hides False Heart No More: US Is Imperialistic And Seeks World Hegemony Through Its Many Wars
Syria Calling Its People Back Home
UK's Porton Down Chem Lab Domestic "Novichok" Problem, Both Alleged Cases Just 7 Miles Away Raises Question, Experimenting On Own People While Blaming Russia?
No Way Porton Down's Novichok Could Get Out ... Way
So Much For The 4th Amendment Of The Bill Of Rights: You Watch TV, TV Watches You
Where Are The White Protestants On The US Supreme Court? 46% Of Total Population
The Fruits Of Convenience: A Tale For Our Time
Move Over Millennials, Its Gen Z Or Is It (Gen XX+XY/T=?X)
In Exchange For Your Unemployable Degree And College Loan Debt, You Get "Honors!"
Too Big To Jail: The DOJ Fix Is In, CYA Time For US Politicians
Syrian Army Captures Another Giant Cache Of US Weapons Given To Syrian Terrorists
China WIll Hit US With Like Tariffs
Iran Only WIll Buy Goods From Countries That Buy Its Oil
Sounds Like UK Has A Salisbury Chemical Lab Problem Not A Skripal Problem
Well, That Knee Jerk Didn't Take Long
Deep State Liars Ramping Up The Rhethoric And Lies Ahead Of Trump-Putin Meet, Pack All Their Lies Into One Neat Opening Paragraph In The CIAmazon Post
Russia's Oil Move Nets $63 Billion
From The "Longest Journey Starts With One Step" Dept: Russia's Steady Move Away From US Bonds, Currency
NATO's Simplistic Propaganda Methods: Projection, Gaslighting Otherwise Known As Lying
Brick & Mortar Prison An Escape From Our Digital Prison
England Is Just Plain Screwed Up, First Boys Wear Skirts For Trannies, Now Girl Wear Pants For Trannies ???
Losing That Which Matters Most
It's Only An "Understandable Accident" When Americans Do It, Never Vice Versa
Russia's Aeroflot Take Top Honors At World Travel Awards ... Europe's Top Airline
Nevada One Year After Legalizing Pot
Mexican Town Kicks Out Politicians, Cops, Criminals, Now Peaceful Place
Suspicious US Chemical Ship Docks In Persian Gulf, Did US Keep Some Of Syria's Chem Weapons It Said It Destroyed?
More People Will Die Because Of UK's Move To Weaponize OPCW, Judge And Jury To Blame Russia, Syria

Weirder Every Day, UK's Fairy Tale Skripal Case: Point Finger At 2 "Ghosts" With Ties To Putin, Russia, UK Undermining Trump-Putin Visit?
UK May Nervous About Trump-Putin Meeting

Bizarre UK Paranoia Not New: Feared Soviets, Chinese Would Acquire UFO [Which Don't Exist According To The UK Gov't] Technology
Rich Wall Street Blood Suckers Feeding Off The Poor
The Mirage Of American Democracy
Always The Negative: West Resorts To Childish Stunts Rather Than Positive Diplomacy
As Usual, Bolton Gets It Wrong, Peace In Syria Before US, Israel And Saudis Showed Up To Block The 2011 Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline Deal
The 2011 Iran Iraq Syria Pipeline Deal
2012 Look At Syria's Pipelineistan War
The Middle East Syria War Explained In 4 Maps
Video: Trump The Destablizer And Other News Bits
Strategic Move: Russia And The Super-OPEC
Petrobully US Tells Japan To Stop Buying Iranian Oil
Last One To The Party States The Obvious
First Turning The OPCW Into A Political Tool, Now US Ship Laden With Chemicals Escorted By US Warship Enters Persian Gulf
Arabs Don't Want The Refugees Either
Make Music Not War
Chinese Laser Rifle
Zionist Israel's Palestinian Murders
America's CIA Or Is It?
The Ruling American Aristocracy And Their Policies: Voters Determine Nada
Monsanto-Bayer Merger Bad News For Humanity: Buy From Local Organic Farmers
Bush-Blair Admin Torture War Crimes Still Unpunished
EU Migration: Cleaning The Broken China For NATO
What Is Zionist Israel's Peace Plan That The US WIll Unveil?
And Make Sure To Take Your Nukes With You On Your Way Out Donald
The Zionists Have Infected Canada As Well
Get Ready For More False Flag Gas Attacks As OPCW Turned Into NATO Tool For War, Paint Assad As War Criminal
Latest US Psy-Op Gadget In Syria
Wake Up America, Zionist Israel Gets US Congress To Pass, And Trump To Sign First Installlment Of The Mark Of The Beast, Up To 20 Years In Prison
US "Socialist-elect" Not As Bronxy As She Claims
Switzerland Chooses Gold Over US Petropaper
Merkel's Rampaging Barbarians
An Endangered Species: The Investigative Reporter
The Cuban-Chinese Conspiracy: NYC Restaurants Or Undetectable Sonic Wave Machines?
Iranian FM Trolls US SecState With His Own Words
Make America's Debt Greater: US Borrows Faster Than The World Saves
The Bizarre Relationship Of US And Zionist Israel, How Did They Hijack US?
OPCW Made Into Political And Propaganda Tool Of West, US Vis A Vis Bad Guy Of The Day, i.e., Russia
Hillary's "Deplorables" Get Another Supreme, Libs React With Their Familiar Sophisticated Signature One Word, One Syllable Retort
So Far Trump's Nuke Efforts With N. Korea And Iran Have Achieved Their Opposite Intended Effect
From Diplomacy Then Back To Blackmail?: UN/US Sanctions In Place Until N. Korea Denukes, So ...
... N. Korea Upgrades Nuke Facility
UK Priest, Member Of The House Of Lords Tell A Different Story Of Life On The Ground In Syria Compared To Corporate Media
South China Sea: Loss Of The Birthright By The Old Colonial Imperial Guard?
Xi To Mattis: We're Not Colonialists And Don't Cause Chaos Around The World
It Might Do Well For The Liberal Left To Remember That The Nazi Party (German National Socialist Workers Party) Also Was The Liberal Left, Not The Conservative Right
Globalists Need To Get The "Unbanked" Into Their Banking System
From The "National Sins Of America" Dept: US Allies & Saudi War Criminals And The Lies Of Coverup
Who's Foreign Policy Is It? Trump's Iran Policy Will Pinch Americans In The Pocket While Aiding Zionist Israel Geopolitical Goals
The Anti-Judaic Core Of Israeli Zionism, Edom Vs. Judah
Turkey's Further Move Away From The West
A Difference Of Opinion Is Not Fake News Ukraine
UK Racism: Three More Fingers Pointing Back At Them
Hungary Stands In Defiance Of Globalist West's Name Calling And Political Labeling
Trump's Tariffs Throw Caution To The Wind, EU Into The Arms Of China
Xi To Mattis: Get Use To It, China Won't Cede One Inch Of Territory
Losing Our Ability To Take Ourselves Humorously
US Coalition Provide Heli-Uber Service For Daesh Commanders ... Again
One-China Policy Hitting Foreign Airlines, Trickery Not Allowed
US Supreme Court Upholds 4th Amendment Rights, Applies To Cell Phone Location Info
Red Hen: Sowing The Seeds Of The US Purple Revolution
CIAmazonPost Prohibits Employees Free Speech With Social Media, Promotes Orwellian Snitch And Tell
CIAmazonPost: Rationalizing Discrimination, Keep The Asians Out Before They Take Over, Does This Not Adversely Affect Their Asian Customers?
Feds Approve First Use Of Medical Marijuana ... No Surprise It's Made By Big Pharma
Brexit Is Now Official
Video: Deep State's Domestic Divide And Conquer Methods Working
Deplorable Hillary Still The Bitter 2 Time Loser, Blaming Everyone Else ... Trashes Electoral College
US Political Left Still Can't Get Over Hillary's Loss Either

Ukraine Bans Journalists They Don't Like From OSCE Freedom Of Speech Conference
6 Chinese Cities You Probably Never Heard Of Make Top List
NSA Sucking Up Billions Of Records From ATT Services
US Fiscal Deficit FY 2017 $666 Billion
US Dems Goal To Flood Voter Registers With Illegals To Gain Political Power
Trump's Trade War: China Will Punch Back, Apple, General Motors (Who Sells More Cars There Than US) Could Get Hit Big Time
Making Bad Deals Look Good ... Until You Look, That Is
NATO's Atlantic Council Finally Admits Ukraine Has A Bonafide Nazi Problem, Years After RT Reported It
Orwellian's Rewriting History: Is Mark Twain Next? Too Late, They Got Him Already
Getting Fed Up With US Interference Via Congressional Sanctions, Countries Turn To Orther Currencies For Trade
Illegal US Wars Led To Illegal Immigration Problem In Europe
Current Demonization Politics a la 1930's Germany Trivializes History
US Empire By Definition Demands An Emperor
From The "Go Figure" Dept: US, UK, Allies Support 54 Anti-Regime Groups In Syria, But Putin The Bad Guy For Supporting Democratically Elected Sovereign Government
American Globalists Not So Happy About China Leading New World Order
India Uses Rupees To Buy Iranian Oil Isolating Itself From US Sanctions
Golden Rule: He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules
UK Skripal Case: Leave No Lack Of Evidence Behind
Burqa Merkel Bites The Dust
Make Music Not War
The US Disconnect From Cognitive Reality
Military Industrial Complex's Bleeding Of America's Liberty
US Forfeits Its Last Shred Of Respect And Credibility At UN, Clearly Zionist Israel's Minion
Trump's Parallel Reality
What The Tea Leaves Tell Us: Russia Dumps Half Of Its US Treasury Bonds In April, Buys 600,000 Ounces Of Gold In May
US, Allies Share World Podium With SCO
As Trade Wars Go, US Needs China
UK Court: Only XX Or XY Passports No ?X
Trump's Diplomatic Prowess: Hit'em With A Stick ... Again
The Diseased Malignancy Of US Corporate News Media: Lying For The Sake Of Deceit
Border Kids Without Parents: What To Do?
UN Haley, US SecState Pompey-o Zionist Israel Middle East Policy Lackeys
Muslim Vs. Muslim As Syrians Denied Access To Mecca
Changing Middle East Borders To Suit The "Greater Zionist Israel" Plan Equals Much More War
US White Population Declines
RICO Suit Filed Against Clintons, Soros, Podesta
Keeping Up Their Schedule ... Every 12 Minutes
Your Tax Dollars: Americans Drop A Bomb On Someone Every 12 Minutes, And People Are Worried About Gun Control? But What Would Our Reaction Be If Russia Was Dropping 120 Bombs A Day On Ukraine Or Israel!? You Mean Beside UN Haley Spontaneously Exploding Into An Apoplectic Mist?
Another Mossy Virus Plagues US
NSA Moving Up ... Data In The Cloud
Russia's Crimea Sends Grain To Needy Damascus
China Challege To US Dollar, Launches Yuan Backed Metal Contracts in London Exchange
Nutanyahoo's Wife Indicted On Fraud Charges
Zionist Israel Furious As Prince William Speaks The Truth, As Jerusalem Has NOT Been Capital Of Israel For Past 3000 Years, Israel’s Jerusalem Affairs Minister Zeev Elkin Lying
See Footnote Six, Jerusalem Completely Destroyed In 70 CE, Then A Roman City Built On Site For 568 Years Before Muslims Captured City And They Renamed It Jerusalem
Boys Will Be Boys, But Not According To Some Educators
Another Example Of The Nature Of US Ally, Zionist Israel


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