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There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
Make Music Not War

Summer 2019

Cowards Always Talk Big: If Bolton Is So In Love With War And Hates Iran So Much, Why Not Join HIs Buddies In The MEK, The People's Mujahadin Of Iran? Your Age Won't Matter, They'll Take You, Put Your Boots On The Ground And Hand You A Rifle
Brexit: UK's Political Afghanistan ... How Many Years?
Bibiexit Or A 3rd Election For Israel This Year?
Road To Slavery Paved With Convenience: Amazon's Alexa Your Political Trojan Horse Steering You To Amazon's Candidates?
From The "Digging The False Flag Hole Deeper" Dept: Really Lame Excuse That Should Put A Big Dent In US Military Arms Sales [America's Stuff Doesn't Always Work Even When. Allegedly, You Need It The Most], Pompey-o Has No Proof, Then, Attack Came From Iran, As All The US Made Radars All Failed At The Same Time, And They All Face East Towards Iran
This Is Bound To Get The Liberal Left Up In Arms, A College Course "Debunking Liberal Myths," But They Do Want Diversity, Right? Question Is, Will They React Like Mature Adults Or Snowflakes?
Why Does CNN [Certified Nutters Network?] Act The Playground Imbecile Pushing For War With Iran Leading To Possible Nuclear Armageddon? Are Their Ratings So Bad That It's The Only Way Out For Them? Kudos For Trump's Cooler, Saner Decision, Maybe He Knows Where The Attack Really Came From
All Out Nuclear War Up To 18 Million Killed Per Hour, Including CNN Staffers ... This Is What CNN Is Pushing? Willing To Have Millions Die For Their Hatred Of Trump ... Pure Insanity And Arrogance
US Ally Japan Says No Proof Iran Attacked Saudi Oil Facility
From The "Now That We've Broken The Code" Dept: Self-Acknowledged Liar Pompey-o Says Iran Attacked Saudi Oil Facility, It's An Act Of War, Therefore, What He's Really Saying Is Iran Didn't Attack, And It's Not An Act Of War ... Got It
Beware The Hare Of Lies: Iran Supplies Military Weapons To Its Ally Yemen, Only Proves Iran Provided Missiles To Yemen, Same As US/UK Supplies Weapons To Saudis, Doesn't Prove US Did The Actual Bombing Of Yemen, And Where Is The Radar Tracking Evidence Of Incoming Missiles? These Radars Face East Towards Iran, And Did Saudis Fire Any Defensive Missiles? If Not, Why Not? "Friendly Fire From The West?" Also No Proof The Weapon Parts Displayed Actually Came From The Oil Facility Attack Rather Than Other Previous Attacks, Could Be A False Flag Given The US Past Track Record
Trump And The Deadly Fruits Of His Labors
US Farmers Loss Russia's Gain
Heroes Are Not The Ones Who Enable And Prolong Wars, But The Ones Who End Them
Facebook Aiding And Abetting While Stifling Conservative Content?
Zionist Israel Runs Amok In US
Living By The Sword On The Road To Perdition
Resisting Peace: A Zionist Pastime
Putin's Political Judo: How Russian Military Tech Came To Beat US Stealth Technology Among Others
Magnitskiy: Another Hare Of Lies Overtaken By The Tortoise Of Truth
Whatever Happened About US Being In Iraq Because Of WMD And Not The Oil?
A Snowball Rolling Down Hill: Russia-Iran Bypass West's SWIFT System As Iran Set To Join Eurasian Economic Union
Remember When The Idea Of UFOs Were Considered Conspiracy Theory-esque? Now US Military Says They Are Real, What's Up With This?
"Flying Saucers" In The Last Days
Too MAny Smart Devices, Too Many Dumb People
While Students In Foreign Countries Melt Under The Pressure Of US And Its Allies Bombs, US Students Meltdown Over A "B" Grade
NY Times: The Political Tabloid In Pin Stripes
Recalling The 9/11 Hare Of Lies, Raced Out The Door By 11 AM, But The Presence Of The Tortoise Of Truth Cannot Be Conspired Away
Hong Kong Revisited: A Schizophrenic City
Cal Politician In Bed With Big Tech Over Privacy Law
Brazil Creates Frankenmossy
Doctors Catering To Transgender Fad With Long Term Negative Repercussions
Google Goes Dark, Panic, Get The Duck
Here's The Duck
Oil Prices Just Fell 6% As Saudi Production Expected To Be Back Up Within 2-3 Weeks After Precision Targeted Disabling, Not Destructive, Attack From The West
Prefabricated "Proof?" Bottom Line Fact: We Know A Thing Or Two Because From Iraq WMD, Syrian False Flag Gas Accusations, MH-17, And From Pompey-o's Own Admission, The US Lies, Therefore US Has "Proof" Aramco Attack Came From Iran Dubious, Yet All Its Mighty US Missile Defenses Failed 100%, And Why Would Iran Risk An Alleged Precise Disabling, But Not All Out Destructive, Attack To Start A War? Was Even One US Defensive Missile Fired? If So, In What Direction? Then Wouldn't The Last Thing US Wants Is A War With Their Modern Defenses So Helpless Against Iran?
Saudi Oil Attack: A Detailed Inside Look ... "The Hits Were Extremely Precise ... From The West ... The U.S. And Israel Are Able To Commit Such [Undetected?] Attacks, Maybe Even Launched From Inside Saudi Arabia" ... Mossad?
For Whatever The Reason, US System Failed To Protect Its Ally, Key Evidence Shows Attack Came From The Direction Of The West, Not From The East As US Claims ... US BFF Israel Is In The West, And Election Is Just A Day Away
"The United States Of America Is Completely Under The Control Of Israel And Its Zionists"
Running Scared Nutanyahoo Pulling Out Every Stop In Bid To Get Re-Elected And Stay Out Of Jail
Cui Bono? Follow The Money ... Amazing Coincidence To Saudi Oil Refinery Attack, US Willing To Step In And Sell Its Strategic Emergency Oil Supplies As Trump Bragged US #1 Energy Exporter ... Increasing Prices Now, Biggest Jump Since 1991 Iraq War, Frackers Happy, US Election About A Year Away, Benefit To Iran: Zero
Putin To Saudis: Our Defense Systems Can Protect You, Sort Of implying US System Inadequate Or US Involved
Bombing Attacks, Like Comedy, Depend On Delivery And Timing
After Initial "Quick Draw" Pompey-o's "Hare Of Lies" Call To Blame/Attack Iran, Trump Relatively Calm Reaction, Less Than False Flag Syrian Gas Attack, Instead US Looks To Increase Intel Sharing With Saudis
The Saudi Scuttle? Trump Says US Does Not Need Saudi's Oil, Therefore, Does Not Need Saudis Either?
Counterproductive As HK Protesters Beat Fellow Citizen Unconscious: Points More To Intentional Political Unrest Than Addressing Grievances, Beijing Waiting For HKers To Ask Them To Intervene?
Channeling P.T. Barnum, Kardashian Of Politics?
Foxes In The Chicken Coop: Those Who Swear An Oath Uphold US Constitution Weaponize The System Against Freedom Of Speech, Ignore It When It Suits Them

Video Russian FM Spokesperson: US Zionist Media, US Government Leakers, "Highly Placed, Unnamed Sources," Keep Russia As Bad Guy Narrative In Forefront For Consumption By The Sheep, While Detrimental Zionist Israel Influence Ignored
US Maidan Coup Blowback: Donbass Announces Plan To Become Russian Federal District
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
"We Are Witnessing The End Of The Western Hegemony Over The World," Which Is To Say, "The Fortress Also Shall Cease From Ephraim" Is Beginning To Be Recognized Openly By Its AngloZionist Leaders
The Fortress Shall Cease From Ephraim (UK, Canada, Australia, NZ), Also Manasseh (US) And Reuben (France) ...
Leading By Example? United States Of Israel's New Trump Guy Another Zionist Who Claimed Nuclear War Is Winnable, Only 20 Million Would Die, Then Must Be Willing To Start With Zionist Israel?
Canada In Need Of Change From Trudeau Regime
Canada Is A Disaster
Self-Righteous, Hypocritical "Liar And Cheater" Pompey-o, US Senator Graham Immediately Go Bonkers Over Yemen Attack On Oil Facility, But Silent For Years About US War Crimes And Genocide They've Supported On Yemeni Civilians
Self-Acknowledged Liar Pompey-o: That Was Really Fast In Directing The US Narrative, "No Evidence Attack Came From Yemen" Implying What? ... Maybe Self-Inflicted 9/14 False Flag To Up Ante Against Iran, And Stave Off $25 Barrel Of Oil Predicted For Next Year? Coincidental Timing Before Aramco IPO The Next Day, Trump To Cancel Meeting With Rouhani, Like Putin Last Year?
Trump Cancelled Putin Meeting Due To "Russian Aggression Against Ukraine," Same Excuse For Iran's Rouhani?
China Slaps Britain, Drop Your Colonial Posturing And Get Real, But Are The Brits Psychologically Willing And Able To Admit Their Empire Days Are Over And Accept Their 2nd Tier Poodle Status, Question Is, "Who's Poodle?"
"The Latest Pile Of BS Dumped On Us By The Intel Agencies" Or How To Make Your Own News
HK Protesters Violence Counterproductive To Their Stated Aims, But Works For US Political Purposes
How Glaringly Obvious, But Not Reported In US Corporate Media: Trump The Israeli Russian Puppet, One Story That Won't Go Away, One Never Told
"If You Want To Know A Man's True Character, Give Him Power," Abe Lincoln: Nutanyahoo Willing To Start Gaza War Days Before Election
Further Tying The US To Zionist Israel's Tail ... Foreign Entanglements That Invariably Lead To War
... While Using Every Unconstitutional Means To Take Guns Away From Citizens
Legalized Political Theft: Cowardly Canada Steals Foreign Assets ... The Day Will Come When Tables Are Turned
US Democratic Party: Legal Authority To Pick Presidential Candidate Rests With DNC, Not Party Voters
Tables Turned: Yemen Strikes Saudi's Aramco Facilities, Yet Saudis Say Nothing Of Their Western Supplied Weapons
Western Hypocrisy Has No Limits: So Saudis Dropping American Bombs On Yemeni Women And Children Is Acceptable?
Who Iran Promised To Sell Or Not Sell Tanker Oil To Irrelevant Based On Fact That UK Violated International Law and Pirated The Ship To Begin With
Misunderestimating The Trade War Blowback
From The "All Bubbles Burst" Dept: US Lenders Repeating Same Mistakes ... Results Will Be Worse For Americans This Time
You've Got To Hand It To Those Americans, They Really Know How To Pick Their Allies, Nazis In Ukraine, Drug Cartel Buddies In Venezuela
Morocco To Buy $1 Billion In US Weapons ... Morocco? Well, Terrorists Have To Buy Their Weapons Someplace
Mad Dog "Fallujah Massacre" Mattis Out Priming The Pump For Book Sales
Mad Dog And War Crimes
Peeling The Onion: McCabe First Up In Russiagate Blowback
Liar, Dubya Buddy, Tony Blair Still Out To Undermine UK, But Does His Proposed "Anti-Hate" Protection Extend To White Nationalists?
Tony Blair's Globalist Plot, Meddling With Democratic Brexit Vote In Foreign Countries
As The Worm Turns: Russia To Build Its Own Carriers After France Backs Out, Will Build Them In Crimea
UN Slams US And Allies For War Crimes, Targeting Civilians, All Quiet On Western Media Front
Will US Ever Abandon Afghanistan And Its Border With Iran?
Afghanistan Forever
500 Years Ago The Sun Revolved Around A Flat Earth, Now We Have Endless Gender Possibilities, Though The Definition Of Gender Since The Dawn Of Man Is "The State Of Being Male Or Female," Which Is To Say, XX or XY Chromosomes, No XZs, But If Christians Have Embraced Santa Claus And The Easter Bunny, What's The Big Deal About A Few More Make Believe Genders?
"I Don't Give 'em Hell, I Just Tell Them The Truth And They Think It's Hell" Harry Truman
The Types Of Questions All Presidential Candidates Should Be Asked
It's Put Up Or Shut Up Time: Huawei Calls Trump's Hand, Will Sell 5G Tech To Western Buyer To Create Competition
Google Pays $1 Billion To France For Fiscal Funny Business
US Neocolonialism Surfaces In South America
... And We Don't Have Nukes Either, Okay, Then From What Location Do You Conduct Your Spying Activities, Not Including AIPAC In The Halls Of Congress?
True Believer Trump, Giver Of Jerusalem, In Denial
From The "Look At Me" Dept: Nutanyahoo's Campaign Swing Takes Him To Moscow, But If He We're Really A Key Figure Putin Would Go To Jerusalem
Russia Government In Position To Pay Off All Its Debt With Current Amount Of Government Bank Deposits
US Has To Keep Inflation Buried To Maintain Viability Of Petrodollar Reserve Currency
NY Fire Commissioners Demand New 9/11 Investigation As Evidence Shows Controlled Demolition
Inaction Speaks Louder Than Words Regarding 9/11
Dancing Israelis While America Burns: Mossad Foreknowledge Of 9/11 Sabotage
Definition Of Anal Retard: Wokeness
Anthropomorphism Alive And Well For London Aquarium Wokers
Where Did Hypocritical Feminists Get The Right To Tell Other Women What Lawful Jobs They Can Have Just Because Deep Down They're Jealous?
Feminists Really Don't Like Real Women
Hapless US Dems Have No Clue How To Fix The Country's Problems, So Focus On More Trump Investigations
Iran Sold Its Oil Cargo At Sea To A Private Buyer Who Sets The Delivery Destination
Turkey Says US Sent 30,000 Truckloads Of Weapons To Syrian Terrorists
Zionist Israeli "Tech Companies" With Ties To Mossad Operating In US
US DOJ Accused Of Playing Hide And Seek With Exculpatory Evidence In Flynn Case
Western Allies Push Beijing's Patience To The Wall, Unwitting HK Protesters Will Pay The Price
Western Corporate Media's Asymmetrical Pomp Coverage Of Hong Kong Protests, Citizens Fear The Militant Protesters Not The Police, Protesters Would Lose In A Vote, Sounds More Like Coup Attempt Incited From Outside
When In Doubt, Follow The Banksters Money To Beijing
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Offers To Buy London Stock Exchange For $36 Billion
London Exchange Turns Down Hong Kong, Prefers Shanghai
Hong Kong Protesters Not Smart Enough To Know When To Take Wiser Approach, Getting Bad Advice From Someone
CIA's Birds Of A Feather As Ukrainian, Syrian Coup Activists Show Up With HK Protest Leader
Shrewd Or Screwed For $2.5 Billion?
Dumbing It Down: Google's Dictionary For Dummies
Is This Not Reverse Discrimination?
Nutanyahoo Running Hard For Re-election, Vows To Annex Jordan Valley ... Then Austria, Then Poland ...
When Should We Expect The Referendum, You Know Like The Scots, The Crimeans That The West Went Apoplectic Over?
Anatomy Of One Fallen From Power With The Grace Of A Cockroach
Bolton Axed! I Resigned! ... Just After I Got Fired
Lots Of Pomp In US Real War Machine
Behind Closed Doors: Inside Iran's First Nuke Deal
Abbott And Costello: For Years And Years "Iran Has Nukes," "Iran Developing Nukes," Iran Has Secret Nuke Sites," But No Nukes Have Ever Appeared ... BTW, Who Pulled Out Of The Iran No Nuke Deal, And Why?
Official Blowback, Add 9/10 To 9/11 As US Pushes Iranian Energy Supplies To China: China In Iran At Least For Next 25 Years In $400 Billion Energy Deal With No US Petrodollars Involved, Trump To Get A Thank You Note?
Collapse Of The Petrodollar As World's Single Reserve Currency Accelerating
The Tortoise Of Truth Crosses The Finish Line in First Place: 9/11 Unmasked
US Foreign Policy, Send In The Clowns As Noose Tightens Around The Palestinians
US Reduced To One Trick Pony Status
You Know Your Country Is In Deep Trouble When All It Can Do Is Seek To Pull Others Down [Sanctions And Bombs], Rather Than Building Up Its Own House
Americans And Their Cities In Decay
US Leaders May Blame China For Some Of Its Problems, But You Won't Find Typhoid, Leprosy In China's Cities
No Street People Or Homelessness In Chinese Village Of 17 Million People
Now That Russiagate Has Dissipated Into Muellergate, Get Ready For The Straw Man Sequel, CHINAGATE, Which Translated Is "Things Are So Bad In The US, We Need A Really Big Bogeyman With Potential For Lots Of Fearmongering Accusations To Scare The Masses In Order To Get Re-elected Because Only Our Guy Can Do The Job" Or In Plain Language, Russia And China Are Kicking Our Butts In The World Market Because We Spend Too Much Money On Imperial Bullying And Bombs, And Zionist Israel Won't Let Us Change This
Another Example Of Lawless US Foreign Policy Doing Zionist Israel's Bidding
Muellergate, FKA (Formerly Known As) Russiagate, Stuff: Best Defense Is An Offense
Hotel California Syndrome: UK Can't Leave EU, US Can't Leave Afghanistan Disaster ... Or Iraq, Syria, And Iran Had To Kick Them Out
Yemen Is Another US Failure In The Aftermath Of 9/11
Google Facing Anti-Trust Probe By Several US States
Russia Prefers To Remain As An "Abnormal" Country Compared To US
Remember Back In 2012 When The West's Leaders Demanded "Assad Must Go?" They're Gone, And Assad Is Still Going Strong, So How Did This Happen?
Trump's Run For Re-election: What Does He Do With China And Iran? Fill In The Holes Or Keep Digging Deeper?
France's Toxic Algae Closes Beaches
GoBoJo: Who Would Have Thought The Grade School Word "Leave" Was So Complicated?
Exceptional Sheep Herder Radio
Stuxnet: The Zionist-US Cyberwar Virus
No Building Ruins, Temple Or Otherwise, Under al-Aqsa Mosque, Completely Removed By Roman Army In Their Destruction Of Jerusalem According To First Century Historian Josephus
Nutanyahoo Claim: Those Votes Are Not Falling From My Tree
No One In The World Believes Hezbollah’s Promises More Than Israel Does
Extinct Birds Of A Feather?
Both Google-Youtube And Facebook Overtly Meddling In Russian Elections
Big Tech's Final Hurdle: Take Over Of The Human Body
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Bible Verse: Attack On LGBT Which Didn't Exist Then Or Johnny-Come-Lately LGBT Attack On 2000 Year Old Christian Tenets, 3500 Year Old Jewish Tenets? Seems Like A Luke 6:41-45 Situation
US Presidential Candidate: Bible Says Life Begins At First Breath
The Bible States "Life" Before Conception, And No 'Yes Buts' About It
Mathematical Natural Law Of Biology In Accordance With Biblical Record
If Life Begins At 40, Where Does That Leave Conception? [p. 105]
PC Fascism Is No Laughing Matter
Priorities Anyone? Media/Left's Anti-Gun, Anti-2nd Amendment Straw Man Tirade Is Not About Guns And Danger They Pose, It's About Totalitarian Control, Lots Of Other Things More Deadly On A Daily Basis Than Guns, Including Knives And Bicycles And US Military Missiles And Bombs
UN Communications Director Says OK For Immigrants To Illegally Enter US, What About Her House?
Mixing Metaphors, Trump's Pandora Box Opens Wider, But Ball Is In His Court
Birds Of A Feather: US Government's Lack Of Sense Of Knowing When To Stop, And Media's Silent Complicity
Defending US Vital Interests In Space ... Now What, Trying To Start A Color Revolution On Venus? Demanding Freedom Of Navigation Between The Earth And Moon? Sounds Like A Load Of Space Hegemony Junk
US Senior Circular Reasoner: Your Fault United States Of Israel Launching Attacks On Iraq
From The "Anal Fixation" Dept: Will Some Adult In The Trump Administration Give This Childish Person A Time Out? What's Next, Sanctioning Shore Leave?
“Nearly All Men Can Stand Adversity, But If You Want To Test A Man’s Character, Give Him Power,” Abe Lincoln
The Strengthening Ties Between Russia And India With US On The Outside
A Wise Lesson Lost On The Foolish West
From The "People Are Beginning To Notice The Bus Is Over The Cliff" Dept: Returning From Asia To The US Feels Like Going To A Third World Country
... Especially As Your Pedophile Priests Have Been Attacking US Kids For Generations
Epstein's Grave Probably Gets More Surveillance Than Did His Jail Cell
If A Camel Is A Thoroughbred Horse Designed By Committee, Then Brexit Has Become Its Political Analog
ISIS Fighter Demands $20K From Sweden Social Services For Time Spent In UK Jail
Those Who Lust For War Seem To Promise Quick Victories Until It's Too Late
Federal Government Orders Google, Apple To Hand Over User Data On Gun Scope App
In Case You're Wondering Where The US Is Headed: Anti-US, Fascist City San Fran Declares NRA "Terrorist Organization," Violent, Masked Antifa Thugs OK
San Fran Lefty Hate Lies: NRA "Incites Gun Owners To Acts Of Violence," Yet You Find Just The Opposite On NRA Website, Incites Gun Owners To Act Safely With Integrity, Respect And Responsibility ... Besides It's Not About Guns For Fascists, But Dystopian Degraded Totalitarian State a la East Germany, Which San Fran, And California, Are Becoming
NRA All-Americans At The Olympics
Get Ready For Fall Of The Fiat Currencies
For The Record, Is There No Low The "Exceptional" US Will Stoop To In Its Zionist Led Hatred Of Iran?
CIAmazon Post Says US Needs More Narrative Control Meaning More Zionist-Government Censorship
Spies In The Palace
US Judge Rules Terrorist Watch List Unconstitutional
A Few Key Facts About Slavery That White Haters Tend To Leave Out
Kill Your Inner Bolton
THINK!, It's Not Illegal ... Yet
Hastening Hong Kong's Descent Into Purgatory
Hotel EU: No Exit Doors, Only Front Desk
Secret US Military Base On Russia's Doorstep Revealed
US Democratic Elections Final Death Knell, Treacherous Tech And Deep State To Work Together To "Secure" Elections [For Them] ... How About Paper Ballots For All To See In The Light Of Day?
From The "Takes One To Know One?" Dept: Big Brother US Government Defense Agency To Spot "Lies" For Us ... Yeah, Right, Remember Russiagate, 9/11
9/11 Coup: Who Had Access To Building 7? Tortoise Of Truth: Forensic Evidence Says Controlled Demo, Not Office Fire That The Hare Of Lies Government Has Been Telling Us
The Democratic Vote Said Leave, And While Brexit Is Not A Laughing Matter, UK Commoners Have Made It So
Major US Intel Fail Or PR Stunt?
US Supplies Arms To ISIS In Yemen Via 3rd Party Countries
The Not So Wonderful World Of Western Uber-Shite
Obvious Validation UK Media Politically Controlled By Big Brother
Lots Of Talk From British, But Excuses Rather Than Action
Russia To The Rescue For UK Post-Brexit?
Russia-India Trade Growth Paid In National Currencies, Not US Dollars
"Dead Man Not Flying?" Boeing Appears To Have Taken The Low Road With 737 MAX, FAA Not Much Better
Iran FM Points Out The Obvious: US's Word Not Worth The Paper It's Written On
Video: Interview With Iran's FM Zarif
UN: US, UK, France Complicit In Yemen War Crimes
Another Chunk Removed From The Pedestal Of Christian Morality In Public Schools
The Spread Of The Anti-Christian White Racist Virus ... Strange, You Don't See These Non-Diverse, Ashkenazi Zionists Racing Into Interracial Marriages, Or Converting To Islam, So What's Their Game?
Their Game Is Afoot
See Who's Winning The Game: A Scorecard
Saying They Want To Go, But Really Wanting To Stay: US Long Term Plans To Stay In Afghanistan As It Borders Iran
US Bully Tactics With Countries It Doesn't Like: Accuse, Provide No Evidence, Sanction
The Imperial US Regime, He Speaketh Out Of Both Sides Of His Mustache: "It's Up To Citizens To Decide What Its Future Will Be, Not Outside Influences," Well Except Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, etc., Not To Mention Weaponizing Space Where There Are No Citizens
Dumb And Dumber? And This Guy Is Second In Line To Be President ... Not Concerned About Wasteful Costs And Unnecessary Carbon Emissions
Freedom Of Assembly, But No Freedom From Surveillance
Note To Wong Way Joshua, Old Chinese Proverb [That I Just Made Up], The Gnat Who Irritates The Elephant Gets Squished: You Are Being USed, Long Term, HK Needs China, China Doesn't Need HK
Beijing's Take On Wong Way Joshua, Leader Of "New Generation Of Traitors," Faces Complete Loss
US Senators Meet With Top Chinese Legislators In Beijing
Living By The Sword, Zionist Israel's Many Wars ... "Right To Defend Itself From 'Imminent Threat,'" By Extension, These Other Countries Have Right To Defend Themselves From Actual Attacks, Which Leads Us To War
Nothing New To See Here, CIA M.O. Apparent With Violent HK Disruptions
This Allows For All Sorts Of Crude Political Jokes, But Suffice To Say, Does Every Device Have To Be Connected To The Internet?
If US Pulled Out Of INF Treaty To Counter "Chinese Bad Behavior" [What, It Wasn't Because Russia Allegedly Violated Terms Of Treaty As Trump And Co. Told Us?!], What Does China Need To Do To Counter Imperial US Chronic Psychopath Behavior?
Iran To EU: US Poodles Or Make It Work? Two Choices
Doing The Same Things Over, Expecting Same Results? Nothing Changes From 2016 To 2020 For US Dems, Their Agenda Is Set, Contrary Sane Voices Left Out
Swap Meet 2020: Billionaires Picking Their Candidates

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
The Elephant On Rickety Bird Legs: House Of Israel In Turmoil, Geopolitical Domination Gone, Leaders Swallow Their Own Lies, So Their Hegemonic World Order Being Shaken Like Never Before
Trade War: More Head Bashing
Diversity In US Universities? Hardly, Harvard Is Wealthier Than Half The World's Countries
Most Ignorant ... Schools Don't Even Teach US History, Rather "Diversity" History, Bartendress Forgot 1960s And 1770s, "Really, What Happened Back Then?"
Guess Poland Not Up On Their History Either
Poland's Leaders More Folly, Less Wisdom
And Let Us Not Forget Neville Chamberlain, UK PM
Dangerous Stalinism Of The "Woke" Hard-Left
Battle Tested Police State Tech In LA
Dead Men Tell No Tales: How To Treat Your Terrorists
Epstein Wasn't The First
BiBi, Do Your Homework, Palestinians Are Semitic Peoples Too
Arabs, Palestinians Are Semitic Peoples
US And Zionist Israel: Defiant International Law Breakers ... Does US Rationale Apply To Its Weapons On Russia's Border?
America's Got A Talent: You Can't Make This Stuff Up
As Hong Kongers Call On UK PM Boris Johnson For Help, It's British Colonial Law From 1960's Used To Arrest, Prosecute HK Protesters
US Backed Saudis Lose War With Yemen, Who Will Negotiate Peace Settlement, US Or Russia-China?
Another Victory Over US Backed Terrorists And Foreign Mercenaries By Assad's Syrian Army, Deafening Silence By Western Media, US Attempting To Block Syrian Reconstruction Efforts ... Can't Have Those Refugees Going Home
These Are The So-Called "Friends Of Democracy" Supported By Western Governments And Their Allies In Syria
Do Americans Needs Wars, And Dead "War Heroes" In Order To Be Patriotic?
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, 5 Ways To Leave China
Despite All These Issues, Why Did Major US Corporations Outsource Manufacturing To China Rather Than Staying In US? ... Taxes And Profits
How Outsourcing Affects US
Obama's Film Damning Snapshot Of American Labor Entitlement
Who's In Control? The Touchy-Feely Relationship Between Amazon And US Government
Researcher: 90% Google's Revenues From Selling Your Data To Others, Dressed Up As Free Services, Manipulates Your Searches, Are People Addicted?
Fly Free With The Duck
Good News For Consumers: Huawei's New Smart Phone Won't Be Tied To Google
Which China Is US At War With, Windmills Or 5G?
Mankind Fully Capable Of Destroying All Life On Earth Long Before Asteroids Will
Build Up To The Middle East War Continues: "King Of Israel," Giver Of Jerusalem, Says Eternal Presence By US In Afghanistan ... It Does Border Iran
After Attacking Beirut In Middle Of Night, Zionist Israel Places Mannequins On Border With Lebanon, Will They Wear Skirts?
What, Zionist Israel Can't Do Their Own Dirty Work?
Corporate Media's Ironclad Formula
Media Corporations Pimp The Lies For Bucks, Question Is, Who Gets Screwed In The Process?
Neither is There Accountability Among America's Elite Lawbreakers
However, No Problem For US To Investigate Competitor Over Accusations ... Will Evidence Emerge Or Accusations Sufficient?
Oh No, US Imports Three Times As Much From Russia As Russia Does From US
Diplomacy Or Lunacy American Style: Add To The Crushing US Debt By Spending More Money On Military By Increasing Number Of Bases In Asia While Threatening Nuclear War
Hey Big Spender, While You're At It, Throw Another $250 Million To Ukraine
Beijing's Patience Appears To Have Run Out With HK, Extra Troops Move In
From George Washington, Not Telling A Lie, To Washington, DC, Exceptional Capital Of Lies, Foreign Allegiance
Never Let The "Goyim" Forget: Turn It Into A Tourist Attraction And We Zionists Can Make A Buck Off It Too
Zionist Bibi In Banderastan: Oops, Maybe He Forgot ...
MH-17: Will The Tortoise Show Up?
Aha Moment: Mainstream Corporate Media Discovers Every Coin Has Two Sides
A Country Formerly Known As Sweden: Legalized Theft, aka, Socialism Is Great Until You Run Out Of Other People's Money
Stating The Obvious: US Led Western Hegemony Is Down To Its Knickers
Sodom And Gomorrah Or Jerusalem?
Hezbollah: Bibi Lying, Campaigning With The Blood Of His People
Nutanyahoo Willing To Plunge Middle East Into War To Get Re-Elected?
If You're Still Not Sure That US Involvement In The Middle East Was About "WMD," And Not The Oil Pipelines ....
Iraq Demands US Forces Leave Country, Which They Will Because There Are No WMD There, Right!?
Acts Of Weakness, Not Strength: In Bid For Re-Election Nutanyahoo Pushing For New Wars With Elections Looming
Live By The Sword Narcissistic Zionist Bibi Trying Hard To Suck Trump Into His War, Doesn't Give A Damn About US
How Much Does Zionist Israel Meddle In US Elections, All The Way To The State And Local Level?
Bibi: "Once We Squeeze All We Can Out Of The US, It Can Dry Up And Blow Away"
All Hat And No Cattle? Bolton Stirs The Trade War Pot In Ukraine
US Banana Republic Justice Legal(?) System
New Low For US Propaganda: NPR Mocks Cancer Survivor, 1st Lady Of Syria
China Hits US Crude With Tariffs
One Thing About Trump Presidency, It's Got People Thinking Anyone Is Qualified To Be President
New Jersey Residents Now Pawns Of Police State
Amazing Surprises, Camera Recording Outside Epstein's Cell Unusable, The 9/11 Pentagon Footage Vanished
Judge Tells Wisconsin To Pay For Sex Change Operation For Poor
Keeping People Out Or Keeping Them In?
Since 1950's, US Citizens Have Been Frogs In Ever Hotter Pot Of Water, Near To Boiling: Big Tech Building Chinese Style Digital Handcuffs, Social Credit System, You Can't Buy Or Sell Unless You Have Their Mark Of Approval
Be Careful What Your Friends Post Online
Ring, Ring, Who's There? Big Brother Police State
UK Sends Warships To Gulf While Homeless Children Sleep In Its Streets
Deepfake Voice Bots Can Lie Better Than Humans
IMF Loan Shark In Deep Trouble In Argentina ... Again, Let The Crying And Gnashing Of Teeth Begin
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Man Bites Dog: Iran Sanctions On US, Exposes Some Weird US Lawmaker Beliefs [They Want To Nuke Our Cities, So We're Pulling Out Of The Treaty That Stops Them From Making Nukes??], Yet Devoid Of Any Cause-Effect Culpability ...
US Exodus Of The Smart Frogs
As The US Educational System Continues To Fall Behind China, So Does The US
Earthquakes In Diverse Places
The Pipeline Plan Over Which The West Started The War In Syria, Dusted Off
The Pipeline Deal 2011
UK: Big Brother Personified
Zionist Israel Drones Crash In Lebanon
Zionist Israel's Perceived Threat: Kill First ... Evidence?
After Decades and Decades Of US Interference, Governments Overthrown, Central And South America Sign On With China's New Silk Road
US Regime Not Successful In Overthrowing Governments It Doesn't Like As It Used To Be
The Sanctimonious NYT Racist Front Man? When Truth No Longer Matters In A Society
Has Trump Lost It? Sees Enemies Everywhere He Looks
Trump’s All Out Economic War On China Can Backfire On US
Trump Bankruptcies
Now Trump Threatens France Wine Industry … No Doubt Will Blame France, So What's Next, Italian Pizzas, German Sauerkraut, Austrian Strudels, Greenlandic Snowcones?
US Governments Assault On Second Amendment … Will Create Huge Black Market
Zionist Israel Steps Up Attacks On Iraq
The Flea Market
CNN Birds Of A Feather Flocking Together
How Is Trump Going To Put Tariffs On The Fed?
Trump Drunk On Power? Disrupting International Order For Globalist Bankster Currency?
Head Bankster Urges “Synthetic” Hegemon Currency … Theirs Of Course
Siri-ously, Apple Contractors Violating Constitutional Rights 1000 Times A Day
“Reject The Blood Spattered Gift …” Reid Narrowing The Field: Now It’s White Christianity That Is To Blame For Everything … This Excludes The Jews And Muslims You See, But Does He Buy Christmas Presents On Apple/Microsoft Computer From CIAmazon?
Reid Stands With Atrocities Of Blood Spattered Non-White Pol Pot Who Wiped Out 25% Of His Country’s Population Through Murder, Starvation And Execution?
Reid Stands With Idi Amin, The Blood Spattered Butcher Of Uganda Because He Is Non-White?
Reid Stands With Non-Christian Blood Spattered White Jews’ Genocide Of Palestinians?
Antagonist US Keeps Its Belligerent Stance In South China Sea
DRNK Getting Tired Of One Trick Pony Pompey-o's Stick Of Lies
German FM: Doing Same Thing Over Again And Expecting The Same Results?
Giving Low IQ People A Bad Name: Maybe She Doesn't Realize "Middle America" Didn't Exist When The Electoral College Was Created, Obviously Clueless As To Why It Was
Comey FBI Ignored HRC's "Highly Classified" Emails On Unsecured Server
US Military To Launch War Exercises In North Carolina
Greedy Billionaires Want To Control The Internet, Control The Masses For Their Purposes
"Self-Appointed Ministers Of Truth": Google Joins Twitter, Facebook: World's Political Censors, Meddlers In Politics
Get The Duck
Are Humans Too Stupid And Greedy To Survive?
"Earth's Lungs" Burning Up At Unprecedented Rate
The Harvesting Of Americans
LA Has No Idea How To Fix Its Homeless Problem, Puts Patches On Effects, Ignores Causes
Who Needs Guns When Knives Are Available And Cheap For Unrestrained 3rd World Immigrants?
Trump Regime Places Illegal Embargo On Venezuela ... Doesn't Like Their Democracy
CIAmazon, Microsoft Developing Killer Robots ... Can't Be Murder, Can It?
US Defense Agreement With Zionist Israel Will Precipitate War In Middle East
Why Does Trump Put Zionist Israel First In The "Good Ol' US Of A?"
So What's Changed? "We Like Ike" Censured Zionist Israel Three Times As President For Violent Atrocities Against Semitic Arabs
Don't Buy Into Their Hateful Prejudice, The Patronizing White Zionist Grey Lady Perpetuates Racism Against Non-Jewish Whites [Is This What The US Taxpayer Gets For Its $3 Billion A Year To Zionist Israel?]: Remember, Black African Tribal Lords Sold Their Captured Enemies Into Slavery, But Compare All The White Inventions, Services, Advances In Medicine, etc., To Black Africa During The Same Past 300 Years, And See What You Get ... Men On The Moon, Polio Vaccine, Smart Phones And Internet et al?
It's All About The Genesis Birthright, And Two Different White Peoples, p. 185
Blood Thicker Than Water: Grey Lady Will Go With Zionist Israel
But, Of Course, No Doubt Narcissism Is Next To Godliness
China Wants To Build Grains "Superhighway" In Argentina Replacing US Farm Market, Canada Can Only Wonder What If ...
Globalists Transferred US Economy To China For Cheaper Short-Term Costs, Snowball Rolling Downhill Towards 3rd World Status
Pompey-o: Psychophant Or Statesman?
Deal Of the Century: Maybe Denmark Would Trade Greenland For The Entire US Northeast Coast, Make Nuuk New US Capital, Send Congress There Too
From The "Be Careful What You Sow" Dept: Russiagate's 2-4-1 Blowback For US Dems In 2020
The Unending Inane Censorship And Hypocrisy Of Facebook, Acting Like 6 Year Olds On Playground With Lame Excuses
Why Can't Or Why Won't US Empire Bring Troops Home From WW2 Europe? 75 Years Not Long Enough?
Brazil Use Of Banned Pesticides Goes Up, Bees Drop Dead
Not To Bee Outdone, US EPA Approves Expansion Of Bee Killing Pesticide To 200 Million Acres ... Just A Thought, But Government Scheme For Millennials To Replace Bees As Menial Pollinators To Work Off Student Loan Debt?
Why Keeping Bees Alive Is So Important For Human Survival
Why Are All Those US Congress Members So Beholden To Little Ol' Zionist Israel When The US Gives Them Billions?
More Folderol And Balderdash For Public Consumption
Behold, The Pale Horse Comes: US Deep State China Trade War Not About Deficit, But Keeping China Down And Controlled By West
Wealthy Hong Kong Citizens Fleeing, Opt For One Country, One System Australia's Significant Investor Visa
A Generation Without A Future, Beijing Will Let HK Die On The Vine Until 2047
Killing HK Softly As China Moves To Make Shenzhen A Model City
HK Not A Trade Related Issue That US Wants To Make It
Earthquakes In Diverse Places
Wisdom From On High ... Well, Hollywood
US Not Top Military Dog In Pacific Anymore
Makes One Wonder If He Stays Up Until The Wee Hours Of The Morning Trying To Convince Himself
In War Games, US Fares Poorly Against Russia And China, So What Is It Paying For With World's Largest Defense Budget?
Wow, That Was Faster Than An F-35 ... Less Than 3 Weeks After Pulling Out Of INF, US Successfully Tests Missile Illegal Under Treaty
Syria Army Gains Control Of Idlib's Khan Sheikhoun
Is LA The Homeless Capital Of US?
Britain A Muslim Country Now?
When He Looks Into A Mirror, Does He See His Reflection? Pence Calls For Beijing To Respect HK Laws [Same Could Be Said For Protesters], But He Doesn't Say The Same About US Respecting International Law And Sovereignty Of Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Syria et al, Which Is Why US Is So Trusted Worldwide
Where Is Epstein's Madam Procurer Of Young Girls, And Why Is She Not In Custody?
The Saga Of The Maxwell-Epstein-Zionist Mossad Mystery
The Shifting Political Sands In The Sea Of Middle East Oil
Squeeze Here, Pops Out Over There, Russia Benefits From US Oil Sanctions On Iran, Venezuela
Implications Of Greater Epstein: Conspiracy Theorists Vs. Conspiracy Analysts
Saudi's Losing Effort Ripples In Washington, Tel Aviv
Modern Day Pharisee Straining At The "Bigotry" Gnat While Swallowing The Genocide Camel
Zionist Israel Inching It's Way Towards Ultimately Taking Over Temple Mount, Haram al-Sharif
The West's Zionist Origin Of Color Revolutions
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Christmas Comes Early For Chinese
Let Them Eat Sand Traps: "Our Great American Farmers Know That The President Stands With Them," Even The Ones Who Live In Mansions And On Golf Courses, And Get Government Checks For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars
As US Meddles In Asia, China And N. Korea Form Stronger Military Ties
China Steps Up To The Plate, Prepares Its Nuclear Trade Option With US
For China, US Trade War Not A Game, Chinese General Sun Tzu's Art Of War ... Obviously, Trump Not Paying Attention, Making Counterproductive, Dangerous Moves
Typical Hypocrisy, Lack Of Integrity From US, Britain Whose Own Recent History Betrays Them Over HK Violence
David And Goliath: US Bully Bumps Into Rule Of Law, Gibralter Rejects US Demands To Keep Iranian Oil Tanker, Are You Paying Attention Canada?
Trump Administration's Beastly Sado-Masochistic Sanction Masters, But When These Other Countries Have Nothing To Lose, It's War And Then American Troops Die For Zionist Israel
US Piracy On The High Seas? More Warmongering From Zionist US Banksters And Government, Can't Leave Well Enough Alone [Folly], Uses US Courts To Attempt Seizing Ship, US Laws Don't Apply On High Seas, But Neither Does US Respect International Law
Freedom Of Navigation That US Officials Quote So Often About South China Sea, But US Not A Signatory, UN Convention On The High Seas ... Article 4, "Every State, Whether Coastal Or Not, Has The Right To Sail Ships Under Its Flag On The High Seas" ... Question Is, Will US Set A Precedent Thus Placing All US Owned Ships Liable  To High Seas Piracy? Iran Can Close Strait Of Hormuz To All Shipping Based On US Action With Big Implication For Petrodollar And Middle East War
Big Three Zionist Axis Not Formula For Peace, But War In Middle East
MAGA Bully Trump Still Poking Finger In Other People's Eyes To Start A Fight: With Iran It's High Seas Piracy And Zionist Western Banking System Sanctions, With China It's Color Revolution In HK, Selling F16s To Taiwan
US Secret Service Now Protecting Zionist Israel's DC Embassy, But Americans Don't Get This Service
Uh Oh, Epstein Attorneys Don't Believe NY Med Examiner's Verdict Of Suicide
What's Up? Corporate Mass Media Suddenly Filled With Stories Of Recession ... Just In Time For 2020 Election?
As The Economic Sun Is Setting In The West, It's Is Rising In The East Where Huawei's Greatest Future Growth Is Headed
It's Not A Weapon Of Choice Problem, It's A Culture Problem For The US
Looks Like The Swedish Eco-Teen Didn't Think This One Through
What's Going On With US Airlines, First American, Now Delta "Non-Flight" On Runway For 8 Hours
According To US States, Russiagate Not All It Was Hacked Up To Be
Billions Of Google Passwords Hacked
Violent Fascist Antifa Terror Group: Openly Trampling On Rights Of Those Who Hold Different Views, Time To Stop It
The Future Of America
US F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Racks Up An Impressive [Not] 11% Fully Mission Available Rate
Who's Running The Juvenile, Vengeful Google Asylum ... What, No Pizzas?
America's Problems Go To The Core Of All Society, Skin Color Is Just An Ideological Easy Chair For Shallow Thinkers And Political Manipulators
Not Just The Farmers, You Know Times Are Tough When Rodeo Drive Is Feeling The Pinch
UK's Orwellian Thought Police Strike Again ... Tells Us What We Can And Cannot Watch, Which Sounds A Bit "Sovietish" In A Gulag Sort of Way
... Canada Rushing To Catch Up On The Road To Totalitarian State
Cost Effective: Canada Health Care Wont Pay For Assisted Living Help, But Will For Assisted Suicide
Got To Love These "Liberals" Who Tell You What To Think Or Do Based On Their Thoughts ... Sounds Undemocratic, Guess Their Actions Show Support For HK Police Too?
India Set To Surpass US As World's Second Most Powerful Economy Behind China ... Can India Trade War Be Far Behind? Got To Keep An Eye On Indonesia Too
Japan Gobbling Up US Debt As Russia Keeps Dumping It
Maybe She's Just Trying To Divert Attention Away From The Bill And Jeffrey Connection
Zionist Israel Feeling Too Much International Heat, Relents, Allows US Congresswoman
US Navy Has An Operable Tesla Shield? ... Missing Pentagon Trillions?
GE "Fraud" Bigger Than Enron/Worldcom Combined
Fastest Growing Energy Producer In The World Is Russia's Gazprom
Diplomacy And How To Negotiate: Hmm, Does Xi Know This?
Why Is Trump Now Helping China More Than US? Or Is He Really That Magnanimous?
Not Wanting To Piss Off Consumers About Christmas Shopping, Trump Delays Chinese Tariffs, Not To Worry, US Farmers Won't Be Shopping This Year
Trump's Trade War Killing Off US Farmers
Zionist Israel Only Interested In Certain US Congressional Democrats
Despite Meddling By US, Sane Minds Prevail, Iranian Oil Tanker Released, But Will US/UK Still Send Warships To Gulf?
Do Gender Neutral Pronouns Work? Sure, Just Look At The Country Once Called Sweden
Sweden Dying
Hotel Pedophile: You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave
Habeus Corpus: Is It Proper Procedure To Release A Body From Morgue In A Criminal Case If Murder Is A Possibility? And If Someone Could Sneak Into The Cell Undetected To Commit The Murder, Could Not Epstein Walk Out Undetected?
Epstein's Body Released From Medical Examiner ... What's The Rush? Cremation Next?
Globalist Merkel Refers To German People By Sterile Clinical Term Population Fails To Crack World's Top 100 Again, But The Duck Is Moving Up, Top Two Are Antichristian
US Living On Debt Financing Fumes To Keep Going, When The Petrodollar Reaches Its Limit, So Does The US
Meddler-In-Chief: Seems Like US Meddles Everywhere, All The Time
Insider Info Shows Google's Bigoted Underbelly
Meddling US "Insanely Involved" With Anti-Chinese Criminal Elements In HK
Crime 4000 Times Easier Today, No Password Future
Message To HK: Stop The Protests Or Beijing Will, Ball's In Your Court
Epstein Case A "Too Big To Fall" Tipping Point For All Americans, Religions, Government: Hide Or Expose, Acquiesce Or Demand
The Brown Stuff Rolls Downhill, So Let The Excuses And Cover-up Begin, No Video Coverage, "Guards Were Asleep," Hoping Everyone Else Is Too
Leftist Elites Use Blacks As Fodder To Further Their Political Aims
Remember Seth Rich The Inside Leaker ... So Who Started The Expensive, Fake Russiagate Conspiracy Theory Fiasco? Federal Judges Want To Know
Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages To US DOJ Showing "Grotesque" Totalitarian Bias
Ditch The "Goolag," Get The Duck
Worshiping At The Altar Of America's Zionist God Of War
Canada's PM Nailed Second Time In Less Than Two Years For Violating Ethics Rules, Now Will He Resign?
From The "Learning The Hard Way" Dept: UK Slides Further Down The Oblivion Slope As Protesters Feel VW Ad Promotes "Harmful" Stereotypes, i.e., Motherhood, But Wouldn't Have This Societal Issue If Mothers Stayed Home And Cared For Their Kids Rather Than Working A Job, And Handing That Responsibility To The Government
Spare Us From The Thespians! "Russians In Charge Of Everything Now" ... Including Said Actor Too We Must Conclude
ADHD Meds Can Change Structure Of Children's Brains
Zionist Israel Continues Expelling Legal Immigrants Who Aren't Jews
The Sinicization Of The "Roman" Catholic Church
Just Another Normal Day In The World On The Road To Oblivion
Guess Bolton Should Reconsider Setting Foot In The EU ... I Hear Those Pitchfork Tines Are Rather Sharp And Piercing Especially When Your Back Is Turned
Say It Isn't So, Batman! Evidence Lost From Epstein Estate!?
Who Needed Time To Remove Incriminating Evidence Before FBI Showed Up?
Embarrassing, Inept American Airlines, After 5 Hours On Runway, Cancels Flight, Leaves Special Needs Kids Stranded Overnight In Airport Without Meds, Doesn't Notify Parents
Rocky Mountain High Microplastics
From The "Only 1 in 5?" Dept: Facial Recognition ID's 1 In 5 Cal Lawmakers As Criminals
At Least Hefner Waited Until The Girls Were Of Legal Age
When Coercion Is Not Enough, Try Bribery
UK's Blatant Hypocrisy Expected Now, Where Would We Be Without It?
Archeologists Find Artifacts From Ancient Babylon In Jerusalem Dig
Health Care: We're Back To The Leeches, The Critters, Not Insurance Companies
Zionist Israel Pushing Limits During Muslim Holy Day Prayers At al-Aqsa Mosque In Jerusalem
Majority Leader Of Zionist Israel, I Mean, US House Of Representatives ... Registered As Blackmail Agent Of Foreign Government?
US Has Used Code Word "Democracy" For Meddling In Other Countries a la Ukraine's "Color Revolution," China Is Right To Point A Finger As China Doing The Same Thing, Antifa In LA Waving Chinese Flags, Calling For Marxism, Fire Bombing Government Buildings, Attacking Police, Shut Down LAX, After Meeting With Chinese Embassy Agents Would Be Grounds For War, Trump Would Declare Martial Law, Send In The Military ... As China May Do
World Resisting US Empire
US Wins World Math Olympiad Again! ... With Mostly Asian Students, Well Actually They Tied With China
How US Competes: Ban The Superior Competition
Money, Money, Money It's A Trump World
For Trump Multinational Corporations Come First, Not American's Health
Look, Up In The Sky, It's A Bird, No, It's A Plane, It's Raining Boeing Bits On Rome
Putin In Biker Rally In Crimea, Russia As Ukies Triggered
Arrogance Personified: American Actor With An Affinity For Gerbels Who Makes A Living Playing Make Believe Tells Italy What It Should Do With Illegal Immigrants
Giving Middle East Events Context
American Style Gestapo Tactics? Threats, Intimidation
San Fran Is Representative Of The Problems Besetting California: Now Leftist Morality Course [Religion?] To Be A Requirement For High School Graduation
241 Deal: How About Getting Her And A Few Of Her Gal Pals Together As The First Humans Sent To Mars? No Men There, And We Can Check In On Them In, Oh, 70 years?
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
10 Seconds: Grand Theft Auto
Helpful Guide To Avoid Being Labelled A Russian Agent By Americans Online
No Russians Reported ... Yet, As Mysterious Substance Affects Brits
Iran Takes Steps To Reduce Budget Revenues From Oil
For Those Keeping Score At Home, A Reminder About The Clinton Family
Epstein Found "Dead" In Cell, Yet Hour Later Paramedics Using AmbuBag/O2 On A "Dead" Man Wheeled Into Hospital?
Murderous Suicide Or False Flag? Epstein's Death Was Faked, Set Up Earlier By The Marks On His Neck Story, Whisked Away To Unknown Location [a la the Skripals], Hospital Med Record Fudged, A Cadaver Is Cremated Before Any independent Public Source Can Verify Epstein's Death? Should Be Good For At Least 20 Year Conspiracy Run
Upping The Ante: Uncle Joe, aka Part-Time Supreme Court Judge, Tells Us We Can't Protect Ourselves From The Government Unless We Have F-15s
Part Of The China Trade War Plan To Kill Off Farmers Or Serendipity?
Fight Fire With Fire: Total Sanctions On US And Zionist Israel
Amateur Rocket Man A Flat Earther, So Why Not Just Go To The Edge Of The Earth And Jump Into Space?
German MP To US: If You Go Home, Take Your Nukes With You Back To The US
The Zionist Zoo: A Government Of Groveling Goys
NYC: Well That Didn't Take Long, Some Powerful Folks Must Have Been Scared Big Time To Have Acted This Quickly, What Do You Bet We'll Never Really Find Out Whodunit Especially If The "Evidence" Is Cremated, And All Those Surveillance Cameras Mysteriously Malfunctioned?
Trump Like A Natural Disaster ... Can't Stop It, Just Prepare For It
Out Of The Mouth Of Children, Should Have Dragged The School Administrators Off Campus Who Clearly Are Not As Smart As A 6th Grader
The Progressive Art Of Insanity, Excuses For Failure Are Just That, Failure
Monsanto: Confirmation Of Guilt By Oppression? On The Upside, Great Wealth Of Info To Write The Second Book
Tax Dollars/Pounds At Work In WH and 10 Downing
If Deranged People Shouldn't Have Guns, How Do We Explain The Pentagon?
Trump Pulls Out INF Treaty, So Get Ready For Russian Missiles In Venezuela, Cuba ... Mexico? Hmm, Maybe They Didn't Think About That
China Chastises "Exceptional" US Regime For Meddling In Domestic Chinese Affairs
US Meddles In Russian Domestic Affairs, Imagine Russia Doing The Same In US!?
For All The Loathing By Hollywood Types About Gun Violence, They Sure Love To Fantasize And Glamorize It For Money In Their Pockets
Bizarros Wanna Win, So We're Going To Dystopia!
Send In The Clowns, Don't Bother ... Biden In Embarrassing Racist Gaffe To Pander Votes, Promised To Cure Cancer If Elected, But Bernie Only Promises To Tell Us About UFOs
US Problems Go Deeper Than Skin Color ... But Not A Word About IQ Deficient?
Facebook Blob Looking To Get Bigger, Swallow Up More Control
Great Britain: From Rules The Waves To Penguin Patrol
Huawei Launches Harmony OS
Amazon's Alexa, Slave Master?
Trans-Democracy Is Not About Democracy, It's Totalitarian In Nature
China Has The Iranian Oil Card In Hand
For Left Liberal Lip Flappers, Glass Is Not Half Empty, But Only Empty, Will They Get Off Their Derrieres And Do Something Positive Rather Just Moan And Complain? And Why Wasn't Antifa Out There Cleaning Up The Garbage?
Subsidizing Farmers Not Making America Great: Robbing Peter To PayPaul
Precedent: Zionists Might Want To Think This Over In Light Of Palestinian Genocide
HK Protest Leader: Talk About Bad Optics And Bad Timing With CIA Operative?
Oopsy, US Official Faux Pas, Meets With Hong Kong Protestors In Public ... Trump Blames China
NSA Listens And Records Everything ... Thanks To Dick Cheney
US 4th Amendment Is Toast: Microsoft Listens In On Your Skype Calls
Fighting Crime While Breaking The Law?
God Divided The Light ... From The Darkness
Earth's Magnetic North Pole "Lurching," Geomagnetic Jerks
Russia Restricts Northern Sea Route To Foreign Military Vessels
Trump's Trade War Threatens US Supply Of Rare Earth Metals
Double Entendre Or What? Why Not Until 15th, V-J Day?
Agenda Exposed: Using Left Logic, Where Is The Outcry To Ban Knives? Cars And Alcohol? US Problems Run Much Deeper Than Weapon Of Choice
When We Learn To Control The Crazies, The Guns Will Sort Themselves Out
After Dust Up Over S-400s And F-35s, Why Is US Pulling Back From Areas Of Turkish Ops In Syria?
... Because There Is Something In It For Both Of Them
Trump And Gang Negative Policies Pushing US Allies Away
Two Peas In A Pod: This Is How Bolton, Trump "Stand With The Venezuelan People," Why Is The Christian Pence Not Standing Up Against This Practice? ... "If Your Enemy Hunger, Feed Him ...." Rom. 12:20
Trump's Tariffs Cost US $6 Billion In June
Sort Of Like Trump's Russian Sanctions Hit Germany
... And EU Harder, $240 Billion
Habeus Corpus: Beating Another Dead Horse, Accusations And No Evidence, So Produce The Skripals, And Let Them Be Questioned In Neutral Country By Accused Parties, Televised Live
Uncle Joe's "Carnage" Accusations Ring Of Political Hypocrisy Especially As One Shooter A Democrat Supporter
Biden's Part-Timers Memory Loss? Mass Shootings Under Obama-Biden Surged Nearly 250% Compared To Dubya
Demographics Of Mass Shootings In US
US-AIPAC Congress Votes Zionist Israel A Free Pass
Western Economies Sitting On A Nuclear Bubble
Beijing Will Let Hong Kong Erode Away With Shift To Shanghai
Scotland To Scoot From UK Brexit?
Actions And Words: Trump, "China Not Our Problem"
Russia Ready To Replace US Farm Exports To China
Buy 4G Phones Now If You Don't Want The Radiation Of 5G
A Guide To The EMF Dangers Of 5G
Video: 5G Dead Bees
Did Zionist Israel Contaminate Moon With Earth Life Forms?
Now It's Illegal Occupier US Vs. Illegal Invader Turkey In Syria?
US National Debt Spending Is An Overdose Of Fentanyl That Will Kill America
Big Government's Insatiable Appetite For Taking Away Citizen Rights
The Gulag Of The Mind
Iran Takes Offensive Move From US Playbook: Makes Deal With Hamas
Fortune Cookie Message? China Got Trump To Bite On The Currency Bit, US Dow Plunged 767 Points Before China Eased Up
China Fixes Yuan Valuation, But Message Sent
Redwoods In The Eye, Mr. Pence? Sounds Like You May Have The Wrong Guy: Announces Plans To Sanction China Official Over Human Rights Abuse, While Trump Vetoes Bill, Allows Sales Of Arms To Saudis To Bomb Yemenis, Blockades Venezuela Which Will Result In Human Suffering And Deaths, Promotes Zionist Israel And Palestinian Genocide, Illegal Occupation Of Syria With Resulting Hardship And Death Of Local Population, Sponsorship Of ISIS Terrorists, Not To Mention Pullout From Treaties Meant To Maintain Peace And Prevent Nuclear War, Just To Mention A Few
The Mirage Of A Free And Open US Society ... It's Big Government And Big Corporations
The Zionists Own The US Prez Candidates When It Comes To Foreign Policy ... Not Just The Golan Heights, US Congress And Oval Office Jewish Occupied Territory
Zion Israel's Deputy Health Minister Obstructing Justice To Help Accused Pedophile Sex Predator Avoid Justice
Another Example Of The Media Lies Hare Racing Out The Gate Before Tortoise Of Truth Eventually Catches Up
US Beast Tells Venezuela It Can't Buy Or Sell
Trump And His "Dispicable" Embargo
Crystal Clear That US Is Destablizing [Trade War] ASIA As China Is Asian, And No, San Fran's Chinatown Doesn't Count
Living By The Sword While They Get Others To Die By The Sword
Trade Manipulator Trump Ups The Tariffs, So China Adjusts Its Currency To Reflect Trump's Move
US Manipulates Its Petrodollar Too, Most Countries Manipulate In One Way Or Another, And Many Countries Set Their Currency Value To The US Dollar
So What, It's None Of Your Business Anyway
Trump Iranian Diplomacy: Do What I Want Or We Sanction You
Facebook: The Eternal Censor, Now It's UFOs
No End In Sight: Airlines Join The Spy Game
China Stick Hits Back: Stops All Purchase Of US Farm Products ... Too Bad Canaduh Arrested Huawei Woman, Could Have Been Big Agri Pay Day
The "Shit Stirring Stick:" Enemy #1
The Grand Manipulator Doesn't Like Being Manipulated
Cognitive Dissonance Write Large: Trump Slams Culture Of Violence In US, As US Is World's #1 Purveyor Of Violence, Supplies Weapons To The Saudis To Bomb Yemen, As US Funds Help Support Zionist Israel, Apartheid And Genocide
The SCO Begins To Emerge From The Nest, Spreading Its Mighty Wings
You Can Tell Who Are The Warmongers And Zionist Apologisers As They Come After Gabbard
The Merging Of UK Into Trump's World?
The Padded Monkey: Psyche Of The Democratic Socialists Of America
In The Tradition Of Unqualified US UN Ambassadors, Another Zionist Mouthpiece Puppet
US SecDef Said US Won't Tolerate China's Actions In South China Sea, You Know Like No One Nation Can Or Should Dominate The Gulf Of Mexico Or The Waters Of South America, Oh, And Another Thing, The IMF And World Bank Who Have Used, For Decades, Predatory Economics And Weaponized Debt-For-Sovereignty Deals Don't Like Competition
Our Make Music Not War Links Will Be Suspended Until Youtube Reverses Its Antichristian Policies And Ban Of The Word Christian, Or Another Viable Option Becomes Available
As The West Declines, Leaders Grasp At Old Cold War Tactics To Avert The Inevitable
Ditch The INF, Put Missiles Around China ... When Does US Start The Hot War?
If US Just Ditched The INF Treaty, How Can It Possibly Have Intermediate Missiles Ready To Circle China In Mere Months? The Contract Awarding Period Takes Longer Than That ... Unless
Imperial Jupiter Leads France Into The Abyss From On High
If You Can't Be An Imperial Power, At Least Act Like One
From The "They Really Think We're That Stupid? Don't Answer That" Dept: How Convenient That A Public Official's Record Of Arrests Is Disappeared From Public View While Said Official Is Running For President ... Now That's High Class Presidential Character For You
AOC On The Hot Seat
Guess Book Burning Can't Be Far Behind In San Fran
Book Your Caribbean Trip Now Before The Sun Gets Too Dim ... Oh, and Don't Inhale
Big Tech: Denying Spying Until Caught ... Any Penalties?
Big Brother's Battleground Surveillance USA
Trump's Monthly Sanctions Keep Pushing More Of The World Away From US
Fly Over Country Or Is It Spy Over?
The Empire's Gelding Congress
US Slave Cocoa
Hard Meddling, Soft Treason? UK, Not Russia
Speaking Truth To Deceitful Power Exposes The Cockroaches On Both Sides Of the Aisle
Lots Of Talk, But The Only Action Is That The US Has 218,000 More Illegal Immigrants Than It Did Last December
US Prez Elections: Why Is It Those Who Haven't Served In Military War Action Are So In Favor Of War, While The One Who Did, Opposes It?
This Is Why Dems Will Lose US Prez Election In 2020, When They Aren't Able To Address The Facts, They Turn To Ignorant Name Calling And Innuendo Smears, How Does 3 Tours Of US Military Service In The Middle East Equate With "Assad Apologist?" It Doesn't, But When You've Got Nothing ...
Trump's DOJ Refuses To Prosecute Comey
Trump Adds More Sanctions On Venezuela
Trump's Dump: Threatens EU With 2500 Daesh Fighters ... Why Not Bring Them To US ... DC ... Congress?
Trump Still Digging His Hole To China
Only 7 B-1 Bombers Ready? Where'd All The Defense Money Go?
US Supercarrier: Too Late For Stairs Or An Escalator?
Land Of The Free? Think Again America, It's The Land Of Cowardly Leftist Mobs Who Hate
The Western Empire Is Now The B Team
No Pulitzer Surprise: Americans Distrust Media More Than Banksters
CIAmazonPost Still Beating Dead Russiagate Horse ... Could Be Horse Meat And Not A Hamburger
Definitely Not Mother's Day: Guy Sells Dead Mom To Third Party, Who Sold Dead Mom To US Military For Blast Testing
Google Sounds Like An Elementary School Playground, Bullies And Whinerbabies
#MeToo Give Away Other People's Money, Dem Prez Candidates Think There Are Free Lunches, And The Tooth Fairy Delivers Them
So This Is How You Make America Great? Granny Goes To Jail For Feeding Cats
While US Police Murder Man Who Said They Would Kill Him ... At Work With Full Pay
Prisons Overcrowded, So Throwing Water On A Cop A Felony? How About Mandatory $2500 Fine, 200 Hours Community Service Washing Dirty Sidewalks Instead?
Alarming Trend, PC Idiots Continue To Drop IQ Points Like Rotten Apples in A Hail Storm: If 3 Year Old Can Decide Their Gender [They Don't Even Know What Gender Is], Then Let Them Vote, Join The Military And Run For President
Worst Attack Since Pearl Harbor, Kill 3000+ American Citizens ... You're Our Kind Of Ally
Israeligate: The Zionist Financial Terrorist, Israeli Operatives In Trump's Government
Audio: A Really Messed Up Middle East Thanks To US Zionist First Policies, But Iran Is Beneficiary
Another Way US Killing Itself From Within
A Sane Germany Says No To US Hormuz Alliance
Pushing The Snowball Downhill: UK's Early Role In Promoting Russiagate
The Fourth Reich: The US Of A, And Why Does The FBI Have More Than 50 International Offices?
The Pervasive Invisible Hand Of Evilness In Our Ranks
Deplorable Dems Getting Desperate
Hypocrites? Okay They Wanted Equal Pay, Now Let's See If They Refund The $7.7 Million ... Betcha They Don't
US Congress Threatens To Meddle In Other Countries
Florida Mossies Carry Deadly Brain Virus
From Socialism To Communism To Absurdism: When It Gets To The Point That The Government Is So In Control Of Our Lives That They Install Toilets, It's Time To Make A Change Way Before Then
George Washington Was Right: US Insensibly Gone From Liberty To Force
Shackled By The Beast
UFO Infestation Flying Over Caspar, Wyoming ... Reinforcements On Their Way To Area 51?
Ukraine Poisoning: Another Example Of The Tortoise Truth Finally Catching Up With The Lies Of The Hare
Hey, Feminists, Equality Of Opportunity Didn't Bring About Equality Of Results, Get Over It
Twitter Takes Sides With Terrorists, White Helmet Fake "Do-Gooders"
Is This A Movie? Who Exactly? Give Us The Names
"They Shall See The Son Of Man Coming In The Clouds Of Heaven With Power And Great Glory, And All The Holy Angels" Or Was It Alone In The Streets Of Kenya?
King Of The "Kool Aid" Guzzlers And Zionist Babylon's Evil Army Of Destroyers
Big Chem: New Brazilian Government Lets Loose Banned, Made In EU Pesticides ... Abracadabra, Re-Labeling Them Makes Them Safe
Why Is It Wimp Trans Athletes Always Compete Against The Women, Not The Men, And Then Gloat Like Big Shots?
Are Big Tech's Eyes The Window To Their Souls?
Google Wants To Own Your Face ... How About A $5 Gift Card?
Trump's Pre-Election Rhetoric Telling Us The China Trade War Will Continue ... Maybe Should Try Wiser, Smarter Rather Than Tougher
No Surprise, Saudi Weapons Sale Goes Forward By Warmongering US
Watch Trash TV, Lose IQ Points, Be Suckers
New Jersey Migrants Flee Socialism, Scatter Into US ... Middle Class Version
The Problem Of Royal Commoners
Bojo The Plumber But Leaks Remain
Zionist AIPAC's 2020 US Presidential Candidates
From The "Remember The Vegas Worst Shooting Of All Time?" Dept: 4 Dead At California Garlic Festival
If You Live In Hong Kong And Value Freedom, It's Time To Move
Why Is It That Zionist Israel Is Never Accused Of New White Nationalism? Jews Are White After All
Zionist Israel Tests Its New Missile Defense System ... In Alaska
Audio: The Past 100 Years Of Iniquity ... Begin 7:50 Mark, Zionists Have Complete Control Of US Government, Banking, Everything, Exactly As Prophesies Say, Full Transcript For Christians
Oh Surprise, Another Russian Nesting Doll Appears
The Absurdity Of US Sanctions On Iran's Ayatollah Shows The West's Ignorance Of Iran, And Why Iran Will Never Join The West's Corrupt Zionist Banking System
The Rock And The Hardspot With Ukraine In The Middle
US Greenlights More Weapons Sales To Both India And Pakistan
London Cranks Up Tension Levels In Middle East
Our Make Music Not War Links Will Be Suspended Until Youtube Reverses Its Antichristian Policies And Ban Of The Word Christian, Or Another Viable Option Becomes Available
Google's Youtube Antichristian ... Contradicts Own Policy By Allowing Word Muslim In Same Ad
Not So Transparent Google Acting Like A Fascist Gov't., Goes After Whistleblower
Big Brother Google A New Type Of Political Party: Merging Tech, Media, Politics Into One Entity
Drop Antichristian Google, Get The Duck, Pass It Along To Others
And Let's Not Forget Facebook
Or Instagram ... Lesson Here Folks, Drop Them All, Don't Put Your Trust Or Source Of $$$ In These Guys, But Also Op For Someone To Step In And Fill The Void
Siri The Sex Perv
UFO's Now Mainstream
Video: Shark On Canadian Political Policy Faux Pas Or Why Did Canaduh Take One In The Shorts For Benefit Of The US?
Looks Like BoJo Appointed Mueller Jr.
At This Rate, By 2020 Election, US Dems Will Have Spent 4 Years In A Myopic Anti-Trump Hate Mode While America Is Being Trashed By Zionist Policies
What's In A Name? Russiagate-UKSteelegate-FusionGPSgate-HillaryDNCgate-Australiagate-Mifsudgate-Muellergate-Comeygate-HillaryLostGetOverItgate-AndtheRestOfUsAreSickAndTiredOfItgate
Upside Down World Of Zionist Hypocrisy: Zionist Israel's Anti-Semite Policy Against Palestinians, Who Are Arabs, Who Are Semites Deemed Okay, While US Anti-Semitism Not, But Antichristianism In US Okay Too
Zionist Tail Wagging The Semitic Dog
Antisemitism Is Zionist's Biggest Weapon
The Big Picture Look At US Globalist Foreign Policy: The Formula For Destroying One's Country, And It's Working
US GOP Spineless
From The "Why Are We Such Suckers?" Dept: One Track Zionist Mind To Destroy Iran But Gets US To Do Its Dirty Work With Your Tax Dollars
Russia Puts Forth Security Plan For Persian Gulf Based On Rule Of Law, Thus Doomed To Fail
Russia Blamed For "Clinton's Body Count," What No Blame For 9/11, Pearl Harbor, Manson Murders, US Sitcoms?
Ivanka Attacked By Left For Giving Daughter A White Dog ... Chill Out Lefties, It's OK, Don't You See The Dog's Not White, It's Jewish
Pompey-o Warns Turkey: Right, They Paid For Them, Now They Won't Use Them? Time For US To Leave Turkey?
Or Turkey Cancels Their Boeing Orders?
Hey Pompey-o, No F-35s? OK, We'll Spend Our Money Buying Russian Aircraft, Will US Need To Leave Incirlik?
Mobility Makes A Lot Of Sense
Arctic Wildfires Seen From Space ... Hottest Ever June
US Judge Bails Out Monsanto Over Roundup Cancer Payout ... Cut By 95%
ASEAN, RCEP, World's Largest Emerging Trade Group: Asian Trade Without The US
The State Of The Union A Mess
Looking For A Few Smugglers And Drug Dealers
US State Dept. Advertises For Senior Meddler For Work In Foreign Country
Wow, Just Like NYC On 9/11
Abbas Suspends All Agreements With Zionist Israel
Democrats Pushing Trump For Re-election In 2020
Most Of US Congress Caves In To Zionist Israeli Lobby
The Monkey See, Monkey Do Days Of Summer: Ukraine Seizes Russian Tanker
Big Brother Google A New Type Of Political Party: Merging Tech, Media, Politics Into One Entity
Zero Tolerance For Child Sex Crimes
You Can Make Friends Or Make Your Enemies Friends, US Chooses The Latter
Video MH-17: Familiar M.O. Of The West, Another Case Of The Hare's Lies Zooming Out Of The Gate, While The Tortoise Truth Shows Up Years Later ... Malaysian Government Got The Black Boxes, Not The Dutch, Fraudulent And Tampered Evidence Presented By JIT
Puppeteering A New Form Of Communism: EU Globalists Move To Put Choke Hold On European Sovereign Nations ... How Is It That German DEFENSE Minister So Quickly [1 Week After Being Elected EU Commission Prez] Put Together Such Sweeping Financial/Political Changes Months Before Taking Office?
Iran Getting Fed Up With US Provocations On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
Growing Domestic Opposition To The 2020 Fukishima Olympics
Radiation Concerns For Fukishima Olympics
Canadian Tranny's "Epsteinian" Swimfest For Young Girls, Parents Not Allowed
Racism In America ... And The Left Is Concerned About Tweets? But If The Reverse Of This Happened In Alabama ...
More And More US Governments Think They Own Your Kids ... But Not The Illegal's Kids Who Get Free Lunches And Tuition To College
JPMorgan Sees Dominant US Dollar End In Sight
China Seeking To Create World Class Army
China Set For Massive International War Games In Ten Countries
For Iran, The War With The Zionist US Already Has Begun
Where US Shows Up In Foreign Lands, Trouble Is Sure To Follow
FOIA Request Shows WikiLeaks-Seth Rich Communications Are Classified ... Smoking Gun?
From The "China Just Has To Sit Back And Wait" Dept: US Politicians Conspire To Bankrupt America While Spending Money It Doesn't Have For Wars It Has No Business Instigating, But That's One Way Empires Kill Themselves
US Bill To Protect Its War Criminal's Secret Identities ... Why Necessary Now?
What's The Rush To Screw Up Our Kids With Surgery And Drugs?
Lacking Situational Awareness, Antagonistic US Keeps Pushing In The Wrong Direction
BoJo, Next Leader Of The British Limpire
"Anti-Semitism" Has Become Zionist's "N" Word
The Vastly Overwhelming Meddling, Subversion Of Zionist Israel In The US
"We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal:" Makes One Wonder Who's In Charge, Trump Or Bolton Or Is It Keystone Cops Do WW3?
UK To Move More Targets To Middle East
US/NATO Military Continues Aggression Along Russia's Border
INF: Major League Cartoon Doublespeak Propaganda, Perfect Example Of The US "We Lie, We Cheat" Admission, All The While US/NATO Sits On Russia's Border With Its Missiles, Having Promised Not To Move Into Eastern Europe, Therefore, It No Longer Needs The INF Treaty
Tanker Wars: The Sky Has Fallen Once Too Often, No One Believes You Anymore
US Jewish Groups Protest ICE Detention Camps ... What Saith Ye About The Palestinians?
Zionist Israel's Lack Of Humanity On Display As It Continues Crimes Against Humanity
"These Are Of One Mind, And They Will Give Their Power And Authority To The Beast"
Political Dyslexia? Pompey-o Still Confuses US Lying, Actions Around The World With Iran ... Granted Iran Kicked US Out Of Iran About 4 Decades Ago, But That Was A Domestic Issue
Video: Pompey-o: We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal, Haha, We Have Entire Training Courses ...
Iran TV To Air Documentary Detailing CIA Ops In Iran
Tariff-Sanctions Move By China Puts US Into Gray Zone
US Not Likely To Sanction Turkey With Anything Serious As Long As US Wants To Keep Its Incirlik Air Base
Thin-skinned America, We've Lost The Strength Of Character To Laugh At Ourselves And Our Shortcomings
China Expanding Its Military Reach, Sounds Like A US Move
Remember When Trump Shut Down Government Over The Wall In January? Well, Nearly August And Not One Mile Of New Fencing, So, What's Going On?
Surely, This A Monty Python Movie: Woebegone May's UK To Hold Emergency Meeting On Seized Tanker ... No, Not The One They Pirated That Began This Entire Unnecessary Mess
From The "Wee Bit Of Sarcasm" Dept: Maybe They Can Ask The Estonians To Get Theirs Back For Them ... Elite UK Marines Defeated In War Games By Estonian Locals
Ukrainian-gate: Oligarchs Gave Money To Trump's Opponents In 2016
Twitter's Doublespeak: Illegal Aliens Aren't Illegal, Just "Undocumented," Yeah, I'm Not A Bank Robber, Your Honor, I Just Made An Undocumented Withdrawal
Vietnam War 2.0: When You Can't Compete, Start Another Trade War ... With Vietnam? Really? Who's Next, Lichtenstein?
Infographic Of World's Religions
Trump Left Holding Lots Of Bags
Make Music Not War

"Christian" "Zionists" Ignorantly Aiding And Abetting Modern Day Descendants Of First Century Antichrist Herods ... Do They Not Know Jerusalem Is The Capitol Of The Beast's Babylon The Great, Dan. 11, Who Will Make War On The Saints? Rev. 13

Who's Who? First Century Antichrist
The Answer In Daniel 11 Is A Loud Prophetic Yes Prior To Establishing Babylon the Great In Jerusalem
Why Does Zionist Israel, Population 9 Million, Have Such A Stranglehold Over America? Not Even China With 1.3 Billion Has This Ability
US "Justice" System Not A Friend Of Constitution
Video: Google's Threat To Democracy
The Loss Of Birthright: Self-Destruction Of The American Community And Family
John Adams: There Is Never A Democracy That Does Not Commit Suicide
While Christian Morals and Values Are Eroding Away, We Have Great Strides In VR Porn
Money, Money, Money, Another Step Towards Perdition With New Pentagon Chief: US Vested Interest In War And Conflict ... But On Whose Behalf?
BiBiC: Zionist Israel's UK Mouthpiece
Former Iran President Addresses Remarks To Wrong Guy ... US Middle East Foreign Policy Directed By Zionist Israel
Maybe UK Forgot They They Set In Motion The Piracy And Escalated The Iran Situation
Pompey-o Issues List Of Usual Suspects Who Must Leave Venezuela ... Just Leaves Out The Instigator Of The Crisis
US Afraid To Lose Turkey From Its NATO Ranks To The "Other Side?"
USA's Homegrown Terrorist Organization: Antifa
And As The Sun Sets, Elite UK Marines Defeated In War Games By Estonian Locals
Momentum Grows For US SWIFT Banking Bypass
The Sino-Frankenstein School Of International Relations
China Tells Trump To Get On With Trade Deal Or Will Wait Him Out To See What 2020 Elections Bring
Orwellian Idiotology Swallows Today's Camel, While Straining At Gnats Of Yore: Can't Handle White Men Landing On The Moon [Probably Yuri Gagarin Too], Rail Against Long Dead White Men Whose Slaves Initially Were Captured And Sold By Rival Black African Tribal Leaders, Yet They Still Won't Give Up All Their White Man Commodities And Inventions, While Missing The Point That, In Fact, They Are Financial Slaves To "The Mostly White And Male" Banking System Today
Russia's S-400, Turkey And The US Straw Man
3 Iranians Sought By US, Accused Of Taking TONS Of Carbon Fiber Out Of US ... Has Military Applications, Can Be Used To Make Bows And Arrows, Slingshots! Iran Makes Their Own CF Since 2011 As Does China, Turkey, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, Hungary, India et al
"Strictly Controlled" Carbon Fiber: From Suitcases To Bikes To Audio Speaker Cabinets, Wallets, Handbags, F1 Race Cars, Furniture, Wall Panels, Tennis Rackets, Golf Clubs, On And On It Goes
The Ridiculous State Of Juvenile US Presidential (?) Politics: Back To Puberty Push-Up Contest?
But Can Joe Beat A 6 Year Old?
WTO Court Rules In Favor Of China Vs. US Obama Era Tariffs
Venezuela Can Avoid US Sanctions By Moving To Russia's Alternative To SWIFT
West Blames Russia For Just About Anything And Everything Except Dumping US Treasuries
But It's China's Goldie Yuan That Is Threat To US Dollar Hegemony
If So, Then Let His Actions Speak, Lift Sanctions, Return To JCPOA For One Year, Then Decide On The Next Step, Otherwise Just a Negotiating Ploy
When Immature Twits Can't Handle A Little Contrary Opinion, They Ban You
Out Of The Closet: Ex-CNN Insider ... Major News Outlets Are Zionist Organizations
CNN Covers For Fascist Antifa
Zionist America: Anonymous Lies, What We Are Allowed To Think, Non-Stop Guilt Trips About The Holocaust [I Thought The Allies Freed The 0.2% Of The World's Population Jews From The NAZI Camps, So, How About An Annual Commemorative Thank You Day?]
How The System Is Gamed To Con Us: Skripals, Russiagate Frauds Another Example Of The Lies Flying Out Of The Gate, While The Truth Slowly Emerges
Better We Teach Our Kids Logic And Rational Thought, How To Think For Themselves, So Will The UK Start With Lying Politicians, Santa Claus And The Easter Bunny?
Or Why London Media Freedom Conference Bars Critics And Mention Of Assange
When It Comes To Financial Institutions, Goldman Out, Goldman In
US Losing It's Future: Grabbing The Dragon By The Tail, Now What Do You Do?
Seriously?! While America Is Coming Apart At The Seams, US Democratic House Will Vote On Condemning Trump's Tweets???
Reverse Logic: If You Don't Like The US, Then Leave, But If You Like The US, Come On In?!
Will Idlib Go To Turkey Or Stay In Syria?
The Dictatorship Of Political Correctness: Being Critical Does Not Make One A Knee-Jerk Phobic
Snooze You Lose US: Huawei Moves 1000 Jobs To Italy Plus $3 Billion Investment
Daniel & Zionist Israel: The Libyans Shall Be At His Steps
TS Barry To Land Another Punch To US Breadbasket
Russia, India Agree To Use Own Currencies In Trade Deal Avoiding Petrodollar and Sanctions
Trump Balks At Mere Words, Constitutional Free Speech, While He Aids And Abets His BFF Zionist Israel's Practice Of Genocide Against The Palestinians, And Saudi's War On Yemen
US Taxpayers Send China Monthly Check To Cover The $1 Trillion US Debt That They Hold
Crotchety Regressive "Progressives" Obsession With Genitalia Who Want Us To Follow The Destroyer
As US Continues Its Eye-Poking Foreign Policy With China, US Companies To Be Sanctioned
China Backed AIIB Now Has 100 Member Countries
Make Music Not War

The Fine Art Of British Orwellian Cognitive Dissonance: UK Pledges To Continue To Support Freedom Of Navigation For Vessels Transiting Through Med As It Hijacks Iranian Crude Oil Tanker
Lawless UK Piracy Of Iranian Oil Tanker: Only Jet Fuel, Not Crude, Covered Under EU Sanctions
US, UK Slipping Their Middle East Prophetic Nooses Around Their Necks With Escalating Tensions In Syria, Iran
Hillary Aiding And Abetting Illegal Activity ... An Old Habit??
Hysterical, Factphobic, "Sun Orbits The Earth," Triggered Snowflake Idiots Can't Handle Diversity View On Campus ... XY Can't Become XX, Well, At Least Without A Total Chromosomal Transplant, Meaning Every One Of The 30 Trillion Cells In Our Bodies
The Idiot's Guide To Destroying Our Nation And Culture In Six Easy Steps ... Great, We're Right On Track!
Let Them Eat Cake Redux
Road To Slavery Paved With Promise Of Convenience ... Enticing The Free Range Sheep Into The Beast's Pen
Snowden: Big Tech Out To Enslave You
How You Can Live Without Google
Apple Co-Founder: Ditch Facebook Before It's Too Late
Huawei Set To Launch Game Changer With Its Own OS ... Alternative To Android And Apple
War On Iran: Will Caesar Go With The Republic Or The Empire?
US Presence In Any Region Of The World Is Not A Stabilizing Force, Saying So Is Another Lie From The Empire
Scientists Say Earth's 5000C/9000F Core Leaking As Pole Shifts To Siberia
Another US Step To Prepping The Middle East For All Out War
Withdrawal From Afghanistan After 19 Years Of War Is Premature Says US General ... It's On The Eastern Border Of Iran
Optimistic US General Got It Wrong: US Will Be The Challenger To China In Next 50, 100 Years Should The US Last That Long
Head Of US Global Media Accuses Russian Media Of "Destroy(ing) The Very Idea Of An Objective, Verifiable Set Of Facts," Must Be When They Quote Pompey-o And Bolton
Man Bites Dog! Read All About It! China To Sanction US Companies
China Hits Trump In The Breadbasket, Trade Deficit Widens
US Budget Gap Widens By 23%, Military Spending And Interest Payments On National Debt
Despite All The Talk, Illegals Keep Pouring Into US
US Airport Security Issues
How Many Fine Messes Can One President Get A Country Into?
Antifa: The Bully Fascists In Costume And Masks
One Flew Over Crashed Into The Looney Bin: US Put Restrictions On Huawei, Then Irritated They Are Dealing With Russia?
Because She Represents The Arrogant Values Undermining America?
Megan's US Women's National Team Loses 5-2 To Boys Team ... So Invite Them To The White House?
From The "Ukrainian Hare And The Tortoise" Dept: As Always The Lies Race Out Of The Gate, But Eventually The Truth Wins Out
Liberalism, Trudeau Government, Nazis, Jews And Ukraine
Now, About The MH-17 Flight That Was Shot Down
Stupid People Don't Survive
From The "Misery Loves Company" Dept: Is Zionist Israel's Hatred For Iran Fueling US Plans For Anti-Iran Coalition?
Rule Of Law Eurasian Integration Vs. Lawless Trumpian Sanction Obsession
And Making America Poor And Bad Again Is What, "Minority Supremacy?"
Iran Nuke Deal: A Matter Of US Left Hand Not Knowing What Right Hands Does ... Or Worse?
After US Pulls Out Of JCPOA, Its Lie, False Flag Factory Churns Out Remarkable Quantum Accusation: Iran In Violation Of JCPOA Before JCPOA Was In Existence
A Gathering Of Warmongers: Blind Leading The Blind To Perdition
False Flags And False Prophets: Turning People Away From The Truth By Their False Teaching
The War In The Middle East: Damascus A Heap Of Ruins
In Case You Were Wondering How Far Down The Ladder Of Civilization The US Has Gone ...
Something Very Vichy Going On: French Crazy Court Orders Payment To Terrorist Killer
Russia's Large Commitment To Developing Its Arctic Resources Creates Another Hit To The US Petrodollar
New US "Blackbeard" Piracy Tactic: Outsource It
US Finds More Suckers To Do Its Dirty Work While US Taxpayer Hit With The Bill
Who Turned Off The Lights On The Age Of Reason?
Two-Faced AOC Smaller Minded Than "Mini-AOC"
When It Comes To Small Spy Drones, US Turns To China
Twitter Me Twits: Why Do We Get The Feeling This Won't Include Christians, Only Zionist Related Groups?
Slap To Pompey-o's Mouth: Oil Tanker "Attacked By Iran," Set To Dock In Iran
UK Piracy Of Iranian Oil Tanker: Only Jet Fuel, Not Crude, Covered Under EU Sanctions, A Brexit Move?
The Traitor Among Us: Hollywood's Zionist Nuclear Spy
The Nuclear Spies Who Were Executed
Quiz Show: The America That Was
The Little Black Book With Big Implications
If Afghanistan Didn't Grow Poppies, Would US Still Be There?
Afghanistan, Opium And The US
The US "Indo-Pacific" Hegemonic Gambit
From The "We Don't Like You, So We Make Up Stuff About You" Dept: Childish, Prejudiced UK Media Event, Accusations Without Evidence Just Like US
Poland Not So Trusting Of UK Storing Its Gold
Attack Used To Justify NZ Gun Confiscation Fails With Gun Owning Voters
Curses And Death In Streets Of America
Destructive Duo Of Middle East Peace Still At It
Iran Deal: It Wasn't Broke, So US Broke It, All That Follows Is Now On Trump's Head
Another Farce Launched By The US At Venezuela, As Usual And No Surprise, All One-Sided
Guaido: The Wannabe US Puppet Dictator, Like All The Other Central And South Americans Before Him
In The Great Tradition Of English Pirates Past ... So When China Does The Same In South China Sea One Day, UK Will Scream What Exactly?
Desperate UK, Jolly Roger And US, Jolly Trump: Band Of Pirates
... While UK Oil Tanker Turns Tail And Hides
JCPOA: As Usual, EU Poodles Tuck Tail Once Again
Dirty Tricks: US Baited Iran With A False Flag Op For 4th Of July
Fascist Antifa Bullies In Masks Strike Again
US Airports: Constitutional Rights Don't Apply, All In The Name Of "National Security," So Guess What's Coming To Your Town
Great, Did AOC Take Out Her Checkbook And Pay Them? ... Oh, She Wants To Use Other People's Money, How Socialist Of Her
The Screw Turns Russiagate Into CIA-FBIgate
Grievous Abuses By CIA, FBI On Their Way Out Of The Closet
Hillary On The Hook
Zionists Will Never Let "The Holocaust" Be Forgotten Or Forgiven, Too Useful As A Political Tool
Zionist Weapon: "Anti-Semitism", Holocaust
Remind Me Again Who's Country We're Talking About? Forget George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson? How About Teaching Their Kids About US Founding Fathers Based On Christian Principles In Their Schools? Thought So
Make Music Not War
Living In The Illusion Of Reality
Pompey-o The Clairvoyant: What Happens Before Deja Vu, aka US Carte Blanche To Create False Flags
After US Pulls Out Of JCPOA, Its Lie, False Flag Factory Churns Out Remarkable Quantum Accusation: Iran In Violation Of JCPOA Before JCPOA Was In Existence
A List Of Impossible Things For You To Believe Before Breakfast
Russia Rebuffs Zionist Israel Over Syria, Stands With Ally Iran
From The "There's A Sucker Born Every Minute" Dept: US Convinces Eastern Europe Countries To Become Targets
US Ally Saudi Arabia Chooses Airbus Over Boeing
Nasrallah Says Hezbollah Has Enough Missiles To Re-Draw Middle East Map
The Left's Idea Of Freedom Of Speech: Issue Death Threats
Secret Jewish Meetings Conspiring With 25 US Senators ... Pro Zionist Israel Or Anti-American Traitors?
If You Were Wondering What Your Tax Dollars Are Doing In Syria, It's To Fight Zionist Israel's War
"Once We Squeeze All We Can Out Of The US, It Can Dry Up And Blow Away" -- Nutanyahoo
Audio & Text: The Anti-Labor Economics Of The World Bank And IMF, Tools in The Hidden US Imperialist War For Financial Slavery
Remember When A Pilot Didn't Dare Report A "UFO" Sighting? Now US Navy Issues Guidelines To Report Such Sightings, So Why The About Face?
Video: New Meaning To Bring Your Kid To Work Day
US Continues Using Russian Rocket Engines Used In More Than 80 US Space Launches
BTW Banal Western Media, Chernobyl Was In Soviet Ukraine, Not Current Day Russia ... And The USS Nimitz Is What Then?
From The "Make The Bogeyman Go Away" Dept: The San Fran Murals, A Case In Point For The Feeble-Minded Left Snowflakes With Their "Harebrained Triggers"
Ground Zero For Attack On Syria: Who Can Get Their Oil And Gas To Europe Quickest And Cheapest, While Depriving Others Of Their Ability To Do So
Let The Sleeping Dogs Of 9/11 Lie, Despite The Scientific Evidence
America, 243 Years Later, “Power Always Thinks It Has A Great Soul And Vast Views Beyond The Comprehension Of The Weak; And That It Is Doing God’s Service When It Is Violating All His Laws", John Adams
Zionist Israel's International Murder Machine ... “If Someone Comes To Kill You, Rise Up And Kill Him First!” -- The Babylonian Talmud
The Dog And Pony Show That Is America
Not Politically Correct Thoughts For US 4th Of July
A Look In The Mirror: America The Tyrannical
A Tale Of Two Countries: 1880 Vs. 2019 4th Of July, The Celebration Of Freedoms Lost
Christmas In July
America The Bully, The Thief, The Liar
US Puts Its Dollar On The Endangered Species List
First It Was Confederate Statues, Then George Washington, Now Betsy Ross, US Next?
Nope, It's MAD Magazine
Interesting Timing, 4th July Long Weekend: Mueller's Russian Ties
USA! USA! USA! We're Number One! ... World's Top Trash Producer
Huawei Anticipates That Trump Will Act Against Their IoT
Alexa, Delete My Recordings ... Sorry, I Cannot Do That
Judge Holds Universities Responsible For Their "Woke" Ideology
CNN Continues Nose Dive To Ratings Hell
Tourist Spy App Forced On China Tourists ... Facebook, Google?
Freedom Of Press? It Makes One Wonder If All UK Leaders Are Brain Dead
Barter Blowback: Who Needs US Dollars To Buy Venezuelan Oil?
The Supremacy Of Western Classical Music, A Trigger For Harebrained Snowflakes Too?
If Those In The West Were Intelligent ...
If You Can't Beat Them, Bribe Palestinians
INF Treaty Null And Void After US Pullout, Russia Suspends It's Involvement
UK Establishment Still Scared Spitless Over Corbyn
Snapshot Of A Dying Empire
Unelected Globalists Set To Run The Show Again In The EU
EU: Rewarding The Incompetent
2 Meters Of Hail, Ice In Guadalajara Mexico, Record Heat, Fires In Germany, Hurricanes That Quadruple In Strength In Less Than A Day ... What's Going On With Our Planet's Weather?
Entire Eco-Systems Moved Hundreds Of Miles North Since 1970s
Heat Wave Cooks Mussels In Their Shells
Video: Midwest US Farmers Hit Hard By Record Flooding
Video: US Infrastructure Failures Raises The Question: Bombs Or Infrastructure?
World's Weather Patterns Going Nuts
More Google Info Theft, Suit Alleges Violation Of Sensitive Personal Medical Data For Profit
Amazon, Google Accused Of Skewing Search Results For Profit
Swim Upstream With The Duck
Nike Misses Two Boats: Favors Minority Anti-American Political Values
I Love Genie: The US Democrat's 2020 Presidential Race
Qatar Odd Man Out In Middle East Oil Politics
As PM, BoJo Will Hasten UK's Demise
So How Messed Up Is The UK? Read This Doozy
Good Bye America: The Land Of Thin-Skinned Snowflakes ... BTW What About The Editor Who Approved Running It?
What!? Trump Sending Mensa Folks To Afghanistan?
After US Pulls Out Of JCPOA, Its Lie, False Flag Factory Churns Out Remarkable Quantum Accusation: Iran In Violation Of JCPOA Before JCPOA Was In Existence
My Windmill Of The Week: Bronx Constituents Didn't Realize Their Congressional District Bordered Mexico
AOC Loses It Over Empty Parking Lot
Bronx Constituents Ignored By AOC ... Maybe She Thinks She Got Elected To The Executive Branch Of Government
Remember When Peace Wasn't A Dirty Word?
Even "Christian" Colleges Getting In On Taking Christ From Son Of God To Mere Mortal Teacher Who Didn't Mean What He Said
Millennials Not Enthralled With LGBTQ Movement
Tail Trying To Wag The 95 Pound Dog: Despite Mass Media's Inflated Portrayal, LGBTQ Less Than 5% US Population
Middle America Is A Foreign Country To Washington And Big City Urbanites
1980's Again? California Kamala Calls For Federally Mandated Busing To Schools
Not Just In The Streets Of San Fran, In The Halls Of The Capitol, "Progressive Cesspool" aka California Now Provides Free Medical To ILLEGALS, CA Citizens Not Eligible, Must Buy Insurance Or Get Fined
Spying Government Wants To Outlaw Encrypted Message Use By Us
Fascist Antifa Thugs Threaten Acid Attacks
Getting A Handle On Trump's Foreign Policy Machinations
Trump's Threatens New Tariffs On China As US Energy Exports Hit
G20: Trump's Policies Have Forced China-Russia-India Into A Stronger Relationship
First Question For US Middle East Policy: Is It What "Living By The Sword" Zionist Israel Wants?
The Donald Getting What He Asked For As Iran Enriches Uranium
Middle East: Deja Vu US Warmongering
China Dominating Concentrated Solar Power Plant Development
Russia Launches First Floating Nuclear Power Plant To Arctic
Japan: Are Diamonds A Quantum Techies Best Friend? Quantum Teleportation
US Propaganda About Cuba Sounds Just Like The Mimeographed Venezuela Lies
Canada Keeps Slipping In Its Own Oil
Lords Of The Files: Big Tech 2020 Election Meddling
So How Does One Spell Collusion, Meddling?
Muslims Don't Tolerate Christian Equal Rights
US Democrats Want To Replace Christian Morality With LGBT Values, Doing Harm To Christianity
Germany To Cut Back On Military Expenditures 2020-2023, NATO Unhappy
Does Canada And Trudeau Belong At The Grown-Ups Table?
Freedom Of The Zionist Rothschilds
Trump: The Door-to-Door "Freedom" Vacuum Salesman
More Boeing Sins Exposed
Trump Backtracks On Parts Sales To Huawei To Help US Suppliers
Zionist Israeli Air Cowards Fire Missiles From Lebanon Airspace, Kill Toddler
Make Music Not War
The 5 Stages Of Homofascism Now Complete
West's Moral Bankruptcy Exposed
US Senate Abrogates Its Constitutional War Authority To President Just Like Roman Senate Did To Emperor
From The "Talk Is Cheap" Dept: US Keeps Chemical Warfare Arsenal Despite Signing Agreement To Get Rid Of Them By 2012
Russia-China Increase Percentage Of Trade In Own Currencies
Iran Says INSTEX, Alternative Payment System To Bypass US Sanctions Up And Running
Oil Warfare: US Will Transfer Iran Sanctions To Any Country Buying Oil From Them, Pushing More Nations Away From US
Can't Trust Google, They're Not Apolitical
Get The Duck
Putin's Assessment Of Liberalism, Children Transgenderism Spot On
Punitive Taxes And Printing Money Helped Roman Empire To Fall From Within
Transitioning To Orwell's Vision Of Life
AOC Loses It Over Empty Parking Lot
G20: Keep An Eye On Russia, China And India
In A Sane World, Trading Tulsi For Bolton Would Be Great, But We Live In An Insane World
Zionist Restructuring Of The Middle East
Troika Of Evil
Danish School Teaches Christian Kids To Pray To Allah
Hollywood Actors Roll Out A False Narrative About Mueller Report They Haven't Read
Vimeo Supports Google-YouTube Censoring: "You Can't Upload Videos that Are Hateful, Defamatory, Or Discriminatory" ... Or Truthful?
Google's YouTube Political Blacklisting Of Abortion Themed Queries In Irish Referendum
Defense Monopolies Strangling US Industrial Competitiveness
S-400 Important For World's Balance Of Power
Merkel, The Blunderstag & EU Poodles Bark Time After Time, But Eventually They All Feed From The US-Zionist Bowl
The Hypocrisy Of Self-Righteous Bullies
5G Death Ray
Of Course, It's Easier For The EU Poodles To Pin The Tail On Iran Rather Than Stand Up To The US
Zionists Convince Western Leaders To Pass Laws To Protect Them, While Citizens Lose Freedoms
China Delivers World's First "Smart" Mega Oil Tanker
Google Labels Conservatives Jordan Peterson, Prager U, Shapiro As Nazis With Dog Whistles, Rather Strange As Nazis Were Socialists
Nazism And Socialism
Mueller Deleted Key Evidence In Russiagate Probe, But Surely NSA Has It All
Mueller In The Twilight Zone: Leftist Hollywood Play Actors Perform "Adaptation" Of Mueller Report [Insert Snoring Sound Effects] As Theatre, Farcical, Absurd, Cherry-picking Of Reality
Typical Bully: Google Likes To Dish It Out, But Can't Cope With A Dose Of Its Own Medicine
Google Facing US Anti-Trust Investigation
Get The Duck
China Blocks Importation Of Canadian Meat
Ractopamine Approved In Canada For Use In Livestock, Banned In China
From The "2 Wrongs Don't Make A Right" Dept: Taking Law Into Own Hands Lands Florida Woman In Trouble With Cops
Boeing's Overflow Goes Into Car Parks
Arrogant NATO Obviously Nervous Over New Russian Missiles
Russian Warship Docks In Havana
Weaponized Central Banksters Go After Chinese Banks
Where Is US After 2 Years Of Trump? Somewhat A Mess
Does Rape Count As "Slavery Reparations?"
US Middle East Policies Formula For Destroying Region's Security
Russian Military Says It Has Evidence US Drone Crossed Into Iranian Airspace
India's No Deal For Zionist Israel's Missiles
Russia's S-500 Ready For Production
The Slums Of San Fran
World's Weather Patterns Going Nuts
What Are US HIgh School Students Learning? Not Much
Pontius Pilate Syndrome: This Is What America Is Now
More US Warships To Middle East
Google Meddling In US Federal Election Process
FBI Transcript Invalidates Mueller Probe
Canada, US Approach To Venezuela Strictly Colonial Imperialism
Russia Extends Its Counter-Sanctions On EU, US
Creating God In Their Own Image And Likeness
Beijing Getting Fed Up With FedEx
Iran Says US Cyber Attacks Failed
Trump's Protection Racket: Pay Up
Beware Of Zionists Bearing A "Deal Of The Century"
When The US Unilaterally Pulls Out Of Agreements, Treaties, All Trust In Diplomacy Is Lost, That Only Leaves War
Is Trump Maturing As A Leader In Spite Of Warmongering Idiots Who Would Shove World Into WW3?
Conspiracy? Putting The Squeeze On Trump So He Has No Alternative But To Attack Iran?
Planning A War? Does Bolton Need To Register As An Agent Of A Foreign Government, Serving Nutanyahoo?
Meanwhile Pompey-o Heads Off To Saudi Arabia, UAE, State Sponsors Of Terrorists In Syria
Qatar, Saudi Admit Support Of Terrorists Is Syria
Opposed To Torture? Then You're Not Cut Out To Be US SecState
US DOJ Direct Meddling In BRICS' Brazil
Reparations Big For US Democrats
Terms Of Endearment Not Trump's Cup Of Tea
Iran Closing Strait Of Hormuz Would Cause Catastrophic Repercussions For US, World
US Cyber Attacks After Iran Shot Down US Drone In Its Airspace
War Is Good For TV News Business: Murdoch Pushing For Iran War
Make Music Not War
Evidence Shows US Shenanigans In Iranian Gulf
Video: Big Brother's Push To Subvert Our Youth's Morality, Penises XY, Vaginas XX, And X?: This Is Screwed Up On So Many Levels, Intelligent Scottish Teen Kicked Out Of School For Saying "There Are Only 2 Genders," Truth At Odds With Official National School Policy
Immune Cancer Treatment Using Patient's White Blood Cells Successful
Don't Like Iran Enriching Uranium Again, Then Send Strong Message To Trump To Get Back On Board With JCPOA, Tell Zionist Israel To Get Over It
Google Chrome Now Surveillance Software, Time To Switch ...
Get The Duck
War With Iran Means Stopping The Flow Of Oil From All Middle East Countries ...
Now Trump Adds More Economic Warfare Sanctions On Iran, Eventually Hot War Will Be Only Option
Trudeau: Bringing The Trojan Horse Within The City Gates
UK, US Becoming Nations Of Corporate Mushbutts And Snowflakes, Standard OK Sign Used By Divers Around The World To Make Sure Their Underwater Buddy Is Okay, Now Condemned By Facebook Idiots As Hateful, What's Next, Peace Sign?
Putin Is The Guy On The White Horse Wearing A White Hat To Everyone Except US, UK
UK Is Really In A Huge Mess, This Is The Best They Can Come Up With?
Shh, Don't Tell Anyone, But US, Iran Attend Russian Security Forum
US Slowly, But Surely Slipping Down The Slope To Totalitarian Nationhood
In Pursuit Of A Convenient Enemy: Okay, We Couldn't Find Any Evidence About The Russians, So Let's Scare Folks With Stories About Iranian "Hackers"
Yet Top Spy Threat To US Is From Zionist Israel
Making It Up On The Run: Pompey-o Erupts With More Lies About Iran, Again No Evidence, Just Talk
Their Word Is No Good: US Has No International Credibility: Won't Give Back Confiscated Huawei Equipment
EU To UK: Brexit Not Up For Renegotiation
US Can't Unilaterally Remove Turkey From F-35 Deal, Sounds Like Another Agreement For The US To Back Out
Armed Civil War In Oregon? Democrat Governor Sends Police To Round Up Republican Senators
What's Happened To Parental Authority, Responsibility? Why Is Government Responsible Rather Than Parents Who Place Their Children In Harm's Way With Illegal Activity?
Trump: Vietnam/Iran Redux
Trump Deporting At Lower Rate Than Obama
ICE Tried To Secretly Deport A Palestinian Activist To Middle East While Tens Of Thousands Of Illegals Cross US Border
Knee-JERK Reaction: It Appears California Has Left The US, George Washington Offensive To African, Native Peoples
Zionist "Peace Plan" With No Input From Palestinians? More Like Terms Of Surrender And Annexation Without Voting
Zionist Israel's Gaza Gulag
Alaska Government Meeting Begins With "Hail Satan"
Iran Shot The Sheriff, But They Didn't Shoot The Deputy Down
The Lies They Told Us And The Blood We've Spilled In Their Wars

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