Winter 2015

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Winter 2015

Eurasia Feeling The Increasing Gravitational Pull Of China
China Shares Rise On Earnings Not Valuation
Iran Crashing Pipelineistan Party
Luhansk To Kiev: Dump The Fascists
Spain's Franco Fascism Today
Spain's Civil War And Fascist Years
Lesson For Ukraine: Bayonets And Blood, Not Hypocritical Elections
Northcom Defcon: Back To The Cold War
ISIS Not A Sunni Militia, Then Who Are They?
Ukraine's Oligarchs Fight Over Oil Transportation Corp.
Financial Cold War: AIIB Vs. US Defense Dept. World Bank

The Magic Law Of Coup d'Ukraine
CIA Report "Guesses Based On Rumors" As Bush Intel Excuse For Iraq War
The CIA Report: October 2002 NIE on Iraq's [non-existent] WMDs
Obama: Origin Of ISIS Crisis Bush Iraq Invasion
Update: MH-17
Blowback Deja Vu, Filipino Style
2nd Warmest February For Planet Earth; Warmest Winter For N. Hemisphere
Doublespeak: Now That I Got Re-elected, Fooled Ya! LOL
Before Election: Netanyahu Promises No Palestinian State If Elected
Stupidity Unleashed! 2016 US Election Cost $5 Billion For New American Order
Iceland's Pirate Party Tops Popular Political Polls
How Big Is The Internet Of Things?
Russia Signs Treaty With S. Ossetia
Fruits Of US Middle East Policy Fail And Why It Happened
NY Times Errors Iran Nuke Talks
Azerbaijan Eurasia's Largest Holder Of Political Prisoners
Oil Rich Azerbaijan Eurasia's 2nd Largest Arms Importer
Stand Up Comedy Alive And Well At US State Department
NATO Countries: Facilitators Recruit And Train ISIS
White House Excuses Itself From Freedom Of Information Act ... What Is It Going To Do?
Video: Stalin's Police State Purges
The Big D School Of American Patriotism
Prior To WWII, Kiev, Most of Ukraine Part Of Soviet Union
China Dumps $5 Billion US Treasuries
Saudis Still Stirring The Syria Regime Change Pot
Irreversible Melt Of West Antartic Ice Sheet
IMF Cracks?: Germany, France, Italy To Join China Investment Bank
UK And Chinese International Payment System: Founding Member Or Trojan Horse?
Ukraine And The Rothschilds
Proposed EU Army: Hedge Against Russia, US Or Both?
Scary Parallels To 2007-2008
US Beats Russia, China As Number One ... World's Arms Dealer
50 Containers Of Canadian Toxic Waste
Modus Operandi: West's Culpability In Syria
Ike: Beware The Military-Industrial Complex
Mysterious Proclamations From The Land Of Nu
US Protesting Too Much? Attacks UK Plan To Join Asian IIB
The Re-emerging Warrior Caste and The World's Triple Crisis
Human Rights: Sweden Stands Up To Saudi Arabia
Canada Follows In Big Brother's Footsteps
eCar Tire ... Get A Charge Out Of Driving
US Winter 2014-15 Mild And Dry ... Not You Boston
US Leaving No Stone Unturned With Russia While Irritating Nations
Russia Launches Criminal Case Against "Start Killing Russians" General
Fox News: Start Killing Russians ... Oh, Heck, Let's Just Ignite A Nuclear War
Kaboom: As Crimea Is Russian Territory, It Can Have Nukes
Time To Respect Iran's Independence
Iran's FM Schools US Senators On Int'l Law
... But It's Such A Time Saver
First Image Of Wave-Particle Duality Of Light
China Weighs In On US Credit Rating Agencies
Putin And The Crimea Referendum
Iran's General Soleimani
Google's Ministry Of Truth
Artic Sea Ice Record Low Extent For Late Winter
Hear No Climate Change, See No Climate Change, Speak No Climate Change
Hey, Germany, US Wants War Not Peace
US Strong Arm Diplomacy
Mutiny On Capitol Hill?
US Middle East Ally Saudi Arabia World's Largest Arms Importer ... Why?
Here's Why ... Washington's Relationship With ISIS
Rationalizing Lunacy
US Military Hardware, Tanks, etc. Arrive In Latvia
Netanyahu's Gov't More Frightening Than Israel's Enemies
Hacked Kiev Docs Show Ukraine Troops Dire Straits
Germany: NATO Euro Commander Ukraine Comments "Dangerous Propaganda"
Ukraine: Neocons, Nuland And Nazis
Kiev: Police Sweep Opposition In Mariupol
French Sub "Sinks" US Carrier In War Games
Climate: El Nino 2015
Swedes Recruit For CIA
Iran Saved Jews Three Times In History
Israel's Message To US Congress: Paranoia And Fear
Despite Sanctions US Grows Trade With Russia In 2014 While Telling EU To Stop
The Jewish Daily: Real Existential Threat Not Iran
German BRICS And Mortar
Shades Of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan: US Sends Troops Into Ukraine
Fear And Empire
"Christian" US Overseeing End Of Christianity In Mideast
Nemstov Murder: A Perspective
Old World Men And Westphalian Fascism
10 Commandments For A Better Us
Former Generals: Netanyahu Danger To Israel
Totalitarian Rule In US
Former White House Chief Of Staff's Chicago Gulag
6 Corporations Control 90% US Media
Nemstov Murder: Lone Gunman, License Plate ID
Murdered Nemstov: A Profile
Good For The Gander, But Not For The Goose?
Swallowing The Big Lie, But Straining At The Small Lies
China Weighs In On West's Ukraine-Russia "Game"
Israel's Gaza Oil And Gas War
Washington's Guilt In Ukraine Considerable
Fascism: The Sixth Empire's New Suit
Kiev Continues Economic Blockade of Donetsk
China Goes Domestic With Tech, Drops US Firms
Ukraine: Processing To Soviet-style Eastern Bloc State, Poor Economy, Totalitarian Regime
Ukraine: For Example ...
Coup de Grace: Ukraine Minimum Wage Below Ghana
NATO Saber Rattling 300m From Russia's Border
Former NATO Intel Officer Blames US For Ukraine Crisis
Up Schmitt's Creek: US As The Global Sovereign
New Leak Info: CIA Sought Direct Contact With Hamas
Central Asia The New Great Game
UK Bankers Announce Billion Pound Bonuses
Wall Street Still Ripping Off Investors
Reverse Blame A US Ukrainian Staple
Bush Whacked?
US Reaping The Middle East Whirlwind
Is ISIS War Fake Or Front For Something Else?
ISIS Egyptian Beheadings Faked Say Experts
Inside China's New Normal
Ukrainian PM: Anatomy Of A Coup
The Dark Side Rules Universe
UK House Of Lords: EU Sleepwalked Into Ukraine
Sr. RAF: UK Lose War With Russia
Radio: If Haystack Surveillance Doesn't Prevent Needle Terrorism, What's Big Brother NSA Up To?
US Fox In Ukraine Chicken Coop
50 Shades Of War
Spying Makes for Outsourced Bedfellows
From The Burning Bush ... Just Like Eating More Donuts Encourages Weight Loss
Of Privacy And US Presidential Candidates
Ukraine Civil War Detente: Who's On First?
Look! It's A Bird, No It's A Plane, No, It's ... Limpet Teeth?
Ships Passing In The Night: China Rule-of-law, West Rule Of 1%
UN Security Council Approves Russian Resolution For Ukraine Peace
Cyber Attack Global Spyware Linked To US NSA
Proof: Tell Big Lie Often, People Start To Believe It
Ukrainian High Command: Still No Russian Troops In Ukraine
Earth Not Rotating On Axis Or It Is: 1500 km/h At The King Kahled Airport, 108,000 km/h Around Sun
Ukraine Ceasefire
Is The West Trying To Start A War With Russia Or What?
50 Shades of Society
Rollercoasters And Mass Hysteria
Who Really Has Invaded Ukraine?
The Looting Of Greece By Central Bankers, Next To Be Rescued? Ukraine
$anctions Blowback On Europe: Russia To Europe, Reject The Central Banks, Join Us And Prosper
Sanctions, Wars And The Central Bank Squeeze
US Pushing Ukraine Big Lie: More Pyatt Fake Photos
How Soon Will West-Kiev Blame Russia For Violating Minsk Agreement a la MH 17?
Mutiny In Kiev's Ukraine
Lemming Season Opens: 2016 US Presidential Hopefuls
Desperation Time In Ukraine? The Gov't Lies With Fake Photos
Whoa! Orwell's 1984 Comes To Life In Ukraine

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