Summer 2021 (June/July/August)

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Summer 2021

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

The Clot Shot: Last Year Research, Covid A Pathological Blood Coagulation Due To Toxicity, Not A Virus, Which To Date Has Not Been Isolated From A "Covid" Patient, And Perhaps Why Flu And Heart Attack Death Numbers Dropped By Same Number As "Covid" Deaths In 2020, It's The Binding Antibodies And The Spike Proteins
Text/Video Daszak 2016: "Colleagues In China Did The Work," Getting Spike Proteins To Bind To Human Cells, This Is The Gain Of Function That Kills People That Is In The Experimental Injections
Chinese Biowarfare Killing US Troops? More Died From Vax, Now Mandatory, Than From Covid, Is There More To The China-Biden Connection Than We Know?
Is Chinese Professor Right? China Defeating US In Biowar?
Video: FDA Strategies For Vax Approval Have Been Violated By Pfizer, Criminal Charges Can Be Brought Against Them
Video: Take The Time To Watch And Share, The Writing Is On The Wall: Why Are Governments And Corporations Pushing "Vaccines" For The Original SARS-Cov-2 When That Is Long Gone? We Are Dealing With The Mutated Delta Variant Now, The Effect Of The Original Vaxxes Are Waning, They're Failing, The Same As A Flu Shot From The Last Year Or Two Will Not Work On This Season's Flu, And In 6-8 Weeks, Pathologists Say Delta Will Be Gone And The Next Variant Will Pop Up, It's The Nature Of Coronaviruses, Which Is Why After Decades Of Trying There Are No Vaccines For The Common Coronavirus Cold, There Is Real Panic Now About The Danger Zone, The Waning Effect Of The "Vaccines," And The Advent Of ADE When We Will See Massive Deaths Among The Pfizer, Moderna, J&J And AstraZeneca Vaccinated, Hence The ClusterF Scurry To Get Their CYA "Boosters" Before The Cold And Flu Season That Officially Begins In September, But What Are They Boosting Besides Big Pharma Profits?
Video: Doctor Of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Current Vaxxed Have No Protection From The Delta Variant, Immune System Doesn't Recognize it, Vaxxed Have More Severe Reaction Than Unvaxxed To Delta, Which is Why 75-90% Of Hospitalized Cases Of Delta Are In Those Vaxxed, And Vaxxes Don't Prevent Transmission Of Original Covid, While Resulting In injury And Death, So Why Is Getting Vaxxed Needed Now? No Medical Reason
Video: Stupid Covid Hospital Protocols That Can Kill People, Learn To Protect Yourself, Medical Alternatives To Hospitals
University Oxford, Vaxxed Carry 250 Times The Viral Load In Nostrils Than Unvaxxed
Russian Epidemiologist Calls BS On Covid Policy, Vast Majority Of Russians Prefer Being "Vax Stupid" [US Conspiracy Theorists] As Opposed To Being "Vax Dead" [US True Believers] And No Need For Flu Shots As The Flu Has Not Been Observed In Russia Since The Beginning Of 2020, Just Like In The West When You Know Who Showed Up
Iceland Spike In Delta Cases In Line With Science, Original Strain Vaccinations Provide No Protection Against Delta, And Those Vaxxed, 90% In Iceland, Have More Severe Reactions To Delta, Doesn't Bode Well
Iceland's Top Epidemiologist, 90% Covid Vaxxed Not Leading To Herd Immunity As Fauci Claimed, Shots Are The Carrot On A Stick In Front Of The Donkey Pulling The Wagon, Switching To Treatment
Sanity In Denmark, Abolishes All Covid Measures, No Longer Relying On Experimental Injections To Achieve Herd Immunity
At Least Two Countries Have Figured It Out, [Iceland Switching To Treatment] The Vaxxes Are The Problem, Not The Solution
Coroner: BBC Presenter's Death Directly Linked To AstraZeneca Blood Clots
The Moderna Murders, Health Care Worker: 32 People Died Immediately After Moderna Injection, Not Reported In Media
Pfizered Israel, The World Model For Vax, Shows NATURAL IMMUNITY 13X More Effective At Stopping Delta Than Jabs
FDA Approval Process Ignores The Science, Pushes Its Political Population Reduction Agenda
Video: Pfizer 99%+ Graphene Oxide Poison Shot ... Why Pfizered Israel Is A Deteriorating Mess Right Now
Israel's Covid Vax Disaster, The First Two Shots Aren't Working, It's Just The Opposite, But Wasn't 2 Shots Supposed To Get Us Back To Normal? So A 3rd Shot Will Be Necessary To Be Considered Vaxxed, Then What, 4 Shots, 5 Shots, 6 Shots As Scientists Have Identified Thousands Of Variants So Far, The Rabbit Hole Keeps Getting Deeper
At The Top Of The Nuremberg List, Elites Decision, No Public Discussion Allowed, Federal Death Agency Approves Pfizer's Killer Vax As Millions Around The World Injured And Dead, But Here's The Problem, These "Vaccines" Only Offer A Narrow Scope Of Protection, For Very Limited Time Against Original SARS-Cov-2, Which Scientists Tell Us Is Pretty Much Gone Now, They Offer Zero Protection Against The More Infectious Delta Variant, Which Makes All The "Vaxxed" People Unvaxxed When It Comes To Delta, When Asking Are You Vaxxed? We Need To Answer, For The Original Or Delta? So Why Are These Out Of Date Vaccines, Like Last Year's Flu Shots, Being Pushed At Us? Because The True Intent Is Population Reduction
Covid Jab Poison Study: Toxicity Of Graphene Nanoparticles
Medical Article: The Safety Of "Covid-19 Vaccines:" We Should Rethink The Policy ... The Admission, And Now Approval, Without Safety Data, Why? Safety Is Not Their Concern, Just The Opposite
CHEST Journal: Use Of Ivermectin, Lower Mortality In Hospitalized Patients With Covid-19
Journal Of Pharmaceutical Policy And Practice: Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis And Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) Following The Administration Of Coronavirus Vaccines
NE Journal Medicine: Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia After ChAdOx1 nCov-19 Vaccination
Huckster Orwell's Shell Game: The Wholly Disreputable CDC, If You Live 2 Weeks Or More After Jabs, You Are Vaccinated, But If You Die, You Are Counted As "Unvaccinated"
The FDA Lies Get More Complicated
In Theory, These Conspirators Are Not Out To Kill Us, But ...
Myocarditis After Vax
Video: Senior Editor British Medical Journal Skewers FDA For Pfizer Approval
Now That FDA Has Laid Hands On Pfizer Vax, And Spoke To Us With Forked Tongues ... *:-)
Warning: Spike Protein Booster Jabs Can Be Lethal ... Vaxxed Are The Dangerous Ones As Proven Now In Pfizered Israel, One Of Most Vaxxed In The World, Covid Working Group In France "Utterly Panicked"
Not Only Do The Vax Deceivers Lie, They Can't Handle The Truth, So They Ignore The Truth ... Long Awaited Study Shows Unvaxxed Kids Much Healthier Than Vaxxed
New Evidence Of Genocide To International Criminal Court, Crimes Against Humanity
Bill Gates Major Ringleader
Open Corruption And Fraud, These Sorts Of Things Go Unchecked At The End Of Empires
The "Covid Pandemic" Is The 21st Century's Witches Float Experiment, But Everyone's A Witch, Masks Don't Prevent Spread Of Aerosol Borne Viruses, But They Do Cause Hypercapnia, Hypoxia, And Bacterial Pneumonia, PCRs Have Never Been Able To Detect Infections, Lockdowns Killed More Than Covid, And Coughs, Sneezes Carry 30 Feet Or More, 3 Weeks To Flatten Curve, Get Your 2 Shots To Get Back To Normal, Now A Booster Is Needed, Wear Mask Indoors If Vaxxed, How Many Lies Can A Person Swallow?
Witches Float Don't They, Just Like Masks Stop Viral Spread?
The "Pandemic" Numbers Just Don't Add Up, But The Vax Deaths Will
Swiss Police Stand With People
Video: As Aussie State Premier Says "Covid," aka Dictatorial Rules, Heil, Are Permanent ... Abracadabra, She Makes The Rules?
Video: Aussie Truck Drivers Lead Revolt
HW Video: Kids Wearing Masks Is Just Plain Stupid, Diabolical 5G
Typical Maskless Elite Hypocrisy
ICAN: US Hospitals Not Reporting Covid Cases Among The Vaxxed, i.e., Lying By Omission, Challenges CDC, Fauci For Blaming Unvaxxed [A Transparent Deceitful Ploy To Get More People Vaxxed/Killed], Contrary To All The Evidence Reported From Other Countries Who Report 75-90% Hospitalized New Covid Cases Are In The Vaxxed, The Ones Spreading The Deadly Virus Spike Proteins
Evidence And Facts Vs. Lies And Deceit: More People Died From Experimental Injections In 8 Months Than Covid In 18 Months, Yet FDA Will Approve Lethal Injections, What Does This Tell You About The FDA And What's Going On?
Picture Worth A 1000 Words, How Can Any Decent Person Honestly Advocate For Experimental Injections, And Now FDA Set To Approve Them? This Is A War On Humanity
From The "Leopards Don't Change Spots" Dept: Pfizer Fraud
While Alleged Viral Protection From "Vax" Is Failing Around The World, Hence The "Boosters," Scientific Research Paper Shows Robust Natural Immunity Against Mutations Too
3 Ways Ivermectin Fights "Covid-19"
Blame Game, WHO Dunnit?
75-90% New Hospital Covid Cases In Those Vaxxed, 8X Times Greater Chance Dying From Covid If "Vaxxed," Why Do You Think The Population Reduction Evil Powers That Be Are Attacking The "Unvaxxed?"
One of Most "Vaxxed" Country Israel Now In Vax Disaster After Being "Pfizered," Vax Mandate Diabolical
US Law Professor Sues University To Recognize Natural Immunity [How Stupid That This Is Necessary In An Institution Of "Higher Learning"] Gets Exemption From Lethal Injection Mandate
Video: Covid, |ˈkəv id|, noun, A Fake Pandemic, Also A Political Hypocrisy Used To Grease The Skids To A Police State

Suicide Bombings Continue Afghanistan's Woes, But Opens Door To SCO Stepping Up
Video: Biden Afghan Press Address, Sad And Pathetic, How Much Worse Can It Get? Stage Set For Joe To Exit?
Video: If You Harbor Any Doubts About The US Demise, Watch This ...
Last Days Prophecy In The News Isa. 3:12
Video: How Much Worse Can Kamala Get? Extraordinarily Stupid, Foot In Mouth Embarrassment
America Is Crumbling To Its Knees
Allowing Child Sex Trafficking Immigration Into US
Another Benefit For The Taliban, Operating Outside The Western Banking System
Biden Mocks Victorious Taliban Getting Used US Military Weapons, Ha, We Got Some Of Their Most Advanced Stuff :-)
Americans In Kabul Happy To Hear They Are Not Stranded In Afghanistan, Only Trapped :-)
Video: End Of Empire Moments, The US Kabul Klusterf**k Continues, Maybe Then Russia, China, Iran Rounds Up Westerners And Flies Them To Pakistan After The 31st Deadline, Major Foreign Policy Slap
Video: Tony "Caesar Complex Visions Of Glory" Blair Collides With Hard Wall Of Reality, Rebukes Biden Over Withdrawal From Afghanistan
Zionist Israeli Military Pilots Target Damascus Airport Putting Commercial Passengers In Danger While Using Lebanese Airspace
Video: Russia Wants Israeli Missile Attacks On Syria To Stop, As Russia And China Ramping Up Their Presence And Assistance In Syria

* :-) satire, we need intelligent laughter to keep sanity within reach

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: The Pandemic Of Covid Lies And Deceits Summarized: Ivermectin, HCQ Treatment Evidence: It Works, Benefits In Countries Around The World, Governments Denying Citizens Safe Treatment, Instead Killing Them For Big Pharma Profit, PCR Use Is A Scam, Etc.
The Federal Death Agency Fix Is In: Despite Millions of Serious Injuries And Deaths, They Will Give Their Approval To Continue Killing You ... Do You Get It Yet?
President Wanting To Destroy Military? US Soldiers File Lawsuit Against Experimental Injection Mandate, “Army Regulation 40-562 Provides Documented Survivors Of An Infection, A Presumptive Medical Exemption From Vaccination Because Of The Natural Immunity Acquired As A Result Of Having Survived The Infection"
Video: Covid Mass Psychology Illusion To The Point That Intelligent Folks Believe The Lies, 4 Key Conditions
More Than 32,000 Dead In Brazil After Getting Vaxxed, Yeah That Sounds Safe And Effective, So Let's Give It Final Approval
The Lies That Are Killing Your Kids: Covid Deaths Among Children, 1 In 17 Million, Experimental Injections, 1 In 9 Serious Adverse Reaction
Video: Just Say No, Number Of Serious Heart Issues, Massive Blood Clots, Permanent Damage, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Explodes After Jabs ... CDC Issues Black Box Warnings, But This Experimental Injection Is To Be Approved?
French Nobel Prize Winning Virologist: Reject The Experimental Injections, The Statistical Curve Of Death Follows The Statistical Curve Of Experimental Injections, i.e., More Jabs Mean More Deaths
Warning: Spike Protein Booster Jabs Can Be Lethal ... Vaxxed Are The Dangerous Ones As Proven Now In Israel, Most Vaxxed In The World, Covid Working Group In France "Utterly Panicked"
Text/Video: Australian MP Gets Bells Palsy After AstraZeneca Shot
JFK-Worthy: Latter Days Profiles In Courage Amid Vax Induced Covid Outbreak And Death Agenda Administrators
Follow The Herd ... To The Abattoir
It's Not About Your Good Health, Just The Opposite, Effective Covid Treatments Are Illegal While Big Pharma Lethal Injections Okay
Official Text Nuremberg Trials, Vol. 12
COVID WAR Think About This: Historical Evidence CDC VAERS Reports 1% Or Less Of Real World Injuries And Deaths According To Harvard Study, So What Is 12,791 Vax Deaths 1% Or Less Of ... 12,791 X 100 = ? More Than Combined US Dead From WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, And Afghan Wars That Span More Than A Century, This In Only 8+ Months, And This Is Only The US Numbers, Why Are People So Apathetic, Why Are These Injections Criminals Still Walking Free?
The Big Pharma-Government Criminal Code Of Silence Surrounding The Real Injury And Death Numbers From The Experimental injections
Covid Adverse Reactions Resource Site
Gates And China Propaganda Partnership
Texas Supreme Court Halts Mask Mandates
All PCR Positives Meaningless, Lockdowns No Scientific Basis, Marxist Agenda
What's With These Western Governments Building Concentration Camp Sheep Pens? US, Canada, Australia All This For An Illness With A 99.7+% Survival Rate, Marxist Gulag?
If "Covid" Was Medical And Science Based, Not Political and Economic, It Would Have Been Long Gone By Now
57 Top Doctors And Scientists ... Stop The Experimental Injections Immediately, But 3 Months On Governments Still Pushing Lethal Injections
Fairy Tales Can Come True, They Can Happen To You ... 18 Months And Counting With "Covid-19"
Video: We Need To Realize The Experimental Injections Are Designed To Kill, Life Is In The Blood And So Is Death
Video: Former Pfizer Tech Analyst Confirms Presence Of Toxin In Experimental Injections
Video: Vax Induced Blood Sludge, aka Clot Shot
Pathogenic Priming, Why Your Life Is In Danger If You've Been Experimentally Injected
The Epidemic Of False Pretenses, The 10 Most Popular Covid Lies
India's Delta Variant Killer: Overwhelming Success With Ivermectin, West Media Blackout
Video: Covid-19 Vax Bioweapon Global Genocidal Event ... Death Tsunami As Billions Of Vaxxed Expected To Die
Political Coercion Central: When Only The Vaxxed Can Fly, Spreading The Mutant Viral Spike Proteins Far And Wide, And They Start Dropping Dead On Flights (Pilots, Flight Attendants Too), Where Will The Airlines Get New Passengers, Flight Attendants, Pilots? And As Only About Half Of US Vaxxed, Expect Airlines To Go Out Of Business Or Big Increase In Rates
Another Fully Vaxxed Covid Death, Flight Attendant, Remind Us Again Why We Should Get "Covid Vax"
From The "Doing The Same Things Over And Expecting Different Results, aka Failure" Dept: Israel Covid Cases Continue To Rise Even After THIRD Shot ... As Experimental Injections Don't Prevent Transmission Of Covid According To WHO, CDC, How Many Experimental Shots Are Needed To Prevent Transmission? None, Use Ivermectin
Experimental Injection's Lethal Spike Protein, The Trojan Horse Killer
Why Do The Evil Princes Have Such Long Noses, Pinocchio?
Pfizer Does Not Mandate Vax For Employees, But Need To Get Useless PCR Tests, And For Those With Natural Immunity?

Why Is US Deliberately Being Destroyed From Within? Not To Mention Vaxxing Military, Health Workers, Etc. 
Video: Afghanistan, 20 Years Of Lies And Failure, A Trillion Dollars Down The Drain, US Disintegrating
Video: Afghanistan, A Tale Of Two Exits
Russia Has Prepared Relations With Taliban For Past 7 Years, US And West Poor Losers, Eating Sour Grapes And Licking Their Wounds
Video: Humiliating Kabul Exit, SNAFU, Crumbling Of America And The West, Reaping The Fruit Of Their Actions
Video: Empire Of The Clowns, Another Disgraceful, Pathetic Exit After US Debacle
From The "I Believe They Have A Point" Dept: Afghan Taliban LOL, Transgender Stuff Left Behind By US, "Praising Boys Dressing Up Like Girls, No Wonder They Couldn't Win A War Against Us!" :-)*
Biden Demands That The President Step Forward And Take Full Responsibility For Afghan Mess :-)
Mysterious Infertility Crisis Among Transgender Women Has Health Officials Baffled :-)
Zionists Keep The Middle East Fire Burning, Those Who Run US Foreign Policy
Video: US Afghanistan Exit, "The Most High Rules In The Kingdom Of Men, And Gives It To Whomever He Will, And Sets Over It The Lowest Of Men”
Video: Biden Team Hollywood Outs CIA At Doha Station, Abandons Citizens In Afghanistan
Biden & Co. Are Quickly Turning Uncle Sam US Into Uncle Joe Soviet Union
Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Names Will Never Hurt Me ... 2 Billion Year Old Rock Is Racist, But What Will These Morons Do When Someone Refers To Their Campus In The Same Language, The Entire Earth?
Video: Wow, US Backed Kabul Government Gone, Afghanistan Now The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan
Blind Leading The Blind aka US Foreign Policy
US, Not Learning From History, Faces Another Saigon Exit Moment
No Wonder They've Destroyed So Much Of US In Such A Short Time, The Liars Can't Even Recognize And Admit The Truth When Facing The Visual Evidence, Believing Their Own Lies
Video: Rumble And Locals Join To Fight Youtube Censorship
US Vs. China In Brazil

* :-) satire, we need intelligent laughter to keep sanity within reach

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: The Sea Of Lies, Watch At Least First Hour, Docs Around The World Are Saying The Same Thing, The Vaxxes Are Not Working, There Is Nothing We Can Do To Stop It, We Need To Let The Virus Run Its Natural Course For Herd Immunity, Only Now The Variants Are More Infectious, Exactly As We Were Told A Year Ago Before All The Vax Injuries And Deaths
Plausible, Not Surprising, But Need The Direct Evidence
Report: Head Of WHO Investigation Team Claims China Ordered Them What To Write Concerning Origin Of Covid
How Russia Squashed Vax Passports In Just 3 Weeks, United People Power, And Anyone Can Do It
Big Question Of The Day: "If The Covid-19 Vaccines Work, Then Why Are Covid Deaths 44% Higher Than This Time Last Year, And Why Are 75% Of Those Deaths In Vaccinated People?" Answer: They Work As Intended, Think About It
Another Case Of AstraZeneca Clotting Death
Lawsuit Filed Against Mandatory Hawaii Experimental Injections, How Can At Least 45,000 Dead Within 3 Days Of These Injections Be Considered "Safe And Effective?" Especially When Vaxxes Are Failing Dramatically Worldwide, Obviously No Informed Consent, No Death Penalty In Hawaii, Unsuccessful In 15 Attempts, Yet Governor Ige Is Insisting On Proven Lethal Injections
Their Lies About The Experimental Injections Are Out In The Open
Letter To Vax Mandate CEO
So Don't Patronize Companies Who Mandate Vax ... Can Start With ...
24 Memes
New UK Covid Cases Drop Big Time After Lockdown Lifted
Beijing Candidate? Biden's Plan As Commander In Chief To Kill Off US Soldiers, Will The Top Brass Allow It?
The Evil Fox In The Chicken Coop
EU Investigation Into Experimental Injection Side Effects
Caribbean Protests Against Governmental Covid Tyranny
Another Caribbean Country Protests Uninformed Government Policies
Video: Correct, Deliberate Gain Of Function Poison In Experimental Injections
Video: Mother Has Seizure After Experimental Injection While Driving With Her Kids In The Car, Elites Don't Care, They Just Keep Pushing The Pedal To The Metal With Their Destruction
Two Killed As Vaxxed Bus Driver Dies Behind The Wheel
Elites Killing California, US Breadbasket
Nazi War Crimes Behavior, Child Assaulted And Forcibly Injected With The Covid Poison
If You Are Pregnant, Read This Before Any Injection
Living In The Garden Of Truth Video: Why We Can't Get Rid Of Coronaviruses, Can't Be Done, No Vaccines For Any Of Them Despite Decades Of Effort, Same Applies To This One, Masks Don't Stop Viral Spread According To NIH, CDC  Studies, They Ignore The Science They Paid To Have Done ... Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement Makes Experimental Injections Work The Wrong Way, Worse Than No Vax, Vaxxed Make And Spread Viruses/Variants, And BTW, Ivermectin Treatment Works
Dying In The Desolate Land Of Lies: The Medical Experiment Shots Are Designed To Kill, Gates Depopulation Agenda Using "Vaccines," As We've Witnessed Already, They Will Use Any Lies Or Coercion To Commit Crimes Against Humanity,  So US President, In Direct Violation Of Nuremberg Code Championed By The US After WW2, Threatens US Institutions With Fiscal Tyranny, But There Will Be A Tipping In The Other Direction According To The Prophecies
Danger Of Blood Clot Death Known, But Ignored And Buried, Still Known But The Vax Push Continues
... That's Why It's Called Genocide
Another One Of Those Coincidental Loud Pro-Vax Pfizer Deaths, Ever Notice, Though, How In The Mainstream Media No Pro-Vaxxer Ever Dies Of An Injection, Now That Is A Coincidence
German Chief Patholigist Sounds Alarm Over Autopsy Findings Of Vaxxed, Shakes Up The Establishment Over Implications
Flat Out Lies, So Move The Goal Posts To Keep Agenda Moving: CDC/FDA Admit To Not Having A Virus When Using PCR, Which Was Shipped Worldwide As Covid-19 Test Kit In 2017
WHO, WTO Shipped Covid-19 Test Kits Worldwide In 2017
While Experimental Gene Modification Shots Lose Any Value At Protection, The Vax Reaper's Long Term Effects Of Injury And Death Persists According To Scientists
3 Major US Airlines: No Mandatory Shots
Enlightened Swiss Police Threaten To Stop Enforcing Covid Rules
San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs Threaten To Resign Over Mandatory Covid Medical Experiment
Text/Video: The Blatant Hypocrisy Of The "Sophisticated" Elite, Who Apparently Are Not Able To Spread Covid Variants, Could That Be Because They Are Not Vaxxed As Advertised, Like Moderna's CEO?
Curses And Death Lesson: The Elites Don't Care About You, You Are Cannon Fodder, Trash To Be Thrown Out
An Anti-Covid Drug That Helps Against Effects Of The Experimental Injections
No Lockdown Countries Doing Much Better Than Lockdown Countries
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Dept., And These People Are Teaching Your Children!? Let's See, Experimentally Injected, aka Vaxxed People, 1- Produce, And 2- Spread The More Infectious Covid Virus Variants, 3- So More Vaxxed People Means, A- Less Covid Infections, Or B- More Covid Infections, Teacher's Solution? Throw More Gas On The Fire, Require "Vaccinations," And This Just Before School Starts, What A Coincidence! ... Not
Hey, Teachers, Here's A Homework Assignment For You: Isolated Vaxxed People On Board A Ship Experiencing A Covid Outbreak, Q: How Is This Possible? A: The Vaxxed Are Producing The Viruses And Spreading Them As The Scientists Told Us Early This Year, The Mutations Have Evaded The Original Protection By The Experimental Injections, So The More Infectious Variants Make Them Sick, It's The Science, The Face Diapers Do No Good Either, Plus The Viruses Are In The Sweat Too, What's Next? Body Masks?
Hey, Teachers, How Is This Possible? Vaxxed Account For 85-90% Of Covid Hospitalizations In Massively Vaxxed Israel ... That Means The Unvaxxed Account For ... Do The Math, 100% Minus 85-90% = X
Pretty Much Same Story In Iceland, What Will It Take For People To Think And Recognize The Empirical Science, So-Called "Vaccines" Are Causing Folks To Produce More Infectious Versions Of Covid?
It's The Gain Of Function Spike Proteins In The Experimental Injections That Are Killing People, No SARS-Cov-2 Isolated, Which Is Why The Number Of Original "Covid" Deaths Reported Were Equal To The Drop In Heart Attack And Influenza Deaths In 2020, Overall Deaths From All Causes Remained Unchanged, Bait And Switiched, PCR Covid-19 Test Kits Shipped Worldwide In 2017 By WTO, WHO
Murder, Inc.: UK's NHS
Video: Florida Governor Blasts Biden's Medical Gulag
US Senator Rand Paul Calls Out Government's Covid Tyranny
The Real Pandemic Is Lies Of The Elites: When Truth, Empirical Science Becomes Labelled As Negative Misinformation, Result Court Cases And Stronger Words Of Truth
Video: $500 TRILLION Dollar Lawsuit Against US Imposter Government
Lockdowns Killed More Than Original Covid, Kills Businesses, PCR Tests Cannot And Never Have Been Able To Detect Infections, Covid Or Otherwise, And Masks Do Not Prevent Spread Of Aerosol Spread Viruses, Where Is The Intelligent Leadership?
Norway Health Chief: Covid Gone There, Greater Risk Of Death From AstraZeneca Experimental Injection Than From Covid
"Vaccine" Passports Are Medically Useless ... But Politically
Vaxxed Account For 85-90% Of Covid Hospitalizations In Massively Vaxxed Israel, None Of This Would Happen If Treated With Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin D
Covid's Propaganda Pandemic
Hypocrisy Of The Elites While They Pluck The Flesh Off Your Bones
Now Here's A News Flash For You, CDC Admits Experimental Injections Are Failing To Provide Immunity, Vaxxed Are Super-Spreaders Of Variants (Guess That Means They're What? "Safe And Effective?"), Funny How The Top Virologists And Scientists Told Us Very Early This Year This Would Happen, The Solution? Put Back On The Bacterial Pneumonia Inducing Face Diapers That Didn't Work Last Year
Moderna Wants To Give You A Third "Back To Normal" Shot To Keep You From Dying Of Their First Two Shots ... Yeah, That Sounds Like A Plan
Guess What? It's The Ivermectin Treatment That's Safe And Effective Not The Experimental Shot's Vax Reaper That Has Injured And Killed Millions So Far, So Why Are Governments Still Pushing The Medical Experiment On Their Citizens?
Ivermectin Treatment For Less Than $1 A Day
Covid Experimental Injection Adverse Reactions Site ... Remember, First And Foremost, These Are Experiments, Not Vaccines, Stop Calling Them That, It Feeds Into Their Narrative, Even The Manufacturers Don't Describe Them As Vaccines, So The Simplistic Labels Pro-Vax Or Anti-Vax Do Not Apply To These Experimental Gene Technology Shots, If You Look To The Government And Big Pharma For Help, Forget It, They're The Ones Who Are Injuring And Killing People, Need To Realize This Is Biowarfare, And You Are The Enemy Suffering Casualties Not Them, They Don't Help The Enemy's Wounded, And The Sooner This Lesson Is Learned, The Sooner The Tide Will Change
Video: How To Get Rid Of Lupus, And Covid Intentional Medical Fauci-cide
According To The Box Of Kid's Face Masks, They Cause Cancer
Video: Time To Free America

Video: First The Covid, Now The Famine
Who's Behind The Big Push To Marxism In The West ... NWO
Beware Of Military Drills In US, Followed By Big False Flag Ops, Remember Las Vegas Worst Mass Shooting In US History Now Long Forgotten
The Taliban Plan For Afghans
US Is A Master Of Destruction, Both Foreign And Domestic, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine et al, Now Afghanistan Joins The List
Video: VP Harris To Vietnam, "America Is Back," ... Hide The Women And Kids, A Sick Diplomatic Joke?
Video: The Sun Has Set On The British Empire, Although Some Brits Haven't Figured It Out Yet, Meanwhile It's Full Speed Ahead As US Is Sailing Towards That Same Sunset
Syria Back To Obama Days As Terrorists Occupy Deraa Again

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Driving The Herd Into The Pen, The Killing Of The Mind, Mass Psychosis, The Fruit of Lies
Video From The Horses Mouth: For All You True Believers, This Covid-19 Hoax Is A Trojan Horse
Video: What You Can Do To Get Graphene Oxide Out Of Your Body After Jabs
Video: Courts Are The People's Last Defense Against Tyranny Before Revolution, Another Reason Why China Is So Confident The West Will Fall From It's Own Decay a la Rome
Video: Back In December 2020 The Irish Government Admitted Covid A Hoax, A Scam, So Why Is This Still An Issue?
Video: Banned On The Autobahn, The German Variant: You Know It's A Scam When Your BMW Tests Positive For Covid And Is Locked In The Garage For Two Weeks, But How Do You Get It Vaxxed So It Can Travel?
From The "Bait And Switch War" Dept: Remember in 2020 When All The Covid Cases And Deaths Were Reported, But At The Same Time Influenza And Heart Attack Deaths Disappeared, By Almost The Exact Same Number, Well ...
China's Biowarfare Continues, Send Billions Of Experimental Injections Around The World, But Not A Word About Treatment That Saves Lives Rather Than Seriously Injuring And Killing People, Women In 3rd World Countries Experiencing Lumps In Breasts After Injections According To Treating Physicians As The Vax Push Continues
Big Pharma B$ Or Rule Of Law: ICAN Responds To US DOJ's Politically Expedient And Wrongful Conclusion Regarding "Section 564 of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), codified at 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3"
ICAN's Letter To US DOJ
Killing For Corporate Profit: Infant Vax
German Chief Patholigist Sounds Alarm Over Autopsy Findings Of Vaxxed
Late To The Party Fauci, "Vaccinated" Spread More Infectious Mutations Of The Virus, But Hey Push The Lethal Injections, Let Them Roam Free Spreading Infections As They Go, What Possibly Could Go Wrong!? Whatever Happened To Natural Immunity, Herd Immunity?
Video: Canada Court Rules No Material Evidence Covid-19 Exists, Alberta, Canada, All Covid Restrictions Lifted, The Court Docs Lists "The Crown, Her Majesty The QUEEN Vs. Patrick KING, This Means The Court Ruling Should Apply To All The Queen's Subjects, She Is The Head Of State In All The Commonwealth Countries
Video: You've Probably Heard About The Deadly Delta Variant, One Problem, Test Providers Admit They Don't Have A Test To Detect A Delta Variant, No Test For Any Variants, So How Do They Know?
Meanwhile, Serious Injury In Millions And Deaths From The Experimental Injections Continue To Accelerate In Europe
Simple Simon's One Size Fits All Echo Chamber: Elites Media Troll Farms Churn Out Their Favorite Product, LIES
FDA Planning Booster Shots, Whatever Ever Happened To Flatten The Curve In Three Weeks, Get Jabbed And Life Will Get Back To Normal, Well Except For Those Seriously Injured And Dead, Which Continue To Mount Daily, But Now We Are Told We Need A Third Shot In Less Than A Year To Stay Safe, But Weren't The First Two Shots "Safe And Effective," But Now They're Not ... It's All A Pack Of Lies, This Is Domestic Warfare, So When's The Next Fake Lockdown? Just Before School? Want Your Kids To Go To School? Get Your Lethal Jabs
Thin The Herd, Doing Same Things Over Again And Expecting Different Results: Britain, Germany Start On Third Dose Of Experimental Injections In 7 Months, While Injuries And Deaths From "Vaccines" Continue To Mount
Demand For Experimental Injections Falling, Government Says About 50% US Vaxxed, And Say The Number Of Deaths Are Low, But Likely Both Numbers Are Way Off, Injected Likely Far Less And Serious Injury And Deaths Vastly Underreported, Recently CDC Slashed The VAERS Death Number In Half, From Over 12,000 To 6,000 Or So, But Even At That Historical VAERS Numbers Of 1% Or Less Reported In Real World Would Indicate 600,000 Dead, How Many People Do You Know Who Know Of Someone Dead From Vax Or Serious Injury But Haven't Heard A Peep About In The Media, From Personal Experience, A Seriously Disabled Doctor Had Two Private Practice 2nd Opinion Docs Tell Him He Had A Vax Injury, While The Public Health Docs He Saw Admitted They Were Not Allowed To Say That
FDA Agrees Placebo Control Groups Are Critical, But Does Nothing As They Get Vaccinated, Thereby Destroying Any Semblence Of A Scientific Study, Meaning They Just Want Everyone Vaxxed Regardless
The Zombie Cult Of The Vaxxed: Have You Been Vaccinated? Have You Been Vaccinated? Have You Been Vaccinated?
Illegal For US Universities To Mandate Experimental Injections, Applies To Corporations et al
Covid Death Rate Now 8X Higher, Last Month Was 6X Higher, Among Fully Injected People Versus "Unvaxxed"
FDA Slideshow Listed Myocarditis, Seizures And Death Plus Host Of Others As Side Effects To Vax, October 2020, Wasn't Halted By Trump, Its Use Continues To Be Pushed By Biden Administration
Ditch The Twits: The Twitterverse Doesn't Want You To Know Anything, Even The Truth From Pfizer Experimental Injection Showing It's No Better Than A Placebo At Preventing Covid Death
Send A Telegram And Hasta La Vista Twits
5 Docs Video: Ludicrous Absurdities Of Covid, Gender Agenda, Mandating Fully Vaxxed Military, Health Workers, While Chinese Military Presence In Canada, Mexico
A Servant Of The People Or The Other Way Around? Amazing After Earning $3.2 Million In Office For 8 Years And A Few Book/Video Deals, A Politician Can Purchase A 29 Acre Waterfront Property With Mansion, So How Has Covid Been Treating You?
Courts Are Last Defense Against Tyranny Before Revolution: Not Only Has UK Become A Second Rate Power, Its Justice System Has Become A Hypocritical Banana Republic, And They Criticize China?!
Video: German Government As Bad As All The Others In The West With Covid Lies And Harm Done To Their Citizens
More US States Block Mandatory Mask/Vax Put In Place By Schools
Experimental Vax Causing First Trimester Miscarriages At Alarming Rate
Predictions: Civilization Ending Cataclysmic Event And Tsunami Of Covid Vax Mandate Lawsuits

Ditch The Twits, CIA, Reuters
Get A Telegram
Iran: Trusting The Western Governments Doesn't Work ... Just Ask The American People, The French, The English, The Italians, The Canadians etc. "3 Weeks To Flatten The Curve"
Video: China-Russia Overtly Becoming Military Allies, Everyday US And West Fall Further Behind, Destroying Themselves From Within With Covid Vax Idiocy, Potential For War, Dan. 11:44, 45
What Is The US To Do With Taiwan, And What Is Taiwan To Do With The US?
China's Wolf Warriors, See US And West In Irreversible State Of Decline (They're Correct On This Point According To The Prophecies), So No Need To Make Friends
China Upgrades Their Nuclear Military Force Towards First Strike Capability, A Game US Can't Afford To Play
The Taliban Go To China, But Can Humpty Dumpty Be Put Back Together? 
UK Carrier Strike Group Leaves South China Sea After Strong Warning From China
Biden's War On America
US Arizona Ballot Investigation Shows Enough Fraudulent Biden Ballots To Give Trump The Win

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Former Pfizer Technical Analyst Confirms Presence Of Poison, Trade Secret Graphene Oxide In Their Experimental Injections Now In The Vaxxed, Proof Of Gain Of Function, Bioweapon Warfare, Coordinated Genocide, Vax Mandates Not Legal Or Enforceable, Entire Vax Program Totally Illegal, The Information And Documentation Is Out Of The Closet, But It Will Not Stop Until These Evil People Are Stopped Because They Have No Intention Of Stopping No Matter The Illegality Or Medical Information That's Out
The Old Garden Of Eden Conundrum, Truth Versus Deadly Lies Video: The Evidence Shoots Down The Stupid Lie That Healthy People Spread Delta Variant Because The Elite's Goal Is To Get Everyone Injected With Their Poison Regardless Of The Stories They Make Up, And They Can Get Enough Stupid People To Repeat Their Lies, That Is Until They Start Dying This Winter, Then They Will Have To Get More Stupid People To Lie For Them, For Example Who's To Blame, A Drunk Driver Who Has A Toxic Substance, Alcohol, In Their Body For Driving Into A Tree ...The Tree (Unvaxxed) Or The Drunk Driver (Vaxxed)? The Drunk Will Blame The Tree, So Who Is Mutating And Spreading Viruses, Those Injected With Viruses, Or Those With No Injected Viruses? The Vaxxed Toxic Variant Spreaders Have No Right To Infect Healthy People, Time To Turn The Lies Back On Them ... Stand Up And Speak Up
The Death Of Freedom Is Based In Fear, Fear Of A Fake Pandemic No Less
Video: Fauci, Moderna And Political Corruption, RFK, Jr., Dr. David Martin
Video: For Intelligent People Only, Getting Ahead Of The Curve
To Vax Or Not To Vax: The Scientists Warned This Would Happen As A Result Of The Mass Experimental Injections, 74% New Covid Infections In Massachusetts Are With Fully Vaxxed People, This Story Is The Same In Israel, Singapore, Gibraltar, UK And Other Countries, Ivermectin Has Shown To Drop Number Of Infections Dramatically, 85-90+%, As Evidenced In India, Yet Governments Pushing Agenda Full Speed Ahead Regardless
From Ripley's Believe It Or Don't: Covid Outbreak On UK Navy Flagship, Where ALL Crew Have Been Double Jabbed ... And Locked Down, i.e., Isolated From Outside Influence (Unvaxxed) While At Sea, Again As Scientists Have Warned, More Infectious (Variant) Spike In Covid Would Occur With Those Injected, So, Best Way To Ensure Virus/Spike Proteins Can Mutate And Spread Is To Get Jabbed, Which Real World Empirical And Scientific Evidence Is Showing Us Daily, But This Undeniable Fact Doesn't Stop The Psy-Op Health Ministry Liars And Their Brain Dead Minions Pushing The Poison, Are They Trying To Protect Us Or Kill Us?
Another Example Of The Trouble With Lying About These Experimental Injections, Making Up The Rules To Fit Their Deceits, Their Goals Remain Unchanged, But The Stories Keep Changing, Making No Sense To The Point Of Being Contradictory From One Liar To The Next, One Month To The Next, CDC: "Vaccines (CDC Hasn't Figured Out They're Still Not Vaccines, False Representation Of A Drug) Remain (?) Highly Effective At Preventing Severe Disease (?, Despite Millions With Severe Lifelong Adverse Reactions Requiring Hospitalization And No Insurance Coverage Medical Bills, What? Oh, Those Are Conditions Not Diseases, Well That Should Make The Victims Feel Better), No Matter The Variant" (Even Though The Science, Including Autopsies, Is Showing Us The Mutant Viruses, Variants, Now Have Eluded The Immunity Of The Vaccines, aka Viral Immune Escape, Which Is Another Way Of Saying, The Experimental Injections Offer No Protection, And Can Kill You Before You Have A Chance To Get A Serious Disease, But At The End Of The Day They Can't Bring Themselves Around To The Truth About These Lethal Injections Because Their End Goal Is To Kill Us, So Evil Politicians And Health Officials Hide Behind Orwellian Doublespeak
Good News For Those Fully Participated In The Medical Experiment, According To UK Public Health Data, You're Only 1540% More Likely To Die From Covid Than Unvaxxed, So Time To Join The Herd You Unvaxxed ... Now You Know Why Governments And Corporations Are Pushing The Experimental Injections, Oh BTW Your Medical Insurance Will Not Cover Your Associated Med Expenses, Something About Being A Volunteer In A Medical Experiment I Think, So They Take Your Last Dollar For Medical Expenses Just As You Die, Brilliant, Absolutely Brilliant, And Yes This Is Sarcasm
One More Step In Their Plan: CDC's Morbid Idea Of Camping, Moving Infected, Which They Caused Through Gain Of Function  Vax, Into Internment Camps
Same Nest, Different Birds
In Case You Missed It, Autopsied Body Of Experimental Injection Victim Had Deadly, Gain Of Function Spike Proteins From Pfizer Vax In All His Organs
Same Story Worldwide As In Singapore, Where 75% New Covid Cases In Vaxxed People, When Will People Wake Up To The Fact That These Experimental Injections Are Making Each Person A Gain Of Function Spike Protein Factory Producing The More Highly Infectious Variants, The More That Get Vaxxed, The Worse The Problem, Duh ... Well, Until They All Die, Making Bill Gates A Happy Camper
Never Saw A Vaccine Like This Before? Well, Probably Because It's Not A Vaccine, It's An Experimental Gene Modification Injection With Poisons In It, When Will People Realize We Are In The Midst Of A Genocide? Time To Act On The Truth
Video: The Experimental Injections Cause Virus To Be More Dangerous ... Mutations In Injected People Causing The Variants They Spread, Again As We Were Warned About By Scientists
If Parents Don't Stand Up For Their Own Children, Who Will? The Government That's Trying To Kill Them?
Study: Exactly As The Evidence-Based Scientists Have Been Telling Us Would Happen, "The Mutant Virus Now Has Eluded The Immunity Of The Vaccines," i.e., The Specific Virus Injected Into You Is Useless, And The Sub-Optimal Dose, Which Causes Your Body To Exert Genetic Pressure On It, Mutating The Virus And Spreading It [Viral Immune Escape] In A Matter Of Months Too, But Not Eluded The Immune System Of Those Who Still Have Their Broad Spectrum Natural Immunity ["The UnVaxxed"], And The "Vaxxed" People's Innate Immune System Is Compromised Now As Well, In Medical Parlance, You're A Sitting Duck For Infections And The Next Phase, ADE, According To The Evidence-Based Scientists Who Have Been Spot On So Far
Video: Again, Here's The Scientific Explanation For The Spike In Infections Taking Place Currently With The Vaxxed, And Why The Shots Are Becoming Useless In Terms Of Our Good Health, Which We Were Warned About Months Ago In This Video, This Is Just The Beginning, And The Next Phase Is Massive Deaths, Mass Experimental Injections Turning Virus Into Huge Global Gain Of Function Laboratory, Creating An Increasingly Runaway Killer Unless Stopped Immediately, But We Are Fast Approaching The "Too Late" Red Line Moment
Not Tolerating The Lies Anymore: Tunisia Government Toppled After Covid-19 Protests
People Sick And Tired Of Government Covid Tyranny: Massive Protests After New Serbia Lockdown Announced
Why Does The Hare Of Lies Come Out the Gate At Warp Speed, But The Tortoise Of Truth Takes So Long As UK MP Blisters Government About Lockdowns As Social Control, Detrimental To Health, And Vax Produced Covid Injuring And Killing More Than A Year Ago, Plain To See The Public Health Officials Have Screwed Up Bigtime
UK Media Host Offered Bribe By Government To Push Covid/Vax Agenda
If You've Ever Gone Fishing, You Know There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, Ask The Fish You Ate For Dinner
Let's See, Big Pharma, Big Government Public Health And Big Media/Tech All Working Together To Kill You Via Lethal Injection, BTW, What Happened To That Old Fashioned Notion Of Keeping People Healthy?
Truth Exists, Lies Are Invented, Repeatedly: The Time Has Come For Big Pharma, Government And Mass Media To PROVE Their Propaganda Claims These Experimental Gene Modification Injections Are "Safe And Effective" In The Face Of The Fact That They Have Killed More People In 7 Months Than All Vaccines Combined In History, Killed More In US So Far Than Entire Vietnam War, So The Elites Take Safe And Effective To Mean They Kill You, Not Us
Video: Creator Of mRNA Vax Technology Tells It Straight: These Experimental Injections Do Not Stop Spread Of Covid, Does Not Help Establish Herd Immunity, And Injected Vaxxed People Have Created The Variants, Which Is Where Spike In Infectious Covid Cases Originate, Not With The Unvaccinated
The Experimental Gene Technology Injections Are Killer "Vaccines," As UK Health Service Says Vaxxed 6X More Chance Dying From Covid Than Those Not Experimentally Injected, Why? They Still Have Their Innate Immune System Intact
Corona Virus MUTATES Too Fast For Any "Vax" To Be Effective (Which Is Why We Don't Have A Vax For Any Corona Virus After Decades Of Trying), And Now The Covid Lies Are Bearing Fruit: More Covid Deaths In UK AFTER Mass Experimental Injections Than 2020 Covid Peak, Yet The "Vax Are Safe And Effective" Liars Still Beating The Drums In Face Of Contrary Real World Evidence
Gibraltar, Within 2.5 Months Of Mass Vax, They Have An 80% Rate Of Covid Infection Among Those Medically Experimented On, Now That's "Safe And Effective" For You, And Later This Year They Will Have A Very High Death Rate Among Vaxxed Due To Pathogenic Priming, Again, Exactly As The Scientists Have Warned Would Happen With These Experimental Gene Injections
Video: Fauci's First Fraud HIV-AIDS ... Both Have Immune System Evading Spike Proteins
Smoking Gun NIH 2014: "Scientists illuminated the movement and complete structure of the spikes that the HIV virus uses to bind to the cells it infects ... A major target for potential HIV vaccines is a spike-shaped virus protein known as Env ... Env can evade immune system attack," Which Means They Knew At Least 7 Years Ago They Could Use A HIV Spike Protein To Avoid And Attack Our Innate Immune System Protection And Infect Our Body's Cells
2016 Daszak: " ... The Process Of “Insert[ing] Spike Proteins” Into Viruses To See If They Can “Bind To Human Cells," The Very Definition Of Gain Of Function
Aussie Protesters Stand Up Against More Government Lockdowns, Covid Police
Updates Worldwide Freedom Rally
Video: More Updates
Video: Sacre Bleu, Merde Manger! Elysee Palace Sprayed With Poo
France's Republic Guard ALL Quit, Will No Longer Protect Macron, Guess He Should Check To Make Sure His Doors And Windows Are Locked Before Going To Sleep
Warp Speed Lying To Kill Americans
Lying Joe Biden, Traitor To The Oath Of Office Or Is This The BEST Of His Ability?
From The "Not All Of Us Are Stupid Just Because You NY Media Folks Think So" Dept: WSJ Editorial Board Tasked With Putting Out Blatant Lies About Natural Immunity, Contrary To Thousands Of Years Of PROVEN Human Biology Immune Response, Not To Mention Jr. High School Level Biology Classes, Trying To Blame Anything And Everything Else For The Covid Vaxxed Variant Induced Pandemic We Have Now
Pathogenic Priming, Blood Sludge, Why Your Life Is In Danger If You've Been Experimentally Injected
Said The Spider To The Fly: Don't You Know Only Our Experimental Injections Work Against Our Man-Made Pandemic?
FDA Recall Antigen Tests
CDC Fraudulent Use Of PCR For Covid Infections, But Will Keep It In Use Until End Of The Year, Yeah, That Makes Sense
Just As PCR Testing Has Been Widely Debunked For Use In Detecting "Covid-19," CDC Keeps The Ball Rolling Along By Switching To Something Else, Still A Fraud
Yale Doctor Calls Out CDC For Large Scale Medical Fraud
Graphene Oxide In mRNA Lethal Injections ... Ample Medical Evidence To Stop Injections Immediately, Watch Governments Response, Their Actions Versus Their Lies
From The "Mixed Metaphor Putting The Ball In Their Court To Give Them Enough Rope To Hang Themselves" Dept: US Senator Rand Paul Sends Criminal Referral To Justice (?) Department, Fauci Lying To Congress About Covid Gain Of Function
Video: Deja Vu 2009, Attempt Then Same As Covid Scam Now
The Past 100 Years Of Eugenics ... The Same Evil Families
Video: Tragedy And Hope
On The Shores Of An America That Once Was
Documentary Video: The Dimming, Geo-Engineered Climate Cover-Up, More Experiments On Humanity ... Unless Those Days Be Shortened

Video: Biden's Admin US Readout Of Sherman Meeting In China Starts Off With A Flat Out Lie ... Therefore, All Statements By US Thereafter Would Need To Be Construed As Lies As Well, US Pushed Their Rules Based International Order, But If China And Russia Made The Rules Would US Go Along? Didn't Think So, Desperate US Increasingly In An Inferior Position
Video, Historic Declaration: After Meeting With US Envoy, China Gets Out In Front Of The US Narrative, Brands US As Adversary, Uses Strong Language, Tells US What It Needs To Do To Change Their New Status, US Hegemon Days Are Gone (So Much For Your NWO, Klaus, Here Comes Xi), All This In 7 Months Of Biden Presidency ... Do They Have Something On Biden To Come Out With Such Confidence, Something That Could Bring Down His Presidency?
From The "Embarrassing And Pathetic" Dept: While UK PM Insists On Killing His Own Citizens By Pushing The Experimental Gene Injections That Have Injured And Killed Millions Worldwide, He Sends His All-Jabbed Carrier Fleet, Including The HMS Fragrant Stain (aka Defender, Of Russian Humiliation) Who Are Suffering From A Vax Induced Shipademic, To Show The World, Once And For All, How Far The British Empire Has Fallen From Grace
Zionist Israel And Turkey Keep The Fires Burning In Syria
This Is US Foreign Policy: The Order Of The Empty Jockstraps [Caution, Adult Content]
Video: A Real World Example Of US Foreign Policy
Zionist Apartheid Ice Cream Wars
US Pullout Of Afghanistan Means Continued Bombing Of Taliban, Just From Further Away
US Effort To Insert Itself Into The Eurasian Equation

Weekend Video: It's Getting Bigger And Stronger, Millions Protest, Italy, France, UK, Japan And In Other Countries Worldwide Against The Lies Of Experimental Injections, "Vaccine Passports"
Weekend Video 2: The Science Is Out In The Open, 500,000 US Deaths From Jabs, PCRs 100% False Positives, Cannot Detect Infections Just As Nobel Laureate Inventor Said, Singapore Drops All Covid Related Restrictions, Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity Lawsuits Being Brought In Several Major Countries

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Proof These Are Premeditated Killer Injections, Time To Collect Gates, Fauci, Rockefellers, Pharma CEOs et al, These Jabs Are Destroying The Body's Blood ... Photos, Viewer Discretion Is Advised, If You Are Clot Shotted, Might Not Want To Look, This Is Why The Presidents, Prime Ministers And Public Health Officials Are Pushing Us To Get Injected, NWO Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, "The Life Of The Flesh Is In The Blood," Leviticus 17:11
Follow The Money: UK NHS Spent 200 Million A Year On Blood Clot Treatments, Now After Experimental Vax, Put Out 3.2 Billion Pound Tender For Blood Clot Treatment, 1600% Increase, But If These "Vaccines" Are Safe And Effective, Less Money Should Be Needed, Not More
Concerted Effort By Politicians Pushing Passport To Death For Bill Gates, aka Genocide, Justification? Spike In Covid Infections, Which Are Caused By The "Vaccines" And The Injected Who Have Produced The Delta Variant, aka It's A Vicious Circle, Again Exactly As Scientists Said Would Happen After Enough People Got Experimental Injections, So Government's Response, Inject More! Throw More Gas On The Fire!! Get More Infections, More Gain Of Function, More Deaths! But, Whose Life Is It?
Video: Here's The Scientific Explanation For The Spike In Infections Taking Place Currently With The Vaxxed, Which We Were Warned About Months Ago, This Is Just The Beginning, And The Next Phase Is Massive Deaths, Mass Experimental Injections Turning Virus Into Huge Global Gain Of Function Laboratory, Unless We Stop The Shots, We Will Pass The Fail-Safe Point And Lose Control Over The Virus (The Frankenstein Effect), On A Global Basis, Not Just Blood Clotting, But Total Loss Of Our Innate Immune System, It Will Be All Gone, Hence Massive Human Extinction Event, See 48 Minute Mark
Fail-Safe Movie Trailer: Just Think Gain Of Function Viruses Delivered Into Our Bodies (i.e., Elite's Enemy Targets) By Jabs Rather Than Nukes By Missiles Or Bombers, Picture The Jets With Bombs As Needles With Lethal Spike Proteins And We Have An Analogous Current Day Paradigm For Mankind
From The "Therefore, By Their Fear Tactics You Will Know Them" Dept: One Top 12 Most Wanted List, Disciples Of Lies And Pushers Of The Deadly Propaganda Agenda Who Hate The Truth, Yet Not One Of Them Has Stepped Forward To Show How The Non-Pharma Nobel Laureates And Top Scientists Got The Cell-Immune System Biochemistry Wrong, Especially As What The Scientists Said Would Happen With Injuries And Deaths, Real World Evidence, Is Occurring Daily Contrary To The Pushers Of Lies
Highwire Video: The Covid Blame Game
Video: This Is Getting To Be Like Bad Vaudeville Acts Trotted Out On Stage, Time To Stock Up On The Rotten Fruits And Veggies, CDC Director Admits That The Covid-Vaccine-Caused-Delta-Variant "One Of The Most Infectious Respiratory Viruses She's Seen," BTW Only Being Spread By The Vaxxed Whose Bodies Create The Mutations Once Injected, Not By Healthy Non-Vaxxed People, Again As Real Scientists Warned Would Happen, So Is She Smart Enough To Grasp This Basic Principle Of Cell Biology? Will She Stop The Experimental Injections That Are Causing This? No, Trying To Induce (i.e., More Fearmongering) Unvaxxed To Get Lethal Injections So They Can Spread Even More Infectious Variants, Yes Anything But Early Treatment With Ivermectin, HCQ
Dear CDC Director: Today, 84% New Covid Cases In Mass Vaxxed Israel Are "Vaccinated" People, (How Are "Covid Vaccinated" People Getting Covid? Aren't Vaccines Suppose To Prevent You Getting The Disease, Not Give It To You?), That Means, Director, 100% Minus 84% Equals? That's Right, Only 16% New Cases Are Unvaxxed, And They Can Get Natural 100% Immunity Too, Delta Variant Biggest Threat Is To The Experimentally Injected Vaxxed With Compromised Blood, So According To The Numbers, Delta Is A Pandemic To The Vaxxed, But Real Scientists Already Know This
Even NYTaboid Admits CDC Is Beyond Repair, As It Slashed Previously Reported Vax Deaths In Half a la Orwell, If Real Numbers Of Vax Deaths Were Known, There Would Be Overnight Revolt, Appears Like Some Real Serious Criminal Activity Against The Citizens By The Few Elites
From The "Let Them Eat Cake" Dept: This Is What The Few In Number Elites Historically Fear The Most, An Angry Citizenry On To Their Lies And Rising Up, Remember This, As Macron Backs Down From Passport Rules
Video: Even When Confronted With Actual Evidence, Financial Receipts, Elitist Fauci Explodes, Keeps Contradicting Himself, Lying Under Oath
Open Letter: The Experimental Lethal Injections, aka "Covid Vaccines" Are Killing People As Governments Continue To Openly LIE To You, Evidence Shows Killed More People In 7 Months Than All Vaccines For All People Combined In History, But They're Safe And Effective Because They Protect Big Pharma Against Legal Liability And They Are Effective At Injuring And Killing People, For Example, July 1 2020 UK, 63 New Daily Cases Covid With No Vax, July 1, 2021 Nearly 30,000 New Daily Cases After Vax, Public Health Officials Claim They See No Correlation, What About You?
Video: Israel's Experimental Injection Abject Failure, Disaster, People Seriously Injured, Dying Daily ... Do Same Things Over, Expecting Different Results ... First Two Shots Caused The Problem, Solution? Going For Third Shot, When Should Be Using Ivermectin
From The "Who's Your Daddy?" Dept: President Biden Bows On Knee To Israeli President, So Whose Orders Is Biden Following Pushing The Dangerous Vax On Americans?
Scotland's Covid Lethal Injection Death Rate: 5,522 Dead Within 28 Days Of Jab In First Six Months, This Is The NWO Normal "Safe And Effective?"
WARNING From The "If We Can't Kill You With A Jab, How About A Swab?" Dept: Gates And Soros Buys Covid Nasal Swab Company, So What Nano-Crap Will These Two Be Putting On Those Swabs?
If It Looks Like It, Smells Like It, And Tastes Like It, Chances Are It Is Gain Of Function, Fauci
2016 Daszak Eco Health Alliance Describes Fauci Funded Gain Of Function Research
Another Court Victory ICAN: Federal Court Orders NIH To Provide Unredacted Info About Moderna Safety Related Data, Question Is Why Were They Deliberately Hiding (Lying By Omission, Fraud) Public Health Safety Information To Begin With? If Incriminating, Next Step Is To Charge Perps with Crimes
The Enlightenment: French Police Put Down Shields, Join Protesters Against Macron's Globalist Tyranny, New French Underground? Vichy 2
Art Imitates Life, N'est-ce-pas?
Video: Typical Lying Politician, Creates Straw Man, And Dismisses It, But Then Dutch PM Caught With His Derriere Hanging Over The Fence About Klaus Schwab By Member Of Parliament
The Natural Response To Covid Much Stronger Than First Believed, It is The Experimental Injection Variants That Are Causing All The Problems Now Because The Original Covid Virus Is, According To The Docs Who Work With Covid Patients, Gone The Way Of All Seasonal Viruses, Flus
When Once Prestigious Medical Organizations Become Political Stooges, Now Kids Need To Wear Masks Even If Vaxxed? How Is This Necessary? Back To Square One Like A Year Ago, But After Experimental Injections, Will Their Lying Never Cease? Three Weeks To Flatten The Curve, etc., The Experimental Injections Were Supposed To What ... Anyone Remember Anymore?
Again, What The Scientists Have Been Telling US For More Than A Year Now, Covid Deaths Highest In Countries With Highest Vax Rates, Ironically Some Countries Turning To Ivermectin For Use Against Vax Induced Covid
Ivermectin Wins In Court Again ... Only Reason Not FDA Approved For Treatment Is That It Would Keep Lethal injections Off The Market
Reported Experimental Injection Death Numbers Keep Piling Up In Europe Too
One Small Step For Mankind, One Giant Leap For NWO Vaxxed Zombies
It Can't Happen Here? Satan's Godless America, Only Lies Will Do
Video: Vax Dead Bodies Are Beginning To Pile Up, But Shut Up And Die, O House Of Israel
Why Do We Choose Curses And Death?
Video: The New UK Mega-Prisons With Their Own Crematoriums, Hmm, Sounds Like Nazi Concentration Camps, Worse Than Communist China
Despite The Tens Of Thousands Of Deaths By Lethal Injection, You Know Already The Medicine Regulators Will Approve The Pfizer Experimental Injection, It's All Part Of Their Agenda Unless Stopped By Then, Words And Street Protests Will Not Do The Trick With These Evil Families
The Entire "Covid" Pandemic Was Carefully Orchestrated, Time Is Here To Deal With Conductor And Band Memebers
This Is All Out War On You By The Small Number Of Elites
Video: This War Is Out In The Open, Not About Covid, But Never Has Been, It's Either Them Or You
You Can Fight Back From Home, When Tens Of Millions Stop Using Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter And All The Others, We Deplatform Them First, There Are Lots Of Great Alternatives
The Google, Facebook Ad Income Myth Busted
Get Gab
Fly With the Duck
They Will Block Facebook And Others From Tracking You
Brand NewTube
Video: Question Everything
Vaxxed? Don't Get An MRI
Remember Last Year When "Covid" Death Numbers Were Touted By Media, Then When Those Stopped, We Were Bombarded Daily By Number Of "Covid" Cases, Yet Now With Real Deaths By Injection, These Same Media People Are Silent, Of Course, Any Intelligent Person Knows Why, And They Do Too, Which Is Why They Are Silent, If The Independently Verified Traditional VAERS Percentage Numbers (1% Or LESS) Holds True, And We Have No Verifiable Evidence This Has Changed, Then 12,000 Jab Deaths X 100 = ?, This Is What They Are Hiding (Lying By Omission), If Given The Same Front Page Media Coverage As Last Year's Covid Cases, Then The Jabs Would Stop Immediately
Video: The Biochemistry Explains Why Second Shot Is The Killer
Asia Gives Schwab, Fauci, Gates The l, Ivermectin Use Exploding As Its Effects Show It Saves Lives Rather Than Killing People
Half A Million Chinese Sign Letter To WHO Demanding Investigation Of US Fort Detrick Bioweapons Lab, Why Aren't Americans And Other Countries Of The West Doing The Same?
Communist China's Top Medical Authority: Jabs Informed, Consented And Voluntary, No Vax Passports, Hmm, Why Aren't They Pushing The Experimental Injections? Elite West's Trifecta ... Big Pharma Makes Billions, Marxist Big Government Control Of Citizens, And Gates, Rockefeller et al Get Depopulation
Video: NWO Puppet Emperor Macron Really Pushing Hard For A New French Revolution ... Next Time It Won't Be A Slap In The Face

US Made Weapons Used By Cowardly Terrorists Shell Civilians In Syria
Another Reason Why US Is Toast: The Equality Of Stupidity Vs. Equality Of Intelligence
Three Major Developments In Russia That Should Be Noted By The West
Russia Ready To Face Turkey Over Idlib, Syria
Video From The "Misery Loves Company" Dept: US Leaves Afghanistan a la Saigon Airlift, Complete With It's Orwellian Doublespeak Complete Lack Of Reality Poor Loser Parting Statement, What's That Maxim About Repeating Mistakes When Not Learning From Prior Historical Faux Pas?

Weekend Moron Video Special, A Government Letter: "Approved Vaccines," Emergency Use, Not Approved, Not Vaccines, "Safe And Effective," At Killing You As More Dead Worldwide In 6 Months From Them Than 2020 Covid, Vax Death Numbers Continue To Spike Up In Record Numbers, VAERS More Than 2000 In One Week In US, "Getting Vaccinated Best Way (No, Early Ivermectin Treatment, Etc. Is Best Way) To Protect Each Other Against Variants And Ensure They Can't Mutate And Spread," Proven Fact Is Variants Didn't Show Up Until Mass "Vaccinations," Which Is The WORST Thing To Do In A Pandemic According To Nobel Laureate Virologist Montagnier, Experimental Injections Make People Virus Producing, Spike Protein Spreading Factories, So Getting The Jab Ensures Vaxxed WILL SPREAD Variants, And Mutations Will Increase, According To UK Health Service, Experimentally Injected Six Times More Likely To Die From "Covid," But The Government Big Summer Push Is On Before Next Winter When Death By Jab (ADE) Numbers Will Skyrocket, This Letter From A Flat Out Lying Canadian "Health (?) Ministry," Have They All Sold Their Souls To The Devil? But Save The Letter Evidence For Coming Nuremberg Trials, "From Which They Cannot Remove Their Necks ..." [Micah 2:3].

Now Couple This With The Above Moron BS, Covid Outbreak On UK Navy Flagship, Where ALL Crew Have Been Double Jabbed ... And Locked Down, i.e., Isolated From Outside Influence While At Sea, Again As Scientists Have Warned, More Infectious (Variant) Spike In Covid Would Happen From Those Injected, So, Best Way To Ensure Virus/Spike Proteins Can Mutate And Spread Is To Get Jabbed, Which Real World Empirical And Scientific Evidence Is Showing Us Daily, But This Undeniable Fact Doesn't Stop The Psy-Op Health Ministry Liars Pushing The Poison, Are They Trying To Protect Us Or Kill Us?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Wow, Must Watch Video: The Hard Evidence, The Plan For The Spike Protein Pandemic, Experimental Injections Are Not Vaccines According To US Patent Office, No Novel Corona Viruses, Not Novel For More Than 2 Decades, Patented In Year 2000, Fauci Made SARS And Patented It In 2002, Bioweapon 2005, CDC Paid To Get Patent On What Was In Public Domain, Criminal Conspiracy, Racketeering
The Covid Cartel: Episode 224 You Can You Make A Difference, The Billion Dollar Plus Reward, Much Better Off With Natural Immunity Than Vaxxed According To Government Stats, Again Because The Injections Are Designed To Kill You
Video: The Skies Are Not So Friendly, More Dead Pilots ... As Jabs Continue To Pile Up The Dead Bodies In Record Numbers, Why Are Jabs Still Being Pushed At Us? Uh, To Kill Us?
Video: US Universities Backing Off Mandated Experimental Injections In Accordance With Nuremberg Code
European Council: Section 7.3 "Ensure That Citizens Are Informed That The Vaccination Is Not Mandatory And That No One Is Under Political, Social Or Other Pressure To Be Vaccinated If They Do Not Wish To Do So"
Doctor: The Clot Shot ... 62% Of Vaxxed Have Permanent Heart Damage
Video: Time To STOP Believing ANYTHING From Government And Media Is True, Hiring Actors To Play Act As Covid Patient, Then Passing It Off As Truthful So They Get You To Participate In A Medical Experiment That Will Kill You
Music Video: I Don't Need No ... VACCINATION ... Plus, NIH, 1918 "Pandemic Flu" Was A Bacteria Pneumonia, Developed In US By Rockefeller, And A Guy Named Gates Back Then, You Can't Make This Stuff Up, Spanish Flu Wasn't Spanish And It Wasn't A Flu, Covid Vaccine Doesn't Prevent Covid And Aren't Vaccines, In Fact These Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Proven To Be More Deadly Than Life In General
The Lovers Of Lies Are At It Again, Rockefeller Funding More Misinformation, Lies To Get You Jabbed, But Talk About "Vaccine Misinformation," They're Not Vaccines, But Experimental Genetic Injections, Read The Legal Document SEC Filings Surgeon General, So You Can Stop Giving Us Deliberate Misformation
Audio: mRNA Technology Inventor And Docs, The Experimental Injection And Spike Protein Science Tells The Truth, Which Sends The Lying Propagandists Into Apoplectic Squealing Fits Like Stuck Pigs, Which Leads To Rule #1, Whatever The Government Politicians, Big Pharma Paid For Mass Media Hacks, Payroll Docs And Rockefellers Say Regarding Covid, Experimental Injections, aka "Vaccines," Etc., Is A Lie Until Independently Proven Otherwise
The Spike Proteins In The Experimental Injections Are Like Bullets In A Gun, Once In You, Likely You Will Die As Hundreds Of Thousands Have Already
Web Network Site For Canadians
No Jab, No Job? Then In Self-Defense, Have Them Put It In Writing, File Attempted Murder Charges Against Your Boss, Plenty Of Prior Evidence (Experimental Dead Jabbed People) Available
Despite Media Hype And Labels, Experimental Injections Are Not Vaccines, Both SEC And Patent Office Filings Make This Clear, So Legally Impossible For You To Get "Vaccinated"
Except For Those Not Paying Attention, Their Endgame Never Was About Health, Big Bro Joe Wants Private Emails Monitored For Experimental Injection "Misinformation," i.e., That Which Doesn't Mesh With Their Propaganda Lies, Maybe Should Start With Public Health Officials And Mass Media Calling These Experimental Gene Modification Injections "Vaccines," Which According To SEC Filings And Patent Applications, They Are Not, See WOW Above
Why Boosters Needed After Six Months When We Were Told These Experimental Injections Were The Cure All? They Lied Then, But Now They're Telling Us The Truth? How Many Lies Do They Expect Us To Believe? Aren't Enough People Already Dead From These Experimental Injections? FDA Issues Warning
No Surprise: The "Covid Vaccines" Make Your Body A Virus/Spike Protein Factory, So Not "Catching It" From External Sources, Well Except For The Injection, This Is Why Fully Jabbed People Die In Greater Numbers Than "Unvaxxed," And This Doesn't Take Into Account The Coming ADE Death Plague Caused By These Injections, See Below UK Prepping For Lots Of Dead Bodies
Experimental Injections: Time Release Death, Starts With Clogging Capillaries, Maybe That's Why Politicians Are Pushing So Hard To Get Us Jabbed Now Before The Dead Bodies Start Piling Up, Just Remember Who The Drug Pushers Are
Canadian Atheist Marxists Persecute Christians Exactly As Soviet Marxists Did
Genocide Joe Wants Your Emails Monitored For Experimental Injection "Misinformation," Maybe Should Start Will All Media And Public Health Officials Who Call These Injections Vaccines
How Positively Handy, The Effect Before The Cause: Covid-19 Vax Candidate Released Before The "Novel" Covid-19 Pandemic
Video: Explanation Of What Experimental Injections Do, We Have Herd Immunity Already, The Biochemistry Explains Why Second Shot Is The Killer
Video: Keeping Score, The Negative Effects Of These Experimental Injections Are Happening Exactly As We Were Warned About Months Ago, Increase In Covid Deaths Among The Injected, Next Step Is Massive Deaths From ADE
UK Prepping For Lots Of Dead Bodies 1
UK Prepping For Lots Of Dead Bodies 2
UK Prepping For Lots Of Dead Bodies 3 ... Makes You Wonder Why Governments Are Still Pushing The Jabs ... Or Does It?
Yellow Cared Leads To Red Card Per UK Medical Research Group: "Covid Vaccines" Are Not Safe For Human Use, We Know Because They Were Designed To Inflict Injury And Death By These Very Evil Psychopaths, Question, In Countries That Have Outlawed The Death Penalty By Lethal Injection For Murderers, Why Are These Same Countries Pushing Lethal Covid Injections? Sounds Like A Good Basis For Legal Defense Against Getting Jabbed, And A Solid Basis For Attempted/Premeditated Murder Charges Based On Hard Evidence And Known Jab Deaths
It Never Was About Health: As These Injections Are Killing People, And The Number Of Deaths Increase Each Week, Why Does Macron Want To Kill Off France's Health Care Workers? What Happens When They All Walk Off The Job, Or Worse, Die?
No More Slaps In The Face For Macron, Bringing Back The Guillotine For The Elite's Heads Once Again? Central Banker, NWO Marxist Jupiter Macron Got His Orders From Above, Says French Will Be Banned From Routine Life Activities Unless Submit To Experimental Lethal Injections ... Sounds Like He's Pushing For A New French Revolution, Not A NWO
"Covid-19 Vax" Claims Another High Profile Injectee As "Authorities" Refuse Any Link To Experimental Injection, Yes Another Covid Coincidental Death
4 Recent Scientific Studies Should Force Honest Medical Professionals To Reassess Lethal Experimental Injections As "Treatment"
Graphene In Face Masks Raises Another Danger Besides The Fact They Don't Work As Advertised To Prevent Transmission Of Viruses
Video: "What The Hell Is In This Stuff?" Experimental Injection Glows Under Black Light, Luciferase
Video: Covid Addicts Hooked On Fear And Ignorance Hence "Delta Variant" Scaredemic, Spontaneous Abortions, Blood Clots, Magnetic Nanoparticles Stronger Over Time, None Of This Is Normal Or Natural, Etc., Millions Of Vaxxed People, With Nothing To Lose Now (Vaxxed Vigilantes?), Realizing They've Been Had, Lied To, Given A Death Sentence
Text/Video: Nuremberg Code 2.0, Time To Bring This Small Group Of People Into Account For Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide
Just Because They Got To You, An Unelected Official, Doesn't Mean Your Opinion Is Binding On Us ... So No We Don't Have To Accept Your NWO
Covid Vax Lies: Alive And Dead
Video: Just Add To Sign, This Area Is Monitored And Recorded By Camera For Legally Admissible Evidence In Court
1930's Germany? Chicago Area Politicians Advocate Law Breaking, Tells Biden's Brown Shirts To Ignore No Trespassing Signs On Private Property, While Public Property DC Capital Trespassers Still Jailed
While Danish Authorities Refuse To Answer Soccer Player's Experimental Injection Status After Cardiac Arrest On Field, A Known Vax Injury, So Until Proven Otherwise, We Must Assume He Got Jabbed
Covid Memes: 2009, Pfizer Guilty Bribing Doctors, Suppressing Adverse Reactions In Trials, Paid $2.3 Billion Penalty, And Now The Spots Fell Off This Leopard?
When The Brain Goes Dead Before The Body
Freedom Of Speech Is Meant To Guarantee The Rights Of Everyone In Society, Not Serve A Small, Weak-Minded Segment Of The Population

The Putin Doctrine: Throws Down The Gauntlet To The Marxist NWO, The Historical Unity Of The Ethnic Rus, In Russia, Belarus And Ukraine, With An Eye To The Future? Remember, Ukraine Didn't Become A Country Until 1918, And Then In 1922 Was Incorporated Into A Republic Of The Marxist Soviet Union, Putin Telling The World That It Was The Same Bolsheviks, aka Marxists Of The Soviet Union, Now Infiltrated In The West, That "Dreamt Of A World Revolution That Would Wipe Out Nationalist States," This Has Been The Fate Of The Ukraine At the Hands Of These Globalists, Sound Familiar To You In The West Today? It Should, It's What's Taking Place In Your Country
Russia, China, SCO And Afghanistan ... US Not Welcomed
Video: China's Afghan Plan: Make Trading Partners Not War
Video: Germany Tells US They're $ticking With Nord Stream 2 As It Was Merkel's Idea Not Russia's, US Backed Coup Really Did A Job On Ukraine
Farewell America Or Will You Take It Back? US President Biden Bows On Knee To Israeli President, Well Biden Did Declare He Was A Zionist
Resistance Axis Gearing Up For War With Zionist Israel To Protect al-Quds (Jerusalem)
Video: Brazen Elites Continue To Plunder The Collapsing Empire
Video: Afghanistan, Where Empires Go To Die ... US Failure, A 2nd Vietnam, A Fitting End After Failures In Iraq, Libya, Ukraine
Taliban Message To US And NATO In Afghanistan: We Want You Out, With Blood Or Without

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Graphene Oxide In Masks, In Nasal Swabs, In Experimental Injections And It Can Kill You, 5G Frequency Accelerates It's Negative Effects, Recall All Those 5G Transmitters That Were Rapidly Installed During The Lockdown When Protests Could Not Happen, And You Still Think This Was Not Planned?
Video: Fauci, ‘Who Will Bring Me Down To The Ground?’
VAERS: Numbers Of Reported Deaths After Experimental Injections Jumps By More Than 2000 In One Week, Hmm, Sounds Like The Real Vaxdemic Is Here ... Now Reports That CDC Has Taken Down VAERS, This Is All Out Bio/Info War By The Elite As VAERS Historical Reporting Numbers Would Equal Tens Of Millions Injured And Nearly A MILLION DEAD In Six Months, So We Can Expect Deaths To Dramatically Increase Now
The Historical VAERS Numbers of 1% Show 6,985 Dead Times 100 Equals ...
So Far, In Six Months, It's "Safe And Effective," Well Except For The Reported 17,500 Dead, and 1.7 Million Injured In Europe
How Blind Are Citizens? As Americans Are Increasingly Dropping Dead Weekly By The Thousands From Experimental Injections, Genocide Joe Wants To Send Government Grim Reapers Door-To-Door To Get You Lethally Injected
Trudeau Doesn't Want Healthy Natural Immunization People Coming To Canada, Only Those Vaxxed And Spreading The Deadly Viral Spike Proteins To Kill (Accessory To Murder?) As Many Fellow Canadians Possible (Genocide?) In Preparation For The Upcoming Deadly ADE  Winter Season
Cursed Or Blessed? Why Do We Believe These Psychopathic Monsters That Are Killing Our Children Too?
Remember That Summer When You Were 13?
Covid: A Pandemic Of Lies
Insanity Reigns: FDA Having Trouble Keeping Up With All The Lies
Medical Journals Have Become Propaganda Rags Used And Funded By Big Pharma
Big Pharma Bought Your Political Leaders Too
The Barnum & Bailey Aspect Of Gene Research
In A Nutshell: Covid, Criminality And Cover-Up
Evidence Shows Experimental Injections Far Deadlier Than No Jab, So Why Would Big Bro Biden Send Lackeys Door To Door To Have You Injected/Killed? So, For Those Of You Not Yet Brain Dead, Is This About A "Deadly Virus" Or A Deadly Agenda?
Text/Video: The Evil Cabal
Great Reset: A) Covid Conspiracy, B) Mental Health Crisis C) Second Dark Age In Which The Lies Smother The Light Of the Truth, D) All Of The Above?
The Light Comes In Through The Cracks In Their Lies
From The "It Use To Be Turtles All The Way Down, Now It's Lies All The Way Down" Dept: CDC's Criminal Falsification Of Covid Death Certificates
The Biggest Health Scam In History Of The World, And If You Lived Long Enough, You Could Tell Your Grandkids You Were Part Of It
Video: Yes, Ivermectin Is An Effective Treatment, And Yes, The People Driving The Vax Only Narrative Know This And Have Since The Beginning, Which Is Why The FDA Banned Its Use Before Issuing EUAs, And Yes Ivermectin Use Would Save Lives, But We Need To Understand, The Vax Pushers Don't Want To Save Lives, They Want To Destroy Them, Which Is Why More People Dying From "Covid" After Injections Than During "Pandemic"
Video: Funeral Directors Speak Out, Covid Didn't Kill Anyone, But These "Vaccines" Sure Are
Wow, Russian Orthodox Church Cleric Goes Full Woke On Patented Experimental Injections That Produce The Variants That Are Spread By The Vaxxed And Are Killing People, Sounds Like Pope Urban VIII Who Said Galileo Was Sinning By Claiming The Earth Revolved Around The Sun, But Refused To Look Through Galileo's Telescope
Text/Video: My, How The Medical Authorities Hate The Truth, They React Just Like Kids On A School Playground, British NHS Doctor's Letter Condemning Covid Misconduct
While Intelligent Leadership Moves Florida, Texas, Arizona Towards Sanity, Where Is Liberal BC Canada Headed And Why Now? Spreading The Variants And Their Spike Proteins?
Hey, Vax True Believers, Want To Increase Your Chances Of Dying From Covid By 885%? Then According To Government Stats, Get Both Jabs, And BTW, You Vaxxed People Created The Delta Variant In Your Bodies, Are Spreaders, And Now It's Coming Back To Kill You, Again, Exactly As The True Scientists Warned Would Happen
Getting To Be An Old Story, US Surgeon Dies After Jabs, Mocked Anti-Vaxxers
The Spike Protein Team? 2 Vaxxed Cricket Players Collapse On Field
Update Nuremberg 2.0, Text, Video, Stark Raving Mad People
Video: It's Really Easy To Tell When Big Pharma, Government Minions Don't Like The Truth
Video: Just Goes To Show The Evil Nature Of Big Greedy Corporations Who Value Their Lifestyles Over Your Life, And What It Takes To Get Them To Heel
Zionist Israel's Ministry Of Health Or ...
Oopsy, Another One Of Those Covid Jab Drop Dead Coincidences

Video: Smart Health Care Workers Prefer Losing Job Over Getting Lethal Jabs

A Little History For Perspective: The Treaty Of Westphalia Vs. NWO Globalist Agenda, A Model For Sanity Today
Text/Video: Biden Administration Really Must Be Worried About China, Using 98 Year-Old Kissinger To Talk Peace, Yet It Is US Actions That Need To Get In Step With The New International Multi-Polar World, Rather Than Clinging To Its Dissipated Reality Of Hegemon
EU, Still Not Seeing Reality,i.e., Minding Its Own Internal Affairs, Gets Lectured About Being "Hypocritical Preachers" By China, EU Adopts Needless, Antagonistic Resolution About China Closing Down HK's Apple Daily, But Not A Peep By EU About US Seizing Websites In Iran And Canada
As US Loses Another War, Russia/China/SCO Set To Fill The Void In Afghanistan
Video: Winning The Initial Battles On The Way To Losing The War, Now What Was Biden Saying About Rogue Terrorist Neocons In US Not Meddling In Destroying Other Countries, a la Regime Change In NATO And Chaos In Middle East?
Is The Hypocrisy Of The Zionist Cloak Of "Antisemitism" Finally Getting Threadbare Or Just A New Patch Job?
Soviet Canada

Need A Few Bombs? How About Some Rockets? A Tank Or Two? Strange, The Trade In Illegal Arms Apparently Doesn't Violate Facebook's Community Standards, So What Is This, Tanks And Bombs May Kill My Ass, But My Words Will Never Be Seen?
From The "Money Speaks Louder Than Words" Dept: Anti-US Rant By US Congresswoman on 4th July, But She Still Refuses To Move To Africa
Another One Who Bites The Hand That Feeds Her, But Won't Move To Africa, So It Can't Be That Bad After All In US
Some Day Historians May Write That Just Before The Collapse Of Our Nations, An Influential Segment Of The Population Couldn't Tell A Man From A Woman By Looking, They Were Confused, No Doubt These Future Generations Will Scratch Their Heads Wondering How A People Could Become This Stupid About Something So Simple And Basic, No Wonder They Died Out
Video: GETTR, Don't Need The Smear Twits, Decentralized Options Are Good, Safety In Numbers
Video: Russia-China Are Priority Partners, aka Equal Allies, New Eurasian Economic Integration, New World Order Based On International Law Versus The West's Rules Based Order, A New Web Internet Regulated By Individual National Powers Rather Than Tech Companies

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Maybe A Million Or So Should Submit Zuckerberg First, Then Gates, Then Fauci ... You Know, Just To See If They're Serious
Video: From The "Propaganda Doesn't Work On Mother Nature" Dept: Funeral Directors Speak Out, Covid Didn't Kill Anyone, But These "Vaccines" Sure Are, Again As The Scientists Said Would Happen
WHO Scientist Possible Death Penalty Over Denying Ivermectin, Causing Unnecessary Deaths
Add UK Health Minister Bethell To The List
NZ Doctors Speak Out Against Dangers Of Experimental Injections, Favor Treatment, Ivermectin, Etc.
Deprogram The "Vaccination Syndrome," Get Your Natural Immunity Up To Speed
Get Your Dandelion Extract, Blocks Spike Protein From Binding To Heart, Lung ACE 2 Receptors
Nobel Laureate Virologist: Everyone Who Has Been Double Jabbed Will Die Result Of ADE, Keep Your Eye On Those Elites Who Faked Their Jabs To Fool The Sheep
Video: Canada, Experimental Injections Murdering 100 People A Day With No Protection From Covid/Variants
Psst, Ontario's Emergency Orders Revoked June 9th, Don't Tell Anyone
Video: NWO Next Move, Shut Down The Truthers On The Internet?
Designed Bioweapon: DARPA, Gates And WHO
Patent Proof Covid-19/Vax Developed As Bioweapon, Only Can Patent Man-Made Products
CDC: Thousands Hospitalized, Hundreds Dead Of Covid As Fully Experimentally Gene Modification Injected Vaxxers Produce Covid Spike Proteins In Their Bodies, Exactly As These Bioweapons Were Designed To Do, Cheer Up Vax Pushers, Worse Is Yet To Come As The Right So Far Scientists Have Told Us
Video: Covid Rats Run For Cover As Bioengineering Of Covid Comes To Light
Dear Double Jabbers: Wearing Masks And Getting Vaxxed Hasn't Protected You From Original Covid (In Fact, More Likely To Get Covid Than Non-Vaxxed, Ironic, Eh?), Won't Protect You Now From The More Infectious Mutant Variants, Produced Only By Those Who've Been Experimentally Injected (Viral Immune Escape), Makes You Vulnerable, Wearing A Mask Or Not, Lockdowns Again? ... You've Been Had Folks, Just As We Natural Immunity Is Best "Conspiracy Theorists," Scientists And Doctors Have Been Warning You About
From The "All My Life's A Circle" Dept: As We Move Into The Vaxxed ADE Death Stage Due To The Experimental Injections, The New Letter Variants Will Be Blamed Rather Than The Experimental Gene Modification Injections, Even Though The Variants Only Are Caused By Those Injections
How Can Government Follow The Science When It Doesn't Even Know The Science? How Many US Government People Had Chickenpox As A Kid? Why Don't They Get It Now As Adults? Natural Lifelong Immunity, Duh
Portugal Court Finds Evidence Only 152 Died Of Covid, Not 17,000 Claimed, Huge Implication For Worldwide Pandemic Numbers
Video: Caribbean Island Non-Government Leaders Discussion With Dr. Madej, Island's Chief Medical Officer Disallows Ivermectin, "Not FDA Approved," Yet She Allows In AstraZeneca, Which Not Only Is Not FDA Approved, Has Injured And Killed Thousands Of People, Banned In More Than 20 Countries, And President Biden Shipped AZ Out Of The US, 3 Guesses What's At Play Here, It's Not Science And Medicine
Look Back Past Six Months, Where Elite Scheme Wants To Go
Videos/Text: Covid Hoax Liars Keep Pushing Their Deceits, Used Covid-19 Fear To Push Into Experimental Injections, These Injections Cause People To Produce The Variants, Which Are Now Used To Scare People Into Getting More Experimental Injections As Numbers Show Vaxxed People Are More At Risk By Far Than Unvaxxed, And Natural Immunity People
"Get Your Jabs, Get Covid:" Nearly Every Fully Vaxxed Person In Kentucky Nursing Home Tested Positive For Covid
Makes You Wonder What The CDC Is Hiding Now With Experimental Covid Injections
New CDC Vax Death Numbers 6,113, Historical VAERS Reports 1% Or Less Real World Numbers, Then More Than 600,00 Deaths In US From Experimental Injections
FDA, CDC Outright War On Children
Canadian University Actions Tells US We've Been Lied To About These Experimental Jabs For Kids, They Know It's Outright Plan To Kill
London Hundreds Of Thousands March In Protest Of Government Lies, Deceit, Double Standards
Video: The Fraudulent Covid Pandemic
The Other Covid Lab: Covid (?) Deaths In US Nursing Home Not Far From Fort Detrick Military Bio Lab In June 2019, Lab Shut Down By CDC In July 2019
Patient Zero In US? Remember Those Mysterious Deaths Attributed To Vaping By The ... CDC?
June 2019 Nursing Home Deaths Near Fort Detrick
There Are No "Covid Vaccines," But These Experimental Injections Lead To New Infections And Death
Where, O Where Have Your DNA Results Gone?
Mark Of The Bezos: Palm Scanning Technology Another Invisible Bondage Chain
Interesting, President Trump ... No Former Mentioned ... Rally In Village Of Wellington, OH, Wasn't Wellington The General Who Inflicted A Major Defeat On Napoleon At Waterloo, Ending Napoleonic Era? Trump/Wellington, Biden/Napoleon?

Video: Tidings From The North To NATO, Watch Your Step, Will Sink Your Ships If Your Provocations Continue
China: Follow The Leader, Recipe For Return To Preeminence
G7 Countries The "B" Team, China-Russia The Varsity
Video: Troublesome US Back To Messing With The Middle East Looking For More War, Which Is Not Far Off According To The Prophecies 
High Profile CIA Director In South America, Prepping For Overthrow, Assassination Of Maduro And Or Drug Meeting?
US Is #1, Least Trusted News Media In The World, Shows People Maybe Smarter Than We Think
Follow The Leader, Recipe For Disaster: Pink, White And Blue, And Atheist Too, The New US Military
Biden's Woke Ideology: America's Strength Is Its Diversity Vs. Time Tested, Real World Divide And Conquer, And A House Divided Cannot Stand
Oopsy SNAFU: FBI Arrests Woman For Unlawful Entry Into Capitol Building January 6, But Photo In Her Case Packet Shows Capitol Police Holding The Door Open For Her
Fools Rush In ... On Russia's Pond, Brits Tumescent Behaviour With HMS Fragrant Stain, aka From The "Embarrassing And , Playing The Sitting Duck
The Stupid People In The West Trying To Start WW3? Guess They Don't Realize They Will Lose, NWO And All, Poof! For The Record, Crimea Part of Russia Before 13 Colonies Became The US, Soviet Dictator Unilaterally Handed Crimea, Without Consent Of People, To Ukraine In February 1954, Then US Backed Ukraine Coup Overthrew Democratic Elected Government In February 2014, And In March 2014 Crimeans Voted In A Democratic Election, What The US Use To Respect, And 96% Voted To RETURN To Russia! Yet The West, For Its Own Hypocritical Political Purposes, Only Recognizes Actions Of The Communist Dictator Khrushchev
A Look At UNCLOS, The UN Convention On The Law Of The Seas, Which, BTW, US Has Not Ratified This Treaty, But Likes To Club Nations Over The Head With It, But In Reality Can't Claim Its Provisions For Themselves
The Police State That Use To Be Australia
When Scrapping The Bottom Of The Barrel, We Discover The Habitat Of Politicians
Critical Race Theory As The "Jews," nee Edom, Are White Too
Death Throes Of Morally Bankrupt, "Democratic, Free Speech" Biden Administration, Seizes Websites, Piracy On The High Web
NYC: A Look Into US Future?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: The Delta Variant (aka Fancy Fear Name For Mutation Of Vaxxed Virus With Spike Proteins, But There Aren't Enough Letters In The Greek Alphabet For The Thousands Of Variants Already ID'd), Remember All Variants Are Caused By The Experimental Injections, Stats Show Vaxxed Are At Greater Risk For Death Not The Unvaxxed (Natural Immunity Is Broad Spectrum Protection Including Against Variants), More Deaths From Experimental Injections Than From Covid, Sad Day When President Of The United States Knowingly Encourages Citizens To Participate In An Experiment Whose Agenda Is To Kill Them
Video: CDC Center For The Doom Of Children, Another Group Of People (Ut Primum Bellum Reos For Crimes Against Humanity) In Government Agency That Don't Care If Your Children Get A Debilitating Injury Or Die From These Experimental Injections, But You Should, Use Your Own Smarts
What We're Seeing: These Experimental Injections Do NOT Protect Against "Covid-19," Hospital Wards Filled With Covid Patients, All Who Were Vaxxed, UK Predicting 1200 "Covid" Deaths A Day This Winter (3x This In US?), Which Means Net Effect Of Experimental Injection Death Agenda (Cure?) Far Worse Than "Pandemic," Again Exactly What We Were Warned About
UK Covid Variant Death Rate 6X Higher Among Vaxxed Than Unvaxxed, Lesson Here?
From The "I've Got You Under My Thumb" Dept: Why Did Scientists And Doctors Bypass Safe And Effective Treatment For Experimental Gene Modification Injections That Have Killed More Than Covid?
Video: Tipping Point? Top Chinese Counter-Intel Official Gave US Military Intel Huge Cache Of Info ... All The Docs, Names Of US Actors, Wuhan Lab Connections
Covid Surge Is Produced By Viral Immune Escape, That Is Vaxxed People Spreading Variants Produced In Their Bodies, Again, Exactly As The Scientists And Doctors Warned Us, Now Variant Spreaders Can Congregate In Big Crowds Without Masks, And Can Travel, When Last Year Healthy People Were Not Allowed To, See The Plan Yet?
Watch The Video, Spike In More Infectious, Serious Covid A Result Of The Experimental Injections
Doing Same Things Over Again And Expecting Different Results: How Many Times Have Lockdowns Been Proven To Be Harmful, Kill More Than Covid, Yet Government Idiots Still Think It's The Solution, Remember, It's Not About A Virus, It's About The New World Order Making You A Slave, Well, If You Don't Die First
Evidence: Lockdowns Kill
Lockdown Trauma On Kids
Killing Our Children, Need We Say More? A Rothschild Chairman Pushing Experimental Injection's Spike Proteins On Kids In France
Fully Experimentally Injected US Nurse Still Battles Injection Side Effects Months Later
Video: Experimental Injections, We're Getting Burned Playing With Fire, Individually And Country
Amazon's Birds Of A Feather Organizations
Loving The Lies: Hypochondria(sis) In The General Population And The Fear Of An Invisible “Virus” In Societies Where Belief In God And The Spiritual Has Been Replaced By Faith In Science
Why Are We In Such A Mess? Why Do We Believe All The Big Pharma, Big Media, And Government Lies?
Fools Despise Wisdom And Warning
Video: Warning! Are You Vaxxed? Don't Fly, Experimental Injection's Spike Proteins Damage (Do Harm To) Our Blood Platelets, A Real Risk For Flight Crews, Passengers, Not Just BA Pilots, But Delta Airlines, Air Canada Too, So Coercing Pilots To Participate In Medical Experiment To Keep Jobs, Direct Violation Of Nuremberg Code For Nothing Worse Than Seasonal Flu, Why?
"Do No Harm:" Despite Increasing Reports Of Serious Injury And Death, Employers Keep Pushing Jabs On Their Employees With Threats And Coercion, Why?
Video: Conspiracy Theorists In UK Government? Expects Mass Vax Deaths (BA Pilots Too Apparently), Cytotoxic Spike Proteins In "Vaccinated," Overflow Dead Body Storage Contracts For 4 Years, Depopulation Agenda
Video: Gates Of Hell Are Wide Open ..."Free Blood Clots With Every Jab"
All The Experimental Injections Create Toxic Spike Proteins That Attack The Body ... Be Prepared For Fatal Cytokine Storms Occurring In Vaxxed, Again What Scientists Warned Would Happen
Canadian Government Not Fully Informing Citizens Of Experimental Injection Risks, Violating National And International Law
From The "They Can Dish It Out By The Truckload, But Can't Take It By The Teaspoon" Dept: Hypocritical CBC Turns Off Reader Comments To Protect Journalists Mental Health, Guess All That Lying And Being Called Out About It Is More Than These Wokebabies Can Handle, Plus It's Another Step Towards Attempted Total Censorship Of Speech
Only Ones Getting The Flu In Canada Are Those Getting Flu Vaccines, Guess The World Has Become Obsessed Covid And Covid Experimental injections Now, Remember When Medicine Actually Had A Thing Called Non-Invasive Treatments?
Video: The Mother's Day Message From British Nursing Alliance
ICAN Demands CDC Recognize Those Recovered From Covid With Natural Immunity
AAPS Sues FDA To End Its Arbitrary Restrictions (Political Agenda) On HCQ
Video: UK Government Reported To Police, Who Don't Answer To Government, But The Crown, For Murder By "Vaccine," A Terrorist Attack
Outstanding Example Of Important People Leadership? Adulterous UK Minister Breaks Own Covid Rules With Government Employee, Apparently Has A Different Definition Of Arms Length Social Distancing, How Not To Spread Covid, And Has The Moral Integrity Not To Resign
Video: Another Example Of The Elites Having One Set Of Rules, While You Get Mugged By Police
For Example Video
Video: Fire Fauci Act
The Unscientific Mask Wearing Farce: Are You Smarter Than A PM And Chief Medical Official? 5 Masks, 15 Layers And Aerosols Still Get Through, Like Thinking A Screen Door Will Keep The Wind Out Of The House
Read For Yourself: The Scientific Evidence Covid Is Crime Against Humanity
Google, USAID Funded Peter Daszak "Crimes Against Humanity" Research For More Than A Decade
2016 Daszak: " ... The Process Of “Insert[ing] Spike Proteins” Into Viruses To See If They Can “Bind To Human Cells," For Purpose Of Infection, The Very Definition Of Intentional Gain Of Function Research Applied To "Vaccines," This Was Deliberate, Not "A Mistake"
Wuhan Institute And "Bat Woman" Lab Scientist Nominated For Outstanding Achievement In Science And Technology Prize in China, Why Not? Look At All The Havoc And Death Caused By These Experimental Injections In US And The West
Chinese Professor Claims China Won Biowar With US
Video: Yes, Billy, Once Upon A Time, Mass Media Actually Told The Truth About Injections, When They Were Really Vaccines
Video: Stupidity And Insanity Reign Together In The Herd, "Unvaxxed" Made To Wear Signs In India, When, According To The Science And Cell Biology, It is The "Vaxxed" People Who Are Spreading The Covid Spike Proteins, Viral Immune Escape, Causing Covid Cases To Spike, Again Exactly As The Scientists Have Been Warning Would Happen With Mass Experimental Injections
Trusting Government With Our Health, Lesson For Today From Years Ago: Senior CDC Official, We Trashed Vaccine-Autism Link, So, How's It Going With The Experimental Covid Injections And Death Link?
ICAN Sues Secretary Of Health And Human Services For Lies About Autism And Vaccine Links
According To Whistleblowers, At Least 50,000 Dead In US From Injections, Still Way Below Traditional VAERS Numbers
Nuremberg 2.0 Trials In Preparation
India's Lockdown More Deadly Than Covid
UK Covid Variant Death Rate 6X Higher Among Vaxxed Than Unvaxxed, Lesson Here?
UK Government Modeled A Coronavirus Pandemic 5 Years Ago, But Hid It
Surprise! Not, Big Brother Corporation Caught Spreading Lies About Experimental Injections For Kids, Remember The Name For Nuremberg 2 Trials
Medical Experiment Stats: 3000% Increase In Aborted Fetuses Due To Experimental Injections
Hague Prosecution Of UK Government Officials, Corrupt Scientific Advisors For Crimes Against Humanity And Genocide
UK's Neil Ferguson: New Marxist State Or Civil War? Plan For Permanent UK Lockdown
Trudeau's Canada Not Far Behind UK With Crimes Against Humanity
What It Takes To Get Corporate Media To Admit To Their Fake News
Fauci Threatened Scientists Careers Who Held To Man-Made Lab Virus

Video: As US Navy In Med Threatens Syria, Now New Russian Aircraft Provide An Equalizer
With Obama Gone, And Assad Still Around, It's A New Day In The Arab Middle East
Video: True Colors, Days After US-Russia Nothing-Summit, Decaying US Announces More Sanctions On Russia
Geopolitical Compass Points To Russia-China As Iran Moves More In That Direction
Video: Germany To Improve Relations With Russia, China
Video: After Landslide Election Victory, Armenia Moves Back Closer To Russia
Lebanon, Iraq Join Forces, Alliance Against Zionist Israeli Attacks
Video: Iran's New President Raisi
While US Complains About China's Treatment Of Free Media In China, Grasping, Desperate US, Like Old Soviet Union In Late 1980s, On Way To Inevitable Collapse, Seizes Other Countries Websites, It Will Force Russia-China To Accelerate Their Own Plans For Replacement
Give Us Barrabas: US DC Elects Jailed Murderer To Office, Hmm, Any Other Criminals In Office In DC?
The Erasing Of America By The Marxists: 4th July Celebration Cancelled Due To "Covid," Yet Juneteenth Celebration Held Yesterday

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