Spring 2015

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Spring 2015

Is The Terrorism/Terrorist Label Racist ... Meaningless?
Bilderberg/Google's AI "To Control The World"
Ukraine President Says Ousting Former President In Coup Was Illegal Huh?
SPIEF And The Masters Of The (Shrinking) Universe
Russia To Sell Advanced Su-35 Fighter Jets To China
Russia's Economic Forum Attracts 120 Nations 10K Visitors
Putin: World Not Closer To Nuke Cold War 2 [The 1% Didn't Risk Blowing Up Their Riches Then, Won't Now]
Meanwhile, Germany, France Not Happy With US Nukes in Europe
US Using Nazi "Prove The Lie" PR Campaign
Greek-IMF June 30 Time Bomb Exposes EU's Nationalism
NSA Back To Bulk Spying
2015 Earth's Warmest May On Record
BlackRock At Bilderberg
Clinton-Bush: Side By Side Look At 2 US President Candidates
EU's Russia Sanctions Two-edged Sword
Acts Of A Desperate Empire? US Exits ABM Treaty, Changes Global Security System
British Historian: US Nukes On Russian Border Senseless
Bank Of England Stress Tests Peddle Myth Of Security
Pivotal Move By Saudis On The ME Chessboard
Asia Richer Than Europe, Set To Pass US Next Year
Bush's Folly: Affirming The Theology Of US National Security
Pipelineistan: Russia To Build New Gas Line To Germany
Vatican City To Open Its Doors?
The House Of Saud As The House Of Trouble
As US Moves Nukes Close To Russia, Seeks To Prevent China's Nukes Into Pacific
Heating Up The Debate With The Earth Is Still Flat Society
As NATO Pushes To Surround Russia, Putin Answers With New Nukes
Blowback: West Sanctions Russia, Russia Pivots To India
Dangers Of A Declining Global Power
Sheep Fodder: Western Government And Media's Complicity In The Lie, Smear And Hide Syndrome
Obama's Promised Transparency Is Showing
5th Graders, Creativity and Problem-Solving
Successful Flu Treatment Gives The Body More Time
Diego Garcia And The Land Of Chagossians
Ukraine's Odessa Governor: Ukraine Set Back 20 Years From Pre-Maidan
Credit Cards: No Free Lunches
Two Fly Over The Cuckoo's Nest
German Media: Poroshenko And Yats Need War To Stay In Office
China And US: Bipolar Order Or Disorder?
West Point Prof: US Fed By "Paranoid Patriotism," National State Of Insecurity
IMF To Ukraine: Here's Another Shovel To Dig The Hole Deeper
Like Snowden Said: Security For Everyone Or Security For No One
The Sun Rises In The East: China Doesn't Need More US Dollars
Ukraine's Historical Two Entities One West The Other East
China Opens New $8 Billion In Cargo Rail Link To Moscow
US Subject To Soviet-Style Collapse?
What False Flag Ops Planned For US Martial Law?
Makes You Wonder What Kind Of New World These Guys Are Planning For Us
US Odd Man Out In South China Sea
The Missed Nuances Of China's Military/Economic White Paper
Pipelineistan: The Macedonian Protocol
Regime Change And Oil Politics
Iraq: More US Boots On The Ground
Cashless Society In Ten Years ... Barter Banks?
Money For Wars, US Crumbling From Within
Not From US, Never Set Foot In US, Never Targeted US Will Land You In US Jail For Trial
Clearing Your US Internet Browser A Crime?
LA Times Chooses To Publish Snowden Leaks, Yet Wants Him Prosecuted
One LA Times Snowden Leak Article

May 2015: Wettest All-Time For US
MIssing The Mark With "Euro-Asia": Real Geopolitik Of US Global Declline
Washington's Geopolitical FIFA Offensive
Political Agendas, Banksters And FIFA
From The Mirror On The Wall Dept.: Ukranian Problems Not In Crimea, Yats
Flogging The Poodle: EU To Issue More Sanctions On Behalf of US
The Writing On The Great China Wall: China And Russia Won't Accept US Hegemony
... But That Won't Stop The US From Still Trying
Iran Not The Middle East Bogeyman
Secrecy Is A Degenerative Weapon
Setting Precedent: Drone Kills 98% Civilian
Flash Boys 2: The Soft Underbelly Of The Derivatives Market
Billionaire Dementia Or Megalomania? When Billionaires Meddle In US Foreign Economic Policy, Citizens Get The Shaft
UK Using Spy Methods Banned In US
Russia Iran Barter Set: Oil For Goods
The Loss Of Empire: BRICS + Germany
South China Sea Word War
As China And Russia March Together In Red Square: US Trying To Isolate Russia Was "Stupid Stuff"
Pipelineistan USA: Iowa Landowner Offered Teenage Prostitute For Land Use ... Asks What Did Politicans Get?
Ukraine Spends $200 Million On Fence a la Berlin ... No Escapes Allowed
Ukraine: We Can't Afford To Be Responsible With Our Nuclear Waste
Why Is The US Behaving This Way?
US Mutant Military Recipe For Disaster
Poroshenko: "Fight To Last Drop Of Blood" ... Doesn't Volunteer To Be First
Ukraine's Fascist Government: Way Beyond Drinking The Kool-Aid
Israel Claims Vatican Recognizing Palestine Damages Prospect For Peace In Region
Nulandization Of Macedonia a la Ukraine
US Promotes Democracy In Russia: Be More Like Ukraine Before We Overthr....
Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism
Beware Iran's Hegemonic Safavid Dynasty ... Last Seen In The 16th Century
Super El Nino Year?
Palindrome Number This Week
About 2/3 Of Earth Covered By Clouds At Any Given Time
EU Needs To Reassess Israel Policy
NSA Churning Tax Dollars To Pay Pundits So NSA Can Keep Spying On Taxpayers To Justify Tax Dollars Rolling In
Pipelineistan: Gee, Ukraine Worked So Well, Let's Do Macedonia
Greece Invited To Join BRICS Bank
Iran Warns Any Attack On Its Red Crescent Aid Ship Will Provoke War
Kiev Still Playing The "Let's Be Nasty Fascists" Game
Pope: Many Powerful People Live Off War
US Living By The Sword On The Way To Economic Ruin
WW2 Stats
China-Russia: Remember History To Understand The Present And Open The Future
Big Flag Faux Patriotism: Suckering The Sheep With US Tax Dollars In The NFL
Leaders Vs. Bosses, Partners Vs. Allies, Friends Vs. Enemies
Seeing Others As We Are Ourselves
Are We Living In The Weather Century?
Big Money Buys UK Election Victory
Hersch: Bin Laden Raid Obama Fabrication
Puppet Theatre: Shrinking Fan Base
Dystopia: The Nemesis Machine
Panda See, Panda Do: China Preparing For Drone Warfare
Cameron To Preside Over UK Or Little England?
The Real Nuke Crisis No One Mentions
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld Et Al: Iraq War Crimes Justice
Capo Di Tutti Capi And The Mob Saud
China And Russia Allies 70 Years After WW2
Politicians And Bankers Of A Feather Don't Change Their Spots
Building World Empires In Secret: Same MO 100 Years On
Tragedy And Hope
US Federal Appeals Court Rules NSA Spying Illegal
Former Airline CEO: US Shot Down MH370
Gamesmanship Or Political Pressure? Putin Delays S-300 Delivery To Iran
Lifting Iran Sanctions Good Business Opp For Boeing/US Economy
Well, Okay, Blondes Don't Always Have More Fun
Luxury Terrorist Hotel ... Drone Turkey Shoot?
Shoe On The Other Foot: US Whines About China's "Monroe Doctrine"
The 1823 Monroe Doctrine
China's "Monroe Doctrine" Doesn't Sit Well With 4 US Senators
Making Robots Move Like Us
Shades Of Vietnam: Ukrainians Bribing, Fleeing To Avoid Draft
Does The World Cup Need This?
Afjordable Carbon Sinks
Obama's Secret Trade Agreement
Every Military Contractor Needs A Boogeyman: Iran Good For Business
Gaza War Crimes
Is US Bombing Syria Under Guise Of Striking ISIS?
Yemen Fighting Continues
US NATO Renews Direct Communication With Russia
US Centcom: Drones Only Kill Militants
Drones Can't Count, One, Two
Palestinian Life In Israel's Occupation
US Debt Increases Each Year  By More Than Russia's Total Debt
Evidence Saudi Arabia Uses Banned US Made Cluster Bombs In Yemen
China-Russia: The Emerging New Power Couple
Trending: Dollar Slipping As Trade Currency
Ukraine Epicenter Of Global Geo-Political Upheaval
The Plot Thickens: Is Merkel A CIA Asset?
Harbinger? Ukraine's Potential New Chernobyl Nuke Threat
World Wide Web Becoming Spider Web
The Log In The Eye
The GWOT/OCO, The Long War It's What The US Is
Pentagon's Long War: NATO Vs. Russia, China, Iran And Others As Necessary
The Body Count: PSR Full Report
Seeing Through The Game Of Planned Chaos And Dominance
US Message To Greece: Stay In Your Hole
Kiev Getting Frustrated With Europe
Barring Russia Not Such A SWIFT Idea
Let's All Baa-baa With One Voice: Respect For Australian Sheep Is Paramount At SBS
Not Saying Boo Against AIIB ... Publicly
Norway Joins The Sky Is Falling In Russia Club
NATO Doubles Response Force
Iran To Israel: Renounce Your Nukes
Ukraine Leadership Digs Its Debt Hole $1 Billion Deeper
Liquid Mercury Lead To Pre-Aztec Tomb
Video: Crimea The Way Back Home
Poland: Do They Know Something We Don't?
Polish Security Services-CIA Behind Maidan Sniper Attacks
Polish Security Services-CIA Behind Maidan Sniper Attacks 2
US Family Gets "Lucky" With Russian Evac
Collateral Damage Of Drones: Killing Civilians And Creating New Enemies
Israel Strikes Syrian Military Bases
The Silk Road: The Difference Between Heaven And Hell
More US Military: Nukes In Space?
Pirates Of Wall Street
Rainbows Are Circles
Using The Dead To Promote War
Obama To House Of Saud, Keep Handing Out Those Bentleys
What Would They Get For Bombing Tel Aviv?
Not Palestine, Not Ukraine, But Same MO Regarding Civilians
Ukraine NATO Membership Not Possible-- German Bundestag Deputy
Forward To The Past
Pen Still Mightier Than Sword: Counterterrorism Industry Terrorized By Transparency
From "It's Who You Know" Department: US Double Standards For Sharing CIA Intel
The Times They Are A Changing: Saudis And Non-Arab Musketeers
From "Is It That Obvious?" Department: West's Glaring Double Standards
Russia Evacuates US Citizens From Yemen
Snowden Poll: Loved Around The World, US Not So Much
US Big Brother Congress To NSA: Keep Spying On Us, Uh, Them
UK: Goldman Sachs Advising On Economy Like Dracula Running Blood Bank
It's Not A Smartwatch, But It Won't Lose A Second In 15 Billion Years
Yemen Talks Noteworthy For US-Iran Relations
Our DNA Affected By Grandparents Experiences
A More Positive Russia-US Relationship
Interesting Q&A Session Russian FM Lavrov
Have Scientists Discovered "Belly Button Of The Big Bang?"
Europeans Reason To Distrust Mainstream Media
Ukraine's Coup PM Yats: Serious Or Delirious?
Finland & Ukraine Part Of Russia Less Than 100 Years Ago, Until Bolshevik Revolution
CO2 Levels 405 PPM Most In Nearly A Million Years
US Africom And Its Core Values: Sex, Drugs And Dead Soldiers
Warm-Fuzzy Message From Ukrainian Chief Investigator: Keep Mouth Shut If You Want To Live
US/Saudi Big Yemeni Stick ... Shoot First Ask Questions Later?
China Buys Sophisticated Russian S-400 Air Missile Defense System
US Military Seeks Dominance In All Fields
Game Of Drones: Nevada-Germany-Pakistan/Afghanistan/Yemen
Do-si-do, Pivot To The East, Pivot To The West, Couples Promenade
March 2015 Another Warmest Record
All The World's A Stage Especially Corporate Theatre USA
Coincidence In Corporate America: Wal-Mart Abruptly Closes Five Stores ... Why?
US Asks World Leaders To Consider What's Happening In US Backed Coup Ukraine ... Really?
Neo-Nazism Military Rise In Ukraine
US 173rd Airborne Troops In Ukraine
Opposition Journalists Assassinated in Ukraine
IMF Evicts Millions Off Land
US Congress Fast-tracks TPP, Hurry Up Here Comes China
TPP The Rich To Get Richer
Homeland Invasion: California
Saudi Crushing US Shale Oil Industry
Truth Next Exit
Ron Paul: Congressional Iran Nuke Laws Would Isolate US
Three Porshenko Oppositon Assassinated In Three Days
More Waze For Google To Connect You To The Government
One Good Missle Defense System Deserves Another
Stinging The FBI
EU's Palestinian State Stance: Label Groceries Made In Israel Sold In EU
Iran And The Executive Branch Of US Congress
As If Iraq, Afghanistan And Ukraine Aren't Enough: US Military To Remain In Africa For Decades
Multi-millionaire Hillary Clinton Campaign Rhetoric: Faux-Biting The Billionaire Hands That Feed Her?
West Looking For Ways To Break Ukraine Ceasefire?
The Ambiguity Of The Lausanne Statement
Iran Sanctions: Gone Or Going?
What's The Matter: Seeing Through A Glass Darkly
Obama's Empty Words Now Producing Fruit In Russia
US State Senator: As Damascus Goes, So Goes Europe
Quiet 2015 Atlantic Storm Season Predicted
The Usual Multi-Billion Dollar Corporate Suspects Who Pay No Taxes
Four Corners Methane Hot Spot
Dubya's Mission Accomplished: US-Iraq War Winners, China Gets The Oil, Iran The Geo-political Clout
Update Syrian Pipelineistan: UN Envoy Stop The Civil War
Sweden's Mysterious Russian Sub Just A $700 Million Workboat
Germany Financed Israel's Nuke Weapons Program
Government Wants Front Door Keys To Smart Devices
Russian Warships Evacuate People From Yemen Including Americans
Sunday Morning State Media: Meet The Propaganda
German Media: US Losing Status As World Power
Global Civil War: They Shall Not Pass
Big Apple's Big Brother Doesn't Hand Out Free Lunches
NSA, China Use Similar Tech, Methodology
1953 Formula: Instigate Coup, Feed Media, New Independent Country
French Intel Confirms: No Russsian Plans To Invade Ukraine
Google And Facebook To Form Ministry Of Truth?
200 Years Ago This Week ... Big Boom
Turkish Stream: New Pipeline in Pipelineistan
Six Things The West Did To Iran And Would Like To Forget
The Strategic Importance Of Yemen
US NGOs Kicked Out
Get Over It Already: 2000 Years On, Neo-Pharisees Still Denying Christ Is Son Of God
Trying To Keep The Sky Falling In Russia
Wanted By Interpol, Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Leader Becomes Military Advisor
Ukraine: PM Yats Fires Official Who Investigated Him For Corruption
Troll Warfare
Former Gitmo Boss Summoned By French Court For War Crimes
Ukraine Lawmakers Call For PM Yats Removal- Financial Corruption
Chinese Warship In Yemen Rescues Foreigners
Yemen Update As Chinese Military Evacuates Nationals
US Fascism: Big Government & Big Corporations Spying On Little You For Their Mutual Benefit
Vital New Weather Terminology for 2015 Storm Season
What Happens When The Earth's Magnetic Poles Switch?
Iran: Remove Crude Banking Sanctions
Hate Crimes? Ukraine's 'Nice Guy' Poroshenko Bombs Kids, Schools
The Great Firewall Of China Becoming More Proactive
China's Strategic High Stakes In Yemen
US In Afghanistan's 3rd Circle Of Importance, Guns, China #1, Butter
US Senator McCain Urges Israel To Go Rogue On Iran, Fears Sanity Might Break Out
Facebook: You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave
9 Unsolved Mysteries Of Physics
IMF's Bad Loans Makes For Poor Foreign Policy
A Gift To The Enabled Cowards From The Folks In Donetsk
Nuclear Weaponized US Republicans And Netanyahu Swallow The Camel, Strain At The Gnat
US Senate's Web Page: "The US Senate Does Not Ratify Treaties"
The Science Of What Makes Us Happy: It's Not Stuff
Canada's Anti-terrorist Bill A Domestic Petroleum Industry Trojan Horse? 
US To Keep Ukraine's Yats As 'Loyal Lieutenant?'
AIIB: The New Ball On The Playground Belongs To China
China New Silk Road Trade Generate $2.5 Trillion In Decade
Geopolitics Of Yemen
US Summer Military Invasion Of US More Details
Iran Nuke Deal: Ben "We Have Lots Of Nukes And They Don't" Netanyahu-- The Sky is Falling And More Than That!
John "Blowback" Bolton's Simplistic Neo-con Foreign Policy: Bomb It
Spying: Netanyahu's Israel A "Priority Threat Country" To US
Use Random Passphrases Not Passwords
Ukraine Billionaire Oligarch The Victim?
China To US: Our National Security Trumps Your Banking Tech
Who You Gonna Trust?
Wall Street: Where The Game Is Always The Same
EU: Don't Want To Be Spied On? Leave Facebook Et Al
Atlantic Gulfstream Circulation Weakest In 1000 Years
Pipelineistan: Why Can't West's Coalition Of 60 Countries Defeat "Super-ISIS?"
Meanwhile In Yemen ...
US Declassifies Israeli Nuke Doc
Hypocrisy Empire IV
Nobel NGO: US War Killed Last Decade 1 Million +
UK: Spy Vs. Spy
Iran Nuke Deals Means Definite Drop Of Sanctions
US Military Summer Invasion: Not Prep For Martial Law? So Who's Expected To Invade? Mexico There Already
US Money At War Everywhere
China Engaging US As Equal With AIIB
World's Richest Buy Up Food Companies
World's Richest Buy Up Water Companies
Ukraine Nationalists Demand Yats Resignation
Happiest Place On Earth Might Not Be Disneyland
Kung Pao Pizza: US Spends On War, China Plucks Blue Chip Companies
US Businesses Considering Yuan
AIIB: Beware Of World Bank And IMF Bearing Gifts
War WithIn A War: Private Billionaire Battalions Vs. Poroshenko
Netanyahu's Spying Meddles With US President Iran Nuke Deal
Monsanto Sowing Seeds Of Destruction
Russia-S. Ossetia Sign Integration Pact
Left Of Center Governments Brazil, France, Greece Not Delivering
CIA Director Mad With Iran Fighting ISIS ... Why? No The Real Reason, Director

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