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The articles linked below in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site. Increasingly, anti-Christian tech-media outlets are removing sites considered Christian. You may wish to copy articles on this site onto your storage devices for future reference as well. Please note, however, that most redshoe articles are edited and updated to varying degrees throughout the year. Major updates are noted in the articles menu. See our Terms of Use guidelines.

The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in the billionaire plutocrat's Western corporate mass media companies, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

However, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, which, in a sense, is an urgent reset for so many in our nations today. We need to realize our plundering princes, leaders, officials, and atheist tech media intentionally lie to us on a regular basis, exactly as the prophecies of our closing last days make quite clear.

Proverbs for our times:
"It's easier to fool someone with lies and deceit than a fool to admit the truth."
"A pig wallowing in mud is wiser than the fool walking daily in his folly."
"The tree of evil is watered by a poison well of lies, and the fruit thereof is death."
"A fool's lying lips display hatred of the truth."
"Lies require believers, whereas truth exists, regardless of what people believe."
"The fear of fools destroy the weak, but men and women are made mighty in the truth of the word of God."

20 January 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

After several years of Big Pharma experimental injections, Gates, Fauci et al and the Zionist Biden administration, is the world a better, healthier, safer place? Then we need to make a serious introspective reflection on the next question. Why not? 2 Ths. 2:9-12.

Dear fellow servants in Christ:

The purpose of Newslink has been to point out secular information related to the truth of the word of God in order that we of the Christian House of Israel [Mat. 15:24] might understand the dark and evil forces at work in the world in these last days. Current day secular events, "covid," fake pandemics, climate hoax, the escalating Middle East war, all intended for global control over sovereign nations, have intersected with Biblical prophecy.

We need to remember the singular most important point relating to these last days in the plan of God, and our current events. “This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men.” [women too; Daniel 4:17-37; Kakistocracy]. Despite all the machinations by the nations of the world, the direction in which we are headed is controlled and directed by the Most High. It's all part of the plan of God, as it is written in the prophecies, and detailed in the articles on this site. Our choice is to ignore it, or heed it.

This fact is glaringly obvious with the Western governments, especially in dealings with Russia and China, not to mention the perverted and tyrannical domestic changes during the past three years. Our daily headlines are beginning to read like Biblical prophecy for good reason. "Her heads judge for a bribe, her priests teach for pay, and her prophets divine for money. Yet they lean on the LORD, and say, “Is not the LORD among us? No harm can come upon us ... The faithful have perished from the Earth, and no one is upright among men. They all lie in wait for blood; every man hunts his brother with a net that they may successfully do evil with both hands—the ruler asks for a reward, the judge seeks a bribe, and the great declare their evil desire; so they scheme together." [Micah 3:11; 7:2, 3].

For now, it appears to be that the lowest of the NWO have dominion over the US government as well as the UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, and EU/Western European nations, i.e., the House of Israel. [Isa. 56:9-12]. These evil atheists have not honored the majesty and splendor of God, " ... the God who holds their breath in His hand and owns all their ways." [Dan. 5:23; also Oba. 1:3, 4; Pro. 21:1].

What are the significant positive changes we need to make? "If you would prepare your heart, and stretch out your hands toward Him; if iniquity were in your hand, and you put it far away, and would not let wickedness dwell in your tents; then surely you could lift up your face without spot; yes, you could be steadfast, and not fear; because you would forget your misery, and remember it as waters that have passed away, and your life would be brighter than noonday. Though you were dark, you would be like the morning. And you would be secure, because there is hope; yes, you would dig around you, and take your rest in safety. You also would lie down, and no one would make you afraid; yes, many would court your favor. But the eyes of the wicked will fail, and they shall not escape, and their only hope is death.” [Job 11:13-20].

Newslink was established in the hope that by tying current secular events to Biblical prophecies and wisdom, as a people we would turn to, and live the truth of the word of God in order to get ourselves, and our nations right with God, thereby choosing blessings and life rather than our current curses and death.

We do recommend proving for yourself the theological truth necessary for each of us. Remember, truth exists, you can find it. The lies are invented. They've become a daily propaganda blizzard changing the climate of our society. Never lose hope in our LORD. We have the power to stop the evilness by ditching the religious fables, the lies that permeate our lives and living the truth of the word of God. [See the Feature article, Paul Was An Apostle To The House Of Israel, Not The Gentiles].

"Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O House of Israel? [Mat. 15:24]. For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies,” says the Lord GOD. Therefore, turn and live!” [Eze. 18:31, 32; Exd. 19:5; Technocracy: The Way Of Death].

In addition to reading, and proving for yourselves the truth of the word of God in your own study and lives, we recommend copying and downloading articles of your choosing authored on this site to any storage device for future reference should websites be shut down, even temporarily, due to cyber attacks or denial of service.

As the apostle Paul wrote to the ekklesia in Philippi, “Therefore, my beloved, as you always have obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” [2:12, 13; The Book Of James: The Great Christian Reset].

Winter 2024

The Vaxxed True Believers Complained About Others Not Getting The Experimental "Covid" Shot, Then Died Suddenly
Text/Video: Post "Covid" Vax, US Life Expectancy Continues To Plummet, So Will Woke Transgender "Women's" Life Expectancy Change To Match Biological Women?
Why Is the Pentagon “Weaponizing Insects”?

Climate Theorists Continue To Attempt To Link The Climate Hoax With A Pandemic Hoax While Spouting Racism

The Clock Is Ticking, We Have Lost Our Heritage Identity, The Elites Are The Barbarians Among Us
America’s Being A Dictatorship, Not A Republic, Has Now Become Obvious
Western "Leadership" Pushing "The World To The Brink Through Their Arrogance And Disregard For Any Laws"

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

New Psychotic Technology To Stop Viruses That Don’t Exist, Everyone Gets Vaxxed Whether You Want It Or Not
The Weaponization of Mosquitos: WHO and Gates Inc Announce Plans To Flood Africa With Ultra Dangerous Malaria “Vaccines,” And They Blame It On Their Climate Change Hoax, 10X Higher Risk Of Serious Meningitis And Cerebral Malaria, And Doubles Risk Of Death
Playing Both Ends Against The Middle: Bill Gates Gene Edited Mossies Increase Dengue Fever Cases 400%, So Brazil Buys Millions Of Doses Of Dengue Vaxxes
Warning: Gates Funded Factory Breeds 30 Million Mosquitoes A Week for Release In 11 Countries
"Covid" Mandates Unlawful, Australian Supreme Court
Video: Bioweapon Gain-Of-Function Labs, Humanity At Risk, "The 99 Million "Covid" Study Is MASSIVE And Exposes The LIES They Told Us" 
Video: How Was The US Pentagon Involved In The "Covid" Scamdemic? Remember, WHO Shipped Millions Of "Covid-19 Test Kits" Worldwide In 2017
"Think Of The mRNA Vax As A Missile, A Lipid Nanoparticle And mRNA Modification To Give Stability, And Payload, A Specific mRNA Encoding The Antigen"
FDA’s Moderna And Pfizer Data Sheds Further Light On The Purported “Safety and Efficacy” Of "Covid" Vaxxes
Text/Video: From The "Liars Lie" Dept: The ‘Safe and Effective’ Vax Narrative Is A Carefully Fabricated Illusion
The Curse Of The "Covid-19" Scamdemic Tested Our Commitment To Freedom, Still Is
Commercial, Military Flight Officers Still Dying
Americans Exposed To Fertility-Lowering Chemicals In Cheerios, Quaker Oats
AI Wars: For The Benefit Of Humanity Or For The Elites' Power And Profit?

Climate Change Is Happening, But CO2 Has Nothing To Do With It, And Humans Have Nothing To Do With It, "Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Shifting And Weakening At An Ever-Increasing Rate, Significantly More Radiation (Heat) Is Reaching Earth’s Surface, Be Prepared To Witness Something Very Few Have Ever Seen"
17 Years Ago Climate Theorist Gave The World 10 Years To Save Itself
Video: US Climate Junk Science Fakery, Computer Models Vs. Real World Thermometers
1995 NYT: Most East Coast Beaches Gone By 2020, Photos Show Exact Opposite, Still Here
Video: EVs Not The Green Solution Panacea
Apple Out Of The Electric Car Market, EV Market Disaster

Ukraine Update, 1 March 2024
Putin's Russia: True “Multipolarity” Only When There Are No More Imperial Powers, When The Current Political And Economic Regimes Of The U.S. And Europe Cease To Exist ... Translation Assymetrical Existential War #3
Last Days Prophecy And Secular West Asia/Middle East Events Have Reached Nexus, World War 3 Is Here, The Russia (North)–China (East) Led Strategic Partnership Playing Out Asymmetrically In Military, Financial, And Institutional Battlefields, And The Fight Is An Existential One    The UK, US Led Rules-Based Order, Dan. 11:44, 45
Video: US Hegemon Goal, Set Fire To West Asia/Middle East To Thwart BRICS Led By Russia And China
ICJ Choices: Will The Zionist US Join With Zionist Israel In Being Rejected By All Countries, Or Abandon Israel To The International Judgement That Israel Is A Global Pariah, And The US Will Cease-And-Desist Its Association With Israel, Or Go Full Neo-con, Pre-empt The ICJ Decision, Put Boots On The Ground In Israel, And Go For Broke?
Several Palestinian Factions Are Discussing In Moscow The Formation Of A National Unity Government
Hundreds Of Lawmakers Demand Stopping Arms Sales To Zionist Israel, Constitute Violation Of International Law
Ex-ISIS Chief Appointed As Commander Of US-Backed Militia In Syria
European Parliament Crosses China's "Red Line," Challenges The One China Principle
Western Lies About China’s Uyghur Oppression
Video: Zero Evidence Of Uyghur Repression 
The Rocky Road To Dedollarization, The Need To Switch From Road Bike To Mountain Bike
Video: Strategically, Global Majority Exerting Itself, Multipolar World Order
United States Of Israel? Globalist Washington Offers Lame Excuse, Seems More Concerned About Ukraine and Zionist Israel Than They Do Their Own Country, Blocks UN Vote On Zionist Israel Massacre
Columbia Suspends All Arms Deals With Zionist Israel Over Massacre
The Sarmat Nuclear Capable Hypersonic Heavy Ballistic Missiles Have Been Delivered To Russia’s Troops And Will Soon Be “Demonstrated In Operations Deployment Areas”
Key Points Of Putin's Federal Assembly Address
Video/Text: Legal Masterpiece At The ICJ, International Law Vs. Zionist Lawlessness
Resistance Victorious In al-Zaytoun, Merkava Tank Parts "Everywhere"
Evil Personified: Zionist Israel Guns Down Palestinians Waiting For Humanitarian Aid ... Again
What's Next For Zionist Israel ... Nuking Palestinians? Zionist US And Israel Refuse To Participate In Middle East Nuclear Free Zone Talks
China Sends A Guided-Missile Destroyer, A Missile Frigate, A Replenishment Vessel, And More Than 700 Troops – Including Dozens Special Forces Personnel To Gulf Of Aden

Zionist US Bombs Drop On Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria And Yemen, How Do The Arab States Justify This When Their Countries Host US Airbases?
Text/Video: Syrian Army Airstrikes Kill Terrorists In Lattakia
Egypt Sells Out Palestinians For $10B Loan
Year Of The Dragon And The Bear: Whose Table? US Hegemon Rules-Based Order Or BRICS Multinational Rule Of Law
True Grit: Yemen's Fearless Soladarity With The Palestinians While Other Arab Nations Offer Lip Service
‘US Hegemony In International Waters Is Obsolete'
Zionism And The Priests Of Satan   Rev. 3:9 
Ukraine’s Rothschild Cartel Hitting Stratospheric Psychosis
If Ukraine Winning The War Against Russia, Why Is Zelensky Going To The Saudis For Help In Getting A Peace Deal?
From The "Brain-Dead Military Strategy" Dept: Jupiter Macron, Wannabe Napoleon 2.0, Needs To Read Up On French History
Victoria "Have A Cookie And A Coup" Nuland, Putin's Russia Not The Russia We Want, But She Doesn't Get A Vote, Only The Blood Of Half A Million Ukranians On Her Hands
Stories The Mainstream Media Should Be Covering In Gaza If They Weren't Government Mouthpieces
Video: EU Warbonds, Tax Citizens Of Sovereign Nations To Fund An EU Domestic Army To Suppress Citizens, More Globalization, German FM "Chased By Russian Drone"
EU Leader Wants To "Cut Off EU Citizen's Noses To Spite Russia's Face"
The Future Of The West Will Fall Along With Ukraine
Macron, "We Will Do Everything Necessary To Prevent Russia From Winning This (Ukraine) War, Apparently Including The Destruction Of Europe
Macron's Death Wish For Europe, Be Patient, Jupiter, You'll Soon Get Your Wish
"The United States And Its Rogues’ Gallery Of Partners In NATO Are Crumbling From Their Own Lies, Duplicity, And Untenable Dead-End Of Warmongering Rackets"
Typical Hypocrisy From G7 Leaders Whinerbabies Amid Defeat In A War They Started: Voice Concern Over "Transfers To Russia From Businesses In The People's Republic Of China Of Dual-Use Materials And Components For Weapons And Equipment For Military Production," While They've Openly Sent Their Single Use Military Weapons To Ukraine Since 2014
Text/Video: Apparently The US "Wonder Weapon" Abrams Tanks Burn Like The German And UK Ones
The West Initiated The Syrian Conflict
Zionist Israel’s Minister For The Advancement of Women, May Golan, Proud Of The Genocide Of Palestinian Women
Zionist Israel Escalates Attacks On Lebanon
Nutanyahoo: Total Annihilation Is Our Goal
Typical Hypocrisy From G7 Leaders Whinerbabies Amid Defeat In A War They Started: Voice Concern Over "Transfers To Russia From Businesses In The People's Republic Of China Of Dual-Use Materials And Components For Weapons And Equipment For Military Production," While They've Openly Sent Their Single Use Military Weapons To Ukraine For Two Years
Video: Nalvany Death Coincidences
Zionist Israel Expanding War In Syria And Lebanon
Text/Video, Scott Ritter: Crimea And The Return To Normalcy, IDF Gaza Depravity, Q&A
The Swiss And French Rothschild's Banking Battle

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Australians Abandon mRNA Shots, Like Many Other Nations, Hence Need For New Proposed UN Agreement To Make It Mandatory For Next Scamdemic
Video: Highwire Episode 360, The Clot Thickens
Isn't This "Misinformation?" UK Government's New Way To Count Excess Deaths From "Covid" Vaxxes, Simply Change The Statistical Model And Viola, Excess Deaths Drop!
Pandemic Garbage In, Garbage Out As We Discovered, Using Computer Models Rather Than The Reality On The Ground
New WHO Amendments Are A Mandate For Your Slavery
Beware The CDC Bearing A Cohort Study Whose Data Is Not Available To The Public ... You Have To Take Their Word For It Despite 17 Million "Safe And Effective" Vax Deaths Worldwide, So Far
Video: Not One Of The CDC's 99 Million
“An Awful Lot Of People Have Been Dying In Their 50’s Lately," But The CDC Study Didn't Look Into That
33-year-old NY MD/PhD Student Ricardo Perez Dulzaides Mocked "Anti-Vaccine Content" Then "Died Suddenly" From Blood Clots & Cardiac Arrest
The Fairy Tale of Pandemic Risk
Important Quotes You Won't Hear From Corporate Media
Education Is Not Intelligence, Until We Learn From Our Mistakes
The Totalitarian State Of Medicine
The "Covid" Vaxxes Increased Your Risk Of Dying
Video: Those White Fibrous Blood Clots Still Showing Up
Pfizer Never Stops Gaslighting Us, 90 Days Into Vax Campaign 1,123 Vax-Related Deaths, And Over 40,000 Vax Injuries
Even The SEC Filings By Pfizer And Moderna Don't Call These Shots Vaccines, They Call Them Gene Therapy Or Is The Cureus Journal, Point #4, Accusing Pfizer Of Lying On Their SEC Filings?
Pfizer SEC Filing: "Feb 24, 2022 ... ... Filed Or To Be Filed With The SEC, including our Proxy Statement. ... For Example, Our Gene Therapy Product Candidates Are Based On A Novel ..." This Would Be mRNA Technology, Pfizer "Human Capital: Our Purpose Is: Breakthroughs That Change Patients’ Lives," True, Tens Of Millions Injured And Killed Worldwide Since Vaxxes Brought To Market
CDC Releases V-Safe Free-Text Data: Not Safe And Effective
"MS Society" Goes Way Beyond Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Video: Tucker Uncensored, The National Security State & The Inversion Of Democracy, The Founding Fathers Didn't Know About The Internet, But They Knew And Warned About People Like These Guys In Federal Government, Hence The Bill Of Rights
For The Low IQ "Covid" Scamdemic True Believers, The Big Pharma-Media-Health Agencies Triad Still There To Feed You Propaganda
"Covid" Terrorists Keep The Panic Fires Burning Brightly
Video: Conspiracy Analysis, 911 BBC Live Discussed On Air The Fallen Building 7, 20 Minutes Before The Building Fell, Why Didn't The BBC Reporter In NYC Just Turn Around And Point Out The Still Standing Building 7? More Government Lies Exposed, JFK Assassination, Seth Rich, Iraq WMD, Covid
Video: US Air Marshalls Being Taken Off Flights, Make Sandwiches For Illegals At Southern Border
Churchianity In The Fallen Away America And In The Other Nations Of The West

The Climate Hoax Bottom Line: 10 Reasons Why The The Present World Can't Run Without Fossil Fuels

US Law Mandates Biden End The War On Yemen In Defense Of Zionist Israel's Genocide On 12 March, But The Elite Lawless Ones Looking For Loopholes 
Video: Yemen's $10K Missile Downs $30 Million Zionist US MQ-9 Drone
Two Years After The Start Of The SMO, The West Is Totally Paralyzed
What's The Difference Between A Strong Nation State And One Falling Apart? Journalism Or Propaganda, How Do We Tell The Difference? 
The Paper And Ink Bubble That Passes For The World's Reseve Currency
The Western Coup Based On A Lie That Started The Ukraine War
Russia's Values Are Those That The US Use To Have
Video: Tucker, The Assange Case Shows The Corruption And Lawlessness, Lack Of Democracy And Rule Of Law, Of The Elites And Deep State Who Run The West, If Extradited To The US, He Will Become An Election Issue
Paranoid US Sees Chinese Cranes As National Security Threat, What's Next Fortune Cookies?
US Is Truly Exceptional When It Comes To Arrogance ... Maybe It's A Loaner While His Is In The Garage For Repairs
From The "Will The Real Misinformationists Please Stand Up" Dept: Google (GOOGL.O) Is Preparing To Launch An "Anti-Misinformation" Campaign Across Five Countries In The European Union In Order To Keep Their Globalist Guys In Office, Recall How All Those "Covid" Fact Checkers Turned Out To Be The Misinformationsts Claiming Those Experimental Shots Were "Safe And Effective," Same M.O.
Is Google AI Racist? Erases Reality
Zionist Israel's Skin Bank, World's Largest, Where Does Such A Tiny Country Get All That Skin? Not From Orthodox Jews
Zionist Israel's UN Tool Of Palestinian War
Cost Of Genocide War Catching Up With Zionist Israel As Credit Rating Falls
Zionist Israel Military Continues Its Bombing Of Civilians In Rafah
China Backs Palestinian's Right Of Self-Defense
The Humpty-Dumpty Legal Ten: Western Lawyers Declare [aka Paid Political Announcement] It's Legal To Steal Russian Frozen Assets
Russia Not A Threat To Germany As Long As It Has Olaf Scholz As Chancellor
Space Wars: The U.S. Space Force, American Dominance In Space
Complaining About Loss Of Media Control: Pro-Nazi Trudeau Claims "Conspiracy Theorists" Threatens Mainstream Media, Good Thing We're Conspiracy Analysts
Video: Up To 30 Million Illegals Have Entered The US, Major Impact On Economy And Society, Not To Mention Concerns With The Middle East
Yemen: Nearly 300 Ships Passed Through The Red Sea Safely This Past Week, Only Pro-Zionist Genocide Countries, US, UK And Israeli Ships Targeted
52 Nations To Present Arguments To The ICJ Related To Zionist Israel's Illegal Occupation Of The West Bank, Gaza, And Jerusalem
Zionist US Every Opportunity To Show The World Their True Colours And Every Excuse Under The Sun To Block Gaza Genocide Ceasefire Resolution
Another British Navy Failure
Zionist Israel Launches Missiles Into, What Else?, Civilian Neighborhood Of Damascus
Text/Video: US Terrorist State Opportunistic To Exploit Alexei Navalny's Death, His Anti-Russian Political Activities To Overthrow Government Funded By US National Endowment For Democracy, His Support Base Not In Russia, But In Washington, D.C.
Russia Captured 1000 Ukrainian Soldiers In Avdeyevka Retreat
US Fear Of Putin Worse Than We Thought
US Final Solution ... WW3?
The African Sahel-5 Countries Are Turning To Russia
Hezbollah Hijacks Israeli Settler Drone In 3 Minutes
Zionist Israeli Troops Drawn Into ‘Tight Ambush’ By Resistence
Hillary Spills The Beans: In An Incredinble Display Of Political Transference And Projection, Tells Americans What The Democrats Plan To Do
Another Crushing Defeat For Ukraine, This Time In Court At ICJ
Pro-Genocide Zionist US Vetoes Another UN Ceasefire Resolution
From The "We Good, You Bad Narrative" Dept: US Allows US Citizen To Be Imprisoned, Tortured And Die In Prison In Ukraine Without Biden & Co. Lifting a Finger, Then Bemoans The Death Of A Foreign Traitor In Some Twisted Morality Display Of Faux Democracy
What's With Ukraine, And Zionist Israel, Militaries Bombing Unarmed Civilians?
EU's Row Boat, S.S. Ukraine, Adrift On The Waters Of Lunacy
EU Steps Into The Middle East War In Support Of Zionist Israel's Genocide, Another Ukraine Tar Pit, Yemen Warns
Video: Tucker-Russell Brand Interview
France, Along With The Western Nations, Is About To Go Off The Cliff, So Much For "Democracy"
Video: Knuckleheads And Clowns, Western Politician Propaganda, Policies Getting Crazier If That's Possible
SITREP 2/18/24: Avdeyevka Liberated
War It Is Then: Zionist Israeli Warplanes Bomb Civilian Targets Deep Inside Lebanon
Zionist Israel's Economy Hard Hit Following 7 Oct
Ukraine Used US-Made Chemical Weapons
If You Had Any Doubts About Zionist US Support For Genocide Against The Palestinians, US Promises To Block Gaza Ceasefire Resolutions
Yemen Nearly Destroys British Oil Tanker
Nutanyahoo Eyes Al-Aqsa Mosque Ban On Palestinian Worshipers For Ramadan
UAE Steps Up With Gaza Aid, Self-Operating Bakeries Producing 17,500 Loaves Bread Per Hour
Video: Western "Leaders," aka Elite Losers, Gather [Flying In On Private Jets?] To "Drink To Defeat Putin" As US/EU Sponsored Ukraine Suffers Yet Another Horrendous Humiliating Loss, So The Plague Of Excuses And Blame Game Begins
Another Failure Victory For The Little Green Man's Ukraine, US And NATO, Flees Tipping Point Avdeevka, Afghanistan Style,  Leaving Behind Wounded And Armaments
"Mighty" Zionist Israeli Forces Superior At Killing Unarmed Women And Children And Attacking Hospitals, Turned The Largest Hospital In Khan Yunis Into A Military Barracks While Detaining Health Care Workers
US Finances Wars For 'World Hegemony' As Weary Americans Suffer Domestic Destruction, Open Border, Homelessness, Rampant Crime, Catastrophic National Debt, Politicians
Politicians: India Sends "Hermes 900" Killer Drones To Zionist Israel To Aid In Their Genocide
The People: Indian Transport Union Refuses To Handle 'Israel'-Bound Arms Ships

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Bill Gates Sun Dimming Experiment, Food Plants Need The Sunshine, Another Attack On Food
With This Bill, We Defend Lies, Deceit And Propaganda: France Joins In Criminalizing Criticism Of Vaxxes With More Propaganda Lies And Prison Sentences
Of Course, UK Not Much Different Than France, But At Least They Have Border Security
Canadian Truckers Sue Trudeau And Freeland Over Violation Of Their Charter Rights
Text/Video: Non-elected UK PM "Shot" Down On Live TV By "Covid" Vax Victims 
The Wuhan Cover-Up And The Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race
Turbo Brain Cancers And "Covid" Vax Mandates
Three Fundamental Necessities Of Life In Jeopardy
"Covid:" "A Crisis Of Capitalism Masquerading As A Public Health Emergency"
The Next Level Viral Threat, A Way To Kill Off Everyone, Inhalable/Exhalable Vaxxes Or Bioweapon That Spread Like A Virus, So Much For Informed Consent
The World Economic Forum’s "Frankensteinization" of the Entire World. Hollywood’s "Predictive Movies"
All 17 Southern Hemisphere Countries Studied Had Transitions To Regimes Of High All Cause Mortality, Which Occur When The Covid-19 Vaxxes Were Deployed And Administered
Low IQ Operators: Another Variant, Another Desperate Cry for Masks That Don't Stop Transmission, But Prolonged Use Increases Inhaled CO2 To Very Dangerous Levels, Up To  30,000+ ppm,  25X To 75X Atmospheric CO2 Levels, Reducing Metabolic Activity Of The Brain, “Statistically Significant And Meaningful Reductions In Decision-Making Performance”
Harvard Study: Elevated CO2 Levels, 600 To 1000 ppm
The "Covid" War: Never Forget
Big Brother AI Is Here
Video: 7th Annual Fake Media Awards
Prime Minister Of Slovakia Links "Covid" Vaxxes To Cardiovascular Deaths

1936 Recorded The Hottest Temperatures In The United States, Yet CO2 Levels Were 310 ppm Compared To 410 ppm Now
Video: Climate Hoax, Elon Musk Got It Wrong, Complete Nonsense, Is He Going To Use Batteries To Launch SpaceX Rockets To Mars? CO2 Is Not Responsible Increase In Temperatures, Gas Powered Lawn Mowers And Leaf Blowers Outlawed In California, But Not Private Jets, Which Per Passenger Emit 45X More CO2 Compared To Commerical Air Travel
Is Florida A Victim Of Chemtrail Attack? 
Climate Hoax Data Tampering To Fit The Narrative
The "Scientist" Behind The Debunked Global Warming Hockey Stick Model
Electric Vehicles, 5000 Pound Paperweights? CO2 Climate Hoaxers Didn't Count The Cost

UK's Economy Backs A Horse Destined For The Glue Factory
From The "Wisdon Vs. Folly" Dept: After The EU's Sanctions On Russia,  Maybe The EU Should Have Counted The Cost Before It Acted
60 Zionist Israeli Organizations Labeled Terrorists Entities By Arab League
Comparative Politics And War: Auschwitz And Gaza, "The Zone"
Zionist White House Speaks With Forked Tongue: Talking "Peace" While Shipping More Bombs For Genocide
Zionist Israel Pushing Towards The Tipping Point: Escalates War With Attack On Iran's Gas Pipelines, But Back Into Operation
The Resistance In Donbas And Gaza Share A Common Goal: Overthrow The Unipolar Hegemon That Has Quashed Their National Aspirations
Pepe In Donbas
Zionist Military Raids Another Palestinian Hospital
White House: A Gathering Of Failures
Video: US No Longer Shooting Itself In The Foot, Shooting Itself In The Head, West's Sanctions Failure, Russia Surpassed Germany As The #1 Economy In Europe
Real Or Troll? Biden The Putin Puppet?
US SecState's Great-Grandfather Left Kiev, Russia In 1904
As Zionist Israel Escalates War Into Lebanon, Zionist War Chief Says "We Do Not Want To Enter Into A War" While Bombing Civilians
Like Zionist Israel, Ukraine Likes To Attack Unarmed Civilians
Escalation In Northern Palestine
Zionist Israel Fake Gaza Aid
Zionist Israel Bombs Hospital, Kills Child Patient, A Hamas Terrorist?
The Non-Democratic Funding Of The Fascist Global World By The US Taxpayer
Zionist Biden Greenlights Zionist Nutanyahoo's Rafah Genocide
The Pentagon's Ratinale For Keeping Troops In Iraq And Syria To Combat ISIS, Not Supported By US State Department, DOD, US Military Actually Training ISIS
Over 400 Zionist US, UK Attacks On Yemen In One Month
2024, RIP America
Trudeau "Standing Ovation" Government Refuses To Extradite Nazi War Criminal
Large Lebanon Missile Attack On Northern Zionist Israel
The Zionist War Against Islam Is About To Explode
Biggest Trade Partner Country For US Imports ... Mexico
2024 Year Of the Dragon: About One-Fifth Of The World's Population Celebrate The Chinese New Year Spring Festival, "Gong Xi Fa Cai"
China Weighs In: Formally Condemns, Demands Zionist Israel Halt Military Operations In Rafah
From The "Tail Wagging The Dog" Dept: 153 Nations Have Called For Gaza Genocide Ceasefire, Zionist Nutanyahoo Gives Them The Finger
The Old Secular Zionist Ploy: Piggyback On The Victimhood Of Jewish People
October 7, 2023, "Zionism Has Never Had Any Qualms About The Loss Of Jewish Lives So Long As That Loss Furthered The Cause Of Zionism," On Sunday 11 February, ABC News 'This Week,'  Zionist Netanyahu "Claimed Enough Of The 132 Remaining Israeli Hostages Still Alive More Than Justify Continuing The War"
The “Zionisation of America”
"Siding With Malign Actors:" US Lawmakers Side With Zionist Israel's Genocide, Not Supporting Zionist Genocide Does Not Mean Support For Hamas 
ICC Probe Underway Into Zionist Israel's Gaza War Crimes
Macron Got It Backwards, Should Have Reached Out To Zionist Israel With De-escalation Proposal
US Piracy: Like A Common Thief, Steals 747 That Use To Belong To Iran, But Is Owned By Venezuela, Setting A Really Bad "Tit For Tat" Precedent For US Assets
Meanwhile, "Rules Based Order" US And G7 Partners Scheming To Steal Russia's $300 Billion Plus Interest In Assets
Western "Realpolitik:" Lies, Deceit And Magical Thinking
Putin Interview: Western Purveyors Of Disinformation Were Worried Putin Might Spread "Disinformation," i.e., Point Out Their Lies, Which He Did
Video: Putin Interview Too Sophisticated For Mundane Corporate Media, No Capacity Or Will To Understand The Substance Of What Was Said
Tucker's Comments On Putin Interview
Zionist Israel Hits New Civilian Targets In South Lebanon
No Turning Back For Zionist Israel, Continues Building Settlements In Occupied Paelstinian East Jerusalem
The Evil, Cowardly Zionist Israel Bombs Defenseless Women And Children In Rafah, Gaza
Zionist Israel Leaves Only One Option On The Table, War
Zionist Israel Keeps Pushing Closer To All Out War In The Region
The US Shoots Itself In The Foot In Iraq, Doing Everything It Can To Set The Region On Fire
Netherland Court Orders Halt To Sale Of Jet Parts To Zionist Israel Over "Undeniable Violations"
UK's 2nd Aircraft Carrier Fails To Leave Port
Iraq Calls To Implement 2020 Parliament Vote Demanding Expulsion Zionist US Troops, So Respecting Its Commitment To Democracy And Sovereignty Of Nations, US Will Comply, Right?
Nutanyahoo Pushes For Bloodbath In Rafah
A Move On Rafah Might Be The Spark That Ignites A Bigger Explosion
Pentagon's Tower 22 'Logistics Support Base' Is Secret Drone Base
How Can A Deindustrializing Germany, Giving Away Billions To Ukraine, Hope To Realistically Prepare For Conflict In Five Years With Russia? Pedal Tanks?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

US DOD Told Pharma Exec The Virus “Posed A National Security Threat” On February 4, 2020, When Only 11 People In The Country Were Infected, So, What About The Vaxxes That Have Killed More Than The Virus, Or The Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Entering The US Since February 2020?
Davos Elites Destructive Solutions To Imaginary Problems
Couples Who Take "Covid" mRNA Boosters Together Had Stroke And Cardiac Arrest, And Continue To Take The Boosters
CDC’s Vaccine-Efficacy Epidemiologic Incompetence
The True Believers Love Of The Familiar Darkness, Lies And Deceit, And Fear Of The Unfamiliar Light Of The Truth
What's #1 On The Elites Wish List? Crackdown On Your Personal Freedom, Not Theirs
Text/Video: The Hegemonic UN-WEF-NATO Triad: U.N. “Sustainable Development” (SDG 2030) = Endless Wars, Poverty And Famine Worldwide
UN, Bankers Out To Destroy Food industry
Feeding The Herd: The WEF Wants To Impose Synthetic GMO Laboratory Foods, European Farmer's Protests
More Informed Consent Ordering Coffee And A Croissant Than Getting Injected With A Lethal Toxin
The Dark Ages Of "Covid" Lockdown
The Transfer X Project
Trudeau and Biden Advisors Pushed "Covid-19 Vaccines" And Mandates While Their Loved Ones “Died Suddenly”
Of Course, For The Elites To Implement Thought Surveillance, It Supposes The Herd Has The Ability To Think Outside Their Propaganda Box
Text/Videos, From The "Spider To The Fly" Dept: A New Global Order With A Digital Control System Run By “Trustworthy” AI, Will You Get A Vote? The Elites Do
UK's New Law: We Can Publish Lies All We Want, But If You Publish The Truth, You Can Get A Year In Prison
In Year 6, China Still In The Grip Of "Covid-19" Pandemic
GDP: Replacing Private Wealth With Government Waste, "The Government’s Job Is Taking Wealth And Lighting It On Fire"

EU Farmers Rise Against The CO2 Climate Hoax Cult
Backdoor Socialism And The Climate Hoax
January 2024: Weather Alert, Snow Bands And Historic Cold To End The Week
Lookback: February 2021 Coldest February In More Than 30 Years
Lookback: 2022 A Record-Breaking Cold Is Forecast To Spread Across The United States, A Winter Storm With Historic Snow For The Great Lakes
But Didn't Al Gore Tells Us It Would Be Gone By Now? Arctic Sea Ice Ranks As The Third Highest In The Last 10 Winters At The Beginning Of February And Follows The Normal Growth Of The 2010s

Zionist Israeli Drone Attack Attempted Assassination In Central Lebanon, When Will The Tables Turn And Israeli Military, Government Officials Become Targets?
Video: Tucker-Putin Interview, 170 Million Views, Boris, Trudeau, Scholz Meltdown, Squealing Like Stuck Pigs
Zelensky Preparing To Flee The Country Warns Ukrainian Opposition Leader
The Dark Force In US Politics: Zionist Israel Money
Pre-emptive Nuclear War: The Role Of Zionist Israel In Triggering An Attack On Iran, Is A Nuclear Zionist Israel Acceptable For The World?
Poll: Arab World Calls US Top Security Threat, Sees No Prospect Of Peace With Zionist Israel
Video: Tucker-Putin Interview, History Is Like A Flowing River, What Happens Upstream Affects What Happens Downstream
Full Transcript: The Interview Tucker Carlson, President Putin
Tucker-Putin Interview: A Perspective, 100 Million Views And Climbing
Video: Tucker-Putin, Biden Presser Catastrophe
Video/Text: Tucker-Putin Interview Airs Tonight, The Bottom Of The Barrel, Weak-Kneed Collective Elite Soiling Their Knickers, And Like Spoiled Brats On A School Playground They Resort To Name Calling, Because That's All Their Lies And Deceit Can Handle
Why Medvedev Is Free To Go Full ‘Born To Be Wild’
A Wonder Weapon In Ukraine That Is Changing The Course Of The Conflict
Video: Our Ever-Expanding Global War, Lawlessness Domestic And Foreign
The Criminalization Of International Law, Part II: A “False Flag” Operation To Justify The Israel-U.S. Genocide Against The People Of Palestine
N.Y. Times Lies, Claims U.S. Forces In Iraq Are Legal
The US At War: Iraqi Army Blasts Zionist US For 'Sowing Instability' After Latest Targeted Assassination In Baghdad
What Is It About Germany That They Love Holocausts, Jewish And Palestinian?
Ex-Russian President Warns NATO Of ‘Apocalypse,’ The West Should Tell Its Citizens The “Bitter Truth”
What's With The Lying West's Hate-Filled Anal Fear Of Putin? The "Bitter Truth?" Hysterical EU Obviously Confusing Putin With Genocide War Criminal Nutanyahoo
Video: Putin Interview, Western Media Hysterical That Tucker Got The Interview, US President (?) Wearing The Colors And Flag Of Ukraine
Zionist US Pushes One-Sided Border Deal, No, Not The Mexican Border, Lebanon's
War And More War: US As The "Source Of All Evils" In Terms Of Cyberspace Risks, And Under The Threat Of US Cyberattacks, "No Country Can Protect Itself," Legalized Offensive Cyberattacks
EU Poodles Brought To Heel By US Ukraine Actions
Not Just The Zionist Government That Hates
Widening The War: Zionist Israeli Attack In Central Syria
Zionist US Still Refuses To Leave Iraq Despite Democratic Vote Requesting Them To Leave
Text/Video: Tucker Carlson: Zionist Biden Admin Set Up US Soldiers ‘To Be Killed’ As Pretense For War With Iran, i.e. WW3
In The Middle East The U.S. Has Reached The End Of Its Abilities
Zionist US Continues It's Weapons Support Of Zionist Israel's Palestinian Holocaust
ZAKA Zionist Israel's Version Of The Suspect White Helmets
China, Russia, Iran Condemn Zionist US Strikes In Syria, Iraq
Yemen Launches New Attack On Red Sea Ships, 2 Hit 
The Genocide Of America
Video, The Pillars Of Samson: Zionist Neocons Will Not Be Satisfied Until The US Attacks Iran And Pulls The American Empire Down Around Them
Video: Comedy, Farce, Failure And Tragedy In The World Today
Zionist Israel Planning To Extend War With Hezbollah, Lebanon, And Since When Does Zionist Israel Prefer Diplomacy When A Bomb Will Do?
Zionist Israel Censorship: Choosing The Narrative, "Every CNN Report On The War Must Be Cleared By The Network's Jerusalem Bureau Before Broadcast Or Publication," 70+ Years Of Tyranny, Genocide Vs. One Day, Oct. 7, In Which Majority Killed That Day Result Of The Zionist Military's Hannibal Directive
For More Than 1000 Years The Muslim Arab, Not The Jew, Was The Primary Demographic Of Palestine From The River Jordan To The Mediterranean Sea
Another Reason For The Palestinian Holocaust, Palestinian Population To Pass Jews By 2017 In Zionist Israel And Territories
From The "Rock And A Hard Spot" Dept: Egypt To Cut Ties With Zionist Israel If It Forces Palestinians Into Sinai
Multiple Deaths From Drone Attack On Zionist US Illegal Occupation Of Syrian Oil Field
The West Asia/Middle East Banker War: Iraq Bans Several Commercial Banks From US Dollar Dealings
The Ongoing Destruction Of The American Nation State
The Western World Is Devoid Of Maleness, Even The War Ministers Are Women    Isa. 3:12
US House Of Representatives Proposes Giving $17.6 Billion Taxpayers Dollars To Support Zionist Israel's Palestinian Holocaust
Zionist US Still Stealing Syrian Oil And Selling It To Zionist Israel
New Security Pact? Germany To Enter War On Side Of Ukraine, France To Follow
From The "White Zionist Speaks With Forked Tongue" Dept: While Not Wanting To "Widen The War," Biden Widens
Biden Widens, US Zionist Forces "Blew Up All The Weapons Of The Iraqi Brigade That Was Fighting ISIS!" While US Trains ISIS At Its Illegal al-Tanf Syrian Military Base
Zionist US At War In The Middle East After Attacks In Syria, Iraq And Yemen
Zionist Israel Bombs Kindergarten In Effort To Defeat Hamas
Hamas Regroups In Northern Gaza

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There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
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