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The articles linked below in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site. Increasingly, anti-Christian tech-media outlets are removing sites considered Christian. You may wish to copy articles on this site onto your storage devices for future reference as well. Please note, however, that most redshoe articles are edited and updated to varying degrees throughout the year. Major updates are noted in the articles menu. See our Terms of Use guidelines.

The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in the billionaire plutocrat's Western corporate mass media companies, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

However, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, which, in a sense, is an urgent reset for so many in our nations today. We need to realize our plundering princes, leaders, officials, and atheist tech media intentionally lie to us on a regular basis, exactly as the prophecies of our closing last days make quite clear.

Proverbs for our times:
"It's easier to fool someone with lies and deceit than a fool to admit the truth."
"A pig wallowing in mud is wiser than the fool walking daily in his folly."
"The tree of evil is watered by a poison well of lies, and the fruit thereof is death."
"A fool's lying lips display hatred of the truth."
"Lies require believers, whereas truth exists, regardless of what people believe."
"The fear of fools destroy the weak, but men and women are made mighty in the truth of the word of God."

20 January 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

After several years of Big Pharma experimental injections, Gates, Fauci et al and the Zionist Biden administration, is the world a better, healthier, safer place? Then we need to make a serious introspective reflection on the next question. Why not? 2 Ths. 2:9-12.

Dear fellow servants in Christ:

The purpose of Newslink has been to point out secular information related to the truth of the word of God in order that we of the Christian House of Israel [Mat. 15:24] might understand the dark and evil forces at work in the world in these last days. Current day secular events, "covid," fake pandemics, climate hoax, the escalating Middle East war, all intended for global control over sovereign nations, have intersected with Biblical prophecy.

We need to remember the singular most important point relating to these last days in the plan of God, and our current events. “This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men.” [women too; Daniel 4:17-37; Kakistocracy]. Despite all the machinations by the nations of the world, the direction in which we are headed is controlled and directed by the Most High. It's all part of the plan of God, as it is written in the prophecies, and detailed in the articles on this site. Our choice is to ignore it, or heed it.

"The Cold War was a far safer time because it had more serious, non-psychopathic people in charge who actually respected the dangers of nuclear holocaust. Today’s leaders are all totally immorally degraded puppets, likely placed in charge only on the basis of kompromat, and no longer have the necessary professional qualities or discretion of their forebears for the seriousness of the situation. Society, more stupefied by bread and circuses (i.e., clowns) than ever, of course, is blind to their leaders’ total ignorance and dangerous provocations." [Simplicius].

This fact is glaringly obvious with the Western governments, especially in dealings with Russia and China, not to mention the perverted and tyrannical domestic changes during the past three years. Our daily headlines are beginning to read like Biblical prophecy for good reason. "Her heads judge for a bribe, her priests teach for pay, and her prophets divine for money. Yet they lean on the LORD, and say, “Is not the LORD among us? No harm can come upon us ... The faithful have perished from the Earth, and no one is upright among men. They all lie in wait for blood; every man hunts his brother with a net that they may successfully do evil with both hands—the ruler asks for a reward, the judge seeks a bribe, and the great declare their evil desire; so they scheme together." [Micah 3:11; 7:2, 3].

For now, it appears to be that the lowest of the NWO have dominion over the US government as well as the UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, and EU/Western European nations, i.e., the House of Israel. [Isa. 56:9-12]. These evil atheists have not honored the majesty and splendor of God, " ... the God who holds their breath in His hand and owns all their ways." [Dan. 5:23; also Oba. 1:3, 4; Pro. 21:1].

What are the significant positive changes we need to make? "If you would prepare your heart, and stretch out your hands toward Him; if iniquity were in your hand, and you put it far away, and would not let wickedness dwell in your tents; then surely you could lift up your face without spot; yes, you could be steadfast, and not fear; because you would forget your misery, and remember it as waters that have passed away, and your life would be brighter than noonday. Though you were dark, you would be like the morning. And you would be secure, because there is hope; yes, you would dig around you, and take your rest in safety. You also would lie down, and no one would make you afraid; yes, many would court your favor. But the eyes of the wicked will fail, and they shall not escape, and their only hope is death.” [Job 11:13-20].

Newslink was established in the hope that by tying current secular events to Biblical prophecies and wisdom, as a people we would turn to, and live the truth of the word of God in order to get ourselves, and our nations right with God, thereby choosing blessings and life rather than our current curses and death.

We do recommend proving for yourself the theological truth necessary for each of us. Remember, truth exists, you can find it. The lies are invented. They've become a daily propaganda blizzard changing the climate of our society. Never lose hope in our LORD. We have the power to stop the evilness by ditching the religious fables, the lies that permeate our lives and living the truth of the word of God. [See the Feature article, Paul Was An Apostle To The House Of Israel, Not The Gentiles].

"Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O House of Israel? [Mat. 15:24]. For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies,” says the Lord GOD. Therefore, turn and live!” [Eze. 18:31, 32; Exd. 19:5; Technocracy: The Way Of Death].

In addition to reading, and proving for yourselves the truth of the word of God in your own study and lives, we recommend copying and downloading articles of your choosing authored on this site to any storage device for future reference should websites be shut down, even temporarily, due to cyber attacks or denial of service.

As the apostle Paul wrote to the ekklesia in Philippi, “Therefore, my beloved, as you always have obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” [2:12, 13; The Book Of James: The Great Christian Reset].

Summer 2024

Learn Wisdom Not Folly  

From The "With Enemies Like This" Dept: US NIAID Attempted To Hide Plans To Conduct Gain-Of-Function Research On A Lethal Strain Of The Monkeypox Virus
Why Are The NZ  Public Health Officials So Afraid To Release The Public Health Data That Shows Their Covid Shot Mandates Killed People?
From The "Sticks And Stones" Dept: Experimental Gene Therapy Injections, aka "Covid" Shots Have Killed Tens Of Millions Worldwide, But Honest Medical Pushback Causes "Harm," Right  
The "Covid" Experimental Gene Therapy Injection Had No Benefit, Zero Zip Nada

Hypocritical, Cheap Shot Climate Disinformationist Attack On Kenyan Farmer, Colonial England's First World Development Largely Due To Carbon Rich Industrial Revolution With Resources From Africa, Climate Change Narrative Just Another Form Of Colonialism

Elite Ruling Class Finally Awakens To The Reality Of America's Decline, 100% Of Nothing Is Nothing, Paving The Way For Biden's Exit?
Russia Strikes Western-Supplied Air Weapons Depots In Ukraine
US Doesn't Want Americans To Travel To Russia, Closing Down Visa Centers
Video: Piers Morgan Set Straight By Jeffrey Sachs
Text/Videos: US Killed Off 20% Of N. Korea's Population, Burned Down Every Town
India's Import Of Russian Oil Continues To Increase
Cuba Joins ICJ Genocide Case Against Zionist Israel
A New Multipolar Security System Based On ‘Pax Rossiya’
Armenia Latest Country To Recognize Palestinian Statehood
China Reveals Fusion Tech Breakthrough
US Astronauts Stuck In Space As Their Boeing Return Ship Has Technical Issues, Surpirse!
Biden Administration Approves Ukraine Use Of US Weapons Anywhere In Russia
Ukraine Begins Using German Weapons To Strike Russian Territory
“We Need Icebreakers” – And More Strategic Partnerships
Text/Videos: Sitrrep 62024, Putin's Strategic Alliance With N. Korea, 5 Million Artillery Shells Sent To Russia, US "Ramps Up" To 430,000 A Year, Huge Rates Of Attrition In Ukraine Army
Video: Zelensky, Ukraine Squeezed From All Directions
Video/Text: The Games They Play, Zionist Israel "In" On October 7 Hamas Attack
Zionist Israel Planning For Mass Burials In War With Lebanon
Hezbollah Capable Of Making Israel "Uninhabitable In 72 Hours"
Zionist Israel Grants Settlers Power To Confiscate Palestinian Land In West Bank
Text/Videos: The Domestic Culture Of Lies And Propaganda
If Hamas Can't Be Defeated According To Zionist Israeli Spokesman, Why Does Israel Persist In Massacring Palestinian Women And Children?
Hezbollah: No Place Is Safe If Zionist Israel Starts A War, Warns Cyprus
Zionist US Will Join Zionist Israel In War Against Hezbollah, Guess That Makes US A Legitimate Target

Spring 2024

Childhood Vaccine Gardasil Injury: First Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Merck
“The U.S. Has The Highest Suicide Rate Among 11 High-Income Countries"
Well, The Military Gives Out Awards For Killing People, And "Covid" Was A Military Psy-op According To German Government FOIA Documents ...
Food Corruption: Fake Meat Served Up With A Large Portion Of Lies And Deceit
US State Kansas Sues Pfizer Over ‘Misleading’ Covid-19 "Vaccine" Claims
Fauci Made Up Sh*t On The Fly During "Covid"
The Plot To Destroy Our Children
Text/Video: Predictive Programming, "The Great Declare Their Evil Desire," Next Crisis The Globalist Enemy Plans To Unleash On Us: “Bigger Than Covid”: Paralysis Of Power Supply, Communications, Transportation. The WEF “Cyber Attack” Scenario, “Usher In The Great Reset”
Claims Of The "End Of Virology" Are VERY Seriously Flawed

"Climate Engineering Was Used Last Summer To Terrify People About Global Warming, Virtually Every Fire, Every Loss, Every Death Was Deliberate"
You'll Own Nothing ... Climate Change Is A $100 Trillion Wealth Transfer From The Poor To The Rich

China Sanctions Lockheed-Martin Assets
Video: Russia-N. Korea Strategic Alliance, US Sullivan Attacking Nuclear Superpower Is Common Sense, Conflict In Lebanon, Expanding West Asia Conflict
Russia Surpasses US In Gas Supplies To Europe
EU's Spain Resumes Imports Of Russian Iron And Steel
Not Just Cuba, Russian Warships Arrive In Libya
In That Case, Ukraine Will Never Join NATO
US Supplied F-16s To Be Stationed In Ukraine
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: New US Arms Sales To Taiwan, Seeing Ukraine And Gaza, Will China Just Respond With Words Or Something Else?
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: Zionist US Secret Deal To Provide Flow Of Weapons To Zionist Israel
The Dominion Of The US And UK, The Thelma And Louise Of Our World, Roaring Towards The Abyss While Singing "We Are The World Power"
Hezbollah, Haifa And Escalation Of War
Video: Moving Towards Lebanon, Hezbollah Attack By Zionist Israel
Let Us Not Forget UK's Role In Gaza
Main Criterion For Joining BRICS, No Participation In Western Sanctions Against Any Member Of BRICS
Hegemon Orders Europe: Bet On War And Steal Russia’s Money
Know Your Enemy: Palestinian Doctor Tortured To Death During Zionist Israeli Interrogation
US Democrat Lawmakers Sign Off On Further Arms Sales To Zionist Israel
Zionist US Mediation: Arms For Zionist Israel, Threats For Lebanon
Video: NATO: All Ukraine China's Fault, Ukraine In NATO Today, Tomorrow No, Next Day Well If ..., Russia Strategic Agreements With N.Korea, Potential Abduction By Conscription Squads Send Men Into Hiding In Odessa, Getting Prepped To Get Biden Out Of The Way For New Democratic Nominee
"Forced Obedience To Obvious Lies Is The Essence Of Totalitarianism" Or How Things Really Work In The USA
US Keeps Spending Billions Only To Fail Time After Time
Can Fake News Start Wars? "Remember the Maine"
Putin Pre-Empts The Swiss "Peace" Summit, The Collapse Of The Euro-Atlantic Security System, A New One Is Needed
US Think Tank, China About 15 Years Ahead Of US In Nuclear Energy
Ukraine On The Brink Of Default After Two Year Debt Freeze
More And More US Acting Like The Spoiled Child Who Wants Everything Their Way, Perhaps The US Ambassador In Hanoi Forgot About US War On Vietnam
Bidenomics, Robbing Peter To Pay Paul, Drawing Down US Strategic Oil Reserves (Again) To Lower Pump Prices Before Election
To The Victor Goes The Spoils, At Some Point, Russia Will Demand Damages From The Countries That Placed Sanctions On Russia
Corporate Looting, Ukraine Has Been Furiously Privatizing Its Remaining State Properties, But Russia Will Have The Final Say When It Nationalizes All Of It As Part Of The Spoils Of War
Get Ready For War America: Automatic Draft Of Illegal Male Aliens 18-26 Into US Military Draft, Along With US Kids, Woke And Transgender?
The US Is Now Fast-Tracking Its Own Destruction
Living By The Sword: G7 Spends 62 Times More On Weapons Than Aid
Video: Sanctions Crazy US Angers China With Its Financial War, Another Nail In USD Coffin, EU Officials Just Plain Stupid?
Euro Leaders Not Only Stupid, But Childish And Petty Too
Some Say Zelensky's Swiss Peace Confernece Will Go Down In History, Methinks It Already Went Down The Toilet
Zelensky's "Peace" Conference Flop, A Load Of Warmed Up BS
Mileikowsky aka Nutanyahoo Disbands War Cabinet
Is BRICS About To Pop The Palestinian Bubble? "The Creation Of A Palestinian State In Full Compliance With UN Resolutions.”
Russia, Cuba, US And WW3?
Two Ships Headed For Zionist israel Are Sinking, Hit by Yemen Missiles

Learn Wisdom Not Folly  

Text/Video: 9th Circuit Court Rules "Covid-19" mRNA Injections Are Not “Vaccines,” Huge Legal Implications, None Of The Big Pharma SEC Filings Used The Word Vaccines, That Was Misinformation By Govenment And Media, They Are Experimental Gene Therapy [EGT] Injections, Bioweapons, Murder
Court Victory Over EGT Mandates
Former CDC Director Admits The Truth About The Real Dis/Misinformationists ... Government, Media, Fact Checkers, Big Pharma, The Experimental Gene Therapy [EGT] Injections Didn't Work As We Were Told, It Was Not A Health Effort, Just The Opposite
Text/Video: UK "Covid" mRNA Experimental Gene Therapy [EGT] Injections Were And Are Unsafe And Ineffective, We Were Lied To
Video: Strategy To Win Is Not Always "In Your Face"
RNA Or DNA Molecules Covered By Proteins, aka A Virus, So Do They Exist?
What Makes All Vaccines So Dangerous?
Tattoos As A Risk Factor For Malignant Lymphoma
The Autism And ADHD Curse Plaguing Our Nations
Protocol 7 Film Review, Video Trailer
Increased CO2 Levels Increases Food Crop Production, So Why The War On Our Food?
The Decision To Kill Over 500,000 Chickens In Victoria, Australia Shows That The People Making The Decision Had No Verifiable Evidence Of A High-Risk Infectious Outbreak
Government War On Food: Attention Obese Americans, You Must Not Eat Healthy Food, You Must Eat Processed Food That Is Bad For You
Killing You With Food, The Enemies Of Food Freedom, Do You Get It Yet?
For The Gaslighters And Liars That Claimed Ivermectin Doesn't Work For "Covid" i.e., No Money In It For Big Pharma ....
Are We All Beagles To The Sick, Evil Fauci And His Ilk?
There Is No Evidence "Covid" [EGT} Vaxxes Saved A Single Life In Canada During 2021-2022

AI's Climate Doublespeak
Climate Hysteria Is Lowering Standard Of Living
UK Paying For Two Energy Sources Rather Than One, No Wind, No Electricity
CNN And Others Reported Record High Temperatures In India "Nearing Human Endurance," However, Indian Government Said Was Due To Faulty Thermometers, And Temps Not As High As In Other Previous Years

As For My People, Women Shall Rule Over Them ... Sick Of And Done With     Isa. 3:12
Zionist US Spent $1 Billion Against Yemen Attacks, Unsustainable For US As Unsustaible US Debt Heads For $35 Trillion
Putin's Full Speech, Western Leaders Need to Listen To What He Says, But They Won't
Text/Video: Jeffrey Sachs, Ukraine Bloodshed Was Caused By Long-Standing Western “Arrogance” And NATO Expansion
Are All The Western Leaders Losers (Macron, Scholz, Sunak, Trudeau, Biden) Delusional? To The Victor, Not The Losers, Goes The Spoils, G7 Should Be Concerned What Russia Will Be Demanding Of Them When Ukraine Is Finished
Moscow Reveals Further Steps After Putin’s Ukraine Offer, Does The West Have Ears And Brains To Understand?
Russia To West: Talk Now Or Surrender Later
“The True Masters Of Ukraine – The Globalist Elites Across The Ocean – Are Trying To Pin On The Current Executive Branch The Burden Of Unpopular Decisions, Later They Will Replace Them With New People, Equally Dependent On The West, But With An Untarnished Reputation.,” So Who Will Be The US Democrat Nominee For President?
When Nuclear Bombs Begin Falling, Those "Commanding The Heights," Get Hit First As The Elites Press Their Zero Sum Game
G7 Expertise: Coups, Climate Change, DEI, Pandering, Sanctions, And Wars
EU/G7 Losers Finally Figured Out How To Steal Russian Assets, The Rising Tide, Chinese Yuan To Replace US Dollar As Primary Foreign Currency For Russia, Medvedev Unsheaths Russia's Sword, There's A New World On The Horizon
Biggest Threat To EU Is The US And Its Non-elected Bureaucrats
Politician Logic: NY Gov Wants To Ban Facemasks Being Used By Criminals On Subways, Why Not Just Ban Subway Crime Then?
Video: Financial West Underestimated Russia's Commodity Economy, Continues Big Growth Rate
Weird How Biden And Co. Can Tell Us What Putin Is Thinking, But Can't Verify If Zionist Israel Uses US Intel For Bombing Gaza
West Has Declared ‘War Without Rules’ On Russia, Former Russian President: No Limits On How Moscow Retaliates For “Maximum Damage," How About Nuclear WW3 Everyone?
Delusional NATO, Use Of F-16's On Russian Territory "Not Escalation," Hmm, Maybe They Forgot To Ask Russia, Guess It Follows That Russia Use Of Missiles On NATO Not Escalation Either?
Will US/NATO Be Stupid And Foolish Enough To Escalate Ukraine War To Nuclear WW3 When They Realize Defeat Is Certain?
If Biden Does What He’s Saying He Will Do, The Nuclear Phase Of The Ukraine War Would Be Its Final Phase
EU Agrees To Give $1.6 Billion It Stole From Russia To Ukraine
US, Poland "Will Detect 'Deceptive Narratives' On The Ukraine Conflict, The US State Department Has Said, Just Not Their Own, Do They Believe They Are Fooling Anyone?
Video: US Government Coercion,Threats Show Their Corruption And Fear Their Lies And Deceit Will Be Exposed, Infoterrorism Is Telling The Truth, Zionist Israelis Murder Of USS Liberty Crew Members, LBJ Complicity, Israeli Spies In US Congress, Whose President Is Brainless And Spineless?
Putin Ratifies Free Trade Agreement Between EAEU, Iran
Former Ukrainian President, Beggar Snubbed By German MPs
US Officials Have Learned Nothing From Years Of Sanctions War On Russia, Trying To Push Russia Into The #3 Spot Of World's Largest Economies?
The West's Years Of Sanctions Mania On Russia Have Negatively Impacted The EU Economies, Ursala's Blowback, While Russia's Economy Grows, Now 4th Largest In World Having Surpassed Germany And Japan In Two Years 
From The "Reaping What You Sow" Dept: EU Election Turmoil, Russian Naval Warships In Cuba, While US Navy Has Lost Track Of The Russian Nuclear Sub, Oopsy Admiral Blinken
UN Probe: Zionist Israel Guilty Of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Extermination, Torture, Sexual Violence, Weaponizing Starvation In Gaza, And University Administrators Stand With This?
Zionist Israel's Role In The Abu Ghraib Scandal
Hezbollah Strikes Hammer Zionist Israeli Army HQs, Key Defense Factory
Video: US Wants Ukraine's Trillions In Resources, So Much For Democracy, Scholz Invites Former President Zelensky To German Parliament, Idiots Stand, Applaud, US Loses Track Of Russian Sub Off Cuba, F-16 King's X Games
Stock Exchange Boss: Germany Becoming ‘A Developing Country,' Under Scholz, The Party That Just Got Pummeled In Election
Prelude To The "Big Guy" Going Bye-Bye Before Elections? After All These Years, Why Now?
Yemen Dismantles Extensive Zionist US, Israeli Spy Network
UCLA Arrested Pro-Palestinian Protesters, Campus Police, LAPD Stood Down While Zionists Agitators Attacked Protesters, Still No Arrests Despite Identities Known To Police
Video: Pro-Ukraine, Anti-Russian Parties Got Hammered In EU Elections, Major Issues Same As US
Russia Prepared To Hit NATO Airfields Hosting F-16s Used Against Russia
Pro-War EU Politicians ‘Punished’ In Elections, Particularly In Germany And France
EU Voters Pushback Against Politicans That Care More For Kiev Than Their Own Countries, US Take Note
US: Who's Hitting You?
Video: Israel Signs $3B Deal, With US Taxpayer Dollars? For 25 F-35 For Full-Scale War With Hezbollah And Iran, US Openly Compilicit In The War, Going For The Trifecta With Taiwan, WW3?
EU Ursala's Russian Sanctions Are "Working:" Germany Becoming ‘A Developing Country’ – Stock Exchange Boss
Ursala's Cost Of Barring Russian Gas From EU, Extra $630 Billion
The Big Difference, Trade Deficit Country's Economies, Like The US, Versus Trade Surplus Countries, Like Russia
Nutanyahoo's Government In Crisis, Call For New Elections During A War?
Gantz, Eisenkot Quit Netanyahu's War Cabinet
The Zelensky Curse Hits Macron, Calls Snap Elections
Zionist Israel Miltary Executed Palestinian Civilians In Cold Blood In Their Homes
Massacres Continue As Biden Keeps Nutanyahoo In Power

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Video: Fauci Heat In US Capitol Hill, Hiding Vital "Covid" Info, The Great Myocarditis, Pericarditis "Mystery" By Mainstream Media
The Great Apple Valley Village Mystery, Well, For The Brain Dead, The True Believers Or The "Covid" Vax Death Deniers
Next Fake Pandemic An AI Invention?
Not Just Nukes, AI Capable Of Destroying Humanity
mRNA Experimental Injections Were Designed To Kill
WHO's True Colors: Tedros, Time To Be More Aggressive With "Anti-Vaxxers," You Mean With Those Opposing The Elite's Lethal Experimental Injections Designed To Kill?
Lawless One Up To No Good: WHO IHR Modifications Illegally Approved
Study Shows That 100% Of Myocarditis In Kids Is From The "Covid" mRNA Shots 
The Dangers Of Cell Phone Use
British Medical Journal: Scientific American "Focus On Science, Cease The Advocacy, And Stop Saying Stupid Things"

Were The Fires Last Summer Deliberately Set?
Forget The Bogus Climate Claims About CO2, Guaranteed Nuclear War Will Change The Climate
Temperature Data Tampering By NOAA

Video: Tucker w/Jeffrey Sachs, Comment From A Viewer, "Every American Should Watch This Interview," Every Christian Too ... Live By The Sword, Dominate The World, Genesis Birthright    Gen. 27:40-42
From Russia's POV, Western Hegemony Is Over
BRICS And The SCO Have Agreed To Replace US Dollars With National Currencies For Trade Settlement
Video: US President Apologizes To Illegitimate Leader Of Ukraine, US Destroying Dollar, BRICS Blockchain To Bypass US Dollar, NATO, Russia Is Everywhere
Do You See The Globalist Pattern? We Are About To Experience The Suicide Of The West Over The Borders Of An Artificial Country Of No Consequence, Indeed, No Western Country Defends Its Own Borders
Operation Barbarossa 2, Expect Same Outcome As The First, Only With Nukes This Time
Video: Fearless Journalistic Pursuit Of The Plain Truth, Savannah Hernandez
For Americans, The Constitution Plainly States, Rights Are Not Issued By The Government, Inalienable, So Why Are They Being Abrogated?
CIAmazonPost, aka Washington Post, Is "One Of The Worst Propaganda Rags To Exist"
US Leader Of The "?" World: Morbidly Obese Woman Wins Miss Alabama Beauty Contest, Man Wins Miss Maryland USA Title, Military Can't Fill Enlistment Quotas, And The US Government Wants More Wars? 
US Army Aided Zionist Israel In Bloody Military Op Launched From Gaza 'Aid Pier'
UN To Place Zionist Israel On Blacklist Alongside ISIS, Al-Qaeda
US Losing Its Proxy War In Ukraine, Abetting A Huge Mess In Gaza, And This Guy Wants A Third War, Or Is It WW
Zionist Israel Rejects UNSC Resolution In Support Of Own Ceasefire Proposal
1 Million People Left The United Methodist Church In A Single Day
If US And West Supply Weapons To Ukraine To Use Against Russia, Why Shouldn't Russia Provide Weapons To Countries For Use Against Western Interests?
Ukraine Only A Disposable Pawn For US, West  Globalists In Effort To Rule The World
Video: SPEIF And Putin Comments, Biden Predicable, Russia Weapons To Countries If Attackerd By Long Range Western Weapons, Maybe Hypersonic Glide Missiles To Yemen ... US Aircraft Carrier? Putin, NATO BS, WSJ Biden Decline, So Who Will Be The Democratic Nominee In 2024, All The Past 4 Year's Mess Will Go Away
Bigger Goal Of Gaza War, According To Former Zionist IDF Intel Officer, "We Are Aiming Towards A World War," The We Includes The US Government, Oh, And All Of Humanity, i.e., Human Sacrifice
Video: Beyond Elections, Real Power In The American System Is The CIA, 90 Seconds To Midnight On Atomic Bulletin Doomsday Clock
Text/Video: Remember When Getting A Degree From Harvard Meant Something, Or A Nobel Peace Prize Wasn't Awarded To People Starting Wars, Well, The Pulitzer Prize For Excellence In Journalism Just Joined The Irrelevant Ranks
American Military's Future: Men And Women Who Crave An Elite Four-Year Military Education, The US Air Force Academy, Find It Has More In Common With A Liberal Woke Ivy League School
More Than 1000 Israeli Settlers Storm al-Asqa Mosque
Zionist Israel Continues To Slaughter Defenseless Palestinians
Sitrep Ukraine: 6424
Armageddon Freaks: War On Morality, Christian Values, Economy, Human Health, As Well As Taiwan, Middle East And Ukraine, It All Keeps Escalating, 500,000 Dead Ukrainains Not Considered "Serious Consequences?" What Then, Let's Go Nuclear For Real Serious Consequences?
130+ Nations Attend SPIEF
Scott Ritter To Participate In SPIEF ... Online
US Empire Seizes Scott Ritter's Passport, No Travel To Economic Forum In Russia
Scott Ritter Explanation Of Passport Seizure
Video: Scott Ritter, Russia Is Destroying NATO Strategy
EU's One Trick Pony: Impose High Tariffs On Russia To Send Money To The "Dead Horse" Ukraine
Washington Close To Making Fatal Miscalculation Over Ukraine
Weren't The Ukrainian Pilots In Training For The Past Year In US, So Who's Really Going To Fly F-16s In Ukraine? Three Guesses
US Attempts To Separate Taiwan From China Will Be Act Of Self-Destruction
Putin Patient Until Right Time To Strike, Remember, Hit Ukraine In February 2022 Before Ukraine's Planned Moved On Donbass
Russian Energy: Free Market Demand Vs. Political Agenda
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network Protesters Arrested In San Fran
Zionist Israeli Missiles Hit Aleppo, Syria
US Empire Wars On Behalf Of The Elites, Not For The Benefit Of Its Citizens
Video: US War Delirium: Actively Preparing For War With China, While Gaza And Ukraine Already In The Oven
Gaza: The Road To Becoming A Fully Conscious Species
The Normalization Of Afghanistan Via Russia, SCO, BRICS
Video: Nuclear Holocaust, September 15, 1945, US Plan To Nuke Soviet Russia, Continues With Russia To This Day, Saying Peace When War Is Meant
“NATO Hosting” Of Nuclear Weapons Directed Against Russia, Ukraine Can't Act On Its Own
Jeffrey Sachs Blasts US Sanctions on Russia: US Screws Up Nonstop
Mapping The Parallels Of US Conflict: From Vietnam to the War On China, Killing Millions To "Save" Rule The World
Ukraine Sitrep: 6124
Candidates Register For Iranian Presidential Elections
Typical US Response, Either Feign Ignorance, Or It's Stupidity, Or Outright Lies, US Always Seems To Forget About Their 2014 Violent Coup That Overthrew Ukraine's Democratically Elected Government

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Video: NIH FOIA Scandal Blows Wide Open
Two Sides Of The Corrupt "Covid" Coin
Disengaging Entirely From The United Nations Debacle Act? Defund The U.N.
Video/Text: Did You See The One Where "Two Donkeys Discuss Horse Medicine?"
"Covid" Vaxxes May Harm The Human Genome And Pass On Defects To Future Generations Through Male Sperm
The Worm Is Turning On Fauci And Friends
20,000 "Covid" Cases Treated, No Injections, No Deaths, That's Safe And Effective
"Covid" Vaxxes, Essentially Murder
"Covid" mRNA Vax Mandates Continue To Kill First Responders At A Frightening Rate
From The "WTF? Safe And Effective Acceptable Losses?" Dept: Hey, Congress, "Covid" Shots More Deadly For Americans Than WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam And Afghanistan Combined, And In Much Less Time, How About A "mRNA Covid Injection" Memorial Day? Google AI Estimates 1.1M Americans May Have Been Killed By The "Covid" Vaxxes, Way Past The Time To Stop All mRNA Vaxxes Unless, Of Course, The Goal Is To Kill People
Dr. Paul Offit, More Kids Will Have To Suffer And Die Before The Medical Authorities Will Address The Vax Misinformation Put Forth By Big Pharma, Government And Media, Why? 
WHO's "Pandemic Treaty" Dead For Now, World Got Along Just Fine For Thousands Of Years Without A UN "Health" Treaty, And The Human Population Has Managed To Grow In That Time, And Theerein Lies The Rub
Video: WHO Treaty And Road To Geneva
Video: Dr. David Martin, "Covid" And Jab, State Sponsored Genocide That Keeps On Killing, Designed Corona Virus Bioweapon In The Works Since 1965 
The Story Of Operation "Warp Speed" Gets Worse
US Government Paying For The Next Plandemic, 100 Countries
Why Are Government Agencies Hiding Public Data? Can't Be For Any Good Reason, The FDA Still Keeps Its Data Secret
Pestilence: Beware The European "Monster Ticks"

Video: Nothing Which Governments Are Doing In The Name Of Climate Makes Any Sense
1871 Climate Change Worries

Video: NATO In Preparation Stage For War With Russia, Okay To Use Weapons To Hit Inside Russia, French Soldiers To Ukraine, Chinese 3 Millon Personnel Military Stands With Russia's 3 Million
This Week, First French Troops On The Way To Ukraine, Next Week Or Two, First French Dead Shipped Back To France
From The "Naked, Ugly Diabolical Truth" Dept: US Two Fer, Western Values, Genocide In Gaza, Nuclear War Over Ukraine
The Illegitimate Little Green Man Of Ukraine
Ukraine To Stage Gay Conscription Parade?
Former Russia President Medvedev: The West Must Understand That Their Military Equipment And Personnel Either Operating In Ukraine Or Carrying Out Attacks On Russia From Other Countries, “Will Be Destroyed”
Ukraine Lost Over 35,000 Troops In May, Plus 2700 Pieces Of Heavy Artillery Including Tanks
Western Elites Run Amok In Pursuit Of WW3, "NATO Is A Hostile Bloc That Is Waging War On Russia ... Any Nuclear Attack On NATO, Including Pre-emptive Ones, Is Morally And Politically Justified"
US SecState Blinken Didn’t Just Say Ukraine Could Use American Weapons To Strike Targets In Continental Russia, The Moronic Secretary of State Said The US Would Help Ukraine Do It
Our Masters Of War Are Pushing Us Toward A Nuclear Abyss
Video: US First Strike Nuclear Doctrine
What Are Your Plans For Nuclear WW3? Maybe Russia Will Strike First Before US Makes A Move, Remember, Russia Beat Ukraine To The Punch About A Week Before Their Planned Move On The Donbass
Video: Eyeball To Nuclear Eyeball
Two Years After Battle Of Mariupol, Russian Investments Have Rebuilt Most Of The City
Trademark Of Zionsts: US, UK Launch Intense Attacks On Yemen Civilian Infrastructure 
Houthis Claim Missile Strike On US Aircraft Carrier
Zionist Israel Can Get Away With Mass-Murder Because The Zionist US Government Defends And Excuses Them Of Accountability
From The "Liars Lying To The Liars" Dept: US State Department Deceived US Congress Over Aid To Palestinians
Sub-Human Or Just Plain Psychopathic Zionists Target Civilian Red Crescent Ambulances And Staff, And Yet Western Politicians Support These Atrocities
Sitrep Ukraine 52924
Due To The West's Increasing Push For Nuclear War With Russia, Maybe Time For Russia To Drop A Nuclear Bomb To Sober Up These Warmongering Idiots
Estonian President "Deathwish" Karis Really Has It Out For Russia, "We Will Bring Russia To Their Knees," Only When The Russian's Kneel Down To Put Flowers On The Grave Of What Was Estonia
Remember When The Authority Of Government Actually Was Based Upon The Consent Of The Governed? Few Do
Our Society Of Mindless, Heartless, Soulless Weird, Phony Freaks, The Lowest Of All
Zelensky The Ringleader
Video: Putin Issues Serious Warning To Collective West, Western Leaders Respond By Pressing For Nuclear War With Russia, According To Ukrainian Constitution, Head Of Parliament Is The Legally Legitmate Leader Not Zelensky
US Abrams Tanks In Ukraine A "Nothingweapon"
Now If That Had Been An Israeli Or Ukrainian Flag ...
Britain’s King Charles, Ich Dien, Accepted Award From Ukrainian Nazi
West Bank: Zionist Israel's Second Front
Anti-Genocide Protesters Pelt Zionst Israeli Embassy In Mexico With Molotov Cocktails
Sixth $30 Million US MQ-9 Falls Into Yemeni Hands
Time For The World And People Of The US To Realize The US Government Is Zionist To The Core, Words To The Contrary Are Lies Meant To Deceive
Top NATO Nut, Onwards To WW3
NATO Nuclear Training Exercises
China Expresses "Grave Concern" Over Zionist Israel's Tanks Vs. Unarmed Women And Children, Will Any Nation Stand Up And Stop The Genocide?
Zionist Israel Is A Global Pariah, Gaza Massacres Outrage, While Nutanyahoo Thumbs His Nose At The World
Trump The Nuclear War Starter ... He'd Bomb Moscow And Beijing, Well According To The Deep State CIAmazonPost
Trump The Zionist, Vows To Trample 1st Amendment Rights Just Like Biden
Sitrep Ukraine 52424: Like Chihuahuas Yipping At Pack Of Junkyard Attack Dogs
Maybe He Missed The Memo, Very Long Term Memory From The 50's Seems OK, Short Term, Not So Much
Appears US Won't Stop Pushing Until They Get World War With Russia
Taiwan's Newly Elected President Claims "All Of China Is One Country," As The Rules Based Order US Is Always Touting Democracy,  Do The Democratic Thing, Let Them Vote, Mainland China 1.4 Billion Vs. Taiwan 23 Million
Despite Urging From EU Officials, Zionst Israel Ignores ICJ's Order
Trouble In River City As Northern Israeli Settlement Severs Ties With Tel Aviv, More Harm From Government Than Hezbollah
ICC Requested To Investigate The German President Of EU Commission For Complicity In Zionist Israel's War Crimes
Will The Game Of Nuclear Chicken Result With Us Being Dead Ducks?
While Retired US Military Officers Say Ukraine Can't Win The War With Russia, Politicians Keep Pushing Towards WW3
Is It The Propaganda That's Stupid Or Us?
The Lawless Empire Has Become So Obvious
Hamas Captures New Zionist Israeli Soldiers In ‘Complex' Jabalia Ambush
Four US Navy Vessels, Which Had Been Connected To The Floating Pier Off The Coast Of Gaza, Run Aground Due To A Storm
Keeping The Money Flowing, Russia And Poland Resolve Oil Transit Issue

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Measles Vaccine Math
“Why Scientific Fraud Is Suddenly Everywhere” 
Planning For The Rise Of COVID 2.0 On Steroids
Another Classic Failure Of "Covid" Modeling, "Experts" Politically Motivated Tool To Push Their Failed Narrative
Childhood Vaccine Schedule Led To ‘Greatest Decline In Public Health In Human History, Another Way To Destroy America From Within
Make Your Own Baby Food, Nestle Dumps Sugar, Corn Syrup Into Baby Food
Text/Video Doc: Bill Gates, "Until We Get Almost Everybody [Not The Elites?] Vaccinated Globally, We Still Won’ Be Fully Back To Normal," Gates' Vax Astra-Zeneca Pulled Off The Market, Lethal Clots
Near 0 Deaths Per Year From MMR In The US Over The Last 6 Years Vs. 50,000+ Autism Cases
"Covid" Vax Pushing Media Slowly Begins Their CYA Cowardly Retreat, Weren't Honest With Us, And Now They're Not Being Honest With Themselves
Turns Out Their "Safe And Effective" Propaganda Lies Were 95% Effective, Not The Vaxxes, You See, The Problem With Ivermectin Is That Big Pharma Couldn't Make Huge Profits From It, And It Didn't Injure And Kill People
65 Coaches Who Died Recently, "Covid" mRNA Vax-Mandated Jobs

Climate Hoax: Stupidity On Steroids
Video: The World's Worst Scientists Push The Fake Climate Agenda

Lawless Zionist Israel Massacres Dozens After ICJ Ruling
Video: NATO, Time To Hit Russia Hard, Which Means Time To Start Nuclear WW3, Putin "Entourage" To Belarus
Russia And China Have Had Enough Of The US, The Gloves Are About To Come Off
US Looking For Nuclear War? US ATACMS Are Targeting And Hitting Some Of Russia's Nuclear Defence Locations, As Such, The Russian Basic Principles States: “Attack By An Adversary Against Critical Governmental Or Military Sites Of The Russian Federation, Disruption Of Which Would Undermine Nuclear Forces Response Actions," Allow Russia The Legal Use Of Nuclear Weapons In Its Defense
The US Feudal Mentality Is Ultimately Going To Be Tested In WWIII, How Soon?
Russia Terminates Nuclear Deal With Japan
Putin Will Discuss ‘Second Phase’ Of Nuclear Drills With Key Ally, Belarus
NATO/US About To Cross The Fail-Safe Point In War With Russia?
UK's MPs Applaud Ukraine's Neo-Nazis, Maybe Because They Effectively Have Destroyed Ukraine, Hmm, Nah, Seems More Like Spineless Stupidity
Never About The Welfare Of Ukraine, All About The Elites Who Suck It Dry And Leave Nuland's Befouled Corpse Behind
Said The www.Digital Spider To The Fly
Serioulsy, Psychopathic Disconnect? Playing The Victim While Committing War Crimes And Genocide?
Zionist Israel Continues Parading It's Hatred To The World
Video: Who Will Be Next Up In Iran? Ukraine Disaster, Zelensky Now A Martial Law Dictator Of National Ruin, Zionist Israel Depopulating Itself?
Video: UK Elections, Putin To Blame For Everything, All Their Politicans In The Country Helpless Apparently, Despite 10 Years Of 40 Nations Of The West Sending Military Weapons To Ukraine, Now "Evidence" China Sending Equipment To Russia, Oh, No! Ukraine OK To Use Western Long Range Missiles In Russia Territory, Get Ready For Big Escalation To Detriment Of Ukraine, But Important To Not Lose Before US Election, US Speaker Johnson Threatens ICC, Meddling? Some Boeing Jets Flying Bombs
Video: King Charles Portrait, A Brit View
“Russia Can Become The Guardian Of ... And Preserve Traditional Western Values, Which In A Certain Sense Are Were The Values Of Western Christian Civilization, European Civilization"
Video: Perfect Example Of West's Traditional Lost Values
The Technocrats’ Are Using The Crisis Of Their Impending Collapse As A Way To Usurp Control Over The Sovereignty Of All European Nations, "It Is The Hegemonic European And Anglo-Empire’s Corrupt Extractive Dominance Of The Global Economy For The Trickle-Up Benefit Of A Class Of Elite Merchant And Banking Families Whose Power And Influence Spans Centuries"
As A Result Of The West's Economic Insanity, Putin Lays Groundwork For Confiscation Of US Assets
Sociopathic Zionist Israel, "A Lunatic State"
Video: Putin's Nuclear Warning To NATO, Ukraine Retreat, Zionist Israel In Trouble
Zionist Israel's Hatred Of Islam, Zionists Storm al-Aqsa Mosque,  Lies, The Government Of Israel Is Not A Religious Entity
Elite Billionaries Supporting Semitic Genocide Vs. Student Protesters Exercising 1st Amendment Rights, Appears That Robert Kraft Owns The Wrong Team, New England Patriots, BTW, Seems Hypoctritical That His Foundation, "Foundation To Combat Antisemitism" When Palestinians Are Semites Too
"Deep Into Total Hybrid War Mode – Bordering On Hot – Across Most Of The Planet, Three Civilization States, Russia, China And Iran, Are Shaping A New System Of International Relations"
Will We Wake Up From The Lullaby Of Propaganda, Lies And Deceit?
US Threatens Its Poodle Germany
A Lawless World Driven To Brink Of War And Political Assassinations. “Signs Of Endgame Collapse”
Squeals From Tel Aviv, Norway, Spain, Ireland To Formally Recognize Palestinian Statehood
Text/Video: As The West Ramps Up Threats Of Destruction Of Russia, Russia Launches Tactical Nuclear Drills
From The "Idiots Fission For Trouble" Dept: Pipsqueak NATO Estonia PM Calls For Breakup Of Russia, Puts Nuclear Target On Her People
Text/Videos: Christians, Muslims, And Jews For A Secular One-State Solution In Palestine-Israel
Video: Ukraine, Sanctions On Russia Failed, The West's Proxy War Failed, So What Does That Leave, WW3?
A Global Censorship Prison Built By The Women Of The CIA
Nuland's "Cookies And Coup" Ukraine Now A Failed State, US Senator Mitch MeConnell Led The Charge
EU A Corrupt Political And Economic Union, Stealing Russia's Assets To Send To Ukraine
Former Ukraine President Zelensky Facing The Agony Of Defeat
Shoe On The Other Foot, China Sanctions US
Yemen Shoots Down 2nd US Reaper Drone In A Week With Home Grown Missiles
Nutanyahoo's Government "Failing Miserably"
From The "Consider The Source" Dept: Zionist Biden Declares No Genocide In Gaza, Correct About No Equivalence Between Hamas October Attack And Zionist Israel's Massacre Of Tens Of Thousands Of Palestinian Women And Children, Torture And Executions
From The "Squealing Like A Stuck Pig" Dept: Zionist Nutanyahoo ICC Warrants "Historical Disgrace"
Medvedev Puts A Knot In Former President Zelensky's Knickers, "He's A Legitmate Military Target"
China Warns US Over Ukraine
From The "Whaddaya Bet" Dept: Dragging Out The Hot Potato Political Process, Assange Extradition Decision Won't Happen Until After US Prez Election
Zionist US And Zionist Israel Unraveling In Tandem
Text/Video: Sitrep Ukraine 51924
Iranian President And Others Officials Die In Helicopter Crash
As China Sells Off A Record Amount Of US Dollar Assets, Globalism That The US Champions Is, As An Instrument For Washington’s Hegemony, Now Destroying Its Instigator

Learn Wisdom Not Folly  

Text/Video: WHO’s Worldwide Power Grab, A Health Tyranny Never Heard Of Before In Human History
Video: New Studies Serious Risk Of Lifelong Irreversible Permanent Gender Transition Damage From Puberty Blockers, Hormones, Surgery
Video: DTAP Vax Spreads Whooping Cough, Silent Spreaders
Destabilization Of People’s Lives Makes It Easier For Those Who Would Wield Power Over Us To Achieve Their Goals
Text/Video: "Covid-19" Plandemic Response: A Military-Pharmaceutical Apparatus
Slovak Prime Minister Shot And Gravely Injured, Firmly Opposed To “Pandemic Treaty”
WHO's Bait And Switch, All The Better To Enslave You: Pandemic “Treaty” Is Now An “Agreement”
Another Damning EU Vaccine Safety Report, As New WHO Treaty Agreement Seeks More Power And Authority Over Nations
It's Depopulation, Baby! Globalists Plot Worldwide Genocide Via WHO "Pandemic" Treaty
Tranhumanist Beings Don't Need Inalienable Rights
NIH Finally Admits Funding Gain-of-Function Research In Wuhan After Fauci’s Repeated Denials Under Oath To Congress
Wuhan Lab, Covid “Daszak’s Testimony Was A Parade Of Perjury”
Text/Video: Daszak “… You Insert The Spike Proteins From Those Viruses, See If They Bind To Human Cells ... You Move Closer And Closer To This Virus Could Really Become Pathogenic In People," i.e. Gain Of Function
Video/Text: Critical Reasoning And Thinking, Why Are Schools So Afraid That Their Students Can Learn To Think For Themselves?
Are You Ready For Famine? 
Russia’s ‘First Trans Politician’ Identifies As A Man Again

Video: Green Energy Lies In UK, Paying For Two When Only One Is Needed
Vatican, Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT Politicians Flock Together To Talk About The Weather
Video: Let Them Burn Wood
As With The "Covid Pandemic," Computer Models Suck When It Comes To Climate Too Due To GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage Out

Zionists Use Money And Poltical Influence Over NYC Mayor To Squash Freedom Of Speech And Assembly At Columbia University
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: Washington Has Morphed Into A Freak Of World History— A Planetary War Capital
The US Empire Is Quantifiably The Most Destructive And Tyrannical Force On This Planet
History's Front Row Seat To The Spectacle Of The Dying American Empire: Russia And China Are Leading The World Together, Reshaping The International Order Into One Based On Real Principles Rather Than The Fraudulently Imagined Crony “Rules Based Order”
North And East Vs. Western Political Leaders Who Offer Nothing To The World Except War, Conflict, Poverty, And Deprivation
Clueless To The Russian Roots Of The Ukrainian War, Lying Western Politicians Push The Hackneyed "We'll Be Next" Theory, Instilling Fear In Their Populations To Keep The Money Flowing, But Their Re-Run Fictions Are Wearing Haggard And Old
Spain Denies Docking Permit To Ship Carrying Indian Weapons For Zionist Israel's Genocide
It's Not Just College Campus Protests, In Urgent ICJ Hearing, South Africa Blasts Zionist Israel's 'Explicit Genocidal Intent'
"Christian" Worship Of The False Gods Of Politics
Zionist US Completes Trojan Horse Pier In Gaza
The US-Centralized Empire Makes The World More Hateful, More Violent, More Dangerous And More Abusive
US Expands Production Of 30,000 Poiund Bombs To Target Iranian Non-Bomb Nuclear Facilities
The Changing Ethnic Demographic Of The Western Nations Brought On By Their "Leaders"
Video: Rabbi, Israel State Not A Jewish State, A Zionist State, It's A Criminal Entity, So Is He Anti-Semitic?
Zionist Israel Gives UN The Finger
Zionist US In Lockstep With Zionist Israel Despite Media Sound Bites To Contrary, $1 Billion In Bombs To Continue Genocide
Not The Brightest Bulbs In The Congressional Closet: US Congress Seeks To "Trump-Proof" Ukraine Funding For Ten Years, But When Russia Takes Over All Ukraine, US Could Be Stuck Giving Money To Russia
Cambridge College Divests From All Arms Investments
Campus Protesters Need New Slogan: "We Love Semites," (Palestinians Are A Semitic People Too), "We Hate War Crimes And Genocide," (Neither War Crimes And Genocide Refer To Any Specific People)
Canada A Pro-Nazi, Anti-Palestinian Haven?
Self-Contradiction Cheap Talk, The Hypocrisy Of US Diplomacy Or Just The Other Side Of The Same Zionist Coin?
World Has No Reason To Trust The Zionist US Or Israel, Same Can Be Said Of WHO
Military Setbacks For Zionist US And Israel In Eastern Syria
Zionist Military Fires On UN Convoy ... This Is "Self-Defense?"
Israeli "Semite" Settlers Run Amok, Attack Gaza Aid Trucks
Wonder Where All Those Billions Upon Billions Of Ukraine Aid Went? Well, It Didn't Go For Building Defenses, It Went Into Some People's Pockets
Video: US Senator Lindsey Graham Gives Russia Reason To Use Nukes, Putin Staff Reshuffle, Crazy German MPs, Hey Why Don't You Guys (Poland, Romania) Shoot Down Russian Missiles So They Can Bomb You, Ukraine Funds A Ponzi Scheme
When You No Longer Can Compete, Raise Tariffs And Sanction, Declining US Is Spending Way Too Much On Wars In Attempt To Sustain A Crumbling Hegemon Status, History Shows Us It's A Failed Strategy
But, Joe, There Are No Chinese e-Cars Coming To The States
US Supports Neo-Nazis In Ukraine, Genocide By Zionist Israel, Canada Parliament Standing Ovation To Nazi War Criminal, What's Going On, Eh?
You Know They're Guilty When They Try To Drag Their Fictional  Narrative [i.e., Flat Out Lies] Away From Their Real Daily Broadcasted Atrocities And Genocide, The Abusive Zionist Israel's Hatred, To The Old Hackneyed Zionist Sop "Antisemtism," Especially As Palestinians Are A Semitic People
Palestinian Arabs Are A Semitic People: "I now proceed to give you a more detailed account of the several languages, or groups of languages, which constitute the Semitic family. I divide them broadly into the northern Semites and the southern Semites. By the former I understand the Arameans, the Canaanites and Hebrews, the Babylonians and Assyrians ; by the latter, the northern Arabs, the southern Arabs or Himyarites, and the Ge'ez or Abyssinians," Lectures on the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages, Cambridge Professor William Wright, 1890 
Encyclopedia Britannica: "The Term, Anti-semitism Is Especially Inappropriate As A Label For The Anti-Jewish Prejudices, Statements Or Actions Of Arabs (Including Palestinians) Or Other Semites
Zionist Israel's Goal, Depopulate And Remove Palestinians From Gaza, Hamas October 7 The Timely Excuse
Zionist Israel Carpet Bombs Gaza As Its Genocide Continues Unabatedi
Typical M.O. Of Ukraine, Attack Civilian Targets
Video: Ukraine Uses UK MIssiles To Hit Civilian Targets In Russia, Red Line Crossed By UK, Full Mobilization Of Ukraine, Arrival Of F-16s
Fresh Off The $61 Billion Aid Package To Ukraine, US Ready To Fork Over Another $400 Million

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There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
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