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The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site. Increasingly, anti-Christian tech-media outlets are removing sites considered Christian. You may wish to copy articles on this site onto your storage devices for future reference as well. Please note, however, that most redshoe articles are edited and updated to varying degrees throughout the year. Major updates are noted in the articles menu. See our Terms of Use guidelines.

The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in the billionaire plutocrat's Western corporate mass media companies, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

However, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, which, in a sense, is an urgent reset for so many in our nations today. We need to realize our plundering princes, leaders, officials, and atheist tech media intentionally lie to us on a regular basis, exactly as the prophecies of our closing last days make quite clear.

"It's easier to fool someone with lies and deceit than a fool to admit the truth."
"A pig wallowing in mud is wiser than the fool walking daily in his folly."
"The tree of evil is watered by a poison well of lies, and the fruit thereof is death."
"A fool's lying lips display a hatred of the truth."
"For lies to work, they need to be believed, whereas truth exists, and is not dependent on what people believe."
"The fear of fools destroy the weak, but men and women are made mighty in the truth of the word of God."

20 January 2021, 2022, 2023

After couple years of Big Pharma experimental injections, Gates, Fauci and the Biden administration, is the world a better, healthier, safer place? Then we need to make a serious introspective reflection on the next question. Why not? 2 Ths. 2:9-12.

Dear fellow servants in Christ:

The purpose of Newslink has been to point out secular information related to the truth of the word of God in order that we of the Christian House of Israel [Mat. 15:24] might understand the dark and evil forces at work in the world.

We need to remember one very important thing relating to these last days, and our recent current events. “This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men.” [women too; Daniel 4:17-37; Kakistocracy].

This fact is glaringly obvious with the Western governments, especially in dealings with Russia and China, not to mention the perverted and tyrannical domestic changes during the past three years. Our daily headlines are beginning to read like prophecy. "Her heads judge for a bribe, her priests teach for pay, and her prophets divine for money. Yet they lean on the LORD, and say, “Is not the LORD among us? No harm can come upon us ... The faithful have perished from the Earth, and no one is upright among men. They all lie in wait for blood; every man hunts his brother with a net that they may successfully do evil with both hands—the ruler asks for a reward, the judge seeks a bribe, and the great utter their evil desire; so they scheme together." [Micah 3:11; 7:2, 3].

For now, it appears to be that the lowest of the NWO have control over the US government as well as the UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, and EU/Western European nations, i.e., the House of Israel. [Isa. 56:9-12]. These evil atheists have not honored the majesty and splendor of God, " ... the God who holds their breath in His hand and owns all their ways." [Dan. 5:23; also Oba. 1:3, 4; Pro. 21:1].

What are the significant positive changes we need to make? "If you would prepare your heart, and stretch out your hands toward Him; if iniquity were in your hand, and you put it far away, and would not let wickedness dwell in your tents; then surely you could lift up your face without spot; yes, you could be steadfast, and not fear; because you would forget your misery, and remember it as waters that have passed away, and your life would be brighter than noonday. Though you were dark, you would be like the morning. And you would be secure, because there is hope; yes, you would dig around you, and take your rest in safety. You also would lie down, and no one would make you afraid; yes, many would court your favor. But the eyes of the wicked will fail, and they shall not escape, and their only hope is death” [Job 11:13-20].

Newslink was established in the hope that tying current secular events to Biblical prophecies and wisdom, as a people we would turn to, and live the truth of the word of God in order to get ourselves, and our nations right with God, thereby choosing blessings and life rather than our current curses and death. We do recommend proving for yourself the theological truth necessary for each of us. Remember, truth exists, you can find it. The lies are invented. They've become a daily propaganda blizzard changing the climate of our society. Never lose hope in our LORD. We have the power to stop the evilness by ditching the religious fables, the lies that permeate our lives and living the truth of the word of God.

"Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O House of Israel? [Mat. 15:24]. For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies,” says the Lord GOD. Therefore, turn and live!” [Eze. 18:31, 32; Exd. 19:5; Technocracy: The Way Of Death].

In addition to reading, and proving for yourselves the truth of the word of God in your own study and lives, we recommend copying and downloading articles of your choosing authored on this site to any storage device for future reference should websites be shut down, even temporarily, due to cyber attacks or denial of service.

As the apostle Paul wrote to the ekklesia in Philippi, “Therefore, my beloved, as you always have obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” [2:12, 13; The Book Of James: The Great Christian Reset].

Spring 2023

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

From The "Loving The Lies: Dept: Why No Signs Of Autism One Month Before Vaccinations, But Plenty Within One Month Afterwards
Keeping Up The Good Work, But Beware The mRNA Spike Proteins In Meat
Friday Funnies
The Continuing "Covid" Vax Injury And Death Cover-Up
Biden Regime: First "Covid" Vax Injury Lawsuit
The Data Is Clear: The More Vaxxes Our Children Get, More Likely To Develop Chronic Diseases, Why Are Our Government Agencies Hiding The Evidence?
On The Road To World Tyranny: The WHO's Ten Year Infectious Diseases Plan  
As Scientists Said Years Ago, Recent Study Shows The Vaxxed Shed mRNA Spike Proteins 
Pfizer: The "Covid" Vaxxes Are Safe And Effective," Despite The Attached 393 Pages Of Adverse Events
Sunday Comics
"Covid" Vaxxes And Multiple Sclerosis
Are Childhood Vaccines Safe? Only If An Increase In Mortality Can Be Called Safe  
US Biolabs In Ukraine: Evidence Of Avian Flu Pathogens, Lethality Rate Up To 40% In Humans
Texas Leading The Way Stopping Childhood Abuse, Transgender Mutilation
Archeologists Discover Ruins Of Target Store In Sodom And Gomorrah :-)  
Video: Woke Is Marxism, And Marxism Is Anti-Christian, As A Failed Karl Said, "My Object In Life Is To Dethrone God," Sound Familiar?   Isa. 14:12-21    Dan. 11:36-39
Video: Target And Transgender, Crushing The Woke Virus, Lies
That Was Fast, So Much For Elitist Diversity, White Supremacists Now Include Hispanics, Native Indians And Blacks, Asians Are On The Waiting List
Now That Women (?) Are Marrying Themselves, Who's Next, Fido? 
Take A Hike Bud, This "Señor's" For You

Fleecing The Sheep Or How To Wreck A Nation And It's Economy While Getting Filthy Rich, Notice How The Elite's Lies Have Changed ... Global Warming (2 Years Before, 2016-2018, When Greta Thunberg Was "Made The Face" Of The Climate Scam, The Earth's Measured Temperature Actually Dropped By One Degree), Then We Got Climate Change, And Now That The Warm Weather Of Summer Is Near, It's Climate Crisis, But Promise From God, "As Long As The Earth Remains, There Will Be ... Cold And Heat, Summer And Winter"
Video: The Awareness Of Lies, Scientists, No Climate Crisis ... Money Talks, Follow The Insurance Companies And The Billionaire's Beachfront Money Investments, What Rising Sea Levels?
Did You Know "Climate Change Sea Rise" Doesn't Affect Billionaires? They Get A Pass On Flying Around In Private Jets Too
Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth
Just Saying, But The Rise In UFO Citings Appears To Coincidence With Alleged Earth Temperature Rise, Could This Be The Real "Climate Crisis?" Weather Scientists Have Found Large Amounts Of Aluminium And Beryllium Particles In The Atmosphere, Used By The Aerospace Industry :-)
Yep, They're In The Bible

For Ukraine Military, The Russian Bear Is Bad News
Video: Update, 3 June Blinken's True Believer Nonsense, What Is He Ingesting? Just More Loser Lies, BS Propaganda For Biden 2024, Ukraine Weapons Scam, Ukraine Won't Get Into NATO, Then Agains NATO Is In Ukraine, EU Sanctions Just Much Ado About Nothing, Clowqnworld Zelensky's Lip Flapping, Bulgaria Scammers, Refugees For Dollars, Agencies Should Take Orders From US Embassy
Russia Continues Te Deplete Ukraine Air Defence While The US Of A Is Falling Apart
Nine Asian Central Banks To Adopt Iranian Developed System Alternative To SWIFT In Another Move Away From West's Banksters
Thief-in-Chief Biden's Administration Continues To Steal Syrian Oil
Video: Update, Little Zelensky Acts Like He's Napoleon Owning Europe, Funny, Ukraine Would Protect Moldova When They Can't Protect Themselves, When Half The Population Of The Ukraine Has Fled, And The Economy Is 100% Dependent On American Taxpayers? "Tin Can" Bombs, Estonian PM, British Will Come To Save Estonia, But UK Doesn't Have Enough Of A Military Or Weapons To Protect Themselves, Lukashenko, Maidan 2014 A Mistake
Western Sanctions Have Boosted Russia's Economy, An American's Firsthand Report
Video: Ukraine Military Intel HQ Hit By Russian Missile
Video: Update 1 June Media Sanitizing Biden 2024, Ursala No Ceasefire, Duda, Putin Has Not Lost, Ukraine Downgraded In Russia Eyes, Zelensky Just A Puppet Head Of A NATO Territory, Ukraine Intel Chief Taken Out in Intel HQ Strike? NATO, Ukraine Collapse Or WW3? OPEC Not Inviting Western MSM, Clownworld Newsmax, Moscow Or Iowa, Typical US MSM Shoddy Research, Can't Trust A Word Or Photo From Them
Ukraine Military Intel HQ Hit By Russian Strike
“Disinformation,” The Ministry’s Main Function, “Is One Of The Gravest Threats Weighing On Our Democracies,” Which Is True, Our Globalist/Elite Governments Are Threats To Democracy
Video: The Perfect Storm Closing In On The US
Last Ukrainian Warship Sunk 
Way To Go Joe, Shoulder Fired Missiles Sent To Ukraine End Up On The Open US Southern Border In The Hands Of Drug Cartels, Now What Senator Was In Favor Of A 2 Front War?
The United States Of LGBTQI+merica? "Pride" Flag Flown At US Embassies, A Prophetic Proverb, "Pride Goes Before Destruction,
And Imperiousness Before A Fall
Video: Nuclear Reality In Today's World, It's Changed From The Days Of The Old Cold War
Ukraine Continues It's Prctice To Shell Defenseless Civilain Targets, Which Is Maybe Why They Have Lost So Much When Fighting The Russian Military
Sultan 2.0 Tilting To The Multipolar East
Video: Update, 31 May Lindsay Graham Verbalizes His Fear With Bravado, Medvedev, UK Our Eternal Enemy, Legitmate Military Target, S. Africa, No ICC, China's Union Pay Tops US VISA On World Stage, Clownworld German Green Party, Reduce Meat Consumption
SITREP 5/29/23: Kiev Rocked As New Satellite Photos Prove Patriot Destruction
Russia's Missile Strikes On Kiev, And Military Intel HQ
Documents Show That The Biden Administration Is Using Tax Dollars To Actively Target Biden's Political Opponents And Dissenters, While Sending Billions To Sponsor Neo-Nazi Regime In Ukraine
America's Growing Working Homeless While Russia's Economy Is Growing
From The "We Think It, Therefore It Is" Dept: Western Leadership Falling Prey To Their Own Self-Imagined Reality
The Military Importance Of Uniformity, Ukraine Lacking
Video: Update, 30 May Drones Strikes Moscow, Kosovo NATO, Djokovic, The Heart Of Serbia, Musk Vs. EU No Free Speech Demands, Clownworld Spy Whale, Maybe It Got Pics Of The Nord Stream Sabotage?
This Should Put Some Poo In The Knickers Of the West: Nukes For Anyone Who Joins Us
What's With All Theses Balloons Lately? Zionist Israel's Big Balloon
Iran Seeks To Strengthen Syrian Air Defenses Against Further Zionist Attacks
US Memorial Day: American Dead In Ukraine, Like Vax Dead, Victims Of The Lies
Pardon The Pun, Wall Street Journal's Yellow Journalism
Video: Update, 29 May US State Dept., You're On Your Own a la Afghanistan, Lindsey, Cut And Paste Edit? So Who's Lying, Zelensky Or Graham? Erdogan Wins, Saudi Arabia In Talks To Join BRICS, Russian Airstrikes Throughtout Ukraine, Zelensky Wants To Sanction Iran For 50 Years, Zelensky Crimean Flat Confiscated, Clownworld Athens Mayor S-300 To Ukraine?
Turkey's Erdogan Wins Re-Election
Video: What's With These Reports About Secret Chinese Police Stations?
Not Only Can "Deep Staters" Lie, But They Can't Even See The Truth When It Smacks Them Like A Cream Pie In The Face
Video: Update, 28 May, Turkey Elections, US Senator Lindsay Graham, Assassinate Putin, Dead Russian Soldiers Best Money We've Spent, Denies, An Edited Cut By Zelensky's Production Team? Victorious Russia Taking Bakhmut Spells Their Defeat, EU Saved From Further Sanction Folly, Der Spiegel Comic Book Edition? Nord Stream Meta-Lies, Sticking To The Preposterous, Farcical 15 Meter Sailboat Fairy Tale, Just Keep Blame Away From Uncle Joe, Clownworld Biggest Battle In Europe Since WW2, Hyperbole Or Full Blown NATO Attack?
Ready Or Not, Here We Come: Ukraine Offensive?
All In Favor Of Saying War In Ukraine Is Going Russia's Way, Raise Your Hand

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Friday Funnies
Multi-Billion Corporation Terrorized By People Choosing Not To Give Them Their Money :-) :-(
CDC Acknowledges That Over 50% Of Children Now Have A Chronic Health Issue, Up From Around 12% In The 1980s When Vax Injury Liability Removed From Big Pharma
Global Vax War, Killing For Profit: Just As Scientists Warned About Viral Immune Escape Years Ago, EU Commission Told " ... Coronaviruses Escape Vaccines Because It Modifies And Mutates Too Rapidly For A Vaccine To Be Developed,” So What Was The Purpose Of Getting People Injected? Not For Your Good Health, And Big Pharma, Government Agencies, Like WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH Knew It
Must Watch This And Share: The EU Commission Video, Biological Manipulation Spike Protein Pandemic, Deliberate Act Of Global Biological Warfare, Fraud
Archive 2021: 31 Reasons Not To Take The "Safe And Effective Covid Vax," Keep Them In Mind With Ramp Up Of WHO's Sovereignty And Control Quest
Video: UK Excess Deaths Has The "Safe And Effective" Experts Baffled
Why Do The Vaxxers Need To Manipulate The Data?
Who's Healthier, Vaxxed Or Unvaxxed?
Fearmongering World Hoax Organization, Hey Turns Out The "Covid" Vaxxes Are Deadlier Than "Covid," Where Was That Warning, WHO? Build Up Your Natural Immune System
From The "Empire Of Lies" Dept: Like "Covid," Global Warming/Climate Change, Etc., Lab Grown "Meat" Is Another Lie, 25X Times Worse For the Climate, Not To Mention Your Health
Hyperbole Aside, We Are In The Storm, And The Intensity Is Building   Our Cat 4 Prophetic Storm, Time To Steer A Course To Our Safe Harbor
The WHO Director Who Lied About "Covid," Now Demands Sovereignty And Control Over All Member States Due To "Global Warming," Another Hoax, It's Lies For Bringing About The Globalist Great Reset, If Global Warming Crisis Is A Health Crisis As He Claims, It Follows That As There Is No Global Warming Crisis, Then There Is No Health Crisis, From February 2016 To February 2018 Earth's Measured Temperature DROPPED By One Degree, With No Corresponding Drop In CO2 Then Or Since, So Much For Alleged Cause And Effect, However, Largest Amount Of Green House Gas, 70+%,  Is Water Vapor, 1000s Times More Than CO2 In Atmosphere, Where's The Big Scare Health Crisis Here? Looks Like They Just Want To Kill Off More People With A New Round Of Globally Mandated Vaxxes
WHO Chief, Same Guy Who Lied About The February 2020 Timing Claim Of Naming Covid-19, Turns Up The Fearmongering Before Their Global Control Vote, Remember Their PLANdemic From The First Time, Again Quest For Global Control, How Did That Work Out? Lockdowns, Loss Of Liberty, More Killed By Their Vaxxes Than "Covid," Still Out To Reduce World's Population, So Why Not Let Nature Take Its Course Then?
WHO Declared A Terrorist Organization By Member Of EU Parliament 
"Covid" Vax Injured Americans File Lawsuit Against Biden Censorship
Don't Need A mRNA Experimental Injection When You Can Eat Your Spike Proteins
Why Aren't The Amish, Who Didn't Get Vaxxed, Didn't Wear Masks, Didn't Lockdown, Not Dying Off In Droves? They Didn't Have TV, And They Don't Have Autism Either
Just One More Said The Spider To The Fly: After The "Covid Emergency" Is Officially Over, And All The Injuries And Deaths Caused By The "Covid" Shots, FDA Is Knowingly Encouraging Those Remaining Healthy Folks To Get One Dose Of The Bivalent Experimental Injection
Beware The WHO Global Power Grab
Remember, This Is The Same WHO That Lied In February 2020 Claiming This Novel Corona Virus Finally Named, Yet This Same WHO Shipped Millions Of Covid-19 Test Kits Worldwide In 2017
"Covid" Ventilators Killed With Bacterial Pneumonia, And Not By Accident, Remember US Government Paid Extra For Each Ventilated "Covid" Patient
Video: From The "Where Have All The Loudmouthed Vaxxers Gone?" Dept: "Covid" Now Pandemic Of The Newly Vaxxed
US Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Issues Excoriating Review of "Covid" Lockdown Policies Including Business Closures, Vaccine Mandates And Calls Them ‘Among The Greatest Intrusions On Civil Liberties In The History Of The Nation’
SIDS, Autism And Vaxxes

Text/Video: US VP: Climate "Crisis," Formerly Known As Global Warming, Then Climate Change Pushed Into "Crisis" Mode, Biggest Challenge Facing Military, 1- As There Is No Climate "Crisis," (Well Barring All Out Nuclear War, And Then, Who Cares?) Only The Man-Made Hoax, And As She Just Shoved China/Russia Off The Table, Piece Of Cake For US, 2- Perhaps The Biggest Problem Will Be Getting Fighter Jets, Main Battle Tanks, Warships To Run On Green Energy, Solar Panels, Or New Navy Wooden Ships With Sail Power? Because US Military Biggest Consumer Of Fossil Fuels
Losing Their Influence, Globalist Climate Change Agenda Countries Demand Resignation Of COP28 Chief, Upsets Their Plans For Global Domination Of Resource Rich Countries, And Keeping Poor Countries Poor
Global Warming/Climate Change Hysteria, Like "Covid," Used In Attempt To Create Global Governance
Net Zero, Global Warming, Climate Change, Transhuman Psychopaths Are Strange Unreal Beings Who Seek To Transform Life On Earth Into Their Own Image And Likeness

The Curse Of Loving The Lies Destroying The Country On The World Stage
... And Domestically, At A Very Fast Pace Too
Time To Return To The Blessings Of Loving The Truth Of The Word Of God
Zaluzhny's Reappearance, NATO, Ukraine, "West Germany" Plan, Hungary EU Presidency Panic, Vampire Baerbock, Maybe MbS Should Have Given Her A Copy Of The Koran, Clownworld Ukrainian Women Can Fight Russians With Office Supplies
Russia Destroys Terrorist Drone Factory In Syria
Australia: Fanning The Flames Of War With China
Video: Update, 26 May Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Talks In Moscow, Germany Chooses Recession, More Delusional Lip Flapping By The West, Who Are They Talking To That They Think Believes Their Lies? F-16 Not A Magic Weapon, 1984 Diia App, Clownworld UK Defense Minister Obsession With Stamps And Postcards
While Claiming To Be Jews, Zionism Is An Anti-Jewish Philosophy, Orthodox Jews Say Zionists Should Return All The Land Back To The Palestinians    Rev. 3:9
The Middle East/West Asia's Great War Rising
Hiding The Deaths Of Zionists
No Reverse Gear For Zionist Israel 
‘Apartheid’ Designation Ignored As Israel Kills Children In Gaza Again
Video/Text: The Zionist West's War On Russia
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Dept; The West Is Playing Games With Fire, No Stopping The Escalation In Sight
Know Your Enemy: The Nature Of Obama And Victoria Nuland In Their Coup Against The Democratically Elected Government Of Ukraine, Same Folks Running The US
Lawless Biden Administration Lumps Christians In With Nazis In New DHS Anti-Terrorism Program, (Violation Of Church And State, 1st Amendment), Sounds A Lot Like Ukraine 2014
Video: Update, 25 May Now Nord Stream, Kremlin And Belgorod Attacks By Ukrainians Sans US Permission, Then US Losing Control? Ukraine Military Trying To Assassinate Putin, Others, Ukraine Offensive Started? Clownworlds Zelensky's Crimea Penthouse Nationalized, Bojo To Texas
Bad Tidings For US, UK, China-Russia Reaffirm Their Push Together For Multipolarity
Russia-Iran Heads Of Central Bank Meet To Strengthen Financial Ties
Chief Of Russian Intel Warns US And UK Over Meddling In Iran
Karma: Crimea Nationalizes Ukrainian Assets, Money From Sale Will Go To Families Of Russian Soldiers Killed In The SMO
Iran's New Ballistic Missile
Commander Of Ukraine Armed Forces Dead? Ukraine Belgorod Disaster After Fall Of Bakhmut, False Flag Event Planned In The US By The US?
Unipolar World Vs. The Rising Multipolar World: Revenge Of the Nerds
US Just Loves Its Military Bases, Wants To Build Another One In Iraq, Hmm, Maybe They Should Build One On The US Southern Border Instead
Video: US Weapons In Russia, Fuzzy Pics Or Fuzzy Cop Out? Orban, No Victory For Ukraine, Clownworld Borrell, Belgorod, Belgrade
Video: Reckless Ukraine Stunt After Major Fall Of Bakhmut
Biden's Army, Much Larger Than Ukraine's, Poised To Destroy America From Within
KSA's MbS Rebuffs Nutanyahoo
Video: Post Bakhmut, Why The CIA Is In Trouble
F-16s Make For Political Soundbites, But Making Them Effective In The Field Another Story Entirely
Video: Update, 23 May Ukraine Incursion Into Russia Destroyed, Ukraine New Andromeda Sailboat Myth, F-16s No Gamechanger, Puppet Scholz Backs Biden, Meddling In US Election? NYT G7 Unpopular Losers 
The Already Stupid G7 Further Stupefied By The Dynamic Expansion Of The New World Multipolar Order
From The "Lowest Of Men, And Women" Dept: G7 Leaders Are A Disgrace To Humanity
KSA Sticks It To The West, After Zelensky Insults His Hosts "In Their House," Welcomes Russian Interior Minister In Spite Of Sanctions Against Him Issued By US, Australia, Canada, The EU, Japan, New Zealand, And The UK, But Is The West Sharp Enough To Get The Message?
Video: Update, 22 May Zelensky Compares Bakmut To Hiroshima, West Can't Bring Themselves To Admit Russians Have Taken Bakhmut/Artyomosvk After All Their Bluster And Propaganda, Bizarro World Spin Doctors Working Overtime, Spewing More Lies, More Biden Delusion, Lies, Start Date For Ukie "Offensive," Lula Stood Up By Zelensky, UNSC Should Include India, Brazil, Inferior 4th Gen F-16s, Outnumbered By Russian 5th Gen Fighters, Air Support, And When They Fail, Airports Destroyed, Shot Down, Then What? Bulgaria Protests, Greece Elections, Clownworld Epstein Blackmail Gates
It's BS Lies All The Way Down
Adventures In NATOstan: Sparks Flying In Ibiza, Locked Down Bilderberg In Lisbon
Radiation Cloud In Europe, Kinzhal Strikes
A Familiar Refrain From The "Exceptional" Countries: You're On Your Own
What Plans Are Afoot With The Durham Report?
Netanyahoo Setting Up For Conflict In Zionist Israel, Provocative Meeting Under al-Aqsa Mosque
Russia Stands Up For J6 Protesters, While US Administration Holds Political Kangaroo Court
Video: Update, 21 May Zelensky, Yep Russia Has Bakhmut, G7 Shift To China, Hillary Hogwash, Believing Her Own Delusions, Clownworlds Medvedev Invites Musk, UK Media Mocking Meme Of G7
Straight From The Deep State's Projection Room: Russia US Is A Rapacious, Authoritarian State Hell-Bent On Conquering The World
SITREP 5/20/23: Bakhmut/Artyomovsk, Zaluzhny In Critical Condition? Huge Ukraine Losses, What's Next?
100,000+ Take To The Streets To Protest Nutanyahoo's Judicial Reform
The Perversion Of The West: "Most Sexually Liberated City," Licentiousness Is Not Liberty, Actually Are Slaves Serving Their Lusts, Professing To Be Wise, They Became Fools,  Rom. 1:22-25

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Surge In Severe Myocaditis Among Newborns And Infants, Now What Do You Suppose Could Be Responsible For This?
This Is How Science Works In The Empire Of Lies, For Lies To Work, They Need To Be Believed, Whereas The Truth Exists, And Is Not Dependent On What People Believe
Lies And Deceit Rising To The Surface: As FBI-Trump Durham Report Comes Out, Rhode Island Teachers Who Refused "Covid" Shot Reinstated With Back Pay
You Want Some Science? It Was A Scam All Along: The "Covid" Vaxxes, Not Safe, Not Effective, Not Reversible, And It's The Vaxxed People Who Are Suffering Now, Not The Unvaxxed As Independent Scientists Warned Years Ago
Video: See The Science For Yourself ... Mass Vax In A Pandemic Is The Worse Thing To Do, Destroys Innate Immune System, Global Viral Immune Escape, ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement, Antibodies That Make Viral Infection Worse, Long Lived Specific Antibodies No Protection From Variants, Which Are Increasingly Infectious, So What Did Big Pharma Do, And Governments Mandate, Mass Media And Doctors Promoted? Talk About Misinformation Spreaders
Video: There Was No New Or Novel Virus, Former VP Of Pfizer, It Was All About Getting The Experimental Injections Into The Arms, Thin The Herd a la WEF, Globalists
Flesh Rotting Drug, Xylazine, On The Streets Of LA, City Of Angels Or City Of Demonios?
NYC: Remember When The "In Thing" Was Sanctuary Cities? Woke Fantasy Hits Wall Of Reality
Woke Cities A Mess: 49 Shootings In Chicago Over Mother's Day Weekend
Meanwhile, China's Cities Are Free Of The West's Decadence
Sunday Comics
Video: CDC Walensky Leaves Behind A Trail Of Failure, Lies, Injury And Death
18 Year Old Athlete Dies Suddenly 
Perverted Tail Wagging A Sick Dog
Child Mutilation Is A Perverted Destruction Of A Nation's Future

B Is For Biden Spending Billions More: $11 Billion To Tackle "Climate Hoax"

Video: Update, 20 May, 1 Year Ago, Russia Took Mariupol, Today Bakhmut, So Where's (Dead Man Walking) Zelensky? Japan, US General Millie Calls Zaluzhny, Now F-16 (aka Aerial Target) Is The New "Wonder Weapon?" Clownworld How Many Western Club Politicians Does It Take To Plant One Tree?
Video: March Of The Idiots, G7, EU Cut Themselve Further Adrift From Sanity
Russia's International Economic Forum 2023, 7000 Attendees From 85 Countries, "The World Needs To Quickly Move From The Unipolar System To The Multipolar System," Fed Up With Belligerent Policies Of US And West
Western Navies Provocation In Strait Of Hormuz
US Likes Stealing Other Nation's Oil, As In East Syria, Also At Sea
Wagner Group Soldiers Raise Russian Flag Over Artyomovsk, Russia, Formerly Bakhmut, Ukraine
Bakhmut Has Fallen, It is Now Artyomovsk
Living By The Sword US Strategy For Fighting It's Proxy War In Ukraine: Delusion, After Russia Destroyed Most Advanced US PATRIOT System, Biden Now Thinks 4th Gen F-16s Will Do The Trick? Then What, Nukes?
Economic Warfare Against The Global South: WEF Taxation Scheme
Video: Update, May 19 Saudi Arabia, Send In The Clown, Too Late, He's Here, After The Kiev PATRIOT Debacle, Internal Uncertainty, Zelensky Is Outta There, Bakhmut Collapse, West's Peace Deal Pipe Dream And Media Hype, US Wants To Freeze Ukraine Conflict Before Another Big Loss, Radioactive Cloud Heading Towards Poland, Clownworld Boris, Lickspittle Macron
From The "Time To Beat The Swords Into Plowshares" Dept: Book, War Is A (Moneymaking) Racket ... Same Old Slogans (Lies For Blood), WW1, 1917, "Make The World Safe For Democracy," Yet World Has Less Democracy Now Than Before, So How Many World Wars Does It Take?
Iraq Bans Use Of US Dollar
The Iran-Iraq-Syria Railway, Another Vital Link In The West Asia Multipolar World
Audio Chat: Larry Johnson And Judicial Watch
Text/Videos: Detailed Analysis Of Kinzhal Missile PATRIOT Strike, Hypersonic Missiles, West Panicked That Russian Missiles Can Penetrate West's Most Sophisticated PATRIOT Systems
Nord Stream Pipelines: Western "Democratic" Nations Memory Hole The Truth
Video: Update, 18 May More Russian Missile Barrage, Mainly Odessa, The Patriot-Kinzhal Strike, If Destroyed, Nothing To Take Out For Repair, Biden To G7, Assad To Arab League Meeting, Clownworlds "Jewish" Zelensky's Void Jesus Icon To Pope, Sanna HBO MAX
Tensions Between Arabs And Zionists Escalate In Jerusalem
Video: Ukraine Is A Disaster, Army Devastated, Economic-Financial War, 81 Countries, Get Out Of The US Dollar, US-UK Living In La-La Land, All Self-Inflicted
Text/Video: Ukraine's Suicidal Offensive Is Bleeding Out While The CIA Loses Its Mind
Video: Update, 17 May EU FM Borrell Warns (?) India, Actually Failed EU Policies, Zelensky Idea To Blow Up Hungary Oil Pipeline, Patriot System Damage, No Democracy And Freedom For Ukraine Bloggers, Kinzhal 6 For 6 Ukraine Sales Pitch Fantasy, Hersh, Poland, Baltic States Refugee Crisis Excuse, Claim They Want Cessation Of Ukraine War, Oh, And Have You Heard, Russia Is Running Out Of Missiles? Has Been Every Week For A Year Now
Mission Accomplished: More Than 4.5 Million Killed In Wars Launched By The West (US) Since 9/11, Not Including "Covid"
Depleted Uranium And Cancers
Pre-emptive Strike, Khmelnytskyi — Did Russia Vaporize Depleted Uranium Shells? Mushroom Cloud Courtesy Of The Idiots In nUKe, No Filter For Averting WW3
Video: Khmelnytskyi Ukraine Explosion, Mushrooms Anyone? No Surprise The West's Propaganda Only MSM Is Noticeably Avoiding Mention Of The Mushroom Cloud In Western Ukraine, Hmm, Maybe It Was Those 6 People In A Saliboat That Did The Nord Stream Piplelines
Corruption And Election Meddling, Not The Russians, Clinton And Cohorts, Key Points From The Durham Report
"Covid," Climate Change, Ukraine, 2016 Presidential Election, Etc., " the intent that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men ... and women too" 
Video: Update, May 16 Durham Report, FBI Failed, American Public Was Scammed, Major Deceit, Lies, NYT, CIAmazonPost Return Pulitzer Prizes? Hahaha, Kinzhal Hits Ukraine Patriot System, WEF Poodle Macron Says Russia Vassal To China, German Businesses Exiting Germany, Italian Sovereign Debt Hits Highest Levels, Due To Soaring Energy Prices, EU Sanctions A Dud For Russia, But Big Hit On EU Economies, Gerogia Resuming Flights To Russia, Clownworld Sunak-Zelensky Hug Buddies, Well Before UK's Nuke Explosion In Ukraine Anyway
Ukraine "Swiss Cheese" Air Defense
Russia, Iran To Build Land "Suez Canal" Railway
Russia's Parliament Ditches CFE NATO Treaty, Russia Will Now Maximize Its Weapons Production
Migrant Village In Russia For Americans And Canadians Who Want Out
The US Moving Its Captial To Jerusalem? Sounds Like A Daniel 11 Biblical Prophecy
Syria, US Holding Talks In Oman 
Arab States Are Pushing Ahead, Restoring Ties With Syria Despite Growing Discontent From The West
These Are The Guys Running The Place ... Why Buy At $24 When You Can Buy At $80? How Much Of It Is Russian Oil?
Video: Update, 15 May Turkiye Election, Erdogan 49.5%, US Election Meddling, Khmelnitsky Gamma Ray Spike Due To UK's Depleted Uranium Shells, Robots Used In Clean-up, Radioactive Bread For EU? Commodity Futures Price Of Clean Wheat Will Go Up, Buffer Zone Between Russia And The West, Zelensky Farewell Tour? Serbia Protests, Clownworld Meloni 360, Zelensky German Prize
The Fascist Nazi War In Ukraine Is Only Part Of The Larger War, Part Three As In WW
Are We At The Tipping Point In Ukraine ... And The Rest Of The World?
The UK's Nuclear Bomb In Ukraine ... What A Dumbass Move By London
UK Sends Long Range Attack Drones To Ukraine ... They Really Want This War To Continue, But What Happens When It Overflows Onto UK Soil?
Believing The Lies Are The Reason For Our Current Predicament
From The "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" Dept: Old White Man, Racist-in-Chief Biden Racially Divisive Speech, "White Supremacy," The Nazi Arayan Policy, Biggest Threat In US, Yet His Actions, Biden Has Given More Than A $100 Billion To The Neo-Nazi Ukrainian's War, Not A Word About His Open Border Invasion That Is A Threat To The US
Another White Government Elite Supremacist Agrees With Biden
Video: Update, 14 May Biden Irony, Zelensky Visits Pope, CIAmazonPost, Invade Russia And Blow Up Hungary Pipeline, US Meddle In Turkey Elections, Zelensky Speech, Drugged Out? 
SecGen NATO: The Ukraine War Started In 2014, US, Victoria Nuland Coup Of Democratically Elected Ukraine Government, Yet Western Governments And Media Put The Aggressor Label On Russis, US Plan Was, And Remains, Regime Change In Russia
Israel Escalating: Nutanyahoo's Zionist Government Assassinates 6th Palestinian Leader In 4 Days
India's Wants Return Of Thousands Of Stolen Items, Including The 105-Carat Koh-i-Noor Diamond Set In QE ll's Crown, From Days Of UK's Colonial Rule, Major Ramifications As India Is A Key Player In Moving Away From West To A Multipolar System

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Beware The WHO Global Power Grab
Remember, This Is The Same WHO That Lied In February 2020 Claiming This Novel Corona Virus Finally Named, Yet This Same WHO Shipped Millions Of Covid-19 Test Kits Worldwide In 2017
ICAN Scores Another Major Win In Court With Pfizer, Moderna Docs
The "Covid" Plandemic: A Supranational Operation To Injure And Kill
The  Criminal "Covid" Deception, Killer Batches
The Mortal Threat Posed By AI
I've Made Up My Mind, So Don't Show Me The Facts
From The "Kick Them When They're Down" Dept: Now That Results Have Shown Us That mRNA "Covid" Vaxxes Result In Uptick Of Cancers, Pfizer Comes Out With A mRNA "Cancer" Vax
Not One Credible US-Based Study Showing Any Vaccine Is Safe
"Covid" Vax And Increase In Mortality ... No Evidence Says One Gates Foundation Funded Prof, See Next Article
Video: Link Between "Covid Vax" Rollout And All-Cause Mortality
"Covid" Vaxxes Estimated Death Rate 1000X Higher Than Acceptable Safe Limits, FDA, CDC Who Cares?  
When Elite's "Media Watchdog" Censures You, Never Providing Hard Evidence, You Know Nothing Good Is Far Behind
The Deep State Medical Industry Looking For The "Healthy Sick"
Sunday Comics ... Where Have All The Vaxxers Gone? ... Gone To Climate Change ... When Will They Ever Learn?
Music Video: A Message For Our Times Too
Flu Vax? Just Say No
Did You Know That For 8 Years Running US Averaged More Than 30 Million Flu Cases A Year, 45 Million In 2017-2018 Alone, But That Masks And "Covid" Shots Reduced It To Less Than 1900 Cases In 2020-2021? Amazing, Huh?
Why Are People Still Doing This? More Than 500K "Covid" Home Test Kits Contaminated
"Covid-19" Murder For Money Scheme In Hospitals
16 Year Old Dies Suddenly At Home
18 Year Old Athlete Dies Suddenly

Largest Ever Cosmic Explosion Discovered ... 100X Size Of Our Entire Solar System 
The Earth's Climate Is Constantly Changing ... And It's Not "Carbon Emissions," The Last Solar Warming Cycle Ended About The Turn Of The Millennium, In Fact From February 2016 To February 2018 The Earth's Temperature DROPPED By One Degree (They Told You That, Right?), But CO2 Levels Didn't Drop, They Went Up, And It Doesn't Float Up Into The Atmosphere, The Specific Gravity Of CO2 Is Higher Than Air, So It Sinks, Largest Amount Of Greenhouse Gas, 70+%, Is Water Vapor (About 37.5 Million Billion Gallons Of It At Any Given Time Due To The Sun's Heat, Not Trapped CO2), So Where Is All The Talk About Reducing Water Vapor? Oh, And Don't Forget That Along With Reducing Carbon Emissions, These Globalist Agenda Folks Want To Reduce Carbon Emitting Humans To Less Than 1 Billion People Too, Which Nicely Ties In With Their "Plandemics," Feudal Deindustrialization Of Europe, "The Good Old Days" Of Lords And Serfs, Germany Prime Example, Their Big Picture Agenda Should Be Coming Into Focus For You About Now
Global CO2 Generator Market Booming, Is Anticipated To Rise At A Considerable Rate During The Forecast Period, Between 2023 And 2030

Head Of Largest Pedophile Church Says Pedophiles Are Children Of God, He Just Failed To Mention Which One
Globalist-Zionist Biden Just Told Us He And His Pals Are The Greatest Threat To The Country
Video: Update, 13 May Talk Is Cheap, Deindustrializing EU, BS Bravado Borrell's Crazy Bloviating Over China, Germany's 360 Degree Baerbock Telling S. Africa What To Do, While Non-EU Member UK's Missile Hits Lugansk, Clownworlds, Finland Builds A Pretty Fence On Russian Border,  Zelensky, Eurovision Lies, If Office Of President Didn't Contact Them, Who Did? Fox News Demands Cognitive Test For Biden
Text/Video: Corrupt DOJ, Absurd Government Case Lying, Scapegoat, "Weapons Cache, Stupid, Or Lying In Federal Court
The West's Delusional Deceits Led By A Demented Liar And Followed By The Lovers Of The Lie
Elon's New CEO A WEF Globalist, Is This "Keeping One's Enemy Closer" Or True Colors?
Video: Update, 12 May Guns For You, Butter For Us, UK Storm Shadow Missiles, Biden Hunts Russians, Oh No, US Says S. Africa Supplied Some Ammo To Russia, And Your Point Is US? Imperial US Displays Its Version Of Democracy And Freedom, Says Georgia Must Ban Russian Planes, Clownworld Zelensky Eurovision Snub
Commander-in-Chief Biden's Army Arrives, Invasion By The Hordes, Reminiscent Of Rome In 476
Stacking The Deck Banana Republic Style: Shameless Deceit Of FBI And US DOJ, Ignotant Media Report Of "Cache Of Weapons" Is Disinformation, Orange Tipped Air Soft Guns, Like Paint Ball Without The Paint
Air Soft Tactical Gear, Guns
National Security Is An Illusion When It Is Built On A Foundation Of Lies
Appears Current US Administration Officials Are Playing Follow The Leader, "Totally Corrupt"
Pieces Lining Up On The West Asian Chessboard
US + Zionists, Birds Of A Feather
Definitely Woke Go Broke In Charge
Finally, A Government Named Office That Let's Us Know What They're Up To ... Authentic Government Disinformation Straight From The Source, No Middle Man Required
Video: Update, May 11 Trump vs CNN. Zaluzhny Skips NATO Meeting, Clownworlds Poland Plays "Rename" Game With Kaliningrad, Klitschko Shows "Kinzhal"
Text/Video: CIA Lies, Ukraine And Current Day Nazism
Audio: US Proxy Wars Ukraine, Myanmar, And Other Nations Along China's Periphery
Palestinians Firing Rockets Into Tel Aviv
US Intensifies Meddling In Lebanon Elections
US Back To Its Old Tricks In Syria, Forming Army Of Terrorists
Iraq Calls For Diversification Away From US Dollar
Video: Update, 10 May Bizarro World Ursala Inhaling Some Of Zelensky's Stuff? Imran Khan Arrest, Germany's Olaf Scholz Not A Fan Of Russia's Victory Over Germany's Nazis In WW2, MIC Europe Day Payday, But No Help To Ukraine, UK FM Prepping Citizens For Ukraine Defeat, No Ukraine Big Battle For Middle Earth, Again Prepping For Defeat, Clownworlds Russia Has One Tank Left, West's Internet Trolls Think Russian Victory Parade Is The Real World, Latvia Arrested 26 Citizens For Celebrating Victory Day Over Nazis
The US Empire Is Crashing, And Their Lying Media Minions Are Tagging Along For The Ride
What's The Old Saying, As California Goes, So Goes The Nation, Seems So, Question, Why Does A Northern State Feel It Is Necessary To Pay Out $800 Billion In Reparations For Slavery When They Never Were A Slave State? Can't Change The Past By Making Another Mistake In The Present, What's Their Real Economic Agenda? Redistribution Of Wealth Away From The White Middle Class
New US Military Budget All In, $1.5 Trillion
Two World Wars Apparently Not Enough For The Western Elites ... No Other Way Out For This Mess?
Arab League And Path To "Normalization" For Syria
Russia, Turkiye, Iran And Syria, Process Of Normalization
Damascus Here We Come: Biden Unilaterally Extends "National Emergency" Targeting Syria
Palestine And Zionist Israel: Boiling Point
Polish Generals Admit The Obvious
WW2 Fades Into The History Books For Americans As Nearly All Those Vets Have Passed Away
Putin Lays It On The Line With Regards To The West In His WW2 Victory Over The Nazis Speech
Video: Update, May 9 WW2 Victory Day, Telegraph's Faulty Logic, Russia Running Out Of Missiles, CNN Misinformation Kinzhal Missile, China Warns EU Over Sanctions On Chinese Companies, The Ongoing Deindustrialization Of Europe, Clownworld Ursala In Kiev, "Europe Day" Dog And Pony Show
Western Countries Cutting Off Their Golden Noses, Russian Gold Goes To Other Markets
Zionist Israel Gaza Raid Kills Women And Children
Some Salient Observations About Ukraine War On Victory Day
NATO: Who Knew Vassal State Japan Was Within The Eastern Border Of Vassal State Germany?
The King's Great Reset Wardrobe Woven From The Roots Of The Past
JFK Warned About The Deep State, And He Was In A Position To Do Something About It, So ... All These Years Later, Here It Is Out In The Open
Video: Update, May 8 Hillary And The Mind Blind, And When Russia Wins? Maybe She Forgot The US Overthrew The Ukraine Democratically Elected Government, Syria Back In Arab League, US Sour Grapes, UAE Now In SCO, Pakistan Using Yuan To Buy Russian Oil, Afghanistan To Join Belt And Road Initiative With China, Pakistan, So EU Digging Their Hole Even Deeper, Now Placing Sanctions On Middle East Companies, Surovikin's Bakhmut Trap, Russian Odessa Train Bridge Strike, Clownworlds Putin Makes It Rain In Ukraine Stopping The Counteroffensive, Victory Day Flags In Germany, Ukraine's Europe Day Not Victory Day
NYC Roman Church Gone Over The Cliff's Edge, No Clue About Christian Theology
The Secular Effect Of The Falling Away From The Love Of The Truth Of The Word Of God  2 Ths. 2:3
UK PM Facing Vote No Confidence, Possible Elections
Video: Pomp And Dire Circumstance: The New King, The Great Resetter ... Back To Feudal Times?
A Bit Strange, The Globalist Guy Who As US SecState Presided Over The 2014 US Coup Of Ukraine's Democratically Elected Government That Has Led To The Current War In Ukraine, Shows Up At The UK Coronation Wearing A Bunch Of His US Navy Medals, c. 1968-69, On His Civilian Business Suit, Yet, He Was An Anti-War Activist After The Vietnam War, Personally I Would Have Opted For My Varsity Letterman's Jacket :-)
The Arab League Tells US & UK & EU To "Go Pound Sand," Done With Their Hegemonic Dominion, Interesting How US Falls Back On UN Resolutions Only When It Suits Their Rules Based Purposes, The Truth Of Their Actions Is Beginning To Pierce Through The Thin Veneer Of Their Lies
Video: Update, May 7 Ukraine Offensive Hype, Kadyrov In Bakhmut, Poland No Russian Food To EU, Now Dutch Farmers Lifetime Ban, Can't Grow Food, So What's Next, No Exhaling? They're Working On It, It's Depopulation, Not Climate, i.e., Weather Change, Complete Hoax, Maybe Putin Will Invite These Farmers To Russia Like He Did With The S. African Farmers, Clownworlds Biden Women At Globalist Coronation, Ukraine Colors, Kamala AI Tsar
The Eight Family Banking Cartel
The War In Ukraine: Made In The USA
Nord Stream Sabotage, A Deliberate, Known Act Of War

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Blessings Or Curses: Do We Get It Yet? " ... Evil Will Befall You In The Latter Days, Because You Will Do Evil In The Sight Of The LORD" Deut. 31: 29
By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them ... Professing To Be Wise, They Became Fools
California CDPH Hasn't Found One "Covid" Vax Injured Or Killed, But, Then Again, They Haven't Looked, Maybe They Should Ask Their Governor What Happened To Him After His Booster 
Job Well Done? CDC Director, Who Kept A Lid On Things During "Covid," Bails Out As "Covid" Pandemic Officially Over
The Cult Of The Mask Wearers, Favor "Climate Change" Agenda While Inhaling Huge Amounts Of Harmful Exhaled CO2 That Negatively Impact Cognitive Abilities
Maybe The Folks At Lego Drank Too Much Bud Light?
National Propaganda Radio Delivers As Expected, As Usual, Regurgitate The Narrative Ad Nauseam
Need Some Fentanyl, Sure No Problem, What? You Want Ivermectin, Well, Hold On There
New World Bank Head To Focus On The Elite Globalists Favorite Subjects Hoaxes, "Covid" Pandemics And Climate Change, But At Least The World Bank Outed Itself To The World, Cui Bono?
News Anchor Blasts Kamala, The First Politician To Master Speaking in Quantumese, Fauci, Trudeau For Their "Covid" Misinformation, aka Lies
Are You Smarter Than A CDC Doctor?
From The "Your Horse Lost" Dept: "Scientists," Media, CBS, Still Pushing False Vax Narrative
Video/Text: Pfizer Bribes Led To Vax Mandates
Texas "Covid Vax" Investigation Includes Big Pharma Execs
Pfizer, FDA, Dr Walensky Knew Fetuses, Babies Died
"Covid" News Articles
From The "Enemy Within" Dept: Deliberate Decades Long Subterfuge In The US Educational System Now Bearing Rotten Fruit From Its Branches
The Effect, Destroying The Future Of America From Within: Duke Medical Launched Gender Dysphoria Treatment For As Young As 2 Year Olds, Appropriate Determination For Sex Are Your Birth XX Or XY Chromosomes, All 30 Trillion Of Them In Adulthood, What 2 Year Old Even Knows About Gender, Muchless Thinks About Changing Genders? These Adults Are Very Warped People, One Wonders If Sodom, And Gomorrah Were This Sick
15 Year Old Athlete Dies Suddenly
3rd USAF Academy Cadet Dies
Rhetorical Question, Why Does Bill Ignore All The Adverse "Covid" Vax Data?
Sunday Comics
Sunday Comics 2
Typical Woke Hypocrites: They Didn't Like The Rules, So They Made Their Own, Now Complain When Others Use Their Rules
What's Next On The Trans Merry-Go-Round ... Transintelligent Or Would That Be Transstupid? And Could A Tech Geek Identify As Transistor? 
AI Goes To The Dark Side
You're Right, You Can't Make This Stuff Up ... Is Doomed A Gender Neutral Adjective?

Look, Up In The Sky, It's A Bird, No It's A Balloon, No It's Climate Changing Toxic Atmospheric Aerosols!
The Elite Globalists Go To State, Climate Change Is The Excuse, Profit Is The Motive, Gas Companies Would Sell That Same Gas To Europe For 3 To 4X The Price, Oh, BTW, What's Going To Replace The Gas That Accounts For 46% Of The State's Electricity Because Wind, Solar Won't Be Able To Do It As Germany And Other Countries Have Shown?
Watch Movie: Planet Of The Humans
Biden Wants Another $50 TRILLION Of Your Money For His Globalist Climate Change Agenda, But Admin Has No Idea If It Would Work, And If It Did, By How Much, Especially With No Guarantee China, India And Africa (About 4.5 Billion People) Will Sign On, Biggest Snake Oil Money Scam In History, BTW, As Humans Expel CO2, Becoming Carbon Neutral Doesn't Bode Well For Humans, AI Machines, Maybe, So How Many Carbon Based Lifeform Humans Have To Be Exterminated To Reach This Carbon "Neutral" Condition By 2050? Gates And Others Have Speculated At Least 4-6 Billion People
The Top 1% Of Americans Already Have Taken $50 Trillion From The Bottom 90%, Now They Want Another $50 Trillion In The Next 27 Years
From The "Are We Going To Be Fooled Once Again?" Dept: Have Any Of These Elite Billionaires Proven "Climate Change/Global Warming" Exists, According To NASA Earth's Average Temperature Is 57 F, Not Exactly A Barnburner, (Remember The 7x-10X Record Snowfalls, Global Warming, This Past Winter In California, Utah And Nevada?) And That Man-Made CO2 Is The Cause? Of Course, Plants Thrive On Higher CO2 Levels, Going Green, Which In Turn Produces More O2 For Us Humans, Or Is This Just Another "Covid" Fear Campaign?  climate, noun, the weather conditions prevailing in an area, You Know, Light Fog In The Morning Hours, Followed By Sunny Skies In The Early Afternoon At The Beach, Expect Clear Skies, Higher Temperatures In The Desert, But Cooler Temperatures With Possible Snow Flurries At The Ski Resorts," Seems Like The Climate Changes Every Day Where I Live, What About You? Guess We Should Be Prepared For A Change To The Definition Of Climate In The Near Future, Like They Did With Vaccine 
Video: Surprise! CO2 Is Not The Climate Change/Global Warming Bad Boy That Political Incorrect Globalist Elites Are Attempting To Make It Out To Be, For Millions Of Years, Earth's Temperature Higher When  Solar Magnetic Activity Greater, The Solar Cosmic Rays Effect, Send In The Clouds, So Maybe We Should Send All These "Climate Change" Folks To The Sun With Some Fire Extinguishers, Now Wouldn't That Be Worth $50 Trillion?
Video: The Earth Connection, Cosmic Rays, Clouds And Climate, How Do We Explain Global Warming At The End Of The Last Major Ice Age, circa 11,000 Years Ago With No Cows, Cars Or Coal Plants? But There Is A Galactic Environment Of Which The Earth Is A Part, The Sun, Supernova Explosions, And Cosmic Rays That Were Around Then, About 400 Years Ago Witches Were Blamed For Climate Change, The Little Ice Age, Therefore, Is Climate Change A $50 Trillion Witch Hunt?
Green Hoodwinking, The Sustainable Renewable Energy Myth, The Controlled Disintegration Of Industrialized Society: Germany Continues Its Bloodletting Energy Policies, Nuclear Power Is Not Green, But CO2 Is Green, Good For Plant Growth, Now Will Germany Ditch The US Nuclear Weapons From Its Territory? Nukes Much Less Green Than Power Plants, And They Can Depopulate At A Much Faster Rate Than Power Plants Too, Maybe That's The Plan? Watch Video Movie, Planet Of The Humans
Global CO2 Generator Market Booming, Is Anticipated To Rise At A Considerable Rate During The Forecast Period, Between 2023 And 2030

EU Continues To Double Down On Its Sanctions Insanity, Shoots Itself In Its Other Foot While Making More Enemies
Dominion Complete? Globalists Have Their Man Crowned King
Palestinians Hitting Back Against Zionist Government Of Israel
Video: Update, 6 May Gonzalo Lira, Lavrov, Zelensky Is A Puppet, Zaporozhye Evacuation, NATO In Japan, Blackrock In Kiev, Clownworld Out To Lunch, Yeah, We Know
Wagner Group, Prigozhin And Maskirovka
Blinkin's Box? Well, Maybe Blinkin Is Trying To Get Russia To Do The US's Dirty Work, And/Or Putting A Target On Biden & Co., Nuland And Himself Included, Seeing As How The US Set Our Current Day Circumstances In Motion By Overthrewing The Democratically Elected Government In 2014?
Video: If The Missile Fits ... A Comparison Cuba And Ukraine
Video: Update 5 May Founder Of Wagner Group, Prigozhin, A Feint, Suckering In Ukraine Troops To Attack? FT, Kremlin Strike Not A False Flag, EU Infrastructure Funds Diverted To Kiev, EU Keep The War Fires Burning, Clownworld Zelensky Gets A Chuckle
From One TV Comedian To Another, First We Had Archie Bunker, Next Up, Zelensky In A Bunker
Neo-Con Cowards: Seeing As How He Loves War And Killing People So Much, Maybe We Should Pitch In And Buy Him An AK-47, A Giant Ukrainian Flag Parachute And Drop Him Off On The Outskirts Of Bakhmut
From "That Was A Brilliant Move, Von der Leyen" Dept: Russian Oil Floods World Market Via Asian Intermediaries, More Than Prior To EU Ukraine Sanctions, 40% US Oil Imports Come From Russia, The Future Will Be Built Of BRICS
Video: Update 4 May Zelensky At The Hague, Kremlin Drone Strike, Slow News Day For Politico? Maybe Russia Blew Up Their Own Billions Of Dollars Pipeline When They Could Have Just Turned Off The Tap, Zelensky Travels, Something Fishy Being Planned By The West, US Bank Crash, Biden Quid Pro Quo, Look Another Balloon! Clownworld EU Closed Airspace To Russia So Russian Airspace Closed To EU, Now Air France Complains, Long Way Round To Fly To China
Text/Videos: Kremlin Attack Ramps Up Ukraine War
Video: 1973 Marine MEN Recruitment ... Not Looking For Drag Queens 
Video: 1985 US Marine Recruitment Ad, A Few Good Men
Video: 2023 Stopped Looking For A Few Good Men ... Drag Queen US Navy

US Military Recruiting Crisis A Positive Sign 
Here Comes Nuclear WW3, Courtesy Of US Government, Will The Rest Of The World Stand Up?
Video: Russia Drone Attack, Zelensky Off To Finland, West Response ... We Know Nothing, We See Nothing ... Ukraine Offensive To Start? But US/NATO Putting It All On Ukraine, New US Military Bases In NATO Finland, US Congressional Committee Subpoenas FBI Docs Biden Criminal Corruption With Foreign National, Articles Of Impeachment, Banking Collapse
Video: Update 2, May 3 Drone Attack On Kremlin, Russian Warns Of Retaliation, Zelensky, Who Has No Qualms About Sending Ukrainians To Their Deaths At The Front Line, Turns Tail And Flees To Helsinki, But Who Gave The OK For The Attack? For the American Audience, Think Russian Backed Terrorists Launching Drones At The White House ... If Trump Was President
Sign The West Is Losing Ground Fast, International Organized Attack On Kremlin, Putin, Russia Right To Retaliate, Maybe Why Zelensky Was Spotted Buying Adult Diapers? :-)
Ukrainian Terrorist Ring Busted By Russian FSB 
Iran Retaliates Against US Piracy Of Its Oil Tanker
Epstein Calendar: It All Goes Back To Banking And The Rothschilds, Just As It Says In Obadiah, V. 1-5
Look How Close China Has Put Their Country To Our US Military Bases, What An Act Of Aggression!
Video: US Antagonizing China For Profit
Video: Update, 3 May Blinken's Straw Man, Russia Has Failed, Except That He Has Failed To Understand Russia's Clearly Stated Goals, Russia Train Derailment Sabotage, Ukraine Defense Minister Reznikov, Announces Big Attack Coming, SA ICC Problem, Macron's Mess, French Protests Continue, Clownworlds Ukraine FM, Ukraine Decides Who Belongs To Civilized Countries As It Burns Down Churches, Intentionally Shells Unarmed Civilians, UK King Coronation Snub, Dating App To Leave Russia  
Video: Few Buildings Left In Bakhmut For Russians To Take, West Furious As India, Russia Come To Cuba's Rescue, Grain, Oil And No US Dollars
Text/Video: America: Do You Know What Is Going On In Ukraine In Your Name, Well, Other Than Risking Nuclear War?
Globalist Psychopath Elites Schedule Meeting For September To Accelerate Their Project 2030 Agenda
Nutanyahoo's Zionist Government Launches Airstrikes On Civilian Targets In Gaza
US Dollar Is A Goner
Video: Update, 2 May Assad Walkabout Video, Meeting In Jordan, FMs Saudi, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, All Foreign Troops Must Leave Syria, Odessa 9 Years Ago, US Kirby Narrative PR Claims 100K Russian Casualties In Bakhmut, PS They Didn't Have Anywhere Near That Number In Bakhmut, Still Doesn't Get It That Russia Is Not Out For Territory, Rather Demilitarization Of Ukraine Troops, Carlson Ouster, Zelensky Called Murdoch, Epstein And The Warren Of Corruption, No Free Speech In "1984" Ireland, Globalist Balloon Test Hate Speech, Clownworld Look, Over There, US Tracking Another Balloon
Video: US Magical Thinking About Ukraine
Iranian President To Meet With Syrian President In Damascus
Video: Major State Of Decay In UK Becoming Very Apparent Around The World ... "The Lowest Of Men"
Video: Update, 1 May Russia Cut Diplomatic Relations With Poland, Hungarian FM Szijjarto Zaps Zelensky, Woke Podolyak Warns China, Forked-Tongue Merkel's 180 Flip Now That Ukraine On Brink Of Defeat, Massive Russian Missile Strike On Ukraine Military Sites, EU Still Buying Russian Oil, Just From 3rd Party At Much Higher Prices, USD Biggest Financial Terrorist In The World, Need An Alternative Currency, Clownworld Ukraine Mocks India Goddess Kali
Ingrate Zelensky, Biting The Hand That Feeds Him, Not Smart Enough To Shut Up
US Congress Introduces Bill, That If It Becomes Law, Would Guarantee Nuclear War With Russia, In Which Case The US Would Be Annihilated
US Regime Is Not A Friend To Anybody, In Particular, Not Even Its Citizens
Video: Episode 8, Ukraine, The Best Is Yet To Come
Video: Update, 30 April, Ukraine Isn't Ready, Where Have We Heard This Before "XXX Needs To Go," Now Orban's Turn, Poland Seizes Russian School, Ukraine Does Churches, Russia Does Military, Clownworlds Ukraine Bans Z And B On License Plates, Ukraine Sends "Correct Terminology" To Serbia Media
US Drives Shias And Sunnis Into Alliance, So It's Not Just China And Russia, Saudi Arabia Accelerates Break From US, Reopens Embassy With Iran, Establish Formal Ties With Hezbollah, Ukraine "Offensive" Likely To Be A Flop
Call For SCO Maritime Security Belt In Response To Desperate US Maritime Piracy

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There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
Make Music NSummer