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Winter 2022

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The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in the billionaire plutocrat's Western corporate mass media companies, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

However, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, which, in a sense, is an urgent reset for so many in our nations today. We need to realize our plundering princes, leaders, officials, and atheist tech media intentionally lie to us on a regular basis, exactly as the prophecies of our closing last days make quite clear.

Winter 2022

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

CDC, Change Death Count, How Convenient After 2 Years, Overestimated "Covid" Death Count Due To "Coding Error"
The Tortoise Of Truth Arrives: The Veil Is Lifted By Russia, Exposes US Government Bioweapon Labs In Ukraine, Documents, “Their Use Can Be Disguised As The Natural Outbreak Of Diseases," Just Like Covid Around The World
Moderna, Pfizer Out To Get The Last Penny In Profits, Pushing For Emergency (?) Use Authorization For Second Booster, Boosting What, Experimental Gene Technology Injections That Have Failed To Be "Safe And Effective," Resulting In Tens Of Millions Injuries And Deaths In A Year? How Many Gullibles Are Left?
Video: Schwab's Cancerous "Young Leaders," Global Shapers And "Covid-19"
Video: "Covid-19" Vaxxes Are Biological Weapons Used Against Civilian And Military Populations, Pandemic Of The Vaxxes, Gain Of Function HIV Prion Inserted Into Vaxxes, Hence Seeing The Current Vax AIDS
Once You Know The Truth, The Liars Provide Endless Instances Of Amusement Watching Them Trip and Tangle Themselves Evermore Trying To Justify Their Lying With More Lies And Stupidity, For The Record, And Those Paying Attention, Inoculation Is Not The Only Form Of Immunization, As In Natural Immunity, Which Is Stronger And Kept The Human Herd Alive Long Before The Ignorant Hysteria Over Experimental Jabs That Don't Immunize, Which Is Why We See Triple Vaxxed Getting "Covid" Multiple Times, And Dying From It
Blood Clots In Another Athlete
Incidence Of Cancers Triggered By Experimental "Covid" Injections
A Litany Of Big Pharma Crimes
"Covid" A Time In History When Medical Science Became Political Science
WHO Lied About "Covid," Now Wants Binding Treaty For Any Future NWO Plandemic
Amazing What We "Conspiracy Theorists" Have Been Saying For More Than A Year Is Now Acknowledged As True By CDC, That Is, They've Been Lying To Us And No Longer Can Hide It
Another Admission Of Lies, PCR Tests Cannot Diagnose "Covid," And Rapid Antigen Tests Are Suddenly "Unreliable"
Massive Conflicts Of Interest At NIH

Zero Carbon, Zero "Covid" Are Siamese Twins
Video: Why We Should Be Concerned About Nutcases In Government Pushing A Hot War With Russia Over Ukraine
Documents Show Obama Ordered Construction Of Biolabs In Ukraine, A Complement To His Weekly Kill List?
Ukraine: Those Who "Get It," And Those Who Don't
Are There Any Adults In The West's Ukraine House Of Mirrors?
Video: Russia Confirms Use Of Hypersonic Missile To Take Out Weapons Depot 40 Miles From Romania Border
Russian MoD Report: Continues To Destroy Ukraine's Military Infrastructure
Interview With FM Lavrov, Forged In The Fire, US Sanctions Made Russia Stronger
Geopolitical Pole Has Shifted, Old Tactics Not Working Anymore, US Bully Stick Driving Middle East Countries To Moscow
Video: So Now We Can Believe Biden And The Media About Ukraine?
Russian Defense Ministry Update 18 March, Russia Continues To Destroy Ukrainian Military Sites And Hardware, While Kiev Regime Military Units Fire Missiles At Civilian Targets
Russian MoD Validity Of Bioweapon Documents From Ukraine Officials, Names Of Real People With Certified Seals Of Their Organizations, Including Joanna Wintrall In US Ukraine Embassy, Pentagon's Direct Involvement Contrary To International Law And Signed Treaties, Crimes Against Humanity, Germany And Britain Involved
Desperate Schwab And Co. Shows Their Hand, Installs The "Not So Great Reset" In What Is Ukraine, Perfect Choice, Klaus, Russia Will Come In And Destroy It, And All The Freedom Loving People In The World Will Thank Them
Video: Zelensky's International Dog And Pony Show, "I Have A Dream," While Ukraine Has A Nightmare, Russia's Complete Uncoupling From The Morally Bankrupt West's System, Bye, Bye Miss American Pie, The Day The US Music Died For Russia
Video: All The World Is Propaganda Puppet Theater To The West, And Its Script Writers
UKSSR? Who's In Charge? Same Ideologues That Brought You The Old Soviet Union, And "Covid" Of Late
Ideologues: NWO Young Cowards, Individually Nothing More Than Bullies, Hot Air Infused With A Large Dose Of Hypocrisy
Realpolitik: Now Contrast The Above With What Putin Is Saying, Russia Sends Humanitarian Aid To Civilians, While Biden Sends Military Arms
Video: Hello, My Name Is Daniel ...
The Rand Corporation's NWO Ideological Manifesto: How To Bring Russia Down, Oopsy, Guess They Didn't Read Russia And China's Manifesto, De-Dollarization By Providing Oil, Gas And Other Resources To Non-Western Nations Through An Alternative Financial And Monetary System
To Wit, Putin's Answer To Schwab's Small In Number, Yet Greatly Despised Globalism
The Gold And Petroyuan Nexus, As Russia And China Shift Away From The West
Video: From The "Rhetoric For Oil" Dept: US Press Secretary Warns India, Surrogate US President? Not Realizing She Is On The Wrong Side Of History, But US Has No Oil To Offer, Only Pathetic Threats, Western Ideologues Now Seeing Benefit Of Realpolitik, Saudi Arabia Considers Yuans For Oil As De-Dollarization Gaining Momentum
Video: Between A Rock And A Hard Place, Ukraine Military In Dire Straits, Puppet Zelensky Changes Generals, Better He Should Change His Mind, Policies, And Loyalties As West Getting Desperate
Russian Sanctions On US, And Major Economic News, Formal Creation Of Financial And Monetary System, New International Currency, Independent Of The West's Banks And Bankers ... Within 2 Weeks
Ideologues Till The End: Russia Only Has 14 Days ...
Nazi Hate TV? Ukrainian TV News Presenter Calls For Genocide Of Russian Children
Video: False Flag From The Empire Of Lies, Remind Us Again Who Built These Ukrainian Bioweapon Labs, Contrary To International Law, That Developed Deadly Bioweapons In Them, Contrary To International Law? Besides It Takes A While To Make Bioweapons From "Research" Materials, But Not If They Were Made Previously By The US, So Why Would The US Develop Bioweapons In Ukraine On Russia's Doorstep? For One Reason Only, To Kill Ethnic Russians, But Accelerated De-Dollarization The Real Issue For The International Western Bankers
From The "Nothing To See Here, But ..." Dept: US Embassy Deletes All Ukrainian BioLab "Research" Docs Online
Prolonged War Profit Arms Dealers, Where Is The West's Media Coverage Outrage  Over The US Backed Saudi Massacre Of Yemen's Children?
Video: US Government Bioweapons Long Track Record, Life In Prison For US Nationals Participating, Ukraine Labs Are Offensive WMD, Collecting Ethnic Russian DNA, "Nazi Mentality"
US Biological Weapons In Ukraine In Support Of Ukrainian Nazis
Russia Acting On Its Warnings To The West: Destroys Military Base In Western Ukraine Sheltering Armed Mercenaries
Russia's Humanitarian Response In Mariupol, Opens Humanitarian Corridors Around Ukrainian Cities
Video: Report Russians Break Into Mariupol, As Biden Cancels Russian Oil To US, India Buying Russian Oil With Rupees
14 March: Morning Briefing MoD
Videos/Text: Same Compulsive Liars, Just More Lies
Video: Kamala's NATO Gaffe, US, Europe Self-Destructing Over Ukraine Which Is Not In NATO Or EU, A NWO Ploy? Chemical False Flag At Mariupol As Russian Forces Are About To Defeat Top Ukraine Military, So Blame It On The Chemicals?
What Does This Tell You About Who's Running Things? US Hypocrisy Over Free Speech, Nazis Have Freedom Of Speech, But Not Assange, UN Vote Against Glorification Of Nazism, Which US Government Supports In Ukraine
US DHS How Nice Of Them To Point Out Their Lies To Us: Extremist Behavior If You Believe The Truth, But Not The 2020 Election And Covid Lies
NYC Striving To Become Modern Day Sodom
From The "Killing Of America From Within" Dept: Laid Off Keystone XL Pipeline Workers Blast Biden For Blaming Putin, When Biden Cancelled 600,000 Barrels Of Oil A Day ... From Russia
Biden WH Can't Get Their Own Propaganda Right

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Scientists Discover Patented Moderna Vax Sequnce In "Covid-19," Patent Filed On February 4, 2016
Experimental Vax Injuries Skyrocketing
If Vaxxes Work As Promised, "Safe And Effective," Why Have They Made It Worse?
Same Liars Who Brought You "Covid" Are Now Giving You Ukraine Lies
NWO Plandemic 2 Or ...?
US: Not Just Wuhan, Bio-research With Coronaviruses In Ukraine Too, If Anyone Can Locate Fauci Backstage, Maybe Should Ask Him Some Questions
Video: Highwire Episode 258, Vaccines Are Killing People, The Published Science Backs It Up
Vaxxed English Adults Under 60 Dying At 2x The Rate Of Unvaxxed
UK Vaxxed Suffering From "Covid," And 90% Of Covid Dead Are Vaxxed, So, Aside From The Profit Motive Of Killing People, Why Are Vaxxes Still Pushed?
Been Vaxxed? Never Can Acquire Full Immunity Even When You Get Post-Vax "Covid" And Recover
Pfizer Relentless In Wanting To Kill Our Children, Why Does Anyone Trust Them About Anything After Their Abysmal Track Record Of Injury And Death At Your Expense? Covid-19 Gone, Omicron A Different Species in 2022
Another "Covid" Vax Lie Exposed: Swedish Study Shows Pfizer's Experimental mRNA Injection Does Enter And Alters Your DNA, In As Little As Six Hours, So Much For The "Safe And Effective" Lie
From The "Curses And Death" Dept: Data Showing "Covid" Jabs Increase Risk Of Infection, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits “Two Doses Of The Vaccine Offers Very Limited Protection, If Any," So Will Pfizer Refund All Those Billions In Profits Gotten From A Defective "Safe And Effective" Product It Put On The Market, And Accept Responsibility For The Injuries And Deaths It Caused? 
Pfizer-FDA [aka] Let Loose Experimental Injections That Had 1291 Known Adverse Events Of Special Interest, Yet They Lied Straight-Faced, Criminal Fraud Resulting In Deaths, And Told Us They Were "Safe And Effective," But Will The Pro-Vaxxers Who Fell For The Lies Admit They Were The Loud Mouth Conspiracy Theorists?
There Was No "Covid" Virus When WHO Adopted PCR To Use As A Diagnostic Test For It, It Was A Big Fat Lie, PCR Is An ANALYTICAL Tool, Not A Diagnostic One, Can Never Diagnose If Someone Is Positive Or Negative For "Covid"
WHO Shipped "Covid-19" Test Kits In 2017

Video: Interview With Dr. Peter McCollough, Check Out Viewer Comments
CDC Essentially Rubber Stamps Manufacturers New Vaxxes, Given Pfizer's Known 1291 Adverse Events Of Special Interest, ICAN Introduces New Framework To Approve Vaxxes
Why We Need To Think For Ourselves And Not Let Government Or Media Tell Us What To Think
California State Regulator Cowardly Bullies Raid Private Pre-Schools, Interrogate Kids Over Masks Without Parental Approval, While Florida Governor Calls For Ending Covid Theater, Take Off The Harmful Masks
Washington State's Cowardly Governor, Attorney General Hide Under The Blanket, Refuse Delivery Of More Than 30,000 Notarized Legal Affidavits
Don't Let The "Covid" Liars Change The Subject
Omicron Different From All The Others Regarding Herd Immunity
Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice ... Never Forget The "Plandemic" Was Not A Mistake, But Now That The Tortoise Of Truth Is Crossing The Finish Line, The Hare Of Lies, The Evil Perpetrators Want You To Forget What They Put You Through, Including The Millions Injured And Killed By Them, Otherwise They Will Stick It To You Again
Video: Florida Governor DeSantis Covid Vax Panel Discussion, Close The Curtain On Covid Theater
A Government Against Its People: CDC Paid Media To Promote "Covid" Experimental Injections While FDA Knew Of Nearly 1300 Adverse Side Effects
Archbishop Vigano: The Colossal "Covid" Fraud
Student Althletes Required To Have ECG To Participate In Sports, Never Required Before "Covid" Vaxxes
New Study Shows Double Vaxxed Hong Kong Adolescents 7X More Likely To Suffer Myocarditis, Damage To Heart Muscle Tissues
Sunday Comics
Video: Highwire Episode 257, The Evil Killer Scam Called "Covid," Lies From Day One To Biden's Flat Out Lies In His State Of The Union Address
CDC Report Of 2 Year-Old's Death Hours After Being Vaxxed Disappears, Bigger Question, Why Did Parents Allow The Vax?
The "Covid" Plot To Kill Off Our Society And As Many Of Us Too, No More Middle Ground, Silence Is Not An Option Anymore
Video: A Letter To Andrew Hill, Who Killed Use Of Ivermectin For Early Treatment
Judge Sides With Mom, No Shots For Her Kids
NZ High Court Judge Upholds Challenge To Vax Mandates

Oliver Stone's Documentary, Ukraine On Fire
Now Fake Warfare ... Wag The Dog, Probably Why Western Media Is Focusing On Kiev Only, Despite Events In Donbass, Can't Build Movie Sets For Every Place
Video: Ukraine Update, US Up To Its Same Old Tricks In Ukraine, Accuse Others Of What They Do, Signalling False Flag In Ukraine To Blame On Russia a la Syria, Iraq
Maps: NATO Incessant Eastward Expansion To Russia's Border
The Other Side Of The Coin: Q&A Press Conference With FM Lavrov
MOD Morning Update Ukraine
Russia Opens Criminal Case Against Facebook, Bans Instagram, Whatapp
Video: Realpolitik Versus Western Fantasy Policy Decisions
From The "If The US Can't Have Ukraine, Then No One Else Can, So Destroy It" Dept: Kiev Regime Refuses Most Humanitarian Safe Corridors, So Russia Opens Them Anyway, In A No-Win Situation, Ukrainian Forces Continue Crimes Against Their Own People
DuckDuckGo Falls In Line With The NWO
Now DuckDuckGo Telling What We Can And Cannot Read
Checkout Privacy Searchencrypt
19 Alternative Search Engines Besides DuckDuckGo, Google
Video: Biden's Sanctions Boomerang On US, Europe ... Destroying Them For NWO?
As Eurasia Emerges, And With The Ukraine Turned Upside Down, Klaus Schwab Removes All Contact From WEF With Russia, Putin, His NWO Hanging In The Balance
Video: EU Runs Out Of Sanctions Against Russia, Next Up, Russia's Blowback Sanctions, i.e., Kiss Russian Gas And Oil Bye Bye, West Defaulted On Financial Obligations
Meanwhile, US Congress Votes US Into Economic And Financial Oblivion, Lots Of Speed Readers There No Doubt
Wall Street Versus NWO Deep State As US Tearing Itself Apart
The Geopolitical Pole Has Shifted Away From The West As The US And West's Trajectory Is Falling At Terminal Velocity, While Eurasia Is Rocketing Up, This Point Of Intersection Is Causing Sparks To Fly: Russia, A New Page In The Art Of War, US Screaming Like A Stuck Pig, Reality Eurasia Doesn't Need The Western Market, While West Will Wilt Away Without Eurasian Goods And Services Until It Crashes And Burns In The Final Prophetic Middle East War
Video: Facebook Weaponized Against Russia, Should Be Very Careful About Blowback, Russia To Present Bioweapon Evidence To UN, Decrepit West Separating From Emerging Eurasia, Russia Never Again Will Depend On The West, While US Sends Kamala To Poland
Understanding Russia's Military Campaign In Ukraine
US Backed Syrian Terrorists From Idlib Arrive In Ukraine
Russia In Possession Of Original Documents Showing Ukraine Planned Offensive Operation Against Donbass  This Month, While US And NATO Were Lying About Resolving All Issues In A “Political And Diplomatic Way”
Russia's Judo Kick To The Western Financial Gut, aka Russia's “Nuclear Retaliatory Landmine”
Video: US Doesn't Want Europe To Buy Russian Oil, Just Like It Did With OPEC Oil In 1973
Is Biden Public Enemy No. 1?
Video: World Astonished At US/EU Digging Its Hole Deeper With Every Decision, While Leaders Of Other Countries Turn To Putin
Illegal Bioweapons From US Labs In Ukraine, Paid For US Department Of Defense, Transferred To Other Countries [Australia, Germany] Under Orders From US, Use Of Wild Migratory Birds Flying From Ukraine To Russia To Spread Bioweapons, Lends Credence To Daszak-Fauci-NIH Links
Video/Text: Russia Tells US, We Have Found Your Biological Weapons, Tell The World What Is Your Purpose In Violating The Biological Weapons Treaty?
Hard To Keep Up With The Lies Of Psaki And The Biden Administration, No US Bioweapon Labs In Ukraine Day After After Sworn Testimony Admits US Biolabs In Ukraine, So Are They Telling Us Under SecState Nuland Is A Russian Agent? Get The Feeling They Just Lie About Everything, Lost All Sense Of Honesty
Video: Victoria "F**k The EU" Nuland's Self-Evident Fluff-Ball Scripted Exchange Over US-Ukraine Bioweapon Labs To Create A False Narrative In Order To Blame Russia [False Flag? BTW, Who Built The Research Bioweapon Labs There?], Just Remember, While Other Countries, Including Russia, Have Destroyed Their Biological Weapons According To The  Biological Convention Treaty, US Still Has Theirs, And Built More In Ukraine Despite Ukraine Being A Signatory To The Treaty, Not To Mention Enriched Uranium In Ukraine, No Question US Used Ukrane As A Staging Area Against Russia
A Few Minor Details Nuland Left Out Of Her Script About US Biolabs In Ukraine
From The "Burning Bridges" Dept: No Oil From Iran Or Venezuela For US, And Saudi Arabia, UAE Refuse Biden's Phone Call   America, Western Europe Being Deserted By Her "Lovers" Jer. 30:12-15
Hmm, US To Give $14 BILLION To Ukraine, And If Russia Takes Over Ukraine, Will The Money Go To Putin? :-)
From The "Cuban Missile Crisis On Steroids" Dept: When We Realize The Experimental "Covid" Injections Were Not Meant To Save Lives, Should We Be Surprised That US Government Is Not Making Any Attempts To Save Lives Of Ukrainians, But Actually Increase The Death Toll, Possibly Leading To Ultimate Nuclear Escalation? If So, US Has No Defense Against Russia's Hypersonic Glide Nuclear Missiles, While Russia Possesses The World's Best Missile Defense Systems
The New World Order Of Eurasia Emerges, Russia's List Of Hostile Nations
The American Empire Self-Destructs, Just Faster Than Expected
From The "This Is Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into" Dept: RAND Corporation's "We're Exceptional" War Plan Not Looking So Smart, Looks Like The Russian Guys Were A Step Or Two Ahead
Russia Takes Unilateral Action, Will Implement Ceasefire And Open Humanitarian Corridors For Civilians
Death Wish 3? US Discussing Ban On Russian Oil, Which Would Be Major Negative Impact On The US/EU Economies, Creating Alarm In Governments, Deja Vu OPEC 1973, Why Is Biden Administration Hell Bent On Destroying America?
Video: Russian Forces Surround Ukraine Military In East Ukraine, Same Forming In Odessa, Russian Retaliation For Western Sanctions, Reckless Mismanagement By US
Meanwhile Moral Perversion Continues To Plague US Society
US Weaponized USD Against Russia, Russia Then Weaponized Iranian Nuke Talks, A Deal-Breaker For US, Therefore No Iranian Oil For US And West
Video: System Collapse, Quality Of Elites Incompetent, US And West Crumbling, Multi-Faceted Discussion
Biden's Blowback: After Russia Banned All Fertilizer Exports, Hungary Banned All Wheat Exports, Russia-Ukraine Controls 25% Of World's Wheat Production
Reaping What We've Sown, Just Not Wheat
Ukraine, Biden & Co.s Biological Warfare Labs HQ
Video: What Happened To "Bomb. Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran?" Suddenly Hypocritical US Government To Agree To JCPOA In Order To Get "State Sponsor Of Terrorism" Iran's Oil, Making Ukraine A New Syria, Wagging The Dog
Video: Oliver Stone, US Predicament Today Emerged At The End Of WW2, Same M.O. Ever Since, Lie, Cheat, Steal, And Assassinate, Always Blame Russia, Gen. 27:39, 40
While US And Western Media Villify Russia Daily, US Imports 600,000 Barrels Of Oil A Day From Russia, So What Happens To That Oil When Russia Settles Ukraine, And Reverse Sanctions US And The West?
Who Knew That The Russian-Ukrainian War Would Put A Stop To "Covid?" ... "A Lot Of American Citizens Have Had Enough Of Being Fucked Around"
A Ukrainian Comedy Turned Tragedy
Video: From The "Reaping What You Sow" Dept: Deputy Secretary Of State Victoria "F**k The EU" Nuland's Ukraine Coup Bears Fruit, Well, Okay, The EU Is Screwed, She Got That Part Right
US Sanctions, "A Tax On Idependence From The US," On Russia Over Ukraine Will Hit The US, And Europe Much Harder [How About Higher Gas, Food Prices? Just The Beginning], US Poison Pill, De-Dollarization, Creating A New World Order That's Not Klaus Schwab's
The US $30.7 Trillion Millstone Hanging Around Its Neck

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Highwire Covid State Of The Union Address
Beware Of Politicians Bearing Gifts ... Long Enough Before Mid-Term Elections So Voters Will Forget
Florida Governor DeSantis Tells University Students, Take Off Those Masks, We Need To Stop This "Covid" Theater
Even NFL Drops All Pretenses, No More "Covid" Restrictions, Masks Included
Video/Text: If Nothing Else, The "Covid" Hoax Has Proven That Democracy In The West Is An Illusion, Orwellian Doublethink Government Yapping Chihuahuas Call Canadian Truckers "Nazis," While They Wholeheartedly Support, Financially And With Military Arms, Real Nazis In Ukraine
Empire Of Lies: From "2 Weeks" To Two Years Of Lies And Counting
FDA Lied, Emails Show Serious Safety Gaps In Clinical Trials Of Childhood Vaccines
Video: More Crimes Against Humanity, Former WHO Consultant Exposes Contrived Take Down Of Ivemectin That Would Have Saved Hundreds Of Thousands Of LIves With Early Treatment
WHO Started Stampeding The Sheep, The Fearmongering Lies By Grossly Exaggerating The Potential "Covid" Mortality Rate By 500%
WHO, The Same Folks Who Lied To Us About "Just Coming Up With The Name "Covid-19" In February 2020, When In Fact WHO Shipped Millions Of "Covid-19" Test Kits Worldwide In 2017, Now Wants A One World Health System, No National Independence
WHO Shipped "Covid-19" Test Kits In 2017
WHO Pushes NWO Global Accord To Make You Slaves ... "Ensure Higher, Sustained And Long-term Political Engagement At The Level Of World Leaders Of States Or Governments" ... Notice It Doesn't Say MEDICAL Engagement For The Benefit Of The People, It's Never Been About A Virus
Now Read The Prophetic Psalm 2
World Economic Forum Just A Long-Winded Way To Say Fascism
While A Leopard Can't Change Its Spots, CDC Can, Which Goes To Show The Extent Of Their Lies Over The Past 2 Years, Hmm, Could This Have To Do With US Mid-term Elections?
All IQ And No Soul: The Entire MIT Faculty, 1000+, Not Even One Questions The Safety Of The Experimental Injections That Have Injured More Than 100 Million Americans, Some At MIT, And Killed Millions And These Are Alleged Bright Scientific Minds??
22 Year Old Student Athlete Dies Unexpectedly, The Question Needs Answering, Was She Vaxxed? Heart Attack, Stroke?
Let Them Eat Cake: Another Hypocritical Maskless US Mayor Parties, Violates Her Own Mask Mandate
Video: Historical Proof, Sunlight UVA, Natural Vitamin D Is Important To Ward Off Viral Infections, Time To Build Solariums, Light Your House With Sunlight Bulbs
Collapsing "Covid" Narrative, Rising Russia Narrative
Moderna Patented A "Covid-19" Gene Sequence In 2016
2016 Eco-Alliance Daszak ... Insert Spike Proteins Into Coronaviruses

Video: US Tipping Point, Update Detailed Analysis Ukraine, US Sanction Stick India? Shove Them To Russia-China-Eurasia ... The Tortoise Of Truth Always Wins The Race
Video: Ukraine, An Perspective From India
US Embassy Website Removes All Digital Traces Of Ukrainian Bioweapon Labs, Guess Russia Will Remove The Real Thing
NATO Reportedly To Send Troops To Ukraine, To What End, More Death And Destruction Or PR Bravado?
From The "Speaking With A Forked Tongue" Dept: US Ukraine Policy, Buying Russian Oil While Sanctioning Russia
Biden & Co. Ideologues Foreign Policy Creates Double Standards, US Support For Saudi War In Yemen, 7 Years Of Bombing, Targeting, Killing Civilians, Same With US/NATO Bombing And Destruction Of Yugoslavia in 2003, But All We Hear About Is Ukraine, While Russia Only Targets Military Sites, Not Civilian Populations
West's Whiny Ukraine Coverage Reveals Inherent Duplicity, Strange No Tears For Those Blonde, Blue Eyed Civilians Killed By Obama-Biden Backed Ukraine Coup In 2014, None When Ukrainian Forces Shelled Ethnic Russian Civilians In Donbass For 7 Years, Only When It's Russia Targeting Military, So Russia Has Had Enough Of The Empire Of Lies BS
Video: Footage Of Ukrainian War Crimes Against Civilians: Caution Very Graphic Content, Yet Not A Peep From Western Media Or Governments
Ukraine Update For Americans, Geopolitical Pole Has Major Shift, Blaring Lip Flapping Western Ideologues, While The Russians Remain Silent, "Social Media Is The Most Powerful Weapon," That Is, Until The Real Politik Bombs Start Dropping On Your Ass, Or Any Other Nearby Farmyard Animals
Update Ukraine Week One, Any Short Term Advantages By US Will Soon Be WIped Away, Quickly Followed By Major Setbacks
From The "Fools Rush In Where Wise Men Fear To Go" Dept: Biden & Co.s Paratroopers Rush To Jump Out Of The Plane Without A Parachute, Set Precedent, China Could Seize All The Assets And Manufacturing Capabilities Of US Companies In China Including Apple, Nike, Boeing, Intel, Qualcomm et al
Why Has US/NATO Never Been Sanctioned For Starting Wars And Destroying Countries? BTW, Remember Russia Lost 27 Million People Fighting The Nazis Just Like The Ones They're Fighting In Ukraine Who Were "Cleansing" Ukraine Of Ethnic Russians, Killing Civilians In Donbass, It Was The US Backed Coup That Overthrew The Democratically Elected, Pro-Russian Ukraine Government in 2014
Master List Of Countries Overthrown By US Since End Of WW2
How Russia Will Bypass Western Economic Warfare, Russia Will Provide The Blowback, "You Don't Tug On Superman's Cape, You Don't Spit Into The Wind ..."
Video: China Says US Paper Tiger Can't Fight 2 Wars, Much Less One, So West Goes Berserk With Sanctions
Video: West Moving Towards Collapse: Collective West Sanctions And Chatter Are Madness, But Russians Remain Silent As In Walk Softly, But Carry A Big Stick, Czech Republic 3 Years In Prison If You Support Russia, Guess They Don't Want Russian Gas And Oil In The Future, Wouldn't Buying Russian Gas Be Supporting Russia?
Czech Republic's Rock And A Hard Spot Now That Nord Stream 2 Will Not Be Delivering Russian Gas
Video: The Western Childish Media, Lies For Dummies About Ukraine, Conveniently Forgetting NATO Eastward Expansion, US Backed Coup That Started This Mess, Beginning Of Bypassing Western Banking System Due To US Policy, And US Dollar In Jeopardy, Russia's Mother Of All Sanctions Against Unfriendly Countries, US Losing Out To Eurasian Integration, Germany Defeated Again, Nuclear Weapons In Eastern Europe Next Up, Russia Trusted By Countries Around The World Contrasted To US False Promises, Pepe Escobar, Start At 14:00 Mark
A Little History On The Relations Of The US And The BRD German Puppet Government As Pentagon Sends 7000 More Troops To Germany ... To Fight Germans?
Another Link By Russian Federation Of UN Office In Geneva
Comments From Russian Foreign Ministry About Ukraine
Video: China To Mediate Ukraine Settlement?
Video: Current Situation In Ukraine, East Aligned With Russia, West To Be A Neutral State?
Video: Ukraine, Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over, Now Russia Can "Build Back Better"
At The Absolute Latest, NATO Should Have Died At The End Of The Cold War
Does US/NATO Have A Demonic Nuclear Death Wish?
An Open Letter To US And Western Armchair Generals
How US Benefits From Ukraine War, Russia Will Bypass US And EU Sanctions, But Europe Is The Sorry Loser
Biden & Co. Policy Of Cut Your Nose Off To Spite Your Face Europe, But The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming To The Shores Of The USA, Which Has Allowed "Wickedness To Dwell In Its Tents"
The Evil That Dwells in Our Tents: Morally Corrupt America
Crumbling From Within, Morally Bankrupt American Empire Nears Its End, Committing Suicide
Video: Update Discussion, US Risks Losing Control Over Flow Of International Funds, SWIFT System Processes $7 Trillion A Day, China's Money Processing System, CIPS $19 Trillion A Day, And More Lies From The Same Sources In The West
Video: Gambling Short Term Vs. Long Term? US Hastens The Demise Of The US Dollar, And The US Itself, And NWO, Disconnects Russia From Western Banking SWIFT, So How Does Europe Pay For Its Oil And Gas? SWIFT, Huh?
After One Year, And With Three Years To Go, Biden's Economy Hits Highest Trade Deficit In US History, How Much More Self-Inflicted Damage Can The US Withstand Before Collapsing?
Russian Convoy 40 Kilometers Long Heading For Kiev, While Zelensky Gave Untrained Civilians Weapons, Deliberately Putting Them In Harm's Way As His 60,000 Ukie Military Are Encircled By Russian Army In East Ukraine
Ukraine's Zelensky A Real Comedian, Let Out Prisoners With Military Training To Be Dropped [How Does He Plan To "Drop Them" With No Air Force?] Into Hot Spots In The East To Fight Russian Military, Bet They Head West Instead
Ukraine Extremists Fighting For The "Democracy" Of The New World Order According To Ukie Member Of Parliament, Suffering From Novocaine Brain Fog?
Video: Western Media In Overdrive, Hysterical Hypocrisy Of The West, Don't Like The Fruit They're Reaping, Condoleeza Rice, One Of The Architects Of The US Invasion Of Iraq, Spewed Lies About WMD, Nods In Agreement She Committed War Crimes With Invasion Of Iraq, Schwab's NWO Is Threatened By Ukraine Situation, Really Worried
The Evil Elites Are Worried About Events In Ukraine Disrupting Their Empire Plans
Video: Massive Change In Worldwide Financial Architecture, US/EU Sanction Russian Central Bank, Biden & Co. Digging The US Hole Deeper, Weaponizes Western Financial Bank System, Which Will Accelerate International Move Away From USD, Banking System, Russia Will Take Countermeasures, Long Term Outlook Good For Russia, Bad For West, Higher Gas Prices, Food Prices, Pushes Eurasia As The New Nexus Of World Affairs
Some Americans Get Ukraine Situation
The Proof Is In The Kutia [Ukrainian Pudding]: Russian Military Doesn't Give A Hoot About The Empire Of Lies Western War Propaganda, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, etc., And It Doesn't Operate The Way The Military In The West Does, The Contrast Is Telling, So Time Will Show Us The Results
Did Donetsk And Lugansk Self-Determination Declaration And Russia's Recognition Open The Door For Taiwan, Tibet, The Kurds In Syria/Turkey To Do The Same? Hence China's Attempt At Neutrality On The Ukraine Issue, Calls For US To Restate Support For One China Policy?
The Bitter Fruit From The Land Of Nu
The US And West's Bankers Already, Looted, Pillaged And Gutted Ukraine, Lied To The World About It, All That Was Left Was Putting US/NATO Military On Russia's Doorstep
Ukraine: Convenient How The West Always Seems To Ignore International Law When It Doesn't Suit Them
Biden Ukrainian Blood Money

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Hypocrisy Is Their Middle Name: US Democrat Governors Hold Annual Meeting In Republican Free State Of Florida
Bringing In The Sheep: US States Implementing Big Tech, Big Pharma NWO Slavery Passports
Why Is PolitiFact Afraid To Debate What It Claims To Be "Covid" Misinformation?
Scientific Fraud At The CDC ... Center For Deception And Corruption?
Turns Out The Most Common Element In The Universe Is Not Hydrogen, It's Stupidity, The Forrest Gump School Of "Wear A Mask"
Video: Vax Pushers Highly Effective, 100%, About Lying About Vax Effectiveness
Well Now We Know Which Country Finally Has The Most Clued In Politicians And Doctors ... Iceland, Albeit a Couple Years Late To The Party
Amazing How The "Lockdown, Wear A Mask, Vax," Last 2 Year Stupids Suddenly Have Gotten So "Smart"
Did You Hear The One About The Two Guys Walking Into A Bar Without Masks?
CDC's Walensky Gets Thrown Under The Bus, What's Up Before The US Mid-Terms ... Canada 2?
25% US Military, And Defense Contractors Refuse Biden's Covid Mandate
Let's See, CDC Withheld Negative Vax Data So More People Would Get Vaxxed, Admitting Guilt?
Need To Keep An Eye On Those Fast Changing Leopard Spots: Amazing How "Misinformation" Suddenly Has Become Fact ... So What Are They Up To Now?
Another Fully Vaxxed Person Gets "Covid" Again, Not Surprising As The Experimental Injections Reduce Immune System Capabilities
New Orleans Mayor's Mask Mandate For The Peasants
Left Hand Not Knowing What The Right Hand Is Doing: US Navy Insurance Credit Union Increases Premiums On Unvaxxed, While CDC And Pfizer Warns ...
... That Everyone Vaxxed At Risk For Blood Clots, Even The Healthiest Athletes ... Gee, Thanks The Warning After Both CDC [bloodclots@gov?] And Pfizer Pushed The Experimental Injections For The Past Year
Scotland Government Stops Releasing "Covid" Vax Death Numbers, Must Be Going Through The Roof As Scientists Predicted, And Lots More
Trudeau's Thugs Drag Trucker And Then Beat Him, Who Are These Canadian Turncoats a la 1930s Germany?
NWO Klaus, Hey Check The Numbers, The Earth Actually Is COOLING Over The Past Decade
The New "Follow The Science" Shows The Earth Is Actually COOLING, The Climate Is Following Natural Cycles, Not Man-Made CO2 Emissions
Even The Earth's Core Has Been Cooling Faster Than Expected

When Does This Become Treason? Biden & Co. Preparing To Send US Border Patrol Personnel To Poland To Assist With Border Crossing From Ukraine To Poland, Leaves US-Mexico Border An Open Highway
Video: US Hypocrisy, Lies, Deceit, And History Of Warmongering Chaos a la Ukraine, Exposed
Man Of Action: 10 Days Ago Biden Claimed He Would Act "Swiftly And Decisively" If Russian Aggression in Ukraine, He Did, Biden Left For Delaware On Friday
Video: The Russian Bear Has Awakened: Putin's "Empire Of Lies" [Domestically, Think "Covid" Past 2 Years]  Speech, Unlike Western Politicians, He Means Every Word Of It, No BS
Video: Running Commentary On Ukraine Situation, Including Reports From Kiev
Appears That Realpolitik Putin Has Wiped The Ukrainian Smirk Off The Faces Of US Ideologue Neocons, Setting The Stage For The Prophetic Last Days "Tidings From The North And The East" ME War, Damascus Becoming A Heap Of Ruins
The Hypocrisy In The Halls Of US Congress Over Ukraine ... Sanctity Of Borders, While US Allows Its Southern Border To Be Violated Daily
From The "Reaping What You Sow" Dept: The Ukraine Wrecking Ball Was Set In Motion In 2014 With The Obama-Biden-Nuland-Soros $5 Billion Coup Overthrowing The Democratically Elected Government, Violating International Law, Then For 8 Years Failed To Honor The International Law Minsk Agreements Of Which The US Was A Signatory, And Could Have Avoided All This
"Heavy Metal Thunder" Russia Midwives Baby Twins, While Decapitating Ukrainian Military In One Hour
Video: Q&A Russia, Ukraine, Donbass
Video: Biden's & Co.s Ukraine Policy Has Put EU On Track To Decline And Suffering, While US Has A Get Out Of Ukraine Card, Got Nord Stream 2 Stopped, And Keeps Europe Under Its Thumb
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" And "Pay Me Now, Or Pay More Later" Dept: Now That Germany Has Stopped Certification Of NS2, Gas Prices Are Soaring, Already The Increase Over Previous Prices Has Paid Back Russia For Its NS2 Costs, Which Will Increase Going Forward, Russia Will Focus On Asian Market, While Europe Has Managed To Reduce, If Not Cut Off Future Sufficient Gas Supplies, Killing Their Industrial Strength, Freezing The Derrieres Of Their Citizens
Update Summary: Russia Tired Of US And West's BS, Recognizes Donetsk And Lugansk As Independent Countries, Whereupon Ukraine Ambassador To UN Now, 8 Years Later, Calls For Implementing Minsk Agreements, Too Late, US Essentially Abandoning Ukraine, An Empty Hulk Of What Is Was Before US Coup
Trudeau Lost His Mind a la Biden, Or Just Plain Orwellian Doublethink?
Video: Russia Recognizes Donbass, Lugansk Independence, Invites Russia Peacekeepers In, While West Throws Hypocritical Tantrum, Really Stupid Moves On Top Of Obama-Biden-Nuland Coup 
Russia Recognizes Independence Of Donetsk And Lugansk Republics After Years Of Ukraine Refusing To Honor Minsk Agreements, If West Has Any Complaints, Think Yugoslavia, Kosovo
Trudeau's Treason: Loyalty To WEF/NWO Not Canada
Carbon Copy: Majority Of Canadian Parliament Sides With Trudeau Just Like German Parliament Did With Hitler in 1930's
Call For International Community To Isolate Trudeau Regime ... Hmm, What About Implementing US Sanctions? Hahaha
Canadian Speaker Cuts Feed Of Parliament Member When He Asks About Klaus Schwab Bragging That More Than Half Of Trudeau's Cabinet Infiltrated By WEF ... Names Please
Is Canada The New Ukraine?
Even The Russian Communist Party Condemns US "Nazification Of Ukraine"
Video: US's Ukraine Spin Propaganda Narrative Out Of Control, About Killing Off Nord Stream 2 By US
Still Trying To Get Russia To Invade Ukraine: So Who's Giving Orders For Ukraine Military To Step Up Shelling Of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zelensky Or Biden?
What Are Putin And Macron Up To Viz A Viz Ukraine And Europe?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video Highwire Episode 255: Covid Vax HIV/AIDS Link
NIH Research Paper 2014: Structure And Dynamics Of HIV Spike Proteins, Hooks Up With Our Binding Antibodies To Invade Cells
Daszak 2016: The Process Of Inserting Spike Proteins Into Viruses To See If They Can Bind To Human Cells ... And Then Convincing Us To Have Them Injected Into Our Bodies, Vax/AIDS?
Video: Interview With Dr. Byram Bridle, Canada's 3 Top "Public" Doctors Turned Down Challenge To Open, Live Discussion, In Fact, Invited All Of Canada's Public Health Service To Jump In, Nothing, Even University True Believer Associates Turned Away, Lying Covid Chickens All Show And No Go, Educational Insitutions Are Broken, Unvaxxed Safest Category To Be In
Audio: Drs. Malone, Cory And Merritt Interview, Plenty of New Background Info
Spokesperson For Big Pharma, aka California Governor, Says "Covid Pandemic Will Not Have A Definite End" ... Of Profits
Video: Trudeau Convicts Himself By His Own Lying Words For All The World To See
Video: Take A Lesson, Trudeau, If You Haven't Sold Your Soul
Opposition Shouts Down Trudeau: Amazing How Lying Bullies Always Turn Out To Be Petty Cowards
Canada's #2 Worse Than Trudeau, Loves Soros, But #2s In UK, US Same
Video: From The "Running For PM Job?" Dept: Ontario Premier Ford Crashes Trudeau Emergency, "We're Done With This, Let's Move On"
Biden & Co. Keeping The Lying Vax Diversion Narrative Alive: Fleeing Ukraine? Bring Proof Of Vax With You ... That Poland Doesn't Require, Quick, Next Question
ICAN FOIA: Emails Show Conspiracy Between White House, Facebook And Big Pharma
Another Case Of Instant Karma On The Brain Dead? German Newscaster Pushes Vaxxes, Then Collapses On Air, Non-Medical Channel Folks Instantly Invoke Knee-Jerk Vaxxed Abracadabra, "It's Not Due To The Experimental Injections!" Oh Really, And Your Evidence Is?
"We Are The F**king Research"
President Of El Salvador: Real War Is In Canada
The Point Of No Return For Canada? The "Covid" Jig Is Up, Criminal Trudeau's Police State Moves Into Action With Truckers, Remember The Good ol' Days When It Was About A Virus And Not Petty Dictators?
... Just As The GiveSendGo Site Is Hacked, Frozen, Big Brother Responsible?
Trudeau Threatens Those Who Uphold Canada's Charter Of Rights ... Any Questions Slaves? Appears He Is Pushing For All Out Revolution ... Trans, Blacks, Jews And Islam OK, White Christian People And Christian Values Not, [Conundrum, Justin, Christ Was Jewish, Hence Christians And Their Values, Which Justin Opposes, Must Be Semitic Values, And Therefore Trudeau Is Anti-Semtiic, Guilty By His Own Words], Same Agenda As In US, Destruction Of The Christian West By NWO
From The "Go Look In The Mirror" Dept: Maybe Trudeau Needs To Understand Who Is Semitic
Well, Senator, If All This Was About "Covid," You'd Be Correct, But It's About The NWO Taking Control
The Chinese Economic System Taking Over The West
What's The Problem, Austria? We Thought You Wanted People To Get Jabbed
Different Set Of Rules For The Elite At Super Bowl ... Maskless Hypocrites, Holding Their Breath For Hours On End?
Video: Strong Speech Against Government Tyranny, Need To Stand For Rights Of The People, And With The Word Of God
If You Were Wondering, It Is War, Folks, There Is No Negotiating With Evil, School Boards Get Big Bucks From Government For Implementing Mandates, i.e., Bribery, Like Paying Hospiitals For "Covid" Patients, Remember All That Money Biden Printed That's Now Causing Inflation?
What The Mandaters Mean When They Say, "Trust The Science," But Then They Continually Refuse To Openly Debate Independent Scientists
If The Pro-Vaxxers Want To Make A Few "Easy" Bucks, Then Provide Answers To These Medical Mysteries
Vanden Bossche: The Vax Rollout A Complete Disaster, Boosters Worthless, Resulting In Injuries And Death
2 Years Of "Covid," And A Year Of Vaxxes, And What Have We Lost?

Video: From The "Three More Fingers Point Back At You" Dept: Interesting How Lying Out Loud US Is Up To Same Old Something, Blinken's UN Iraq WMD Tell Gave It Away, Always Pointing A Finger At Others Of What They Do, Trying To Create The Vague Blanket Narrative Without Evidence, "We Have Information" ... Who, The Night Janitor At The Local McDonald's? Same Old Modus Operandi As With Iraq, BTW, According To International Treaty, Russia Has Destroyed Their Chemical Weapons, As Has Syria [Given To US To Destroy, But Did They, Or Kept Some To Plant In Syria, Ukraine? Using OPCW To Cover Up, Which Has Been Outed As A Tool Of The US And West], But US Still Has Not Destroyed Their Chemical Weapons According To The Same Treaty, So Why Would Blinken Raise The Spectre Of Chemical Weapons In Ukraine a la False Flag In Syria, When US Is The Only Country Of Record That Has Chemical Weapons?
OPCW Chief Caught Lying About Syrian Chemical Weapons
And Let Us Not Forget The US Track Record, Gave Chemical Weapons To Iraq That They Used To Kill Iranians
Liars Lying About Their Lies, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine: Colin Powell's UN Fake Yellow Cake Uranium Lie, "My Colleagues, Every Statement I Make Is Backed Up By Solid Sources, [Again, McDonald's Night Janitor?] These Are Not Assertions, What We’re Giving You Are Facts And Conclusions Based On Solid Intelligence," But No Evidence Ever Discovered Saddam Had WMD, Still To This Day
From The "Last Days Prophetic Living By The Military-Industrial Sword" Dept: Gen. 27:40
Video: US/UK Still Beating The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Horse, Moves Embassy To Western City Of Lvov Near Polish Border, Of Course, Like Iraq WMD Blair/Bush War Hysterics, No Evidence Presented, But Push Back From European Central Banks
Video: From The "US Intel Community Iraq WMD" Dept: Russia Has Repeatedly Said It Has No Plans To Invade Ukraine, Yet Biden & Co. Said Yesterday, Or Today It Would Happen, Nada, So How Will They Spin This One?
Video: From Ukraine Near Russian Border, Life Going On As Usual, No One Worried About This Biden Fictional Invasion/War, Doubling Down On Their Lies
The Same Ideologues Who Controlled The Soviet Union Are Operating In Canada, And The West With Same M.O.
There Is No Negotiating With Evil
Video: US, All The Historical Signs Of A Corrupt Empire On Verge Of Collapse, Completely In Line With Biblical Prophecies
Biden-Putin Phone Call, US Successfully Buying Time With Ukraine [aka Killing Nord Stream 2] Shifting Narrative From Russia's Demand For Legally Binding Security Answers
Video: US Doesn't Care About Ukraine, It's Just Looking For A Way To Get Nord Stream 2 Stopped, Thereby Cutting Off Europe's Gas Supplies From Russia, As European Leaders Fly To Moscow With Stopovers In Kiev, Appears That Biden's Announcement Of A Russian Invasion On February 16 Is Hot Air, BTW, US Still Hasn't Found Any WMD In Iraq
Video: Full Court Press By Biden And Co., Wagging The Dog Crisis With Ultimate Goal Of Preserving Petrodollar, International Banking System And European Hegemony While Restricting Russia, Is Macron Playing The "Good Cop" To The US "Bad Cop" With Russia? It's Best To Ignore US, France Words, And Closely Watch Their Actions
Middle East: US/NATO Saber Rattling Or Death Wish? Devoid Of Any Diplomatic Skills And Intelligence, They Opt For Using Hammers, Sitting Ducks For Russia's Hyperglide Missiles In The Med
A House Of Cards Held In Place By The Hot Air Of Liars
Video: Biden & Co. Up To No Good In Ukraine, UK Bit Players Trying To Make The "A" List, Will US Unload Ukraine For The Pipeline Cancellation, Getting A Double Win While Ignoring Russian Demands For Security Agreements?
US Continues Provoking The Russian Bear, Desperate To Get Nord Stream 2 Shut Down As A Consequence, US Hegemony Over Europe, Petrodollar At Stake
Bahrain First Arab Country To Have Israeli Military Officer Stationed On Its Soil, Citizens Say It Is A Betrayal Of The Palestinians
Video: As Biden Challenges Russia Over Movement Of Its Military On Its Own Soil, NATO Expands In Slovakia, Citizens Unhappy

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Are You Smarter Than A Government Official? These Kids Are
The Absolute Wrong Way To Deal With The Canadian Freedom Convoy, Unless You Want A Revolution
Video: Theme Song For Canadian Truckers, Everyone Go Outside And Sing This Song At Noon, It May Become A Movement ...
... A World Movement
... A World Movement 2, Austria
Time To Face The Music, America, This Is The Brutal Reallity In Which You Live
Video: Music For America
One Click Democracy: Contact Congress To Demand End To Mandates, Restrictions
Trudeau's Ceauşescu Moment?
Justin: Your Name Calling And Labeling, Your Inability To Act Like An Adult, By Your Continuing Intransigence, You Are Showing The World You Are Not A Leader, Just A Common Tyrant
Video: MPs, Where Did Justin Go?
An Open Letter To The Freedom Truckers: Dr. Robert Malone
Video: Mr. Speaker, Is There A Vaccination For Liberal Incompetence?
The Plandemic Was The Vehicle To Destroy Our Nations, Do We Stand With The Liars Or With The Truth?
Video: Dr. Vernon Coleman Issues Challenge To Debate Establishment SAGE Docs About The Vax Hoax On LIve TV, No One Will Show Up However, Which Gives Us Our Answer
Santa Clara, California Citizens Gives Supervisors An Earful
Video: A Message To Tyrant Trudeau ... Time To Give Him A One-Way Ticket To Beijing, And Not For The Olympics
UK Stats: Vaxxed Now Suffering From Vax/AIDS, First Reported In US 2021 October
Same Story Everywhere: Any Pandemic Is A Pandemic Of The Vaxxed, 7/10 Canada, 8/10 Australia, 9/10 UK "Covid" Deaths Are In Vaxxed
US DHS, aka "Orwellian Ministry Of Truth" Claims Biden, Fauci, CDC et al Are Domestic Terrorists For Spreading "Misinformation," Saying "Vaxxes Are Safe And Effective," "Will Prevent Transmission And Provide Herd Immunity," "PCR Tests Can Diagnose Covid," Ad Infinitum, Which Has Inflicted Violence In The Bodies Of 119 Million People And Caused 2 Million Deaths, Though It Is A Blatant Violation Of Constitutional Freedom Of Speech
Video: New Gas Can Variant Reaches Ottawa :-)
Calgary Police Office Invokes Nuremberg Code: "I Was Just Following Orders" Makes You Guilty As Charged
Ottawa, Canada's Capital Of Tyranny, Oppression, Shows Its True Colors To The World
Archbishop Vigano Supports Canadian Truckers, But Where Are The Canadian Christian Leaders?
As Trudeau's Mandates Are Obviously Illegal To Anyone Who Can Read, Violating Canada's Charter Of Rights, Why Are The RCMP And Local Police Not Arresting Him? Who Knew The The Letter C In "Covid" Stood For Corruption?
This Canadian Premier Is Beginning To Wake Up
Video: Who Knew? PM Trudeau's Brother Is An "Unacceptable" Fringer, Opposes Vax Mandates, More Clued In
Video: This Guy Tells It Like It Is, Wants To Be Next Canadian PM
A Letter To Justin Trudeau
When The Lessons Of History Are Ignored, Empires And States Fall When They Become The Problem, Not The Solution
Biden Press Secretary Giving Out Medical Advice, But Isn't This Illegal If You're Not A Licensed Medical Practitioner?
Washington State Students: We're Done Wearing Masks
1000 Studies Show Extensive Evidence Of Adverse Vax Reactions, As CDC Numbers Admit 119+ Million In US Alone
CDC Reports 22,193 Deaths In US From Experimental Jabs, So At 1% Of Real World Numbers, That Comes Out As More Than 2 Million Deaths To Go With The 119 Million+ CDC V-Safe Reported Adverse Reactions And Injuries In One Year From "Safe And Effective" Jabs, Imagine That Number Of Deaths From Air Crashes, Or Drunk Drivers Or Handguns, But No Concerns From Media Or Government, Instead They Keep Pushing The Narrative, Do You Understand What's Happening Yet?
FDA [aka] Duplicity With The Experimental Gene Modification Injections, Oh, The CDC Too
And These Are The Clueless Idiots We Send Our Kids To School To Be "Educated"
Time To Start Drawing Up That List Of Who's Been Naughty And Not Nice
You Shall Know Them By Their Lies, "Pinocchio Trudeau" And His Globalist Elites
Trudeau's Admiration For China's Communist Party, "I Want To Be Dictator Too"
It's An Old Story, Ideologue Liars Love To Apply Banal Labels, Make False Claims Without Any Evidence, But When Confronted With The Truth Of The Facts, They Turn Tail And Run, Name Calling As They Go, Self-Righteous In Their Own Little World
Walkabout With The Unacceptables ... Question Is, Why Are We In This Predicament?
Remember When It Was About A Virus? Police Become Thieves, Steal Fuel Tanks And Propane Tanks From Truckers, Despicable Mayor Wants To Freeze Them Out, This Is The "Humane" Godless, Anti-Christian Socialist State
Video: GoFundMe Where Your Money Becomes Our Money :-)
True Colors Outing Themselves: Time To Stop Using GoFundMe Too, Canadian Government Admits Requesting GoFundMe To Withhold People's Money Sent By Canadians And Others Exercising Their Liberty
Canadian Truckers No Longer A Minority, Fringe Or Otherwise, Majority Support Them, No Compromising With Evil

Cowboys Join The Farmers Who Stand With The Truckers
Lies Only Work As Long As The Truth Remains Hidden, Then The Lies Become The Liars Accusers
Obviously, Pfizer Info Too Volatile, FDA Hides The Truth Longer
12 Countries Drop "Covid" Restrictions
Austria: Heil Bellen! Guess This Is The Most Clueless PM On The Planet ... The Vaxxes Don't Work To Stop Omicron-22, Covid-19 Long Gone, Governments Exaggerated Death Numbers From Covid, Read The Denmark News, Herr Bellen
Major Denmark Newspaper Issues Apology For Spreading Government's Lies About "Covid-19," We Failed
Corruption, Collusion At The Highest Levels Of US Health Departments, Big US Corporate Media Failed Too
Sweden Gets Rid Of Nearly All "Covid" Restrictions, Not A Threat Any More [Psst, It Never Was Sweden, It Was A Plandemic, And Now It's A Vaxdemic]
The Lies That Have Destroyed "Pfizer-Lab" Israel ... Highest "Covid" Death Rate In The World, Sounds Like The Vaxxes Are Working For Their Intended Purpose
Pfizer-Lab Israel: 70-80% Serious "Covid" Hospitalizations Are Triple Vaxxed
The Art Of Comedy Is About Delivery, Timing
Except For Rogan, Spotify Caves To Big Pharma/Gov't/Big Media
Report: 5G Radiation Killing Animals, Wildlife, Humans Too, Not To Mention Interfering With Commercial Aircraft, Another Example Of Corporate Greed Over Human Life
Video: Climate Cycle Change, Scientific Evidence And History Tells
Video: Climate Cycle Change, Scientific Evidence And History Tells Us Our Climate Is Gradually Getting Cooler, Not Hotter, There Goes NWO's Climate Change Hysteria

Audio: Dr. Vernon Coleman, Evidence Of Plandemic More Obvious, New Fears, Climate Change
The Liars And The Hypocrites: Would You Like Half A Million Bucks To Fly Around In Private Jets?

Keep An Eye On The Middle East, Russian Intel Reports US Sleeper Cells Set To Activate In Syria
What's Up With US Stirring The Pot In Syria Again? Prelude To Daniel 11:40-45 War, Damascus A Heap Of Ruins, Fall Of UK/US?
It's All About Nord Stream 2, Keeping Europe Dependent On US, Already Dropped Ball With China, Nixon-Kissinger In 1970s, And Russia In Early 1990s, Of All People, Biden Warns "Things Could Go Crazy" In Ukraine, Well All US Has To Do Is Back Off, Rather Than Creating A Straw Man, Use Diplomacy Rather Than Hostility, Stirring Up The Fear Factor, But Since When Has US Done That? Even Ukraine President Says No Need For Fear, So What Dirty Tricks Is The Biden Group Up To?
Video: Incredible, Profound Level Of Ignorance And Incompetence On Part Of UK's Foreign Secretary In Meeting With Russian FM Lavrov, Completely Geographically Challenged, Symptomatic Of A Greater Cranial Void, Too Many Experimental Injections?
Video: China Accuses US Of Provoking War In Ukraine To Keep Its Leverage Over Europe Especially With Germany
Video: US Putting Max Pressure On Germany To Kill Nord Stream 2, But German Chancellor Would Not Agree To Cancel The Pipeline If There Was A Conflict In Ukraine, Otherwise, The US Would Launch A False Flag War Op To Get Nord Stream 2 Cancelled, Question Is, Will Germany And France Finally Stand Up Against The US Master? A Major Tipping Point In US-European Geopolitics If Germany And France Act In Their Own Interests Rather Than US, Who Is Playing A Very Dangerous Brinkmanship Game, This Is How Wars Break Out
History Is Not A Respecter Of Empires: Enfeebled By Its Neoliberal Policies, US Is Grasping To Keep Its European And Allied Lovers From The More Attractive Newcomer
Video: Desperate US Shenanigans With Nord Stream 2 And Ukraine, Watch For False Flag Op By US/Ukro Neonazis To Get The Pipeline Cancelled, And Europe Freezing For Years To Come
Video: "Read All About It! Man Bites Dog:" Macron Brushes Biden's Demented War Talk Aside, Travels To Moscow
Biden-Nuland-Blinken Keep Stoking Ukraine's Fire, Wasting Billions Of US Tax Dollars
Bloomberg's "Off-Sides, 5 Yard Penalty, Repeat 3rd Down" Tumescent Reporting ... Russia Invades Ukraine Headline ... What!? They Didn't?
Video: Russia-China Have Each Other's Back, Will Integrate The Heartland, Eurasia Together, Russia Selling Gas In Euros ... For Now, Eventually Replacing US Petrodollar For Oil, US Staring End Of World Dominance In The Face
From The "We Say It, Therefore It Is" Dept: Let's See, US/NATO Makes A Fake Fear Video Showing Ukraine Attack By Russia, But That Got Outed, So Now The New Story Is That The Fake Video Was Made By Russia And They Will Use It As A Pretense To Invade Ukraine, US Really Desperate To Unload Itself Of The Obama-Biden-"F**k The EU" Nuland-Soros Ukraine "Tar Baby" While Keeping Europe Under Its Thumb
Video: Send In The Clowns: Bojo's Trip To Kiev With A Blair Flair For Invasion, Notice Only US/UK Pushing The Imminent Russian Invasion Narrative, WMD In Iraq Anyone?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Fed Up With Facebook As Stock Plummets, Smart People Leaving, About Face, Forward March
How Obvious Does It Have To Get? It's Not About A Virus, The Dirty Tricks Against Life And Liberty Continue As GoFundMe Tries To Steal Millions Of Dollars From Canadian Truckers
Anti-Christian Ottawa Police Chief Loves To Hate, Threatens Police Officers Who Give Food Or Drink To Truckers With Legal Action, So Give It To Non-Trucker To Pass Along, "If Your Enemy Hungers, Give Him ..."
True Colors: Never About a Virus, Ottawa Police Chief Teams Up With US DHS, FBI
Beware The QR Code
Way Past Being About A Virus: Godless Hate In California, High School Barricades Maskless Kids In Gym To Freeze Them Out
FDA Pulls Moderna Vax Data Showing Heart Inflammation Rate Much Higher
Pfizer Seeks Legal Authority From Biden Government To Kill Your Kids, Will We Sacrifice Our Children Because We Fear The Fools?
Another Fauci Connection? Chinese Mole Exposed At US NIH
Video: Highwire Episode 253, Canadian Truckers Movement Spreading, Governments Pull Back On Restrictions, Rogan Makes Facts Too Popular, 3 Main Covid PLandemic Players, Schwab, Soros And Monopolistic Gates
Video: Contributor, Writer Of Canadian Charter Of Rights, Violation By All Canadian Governments
Video: Justin Trudeau, "Canadian Representative Of The Chinese Communist Party," Head Of Minority Government, Hides From "Small Fringe Minority" Holding Unacceptable Views :-)
Canada's Blackface Man Speaks With Forked Tongue, "Gaslighting Dictator"
Look Who's Calling The Kettle Black, More Last Resort Labelling And Name Calling, Trudeau Refuses To Meet With "Nazi" Truckers, While He Has Sent Military To Ukraine Including Support Of The Militant Azov Battalion Ukronazis
Canada's Military Trainers In Ukraine
Music Video: Coward Of The Cottage
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Trudeau Said He Has Supported Rallies By BLM, Maybe It's No Surprise Then ...
Fauci Mystified People Have Stopped Believing His Lies
What Do Flies And Vaxxed Athletes Have In Common? Another Athlete Drops Dead On Football Pitch
Military Data Confirms 400,000 Vax Induced Abortions
Pro-Abortion Satanist Takes Abortion Pill On LIve TV, But Then Again These Folks Want You To Take A Lethal Experimental Injection Too
Iowa Governor To Treat "Covid" Like The Flu, End Emergency, Have We Learned A Lesson Here About Government Officials, Media And Jumping On Their Bandwagon Without Solid Facts?
Dr. Robert Malone Exposes The Disinformation And Lies In The UK's Daily Mail Article About His Interview With Joe Rogan, Requests Retraction And Apology
Video: Tucker Carlson Segment About Joe Rogan
Video: Strong Sarcasm, Joe Rogan :-)
Video: Farmers Join Canadian Truckolution, Bust Through Police Blockade
Truckers Convoy, US Plans, HHS Corruption
The Perfect Idiot, Just Goes To Show How Stupid Is As Stupid Does, And If The Photo Op Lasted For 5 Minutes?
Video: Canadian Inspired European Convoy
Refresher: Nuremberg Code, Established Principle Of Informed Consent, Fascism, Uninformed Tyranny
Trudeau Tests Positive For Fascism ... Again :-)
Canada: All This Over A 99.86% Survivable Virus? No, It's Typical Marxist Tyranny Straight From Their Playbook
From The "Better Late Than Never" Dept: Study Shows Lockdowns Failed To Save Lives, Caused Enormous Harm
The Vax Is The Pandemic: Life Insurance Payouts Up 258% As Vax Deaths Rapidly Increase
Excess Deaths Soaring In Every Country With High Vax Rates
The "Vaccine" Holocaust, The Vax Death Variable, 2021 Vs. 2020, 2019, 2018, Etc.
Catholic Archbishop Calls Out Church Hierarchy Over Adherence To Globalist Vulgate
The Elites Marxist Hypocrisy Exposed, Nothing More Than Old Fashioned Greedy Tyranny
Lawsuit Filed Against Trudeau's Mandatory Participation In A Medical Experiment
Video: RN, 3 Key Mistakes, Trudeau Fake Vax Injections?
Video: Canadian Trucker Rally Song
Video: Coward Of The Cottage
Video: Canadians Fed Up With Trudeau's "Fringe Minority" Mandates
Towing Companies Refuse To Tow Away Convoy Trucks
We're All Canadian Truckers Now
Another Political Mandate Hits The Dust After Mass Noncompliance, Did The Alleged Virus Run Away?
Some Sanity Creeping In As Denmark Admits Failures Of Mandates, Vaxxes, But Still Under Illusion PCRs Are Diagnostic Tool, Not Solely Analytical, And Can Detect Infections
This Is Why Liberty, Freedom Of Choice And Speech Matters
Yes Justin, The Internationally Supported Truckers Convoy Scares The Bejabbers Out Of You, Your Masters Didn't Think You'd Have To Face The Truth To Such An Extent As You Lie, Slander, Threaten And Accuse Canadians Of What You've Been Doing For The Past 2 Years While Mandating Lethal Experimental Injections Against Their Will, While Destroying Their Lives And The Country In Violation Of Your Oath Of Office, You've Exposed Yourself To The World For What You've Become, As The New Nuremberg Trials Will Prove, One Last Chance To Confess, Change Sides, Justin
Time To Pay Attention, Chronicle And Amass The Evidence Of Those In Media, And Government Who've Supported Tyranny Against You, There Will Come A Day Of Reckoning
The Vaxxes Are Designed To Injure And Kill As The Evidence Keeps Mounting
Video: Canadian Truckers Update 31 January 2022
Video: Surprise! Covid Deaths Vastly Over-Counted, But Standard Operating Procedure For Creating Fear
Video: Canadian Truckers Press Conference: Government, Media Dirty Tricks, Trudeau's Classic Name Calling, Label Slapping To Vilify While Avoiding The Real Issues
Video: Just-In-Credible Canadian Trucker Update, Freedom Of Choice, No Mandates
Music Video: Coward Of The Cottage
Video:Truckolution! Let's Go Brandeau! Canadians United Like Never Before ... From Coast To Coast
Just Goes To Show How Desperate And Foolish Ideologues Are, Only Have Tired, Old Knee-Jerk Lies To Fall Back On: Canada State Media Blames Russia After Trudeau Was Turning Canada Into A Communist Country ... Really Digging The Hole Deeper
The "Safe And Effective Vaxxes" Are The Tool Used To Destroy People And Nations, Do We Understand This Yet?
Doctors For Covid Ethics: "Covid-19" mRNA Experimental Injections Are Killing People, As Politicians Are Lying To Their Citizens
"Okay, You Vaxxed 4 Billion People, Then What Happened?" No Way! Really?
The Vax And Boosters Are Worthless Medically Against The Spread Of "Covid," "Omicron-22," Figured It Out Yet?
Liars Lie: Maskless Governor Lies Again
Chronic Maskitis Idiotus
Virginia School Officials Insist On Killing Student's Brain Cells, Threaten To Suspend Non-Mask Wearing Students, These Are Not Educators But Destroyers Of America's Future
Once Upon A Time, When Fauci Told The Truth ...
The Guardian Of Stupidity
Rational Connecting The Dots Lost On Those Experimentally Injected, Like "Get A Free X-Ray For Broken Legs For People With No Broken Bones"
America The Beautiful? Brigham and Women’s Hospital Policy Supersedes Life Saving Heart Transplant ... Do NO Harm Exchanged For Let Them Die!?
The Moral Of The Story: As US And West Normalizes Depravity, Russia Moves Against Pedophiles

The Tale Of Two Tigers: What The Year Of The Tiger Means For Ukraine, NATO And The US
Year Of The Tiger Starts Off With A BIg Bang, Putin And Xi In Beijin, Erdogan And Zelensky In Kiev
Blackrock, Vanguard At The Core Of Economic Globalism
It's Becoming This Obvious: El Salvador President, Is There A Plan(demic) To Destroy The US From Within? Answer, Yes, It's Called The NWO
The Cuba-Canada Connection
Video: Macron Running For Re-Election Doesn't Want Gas Shortage On His Watch, Talks To Putin 2 Days In A Row, Italy Joins The Talks Wanting To Secure Its Long Term Energy And Economic Needs, Political Tar Pit Ukraine The Subject, And Legal Guarantees For Russian Security, Summit Meeting In The Works, UN Russia Ambassador Lays The Lumber To US's Derriere, India's Ambassador, Need Quiet And Constructive Diplomacy, A Slap At US/UK Histronics
Video: Ideology Or Realpolitik? With Energy Supplies From Russia In The Balance, Will France, Germany, Others Make Decision In Their Or US Interests, Link To Chinese Payment System, After EU's 2013 First Domino Ukraine Mistake?
Pushing For War With Russia/China? Mercenaries US Blackwater, Ukraine's Azov Battalion Reported In Donbass
Tail Wagging The Dog Op: US Preparing A False Flag Op In Violation Of International Law And The Minsk Agreement, To Force Russia To Respond ... Along With China, Making Taiwan And European Gas Supplies US Casualties Too
Video: China Gives US A Serious Dose Of The Facts Of Life Re: Ukraine, US Tied The Bell On The Tiger, They Need To Untie It
Is Orson Welles In Ukraine? If Russia Won't Cooperate, Then We'll Just Have To Fake An Invasion, Prepping For The US Tail Wagging The Dog Russian Invasion Of Ukraine, Another US Virtual False Flag Op Resulting In War, Goodbye Rosebud
Video: Biden Airways Goodbye America Tour, Flies Illegal Border Crossing Aliens Into US Cities Under Cover Of Darkness, At Taxpayer's Expense! This Is A Crime
Video: Heated Call With Alarmist CYA Biden And Ukraine's Zelensky, Biden's Senescent Rhetoric Causing Problems In Ukraine, All A Mess a la Obama-Biden-Nuland Coup, Another US Coup And/Or False Flag On The Table?
Russia's 3 Key Communiques To US And Response In Sequence
United Arab Emirates, 200,000 Israeli Jews, And Ballistic Missiles, What Could Go Wrong?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 Longest In History ... 43 Miles ... "Trucker Variant" Pushed Comrade Trudeau Into Hiding As He Resorts To Name Calling, Slander
Video/Text Coward In A Cabin: As 50,000 Truckers Head For Ottawa, Lying Comrade Leader Trudeau Runs And Hides
US-German T-Mobile Company To Fire Unvaxxed US Employees, Maybe Subscribers Should Consider A Pro-Freedom Of Choice Carrier Rather Than A Nuremberg Code Violator
Biden's Nazi-Mode In America: Arrested For Refusing To Show Government Issued Proof Of Vax Papers
UK Funeral Director: Unprecedented 500-600% Increase In Deaths Of Vaxxed 20-40 Year Olds
How Do You Spell GUILT? Pfizer Interferes In Court Ordered FOIA Release Of Experimental Injection Data
Time To Ditch The Charade, Get Rid Of Mandates And Arrest The Perps
Neil Young Gave Spotify Ultimatum: Me Or Joe Rogan, Young Gone From Spotify
Just Like Grocery Store Eggs, Pfizer Extends Vax Sell-By Date, Adds 2 Weeks To The 4 Weeks, Heck, It Is An Experiment After All, Right?
New "Omicron-22" Variant: The Vaxxed Are Perpetuating These Mutations, And Will Continue To Do So, Vaxxes Are The CAUSE As Alpha "Covid-19" Is Long Gone, "Pandemic" Would Have Been Long Gone By Now Too If It Were Not For These Experimental Injections, Political Lies
From The "Remind Us Again What The Vaxxes And Boosters Do" Dept: Another Fully Vaxxed Politician Positive For "Covid" Variant
This Doctor Knows The Answer
Citizens Support 50,000 Canadian Truckers Protesting Vax Mandates, While Illegal Aliens Given Free Pass By Biden
The Evil Nature Of The Beast
And This Is The Guy Who Issues The Vax Mandates?
Killing The Next Generation: Fauci Proposes 3 Shot Series For Babies ... And Parents Will Allow This?
Another Experimental Injection/Mandate Casualty: Hospital Data And Care Cannot Be Trusted
Audio/Text: What's That About A Pandemic? Mortality Rate For Past 30 Years Show That "Covid Before The Jab" 2020 Death Rate Lower In UK
Same Findings In US, No Spike In Overall Mortality Death Numbers In "Covid" 2020 According To 7 Years Of CDC Stats Comparison, Increase In Deaths And Injuries Occur After Vaxxes As Scientists Warned Us
Archived Article: 2020 Johns Hopkins CDC Overall Mortality Stats Analysis
For Those Still In The Dark, One More Time, Highest Vaxxed Rates Produce The Highest "Covid" DEATH RATES Because The Experimental Jabs Were Not Designed To Keep You Safe And Healthy, What
You're Seeing Here Is What They Were Designed To Do, And This Is One Reason Why Politicians Are Pu$hing Them

Massively Vaxxed Israel #1 In "Covid" Variant Cases Per Capita
CDC Reports 22,193 Deaths In US From Experimental Jabs, So At 1% Of Real World Numbers, That Comes Out As More Than 2 Million Deaths To Go With The 119 Million+ CDC V-Safe Reported Adverse Reactions And Injuries In One Year From "Safe And Effective" Jabs, Imagine That Number Of Deaths From Air Crashes, Or Drunk Drivers Or Handguns, But No Concerns From Media Or Government, Instead They Keep Pushing The Narrative, Do You Understand What's Happening Yet?
Medical Journal Evidence Exposes Another Lie: "Safe And Effective" Jabs, They're Not, Cause Myocarditis And Pericarditis
Epoch Times: Doctor's 150,000 Patients With Early Treatment 99.99% Survival Rate
Whackadoodles In Quebec Government: Unvaxxed Need Health Warden To Go With Them To Buy Food, Medicine ... Why, To Protect Them From The Vaxxed Variant Spreaders? :-)
Killing Europe From Within: Criminal Fraudster Pfizer Takes Over EU Vax Market
Another One For The Nuremberg Trials: Why Is Biden Administration Pushing For Deaths Of US Citizens, Denying Proven Effective, Safe Treatment? Besides The Original "Covid-19" Is Gone, Only The Variants Produced By The Experimental Injectees Are Still Around, It's A "Pandemic Of The Vaxxed"
Stating The Obvious, But It Needs To Be Said
Beware The Elites Bearing Gifts, Especially Those Who "Can Tell Viruses What To Do And When To Stop"
Just Like Little Kids Covering Their Ears And Spouting "Nah Nah Nah Nan Nah, I Can't Hear ... " The Truth
Knee Jerk Stupidity
3rd Dose Of Experimental Jabs Very Dangerous To Life
The Vaxxed Have Created The Variants, Which Become More Pathogenic, Deadly Over Time As The Scientists Warned Would Happen
Why So Much Apathy, Malaise Over Such A Massive Death Program? Effective Mass Psychosis, People Get More Upset About Someone Not Wearing A Mask
CDC's Hospitalized Murder Rewarded With Federal Funds, While Life Saving Practitioners Have Medical License Suspended
Video: Evidence Biden Government Targeted "Red States" With Lethal Batches Of Experimental Toxins, Do You Understand What's Happening Yet?
Dr. Robert Malone: Self-Evident Truths
Video: Vernon Coleman, Wake-Up Before Next Stage, 2 Main Dangers, And The Innumerable Lies And Deceits

US Supreme Courts Splits The Baby In Two
From The "Empty Wagons Rattle The Loudest" Dept: The Ignorance Of "Covid" Jezebels
More Eco Health Alliance Evidence Fauci, Daszak And China
China's Scientific Spies In US Bio-Labs
The World Is Not The Better, Safer, Healthier Place It Should Be ... "Covid" Timeline Lies
Even The Lefties Are Recognizing US Not Better After A Year Of Biden & Co.
Rebellion Against The Pope's "Genocidal Vax Plan"
Scotland's Stats Support Others, Vaxxed Have Higher Infection And "Covid" Death Rates Than Unvaxxed
Ireland To Drop "Covid" Restrictions, But Who's Giving Them The Sudden OK After 2 Years Of Lies And Deceit, Crimes Against Humanity?
German Professor: Demands Criminal Investogation Of Fauci's Millions Of Deaths
Video: Dr. Robert Malone, The True Science Is Settled, "Fauci Science" Bogus, A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming
UK Triple Vaxxed "Covid" Infection Rates Soar, Not Surprising As Jabs Damage Immune System Capability Making Them More Susceptible To Infections Than The Vax Free With Natural Immune System Intact
Cardiac Arrest In 10 Year Old Girl After Pfizer Jab
Why Are US Democrats Hiding Pornography and Pedophilia In Public Schools From Parents?
Sloppy Deceit And Lame Excuses: Amazing How More Than 100,000 124 Year Olds, Who All Registered To Vote In 1918, Were Able To Vote 102 Years Later In Wisconsin's 2020 Election
Falling From Within: Biden To Close Mexican, Canadian Borders To Unvaxxed Truckers, While Allowing Tens Of Thousands Undocumented Illegal Aliens Through, And Spreading Them Throughout The States, Do You Understand What's Happening Yet?

Video: Biden Foreign Policy A Train Wreck, Broken US/West Promises Re: NATO Expansion, US Refuing To Address The Core Issues, The Ukrainian Issue Festers, Postponing The Inevitable
From "The Everybody Serves Somebody" Dept, Serving Up Rotten Chop Suey, The Biden's Link To China
Video: Ideologue Biden And Co. Disastrous Economic Mess, An Old Socialist Mastodon Tottering On Bird Legs

Russia, China Succeeded Where US, West Have Failed
Klaus Schwab Brags His NGO Can Steer "World" Agenda ... Does This Include Russia, China, Iran, Kazakhstan And Other Anti-Western Countries?
Russia-Syria Fighter Jets Begin Joint Patrols Along Syria's Border With Israel, Syria Now A BRI Member State, Another Result Of Failed US Policy In ME
20 Arab Countries In China's BRI, Jordan [Moab, Ammon], Zionist Israel [Edom], Not Included, Dan. 11:41
The Geographical Pivot Of History: SCO Members Russia-Iran Working On A " Permanent And Strategic" Relationship, China In The Heartland Mix With Resistance To Weakening US/NATO While Providing Alternative To West's NWO
Video: More US Lies About Russian Troops As Satellite Photos Have Been Cropped To Create False Witness, German Poodle Off US Leash Over Ukraine-Russian Gas
Obama-Biden's Ukrainian Blowback, Doubling Down On A Stupid Blunder
Every Foreign Policy Problem Is A Nail For US Congress's Hammer, As If They Have Money To Waste
Video: West Declares Respect For Ukraine's Sovereignty, Well, After Their Coup Overthrew Democratically Elected Government, US/UK Back Down From Their Grandstanding Lies, Even As Ukraine Officials Deny Russian Threat
Video: A Lookback At Ukraine, Perspective From 2015, Essential In Understanding Current Situation, Hits All The  Key Points, Sounds Like He's Reading From Current News Reports, Amazing How Spot On This Is, Professor Mersheimer
Video: Ukraine Rhetoric Cover For US Failure, Delusion
Biden Sends Special Forces Into Ukraine By Heavy-Lift Helo Ahead Of Russian Invasion ... To Get Hunter's Money Out Of Ukrainian Banks :-)
Video: Another US Failed State, Ukraine, Formerly One Of The Richest, Now The Poorest Country In Europe, On Brink Of Collapse After Obama-Biden-Nuland Maidan Coup, US Really Desperate To Get Rid Of This Ukie Albatross And Blame It On Russia In The Process, Interesting How The West Accuses Russia Of What US Is And Does ... Terrible Economy, Desire For World Domination et al
Living By The Sword, Peace, Peace And There Is No Peace
Catherine The Great Purchased Crimea From The Ottomans In 1783, It's A Part Of Russia, 4 Years BEFORE Delaware Became First US State, Or Should 2 Cents An Acre "Seward's Folly" Alaska Be Returned To Russia?
Video: You Always Can Tell What The Elites Are Up To, They Accuse Others Of What They've Done Or Plan To Do, Russia's Plot For A Puppet Government In Kiev After Nearly 8 Years Of US Puppet Government In Kiev?
China Sends 39 Aircraft Over Taiwan Air Defense Zone

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Country Western Chinese Humor? Take This Swab And Shove It, Anal Swab Test For "Covid," No Wonder US Officials Bypassing Olympic Attendance, Not Use To Being On The Receiving End
Murder By Vax, Nobel Medicine Winner Montagnier And Dr. Vanden Bossche, The Frankenstein Syndrome: Frightening Warnings About "Covid" Experimental Jab Effects Ignored By Governments
Maher Waking Up: If The Vaxxes Don't Prevent Transmission Of "Covid," Then What Are Boosters For [More Money?], Time To Fess Up To The Truth, The Experimental Injections Have Been A Major Failure From A Health And Safety Standpoint
Not Just Heart Related Issues, Amputations After Experimental Jabs
Video: From The "Hoping We Won't Notice" Dept: Beware Of PM's After 2 Years Of Lying Giving Permission To You To Exercise Your Rights And Discretion, Something Planned For Later That Will Cause Them To "Take It Back?" And Not A Word About Their Push Of The Vaxxes, Lockdowns That Have Injured And Killed Tens Of Millions Around The World, Wrecked Small Businesses, So They Offer Up Masks And Vaxports, But Not One Apology, No Remorse For Their Crimes Against Humanity?
Video Highwire Episode 251: Finally Musicians Are Calling Out The Vax Lies And Deceits, Political Tyranny, 5G "Virus" Deadly With Airplanes And Especially With Your In-Home Devices, Deja Vu More Lies From Government, Big Tech, a la Big Pharma
US Not Censoring Terrorists, Illegal Aliens Or Pedophiles, No Money There, Only Those Questioning The Experimental Jabs, The New Normal?
Dr. Death Gleeful With Expectation Of Injecting Kids 5 And Under With Experimental Toxins, And Stupid Parents Will Let Them
Fauci, Who Apparently Describes Himself Not Only As 'The Science,' But As 'The Virus,' Warns There Are 5 Stages In His Plandemic ... Guess Stage 5 Must Be, What, The New Nuremberg Trials And Hangings?
Fear Junkies Beware: Once You're Hooked On Induced Fear, You Need More Of It, So, Viola, "New More Deadly Virus," How Come "Dr. Strangeneedle" Knows, But The World's Top Independent Virologists, Pathologists Don't? Well, Unless He Made It Or Is Making It Up As A Cover For ADE, Vax/AIDS et al In The Vaxxed Kicking In As Predicted?
Gates Panders More Fear, Warns Governments To Contribute Billions More To Tackle Lab Made Pathogens And New Snake Oil, aka "Vaccines," After All The Current Vaxxes Have Failed Medically, But Were A Great Financial Success
UK NHS Doc: Stop Taking Any Experimental Injections, "All The Vaxxes Soon Will Be Stopped"
Scotland Joins The Reversal Club: All "Omicron" Restrictions Lifted 24 January, But What Happens When Dr. Strangeneedle's Alleged "New More Deadly Viruses" Show Up?
What A Difference We See Now Every Flu Season Winter, January 2020, 2021, 2022: Europe's Drug Regulator Joins Others Stopping Boosters, Problems With Immune System
Pathology Results: 93% People Who Died After Vax, Were Killed By The Vax
Message From A Nurse, But First Understand These Experimental Gene Injections Are NOT Vaccines, They Do Not Provide Immunity, But Are First Time Use Technology In Humans Unlike Vaccines, Which Have Been In Use For Decades
Massive Experimental Injections Of 18-49 Years-Olds This Past Year, Massive Spike In Deaths Among 18-49 Year-Olds This Past Year, No Surprise CDC Puzzled
Well, These Satanic Children Tried To Get Rid Of Gender, Mother And Father, Now Parenthood, The Fundamental Societal Unit, The Family, Is There Anyone Left Who Truly Believes This Is About A Flu-Like Virus?
Top US General, Fully Vaxxed w/Booster, Positive For Covid ... Remind Us Again What These Experimental Injections Are Good For Versus 99.86% Survivable "Covid," Weighed Against The CDC 100+ Million Folks That Have Adverse Reactions And Millions Of Deaths
How Low Have We Sunk As A Nation When We Allow "Wickedness In Our Tents," Leaders Of States To Bribe In Order To Kill Our Children?
Giving Stats A Human Face: Gates Memorial Mausoleum
Boy, These Lying Idiots Really Hate The Truth, Or Are Bought And Paid For
Why Is Germany So Eager To Return To Its Nazi Roots Over A Virus "We Need To Learn To Live With?"
600 Austrian Police Demand Government Ends Tyranical Mandates
Spanish Police Declare Resistence To Government's Tyranny
Video: Take The Offense, "Which Criminal Felony Do You Want To Now Be Liable For?" Illegal To Coerce US Citizen Under Law, Mandatory Prison Time, 8 Laws And Forms You Can Use To Put Officials, Public And Private, On Notice They Are Committing A Felony, Governor Ige
Are We Talking About The Same 99.86% Survivable Virus? WHO Says Boosters Over, Hawaii Wants More Experimentally Injected Booster People, How Much $$$ Per Head? As Vaxxed And Unvaxxed Alike Can Get And Transmit "Covid," Any Special Requirements Such As Quarantine Are Discriminatory, Violating Equal Protection Under The Law 
"Covid" Odds And Ends
Some Countries Are Waking Up To The "Covid Vax" Hoax, Lies And Deceit, Other Countries Double-Down On Tyranny, Remember Them For The Coming Nuremberg 2.0 Trials
But A Spying Government, A Public Institution, Does? Let's Start With Cameras In Bojo's Bathroom Then?
ICAN More Fauci Emails, Directed Investigative Narrative Away From Wuhan Lab, Hmm, Why Do You Suppose That Is?
Video: New Findings Sufficient To Dismantle Vax Industry ... But Will It?
Typical Behavior For Ideologue Elites, Above Law, Rules For You, Not Them
Perfect Example Of Ideologue Reacting To Proven Facts
The Fruit Of The Tree: Reaping What We've Sown, Remember Who Is The Father Of Lies, A Whopper ... "Satan A Mythical Figure Representing Individual Freedom," Like Freedom To Worship The Satanic Babylonian Ishtar And Her Bunny
Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Great Red Dragon, Ishtar And Her Bunny
New Virginia Governor Goes Full Florida First Day In Office, Gone Are Vax Mandates, Mask Mandates, CRT In Schools
Maine Doctor Gets License Revoked For Telling The Truth About Fauci, Using Ivermectin And That It Works, Court Orders "Brainwashing" Session With Shrink, So Who Thinks This Is About A 99.86% Survivable Virus?
10 Minutes With Fauci :-)
Video: The Crumbling, Failing Narrative, Lying Blinking Eyes, Trudeau Ditches His Apparatchik Look For His Innocent School Boy Look And So Much More  :-)
Those Lyin' Eyes
New Normal For Vaxxed Athletes, Disease And Death
After 2 Years Of Lies About "Covid" And Experimental Jabs, We Need To Ask, Was He Vaxxed?

Video: Biting The Hand That Feeds You, Disconnect Russia From SWIFT Not Such A Swift Idea ... West's Global Banking System Would Be Put In Danger Especially If Russia Says Its Gas Must Be Paid For By Some Other Means
Here's A SWIFT Idea: Imagine US Having To Pay For Russian Oil In Rubles
SCO Nations Russia, China, Iran Joint Naval Exercises In Middle East, But Keep In Mind, CIA Assassinated Democratically Elected Head Of Iran, Replaced Him With Their Puppet, The Shah, Taiwan Is Legally Recognized As A Part Of China, The Obama-Biden Administration Overthrew The Democratically Elected Pro-Russian Government Of Ukraine That Has Led To This Mess, And US Missiles In Ukraine, Baltic States On Russia's Border,  Russia's "Menacing Troops" Are On Russian Soil, Same As Claiming US Troops On US Soil Threatens Mexico And Canada
Okay, Let's Change The Subject, How About A Real War With Russia, Heck, Make It A Nuclear War And No One Will Have To Learn To "Live With Covid," All That Radiation Will Kill It, Hmm, Good Idea, But What About The NWO If There Is No World Left?
Video: The Totally Bizarre Revised History, Current Events Of Russia In The West Causing All Sorts Problems In Political Matters, The Dire State Of Western Leaders, Not A Time Like It In History
Video: Europe In Catch-22, Sanctions, But No Russia Gas To Keep Their Derrieres Warm In Winter
Setting The Stage For Damascus, China Admits Syria Into BRI
Doc Maverick Of The Alamo
Video: Take The Shovels Away From The US Ideologues

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Highwire Episode 250: Who Flipped The "Covid" Vax Switch Overnight? In October 2019, Gates And Pals Event 20/1, January 2020 Covid Switch Flipped, December 2021, Schwab And NWO Cronies Secretly Meet In Antarctica, And In January 2022, The Covid Switch Is Flipped Again, The Game Has Not Changed, Just The Tactics, So 2 Years On, Now It's We Must "Learn To Live With Covid?" After "2 Weeks To Flatten The Curve," Fauci's 80% Jab Herd Immunity Fiction, Maybe They Figured Enough Are Vaxxed With Their Immune System Capability Permanently Damaged, Now US CDC Admits 119+ Million Adverse Reactions Filed With V-Safe [1% Or Less VAERS Numbers, Over 1 Million], What's Next, Only 5G Can Save Us? [Remember, Massive Installation Nationwide During The First Big "Covid" Lockdown], Don't Drop Your Guard, Remain Vigilant Against The "Learn To Live With Covid" Ideologues Who Blow With The Wind
Current Boosters Over, Beware Of The WHO "Bearing Gifts," So What's Up With This? Remember, It Was The WHO That Shipped Millions Of "Covid-19" Test Kits In 2017, Then Tried To Cover It Up, And Now WHO Director Tedros Unopposed For Another Term In Office
WHO Acknowledges What We've Known For Years, And After The Damage Is Done, PCR Useless As A Diagnostic Tool, So "Covid" Was The Seasoal Flu, That Disappeared For 2 Years, After All?
Nearly 2 Years To The Day, The Sudden "Covid" Reversal Or More Gaslighting?
More Sudden "Covid" Reversals, CYA Apologies, 'We Should Have Checked' Excuses, After Damage Done
Mea Culpa Info Coming Out
Birds Of A Feather: The Courageous Group
You Mean Smoking Pot Is Effective In Stopping Killer Spike Proteins?
And Don't Forget Melatonin Either
Why Are Those Afraid Of "Covid" The "Vaccinated?" Former VP Of WHO, The "Vaccines" Are The Cause Of The Problems, Not The Unvaxxed
Autopsy Of 26 Year Old Shows Pfizer Jab Cause Of Death
"Vaccines" Designed To Kill, "Covid" The Fear Excuse To Get Them Injected, Different Batches, Different Doses, It Is An Experiment In Population Control After All
Graphene "Covid" Kill Shots, So Joe Says Keep Getting Them
Before The ICC, Nuremberg 2.0
Orwell's Doublethink Alive And Kickin' In Arizona Maricopa County
"Covid" Infections, Death Soar After First Jab
CDC: After A Year Of Experimental Injections, "Covid" Deaths Are Higher Than 2020
We're Not Lovin' It, Obviously No Christian Love: You Gotta Love Those Warm-Hearted British Columbia Officials [Sarcasm] Who Are EVICTING Cancer Kids From Ronald McDonald House Because They Are Not Injected With An Experimental Toxin That Could Kill Them Especially With Compromised Immune Systems
Canada Drops Experimental Injection Mandate For Truckers, What They Can't Get "Covid," Vaxxed Or Unvaxxed, And Spread It All Over The Country?
Rise Of Marxist Totalitarianism Rides Along On "Covid's" Coattails
How Out In The Open Can Marxism Get? Joe "Stalin" Biden Orders Media Tech Giants To Ban Anti-Administration's Lying Narrative, Of Course, Like Everything Else They Haven't Thought Through, This Will Force More People To Independent Sources And Trump's New Social Media Site In February, Or Is This A Step To Total Censorship Of Internet?
More Studies Show Ivermectin, HCQ Works, Yet Info Deliberately Hid From Public
Hospitals Report Increase In Vax Injuries In 2021
Israeli Top Scientist: Vaxxes A Total Failure, Time To Admit It
Omicron: Dying With Is Not Dying From, And As WHO Now Proclaims,  PCR Tests Are Useless, What Test Did They Use To Determine It Was Omicron And Not Gamma Or Delta?
Nope To Pope: Globalist Pontiff Calls For More Injections, Predecessors Proclaimed The Sun Orbits A Flat Earth, But Hey, It Only Took Them About 350 Years To Admit They, Not The Scientist Galileo, Got It Wrong
From The "The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree" Dept: Profiles In Courage
Video: James Corbett RFK Jr. Discussion
Blatant "Covid" Corruption At Fauci's NIAID
More Info Fauci Lied Under Oath, Eco-Health Alliance, Military Documents
Video: Highwire Episode 249: In Particular Last 30 Minutes, Federal Government Contract Murder, Using Your Tax Dollars To Offer Hundreds Of Billions To US School Boards To Mask Your Kids, Isolation, Vaxxing, Also Hospitals On The Death Gravy Train, Remember All Those Counterfeit Extra Trillions Biden Printed
You Can't Make Up This Lunacy: California Is Using Fully Vaxxed "Covid" Positive Staff, Non-Symptomatic Spreading More Infectious Variants, To Work In Hospitals Because They Fired Healthy Non-Vaxxed Staff And Make Tons Of Money From US Federal Government
Just More Evil Coercion a la Nuremberg Code: If PCR Tests Are Useless According To WHO, What Will Fed Workers Get Tested With, While Unvaxxed Executive Branch And Congress Exempt?
From The "Bassackwards" Dept: In Those Countries Labeled By Pharma Propaganda As "Vax Champions," Vaxxed Have Highest Risk Of Mortality
Amazing How After Decades Of Trying, No Vaccines For Coronaviruses, Yet In Months Big Pharma Can Churn Out Deadly Failures And Sell Them
Pfizer's Omicron Vax To Be Ready In Time For Q1 Earnings Report :-)
Geography Quiz: Where Are Rothschild, Omicron, Delta, And Deception Islands Located?
After Tens Of Millions Of Injuries And Deaths From The Experimental Injections, With Cases Soaring After A Year Of Them, Even Gates Foundation Finds Ivermectin Safe
Eco-Health Alliance, Peter Daszak Cover-Up Of Fauci's Gain Of Function Virus Work In Lab, What's His Fascination With Level 4 Biolabs?
Wuhan South? Fauci's Latest "Biosafety" Level 4 Lab Is At Georgia State University In Cooperation With ... The Chinese, Y'all
Military Documents Contradict Fauci's Sworn Testimony
From The "Better Late Than Never?" Dept: Airline Pilots Say No To Boosters
Ask These Questions And Present These Facts To The "All Hat And No Cattle" Vaxxers
Report: People Dying In Hospital Hallways Due To Mandated "Covid" Jabs That Produced Staff Shortages
Another True Believer Cult Member, Fully Vaxxed And Boosted Gets "Covid"
Failure Shots: Another Fully Vaxxed Congressperson Gets "Covid" Second Time
Another Athlete Dies: So We Must Ask, Was He Vaxxed?
The "Covid" Pandemic Among The Fully Vaxxed
Drug Cartels Smuggle Record Amounts Of Fentanyl Narcotic Into US While US Postal Service Holds Back Ivermectin Package, Add The USPS To The Nuremberg 2.0 List
The Day Tapper Sold His Soul To Big Pharma
14 Days [Or Is It 700?] To Flatten Liberty And Freedom
Data Study From 145 Countries: Experimental Injections Have Made It Worse, No Surprise, Can Discover Cases And Death Up By Checking Daily With Independent Media
Orthodox Greek Church: Experimental Injections "Invention Of The Dark Forces Of The Devil"
Female Reproductive Issues After Jabs
When Is Zero The Most? CDC Wrong Again, It's Plastic Bags, But The Adverse Reactions Including Death Are Not Good
A Whole Bunch Of Reasons Why Wearing Masks All The Time Is Not A Good Idea, Besides Brain Damage
Bacterial Pneumonia Caused By Mask Wearing Responsible For About Half Of 1918 Flu Pandemic Deaths
Well, Then, What About Muthaf**ker? Does That Work For You Trannies?

For Whom The Bell Tolls? It Tolls For Thee, America
US Hawks Double-Down For Conflict With Russia
Video: Russia-NATO Talks Reiterate West's Responsibility Under International Law, NATO's Eastward Expansion At The Root Of The Current Problems, Security Threat On European Nations
Kazakhstan Coup Failure Summary: More US-British-Turkish-Israeli Color Revolution, West Turned Back On Its Ear, Solidifies Central Asia And Russia Camp
Video: Geneva Meeting, Painted Into A Fantasy World Corner, US Between Rock And A Hard Spot In Dealings With Russia-China Going Forward
Video: US Faces Crippling Major Blowback If Biden Moves Ahead With Threatened Sanctions On Russia
Video: Kazakhstan Attempted Coup, Fingerprints Of Maidan, 8000 Arrested So Far, Biden Connection, Erdogan
Take The Shovel Away From Biden, Hole Deep Enough, China Veiled Displeasure At US And Other Outsiders Attempt At Kazakhstan Coup
Video: Call For CSTO Military Integration, Ukraine Lesson Learned, Russia Will Intervene To Stop Color Revolutions, Fed Up With Outside Interference
Missing Kazakhstan Link: Biden Buddy Arrested For Suspected Treason In Role Of Attempted Coup
The Sleeping West, Implications Of The Kazakhstan Coup Fiasco
Video: US Crumbling a la Roman Empire, Both Internal And External Evidence, Biden Administration Bumblers Stumbling Towards Ukraine War After Obama Nuland Coup Mess, NATO Eastward Expansion
Another Crumbling Brick In The Foundation Of America's Future, For Example, Xi Jing Ping Vs. Biden
Video: 50 Years On From OPEC, Europe Still Has Energy Shortage Mess, Ukraine Blackmail Of Europe, If You Don't Give Us Some Of Your Gas, We'll Siphon It Off The Pipeline Running Through Ukraine
US Illegal Occupation Eastern Syria, Continues To Steal Syrian Oil
From The "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" Dept: More Australia Crazy As Officials Remove Djokovic Support Signs From Tennis Open Closed, Too Bad The Other Players Didn't Stand With Him In Solidarity And Refuse To Play
Video/Text: Meanwhile, Cowardly CNN Blitzer, Cooper And Tapper Refuse Comment On CNN Pedophilia Producer News Story, Flee From Project Veritas Reporters

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Fauci, "You're A Liar And A Killer"
Fauci Legacy
The Other Fauci
Fauci Wants To Continue The Coercion To Keep The Killing Moving Forward
Video: mRNA Jab Toxicity, Political Agenda Vaxports, And What Autopsies Of The Vaxxed Tell Us
Killing The Population With "Vaccines"
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Dept: Uttar Pradesh, 241 Million People, Nearly Zero Vaxxed, Uses Ivermectin, Covid Free, Australia, Population 26 Million, Nearly Everyone Vaxxed, "Covid" Skyrockets To Worst Levels Ever, Just Like Pfizered Israel ... Has Anyone Checked On The Jump In The Wealth Of These Tyrannical Politicians Over The Past 2 Years?
The President Of El Salvador Gets It, So How Long Before He Dies A Mysterious Death?
Big Pharma Interested In Promoting Disease
"Flurona" Now Appears, Where Else, In Israel, Supposedly A Flu and Coronoavirus, A Coronoavirus is Not An Illness, So Now That The Flu Has Disappeared After a 2 Year Hiatus Around The World, It Suddenly Emerges In Israel, BTW Coronavirus Can Cause The Flu
Chill Out, Flurona NOT A New Variant
20 Things Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You About Vaccines
Do The Math: According To VAERS, Over A Million Injured And 21,000 Dead, So At 1% Of Real World Numbers Reported, VAERS Equals ...
FDA [aka] Has Stockholm Syndrome
It's Not About A Virus, It's About You Fitting In To Their New World Order
How Is It That Aristotle Knew "Covid" Wasn't About A Virus?
Video: We Can't Comply With These Evil Elites To Get Our Way Out
The Difference Between Blessing And Curses: Believing The Lies
What The Flock!? A Picture Worth A 1000 Words
Australia Crazy: #1 Ranked Tennis Pro Denied Entry After Exemption, BTW, There Is No "Covid-19," That Was Alpha, Which Is Long Gone, "Omicron" Now Is "Covid-22," Or "Covid-O" If You Prefer, Mutations All Produced And Shed By The Vaxxed
Italian Government Going Mussolini, Maybe They Should Consider How That Turned Out The First Time Around
If Experimental Injections, aka "Vaccines," Are The Answer, How Is It Possible That An Isolated, Fully 100% Vaxxed Antarctica Station Has A Massive Outbreak Of "Covid?" What, No Herd Immunity As Promised By Biden And Fauci? Could It Be What Scientists Have Told Us Over And Over? The Vaxxed Produce The Mutant Variants In Their Bodies, It's A Pandemic Of The Vaxxed, Remedy, Simple, Stop Vaxxing
Amazing How These Coincidences Keep Piling Up As NEVER Before, Another Booster Bragger Hits The Deck, Suffers 5 Heart Attacks On Way To Hospital
Moderna Consults Their Crystal Ball: Need Another Booster, 4th Shot As The First 3 Worked So Well, To Keep The Plandemic Moving Forward, Otherwise It Would Go Away, Which Is Bad For Bottom Line Profits
Federal Judge Orders FDA To Speed Up Pfizer Document Release
Biden Administration Can't Prove Vaxxes Stop Transmission Of "Covid," Lose In Court, But They Do Cause Heart Attacks And Kill People
Federal Judge Blocks Another Biden Jab Mandate
Video: Leading Doctors, Scientists Discuss Mass Formation Psychosis
Babies 0-2 Having Adverse Reactions To These Experimental Injections, Why Are They Being Injected?
376 Ways Masks Harm The Wearer
More Bogeymen Variants Hiding Under The Bed
552 Fully Vaxxed Oregonians Died Of "Covid"
Not That This Will Phase The Cult True Believers, But "Covid Cases" Top One Million A Day For First Time, Despite Because Of Vaxxes, Masks, Boosters, But Expect More
New Studies Backing Up What We See: Vaxxes Damage Your Immune System, Again What The Credible, Independent Scientists Told Us Would Happen More Than A Year Ago
Preventive Actions Against Viral Infections
Raise A Glass To Your Health ... A Vaccine For The "Vaccine?"
The Research Study Findings, " ... Aborting Infection Even BEFORE Antibodies Can Be Generated"
Important Lesson: LA City Schools Cancel Vax Mandate, 30,000 Not Complying, Not To Mention Threat Of Lawsuits, Previous Mask Mandates Struck Down In Court
Video: Biden Agrees, "Let's Go Brandon" :-)
Video: "Covid-19" Fraud And War On Humanity
"Covid" Memes To Start The Year
Pfizered 14 Year Old Dies Of Heart Attack After One Jab
More True Believer Media Denial: Another Jabbed Doc Dies After Being Pfizered
US SecDef, Vaxxed And Boosted, Positive For "Covid," Do These Experimental Injections Do Anything Positive? Well Besides Reducing The Population For Bill Gates?
Another Double Vaxxed Athlete Dies Of "Covid"
Another Football Athlete Dies Of Heart Attack, Moderna Or Pfizer?
Hitting The Nail On The Head Discussion Video: The Truth Makes Sense, We Are Past "Conspiracy Theorists," Now Conspiracy Realists, How Many More Athletes Have To Drop Dead On The Field? More "Covid" Coincidences? We Live In The Dark Ages 2.0 When The Alleged "Covid" Science Can't Be Questioned, Reminiscent Of The Geocentric Pope, And Galileo, And We Think We're More Sophisticated?
The Vax Spike Protein Killers
Black Male Author: Vaccines Are Dangerous
The Destructive Force Of The Vaxxes, Killing The Immune System
US Insurance CEO, Deaths Among 18-64 Up 40%, "Highest Death Rate In History Of This Business," Hmm, What's Changed In The Past Year?
German Government Report: 95% All "Omicron" Cases In Experimentally injected, Supports The Science, Vaxxes Weaken Immune System
UK Lancet: "Omicron" Nearly 90% Cases In Fully Vaxxed
UK Police Launch Criminal Probe Into Vax Rollout
The Interview That Broke The Google Algorithm, A Noble Prize Winner For Humanity
Video: The Rogan-Malone Interview
More Big Brother Tyranny: T-Mobile's Censorship, It's Not About A 99.87% Survival Rate Virus
Twitter Censors mRNA Doctor Malone, If You Think You Can't Do Anything, Ditch The Incestuous Big Tech Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reuters, PayPal And All The Others, There Are Alternatives
Get The Duck
Get Brandnewtube
Get Rumble
Get Odysee
The Plandemic Moves Forward: WHO Director Tedros Unopposed For A New Term
Remember, It Was WHO Director Tedros Who Boldly Lied To The World In February 2020 That They Had Just Arrived At A Name For The Novel Coronavirus, "Covid-19," However, The Same WHO Shipped Millions Of "Covid-19" Test Kits In ... 2017
Sick Humour? In Light Of Vax/AIDS Emergence, The New Year Parade Float Advocating For Worldwide Vax Is The AIDS Float
Vax/AIDS Emergence

Video: Russia Demands To US Prior To Geneva Conference Makes Weak West Nervous At The End Of Their Trail Of Broken Promises
Video: Killing Off "Color Revolutions," Kazakhstan Situation Stabilizing With Military Presence From Russia, CSTO Allies, And China Support, Larger Active SCO Link Strengthening Central Asian Bloc
Video: Strategic Location Kazakhstan Attempted Coup Update, Just Days Before US Talks With Russia, Not Allow Another Ukraine
CSTO's Very, Very Fast Response To Kazakhstan Situation
The Slow Burning Fuse Of The Middle East War Lit By The US
Discussing Mass Psychosis, Why Are The True Believers So Afraid Of Real Words?
A Dozen Key Points From Dr. Malone's Mass Formation Psychosis Interview
As A Practitioner, Google Bans Mention Of "Mass Formation Psychosis," Simple, Stop Their Hypnosis, Get The Duck
Get The Duck
Argentina: No Vax, No Bank Account
Marxist Australia In Full Swing, Pay Attention America
Texas Governor Sues Biden, Ignore Federal Vax Mandate, Texas National Guard Under Jursidiction Of State Governor
Video: US Liberal Mayors Running Their Cities ... :-)
US Fed Prepping To Crash Global Economy
5G Signal Interferes With Aircraft Altimeters
Crazy Canadians, Eh? Denying Home Loan Due To Political Views
A Cyber Plandemic Up Next?
Video: 2022 "Team China-Russia," Message To The US And West
Video: US "The Sky Is Falling" Foreign Policy Comes Clean On Taiwan: Will Never Surrender That Part Of China To China, So It's War At Some Point? More Duplicitous Hot Air By US?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

ICAN Demands That 53 "Authors" Withdraw Their Names From A Non-Peer Reviewed [Surprise!] Deceitful Paper, Manipulated Statistics, False Conclusions, Or Face Legal Action, Intentional Fallacious Use By CDC To Undermine American's Rights
From The "Time To Get Over It" Dept: The World Will Never Return To The "Normalcy" Of Pre-Covid, But Which Path Will You Walk?
The Insane And Illogical "Covid" Narrative
The "Free Falling Down The Rabbit Hole" Netherlands Really Determined To Kill Their Own Citizens ... Advocates For 6 Shots
Natural Immunity Best
Hiding Secrets From The American People: ICAN Sues Public Agency CDC For Emails Between Them And Big Pharma Companies
Pushing Back Against The New Dark Age Of Ignorance: ICAN Legal Team Gets Arizona's Health Department To Take Down Deliberate Deceitful Jab Ad
Another "Covid" Coincidence? Healthy 3 Year-Old Dies Of Heart Attack Day After Jab, Got The Shot To Go To Kindergarten, So Can She Go To School Now?
Video: Vax Autoimmune Disease [V/AIDS] Caused By Spike Protein From "Covid" Experimental Injections
Fauci And AIDS, Fauci And "Covid"
Fauci And The Revival Of "AIDS"
From The "Actions Speak Louder Than Lies" Dept: Biden Administration Actively Preventing Monoclonal Treatments To Texas And Florida, And They Say It Ain't Political Tyranny
Two More Studies Show That Vaxxed Far Greater Chance To Contract "Covid" Variant Produced By Those Experimentally Injected
Video: Covid Freudian Slips
Germany: 96% Omicron Shows Up In Vaxxed, No Surprise As Vaxxes Destroy Immune System
Okay So The CDC And Its Other Birds Of A Feather Declare The PCR Test Is Bogus To Detect "Covid," Useless, More Than 30 Years After It's Nobel Prize Winner Creator Said It Can't Be Used As A Diagnostic Tool, Even Though 2 Years Ago The CDC, Fauci And Gang Said It Was The Gold Standard, They Lied Again, Question Is What Other Bogus Item Will They Come Up With Next, Likely Mandatory, Promoting With More Lies, To Make More Money To Keep The "Covid" Ball Rolling?
The Dog Murderer
ICAN Sues US Federal Health Officials To Release Public Data It Is Withholding
Why Now? CDC Says PCR Tests Are Useless, Never Worked, But Made Some Companies Very Rich, Screwed Up Millions Of Lives, So What Excuses Will The True Believers Offer Up Now To CYA?
Wrong, Joe, There Is A Federal Solution To "Covid-19," Stop The Vaxxing And Remove Big Pharma's Liability Protection
Aaron Rodgers: Behind The $cenes NFL Treating Players With Ivermectin, "If Science Can't Be Questioned, It's Propaganda"
How Did "Change The Story To  CYA" CDC Get It So Wrong [As Usual BTW], Simple, They Used It To Create Fear, Not Provide Facts, Plus A 5 Day Quarantine Rather Than 10 Days Allows NFL Players With Ivermectin Treatment To Be On The Field On Sundays, Got To Keep The Masses Diverted, Feeling "Normal" As Long As Possible
Video: Whistleblowing Nurses From Around The World, Same Story With Experimental Injections, But None For Ivermectin Treatment
VA Nurse: Complying With "Covid-19" Guidelines Is Terrorism, Fear Produces Slavery, Godly Love Casts Out Fear
The Plandemic Vs. Nuremberg Code
Unvaxxed, i.e., The Vaccine Free, High IQ Operators: Must Be The Smartest "Idiots" The World Has Ever Seen
Vaccine Free Man Feels Left Out As All His Vaxxed Friends Have Covid :-)
Video: The Time Is Now ... To Counteract Evil Big Pharma Psy-Op Lies And Fear, And Get Off The Propagandist Misinformation Social Media, And Get On The Independent Truth Platforms, Rather Than Self-Righteously Saying God Stands With Us, We Need To Righteously Stand With God
Video: Geert Vanden Bossche 2nd Warning To WHO: Don't Vax Against Omicron, Mass Vaxxing A Complete Medical Failure, Created New Variants, Multitude Of Sub-Variants, Recombining In Vaxxed, ADE As He Said About A Year Ago
More Misinformation Big Pharma Political Decisions Rather Than Honest Medical Ones: NY State Department Of Health Still Cannot Provide Any Proof Vaxxed Kids Are Healthier Than Non-Vaxxed
With A 90% Vax Rate In NYC, Overwhelming Number Of Hospitalizations Are Vaxxed, Like Israel, NO SURPRISE As Experimental Injections Don't Stop Transmission, But Also Destroys The Vaxxed Immune System Capability, Again What Scientists Told Us Would Happen, Stop Vaxxing, Use Ivermectin Treatment If We Want This To Stop
Video: The Experimental Injection "Vaccines" Are Killing People, They Are Producing The Variants, The Evidence Is Staring You In The Face
US Congressman: Fauci Must Be Held Accountable For His Crimes Against Humanity
Experimental "Covid" Injection Use Most Dangerous In Human History, Causing Death From Within
Video: Tipping Point Damning Data, Organs, Including Lymph Node Cells, Of Dead Vaxxed Prove Vax/AIDS, Spike Proteins Again, Possibly Hundreds Of Millions Of Vaxxed People Will Die Of Unrestrained Tuberculosis, Epstein Barr Virus, Toxoplasmosis, Cancers, Etc., aka Population Reduction Using "Vaccines" As Promised By Bill Gates Nearly A Decade Ago In His TED Talk
Toxoplasmosis Is Considered To Be A Leading Cause Of Death Attributed To Foodborne Illness By Parasite, And Ivermectin Is An Anti-Parsite Med, So Bypass The "Covid" And Prescribe It Now For Millions As A Toxoplasmosis Prophylactic?
Toxoplasmosis: A Blood Test And Ivermectin Anti-Parasite Prescription
UK PHS Confirms What Top Scientists Have Been Saying, Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve, Past 4 Months, Already 9/10 "Covid" Deaths Were Vaxxed
UK Health Security Agency: "Double Vaccinated 40-79 Year-olds Have Now Lost 50% Of Their Immune System Capability And Are Consistently Losing A Further 5% Every Week,"  We Were Warned By Scientists Over A Year Ago, While Unvaxxed Retain Their Innate Immune System
UK Government Officials Consider Sending Vax Death Squads Door To Door
Simple Simon, aka Facebook Says Vanden Bossche Is Wrong, Despite His Being Spot On For The Past Year, Their Admitted "Factcheckers" Are Only Opinions Put Out To Keep People Getting Murdered By Vax
From The "Be Careful What You Ask For" Dept: How Many Times Have We Seen These "Coincidences?" NYT Booster Boaster Dies Day After Jab
Some Guidance To Separate The Science Wheat From The Propaganda Chaff
Vax Mandates Are Nothing But Political Tyranny Dressed Up In The "Common Good" Lies Of The Elites
Scientists, Doctors, Nobel Prize Winners You Should Know
Video: If Pfizer Doesn't Kill You, Bankers Will
Video: Bill Gates Hinky Verbal Leakage, Body Language Tells

Video Interview: Elon Musk "Not Perverted Enough To Be On CNN"
Highwire 248 Video: What's It All About? Same Ideology, The Collective Atheist Destructive Sovietization Of America, Founded On The Christian Principles Of Inalienable Individual Rights
The Plan: Tragedy And Hope
Video: Russia-US Negotiations, US Losing Its Gravitas, Crazy Ideologues Leading The West To Destruction
Video: China Berates US Cold War Tactics Over Ukraine
When Empires Get To The Point They Can't Tell The Difference Between Male And Female, Indicative Of Much Larger Problems, The End Is Near
America: A Nation Of Puss-Balls?
Only In America: Police Chief Is A Serial Shoplifter, Local Principal A High School Drop Out, And New Fire Chief A Convicted Arsonist
Knights In Satan's Service
Matthew 4:10
Romans 16:17-20
Role Reversal, Russia, "The Last Remaining Christian Country?"
"Not Letting Wickedness Dwell In Your Tents," At Least Russia Has Balls
Video: Mike Rowe, This Makes Too Much Sense, If Forgive Student Loans [Makes Collective Big Government Marxism Look Great], Why Not Home Loans [The American Dream] Too?
Video: China-Russia Cement New Pipeline Deal As EU Poodles Look On, Sans Nord Stream 2, Paying More For LNG From US
The Sun Is Rising In The East As It Sets On The West: Iran's Geopolitical Sea Change Sends Paradigm Change Tsunami Towards US And The West
If You Think The "Government" Really Cares About Your Health, Consider That The  US "Government" Doesn't Blink An Eye About Walking Away From Treaties, How Much Less Does The Biden Administration Care About Walking Away From Those It Stranded In Afghanistan?
Message From LinkedIn, It's Much Bigger Than A Virus, Don't Put Your Work In Other People's Hands, Especially Big Social Media, Copy It And Post It Someplace Else
Trudeau's Spies Tracked 33 Million Phones In Canada During Lockdown
Trudeau's Collective Tyrannical Ideologies Vs. Canadian Personal Freedoms Found In Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Or How To Ignite A Revolution

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Bioweapons Industry, 2008 Human Genetic Modification, Covid-19 Gain Of Function Experimental Injection Combined With An HIV Virus, Hence Vax AIDS
Vax/AIDS Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, When Will The Vaxxed Rebel, Realizing They've Been Lied To At The Cost Of Their Lives?
Dark Winter: Most Deadly "Vax" In History: Injuries, Deaths Are Everywhere, But When Will The Light Dawn?
Pandemic Of The Vaxxed: 4 More Athletes From 4 Different Countries Die Of Sudden Heart Attacks
Just What Joe Ordered, US Military Ship Quarantined As Vax Induced Variant Strikes Fully Vaxxed Crew
A Treatment For The Deadly Experimental Vax Produced Variants?
From The "Cockroaches Like To Scurry About In The Dark" Dept: Fauci And Then NIH Director Collins Sought To Create "A Devastating Published Take Down Of Its [The Great Barrington Declaration] Premises"
If You Want To See The Evilness Of The "Covid-19" Plandemic, Read The Great Barrington Declaration For Yourself
A Concerted Effort To Hide Truth About The Bioweapon Plandemic
Video: Why You Must Wear A Lifejacket At All Times, Including A Booster Lifejacket :-)
Video: Blaspheming Bojo, The False Prophet: Dishonestly Uses The Name Of Christ To Promote The Jab
Christ Gave Us The Liberty To Choose Not To Follow Evil, Lying Rulers
From The "Metastasizing Enemy Within"' Dept: Liars Are Telling Bigger Lies As Is The Case With All Malignant Deceit, Origin Malignant, Mid 16th Century, Also In The Sense Likely To Rebel Against God
Prikspijt, Vaccine Regret Voted Word Of The Year In Netherlands
Israel: If At First You Fail, Then Fail Again And Again, Do Same Thing Again And Fail Some More
Bioweapon Conundrum: If You're Triple Vaxxed, And Counting, And Still Get "Covid," What's Their Use?
Their Use Is Political Tyranny, Population Reduction
The Pandemic Of The Vaxxed Variants: Royal Caribbean Ship
Mexican Authorities Turn Away Cruise Ship With 21 Fully Vaxxed People Testing Positive For Vax Produced Variant
Warning: Parents DO NOT Inject Your Kids With Experimental Jabs That Can Cause Life-Long Consequences And Death
Dr. Malone's Full Warning Statement To Parents
WHO Director General Admits Boosters Being Used To Kill Children
Pfizer: First 2 Experimental Shots For Kids Failed To Achieve Pfizer's Goal, So Adding A Booster Shot, Is This Genocide By Pfizer Or Suicide By Participants?
So Much For Urgent Medical Care: Brilliant Anti-Science Vax Mandates Backfire On Vaxxer Politicians
ICAN Petitions US Supreme Court To Stay Lower Court OSHA 2-1 Ruling
Trinidad Workers Win Court Case Against Mandated Vax
Video: London Mass Protests: Comply And Die, If You Are On Your Knees, Then Let It Be Before God
Archbishop Vigano: Elites Use "Covid" To Grab For Global Financial Control
The "Covid" virus Hustle: Power Not The Virus
Video/Text: Typical Drug Company Garbage
More Chicken Little The Sky Is Falling Knee-jerk Reaction To Nothingburger "Omicron" That Affects Those Already Vaxxed, "Omicron" South Africa Goes Back To Normal, But Biden Puts More Of Your Tax Dollars In Big Pharma's Fat Wallet
As Usual, Clueless Joe Opens Mouth And Utters Bizarro World Anti-Science Rhetoric ... Maybe He Means They Will Blame The Unvaxxed For All The Dark Winter Immune Compromised Vaxxed Deaths
New "Covid" Vax Study: Jabs Causing Immune System Dysregulation, Not Only In The Context Of The Adaptive System, Also In The Innate System
UK Health Security Agency: "Double Vaccinated 40-79 Year-olds Have Now Lost 50% Of Their Immune System Capability And Are Consistently Losing A Further 5% Every Week"
NCAA Bowl Games Cancelled, Delayed, Didn't Happen During "Covid Pandemic" Last Year BEFORE Vaxxes Were Introduced, Another Great Mysterious Coincidence Or Cause And Effect?
Not Just The Vaxxed Athletes Collapsing, Dying
America's Frontine Doctors Opening Own Clinics, Invites Medical Staff To Join Them
More Coincidences? Canadian Whistleblowers Expose 13 Stillborn Deaths In 24 Hours At Lions Gate Hospital Caused By Covid-19 "Vaccines"
A Refresher: Be Armed With Facts
VAERS Numbers, Charts And Graphs

The US "Yapping Chihuahuas Of The Stoltenberg Variety" Are Ignored By The Russian Bear
A Look Into The Wacko US Foreign Policy That Instigates Uncontrollable Laughter In Russia
Video: From The "To Russia With Love" Dept: US And West Burned Putin With The Ukraine Maidan Coup, He Hasn't Forgotten, With Compliments From Victoria Nuland
Goodbye SWIFT, Western Sanctions, And The Petrodollar: Russia And China Announce Independent Financial Trading System, A Death Knell For Rothschild Banking System Monopoly?
So Far No Reply From US As Promised To Russia
Russia's Demand To US Becomes Public Ultimatum, Diplomacy Now Or War Later, US And West [With It's Totally Delusional Political Class, A "Kindergarten On Crack Cocaine"] Is A Crumbling Mess Very Close To Military Action
US Planning Chemical Attack In Ukraine, a la US False Flag Syrian Chem Attacks, To Start A War To Destroy Ukraine?
Russia Destroyed Last Of Its Chemcial Weapons In 2017, To Date 96.3% World's Stockpile Destroyed, But In December 2021, Largest Holder Of Remaining Chem Weapons US Still Hasn't Complied, So Who Has Chem Weapons That Could Be Deployed In Ukraine?