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Winter 2021

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Winter 2021

An Open Letter To The WHO; Stop These Lethal Experimental Injections

While The West Is Busy Being Enslaved By Klaus Schwab, Gates, Fauci And The Bankers On The Way To Their New World Disorder, China Is Leading The Way To Their New World
Bye, Bye Miss American Pie, Took Our Tort To The Court, But The Republic Had Died, First The Congress, Then The Presidency, Now Supreme Court Rolls Over For The Crime Family, US Of George Washington No Longer Exists, Fly The Flags At Half Mast, Then Put Them Away, And Get Aware
A Comparison: Democratic Roman Republic To Empire To History Books
End Justifies The Means Prideful Hearts? Time Magazine Admits Concerted Effort By Cabal To Steal US Presidential Election
Long, But Must Watch/Share Video, Attack From Without: Undeniable Proof, Evidence Shows Globalist Xi Communist China's Massive Cyber Act Of War On The US That Switched Votes For Biden To Win Election, Evidence Of Treason By US Accomplices, Enablers, Now Then, Which Country Do The US Military Joint Chiefs Of Staff, The Supreme Court Justices, Congress, Corporate Media Owners Answer To? Especially 1:36:00 Mark

Video: Real Evidence, So Far 10 Million Viewers Worldwide Watched Above Video
Biden-China: An Unholy NWO Alliance To Destroy The US As A Sovereign Nation?
China Versus US Citizens
Wuhan Fauci Connection

Original "Constitution For The United States Of America"
Changing Heritage: Did Anything Happen To The US Constitution, For Or Of?
US Joint Chiefs Of Staff January 12, 2021 Letter To Defend Constitution OF The US
Psalm 33:16
US Act Of 1871 Repealed In 1874, Then Revived Piecemeal Since
Today, Seal Of The District Of Columbia Has 1871 Date On It, Though DC Originally Formed In 1790s
Entirety Of US Government Located Within District Of Columbia, A Municipal Corporation
US NWO Military Purge?
More Evidence UK And US Are One Entity For NWO
Video: Informed Consent Or Propaganda?
Video: Mark Of The Beast ... Human Currency
Video: UK NWO Police State, Parent's Kids Owned By State
Video: Back To "Normal?" NWO Elites Are Lying To Us To Protect Their Profits And Agenda

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Global Attempt At Covid d'Etat
Covid-19 Great Reset "Vaccines Key To World Control"
Trojan Horse Covid Master Plan Reset Spelled Out
Covid-19 Attack From Within: "Master Rothschild" And Schwab's NWO, Not Because They Are Concerned For Our Good Health, Quite The Opposite
Know Your Enemies: The Schwab Family
A Great Reset Central Bank Refresher
Soros And Clinton's Purple Revolution Ascends On High, Nesting Among The Stars Of The US
The Warning Was There
The Great Economic Reset Primer
Video: The Great Pushback, The Elite Princes Fear The 99%
Video: Enlightened Police In Vienna March With Protesters 

Weekend Read: Damascus A Heap Of Ruins
Relevant Secular Reads: The Country Of The Blind, H.G. Wells
The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoevsky
Summary Covid Cult: True Believer, Eric Hoffer

A prophetic warning to the dark side group of government officials and those elites pushing these deadly killing tools they call vaccines on their fellow citizens:

"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Winston Churchill

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy
"Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." King Solomon, Book of Proverbs
"Therefore thus says the LORD: Behold, against this family I am devising disaster, from which you cannot remove your necks; nor shall you walk haughtily, for this is an evil time." End Time Prophet Micah
"The pride of your heart has deceived you ... whose habitation is high; who say in your heart, who will bring me down to the ground? Though you ascend as high as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down, says the LORD." End Time Prophet Obadiah

New articles are added among previous links by closely related subject matter:

Benefits Outweigh The Risks? 2nd Healthy Anti-Vax Black African President To Conveniently Die Of Heart Attack, After UK Newspaper Says This Guy Has To Be Reigned In, And You Still Think These "Vaccines" Are Good For US? Will The People Stand Up For Their President Who Stood Up For Them?
Second Covid Denier Head Of Nation Disappears, Bill Gates Link?
Rather Obvious It Seems: After Tanzanian President Removed, Overthrowing Government, Now WHO's Tedross Tells, Threatens Tanzania To Prepare For "Vaccinations"
Gates Foundation Funds WHO, Now If This Were A "Whodunnit" Murder Mystery Movie ...
Comrade Joe Shills For The Drug Companies, Elite Princes, Tells Citizens To Follow The Science, But The Science Says Were Gonna Die, Joe, If We Keep Getting These Experimental Injections, And Now There Are Thousands Of Identified "Variants," How Many Injections Can One Body Handle Joe, Why Are You Wanting To Kill Us? If Not, You Need To Have Kristi Explain Some Facts To You
We're Doubly Sure Video: PE2 Fauci Blatant Lies In Vax Interview, Though Admits Experimental Injection Won't Create Herd Immunity Because You Still Can Transmit Covid-19, Huh?, He Says Will Need To Keep Wear Masks, Social Distance, And Will Get Locked Down Again, So You Will Need A Third Shot, Ad Infinitum, Then What Are They Designed To Do?
Video: Scientific Evidence Mask Wearing Dangerous To Your Health According To US Government OSHA Standards, Why Then Do Government Officials Tell Us To Keep Wearing Them?
Majority Deaths In 1918 Flu Pandemic Caused By Secondary Bacterial Pneumonia, What We Are Seeing With Long Term Mask Wearing, But Elites/Government Agenda Doesn't Care About Any Medical Facts Stopping Them
Video: Let's Get Real, Folks, This Is The Biggest Killing Experiment In History Of The World, They Know It, And They Don't Care, Orwellian Rewriting Of Definitions, "From Beginning Media And Politicians Spread Distorted and Misleading Picture Based On Fundamental Flaws And Medically Incorrect Definitions Laid Down By The WHO," Total Hoax From The Get Go, Fauci Either Lying Or Not So Smart
His Link To Book, Corona False Alarm, Kindle, Paperback
Video: To Wit, They Seek To Do Harm, Blood Clotting Life Threatening, Time For Everyone To Act Is Now
Donald Trump Turns On Fellow Americans, Endorses Experimental Killer Vaccines, But He Was Treated For Covid Without A Vaccine ... And Survived!
EU Government Health Officials: AstraZeneca Is "Safe" Despite EVIDENCE To The Contrary, The Experimental Trials Are Only A Few Months Old, So How Can They Know Or Are They Spewing Deadly Vax Propaganda? ... Because It Has Caused Blood Clots And Death, Wonder, Then, What These EU "Health" Officials Consider Unsafe [Only When They Get Sick And Die?], As 20 Nations Ban Bill Gates' AstraZeneca, Treatable "Covid-19" Has At Least A 99.8% Survival Rate Like A Normal Seasonal Flu, Why The Rush To Get An Experimental Injection That Destroys Our Natural Immune System Making Us Vulnerable To EVERY Pathogen Out There? Bill Gates Said It, "Lower World's Population Through Use Of Vaccines," So You Know He Didn't Get His Own Injection
No One Can Claim These "Vaccines" Are Safe, It's An Ongoing Medical Experiment And We're The Test Animals, Italy Considers Manslaughter Charges After AstraZeneca Injection, "Safe" Death Is Not A Minimal Side Effect
Going After The Elderly: People Over 65 AstraZeneca Not Recommended, Yet Push Is On By Governments To Do So
Going After The Young: FDA Greenlights J&J To Inject Experimental Drug Into Babies And Pregnant Women, When Do We Say No To This Madness?
It's Genocide: Insidious Evil As Moderna To Experiment On Babies By Injecting Gene Changing Drug, Kiss Your Kids Goodbye
Video DO NOT GET ANY EXPERIMENTAL INJECTION: World's Top Vaccine Scientist ... The Coming "Dead Men Walking" Covid Vaccine Catastrophe, Same Exact Scenario With Animal Testing 10-15 Years Ago When The Test Animals Died, So Bill Gates Has His Animal Testing Model, One Reason Why His AstraZeneca Went From Scratch To Human Trials In 2 Months, January To March 2020, And He Did Say He Wants To Reduce World's Population Through Vaccines, The More They Inject, The More Will Die, But Catch-22, Experimental Gene Modification Injections Will Create Vaccine Immune Superviruses, Passing Fail-Safe Point Will Exterminate All Humanity, Including These Current Predators, If Experimental Injections Continue
Another Link With Interview Text
Video: Mass Eugenics Extermination Via Covid-19 Vaccine, "A Very Well Designed Killing Tool," Destroys The Natural Immune System, Triggering Massive Auto-Immune Response Among Others, "Unless Those Days Be Shortened, No Flesh Would Be Saved Alive ..."
Video: Frankenstein Vax-Virus Running Amok, Risks Human Survival, Do Boost Your Immune System Daily
Boosting Natural Immunity Natural Killer Cells
Australia's Informed Option Party: Why Are Experimental Injections The Only Option?
Big Brother's Orwellian Covid Word Game ... Intentional Deception Out In The Open
... While Bill Gates Backed Global Fund Gets At Least $3.5 Billion More Of Your Tax Money
Tip of The Iceberg: "Vaccine" Deaths And Serious Injuries Continue To Mount, As VAERS Numbers Historically Reports 1% Or Less, Then More Than 150,000 Vax Deaths So Far, 25,900 In Past 7 Days
Another Country, Netherlands, Drops AstraZeneca Experimental Injections
Ireland May Follow Too, Why Is Any Country Allowing It?
Why We Can't Trust The FDA, The WHO, CDC, AAP, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Or Pfizer Family
"Dear readers: Please do not allow your employer, your government, your family, your friends or anyone else to intimidate you, or in any way try to persuade you, to accept this experimental treatment if you do not want it. You are your own health authority, period. If your employer threatens you with termination for rejecting this injection, please contact an attorney. The Rutherford Institute, headed up by civil rights attorney John Whitehead, is one good option. Others include Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel" Please Share This Advice
The Beast: Making The Move To Mandatory Experimental Injections With No Medical Or Religious Exemptions Is Mandating Murder Based On Ongoing Deaths From Lethal Injection, Haven't Most US States And Countries Made Illegal The Death Penalty?
"Lowering World's Population Through Vaccines" Public Enemy #1 [PE1]: Planned Censorship Of Vaccine Safety Advocates To Allow His Evil Plans To Go Forward To Put You In Harm's Way

Video: Fauci, Economics Will Follow The Media Hype, Non-Vaccine mRNA Injections Promotes Covid Production, FTC Standards Violated By These Injections, Natural Covid Immunity Best, We've Been Had, So Time To Stand Up
Second Covid Denier Head Of Nation Disappears, Bill Gates Link?
Covid-19 Great Reset, All Done To Get Us Injected
Thought Police Followed By Thought Court: Canada Court Strips Man Of Rights Because He Believes Covid A Hoax
Micah 3:11
From The "Drug Company Actions Speak Louder Than Anonymous "Fact Checker" Lies" Dept: Merck Stops Work On Covid Vaccine As Natural Immunity Always Stronger Than Artificial Man-Made Experimental Gene Modification Death And Injury Causing Injections i.e., If You Got Polio And Survived, How Is Getting A Polio Vaccination Going To Make It Better?
VAERS Report 26 February: Historically Their Numbers Are 1% Of Real World Numbers According To Harvard University Study, If This Holds Then 126,000 Deaths From EXPERIMENTAL Injections, Much Higher Rate Than Covid Numbers, Not Unlike Israel Whose Death Toll 40X Greater Than Covid
Who's Crazier, The Sick People Who Make It Or The Healthy People Who Take It? "Rewriting Your Genetic Code" Says Moderna's CEO, Their Top Scientist: EXPERIMENTAL Gene Modification Injections Are "Hacking The Software Of Life"
Doctors For Covid Ethics: Decision To Allow Covid "Vaccines" Into Use Reckless
What Happened To "Three Weeks To Flatten The Curve?" The Experimental Frankenstein Injection Monster Runs Amok ... Completely Untested Who Knows What "Variant" Vaccines Given Green Light Free-For-All, And If Variants Mutate For Centuries, How Many Shots Are People Going To Get? One A Day? Time To Stand Up And Say No To This Insane Hysteria 
Video: OTC Budesonide Clinically Proven Treatment That Works For Covid, Get It At Local Drug Store, 3 Bucks, Forget The Bias For Experimental Shots
Video: President Of Zambia Rejects Covid Drugs Marked Not For Use In USA Or EU
Video: Nazi "Healthcare" Reform In Biden Administration
Video: Vaccination, "My Day For Freedom Has Arrived," Data Gap Problems Tell A Different Story
Video: Cancer Concern For Maskers a la Asbestos
The NWO German Klaus Schwab's "New Normal" A Lot Like The "New Normal" In 1930s Germany
Austria Suspends AstraZeneca EXPERIMENTAL Gene Modification Injections, But An AstraZeneca Spokesman Said: “There Have Been No Confirmed Serious Adverse Events Associated With The Vaccine,” Pulmonary Embolism And Death Not Serious Enough For Them?
Stalin Would Be Proud Of The Food System Transformation
Video: Raising Your Own Food, No Problem, Government Will Come Around And Kill Off Your Chickens, Cows Next So We Can Eat Dr. Bill's Artificial Beef, And Remember, GMO Plants Don't Produce Seeds For Replanting, You Have To Buy Them Each Time From Big Agri, See A Control Pattern Yet?
More Tinkering By Big Pharma, Now It's Antibody Making, Here's A Thought, How About A Healthy Natural Immune System We Were Born With Doing The Job Especially As "Covid-19" No Worse Than A Seasonal Flu?
Video: Calling For Audit Of Death Certificates Listing Covid As Cause Of Death When It Wasn't
Video: WHO Whistleblower Discussion With German PCR Suit Attorney, Bill Gates-istan Asked To Be Member Of Executive Board Of WHO, Same As Member State, Paying His Way In
Video: Keep The Government And Big Pharma Out Of Your Child
The Delusion Of Freedom Once The Sheep Get Experimental Vaccine, The Chain Is Biological And Irrevocably In Your Cells
A Totally Irrelevant Link About A Vacuous Interview That Helps Us Truly Understand The Bizarre Nature Of The World We've Slowly But Surely Created, Nevertheless It Does Provide A Brief Respite From The Daily Trudge In The Way Of "It Would Suck To Be Them"
Repeating History Through The Eyes Of Covid And The "Great Reset": A Look At The Confluence Of Deceit And Lies Vs. Truth
Nothing New Under The Sun: Lies Versus Truth From Eve And Adam To Christ To Covid, 8:42-45
When Vaccine Companies Ask Countries For Collateral Against Lawsuits, You Know They Know What They're Up To, It Ain't Safe, And It Ain't Good Health, Hmm, Did They Ask Bill Gates-istan Too?
Virus Hoaxes: Past And Present, For Example, HIVirus Labeled Cause For Malnutrition
From The "Digging The Hole Deeper" Dept: What Comes After The Covid-19 Part Of The Great Economic Reset, The Economy, And Its Out In Plain Sight If Your Mask Doesn't Block The View
Video: The Rx To Reopen
Video: Bioethics Roots In Eugenics
VAERS Report 26 February: Historically Their Numbers Are 1% Of Real World Numbers According To Harvard University Study, If This Holds Then 126,000 Deaths From EXPERIMENTAL Injections, Much Higher Rate Than Covid Numbers, Not Unlike Israel
Israel Death Rate From Experimental Injections 40X Higher Than "Covid," Hmm, Guess They Won't Be Needing Those Vax Travel Passports
If Auto Manufacturers Made Cars As Safe As These Vaccines, We'd All Go Back To Bicycles Or Stay Off The Streets Altogether, It's That Bad As mRNA Injections Highly Likely Worse Than "Covid-19"

Video: Resorting To Murder To Protect The Big Pharma Covid Narrative?
New Tactics, But The Lies Continue: Switching Horses Midstream As PCR Has Been Shown To Be A Weapon Of Deceit In Detecting "Covid-19," Big Pharma Changes Tactics With New Fake Detector As New Experimental Injections Won't Need Any Approval For Use, Carte Blanche To Shoot Away, Isn't Their Experimental Injection Ploy Becoming Obvious? Lots Of Claims SARS-Cov-2 Exists, But Never Shown To Us In Real World, But It Now Has "Variants," Rumor Has It That Wuhan Fortune Tellers Reading Tea Leaves Dropped Into Bat Soup Say Phantom Variants Will Continue Through 2087 When Last Person On Earth Finally Dies, Ridding Us Of Covid-19, Yes It's Sarcasm
"Follow Me If You Want To Live: Says Arnold The Terminator, Nuremberg Code Informed Consent Violations? Crimes Against Humanity? Israel Death Rate From Experimental Injections 40X Higher Than "Covid," Hmm, Guess They Won't Be Needing Those Vax Travel Passports
Video: We Are At War, And Your Life Is On The Line, But Not From Covid, The Pound Of Flesh To Be Paid In Next 6 Months, CDC Largest Leaseholder In US, Hey All Those Trillions The Fed Printed, Passport To Indenturement
Will Others Follow The Money? Insurance Company Won't Pay For Death If You Get Experimental Injection, How Many Are They Expecting To Die?
Video: Texas Opens Up And The Real World Stats Show Liberal California And New York Sucks
5 Lies To Get You Injected, But Don't Be Deceived, The Majority Still Are Not Interested
Vax Travel Passport To The Grave: Remember Israel's Results
Vax Travel Passport To The Grave: Hundreds Terminally Dead In UK From Covid-19 Vax Injections ... Guess LIFE Not Back To Normal, Eh, "Follow Me If You Want To Live" Says Arnold The Terminator, Guess He Won't Be Going To Israel Soon, Sue Him, Ad Agencies For False Advertising, Manslaughter?
Covid Vax Pandemic: The Coming Genocide Of Adverse Experimental Injections
Previous Science Test Numbers Show Up To 50 Million Vax Deaths Possible, Dwarfing "Covid-19 Pandemic," Remember Bill Gates Wants To Lower World Population Through Vaccines, aka ELI
Covid Hypocrisy BS Central: Dead Is Dead Right? When All Those LIES-Cov-2 Alleged Covid-19 Deaths Occurred In Nursing Homes, The Numbers Counted, Now Officials Say When Vax Deaths Occur In Nursing Homes, King's X, They Don't Count, Just Remember Their Names For The Future
Must Watch Video ELI Documentary: Experimental Lethal Injections Rushed Without Normal Approved Safety Procedures, What's The Rush Then? Lying Celebrities Tell Us It's A Covid Vaccine, But It's Not A Vaccine And Manufacturers Say It Won't Stop Transmission Of Covid, So What's In It That They Want It In Us So Badly?
For Those Christians Led By The Spirit Of God, Our Bodies Don't Belong To Caesar
From The “Crimes Against Humanity Is The New Normal Or The New Nazis?” Dept: In The Land Of the Beast, Israel Uses Coercion To Get Its Citizens To Participate In A MEDICAL EXPERIMENT That Kills And Injures Expressly In Violation Of The Nuremberg Code Crimes Against Humanity, Which Came Into Existence Due To The NAZI MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS That Killed Jews ... And The Difference Is?
ELI Deaths Skyrocket In Israel
Gross Lack Of Informed Consent, No Safety Animal Trails, A Priori Knowledge Of Death And Injury + Vax Deaths Equals Crimes Against Humanity
The Anti-Christian Government Of The US, He Must Be Unaware Of Obadiah v. 4, Well, For the Time Being
Obadiah 4
Obadiah And The Prophetic Parable Of The Tares
When We Consider The Sources Of The Covid Lies Monstrosity, Remember, John 8:44, 45 And Who It Is That These People Follow, But We Need To Get Back On Track With The Truth Of The Word Of God, Getting Rid Of the Religious Fables In Our Lives Including The Babylonian Goddess Easter
A Psychological Perspective On The Massive Experimental Covid Reset
Lockdowns Have Killed Millions
Video: Texas Governor Ends Lockdown, Mask Wearing, Make Sure The Government Doesn't Change Their Mind, Don't Fall Into The Trap They Give And Take, Keep The Pressure On Them, This Is A Right Of The People
The Fauci-WHO-Wuhan Triangle
Remember: The "Novel" Corona Virus Fear Pitch, aka Blatant Lies? Covid-19 PCR Test Kits Were Shipped By Millions To Countries Around The World ... In 2017, Info Prepared By WHO, Then In February 2020, WHO Announces To The World The Name Of This "New" Corona Virus, Covid-19, Still Think You Aren't Being Played?
Several Videos For Watching
Video: Bill Gates Channels Orwell With His Ministry Of Truth
Putin: Lays It On The Line Vs. NWO And Their Great Covid Trojan Horse As Lockdowns Killed, And Pushed Millions Of Americans, Brits Into Poverty
A Case In Point: Death By Experimental Lethal Injection, (ELI)
New Holocaust As Deaths In Israel Skyrocket After ELI, Experimental Lethal Injections Thanks To German Covid-19 Reset Guru Klaus Schwab, Inflated PCR Covid Numbers During Scaredemic Vs. Suppressing Experimental Injection Deaths And Injuries
25% Die From Pfizer ELI, Experimental Lethal Injection In Berlin Nursing Home
If ELI (Experimental Lethal Injections) Is So Safe, Why Are They Killing And Injuring So Many People ... So Far
Covid Cases Plummeting Worldwide, But Not Due To ELI, Experimental Lethal Injections Which Don't Prevent Transmission, Or Lockdowns Either, Merely By WHO Dropping The Amplification Cycles Of PCR Tests, The Day Biden Took Office By Coincidence, That Artificially Increased Alleged Cases, The System Was Rigged By the WHO From The Get Go, And Who's The Single Largest Financial Contributor? Bill Gates
Experimental Injections Have Caused Many Injurious Side Effects Including Bells Palsy
Historically VAERS Reports Only 1% Of Total Numbers, If This Holds, Then More Than 100,000 People Have Died From These Experimental Lethal Injections Already
The Friendly Folks At Pfizer Not Only Want To Prevent You From Traveling If You Don't Get Their Experimental Gene Injection, But Now They Want To Starve You To Death, Which Appears To Pose A Danger Greater Than Covid, Seems Like They've Crossed The Wrong Line This Time
"Dr. Mikovits Did However Agree And Explicitly State That SARS-CoV-2 Had Never Been Isolated," Therefore If No Proof It Exists, No Way PCR Detect It, Cannot Prove It Causes Covid-19, We Need Experimental "Vaccines" Why?
Medically, Lockdowns 10X Deadlier Than "Covid," But That's The Point For NWO Princes, Same With Travel, These Experimental Injections Don't Stop Transmission Of Covid, So What Difference Make To Travel? Only Obedience And Control

Public Health Officials Lying About Experimental Injection Deaths And Injuries?
Pfizer Uses Strong-arm Tactics On Countries To Use Their Experimental Genetic Modification Injections
The LIES-Cov-2 Info Warfare: Die A Few Minutes After Experimetnal Injection, Ah Mere Coincidence, But Killed In A Motorcycle Accident In Florida Within 28 Days Of Testing PCR Positive It's Definitely A Covid Death, What Should This Tell Us, Folks?
From The "Keep The Money Scam Rolling" Dept: Remember The Original Goalpost Placement? Need To Lockdown For 3 Weeks To Flatten The Curve, Now Moving The Get A Shot And Travel Goalposts, Scientists [Or Sales Managers?] Now Claiming A Shot Every Time, So Who's Making Up These "Rules?" Not The Citizens Who Vote
The Beast Grows: British Columbia Mandates Registering Cows, Yes Cows, Because Of "Pandemic" That's Long Gone, Those Political Hacks Need To Take Their Masks Off And Get Some O2 To The Brain If Not Too Late
Next Pandemic Could Be Monetary
Swiss Citizens Push Back At Government, Put Covid Regulations On The Ballot For People To Decide About Lockdown, Masks, Etc., Based On Fraudulent Medical Claims, Covid Scam As WHO Lowered PCR Amps Threshhold From 40+ To 25 The Day Biden Took Office To "Show" Vaxs Are Working Even Though Pfizer/Moderna Admit Experimental Injections Won't Stop Transmission, Which Is What We Were Warned The Buggers Would Do About A Year Ago
Reminder: PCR To Detect Positive Covid Is Flawed Science, Useless Info
Video: Eugenics And The Corporate Covid Pandemic, They Decide When It Officially Ends
Video: How Convenient, US Can't Even Monitor Shot Deaths And Disabling Injuries, But Had No Trouble With Alleged Covid Death Numbers And Cases
A Solid Case For A Sane Approach To "Covid," CDC Part Of The Deliberate Scaredemic, Changed Reporting Guidelines In March 2020, Showed 161,000 Deaths, Guidelines In Use For 17 Years Previous Would Report 9700, Total Lack Of Informed Consent According To Nuremberg Code, Injections Not Vaccines, But "Software For Life," Which Makes Us What, A Genetically Modified Transhuman Computer? (Think Bill Gates Microsoft Software ... Never Had Any Glitches Right!?) Real Danger Is Death From Injections Months Or More Down The Road Based On Past History Of This Type Of Gene Therapy, Danger Of Irreversible Autoimmune Response
If You Know Covid Cult True Believers, Ask Them To Read These Facts: We've Been Hoaxed Over And Over About Covid
Pfizer's "Covid-19 Vaccine" Does Not Prevent Covid-19 Says Pfizer ... So What Does It Do, And Why Is Anyone Taking It?
UK Pfizer mRNA Shots Cause Eye Disorders, Cause Blindness
From The "Swallowing The Camel And Straining At The Gnat" Dept: More Than A Year Into The Great Pandemic, 109 Million, Out Of 111.5 Million, Covid PCR Positive Survivor Cases; If Someone Had Polio And Survived, They Don't Need A Polio Vaccine Shot, If You Had Measles And Survived, You Don't Need A Measles Shot, If You Tested Positive For PCR, You Had Covid And Survived, Therefore None Of These Tens Of Millions Need Any Covid Shot, Have Natural Immunity, Which Is Stronger Than Man-Made Shot Immunity, What Allowances Are Made For These People Regarding Quarantine, Travel?
SAY NO TO DRUGS: Resistance To AstraZ Experimental Injection Due To Safety Concerns
Video: Killing Your Brain Cells 8 Hours A Day For Past Year, The Measurable Science That Face Diapers Dramatically Reduce Oxygen To Dangerous Levels For Our Brain, 25% Less With Standard Neoprene Mask, "Gold Standard" N95 Mask Reduces Oxygen By 21%, 8% Reduction or More Cause For Medical Concern
Anything Below 88% [12% Reduction] Oxygen Level To Brain Is Dangerous And Incapacitating
Face Diapers On Kids Cause Permanent Brain Damage To Developing Brains
Video: The Big Mask Lie, Masks Trap All Viruses So None Can Escape Or Get In, So King's X, You're Safe, Right?
Video: This Is Why We Believe Bill Gates About "Vaccines"
Video: Let We Forget, Bill "Reduce World's Population Through Vaccines" Gates
Good Advice From Christian Social Media
From the "Let Them Eat GMO Foods" Dept: But What About Experimental Genetic Modified Humans?
Video: No Informed Consent, Violation Of Nuremberg Code, aka Crimes Against Humanity, Experimental Gene Code Injected, Not An Attenuated Virus To Promote Immune Response In Body, Birth Defects, Infertility, Risks Greater Than Benefits, Even Decades Long Scientist At Premier Research Institute Refuses To Get That Stuff Injected Into Him
And For Good Reason ... Homicide And Murder
UK's Covid-19 Great Reset For 70,000
1500 Doctors Challenge Covid Lies, Global Scientific FRAUD
1500 Sick Patients, Diagnosed With Covid, But California University, Not Cornell U., Clinical Lab Reports, Not PCR Swabs, Show Not One Covid [link taken down]
From The "They're Playing Games" Dept: Exactly What We Were Told Last Year That When The Vax Show Up, The Useless 40-45 PCR Amplifications Will Get Lowered, Now That "Covid Vax" Are Here, WHO Urges Lower Amplification, Which, Miracle Of All Miracles And Right On Cue, Will Lower Positive Result Numbers
Gates No Qualms About Using 6 Year Olds As Experimental Lab Rats
No Lockdown [Exactly What Doctors Have Told Us For About A Year Now] Sweden Numbers Drop Quicker Than Lockdown UK
Anything To Control The People: Crazy, Lunatic UK Push For Pub Passports
LIES-Cov-2: Don't Trust CDC For Truthful Numbers, Remember, After All The Covid Death Counts Were Made Public Daily To Induce Panic, Months Later CDC Admitted More Than 130,000 Deaths Were Not Covid, But Pneumonia And Other Causes
Covid Policies And Social Media, Twitter, Have Set Back Science And Public Health
Great Barrington Declaration
Swallowing Propaganda Posing As News
Video: Experimental Genetic Modification Shot Trials To Continue Two Years, Sell Your Soul To The Devil Pro-pagan-dists, Informed Consent Or Lies?
Dear Sheep: CDC Now Recommending Pantyhose Over The Double Face Diaper, When Do They Get To The Plastic Bags Secured At The Neck?
Video: Double Face Diapering, Oh And Pantyhose?, For Dummies
"Covid-19" Video: If You Only Knew, But Now You Can
If You Haven't Added This Site To Your Bookmarks, You Should

Video: India Also Moving Away From Viral Western Social Media Giants ... Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Maps
From The "Actions Speak Much Louder" Dept: Pfizer Pulls Out Of World's 2nd Most Populated Market, After India Demands Full Safety Testing
Send This To Everyone You Know, Post It Wherever You Can: Suing CDC For Fraud: Clinical Lab Technician, 7 Universities: What We've Known For About A Year Now, They've Shown, "Covid-19" Is A FAKE, Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Real, But Need To Stop Calling Them Vaccines
A Look Back At H1N1, Big Pharma's Covid Antecedent
Multiple Deaths, Casualties Covid-19 Injection Is NOT A Vaccine, It's An EXPERIMENTAL GENETIC MODIFICATION Injection, Once It's In You, You Can Never Get It Out, So You Aren't An "Anti-vaxxer," More Dangerous Than Illness
"Covid Measures" Destroying Public Health
US NIH Report: 4G, 5G Damage DNA, Suppress Immune System
German-US Lawsuits Coming To Expose Gates-Rockefeller Plandemic
Germany's Globalist Merkel Government Hired Scientists To Justify Unconstitutional Lockdowns, Armed With Truth, Courts Are Overturning
Back In December, False Covid Eggshell Narrative Showing Cracks In Germany As PCR "Tests" Shown To Be Unable To Detect Any Infectious Virus In A Person, Knocks Entire Governments Covid Narrative On Its Ear

Remember The "Novel" Corona Virus Fear Pitch, aka Blatant Lies? Covid-19 PCR Test Kits Were Shipped By Millions To Countries Around The World ... In 2017, Info Prepared By WHO, Then In February 2020, WHO Announces To The World The Name Of This "New" Corona Virus, Covid-19, Still Think You Aren't Being Played?
Initial Experimental Genetic Therapy Injection Deaths, Casualties Just Tip Of Long Term Iceberg
Video: The BS Experimental Gene Therapy Propaganda Lies Continue, 25 Minutes After Shot, Man Dies, Not Allergic Reaction, No Autopsy To Prove This Claim, Yet, A Death By Motorcycle 21 Days After A Postiive PCR Test, It's Covid
Shaky SARS Variant Science, Especially When The SARS-Cov-2 Virus Has Not Been Isolated, Therefore No Proof It Causes "Covid-19," People Dying From Flus, Yes, Pneumonia, Yes
The Bioweapon Passed Off As "Covid Vaccine"
Have You Seen The Emperor's New Virus?
Surprise! Look Who Owns Your Food Supply, Your Heritage Farmland
Video: Need Nuremberg Code Trials, Hold Individuals Responsible, Experimental Injections, No Informed Consent, Lacking Animal Trials

US Supreme Courts Blocks California Closure Of Churches, But No Singing For Now, So Record Someone At Home Singing A Hymn, Play During Service, And The Rest Hum Along

Pro-Maskers, The Useless Breathers: Worldwide Increase In Bacterial Pneumonia, Fungal Infections, Concentrates Viruses In Lungs And Nostrils
US Experimental Genetic Modification Injection Death, Injury Toll Keeps Growing, But Are They Really The True Numbers?
A Few Individual Examples, But "Experimental Injection Had Nothing To Do With It," Yet Within 28 Days Of Positive PCR Test, Death By Motorcycle Accident Was Covid
Nuremberg Code Of Informed Consent: "The Experiment Should Be Such As To Yield Fruitful Results For The Good Of Society, [Not NWO Elites], Without Intervention Of Any Element Of Force, Coercion [Attempt To Make Mandatory], Fraud [Scaredemic], Deceit," [Why Then Do People Believe They Are Getting A "Covid-19 Vaccine" Shot, When It's Not A Vaccine?], It's An Experimental Genetic Modification Injection, No Effort Is Made To Correct This Fraudulent Deceit Equals Crimes Against Humanity
NWO Covidocracy: With So Many Tens Of Millions Of Americans Naturally Immune To C-19, Explains Why NWO Is Using Deceit To Push Their Experimental Genetic Modification Injections So Hard, And It Ain't Because They Are Concerned For Your Good Health
The New Hitler's Psychopathic Repetitive Big Lie ... But What About All Those Tens Upon Tens Of Millions Of Covid Survivors, Those PCR Positive Cases, With Superior Natural Immunity, Klaus? And No Matter What Alleged Variant Shows Up, Natural Immunity Still Better, So These Survivors Don't Need A "Covid-19 Vaccine," Which In Reality Is A Genetic Modification Experimental Injection, And There Are Very Effective Proven Treatments Out There, Ivermectin, HCQ, Zinc, Etc., Though The NWO Groupies Have Tried To Discredit The Real Science, And Guess What, Klaus, They Don't Kill And Maim People Either

Video: All Heil Trudeau's Concentration Camps!
US Federal Law Violation: CDC Inflating "Covid-19" Death Numbers, Yet When Asked For Proof Of SARS-Cov-2 Virus, One Not Available, When A Single Sneeze From Infectious Person Has Billions
From The "What A Load Of Crap" Dept: BS Gates Propaganda, No Way The Real Bill Got Injected With His Own Experimental Crap, And Why The Oversized Mask Hiding Your Face, Bill? Were They Out Of Ski Masks? Plus He Owns The Bloody Injection Poison, He Wouldn't Need To Wait In Line, His So Obvious Fakery Goes To Show He's Afraid Of That Stuff Like All The Other Elites WHO Are Tricking You Into Getting It
The Evil Farmer Bill, He Has Divided Our Fields Form His Spoil
The Idea That Someone Can Seriously Claim Experimental Gene Modification Shots [4.5% Deaths] Are Safer Than "Covid-19" [.1%] Is Ludicrous, Just More Lies For The Sheep, Shot Protocol No Significant Testing Prior To Using People As Guinea Pigs
Video: Metaphor For The NWO "Vaccine" Propaganda, Read The Comment Section
Chicken Bones And Feathers: Science Or Voodoo
Fauci Wants To Experiment On Your Kids With Gene Therapy, Language Is Important, Stop Calling It A Vaccine, It's Not A Vaccine Folks, They Do Not Stimulate A Distinct Immune Response To A Virus Because There Is No Virus In Them According To FDA Published List Of All Ingredients
FDA Pfizer List, But Provides No Information About What The Synthetic mRNA Is Programmed To Do Once Inside Your Body's Cells
Great Reset Delete Humanity, Create Genetically Modified Human Organisms
In Case You Missed It: Experimental Gene Therapy Injections Kill
Video: Covid-19: Greatest Hoax On Mankind
Our Planet Is Being Overrun By A Crime Family Of Evil Psychopaths
Video: Dr. Cahill, It's Not A Corona Virus Vaccine, No Scientific Evidence, Language Important, And It's Definitely NOT SAFE, Genetically Modified Human, It's All New World Order BS, A Genetic Medical Experiment Much More Harmful And You Are The Lifelong Guinea Pig Because Once Its In You, You Can't Get It Out
Video: It's Still A Vaccine Hoax Folks, An Experimental Genetic "Treatment," Moderna A Cancer Therapy Company, Not Vax Maker
From The "Where's The Beef? Superhoax" Dept: People Continue Dying From A Virus That's Not Proven To Exist [Offered $275,000 For Proof, No One Came Forward, But Now Has More Than 450,000 Variants!?], No Attenuated Virus In The Experimental Gene Therapy Injections, And WHO et al Admit Won't Stop Any Transmission Of Any Virus Including Alleged Covid-19
Video: UK 97.16% Covid Positive Of All Ages And Underlying Conditions Survive, Experimental Gene Therapy Injections Kill And Injure, And It Stays In Your Body For Life
Video: "Vax" Pushers Are War Criminals, Dr. Vernon Coleman, Deaths Piling Up, Die Within 28 Days Of A Positive PCR Hoax Test, It is A Covid Death, A Week Or So After Experimental Injection, It's Coincidental
"Acceptable Losses" So Far, As More Guinea Pigs Line Up, Hundreds of Deaths, Thousands Of Casualties That We Know About Following Experimental Injections, More Deaths After 2nd Injection
The Numbers Tell The Story: About 80% Lower Death Rate When Using HCQ, And It Doesn't Kill Or Injure You In The Process
HCQ It Works!
Peruvian Court Rules Covid Pandemic Hoax Planned By Gates, Soros, Rockefellers
The Emperor's New Virus, Neither US, England, Canada, Ireland, Australia, NZ, Denmark et al Can Produce Proof It Exists
CDC Fudging For Profit?
From The "Lying Hand In The Cookie Jar" Dept: The Original WITS PDF, "Novel" Covid-19 Test Kits Sold In 2017, Before Doctored Up Rewriting By Orwellian Elite Media, Why If Not True? Original List Complied By WHO
CDC Website: On February 11, 2020, WHO Announced, "The New Name Of This Disease Is Coronavirus Disease 2019, Abbreviated As COVID-19," Even Though WHO Covid-19 Test Kits Shipped By Millions In 2017, Still A Hoax True Believer?
Pfizer's Experimental Animal Testing Phase On Humans Claims Another Life, CDC's Casualty Reporting System "Temporarily Down"
Big Pharma Merck Goes Against Narrative, Opts Out Of Covid Shots, Better To Get Natural Immunity, Focus On Recovery
A Poke In The Eye To Klaus Schwab's WEF Covid Reset, Putin Lifts Covid Restrictions On Way To Getting Russia Back To Normal ... And Biden, Johnson?
Prepping The Masses For The Experimental Gene Therapy ARDS Cytokine Storm When Exposed To "Wild" Viruses
Covid Cytokine Storm
Another Reminder, Get The Message Out: CDC Admitted They Have No Covid-19 Causing Virus [So Please Explain What PCRs Have Found That Test Positive], And Why Are We Wearing Masks To Prevent Us From Catching A Disease That Doesn't Exist? By Definition This Means There Is No Pandemic Or Vaccine Either, And Is One Reason Why There Are No Attenuated Viruses In Either Pfizer's Or Moderna's Experimental Gene Therapy Injections, And Remember The Deep State, New World Order Klaus Schwab's Book, Covid-19 The Great Reset, It's A Global Fraud, Do You Get It Yet?
One Mexican Cardinal Gets It, Calls Out "Globalcrats" After Vatican Blackout
Covid-19 The Greatest Hoax, NO EVIDENCE, It Would Make PT "A Sucker Born Every Minute" Barnum Jealous
Very Interesting Info, Make Up Your Own Mind
Why FB And Twitter Must Ban The NY Times
Talk About A Huge Hoax: Pfizer To Make Billions In Pure Profit Off An Experimental Gene Therapy Injection That's Billed As A "Covid-19 Vaccine," When There Is No SARS-Cov-2 And Therefore No Covid-19 According To The CDC
Video: Remember, Ireland Government Said They Have No Proof SARS-Cov-2 Exists, If No SARS-2 Virus Exists, Then Covid-19 Viral Infection Can't Exist Either, And PCR Can't Detect What Doesn't Exist, And That Means The Entire Pandemic Is One Giant HOAX
Same For Canada
German Court: Lockdowns Violate Basic Law And Rights
Video: Also Remember CDC's Oopsy, More Than 130,000 "Covid" Deaths Were Really Pneumonia, But, Hey, The Hospitals Got Paid An Extra 13K Of Your Taxpayer Money For Each One Of Them, While Scaring The Crap Out Of You, What A Scam
Video: No Vaccines, Experimental Synthetic Gene Therapy Technology Hoax As Lancet, NE Journal Of Medicine No Immunity, Or Protection From Any Corona Virus Infection, [Mainly Because No SARS-Cov-2 Attenuated Virus In Them], FTC 15.41 US Code, Nuremberg Code Deceptive Medical Practices, Crimes Against Humanity
Massachusetts Rescinds Mandatory Flu Shot Decision
Pfizer Death Injections
Not Just Hank Aaron, People In Gibraltar Dying Like Flies, 53 in 10 Days, After Experimental Gene Therapy Guinea Pig Injections, Politicians Typically In Denial, Remember Them For Later On
Zionist Israel Performing Unauthorized Human Experiment As Did The Nazis
French Doctors Speak Our About Covid-19 Hoax
Vitamin D Big Factor In Minimizing Corona Viruses Effect
Video: Washington DC, This Is Not Inauguration Prep
Video Flynn Bombshell: US Currently In State Of Emergency, China, Italy And Others Election Interference, Only President Has Authority Under Constitution For National Security ... "This President Is Going To Continue In Office"
The Sicilian Defense, D5, Year 5
Special Ops Command Reports Directly To SecDef, Bypass Joint Chiefs Who Also Report To SecDef And Commander-in-Chief, Thus Special Ops Call The Shots In Areas Of Operation
Insider Twit Hypocrisy Video: Self-Righteously Appoint Themselves GLOBAL Censor Against Violence, Just Not From The Left
Newly Released Footage Of Left's Rioting During 2017 Trump Inauguration
Smart Guy: Ugandan Leader Bans Facebook, Twitter, Wins Re-election
Senate Committee Report: Joe & Hunter Biden Sold US Policy For Personal Financial Gain ... China, Treason?
DNI Report: China Interference In US Presidential Election, CIA Put Pressure Not To Report
What A US President Can Do Under State Of Emergency Under The Constitution, Not To Mention The "PATRIOT" Act, And It Has The Atheist Marxist Purple Revolution NWO Left Worried
Former KGB Agent: How To Brainwash A Nation Full Of Soft Heads With Marxist Ideology
FBI Swamp Creatures Knew Russiagate Was Bogus From The Get Go, But Allowed US Citizens To Be Beat Over The Head With It For Years In Media
The Tech Media Police State
Parler Back Up And Running
CYA By WHO: No Guarantee Experimental Gene Therapy Will Prevent People From Being Infected From Corona Viruses, Mainly Because Both PFizer And Moderna Admit In Their Own Literature They Won't
Video: Masks Then And Now, What Changed, Masks, Viruses Or Political Lies?
From The "Alarm Clock Is Ringing, Why Aren't We Waking Up?" Dept: CDC Admitted There Is No Covid-19 Causing Virus [So Please Explain What PCRs Have Found That Test Positive], By Definition That Means There Is No Vaccine Either, Which Is One Reason Why There Are No Attenuated Viruses In Either Pfizer's Or Moderna's Experimental Gene Therapy Injections
Covid Stupidities: How Quickly Society Unravels
Video: Trudeau's Police State Thuggery
Video: German Cop Thuggery, NWO
Video: Left's Hypocrisy

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
NWO Includes New Definitions
Soros Funded Antifa Activist Arrested For Plot To Murder Trump Supporters On Inauguration Day, But Where Is Twitter To Condemn This?
Cui Bono? Fauci Funded Wuhan Bio-Labs Virus Program, Yet Alleged SARS-Cov-2 Virus Still Not Isolated, And No Attenuated Virus In Either Experimental Pfizer Or Moderna Gene Technology Brew
Acceptable Losses: At Least 55 Americans That Would Have Been Alive Are Killed So Far By Pfizer/Moderna Experimental Gene Technology Injections
Proof Trump Won US Election, Antecedent Fraud Nullifies All Subsequent Actions
For Example, Bernie Madoff Got 150 Year Prison Sentence, And Billions Paid Back For His Fraud, How Much More For Stealing Election With Trillions Of Dollars, Millions Of Lives And Republic At Stake?
NY Supreme Court Judge Orders Ivermectin To Save Elderly Woman's Life
Video: To Pfizer, Moderna, Do No Harm, Fraudulent To Call It "Covid Vaccine," It's NOT a Vaccine, It's Experimental Synthetic Gene Therapy, aka Chemo-Therapy That Causes Autoimmune Response, Not Safe, Killing People, And It Does Not Protect You From Getting Or Transmitting Any Corona Virus According To Their Own Admission
How The Lethal Injection Kills, What?, Oh, You Weren't Talking About Pfizer And Moderna?
Sanctioned Murder Or Do No Harm? 23 More Deaths From Experimental Gene Therapy Injections, Yet Government Officials Allow It To Continue, Imagine Outcry If These Numbers Were Death Row Inmates
Video: Canada Gym Health Club Owner Refuses To Close, But Liquor Stores, Fast Food, Cigarettes Okay, Police, i.e., Service Corporation, Intimidation
Video: Think Canada Is Friendly? Think Again, Two Young Canadian Cops Beat Up Old Man In His Doorway
Video: Florida Cops Not Much Better, Trend In These Police Brutality Videos, UK, Canada, US, Germany Picking On Old Men, And Women
Video: Anger Is Building By Concerned Citizens, Veterans Warning To Governments
Video: Woman Makes Point God Always Wins
Video: Another Anti-Mask Exposure
Trump Declassifies Obama Spygate Docs
Makes You Wonder What Else They're Sitting On To Keep The Truth From Us
First Hand Account Of The FISA Process
Capital "Riots" Not As They Appear
Music Video: Billy Wanka And The Vaccine Factory
Video: Guess Who Owns Most Of The Farmland That Grows Your Food? "Dr. Bill"
Who Made Him Decider-in-Chief? Video: CEO Twitter Plans For Ongoing Censorship Of Your Free Speech Into The Future, Not Going Away, So Ditch The Twits
Left Groupthink Comrade Media Food Fight: Bezos CIAmazon Washington Post Throws Zuckerberg Facebook Under The Bus Over Capital Riot, Admits It Wasn't Trump, Well There Goes Grandma Pelosi's No Due Process Impeachment
US House "Mother" Speaker Awakens From Her Wokeness?
Video: Covid New Math Stats Manipulated To Show What They Want, Just As "Average" American Has One Breast And One Testicle
Video: Experimental Injections Not Vaccines, Experimental Synthetic Gene Therapy Technology Hoax As Lancet, NE Journal Of Medicine No Immunity, Or Protection From SARS-Cov-2 Infection, FTC 15.41 US Code, Nuremberg Code Deceptive Medical Practices, Crimes Against Humanity, Rotten Fish Propaganda And Misinformation
Pfizer Roulette Video: Experimental Gene Technology ... This Could Be You
Gene Therapy Technology Is Experimental Treatment
Pfizer Roulette: Nurse Televised Getting Experimental Injection, Dies, Death Hushed-Up
Caribbean Island Tourist PCR Negative Upon Arrival In Quarantine Hotel, Then PCR Positive [How Many Amplifications?] For Covid After He Died Of Non-Covid Cause ... Heart Attack? Don't Know, Only Told What Didn't Kill Him, Didn't Shut Down Hotel Or Quarantine Staff Either
LIES-Cov-2 Video: Real Science Tells Us Masks Don't Work, Yet ..., Reckless Experiment, "Vaccine" Measures Don't Prevent Death, SARS-Cov-2 Virus Still Not Isolated, So Where Is It? Not In Pfizer's Or Moderna's Experimental Injection, PCR "Test" Garbage, Should Be Made Illegal For Virus Infections, Alice In Wonderland Propaganda Manipulation Machine, Well Worth A Listen
Video: Magnitude Of The Covid Lies, Experimental Biological Agents, aka "Vaccines," Medical Trial Guinea Pigs, Pharma-Insurance Companies And Crimes Against Humanity ... Black Africa Has 1% Of US Covid Rate, But Nearly Everyone Takes Their Sunday-Sunday Pill, HCQ Aad Gets Lots Of Vitamin D Sunshine
America's Frontline Doctors Covid White Paper
Video: Big Tech's Outright War, Anti-Constitutional, Not Democratic Free Speech
CIA UFO Files All Declassified
Video: It's Not A Vaccine, It's An Untested Medical Experiment
Video: Nuremburg Code Medical Experimentation, Similar Deaths To BC Care Home With 24 Elderly Deaths In NY Nursing Home
From The "It Doesn't Take A Genius" Dept: Corona Virus, Covid-19 Or "Avoiding Unnecessary Concerns" Pfizer Injections, 31 Deaths, A Hush Up Or Cover Up?
Stay Up To Speed With Covid Vax Deaths
Who's Murdering All These Covid Docs?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Keep The Faith, God Always Wins
Video: Ten Days To Change History
Obadiah 1:1-4, God Always Wins
Video: US Military Intelligence Sting Op
From The "Showing Their True Constitutional Free Speech Colors" Dept: Amazon, Apple And Google Coordinate DOS Attack .. Last Gasp Effort Though
Video: US Coup d'Etat Nearly Complete, Just Not The One You Think
Video: This One
UK: Pride Goes Before Fall
Video: UK Police Stand Around Watching Non-Mask Wearing Black Man Giving Out Hugs, But Half A Dozen UK Cops Arrested A 92 Year-old White Guy
Video: UK NWO Police State
From The "How Can That Be?" Dept: Florida With No Lockdown, No Mandatory Mask Wearing, Hospitalization Level Same As 2018 Flu Season, Shows "Covid-19" Is Political And Economic, Not Medical
Stolen Election: Global IT Expert Admits In Italian Court He Switched Significant US Election Votes From Trump To Biden, Therefore, States Knowingly Sent Fraudulent Electors To Electoral College? Federal Crime? Nullify Vote? When Will The Dems Demand Mueller Conduct An Investigation?
SARS-Cov-2 Doesn't Cause Covid-19 Because SARS-Cov-2 Has Not Been Shown To Exist, Exactly As The Health Service In Ireland Claimed
Video: Ireland Government No Proof SARS-Cov-2 Exists
Video: Canada's Trudeau Intimidation Troops, He's Afraid Of The Truth Getting Out To The 99%
Video: Canada $1200 Fines For Anti-Covid Lockdown Gathering Despite Constitutional Right, Police Not Wearing Masks Ticket Protester Not Wearing Mask, While Politicians Travel To Hawaii And Other Warm Spots, Essential Travel? 
Video: US Election Fraud Italygate, Message To Election Fraud Perps By Former CIA Station Chief, They Don't Like Loose Ends, You Are Walking Dead
Not Just 2020 Election, But 2016 "Russiagate" Too
Video: YouTube's Seal Of Credibility, "Violating Terms Of Service" With The Truth, Taken Down After Millions Of Views, Covidnomics Prolong The Central Bank Dollar System To Bring In New Slave-Master System, Go To Right Side And Scoll Down To Daily Solari, Planet Lockdown Video, 48:32, Watch And You'll Know Exactly Why It Was Taken Down
This Is War: Elite Globalists Vs. The Common People
Video: LIES-Cov-2 Absolutely No Reason For Vaccines, PCR A False Foundation, Staged Fear Pandemic
Video: Former Drug Company Exec, Vaccines Are Not Safe, Americans Sicker Than Ever
The Covid Plague: Cure Worse
BTW, Where Did All The Russia Bashing Disappear To, From Whence It Came, World Media In New Jersey?
Like Everywhere Else, Canadian Non-Covid Deaths Included For Propaganda Fear Purposes
Venezuela Held New National Assembly Elections, US "Appointed President" Nowhere in Sight
Turkey's Erdogan Keeping Syria War Warm
Does The Covid Hoax Have Its Roots In Building 7, 9/11?
What Vaccine Trials? "The DNA Template Does Not Come Directly From An Isolated Virus From An Infected Person" ... With Millions Of Alleged Deaths And Positive Cases, Surely, There Must Be One Available?
Video: A History Of Vaccines ... Not One Size Fits All, Aluminum, Synthetic mRNA Injections, Gene Therapy Technology Not A Vaccine, Cause Auto immune Response
Massive Election Fraud: Will Biden Be Blocked Wednesday?
Is There A Chinagate Too?
Video: Woman Posits What Many Feel About The Mask Nazis
Nothing Has Changed: Studies Show Masks Don't Stop Spread Of Giving Or Getting Viruses, Yet Some Folks Still Believe The Earth is Flat, Too

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Nursing/Care Home Residents First To Get Moderna/Pfizer Injections
From The "It Doesn't Take A Genius" Dept: Corona Virus, Covid-19 Or "Avoiding Unnecessary Concerns" Pfizer Injections? Hmm, If This Was A Mass Shooting Would Politicians Tells Us They Are Putting The Lid On All These Care Home Deaths, Saying We Want To Avoid Unnecessary Concerns? So When Politicians Get Quiet, Like Kids, Rather Than Dictating More Oppressive Regs To Us, Something's Up, So A Hush Up Or Cover Up?
From The "Month Ten Of The Three Week Flatten The Curve Lockdown" Dept: Truth Exists, Moving The Goal Posts To Suit Your Agenda Is Not
Evidence Of "Novel" Covid Fraud, Planned Years BEFORE 2019
Evidence Of Voter Machine Fraud, Switching Votes Over Internet Wifi, 100% Switch
Not As Dense As The Liars Think We Are
Video: RFK Jr, Dr. Zac Bush, Viruses And Good Health, Not Found In These Cell Invasive "Back To Normal Vaccines"
From The "No Virus Needed" Dept: Shot And Killed, Killed In Motorcycle Accident, It's "Covid-19"
Video: NWO No Law And Order In UK, Woman, Who Recorded The Truth Shared Video Of Empty Hospital, Arrested
Video: Know The Law And The Police Can't Take Away Your Rights
WikiLeaks File Dump 1
WikiLeaks File Dump 2
WikiLeaks File Dump, Clinton Emails
Just A Year End Reminder, Don't Forget The Middle East Tinder Box
Get Up To Speed, Read The 2020 LIES-Cov-2 Global Coup d'Etat, The Great Reset Review: Falsifying Death Certificates, PCR Can't Detect SARS-Cov-2, Any "2nd Wave" Based On Fake Stats, WHO's Orwellian Changing Of Medical Definitions Into Lies To Suit Big Pharma, "Herd Immunity Is By Protecting People From A Virus, Not Not Exposing Them To It," Really?, Guess The Director-General Of WHO Also Forgot True Vaccines Are Supposed To Have Viruses In Them To Create An Immune Response, i.e., Injecting People With Weakened Viruses To Imitate An Infection (CDC), So Then, They're Lying To Us Again, These Experimental Toxic Injections Are Not Vaccines, Question Is, Do We Get The Hoax Yet?
From The "Inventing A Cure For A Disease That Doesn't Exist, But From Which Many Have Died" Dept: Vaccines Have Viruses In Them To Imitate An Infection In Order To Develop Natural Antibody Immunity According To CDC, Notice What Is NOT In Pfizer "Vaccine," Instead AI Experimental mRNA Nanoparticle Instructions (You Know, Like A Computer Microsoft Program, Bill?) For What They Tell Your Body's Cells To Do, Why? Doesn't The SARS-Cov-2 Virus Exist? If Not, Covid-19 Doesn't Exist, And If Covid-19 Doesn't Exist, What's Been Going On For The Past Year? Do Any Of These "Vaccines" Have The Alleged SARS-2 Attenuated Virus In Them?
Deranged, Demented, Psychopathic Hoax On Humanity Video, Ireland Government No Proof SARS-Cov-2 Exists, Then How Can We Know ANY Vaccine(?) Will Be Effective? Point Is, It's Not A Vaccine, But A Toxic Injection, People Dying, Getting Seriously Ill, Autoimmune Responses
Real Vaccines Have Viruses In Them So That We Naturally Develop Antibodies To Viral Infections
Video: WHO, Now It's Not About Viruses, As They Have Been Pounding Us With For The Past Year, But Changing Society
Worldwide Hoax: Covid-19
Video: High Profile Doc: Politics Playing Medicine, All Testing Should Stop! Covid-19 Greatest Hoax In History, No Government Interference Needed, Mask, Social Distancing, Lockdowns Medically Useless, This Is A Flu, Not SARS-CoV-2 Or Otherwise
Science Should Be Based On Provable Facts Not On Reset Agenda
Klaus Schwab Great Reset: For These "Farmers" Everyone Else Is A Sheep, But Very Happy Sheep, Well Until Meat Market Day
Get An Injection, Get HIV/AIDS, Autoimmune Response Coded Into Our Bodies
Fauci: PCR 40 Amp Results Garbage, Now Admits He Lied About Herd Immunity, Maybe He'll Go Back To His Original Position, No Need To Wear Masks Too?
New WHO Vax Strategy To Get People Injected With Toxic Brew ... Artificial "Herd Immunity" By Injection, But What About Everyone Who Has Natural Immunity After Testing Positive For Covid? Well, It's Not About Covid Anymore They Tell Us
Video: Before Subversive Divide And Conquer Social Distancing, Mask Wearing And Lockdowns, There Was This ...
And This ... During The Original SARS Outbreak
Video/Transcript: Fauci And Moderna Evil Medical Experimental Vaccine(?) Skipped Animal Testing, Using Technology Never Used In A Vaccine(?) Before, Violating the Bayh-Dole Act In Every Patent Filing, "An Illegal Operation From The Beginning," Using $2.4 Billion Of Taxpayer Money In The Process
Video: Ohio, New Mexico, CDC et al Lawsuits, Restraining Orders Against Intentionally Misleading Public About Covid, Reclassifying Deaths As Covid
Video UK 2nd Wave Of BS: While The Government Tells Us Hospitals Overrun, People Dying, Covid Running Rampant ... But Lo And Behold Hospitals Are EMPTY, Real Virus Are The Lying Politicians
Canada Video: From The "Caught With Their Knickers Around Their Ankles" Dept: Canada's Blatant No Cred CBC LIES-CoV-2: Fake Government Media Emergency Room Covid Reports ... For An Illness With A 99.9% Recovery Rate And No Sick People In Sight
Video: Allegedly Getting A Vax, But The Syringe Plunger Is Not Touched As In The Verb, Injecting
Video: French Police March Against Vaccine
Video: Young Canadians, Pay Attention, Your Country Is In Big Trouble, Caution Some Strong Language
PD Video: First The Drill, Then The False Flag Event
Video/Text: Building 7, Past Lies By Those In Government With Agendas

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
From The "Shine A Light" Dept: The Family, Elite Princes, The Deep State, The "Great Reset" And You
Killing You Softly: 5 Questions That Pfizer And Moderna Need To Answer About Their Toxic Brews
Video: The Diabolical Scheme, It's Not About Covid, Nor Is The Toxic Brew They Are In A Rush To Inject Into Us Before Too Many Of Us Are On To Them
Video: We Need To Be Intelligent Servants Of God, Kings And Priests In God's Family, Our Hope Is In Our LORD And Savior, Satan Does Not Own Us
Selling Your Soul To The Devil Video: New Covid Vaccines Skipped Animal Studies, Long Term Human Reaction Could Have Deadly Effects, Immune System Compromised, Nanobot Bill Gates Patent 060606
Everyone Take The Time To Read This And Then Pass It On: Thousands And Thousands Of Doctors Worldwide, Evidence "Pandemic" Was Planned, Greatest Crime Against Humanity, Millions of Covid-19 Test Kits, Labeled As Such, Sold in 2017, 2018 Around The World, Fauci Predicted, So How Did He Know About This "Novel" Coronavirus In Wuhan In Decemeber 2019, Lyrics From 2013 Rap Song, "2020 Combined With Corona Virus, Bodies Stacking"
Video: Full Disclosure? Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Injected Into Your Body Cells Via Covid Vaccines, Never Before Been Approved For Vaccines, Also Used In Antifreeze, Oven Cleaners And Other Stuff, But They Told You That, Didn't They?
From The "Human Medical Experimental Testing" Dept: Growing Concern About Pfizer's Nanoparticles, Nanobots In Vaccines Produce Rare Reactions In Short Term Real World Testing On Human Guinea Pigs Without Full Disclosure, Potentially Life Threatening
Obviously No Need To Rush, Growing Number Of US Lawmakers Not Lining Up For Covid Vaccine
First Pedophilia Was Tolerated, Then Hell Was Dispatched, Now NWO Pope Says Murdered Aborted Fetus Cell Line In Vaccines OK With Him, Will Media Later Tells Us He Never Said That Too?
Catholic Citizens.Org: Pope Says Hell Gone
Face Mask Lies
Video: UK's Bizarro World Dishonest, Manufactured NHS Deaths Stats, Used In Order Create Fear, Panic Leading To Great Reset
Video: London's Great Role Reversal Reset, Marxist Police State Action, While Wuhan China Is Back To Normal
Video: Great Reset's Covid Stupidity Runs Amok In House Of Israel's Ephraim, UK, While Wuhan China Is Partying With No Vaccine, No Lockdown, No Mask Wearing Or Social Distancing
Video: CDC Admits People Affected Negatively By Covid Vaccine, And This Is Just The Beginning, Wait Until They Start Dying
Video: Hospitals Classified More Than 130,000 Pneumonia Deaths As Covid, So They Lied To Crank Numbers Up To Induce Fear, Now That Vaccines Are Here CDC Can Admit It, So When Do We Find Out They're Lying About Covid Vaccine Safety? Looks Like Right Now