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Winter 2020

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Winter 2020

Are "Crack Intelligence Specialists" Code For Expert Butt-Heads? Anyway, Newly Uncovered UK Secret Agency On How To Enslave The Masses Even More
Quarantine Working? WHO Confirmed Global Covid-19 Cases About .00003% Of World Population
Sneaky, Stealthy Swamp Creatures: The Mueller Prestidigitators At Work
A Scenario Coming To The US?
Rated PG: Avoid Anti-Infammatory Drugs Like Ibuprofen As It Increases The Number Of ACE-2 Receptors On Cell Surfaces, Which COVID-19 Uses To Infect Cells, Or Not?
Coronavirus Not Enough? How About An Alien Invasion?
Hybrid War: First Deaths From Covid-19 Recorded In US As Early September 2019? BTW, Remember When US Use To Be At Forefront Of Helping Others? Now Can't Help Themselves
Some Context: US Never Shut Down Its Bio-Weapons Labs
Covid-19 Timeline Raises Some Interesting Questions
Chicken Or The Egg? The Convenient Excuse To Tighten The Noose: Coronavirus Spying
Bad News Bear As WTI Crude Falls Below $25 Barrel, Say Good-Bye To Fracking
Banker Jupiter Macron Uses The "N" Word, Nationalization
Go Rogue, Bernie, Go Rogue
Putin Playing Chess: Strikes Back At US Sanction Behavior
An Evil Wind Blows Through America, What Goes Around, Comes Around
What Possible Reason Would Trump Have To Turn Down Covid-19 Virus Test Kits?
Swiss Company Gets China's Approval To Use Actemra In Severe Inflammatory Immune Coronavirus Cases
So What's The Deal With The Coronavirus And Trump's Power Grab?
Contrary To Forrest Gump Wisdom: US Taxpayers Continue Paying For WW2 Nazis While Zionist Israel Supplies Arms To Ukraine's Neo-Nazis, Kneecap Palestinians
Russia's Anti-Intel Electronic Defense A Bane To NATO
US Intel, Pentagon 9/11-Like Response To Coronavirus? Why Not Medical Taking The Lead?
What's Hillary Afraid Of Now?
EU MP's Ignorant Revisionists Who Fear A Strong Economic Russia
India Deficit With China About 60% Of Bilateral Trade
Ah The Humanity of It, Trump Wants Exclusive Rights To Coronavirus Vaccine
Coronavirus And The Economy Link: Made In America In September 2019?
Remember The 2 Billion The WHO Said Would Get The Swine Flu in 2009? "The Data Was Manipulated"
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Sanctions Blowback, The Real Crisis: Putin Outsmarted And Hit The US Where It Hurts The Most ... Its Petrodollar Debt
West's Neo-Feudal System On Verge Of Collapse
Up To 56,000 Died In US During 2012-2013 Flu Season, Yet No Panic Or National Database Needed, Now Middle March 2020 Near End Of Flu Season, 50 Deaths From Covid-19 Or Is It Really About The Economy?
US Government And Google Warning: Sounds Like A Sneaky Excuse For Something Sinister, While People Are Being Panicked, To Slide A National Net[work] Into Place Very Quickly, a la the PATRIOT Act, Over A 98% Survival Rate Flu
Nutanyahoo Gets Two Negatives: Covid-19 And Forming New Government
How Iraq Will Get US Troops Out Of Country
OPCW's Credibility Continues To Precipitate, Solidifying Whistleblower's Report
So Have Your Super Rich Buddies Invited You Over To Their Doomsday Bunker?
Covid-19: Shut It Down Now
The Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Manipulation Of Real Choice
Hillary's 2 Step ... Change Partners And Dance
Profile In Courage: Manning Finally Released From US Gulag
Corona Coincidence Or Biowarfare?
The False Witness Bible "Quoting" Rascals Of Washington DC
Why Has The Compassionate Heart Of America Suffered Cardiac Arrest?
Chelsea Manning Attempted Suicide Report
Video: Hillary Deposition, White House Cover Up?
OPCW's Tar Pit Gets Stickier
Pointing Fingers Of Blame Doesn't Change The Fact That US Woefully Unprepared
Not China: Trump Got Rid Of US Pandemic Response Team In 2018
Never Send A Child To Do A Man's Job
US Admits It's In Syria To Screw Up Syrian Sovereignty, Perpetuates More Lies To That End, IS The US Schroedinger Cat, Both Alive And Dead At Same Time
Presidential? Biden Exercises His 1st Amendment Rights, Tells Michigan Factory Worker He Is "Full Of Shit," "Horse's Ass," Real Smart, Joe
Biden's 2nd Amendment Track Record
But Weapons And War, US Veterans To Biden: "We Fought In Your Damn Wars"
And They Call Themselves The DEMOCRATIC Party? The Ever Moving Hypocritical Elite DNC Rules, And Media Cohorts, Which Goes To Show All The Talk About Sexism, Etc. Is Only Political Feed For The Cultural Marxist Rage Machine Sheep
Torturing, Raping, Killing Of "Gentiles" By ...
The Domestic Mess Of The US
Swedenization Of The EU? A World Region That Use To Be Europe?
Turkey, Graham: Need To Stop "Syrian Aggression" In Syria, Let NATO Be The Aggressor In Syria
From The "Always Money For Wars" Dept: But, Pay For Your Own Covid-19 Health Care
Not Exactly A People Person: Amid Market Turndown Trump Announces New Economic Stimuli For Businesses, But, "We're Also Going To Be Talking About Hourly Wage Earners Getting Help"
More Shock And Awful Virus, Panic, Misinformation?
A Ruse By Any Other Name Is Still A Ruse
Surprise! Hillary Would Love To See A Woman VP On The Ticket With Biden, Hmm, Wonder Who She Has In Mind? ... And Then Biden Steps Down After A Year or Two, And Guess Who Becomes President!?
A Growing Number Of Jews Are Tiring Of Zionism In Israel
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
You Want To Give Your Voices Power? Start Your Own Party
Undaunted Huawei Keeps Rolling Along
Video: Eat The Press
Tortoise Of Truth MH-17: No Missile Launch Took Place On 17 July 2014 From Russian Sources, And The Hare Of Hidden Lies
You'd Think That Trump's Giving Zionist Israel Jerusalem And Gaza, That A Source Code Would Be A Fair Trade
The Tale Of Two Viruses: H1N1 Vs Covid-19, What A Difference Propaganda Makes, Microsoft Steps Up To The Plate With Its Hourly Staff
White Geezers Rule!
DNC Biden-Clinton (?) Fix Is In, So Bernie And Tulsi Form "Great New Party" And Run As Independents?
Meanwhile, At The Bottom Of The Political Barrel: Voters Beware The Wannabe Presidential Plagiarist Puppet
Voters Beware: Leader Wannabes ... Pow Wow!
A Prophetic Reminder
The Triad: CIA, Mossad, Central Bankers
Sort Of Warms The Cockles Of Your Heart, US's Love Of War And Violence
Russia Smarts Vs. "From US With Love" Style Of Diplomacy [We'll Send You More Ammunition, Luv Ya]
You Mean, US Not Number 1?
Incest In The Swamp
From The "It's Not My Fault!" Dept: Don't Admit Failure, Blame Someone Else And Never Take Responsibility
Shell Shock? These Are The Folks That Check The Facts And Bring You The News?
The Country That Use To Be Sweden: Don't Like Seeing Girls In Burkas, Move To Someplace Else
The American Way: Retire From Government, Win The Defense Industry Lottery
Not So Fast, Bibi
From The "Never Believe Anything Until It’s Been Officially Denied" Dept: Is The Coronavirus Racist?
Bio-Warfare, Turning Non-Lethal Viruses Into Fatal Weapons: An Overview
China's Trump Card: Pharmaceutical Exports, 80% Medicines Consumed In US Are From China
Jordan Peterson Video: Yellow Pencils Or Crayolas? Need A Balance Between Both
Nuclear Aircraft Carriers On The Seas, No Problem, Nuclear Power Plants At Sea, A "Floating Chernobyl"
Cowardly Zionist Air Force Pilots Use Civilian Airliners As Cover To Fire Missiles Into Syria
US In Afghanistan: Nedogovorosposobny, Which Is To Say, Their Word Ain't Worth The Paper It's Written On Or Is It Deep State Actions Vetoing Trump?
Life Imitates ... Rumpelstiltskin!?
Fear And Panic More Damage Than Coronavirus: Fails The Sniff Test
Where, O Where Have The Skripals Gone? Well, It's Highly Likely ...
Chinese Hackers Accused By US
What!? US Hacking China For Past Eleven Years?
No Oscar Performance This Time: Syrian Terrorists Get Burned In Foiled Chem Weapons Attack
DNC Rigging The Outcome Again: Keep Gabbard Out Of Debates, Time For A New Center-Left, "Join America's Great New Party"
Oh, That's How The US Dem "Birds Of A Feather" Elites Take Care Of The Old, Jewish, Rich, Socialist White Guy
Super Tuesday: The Best The US Dems Can Offer, As Biden, Who Is Under Investigation For Criminal Corruption Charges With Ukrainegate, Scores Some Wins, Looks Like Bernie Will End Up Going Rogue, Run As Independent
From The Bizarro World Post News Desk: Ukrainian Court Opens Probe Into Biden Corruption Charges, Interfering In Domestic Affairs Of Ukraine, But Trump Got Impeached Over What Biden Actually Did, And Bragged About Publicly
The Crumbling European Fortress
Ex-US Zionist Ambassador To UN, AIPAC Grooming The Perfect Proven Sock Puppet Haley For Presidency, Per Revelation 17:13, 17
From The "Remember When America-First Citizens Held Top Government Posts?" Dept: Swapping Out Your Swamp Creatures For My Zionist Ones
A Leftist Dent In AIPAC's Armor
Federal Reserve Bank Cuts Rates To Protect Economy From Coronavirus
The Ongoing Machinations In Syria, Now Turkey's Army Fighting Alongside Its Terrorists
Russia Closes Syrian Airspace To Turkish Air Forces
Video: Eat The Press
US Senate Committee Issues Subpoena In Biden-Burisma Probe
Federal Court Orders Hillary To Sit For Dispositions, Emails And Benghazi
Now That's The Olympic Spirit, IOC Forged Signatures, Used Against Russian Athletes
British Voting System A Metaphor For The UK
US Dems Have Their Own Version Of An Electoral College: Superdelagates
Video: al-Qaeda And Turkey In Syria, Islamic Megalomaniac Erdogan
Hey US, Here's An Idea, Why Don't You Withdraw Your Troops Illegally In Syria, In Violation Of International Law? Then, We Can Talk About Ceasefire Lines In Syria, Deal?
The Multiple Faces Of Turkey
US Peace Deal With Taliban Has No Legal Standing As They Are Not The Legitimate Government of Afghanistan
Afghan Government Concurs
Not Far Off From Sodom And Gomorrah
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
38% Say They Wouldn't Buy Corona BEER Due To Coronavirus ... And These People Vote
New England Journal Of Medicine: Coronavirus, Despite Media Panicked Hype, No Worse Than Severe Seasonal Flu
First Person Report: I Have The Coronavirus
WHO: Stop Panicking, Focus On Facts
Some Say The Single Cell Amoeba Is The Lowest Form Of Life, However ...
Election Year "After 18+ Years, I Ended The War" Agreement: US To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan ... But Will Increase Number Later On As Done Before?
SecState "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal" Pompey-o Claims, “Al-Qaeda Today Is A Shadow Of Its Former Self, We've Decimated Its Leadership..." Well, Not Really, Mike, They Just Moved To West Africa, US Afghan Troops Redeployed There ...?
... Because Chinese Corporations Are All Over Africa, And ...
... Nigeria, Africa's Top Oil Producer, Is In West Africa, Along With al-Qaeda, Momma Mia, What Are The Odds?
Convenient Casus Belli For US In Nigeria?
Pinball Erdogan Bounces Back To NATO
The Syrian Terrorists And Their Western Partners Come Into Focus
From The "Cheney And Oil Friends Snafu Fubar" Dept: Weaponized Refugees Released From Turkey, Head For Europe, Ploy To Get The West On Erdogan's Side In Idlib
It All Started When Dick ...
The Larger, Real Threat Posed By Assange, A Media Uncontrolled By The Elites, Send Assange To Jupiter? Macron Offers Asylum
Stand Up UK, Show The World Who You Really Are ...
... And The Answer Is, A Heart Of Darkness And Evil?
If You Live In The UK, Flee Now: Mothers Are Victims, Judge Says 50% Isn't Enough, Apparently Parental Nurturing Of Children Is No Longer Valuable To Society
Victim Culture: Duh, Turn Off The TV Or Switch Channels
Once It Takes A Breath, It Has Life, Dems
Biologically Irrefutable, Senators
Do As I Say, Not As I Do ... At Least The Crimeans Had A Referendum, Free From Meddling Troops And Politicians Too
Biden, Criminal Meddling In Ukraine, And Worse?
Prelude To "Crooked Hillary" Getting Back Into The Race, And Before Indictments?
Well If MSM CNN Doesn't Know About Germany's Border With Italy, What's A Bunch Of Ducks Got To Do With It?
Now That's Big
Why Is US So Afraid Of Huawei Competition?
IAEA: Why Is It Okay To Release a Million Tons Of Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean?
Perspective: WHO, Common Flu Far Deadlier, Infects Millions, 650,000 Die Annually, But It Doesn't Get The Same Media Panic Coverage As Corona
While US Sanctions Russia's Nord Stream 2, Russia's Crude Oil Exports To US Doubled Last Year
The Fantasy World Of Lies That Passes For Rational Thought Concerning US Foreign Policy
Video: Shows Trump Impeachment Was Another Act, Russiagate Merely Was A Cover For The US Dem Obama Administration's Biden-Ukrainegate, Offers Proof Enough to Investigate And Bring Charges
Fry Me A Pickle: Giving The Elite US Dems A Heart Attack, What Are They Going To Do About The Old, Bald, Jewish, Rich, Socialist White Guy?
A Faustian Riddle: Amazing How Russians Only Support Popular Politicians, Trump, Gabbard, Sanders 2020, Not 2016, And Only After He Has Taken The Lead, Yet Strangely Not Hillary Who Helped Russia Get 20% Of The US Uranium Supplies
#MeMilToo: Defense Against Imperial US Military Harassment And Assault
Political Theater: The Art Of Leaving, While You Are Staying, Now Playing In A US Election Campaign Near You
Will Assange Verdict Be A Tipping Point? Is The Rule Of Law In Effect Or Will The West's Swamp Creatures Devour Another Bit Of Liberty And Our Foundational Freedoms? Oh, And BTW, Where Are The Other Media Publishers, NYT, CIAmazon Post, LA Times et al, Who Ran The Same Stories, Showed Same Video? They're Controllable Herd Media, Not Rogues, So No Threat 
How Far The Once Mighty And Just Have Fallen: UK Judge Continues Travesty Of Justice In Truth Exposer Assange's Political Case
BBC: Rather Than Mangling The Classics By Attempting To Rewrite Them, Just Write New Stuff, Either Way, What Value In Watching?
Clinton Foundation Found Guilty Of Abusing African Woman's Human Rights, "Never Expected To Get Caught"
The Nobel Peace Prize: An Anachronistic Award In An Era Of Fake News, Non-Stop Lies And Never Ending Wars
Russiagate Mueller Lied In Court According To FBI Witness Reports
Battle In Syria's Idleb Continues, RAF Flying 200 Missions A Day
UK Exposes Its Uncivilized, Horrendous "Banana Regime" Behaviour Towards Political Prisoner Assange
Soros And Corrupted European Court Of Human Rights Judges
Despite US Strong Arm Tactics, Huawei Continues Strong Growth
Imperial US Opposition To Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Exact Same Reasoning It Used Against Europe Buying OPEC Oil Back In The 1970's: "It Will Make Europe Too Dependent On [OPEC 1973, Russia 2020] Energy Supplies"
All Because Of A Lie
Election Perspective 2020: Russia Meddling Is Another Lie
Concealed-Handgun Permit Holders More Law Abiding Than Cops
Left's Hate Even Trumps Village People's Inclusive Diversity
Mainly Because Germany Doesn't Have A Border With Italy, CNN?
But Why Would The US Intervene Militarily In Syria To Protect Foreign Terrorists? Why Not Put The Turkish Safe Zone In Turkey, A NATO "Ally?" And Why Is The US Military In Syria Anyway?
The New US "N" Word: NIGs Or Non-Integrated Gap Countries
From The "Doing The Same Things Over And Over But Expecting Different Results" Dept: Trainwreck US Dems Scrambling To Give Credibility To Their 2020 Russiagate 2.0 Hoax
Rock And A Hard Spot: How The Dems Will Deep Six Bernie, But When He Runs As An Independent Candidate, He Will Return The Favor
Lo-Qs Take Note: Folks Are Tired Of The Farcical, No Evidence, Fake 2016 Russiagate And The Hate, You've Got To Learn When To Fold'em
Need A Bogeyman? Mossad Chief And Israeli General Travel To Qatar To Ask Them To Continue Supporting Palestinian Hamas, An Organization Labeled As "Terrorist" By Zionist Israel
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Jews Consider Zionism A Rebellion Against God, And They're Right
WHO: Yearly, Common Flu Infects Millions, 650,000 Die
A Peek Into UK's Political Judiciary
Forget Rule Of Law: It's US Politicizing Of The Law And Courts
By Their Actions: US Democrats Seek To Change The Rules, Move To Bypass Constitution's Electoral College, Turn Republic Into A Democracy
And Democracies Always Commit Suicide
The No Evidence DNC Shifting Russiagate Targets: First, Trump, Then Tulsi, Now Bernie, Guess The Russians Can't Make Up Their Minds, But Never Hillary Who Does Have A Trail Of Evidence, Russia-US Uranium Connection, Fake Dossier
The Hillary-Russia Connection
Video: Tulsi's Defamation Lawsuit Against Hillary
From The "When The Bus Is Over The Cliff, It Makes No Difference Who's Sitting At The Steering Wheel, Stomping On The Pedals" Dept: Who Controls US Foreign Policy? Those Who Control The Money Supply, And Putin Knows It, Which Is Why The Entire Russiagate Crap Is Nothing But Diversionary Fake News
But Who Controls Foreign Policy When The Empire Falls?
Tumescent Pentagon Exercise: Essentially WW3 End Of Life On Earth
Not Looking Good For US Though
US Blabbing About Nuke Strikes Done By "Sick People"
Modeling The Deep State
Video: Eat The Press
Prince Andrew's Canada Connection
737 MAX Update: Dangerous Debris Discovered In Fuel Tanks Of New Jets
Coronavirus Update: And Japan Is Set To Host The Fukushima Olympics?
US Moving Nukes From Turkey To Poland?
NATO Go Home
Assad's Syrian Army Re-Opens Road Connecting Aleppo With Damascus
US Election Meddling Nasty-nauts Rocket Past Absurdity, Reach Outer Orbit Of Clinical Insanity: Trump Sanctions Iranians For Not Including US Candidates, So Are US Dems Getting Sanctioned For Manipulating Tulsi Gabbard Out? Oh, Well That's Different
Meanwhile, At Unnamed Sources HQ, NYTabloid Space Cadets Prepare To Launch Meddling Hot Air Powered Russia Rocket
Has Anyone Seen Smedley, Our Named Source, Lately? No, And Likely Never Will
Giddyup: With Nothing Left To Lose, Hillary Digs Her Rusted Spurs Into Gunpowder's Carcass, And Grasps At The Rotting Reins Of Her Dead "Russiagate" Mount
Video: Enough Of The Lies And War, Bribery, Blackmail And Journalists On CIA's Payroll
It's Time To Meddle! Government Mind Control: Creating Ukranians In Our Own Image And Likeness
Pentagon's $716 Million In Weapons Destined For Syria's Terrorists
Why Is US Corporate Media Glorifying The Western Supported Terrorists In Syria While Making The Democratically Elected Popular President Look Like The Bad Guy?
Imperial US Silences Freedom Of Speech, Expression On The Internet
Twitter Announces, In Political Campaign Year, How It Will Justify Censoring Anything It Doesn't Like
Hollywood's Only Good Guys In The Movies DoubleThink: Check Everything For "Diversity," Which Is To Say Conformity To Only What We Think Is Okay, Including That White Males Are Portrayed As Good Guys Too?
Incursion Into The Empire's Maritime Flanks
The Lost Continent Of 1950's America
Two Can Play The Game: Release Assange And Put Him On A Medical Flight To A Country Of His Choice
Ah, The Hippocratic Oath Was Overrated Anyway: So Much For The Loving Left, You Won't Get Medical Treatment If You Aren't Ideologically One Of Us, But You Gotta Keep Paying Into The System
Gulag America
Globalist Coup Provoker And Sh*t-stirrer After Facebook, But Offers No Evidence, Just Accusations
From The "Never Say Never" Dept: What Happens To Canada When US Does The Same As It Did In Venezuela With All Your Natural Resources, Mr. PM?
Can't Speak The Language And They Have Low Or No Skills, But Are A Great Boon To The Country? Sounds Like A Great Business Plan For Pauper Slavery
From The "No Wonder They're The World's #1 Debtor Nation" Dept: Pentagon Hasn't Lost Its Touch, $716 Million In Weapons Destined For Syria's Terrorists Left To Rust
US Meddling In Afghan Elections
CIAmazon Post Op-Ed Says Elites Should Run The Election, What!? They Aren't??
St. Patrick's Day Corruption Trial For Nutanyahoo
New York Or Jew York?
The Best The US Can Muster: Political
The Best The US Can Muster: Academia ... What Happens When They Find Out The Tooth Fairy Isn't Real?
"Belief In A Devil," Understanding The Fanatic Woke Groupthink: The True Believer Groupies Loathe The Present, Need An Object Of Hate, And Ultimately Creates Worse Than What They Hate
Update MH-17: Leaked Docs Dutch Military Intel Says No BUK Missiles Possible, That Leaves Ukrainian Air To Air Missiles
US Actions Prove That Iraq War Was About The Oil, Not Phantom WMD, Otherwise What Are They Still Doing in Iraq While Illegally Occupying Syria's Oil Fields, Looking For More Phantom WMD?
Typical Instigator US-Zionist Israel's Delusional "Kool-Aid" Induced Finger Pointing
US Surrogate NATO To Stay In Iraq Indefinitely, NATO Or Is It METO Now?
Citizens Of Aleppo Celebrate Assad, Russia, Fully Liberated From Saudi-US Backed Terrorists
"Most Powerful Military In History Of The World" Has Not Won A War In 75 Years, But Keeps Losing, Which Could Help Explain First In Class Pompey-o And Others
Jupiter, The New Boney Really Wants An Army
When Profits Take Precedence Over Health
Bidens Of A Feather?
Typical Arrogant Billionaire Idiocy, And What's He Going To Say He's Got Nothing To Eat? But No Doubt His Doomsday Bunker Is Well Supplied
And If They Politically Off Bernie, What's To Stop Him From Offing The Dems And Run As An Independent Except Literally Offing Him, Or Hillary Gets Indicted For Her Myriad Of On The Public Record Crimes?
Bloomberg, The Hillary Surrogate, Lies Fly As The Stop Bernie Movement At Any Cost Is Underway
Twitterville Censor Dictatorship Strikes Again ... What Are The Names Of These Hidden People Who Decide?
ACLU Has Gone Over To The Dark Side
Video: "ClownWorld" If You Weren't Sure How Far Over The Cliff The US And The West Are, Suicide Watch
The West's Illegal Immigration Crisis
If Old Age is A "Disease," Are US Dems The Disease Party? Putting Forth Bernie, Hillary And Bloomberg With Pelosi Watching From The Wings
Turkey Keeps Stirring The Damascus Embers
Frankenfed's Monster Is Running Amok In The Village
Obama Takes Credit For US Economy Where ...
... 30%+ US Income Earners Over $100K Run Out Of Money Between Pay Checks
Predictably The Small Minority Who Are "Wokers" And LGBT Can't Handle Diversity Other Than Their Own Version
Queen Elizabeth Passes The Buck From Buckingham Palace As Assange Is A POLITICAL Prisoner Despite Magna Carta's Right To A Fair Trial For All Subjects Of The Crown
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Asia Pivoting Away From The US
The US Presidency Has Become A Mockery Of International Law, Not To Mention Reality, Opening Pandora's Box: If Trump Says Mickey Mouse Is Prime Minister Of Canada, Then Legally He Is, According To This "Woke?" Judge
The Unique Mission Of The US Embassy In Jerusalem: Birds Of A Feather Support For The Interests Of Zionist Israel
Israelgate?? Stop Bernie Sanders At All Costs
I Never Say Never Because I Do Believe In The Country Serving Me ... Or Thoughts To That Effect
When Mr. "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal" Says The West Is Winning, What's He Really Telling Us?
No Doubt The Voice Of Experience With Three Fingers Pointing Back At Him
CIA Owned Top Encryption Company ... Got Paid Top Dollar To Listen In On Other Nation's Intel
Replace China With US And Pompey-o's Remarks Would Not Be Lies Says China's FM
From The "Get Your Own Fragile House In Order" Dept: Fearmongering US House Speaker Goes To Germany To Tell Europe What It Should Do
EU Dominoes?
China Leads US In Key Tech Patents, Good Thing They're Not Creative
US Empire World's Biggest Cyber Spy
The Siren Call For The US
Russia's S-400 Stronger Than US Sanctions ... And Missiles, Fighter Jets
Rupert Murdoch's London Times Promotes Antichristian Family Values
Putin, However, Reiterates His Support For The Traditional Family And Values
While America And The West Continue To Turn Away From God, Even Russian Communists Are Turning To The Bible
The Curse Of Pandering To The Fantasies and Lies Of Transgenderism
The Downhill Addiction To Lies, And The Sons Of Lies
Yes, Virginia, Politicians Lie, And Yes, We Let Them Get Away With It
Pharisaical Zionist Israel Does More Than Enough To "Blacken" Its Own Name
Why Are Zionist Jews Trying To Shut Up Americans In Their Own Country, And Why Do 28 US States Go Along?
Why Is Pro-Palestinian Automatically Anti-Semtism?
From The "Chicken Little Syndrome" Dept: Problem Is, Zionists Don't Know When To Shut Up, With Them, Regardless of What, It's Always "Anti-Semitism"
Zionist Israel Continues To Show The World Its True Colors By Its Hate Crimes Against Humanity
... Then Warmonger Zionist Plays The Self-Justified Defense Victim
Bibi Ignorant Or Just A Smart Ass Remark?
Zionist Israel's Cover Up Of Its Illegal Land Grabs
American Suckers: Money For Zionist Directed Foreign Wars But Not Much To MAGA
The Path Back To Square One: We Need The Right Stuff
Better Than Gold
JEDI Nights: Digital Clouds Form On The Horizon As Microsoft Sues CIAmazon
Trump's Non-elected Puppet President For Venezuela Gets Attacked On His Return
Imagine The Quid Pro Quo Ruckus If Venezuela's Maduro Recognized Bernie Sanders As US President?
US Puts "Public Disclosure Groups," aka Spilling The Beans On Illegal Activities, On Same List As Terrorists
Russia-EU Explore Increasing Trade Payments Without US Dollar
The Country That Use To Be Sweden: A Sanctuary State For Terrorists?
The Country That Use To Be France: Girl Threatened By Muslims With Rape, Having Her Throat Cut For Criticizing "Religion Of Peace" Islam
Hillary's Libya: A Time Bomb For Oil Markets ... Hahaha, Who's Laughing Now?
Right Passion, Wrong Battle
On The Battle Plain Of Esdraelon
CIA Owned Top Encryption Company ... Got Paid Top Dollar To Listen In On Other Nation's Intel, Had Access To Iran's Intel During 1979 Hostage Crisis, And Still Mucked It Up
ISIS: The Convenient Foe
OPCW Cred Shot, Time To Clean House Or Remain Irrelevant
Meanwhile, Syria Continues To Push Against Turks And Terrorists In Idleb
Billionaire Tantrums, Waah, I Want His Toy, Bezos Wanting To "Impeach" Trump Over A Conversation?
Billionaire's Knickers In a Knot: Soros Wants Facebook
Russian S-500 Missile Defense System Capable Of Destroying Targets in Space
Well, That Answers That Question, When A Mentally Disturbed/Poor Loser Runs For US President ...
From the "Emperor's New Clothes" Dept: Scam Of The Century Is A Zionist Plan To Normalize Apartheid Of The Palestinians
The Ongoing Zionization Of Israel And The Palestinians
Down The Rabbit Hole: Income Inequality
A Plague On Our House Worse Than The Coronavirus
Does Coronavirus Have An Affinity For Smokers Whose Lungs Are Less Healthy?
Coraonavirus By The Numbers
Scientists Discover New Advanced Giant Viruses, Can Use Volleyball Nets As Masks ... Just Kidding
Plagues And Pestilence In Waiting? Not With This One, A Virus As Of Yet Unknown Origin Discovered In Brazil
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
GOP Voter Registration: "No One's Life Should Be Placed In Danger For Exercising Their First Amendment Rights," Tell That To Trump Re: Assange
Rule Of The Lawless: Political Prisoner Assange Was Set Up, Based On Lies, So Much For The US/UK Illusion Of Rule Of Law, Truth Now A Crime ... BTW, Where Is Chelsea Manning?
Preparing For The Next Decade: Israel's War Games For The Middle East
US Soaked In Middle East Oil And Dirty Deeds Since End Of WW2
All US Troops In Middle East Declared Terrorists
US Assassination Of Soleimani Traced Back To US Supported Terrorist's Attack, Which Begs The Question, Was This A Planned "Cause-Effect" Op All Along?
Especially Since Pompey-o Said, "We Will Not Stand For ... Actions That Put American Men And Women In Jeopardy,” Yet One Month On, Nothing From The US, Okay It Was Nigeria, Not Iraq, But ...
"Give 'Em Hell Harry: I Don't Give 'Em Hell, I Tell Them The Truth And ..." They Think Its Anti-Semitism, Yet Zionist Israel Murdering Palestinians, Stealing Their Lands Doesn't "Far Exceed The Boundaries Of Civil Discourse?" All The While Selling Arms To Nazis
Zionist Israel Sells Arms To Nazis
Civilian Soros Role With Ukraine Coup That Brought Nazis Into The Open
Anti-Semitism The Ultimate Zionist Weapon
Will Hollywood Honor The Mafia Style Terrorists Who Commit Public Executions And Crucifixions? A Propaganda Story Complete With Little Girl And Pink Balloon Guaranteed To Win An Oscar?
Evidence Of The Big Picture: China Is A Counterpoint Here, The US Is The Point
Money Talks: Which Country Is A Mega-Corporate Dictatorship? A: The US, B: The US of A, C: America
From The "Remember When The US Constitution Was In Force? Swore An Oath To Uphold? Me Neither" Dept: US AIPAC Republican Regime Senators Call For End Of "Free Speech" With Threat Of Financial Sanctions, Who's Next That They Don't Like?
What's My Line? Will The Real America Please Stand Up?
The Illusionary Construct In Which America Lives
And If The Ukrainian Airliner Shot Down By Iran, With 82 Iranians On Board, Shows A Cyber Attack By US Displayed It As A Military Missile Attack, Will Biased Canadian Poodle And Weinman Arnold LLP Sue US?
US Cyber Command: Destabilizing Iran Is Within Mission Scope To "Advance [US] National Interests In Collaboration With Domestic And International Partners"
Spider And The Fly: The Danger Of Seeing Ad Sales Companies As News Sources
Tech Companies "Free Speech" A Giant Joke: Advertising Sales Masquerading As News Sources, It's Like Providing Organic-minded Vegans With Free Farming Advice While Blocking All Organic Farming Content
False Profit: Pope Calls For Wealth Redistribution While Hanging On To Vatican's Riches
Wealth Of Catholic Church, So Rich Impossible To Calculate Its Value
Russia And Iran's Differences Over Syria
The Political Balkanization Of Germany
A Pivot To Asia? Philippine President Terminates US Military Agreement
Speaking Of Extrajudicial Killings ...
Beware Of Politicians Blaming Their Mess On Outsiders, Usually A Diversionary Tactic That Ends Up In A War
Looking Into A One Way Mirror: US Defines Itself And Zionist Israel As Lawless Terrorist States
Why Does US, And Poodles Always Come Out In Favor Of Terrorists, And Not The Sovereign Armed Forces Of Syria?
Syria Shoots Down Most Of Zionist Israel's Missiles In Attack
Tortoise Of Truth: Was Soleimani Assassination A Long Thread Leading Back To A False Flag Op?
From The "Same Difference" Dept: Pompey-o, "We Will Not Stand For ... Actions That Put American Men And Women In Jeopardy,” Yet One Month On, Nothing From The US, Okay It Was Nigeria, Not Iran, But ...
Trump's "Peace" Plan An Heir Of Balfour Declaration
Go See Bibi: Always The Used Car Salesman
Zionism Is Not Judaism
Bolshevik's Red Revolution
Wall Street And Bolsheviks: Same Game Today
Wall Street Financiers Claimed Success For The Bolshevik Revolution
What Is Trump Doing Illegally In Syria?
Turkey Fills Obama-Hillary Libyan Void ... It's All About The Oil Again
Late To The Party: Gray Lady Must Have Used A Walker To Get To Libya
President Death? Trump Brings Back Landmines ... Be Careful Walking To Schiff's And Pelosi's Office ... Just Kidding, I Hope
US Possessor Of World's Largest Stockpile Of Chemical Weapons
Inalienable Citizen Rights Preexist The Bill Of Rights, US Constitution
Who Knew That The Primary Crop In Iowa Was Bananas Not Corn?
And We Thought 2016 Was A Mess: US Democrats No Longer Can Call Themselves A Party, A Cluster F? Definitely
Voter Caveat Emptor: Thanks For The Warning, Google-YouTube Will Ban What They Determine, Not Necessarily What Really Is, Manipulated Election Content, From Past Experience, i.e., Stuff That Doesn't Agree With Their Atheist-Leftist Ideology, In Retrospect, Did They Ban All The Russiagate Fakery? So, Start Loading Up The Bookmarks To All The Sites You Trust, And Ditch Google-YouTube
Leftist Twitter In Lockstep With YouTube, Facebook
And While You're At It, Get The Duck
Ultracrepidarian Faith-Based Atheists, Promoted On YouTube, Convicted By Their Own Definition: Atheist's Definition Of Faith: "Believing Something Without Evidence," According To The Thinking (?) Atheist; Biblical Definition Of Faith, Greek, Pistis: Conviction Of The Truth, Atheists Believe God Doesn't Exist, So Where Is Their Evidence?
Atheistic Apps And Yellow Pencils
US Dems Impeach Trump Over Withholding Arms To Ukraine Nazis?
Holocaust Remembrance Day In Jerusalem As Zionist Israel Supplies Arms To Neo-Nazis In Ukraine, Not To Mention "Concentration Camp" Style Treatment Of Palestinians
Zionist Israel Sells Arms To Nazis
Palestinians Segregated Behind Walls In Zionist Israel
Zionism Is Not Judaism
Chernobyl Fungi Eats Nuclear Radiation
360 Billion Locusts And Not One To Eat?
Holy Flying Protein, Batman!
US, UK, Sweden Continue Breaking Down International Law: Assange Remains a Political Prisoner
Pompey-o Changes Tune On Crimea, Which Was Part Of Russia Since The US Were Colonies
Pompey-o: US Will Never Recognize Crimea As Russian
From The "My Empty Wagon Rattles The Loudest" Dept: Regardless Of One's Political Affiliation, AOC, You Have No Power To Legitimize The SOTU Address Even If That's What You Wanted
Twitter A Political Tool For The Socialist Left While Ignoring Inconvenient Facts
With The US Dems Mess In San Fran, A Farce Of An Impeachment, The Biden's Misadventures In Ukraine, Hillary's Russiagate Dead Horse, Why Isn't The Iowa Caucus Snafu A Surprise?
Leftist Seattle Slides Into The Abyss
Billionaire's Knickers In a Knot: Soros Wants Facebook
Brattish US To Ratchet Up It Nord Stream 2 War
From The “Sky Is Falling” Dept: New White Helmet Fake Video Already In The Can, Non-Gasmasked Rescuers Appear Impervious To The "Gas"
White Helmets Preparing Another False Flag
NYTabloid Writer Giving The National Inquirer A Run For Its Money
One Step To Babylon
Babylon's Assassins
UK Crazy: Set To Release Horde Of Convicted Terrorists But Not Assange
UK Crazy 2: wOKe To Steal, Shoplift Now Because "I" Think It's OK
Iowa Caucus Winner: Pro-Israel Billionaires, Russians, Trump, But Where Are The Democrats?
Given The US Dems Impeachment Farce And The Iowa Caucus Cluster-F Up, Trump Keeps Winning, At this Rate Maybe The Dems Could Use Some Russian Meddling
Ukraine's Un-Orthdox Pretender To The Throne
Nobel Peace Prize's Last Shred Of Credibility About To Be Blown Out The Window?
Coronavirus Hysteria Overblown
Trump Send His Teeny Tiny Nukes To The Middle East, Kindling For Igniting Bigger Nukes
Marxist Racist Revisionist Project 1619 BS: If Black Slaves Built America, As Your Unproven Theory Goes, How Do You Explain Black Africa In Comparison? How Was White Europe Possible, Or White Russia Or Ancient China For That Matter? And Who Knew That Beethoven, Mozart And Rimsky-Korsakov Stole Black Music Or Is It The Owners Of All The Major Music Companies? And What About The Blacks Who Owned Slaves? One Other Thing, Hannah-Jones, Get Your Facts Right, The White Founding Fathers Intentionally Created A REPUBLIC, So How Could Blacks Make It A Democracy When The US Never Has Been A Democracy To This Day?
Not "Everyone Has Stolen Black Music," Let's Be Specific, So Is 1619 Implying ...
What 1619 Left Out: Jews Major Black Slave Sellers
Oh, And BTW 1619, The Black Africans Sold Into Slavery Were Done So By Black African Slave Traders, Without Whom The Slave Trade Would Not Have Existed
And Today, Black Africa Has Highest Rate Of Slavery In The World, Therefore, Highest Rate Of Development According To 1619?
China Builds 1000 Bed Coronavirus Hospital Within 2 Weeks, Opens Tomorrow
1500 Bed Facility Opens Later In The Week
China's Response To Coronavirus Breathtaking
Well, If White Christians Issued The Threats That Would Be Different
Damned From Here To Eternity In Afghanistan
Odd Choice, Messenger Or Trade For Soleimani Assassination? Trump Sends CIA Torturer-In-Chief Haspel To Palestinian Officials
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
As The Worm Turns: Biden Has Criminal Charges Filed Against Him In Ukraine ... But Don't Expect Him To Go To Ukraine To Defend Himself
As Japan's Radiation Olympic Games Approach, They Are Set To Release 1.2 Million Tons Of Fukishima Water Into The Ocean ... Fukishima Tuna Anyone? Currents Headed For Canada, US, South America
Arab League Rejects Trump's Vision
2020 Vision A Disaster
Zionist Plan D Pushing The Palestinians Out Of Jerusalem, We Need The Palestinian's Plan, And Then The 2-State Negotiations Can Take Place If This Is A Honest Process, It's Not, So This Is Just A Duded Up Land Grab, Which The Prophecies Concerning Jerusalem Say Will Happen
FBI Found To Have Been Lying Over Seth "Russiagate" Rich's Murder
And The Snafus Keep Rolling Along On The US F-35
Russia Declassifies 1945 WW2 Photos Of Churchill, Roosevelt In Crimea With Soviet Hosts For Yalta Conference
75 Years After WW2 Ended, Revisionist West Is Producing Fake History To Go Along With Its Fake News
Brexit: That's It In A Nutshell
Hopping Down Huawei's Money Trail
Huawei: Two Down, Meng To Go
From The "They Must Have Found Oil" Dept: US Troops Needed In Africa To Fight ... al-Qaeda, Remember Them?
Showbizzers Should Have Spent More Time In English Class, Nevertheless, I Bet None In The Media Will Take The Challenge
We Came ... To Serve Papers, We Saw ... Her Turn Tail And Run ... Her Presidential Persona Died
Time To Look In The Mirror America: US Government Paid $81 Million To Teach Personnel How To Torture, Bury People Alive, No Wonder The Country Is Reaping Its Reward
Russia Builds Its Financial House Stronger While Moving Away From US Dollar
Coronavirus: Most Important Thing, Don't Panic, Overreaction More Dangerous
US House Votes To Block Military Funding For Any Trump Strike On Iran ... That They Don't Approve Of, So How Long Before They Backtrack, Or Will He Wait Until Congress Is In Recess?
Pompey-o Names Biggest Obstacle In The Way Of Ruling The World, What Palestine Isn't Enough?!
Back To The Future: The West's Middle East Policies And Resurgence Of Nazism In Germany
The West's Social Justice Warriors Of Today Were The Bolshevik Communists Of The Soviet Union
Big Pharma: New Thought Police For Those Sheep Who Don't Think For Themselves
West Bank Seizure Not Unlike The Austrian Anschluss To Form A "Greater Germany" In 1938, Which Led To ...?
The "Greater Israel" Plan, Which Will Lead To ...?
If The One-Sided, Two-State, i.e., US And Zionist Israel, Not Palestine, Proposal Isn't Accepted By The Palestinians (It's Not), Then Either Israel Collapses Into An Apartheid State Or We Get The Sword, The Prophecies Say It's War
Whose Plan Is It? I Don't Know, What!? Palestinians Prefer The Original Abbott And Costello Routines
Video: Who's On First? Yes.
The Greater Israel Plan, Balkanize Iraq, And Now White Helmets Allegedly Up To Their Old Tricks In Syria, A Formula For Increasing Violence In Middle East
Assassinations: From Civilization To The "Law Of The Jungle"
Didn't The US Already Destroy Iraq Once Before? Balkanizing Iraq Threats Show Trump Is A War President With Blood On His Hands
More Threats: The So-Called "Friends Of Israel," i.e., Zionist Supremacy, Are No Friend Of America, They Want To Fine American Citizens Up To $1 Million And Put You In Prison For 20 Years If You Oppose Their Unconstitutional Efforts, Yet No Such Laws And Penalties In Zionist Israel
Nutanyahoo Indicted On Corruption Charges
Ukraine's President A Real Comedian, Insinuates Soviet Union Started WW2
Nothing New: Eventually EU Council May Well Sanction The Entire 96% That Voted In The Democratic Election To Return To Russia, Yet No Sanctions On US Leaders For Their Coup Against Democratically Elected Government In Ukraine, Maybe They Don't Like Democracy, But Like Stealing People's Assets?
The UK And Its King's X Torture Of Political Prisoners
The Evil Empire Living By The Sword In Hollywood, Just Don't Criticize Those With The Sword
Meghan Markle Now A Woke Verb, However, Feel Free To Make Up Your Own Definitions, Such As Someone Who Doesn't Count The Cost Before Building Their House On Sandringham
Faux Fad Of The Day: Science Showed Us The Earth Isn't Flat, The Sun Doesn't Revolve Around The Earth, And There Are Only Two Genders, XX And XY, But If You Want To Pretend That The Authentic You Is A Woke Green And Yellow Trans-Platypus From The Far Side Of Uranus, Go Ahead, But The Prophecies Tell Us Some Unpleasant Day The Reality Of This World Will Come For You In The Not Too Distant Future, But Then It Will Be Too Late
Maybe They Missed Science Class, And Didn't Tell Their Body: Why Do "Transgender Boys" Need Tampons?
All The Better To Spy On You
Where Animals Graze, Plants Contain 50-90% More Nutrients, Then Makes Sense To Eat The Plants Not The Animals
Daniel 1:8-16, Veggies
Thus Saith The Hare: Greasing The Skids With Bipartisan Lies Makes The Lawless Empire Go Round
Last Year US Dropped More Bombs On Afghanistan Than Ever Before, But Still Losing, Sort Of Like Vietnam
The Beast Grows: Trump Playing Role Of God, Giving Land To Zionists, Not Jews, Leading Up To "Entering The Glorious Land, And Many Countries Shall Fall ..."
Cyrus Of The Persian [Iranian] Empire, 2nd Head Of Daniel's Great Image, Retained Ownership Of The Land/Jerusalem Under The Auspices Of Their Empire, As Did The Greeks, Romans And Ottomans, Today "No Trace Is To Be Found Of Them," Dan. 2:35. Israel Never Was An Independent Political Nation Since The Advent Of Ancient Babylon, Cyrus Is History, Prophecy Paints A Different Picture, Third Temple, Dan.11:45, Rev. 13:5
Map Persian Empire, Jerusalem And All The Land Of Israel Part Of Persian [Iranian] Empire Under Cyrus When Jews [No Zionists Around Back Then] Rebuilt The Temple
Visual: Ishtar Gate Of Ancient Babylon Strong Resemblance To Main Architectural Feature In Zionist Israel Temple Below

Visual Zionist Temple Resemblance
"The 'Land of Israel' Claim, As Made By The Zionists, Has Totally Different Meaning In Judaism", i.e., Jews Of The Bible
Gaining Dominion By Hook Or Crook: "We Shall Have World Government Whether Or Not You Like It, By Conquest Or Consent," James Warburg, "Father" Of Fed Reserve To US Senators
Just In Time For US Election Campaign Season As Nutanyahoo Said
The US-West's Habit Of Liberating Free, Sovereign Nations From Themselves
Then They Torture Their Captives
Even If Iran Wanted A Nuke, Scientifically It's A Fair Ways Off, Easier And Cheaper To Trade Oil For Leasing Some From China
From The "All Or Nothing" Dept: Why Not Issue Sufficient Number Of Nukes To Every Country, Perhaps Under IAEA Supervision, Then Is Invading Countries For Their Oil And Gas Worth The Loss Of One's Own Nation?
All Silk Roads Lead To The Middle East
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
If You Can't Beat Him, Propagandize Him As Putin Moves The Sovereign Nation Russia Towards A Strong, Solid Future, Like What The US Use To Be When It Was A Great Nation, Not A Central Bank Globalist, Sanctioning Stronghold Doing The Bidding Of Zionist Israel
Its Growing Gold Reserves Make Russia Stronger
The Country That Use To Be Sweden In Crisis
Prince Charles: Iran Important Part Of Our World
Austrian FM: Russia A Key Part Of European Stability
Palestinians: Beware Of Semites Bearing Gifts
Scary Implications For Future War: Major Policy Decision Making Based On Fake News Mr. Trump
Coronavirus Epidemic: No Need To Panic, Beware Fake Photos, It's Winter And Snowing In Wuhan
Democracy, Liberty, Sovereignty? All Hot Air As US Treasury Dept, aka Jewish Led Goldman Sachs South, Blocks Iran's Fars New Internet Address
US Military Sponsored NFL: Concussions In 2018 NFL, 214, US Troops 34 Concussions In Retaliation For Soleimani Assassination
Iraq Calls For US To Leave It's Sovereign Country, But Like Syria, They Won't
US Trying To Revive ISIL In Iraq To Create "Cause" Not To Leave Iraq
Syria Has The White Helmets, Iraq The Joker Revolutionaries
With Quick Action Brexit In The BoJo Bag, Future Looking Up For UK, One Has To Ask What Were Theresa May's Brexit Failures All About?
Both MSNBC And BBC Get The Kobe Bryant Story Seriously Wrong, And Now Turning To Politics ...
Once A Pariah, Now A Paragon, West's Corporate Fake Journalism And The Deliberate Spreading Of Lies, Lost Trust In CNN, BBC, NYT, CIAmazon Post, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
True To Form, After Three Days Of Presenting Dem's Case In US Senate, Schiff Accuses Defense Lawyers Of What His House Committee Has Done Including Blocking Witnesses During House Hearings
In Violation Of House Rules, Jewish Schiff Blocked GOP Members From Calling Witnesses
Beware The Scheming Trotskyists
Ukrainian Jew Trotsky, aka Lev Bronstein
Prussian Jew Karl Marx
Straight White Men Are Semites, Putin And Russian People Are Semites, Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi And Iranian Peoples Are Semites, Jews Are Less Than 1% Of The Semites Worldwide, So What's With All The Prejudice And Name Calling?
Harry, We Can Call You Harry Now That You Have To Pay Taxes Like The Rest Of Us, Stand In Line To Get A Driver's License ...
When Paranoia, High Anxiety And A Delusional Imagination Lacking Evidence Runs Amok In A Chicken Little Mind, Well ...
Quid Pro Joe's NYC Debut
Sex In The Christian Age
No Sex In The City
Tennis Australia's Silly And Immature Snowflakes Don't Include And Can't Handle Diverse Beliefs, Why Always Make It About Themselves?
Big Bro London Now Has Advanced Facial Recognition Cameras
Digital Addiction's Withdrawal Anxiety: Smart Phones Or Smart Students?
Massive Earthquake In Turkey Felt In Tel Aviv
Israel 100's Of Years Overdue For A Massive Earthquake
Mad Policies In A World Driven To Madness In The Middle East Nexus
What's In A Picture? Hundreds Or Hundreds Of Thousands? Depends If You Are Western Propaganda Media Company, Yet Will The US, Long On Sovereignty And Democracy Talk, But Short On Action, Respect Iraq And Leave?
Trump And Nutahyahoo Not A Good Combo For Palestinians
Palestinians Beware: President Of The United States Of Israel Trump Talking "Peace" Plan ... What Other Territory Is He Going To Gift To Zionist Israel That's Not His To Give?
From The "Lies Stacked Upon Lies Upon More Lies" Dept: US SecState "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal" Pompey-o's Department To Use $35 Million US Taxpayer Dollars To Promote Propaganda Lies As "Honest News Reporting" In Syria
Interesting How Fake Newsers Always Accuse Others Of Doing Exactly What The US Does: From The Tabloid Formerly Known As The NY Times, Russian Bots In Venezuela Sowing Confusing
Another Example Of How Individual And State's Rights Of The US Republic Are Being Replaced By The Centralized Federal Government a la The Soviet Union
PATRIOT Act's Soviet Kin
US Federal Agents, PATRIOT Act Rigged Court Trials, Violation Of International Law In Arresting Those Defending International Law
Guess Who? Didn't Know Self-Appointed Committee's Opinions Determined Rule Of Law Governing Nations
Philippines President Tired Of US Living Off The Fat Of His Country, Seeks Dialogue With Russia, China
A Little Goldman Sachs History And Hypocrisy
Huge Relief For Straight White Men: Pushing Zionist Gender-Race Agenda, Goldman Sachs Will Stay Away From You ... So Saudi Arabia, What Do You Think About That? Luckily, Just In Time, Aramco/Saudi Gov't $lipped A Token Ms. WHITE Woman On The Board, Of Course, The Other Ten Directors Are White Men, So We're Good Now?
Goldman Sachs' Aramco Valuation Is Insane
Aramco Says Goldman Sachs May Stabilize Its Shares After IPO
Guess She Doesn't Fart
So No Zero: 10-30% Is Carbon Dioxide
Zero Means Zero: But Breathing, Exhaling Releases 4% Carbon, Maybe She's Suggesting Humans Die Off?
China Gets Out In Front Of Coronavirus Outbreak, Cancels Year Of The Rat New Year's Celebrations
Or Is It Year Of The Bat?
No Doubt George "I Cannot Tell A Lie" Washington, Thomas "Declaration Of Independence" Jefferson, And James "Father Of The Constitution" Madison Would Be Impressed ... Not
Troops For Hire? US Troops Fighting Trump's US Mercenaries In Middle East?
No One Mucking Up World Trade More Than Trump And US
Iranian Commander Assassinated In Front Of His House
US Issues Threat To New Head Of Iran's Quds, The Fact That Imperial American Troops Have Illegally Invaded And Are Occupying Sovereign Nations In Violation Of International Law, And That These Same Americans Are Murdering Citizens In These Countries Isn't A Consideration For US, But Is A Formula For Outbreak Of A Hot War
"A Common Thief Breaks Into Your House ..." Despite All The Faux Flag Waving MAGA BS, This, Folks, Is The Real US: "We Came, We Saw, We Stole," Violator Of International Law, Blocks Invitee Russia, Ally Of Democratically Elected Syrian Government, From Syria's Oil Fields In Dangerous Stand-Offs, Easy To See How Greedy Billionaire Oligarch US Can Instigate WW3, Fulfilling Prophecy Of Damascus A Heap Of Ruins, The Fall Of US And Western Nations
Joke Of The Month Club: EU Barking Poodles Consider "Punitive Measures Against Turkey For Its Illegal Military Incursion Into Northern Syria," And The Illegal US Invading, Occupying And Stealing Syrian Oil, Killing Its Citizens, Not So Much
Report: Radioactive Waste From Fracking Being Spread On Roads
Probably Lots Of Smoke, But No Mirrors: Fake Newsers To Produce HBO Fake News Doc On Dangers Of Fake News? ... Hmm, I Wonder What Examples They Will Use? Bethcha Not US/West Corporate Fake News Stories, But Spin Russian News Stories Like The Polish PM
Polish PM Must Really Dislike Russia Or Is Embarrassed Over Poland's WW2 History, Wants To Rewrite It a la Orwell
Tulsi The Truth Teller Sues Hillary The Liar
4th Amendment Issues: Big Brother FBI Wants Apple Encryption Destroyed, Isn't Just The Bad Guys' But Everyone, Sort Of Like Destroying Your House's Foundation To Protect Against Termites
Another Reason Why Countries Hate The US Government: Missing US H Bomb Hasn't Exploded Yet, But It's Only Been 50 Years
US Squeals Like A Stuck Pig When On The Receiving End Of A Stick
From The "Not To Big To Fail" Dept: Is Fundamental Corporate Philosophy And 737 MAX Design Change The Straw That Breaks Boeing's Back?
A Desperate Corporate Move By Boeing To Shore Up Stock Value? But, Little Or No Trust From Sixty-Five Thousand Plus US And European Airline Pilots
What A Coincidence That This Happens In Olympic Years
The Hare Of Lies Running Around Like Crazy To Defend Discredited OPCW
IMF Lauds Putin, Russia For Being Ahead Of The Curve
Macron Angry At Jerusalem Police In French Church
The Coronavirus Plague
As Glaciers Melt, Ancient Viruses Discovered, New End-Times Plagues?
Same Ideological Political Group Of People: Sounds Like The Old Soviet Marxist Attack On The Eastern Orthodox Church, But It's NATO This Time
The Silent "Soviet-French" Revolution: When Freedom Of Speech Is Gone, Truth Goes With It, Replaced With Jail Sentences And Fines
Blowback Precedent Set By Trump: How Much For A Digitized Copy?
The American Dream Arrives In San Fran, Much Worse For The Journey From The 1950s
A World Of Extremes: Is The Pope Fascist Or Marxist? ...
... Or Beneath It All, A Capitalist? Catholic Church Richest Corporation In The World [Beside Central Banks], Possibly Over $1 Trillion
The Davos Billionaires: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down? The Comments Are In, It's Thumbs Down, But Davosites Don't Care, They Know They've Won, Well, Short Of Armed, As In Guns, Revolution
Appears That Accusations Against Biden Are "Bunked" Not Debunked, See For Yourself
Can UK's Labour Party Keep The Lines Clear Between Jews Of Judah And Zionists? As Jews Worldwide Less Than 1% Of Semites
Next Time You Hear Americans Chant "We're Number One!" They Do Lead The World In Political Assassinations, With Zionist Israel Hot On Their Heels
Zionist Israel's Assassinations
Russia's New And Improved Government, Doesn't Appear To Have Many Lawyers If At All
Robbing Peter To Pay Paul: US Sanctions Increase Russia's Export Of Crude
When Your Word Isn't Worth The Paper It's Written On, China Chills Towards US Nuke Talks, Can't Trust US Anymore
T-rump's Smooth Diplomacy: If Poodles Don't Do What US Wants, They'll Be Hit With A Big Tariff Stick
Like The Old Days When Someone Defected From The Soviet Bloc, We Have An Escapee From The Blob Bloc
I Pledge Allegiance ... One Nation, Under Zionist Israel
Yes, Virginia, There Is A 2nd Amendment, Comes Right After The 1st Amendment Freedom Of Religion
Can The US Republic Withstand The Onslaught Of The Billionaire Oligarch's Media Propaganda Lies?
Blowback: West's Habit Of Taking A Dump On Other Countries
From The "Don't Confuse Us With The Evidence When Our Lies Are Working Perfectly Well" Dept: UN Security Council Hears Tortoise Of Truth Testimony About Manipulation Of Douma Chemical Attack Reports, But Will Mumpsimus US Be Held Accountable For Their Violation Of International Law? Hahahahaha
The Lies On Both Sides Of The Coin: The Political Black Art Of Lying, And The Gullible Dim Masses Believing Them
Speaking Of A Pelf ... Which Ones Are "Debunked?"
Video: Trump Has Been Impeached For What Biden Bragged About Doing
From The Country Once Known As Sweden
Obama's Secretive Assassination List Vs. Trump's Open Assassination: Reflects Personalities of Both, But With Same Lawless Results
But Isn't This The Intent Of Lobbying In The Halls Of Congress? Support Us And We'll Contribute To Your Re-Election Campaign, Don't And We'll Go To The Other Guy, Or ...?
How About A "Free" Trip To Israel? King's X, Time Out, We Declare It Is Legal
Meanwhile, Zionist Israel Keeps Kicking People Out Their Homes
For Trump And US Deep State, China In The Middle East Is The Big Hidden Secret
Taking Human Life "Doesn't Really Matter," Diplomatic Assassination Over Possible Saudi-Iran Rapprochement Talks Geared Towards China Not Getting A Foothold In The Middle East, Which Threatens The Petrodollar, Ties In With The Prophetic "Tidings From The East" Future For Damascus
While The Akratic Assassination Of Diplomat Soleimani Provides War Crimes Impeachment Possibility Against Trump, Same Applies To All The US Administrations From Obama, Hillary, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al, Albright, And At Least As Far Back As Kissinger, And Dulles
Dulles: Creator Of CIA, Deep State
And This Year's Oscar For Best Theatrical Investigation By A Government Agency Goes To ... [Fill In The Blank]
Assembling Snollygosters To "Mend Holes In The Chicken Coop" Never Works
False Flag To Post-Justify Diplomat Soleimani Assassination In Iraq? Diplomats In Germany Should Be On High Alert As US Says Attack Imminent Against American Troops There
When Is 2,150 More Than 4.6 Billion?
Maybe They're Not Ancient Aliens At All, But Future Earthlings Time Traveling
What's All The Drone Buzz Over US Nuclear Launch Sites?
As 737 MAX Software Issues Pile Up, Will The MAX Fly Again?
Huawei Ditches Google, New Deal With TomTom
Brexit: A New Path To Old Ways For EU?
Trump Wants To End Future IRS "Birth Tourism" Taxpayers
Lesson For Others: Left's Tortiloquy, Dishonest, Libelous-Slanderous "Free Speech," Comes With A Price Tag
Not Exactly Thomas Jefferson, But Governor Chicken Little Proves The Point: Usual US Dem Response, Want To Get Rid Of 2nd Amendment Gun Ownership, But Calls Out The Armed Government Troops When Freedom Of Assembly Protesters Show Up, Exactly The Intent Of Citizen 2nd Amendment Gun Ownership Opposing Oppressive Government
US-NATO Destroyed Libya, Russia Initiates Process To Rebuild
Wokers To Protest Mother Nature For Only Dropping White Snow On Canada ... Just Kidding, But Wouldn't Be Surprising, Eh?
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Waging War To Keep Petrodollar Afloat
Regional Fed Reserve President Says Time To Start Where Soviet Union Left Off
Falling By The Sword: Less Than A Decade Before Soviet Union Fell, 50%+ Of Industrial Output Was Going To ... The Military
Commander-in-Chief Trump's War On His "Baby Dope Generals" ... Overcompensation Recipe For Prophesied Middle East War?
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall: What Happens, Mike, When Other Countries Follow Your Precedent, Adopt Your "Eliminating Presumed Enemies" Strategy?
Putin, Assad, Patriarch John X Invite Trump To Syria, For The "Eliminating Presumed Enemies" Tour?
Those Snool Dogs Don't Hunt ... EU Whipped Poodles Put Tails Between Their Legs Once Again
Death In The Drag Queen Swamp
Markle Loses Her Sparkle: No More Titles, Lose Income And Pay Back Millions Spent On Renovations
From The "Let Them Eat Fries" Dept: Who Needs Healthy Kids Anyway?
US Congress Proficient At "Kicking The Can Down The Road," What To Do Now That The Road Sign Says, "Road Ends In 400 Meters?"
Many Mountains Of Lies In Afghanistan To Cross, The Afghan Tortoise Of Truth Finally Arrives
Pentagon Claims US Forces In Iraq Are "Good," That's Nice, Then Show Us By Doing Something "Good," Leave Iraq And Do "Good" In America, Build Some Bridges, Clean Up The Fracked Drinking Water, Fix The Failing Infrastructure, You Know, MAGA, Stuff Like That
What Do You Call A Flock Of Vultures? 100+ Billionaires Roost In Davos To Determine What They Want To Do With You
Robot Assassinations? Don't Worry, It's Already Too Late For That
Xenobots In Your Veins?
Evil Vs. Good, Lies Vs. Truth, West Vs. East: Global Manifest Destiny And Never The Twain Shall Meet
Putin Pissed Off: Hits Back At Orwellian Poland Insult
Poland On The Road To Repeating History's Mistakes
500 Brits, Americans Killed In Poland Nazi Camps In WW2, But Today UK And US Deep Staters Support Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, As Do The Zionists In Israel, So Are Nazis Bad Guys Or Not?
Zionist Israel Gathers World Leader Goyim To Jerusalem For Nazi Remembrance ...
... While Zionist Israel Is Supporting Ukraine's Nazis ... Ah, What About The Holocaust!? Or Is That Only Theatre For The Goyim?
From The "Abracadabra" Dept: New World Euphemism For Stealing, Asset Freeze, BTW, Which Zionist Owns The Bank?
Eurasian Integration's Battlefield Is In The Middle East
"Wokers" Still Asleep To The Big Picture: UK Becoming More Of A Lowest Common Denominator Fascist State By The Day As Big Brother Orwell To Pay Students (In Chocolate Milk and Crayons?) To Snoop On Other Students, Bet You It's All About Race, White Men And Equality Of Outcome
UK Universities Woking To Make Their Degrees Worthless, Pushing Towards Equality Of Outcome
EU's Deadly Drinking Water
Another Intelligent Move By Putin For Russia
Giving Satellites A Blind Eye
In The Future, When Reading Anything About Russia In The Western Media, Keep This In Mind Regarding Their Accuracy And Journalistic Skills
More To The Ukraine Airliner Story: A Nice, Neat Package, Cui Bono?
The Zionist Spy Among US: Access To Most Classified US Networks
London Bridge: No Tickee, No Washee, No World Economee
Dog Training 101: Beat The Poodles With A Stick
Censorship, Curbing Of Free Speech A Path To Loss Of Liberty, And Country
"Congress Shall Pass No Law:" Twitter's "Supreme Court" War Lovers Lame Excuse For Censorship ... Tell Us US Senate Sanctions Overrule Freedom Of Speech, Press
The FB "Can't Buy Or Sell" Demonetizing Censor Beast ... Question, People Still Use FB?
Libyan Haftar Thanks Putin For Peace Efforts
How Do They Manage To Spout These Blatant Lies With A Straight Face? NATO's "Role Is Preventing Conflict And Preserving Peace In The Middle East," You Know Like Libya
Political Alzheimer's: NATO's Destruction Of Libya Led By Hillary The Laugher
Trump's Bizarro World Blowback Mess: Iran Enriching More Uranium Than Before JCPOA After US Pull Out
Iran's WMD: Oil And The Petrodollar, Push US Into Recession, Thereby Assassinating Trump's Re-Election Chances?
Lawless Empire's Attack On The Rule Of Law
21st Century Nuclear Family
Lipstick On The Pig: Barbarians From The West
Even When It's True? I Can't Decide If This Is More Like The Old Soviet Union Or Nazi Germany's Thought Police
Somewhere On Route 66 That Car Ran Out Of Gas Nearly Four Years Ago, And Still No Gas In Sight
The Callous Sport Of Turning Names Into Numbers
Ike The Prophet: He Was Right, Feeding The Beast Is An Ever Growing Burden That Devours Us
Okay, So Give Up Eating One Week A Month, US Navy Says It Needs More Of Your Money
Oh, And Another $3 Million To Make It Easier To Pee While Flying ... How About Shorter Flights, Saves On Gas Too
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, The Old "Saddam Had WMD And We Agreed That He Did" BS Sop, Still Doesn't Make It So
Wow, Even Congress Agrees, It Definitely Smells Of BS, And If Any One Knows What That Smells Like, It's Politicians
Laugh Happy Hillary's War Legacy ... Another Victim Of US Induced Of "Democracy And Liberty"
How To Tell A Politician Is Lying: Their Lips Are Moving And They're Changing Their Story
Iran Calls Out EU Poodles To Stand Up To Deal Breaker Trump And Fulfill Their Obligations
Will All The Parties To The JCPOA Sanction The US, And Help Iran Defend Against The US? Doubt It
Can The Grandiose Hypocrisy Of EU Nations Get Any Bigger? Poodles Afraid To Attack US Over Backing Out Of Its Commitment
From The "Northern Ireland Civil War Wasn't Enough" Dept: Well That Was Very Helpful, Lisa
UK Democracy? "Inalienable Right Crimea Referendum" Now On Bojo's Foot
Is Boeing's 737 MAX A Bottomless Pit?
Another "Vote Of Confidence" In Boeing? Not So Much, Add 787 To 737 MAX No Fly List
From The "We Are What We Eat" Dept: What's In Our Chicken And Burgers? Check It Out Online, But Don't Put The Laptop On Your Lap
From The "Decades At Bernie's, The World's Oldest Living Corpse" Dept: Okay, Remind US Again Who Runs Hollywood
Well, Oscar, Solution Is Simple, Take All The White Man's Money Out Of The Industry Too, But In The Bigger Picture, Who Cares? Really, Is The Industry So Insecure It Needs To Award Itself In Public?
You Want Iran To Be A Normal Nation Like The US, Well, In That Case ...
Video: Biden Ukrainegate
The Typical Politician: More Biden Gaffs
Who Was It That Said Keep Repeating The Lies And People Will Believe Them? But Where Is The Evidence? ... WW2
Take Note World, This Is What US Has Planned For You As US Takes Its War On Iran To China
Lawless US Motives Out Of The Oil Closet: World Control
No Surprise, Zionist Israel Complicit In Soleimani Assassination
Who Can Pull The Sword "Exceptional" Out Of The Middle East Stone, i.e., Iraq And A Hard Spot?
Believing Their Lies And Living By The Sword Is Very, Very Expensive
Big Brother's First Step In Outlawing Civilian Drones?
Greta Sr., Is That You?
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
2020 US Election Meddling, California Has A Huge Headstart
Most Americans Don't Know Much About Their Own History Much Less Central Europe And WW2
A New "Made In Iran" Middle East?
Canada Makes Mistakes Too?
Did US Do This After The Shooting Down The Iranian Airliner, Or Zionist Israel Do This After USS Liberty Attack? No
Or US Apologise For Death And Destruction It Has Brought On The Middle East? No, Empires Never Do
ISIS/Syria, "My Only Reason For Being There" ... Well Except For The Oil And Zionist Israel, But That's A Given
Will All The Parties To The JCPOA Sanction The US, And Help Iran Defend Against The US? Doubt It
Trump Provides Another Reason For Every Country To Get Out Of The West's Central Banking System
FBI Finds New Hillary Unsecured, Non-Government Email Used To Transmit Classified Information, Which Is Illegal
FBI, DOJ Gave Special Treatment To Hillary's Lawyers
Iran Admits It Accidentally Shot Down Airliner
When US Intentionally Shot Down Iranian Airliner
Zionist Israel Attack On USS Liberty
The Biggest Fool Is The One You Don't Recognize, But See In The Mirror: America's Leaders Infatuation With Living By The Sword
Hard To Distinguish, Is This US Or USSR?
Trudeau Government Continues To Follow Trump's Wagging Tail In MAGA, But Not Canada
Iranian Crisis Exposes Canada's Achilles Heel
Guess This Means Assange Is UK's Problem?
This Is Why The UK Is Absurdity Writ Large: Well, Then, Just Have A Scantily Clad Porn Gal Sit Behind The Dudes, That Should Make The Idjits Happy
Rewarding Failure: Why Folks AreNot A Big Fan Of Big Corporations
Newly Patched Up From 2016, US Deep State Already Inflating The Russia 2020 Campaign Meddling Balloon
Panic Everyone! One Female Suicide Bomber Of Middle Eastern Descent En Route To US!! What, Another Saudi Headed For A NY Building?!
Highly Likely The US Is The Casus Belli In The Middle East
Do They Really Believe The Lies Coming Out Of Their Mouths? The Whole World Would Like The US To Act As A Normal Nation, But Self-Proclaiming Itself An Exceptional Empire, Not Likely
A Follow Up On The Iran US Base Attack ... Expect More From Various Parties In The Region
After Deadly Attacks In Iraq, US Playing Nicey-Nice ... Can We Stay?
Iraq To US: Put Mechanism In Place To Get Out
US Words Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Sovereignty, Rule Of Law, The Hollow Gong Heard Around the World
Boeing 737 MAX: "Designed By Clowns, Supervised By Monkeys," Internal Messages
Russia's Turkstream Pipeline In Operation
Apple Scanning User Photos ... But Don't Expect A Family Album In The Mail
Nearly 20 Years On, Prayer Still Rings True
Just Proves The Point That Universities Are Becoming Hypocritical Ideological Institutions That Don't Tolerate Diversity, Freedom Of Thought
ALEC Is Out To Get You 5G, Whether Or Not You Want To Get Irradiated
Did You Get Your 5G Flu Shot?
Full Cancer Radiation Treatment Dose In One Second ... No It's Not 5G
Meanwhile China's Silk Road Opens Up Laos
Politically Obese Americans Still Gobbling Up The Lies Deep Fried In Big Oil
Zionist Israel's Mossad World Leader In Assassinations
The No Friend Of America Award
As Grandpa Use To Say, When One Doesn't Think Past The End Of One's Nose, Bad Things Happen To The Derriere
Trump's Dishonest And Blinkered Iran Speech
Shades Of Ukraine Coup: Iraqi PM's Back Story To Trump Assassination Of Iran General ... US Foreign Policy Is Driven By The Preservation Of The Hegemonic Petrodollar, Hence The Desperate Actions US Takes To Maintain Its Dominate Zionist Federal Reserve Ponzi Notes Worldwide, When Its Hegemony Goes, They Go, And The West With Them
Recall, Saddam Hussein's WMD Were Not Military Weapons, But Selling Oil For Euros
Schism In The Palace? IRGC To Follow Course Set By Soleimani, Not Ayatollah
Trying To Make Heads Or Tails Of Trump's Iranian General Assassination, Think Pro Wrestling
Iran's Pinpoint Attack On US Base Only Hit Storage Areas
65 Years In The Making, Iraqi Cleric, Not PM, Announces Crisis Over, In 5 Days?! "Great Satan" Assassinates Top Iranian Military General, "Death To America," Iran Puts Some Potholes In US Bases, Hardly A Quid Pro Quo, So Who Got, Or Is Being, Played? What's The Deal? A Palace Coup That Benefits The Ayatollah And Trump? Time Will Tell
But Iran Military Commander Says It's Not Over ... Which Is It?
Oil Tankers Wary Of Strait Of Hormuz
Did Trump Bakr al-Mar-a-Lago Kill The Wrong Messenger? Assassinated A Diplomatic Envoy On An Official Mission Requested By The US Government (A Set Up?), But Iran's Doomsday WMD Is Financial And Far More Powerful Than All The US Sanctions Put Together
Torah Jews Vs. Non-Torah Zionist Jews
Zionism Little To Do With Judaism
Zionist's Yinon Plan For Greater Israel Includes Syria And Iraq
Forrest Gump's Assassination Assessment: Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Iraqi Response To US Will Not Be Lesser Than Iran's
Nutanyahoo Threatens Iran With "Crushing Blow," Nukes?
Iran Warns "Great Satan" Trump, Any New Attack Will Include Reprisal On "We Fully Stand Beside US" Israel
Iran Considers US-Zionist Israel As One Entity In Region, Attack On Iran From US Will Result In Immediate Attack On Israel
Snafu: Current Middle East Mess A Trump-Pompey-o Production
Trump Fulfilling Islamic Prophecy, Russia In The North, China In The East, Both Beneficiaries
China Still In Iran's Corner
Trump The War Criminal? A Real Case For Impeachment, Consulted With Zionist Israel Before Assassination, But Not US Congress
War Rule #1: Never Fight Until You Have To, Iran Did This, US Didn't
Prophecy In Motion: "What Did They Expect?" Iran Responds To Trump-Pompey-o Assassinations, Blood Of Americans On Their Hands, While Nutanyahoo, No Doubt, Is Jumping Up And Down With Glee Having Americans Shed Their Blood For Him, Zionist Israel
The Beast Of Babylon ... Jerusalem, Revelation 17
Iran Mulls 13 Options In Retaliation For US Assassinations
Puppets Trump-Pompey-o Bring World To A War Not In Interest Of The US, Only The Zionists
Just Askin', Dubya, But Where Exactly Are Those WMD? Pentagon Confirms No Plans To Cease Its Illegal Occupation In Iraq, Which Only Leaves Hot War Option On The Table Just As The Prophecies Say
Yemen In On Drive To Get US Out Of Region
Iran Parliament Names US Military, Pentagon Terrorist Entity
From The "So What Else Isn't New?" Dept: Cowardly US Denies Visa To Iranian FM To Address UNSC In Violation Of Treaty
Sovereignty Buster Trump With Western Europe In Tow
Was The Zionist Trump-Pompey-o's Soleimani Assassination The Archduke Ferdinand Moment For WW3?
Archduke Ferdinand Assassination & WW1
Pay Us For Destroying Your Country! Iran's Asymmetrical Response To The Suleimani Assassination? Bomb Saudi's Oil Fields, Hence The Petrodollar? For US And The Middle East It's Always About Controlling The Oil And Keeping The Petrodollar Moving Along Unchallenged, Even When It Means Acting As A Lawless, Rogue Terrorist State, But Blowback Now Is That Middle East Countries Want US Out Of The Region, But Israel Won't Let Them, That Is The Formula For Hot War
Big Sister Burka Merkel Follows In China's Internet Steps, So Much For Liberty
Mossad Used Epstein To Blackmail Politicians
Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties To Israel Run 2020 Election Doomsday Scenario
Iran: Remove US Out Of The Region, Nothing But Trouble For Everyone
US Dems Could Limit Trump's War On Iran Powers, A Trap For A Real Impeachment?
Dear Donald, You're Missing The Obvious, Iran Does Not Need Its Own Nuke, Russia And China Have Plenty, And Can Place Some Of Theirs In Iran Like The US Does In Europe, Simple, But Scares NATO To No End
Iraq Calls Trump's Hand, His Platitudinous "Democracy And Freedom" Rhetoric, As Parliament Votes For All Foreign Troops To Leave
US Desperate To Prevent The Eurasian Heartland Economic Integration
Mackinder's Heartland Key To World Domination
A Jewish Goldman Sachs Hollywood Guy For SecState? Obama's Or Trump's?
The .06 Percent Who Seek To Silence The Rest Of Us ... And This Is The Face Of "Democracy?" No, It's Trans-Democracy, i.e., Fascism With Lots Of Name Calling
Racist NYTabloid Misses Fact That Blacks Are 12.1% Of US Population, But Are About 70-80% Of NFL Players, Obvious Need To Diversify
Will Kenya Attack Serve As A Hypocritical Reminder Of US Aggression? 2 Contractors Killed There, Only One In Iraq
Why Did Trump Appropriate US Congress Authority, Taking The World Past The Fail Safe Point With War In The Middle East?
The "New Decider(?)" Trump Takes US Back To 2003 In Iraq, So How Much Would US Have To Pay For All The Damage It Did In Iraq ... Trillions?
The Ark Of The Covenant Still Where It's Been For Thousands Of Earth Years
See Rev. 11:19
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Interesting Timing For Nutanyahoo To Publicly Admit Zionist Israel A Nuclear Power
China, Russia FMs Discuss Coordinated Response To Trump, Israel
A Man Possessed To Start World War 3? But What If Russia, In The North, And China, In The East, Announced That Some Of Their Nukes Were Secretly Put In Iran, As A Firewall, Aimed At Israel Just For This Scenario?
Daniel 11:44, 45
UK Throws Its "2 Cents" Into The Zionist Trumpian War With Iran
The Iranian Assassination, A Line In The Sand: Trump Takes The Kudos For A Group Effort As The Empire Crumbles Underneath Them
Gone To The Dark Side, Trump Sounding The Trumpet For War, Kills Six More In Drone Attacks
US Ups The Ante By Assassination Of Iran's Quds Force Chief ... One Step Closer To The Middle East War In Daniel, Isaiah, Leading To When ...
... Damascus Becomes A Heap Of Ruins, The US, UK And Western Europe Go With It
It's Trump's War Now, How To Unite A People 101: Assassinate A Popular Countryman
From The "And Neither Has The US Since WW2, Including This Next One" Dept: The Pride Of Trump Testifies To His Face, Guess He Never Read Any Persian [Iranian] Empire History, Much Less Biblical Prophecy
A Last Days Prophetic Message To Trump, Ephraim [UK], The House Of Israel [US, Western Europe et al] And Judah, The Jews, Letting Us Know Our Time Is Short
Pompey-o Gets It Wrong, Or Just Lying, Again ... Puts More, Not Less, US, European And Jewish Lives In Danger
So Top Grad From US Naval Academy Pompey-o, You Don't Think ... That The New Guy Will Carry On With Your Alleged Plot, If It Exists, With Even More Determination? So It's Not Stopped Then Is It? US Made It Worse With Giving Iran A Martyr
US Dems Rightfully Blast Trump For Stupid War Blunder
Assassinated Going To The Funeral Of Iraqis Killed By US On Iraqi Soil: Typical Response, Zionist Israel Claims "Self-Defense"
US National Security Council Director Goldberg Steps Down
Just When You Thought Everything Was Going To Hell In A Handbasket, Maxine Waters Steps Up To Save The Day, In 2017 She Vowed To Save Limpopo, Now She Will Save Chunga-Changa
Christianity's Scattered Flocks: Anti-Christian Attacks Reach All Time High In 2019
Sweden West: Christianity Continues Its Decline In UK, While Islam Is Rapidly Increasing
Anti-Semitic Jewish-Zionist NYTabloid Hates (A Racist Crime, No?) Other Semitic White People, Though Jews Are As White As Any, BTW, Doesn't NYC Have More Problems Of Its Own Without Trying To Stir Up Trouble In Wisconsin? Oh, And What About Diversity At Grambling State University NYT?
Grambling State University Website ... Good For You, GSU, For Creating A Positive Educational, Role Model Environment
When The Bus Is Over The Cliff, Does It Make A Difference Whose Hands Are On The Steering Wheel? As Congress Hands Out More Sanctions To Foreign Governments, It Hands You $1.4 Trillion More Debt While Lining Its Pork Barrels
With The Trillions Of Dollars Spent By The US Over The Past Decade, Why Is The US Navy In Such Dire Straits?
What Have They Cooked Up For The US? UN Hiring English Speaking Disarmament Officers
Bias? What Bias? If Martians Landed In Tijuana And Besieged A Taco Stand, The Lawless US Rogue State, Willful Violator Of International Law, Would Blame Either The Russians Or Iranians, But The Question Remains, In What Part Of The US Is Iraq Located, Or Iran? I Mean We Know Where Hong Kong Is Located In China
2020 Foresight: What To Do Folks, Now That The Republic Is All But A Corpse?
So How Do We Get Out Of This "Weekend At Bernie's" Pickle Barrel?
Any Excuse To Get Into Our Knickers, But Now That We're In Bed With Them ...
Obama's Bloated, Politicized NSA Being Pared Down To Size
Do Anti-President Trump Coup Leaders Qualify For Treason Charges?
China Not A Fan Of Democracy Either, Or A Republic
75% Of Young People Want Out Of Korea, Uh, South Korea
Africa, Picking Its Poison? What Is Not Mentioned Is That The US Got There First And Decided To Use A Military Approach (What's New?) Rather Than An Economic One That Does Benefit Local Populations Rather Than Making Them Target Practice
Only In Zionist Israel: Nutanyahoo Asks For Immunity From Corruption Charges So He Can Steal Jordan Valley
Epstein's Sexual Blackmail Operation A Zionist Israel Military Intel Op, So How Many Top American Officials Who Couldn't Keep Their Willie In Their Knickers Did They Snare? President Clinton Was A Requested, And Captured Target
If You Want To Be Free, Be Moral, Pornography, Lust Of The Flesh, As History Shows Us, Makes Us Slaves, And Why Are There No Protestant Christians On The US Supreme Court Anymore, Only Jews And Catholics?
For Example, One Of The Pillars Of Society Is Strong Moral Family, So Depraved UK Paper With An Apparent Anti-Christian Lustful Crotch Fixation Encourages Its Destruction In Favor Of Old Fashioned Adultery Gussied Up As "Modern Lifestyle"
Giving Catholic Priests A Run For Their Money? UK's Depravity Rush Into The Moral Morass ... Grooming It's Kids For Pedophiles
Zionist Carbyne 911 And Mass Shootings
US Doesn't Withdraw Military Forces And Bases Willy-Nilly, So What's Going On, Gearing Up For Middle East?
Zionist Israel's Shadow Cyber War On Iran
Trump's Bully War On The People Of Iran
Besides The Ill-Informed Propaganda, Maybe He Forgot How Iraqi's Hate The US For What It Did To Them, Nevertheless Here's Your Chance To Be Controlled By The US And Zionist Israel Instead
But The Iraqis Remember
Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself? US Exonerates Itself Of Systemic War Crimes, And Then Wonders Why Iraqis Hate The US, Without Help From Iran
US "Liberty And Democracy" Responsible For 20 Million Deaths Since End Of WW2
Not To Mention Interfering In Elections Of 85 Countries Since WW2
The Iraqis Really Hate The Illegal US Military Presence In Their Country
Iran Slams US Audacity To Blame Iran For Embassy Assault After US Killed 25 Iraqis In Attack On Iraqi Soil
From The "Better To Give Than Receive" Dept: When America's "Hong Kong Protester Shoe" Is On The Other Foot, And In What Region Of The US Do We Find Iraq? I Mean We Know Where Hong Kong Is In China
The Impossible Dream Is A Living Nightmare For People In Iraq
So Much For Trump's Freedom Loving US
UK Has A Death Penalty, But It's For Political Prisoners, Not Its Criminal Ones
Trump And US "Sanction Is Our Middle Name" Senate Have Forged A New Alliance: China, Russia And Iran, Not To Mention Possibility of India And Turkey
Russia-Ukraine Gas Transit Deal A Blow To US Seeking To Divide EU Against Russia, Especially After Sanctions On Nord Stream 2 Pipeline
From The "With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?" Dept: US Won't Be Pleased That China Considers EU A Partner, Especially After US Sanctioned The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Project Into Germany
Putin Reminds West Of Its Initial Support Of Nazis In Germany, Not To Mention Their Current Support For Neo-Nazis In Ukraine, In Response To Western Allegations
World First: China's Success With Mobile Ground Quantum Satellite Station
N. Korea's Kim Says US Needs An Attitude Adjustment To Move Forward On Nukes
California's Ultracrepidarian Legislators Go From Dumb And Dumber To The Dumbest ... Creating Anarchy And Total Lack Of Accountability, Except For Bringing Guns And Illegal Drugs To School, Apparently Taking A Dump In The Hallways, a la San Fran, Or Gay Trans Sex In Girl's Locker Room, Quite Okay
Benefit Of California Quagmire, People Leaving The State, So Less Electoral Votes For Presidential Elections
Worse Than Locusts, The Curse Of America's Opioid Plague
The Google Revolt, "The Big Evil Corporation"
Join The Duck
Another Dump By Corporate America
Epstein's Chief Chick's "Dirt Defense," But Epstein Had The Same Dirt And Now He's Dirt
NYTabloid Admits It Was Ukraine Not Russia In 2016
What They Learned Was They Can Buy An "A" On Their Report Card And Get You To Pay For It: The NY Wall Street Too Big To Fail Guys Are Back With Another Stick, Aimed At Your Derriere, Y'all Have A Happy New Year
Australia's Fire Plague Continues
Number Of Illegal Refugees To US Way Down
Affinity For Ukraine And Energy Companies: The Corrupted Kids Of Poil-itical Elite ... Above The Law?
If Trump Said This On The Phone To The President Of Ukraine, He'd Get Impeached
And Then, There's The Dem Hunter And The Missing China Billions
And Then There's The IRS Tax Lien, Who Is Their Role Model?
The Tar Pit We Call Syria
The Missing Future: If These Ivy League Schools Continue To Be The Seed Bed For Future Leaders, Good Luck America
Follow The Money, Not The Political Propaganda: Foreign Investment In Russia Expected To Increase By 70% In 2020
China's PLA Sending Message To HK Protesters, Patience Wearing Thin
The Hare Of Lies Zooms Out The Gate ... US Boliviagate Added To Its Ukrainegate, Now We Have To Sit Back And Wait A Year Or So Until The Tortoise Of Truth Arrives
Overthrowing Governments: US Master List
Orwellian Rendering Of Alcott's Little Women, Making Its Own Boxes To Fit Into Their World Because The Modern Feminist Is Incapable Of Understanding, Much Less Attaining, Such High Moral, Loving Christian Standards
From The "Consider The Orwellian Source" Dept: US Wants Europe To Name Militia Group That Fought US Instigated And Backed Terrorists In Syria A Terror Group, Russian Air Force Next?
Who Won? World War 2 Ended Nearly 75 Years Ago, Well, Except For One Seemingly Eternal Bane
Even Though No WMDs There, Looks Like WW3 On The Horizon As Illegal Occupier US In Iraq Is Fueling Regional Tensions
Did You Feel It? No? You Will, US Congressional Cowards Did It To You Again, When You Bent Over To Get A Present From Under The Tree, They Shafted You With Higher Taxes
The Lies And Wars That Have Stolen The Republic
The Sovereign Republics Of America
When You Point A Finger, Three More Are Pointing Back At You: Obama And Russiagate, The Undermining Of The Republic With Lies And Deception From Within
Pull Up A Chair, You Have A Front Row Seat: Before An Empire Collapses, It First Erodes From Within
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
The US Founding Fathers Created A Republic, And The Electoral College, The Faithful "Wife" Of Our Republic's Youth, The Framework That Sustains The US As We Know It, And Not A Democracy, For Good Reason, To Protect Individual States And Individual Rights Against A Centralized Federal Government Manipulated By A Few, Yet All Nine Of The US "Smoother Than Oil" Dem Prez Candidates Publicly Pledged They Will Not Uphold The Oath Of Office To Preserve, Protect And Defend The US Constitution, So What Do You Suppose They Want?
US Presidential Oath ... Taken Before They Enter Into That Office, Which Begs The Question As They Have Pledged To Get Rid Of The Constitutional Electoral College, And They Take This Oath, Is That Not Grounds For Impeachment, Treason? 
Well, Joe, You Can Snub The Subpoena, How About An Arrest Warrant Instead?
And People Still Use Twitter? No Confusion About What Took Place
Video: Why Isn't This Available On USA Today? Destroying American Lives And Property To Send Gas To Europe
Prisoners Of Ignorance: While The Hare Of Political Lies Lingers, The Tortoise Of Truth Makes Its Evidentiary Case
As The Tortoise Of Truth Unloads More Docs, OPCW's False Douma Attack Hole Gets Deeper
Russia's Hypersonic Glider Enters Military Service
Russia To Arm All Its Northern Fleet Units With Dreaded Defensive S-400
Russia Begins Tests Of Its S-500 System
Blair's Globalist Birds Feather His Nest
Proverb Says, With Head Stuck Firmly In Sand, Large Stick Gets Firmly Planted In Derriere: Logic And Facts Have No Impression On Folks Who Substitute Emotional Ideology And Fairy Tales For Truth
From "The Large Stick" Dept: Maddow's Televised Slander Presented As Fact, Now Not Fact When Hit With Lawsuit
Russiagate Was Fake, It's The Dems Ukrainegate That's The Real Deal Mr. Biden
US Deep State To Return To Its Favorite Fakegate Whipping Boy?
After Landslide Election Victory, Boris Sends Another Message To US Dems, Puts New Funding Into Middle Class UK
Huawei + Oppo + India = G00gle
China Calls Out US As "Saboteur Of The Current International Order"
US: Any And All Means Justify Its Ends ... "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal"
The Veneer Of Virtue Never Has Been So Thin After Being Laid On So Thick: US's Natural Resource Imperialism Requires Believing Their Own Risible Lies
China Places Final Main Elements Of Its GPS Into Orbit
Yup, It Was Another Boeing Software Glitch
Iraq, It's Not Your Country, Zionists ... How About Peaceful Coexistence, Negotiations?
Zionist Israel Looking To Wheedle More Than The $3 Billion The US Gives It Every Year? Why Not Take Most Of It Back And Use It In The US For Americans?
A Cover Up? When Did Obama Know?
From The "Leave The Slave Phone At Home" Dept: Sheep In The Pen As US Universities Become Wifi Prisons, Join Big Brother In Spying On Students, Lectures So Interesting (?) That Students Are Coerced Into Attendance, This Is Higher Education? Obedience Training For Snowflakes Transitioning Into Brave New World Society Upon Graduation? Or Is It Just "Food Insecurity?"
CBC's Anal Orwellian Censorship, What About The Folks Who Support Him? Do They Take Reagan Out Of Films Too?
Fukushima Olympic Games: Pacific Ocean Wins Tritium Medal
Well That's A Really Important Moral Goal, How About Peace With All Countries Instead?
XX And XY Is As Diverse As It Gets: Diversity Is Great Except When It Comes Back To Haunt Those Who Preach Diversity, But Not From Their World View
You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover, That's Why God Made DNA: Who Knew That Lunacy And Idiocy Were Trans?
San Fran's Equality Of Outcome On Display On Its Sidewalks, Now Retreating To Equality Of Opportunity To Use A Toilet
From The Giddy Heights Of A Lost Election: The Ghost Of Norma Desmond Emanates From Pennsylvania Avenue
Past Three Years Of Lies And Failures, US Congress Has Found It's Groove: Senate Sanctions And House Impeaches ... Remember When They Actually Did Something Positive For American People? Yeah, I Can't Either
As The US House Impeachment Dems Dutifully Repeated, Ad Nauseam, The "No One Is Above The Law" Mantra, We Eagerly Await Their Majority Vote On Their Bill To Remove All Illegal "No One Is Above The Law" Aliens From US Soil, For Those Of You Playing Along At Home, No Use In Holding Your Breath
Then There's That Russian Bad Guy Putin Who Set Up National Reserve Funds So That The Russia's Internal And Foreign Debt Are Fully Covered, Meanwhile, The Good Guys In The US Congress Have Given Us A Growing $23 Trillion Sink Hole
US Debt Meter: If Only We Could Harness Its Wind Energy
As US Plays Catch Up To Russia's Military Weaponry, You Don't Suppose It Has Anything To Do With Excessive Cost Overruns and Stakeholder Profits Rather Than National Security? Who Knows, Just Keep Waving The Flag
Schiff's Circus Records Subject Of Lawsuit
Stupidity Sweepstakes: With The Year End Finish Line In Sight, US Congress And Executive Branch Neck And Neck
The JanUS Finance Company: Investing In Terrorism
"Anti-Semitism:" Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Zionists Ultimate Weapon: "Anti-Semitism"
Vax Tat: Another Way For Big Tech And Big Government To Track Us
Is It Vegan If It's Grown In Cow Manure? Only As Long As The Cows Didn't Eat At McDonald's Or KFC
Video: Speaking Of Not Eating Meat ...
The Trillion Dollar Socialism Of US Public Employees
Virginia Democrats Want To Outlaw The American Dream, The Single Family Residence Is Racist, Turn The Governor's Mansion Into The The Guv's Housing Project? ... Hmm, I Wonder What All Those Black Basketball, Football Millionaires, Politicians And Rich Jewish Lawyers Are Going To Do? Move To Florida? And What's Next Golfing, Snow Skiing, The Snow Is White After All
New York, New York, Start Spreading The News, I'm Leaving Today, I Want No Part Of It ... ...
China Doesn't See Itself As Expendable, In Fact, It's Quite The Opposite
And Russia Isn't The Pipsqueak Either
NYTabloid's Piece On Russia Very Misleading
The Three US Musketeers: Me, Myself And I, The Rest Of You Are Expendable
A Uniform, A Patch And A Song, Just What The $23 Trillion In Debt US Needs, Another Military Branch To Waste Money And Threaten War
Another Treaty Circumvented By The US ... Keeping Space From Becoming Platform For War
Betcha A Buck US Has Weapons In Space Already
Revelation's Beast Can Rain Down Fire On Earth From Space
US SecTreasury Says Ink On Paper Backed By Nothing A "Solid Investment," Which Is Why Central Banks Are Buying Up Gold?
Gold Prices See Highest Rise In Decade
Central Banks Killing Western Civilization, Buying Gold To Hedge Against Negative Interest Rates?
Everyone Knows What Rolls Downhill MbS, Well Besides Decapitated Heads
Muslims: Sharia Law Alive And Well In UK ... Prisons
Christians: While Outside In UK It's Queer Techno Rave Porn
Jews: And Behind The Scenes In The UK's CFI
Zionist Israel Attacks Jerusalem Christian Archbishop In Church With Poison Gas ... Where's The OPCW? The White Helmets? The Outraged Jewish Western Media?
How Is This One Man Wrecking Crew Allowed To Run Amok Undermining The Country?
Video: Both Tech Political Ends Working Against The Middle ... That's You
When It Comes To Living By The Sword, US Congress Will Do Just About Anything To Avoid The Truth
Russia Opens Rail Line To Its Crimea Region
Syria Awards 2 Oil Contracts To Russian Companies
Syrian Army Gains Control Of Key Idlib Village
Bottom Line: US House Dems "Impeachment" A Phony Political Stunt
Russiagate Hoax Rope Tightens Around Necks Of Top Dogs
Huawei Not Just Phones, It's Own "Google" Is Next
From The "Three More Fingers Pointing Back At Them" Dept: Actually, UK Huawei 5G Threatens US Military Intel Services As They Want To Use The 5G Network
Why US Bans China's Huawei 5G ... US Military (Space Force?) Wants To Use The Network
Video: A History Of The Hare Of Lies Of War
Speaking Of Hate Crimes: Seriously, Someone Send This Guy A Copy Of S. Blanton's Love Or Perish, "The Person Who Is Afraid Of Love Constantly Reacts Against It With Hatred"
As Sweden Continues Its Transition To Europe's First Muslim Country ...
In Case You Didn't Know Orwell Was Swedish, Government Tells Crime Authority To "Correct" Their Reports To Conform With Political Lies
Flying Airlines These Days Just A Notch Below Getting A Root Canal ... And They Don't Care, Pavlovian Lip Service Aside
Americaca: Change Not For The Better
Caca In America The Beautiful
California Can't Produce A State Checkbook Though It Spends $1.1 Billion For Its Accounting System
2.5 Million Californians Never Completed 9th Grade, Hmm, Is That The General Population Of Just The Politicians?
California: The Homeless Capital Of The US
From The "Say When" Dept: A California Dude's "Solution" To It's Homeless Problem, Build A 300 Acre Utopian City For The Homeless, Guaranteed To Attract More Homeless Folks To California
Last We Looked, Everyone's Use Of Pronouns Protected Under Freedom Of Speech
Burn US Flag, Your Right, Burn LGBT Flag, 16 Years In Prison
Uncrackable Code?
Zionist Israel Says ICC Has No Jurisdiction To Investigate Their War Crimes ... Well, At Least They Admit It
Well This Helps Explain The US Lose Friends, Make Enemies World View, Additional Supply Of Gas To Germany, Europe At Lower Prices Than US Can Provide Is "Anti-European?" BTW US Sanctions Won't Stop The Pipeline
Hey America, This Is Why So Many Countries, Now Including The Swiss And The Dutch, Around The World Hate You, US Is The Greatest Bully-Shit Interferer In Matters That Are None Of Its Business, And Negatively Affects Working Class People's Incomes
US Creating A World Trend: Muslim Countries To Work Together, Barter, Gold, To Avoid US Bully Sanctions
China's Xi Strongly Warns Trump, US About Interfering In Beijing's Internal Affairs
US Navy Destroyer (Pun Intended)-Tanker Collision Due To Faulty Touch-Screen Controls, US Navy Punished Officers, But Grants Same Company Another Contract, This Time To Fix Their Problem
2020: Britannia Ruled The Waves, Then US Fleets, Now China Is Making Its Move As America's Skilled Workforce is Declining, And Its Industrial Base In Trouble While China's Is Skyrocketing
2010 Study: US National Security Industrial Base In Jeopardy In The Future ... It Was A Birthright, Ashton, Hence China