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Winter 2019

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Winter 2019
Above His Pay Grade: 25 Million Australians Are Not The 7+ Billion World, Dude, Smells Like A Globalist False Flag Move To Gain Government Censorship, Control Of Internet
5 Eyes: NZ, Australia Move To Ban Internet Sites With No Warning At Their Sole Discretion
Well, Dubya, Hindsight Is 20/20, Mind Putting A Call In To Trump, Nutanyahoo About Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Gaza, etc.
European Aviation Safety Agency No Longer Trusts FAA, Boeing
Jupiter Macron's Holy Secular Empire
Lawless US Of Zionist Israel To Recognize Illegal Occupation of Palestinian Land As Legal
Zionist Bibi Still Squeezing All He Can Out Of The US, Pompey-o Helps Out
5 Bombs Dropped On Mueller Report
5G Dilemma For EU: Chinese Tech Or US Pressure?
Germany Losing Patience With US Ambassador Acting Like He's The Chancellor
Too Little Too Late For AOC?
Lame Twitter Twits Shadowbans To "Keep People, (i.e., Other Twits?) Safe"
Brexit: If PM May Doesn't Get The Simple Fact That She Lost Two Votes Over The Same Motion, No Wonder She's Mashed Up Complex Brexit
FAA-737 MAX Saga, Trust Biggest Casualty, Boeing Gave Inaccurate Info To Buyers
Google Bans Christian Ad Over LGBT ... "Liquor, Guns, Burgers And Trucks?" Oh, That Other LGBT
Use The Duck Instead
Trudeau's Cabinet Going Down In Flames
Another Trudeau Casualty
Freedom Of Speech: Government Decides No In NZ, 10 Years In Jail
Flight Data Recorder: Similarities In 737 MAX Crashes
Psst, Macron, It's You
Boeing Inc. Locked In Dive Mode
Steele's Dossier Veracity Rusts Away ... Who Will Take Responsibility For The Waste Of Taxpayer's Money And The Media's 3 Ring Circus?
Lost In Hell: UK Takes Kids Away From Parents Who Refuse Transgender Hormone Drugs
US Not Far Behind As Convicted Child Sex Offender Reads To Kids At Drag Queen Storytime
Another Too Big To Fail? Boeing CEO Issues Crash Statement
Design Issues? Best Explanation Of 737 MAX Crashes, But Not By Boeing CEO
Link Between N Korea Embassy Spain And NZ Mosque Attacks ... 
Mueller Charade: Never Have So Few Gotten So Much Out Of Nothing
Make Music Not War
Really FAA, Boeing? 737 MAX iPad Pilots
If Guaido Is Prez Of Venezuela, Then Pelosi Is Prez Of US
Sneaking Gene-Edited Food Onto Our Plates
Video: AOC Casting Call To Congress
What Drives Zionist Israel's Palestinian/US Policies
US Empire: Those Whom God Wishes To Destroy He First Deprives Of Reason
Pompey-o: "Open Coercion And Manipulation," Not Exactly The Words One Would Expect Describing An Innocent Party
All Rational Thinking Lost At Sea: US, Canada, EU Slaps New Sanctions On Russia For Defending Its Territorial Waters Over Intrusion By Ukrainian Naval Vessels, Why Bother With Transparent Fake Justifications Anymore? Just Schedule Them For The First Of Every Month
From The "Whose Team Are They On?" Dept: Frick And Frack Pushing N. Korea Back To Testing Nukes?
Meanwhile, How's The US War In Somalia Going?
Ethiopian 737 MAX Was Set To Dive
The Sicko Perverts Are Coming For Your Kids: Get Them Off Social Media
Obama DOJ Ordered FBI Not To Charge Clinton Over Email Scandal ... Seems Like Reason Enough For Special Prosecutor
Circus Clowns: Whinerbaby US Delegation Walks Out On Venezuelan FM At UN Conference
Z-berg's Facebook Faceplants
Another Fine Mess: UK Parliament Kicks The Brexit Can Down The Road
US Congress Feathers Its Own Pension Beds Thanks To You
Europe Globalists Open Border Vs. Hungary's National Controlled Borders
Puppet Guaido Pranked On Phone, Set Up After Call To Abrams
More Pilots Report 737 MAX Nose Diving Incidents
Hong Kong: Taiwan's Look Into The Crystal Ball
True Colors: If Congressional Bill Stopping US Support For Saudi Atrocities In Yemen Gets To Trump, He Would Veto It
Video: Pitching Propaganda As US Still After Venezuela's Natural Resources
Globalist Banksters Engineered Change Begins With A Crash
Zionist Dominion Of US Congress
Zionist Israel Stills Gets Its Take In The US 2020 Budget, While American's Medicare, Medicaid Gets Cuts
From The "What Gives?" Dept: 2 Days Ago FAA Says 737 MAX Airworthy, Now Says Fix Will Take Months
Sicko Adults, Gender Trans Prosthetics For Kids
Trump Overrides FAA, Grounds 737 MAX Aircraft
Millennial Debt Slaves, $1 Trillion Plus, And Don't Own A Home, But Are Getting A Great Education In Finance
This Is Why No Country Can Trust The US
Finally, Canada Closes Airspace To 737 MAX
Pompey-o Does The Cheney Redux: Oil Companies Involvement In US Foreign Policy
First CIAmazon Post For $250 Million, Now CNN For $275 Million
Brexit MAYhem: With Leadership Like This ...
China Ready To Help Venezuela Restore Its Power Grid
Beijing Tells Pompey-o To Keep His Pinocchi-nose Out Of South China Sea's Business
Footage Of IDF Soldiers Beating Handcuffed, Blindfolded Palestinian Detainees
Zionist Israel: An Army With A Country That Has Nukes
Pressure On FAA As World's Airlines Grounds 737 MAX But FAA Says They're Airworthy
Ethiopia Airlines Urges All 737 MAXs To Be Grounded
US Senators Call For Grounding 737 MAX ... 2 Crashes In Less Than 5 Months Not An Issue That Affects Safety?
Pilots Complained About 737 MAX Controls Months Before Fatal Crash
From The "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" Dept: If 737 MAX Is Safe To Fly As FAA Claims, Why Boeing's Significant Software Change? More Than Half Of All MAX's Grounded
Russia Suspends 737 MAX Flights
AA Flight Attendants Request Airline Grounds 737 MAX Over Safety Concerns, WestJet Charging Passenger Fees To Transfer Off Scheduled 737 MAX Flights Even Though Planes Not Yet In Service
Former US Transportation Sec: Ground 737 MAX Aircraft, Safety First
Europe Airspace Closed To 737 MAX Flights Citing Air Safety Concerns, India Too, So Why Is US And Canada Still Flying Them?
Trump Dumps On Hard To Fly Planes, Surely Will Get Flak
Boeing's 7M8 Software Problem Looking Expensive, More Airlines Opting For Safety First Until Causes Determined, But Not All, See List
Does Tesla S And 737 MAX Have Something In Common?
SPLC Sets New Standard For Poverty ... $500+ Million With $120 Million Offshore
Frick And Frack's Noses Grow Longer Every Time They Mention Venezuela
US Congress's Dual Loyalty
CIAmazon Buys Another Tech Device Company To Snoop On Us
Iran-Iraq Forge Stronger Ties
How Soon Before US Fails To Recognize Italy's Elected Government?
Facebook Mistake: Negative Blowback From Banning Zero Hedge
Snowflake Facebook Bans Zero Hedge ... Another Reason To Drop Z-berg's FB
Why Trump Can't Fire Fed Chairman, He's Head Of Private Corporation That Creates Debt Slaves
Doublespeaker-in-Chief Pompey-o Confuses US Policy With Cuba And Venezuela's
UK Bans 737 MAX 8, 7M8, From Its Airspace
Australia, Malaysia, Singapore "Erring On The Side Of Safety," Grounds 737 Max 8, 7M8, Boeings, US, Canada Still Flying Them
How To Know If You Are Booked On A Boeing 737 MAX, 7M8
Apparently Two Fatal Crashes In Five Months Not "Identified As Issues That Affects Safety" By FAA
Is FAA Making A Political-Economic Decision Rather Than A Save Lives Decision Over Boeing 737 MAX Crashes? Cheaper To Pay Potential Lawsuits?
Worldwide Grounding For Boeing 737 MAX? China, Others Ground Planes While AA, Southwest, Westjet And Others Keep Flying Them But Are "Keeping An Eye On Them" ... Must Be A New Air Safety Procedure
Boeing Has Big Problems With Its Killer 737 Max
State Of The US: Senator Fires From The Hip And Shoots Himself In The Foot
US, Saudi Arabia, Zionist Israel: Formula For Middle East War With Iran As Centerpiece?
Countries Getting Tired Of US Telling Them What They Must Do
Travel Restrictions: Americans Needs Passport Visa To Visit Europe In 2021
Normalizing The Erosion Of Morality: 1-2%, Gay Lifestyle Choice Not An Indoctrinal Classroom Topic For Kids
Zionist Israel Is Not America's Ally
Video: Omar Speaks The Truth To Zionist Power ... And It Hits The Fan As "Anti-Semitism" Accusations Fill The Air
Anti-Semitism: The Ultimate Zionist Weapon
Zionist Tail Wagging The Semitic Dog ... Jews Only 1% Of Semites In The World, Arabs Are Semitic Peoples Too, Anti-Arab Rhetoric Is Anti-Semitic As Well
China Grounds Their New 737-MAX Planes After Second Boeing Fatal Crash In 5 Months
NYC Teeters Near Bankruptcy
Empire: Controlling The Flow Of The World's Resources
Jews/Zionists Repeating Same Mistakes, And Expecting Different Results
Captain Marvel Movie Sucks, Even "Bots" Posting Fake Positive Reviews Can't Help It
Make Music Not War
Video: The China Social Credit System, How The Casino Gulag Works In The US
No Big Deal, Just A Standard Issue Diplomatic Mortar Shell In Checked-In Luggage
Obomba Wants To Create A Million Like Him ... Kill List Drone Assassins?
US Far From Done In Syria On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
"Captain Marvel" Another Hollywood Bash On Anglo White Men By White Jewish Man Led Studio
The Anglo Bash
Video: US Socialism? Trump Wants To Nationalize 5G Technology
From The "Cleaning Up Their Act" Dept: When The Crooks Make The Rules
France Or Macron A Victim Of His Globalization Push?
The Gravity Of Power: The Road To Dominion Paved With Convenience
US VA Chaplains Can't Take The Competition
Pentagon's NORTHCOM HQ Is In Denver ... Satan In A Suitcase
Pomp And Charade As Venezuela Democratic Vote Lumped In With Crimea, But Not Brexit, By Hypocritical West
Le 18% Jupiter Sends Message From On High To Citizens Of Europe
A Long, Long Time Ago, In A Far Away Galaxy, Diane Feinstein Sounded Like Donald Trump
As Huawei Files Constitutional Lawsuit, Trump Moves To Nationalize 5G Tech
China FM: Huawei Lawsuit Understandable
US Can't Stand The Heat In Italy's Kitchen, But Still Gives Advice ...
... While US Trade Deficit Hits 10 Year High In 2018
Actions Speak Louder Than Words Zionists See Muslims As "Natural Allies," Well, Outside Of The US Congress And Israel, Who Talks The Talk Of Diversity For Everyone Else ... So Why Don't They Move To A Diverse Third World Country? Ah, I Thought So
Zionism's Chief Barker Not A Fan Of Diversity
Anti-Semitism: The Ultimate Zionist Weapon
Zionist Israel Continues Violating International Humanitarian Law
Zionist Power Bases In US
Is A Director Of The Intel NSA Smarter Than A 5 Year Old? New Story, Not Lying, "I Didn't Understand The Question," Why Didn't He Ask For Clarification? You Think He Might By Lying Again?
Gotcha Audio: Elliott Abrams Pranked Over Venezuela
CIAmazon's Mark Of The Bezos: Censorship
Desperate U$ Threatens Turkey If They Buy Russia's S-400s
Where Are The Christian Parents?
Where Are The Christian Politicians?
Laws R Us: Protecting The Billionaire Oligarchs
Laws R Us: Zionist Israel's Buying Of US Congress, Okay In US To Criticize, Boycott US Government, But Not Israel's
So US-Zionist Congressional Dems, aka AIPAC-Bots, Planning Bill To Condemn Truth Spoken By "Natural Ally" Semite, aka Muslim Congresswoman, As Anti-Semitism
Zionist Tail Wagging The Semitic Dog ... Arabs Are Semitic Peoples Too, Anti-Arab Rhetoric Is Anti-Semitic As Well
Zionists Have Hijacked Judaism
AOC Hit With FEC Complaint, Money Laundering
US Wants To Keep Middle East Tensions In Place
Adding Insult To Injury: US Merges Its Palestinian Mission Into Its Jerusalem Embassy
Trump: "The World Trusts America Again," Not To Do The Right Thing ... "Mightiest" Military Can't/Won't Provide Security For Humanitarian Convoy In Illegally Occupied Syria?
US Corporate Media Presenting Fake News About Conditions In Venezuela
Russia, China, Iran Seeking Coalition To Change Government In US ... No Wait, Just Bolton's Lust In The Heart For Venezuela's Natural Resources
Huawei Sues US Government Over Illegal Bill Of Attainder Law
Rule Of Law Or Outlaw? Giving Trudeau A Face Saving Out: Huawei's Meng Sues Canada For Violation of Her Charter Rights
Make Music Not War
Internet Showcases Dark Side Of Peoplekind
Venezuela FM Fires Back At US Blatant Resource Grab Political Propaganda
Authoritarian Socialism Hits US High School Prom At Local Country Club ... Why Stop At Buses, Just Make Everyone Walk There In Loin Cloths?
Wars And Rumors Of War: Kashmir, Venezuela, Iran, Yemen, Syria, N. Korea
Why Pay For Gold When You Can Steal It?
Trudeau's Government Digs Hole To China
US Pandora Box: Saudi Nukes?
More Money For Military: UK To Reopen 5 Military Bases In Response To Skripals
Another Reason To Keep Your Kids Away From Smart Phones: Pedophiles Hunting Youngsters On Social Media
Make America Truthful Again ... Well, There's A Billion Reason Why That Ain't Gonna Happen
CNN Already Filling The 2020 Political Sandbags
Bibi To Be Charged With Felony Fraud, Bribery?
Mr. Nice Guy Trudeau Political Interference In Criminal Case?
Peoplekind Trudeau Dans La Merde Profonde, Re-Election Woes
After Three Years,"DNC Hack" Still Points To US Not Russia, So Please Explain Mueller's Time And Taxpayer Money
US Private Central Bankster: Better Late Than Never, Passing The Buck
Rally Round The False Flags
To Some In The Knee Jerks Western "Media," Asking A Question Is Propaganda?
How Dare You, Belgium, We Stole Their Money Fair And Square
Facebook Censorship Wars Continue
Everyone's Joining It, Liars Club Is All The Rage: Lying Under Oath To Congress
From The "Digging The 'Don't Practice What I Preach' Hole Deeper" Dept: Typical Response Being Caught In Major League Hypocrisy, Blame Someone Else
Smart And Smarter: Putin's Russian Economy
Dum And Dummer: Demand Less, Expect US To Compete With Russia, China, India, Iran With 40%ers?
US Left Hand Not Aware Of What Right Hand Is Doing? US Wants N. Korea To Give Up Nukes While US Gives Nuke Tech To Saudi Arabia, Looks Like a Lock For Future Nuclear War
Indictment Of Nutanyahoo?
From The "Get A Life" Dept: IKEA Giver Of Status To Jewish Orthodox Women? BTW, Not One Girly Boy Wearing A Bra Or Panties In Sight In Victoria Secret's Online Catalog, What No Status?
2 Time Loser Gives Advice: Listen To What She Says, Then Do The Exact Opposite
Lying Big Media Isn't Your Friend, You're Their Commodity
Bankrupt US Taking Gold From Terrorists For Safe Passage?
UK May's Remain Spots Showing Through The Leave Veneer
US Debt: What Happens When The Can Gets Too Big To Kick Down The Road?
Other People's Money: Tearing Down The House
Start A War And No One Show Up? US Warmongers Would
Video: End Of Empire: High Tolerance For Mediocrity, Money For War
All My Life's A Cycle
From The "Who Can Make War With The Beast?" Dept: Bankrupt US Bully Prepares To Steal Venezuela's Oil Wealth
Video: Oil Rich Venezuela Coup Another US Disregard For Democracy Based On Lies, Just A Blatant Resource Grab
US Opposition Rebels Hurl Molotov Cocktails To Burn "Aid" Trucks To Venezuela
Japan's PM Doesn't Care About Referendum Vote Outcome, Will Do As He Pleases
Deep State Attack In Canada
Poll: Number One Problem For US, The Government, Except They Keep Electing These People
UK: Anti-Judeo-Christian, Anti-Muslim Immoral Cesspool
US Girly Boys Can't Compete With Guys, So Pick On Girls
Make Music Not War
The Other Side Of The Venezuelan Coin
To Get An Idea Of The Size Of The US Debt Tsunami, All The Gold Ever Mined Would Only Pay Off The Debt Under Obama
Common Sense Amendments To US Constitution
US Yellowstone Super Volcano Making Noise
Chinese Company Crowned Most Innovative
US Finally Found Someone Its Size To Pick On: But Pompey-o Is "Forgetting" About Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, etc.
US-Iranian Patron Of Regime Change
Putin's "State Of The Union" Address ... There Always Will Be A Russia, And If Not, Then Many Other Nations Will Be Gone Too
It's Now Or Never, Will US Empire Hold On To The Brass Ring Or Lose It?
Venezuelan Market Shelves Stocked ... Don't Need US "Humanitarian" Help, Just Go Back To US
... While US Importation Of Venezuelan Oil Rises
Nutanyahoo Faces United Opposition In Election
Video: De-Dollarization NOPEC, Dying US Empire Removing Other Nations Sovereignty While Debt Strangles Them
Ever The Salesman, Trump Helps Promote 5G
Another Step Down The Morality Ladder: Pedophile Scandal Hits YouTube
Video: Wow, A Real Journalist Telling It Like It Is, While Exposed Pretenders Attack
What Will Liberal Left Media Do With This One? Merkel Slams Russia's Agent, Trump, Over Trump's Anti-Russia Oil Tirade
Central Banker Macron Helping Zionists Hide Behind "Anti-Semitism" Blanket
"Anti-Semitism" The Ultimate Zionist Weapon
Zionists Hijacking Judaism For Political Purposes
Video: Facebook, Google, Ongoing Censorship Of Free Speech
Google: Lying And Spying
Get Private Duck
2 For 1 Response: Putin Tells Western Nations Intermediate Missile Launch, Russia Response Not Just Destroy Missiles, But Will Attack Decision and Launch Centers
The How To Manual: Coming Soon To A Government Near You
US Energy Belligerence And Lack Of Diplomacy
US Stirring The Pot In Haiti To Divert Attention From Venezuela?
Legitimizing The US New World Order
Zionist Israel Closes Temple Mount Gate To Arabs
Vatican And The "Queens Of Heaven"
While Frick And Frack And Pence Threaten Europe, Trump Threatens Venezuela's Democracy, Ignores Will Of People In Democratic Vote Like Ukraine, Like Syria
Munich Security Conference: UK's Williamson Really Spooked By Russia, Pence's Doublespeak, Both Reject Democracy Even When It Hits Them In The Face, Venezuela Mauduro 68% Vote, Crimea 96%, Trump 47%
Frick And Frack On The Attack, And Pence Came Tumbling After
Short Term Money Trumps Long Term Security
Now Trump Issues Threat To Europe, So Put Terrorists In Gitmo Without Trial, US Has Done It Before, Why Not Now?
Ivanka: Good Cop To Daddy's Bad Cop
Question: US Provides Arms And Support For Terrorists In Syria, But No Humanitarian Aid For Refugees, Yet Wants To Supply "Aid" To Venezuelan People? Are We This Daft Or Are They?
Exposed: Operation Israel Cyber Shield
The White Slave Trade
Buying A US President
FOIA Doc Hillary-FBI Collusion To Hide Crimes
Pence To EU Poodles: Don't Bite The Hand That Controls You
Antimuslimic? WSJ Gets Free Pass But Not Muslim Congresswoman
From Bad To Worse: Land Of Nu A Laughingstock
The Fruits Of Open Borders
Spain's Government Calls For Snap Election After Failed Socialist Budget
"Ocrazio-Cortex" Loose Cannon Ball On Dem's Deck ... Is She Really A Republican Tool?
Zionist US Government: Rogue Nation #1
Oxymoron? Saudi Brains And Zionist Israeli Money?
Video: Red Herring Russiagate, Now A Political Club For Trump Over Next 2 Years ... Dems Wasted Your Tax Dollars For Nothing While Ignoring Who Know Who
Stupide Est Comme Stupide Fait: No More Mommy And Daddy In French Schools, Brainwashing Mandatory From Age 3
The $8 Billion Border Wall Man
To Be An "Expert" You Don't Have To Be Right, Just Keep The Narrative Going
Networks Keeping The Narrative Going
Bayer AG Monsanto's Roundup's Glyphosate 41% Increase In Cancer Risk
Trump Declare National Emergency? Pelosi To Launch Legal Challenge, Will trump Declare Pelosi "Enemy Combatant?" And Ship Her Off To Gitmo?
The Birds Of A Feather World We Live In: CIA Says MbS Ordered Khashoggi Hit, But Nothing Will Change
Beware! Politicians At Work: In Case You Had Any Doubt Whatsoever That The US Isn't A Bus Over The Cliff, This Should Dispel The Last Vestiges Of Said Doubt, But, Hey What's Another Trillion?
German Bus Over The Cliff, Just Closer To Bottom
Pipsqueak UK: Anything To Divert Attention From Brexit?
The Zionist American New World Order In Action
Making America's Corporations Greedy Again
You Shall Know Them By Their Enemies
You Shall Know Them By Their Enemies, 2
Cultural Socialism: Canada's Ontario Province Yellow Pencil Law, Diversity But Everyone's Ideology The Same
The Policy Of Idiots: Norwegian Airliner Stranded In Iran, Next Time Buy Airbus
Mr. Nice Guy Pence: US Still Smarting From Iran Kicking US Out In 1979
US Isolation Ideology
Typical Media Fake News Outed Long After The Fact
Always A Comedian In The Crowd: After Pompey-o Announces US As Leader Of New World Order ...
S Korea, Japan See US As Major Threat
US House Dems Won't Let The Russia Narrative Die ... But They Have Nothing Else To Offer, So Will Add To The Huge $22 Trillion US Debt Rather Than Addressing It
As US Has Military On Russia's Border, US Navy Ships In South China Sea, Simpleton Senator Cries Hands Off "Our" Hemisphere?
From The "Mueller Still Ignoring The Log In His Eye" Dept: FBI-Hillary Collusion?
Political Neoliberal Left Politicians Have Turned Cities Into Hell Holes
Common Sense Blows Back: Even The Transgender Coin Has Two Sides
US Bus Over The Cliff: Zips Past The $22 Trillion Debt Mark, No Wonder They Need Everyone's Resources To Sustain Them, Inevitable Crash Landing Like Old Soviet Union's
The Perfect Lawless Choice: Coups Are US, Venezuela Based On Guy US Recruited Years Ago, Got Elected To Parliament With 26% of Voters From Small Coastal District, 81% Venezuelans Never Heard Of The Guy
Understandably, Jordan Peterson "Threat" To Neoliberals Anti-White Racist Feminist Transgender Snowflake Mentality
Vision America 2020: US A Sanctuary Country a la California
Welcome To The Asian Century
From The "Sticks And Stones Asylum" Dept: Misgender XX Not As XY? Go To Jail, Can Flat-Earthers Demand Oblate Spheroidists Refer To Earth As Flat Or Go To Jail?
The Rose People: The Names Of Things Cannot Affect What They Actually Are, And A Map Is Not The Real World
US State Of Insanity New Jersey To Tax Rain ... How About An Idiot Tax On Politicians? Or Maybe NJ Residents Will Sue Government For Not Keeping Rain Off Their Property? What's Next Tax On CO2 We Exhale
Canada's 20 Worldwide Sites Aid US Spying Partner
Video: Venezuela Vs. France Janus Media's Hypocritical Coverage
California Leads The Way In Its Treatment Of Military Vets
Blackface History Is Jewish History
Venezuela Ground Zero For Petrodollar Vs. The Goldie Yuan
Make Music Not War
Italy's Central Banksters Feeling The Heat
China Cracks Down On Social Media
Poll: US Bigger Problem For Germany Than Russia, China
They Do Have A Point: Hell Has Open Borders
Buy And Sell: Hypocrisy Hits The Mark Of The CIAmazon's Big Bro Billionaire Bezos, Not A Fan Of The Golden Rule
Zombie Deer Brain Disease Spreads In US And Canada
US Administration's Freak Show
US The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Hungary: Old And New Cold War Light
Huawei Strongly Rebukes US Ambassador's Scare Tactic Allegations
Venezuela And The Lawless Rogue State US
Pompey-o Losing It: Hezbollah Fighting Zionist Jews In Venezuela? Why Are Zionist Jews There? Mighty Cuba A Threat To Little Ol' USA?
From The "Geographically Challenged" Dept: By US Actions They Must Think It's The South American Sea Or Maybe China Will Send Some Warships To Protect The Venezuelan Coast
Expansion Of NATO Threat And Ring Of US Bases Around China Threat, Then US Wonders Why China [And Ally Russia] Prepping For All Out Nuclear WW3?
Eliminate Gold Tax Another Way Russia Can Hit The Petrodollar Sanctions
Merkel Vs. Macron On Nord Stream 2
Big Bad Wolf Corporations Snag Your Info Without You Knowing, "All The Better To Serve You"
Getting An Education From The School Of Hard Knocks
Like Middle East, Venezuela Is About The Oil For US ... Percentage Won Of Presidential Votes Cast: Maduro 67.8%, Hillary 47.7%, Trump 47.5%, Guaido 0%, So Nancy Pelosi Must Be US President?
EU States Fall In Line To US Led World Order Over Venezuela
Ukraine Land Of Nu, Venezuela Land Of Free
Normal Dog Behavior In Our Big Cities
Beware The BS Refrain Freedom And Democracy: Uncle Sam Speaks With Fork Tongue ... Again
Speaking Truth To Power Gets You Fired In Canada
5G Massive Health Risk
AOC AWOL Unity: Her Way Not US Highway, Her Leftist Photo Op Diva Masquerade Now Boorish
Trump Dismembering US Dollar Hegemony: Strategy Or Blowback?
Zionist Israel's Corruption Of US Senate Poodles, Screwing Americans & Constitution
US Warmonger Senate Votes To Keep US Killing Machine In Syria
UK Integrity Initiative Scandal Getting Worse, But Corporate Media Ignores Real News
UK Media Spreads Rumors Of Russia Invading Sweden ... Too Late, Refugees Got There First
Big Brother Practices Helicopter Assault On Los Angeles
San Fran: The Degree Of Mental Illness And Drug Abuse We Saw Was Truly Shocking ... And That's Just The Politicians
Muslims Patrol Brooklyn In Look-Alike NYPD Cars, What's Next Jewish Patrol Cars, Antifa Patrol Cars, Supremacy Patrol Cars, Mormon Patrol Cars, Catholic Patrol Cars? ... This Should Get Interesting
Who Knew Magnetic North Pole Was Russian Agent: Leaving Canada Headed For Russia
US Punishing The Sinners: Thou Shalt Sell Thine Oil In US Dollars Only
Canadian Sheep Herd
US Constitution Virtually Worthless
Can't Walk Down The Street In UK And Hide Your Face From Parked Police Van
US New World Order Only Recognizes Zionist Israel's Borders In Middle East
Video: Who's NWO Foreign Policy Is It?
US Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Already Scaring The "Neocon Political Party" As They Resort To Fake Russiagate Smear
Italy New David To EU's Goliath
Make Music Not War
Who Doesn't Work For Big Brother These Days?
NYT's Long List Of Support For US Coups In Latin America
From The "Knocking Down Fences On The Way To World Hegemony" Dept: US Unilaterally Backs Out Of Another Treaty While Blaming The Other Party, Which Treaty Is Next For US?
US INF Ditch Planned Years Ago
Moral Hypocrisy All The Vogue In The West
Neocon Gangsters And Psychopathic Thug's Tool Kit: How To Coup Venezuela
Germany Officially Bumps US F-35 Snafu Fighter Out Of Competition
The F-35 Trend Continues: US Navy Sinks $15 Billion Into Military Contractors Pockets For "Poor And Unknown Reliability" Ships, Makes Me Want To Join The Navy, Not
Video: Venezuela On The Way To US Instigated War, Failed State Status
Fake Media CNN, Fake Soldiers
This Guys Circular Reasoning Is So Stupid That, Well, Read It For Yourself
If This Glacier Continues To Melt, Surf's Up By Two Feet
Facebook Gets A Dose Of Their Own Medicine And Goes Berserk
Florida Recognizes Jerusalem As Zionist Israel's Capital, Zionist Israel Recognizes Florida As US Capital Of Retirement Homes [OK, Not Really]
Same M.O. For Deep State, Making War: Trump's Venezuela, Obama's Ukraine, Hillary's Libya
BBC Found In Violation Of Russian Laws
US Border Agents Seize Enough Fentanyl To Kill 50 Million Americans
The Roman Empire Deja Vu Redux: The Political 3-Ring Circus Of A Lawless Government
5G And What's Behind The US Arrest Of Meng, It's Not Competition
You Mean Zionist Media Owners And Journalists Favor Zionist Israel Over Palestinians?
ICC Judge Resigns Over "Above The Law" US's New World Order Bullying
Walls Of The Anti-Trump Celebrities
Canada Leading Way In Violating UN Charter ... Has Trudeau Lost His Mind?
Magnetic Pole Shifts, Record Heat And Cold: Tottering Planet Earth Seeking Equilibrium
Legal Gun Battle Still Ongoing In US ... Defenders Of The Faith, Local Sheriffs
Russia Will Defend Its Oil Assets In Venezuela
Have Henchman, Will Coup: Guaido Creation Of US Regime Change Lab
Why Is Anyone Still Using Facebook?
From The Good Dictator, Bad Dictator" Dept: US Foreign Policy Driven By Expediency, Not Principles
The Decline Of England Continues, One Bad Policy Decision After Another
Venezuela Another US Oil Target ... 300 Billion Barrels, Like Iraq, Syria, Iran Ad Infinitum
5G Huawei: US Wars Not Just About Oil, Tech Hegemony Too
Sustainable Wars: More Important Than Winning Them
Political Entanglement And Spooky Action At The Borders
On The Road To Rio, And Caracas
Banksters Of A Feather Rob Together
The Beast Among The Priests
Video: Bringing In Another Dirty Hands Facilitator For US Regime Change
Yellow Vests Rejects Macron Comment, "I'm One Of You"
Russia Finally Gets Over Its Illusions About US Interest In Democracy
Video: Mark Of The Beast In 2020?
Zionist Israel Removing Observers From Palestinian Area
Make Music Not War
Zionist Israel: Last "Official" Racist State On The Planet
Whale OF A Tale: Facebook Fraud
Davos: Titanic And Private Jets As Globalists March On
Running On Empty? US Government Shutdown Still At 93% Normal Spending Levels
US Fixing Venezuela Like It Did Ukraine, Oust Democratically Elected President For Your Hand-Picked Guy, As It Has Done Dozens Of Times Since WW2
The Master List: Why Will There Never Be A Coup In Washington, DC? No US Embassy There ... But There Is An Israeli Embassy There ...
Surprise, US Has Embassy In Venezuela, As It Did In Ukraine, Libya, Ad Infinitum
US Leads The World In Creating Failed States
US New World Order Making List Of Who's Naughty And Nice
IMF, Saudi Arabia Bankrupt By 2020, Hence All The Confiscation of Other Billionaires Bucks?
Toxic Feminists: Want To Kill And Torture Like Real Men
The Many Faceted US Zionist War On Iran
US: Gangsters Of The Caribbean
US Openly Meddling To The Max: Therefore, Opposition Leader Must Be A US Foreign Agent, Who's Next, France, Germany??
"Who Can Make War With The Beast?" Pompey-o Running The US New World Order State Department, Promotes International Anarchy, Venezuela To Recognize Hillary As US President, Having Gotten More Popular Votes Than Trump?
Pompey-o Announces US Leads New World Order, 12(6+6)/6/2018
US Bans Huawei, ZTE From Any Institution Receiving Federal Funding
Russia Rejects US Anti-Iran Conference
From The "Go Home Yankee" Dept: Caracas Breaks Diplomatic Ties With US
Wall Street's Dark Pools, Never Heard Of Them? They Don't Want You To Know
Great Empires Fall From Within Beginning With Something Small: One Tiny Domino Can Knock One Over Size Of Empire State Building
Big Brother, Big Tech, Love At First Sight
Earth's Magnetic Shield Weakening, Shifting Poles, Solar Flashes, Cosmic Rays Hitting Earth, Solar Minimum Affecting Climate
Europe Getting Fed Up With US Monopolistic, Confrontational Rhetoric Over LNG
Video: Left's Corporate Hysterical Mass Media Ideological Platitudes, Credibility Replaced By Incompetency, Most People NOT Watching TV News
Apple's Days In China Are Numbered
Zionist Israel's Criminality Invites Catastrophe
Syria Will Remain As Middle East's Flashpoint
More US Sanctions Blowback: Switzerland-Iran Develop Payment Channel To Bypass US Banksters
The Mature, Class Act "Adult In The Room" Was And Remains Nick Sandmann
Native American Activist Not The Red, White And Blue Vietnam Vet He Purported To Be
Racism, Bigotry In The Eye Of The Beholder, So Perpetuates The Lie By Ignoring The Truth
Native US Racism Activist Keeps Changing His Story, Lying, Points Finger To Others To Take Pressure Off Himself, Real Hero That
Globalist Pope's Meddling Battle Against The Nation-State: Pushes His New World Order With New Beliefs
Age Of The Wimpy Soy Boy Beta Snowflakes, Western Civilization's Moral Decline: Toxic Genderism
Canada Heads Up The Gender Dysphoria Mess
Murder Inc., Big Pharma's Opioid Profiteers Go To Trial
Syria Fed Up With Zionist Israel's Attack On Their Territory
From The "Let's Point A Finger" Dept: Well, This Raises An Interesting Point, When Will Zionist IDF Release The One For Where The US Belongs? Oh, And One For Israel And The Golan Heights? Released Already!?
More UFO Footage In The News
US Supreme Court Allows Ban Of Transgenders From Military
Fire The Federal Reserve Banksters?
Canadian Businesses See Writing On The Wall Over Meng Arrest, Even If Political Leaders Neutered
Trudeau's Folly: Meng Arrest, China Has Capability To Severely Cripple Canada's Economy
The Pressure is On: Trudeau, US Lackey Or Canadian PM, Canada, Slave Or Sovereign?
Democracy Fails To Deliver When Oligarchs Rule The Roost
Oligarch Nirvana
Zionist Israel General Touts Gaza Body Count In Bid For PM, Hmm, Does He Include Civilian Women And Children He Killed To Inflate His Numbers?
Our Sound Bite, Knee-Jerk Society: Where Were The Adults?
Left Media-Naught's [They're Not Journalists], Knee-JERK Top 10 Fails On Russiagate
The Left Media-Naught's Blind And Ignorant Knee-jerk Hatred Knows No Bounds, Deliberate Lying Bigots, But They Could Care Less
Turns Out All Is Not As It Appears, Where Is Left Media-Naught's Apology? Ha, Not Enough Man-Up Character For That
Pelosi's Perks Flying High While Americans Wait For Paychecks
Taking It Down Another Notch, Shakespeare's A Bloody Racist: Wal, Ding Dongnabit, If Dat Ain't Da Truf, I Dint NeEd No Kolegge Writin Skils Nohow Ennywey ... The Professor Protests Too Much, Methinks ... Have You Heard The Argument? Is There Offense In It, Hamlet?
New IRS Spyware
Flock Of Private Jets Descend On Davos
A Little Common Sense And Hospitality Needed: Cordon Off An Area In Warm Airport, Feed These Folks, And Help Them On Their Way, Instead Stuck 16 Hours On Tarmac Inside Cold Plane? 
Davos: Just How Caring And Sensitive Are World Leaders About The Man In The Street?
Neocon Warmonger-in-Chief Pompey-o Says He "Supports Democracy," But Not For Crimea, Prefers Authoritarians Who Obey US
But Pompey-o's Behavior Nothing New For US
Neocon's Apoplectic Frenzy Over Any Possible Trump Detente With Russia
EU Doing Its Best To Support May's Terrible Brexit Plan To Force 2nd Referendum For Stay, But MPs Would Vote It Down ... Now What?
EU Gets In On Skripal Sanction Action With Questionable Timing Vis A Vis Brexit
London's Drug Addict Eels
Video: Weaponization Of Space ... Invasion From Space Or Repel Invasion From Space?
Remember When UFOs, Space Alien Believers Were Fringe Crazies In The Hot Nevada Desert, So Why Is It Now Embraced By Establishment?
Holy Flying Saucers In The Bible, Batman
Bloody Nose Vs. Death? Really? Why Put A Russian Nuke Target On Estonians Backs?
Zionist Israel's Despicable Treatment Of Palestinians Continues Unabated, Yet "Liberal" Trudeau Supports It
Trudeau's Pro-Zionist, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Palestinian Remarks
Always Amazing To See Neocons Standard M.O. Of Accusing Others Of What They Do: It's The US Empire, With Military Bases In 80 Countries, That Has "Imperialistic" Ambitions
In This Case, Charity Doesn't Start At Home, Americans, If You Wonder Why Your Streets, Bridges, Sewer Systems, Railroads And Other Infrastructure Are In Such Dire Straits, It's Because You Spend Too Much Money Everywhere Else
Individual Countries Working Together Is Nationalism And Peace, Not Globalist's One World Government And War, Besides 10,000 People Out Of 7,700,000,000 Is Way Below The Horizon Representative Of Scientific Sample Size
Anti-Brexiteer PM Doesn't Resign, May's Real Brexit Plan, A 2nd Referendum With Stay Vote, Gets Closer
Make Music Not War
Trudeau's Oil Crisis Woes Continue
From The "Painting Oneself Into A Corner" Dept: Trump Strategy, Doesn't Want Dems To Agree To Wall Offers, Dems Dig Political Hole Deeper By Refusing Them, Then Trump Will Build Wall Anyway, What's At Stake Is Ongoing Influx Of Illegal Alien Voters Into Democrat's Party As A Way To Maintain Power
Syria Shoots Down Missiles Fired By Zionist Israel's Jets Targeting International Airport
Actions Of A Guilty Party? Nutanyahoo's Zionist Party Puts Up Billboards Targeting Journalists Who Report On His Allegations Of Corruption
Video: Trees No Longer Growing In The Air, US Middle Class Disappearing, First Generation Not Living Better Than Their Parents
Pelosi Grounded By Trump
Pelosi Wanted To Bring 93 Family Members On Secret Trip To Afghanistan?
Did Palin Trans Into Trudeau?
Organized Crime That Makes Mafia Jealous
DNA ... What Then?
Asteroid Warnings: Pass Near Earth About 1/10th Distance To The Moon
Iranian FM Trolls Bolton, Same Bull, Same Bully 10 Years On
US Dems Unable To Improve US, Find A Way Forward, So Stay The Course, 2 Years On Still Jousting With Trump's Windmills
News Flash: Arabs Are Semites Too, Jews Only 1% Of World's Semites
Jews Not The Only Semites
Canada Hits Another Moral Highpoint
Intransigent Anti-Brexiteer May, PM or Dictator? Hurting UK, Excludes All Others, Goal To Mess Up Brexit So Badly, Force A New Referendum with Stay Victory?
UK Stay In EU? Two Fingers To You
Deep State's 5 Eyes Double Standards For China, Canada
More Lies About Manafort Emerge
Zionist Israel's Blinders On US Towards Iran
Trump Pushing The Deep State Groupies Hard Over NATO, NYT Cranks Out The Lies
Trudeau's Pro-Zionist, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Palestinian Remarks
No Friends Of America: We, The "Jewish" Zionists Control America, And The Americans Know It ... Diversion Mueller Never Got The Memo, Still Thinks It's The Russians
The Times They Are A Changing: When Both US Political Parties Are Infected With Neocon Lust For War
Russia Criticizes US For Meddling In Internal Affairs Of Venezuela, While Mueller Still Rummaging Around The Attic Looking For Russians
From The "Barnacle On The Bum" Dept: After Worst Defeat For A PM, More Than 2/3s Against, Since The 1920s In "The Most Important Vote Of Our Lifetime," Why Hasn't May Resigned?
Video: US Really Leaving Syria? Back To Square One?
America's Achilles Heel, Reliance On US Dollar As World's Reserve Currency: Russia Buys 25% of World's Yuan Reserve Currency
For UK To Survive, Neo-Liberalism Must Die
Crazy Meddling Talk: International Free-For-All, Like EU Recognizing Hillary As President, Not Trump
Wikileaks Hits Back At Neocon Infested, Totally Biased, Big Brother "Newsguard"
Idiots Rule: Left's Media Ignorant Race-Baiting Backfires, Still Wouldn't Accept Responsibility For Her Irresponsible Journalism, Throws Staff Under The Bus
Google And Facebook Investing In More Ways To Influence Your Thinking ... Local "News" Programming
Go With The Duck
Finding More Ways To Focus Our Attention On Our Groins: UCLA Comparative Porn Conference, Saudi Arabia Not Included
From The "Snowflakes Will Be Snowflakes" Dept: Gillette's "Toxic Masculinity" (Equivalent of "Bitchy Feminism"? This Ad Will Appear When?) Social Agenda Push For Profit Backfires, And If It's About Making "Good Choices,"Not Racism, Where Are The Blacks, Hispanics and Asian Men That We See In So Many Other Commercials?
Switch To Harry's, Better Blades, Less Expensive
India's Continued Investment In Iran's Chabahar Port
Blatant Old Blame Game By US, Accuse Others Of What You Are Doing: Russia's Nord Stream 2 As Political Tool Of Influence On Europe ... Not Good Business, Or Allowing Europeans To Heat Their Food And Homes Cheaper Than Using US Product?
Turkish-Syria Safe Zone ... Partition Still US End Game?
Italy To France's Globalist Banker Macron: Stop Allowing Terrorists Into Your Country
America And The West Have Lost Their Balance, They Are Rushing To The Extremes
Hey, USA, Ideologically-Poisoned Analysis Leads To Intellectual Failure To See Collapse Of Society
Judge Says Cops Can't Force You To Open Your Smartphone
The Arrogant American Colonial Viceroy
The More US Pushes Germany On Russian Pipelines, The More Germany Distances Itself From US
Walls From Around The World
Video: Open Borders Advocate Billionaire George Soros Has A Really Humongous Wall Protecting His Place
From The "Three More Fingers Pointing Back At You" Dept: Pelosi, Border Wall Immoral, Yet She Has Wall And Moat Bordering Her Property Keeping Out Her Unwanteds
Video: Evangelist Pompey-o, Middle East Tent Revivalist, Neocons Infect Both US Political Parties, Media, Free Speech
The Intercept: Dem Elites Rejoin Neocons In Love Of War
Canada Sees No Cancer Risk In Roundup
Roundup Cancer, Other Risks
China Sentences Canadian To Death Over Drug Smuggling
China's Trade Surplus With US Highest Ever
Russia's Trade With China Tops $107 Billion
Why Trump Withdrawal From Syria?
Roman Church Far Richer Than Rome, Let Them Take Care Of The Poor, Besides This Doesn't Look Good For Their Image With The Pedophile Predator Priest Crisis
US Political Prisoners
Zionist Israel Continues Its Meddling Ways In US Policy Making
When Will Mueller Investigate Trump's Israeli, Saudi Ties, Which Far Exceed Alleged Russian Ties?
"Cooties Road?" Zionist Israel Has A Segregated Highway
New Intel Leaked Docs Show UK Meddling In US Politics
Clapper "Sticks" To His Old Lie, His Fabricated Invisible No Show "Forensics" Theory, While The Evidence Shows No Hack, But Direct Download Onto A Memory Stick
The Forensic Science: DNC Not A Hack, It Was A Leak From The Inside ... Murder Investigation As Dead As DNC Insider Seth Rich?
Video: Former Tech Head Of NSA: It Wasn't A Hack, Russiagate A Total Fabrication, Which Is Why Mueller Is Wasting Taxpayers Money
Make Music Not War
So Much Lip Service For "Competition:" US Mafiambassador's Oil Threat To German Companies
Saudi Drops Oil Production, Keep Prices Higher, Boon To US Oil Producers
How Much Oil Do The Saudis Have Left?
Disunited Provinces Of Canada's (DPC) Oil Production Cuts Are Unsustainable ... Need Working Pipelines, But US No, BC No, What About Invoking Eminent Domain, Declare National Security Interests?
Not To Mention Canada's Gas Crisis
Ideology Journalism: More "Evidence" Trump Is A Saudi/Zionist Israeli Agent With Side By Side Comparative Analysis By Today's Standards, Yet No Accusations Forthcoming, In Fact More Evidence Uranium One Hillary, Bill's Russian Speeches For Money Are Russian Agents
"Remember the Sabbath Day, To Keep It Holy," More Zionist Israeli Sabbath Bombing Attacks
May's Botched Brexit Deal A Maneuver To Force New Vote?
Canada In Love With Absurd Punitive Laws ... You Can Smoke Pot In Your House But Can't Get Drunk There
CNN Rejects Story From Border Agents, The Wall Works
Pompey-o Didn't Finish His Sentence, "America Is A Force For Good In The Middle East" ... For Those Who Profit From War And Destruction. Period.
How Will Muslims In US Congress React To All The "Pork" In The Spending Bills?
Video: Thucydides Trap China-US
Another Bolton Snub: "We Don't Take Orders From Bolton"
Bolton And His Israel-firsters Buddies Nightmare
Fat And Skinny Ran A Race, Dumb And Dumber Was Their Pace, Skinny Snubbed, He's A Clown, While Fat Fell Down Before A Crown
Another Deep State/Neoconservative App Telling Us That Their Fake News Isn't "Fake News," It's Only The Guys We Don't Like Who Put Out Fake News
Moral Degen(d)eration Ground Zero
China Apple Vs. Huawei US
Airlines Skimp On Paying Flight Attendants, Want You To Pony Up Tip Money Instead, When Do The Airlines Install The Vending Machines And Robots For Their Human Cargo?
Largest Embassy In The World, Big Brother In The Land Of Ancient Babylon, And Its Shipments Of Secret Cargo From Inside Pandora's Box, Home Of The Pentagon's Lost $21 Trillion?
From The "Throw Them Some Crumbs" Dept: Dollar Short And A Day Late Appeasement I'd Say
Russia Dumps Another $100 Billion US, Buys Euros, Yen And Yuan
Yellow Vests Hitting Bankster Macron Where It Hurts ... In The Banks
Macron Gets Pummeled On EU Immigration
Canada's Conundrum: I Say National Security, You Say Espionage
The 5G Death Ray
The Valley Of The Blind
Beware Of Those Preaching Democracy While Practicing War
Another NYT Oopsy: Manafort Ties Were Ukrainian Not Russian
From The "Swords Into Ploughshares" Dept: Why Do Nations Keep Telling Us Their Militaries Are Forces For Maintaining World Peace And Security, Won't Happen Until We Get Rid Of All The Militaries
The Bleeding Out Of American Suckers: US Spends Far More, Trillions, On Military, Yet It's Logistics Somehow Lags Behind Countries With 1/10th US Resources, Now The Pentagon Pauper Wants More Money When They've Lost $21 Trillion, An Amount Equal To The US National Debt? 
CIA Director Ran The Gitmo Torture Program, Personally Oversaw Destruction Of Torture Recordings
5 British Soldiers Killed In Syrian ISIS Rocket Attack ... Were They US Made?, Probably As This Story Has Disappeared
Dems In Favor Of Obama's Wall, Not Trump's
Magnetic North Pole Shifting 55km A Year
Shifting The Earth's Polarity
China's New Naval Compact Radar Allows It To See An Area The Size Of India
From The "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" Dept: The Enduring False Promise Of Preventative War Especially In The Nuclear Age
Video: Domino Theory With Syria Withdrawal Or Empire Quagmire? Integrity Initiative British Foreign Office's Troll Network
Heathenry Practiced On Board US Naval Vessel
Washington, London, Paris Wobbling Along On Rickety Legs, Pursued By Flesh Eating Monsters
Two-Headed US Foreign Policy, Sanctions And War: So, Threatens Sanctions On Russia-EU Nord Stream 2
Russia-Turkey Complete Underwater Section Of Turkish Stream Pipeline
Russia's Economy Expands, Sanctions A Motivator
Russian Solar Panels Arrive In Europe
Iranian Bank Cleared To Open In India As Nations Seek Ways Around US/UK Central Bankster System
Central Banksters: World Bank, Leave Them Alone
Foreign Minister Calls For Joint Russia, Iran, Turkey Oversight Of US Withdrawal From Syria
Iran's Khamemei Agrees With Many In US: Some Officials Are First Class idiots
Minister Of Loneliness: Abandoning Family And Religious Truth
Fiction Writers, Plagiarizers Wanted: Journalists Need Not Apply
Bubonic Plague Emerges Again In Wyoming
Chicago Is Circling The Drain
Hillary Pushes For "Up To Birth" Abortion In New York
Staunch Democrat Gun Control Advocate Has 23 Guns
Supreme Court Undercutting Morality In US
Globalist Banker Macron Escalates Yellow Vests Protests With Punitive Measures, Apparently Not Interested In Addressing Core Issues With Citizens
SeeNoNews (CNN) Abandons News Coverage, Becomes Anti-Trump Talk Shows
Video: Political Ideology And US Borders
Political Wall Logic: No "Distinction Between Citizens And Non-citizens?" Congressman, Are You Saying Citizens Don't Need To Pay Taxes? BTW, Didn't Congressional Funding To Israel Help Build Their Wall For The Same Purpose?
US Senators Push Zionist Israel's Land Grab Agenda
US Really Bothered By Russia Sale Of S-400s To Turkey, Bolton's Remarks Don't Help
Bolton Makes Another Blunder
The Deep State's Moving Bottom Line, Adding Conditions After The Fact: US Syria Pullout Dependent On Turkey's Protection Of Kurds, About As Much Chance As Fox Protecting The Chickens In The Coop, Remember When It Was About Terrorists And Assad Must Go?
Xi Asserting China's Growing Hegemony: The Road To Peace On Korean Peninsula Goes Through Beijing
ROGD Hell: Our Children Reaping What We've Sown
Pompey-o: Orwellian True Believer Or Totally Without A Clue?
Trump Orders US Troops Out Of Afghanistan, But CIA Backed Units Remain
UK's BBC Manufactured Hate
UK's Secret Propaganda "Integrity Initiative's" German Cluster Key Target
Zionist Israel Demanding Compensation From Arab States, BTW, What Will Russia, and Other Ex-Soviet Countries Demand From Zionist Israel For The Zionist-Marxist Revolution?
For Details, Read The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956
Portland Paranoia: Falling Bricks Are Racist
High Cost US Fracking Producing Less Than Expected
Why Lower Oil Prices Affect Saudi Arabia And US More Than Russia
Students Have Become The Commodity In LA Public Schools
China Overrated, Despite Evidence No Shot At Running New World Order
US Warship In Black Sea: Advance Insecurity, Destabilize Situation In Europe
Meddling Cartel: First US Senate Bill Of 2019 Aims To Protect Israel From Boycott, US Not So Much
From The "Zionist Israel Is Not Friend Of US, And Isn't Biblical Israel" Dept: Or In The Words Of Zionist Israel's PM: "Once We Squeeze All We Can Out Of The US, It Can Dry Up And Blow Away"
Jewish National Fund Supports Zionist Israel Military ... Where Is Canada's NDP?
US's Russian Paranoia: Sonic Attacks On US Personnel, Very Loud, Ear Piercing, Though Common In West Indies, Attack Of The Sonic Crickets
Fake News, Real Crickets
Make Music Not War
The Great Race For The New World Order
Deep State Criminals To Be Exposed In Next Round Of Leaks
The Pendulum Swings: Men More Discriminated Against Than Women
Is Bolton A War Criminal Committed To US Illegal War In Syria? Reason Why He Dismissed The International "You're Dead To Us" Criminal Court? US Will Do What We Want
Bolton And The ICC
So It's Let's Make A Deal: Still About The Oil, Partition Shi'ite Syria's Oil Out Of Syria, And Create A Path For Sunni Saudi Oil To The North to Europe To Negate Russia's Pipelines
War In The Middle East Has Not Gone Anywhere, Trump's Alleged Pullout Only Another Fluctuation In The Ebb And Flow Of Political Machinations There
From The "Its Not About Nukes" Dept: US Bullies World Over Iranian Oil
UK Embassy Construction Underway In Syria
EU Mechanism To Continue Trade With Iran "Mysteriously" Fails To Appear
Bilderberger: Paragraph 3, Control The Money, Control The Country
Grindr Lawsuit Potential To Change Tech Platforms Way Of Conducting Business
Surprise, FBI Trying Out CIAmazon's Facial Recognition Software
Washington DC Goes Full School Yard Antics
The Much Ado About Nothing Mueller Grand Jury Given 6 More Months To Do Nothing
Another Simpleminded Punitive Socialist: How To Turn US Into Venezuela 101
Honeymoon Is Over As The Brits Prepare To Fight WW2 Again ... PS, WW3 Will Be Hypersonic Nukes, Not Land Invasion
No IRS Tax Refunds During Shutdown, But Wars Still Funded
From The "Swallowing The Camel, Straining At The Gnat" Dept: Dear Nancy: If $5 Billion Diverts Money From "Other Critical Needs," i.e., Immigrants Crossing Border Who Overwhelmingly Vote Democrat, What In The World Does $700+ Billion Military Spending Bill You Voted For Do?
Iran Plans To Add Speed, Stealth Technology To Their "PT" Boats
Google Moved $23 Billion To Bermuda Tax Haven, How About You?
Get The Duck
Video: Media, Save The Ideology, Opinions, Moralizing For The Sheep, Give The Rest Of Us The Facts
Apparently, NBC Likes War, Bombing, Destroying, Killing, Maiming Women And Children
Blood On America's Hands: US GWOT Has Left Millions In Middle East Dead
Video: At Least MANhood Still Alive And Well In Bosnia
Congress, Gong-ress, NY Now Elects Stars
Jupiter Falls From Grace, Macron Continues To Nosedive
Why Is Dark Overlord Allegedly Holding The 9/11 Truth Ransom For Money?
Meddling Cartel: New Sheep Of US Congress Taken For A Ride ... By Zionist Israel, Imagine Russia Doing The Same
From The "Zionist Israel Is Not Friend Of US, And Isn't Biblical Israel" Dept: Or In The Words Of Zionist Israel's PM: "Once We Squeeze All We Can Out Of The US, It Can Dry Up And Blow Away," Not Even Russia Accused Of  Saying This About US
New Israeli Tactic: Airstrikes While "Hiding Behind Civilian Aircraft Skirts"
Socialism May Sound Good, But Entire Socialist Economy Always Damages Country
Witch Hunt: Contrary Info Years Later
Same, And Old US Biased Hypocrisy, Speaks With Forked Tongue: Accuses Iran Over UN Ban Missile Firings, But Ignores UN Mandate On Jerusalem Not Being The Capital Of Israel
CNN Folds To Orwellian Request From Ukraine, Retracts Crimean City As Russian
Crimea, Kiev, Most Of What Is Ukraine (aka Malorossiya) Part Of Russia As Far Back As 1780's, Crimea Part Of Russia Before There Was A Ukraine, About Same Time US Constitution Was Adopted, Long Before VP Pence's Indiana Was A State
Government Uses Media For Disinformation War ... Integrity Initiative, BBC, CIAmazon Post Et Al
China: A Kind Of Freedom To Be Had From Your Lies, So Everything's Coming Up Roses
A First: China Lands Probe On Far Side Of Moon
Diversity From Truth = Lies, Therefore Truth Is Hate Speech
America Is Decaying
The Spiritual Disarmament Of the US and The West
The Great "No Such Thing As Fair Competition" Race (Then Why Is The US Always Accusing Other Countries of This, That, and the Other?): New World Order ... Whose Is It, US Or China?
While US Pulls Out Of Global Organizations And Treaties, China Hailed For Role In Global Governance Rules
PRC Vs. Taiwan Flares Up With Xi's Speech
Scattering The Seeds Of Hatred Of America
A Few Notable Omissions In Zionist Israel's History Memorial ... Censoring The Negative
CRITI Top 5 Countries Ditching The US Dollar
Google Gets OK From Government For Motion Sensor
Quid Pro Quo? US Government OKs Google To Scan Your Face And Store Info ... Later Give To Big Brother
Duck Google
A Crack In Media Coverage?
Censorship: Who Do The Saudis Think They Are, Zionist Israel?
NATO's Long History Of Creating Enemies, Hatred
Zionist US & Israel Leave UNESCO Hand In Hand Because Of Perceived Israel Bias, Not That Israel Hasn't Had Deadly Bias Towards The Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, UN Mandate Concerning Jerusalem, International Law, etc., etc.
Pompey-o: US Committed To Protection Of Zionist Israel
Russia's Tens Of Trillions Dollars In Untapped Natural Resources
Le Roi Jupiter Macron Doesn't Listen, Continues To Incite Yellow Vests
Young People: If You Want A Real Education, Read This ... 6% For Scholarships, 94% For Partytime!
Polish FM: Only Way For Country To Demonstrate Sovereignty Is To Have Nukes ... So Iran, Syria, N. Korea, Venezuela et al? No, Of Course Not, Just Us, Europe
What A Cast Of Characters, Lethal Leaders 3: Macron, May, Merkel, MbS, Nutanyahoo, And Trump
California Women's March Cancelled Due To Racism: Too Many White Women
America Got Stuck With Dick
Dick Flunked Out Of Yale Twice
Year Later, Nothing Learned: US Still Spending Too Much On War, $700+ Billion This Year, Wars Go On While Government Shut Down For Less Than $6 Billion
Fox In The Chicken Coop: Former Boeing Exec Slides Into Top Job At Pentagon
Portland's Fascist Antifa, Formed By Sterile Social Media Relationships
10% Of US Public Teachers Quit in 2018
Stop The Presses!! Left Atheists Say American Bibles Need To Be Reprinted, It Wasn't Serpent Who Beguiled Eve Into Eating Forbidden Fruit, It Was Putin
Even AI Computers Learn To Fake It
How Come It Takes YEARS To Get The Truth? Lies Are Easy To Tell, Time Needed To Disprove, Civilian MH17: It Was The Ukraine With Obama Approval
Video: Follow The Ukrainian BUK Missile #847379 Allegedly Used To Shoot Down MH17 According To JIT 
Ukraine Government Holds Veto Power Over MH17 Official Report Release
44 Crazy US Numbers From 2018
25 Censored Stories 2018
Note To All Religious Folks: In China, The State Is First, Not Religion Of Any Stripe
Text Xi's 2019 Address
Video: What's Up For 2019? And The Law Of Unintended Consequences
China Leads Way In Intellectual Property Growth
Not Always The Good Guy: Hitler Time Man Of The Year 1938, Soros 2018
Facebook Censor Police Failing, As They Should
American Arrested On Suspicion Of Espionage In Russia
Syria: Quick To Invade, Slow To Withdraw
Wall Street Banksters And Main Street Angry Citizens
China's Silk Road: Pakistani Investment Costs ... $49 Billion If US Built, $19 Billion China Built
Those In US Supporting Saudi War Against Yemen Support Terrorists And War Criminals
Brit's Post-Brexit Economic Plan? Expand Global Military Presence
Whaaaah! Retired US General Throws The Sky Is Falling Hissy Fit When Trump Takes A War Away ... Shades Of Domino Theory, "The World Will Go Communist If We Pull Out Of Vietnam"
Elite$ Tell Us: Horrors Await If US Pulls Troops Out Of Syria
Globalist Sock Puppets Merkel, Macron Trotted Out Again To Recite Trite Lies About Crimea
How Come We Always Get The Facts YEARS Later? British Archive Docs Showed West's Response To Crimea Vote Not Cricket, Paved Way For Crimea's Return To Russia In 1992, Crimea's Constitution Valid, Ukraine Annexed Crimea Then
China-Russia Ties Set To Strengthen In 2019
Czech Republic Refutes West's Security Fears Over Huawei
Brazil Goes Over To The Dark Side Or Is It All Dark Now?
You Gotta Love It: The US Government Is Shut Down ... And The Government Tells Us They Have "Non-Essential Workers" On The Payroll, Why?
Methinks The Thin Skinned Potato People Person Protesteth Too Much
Make Music Not War
C'est Toujours La Meme Chose; Napoleon And Russia, Perspective In Today's World
New Knowledge, Old Trickery ... Where Is Ideologue Mueller?
West's Media Ran With Fabricated "News"
Trading Syria Withdrawal For Keeping MbS In Power After Khashoggi Murder?
China Pushes Into Space Vacated By US, Soviet Union
CIA: Bring Your Brain In For A Tune-up ... But Where Is The Brain-Consciousness Mind Link? The Non-Physical Spirit
All Hail Jupiter, Le Roi Dans Son Esprit
The Orwellian Mock Democracy
Curses And Death: America's Domestic War Killed More Last Year Than All The US Deaths In The Vietnam War
That Was Fast, Russia Finishes Its Border "Wall" With Ukraine
US's "Anti-Christian" Allies
Undermining The US Dollar And Creating Resentment At The Same Time
China-India Forging Closer Ties As US Proves To Be Unreliable International Partner, Add In Other SCO Member States, Observer States And Dialogue Partners And This Is Half The World's Population, And More Than Half The World's Economic Might, Begging The Question, Whose New World Order Is It?
Move Over GPS, Here Come's China's Beidou
From The "Spider And The Fly" Dept: Zionist Heritage Foundation Hosts "Orientation" For New US Members Of Congress
The Economic Nuke: Zionist Central Banksters Out To Set Up New World Order, Zero Loyalty to US
From The "Zionist Israel Is Not Friend Of US, And Isn't Biblical Israel" Dept: Or In The Words Of Zionist Israel's PM: "Once We Squeeze All We Can Out Of The US, It Can Dry Up And Blow Away"
Merkel Echoes Pompey-o: Nations MUST Give Up Democracy, Sovereignty To New World Order ... Are You Saying Germans Must Give In To China's Xi Or Zionist Banksters?
From The "Left's Collective Insanity" Dept: Aha! $25 Million Later And A Nude Selfie Prove Russia Meddled In Election?
Video: Political Q&A From Viewers, European Spring, US Meddling In Syria Before War, Age Of Deplorables, Global Yellow Vests, Deep State
Internet Traffic Metrics, Which Determine Ad Revenue, Are All Fake
Germany: You're in The [New World?] Army Now ...
But Hope You Never Have To Rely On German Military Gear
US Court Tentacles Have Global Reach, In Particular For Keeping "Bad" Russians In The News
An Intro To The Atlantic Council, The Atlantic Council, And The Atlantic Council
In Debt To Santa: Americans Spent $850 Billion Buying Christmas Stuff
US Debt Up $1.4 Trillion From Santa's 2017 Visit
World's Largest Arms Dealer, US, Arrests Man On Accusation Of Being ... An Arms Dealer ... A Russian Arms Dealer
I Guess If You Can't Tell Your Ass From Your Elbow, It Makes Sense: Genderidiocy [A Gender Neutral Term, btw] Grips EU, MANkind Not Okay, But HuMANity Is? When Do They Cut To The Chase And Call Us Slaves?
Is The Rapidly Declining West Risking Annihilation Due To Greed And Lust For World Power? Looks That Way
The Devaluation Of Peace
US Government Shutdown Overrated, Wars Continue, Deep State Still Humming Along
UK Number One ... Inversion Of Reality Champs
Despite Sanctions EU-Russia Trade Grows 22%
Trump Handed Syrian Baton To Zionist Israel?
Zionist Israel Attacks Syria December 25th
Zionist Israel Fighters Jets Use Civilian Airliners As Cover For Syrian Strike From Lebanon Airspace
Russian Avangard Missile Outside US, NATO Missile Capabilities
Germany To US After INF Pullout: Don't Even Think About Putting Intermediate US Nukes On European Soil
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