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Winter 2017

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Winter 2017

Rogue US Maladie: Chronic Trust Deficit
Make Music Not War
Moscow Summons Israeli Ambassador Over Attack On Syria
Left Media Straining At The $45k Gnat While Swallowing The $20m Camel
Russian Integrity Rebuilds What US Lies And Wars Destroy
From The "Who's Your Daddy?" Dept: Condi Rice's "Birth Pangs Of A New Middle East" Needs DNA Test
US Budget $600 Billion On Military, Seeks To Cut $10 Billion Peacekeeping Budget
Call For US Congress To Stop Funding Terrorists

Senator McCain Met With Syrian Terrorists
Trump Syria Policy Same As Obama But With Heavier Boots
Sources Only Credible When It Suits US Narrative
Video: US Intel Agencies Involved US Domestic Politics
The 4th Branch Of Government: NSA Spying On World Leaders Without Presidential Oversight?
NYT, March 2017: Trump Claims Obama/US Intel Spied On Him ... No Evidence
NYT. January 2017: US Intel Agencies Spied On Trump Associates, Find "Russian Link"
Obama Spied On US Congress, Israel, But Not Trump?
Donbass Republics On Way To Reuniting With Russia?
Canada Enforcing Legality Of Its Borders
College Life: No More Homo sapiens, Homogeneity Or Homogenized Milk Either?
Apple's Cook Paints Anti-Globalism As Isolationism, It's Not, It's Sovereign Nations Trading With Other Sovereign Nations
Making US, The World's Policeman, Great Again
Ukraine Slides Deeper Into The Rabbit Hole
Despite Trudeau Campaign Promises. He Puts Spike Into Canada Russia Relations
Mushrooms Helping Our Bee Population
Syrian Air Defenses Shoot Down Israeli Intruder
Nearly 6 Months After US Election, Dems Discover Russia Didnt Hack Election, Trump Not Putin's Puppet
CNN Goes Tabloid! It You Can't Beat 'em, Make It Up
Harvard U Joins Ranks Of Those Endorsing Fake News Narrative
CIA Part Of The Problem, Not Solution  ... Iraq WMD, Libya, Ukraine, ISIS
Losing Smartphone Almost As Stressful As Terror Attack ... Worst Scenario: Losing Phone During Terror Attack
Pentagon Defense Spending Economics In Action?
From The "Deep State Doesn't Exist" Dept: Business As Usual For Goldman Sachs
Former CIA Director: No Spark To Russia Trump Connection
Video: Climate Models For The Layman
From The Desk Of The Sucker Syndicate: PT Barnum Documents Surface In Left Media
Be Careful What You Say, Mr. President
From The "Leaders Of The Free World" Dept: Now We Know Why US Navy Ships And Aircraft Cost So Much And Don't Work
CNN Not Content Merely Being A Fake News Outlet, Pushes Fake News To New Level, Outright Propaganda And Fearmongering
Now Meet A Real Journalist: Lizzie Phelan
US Desperate For A Victory In Syria Blast Everything
Video: Conway, CIA Director Agree, Microwaves Can Spy On Us
Ukraine Fascists Vs. Fascists
Snowden Advice: Fix The Mass Surveillance Problem ... Privacy For No One Or Everyone
China Uses Some Jam In Order To Toast THAAD
Bankrupting Costs Out Of Control: Lockheed-Martin Sticker Shock For Military Aircraft
Foreign Services Step Up Efforts To Destablize Russia
No Senator, That's Exactly Who We Are ... Look At Society Around You
Jihadist: ISIS Would Take Over Sweden In Hours
US Mainstream Presstitute Media Enemy Within
Microwave Modulation Can Be Used To Eavesdrop
Duh, Colbert, Conway Said Microwaves, Not Microwave Ovens
US Congressional Staffer Hacking Suspects Had Access To "Everything"
Crimeans Jubilant About Returning Home To Russia

Anatomy Of The Deep State, aka Big Brother
Methinks Thou Protesteh Too Much: Deep State/Big Bro Mouthpiece Fake News NYT Runs Article, Deep State Doesn't Exist
Monsanto Cancer Agent Dealt A Blow In California Court
Tail Wagging The Dog: Canadian University Removes Weight Scales, Too Much Stress For Students ... Final Exams Next?
"Senior White Males" Are Impediment At US University
Just Don't Tell That Woman In England Who Lives In The Palace ... Or Burger King 
Soros Fellowship Lawyer Flees US As Wife Arrested For Fraud
Japan, China Ramping Up South China Sea Rhetoric
Video: US Cops Lie Saying Against The Law To Film Them, It's Not
Better Idea: Kurds Annex Southern Turkey
Video: Forget Fukushima: Nuclear War Bad For Everyone's Health
Fukushima Salmon And Tuna: Radiation Still Leaking Into Pacific Ocean
Globalist Media, Politicians And Spies Versus Everyone 
Like Ukraine, US Losing Grip On N. Africa, Libya, Russia Fills In
China In Middle East Role Of Mediator?
Iceland Success Story After 2008 Financial Crash ...
... As Opposed To Greece Which Is Still A Mess
Sweden Is Totally Screwed Up
Dear Ed: It Was Soviet Union, Not Russia, Which BTW Also Included Ukraine, Now Globalist Warmongering Fake News Media Like Amazon Post The Enemy Within 
Stupid Is As Stupid Does Ukraine Coup: When Will US Stop Messing WIth The Internal Affairs Of Other Countries? Congress Cuts Taxpayer Check For $150 Million In MILITARY Aid!!!
Video: Assange Vault 7 Press Conference: CIA Out Of Control
Monsanto And EPA On Cancer Hot Seat In Court
Fearing Fear Because We Can: No Evidence Russia Trying To Disrupt UK Democracy ... But They Can ... As Can The UK Ellite
News Flash Erdogan: Arms Dealers Supply Arms To Everyone With Money
Make Music, Not War
Expediency Overdose And The US Empire On Suicide Watch
Destroying The Ukraine: Loses 3.5 Million Taxpayers Thanks To Soros, Obama, Nuland Coup
An Analysis: Why Hillary Lost
Uh, Prez Trump, US An "Illegal Immigrant" In Syria: Only Russia's Military NOT Breaking International Law Entering Syria

Hide And Seek In The Sky: Russia's Electronic Countermeasures
China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Enters Service: What Happens When China Surpasses US Militarily?
Putin To Nutanyahoo On Iran: This Is Not The 5th Century, Dude
Tech Security McAfee: CIA Failed In Its Mission To Protect Americans
China Drops The N Word On S. Korea, US
Why Is Ukraine Suing Russia Now? 3 Billion Reasons
When Politicians Have The Light Of The Truth Shined On Them ... Hackneyed, Knee-jerk Reaction Misdirect, Lie, Blame The Russians
Is US And West Hardwired For Violence?
The Age Of Folly
From The "We Love Open Borders" Dept: Someone In Hollywood Offer Them Asylum In Their House ... Steep, Madonna, Someone?
Vault 7 A Two-fer-one? NSA Put Russian Fingerprints On Hack, And Laid It Off On CIA?
Maxine Strikes Again: Admits Trump Wiretapped By Obama ...Why? Because Of His Russian Cnnections!
Canada's Trudeau Backs Corrupt, Anti-Democratic Soros, Nuland Ukraine ... Why?
Was Vault 7 An Obama Blowback Move?
Video: Vault 7 Reaction, Solution ... More Controls And Lack Of Privacy?
Erdogan's Dreams Of Ottoman Sultanate By 2023 Just That, A Dream
MH-17 Update: Ukraine Had 17 BUK-M1 Systems In Area Identical To One ID'd By JIT, Ukrainians Shot Down Passenger Jet In 2001
From The "So Much Security No Freedom Left" Dept: CIA Spying For Security Vs, Not Spying For Liberty, Constitution Draws The Line
The Private Company Running The US & Issues Its Money: Jackson Was President Who Killed Its Predecessor Bank Of United States
Boy, Does This Sound Familiar: Andrew Jackson Vs. Bank Of The United States, Forerunner Of Fed Reserve
Bernie Redux: Counterfeit, Not News aka CNN Cuts LIve Feed Again On Info It Doesn't Like
The Smoking Gun: Admitted False Flags, Caveat The List Is Long
US Proactive Intel Runs Amok: DNC's False Flag "Russian Hackers" Working At Langley?
America Greatest At Hacking
Video: Truth Bombing Trump Tower Wiretap Story, But That's Everyone's Government Today, President's Included
US Government Paying To Keep Software Vulnerable
Linked In Opts Out Of Russia
Touch Pink And Die

Social Satire Video: Exorcising Snowflakes, Caveat Commercial at 4:39 Mark
Empty Wagons Rattle The Loudest: Hillary, Dems, MSM Lost The Election, Still Have Lots Of Hypocrisy And Lies To Shout About
The Guys In Black Hats Wear White Helmets
Nutanyahoo: Mr. Hypocrisy
CIA Can Leave Russian "Fingerprints" On Hacks
Vault 7: Is The CIA Everywhere? Looks That Way
Vault 7: Looks That Way 2
Big Brother In The Driver's Seat
Found: The Obamacare Replacement Bill
From The "Three Fingers Pointing Back At You" Dept: Russian Bank Paid Hillary's Podesta To End US Sanctions
Obamagate: Someone Ordered It ... Who?
Video: Obamagate Illegal Spying On Candidate Trump ... How High Up Will It Go?
Ex US Intel (?) Chief: Believes Russia-Trump Claims ... Despite No Evidence ... No Word On The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny Thing
British Airways Introduces Yoga Class Seating: "Please Ensure That Your Legs Are In The Fully Locked And Upright Position"
China World's Largest Economy And Banking System
The Anti-US War On The Presidency
Video: US Disintegrating From Within?
The Dead Flower Of Democracy ... Soros, Nuland Et Al's Ukraine On Brink Of Implosion
US/NATO Continues It's Military Build Up On Russia's Borders
Israel With Iran Like US With Russia, Lots Of Accusations, No Proof, While You're At It, Ignore The Palestinian Situation & Israeli Nukes
Russia Nothing Like US, And You Can Bank On It
US Marines Looking For A Few ... Hundred Photos Of Naked Female Recruits
Evidence Of US Government/Obama Sabotaged Trump?
US DHS Extends Temporary Protected Status Of Immigrants
"Tell Vladimir I'll Have More Flexibility After The November Election"
Canadian Border Like Swiss Cheese
Make Music Not War
Bright Blob Of Gas In Deep Space Baffles Astronomers ... Proof Of Ancient Alien Politicians?
Video: John "War" McCain Ties To Terrorists, Secret Trips To Syria, Turkey, Obama Funneled Billions To Liberal Activist Groups
Obama Never Ordered Surveillance Of Any US Citizen ... Well, Except The Ones He Tracked In Order To Assassinate With A Drone Shot

From The "Really Lucky Shot" Dept: So How Did They Track This US Citizen Without Surveillance?
Why Obama Never Ordered Surveillance On Any Citizen Because He Authorized Surveillance On All Citizens, Why If It's Not Effective?
Soros, Obama Land Of Nu's Neo-Nazi Ukraine [i.e. Somalia North] On Verge Of Total Collapse
US Government's Privacy Watchdog On Life Support
Dems Pelosi Lied On Camera: "I Never Met This Russian Ambassador" When She Sat Across A Table From Him, Lavrov, Medvedev
False Flag Ops: Pulitzer Journalist Says Dem SecState Hillary Approved Sarin Gas Shipped Into Syria To Blame Assad, Invade Like Libya
US Obstructionist Dems Actions Show Don't Care About The Country, Trump: Dems Lost Election, Now Lost Grip On Reality
Domestic Enemy Combatants? Globalist Campus Attacks On Freedom Of Speech, Those Who Support Trump, America With Borders
Talking To A Russian Tantamount To Treason In Eyes Of Looney Tune Globalist Fanatics
Stop The Presses! Democratic Senate Minority Leader Had A Donut And Coffee With Putin In NY!!! He Must Be A Deep Cover Putin Puppet

Dems Witch Hunt Fake Issue: Pelosi Admits Normal To Meet With Ambassadors, Not To Mention McCain Meeting With Enemy Terrorists
Antarctica Sea Ice At Lowest Levels On Record
Civil War In US: Intel Community Vs. President

EU Edges Closer To Falling Apart, German, French And Dutch Elections Hold The Near-Term Key
WADA Condemns Russia Athletes For Past Drug Use, Kept Secret Drug Use By US Athletes In Rio
Fallout From Flawed, Prejudiced WADA Report Getting Absurd, Just Another Blatant Way To Sanction Russia By West
US College: Whites Should Pay Money To Minorities For "Emotional Labor"
"F Off, It's Not Your Country" Says A Muslim To Englishman In UK
China's Plans For Hong Kong, Taiwan, Minorities And Religion
Crying Wolf ... The News Network That Doesn't Know When To Stop The Fake News
Russian Paranoia Outbreak In Latvia, Estonia
From The "Well, That's A Good Way To Trash Tourism" Dept: EU Throwdown, Ban Visa-Free Travel For US Citizens, Welcome To Canada
Games In The Name Of Peace And Security
Crony Capitalism Alive And Well In Trump Administration?
EU Globalists Move Against France's "Trump" Le Pen
US Navy Vessel Personnel Getting Knocked Up At Increasing Rate
Globalist Minded Sweden Still Focusing On External Non-Threat While Ignoring Internal Refugee Threat
Pay To Play: Trump Twists Europe's Arm With NATO Fees
Norway Gets Trump Economic Boost
Sorry, Charlie: Allan To Be Next King Of England?
Sweden: No Problem With Refugees As It Brings Back Military Conscription For Men And Women
UK Foreign Affairs Committee Says UK Must Have Dialogue With Russia
Russian Natural Gas Flows To Crimea
EU Parliament Lives In Its Own La La Land
Unelected Globalist EU Commission Turned Blind Eye To Emission Fraud ... Might Impact Corporate Profits A La TIPP?
NATO's Sticky Fingers When It Comes To Libyan Oil
Donbass Nationalizes Several Dozen Enterprises Due To Kiev Economic Blockade
Video: Trump's Middle East Business As Usual While Focusing On Domestic Agenda?
Sweden: A Globalist Case Study For War, Refugees And The Chaos It Produces
Political Human Shields And Acceptable Unnamed Losses
BBC, CBC, NYT & Western Fake Media Narratives
Video: Governments Funding CNN "News"
CNN Retracts Fake News Story
Wagging The Dog: CNN Staging Fake News

CNN Staged "Bomb Rescue Boy"

CNN: What We Want You Think
CNN, Anal Over The Term Fake News, Takes Their Marbles And Goes Home
5 Examples Of CNN Fake News

Downplaying US Role In Yemen Famine, War Crimes
Islam On The Way To Becoming World's Most Populous Religion
Globalist EU Parliament Crazier Than US Congress In Move Against Le Pen
5 New Digital Age Brain Disorders ...
Silly Theatre: Straining At The Gnat "Feet On Sofa" Politics, Swallowing The Increase Mil Spending For War Camel  ... Need We Say More?
In And Out With Trump's Flynn ... Deep State, Big Oil And The Military-Industrial Beast
Trump Stays The Course To Perdition: Increases Funding Of The Multi-Trillon Dollar "Military-Industrial" Beast, Cuts Other Departments
Who's The Aggressor? Salesman Trump's Proposed "Safety & Security" Budget Increase Alone Equals 80% Of Russian Military Budget
Remember Crimea! West Can't Allow Democratic Vote For Scotland To Leave UK ... Must Send In Troops, Tanks
Lights, Camera, Action! Hollywood's Elite Shun "Open Borders," Erect Oscar Walls To Keep Out The Undocumented Masses From Whom They Earn Their Living, But Don't See The Glaring Hypocrisy
Clueless "Wag The Dog White Hat Hollywood Cowboys" Suckered by PR Film ... Gives Cred To Terrorists
La La Land: Trump's Surprise Win! Hollywood Lollypops Flub Oscars, But Knows How To Run The Country?

RAND Corp: West's Latest Twist On Syria Regime Change/Loss Of Sovereignty
Switzerland: When Democracy Is Populism
Up Or Down The THAAD Escalator?
A Soros Project? Crossing The Line From Freedom Of Speech To US Color Revolution?
US UN Haley: Crazy Or Plan To Keep Everyone Off Balance? Alleged Chem Issue Long Gone
Hey, Haley, US Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq, Not To Mention Vietnam
After Central Banks Gut Greece, Grexit Next?

EU Central Bank Killing Greece
Trump US National Debt Numbers: Reading From The Thermometer Rather Than Barometer

Well, There Goes The $12B He Just Bragged About Saving
//" data-mce-href="">False Flags: Free To US Presidents
Make Music Not War
Fractionalization: Europe Reverting Back To Natural State
From The "And You Want Open Borders?" Dept: Eyelashes Will Get You 300 Lashes
From The "And You Want Open Borders?" Dept: 4000 ISIS Murder Victims Thrown In Sinkhole

Self-Important Hollywood: Uh, Time To Engage Was Last November ... Try Sweden
Sweden In Denial: Malignant Or Benign? 160K Immigrants Like 5.3 Million In US
FBI, China Money For Clinton Campaign ... Bill
Kazakh And The Stans Appearing Daily In Eurasia
Queen For A Day: Make America British Again
HIndsight: Back To Rio For Olympics 2?
Hillary's Email Debacle Still Smoldering
From The "What Does Playboy Magazine Do Now?" Dept: Remember When A Boy Was A Boy, A Girl Was A Girl? Can't Tell By Looking Anymore, Eh?
UK Arms Trade And Compliant Foreign Policy

Inverted Reality: Israel Denies Visas For Human Rights Watch Staff On Grounds Of Being Hostile
Vx Nerve Agent Used To Kill N. Korea Kim
Streep: Overstressed For The Occasion? Let The Illegals In, But Pay Me To Wear The $105,000 Dress You Gave Me
McCain Magic Or MSM Misdirection?
Putin And Trump: Two To Tango?
Video: The Blind Sheikh, CIA And The World Trade Center 1993 Plot ... Did You Ever See Such A Sight In Your Life?
Another One Bites The Dust: China Becomes Germany's #1 Trading Partner
How Deep Is The Deep State?
Dakota Access Pipeline: Big Gov, Corporations Squish LIttle Guy Again
History Repeats Itself: Casting A Stone At Fake News And Fearmongering
The Russian Bogeyman And The Globalist West's Double Standards
Easier Immigration Solution Than Trump Wall
Russia's Crimean Revenues Double In Past 3 Years Despite Sanctions
Syrian Army May Launch Offensive Against al-Nusra In Damascus Suburb If No Surrender
Trump's Populism Stops At Wall Street
Video: Dramatic Changes In The Political-Economic Western Landscape
MSM Job One: Control What People Think
Syria: Still Trying To Create Pipeline Corridor From Sunni Qatar, Saudi Arabia To Turkey
Ex-PM: Ukraine's Maidan Sniper Assassins From Georgia, Poland, Baltic Countries Under Guidance Of French And German Instructors
Canada's Trudeau Immigration Oxymoron (Oxyhoser) Pledge?
Not Just Georgia, Obama's DHS Tried To Hack Indiana Electoral System
How To Censor Media You Don't like Without Really Trying
So Far, Trump Foreign Policy An Echo Of Bush, Obama
US Leftexit?
Ukraine's Kiev Lack Of Humanitarian Values
Ukraine's Antichristan Move In The UN
KIng's X With US Constitution: School Reassigns Teacher Exercising Free Speech Outside Of School Because Others Don't Like It? Precisely The Problem With Non-Assimilated Immigrants Who Don't Understand The Principles Of Liberty
The Default Knee-Jerk Hysterical Paranoid Reaction Of The West: Blame Russia For Everything
Italians Love Russian Wine From Crimea
Norwegians: Improve Relations With Russia
EU The 51st Star In US Flag?
Stockholm's Riots And Fires
US Police SNAFU: Released Illegal Alien Becomes Alleged Murderer
Canada's Military Mission In Ukraine Expires In March ... Renew?
Art Imitating Life Or Vice Versa: La La Land ... Hillary Alt-Prez
What!? The Russians Didn't Do It? DNC Hack A Democrat Insider Job?
Tables Turning On Soros In US?
The Post-West Is Now A Thing In Moscow
Want To Go Direct? Putin's Website And Contact Info
Minsk 2 And Its Russian Club Members
Serbia Maintains Its Anti-GMO Policies Despite WTO Pressure
The Globalist's Malmo Miasma Coming To A City Near You Soon?
Turkey Sneaks A Military Base Into Syria
From The "Thanks For the Warning" Dept: US Is Not Here To Take Your Oil
NYC Feminists Hushed Reverence For Misogynistic Belief System ... Really Ladies?
12 Countries Americans Consider Their Greatest Enemies
Norway Moving Towards Populism, Nationalism
Aggressive US Looking To Linger In Black Sea Longer Than Montreaux Convention Time Frame
Rhetorical Question: If US Isn't World's Policeman, Judge And Jury, What Is Its Navy Doing Patroling South CHINA Sea?
Make Music Not War
US Congress Gets In On The Fake News Trend To Justify Spending More Money On Missiles
US Has So Many Foreign Military Bases And Troops Around The World, No One Knows Exactly How Many
From The "Telling The Big Lie Over And Over" Dept: Who's Kidding Whom? The US Continues Its Military Build Up On Russia's Border
Picking On The Weak, Second Time In A Week: Russian Comedians Prank A Member Of Congress, US Senator McCain, More To Come
The Alt-World Of US Senator John McCain ... Reality, Reality, Where Art Thou? ... Will Someone Please Get Sarah Palin On The Line?
Hillary's Libyan Gift That Keeps On Failing, And Failing ...
Globalist NYT Fake News Getting To Be An Absolute Bore, Utter Banality While Marginalizing Their Evaporating Cred
Putin Provides Humanitarian Relief To Residents Of Donbass Region
Saudi Islamic Wahhabism Fountainhead Of Terrorism ... Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Daesh
Holy Jihad, Batman! Burka Merkel Says Islam Not Cause Of Terrorism
Someone Drinking The Holy Water Again? Pope Says Terrorism Doesn't Exist ... Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Daesh Figments Of Imagination?
"Terror/ism" Doesn't Exist, It's Fake News, So What Were Dubya And Cheney Up To With Their GWOT?
Fake News In Med School: 14 Lies
Caribbean Passports For Sale
A US Backed Ukraine Coup Primer For History Challenged Politicians
Hey, Pence: "Indiana" Indian's Land For 1000s Years Before Land Taken From Them, Crimea Part Of Russia Before Indiana A US State
CNN Fake News: Guilty As Charged In Court
US Using Fake News To Cover Up It's Own Media Chubby Ineptness?
January 2017 3rd Warmest On Record
EU Not Cheery About Paying More For Its Military Defense
US Senate Confirms Goldman Sachs To Treasury
WikiLeaks: CIA Hacked Into 2012 French Election Political Parties For 7 Months
The New American Revolution
US Driving Demand For New Deadly Synthetic Opoids
China Creating 10,000s New Jobs In UK Post-Brexit Vote
Store Bought Tomatoes: Size And Shipping Priority Over Taste, Buy Local
Citizens In US Wising Up To Coupmaster Soros
Globalist Neocons Keep Pushing For Their New World Order
Zealandia Emerges As New Geological Continent While Submerged
Be Careful How Hard You Push: Trump's Intel Community Trump Card- He Can Name Them "Enemy Combatants," And Gitmo Here We Come
Attack Of The Swamp Creatures
Germany: Why Stop There? Give Everyone In The World The Right To Vote
Return Of The Swamp Creatures
US Lunacy Of Nonsense Over Crimea
Sovereign Canada Screwed By EU CETA Approval
Putin To Trump: Crimea Is Part Of Mother Russia, When Will US Return Land To The Indians? Exactly
From The "Who's In Charge?" Dept: Neocon Deep State Wins ... Trump Abandons Flynn
Breaking Fake News: Putin Hacks National Election Of Limpopo
Russia's Trojan Horse: Neoliberal Economists
Video: MSM Narrative On Ukraine Doesn't Fit The Facts
US, UK Glaring Hypocrisy Regarding Crimea Rhetoric
Ukraine's Fractured Present A Reflection Of Its Past
Oliver Stone Film: Ukraine On Fire

From The "This Guy Needs A History Lesson In Democracy" Dept: Trump Wants Crimea To Go Back To Ukraine, Many Want Trump To Go Back To Private Life: Trump Got 46% Vote, Crimea REJOIN Russia Got 96%, Who Should Go First? Russia Says Give Alaska Back, Mexico Wants Texas And California Returned, US Indians Want The Rest Returned ... Or A Cave In To Neocons?
CNN Hates Fake News Label While Defending It
Fake News Or Truth? Brazil's Largest Two Newspapers Censored, Forced To Delete Reports
Soros' Atlantic Council Think Tank
TISA, Globalist's Back Up To The Dead TPP
Globalists Don't Like Trump Keeping Their Minions Out Of US
The Globalist's Global War On Everyone And Everything
We've Invested A Helluva Lot Of Money Into This To Improve Our Profits, So We Are Gonna Jam It Down Your Throats
//" data-mce-href="">US Pentagram, Oops, Pentagon Lying To World For Years, Never Passed An Audit
Germany's "Moral Compass" Elected As President
MMA Ukrainian Style aka Parliament
The Big Picture: Five News Sites To Read Regularly
Big Bro UK: Expose Or Report The Lies, Corruption, Lawbreaking In Government, Go To Jail
Make Music Not War
Jim Rogers Interview: A Look Into 2017 And Beyond ... Not Looking Good For Freedom
Globalists US Alt-Left's Color Revolution
$2.3 Billion Rio Olympics Venues Decaying Into Ruins After Six Months
CIA Awards Saudi Prince For Anti-Terror Efforts, Saudi Arabia Already Got Other Medals For Fostering International Terrorism [9/11, ISIS, Yemen]
German Arms Dealer Won't Supply Key Part For US Grenade Launcher
Where's The Beef? CNN Can Dish It Out, But Can't Take It With Bernie Sanders
Proof For The US 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals: Convicted Terrorists From 7 Countries
Living By The Sword: Poroshenko Gleeful Over New Missles To Kill People, While Ukraine Is Dying Around Him
From The "Are You Crazy?!" Dept: Canada's Catch And Release Program
Putin's Message To La Stampa & How To Tell Fake News Perps: They Want To Curtail Free Speech Of Others
From The "How Did You Make It Through Law School?" Dept: 3 Judges On US 9th "Circus" Appeals Court Have 80% Failure Rate With US Law
Arctic Temps Change +63 F In One Day; La Nina Conditions Gone
Dr. Assad: "Some Blood For Your Transfusion Contains HIV And Active Cancer Cells, Or Do You Want The Fully Tested, Clean Blood?"
US To Trigger "Sanction War" On Venezoila?
Russian Troops Woo Mexican Border Guards With Weapons, Equipment ... Oops, Make That US Troops, Latvian Guards On Russia Border
After A Year, German Intel Agencies Come Up Empty With Russia Bogeyman Election Investigation, So Move On To France ...
Democracy Only When Your Candidate Wins: US Globalist Interests Interfering In French Elections, Blaming Russia, Like Crimea, US, Brexit

France's Le Pen Corrects CNN's Doublespeak Narrative On Ukraine Coup: Crimea Part Of Russia Before Louisiana Purchase Part Of US
Calexit:"The [Globalist] US Is A Rogue State Violating International Law In Many, Many Ways"
NYT: US Wars Promote Democracy, Freedom, Only Backed Ukraine Coup So Crimeans Exercise Democracy, Free Vote To Rejoin Russia, Oh 
Surprise! Samsung 7 Battery Factory Catches Fire From Pile Of Discarded Batteries
US Admits Record Number Of Muslim Immigrants In 2016
Record Number Of US Citizens Renounce Citizenship In 2016, Though Numbers Dwarfed By New Immigrants
Going To China? Bring Your Fingerprints With You
"Andrew Jackson Trump" And The Bannon Doctrine: Marxist Revolution Vs. Apocalypse Now
Question: If Temporary Refugee Ban, The Effect, Is Protested, Why Are There No Protests Of US Wars That Are The Cause, a la Vietnam Protests? Because Globalists Use Their Wars To Create The Refugee Influx To Undermine Democratic National Cultures
Romania NATO Outpost
Syria And Russia Sign Agreement For Expansion Of Naval Base
TPP Gone, TTIP To Follow, Canada Still Burdened With Destructive CETA
Perhaps Better To Get Rid Of The Globalist Neocons First
Biggest Media Lie Of The Century: MSM Syria Coverage
India's GMO Mustard Battle
Big Bro Takes Your Kids
Paris To Build Wall Around Eiffel Tower
Globalist Soros A Government Unto HImself?
UK Commons: Brexit Means Brexit
US UN Ambassador Haley: US Declaration Of Independence, We The People, Yes, Crimea Declaration Of We The People, No?
Crimea For Dummies: Ukraine Annexed Autonomous Region Of Crimea in 1990's, At Fall Of Soviet Union
US Sanctions Helped Russia, Hurt EU, Refugees Undermining EU Culture, Nevertheless Politicians Stay The Course
Alien Cliques Personally Directed By Putin Keeps Earthlings From Meeting Aliens? ... Just As Plausible As Other Putin Theories?
Why Isn't US Congress Denouncing GM For Circumventing Russian Sanctions?
Majority Of Europeans Polled Feel Further MIgration From Muslim Countries Should Stop
Proof Aggressors Russia, Iran Want War: Look How Close They Put Their Countries To Hundreds Of US Foreign Military Bases
China Too ... Moves It's Country Close To 400 US Foreign Military Bases
Living By The Sword, US Globalist's Empire: The US Military Base Archipelago
I Say Crimea, You Say Korea, Crimea, Korea, Korea, Crimea, It's All Sounds The Same To Me
From The "Weapons No Good Unless You Use Them" Dept: Trump To Approve Weapons Deal To 9/11 Perps, ISIS Founder Saudi Arabia
And Speaking Of Saudi Arabia's Dirty Hands ... Is This Not Foreign Interference In US Lawmaking?

Thinning The Herd, Toronto's Acceptable Losses ... Homeless People Deaths
Is This The US of A?
If Russia "Invaded And Annexed" Crimea, Then France Wants Back Louisana "Purchase" [All or Part of 13 US States] Invaded And Annexed By US
Forget All The Hysterics And Fake News Regarding Iran Nuke Deal: Read Full Text For Yourself
Video: A History Of The Drug Trade And Intelligence Services; National Security Cover For Criminal Activity
The Swedish Social Experiment, aka The Refugee Mess, Gets Worse: Government Cover-Up
US Sanctions Still In Place With Cuba, 55 Years And Counting
Uncle Martin, Is That You? CIA Used ESP To Scope Out Martians
US Falling Apart?  Despite World's Largest Miitary Budget By Far, US Can't Maintain Its Aircraft, Not To Mention US Bridges, Roads
Video: Trump And Middle East, European Foreign Policy
Canada To Supply Kurdish Peshmerga Forces With Weapons, Medical Supplies
PWC: By 2050, US Economy #3, Behind China, India; Russia #1 In Europe Ahead Of Germany
Who's The P5+1 Deal Breaker? US Or Iran? US Imposes New Sanctions For Iran's Treaty Legal Missile Test
Iran To Launch Sanctions On US Individuals And Companies ... Boeing $16.6 Billion Deal On Or Off The Table?
The Non-Puppet States Of Iran And Syria Stand In The Way Of Israel And US Globalists
Britain's "Pop-Up" Brothels: Have ..., Will Travel
Join Saudi's ISIS And See The World! Well, At Least Europe
Trump: US Has Its Killers, "What, Do You Think Our Country Is So Innocent?”
Soros Up To His Regime Change Tactics In US?

From The "Failed Land Of Nu" Dept: Soros And Ukraine
After The Coup, The Least Soros Could Do Is Subsidize Ukraine's Fuel Costs
New Twist On DNC Hack: "The Butler Did It"
Another Benefit Of The Middle East Wars and Refugee-Terrorist Influx: EU Going Cashless
Make Music Not War
US & Trump Still After Shia Iran 60+ Years After CIA Assassinated Their Democratically Elected Leader While 9/11 Sunni Saudis War On
The Big Oil War: Damascus A Heap Of Ruins
US Violent Left Pushing For Martial Law, Civil War A La Ukraine?
T-Rex Tillerson's Aggesssive Stance With China
Trump FP Same As Bush-Cheney-Obama-Clinton, Factually Incorrect Globalist Rhetoric From New US Ambassador To UN
From The Voter's Booth: Is It Too Late To Give Arizona To Mexico? Okay, Then What About A Recall Election?
Trump Draining One Swamp To Fill Another: Safe Zones In Syria Safe For Whom? Saudi Funded ISIS?
Former Russian Spy Chief Associated With Trump "Golden Shower" Dossier Dead In Moscow
Color Revolution In Bloom: Have Placard, Will Travel & Protest To Overthrow Government
Transgender Quantum Supercomputer: Both 1 and 0 At Same Time
AP, Mexican Fake News Media Lies: US Troops Not Heading To Mexico
Full Steam Ahead For Chinese Navy
Unloading $4B Clinton Stink Bomb Bombs It's IPO
Hollywood Actors Really Wannabe Politicians? And China Ties To Caribbean
Is Hollywood DC West? What's At Stake Is Globalist's Losing US Domestic Political Traction, Resorts To Fomenting Civil Unrest

From The "Showing Thier True Colors" Dept: Globalist's Minions Shun Free Speech When It Doesn't Suit Their Agenda
The Fist: Judge And Jury For Weak Minded Zealots
What Does The Coup-Coup Bird Predict For 2017?
Do The Math: Western Society Will Collapse Within A Decade
Western Society On Verge Of Collapse?

A Little Globalist History About Refugees: US Starts The Wars To Displace Populace, Then UN Sends Refugee-Terrorists To US, EU Undermining Core Societal Values Of The Western Nations, i.e., Sovereignty, Thereby Wiping Out Nationalism
When Did Upholding Nation's Constitution, Rule Of Law, Core Values Become Extremist? When One World Globalists Gain Control
1100 German Police Conduct Surprise Raid On Refugee-Terrorists, The Kind Trump Moving To Keep Out

Meanwhile, In The US, Ignorant Protesters Rally To Let Refugee-Terrorists In: "Look, There's A Nice Big Wood Horse At Our Gates"

China Is Not Exxon T-Rex Tillerson
Trump Trade Chief: TTIP Is Dead, Euro "Implicit Deutsche Mark"
Video 3:21 Mark: How They Squeal When The Immigration Shoe Is On The Other Foot, Yet President Clinton Said Same as Trump
Political Darwin Award: US Congresswoman Caught With Three Fingers Pointing Back At Her, Muslims Care About Holocaust Remembrance Day Especially In Light Of Israel's Palestinian Policies?
The Big Bro Biometric ID Grid: In The Eye Of The Beholder
Eurozone Dysfunctional
Magical Beliefs Among Modern Orthodox Jews
25 Stories You Probably Didn't Read About In 2015-2016
Permanent War And The Transnational Superclass
Iran's Convenient Excuse: Dumping US Dollar In The Works For A Long Time
2010: Replacing The US Dollar
US Backlash With Corporate Starbucks Pledge To Hire Refugees ... Why Not Military Vets, Unemployed Citizens?
Corporate Globalist Mr. WaPo-Amazon Bezos Money Gone To His Head? Would Need To Change US Constitution
Globalist Rupert Murdoch's WSJ Using Its Freedom Of The Press To Squash Freedom Of The Press
Saudi Arabia Imposes Taxes Due To Weak Oil Revenues, Yemen War Costs
From The "Let's Divert Your Attention" Dept: Ukraine In Extreme Dire Financial Trouble, Failure As A State, Yet Still Has Money For War
End Of The Judeo-Christian Era?
Where Are The US Protests For These Kids?
The Controversial Alleged "Muslim Ban" Executive Order: Read It For Yourself

Trump's Refugee Corrective Measures, Why Do DemLibs Cry So Much, And When Did The Media Become A Constituency Group?
No Wonder US Dems Lost Election: Now It's Fake Tears, Shameful Senate Minority Leader "Broadway Schumer" Sheds Tears For 90 Day Halt, But Not One Tear While Obama Was Bombing Same Folks To Smithereens For Years
MH-17 Update: Western Bias Crumbling Investigation
Hungarian Government FM: Soros Looking To Bring Down Government, Funds Illegals Into Hungary a la US
Soros, Globalists, Neocons, Zionists, Khazars, Edom, The Protocols Of Zion, Judge For Yourself
In Our Instant Gratification World, Trump's 90 Day Terrorist Ban Can Seem Like A Lifetime

US-China: Trumpery, Trade War Or Hot War?
US Wars By Region: Venezuela Or Should We Say, Venezoila?
Near Death Experience: Life Flashes Before Your Eyes
EU Near Death Experience: If One Other Country Leaves ...
From The Land Of Nu: What Soros Can Do For To Your Country
Billionaire "Pot Stirrer" Soros And Interference In The Netherlands

Ukraine Coup-Globalist Soros Funding Efforts To Allow Refugee Flood Into US, Given History Soros Security Threat To US?
The Privileges Of National Political Sovereignty ... Borders And Self-Determination
Once Upon A Time, US Liberal Dems Were Just Like US Republicans, But More So
Simpletons Hysterical Over Hoax News: TEMPORARY Ban on 7 Countries, 40+ "Muslim Ban" Majority Countries Not Affected
Globalist BBC Journalist's Personal Paranoia Vs. Antiglobalist Putin w/Approval Rating 80+%, Pro National Sovereignty
Globalist Hollande Wants Refugees/Terrorists, His Gov't Not Keen On Trump's US National Security Ban  
Trump Gives Pentagon 30 Days To Devise Plan To Defeat ISIS
Trump's Temporary Refugee Ban On 7 Nations Aimed At Their Terrorists, Alleged "Muslim Ban" Fake Characterization By Hoaxsters
German FM: Regrets On Open Borders
Video: US Rep Gabbard's Congressional Bill To Stop Arming Terrorists By US Government
US Creates New Military Base In Syria
Sweden Invaded, Pitched Battle, Not Russia, Obama's War Refugees
Billionaire Soros Behind Destabilization Of EU Governments, Also Ukraine Coup ... Movement To Oust His NGO's
Obama Banned Iraqi Refugees For 6 Months In 2011 ... No Uproar Then

Trump's 90 Day Suspension Of Immigration Deemed Legal
From The "Empty Wagons Rattle The Loudest" Dept: US Senator McCain Met With ISIS, No Biggee, US Rep Gabbard Meets With Assad, MSM Uproar
Make Music Not War
Globalist Xi Urges Strong Build Up Of Military
China Ranks #2 In World In "Think Tanks"
Why Has The Syrian War Disappeared From MSM?
Astana-Syria Talks Show West Out In The Cold
Trump Appoints Fox To Protect Chicken Coup
"Undocumented People," aka Illegal Aliens, "Not Criminal" Despite Violating US Federal Immigration Laws ... "Undocumented Withdrawal," aka Robbery, From Bank Is What Then?
Mr. Joffe Attempts To Make The Tuesday WH Drone List
49 States of America plus IRC ...Independent Republic Of California
NAFTA Led To Trade Imbalances
Response To Tillerson's South China Sea Remark: Xi's New Nuke ICBMs Can Reach US
Belgian F-16's Attack Village Near Aleppo Killing Six Civilians
Trump Not Engendering Open Discourse In Government
But Isn't This What Obama Said The US Was Doing For The Past 8 Years?
From We To I: Syrian President Trump Will Order Zones Safe From Terrorists ... Hint Donald, They're Called Our Cities
UK And US Relations "Have Defined The World" ... Sounds Like A Marriage For Better Or For Worse
Convicted Felon, Woman's March Speaker, Obviously Not A Pro-Lifer
Xi's XII Titles
When Did Chicago Become A Yemeni City?
Obama Lowest Success Rate With Supreme Court Cases
Trump Wall From California To Texas ... What About The Rest Of It?
Christians Banned From Going To Mecca
Grand Mufti Of Saudi Arabia Declares All Churches In Region Must Be Destroyed ... Imagine Trump Saying Same About Mosques In US?
Trump Promises Extreme Vetting Of Immigrants, Middle East Refugees
Fake News And Russian Windmills
Hoaxsters Fund Fake News "Fact" Checkers
The Mass Media Industry Needs A Bogeyman Too
Will The Real Aggressor Please Stand Up
The Eight Year Obama-Clinton Legacy Of War And Hate
From The "Where's My Grenade Launcher" Dept: Kickstarter Campaign To Buy Her A Ticket To Deir Ezzur?
Video: Interesting And Entertaining James Corbett, Lionel Nation Interview
Cyber Expert, FSB Officer Arrested On Treason Charges In Russia
Obama's DHS Hacked Into Georgia's Electoral System
The Globalist Xi Takes Over From Globalist Obama On World's Economic Stage
The Hoaxsters Strike Again
Israel Intermediary In Selling US Arms To Central, South America
View From The Other Side Of The Hypocrisy Fence
The Hector Vector: Dire Straits Mainstream News Journalism
US Corporate Media Oppressing Freedom Of The Press
Down The Rabbit Hole Of American Foreign Policy
Israeli Defense Minister: "Army Will Stop At Nothing ..."
Will That Be Cash Or Amazon Gift Card?
Changing Horses ... And Rothchilds/Rockefellers Candidates For President
Obama's Antichristian Military Changes ... You Can See The Societal Implications

Political Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy And Pardons By President
Trickle Down Sanctions: EU Still Paying Price For US Sanctions On Russia
Brexit: Which Vote Counts?

Cover Up Of Trident Nuke Sub Failures A UK Military-Industrial Boondoggle?
SecOil Tillerson Talking Regime Change In Venezoila, But What About Trump's No More Interference By US?
Is This The Dawning Of The Age Of New Ignorance? What A Difference A Name Makes
Fake News Vaccine
Goodbye TPP, Adios Senor NAFTA, TTIP In The Wings?
US Leaving UN Too? Get Nervous NATO, EU
Hindsight Is 20/20: An Amazing Legacy Of Lies
Quantum Waves Make DNA?
How Deep Is The Deep State?
Rothschild's Worth At Least $2 Trillion
From The "Planning More Wars, Are We?" Dept: CIA Nominee Open To America Using Torture Again
US Beginning Stages In Move To Jerusalem For Its Embassy
US "Coup Against Democracies" School
UK 2015 WhistleBlower Warned UK Trident Nuke Sub Accident Waiting To Happen
Putin Did This? Nope Lockheed Martin, UK's Trident Nuke Sub Fires $21 Million Missile, Heads For Mainland US Factory?
Make Music Not War
Why Is Pope Against Populism, i.e., Interests Of Ordinary People?

Globalist Pope: One World Religion

Globalist Pope: One World Religion 2
US Globalist Wars Sucked Away America's Greatness, And $40 Trillion

Globalist British Fingerprints On Trump Phony Intel Dossier
In Light Of "The People's" Inaugural Speech, Anti-Trump Protesters Evolve To Use Primitive Tools, Fire

Syrian Peace Talks: Obama, Cameron, Clinton Gone Home, Assad Still There
And The Hits Just Keep On A Comin': 2016 Hottest On Planet Since Record Keeping Began In 1880
May's Global Britain Or Dismay Globalist Britain?
France's Le Pen: Put An End To Unelected Brussels EU Governing Body
Russian Navy Increases Syrian Presence
Okinawa: The US's Undemocratic, Neo-Feudal Prefecture Of Japan
Video: Your Fingerprints Can Be Lifted From A Digital Photo, Location From Retinal Reflection
Rule Of Law: Trump Education Nominee Lied To Congress, But Precedent Clinton, Clapper Set Allows It?
CNN Goes All In With Trump Assassination Scenario, Or Is It Off The Deep End Into Tabloidism?
CIA's Doc Dump: UFOs And Psychic Powers
On The Train From Atoobi: US Master X's New Strategy: Move Russia Away From China
Chinese Robot Journalist Writes First Article
France Allows Minors To View Porn In Theatres ... Muslim Refugees Allowed Or Theatres Bombed?
Illegal Coup Ukraine Gov't Bans Le Pen 5 Years For Crimea Statement, Bad Move If She's Elected
UK Brexit, US Trump, France's Le Pen, Exit EU & NATO, Next President?
From The "KYA Goodbye" Dept: If US Starts War With Russia, Only Nukes, Not Tanks, Will Count
Western Puppets Showing Colours: Facebook, Twitter Deny RT Access, Lead To Russia, China, Asia Banning Facebook, Twitter?
Facebook About Face After 24 Hour RT Ban
US National Guard Deploying Missile Launchers At Dakota Pipeline Protest Site
CIA Might Not Like Russia, But NASA Can't Send Americans To Space Station Without Russia
The Tale Of Two Narratives: Manning Pardon And Russia "Election Hack"
Subconscious Mind Makes Decisions Before Conscious Mind Kicks In
2016 Weather: $175 Billion In Worldwide Losses, 30 Separate $Billion Events, Half In US
Video: Key Points With Trump Approach, Realism Vs. Idealism
A Summary Of Key Middle East Events in 2016
The Democratic Right To Assassinate Or Just Another Ruse To Start A War?
US Senator McCain Stuck In His Own Web Of Lies
CIA, CNN, NYT, Amazon Post All Overlooked France, Germany And UK, Who "Grossly Interfered" In US Election
A Russian Fairy Tale By Warron Fibbermaster
Globalist US VP Biden's Epic Orwellian Doublespeech: There Is No International Order, Only Obama/Biden Wars, Chaos, Drone

Murders, Democratic Values Assaulted By US Supremacist Policies, Overthrew Democratically Elected Ukraine Gov't, The List Goes On

"We Know Better" Elite Supremacists Search For Ways To Protect Their System From Populists, i.e., Ordinary People, You And Me
Former US President Carter: US No Longer A Democracy

Obama Worst Legislative Record In US History, Best In Unilateral Sanctions
Hillary's Mentor Kissinger Outlines Global Supremacists New World Order
Obama/Biden UN Ambassdor Powell Final Speech, More Lies, More Failure
Obama/Biden War On Democratic Values, Civil Liberties
Obama/Biden Waged War On 7 Countries But Only With "Democratic Value World Order Bombs"

Obama: Submit To US Global Supremacy Or Face War, Death, Destruction
Trump And The CIA
Former German Newspaper Editor, Best Selling Author, 56, Who Exposed CIA Found Dead
Davos Elites: Cashless Society For US?
Run For The Hills! The Sky Is Falling!! Putin, RT To Begin Broadcasting On UN HQ Network
The Somewhat Hypocritical Legacy Of A 'Nobel Peace Prize Exceptional War Is Here To Stay' President
Familiar Scenario: Refugees Flood EU, Gov't Failure To Act On Terrorist Operations
If The US Is Not The World's Policeman As Obama Has Stated, What's The Problem?
German Liberal Leader Agrees With Trump About Replacing NATO
German MP: NATO Fostered Terror, Aggravated Crises
F-35 Snafu Fighter Jet Apparently Still Snafued
Video The Dark Alliance: CIA A Drug Enabler Or Dealer?
WEF Davos Political Neo-Feudal Sado-Masochism: Rich Guys On Hands And Knees Pretending To Be Refugees
US Diplomats Took Part In Opposition Rallies In Russia
Devil's Dynamo: Thermonuclear War Is An Accident Waiting To Happen
Nationalist Trump Policies Not Biz As Usual, Making America, Not World, Great
Elite Supremacist Ukraine Coup Mess: US/West To Blame, Putin's Pushback A Bitch, Making Russia, China Closer Allies
Global Supremacist Lunacy Reigns: Want To Have WW3 With Russia? You're Our Kind Of Guy, If Not, You're A Russian Collaborator
Aleppo's Street Market Opens Again Thanks To Syrian Army And Russia
Secret IMF Greek Docs Show Same Pattern Of Private Banks Dumping Bad Debt On The Taxpayers
A Dangerous Time To Be President
"Middle East Will Spit Blood For Years": US Plan To Recognize Jerusalem As Capitol Of Israel
CIA Chief To Trump: "Grasp The Russia Threat" ... But He Left Out ... "To One World Global Supremacist Hegemony"
Trump's Assassination Fears From Real US Government Masters
Russia Military In Syria Until War On Terror Objectives Reached

Obama War On Whistleblowers
Make Music Not War
Video: War Is Here To Stay ... Why?
Whitewashing Permanent Warfare
From The "Let's Start WW3" Dept: Obama's First 1000 Troops Arrive In Poland, No Russian Missiles, Troops In Mexico Or Canada
Deep State War Vs. Trump Upsetting Apple Cart
Meanwhile, The Clintons Shutting Down Their Global[ist] Initiative
Wall Street And CIA Linked At The Hip, Iran Priority Since August 1953 Coup
Trump In $ame Oil Swamp To More War ... Ignoring Real Instigators Saudi Arabia/Sunnis, US Still Lusts For Iran

US $enate Bill: Should Iran Guard Be Added To List Of Terror Groups, Need Another Enemy As The Assad Thing Is Winding Down
Big Bro State Sponsor Of Terrorism Obama Lifts Sanctions On Sudan, State Sponsor Of Terrorism, Extends Them On Russia
Video: US Filmmaker, Crimea For Dummies ... Pls Forward To Your Congressman, Foreign Minister

Ex-Czech Prez: Sanctions On Russia Just Stupid
Canada's New Globalist Foreign Minister Catastrophe For Russia Relations

Another Trump "Bombshell Report" Without Verifiable Evidence From CNN
Trump In Office Of President: Crossing The Criminal Line From Civilian To Federal Government
Quitting Facebook Makes People Happier
And Eat Some Red Hot Chili Peppers, Live Healthier, Longer

Par For The Course: Jewish Labour Group Decides To Attack The Messenger, Not Their Meddling In UK Government
Obama Gives Intel Agencies Access To NSA Raw Data Violating 4th Amendment Privacy, But Trump Can Reverse Next Week

From The "Live By The Sword" Dept: SecWar Mad Dog Outlines US Plans For Ongoing Global War To US Congress

Fallujah: US War Crimes
Bull In China Shop Tillerson Not SecState Yet And Has Escalated China Relations To Major War Status

Taiwan's Days Numbered? Texas Governor Gives Clock To Tsai

This Should Erase Any Doubts About Who It Is That The West Supports In The Middle East
From The "Excuses Are Reasons For Failure" Dept: CIA Intel 20/20 In Hindsight
Domestic German Unrest Plus New Popularity Of Mein Kampf = Deja Vu?
Down The Up Escalator: China, Russia To Take Countermeasures To US THAAD In South Korea
Zombie Killer Rats ... Human Potential
Journalism 101: RT Shows Amazon Post How To Fact Check
Guccifer 2.0 DNC Was My Work Not Russian's ... Breached NGP VAN Software
Israel's Missile Attack On Syria Raises Tensions Between East And West
Trump Channeling Obama, Deep State ... Bush, Obama One World Foreign Policy Looks To Remain On Track
Trump CIA Nominee Channels Obama: US Sponsored ISIS Top Threat To Americans (!?), Followed By Russia, China, NK
Trump SecDef Nominee Channels Obama: Russia, China Threat To World Order, Defends NATO, Confrontation With Russia
Trump's DHS Nominee Failed To Disclose Position With Lobbying Firm
Trump's SecState TIllerson Channels Obama: Sanctions Remain, Russia Invaded Ukraine, No Claim To Crimea, Not Opposed To TPP, Deny China Access To South China Sea

Tillerson Continued: Support The Saudis To Keep War Going In Yemen

Tillerson Ignorant, Provoking Or Lying? Crimea's Popular Referendum To Rejoin Russia Same As China Action In South China Sea
FBI Now Says Hillary Should Go To Prison ... Payback By $1.3 Billion Donors?
From The "What Isn't Nowadays?" Dept: Addressing Swedish Problems Is Russian Propaganda
Closing EU Borders To Migrants, Abolishing Russia Sanctions Next?
A Look Back At Obama's 8 Years
US Police Shoot, Kill Another Black Man, E-Cigarette Mistaken For Weapon, 31 By 11 January
Libel Lawsuit Against Buzzfeed For False Trump Doc?
White House Advisor, Trump S-I-L Strong China Ties
US Democratic Party "Out Of The Closet" In Shameful Shambles, Exposed As Morally Bankrupt Not Unlike Soros Ukraine
China And The WEF Meeting In Davos
WEF Global Risk Report 2017
After 15 Years, Guantanamo Prison Remains A Stain On US Principles Of Justice And Rule Of Law
CNN/Buzzfeed/NYT/Guardian/McCain Et Al Need To Be Dismissed From The Adults Table
CNN/Buzzfeed Exceptional Fake News Outlets
Deliberate "Golden Shower" Hoax Accepted By CIA

Traitors Within?
From A False Flag Spy: US Soft Coup Has Failed, CIA's Multiple Fake bin Ladens Including Last One And More
A Look From The Inside: Russia Did Not Hack Election, NSA, DNC Insiders Leaked Emails, Evidence Of Clinton Treason

Obama Promises Smoothest Possible Transition ... Expelling Russian Diplomats, Adding More Sanctions Best He Could Do?
Clapper Backs Down, Finally Admits Russia Did NOT "Hack The Election" As First Claimed

Back To The Past: Neo-Witch Hunters Embrace McCarthyism Of The 1950s
Sanctionman At It Again? Really? Obama Keeps Digging Hole Deeper, Determination Or Compulsion To Be Worst?

Spotify Invoking Peter Principle With Job Offer?
The Trouble With Passing Partisan Legislation: US Congressional Dems Nuclear Option Now Bombs Them
Facebook's Liberal Hypocrisy, Double Standards Float To Surface Again
Trump Ripple Effect: Hungary Crackdown On Soros NGOs

Brit M16 Spy Working For US NGO In Afghanistan Was Killed By Navy SEAL Grenade
Surprise Visit Asteroid About Halfway From Here To The Moon
A Lifetime Achievement Of Hypocrisy From Which We All Can Learn
UK Draconian Spy Laws Set For Court Challenge
US Still Bombing Civilians, Government Forces In Syria
China Builds Rail Line Into Africa's Heartland
Video: Kakistocracy Rule Of The Worst

Canadian Woman Who Got Hep C From Blood Transfusion Denied Treatment
Israel Direct Interference In UK's Political Process ... No Problem

Bet Same Russian Involvement Would Be Mass Hysteria And War
Truth About Obama And Syria Leaking Through The Cracks And Fissures
Dutch Journalists Find Pieces Of MH-17 Lying Around, Stored In Sheds, Their Cameras, Laptops Confiscated
Meanwhile Months Later: Let's See, Where Were We, Oh Yes, Hillary's Emails

FBI Warned Clinton Her Emails Were Vulnerable To Espionage In 2015
From The "NYT And Fake News Groupies" Dept: A Great And Bitter Cry

Read Both Article And Reader Comments For A Look At Why Trump Won
Trump Effect: Fiat Chrysler To Invest In US Jobs, Factories
CYA Time For US SecDef: He Probably Got His Intel From The CIA, Should Have Read RT
EU: We Sort Of Figured, With Those War Refugees & Terrorists Flooding In, Counterproductive Russia Sanctions, And All

Russia's Political Dupes? Israeli Government Delighted With Trump's Election Too
Why Does Big Bro's Tabloid Prefer Non-White Globalist War Refugees, Terrorists To White Nationalists, i.e. Founding Fathers?
From The "Poor Loser" Dept: Obama's Colours True To The End In Syria, But More For China, Russia, Iran To Re-Build
Okay, The Russian Hack Story Didn't Stick In US, So Let's Move The Narrative To Globalist Merkel
Kiev To Continue Escalating Conflict Until Trump Inaugurated
The Tack Changes Once Again ... Meaning He's A Peace Nationalist, Not A War Globalist ... From Hacking To Meddling
More War Is Peace Blather ... Obama Covering Up 8 Years Of Failures WIth Saber Rattling

Tankety-Tank-Tank: German Politicians Up In Arms Over Obama's Brash, Reckless Move Threatening German Lives
Recent Precedent: US And UK Have Fixed (Faked) Intelligence For Public Consumption To Start Wars
US Link With Israel Will Get Stronger If Trump Moves US Embassy To Jerusalem
US Has Placed First Strike Capabilities On Russia's Border, Analog: Imagine Russian Missiles In Mexico On US Border
Make Music Not War
I Spy, You Spy, We All Spy

US Military Cyber Spy Command
From The "Who's Your Daddy? Dept: Globalist Lovers Of The Lie War On Truth

First Fake News, Now Fake Intelligence ... DNI War On RT, "Damning And Suprisingly Detailed For No Actual Evidence"
Obama's Tale Of The Tape

Despite Feds Printing Trillions, No Inflation
Trump Picks Cheney 2.0 To Head US Intel Community
Americans Carpet-Bombed Daily With Fake News, Lies
How Does The US Military End Up Broke ... Well Besides Programs Like F-35 Snafu Fighter?
Clapper, US Intel Community "Made Fools Of Themselves" With Shoddy, False Witness Intel Report
Trump: Only Fools Think Good Relations With Russia Bad For US
Global Zionist Soros Angry His Bid To Buy The World Is Falling Apart
Facts And Political Rhetoric: Never The Twain Shall Meet
Obama: No Growing Crime Wave ... FBI 2015 Report Largest Increase Since 1971, Exluding 2016 1150+ Killings By Cops

1153 People Killed By US Police In 2016
Trump: Intel Agencies No Proof Of Russian "Hack," Or Affected Election ... Now About Classified Docs Destroyed, Hillary
Ex-NSA Binney: Send In The Clowns,
ODNI Report On Alleged "Russian Hack" A Joke, Lost Profession Discipline
Absurd Theatre: Clinton Capable Of Discrediting Herself, Didn't Need Putin's Help
From The "Taxpayers Dollars At Work" Dept: Beyond Liberal California Leads The Way To New Normal Once Again
Russian Foreign Ministry Fired Back At Obama, Praises Kerry's Profesional Efforts
Clapper's "Intel" Report More Dems $1.3 Billion Worth Of Sour Grapes, Pointing Finger Of Blame At Anyone But Themselves
Who Is RT? Thanks For Pointing It Out To Those Who Didn't Know, Mr. Clapper
Not Russia, But DNC Emails Helped Trump Win
Assange: Governments Full Of Incompetent People
New US Congress Bill Rolls Back Consumer, Environmental Protection Regulations
What's The Lesson We Should Have Learned, Mr. VP From The "Rock Solid" US Intel About WMD In Iraq And Need To Start A War?
Obama's Smooth Transition Promise All Talk
Transition Clapper Games: Day After Assailing RT, MSMedia Gets Leaked Secret Intel "Russia Hack" Report Before Trump
Why Is US Government Behind India's Push To Go Cashless? More Control To Banks Rather Than Citizens, Trial Run For US?
UK's Populist Brexit: The Monkey Wrench In Elite's Agenda
Very Powerful People Controlling US Government Want War ... Love Of Money, Money, Money
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who's Most Treacherous Of All?
Forbes: Russia Poised To Win 2017 Energy-Diplomacy Games
Trump To Move US Embassy To Jerusalem, Prelude To CENTCOM Move Too?
Clapper Has Zero Proof, Now About Ample Proof Of Hillary's Criminal Loss Of Classifed Info On Private Servers ...
Cybersecurity Pioneer McAfee: Clapper Accusations Pure Propaganda Or Intel Community Needs To Be Replaced
Plausible Deniability? FBI Outsourced DNC Server Exam
Mr. Clapper, You Took The Oath, Read The Constitution, It's Called Freedom Of The Press ... And There's More Than RT Out There
Oath Of Office For US Civil Employees And The Rule Of Law

First Amendment To US Constitution
DEMS: Election Failed, Recount Failed, Swaying Electors Failed, Neocon Obama Appointees Gather For One Last Predictable Fail
Clapper, Who Has Lied To Congress: Accusations, Slander And Personal Conclusions Again With No Proof, No Specifics
Where's The Beef: Alleged Russia "Hack" A Fail, Politely It's Full Of Greenhouse Gas
Obama's Intel Guys Change Story, Still All Hat And No Cattle ... Where Is The Former Proof Positive That Russia/Putin Did It? Now It's 3rd Party
Obama: Not World's Policeman, But US Special Forces Deployed in 138 (70%) Of Countries In The World
All In The Timing, Eh? One Last Attempt By Globalist War President Obama To Derail Non-War Based US-Russia Relations?
What!? Head Of Russia Central Bank Named European "Banker Of The Year"
From The "No One In Their Right Mind" Dept: Has Obama Finally Snapped? Or Playing Games With The World Because He Can?
Smooth Transition To Chicken Little Mania Over Russia Reaches New Levels With 2 Weeks Left Of Obama Admin
Trump's Job Plan: Trickle Down Or Trickle Up?
Trump Planning Changes To US ODNI
UK Using Russia To Scare EU?
The Known Unknown Obama Sponsored War In Yemen
Elitist Ex UK PM Blair Sets Up Organization To Combat Ordinary People
US Morality Sickcom Level Sinks To New Low ... Fruits Of Our Labor
From The "Was That Really Necessary?" Dept: Obama Awards Himself Medal Of Distinguished Public Service
Leaked Audio: Globalist Obama Wanted ISIS To Grow ... Disastrous For Syrians, EU, Gives Meaning To His Russia Attitude
From The "Turn On A Light & The Roaches Scatter" Dept: Ignore The Source, Trust Me, Listen To My Delusion
Video: Computer Hacking Godzilla US Rule 41: Globalist Adversary FBI Permission To Enter Any Computer In World
Another Straw Man: Straight From The Source Vs. Real Worry That Globalist Fake News Media Will Be By-Passed, Made Irrelevant
Year Of The Twitter? Chinese All 'Atwitterpated' Too Over Trump's Political "Cattle Prod"
News From The Swamp: Trump's Goldman Sachs/OneWest Nominee For Treasury ... "Widespread Misconduct"
Globalist Big Bro Fake News German Style
From The "Every Picture Tells A Story" Dept: Russia Provides Med Assistance To Aleppo, No "Obamacare" In Sight
WikiLeaks Offers $20K Reward So Obama Admin Won't Destroy Records
CNN Joins NYT, Amazon Post As Globalist Fake News Leaders, Screengrabs From Video Game On Alleged Russia "Hack" 
Globalist Obama's Flood: Feds Busing Illegals To Texas Border Holding Centers
US Situational Foreign Policy: Facts Notwithstanding, Our Guys Are Good Guys, Your Guys Are Bad Guys
Russia Naval Ships Drop In On Philippines
US Mass Media Eating Lots Of Crow These Days
Five Stories You Might Have Missed
Hitler's Mein Kampf Huge Seller In Germany
America's Globalist War Against Humanity
US Backed Terrorists Blocking Damascus Water Supply For 5 Million
Harvard Grad Obama 'Misunderstands,' Fails To Grasp Concept Of Smooth Transition
New Human Organ Discovered
From The "That Sounds Familiar" Dept: Nutanyahoo's Likud Party, Allow PM To Commit Crimes While In Office
China's Carrier Asserting Naval Power In South China Sea Drills
Syria Oppostion: No Partitioned Syria
Scary Tech: Turbocharged Fake News In Real Time
Children Of The Lesser Gods
Assange: Again, Russia Not Source Of Wiki's DNC Emails ... Dems Still Ignoring Illegal Clinton Classified Docs Issue
EU Poodles To Follow Alpha Dog Trump's Lead With Russia?
I-R-C Shifting The World Paradigm Away From US Global Unipolar Hegemony Back To Multipolarity
EU Not So U When It Comes To The Money
Why Are All US Aircraft Carriers In Port?
Obama Was Right, US Doesn't Need To Be World's Policeman
I Say Leak, NYT Says Hack, I Say Coup, NYT Says Revolution, Leak ... Hack ... Coup ... Revo ... 
Year By Year Timeline: US Has Been Involved In War 93% Of Time Since 1776
Spy Fridge? Really!? Can Hardly Wait For The Spy Potty
Make Music Not War
From The "Low Grubby Note" Dept: Tawdry Tinpot Dangling Between The Gutter And The Sewer
The War Pusher
Globalist French President Hollande Rails Against Nation Of France
Your Deep State Briefing, Mr. President

Amazon Post Retracts Their Fake News Lies ... Again
//" data-mce-href="">Seeing As How The US Mass Media Are Chickens Running Around With Their Heads Cut Off, Some Sanity
Have The Published NYT And Amazon Post's Fairy Tales Turned Putin Into Modern Day Robin Hood?
Weather, Climate Outlook 2017 North Atlantic, US

Europe Climate Weather Outlook
Profile Of Aleppo Liberation: A Real Journalist's Account
Profile Of Failure: The Obama Presidency
Virtuoso Putin Plays Obama Like Cheap Fiddle On World Stage Again ... Invites US Diplomat Kids To Kremlin
Putin's Invite For US Diplomat Kids To New Year's Party While Obama Vacations In Hawaii
Big Anon Keeps Eye On Bilderbergerites
Unexceptional Obama Shows True Colors, Low Road Presidential Transition

From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Obama Follows Clinton Playbook On Transition
Obama Plays Marbles, Putin Plays Chess ... Proverbs 13:16, 26:4
Jingoist CNN's Blatant Irresponsible Lies, With Unnamed Gov't Source, Proves The Fake News Point

Hypocrisy Central: Obama Interferred In UK Brexit Vote With Trade Deal Threats In April 2016

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