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Winter 2016

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Winter 2016 

Russia May Take Unilateral Action Against Syrian Truce Violators
US Corporation Blackmails US State
Kurds And Palestinians: Israel Follows Erdogan's Example With Media
Sanctions On Russia Hitting German Pocketbooks
Cameron's Tory "Civil War"
Iraqi Militias See US As Occupation Forces
Google's Cohen Involved In Attempt To Overthrow Of Assad
"Sovereign" Governments Commit Suicide On The Altar Of TTIP 
Super MIG-35 Acquires Up To 10 Targets At A Time
Quietly, Obama Puts More Boots In Iraq
Transparency: No Such Thing For This DC Lobby Group
Video: The Veneer Of Justice In The Kingdom Of Crime
Back To Square One In Syria: The War Is All About The Pipeline
Zionism And Judiasm Two Different Things
Sunni-Shiite War Good For Zionist Israel, West
Democracy, Destabilization, Either Way NED Is A GO
Putin: Syria's Judoka
China's One Belt One Road 65 Country Trade Pushed By Hong Kong
Leak: TTIP One Step Closer To World Government
Paris Attack Key Suspect ... Captured Alive
Frogs In Water: Earth Keeps Getting Hotter And Hotter, Little By Little
Two Years After Crimea Returned Home To Russia
US Government Blooper: Snowden Lavabit
Heil Erdogan! Your Democracy, Freedom and Rule Of Law No Value To Him
Kurds: Erdogan's Jews, Israel's Palestinians
What's The Difference Between Flying And Falling? Look Out The Window
What's The Deal With Syria?
Hillary's Emails And The Libyan Agenda: Same Old Destructive Western Formula
MH-17 Crash: The Muddle Goes On
CRISPR And New Debate Over GMO Foods
What!? Fox, CNN In Every Airport In The Country And All The Mass Media Not Enough?
Erdogan Following In His Nazi Idol's Footsteps ... EU Doing Its Part Too Like 1930s
Erdogan The Destroyer, America's Pal
Hypocrisy Central: Sunni Saudi Nuke ... Used Against Yemen In May 2015, While US Sanctioned Shia Iran For Not Having Them
Dirty Tricks In US Election
... And Reminders From Elections Past
Brit Poll: Political Correctness More Important Than Free Speech
From The "What's Up With That?" Dept: 25,000 Microcephaly Cases In US Annually Before Zika
Zika Follow The Money: Mossies Or Multinational Chemicals?
No Mossies Here ...
Nearly Half Israeli Jews Want Arabs Expelled
ISIS Big Losses Men, Territory In Past 3 Weeks
Thrown Stones From The US Glass House
Climate Change Relationship To Extreme Weather Events
US Military March Madness: Doing The Same Things Over Once More ... What Possibly Could Go Worng, Uh, Wrong!?
Who's In Charge? Keeping The US War Machine Moving Forward
Microsoft Launches 'Cloudless Sky' Cloud Computing Platform ... Canada & Germany
6 Microbots Tow Car
What The Hay? German "Court Doing Other Things At The Moment"
Russia Bans GMOs, US Corporations Still Playing Hide And Seek
What It Means: Russia's Military Withdrawal From Syria
UK Going Orwell ... Some More
Putin Begins Withdrawal Of Russia Military From Syria
Canada Media: Ditch Erdogan
Snowden: US Intel Spies On Whomever They Want
A Little Russia-Crimea-Ukraine History
Interesting Legal Insight To FBI Vs. Apple
Ignoring Int'l Law, Israel Takes Syrian Oil
Why US-Canada Climate Deal Kept Secret?
EU To Become Part Of Turkey
Juncker: No To Ukraine
Erdogan Vs. Chaos
The Apple Saga: Why Did FBI Abandon Constitutional Search Warrants For Warrantless Searches To Begin With?
Apple's Fiery Response To FBI
And The Big Bad Wolf Said To Little Red Riding Hood ...
From The "Too Big To Fail" Dept: Sanders Seige Of Wall Street Won't Happen
Syrian Army Advances On Kabani
Obama, State Dept Didn't Want This Movie Made ... So No Lights, Camera, Action In US
From The "Where Have You Been?" Dept: What Do You Call ISIS, Paris Attacks and The Refugee Crisis In Europe Right Now ... Party Time?
EU 23 Skidoo?
Failed State Formula: Destabilized ME Destabilizes EU Which Destabilizes Middle Class Economies With Cheap Labor And TTIP 
TPP And TTIP Already Changing Domestic Laws
Director's Cut From Here To Eternity: US Perpetual Wars, Scene 3, Take 17, Let's Shoot It One More Time
Erdogan's Atrocities
Riding Camels Into The Sunset: Saudi Oil Price Dump Blowback
Out In The Open In Pipelineistan: Saudi Arabia, Turkey Vs. Syria
Cameron: Taking One For Hillary?
Video: Why Benghazi Matters
//" data-mce-href="">Deleted Hillary Email Shows Saudis Funded Benghazi Attacks That Killed US Ambassador
From Hillary's Benghazi Hearings ... "A Protest Or Was It Because Of Guys Out For A Walk One Night ..."
Video: Rule Of Law Hillary Disqualifies Herself From Office, US Code, Title 18
Grand Jury Convened: 100+ FBI Agents Work 2-Pronged Investigation
//" data-mce-href=""> Video: Hillary's State Deleted Emails "Not Prohibited" ... Except For US Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 101, Section 2071, Paragraph A, B 
Shillary For The World Bank
Forget Switzerland, City Of London The Haven Now
Syrian Army Intercepts Israeli Arms Cargo
There Is A House In Washington, They Call The Setting Sun
ISIS Making Moves On Illegal EU Drug Trade
And These People Vote Too
America's Psycho Establishment
Soros Foreign Policy Via Radio Free Europe/Asia
Snowden On Apple iPhone: FBI Claim BS, It's Not About The Phone, But Big Brother Control
From The "Who Made That Decision?" Dept: EU Assimilation Losing To Islam Domination?
Yes, Shame On George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams
The Log In Poodle EU's Eye: She Had A Trial, Gitmo Detainees Nada
Russia Issues Strong Warning To N. Korea
Controlling The Central Banks, Controlling The Economy
Voters And Trump Have Big Wigs Running Scared
Syrian Army Gains More Territory In Damascus
More Militants In Hama Join Ceasefire
China Foreign Minister's Straight Talk
China's Military Reform: Making PLA Responsive To Party Leadership
Russia's New 6th Gen Fighter
Erdogan Blackmailing EU With Refugees ... SNAFU
GMO Atlantic Salmon: Part Fish, Part Eel
Dancing Around The GMO Label: Food Corporations Fear Financial Loss If Consumers Allowed To Decide
The Power of Food Labels And Consumers
Syrian Army Hits al-Nusra In Idlib
Brazilian Oil Politics And Petrobas
Sanity: Iran Makes Trade, Not War
EU Ignores Greece While Paying Pied Piper Erdogan
Nu Coup: EU Refuses Ukraine
Trump Victories Send Warmongering Neocons Scurrying, What If The Sky Is Falling?
Corporations Invoke CBI [Confidential Business Info] Like Governments Use National Security To Hide Truth
Bush Family Links To WW2 Nazi Germany Gives Meaning To The Expression, Apples Don't Fall Far From The Tree
From The "Liar, Pants On Fire" Dept: US Carrier Strike Force Arrives In South China Sea For "Routine Ops"
5D Black Holes And Singularities
US Doubling Down On South China Sea?
3-D Animation of Reconstructed Rome 320 CE
UN Catches US-Israel's Hands In N. Korean Cookie Jar
EU-Ukraine Monsanto Deal To Nowhere
Monsanto Threatens India Over Royalties

On A Lighter Note: US VP Biden One Night Stay In Mexico City: $538,000, More Than Twice His Annual Salary

From The "It Makes No Difference Which Party The President Comes From" Dept: "Neocons" Make Sure US Lives By The Sword
Speaking Of Which From The Land Of Nu, Neocons Endorse The Perpetual War Candidate Hillary 
Hillary's Finger In The Honduras Coup Pie Too?
Perpetual War: A Family Run Business
Blatant Act Of War: Sunni Turkey Keeps Shelling Syriian Kurds, Not Sunni ISIS
ISIS Homs Commander Killed In Airstrikes
Terrorism: To Thine Own Self Be False
Canada's Golden Age Is Over
Pipelineistan Syria, RFK Jr: War Over Pipeline Route
And This Is Where It All Began: Sunni Qatar/Saudi Terrorist Opposition To Shia Iran/Syria Pipeline Deal
ISIS Export Business Plan: Capture Women And Children, Sell Off As Slaves
N. Korea Club Vs. Dragons At The Cave
Serfs Up: Central Bankers Minding Their Kingdom
No, Anything But God
From The "Well That Solves That Problem" Dept: US, China Increase Military Presence In S. China Sea, Both Reject Claims Of Miliitarising
Putin's Stomach Diplomacy
MH-17 Dutch Investigation: No US Transparency, No Answers
Greek Coast Guard Seizes Turkish Ships Carrying Arms To Lebabnon
As The Zika Hysteria Dies Down ...
Keeping The Mass Media Spotlight Off The Other War
From The "What Else Do You Need To Know" Dept: Neocons Never Met A War Hawk They Didn't Like ... No Matter Which Party
Crashed And Burned In Yemen
US Political Effects: EU Coming Apart At The Seams, Spilling Refugees And Radicals
IAEA Director's Statement On Iranian Non-Nukes
Syria: No Positive Outcome In Foreseeable Future
US Presidential Fraternity War Puppets
Mercenary Corporations And Fat Contracts = More Trouble
Hillary: The US Candidate They Love To Haiti
Time Nor Xi Waits For No Man
Video: Turkish Troops On Border With Syria
Pentagon's Death Lasers Coming Soon
Wild Man Erdogan: Keep NATO Ships Out Of Turkish Waters
ISIS And Christians: WH It Ain't Genocide ... When Considering Palestine
Jihadists Leave Trail Of Bodies As They Retreat
The Poodle With No Teeth Barks Again
Well, That's Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into, NATO
US General Latest Victim Of Gitmo Torture
Pa-pere Hollande: Your Children Can Sue You For Posting Photos
China Second Space Lab To Go Into Orbit
Year Of The Monkey See, Monkey Do: China Set For Big Increase In Military Spending
Pentagon Happy To Oblige Pouring More Gas On Syrian-Kurd Fire, Ignite The Whole World For All We Care
Lunacy Run Amok In The Modern World
Who Is She Kidding? The One And Only Big Bank Girl
Will The Real EU Leader Please Stand Up
Has EU Gone Off The Deep End Of Appeasement?
Must Government Leaders Act Like 2nd Graders?
CSI Can Con You
Cameron On Shaky Gorund With Brexit Attacks
Boeing, Airbus And Now Comac
From The "That Sounds Familiar" Dept: Beijing On Full Alert For Government Leader Meetings
It's Not The Nukes! Beware The Bankers!!
It's The Affordable Care, Not Prescription, Act
US Presidential "Junk" Campaigns
Midnight In Damascus
China Now Backing Sanctions On N. Korea
Newsbud: New News Organization Of, By And For The People
Orwell Lives In France
Why Ceasefires Prolong Wars
Erdogan's Kurd Civil War Looks Like Kurd Syrian War
The Braying Sheep ... US Presidential Campaign In A Nutshell
NATO's Depleted Uranium Manifesto
US Bluff Or Blast?
Looks Like UK's Corbyn Has Company
Breaking The Eleventh Commandment: Wealthy Republican Strategy To Elect Democrat Hillary As President, She Likes War
Saudi Strategy: Overthrow Assad, Play Nice With Russia ... So What's New?
Honoring Those Gods Of Forces And Their Good For Nothing Wars
French Fighting In Libya
Cameron Praises UK Arms To Saudis While EU Embargoes
Mass Media And US Presidential Elections
China: What To Do About ISIS?
Video And Audio: Untangling The Incoherent Syrian Ceasefire
Erdogan's King's X, Time Out ... All Based On Kurds?
Erdogan's Plan For Syria: New Sultanate Or Armageddon
US Syrian Plan B: War And More War
Saudi Arms Delivery Up 279% Since 2011, ME Wars Up ...
Drone Warfare In Media And Court
Big Bro, MD, No Privacy For Your Phone Or Mind
The Apple-FBI Tango, Dance Two
Not Just One Request To Open iPhones
A Corporate Girl's Look Back From The Campaign Trail: Follow The Oil
The Global Rise Of The 1%ers
US Formerly Supported China Claims In South China Sea
Video: Why Big Bro Is Killing Cash
Audio: False Flags Paris To San Bernardino To Gladio
False Flag Op Aimed At iPhone Or A 2 For !?
Freedom Of The Press: To Censor What They Want You To Hear
Dubya, Cheney And Gang: Selling The Lies Of Going To War
Syrian Kurds Making Progress On Aleppo
Global Climate Conference Went Green: What, You Forget To Follow The Money?
China's Xi Making More Moves To Align Party To His Voice
China Moving To Forefront Of Smart Device Technology
China Arm Sales About Double In 5 Years
New 5th Gen Russia Fighter Sets Climb Record
IDB And World Bank No Mr. Nice Guys: US Threatened Bolivian President
Russia's Surveillance Planes To Fly Over US?
China Reply To TPP: If You Can't Join 'Em, Buy 'Em
Shades Of TTIP: Stay Tuned, More To Come America Inc.
Meanwhile, Back In Pipelineistan ... Iranian Gas
Money, Money, Money Buying A Government
Isn't This The Country That Ordered The Bird's Nest For The Olympics?
Erdogan's Tail Wagging Obama's Dog?
... Which Would Give Syria And Russia The Same Right To Invade Turkey, Who Can't Control Its Borders?
China Opinion: Shouldn't It Be The Other Way Around?
Virgin Galactic 2: Back In The Saddle Again
Exxon: Never Met A Hydrocarbon They Didn't Like
From The "What Goes Around, Comes Around" Dept: 3-5K ISIS Trained Fighters Walking Streets Of Europe
US Airstrike Violates Libyan Sovereignity, Kills Serb Embassy Staff
What's With The TPP's Harsh Criminal Copyright Penalities ... 
"Inspector Clouseau's Shallonge" To FBI: Decrypt San Bernardino iPhone For Free, Drop Apple Request
... Because Then We'll Call Off Our ISIS Mercenaries
If At First You Fail, Then Make Up New Standards
She's Lying?
US Economy Not Recovered, And Won't
From The "Land Of The Corporate Get Off Scot Free" Dept: Protesters, Not SoCalGas Execs In Jail
Abyss In The Land Of Nu: US Failed State Of Ukraine
Blind Not To Know Russia Defending Europe's Best Interests In Syria
Privacy: An Apple A Day Message From Apple
UK Highest Rate Of Obesity In Europe: Would You Like Some Coffee In Your Sugar?
US Underground Fire Less Than 500m From Nuclear Waste Dump
Remember Obama's Red Line With Assad Over Chemical Weapons Use? Well ...
Hitler Wannabe Erdogan Still Doing As He Pleases, Violating International Law With US Backing
West's Propaganda Machine Still Churning Out Weekly Factless Accusations
US Ally Erdogan's One Track Mind To All Out War
Syrian Army Continues Advance In Aleppo Province
Warning: Banks Are Still Too Big To Fail
EU Mil Ops Against Libya Refugees
Video: Russia FM Spokesperson Interview

From The "Tobacco Defense" Dept: Nothing Wrong With GMOs
Has The Global Market Crash Begun?
US Expected ISIS To Have Captured Damascus Last October
Syrian Army Seizes Israel-Made Weapons In Militants Cargo
Sultan Erdogan Dictates Policy In Syria Or Will Escalate War?
Guns: Missiles Added To Disputed Islands In South China Sea
Butter: First Silk Road Train Arrives In Tehran
Things Not Possible In A Democracy
Familiar MO: Puerto Rico Latest Penal Colony To Privatize Public Assets To Pay Off Int'l Bankers
Minimum Wage Minimum Chance Not To Mention Coming TPP Low Wage Tsunami
What A Coincidence! TTIP, Cheap Labour Refugees Arrive In EU ... Weapons Of Mass Migration That Targets Christianity Too 
The 70 Year Plan: Keeping The EU Sheep In The US Fold And Out Of Russia's
Ukraine Governor: Get Rid Of IMF
Ukrainianization: EU Busting At The Seams
Russia Saudi Arabia Freeze Oil Production, Increase BBL Oil Price
From The "Cat's Out Of The Bag" Dept: Erdogan And Saudis Scheme To Keep Their ISIS Going
At Odds: Burqa Merkel Doesn't Speak For EU On Refugee Crisis
Yikes! Sunni Arabs Want Israeli Nukes ...
War Within The War: Erdogan Vs. Syrian Kurds' Territory
Erdogan Won't Like This: Kurdish Troops Cut Off More Turkish Supply Routes To Militants
Larvicide Not Zika Chief Suspect Of Microencephaly
China's Yuan Growing In World's Basket Of Reserve Currencies
Former NATO Chief Slams Russia Policy
Eastern Europe Balking At Refugee Influx
WW3 Insanity
Kurds Advance In Aleppo While Turkish Gov't Shells Village, Airport
Why Panic Over Zika Virus ...
... But Not West Nile Virus?
Zika: Is It Real Or Hype?
Zika-Microcephaly Panic Warranted?
Guerrilla Warfare On Zika! Panic, Run, Don't Think!!
Why American Workers Will No Longer Be Able To Afford Chinese Products
Here Comes More Trouble: Sunni Saudi Jets From Sunni Turkey To Bomb Sunni ISIS Or Shia Kurds?
Why Are US Neocons Angry That Obama Won't Save Aleppo's Militants?
Syrian And Russia's Air Forces Strike Terrorists In Aleppo
My What Sharp Teeth You Have: Asian Leaders To Hear Obama Pitch Virtues Of TPP
TPP: Get Use To It American Workers
Syrian Monkey Business In Year Of The Monkey
A Primer: Kissinger, Albright, Brzezinski
Accused War Criminal Kissinger: Clinton's Mentor or Handler?
A Look At The Impact Of 40 Day Chinese New Year Celebration
Pentagon Infecting Entire World With Its Affluenza
The Assad Plan B: West's, Saudi and Turkish Boots On The Ground In All Out War
Read Or Listen: The Witches Of False Flag Ops And Learned Helplessness
Perspective Regarding Which Way Is Up: American Empire, The Dispensible World And Remember What Happened To Dr. King
Clinton's Character: Totalitarian Gender Tactics
Zika: Is It Real Or Hype?
UK Opts Out Of International Law
Einstein's Gravitational Waves Confirmed With Colliding Black Holes
Turkey Full Of It ... And He Don't Mean Stuffings
From the "Oopsy" Dept: US Blames Bombed Aleppo Hospitals On Russia ... Though No Russia Flights That Day, Only US
China's Xi The New Mao?
From The "Were Not That Dumb" Dept: Taking Goldman Sachs Money For Secret Talks, Hillary Told Them No Bank Too Big To Fail?
Assange: Don't Vote For Endless Stupid Wars
Gleeful Hillary Apes Julius Caesar, Last Caesar Of The Republic
Anti-Establishment, Rule Of Law? Not For Me
No More Federal Income Tax, No More Central Bank?
Pivoting To Aleppo: Key Implications For Syria, Turkey And West
Three Silk Cords: Oil, More Oil And The Year Of The Monkey
Rockefellers Old Oil Strategies At Play In A New Era

Keep EU And Russia Apart At All Costs
Russia Has Gas, EU Farts ... Same Old Predicament
1973 Arabs And OPEC ... Same Old Predicament
US Cities: All The Plagues Of Lead Poisoning
Canada Class Action Lawsuit Seeks To Prevent Sale Of Military Equipment To Saudi Arabia
Domestic Warfare: How To Squeeze More "Money" Out Of The 99%: Negative Interest Rates And Cashless Society
More On Negative Interest Rates
Toxic Industry Theatre Presents: Scientists For Rent
UK Arms Dealers, Bankers Conflict Of Interest Cozy With State Officials
1%er Goldman Sachs CEO: US Has To Cut 99%ers Social Security ... "We" Can't Afford It
Win An Oscar, Get A Free Vampire Breast Lift And Trip To Israel
Where's The Footage? French TV Portrays Russia Air Strike Video As French
US Military Winning Battles, Losing Wars
US About Par With Rest Of World's Military
US Reaping Foreign Policy Militarism

Gitmo NYC
If Hannibal Lecter Had A Grandmother ...
Terrorist-In-Chief Erdogan's Kurdiphobia Goes Psycho
CIA Vet: Erdogan Relies On Uneducated Masses ... So What's New With Autocrats?
West's Schizophrenic War On Refugee Aid ... Take Them In, Pay To Keep Them Out?
Chinese New Year To Bring New Chinese Leadership Team
Happy New Year: Chinese Flash Mob Hits NYC
US Wars Without Borders: Saber Rattling In China Sea
Liberated Towns Syrian Army's Main Bases In Aleppo
Don't Look Now, But WW3 Is Already Underway
Syrian Army Gains Control Over Key Highway Near Turkish Border
Russia's Farmers Overtake US, Canadian Grain Production
BBC's Feary Tales: Russia Will Nuke Us ... Run, Panic, Just Don't Think!
Cold War Redux: The Russians Are Coming ... Again
US/NATO Racheting Up Against Russian Aggression ... No, Not Ukraine And Syria, Selling Oil For Rubles, Not Goldman Sachs Dollars
Uh Oh, Iran Wants Crude Oil Paid In Euros Not Dollars
The US Global Financial Cold War
Bill Says Hillary Anti-Establishment ... As In Constitution And Rule Of Law?
From The "Old Trojan Horse Trick" Dept: 150,000 Saudi Sunni Troops To Fight Sunni ISIS In Shia Syria
IRGC: Aha, The Old Trojan Horse Ploy, Eh!?
US Greatest Threat To World Peace And Security
Chicago Stock Exchange Sold ... To Chinese
Russia Airstrike Hits Large ISIS Base In Syria
Assange Victory Shows West As Rule By Elites, Not Democracy Or Law
"Two Great Champions Of Liberty" Ignore Rule Of Law
The Hypocrisy Of The Political 1%
US Assassination Attempt: Paranoia Or Real World Experience?
Pentagon Shakes The Trees To Keep The Dollars Rolling In
The Stronger The Syrian Army Is In Battle, Weaker US & Opposition Are At Talks
Syrian Army Making Advances In Northern Aleppo Province
The House Of Goldman Saudi-Sachs
Inconvenient UN Ruling, Assange Still A Political Prisoner In UK
ChemChina's $43 Billion Bid For Swiss Syngenta
The Freaking Out Sultan Of Turkey
Reality Check? Really!? The World According To Netanyahu
Road To Syrian Regime Change: US DIA Warned Obama Of ISIS Rise Supported By West, Gulf States And Turkey
Geneva Talks: US State Dept. Long On Self-Serving Accusations, Short On Facts, Details
Sofia Warming Up To Moscow
Finland: West's Wars Migration Mess Challenging Values
Hypocritical West's View Of Assad: Three More Fingers Pointing At Pro-West Erdogan, Netanyahu Et Al
TPP: Anti-China Trade Pact Signed, Vietnam Biggest Winner, Canada Has Reservations
Libya Destabilzation And Chaos Laid In Clinton's Corporate Minion Lap
Syrian Army Breaks 3 Year Siege Of Aleppo Province Towns
Corrupt Ukraine Money Grab: Privatizing Public Companies
Gong Xi Fa Cai: Happy Monkey New Year
US Prez Election Mystery Money: Place Your Bets And Take Your Chances
Middle East's Billion Dollar Mercenary Business
US Hires Drone Mercenaries To Do The Killing
Turkey Renegs On Treaty Obligation
US What-You-Should-Think Tank CEPA Takes Shot At Sputnik
If You Love Perpetual War, We've Got A Candidate For You!
Russia Counter-Sanctions Boosts Domestic Agriculture Productivity
Listen Up EU Poodles: US Will Tell You If You Can Lift Russia Sanctions
Syrian Ceasefire: Need To Stop Arms Smuggling Across Turkish Border
Digitial Age Theft: Money Pilfering Apps
Guns Or Butter Global Economy: Money Supply Tight Everywhere
Secret UK Flyover To Capture Snowden ... Watchout Clinton? Probably Not
China: Judicial Accountability
From Under The Bed: The Zika Plague Coming To The US
Prelude To Bigger War? US Military Urges Women To Register For The Draft ... Draft? What Draft?
Ukraine Smolders On, Part 1
Ukraine Smolders On, Part 2
Want To Stop ISIS? Prevent Turkey Buying Iraq and Syria's Stolen Oil
US Village Of The Blind
Pentagon Requests $583 Billion Military Budget FY 2017 Justifying It By Blaming "All Those Bad Guys Out There"
NYT Admits US-Saudi Ties Support ISIS
From The "No Politician In Office Has Ever Screwed Up" Dept: Inept EU Makes Russia The Whipping Boy For All Its Woes
Misundercalculators Bush-Cheney & The WMD Gang's Vietnam Revival: Mission Accomplished
Bet Your Bottom Dollar Obama Will Head The UN In 2017
Norway-Sweden Paying The Way Home For Refugees
Vienna Document 2011: Russia To Perform Turkey Military Inspection
Ukraine: Merkel's Convenient Pro-Nazi Diversion
Burka 6.2% Merkel Facing Political Storm
US Led "Vulture Capitalism" A Plague For The Age
Get Over It: Palestinians Have No Peace Partners
Syrian Army Deploys T-90 Tanks
Syrian Army, Allies Advance North Of Aleppo Province
HD Photos From China's Moon Walker
Babylonian Economic History: US Balance Of Payments Deficit Entirely Military In Character
Turkey Shelling Syrian Border Outposts
New US Littoral Class Ships Break Down
New British Billion Pound Warships Break Down
Russia And Rising Oil Prices In 2016
Germany's Freedom Of The Press Lost To Merkel's Refugee Sacred Cows
Refugees And Sanctions A Lethal Mix For Merkel?
Unknown Sniper Popping Off ISIS Leaders In Libya
From The "Who Needs Switzerland" Dept: US Law Firms Scrubbing "Dirty Money" For Foreign Investors
Ukraine Demands French Documentary Not Be Shown
Sacrificing Liberty On The Altar Of ISIS
Security For Everyone, Or Security For No One: Hackers Hijack NASA Drone
Nutanyahoo: Only Outsiders Can Save Israel Now
Small Town USA Refugee Invasion
Plucking The Chickens: US Is Not Denmark
Saudi's Princes Next Year's London Cabbies?
Setting Up Precedence For Clinton? Petraeus Hand Slap For Disclosing Classified Info
ISIS Blasts In Damascus Suburbs
ISIS Terrorists Killed In Clash With Syrian Army In Deir Ezzur
Saudi Coalition Forces Killed In Yemen Missile Attack
AIIB's COO A German
Time Worn US MO: Characterize Leaders As "Bad Guys" ... Saddam [WMD], Ayatollah [Nukes], Gaddafi [Tyrannical], Assad [Barrel Bomber], Putin [Just Plain All-Around Bad Guy] ... Yet No Erdogan [Hitler Wannabe, ISIS Supporter] No Netanyahu [Palestinian Genocide]
Space Wars: US Achilles Heel
Sweden's Vigilantes Refugee Blowback
From The "What A Weird Coincidence" Dept: Cologne Refugee Sex Attacks Not Refugee Related
Label Laundering: Grown In Israel Or Occupied Palestine?
Fed Financial Quackery
Hillary's Email Outbox Getting Hotter
The Red, White And Blue Lie About Terrorism
Canada Drops Out Of Spy Five
Babylonian's Geometric Tracking Of Jupiter
Ten Publishers Get Half Online News Traffic ... Flash: Newslink Not One Of Them
China's Billionaire 1%ers
Jin Liqun First President Of AIIB ... Master's Degree English Lit
Silk Road's First Container China Choo-Choo To Middle East
Joe 'Darth Vader' Biden Goes To Turkey
Canada Russia Thaw
The Merkelization Of The EU?
Media Wars? US Vs. RT, Sputnik
The Big Brother Plan? Forcing Refugees On Citizenry
Message Sent: Oregon Standoff Escalated Into Violence, Death
Hypocritical Banking Shell Game: US The New Switzerland
Of Lessons Lost In A Nuremberg Court Room Far, Far Away ...
The Nuremberg Trials ... A Refresher
Illegal Eagles Of A Feather?: Bill Impeached, Hillary's Email Criminal Scandal
Political Game Theory: Trump Outfoxes A Fox ... Reporter
Chinese Fighter Jet Designers Avoid US Mistakes
If US Plays Marbles, And Russia Plays Chess, What Does China Play? Go ...
Taking Another Dump On Libya ... Big Sticks Wielded By Little Minds
Clinton-Libya: Back To The Future
How Putin Is Winning Big In Syria, EU
Syrian Army Takes Back More Territory East Of Aleppo
ISIS Roosters Going Home To Roost In 2016?
Time For The US To Ditch Its Bromance With The House Of Saud?
EU Chief: 60% Migrants Not Entitled To Asylum
Ukraine Too Corrupt Not To Fail
US Live By The Sword Policy
US/NATO Back In Libya To Fight Its Frankenstein Creation
Your Tax Dollars Killing Civilians In Yemen
A Guide: Simple Digital Privacy
Russia Quarantines Contaminated US Food Exports
From The "Nothing Like Showing Up Late To The Party" Dept: Israel Claims Turkey Oil Money Funds ISIS
Snowden Catches Fake UK Encryption Claims
Not Even In Vichy France: Permanent State Of Emergency?
Paradigm Shift A Threat To US Hegemony
Copy Cat Role Reversal: Sanctions Placed On US
China Iran Sign 17 Agreements
Why Is The TTIP Text Kept Secet? Because It's So Good For You?
"Police State" Won't Make London Safer
ISIS Terror Threat For EU Increases
Lavrov To The US: Time To Get Over The Childish Behavior
Obama: "US Not World's Policeman" ... Pentagon's New Plans For Libya
Poll: Majority Of Americans Dissatisfied About Corporate Influence
China-Taiwan War Of Independence? ... Taiwan Won't Commit Suicide
Is This Flint, Michigan USA Or Nazi Germany?
ISIS Hiding At Dam Behind Hostages
US Boots On The Ground In Syria A PR Ploy?
Boots: US Ploy Or Deploy?
$125 Million For Hot Air? No Wonder The Economy Sachs, Uh, Sucks
Meet Fraud Sucks, The Economy Killer
Control The Oil, Control The World
With Allies Like This, Who Needs Putin?
US-Turkey Sunni Troops Invading Syria?
Syrian Peace [Oil] Talks Unstated Goal: Allow Oil/Gas Pipeline To West From Sunni Saudi Arabia
Syrian Army Takes Control Of Key City Near Turkish Border
Eating The Poor For Breakfast: The Big Lie
US VP Biden: Prepared For Military Solution in Syria
American Democracy's "Open Sewer"
Davos PR: "World Changing For The Better" ... For Whom? The Elite 1%
Litvenenko's Brother: The Brits Did It
Recap: Russia's Military Ops In Syria
Evil You Know Or Don't: Oppression Or Anarchy?
UN Human Rights Chair Saudi's Target Yemen Shia Hospitals
NSA Chief Out Of The Closet: Pro-Encryption
Litvinenko Secret British Report: Putin "Probably" Involved
Kill List Expands: Obama Definitely Involved ... Weekly
Litvinenko Rises From The Dead In West's Zombie Propaganda Thriller
Polonium Got Arafat ... In 2004
Former Goldman Sachs Non-Brit Runs Bank Of England
The Next Global Financial Crash ... To Get Russia Out Of The Way
TTIP: Europe's Corporate-State Trojan Horse
Speculators Going After Saudi Riyal 
Global Financial System Unstable, Worse Than 2007 
China Pushes Trade Over Politics In Middle East
Terrorist's Reinforcements From Turkey
In The Shadow Of Hitler: Are Kurds Erdogan's "Jews?"
2015 Earth's Warmest In 136 Years Of Records, December Too
Grandma Gets Jailed Peacefully Protesting Drone Assassinations
US Increases Boots On The Ground In Syria
From The "World Peace And Security Without Nukes" Dept: Nobel Peace Obama's Trillion Dollar Nuke Upgrade Proposal
Watch Out! They're Talking Peace And Security!
What A Mess, West
US Spends On War, Restricts Trade Via Sanctions, China Invests In The Silk Road With Saudi Trade Agreements
Change In China Military Structure: Committment To Expanding Global Influence
US Courts: Countries Liable For Killing Of Other Nation's Citizens, Precedent For ISIS And Saudi Arabia, Turkey?
Oil Prices: Manipulating Perception To Affect Reality
Where Is The MH-17 Report?
Brit, US Officers Among Blackwater Mercenaries Killed In Yemen
Video: Russia Strikes Deir ez-Zor Where ISIS Massacred Hundreds
From One Oil Producer To Another: Qatar's Emir Visits Putin
2015: 29 Billion Dollar+ Weather Events
Zombie Oil-pocalypse: Night Of the Living Dead In America's Pipelineistan
UK Courts Rules Detention Law Incompatible With Human Rights
Up The Down Escalator: Russia Responds To NATO Build-Up
Video: Syrian Army Repels ISIS Counter-Attack
Chinese Carriers In The South China Sea
The US 1%ers Get Another Free Pass
Oil's Roller Coaster Rides Goes On
Hillary's Emails: The Rule Of Law Or The Rule Of Politics?
US, It's Not Our Fault! The Boats Got Away From Us ... The Iranians Pulled Us There By A Tractor-Beam ... Honest
West's "Speaking With Forked Tongue" Propaganda War Continues ...
TTIP: Nation-States Vote To Destroy Themselves In Favor Of Corporate-States
Israel's Nukes, Sanctions Too?
AIIB: Lean, Green, Clean Anti-IMF Machine
Ukraine Denouement? But Will US Own Up To Its Role Creating The Mess?
Canada To End Syrian Airstrike Support In March
It Is The Month Of Janus After All: Doing What US Does Gets Iran Sanctioned ... Again
UK Government, Off To Bomb Syria, Not Sure Paris Attack Was A Terrorist Attack
Taiwan Election: One China Or Two?
Europe To Russia: Save Us From Asteroids While We Sanction You
Sunnistan: Oil/Gas Pipeline To The West?
West's Finger Only Points In One Direction
Iranian Sanctions Lifted
AIIB Opens For Business
US Congress Blocks Clean Water Rule
Russia Army Humanitarian Syrian Airlift
Crimea: The US Big Lie
False Flag Flying Over Land Of Nu: U Of Ottawa Reports Maidan Sniper Assassins Were West's Anti-Gov't Extremists
Khrushchev's Unilateral "Gift" To Ukraine
History Reminder: Crimea
From The "Recall The Good Ol' Days Of Gaddafi?" Dept: US/NATO In Libya, Do The Same Things Again, But Expecting Different Results?
The Oil Story: China Surpasses Canada As US Largest Trade Partner
China Offers 700M Euros For Majority Stake In Greek Port
On The One Hand, US Acknowledges Russia's Success In Syria ...
Russia In Syria: If You Can't Beat Them, Villainize Them
Getting Your Investment Dollars Out Of China
From The "What Did You Expect?" Dept: Israel Refuses To Pay Court Ordered $1.1 Billion
Canada Gets Phone Privacy Upheld By Court
Not So In The US
Pentagon Proposes Building More Enduring Bases In The Middle East [Centcom] ... For More Perpetual War
First January Atlantic Hurricane in 60 years
From The "Methinks Thou Protesteth Too Much" Dept: Turkey A Victim Too
Pivoting To The East: Iran To Share Anti-Terrorism Experience With SCO
Drone Footage Of Devastated Damascus Suburb
Are There No Governments Left Who Value Human Rights?
1948: Why Wasn't Nazareth Ethnically Cleansed?
Cameron's Syrian Myth
US Government Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History
Dirty Dancing: Hillary And Libya
ISIS Advice Booklet To Wannabes: Go Western Metro
e-Stonia's e-Residency
Jewish Star Required On All US Flags ... Satirically Speaking
Stirring The Pot Monument In Moscow
UK "Snooper Bill" Being Rushed Through ... Why?
Crafty Cameron Out-Bushing Dubya And Blair
Refugee Blowback: Flooding The Euro-Chunnel
Oil Prices Sliding Down The Road
Video: What's At Stake In Oregon Stand-off? Where Is The Outrage Over Government Abuse Of Constitution?
From The "With The Right Leverage, I Can Move The World" Dept: You've Got To Give Us Credit For Making This Mess
Madaya: Complaint To CBC Over Biased Coverage
Obama's Enduring Legacy: Making Sure Peace And Security Didn't Break Out
Einstein's Gravitational Waves Finally Detected?
ASEAN Economic Community: An Awakening Force?
ASEAN And TPP: Vietnam A Winner
China Buys Into Hollywood
Saudi US Arms Deal Followed By Mass Executions
US Senator: Saudi Arabia-Turkey Greatest Danger To World Peace ... Umm, Senator, You Forgot One

Taiwan Bans GMOs From School Lunches, Requires Labeling
From The "Pick On Somebody Your Own Size" Dept: UN Human Rights Chair Saudi's Bomb Yemen Hospitals
Russia Oil Benchmark In Rubles Ditches US Dollar, Wall Street Control
Jinping's Advice To New Military Leadership: Be Politically Sensible People
Refugees, Political Fractures, Economic Sanctions ... EU In Turmoil
Cameron On Hot Seat Over Unlawful Arms Sales To Gulf States
Syrian Peace Talks: Terrorists Not Welcomed
Of Opportunities Lost: Putin
From The "Get Over It" Dept: The West's Governments Don't Care
Beware The BBC ... Again
Why The Mandatory Push For Vaccinations Big Pharma?
HUMINT & SIGINT, Spy Wars And Espionage: How It Works
Hillary's Email Time Bomb: Before Or After Election?
From The "We Can't Get Enough War" Dept: Demand For Weapons Rebounds "Yippee!"
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... Maybe, But They Won't Go Quietly Into The Night
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Saudi Quicksand Or Sinkhole In The Desert?
The Prophet Gaddafi And The Strategically Unaware Blair
Ah, Mon Ami, Le Chaos C'est Une Stratégie, N'est-ce Pas?
Divide And Conquer: Collective US Consciousness Lost To Virtual Reality
Saudi Arabia A Bottomless Pit For The West's Arms And Weapons
China's Law On The Books Versus On The Street
Karma Turkey: If I Listen To Your Lies ...
Scary Shi'ite Scenario: A Theocracy In Oil Rich Regions Of Sunni Saudi Arabia?
Refugee Blowback In Germany: Mass Sexual Assaults
Up The Saudi Escalator
The Corruption Of American Institutions
Nothing Like Handing Out Medals, Creating More PR "Heroes," Especially Drone Pilots, To Make Folks Feel Good About War Again
From The "Where Is Gaddafi When You Need Him" Dept: UK's Libyan ISIS Tar Baby
ISIS Tar Baby Part 2
Kosher Style Apartheid
They Fought The Law And The Law Lost
World's Biggest Economy, Yet Most Americans One Paycheck Away From The Street
"Mini-H-Bomb" Test In N. Korea: Fear And Arrogance Driving Nuke Club Reaction?
Love And War Know No Borders
People Diplomacy: Crimea Takes High Road At Putin's Request
The Continuing Myth Of US Moderate Rebels
The Sacred Trees
NATO Getting Rid Of Gaddafi Paved Way For Surrogate ISIS Grab Of Libyan Oil Port
From The "Build A Big Gold Statue And They Will Come" Dept: How Much More For The Standing Pose?
Erdogan/Hitler, Kurds/Jews Follow The Bouncing Ball To Absolute Power
9 Mysteries Of Physics Unsolved
Schrodinger's Dead Cat Lives
The United States Of Murder Inc.
Video: How Does ISIS Radical Ideology Work Its Way Into The Minds Of Western Youth?
Unun: Periodic Table Completes Row 7
New Atomic Number Assignments: 113, 115, 117, 118
Video: History Of Mercury and Autism
Italian Court Rules Vaccine With Mercury, Aluminium Caused Autism
Failed Ukraine's "Three Stooges"
Saudi's Execution Of Shi'ite Cleric A Strategic Tipping Point?
Saudi Arabia's Achilles Heel: Low Oil Prices, Rising War Costs Not A Sustainable Strategy
West's Divide And Conquer Syrian Policy
US To Russia: Don't Bomb Our Syrian Terrorists Wanting To Overthrow The Elected Government
World's Top Drug Dealers ... US Pharmaceutical Companies
Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch ... US Patriots
Videos: Iranians Storm Saudi Embassy In Tehran After Shi'ite Cleric Executed In Saudi Arabia
History And Politics Of The IMF
Another Fine Mess The EU Has Gotten Itself Into
Americans Earn Rep As A Killer Nation
Hitler Couldn't Do It, Will Refugees Invade Cameron's England?
Ukranian Nationalists Celebrate Nazi Collaborator
US Delays Sanctions On Iran
As Hitler Dragged World To War, Crazy Erdogan Leading NATO Down Same Road?
Syrian Army Advances In Outskirts Of Damascus
Fanning The Shi'ite Turmoil In Saudi Arabia
Did Obama OK Leak Of US Spying On Netanyahu-US Congress About Iran Deal?
Video: Russia's Nuclear Arsenal And Policy Of Deterrence
Obama Reverting To Nixon Doctrine With Iran And Middle East
Clinton Does A Dubya On Benghazi: Blames It On The Intel Community, Shifts Focus To Syria
90%+ Crimeans OK To Endure Ukrainian Power Shortages To Be Part Of Russia Again
Heil Erdogan! Delusion Of Illusions Of Empire Lost
Pot Smoking Legal In DC? US State Dept. Goes Beyond Doublespeak Claiming US Brought Peace And Security To Syria In 2015
Ditto DC Delusion Part 2
Despite Nuke Deal, US Continues Hostile Policies Against Iran
Goal Unchanged: US Still Determined To Get Oil Land Route From Qatar, Saudi Arabia To West
New Laser Chip Replaces Complex Laser Equipment
Lasers Used To Refuel Satellites
From The "Do Unto Others" Dept: Privacy For Everyone Or No One
So Who Owns US Congress? US Prez Candidate Upset NSA Spied On Israel, But OK With Spying On Americans
US Prez Candidate Clinton's Geometry: Idea Of A Level Playing Field Is An Inclined Plane For Opponents
IMF: 2016 Slow Growth, Economic Shocks, In Non-Military Sectors
Saudi's Face Austerity As Fuel Prices Jump 50% ... To 24 Cents/Litre
150 Militants Put Down Arms, Accept Assad's Amnesty
Syrian War Not Civil
TPP: All You Americans Are Fired
US 1%ers Have Their Own Tax System
Oil Got Your Money All Dirty? No Problem, Launder It With Testy Erdo-Gain
How Much Ergo-Gain Does It Take To Launder $119B?
Got More Stains On Your Name? Try New And Improved Erdo-Gain
No Debating It: US Undeclared Perpetual War
US Being Destroyed By Unaddressed Issues
Gallup Poll: US Christian Numbers Continue To Decline, 'None' Trends Upward
Gitmo: A Reflection Of Real American Political Values
Remember Those Derivatives? They're Back, Well Turns Out They Never Went Away
New Twist: Top Saudi Cleric Says ISIS Comprised Of Israeli Soldiers
Turkey's Intensifying Civil War
Ranking Member US Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain, Meeting With ISIS Leaders
The IMF Gang
Iraqi Army Frees Ramadi Without US Help
ISIS "CFO" Captured
Videos: Russia Airstrikes Aid Syria Army To Liberate Residential Areas
Microsoft Computer? Lost Your Encryption Key?
Tyranny Of The State And Freedom Of The Press
Need To Curb Constitution To Fight ISIS? ... Or Citizens Freedom Of Speech?
2016: Turkey's Big Year?
Israel's Version Of Humanitarian Aid To Palestine
NATO Hazing: Frat Boys Use Turkey To Bait The Bear
Invite From Syria? China's Counterterror Law: Allows Counterterrorist Forces Overseas, Encryption Keys To Government
Syria's Golan Heights United Resistence To Israel
True Lies From Those Who Choose Not See
A Few Good Men? US Scheme: Evacuate Key Terrorists From Ramadi Before Syrian Army Arrives
2015 Pentagon Saudi Arms Deals Doublespeak: Significant Force For Regional Stability
Neocon Express: Narrow Gauge Railway's One Track Minds
Really Russia? A Corrupt Politician Keeping His Word?! Hahahahahaha
Erdogan's Rat Line To Syria
99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall: War, Terrorism And Economic Crisis In 2015
From The "I'm Taking My Ball And Going Home" Dept: Are Washington's Leaders Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
Syrian Army Destroys ISIS Chemical Weapons Lab
Second Terrorist Leader Believed Dead In Damascus Province
From The "Sh*t Happens" Dept: Oh Well, It's Just Libyans
It's Not Only Record Temps, Record US Military Tax Dollars For War Too
Top Syrian Terrorist Leader Killed In Damascus Suburbs
From The "It Must Be The Annual Oil Truckers Convention" Dept: 12,000 Oil Trucks At Turkey-Iraq Border
Blackwater Mercenaires Killed In Yemen
That's The Spirit
That's The Spirit 2
The Not So Civil Oil Wars Of Turkey
UN Syria Resolution Another Fairy Tale? We'll Know Within 6 Months
Tis The Season After All: Cameron's Message Of Political Hypocrisy
Turkish Troops Remain In Iraq
Amnesty Int'l Finger Pointing: Where's The Beef?
Gallup Poll: 88% Ukrainians Unhappy With US-Ukrainian Coup Results
It's A Pig's Funeral In Kiev
50,000 Yemenis Set To Attack Saudi Arabia
Sanctions Game: King's X, Time Out, US Space Program To Buy Russia's Rocket Engines
Bribe Or Principle: USAF Offers $125K Bonus To Drone Pilots
The Drone Papers: Assassination Policy
Part 2 US Middle East Policy Goal: Romancing The Sunni
Terrorism As A Tool: US' Anti-ISIS Oil War
The Usual Cast Of Criminals With One More Way To Slice Syria: Setting The Stage For Saudi-Turk Oil War?
1093 Air Strikes By Russia In 6 Days
German TV's Fake Russians In Ukraine War
Saudi Arabia's Arab Spring Blowback?
Anonymous Inundates ISIS Web Sites With Prozac, Viagra Ads
Anonymous Declares War On .tr
Video: Jobar Neighborhood Of Damascus In Ruins
China's Moon Rover Finds New Lunar Rock
War Criminals Bush And Blair Stuck With Santa And Sacks Of Coal
Facts Notwithstanding, All The Good Guys Are Ours, And All The Bad Guys Are Yours
Terrorist Commanders Killed By Syrian Army In Damascus Province
Hot, Hot, Hot
Assad Enjoys Popular Support Despite Western Media Hatchet Job
Dubya's Legacy: 14 Years Of Occupation By World's Richest Nation Leaves Afghanistan In Dire Straits
Karzai: US Not Interested In Winning "War On Terror," Prolonging It? Yes
China Urges Dialogue Not Economic Warfare Over US-Ukraine Coup Fallout
US Maintains Economic War Sanctions On Russia
Archive 2011: US Modus Operandi Covert Instigation Of Violence, Publicly Condemns It ... Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Libya
The American World Of Fear: Why?
Back To Square One In Syria: It's All About The Oil
Video Iraqi MP: Erdogan Must Come Clean About ISIS Oil Trafficking
Following The Oil For Money Trail To Wahhabism, The Bushes And 9/11
Allusive Video: Dubya Arm In Arm Sword Dance With Saudi Royals
Wahhabism, House Of Saud And The Bushes
US Political Agenda Favors Terrorists, Not Peace
US, UK Still Deny Russia Intel Requests For ISIS Targets
Disconnect: US Military Top Brass And White House Politicos Over Syria
More Militants Give Up Arms, Take Advantage Of Assad Amnesty
Mass Media A US Political Propaganda Tool
What The West Is Missing In Syria