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Summer 2023

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The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in the billionaire plutocrat's Western corporate mass media companies, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

However, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, which, in a sense, is an urgent reset for so many in our nations today. We need to realize our plundering princes, leaders, officials, and atheist tech media intentionally lie to us on a regular basis, exactly as the prophecies of our closing last days make quite clear.

Summer 2023

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Friday Funnies, Without Government, Who Would Water Trees In The Rain?
Text/Video: The "Covid Vax" Crimes Against Humanity Are Bubbling Up Into Mainstream Consciousness ... Elites Response Leading To A Hot War, Russia In The North, China In The East, US/UK, King Of The North In The Middle East According To Prophecy In Daniel
China-Syria Launch Strategic Partnership, Xi Stated, “Faced With An International Situation Full Of Instability And Uncertainty, China Is Willing To Continue To Work Together With Syria, Firmly Support Each Other, Promote Friendly Cooperation, And Jointly Defend International Fairness And Justice”  
The "Covid" Narrative Flunked The Critcal Thinking Test The First Time Around, Now In The 5th Year Of "Covid-19," Are We Flunking The Critical Thinking Test?
"Covid" Vax mRNA Ends Up In Mother's Milk, CDC Database, 648 Babies Harmed, 3 Dead
Myocarditis: The Silent Scandal Of "Covid" Vaxxes, The History Of Lies And Denial From Officials
From The "Beware The Government Bearing Free Gifts (That Your Tax Dollars Paid For)" Dept: Nothing Like Priming The Pump To Gin Up More "Covid" Fear, Free In-Home Tests, But Are The "Tests" Unbiased And Reliable Or Designed To Create A Certain Percentage Of False Positives To Keep Big Pharma Rolling In The Dough, and Government Issuing Mandates?
New "Covid" So Mild, Doctors Can't Tell Difference Between It, Allergies Or Common Cold, Which Can Be Caused By A Coronavirus, Can Their "Tests" Differentiate Between A Corona "Covid" Variant And The Other Known Corona Viruses? Weren't Able To Do So During The First Plandemic, Likely Can't Now Either, So Tests Are Like The Doctors, What Are We Really Talking About Here? All Corona Viruses Will Test Positive For "Covid" Now?
Video: Dr. Peter McCullough Speech At EU Parliament ... "Covid" Vaxxes Deadly, Spike Proteins And Blood Clots, Worst Possible "Treatment," All "Covid" Vaxxes Need To Be Removed Immediately From Market  
"Myopericarditis And mRNA SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines - FDA And CDC Administrators Lied, And People (Particularly Children) Died," So Do We Think They're Telling Us The Truth This Time, Offering Us "Free Tests" To Direct Us Towards Getting Another Experimental Injection?
US Government Major Roll-out Of Latest "Covid" Experimental Injection, The Only Emergency In Sight Is The Government Roll-out
Denial's Peculiar Power, Why Can We Handle The Lies With Ease, But Can't Handle The Unfamiliar Light Of The Truth?
"Covid" mRNA Vaxxes Are Destroying Young People's Immune Systems
Stupid-19 Redux, But Do We Get It?
Chinese "Covid" Lab In California, Photos And Documents
"Covid" Vax Pushers Keep Moving The Goal Posts: Excuses Are Reasons For Failure By The Liars, Why Is "Covid-19" Still Around In Year 5 When We Were Promised Upfront These Shots Would Stop Transmission, Result In Herd Immunity? Well, Liars Lie
Orwell: Rewriting The "Covid" Dictionary With Handy New Definitions To Sucker Us In, Again, Boosters, In The 5th Year Of "Covid-19," Are Now "Updated" Shots, Why Have All The Alleged Top "Science Experts" a la Fauci Failed After All These Years To Produce Herd Immunity So We Don't Need More $hots? Why Do 6 Month Old Babies Need A "Flu" Shot? Besides It Seems Like the Only Ones Getting "Covid" These Days Are The Vaxxed
Sneaky Florida Forced Quarantine And Vax Law
While The Rest Are Awakening To The "Covid-19" Scamdemic, Now In Its 5th Year, It's Not About The Overwhelming Scientific Evidence, It's Not About Protecting You From A Virus, The Agenda For the "Covid" Vax Pushers Remains The Same, Keep Up The Lies, And Making Bucks Off Of Injuring And Killing Unsuspecting Citizens While Taking Away Your Freedom And Liberty

About 2 Years Ago Warned: Mass Vax In A "Pandemic" Worst Thing To Do
Video/Text: Good Diet ... Balance, Balance, Balance
Sunday Comics
Appeals Court Q: "Does It Matter Whether The Shot Stops Transmission? If The Shots Don’t Stop Transmission, What’s The Argument For Them?"
A: "Covid" Vaxxes Increase Risk Of Death

Biden: The Accelerating "Global Warming/Climate Change" Crisis, So Who's Doing The Accelerating Of Another Elite Fake Crisis? Ask The Folks In Maui
The Firebombing Of Maui
Desperate And Deeply In Debt California Goes After Deep Pockets Of Oil Giants, Blaming Them Over The Globalist's False Claim Of Climate Change, While The State Has Been One Of The Biggest Consumers Of Oil And Gas For The Past 50 Years, Blaming The Oil Companies For Droughts, And Forest Fires On Land Under The State's Control
California State Water Board Drains Reservoirs Into The Ocean Causing Drought
Video: 5 Minutes, So What Happened On 9/11?

China-Syria Launch Strategic Partnership, Xi Stated, “Faced With An International Situation Full Of Instability And Uncertainty, China Is Willing To Continue To Work Together With Syria, Firmly Support Each Other, Promote Friendly Cooperation, And Jointly Defend International Fairness And Justice” 
U.S. Project To Split Up Syria Is Entering New Phase
Biblical Prophecy: Damascus Syria A Heap Of Ruins
Syrian Tribal Chief Renews Call To Arms Against US Proxies
US Loss In Ukraine, Time To Move Onto To China?
Video: Update, 22 Sept EU Ursala Russia Dropped Nukes On Japan In WW2, Zelensky Speaks To Zelensky At UNGA, Looney Tunes In Congress, US Senator McConnell, Ukraine Money To Deter China, Ukraine Zaluzhny Scapegoat For Failure
Americans Are In The Midst Of An Existential War, Yet Most Are Completely Unaware
Zelensky's Failed Money Begging Tour, End Of The Line For The Gravy Train?
World's 7th Largest Economy, 4th Most Populous Nation Moves Away From US Dollar, Trade In Local Currencies
SCO To Speed Up Its Development
Assad Visit: Strengthening Syria-China Ties
Video: The Reality Of Ukraine Defeat, Political Corruption Theater
Governor Officially Declares Invasion Of The State Of Texas
Biden's Trojan Horse Army At The Gate
Video: Why The US Is Being Invaded, Led By Biden Administration
Text/Video: US Labels Satirical RT Video A National Security Threat
Video: Update, 20 September, US Citizen Gonzalo Ukrainian Hostage To Biden Agenda, Zelensky UN Panic, Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict, Milley Announces Ukraine Winter Offensive Plans ... Armored Wheelchair And Slingshot Brigades Being Formed? Zelensky-Duda Bromance Ends, Clownworld US In A Panic With Huawei Advanced Smartphones
Text/Videos: SITREP 9/20/23: Friction And Turmoil
Zionist Israel's UN Ambassador Tossed Out Of Iranian President's GA Speech, Maybe He's Not Aware That His Zionist Government Continues To Routinely Murder Unarmed Palestinians Including Children
Sixth Palestinian Killed By Zionist Troops In 24 Hours
Saudi FM: Only Solution To Arab-Israeli Conflict Is Independent Palestine 
The Idea Of A Palestinian State Hounds Zionists
Video: US Military No Moral Compass, Vintage Stupidity
Canada, India Expel Each Others Diplomats Over Trudeau's Accusations
And We Wonder Why US Is Falling Behind Russia And China, The Future Is Bleak As US Education System More Concerned With Gender And Drag Queens Than Sciences, Math And Engineering
Video: China Technology Advances Leaving US In The Rear View Mirror
80 To 90% Of Ukraine's Military From Last Fall Are Gone
Europe's Dictatorial Censorship On Everyone, Time To Move To China :-)
The Tortoise Of Truth Shows Up About Missile Strike In Kostiantynivka, Ukraine, While The Hare Of Lies Has Left The Building
Russia Spends 1/17th The Amount The US Does On Defense, Why Does US Keep Losing?
Syria's President Headed For Official Visit To China
Unrest Grows In US Occupied Syria, Fuel Price Hikes 300%
As Pope Joins With Globalists Clinton In NYC, Is This Any Surprise?
Amazing The Number Of Political And Media Idiots Who Piled On Musk For Not Wanting To Possibly Precipitate A Nuclear WW3 Via Starlink Hook-up For Ukraine Attack On Russia In Which These Same Politicians And Media Pundits, Not To Mention Possibly 100 Million Or More Americans Would Be Toasted To A Crisp, But Be Patient, America, It Will Be Here Soon Enough According To The Biblical Prophecies

Learn Wisdom Not Folly     

Pfizer Executive Has No Definitive Answer As To Why Their "Covid" Vaxxes Cause Mycarditis And Pericarditis That Kill People, Of Course, That Didn't Stop Them From Releasing It Into the Public For Profit, Or Pull It Off The Market
Worldwide Turbo Cancers In New Moms
Swiss Study: "Covid" Vax Heart Injury 20X More Common
From The "Bend Over And Grab Your Ankles" Dept: Fauci, "She's Going To Be A Good Fit"
State Of Antichristian US In A Nutshell: Man Arrested For Reading From Bible In Public
Chalk One Up For AI: Terror Alarm "Jesus Christ Is LORD" As Being Antisemitic, Maybe AI Needs To Read The Bible, Christ Was Jewish In The Flesh, The Son Of David, Mat. 1:1, Duh 
The "Covid-19" Vax Spike Protein And Death From Suspected Myocarditis
NIH 2014, HIV/AIDS And Spike Proteins That Can Evade Immune System Attack
"Covid" Vaxxes: Mandates Or Informed Consent?
The Dirty Dozen Out To Get You
22 Memes And More
"Covid" Vaxxes Increase Risk Of Serious Cardiac Events 18 Fold
More Early Childhood Vaxxes, Higher Infant Mortality Rate
"The Death Jab Continues To Visit Harm"
Video: "Covid" Vaxxes Keep On Giving ... New Data Shows Disabilities, Injuries And Deaths Continue To Skyrocket
Facebook: “We Are Facing Continued Pressure From External Stakeholders, Including The White House” To “Remove More Covid-19 Vaccine Discouraging Content”
The Perfect Example Of Why NOT To Trust The Government With Your Health ... They Lie
Fauci Lied, And Here's Some Of The Evidence
Big Pharma Gravy Train, CDC Sales Pitch, Same Old Tune: Annual "Covid" Shots For The Herd, But Weren't All The Previous Shots Supposed To Provide Immunity? If Not, Why Would We Take Their Word That Another One Will Work? Or Were They Lies Causing People To Die?
Constitution Or Corporate Law? Mass Liability Cases Busting Smart Meters, Vax Mandates, Green Power, Digital Banking Next?
Readin', Writin' And Ideology: Killing The US Future From Within

Friday Funnies
New Study: Costs More To Charge Electric Vehicle Than Fill Up With Fuel
The Latest Anal Mental Disorder: The Sky Is Falling Climate Change a la "Covid" Fearmongering, Time To Ditch The "Experts" And Use Some Common Sense
Sunday Comics 
US Sec State Blinken And WW3: Nuclear War Not Worse Than Climate Change ... Really? All Out Nuclear War Is "Global Warming" On Steroids, Could Cause Nuclear Winter, Kill Everyone Including Blinken, Does He Really Believe The Climate Will Kill Him? Maybe Tony Doesn't Realize the Temperature Of A Nuclear Bomb Explosion Is 6000 C To 300,000 C Depending On The Distance From The Explosion, And Up To 100 Million C At the Point Of Detonation, Lest We Forget, The Fearmongering Climate Hoaxer Al Gore Said The North Pole Was Supposed To Have Melted Away By 2013 Due To Man-Made Causes, A Decade Later It's Still Here, And It's Still Cold
From The "Where Was Tony In December?" Dept: Washington DC, December 2022, The Average Temperature Of 34.6 Degrees Was 2.9 Degrees Colder Than The Most-Recent 30-Year Normal, 30 Year Average Is The Time Period Used To Determine An Area's Climate, By This Standard, Getting Colder
Hey, Tony, Lancet Study Finds 9 Times More Deaths Every Year From From Freezing Than Heat, How Is This Possible? 
Nuclear War Or Global Warming, Take Your Pick: Why Do They Not Tell Us This In December, January, February But Only In Summer? BTW, The Percentage Of The US To Hit 100F This Year Is 18%, A Record LOW Compared To 1936, One Of the Dust Bowl Years, When 79% Got That Hot, Five Hottest July 25ths In The US Were 1934, 1901, 1940, 1936 And 1952, Maybe We're In A Cooling Trend, Tony, Given Western US Last Winter's Record Snowfall 

Video: Update 2, Aug 5 Drone Strike On Russian Oil Tanker Headed For Syria, F16 Language Problem, Russian Economy Biggest In Europe, Moved Up To 5th In World After All West's Sanctions, Clownworlds 12 Dwarfs, Security Guarantees To Zelensky, Captured Swedish Tank, Metal Bikini Model
Bizarro World: The Insanity Level Of The Lies Keeps Rising In The Infected Herd
From The "An Empty Wagon Rattles The Loudest" Dept: Another Ukraine Armchair Quarterback Spouting Ignorance
Video: Update, 5 Aug Black Sea Drone, More Ukraine Fantasy Projection, Blinken Re-Branding, CIAmazonPost Claims Niger Wants US Help In A Letter With All The Usual Western "Democracy" Buzzwords And Platitudes, EU Media Hypocrisy, Clownworld Hunter Millions, No Taxes, Russia Running Out Of Ammo, N. Korea To The Rescue, Annalena "360" Baerbock Satire Or Actual Quotes?
US Wants To Escalate In Persion Gulf ... Armed Troops On Commercial Ships, Tankers As US Continues To Steal Iranian Oil
Video: Update, 4 August Biden Blames Zelensky For Failures, US Getting Ready To Leave Or Zelelnky Getting Set Up a la Hoffa? Poll Claims 31% Lo-IQ Americans With Death Wish Say Yes To US Troops In Ukraine, Latest Excuse For Faillure, Weeds Make It Difficult For Ukrainian German Tanks To Maneuver, US Hypocritical Whinerbaby Sanctions For N. Korea If Send Weapons To Russia, Saudi "Peace" Summit Crashes, Slap In US Face, Clownworld Ghosts Of Bakmut
Video/Text: Russia-Syria Train For Joint Night Ops
The Long And Winding Road: Now Leaving US Hegemon, Welcome To Global Majorityland
Imperial French Hypocrisy: Not About "Restoring Democracy" In Niger, It's About Keeping The Flow Of Uranium And Other Natural Resources Heading To France Unimpeded
Colonialism And Sanctions, The Final Rebellion: Africa Moves Away From West And The Natural Resource Coup
Military Coup In Zionist Israel?
On The Road To Damascus: US Still Wielding Its Hegeonic Stick With Saudi Arabia, UAE Regarding Syria, US Lawmakers Threaten All Others ... With What, A Democratic Vote On It?
"Our Way Or The Highway" US Continues To Interfere With Soverign Middle East Nations, And They Wonder Why Africa, South America, Asian Countries Are Moving To BRICS And SCO 
Iran Inks Defense Pact With Belarus
World Experiencing Major Shifts Away From The US
Russia Has Grain Export Record
Video: Update, 1 August Lira Release, Zelensky Plan E, Drone Attacks, Biden, Burisma The Brand, Russia e-Visa
Video: If US Runs Out Of Cluster Bombs, Then Tactical Nukes? Zelensky Spin Math, Lose 47,000 Troops And Hundreds Of Armed Vehicles, Etc ., In 2 Months Of A Failed Counteroffensive, But A Drone Attack That Damages An Office Building In Russia Means Ukraine Is Getting Stronger?
After Massive Counteroffensive Failures, Redundancy Plan Made Public Must Keep Him Awake At Night ... If Zelensky Is Killed
Argentina Will Repay 63% Of Its $2.7 Billion IMF Loan Debt In Chinese Yuan
Now It's Okay To Believe In Flying Saucers
Ukraine M.O.: After Attacking Civilians In Donbass For 8 Years, Drone Strikes On Office Buildings, Why Not Civilian Ships?
Netherlands Event: EU And NATO Leadership Are Military Inclined, Leading To A Nuclear War
Palmyra Syria, Plunder And Rising Up Again, While US Continues To Stockpile For War
Western Political Elite's Sacrificial Lambs Of Ukraine
Video: Update, 31 July West's Rules Based Order, French Prepare Strike On Niger To Keep Uranium Supply To France, That's OK, Unlike Russia With Ukraine, EU Sanctions, Ready To Seize Russian Assets, UK Destroys Their Challenger Tanks So Won't Be Burning In Ukraine As Photo Op, Clownworlds, Blinken's Ideology, Climate Threat To Humanity, Japan Billboard Stop War, Stop Zelensky
For The WH "We Think It, Therefore It Is," More Cowbell Team, It's Gilligan's Island Meets 1984
A Conversation With An AI Computer, ChatGPT, And The Lies AI Will Tell To Protect US Government Agenda
"Peace, Peace, And There Is No Peace," Does He Really Think We Believe His Lies? Blinken's Anti-China Agenda
Video: Update, 30 July Moscow Drone, Ukraine "Peace" Talks, Russia Not Invited, N. Korea Missiles, Olympic Fencing Rules Changed For Ukraine Sore Winner, Time To Ditch Corrupt Western Institutions, Italy's Meloni WH Visit, Clownword Biden Recognizes Grandchild, Needs The Votes
Founder And CEO Of Stratfor, The ‘Shadow CIA’ Firm, "Ukraine Most Blantant Coup In History"
Zionist Israel's Secular Vs. "Religious" Law ... Civil War
The Hamas "Pay The Price" Strategy In The West Bank
US And EU Seizing Of Russian Forex Assets Pushing Africa To BRICS

Learn Wisdom Not Folly    

Some Low IQ Operators Want To Make Mask Mandates Permanent, Or How The Pseudo-Science Works, Trust Us, And By No Means Think
Secret "Covid" Bio-Lab Discovered In Fresno County, California
Report: 1 In 35 Suffer Heart Damage From Moderna Vax
2 Cardiac Arrests On One College Basketball Team In One Year, Drs. Baffled Once Again
Analysis Of Their Conspiracy: Depopulation And Official US Policy
PCR Process Not Faulty, According To Its Nobel Prize Winning Inventor, Not Designed To Detect Infectiousness, Created False Positives, Falsely Used As A Tool To Implement Largest Mass Murder In History, Do We Get It Yet?
Academia Grifters Have Taken Over The Medical Grant System
More Evidence Vaxxes Cause Autism
Biden Creates New Permanent Office Of Pandemic Preparedness ... What Are They Planning?
MERS Case In UAE, WHO Monitoring
WHO Told Governments To Code Deaths As "Covid" Even When "Covid" Not Present, And Now The WHO Wants To Control All The Governments, It's The "Covid" Vaxxes That Are Killing Us, Do We Get It Yet?
Sodomorrah: While Biden & Co. Push Transgenderism, Sex Change Surgery For Kids, Putin Signs Law Banning Gender Change
After Vaxxes, Hematological (Blood-Related) Claims Up 522% Above Trend In 2022
FDA Approves New Anthrax Vax, "One Only Can Expect Problems"
Canada's Medical Ghouls: Won't Do Kidney Transplant On Unvaxxed, But Asked To Harvest His Organs While Still Alive
Antibiotics And Increased Risk Of Kidney Stones ... Beware Cipro
Sunday Comics

From The "Turn On The Natural Gas Heaters" Dept: Lancet Study Finds 9 Times More Deaths Every Year From From Freezing Than Heat, How Is This Possible?
The Earth Is Boiling! Why Do They Not Tell Us This In January, February But Only In Summer? BTW, The Percentage Of The US To Hit 100F This Year Is 18%, A Record Low, Compared To 1936, One Of the Dust Bowl Years, When 79% Got That Hot, Five Hottest July 25ths In The US Were 1934, 1901, 1940, 1936 And 1952, Maybe We're In A Cooling Trend Given Western US Last Winter's Record Snowfall
Guess Joe Doesn't Get Out Much, Cooling Off At The Beach And All
US Supreme Court Reinstates 303 Mile Natural Gas Pipeline ... For US Citizens Or For Sale At Higher Prices To Foreign Countries?
A Rose Is A Rose: Fearmongering Both "Covid" And Climate
From The "This Tells Us Everything We Need To Know" Dept: Same Old Shenanigans With "Global Warming-Climate Change" Lies As With "Covid" Lies, Censor Anti-Agenda Narrative Scientists
8 Facts That Debunk The Human Caused Global Warming-Climate Change Hoax, Like "Covid," Hoaxsters Move The Goal Posts To Suit Their Agenda, Keep In Mind, Climate Is The Long Term Weather Pattern In A General Area, Like A Desert, A Rain Forest, Tropics, Etc., For Example, According To NOAA, Atlantic Basin Hurricanes Have Not Increased In Number Or Intensity Over The Past 30 Years, According To Records For Florida, From 1900 To 1930 Florida Had 25 Hurricanes, In The Past 30 Years, Florida Has Had 20 Hurricanes
No, We Didn't Have The Hottest Week In The Past 100,000 Years, And Statistically Speaking, The Average Person Has One Breast, And One Testicle, Trans Or Not

Video: Update, 29 July, NATO Plan B, Russia-Africa Success, West In Denial, Russia Free Grain, $23 Billion Loan Forgiveness, Ursala Globalist Peace Prize
Russia Hosts African "Multipolar World" Summit In St. Petersburg, Representatives From 49 Of The 54 African Nations, US CBS News Says "Summit Draws A Small Crowd," Yeah, Like 90% Of Africa
Video: Russia's Battlefield Pantsir Air Defense System
Hungarian NATO Member: No Better Time For Ukraine Negotiations
Putin To West About Ukraine: Ball's In Your Court 
Video: More Tooth Fairy Talk From Blinken, Leaves Zelensky Holding The Bag
And The Hypocrites Said It With A Straight Face: US Warns Russia Of "Irresponsible Behavior" In Syria While US Is Illegally Occupying Part Of Syria While Stealing Syrian Oil, Sort Of Like A Thief In Your House Complaining You Are Irresponsible For Calling The Cops
Senate Confirms US No Longer A Sovereign Nation
Challenging The Western Lies About Russia And War In Ukraine
US Sends More F-35 Miltary Jets To Middle East In Prep For War With Syria, Iran, Russia As If Middle East Is A US Colony
Video/Text: Iranian TV Open Discussion Of Ukraine And Russia
Russia Ends Ukraine's Access To Black Sea
Video: Update, 27 July NYT, The Really Big Ukraine Counteroffensive May Be Underway, Ukraine Lost 22 Tanks In One Day, CIAmazonPost, Not The Real Offensive, Zelensky's Democracy, Extend Martial Law, Delay Elections, Failed Nuland's Promotion, UK Banksters Caught, Russia Destroys Ukraine Airfields
US Congressional UFO Hearing: Why Are The "Aliens" Labelled As A Threat To National Security? Seems As If They Had Wanted To Act In This Manner, They Would Have Done So
Putin Defends Grain Deal Decision, Blasts Corrupt Rich Nations Typical Greediness, Failure To Live Up To Its Agreement, No Wonder African Nations Moving Away From West
Africa Strategic Partner Of Global South, Neo-Colonialism Out The Door, A United Africa Can Defeat The US Dollar
Niger Soldiers Overthrow Colonial Western Allied Government
US-Russia Escalation In Syria
Another Really Bad Day For Ukraine Military
A Rose Is A Rose: Ukraine Another "Victory" After Afghanistan And Vietnam?
Real Or Promulgated? Non-Human Biological UFO Pilots
Video: Update, Moscow Metro Station, Where's All The Graffiti Like NY? Biden Lawyer Clownworld, Biden-Ukraine Corruption, Russia 2% GDP Growth, Stupid EU Sanctions, Clownworld WH Commander-in-Teeth
Meet Dean Doublethink, Biden-Blinken U, Ivory Tower Chairman Department Of Historical Fiction
The Zionist Dean Of Propaganda
Height Of Deceit Propaganda: British Tabloid Palms Off Ukrainian German Leopard 2A6 Tank With Nazi Markings As A Russian Tank Getting Hit By A Russian Lancet, Looks Like Zelensky's Post-Production TV Team Has Been Busy Editing
Video: Biden, Ukraine "Everything's Coming Up Roses"
If Ukraine Survives As A Viable Nation State, Who Can Provide Security Guarantees? 
Mexican Drug Cartels Have Taken Control Of US Southwest Border, Why Is Biden Spending Billions Of US Taxpayer Dollars To Protect Ukraine's Border Rather Than The US Border? Do You Get It Yet?
Video: Update, 25 July Italy's PM Bizarre Speech, Hungary Leave EU? Russia Hits Reni Grain Port, No ATACMS, But Didn't Biden Say Russia Already Lost The War? Putin To Send Russian Food Direct To Countries, Russia To Open Embassy In Every African Nation, Archer's H. Biden Congressional Testimony, Clownworld Boeing Aircraft Flying Russian Summer Tourists To Other Countries, But Germans Can't Afford To Travel
US The Meddling Bully Of The Middle East
Syria: Russian Jet Damages Illegal Occupier's US Plane
Iran Unveils New Naval Cruise Missile
Moscow Won The Black Sea War, Now It's Beijing And The South China Sea
Update: The War In America
Video: CIA & WH Lies And Deceit About Ukraine, Russia And Other Such Nonsense
SITREP 25 July: Russia Strikes Ukraine On Border With Romania
Video: Russia's Jumping Mine
Biden And Blinken Putting The Shine On The Ukrainian Turd
Video: Update, 25 July Offensive Breakthrough, Zelensky's Excuse, Reason For Failure, Blames Training, Lack Of Western Equipment, So When Will He Ask For Nukes To Win? Stupid Mercenaries, Spain Elections, Clownworld Emotional Support Stripper
The US Is In A Mess Of Its Own Making, And Those In Charge, Based On Their Track Record, Have No Clue How To Fix It Except Full Speed Ahead To Destruction
While US Has Gutted Its Domestic Industrial Base, Russian Industry Turning Out More Military Arms And Munitions In One Month Than In All Of 2022
China Pivots Away From US Market
WH Confirms Biden's Plan To Undermine US National Security With Millions Of Illegal Aliens Is Working
Biden's Cartel Bridge To America For Illegal Aliens To Cross
BRICS Summit Preview: Getting The Non-US Dollar Payment System Rolling
AI: Heed The Warning Of Musk And Others, It's Not Just Hollywood
Our Culture Of Lies
Video: Biden Mixes Up Russia With Ukraine, Russia Already Lost That War, If Russia Already Lost The War, Why Ukraine Need F-16s, So No More Billions To Ukraine?
Meanhile In The WH, "A Serious Mental Disorder In Which People Interpret Reality Abnormally" Or Just Another Dose Of Lies?
Is Zionist Israel's Foreign Policy Influenced By A Gene?
Permanent War: Despite Lawless Intent, Congress Cannot Make Any Law That Supercedes The US Constitution
Biden And Collective West's Blind Ideology Mindset, "We Think It, Therefore It Is," Towards Russia, China And The Rest Of The World, Will Not End Well For The Western Nations
Russia Destroys 15 Leopard Tanks, 20 Bradleys And Large Number Of Mercenaries ... In 24 Hours
Report: Iranian Military Unit Planning Attack In Syria Against US, Zionist Israel
Video: Update, 23 July Biden, AI, Medvedev Green Day Biden, Grain Deal Ukraine Arms, Mercenaires, EU Profited From Grain Deal, Zelensky Wants NATO In Black Sea, Orban EU Countries Economies Collapsing, Clownworld Beware, Nuland To South Africa

Learn Wisdom Not Folly  

From The "It Pays To Think, Not Memorize And Repeat" Dept: When It Comes To Vaccine Injuries, Experience Is Not The Best Teacher
Leaked Report: Spike In Myocarditis Cases In US Military After Mandated Vaxxes
Friday Funnies
The Globalists "Covid" Tyranny
Pfizer, Moderna Lawsuit: Biggest Lie "Ever Pulled Was To Convince The World Their Products Don’t Enter The Nucleus, And Alter Chromosomal DNA, Forever"
Fauci Referred To US DOJ For Criminal Prosecution
Injected Vaccine Ingredients Cause Autism
The "Covid" Jabs Still Destructing, Alarming Rise In UK, US Disability
Ukraine Biolab Docs Show US Military Planned To Experiment On African People With Unproven Medical Drugs, Bidens, Clintons
"Covid" Censorship, What Oliver Wendell Holmes Said
RFK, Jr. Vs. JRB, Jr. Lawsuit: "Government May Not Induce, Encourage, Or Promote Private Persons To Accomplish What It Is Constitutionally Forbidden To Accomplish," Collusion To Violate First Amendment Of Free Speech
Lineolic Acid Most Destructive Ingredient In Our Diets
"Covid" Vaxxes Are More Dangerous Than Any Vaccine In History, Yet CDC Baffled
Video Ed Dowd: "Covid Vax," ‘They Can't Run From This Data," The Silent, Ignored Ongoing Pandemic, Shocking Numbers That Ripple Through Society, Fauci And Eco Health Alliance Spike Protein Destruction Into The Future, Injury, Disability And Death
Text/Video: 2016, Spike Proteins, Corona Virus, Daszak, Eco Health Alliance
VAERS Data: "Covid" Vaxxes Disaster For Pregnant Women
ICAN Gets Critical Moderna "Covid-19" Vax Lot Info
Study Shows "Covid" Vax Damage In Newborns
Sunday Comics
Chink In The Fauci Armor: "NIH Officials Terms Expired in December 2021. As A Result, 14 NIH Officials Held Unlawful Positions And Exercised Authority They Didn’t Have"
"The United States Aims To Develop A Universal Genetically Engineered Biological Weapon Capable Of Infecting Not Only People, But Animals As Well As Agricultural Crops"

Maybe The "Just Stop Oil" Protesters Don't Realize That All The Machinery That Was Used To Make Their, Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Hats, Knickers, Need Oil To Function, So Next Time, Just Show Up Naked, We'll Get Your Point
From The "Putting Their Money Where There Mouth Isn't" Dept: While Pushing Their Green Agenda, The Globalists Are Making Big Profits From Oil And Gas
Text/Video Tour: One Way To Make Big Cities Green, Ghost Town/Downtown San Fran Nearly Every Store Closed 
More Governmental Climate Hoax Corruption
Climate Change Hoax: "Chicken's Revenge?" Kill The Cows To Save The Earth, Then Humans
"Going Green," Climate Change Hoax Is Just Another Form Of Colonial Imperialism, The West Plundered And Polluted To Build Their Industrial Wealth, Now Want To Deny Emerging Countries
Video: Update, 22 July C'mon Man, Josip Borrel Sour Grapes, No More Grain Siphoned Off To EU, Putin Warning To Poland With Ukraine, Belarus, Globalist Aspen Meeting, Kirby, Sullivan Crazy Comments, Erdogan Just Honor Grain Deal EU, Turn On SWIFT, Clownworld Biden Barbie
Video: US Pushback In Syria Over Its Illegal Occupation, Russian Build-up With Iran And Arab States, On Track With Daniel 11 Prophecy   
US Gearing Up For Middle East War, Sends More Warships And Thousands Of Marines
Illegal Occupiers US Steps Up Tensions In Skies Over Syria
Iran Warns US Oil Companies Against Taking Stolen Oil From Tanker Off Texas Coast
Putin Issues Stark Warning To Poland And NATO, We Should Pay Attention To History, Because Russia Certainly Does
A Look At The Map
Map Of Russian Territory About The Time Of The 1803 US Louisiana Purchase, No Ukraine, No Poland, All Russia, While US Still Has Louisiana Purchase Land, What A Difference Two Oceans Make
The Obama, Biden, Nuland, With Assist From Soros 2014 Coup That "F**ked The EU," And Now Threatens The US And The World With WW3
Ukraine War And Disastrous Counteroffensive Fail Disappears From Front Pages Of CIAmazonPost And NYT, But, Hey, What Do You Expect For A Wasted Couple Hundred Billion Dollars?
Algeria Applies For BRICS Membership
Video: Update, 21 July Biden Ukraine $10 Million Corruption, My Dog Is Smarter, Now Or Never For Zelensky, Clownworld Ukrainian Flashers
Nord Stream: Leaked Footage, US Did It
Another Biden Failure Disappears From MSM ... Hundreds Billions Money Pit That Is Ukraine
First Casualty Of War Is The Truth, Ukraine Case In Point, Western Analysts Neglected One Key Point, West Is Weaker By Far Than It Was In 1990s, Not Russia
Text/Videos: Western Dogs Chasing The Progozhin Squirrel
FBI Document Shows Joe Biden Involved In $10 Million Ukraine Bribery Scheme
Video: Surprise! EU/Ukraine, a la Minsk, Has Not Lived Up To Its Side Of The Grain Deal, Really Stupid, Greedy Move, Ukraine Threw Away $6 Billion A Year From Grain Deal, Russian Blockade Of Ukraine Ports, Massive Russian Attack Disables Ukraine Port Facilities, Now Russia Offers Free Grain To Needy Countries
Arrogant West Politician Still Lecturing, Telling Sovereign Nations What They Should Do
More US Rules Based Order: Sanctions 14 Iraqi Banks In Anti-Iran Move
You Burn Our Quran, We Burn Your Embassy
Sodomorrah: Why All The Media Hate About A Movie Exposing Child Sex Trafficking? So Who Is In Favor?
US Escalates As Ukraine Using Cluster Bombs
WH Joins Congress On The UFO/UAP Scene, What's The Government Up To Now?
Kissinger: Invasion From Beyond, Real Or Promulgated, Threatening Our Very Existence ... "All The Peoples Of The World Will Plead To Deliver Them From This Evil," Covid, Global Warming, Now UFO Invasion?
All War Is Deceit
16 Chinese Warships Detected Around China Island, Pot Stirrer US Knickers In A Knot, Time To Get Over It, Crimea Is A Part Of Russia, Taiwan Province Is Chinese Territory, Otherwise Govenment In Taipei Could Not Claim To Be The Representative Government Of All China
Elite's US Coup Created Another Failed State: Ukraine's Unrelenting Demographic Collapse
Video: Update, 19 July, Putin Not Attending BRICS Summit, Clueless EU Leadership, Latin America Refuses To Condemn Russia, Imperial West Still After Their Natural Resources, Free Grain
AI Is Programmed To Be Woke, No Longer Any Need To Read, Write Or Think, Must Be Why META Labelled It Stupid, As In Making People Stupid, Incumbent Upon Us To, As Einstein Said, Never Lose A Holy Curiosity
Fly To The Spider: Then Why Isn't It Called Artificial Stupidity?
Seems To Make Sense, Human Stupidity Is Leading To Extinction, Man-Made Pandemics, Nuclear Weapons, So Why Not AI?
War Is Good For Profits, Endless Wars Are Billionaire Gravy Trains
Macron, French Parliament Doubles Down On Mass Surveillance
Russia Issues Maritime Black Sea Warning: ALL Ships Headed For Ukrainian Ports Will Be Considered Potential Weapons Cargo Carrier, Flag States Will Be Treated As Parties To Ukraine In The SMO
Massive Russia Missile Attack On Odessa, Black Sea Port Military Facilities
US Military Recruitment Deficit, How About Citizenship In Exchange For Military Service By Illegal Aliens?
Greek Tanker With 800,000 Barrels Of Stolen Iranian Oil Sits Off Texas Coast
Video: Update, 19 July West Whinerbabies Throwing Hissy Fit Over Grain Deal, Of Course, Most Of That Grain Was Diverted To Europe Not Poor African Nations, Attack On Kerch Bridge Slammed Door Shut, US Says Won't Fight Russia, All The While Raising The Stakes In Syria With Russia, Clownworld US Military .Mil Emails Sent To Mali
Why Is The US/NATO Obsessed With Ukraine?
Video: NATO Summit Failure And Biden Escalation
US Getting Ready For War In Syria: More Fighter Jets, HIMARS
Russian Jets Challenge Illegal US Presence Over Syria
No Surprise: US Escalates Potential For Conflict With Russia, Iran In Syria, Playing The Self-Appointed Policeman In Other Nations
Damascus A Heap Of Ruins
Fear And Self-Interest As Seen From The Mountain Top
Kerch Bridge, SMO Update, Lancet Drones
Is Russia Pro-Globalist?
Another Agreement The West Has Corrupted: Grain Ships Now On Their Own
US Modern Maoism Training
Video: Update, 17 July Crimea Bridge-Grain Deal, Command Centers, Clownworld Annalena, Not 11 EU Sanctions, Weak People Always Find Someone To Blame For Their Woes, Yellen's Mushrooms
Here Come The UFO-UAPs, US Congress, A Distraction From The "Covid" Vax Tsunami?
More Ukraine Sabotage, Hits Crimea Bridge
Russia Establishes Forward Military Headquarters In Mexico With 10,000 Troops, Oops, No Wait, That Was The US In Poland
Video: Update 2, 16 July Cluster Bombs, Zelensky Delusion, Pence, That's Not My Concern, Trump Cease And Desist
Text/Video: The Liars Liar, "Not Saying The Guy Is Full Of, But If You Gave Him A Laxative, He'd Disappear"   2 Ths. 2:9-12
Russia And Iran Working On Behalf Of Syria's Democratically Elected Government To Oust Illegal US Occupiers
Iraq Did Not Inform The US "Rules Based Order" Of Its Oil For Gas Deal With Iran
India-UAE Ditch Dollar For Trade
Video: Update, 16 July Ukraine Offensive Stalled, Wonder Work Weapons Have Failed, Graham, Conflict Good For the US, Ukraine F-16 Delay, US Sent To Middle East, Ukraine Rampant Military Conscript Corruption, Modi-Macron Peace Deal, US Military Considers Response In Syria, Clownworlds "Jewish" Zelensky Cancels Orthodox Christmas, Zelensky Next To Be Cancelled?
While Western Elites Were Giddy With The Prigozhin Mutiny, Where Russians Would Fight Russians And Putin Would Go Into Hiding, Turns Out The French Are Fighting The French While Macron Ducked Out

Learn Wisdom Not Folly  

Florida County Declares "Covid" mRNA Vax A Bioweapon
Friday Funnies
Cognitive Impairment In Adults, And "Covid" Vaxxes
The WHO Is A Clear And Present Danger
Text/Video: "Covid" Killer Vax And Worldwide Depopulation Agenda
Government Banned Nobel Prize Winning Ivermectin, Why Not Atrazine? Well, One Can Save Lives, The Other Destroys Them, Do We Get It Yet?
Western Government's "Covid" Warfare
Peru Guillain-Barre Syndrome National Emergency With Possible Link To "Covid" Vax
Guillain-Barre Syndrome Caused By "Covid" mRNA Vaxxes
Sunday Comics
UN Plan For "Global Shocks"

Science Nobel Laureate: NO CLIMATE CRISIS, CO2 Essential For Plant And Human Life
No Human Being Can Control The Weather, i.e., Climate, US Sec Transportation
Illinois Town Bans Gas In New Buildings ... Imagine All Those Folks Who Ate Beans And Can't Go Back To Work After Lunch :-)
Food, "Climate Change," And The Magnetic Pole Shift
Climate Change Freudian Slip? Population Reduction, Just Like "Covid's" Depopulation Agenda
Expensive Electric Cars Out Of Reach For Americans In The Current Economy
Not That This Reeks Of Grandiose Hypocrisy, But Why Are The Ones Pushing The "Climate" Hoax Agenda The Biggest Violators? Because They Know It's A Political Hoax, PS, Now Consider The Number Of Aircraft Required To Transport This Stuff All Over The Planet, Forget The Expensive And Environmentally Unfriendly Luxury Junkets, Stay Home And Zoom If The Climate Issue Truly Is Real, Otherwise, Your Actions Show It To Be Another Elite Political Scam
Spanish Climate Minister Hypocrisy: Private Jet, Limousine, Security Cars, Then Rides Last Hundred Meters On A Bike On The Way To A Climate Conference, The Message Seems To Be It Takes A Lot Of Pollution To Create "Green" Energy
Going Green, Anyone? Japanese Food Fallout Over Plan To Dump Fukushima Nuclear Waste In Pacific Ocean, So Where Are The Greenies?
No, We Didn't Have The Hottest Week In The Past 100,000 Years
"Hottest Day Ever!" Only In The Minds Of The "Global Warming-Climate Change" Hypocritical Elites, And Garbage In, Garbage Out Computer Models
From The "Drink More Water, Minimize Oxalate Intake" Dept" Did You Know That "Climate Change" Is The Cause Of All Our Ills, Responsible For Kidney Stone Increase, Again Notice All The "Increased Heat" Related Stories Come Out In Summer, Next Winter, Like Last Winter, When We Have Record Snowfalls, Nada
Flagstaff Arizona Record Snowfall ... 2022-2023
Flagstaff's Record, Nearly Double For Historical Yearly Average, 13.6 Feet/4+ Meters, 2022-023 Year Of "Global Warming-Climate Change"

From The "Biting The Horse's Heels" Dept: John Kirby Defends Woke Military, Says Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion ‘Important’ ... In Order To Destroy The US
From The "Method To Their Madness" Dept: So Then, Who Does That Leave? Oh, Remember Those Millions Of Illegal Military Age Single Male Aliens Biden Let In, And Otherwise Are Unemployable? 
Do We Get It Yet?
Escalation: NATO Looks To Open Office In Middle East's Jordan
Escalation: US Sends F-16s To Persian Gulf To Prevent Iran From Seizing Stolen Oil From Iran
Escalation: US Sends Two Proxy Militia Reinforcements To Illegally Occupied Oil Fields In Syria
Damascus Looking Eastward
Zionist Israel Continues To Escalate Attacks On Palestinians, Constructing Conditions For Ultimate War in Middle East
Video: Grain Deal, Ukraine Incapable Of Upholding Agreements, Doesn't Portend Well For Any Future Negotiations, EU Can't Be Trusted Either, Just Like Minsk
Video: Update, July 14 The Cocaine Ghost Of The WH, Pandora's Box a la Vietnam Or Distraction? Biden's Boots On The Ground As He Escalates War, Putin Western Tanks Burn More Than Russian Tanks, Grain Deal, Hersh, Erdogan Offered IMF Cash, Clownworlds A Cup Of Coffee, Germans To Ukrainians Just Drive Around The Minefields, Whose Cocaine?
China Vs. US: Every Picture Tells A Story
Thieves Crying Thief ... All Governments Spy
Biden WH Ramps Up Warpath With Russia, That Would Be The Nuclear Warpath
What's Next? Illegal Alien Men Serving In US Military?
Video: Ukraine Has Been The West's Fool On Their Errand
SCO Member, Iran President Wraps Up African Tour
Video: Vilnius NATO Summit Day 2, Clownworlds Galore
China And Rare Earth Minerals: Going Green Means Moving Away From Modern Technology Due To Its Extremely Non-Green Processing, And The Claim The US Is #1 Is A Myth On So Many Levels
Video/Text: Is Biden On Track To Start WW3? US A Veritable Freak Show Currently
Hezbollah At The Gates
Video: Update, 12 July NATO Summit Smackdown, Sweden Leaves Zelensky Out In The Cold, 26,000 Ukraine Forces Killed One Month Of Counteroffensive, Clownworlds Spanish Climate Minister, Kissinger And Nord Stream
Zelensky's NATO Summit, Every Picture Tells A Story: Worth A 1000 Words
NATO Costume Party :-)
As The Noose Tightens: Will US Survive To The November 2024 Elections?
Hunter Role In Funding Bio-Weapons Labs
Ukraine NATO Membership: US, Germany Choose Long Term Simmer Over Short Term Boil With Russia, While UK And France Crank Up The Heat ... Chunnel For Nord Stream?
China Sees An Eroding US As Weaker On The International Stage, No Longer Able To Maintain Its Rules Based Order
Opening The Pacific: Solomon Islands-China Open Embassies
China Two Stern Warnings To NATO
With Security This Lax, Maybe Next Time It Will Be A Bomb?
Video: Update, 11 July Biden Administration Doesn't Want Independent Auditor Of Billions Sent To Ukraine, Gold Exiting West, Putin 3 Hour Meeting With Prigozhin And Commanders, Putin Giving Them His Take On Things, Clownworlds Biden In UK, German Woke Military Logic, A Rose Is A Tank
Video: US's Ukraine Mess Gets Messier With Cluster Bombs
Western Governments War Against Reality: Believing Their Own Lies, Covering Up Their Evil Lawlessness On The Way To Nuclear Wipe Out
Gold Rush: Stupid Western Politician's Decisions, Countries Repatriating Gold Reserves ... Perfect Timing For The Arrival Of Gold-Backed Currency
The Arrogant Hegemon: Illegal Occupier And Oil Thief US Still Complaining About Invited Guest Of the Syrian Government, Russian AF, Getting Too Close To US Drones That Are Illegally In Syria
Russia Mass Producing Hypersonic Missiles
Middle East Strike-Slip State Tectonics: Saudi Arabia Tells US No Normalization With Zionist Israel, Yes With Syria
Nazi Alliance Treaty Organization, Latvian Government Fines Citizens For Celebrating Soviet Victory Over Nazi Germany
Video: Update, 10 July Yellen And BRICS+ Currency, Plan B Kerch Bridge, Beware Of Erdogan Bearing Gifts, Clownworlds Miss-ter Netherlands, Biden At Beach, NAFO Conference
SITREP 10 July: Ukraine
US Treasury Sec's Arrogance And Hypocrisy Fails In China, Still Stuck In The US Unipolar Hegemon Mentality
Nuclear WW3: And Don't Forget, Joe, That Red Button In Your Briefcase Is Not Your Garage Door Opener
CELAC-EU Summit: Problems For EU
Biden's Trojan Horse Army
The Yellow BRICS Road: When It Comes To The SCO And BRICS, Follow The Gold-Backed Money
Will Biden's Ukraine Cluster Bomb Policy End Up Being A Cluster-F*** For Ukraine And The West?
US Cluster Bombs: Principles Of Convenience, Last Year WH Said Their Use A War Crime, This Year, Well, Not So Much
Failed Ukraine Counteroffensive, What Will NATO Do?
US State Of The Union New Address: People Voting With Their Moving Vans

Learn Wisdom Not Folly   

Friday Funnies
The Most Damaging Paper Of The Pandemic: Vaxxes Have Killed Massive Numbers Of People, Gov't Covered Up, 74% Death Post-Vax Due To The "Covid" Vax
The Story Of Pfizer, Inc.
Evidence Of "Covid" Crimes Submitted To Florida Grand Jury
It's About Time We Acknowledge The "Covid" Vaxxes Are Killer Vaxxes, Yet None Of The Elites Are Affected
Deliberate Intent? Fauci's Protocol Exclusions Plausible Cause Of Excess Deaths From "Covid" Vaxxes
Cutting The Head Off The Snake: Can US Congress Cut All Funding To The WHO?
The "Covid" Pandemic: Appears Like Scandalous Incompetence, Profound Stupidity, Astounding Errors, Except It Was Planned To Depopulate, Destroy A Healthy Future
Video: WHO And Weaponized Public Health
Deep State Autism Science: Deny, Deny, Deny
WHO Starts The Climate Fear Campaign a la "Covid" With Predictions Of Famine, But Who Has Been Shutting Down Farms (EU Gov'ts), And Buying Up Farmland? (Elites Like Bill Gates)
From The "Humans Are Using Too Much Water, Eating Too Much Natural Food, Listening To What The Globalist Elites Are Saying" Dept: Bill Gates Gets OK To Sell Fake Lab Chicken In US, Along With His Fake Beef, So Injecting Pigs, And Cows With mRNA Vaxxes, Forcing Us To Gates Fake Meat To Go Along With The Fake Climate Change Agenda, Any Excuse, Real Or Promulgated, To Depopulate The World With These Guys, Remember, We Are What We Eat
Inventor Of Lab Beef Comes To Realize Cows Exist :-)
Quick! Depopulate The Earth! Humans Using Too Much Fresh Water, Earth Is Wobbling, Maybe Too Much Weight With All The Chinese And Indians In One Area? Hmm, How About Hydroponics Then? But Number One Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas, Water Vapor, Has About 37.5 Million Billion Gallons Of Fresh Water
Video: WHO And The Pandemic Treaty
If You Need 16 Or More Expired Self-Administered "Covid" Tests, Then Corrupted Medicare Is What You're Looking For
UFC Fighter More Clued In Than A Politician
Another UFC Fighter Vax Injured, Mother Died After Pfizer Booster
Sunday Comics ... Mostly
HHS, FDA Ivermectin Lawsuit: Horses And Cows Drink Water, So We Should Stop Drinking Water? Logic Of The Absurd
This Bud's For Unemployment

Ponzi's Climate Scheme
From The "How Has The Earth Survived This Long Without The Intervention Of Greedy Billionaires?" Dept: Maybe Bill And George Will Make A Trip To The Sun To Check Out The Feasibility Of Their Plan, Landing At Night, Of Course, When It's Cooler :-)
It's Not About Sound Farming Practices, It's About Elites Control Of People And Food

Text/Video: Netherlands Racked By 10 Years Of Globalist PM's Policies, Immigration, Farms, Resignation, Elections
Major Body Shot To US Dollar: Russia Confirms BRICS+ Nations Will Launch New Joint Gold-Backed Currency, Potential Use By 88% World's Population
Video: Update, 8 July Keep The War Going In Ukraine Until US 2024 Elections, US To Send "Safe" Cluster Bombs To Ukraine, US Low On Munitions, Zelensky Curse, Rutte Resigns, Slovakia, Zelensky Soviet Cars, Germany's FM "Russia Number One Enemy," Has Been Since Nazi Germany, NATO Summit Blah, Blah, Blah, Clownworld FB Copied Twitter, Threads 666 Logo, Censoring And Banning
Text/Videos: Sullivan's Litany Of Lies, Speaks Of A Ukraine Democratically Elected Government, Yet Fails To Mention The 2014 US Coup That Overthrew Ukraine's Democratically Elected Government That Led Us To Where We Are Today, And He Forgot To Mention The 8 Years Of Shelling Unarmed Russian Speaking Ukrainian Civilians In Donbass By This Same Ukrainian Government, US Good, Russia Bad Absurd Hypocrisy
Video: Hindustan Times Reports Russian Military Kills 820 Troops, 21 HIMARS And Drones In One Day, Plus Tanks, Armored Vehicles
Video: The Globalist Shadow World: Endless War, Turning Blood Into Gold
SITREP 6 July: Text/Videos, Zelensky Builds One Last Suicidal Thrust To Appease Masters
US Is A Military Dictatorship Disguised As A "Democracy," But Was Formed As A Republic
When You Get Right Down To It, Biden Is The Perfect Metaphor Of The US, Biden Taking The World Further Down The Path To WW3, In A Losing Endeavor Will Send Illegal Cluster Munitions To Ukraine
Digging The Hole Deeper: US Chip War With China
What To Expect From The NATO Vilnius Summit, Lead By The United States, Which Is Bankrupt, Corrupt, Woken, And "Run By The Geriatric Wing Of An Insane Asylum Called Washington, D.C."
Video: Update, 7 July Spoiled Actor Zelensky Begging For More Money, Weapons, Trashes Bulgaria, Lviv Missile Strike, Foreign Mercenaries, Yellen Beijing Mushrooms, Clownworld, Politico, Lines Snorted, Kiev Kiddy
Sodomorrah: The Institutionalized Depravity That Is America
Birds Of A Feather: Antichristian Bill Clinton, Alex Soros Meet With Pope
Nope To Pope
Remember The Maine Yellow Journalism: Western Propaganda Media Prepping The Herd For Russian ZNPP Attack ... Oh, And WW3
Joint Syria-Russia Control Of Airspace Drills, Aerial And Electronic Warfare
Iran Seizes 900 Metric Tons Of Smuggled Fuel  
Escalation Of Tensions In Iran Gulf Waters As US Warship Acts Like The World's Policeman, Imagine A Russian Warship Policing The Great Lakes
US, Russia, China, Ukraine, The Middle East, Where Are We Headed? A Declining Empire Is A Dangerous Beast
Text/Video: CIA Director Burns’ Disconnect From Reality
Video: Debriefing, Prigozhin in Belarus w/Robert Barnes
Video: US Seeking To Overthrow Another Country, Cambodia In Latest Effort, Facebook, Social Media Platforms "Trojan Horse" Tool Of Western Agenda
US And Globalist Policy Of Never Ending War: End The War In Days If US Stops Sending Weapons And Money To Ukraine As They Have Been Doing To The Tune Of $200 Billion, And Thousands Of Military Hardware, Tanks, Bradleys, HIMARS, On and On It Goes
No Explosive Mines In ZNPP As Zelensky Claimed, Says The IAEA
SITREP, 4 July: Countdown To Zelensky's ZNPP Terror False Flag, US Moves "Nuke Sniffer" Plane To Ukraine, Ukraine Removed Radioactive Waste From Another Plant To Use In Attack On ZNPP
Open Border Immigration: WEF's Trojan Horse Set To Destroy The US, UK And The West From Within, Majority Of The US Southern Border 5 Million Plus Illegal Immigrants Are Single, Military Age Young Men, Do The Math
Russia Has Had Control Over The ZNPP For Nearly A Year And A Half, They Are Destroying The Ukraine Western Backed Military On The Battlefield, Why Would They Blow It Up Now? No Reason To Do So, Cui Bono? Ukraine However Looking For Some Sort Of Event To Justify Continued Money And Hardware From The US, NATO And EU
The Lowest Of Men In Control
France's Macron Lost In A Globalist Haze, No Clue What To Do To Help France, But Maybe That's The Point
Dirty Bomb Attack Articles Already Have Been Written by British Press Blaming Russia
2023 Sodom And Gomorrah Month Gaining In Unpopularity, Pride Goes Before Destruction, But Self-Righrteous Christians Need To Beware
Iran Now Full Member Of The SCO Along With Russia And China, Saudi Arabia In Line
SCO, BRICS, A World Without The Hegemonic US
Like The EU With Ukraine, US Shoots Itself In The Foot With China Chip Production
From The "Empires Fall From The Rot Within" Dept: Biggest Threat To The US Is Not Russia Or China, It's The US, And So Saith The Prophecies
For Verification, Just Scroll Through The Posted Articles
Potpourri: Looks Like You've Had Too Much To Think
Iran To Arm Latest Naval Warship With Hypersonic Missiles, US And Zionist Israel Have No Defense Against Them
Shades Of "Jewish" Zelensky, Zionst Israel Threatens To Blow Up Jenin Mosque With Fighters Inside
Video: US Bungles Relations With China, Sucker EU To Escalate
China MoD Wants Russia-China Military To Reach New Levels
Russia Warns Of US Chemical Provocations In The Middle East, Remember, US One Of The Last Countries Who Still Possess Chemical Weapons
Video: Update, 3 June Dictator Zelensky's Ukraine Sabotage Of ZNPP Is Desperate Attempt To Blame It On Russia, Which Has Controlled The ZNPP For About A Year And A Half, Macron In Over His Head, Bans Social Media, Medvedev Nuclear War Quite Probable, Scholz's Crazy Fake Narrative Of Crimea History, Clownworld Who's In Trouble Now? Kremlin Using The French Riots As Propaganda
Midnight: Yes, Now Is Not The Time To Shed Light On The Deep State And A Former Democrat Presdent
Zelensky's Ukraine Is Like Hitler’s Last “Volkssturm” In The Closing Days Of WW II
The Collective West Is Burning
In Seeking To Destroy Russia, US And Collective Are Destroying Themselves
Typical Bankster M.O.: Provide The Loans For War, Then Provide The Loans For Rebuilding
Exceptional America: Doesn't Everyone Drive 172 MPH On The Way To A Rendezvous With 2 Prostitutes?
"Democracy" Is A 2-Way Street: As LGBTQers Have The Freedom Of Choice To Pick Which Businesses They Patronize, You Can't Force Them Into Your Store To Buy, Business Owners Have The Same Freedom Of Choice In Their Customers, Buttigieg More Concerned About A Web Designer Than Toxic Rail Spill On His Watch, Palestinians Not Doing So Well In Ohio Either, Where's The Evidentiary Findings?
France Continues Burning, Mayor's House Torched, Shuts Down Internet In Certain Neighborhoods, So They Will Move To Different Locations
Video: Update, June 2 Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows, Fragile Macron, France Not His Problem, Poland Trolls France, Wants Nukes, Russia Plenty Of Missiles, Took West A Year And A Half To Figure It Out, Clownworlds UK Sun, Much Ado About Nothing Crazy Interpretation Of Putin's Doodle, Seagal Replace Shoigu, Then Have Him Challenge Zelensky To The Cage, Winner Take All
The Myth Of A "Stalemate" In Ukraine, While West And Ukraine, Losing Badly On The Battlefield, Looking To Create A Nuclear Incident To Blame On Russia
WEF, Klaus And Xi ... "Committed To Improving The State Of The World" ... For The Elite

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

"Covid" Vax Injured Actress In Assisted Suicide
Friday Funnies
Autism Research Scientist At MIT Not Interested That Vaccines Cause Autism
Xi Has Said All Along He Wants To Be The Leader Of The New World Order, Need Anymore Proof?
Wuhan Lab Researcher: "Covid" Corona Virus Developed As A Bioweapon
How Far Has Chinese Funding Of US "Covid" Medical Corruption Reached? 
Tucker Carlson: Rick Levine aka Assistant HHS Secretary, Admiral Rachel Levine, Moved His Mother Out Of A Nursing Home During "Covid" Leaving The Elderly To Die In Nursing Homes Across America
Video: They Knew It Wasn't "Safe And Effective," The "Covid" Scam And Fraud Perpetrated On The US And The World, The Broken System, Arizona Senate Committee, Aaron Siri, ICAN
Besides Ignorance And Foolishness, What’s Making Many Americans Fat, Sick, And Poor
Is There One Honest Government In The Kingdom Of Men?
The Gaslights Burn Brightly In The Homes Of Those Heavily Invested In The Land Of Covid
Where Did It Go: The 2021 Dr. Flu And Mr. Covid Conundrum
Another Well-Known US University Outs Itself
Follow The Science Out The Door To Unemployment
US Health Agencies: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, But We Smell A Rat, At 1% Or Less VAERS Reported Vax Deaths, 3.5 Million Dead
Cherry Picking "Covid" Data To Suit Your Agenda Is Not Science
Madsen Autism Study Deeply Flawed
Sunday Comics
Hasta La Vista, America, Pride Goes Before Destruction
US Sodomy Month, A Multi-Colored Revolution
Sodomorrah: Hollywood Types In Favor Of Child Mutilation
28-Year-Old Professional Basketball Player, Who Previously Blamed "Covid" Vaccine For His Myocarditis, Dies of Heart Attack During Stress Test
42 Year Old Pro-Vax TV Doc Dies Of Heart Attack
30 Year Old Vaxxed Body Builder Dies

Depopulation Is At The Heart Of The Globalists Plan To Cool The Earth By A Few Degrees, Same Depopulation Agenda As With "Covid" Vaxxes
If You Thought The "Climate Change/Global Warming" Agenda Was About The Weather, Think Again, Greedy Land Grab By The Rich Elites
Charles Decrees Only Six Years To Limit "Global Warming," (Did I Get That Right, Al And Klaus?) Then What, Global Cooling?
From The "Weather Did It" Dept: The President Of European Central Bank Claims .04% CO2 In The Atmosphere Causes "Climate Change," Which In Turn Causes Inflation, Not That The Ruinous Policies, Like EU Sanctions And Pouring Tens Of Billions Into The Ukraine Money Pit, Of These Greedy, Power Hungry Globalist Bankers Had Anything To Do With That, BTW, What Caused Inflation Before The Weather? Maybe It Was Those Nefarious Farmers And Their Livestock Who Produce All That CO2? Therefore, Getting Rid Of Farms Will End Inflation?
Sweden Steps Back From Its Plan To Go 100% "Green," But, But, But What About The Alleged "Climate Crisis?"
From The "Leading By Example And Getting Your Own House In Order" Dept: Globalist "France Is Burning" Macron Wants Global Tax To Finance Globalist Climate Scam, Hmm, Wouldn't France Burning Be Adding To "Global Warming?"

A Matryoshka Of Psyops: And Why General Armageddon Is Not Going Anywhere
Western Dominance Quickly Coming To Its End, Its Days Numbered, Destruction Will Soon Arrive
Video: US Double Speak Belligerent Attitude Towards China, Russia, Iran, Violation Of International Law In Preparation For War
Russian National Guard Inks Security Deal With SCO Member Iran
Multi-Nuclear Bomb Zionist Israel Retreats From Threats To Bomb Iran Nuclear Sites
Russia Takes Direct Control Of Wagner In Syria
Video: Update, 1 July EU Justification Of Their Theft, $3 Billion Russian Asset Tax, US CIA's Plan To Win The Ukraine War, Nothing New, Planning Is Not Doing, BRICS Growing Membership, Belarus Failed Coup, Clownworlds Zelensky Celebrates Snake Island Failure, Zelensky More People Want To Kill Putin More Than Me, Zelensky Rebuffed From Speaking At Summit
SITREP: 30 June, Why Ukraine So Critical For Edom's Dominion, "With Russia’s Victory Will Come The Eventual Collapse Of The Entire Western Order, Which Means The Hundreds Of Years Old Banking Cabal That Has Ruled The Globe With An Iron Fist, Those Ancient Families At The Top Cannot Allow Russia To Win," So Nuclear Option On The Table
The Bankster Cabal Family, They Lose, Says The LORD
Shifting To The Middle East
Video: Update, June 30 Big Bankster Banking System Weaponized, Macron Goes To Concert As France Burns, Lavrov Doubts Sanity Of Western "Leadership," Collective West A Crumbling Mess, Ukraine's Scripted Excuse For Failure, "It's Not A Show," Reshaping The Narrative, Russia Warning To US And UK, Stop Escalating The War Or Russia Will Respond Accordingly, EU Proxy War Fund, Clownworlds US Pence In Kiev, Greta In Kiev Years After Her Proclamation That The Climate Would Have Wiped Out All Humanity By Now, Bono Shills Merchandise For Zelensky
Saudi Arabia-Zionist Israel Sticking Point: Israel Must End The Occupation Of The West Bank And Allow The Creation Of A Palestinian State, Which Is Supported By Orthodox Jewish Rabbis
Zionists Should Return Entire Occupied Lands To Palestinians: Rabbi Weiss
The Third Infitada: New Chapter For Palestinian Liberation
Understanding The Wagner Private Military Company
Video: Lying Zelensky Sacrificing Tens Of Thousands Of Ukrainians For His Political Gain
Russian Strike On Kramatorsk Kills Ukrainian Officers, Soldiers And American Mercenaries
Video: Update, 29 June Biden: Putin Losing War In Iraq, H. Biden Millions And Romania, Reuters A Propaganda Mouthpiece, Italian PM Meloni, EU Must Ditch China, Like Rest Of Collective West, Macron A Disaster For France, EU Foreign Ministers Meeting, Clownworld Festival In Denmark Selling "White Ukrainian"
China Passes Its First Foreign Relations Law Against Western Hegemony
US Trade Alliances Dropping Like Flies In A "Climate Crisis"
Grimm's Beltway Fairy Tale aka Prigozhin's Mutiny
Are You Preparing For Nuclear War? They Are, The Use Of Nuclear Weapons Is On The Table For The Pentagon With Support From US State Dept., One Problem, Russia Has Nuclear Superiority
Russia: The Day After The "Longest Day"
Text/Video: Prigozhin Double Agent And The Effects Political Greed And Corruption
Nutanyahoo Defies Biden, West Bank Move
When The Lightning Of History Strikes ... Putin Wins On All Counts, On Saturday Wagner Was 200 km From Moscow, On Sunday, Wagner Was 100 km From Kiev, And On Monday US Says No Evidence Of Russia Planning To Blow Up ZNPP
Progozhin: Mutiny Or Double-Cross?
Biden Publicly Admits To Selling State Secrets
"Petards And The Prigozhin Coup": Like Hungry Fish To The Worm On The Hook, Western "Experts" Quickly Tied A Noose Around Their Necks And Jumped
Even N. Korea Thinks Biden Is Pushing World To Nuclear War
Militants Clash With Syria’s Internal Security Forces, 4 Dead
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