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Summer 2020

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Summer 2020

Faster Than The Internet, Able To Topple Freedom Of The Press In A Single Bound, Look, In The Court Room ... It's The Elite Few Who Can Classify Information
You Can't See A Covid Virus, But This Sleight Of Hand Is Even Trickier
From The "Any Excuse Is Better Than No Excuse To Appease Zionist Israel" Dept: US, Who Unilaterally Pulled OUT Of The JCPOA, Still Wants To Sanction Iran For "Non-Compliance"
From The "Remember When The US Supreme Court Had A Protestant Justice?" Dept: Slam Dunk Nominee, Just Nominate Another Jewish Person For The Supreme Court And Dems Can't Protest In Election Year
Covid And BLM, Ah, That Would Be Billionaire Lucre Matters
Big Agri Princes' Poison For Profit
The West's Putin Stupidity
The Sheep's Acceptance Of The "Stupidemic"
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Prepping For The War: Zionist Israel's Military Alliances With UAE, Bahrain
Canada's Trudeau Record-Breaking Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia
Looking At The Worst Of The Pandemic: Control Of The Masses And The Money By The Princes
... And They Don't Care If You Starve In The Process
Plucking The Flesh From Off Our Bones
How Clear Can It Be? Zionist Political Power Over Medical Reality
Poisons For Profit
Video: Understanding The Big Picture Nature Of Virome, Viruses Including SARS-CoV-2, Especially at 12 Minute Mark, Why Natural Herd Immunity Is Vital, Vaccines Create Imbalance With Natural Process, Government's Quarantine During Healthiest Time Of Year Is Opposite Nature, It's The Third Week Of October To November, The Cycle Of Flu Season Creates Earth's Northern Hemisphere's Toxic Season
How To Create Your Own Pandemic In 12 Easy Steps For Fun And Profit
Another Billionaire Buys Media Silence Video: Soros' Tentacles Reach Into Fox Business Broadcast
Oh Noooo, It's "Dr." Bill!
Mask Wearing Puts Our Children At Risk
Medically, He's Right, Masks Are Pointless As Clincal Study After Study Has Shown, But Politically ...
Governments Did More To Kill Civil Liberties Than They Did Covid
Belgian Government Gets Called Out On Its Restriction Of Civil Liberties By Doctors And Health Professionals
Australia: This Virus Is Not A Pandemic, Corruption Of Liberty Is
Globally Doctors Calling Out Governments On Their Bad Medical Covid Policies
Get Ready For The Post Election Chaos America
Covid's Real Second Wave Is Coming ... The Economic One
But Who Has The Money To Buy It All At Fire Sale Prices?
US Terrorism Track Record ... 37 Million Displaced So Far
And US Is Still At It
Video: Syria's Idlib Province Still A Battleground
Why Are Governments Using A PCR, Which Is Not A Test, But A Process, Never Meant For Use As A Diagnostic Tool That Is Known For Producing False Positives?
US Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Lockdown Unconstitutional
Covid-19 Vax Trial Participant Develops Neurological Symptoms
Governments Need To Stop The Lying: "Pandemic" Is Over Folks, No Second Wave Because “30-50% Population Started With A Level Of Immunity, Which Means They Are Not Susceptible To The Virus At All – That Is Well Accepted By Almost Every Clinical Immunologist And Virologist," So These Folks Won't Be Needing A Vaccine, Nor Will Those Who Got It
The CDC Report: "The Overall Reduction In ILI Or Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza Cases In The Face Mask Group Was Not Significant In Either (Of The Two) Studies"
Both US Parties Compete To Put Hickeys On Zionist Israel's Derriere
It's The Zionists, Though, Not Those Of Judah
Here's The Big Difference, Zionists Out To Destroy Judaism
News Flash: The World Ain't Flat, So Ditch The Idiot Mask Wearing Policy Already
As Was Pointed Out To Us: Mask Wearing A Health Risk For Healthy
Lockdownless, Maskless Sweden All Back To Normal, No Covid Spikes, Clusters Or "Second Wave," While Lockeddown, Mask Wearing Countries Still Fumbling Around Because Covid Behaved Like All The Other Viral Spread Infections, Nothing Unusual About It Except For Fearmongering And Bad Science
More Lies From The Left: Who Knew The Covid Virus Was A US Democrat? Mass Gatherings Only Affect The Right
Making Same Mistakes Over And Over Yet Expecting Different Results Or How To Prolong The Irrational Non-Medical Covid Fear By Ignorant Politicians
Stupid Is As Stupid Does Dictation From The Dark Ages: UK Home Secretary Ignores Science Fact And Mandates Political Obedience, Locked Down Population Now Getting Exposed Rather Than Months Ago, Duh! Which Is Why SARS, H1N1 Don't Bother Us Anymore, It's Called Don't Hide The Herd If You Want Herd Immunity!
Decades Of Lies: Video From 9/11 To Covid
From The "More Accusations Without Evidence" Dept: And The Navalny Incident Brings Us To ... Nord Stream 2, Fingerprints Of The XXX All Over This
Mueller Russiafarce Team Repeatedly Accidentally Wiped Government Phones Clean Of Any Evidence
Mueller Lied Under Oath?
As A Matter Of Fact, Government Admits UFOs Exist
Video: Well This Sort Of Destroys The Transgender Yellow Pencil "Biology Doesn't Matter" Theory
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Substitute The Modern Day Names With Their Biblical Name Counterparts, And Voila, You Have A Living Prophecy Lesson, Beginning, Notably, In Genesis 27 Leading To "The Next One," Middle East War And Babylon The Great
This Should Help You To Fill In The Names
From 9/11 To Covid: The Astonishing Rapid Mass Movement To Servitude
BS: Anti-Christian Netflix Defends Its Girl Porn, Decrying The Sexual Exploitation Of Young Girls While Sexually Exploiting Young Girls? So Why Wasn't It Marketed This Way Upfront, Not After All The Criticism Hit The Fan? Where Are The Feminist Protests?
Cancel Netflix: If It Is As Netflix Argued, Why Did They Change Their Promo Image, Synopsis?
Zionist Israel Playing Both Ends Against The US Middle Class
Remember When There Use To Be A Ten Most Wanted List?
The Desolate Poor In Major US Cities
Video: Deliberate Release of Corona Virus Claim In Patent Amendment By Moderna In MARCH 2019, Most Of Their Past Patent Apps Have Been Rejected For Double Patenting, Billionaire Exec Stock Sell Off, Smell A Rotten Fish Yet?
From The "Once You've Got Them On The Run, Keep'em Running" Dept: The Cuckoo Nest Covid Lies Continue Despite Our De Facto Vaccine, Herd Immunity, Do You See The Big Picture Yet, Folks?
9/11 Reading list
9/11: Truth Exists, Lies Are Invented
The First Domino To Babylon: The 9/11 Lies
Looming Pandemic: When US Debt Becomes Unpayable
The Debt Fault Pandemic
Slavery Is Not A White Man's Invention As The Three BLM [Black Lady Millioniaire] Founders Might Want You To Believe, Blacks In Africa Had Black Slaves
Video: Black Lady Millionaires Drive Marxist Agenda, And Their Corporate Prince Sponsors
Son: Muhammed Ali Would Have Hated BLM
Video: Confronting The Corona SARS-Cov-2 Virus Lies
Australian Government Continues Its Concentration Camp Lockdown When Corona "Pandemic" Is Over According To Epidemiology Facts
The Covid Test Pandemic Was A Media And Big Brother Success
By The Actions Of Your Enemies, You Discover Your Friends: The Big Pharma Attack On HCQ
PCR "Tests" Are Meaningless Scientifically, They Are A Process That Can Be Manipulated
UK Scamdemic Part 2
From The "Stop Covid- Put Your Thumb Up Your Bum" Dept: Video Lockdown, Social Distancing, Masks Ineffective With Corona Virus ... A Review Of What Corona Actually Did ("Won't Make Top Ten For 2020, The Epidemic Of Stupidity"), A Lot Less Than The Bad Science, Lies We Were Told, Take Note At 11 Minute Mark, But Has Created Economic Depression
Update Your Corona Virus Facts, Scroll Down For September
Corona Spain Still Think Covid Rampaging At Peak Despite All The Facts To The Contrary
Don't Get Too Excited, It's An Election Year
Serbia Moves To Put Its Embassy In Jerusalem
Zionist Israel Still Pushing At Middle East War Start Button
US Zionist Israel Still On Track For Middle East War
Assange's Stalinist Trial
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
The Case Of The Strange "Pandemic," College Dropout, Big Pharma Pitchman "Dr." Bill Got It Wrong Again
No Vaccine For Any Of The Corona Viruses Has Ever Been Produced Despite Past Efforts
Conspiracy Analysis Video: Mutated Novel Corona Virus Made In The USA, China And Other Places ... The Medical Grant Paper Trail
Stop Covid - Put Your Thumb Up Your Bum, Just As Effective As Wearing A Mask: Two 2020 Covid Season CDC Medical Studies Show Mask Wearing Doesn't Prevent Spreading Or Getting Covid, But Blind Obedience To Government Is What Big Brother Is Demanding ... Just Follow Orders a la Nuremberg
Australia's Real Problem: Storm Troopers Australian Style Redux ... Arrest Itself Proves It's No Fantasy Theory When More People Die From Drunk Drivers Every Year, 2019 1141 Deaths, 2018 1149 Deaths, Covid 680, Does Gov't Break Into Peoples Homes And Arrest Them For Having, Drinking Alcohol? Two Thirds Australians Obese, Leading Risk Factor For Preventable Heart Disease, 2019 68,532 Deaths, Yet Is Government Breaking Into Homes And Arresting People For Going Out To Eat Fatty Foods, Arresting Corporate Execs For Advertising, Promoting Fatty Foods? Question: Is The Government Concerned About Our Health And Well-Being Or Obedience Training? I Bet We All Know The Answer
Australia Heart Disease Stats
India Unraveling Its String Of Pearls
The Princes Laundry Machine
Zionist Israel Keeps Middle East Simmering With More Missile Attacks On Syria
The Princely Propensity For Abhoring Justice And Impartiality
America Turns To Trudeau In Venezuela
When The Lies Beget A Mess ...
The Big Lie Tipping Point: 9/11
The Anti-Patriot PATRIOT Act
While You Were Worrying About Covid, Surprise, You Lost More Privacy Protection Under "PATRIOT" Act
All Part Of The Plan To Undermine Our Heritage: American Universities Have Been Corrupted, Question, Weren't These Guys Writers Of The US Constitution, The Mostly Defunct LAW Of The Land?
Three Years Before Soviet Union Fell ... About The Same Time For The US
Marxism Stripping Away Human Values And Dignity, Both Past And Present
Federal Appeals Court Rules NSA Spying On Americans Was Illegal
Mind Blowing Must Watch Plandemic, Big Brother's Web: Parents, Take The Time Now For Your Future Understanding, 2003 CDC Owns Patent On Corona Viruses, If "Nature Cannot Be Patented," How Did CDC Get A Patent? So Where Did This 'Novel' Corona Virus Come From? US CDC Outsourced Corona Virus Research To Wuhan China And Much More
There Are Seven Corona Viruses And None Has A Vaccine After All These Years, So What Are Bill Gates And His Ilk Up To With This Sudden Scaredemic Of Fear?
Video: The "Facts," aka Propaganda Opinions, According To Bill Gates' Hired Guns, So Who's Deceiving Us, And Runs From The Light Of The Truth?
Check It Our For Yourself
Zuckerberg Hires Another Zionist Israeli Censor ... Using Facebook Gives Them Your Power
A Changing Of The Guard Since End Of WW2: Free State To Zionist Deep State
Nazi Germany Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood: When It Comes To Totalitarian Thought Police, Australia Is Exceptional, Arrests Pregnant Mom In Her Home In Front Of Kids For Protesting Lockdown
Global Princes' Plan For The Rest Of Us
The Satirical Prince
US Intensifies Middle East Lobbying On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
The Hare Of Lies Rushed Out Of The Gate: Now The Tortoise Of Truth Shows Up, Doctors Forced To Retract Inflammatory False Covid "Findings" About Heart Damage
When It Comes To Overpriced Medical Care, US Is Exceptional
Video: Covid-gate, The Political-Economic Virus
CDC Confession: Only 6% Of Covid Deaths From Covid Alone, 94% Underlying Medical Conditions, Hence The Effectiveness Of HCQ, Z-pak and Zinc
Covid Almost Non-Existent Threat To Healthy Kids
Fraudulent Covid Numbers
From The "Connect The Dots" Dept: US Democracy, Dead Man Walking
Or In Portland Oregon, Law And Order, Dead Man Murdered In Public
Legal Russian Troops Collide With Illegal US Troops As Syrians Tell Yankees To Go Home
Syrian Pharmaceutical Industry Produces "Z-pak," Which In Conjunction With HCQ Knocks Down Covid And the Resulting Pneumonia That Kills Covid Victims, While Youtube Up To It's Big Brother Censorship Shenanigans
US Princes Continue To Block Your Effective Covid Treatment, Allowed People To Die For Their Profits
Check Out
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
From The "Stop Covid- Put Your Thumb Up Your Bum" Dept: Masks Aren't Helpful In Preventing Covid, But Very Helpful In Controlling The Herd
Read The Evidence And Weigh It Against The Obedience Propaganda: A May 2020 Meta-Study On Pandemic Viral Transmission By CDC Found That Face Masks Have No Effect, Either As Personal Protection Nor As A Source Control 
The CDC Report: "The Overall Reduction In ILI Or Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza Cases In The Face Mask Group Was Not Significant In Either (Of The Two) Studies"
From The "Who You Gonna Believe?" Dept: Big Pharma Prince's Rip-Off, $1.6 Billion When $20 HCQ And Zinc Proven Effective
Big Pharma Funded Lies About HCQ
The Greedy Tentacles Of Big Pharma
Video: Watch And Think, America, The Princes Won't Give You Your Country Back, So Will You Stand Up To Do What Is Necessary?
America, Western Civilzation's Grave Situation
"I Know Your Works, You Have A Name That You Are Alive, But You Are Dead"
Mission Accomplished: Covid ECONOdemic Brings International Bankers Back Into Latin America
ECONOdemic Part 2: Global Banks Hiding Massive Amount Of Toxic Debt
Tidings From The North And East: While The Princes Of The US And UK Are Busy Plundering Their House, Russia And China Are Renovating And Expanding
Soviet Redux Not A Small Price To Pay: Now That Covid PANdemic Is Over, Its Globalist Propaganda Fear, Not Medical Facts, Lives On As Atlantic Canada (?) Is Requiring Canadian Comrades To Lockdown For Two Weeks When Traveling From Other Parts Of Canada, Next Step Will Need Travel Papers From Government Just Like Old Soviet Union?
Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic Places Its Bet That Covid Medical Reality Far From The Fear Factor, Breaks From Covid Propaganda
Tired Of The Political Covid Fear Agenda Being Thrown At You? Then Read The Science Facts, And Share Them
Medical Fact: More Than 3 Times Kids Up To Age 14 Have Died From Flu Rather Than Covid, Yet Where Are The Fearmongering Calls For Flu Vaccines [Oh, We Already Have Them], Closing Schools, Mask Wearing, Social Distancing Because Of It? It's Political-Economic Control, Not Medical Reality, Smell A Rat Yet?
Really? Stooping To Kindergarten Playground Name Calling: Did You Know That If You Believe The Facts Rather Than Big Brother's Covid Sheep Propaganda [Lies], You Are An "Anti-Social Psychopath" According To These Billionaire Globalist Social Control Psychopaths And Their Minion Moles
Video: Calling Out Billionaire Corporate Media For Their Blatant Lies
Bill Gates, Epstein And Other Birds Of A Feather, Why Buy A Media Company When You Can Own The Narrative?
Message To The Sheep, The True Believers: The Lies Have Become The "Truth"
Video Covid Casedemic Hysteria: Chief Doctor ... Covid Pandemic Long Gone, No Evidence Masks Work As Advertised, But The Lies, Wear Mask, Social Distance, Lockdown Myth Stay With Us Sheep, Covid Virus Followed The Exact Same Pattern Of Previous Flu Seasons, Nothing Exceptional Medically
Get Ready For The "No One Could Have Known" Excuse Even When We're Told What's Going On In Advance
Psychic Sidekick Rides Back To The Future: A Brief History Of The Fall Of The America
US Dems Blame Russia For Meddling In US, US Republicans Blame China, Yet Refuse To Look In The Mirror, It's "Exceptional" America That's The Problem
Despite The Covid Fear Propaganda, Let Us Not Forget About The Middle East Tinder Box
Covid: The Great Pretext "Some Even Believe We Are A Part Of A Secret Cabal Working Against The Best Interests Of The United States, Characterizing My Family And Me As 'Internationalists' And Of Conspiring With Others Around The World To Build A More Integrated Global Political And Economic Structure - One World, If You Will, If That's The Charge, I Stand Guilty and I Am Proud Of It" David Rockefeller, Memoirs
US Judge Calls For Supreme Court To Stop Issuing Rulings That Violate US Constitution
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
From The "You Really Believe The Billionaire Princes Are Interested In Your Health?" Dept: $100+ Billionaire Vax Pushing Population Reducer Bill Gates Upset, Americans [Slaves In Waiting] Had Too Much Freedom During Covid [Can't Have Herd Immunity Screwing Up His Vaccine Agenda], Mind You, This Is While You Were In Lockdown And He Was Flying Around The World In His Private Jet Meeting With Government Princes, And August 21 CDC Stats Show 5.5 Million American Corona Virus Cases, But Two Years Ago 45 Million Americans Were Positive For Influenza Virus ... Do You Get It Yet?
Welcome The Tortoise Of Truth: Everything We Were Told About Covid-19 Turned Out To Be A BIG LIE, ["Tell A Big Lie Often Enough And People Will Believe It"], Why Were The Alleged Rushed Out Covid Experts All Wrong? Garbage In, Garbage Out: Theoretical Models All Wrong And Way Off The Mark, As They Were With H1N1, Say No To Big Pharma's Covid "Vaccines," Which Aren't Needed Either, As They Weren't With The H1N1 Erroneous Models
Are You Smarter Than A Presidential Candidate? Joe "Kill America" Biden Would Shut Down The US Entirely [Kiss Your Job And House Goodbye] Because Of Corona Virus, Which We've Seen Is The Worst Possible Approach
Sweden's No Lockdown, No Mask, No Social Distancing And No Vaccines Bashed By Western Media, But It's Worked Much Better Than UK, US And Shows Up The West's Big Brother Nefarious Political-Economic Intent
Gates Promoted Covid Injection Is Not Medicine, A Fraud Scam
DNC: Fake Russiagate, Now Fake Audience, The Candidates Are Fakes Too, Real Power Behind Them Pulling Strings
If You Can't Handle Sarcasm, Make That Extreme Sarcasm, Don't Read This
Let Them Eat Gucci Loafers: As The US Burns, Do Americans See The Flames?
Too Small To Survive: US Small Business Covid Bailout Sucked Into Pockets Of The Princes
Audio: Two For One Covid Deal: Lockdown Sheep, Close Down 193 National Economies Much To The Delight Of Globalist Masters
Video: TV Presenters Push Corporate Agenda, Lies, Opinion, Spanish Doctor In Madrid Hospital Shoots Down Covid Myths, Need For Vaccines, Says 50% Spanish People Have A Carcinogenic Bacteria In Their Gut, But Where Is This Being Reported, Panicked? Why Then Are Positive PCR Tests Such A Big Deal? Big Pharma Vaccine $$$
Common Cold Corona Virus Can Cause A False Positive For Covid-19, Just Wait For The Next Cold-Flu Season Panic, Betcha It Will Get Promoted As "Second Wave" By Governments, Media
Video: Best Defense Is An Offense: Control Narrative, Accuse Others Of What You Do
Video: Twitter Supports Antifa, UnAmerican Values
Surprise! Not, Corporations/Government Use Internet For Control
Christian America? Hastings Netflix Grooming Little Girls For Sexual Exploitation
Dragging America's Youth Down The Sewer
Murder Someone? Go To Anger Management Classes, Only If You're Not White
UK Health Officials Discharged Elderly Covid Patients Back Into Nursing Care Homes
The Disaster Princes With Too Much Power Who Think They Have A Better Idea 
The State Of America Address, Well, Photos Anyway
From The "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal, We Hypocrites" Dept: Really Mike? Air DEFENSES In Iran, Not Offensive Nukes In Israel, Pose Risk and Instability To Middle East? So How About A Fair Trade, Give The Iran DEFENSES To Zionist Israel, And Give Their Nukes To Iran!
US SecState At Center Of Controversy Again Over Pro-Zion Iran Remarks
Pompey-o Plagiarizes Obama, Posts Comment With No Attribution, Then Blames Media
Like Vaccines, Big Agra's GMOs Are Designed To Make Money ... For Them
Killing Them Softly: American Sanctions
The Steady March To War: New Iranian Defensive Missiles
That Didn't Last Long: Zionist Nutanyahoo Steadily Moving Towards Middle East War
The West Has Become The Old Marxist Soviet Union Complete With Their Gaslighter Lies
The Product Of The Marxist Left's Economic Policies: And We Won't Be Back
Weak Spot In Earth's Magnetic Field About To Split In Two
Welcome The Tortoise Of Truth: Everything We Were Told About Covid-19 Turned Out To Be A Big Lie, Why Were The Alleged Rushed Out Covid Experts All Wrong? Garbage In, Garbage Out: Theoretical Models All Wrong And Way Off The Mark, As They Were With H1N1, Say No To Big Pharma's Covid Vaccines, Which Aren't Needed Either, As They Weren't With The H1N1 Erroneous Models
Princes Continue Lying To Us: Bill Gates, WHO, Billionaire Globalists Really Want To Inject You With Their Toxic Brew That's Not Medicine, While Making You Pay Them For The Privilege Of "Saving Your Life"
2020 Lockdown Lunacy Hindsight: Swedish Covid Model Worked Best, Yet Some Countries Still Hanging On To Failed Medical Policies
Howling At The Moon: Despite Numerours Scientific Studies In Past 10 Years, Two By CDC Just Released, That All Have Shown Wearing A Mask Makes No Difference, Jet Blue Kicks Family Off Plane For Not Wearing One, BTW What Masks Were The Pilots Wearing?
Video: To Mask Or Not Mask? What Do The Science Facts Say?
Great Lockdown Transformation That Killed People, The Rush To Enslave You
Follow The Covid Money
Secret Indictment, Arrest While Antifa, BLM Protesters Openly Do These Things She's Accused Of, Has The Shadow Government Shined The Light On Themselves With Arrest Accidentally On Purpose? Predictably, YouTube Pulls Video
Video: Cyberwarfare, But Nothing New If You Were Watching And Paying Attention, What Snowden Talked About, But Shows Details
QAnon Says
Who's Afraid Of QAnon?
CIA Manipulated Generals, Politicians In Run Up To 1953 Iran Coup
More Pompey-o Ridicule, No Dictionary In US UN Office?
More Bad News For the Middle East
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Despite Scientific Study After Study, Including Two December 2019-May 2020 Covid Season By CDC, Showing Mask Wearing Makes No Difference Preventing A Virus Infection, And The Negative Health Affects It Has On Some People, Back To The Dark Ages Biden Calls For More Federal Government Obedience By Mandated Mask Wearing ... Maybe He Thinks He's In New Zealand
Do You See The Trend Yet? New Zealand To Move All Covid Cases To Government Detention Centers Based On PCR "Test" Results Can Be Manipulated, Makes You Wonder How Many Politicians Will Never Test Positive, Well Except For The Opposition Merely By Increasing The Number Of Amplifications
UK Removes 1.3 Million Covid Cases After Alleged "Double Counting," That's A Lot Of People In Government Detention Centres, Which Makes The Incumbent Gov't Not Look Like They Bumbled It As Badly
Apple Joins Google In Crushing The Little Guy
Alternative Search Engines
Arrested Looters Given Free Pass In Oregon
Megachurch Sues California For Allowing Mass Protests But Not Church Attendance
Leopards Don't Change Their Spots
Nothing New Under the Sun: UK Uses False Flag To Give Itself Excuse For New Police Powers
Western Media Now Critical Of Rushed Covid Vaccine Safety, But Only After Russia Gets There First
From The "Makes You Wonder, Doesn't It?" Dept: UK Covid Response Kills The Economy, And Then, Surprise, Declares Recession, Duh!
Undeterred, Australia Follows Failed Covid Model, Any Idea What The Outcome Will Be?
Sweden's No Lockdown, No Mask, No Social Distancing And No Vaccines Bashed By Western Media, But It's Worked And Shows Up The West's Big Brother Nefarious Political-Economic Intent
Own An Online Tech Company And Get Around Freedom Of Speech, Google-Youtube And Usual Suspect Censorship
Go Get The Duck
Check Out D.Tube
China Surpasses US For Number Of Companies In World's Top 500
Video: While Chinese And Asian Students Are Advancing In Their Real World Studies, Intensely Competing At High Levels, US Kids Are Indoctrinated Into Political Lunacy, The Future Of The US Is Toast
University Cafeteria Serves Woke Toast, But Their Sly Racist "Wokeness" Appears Very Much To Undermine White Values
What US Education Used To Be Like Before It Got "Woke"
From The "Keeping The Home Fires Burning" Dept: Big Corporations Playing Both Ends Against The Middle
The US Left's Tearing Apart Of America, The Effect Not The Cause However
So Did You Pocket $3 Billion Since February? Bezos Did, But Where Is He Putting It?
New York, New York, If You Can't Make It There ... NYC, Chicago, LA, All Left In A Mess
Opinion Video: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Wokist Prince Of Them All? Caution Language
Vegas Covid Virus Agrees Not To Infect Anyone In Groups Of 50 Or Less
America Will Never Win Another War
How's This For A "New Normal?" China Slaps Sanctions On US Senators For Meddling In Their Internal Affairs
How Quickly We've Acquiesced To The Lies ... Unsocial Distancing, More Acceptance Of The Abnormal
US Billionaire Princes Of Plunder
Corporations Playing Both Sides Against You In The Middle
Silence Of The Sheep: A Variety Of Evils
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Zinc Deficiency Linked To 16% Of Deep Respiratory Infections Worldwide Including You Know What
Build Up Your Lung Immune System, And We Don't Need Chemical Brews Called Vaccines, So Spread The Word To Your Gov't Reps
"Vaccines Are One Of The Major Contributors To Aluminum Toxicity, Linked With Causing Alzheimer’s, Other Neurological Diseases"
If You Thought US Relations With Iran Couldn't Get Worse, Trump Names Zionist Regime Changer As Special Envoy To Iran, Convicted Of Lying To Congress Over Iran-Contra Affair, Advocate Of Iraq War, Of Late Special Rep For Venezuela, And We Know How That Played Out ... Middle East War Anyone?
BBC Payment Racket And Twitter Stars, Hmm, Didn't Germany In The 30's Label People With Stars?
And Twitter's Top 5 Stockholders Control Nearly $20 Trillion In Managed Assets
Censorship On The Road To Perdition ... And Who Owns The Western Media?
90% Media Owned By ... 6 Corporations
And The Billionaires Are ...
US Using Kurdish Militia To Steal Oil From Syrian People
(nDarkAges-19) Ground Zero: The Covid Fear Coup
Video: To Mask Or Not Mask? What Do The Science Facts Say?
That's Our Lie And We're Sticking With It ... So Stop Asking For Evidence
No Longer A "Bio-Threat," Australia's Totalitarian Virus
UK To Revise Its Unrealistic Covid Death Toll Down By A Conservative 10%, Probably More Like 30%+, But That Would Be Admitting Too Much
Covid Update: Scroll Down To August 2020, Independent Scientific Studies Support No Need For Vaccines
You Are Stupid If You Believe Anything This Man Says About Vaccines Being Good For You, When He Has Publicly Stated He Wants To Use Them To Reduce The World's Population, i.e., You, Not Him
And Who Said He Gets To Decide? Interesting How Gates Casually Tosses Out The Term "Population Reduction" In The Context Of Vaccines
Bill Gates' World "Health" Organization
And As If The Vax Push Isn't Enough, The Dollar Crash Risk Keeps Growing
The Lowest Common Denominator: Do The Math
Who's In Charge?
It's All Coming Together
After Being Socially Conditioned, The Mask Makers Tell Us Masks Don't Do What The Government And Doctors Said, Next Step In Their Plan ... Vaccines, But They Don't Work Either And Are Filled With Who Knows What, Oh And By The Way, You Have No Rights (BLM?) Anymore Says The Affluent White Jewish Attorney Dershowitz
Will The Real White Supremacists Please Stand Up ...
The Ultimate White Zionist Weapon
Zionist Deja Vu American Style, But Same Or Worse In UK
Covid Vax Injured Fraud: "Vaccines" Are Not Medicine, Intentionally They're Toxic Heavy Metal Chemical Brews ... Bill Gates Reducing World Population Through Vaccinations, And The Best Part Is You Get To Pay For It
How Far Will It Go Before We Wake Up?
Masks Can Be Dangerous And Unnecessary
The White Globalist Slavers Who Are Promoting The Black Racist Revolution Seeking To Restore Global Capitalist Empire
Must Be Some Really Big Names On That List To Have This Kind Of Protection
US Police: Obey Criminals
U$ Congress Bought And Paid For By Big Pharma? But Why Stop With Them, Auto, Aircraft Manufacturers, Building Contractors ...? Who Cares About Your Safety When Big Pharma Wants To Put Their Greedy Hand Into Your Pocket?
Just Like The Common Cold, No Vax Will Ever Work As They Keep Mutating Like All The Others, But Doesn't Stop Big Pharma From Making Profit Off You While The Iron Is Still Hot, But Running Out Of Time as Next Flu Season Just A Month Or So Away
US DOJ Looking Into Obama WH Misdeeds
Video: Trudeau Grilled On Conflict Of Interest, But Won't Answer Question ... Resignation, Impeachment?
Always Money For Greedy Warmongers
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Iran Opens Supermarket In Venezuela As US Throws Hissy Fit, Complains Venezuela Doesn't Have Money For Such Things, Maybe US Meddling Cartel Princes Should Tell UK To Give Back The Venezuelan Gold It Stole
Who Are The Twits At Twitter Who Will Censor Transgender Dissenters, But Not Those Advocating Pedophilia?
Arab Democracy Slipped Out The Door On A Flood Of Oil
Lockdown The Pentagon: Why Is It US Always Has Money For War?
Why Have All These White Jewish Guys Changed Their Names To "White Only" Names If BLM So Much? Don't Know? Ask Mrs. Robinson
Lest We Lose Sight Of The Middle East ...
Turkey Stirring The Pot In Syria Again
The Left's Hypocrisy Of Diversity, Which Turns Out To Be Exclusivity (Surprise? Not) And Why Is BLM So Racist With Everyone Who Isn't Black?
"Any Intelligent Fool Can Make Things Bigger, More Complex:" Covid Truth (HCQ) Is Simple, Its Lies (Vaccines) Are Complicated
From The "Most Effective Lies Based In Some Truth" Dept: The Spectre Of H1N1 And The Ghost Of Covid-19 Still Scaring People Into Submission With Lies
Round Two Of "Let's Scare The People Some More With Second Wave Coming," Translated Second Wave Of Lies And Fearmongering
Covid, The Immortal Virus? Fauci Goes Farcical ... What's Next Tin Foil Hats And Rabbit's Feet Around The Neck? Or With Mask And Goggles, Facial Recognition Doesn't Work, So Everyone Needs To Be Chipped?
The Envelope Please: And The Winner Of The Most Totalitarian State Is ...
Germans Breathe A Huge Sigh Of Relief, Home Heating Bills To Get Lower
Seth Rich Wants To Know: The Forensic Evidence From 2016 Shows Russiagate Was, And Is, A Complete Lie, So Why Is It Still Ignored?
America: Not Far To Go Now
The god Of This World Has Given Us Fear
Video: Black Doctors Matter, HCQ Works, An American Speaks Up
Like US, UK Covid Death Numbers Inflated
US Crumbling At Its Edges, Losing International Respect
Liberal Left Dems Bring US Anarchy, Seattle Police Chief To Citizens: You Are On Your Own
Over-hyped Scaredemic Quarantine Lockdown, 5G Networks In Place Without Public Health Protests, Then BLM Protests, Statue Destruction, Cancel Culture Which Brings Us To Super Rushed, Poorly Tested, Potentially Toxic Vax To Be Crammed Down Out Throats For Billions In Profits, While We Argue About Wearing A Mask Or Not, The Plundering Princes Have Had A Busy Six Months
SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The US) Press Conference Video: (Oops, YouTube Took It Down Too) Big Pharma Keeps Spinning Its Web Of Ignorance, Fear, Doctors Silenced For Profits, Transcript Here, Science Of Why HCQ And Zinc Work Against Covid
6000 Doctors Worldwide: HCQ Most Effective Treatment For Covid
65% US Doctors Polled Would Use HCQ For Covid
Buying Fish: Healthy Fish Can Swim Upstream, Rotten Dead Fish Float Downstream
Greedy Convicted Felon Princes "Gold Rush" $camdemic From The Get Go: Largely Untested Covid Vaccines For Kids? Skipping Key Testing, Rushing To Get The Big Bucks With No Legal Liability Downside, Would You Trust These Guys To Build Your Next Car? And You Couldn't Get Car Insurance? Well, We Skipped The Brake and Air Bag Testing, But ... So Why The Big Rush When 7.79+ Of 7.8 Billion People Didn't Get It, And Only .00007 Of World Population Allegedly Died From Covid Without Vax, So Why Do We NEED Billions Of Doses? Filthy Lucre Ezek. 22:13-15
HCQ Tests With More Than 1000+ Cured, Oft Criticized For "Small Test Group," When Moderna Has Skipped Tests And Tried It On 45 People, 20% Got Sick And Hospitalized, But No Big Profits To Be Made Off HCQ
Fauci Not Concerned With Moderna Vax Safety, So What Is It Then? Hmm, How Do You Say Bernie Made Off With The Money?
From The "Consider The Source" Dept: Fauci Cheers On Unproven Moderna Vax With Cell Line From Aborted Fetuses ... Who Gets The Big Bucks?
Hanky-Panky With Billionaire CEO/Moderna Vax?
The Coup Against Humanity: The Road To Babylon
Divide And Conquer-19: Universal Death Of The Spirit
America No Longer Home Of The Brave: Afraid Of Dying, Afraid Of Living
Audio: Know When You're Being Lied To
So Why Do We Believe The Lies?
Obama Administration Targeted The Campaign Of Opposing Party Based On False Evidence
US Consulate In Chengdu China Folds Tent And Leaves Town
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
COVID Operation: “The Biggest Example Of Misinformation And Lies On A Global(ist) Scale That We’ve Seen" ... Virologists, Aided By Twenty Experts, The Hospital Has Advised Against Social Distancing And Masking ... And Don't Trust Bill Gates
Our Brains Are Sensitive To Oxygen Levels, Normal Air Inhaled Is 21% Oxygen, Exhaled Is About 16% O2, 5% CO2, Unless The Mask We Wear Is Capable Of Expelling 100% Of The CO2 We Exhale, We Rebreath Increased Partial Pressures Of CO2, Reducing Partial Pressures Of Inhaled O2 Levels Needed By The Brain, Which Is Very Responsive To Oxygen Deficiency, Negatively Affecting Basic Metabolic Nerve Cell Function And Glial Cells
Hypoxia, High Altitude Sickness, Lower Oxygen Levels, Airplanes Pressurized To High Altitude, 8000 Feet ASL
The Coward Covid Culture: Wake Up, Think And Act Before The Shackles Become Permanent
Tiny Tail Wagging The Really Big Dog News Flash: Big Pharma Company Has Opportunity For Big Profit With Multi-Billion Dollar Vax Deal, But Evidence Shows 99.8% Of World Population Hasn't Gotten Covid, Alleged Deaths .00007% World Population, And Natural Antibodies Apparently Only Last 3 Months, Making A Less Effective Man-made Vaccine Worthless, Bill
So Where's The Major Covid Damage? You, The Little Guy While The Big Corporate Princes Reap The Rewards, Micah 3:11 
From The "Why You Need To Think And Question" Dept: Give Power Hungry Politicians An Inch And They'll Take The Whole Enchilada
The Effects Of An Educational System That Prizes Memorization, Not Critical Thinking
The Big Money Act 1986: "Don't Have Your Baby In America," Government Gave Big Pharma Immunity From You Over Individual Vaccine Damage
"Acting President" Pompey-o Declares War On Everything Chinese As If They Are The Problem ... Re-Election On The Line, To Use An Old Cold War Phrase, In The "Free (haha) World"
Chipping Away With Evidence At US Government's Conspiracy Twin Tower And Building 7 On 9/11
Start Thinking, Get Rid Of Anti-Christian Facebook, Google Who Are Biased Against Your Best Interests
Start Spreading The News ... Get The Duck
Always Consider The Social Media Source First: Facebook "Fact Checkers" Are Not Unbiased
Anti-Christ Mainstream Media
US Free Press, Look For It In The Fiction Section
Risky Business: The Big Government, Big Pharma Vaccine Gulag, Courtesy Of The Lockdown Precedent, Time To Speak Up Is Now
The Lockdown Collywobbles, Not Apanthropy
The Virus That Keeps On Taking: Covid Goes Big Time, Even Has Commercial Advertising Sponsor
War Criminals Or Terrorists? What Your Definition? Ezekiel 22:4 Micah 3:9
Life In The USSR-Amerika, Land Of The Free Quasi-Police State
Zionist Israel Attempts To Deny Syria Right To Air Defense Systems Because They Don't Like It, Although Their Actions Show Why Syria Needs It
No Doubt Putin Got To Him: Equality For Israelis And Palestinians
With The Signing Of The Iran-China Deal, US Ramps Up The Ultracrepidarian Propaganda Machine
China-US Deal: I'll Trade You Houston For Hong Kong
Who Was That Masked Stranger ... Hi-Ho Silver!
If You Don't Know Hi-Ho Silver! Away To The Smithsonian
The Road To Damascus: From US Sanctions On Iran To Clandestine War To ???
Always Trotting Out The Hackneyed, Moth Eaten Freedom and Democracy Banner While Openly Seeking To Overthrow Democratic Countries: US Princes Seeking Others To Join In To Thwart China Princes Because US House Plundered And Can't Compete
A Sure Sign That The End Of Western Civilization Is Near
From The "Chicken Hawks Hide Their Chicken" Dept: If He Were To Win Election, Would The Oval Office Become The Oval Bunker?
The Marxist Gray Lady Turns To Thuggery?
The Dangers Of The Transgender Fad And The BS Mantra: "If Your Parents Actually Loved You, They'd Let You ..." And How Is It These Social Media Folks Are Allowed To Dish Out Medical Advice Without Accountability?
So Who Gets The Trillion Bucks? Betcha It's Not You, But You Get To Pay For It
Motorcycle Death Accidents Now Covid Deaths In US ... Wonder What Alleged Vax Will Stop This
Video: Whose Body Is It? Many In Big Brother  Government Think They Own It, a la Godless Marxism
Separation Of Church And State: Give Unto Caesar's That Which Is Caesar's And Unto God, That Which Is God's
Is Inalienable Religious Right Set Forth In US First Amendment Still Respected?
The Clause Protects Not Just Religious Beliefs, But Actions Made On Behalf Of Those Beliefs
Same In Canada ... “The Right To Entertain Such Religious Beliefs As A Person Chooses, The Right To Declare Religious Beliefs Openly And Without Fear Of Hindrance Or Reprisal, And The Right To Manifest Religious Belief By Worship And Practise Or By Teaching And Dissemination"
From The "Strike While The Iron Is Hot" Dept: Dangers Of Rushing Vaccines, Only 150 Cases Covid Outside China In February, Vaccines Already? And Virus Is Mutating As They Do, And At Least 7 Different Corona Viruses Out There
Testing Positive For Corona Virus? Seven Different Strains, 229E, NL63, OC43, HKU1, SARS Cov, MERS COv, And SARS Cov2 Which Is C-19, Med Doc, We Cannot Make Accurate Testing Assessments
In Their Rush For Big Money, Brain Damage By Big Pharma's Rushed Swine Flu Vax
Big Pharma Begins Big PR Push For Vax, Speed Kills, But They Don't Care If We Die Or Are Damaged, As Long As They Get Their Money
Plundering Prince Profits From Covid, How About You?

Reaping What Our Greedy Princes Stupidly Have Sown: Cries For Help By A Drowning Economy That's Been Walking On Thin Ice For Far Too Long
From The "How To Make Enemies While Losing Allies" Dept: Beating Countries With A Zionist Stick Doesn't Work In A Multipolar World, But Watch Out For The Prophetic Big Middle East Stick ... War
When Will Damascus Become A Heap Of Ruins?
The Disintegration Of America
US Clandestine War Against Iran With Implications
Iran Boots India Off The Train
China's Lead Over US Technology
Infographic: Change From US To Chinese Dominance, 2000-2017
From The Friendly Folks At The US Heritage Foundation, Landmines Are Good
Iraq/WMD Revisionist History: When We Can't Even Handle The Truth From The Past, Regime Change And Selling Oil For Euros
Selling Oil For Euros: Stopping The Run On The Petrodollar
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: Jews Sold Black Slaves In Philadelphia, Now What BLM, NYT ... Who Will Disturb The Sound Of Silence?
Can't Change The Past, So What About Black Slaves Sold In Libya Today, Now What BLM, NYT? Or Is It Really About Something Else ...
... Like The Genesis Birthright?
Covid Lockdown Exacerbates US Zombie Economy
UK Government Admits Its Covid Stats Are Inaccurate, US You're Up Next
Finally, Scientists Call Into Question UK's Inflated Covid Death Numbers
Positive Cases Reach 45 Million In US ... Oops, That Was Two Years Ago
Covid Peak March-April, Yet Controls Stay In Summer? UK Set To Implement More Totalitarian Marxist Measures With Eternal Covid Fear As Excuse
Yet Death Rate From Covid, Except For Elderly With Medical Conditions, About Same As Car Ride To Work, So Why All The Government Control?
With Eyes On CIA, It's British "Intelligence" We Need To Watch ... And Why Did All Those New Russian Billionaires Go To England?
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: Lover Of "Democracy" US Supports 20 Dictators
Unlawful US Military Presence In Iraq Exacerbates Potential For War
Fairy Tales Can Come True, It Can Happen ... When Did Disney Buy The Old Gray Demented Lady? Time To Add Her To The List With Santa, The Easter Bunny, And Tooth Fairy, Not To Mention ...
The British Guardian: Techniques Of The Modern Propaganda Deal
The Corporate Profit Making Owners Of The Guardian, No Trust At All
Six Years On: MH-17 Update
The Great Covid Deception Of 2020
And Where Its Sheep Are Headed
More Globalist Lies: The Frantic Big Pharma Push For Unneeded Covid Vax As Virus Peaked Months Ago Despite Political Pharmademic Label By WHO
Wearing A Mask Not A Miracle Prophylactic ... Deaths By Hypoxia Wearing A Mask
US-Zionist Israel: Signs Point To The Prophetic Middle East War
The "World Will Not Allow," Election Year Rhetoric, US A Toothless Dog Barking At China
Only US Makes Pipeline To EU Controversial, Contentious, No One Else
White Globalist Soros Doubles Down On Driving His Stake Into America's Heart ... The Opportunity He's Been Waiting For
Assisted By Twitter
So Then, Is Jack Dorsey's Twitter A White Supremacist Group?
Who's Promoting The Anti-American Racism?
Another Move By Government To Strip Citizens Of Freedom
An Editor Resigns: From Gray Lady To Bigoted NYTabloid
What Does It Mean When A Zionist Walks Away From The NYTabloid?
The Crumbling State Of Western "Civilization"
The Curious Campaign: US Dems Hide Biden While Left Media Is Out Campaigning For Him
Amerika: Think For Yourself At Your Own Risk
UK: Speak At Your Own Risk, Media And Covid Fraud, Political Lies Trusted More Than Medical Truth
From The "Straining At The Gnat, Swallowing The Camel" Dept: Attack Of The Lizard Mind Snatcher Zombies, A Sure Sign The End Is Near
The Hypocrisy Of The Princes
From The "Do You Get It Yet?" Dept: While The Sheep Were Locked Away, Trillions For Prince's Big Corp, But You Lost Your Small Business, You Say?
Where, O Where Has All That Money Gone? Ask The Princes
Who's Buying Up The World's Water Supply?
Morals And Economics: Basis Of A Successful Society
Video: The Political Corona Lies And Big Lies Deliberately Pushed On Us, And Pushback With Facts By Experts
US Foreign Policy Has Created The Three Sanctionteers, Russia, China And Iran, Bypassing US Dollar
If Black Lives Matter, Then So Should The Facts
Video: Finally Someone Explains Why We Should Believe What The Princes Tell Us
Video: How To Be A Model True Believer
Video: Nobel Prize Doc On Covid Mortality Fearmongering, Number Of Cases Is A Political Tool, Countries Who Did Not Lockdown Or Social Distance Fared Better Than Lockdown Countries, Death Rate For Corona About Same As Old Age
Audio Timeline Review From Simulation To Going Live: Big Lie Players, Origin Of Covid "Feardemic," Focus On Manipulating Economic And Wealth Transference, WHO Declaration Based On 150 Cases Worldwide Outside China Back In January, You Know, Peak Flu Season When Cases Normally Increase Each Year, Just After Davos WEF, Bill Gates Foundation And Big Pharma Decisions 
Video: Gates Foundation Subversion Of India's Public Health Policy
Video: Corona Hoax Fear Political Motivated, Other Patients Needing Help Neglected, Emergency Patients Need To Call For Appointments
The Richest Man On Earth: Son Of Esau And The Genesis Birthright, Dwells In The Land Of His Uncle, Jacob, The Patriarch Of Israel, Genesis 27:37-42
The Tares: Our Current Day Parable
Video: Corrupt Afghanistan War, Why No Prez Can Get US Out
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Skip The Big Media Hype, Update Covid Report: Scroll Down For July, Analysis By Case Numbers Is Misleading, Covid No Worse Than The Mild Swine Flu Of 2009, Has LOW Lethality Rate, Several Studies From Around The World Show T-cell Immunity To Covid, Treatment With HCQ And Zinc Very Effective, And Like H1N1, No Vax Needed Despite Bill Gates' Injection Obsession
Immunity To Covid We Didn't Know We Had: T-cells, Bodes Well For LONG TERM Immunity Without Vax
Graph: See The UK Imperial College Hare Of Lies Panic Predictions Compared To The Tortoise Of Truth Facts
From The "Ounce Of Prevention Worth Pound Of Cure" Dept: Up To 78% EU Covid Deaths Could Have Been Prevented Using HCQ
This Takes The Covid Propaganda Cake: Doctor Fakes Covid Battle On MSNBC ... Seeing The Trend Yet? Repeatedly Assured Us It Was Covid-19, Now It's A Medical Mystery? More Like Big Media Pushing Big Pharma BS From The Get Go, Based On This Subterfuge, How Many Assured Tens Of Thousands Weren't Covid Deaths After All?
Time For Reflection, The Rats Will Play When The Cat Is Locked Away: Lockdowns, And Social Distancing Based On CIA Protocol? Think About This For The Next Episode These Princes Dream Up, Like A Bioterrorist Attack For "Pandemic 2," As The Masses Have Been Prepped For It By Covid, And Just A Wild Guess, 5 To1, It Will Be Blamed On China And/Or Russia, Maybe Iran, 7 To 1, Too If They Want To Start The Damascus War, Venezuela And N. Korea Long Shots At 15 To 1
Six Feet "Social Distancing" Arbitrary, Droplets Up To 17 Feet, Billions Of Viruses As Sneeze Cloud Lingers In The Air And Goes With The Wind
Scaredemic-19: Plenty Of Corona (7-15%) Viruses In Our Bodies, But No SARS Cov-2?
The Tortoise Of Truth Delivers On Covid
The New Dark Ages: When Politics (Money, Opinion) Intrudes Into Science (Facts), We Lose
By Way Of Reminder ... Money Talks
We Are Back To Normal After All: Medical-Political Hypocrisy In An Election Year
Western Justice, Democracy Is A Myth, Just As Real As Santa
For Example ... FBI's Russiagate Horse
Controlling The Sheep: Medical (Political) Martial Law
The Chaotic Events Of First Half Of 2020, Princes Control Of The People, Not About Helping Anyone, Except Themselves
From The "Playing Both Ends Against The Middle" Dept: Pick Your Billionaires
US-Israel Attack On Iran?
Pulling US Troops Out Of Germany, But New Ones Pop Up In Columbia
Must Watch Video: Just A Little Prick ... The Gates Of Hell
The Big Pharma Gov't In UK
The "Gold Rush" For Big Vax Dollars
When The Princes Roll Over For Big Pharma, You Die
The Zion States Of America
Keeping Orthodoxy In Religious Schools
The Samson Complex: The Destroying Hypocritical Bigots
Future World: Which Way Forward, Open Or Closed System?
Shining Light Collateral Damage? Assange And Skripals
Lacking Horse Sense, NYTabloid, CIAmazon Post Ride Hillary's Russiagate Dead Horse ... Again
Liars Modus Operandi: Blare The Lie, Then Quietly Hide The Truth, They Bury The Horse ... Again
Politics Aside, The Elite Have One Interest At Heart, Theirs, Not Yours
One Big Difference: For Lincoln, Saving The Union, Not Slavery Was The Issue, Now The Issue Is Used To Tear Country Apart
Reparations? Sure, Here's Your Ticket
From The "Don't Let Your Social Justice Left Hand Know What Your White Corporate Right Hand Is Doing" Dept: Only In America As They Say, No Hall Of Fame, But Haul Of Bucks
Strange, "Big Bucks Da Master" Didn't Make The List, But Anti-Trans "I Am A Man" Did
Call To Change US National Anthem, How About The Closing Theme From One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?
Video: Cuckoo Closing Theme Music
Deja vax, Same Script, Fake Estimates: 2009 H1N1, 2019 Covid-19 Cousins From Panicville Pushing The Big Pharma Vax Profit Machine
WHO Exactly? Exactly, Politics And Corruption When Billions Are To Be Made
Our Reality: Not The Truth That Matters, But Whose Lies Get Media Coverage For The Sheep
HCQ: The Lies And Fake News To Fleece The Sheep
No Second Wave, Covid On Last Leg, Herd Immunity, Hindsight: Science Was Right, More Than 80% Have Some Form Of Immunity From Previous Corona Viruses, Vaccines Not Needed, It Was About The Economy From The Start
Read The Details
Video: WEF And Covid Economy, So That's What They Had Planned For Us
From The "Driving The Mobs" Dept: Woke To Broke
Updated: Judging For Reward aka Lancetgate Money Tests: The Slanderous Attack On HCQ By All The Usual Big Money Motivated Players And Not For Your Benefit, Coupled With SYA Apologies Only After It Was Uncovered, But Miraculously, Their Approved Med Is Only $3120, While HCQ Is $20 At Costco, A Savings Of More Than $3000!!!
New Study Verifies HCQ Works
New Facts Show Corona-19 Virus May Have Been Around Quite A While Before Emerging
Why Does The MH-17 Kangaroo Court Bury Key Evidence, Waste All That Time And Money When Everyone Knew What They Would Come Up With Years Ago? "Russia Did It"
At The Top Of The List In Orwellian Doublespeak, How About I Just Put It On My Keychain Then?
More Orwellian Stuff: Doubleshithink
US Turmoil: DNC Or DNCIA, Cui Bono?
Video: DNC Leadership?
Videos: Black Names Matter (BNM) For US Dems Leadership? George Kirby, No, Floyd Taylor, No, Oh Heck, What's His Name?
Surprise: Big Pharma, Gates Distorting Viral $cience To Push For Vaccination Windfall
For Example ...
But Non-Big Pharma Say Otherwise
Covid-19 Deaths Have Plummeted Per Usual Course For Viruses, Mutated Covid-19 Milder, Therefore Less Deadly, Increases Society Immunity (Cases), A Good Thing
Brave New Normal Is Old Totalitarianism
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
The Patterns And Motives Of Zionist Violence
France's New PM And Covid
PCR Covid Test Not Meant For Use As A Diagnostic Tool
Australia's Freedom Of Press More Like China
Judging For Reward: A US Judge Orders Evidence In Epstein Sex Case Destroyed, Must Be Some Really Damning Evidence For Those In High Places
The Story Of A Little Pink House
Germany: US Trans-Atlantic Alliance Ending? aka Protecting US's Energy $ecurity In Europe Act
Arab Nations Getting Fed Up With US Heavy-Handedness
Overwhelming Voter Support For Putin's Constitutional Amendments
What! A Billionaire A Fraud And Liar? Say It Ain't So, But Germany Becoming A Light In Western Media Darkness
The "S" Word: Zionists In America Are An Enemy Within, Why Do White Jew Supremacists Complain About Whiteness In America, Because It's Not Their America ... Yet
Apple Google Monopoly In UK
Duck Google's Monopoly
US Congressional Meddling Ends Up A Pie In The Face
For Zionist Israel Lack Of US Support For Annexation Masks "Face Saving" Covid-19 Excuse
Election Year Jared-Zionist Israel Connection
Judging For Reward
US Militarized Foreign Policy: The Too Big To Succeed Syndrome
UK: We're Not Stealing Venezuela's Gold, We're Just Not Giving It Back
Covid Has Long Way To Go To Catch Up, US 2017-2018 Influenza: 45 Million CASES, As US Covid Deaths Dropped By 90% Since Mid-April Peak, Herd Immunity Is Based On Greater Number Of Cases, Less Deaths
If You Want To Take A Break Form The Political And Covid Chaos Of The Moment, Stretch Your Gray Cells A Bit By Watching This
No Longer A WYSIWYG World: Is It Real Or Is It Face Swapping?
The Globalist Plan: The Part Of The Slave Is Played By You
"Covid-19 Lockdown A Luxury Of The Rich"
Covid-19: It's Not The Virus, Follow The Money, And This Doesn't Include The Cadaverous Vax Makers Loot They're After
America: The Rotting, At What Point Do They Become Enemy Combatants?
Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart His Mouth Speaks
Lesson: How To Get A US Politician To Take Action
US Offered Bounty On Soviet Soldiers In Afghanistan
The Palestinian Hypocrisy: Open Murders By Zionist Israel Police
Covid Scientists: Continue To Say Virus Is Already Mutating, G Variant, Typical Viral Pattern, Weakens, Infections Increase Herd Immunity On Its Way To Dying Out, Talk Of Viable New Vaccines By Year End Or Next Year Not Medically Realistic, Though Glaxo-Gates Duo Pushing Hard Before C-19 Withers Away, Like The Previous SARS And H1N1, And Their Window Of Opportunity Closes
Media Lying About Second Wave, Since April, Covid Deaths Plunged By 90%, Agenda Hypocrites
From The "Big Bad Wolf" Dept: When Scientists And Medical Doctors Who Directly Work With Covid Tell Us No New Medicines Or Vaccines Are Needed, HCL Is Proven To Be More Effective, Why Are The Globalist Billionaires, Bill [Control The World's Population Through Vaccinations" Gates, And Big Pharma Corporations Keep Telling Us Sheep We Need Them?
Double Whammy: Covid, Racial Hysteria Not A Coincidence, Though They Coincide
Let's Play Connect The Dots: Why Aren't BLM Protesters Attacking White Jewish Slave Owner Memorials? Ah, Because They Are The Financial Supporters Of BLM Protests et al?
2009 Glaxo Kline Smith H1N1 Vax Caused Brain Damage
Blood On Their Hands: Big Pharma Glaxo Kline Smith, Bill Gates, Injected Lethal Dose HCL In Their Tests, 25% Killed, Oral Dose Meds Are Not Meant To Be Injected, An Injection of Oxygen Bubble Will Kill You Too
Bill Gates And Big Pharma Hate That HCL/HCQ Works, No Money, No Population Reduction For Bill
GOD TV Kicked Off The Air In Zionist Israel
Florence Italy Art Museum Uses Rap Music To Reach New Low
Big Pharma Slogan "Everyone Benefits From Vax," But Mostly Big Pharma Who Love To Jack Up Prices, Big Brother EU/WHO Vaccination Passport Population Control Readied Before Covid-19 "Scaredemic"
Testing Positive For Corona Virus? Seven Different Strains, 229E, NL63, OC43, HKU1, SARS Cov, MERS COv, And SARS Cov2 Which Is C-19, Med Doc, We Cannot Make Accurate Testing Assessments
Numbers Didn't Add Up In March Either
Testing Or Herd Immunity Kicking In As India's Covid-19 Death Rate Is .00001% Of Population, Less Than 16,000 In Population Of 1.3 Billion, How Is That Possible?
Report: Only 17% BLM Protesters Are Black, No Stats About Black Names Matter
Video: Biden's Running Mate?
Videos: Black Names Matter (BNM) For US Dems Leadership? George Kirby, No, Floyd Taylor, No, Oh Heck, What's His Name?
More Russian Lies Spewing Forth From NYTabloid, Piling It On In Election Year
Well, At Least NY Senator Remembered The Country's Name While Calling For, What Else, More Sanctions
UK, US And The Rise Of Marxism
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Covid-19 Facts Report: Average Age In CONFIRMED Covid Deaths is 82, More Than 40% Of US Reported Covid Deaths Occur In Nursing Homes, Death Rate Dropped By 90% Since April, Autopsy Doc: Covid-19 Is Not A “Killer Virus” And The Call For New Medicine Or Vaccines Is “Driven By Fear, Not Facts," And Huge Profit By US Big Pharma, No Money In HCL For Them
Killing You Softly: Big Pharma Glaxo Kline Smith, Bill Gates, Injection Lethal Dose HCL Tests, Oral Meds Not Meant To Be Injected, An Injection of Oxygen Bubble Will Kill You Too
2009 Glaxo Kline Smith H1N1 Vax Caused Brain Damage
NE Journal Of Medicine: Masks Little Or No Protection In Everyday Life
Human Race Survives Covid-19's Peak For More Than A Year Without Vaccines: Covid-19 Found In Spain's Sewer Water As Early As MARCH 2019
England-Wales Has Additional 10,000 Deaths From Dementia Patients Without Covid
Where Is Putin When You Need Him? Russia Recognizes The Anti-Christian Movement Plundering America
Rare Historical Opportunity: Front Row Seat Watching In Slo-mo A Grand Empire Collapse From Within
Germany's Merkel: The Times Are A Changing, Should Reflect On World Without US As World Leader
American Taliban Does Not Alter History, Adds Another Dark Chapter To It
California To Place White Man Discrimination Bill On Ballot
Democrat Zionist Israel Firster Loses Primary In Landslide Defeat In New York
Video: Must Be Biden's Running Mate?
Videos: Black Names Matter (BNM) For US Dems Leadership? George Kirby, No, Floyd Taylor, No, Oh Heck, What's His Name?
Herd Immunity Kicking In As India's Covid-19 Death Rate Is .00001% Of Population, Less Than 16,000 In Population Of 1.3 Billion
The Human Virome: The Viruses Found In Healthy People They Don't Know They Have Including Corona, HIV And Others
Covid Flip-Flops By The "Experts"
Natural Herd Immunity Kicking In: Infections Up, Deaths Down, Vaccines Not Needed
Like Other SARS Before It, Covid Is Flat-lining, And Will Die Out, Would Have Occurred Sooner Without Lockdown
Non-US/UK Media: Docs Say Covid Losing Its Punch, Weakening
Go To The Beach On A Hot Day Labeled A National Incident By Covid Sheeple
Gene Editing: Messing With Embryos A Lab Disaster
A Lesson Here: EU Refugee Virus
You Are Free To Express Any Opinion WE DEEM Lawful
Afghanistan: The Bloody Hands Of Empire Abhor Judgement
To All The Anti-Semitic Would Be Statue Removers, Remember In The Flesh, Jesus Was A White Jew ... Like Jared Kushner, Larry King (aka Zeiger), Jon Stewart (aka Leibowitz), You Know, These Jewish White Guys Who Are Commonly Mistaken For The Three Egyptian Musketeers ... Duh!
From The "Empty Wagons Rattle The Loudest" Dept: Just Another Liar (Above Link), Perverting Of The Word Of God, Ignorant Of Biblical Prophecy And History, Hugely Geographically Impaired (The Major Trade Routes Of The Day Ran From Syria Through Israel To Egypt, None To Denmark, Which Didn't Exist Then), Lying To Suit Their Political Purposes, Says Nothing About "Blending In" By Appearance (A Laughable Ignorant, Bigoted Racial Inference), Mat. 2:13-17, Actually Shows The Folks In Egypt Were More Tolerant Than These Illiterate, Wind Kissing, Self-Righteous US Marxist Pot Stirrers
Map: The Israel-Egypt Trade Route Connection
It's Always The Same With These Type Of People, When The Glass Is Half Empty, It's Always Half Empty
Covid: The Ultimate Globalist Eternal Gulag As One Flu Season Rolls Into Another, Yet Government Officials Travel Without Any Quarantine Or Social Distancing Restrictions, So How Dangerous Is This Again?
From The "They Think We're Really This Stupid?" Dept: Big Pharma, Bill Gates And UK Government Put In Charge Of HCL Tests By WHO, Tests Designed To Kill/Murder People, Connect The Dots Folks
Killing You Softly: Lethal Dose HCL Tests Part 2
Why Should Anyone Trust UK's NHS Anymore?
True Effect Of Corona Virus: Are You Better Off Financially After The Corona Virus Or Before?
Then Remember WHO Started The Panic That Hit Your Pocketbook, And Next Time, Demand Proof Before Panic
Part Of The Plan: Central Banker's Economic Stagnation
And When You Wonder Why ...
Video: Tough Times For Those Oligarch's, So Give Them A Couple Billion
Remind Us Again Who's Country Oath Of Allegiance Do Congressmen Take? But None Dare Call It Treason
The Unknown Mammoth In Our Midst: Meet Blackrock
The Statue Of Lady Justice Toppled Too: Rule Of Law Out, Rule Of Politics In
To Syria With Love: Euphemistic Lies, Maybe US Should Start By Protecting Its Citizens? 
US Princes Crime Against Humanity
Video: Conditions For High Death Rate In Nursing Homes Intentional? The Manipulation Of Numbers, Elderly Expendable, No Death Certificate Accountability, Gov't Undoing Transparency In Deaths
It's Not The Covid That's Killing Everyone, It's The Economic Impact
Neocon Bully Bolton's Sour Grapes For Dollars
US Police State Reaffirmed By Supreme Court: License To Kill You Without Accountability
Virus Travel Restrictions, Social Distancing Null And Void For Political Vote Getting
What's The Deal With Coordinated Fascist Antifa Stirring The Pot Nationwide?
Thermostat Still Going Up As May 2020 Warmest May On Record