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Summer 2017

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Summer 2017

Nestle's Fake Ads: No Poland Spring In The Water? You Don't Have To Buy It
Russia Ran Ads With Facebook, Zionistberg Took The Money And Ran Them? What No Mea Culpa?
Trump Getting To The Nitty-Gritty With N. Korea, Sanctioning Banks
Video: There's Something Wrong With ... Hillary ... Hillary, Dillary, Dillary Do
Trump-Nutanyahoo A Match Made In ... Nambia?
Nambia, Nambia, Where Art Thou? Just West Of Rhodesia, Not Far From Zambia And Gambia
From The "Why You Never, Ever Trust The US/Israel Under Any Circumstances" Dept: US General's Tumescence For Iran Is Showing, Israeli Led Lawless US Neocons To Break Another Treaty While Iran Is Keeping It
Palestinian Statehood: Promises Made, Agreements Signed, Unkept By Israel, US, Why Should Any Nation Trust Their Word?
Zionist-Neocon Modus Operandi: Always Accuse The Other Guy Of What You Are Doing, And Do It Loudly
Russia Warns US It Will Strike Back At Any Attack By US Supported Terrorists
No Trace Of Russians Trying To Influence German Federal Elections, Just US
Here's How It Works In The "Real" World: Torture Proponent In, Whistleblower Out
The Rapid Intensification Of Storms: It's All In The Clouds
The US-Israeli Neoconese Foreign Policy Twins
Iran Stands On The High Ground, Shameless And Embarrassing US Slops Through The Mud Of Deceit And Lies For All The World To See ... Deplorable Indeed
Neocon Doppelganger Nutanyahoo Praises Trump's UN Lies
Nutanyahoo All In On US Purple (Tie) Revolution: Has His Own Outrageous, Hypocritical, Fantasyland UN Lies
Pentagon's 1st US Military Base In Israel: Okay, It's Not An Embassy In Jerusalem, But It's A First Step
Uh Oh, The Decider Is Back And Trump Is Spouting His Words ... Run For The Hills
From The "These Are The Guys Who Vote To Make Laws" Dept: Accusations Made By 3 US Congressman About RT's Airwave Influence In 2016 Election, Uh, One Slight Problem
CIA Turns 70 With Very Dubious Track Record
New US Generals: More Lemmings To The Endless Afghanistan Graveyard
Send In The Clown Tour: Hidalgo Hillary Confuses Paul Revere With Her Alter Ego Don Quixote ... Rather Than Parade Her Around The Networks, Get This Woman Some Professional Help
The Forgotten Post-War US-Nazi Fascist Alliance
Report: Hillary Campaign Provided 800K For 'Anti-US Fascist Antifa Terrorists'
Orwellian Doublespeak: Antifa ("Anti-fascists") Are The Fascists, Who Are Leftist Like Germany's Leftist Nazi Brown Shirts In The 1930s

What Are Friends For If You Can't Blame Them For Your Election Loss?
The Generals: Maladroit Military Mishaps Always Result Of Never Enough Money For Them
The Real Crisis For The US: De-Dollarization Spells End Of Unipolar Hegemony Hope
Stupid IS As Stupid Does, Desperate US Still Supporting Loser ISIS In Syria
Putin Orders Russian Seaports To Stop Doing Business In US Dollars
Trump Opens Mouth And Removes All Doubt, He's A Neo-conman: Iran, Syria And Venezuela All Elect Their Presidents, You Know, Like The US
Wiregate: Dem Dirty Tricks
Need More Proof Sweden Is An Occupied Country?
Solve All The US Problems, Just Get Rid Of All The White People, Start With Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Goldman Sachs, Hillary ... Oh, Not Those White People
Just When You Thought She'd Hit Her Narcissistic Peak ...
While You're At It, Hillary, Get Back Our 20% Uranium Stockpile
From The "My, What Big Teeth You Have" Dept: Big Brother Google Moving Into Local News Rooms
From The "Throwing Good Money After Bad" Dept: Afghanistan The Graveyard The US Will Not Let Go Of ... Why?
Anti-Free Speech Left Monopolies Attack New Free Speech Web Site
Wagging The Doggie
Video: Captain Hillary And The Left's Quest For The Great White Whale: All Things Russia
Moon Dance Gotcha Covered
Hungary Builds Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration by 99%
Serfs Up, Dude
Xi Legacy A Major Influence?
US Directs Attention To N. Korea Nukes While Remaining Silent About The West's Undeclared Nuke States
From The "Size Matters" Dept: How Big Is It?
Living Life Making Strife On The One Way Highway: US Not Interested In Peace With Koreas, It Wants Hegemony And Bank Control
The Greedy Globalist States Of Goldman Sachs Keeps Chugging Along
Make Music Not War
New N. Korea Nuke Danger: Setting Off Supervolcano
Second Most Stupid Move Of The Century ... So Far
"Neutral" Israel Slipping Into First Gear In Syrian War
As US-ISIS Duo Is Riding Off Into The Syrian Sunset, The US Turns To A New Sidekick, The Kurds
From The Makers Of Unilateral Wars R US,  Zionist-Globalist-Neocons Create A New Game: Ditch The Dollar
42% Of World's De-Dollarization Threatens Life Of Fed Reserve, US Economic Hegemony
Iran: US Sanctions, China Builds Trade
The Liberal Playground Bully
It's Not Just The Planet, The West's Social Climate Is Changing
We Cut You Off From De Dollar Along Wid De Nose On Our Face ...  This Guy Works For Which Treasury Dept?
Where Have All The Statesmen Gone, Long Time Passing, Gone To Sanction Everywhere, When Will They Ever Learn?
Video: From The "Thumb Sucking, Baby Blanket" Dept: Left Triggered By Fantasy Hate Crimes, Unable To Address Real Hate Crime That's Killed 34 People In 6 Months, Pretend It Doesn't Exist And The Bogeyman Will Go Away
Video: All Contrary Media Are Foreign Agents Now? The Fear and The Farce Of Free Speech By The "Wacko Neocon Israeli War Lobby"
Facebook Stands With The Zionists-Globalists, But You'll Still Use It, Right? Z-berg Is Betting On It
Russian Senator Blasts US Hypocrisy
Endless US War Lobby Igno-Arrogance: How Dare Russia-Turkey Make A Deal That Violates US Legislation!?
From The "Just To Show You Our Heart Is In The Right Place" Dept: US Continues To Ship Billions Worth Of Arms To Syria
Mission: Find Someone To Blame Because It Can't Be Our Fault?
There Can Never Be Enough Nails In The Russiagate Coffin To Convince The DNC Vampires
No Respect: The US Oligarchy Still Lusts For N. Korea
May Be She's The New Henry The 8th Or Worse?
The US Founding Fathers Were A Lot Smarter And Wiser Than Hilllary, Still Are
The American Military: Uncontained, But Losing Everywhere
Russia Sends MiG-29SMT Air To Air Fighters To Syria In Case Israel Wants To Know
From The "Just For The Hell Of It" Dept: No Matter What Iran Does Or Doesn't, So, Duh, More Sanctions
Venezuela Dumps Dollar Like Saddam: What's The Over And Under For 90 Days?
US Foreign Policy's "Greatest Minds": Sanction Or Invade
If Not Trump, Then Who's In Charge?
Is The Live By The Sword US Willing To Put Aside The Rhetoric, Sanctions, And Talk? Um, No
Well, That Puts The Meatball In The Wanjakuk
Trump Hard Points: Forget The Political Cover Story, N. Korea And Iran, Both Not In Rothschild's Central Banking System
But In 2000, There Were Seven ... Putin Gets It, And That's Why Russia Is On The West's S**t List
Are The DNC-DWS Vultures Circling The Roost?
85% Syria Liberated From West's Terrorists, 15% More To Go
It's Lies All The Way Down: Citizens Of Western Countries Are Expendable To Zionist Controlled Governments
Still Fighting The 9/11 Wars After Bush-Cheney Opened Pandora's Death And Destruction Box: This Is The Globalist Mission That Was Accomplished
Video: Start @ Minute 4, 9/11 Building 7 Real World Free-Fall Failure Contrary To NIST Findings: Detailed Scientific Review
The Ongoing Crime Of 9/11
What's Wrong With This Picture?
We're All 9/11 Victims Now
Deplorable Antichristian Zionist Israel
Deplorable Hillary Digs The Hole Deeper, Tells More Lies: You Lost, We Don't Care, Now Move Along
Turks And Caicos Bars Canadians From Boarding Air Canada Plane To Leave In Aftermath Of Irma
The Emperor Appoints A Donkey To The UN
Only The US Would Benefit From War On Korean Penisula
Make Music Not War
Soros: Hatemongering Destroyer Appears As An Angel Of Light
You No Longer Have National Sovereignty: You Must Obey Command Decisions From Brussels
Kiev Labels Donbass Ukrainian Citizens As Terrorists Because They Won't Recognize US Illegal Coup That Overthrew Their Elected Government
Scaring The Bejabbers Out Of S. Korea Good For Business While Doing Them "A Favor"
German Ministry Inflates Russia Numbers To Provoke ... Fear Or Election Favor Or Both?
Trust Us Says Google Orwell
Go To Duckduckgo
US Senate Money Club Taking Care Of Their Constituents
From The "No Honor Among Liars" Dept: Join The Club, Hillary, He Lied To Us Too
The Two-Headed Russia-China Odysseus Pokes The US Cyclops In The Eye
Putin: America Must Be A Great Country To Put Up With So Many Politically Uncivilized People
Well At Least A Few Countries Have Figured Out What The Globalists Are Out To Do
Mexico Hit With 8.2 Earthquake
America's Pastime Use To Be Baseball, Now It's Sanctioning
For Someone So Self-Righteous About Interference, US Now Meddling In Myanmar, And Cambodia, Circling China
The Psychopath Globalist US: The Lawless One
The First US 9/11 Reminiscent Of Ukraine Coup Too
7 Steps To A Saner US Policy On Korea
The SNAFU That Is The US Navy
US Senator's Antichristian Sentiment
Will The Real White Supremacists Please Stand Up
SCO And BRICSHitting The US Where It Hurts The Most: De-Dollarizing The Ruble And The Yuan
The Globalist Media Silent In Defeat
Globalist US And Israel Proxy Syrian War Not Going As Planned
From The "Actions Speak Louder Than Lying Words" Dept: US Evacuates Their Terrorist Commanders From Deir ez-Zor
We Are What Our DNA Says We Are, Pushing The Trans Fad On Kids "Child Abuse"
The Cutting Edge: The Pen Makes A Mightier Scapel
One Adult In The N. Korean Room
Simple Solution: North And South Korea Sign Peace Treaty, Kick Out US; China, Russia Support Treaty, WW3 Averted
Globalist Mandated EU "Multiculturalism" Or Undermining Traditional Nationalist Identities
Zionist Globalists Claim Need Less Population In The World, Then Call For Increased Population In Europe?
UN Slams US And Allies For Civilian Casualties In Syria, And That's The Last We'll Hear Of It
The Not Impoverished Southern Poverty Law Center Has Tens Of Millions Stashed In Offshore Accounts
The Lawless Depraved Tyrannical Regime: Who Needs Reality When You're A Psychopath?
Generous Fellow, This Mad Dog, Won't Annihilate N. Korea, Just Do A Fallujah On Them?
We Can Annihilate N. Korea ... And S. Korea In The Process, Start WW3, Hmm, What Else Can The Live By The Sword Purple Revolution Do Now That's It's In Charge, General Jim?
Video: How Low Can US Take Russian Relations? Who Is Being Marginalized In The Long Term?
Life Is Just A Box Of Yellow Pencils In Globalist's New World
US Saber Rattling Got The Job Done? New THAADs In S. Korea
Pathetic Loser Hillary's New Book Blames Bernie For Loss On Page 230, She Finally Was Going To Take Responsibility For Her Loss On Page 530, But Book Only Has 512 Pages
Direction For BRICS Second Decade
A Historical, If Somewhat Orwellian, Perspective On Charlottesville: The Liberaloids
US Rank Amateur Diplomatic Skills, "Pathetic, Lame Losers"
Let's See, US Sanctions Led To Where We Are With N. Korea, Solution: Add More Sanctions!
Of Hurricanes and Pride
The Classic Case Of Bassackwards: ISIS Is To Islam What Zionists Are To Judaism ,,, 2 Different Beasts, Need To Stop Conflating The Two
Zionism Contradicts Human Rights, Universal Justice Just Like The Left's Zionist Purple Revolution In The US
Western Policies In Syria, A Bad Tree
Brits Pull Out From South Syria After Training Anti-Syrian Terrorists
Burka Merkel's Refugee Policy Bearing Fruit
Delusional Finland Set To Follow In Sweden's Footsteps
Another Not So Surprisng NYT's Surprise
Well, This Empty F-Wagon Is Particularly Loud
Meanwhile, Democratic Party Chair Resorts To Knee-jerk Name Calling Too
From The "This Is What You Call Entertainment? Dept: Ah The Good 'ol Days In NYC, When Porn [Drugs, Disease & Death] Was Classy ... Prurient HBO Conduit To Dignifying The Fantasy Of S**t Morality For Ratings And Money
Porn Actress: It's Fake Sex And Lies On Videotape
How Bigoted Is NYT, Left Media Belief In Their Superiority, Can't Bring Themselves To Mention The D Word?
Video: Where Are The Adults In The Room? US Throws International Law Down The Cold War Rabbit Hole
Wilders In The Globalist Den
Xi Calls For Reforming Global Economic Governance, i.e., The West's Central Banking System, IMF, World Bank
BRICS Cryptocurrency: Put Another Ding In The Dollar
Video: Snowflake's Logic Fallacy Double Standard Of Hate And Gross Ignorance
From The "Paranoid Absurdity Theatre" Dept: I Guess They Missed The Camo Stealth H-Nuke In The Basement Disguised As A N. Korean Heating Unit
Majority Virginians Can't Handle The Liberty In US Constitution
China Air Force Expanding Its Role Towards Strategic ... Project Power, Strike Over Long Distances
Make Music Not War
Desperate Deep State Dept. Sends In The Clowns, Does Not Want ANY Normal Relations With Russia Interfering In Quest For Globalist Hegemony
This Is How We Dumb Humans Get Into Wars ... Escalation Propagation
N. Korea Tests The H-Bomb, Yet US Still Provoking
Clinton-Soros Launch Purple Revolution
The Lawless Rogue Terrorist State: How Far The US Has Allowed The Globalists To Push Them Down
From The "Make The Time To Use Alternatives To Monopolies" Dept: When Big Brother Corporate Bully Starts Dictating, Blackmailing Freedom Of Speech
Go To Duckduckgo
US Deep State Planting Fake Evidence: In Fact, Vegas Odds Are 666 To 1 In Favor
Corporate Doubletalk Busted: We Respect Diversity, Just Not Your Diversity
Irexit Next?
US Postal Service Loses Taxpayers Money, Subsidizes Amazon Profit
When Cops Don't Uphold The Law
Afghans Fear The US/NATO Troops, The Taliban Not So Much
Is Germany Moving To Divorce US?
Another New Superbug Bacteria
China's Direction For Next 5 Years TBD Beginning October 18, 7 Key Points To Watch
Which US Generals Are Out To Destroy Raqqa And Its Civilians?
Real Democracy In Action: Petition To Declare Soros A Terrorist And Seize His Assets, Where Does One Sign Up?
If I Had A Million Dollars: With Each Trump Rant And Ridicule, The Pessimistic, Small, Hateful, Glass Is Always Half Empty Left Comes More Into Focus, These Empty Wagons Don't Know When To Shut Up
Fable Bureau of Invention HQ, The Little Read, Writing 'hood: No Doubt, As A Kid He Turned His Homework In Early Too
The Cost Of Lies: US Presence In Syria Nothing To Do With Terrorism, But Took Years, Lots of Death And Suffering To Show It Was About Getting Control Of Oil
Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Judge Orders Hillary Emails Public
The Fable Of The Cart Before The Horse And The FBI Director
Beijing Raises The Level Of Warning To US Over Korea
The West Can't Allow Its ISIS/Daesh Creation To Die ... Somehow It Must Live, Somewhere
We Need Fewer Politicians Who Think They Are In A Jr. High Locker Room Strutting Their Stuff
Reporters Sans Cerveaux: ISIS Less Dangerous To Free Speech Than Usual List Of Folks US Doesn't Like
CIA Can Load Devices Onto Your Windows Device Secretly
Same Old Modus Operandi Blame The Other Guy For What You Are And What You Do
Logic Fallacy HQ CNN Continues To Amaze With Their Conclusions
Pentagon Misleads About Troop Numbers In Afghanistan
Politicians Calling For The Removal Of US Nukes Off German Soil
Advocating Overthrow Of US Government US Code Section 2385
It Appears She Qualifies ...
Burka Merkel A Traitor To Her Own People?
Righting A Politically Left Motivated Conviction, No Such Move For Assange
Antifa: 250K Signatures Urge President To Label As Terrorist Group
Finally, A Political Smart Move By US Democrats: Back Away From Antifa Terrorists
Can You Connect The Dots? US Airlifting ISIS-Daesh Out Of Harms Way In Syria, Yet Will Bomb Civilians
Israel's Nutanyahoo Headed For The Slammer?
US Foregone Excuse Looking For A Raison d'Etre? Iran & N. Korea Still Not Members Of Central Bankers Gang
From The "Splinter & The Log" Dept: US Congress Can't Get Their Own House In Order, But Tells Everyone Else What Do!
So CNN: Female Harpie Hung Up On Heels In Houston Rather Than Disaster And Victims
What Is This, A Kindergarten Play Yard? King's X, No Hillary Emails, Lack Of Public Interest Says Protective FBI
Show Feds There Is An Interest With This Petition
Big Pharma Making It A Law To Force Us To Use Their Polluted, Contaminated Products
Of Course, No US Pressure On Israel For Inspection Of Its Nuke Facilities
9 Reasons Why Trump-Putin Detente Is Off The Table
To Their Credit: Berkeley Police Arrest 13 Antifa Members, Mug Shots
Sweden Is Gone, Cross It Off The Map
BRICS Summit: 10 Facts
Not Including ME, US Vs. Russia, China In 3 Other Places
In His Own Words, Hitler: "We Are Socialists ... Enemies Of Today's Captalistic Economic System"
Who's Behind The Well-Organized Leftist Antifa? The Cowardly And Brainwashed Meatheads Hiding Behind Black Hoods Carrying Out Hate Crimes Just Like The Leftist Brown Shirts In Germany
Historically, Violent Revolutions Begin With The Left, In France, Russia, And Yes Germany Too As The National Socialist Worker's Party aka Nazis
Who's Giving The Orders? At UC Davis Cops Pepper Sprayed College Kids Peacefully Seated, UC Berkeley Cops Allow Antifa Attacks At Peaceful Rally?
All The Better To Make You A Police State
Still Spying After All These Years ... And It's Not To Protect Us

Terrorist Antifa Fomenting Civil Unrest: Anarchists Carrying "No Hate" Shields Attack People At Berkeley Rally
Globalist Reporters Without Borders Stop At Russia's Border
Burka Merkel's Legacy
Hillary's Legacy
YouTube, Facebook, Google In Censorship War On Us
Church Of England Following In Footsteps Of Church Of Rome

As US Builds Up Forces On Russia's Border, Russian Subs Arrive In The Med
The CIA's Non-GMO Poppy Farm, aka Afghanistan
Political Espionage: In A Society Governed By Law, This Should Happen, But Never Will
US Never Use Military To Establish Democracy In Other Countries, Favorable Dictatorships, Well OK
Circumstances Forcing Erdogan To Move In Different Direction
What's Not On The 6 O'Clock MSM News: Hypocritcal Globalist US Meddling In Cambodia's Elections
Hateful Antichristian San Fran Marchers Logic Fallacy: Hate Patriot Prayer, Equate With White Supremacy
Video: Corporate-Government's PR, Advertising And Propaganda Protecting Their Capital 
PRP Firms Paid To Lie To Us
Antifa's Culture Of Hate And Violence Is The ISIS Parallel, Assault On US Heritage With Mindless Sloganism, i.e., White Supremacy While Ignoring Their White Globalist Paymasters
Conspiracy Theory About The Official Conspiracy Theory Is Not A Conspiracy
More US Congressional Laws Contravening US Constitution
Syrian Arab Army Wipes Out Strong ISIS Contingent
More To Trump's Signing US Congress Sanctions Bill
Text Trump's Signing Statement Russian Sanctions Bill
Make Music Not War
Can You Connect The Dots Using Reason And Logic Or Do You Suffer From Logic Fallacy?
Lucifer Revolution Comes To America: The Dots Are Here To Connect, But How Many Can Connect Them?
Ukraine's Nationalist Left Party Slogan Faux Pas ... You're Right, They Do Look A Lot Like The Soros Leftist Antifa
Canaduh's Trudeau Did It Too
Soros Role In Ukraine Revolution
10 Day March Against "White Supremacy," Just Stopping At Statues Of 150 Y/O Dead Confederates Or The Live White Soros-type One-World Government Wall Street Supremacists Too? Now About Those White Clouds ...
Another Blowback For US/Allies In Syria: More Interest In Purchasing Russian Military Hardware
Taliban Surrendered To US In Afghanistan But Was Rebuffed
Beware Of The Sarahah App
Google's "Ad Fraud"
Genderless In Canada Or Just Plain Snafu'd?
US In Iraq: "A Good Tree Cannot Bring Forth Evil Fruit"
Trump's Palace Of Anti-Constitution Freedom Of Speech Traitors, So Why Doesn't The President Clean House?
Leftist Racial Logic Fallacy Is Unable To Connect The Dots, Therefore Stop Killing Each Other, And Get An Education Is White Supremacy Now, Hmm, Maybe He Should Have Taken A Logic Course
Burka Merkel's Policies: Rome A Neo-Liberal Globalist Slum
The Muslimization Of The EU
Message To Saudis And Israel, Russian Military To Remain In Syria As Long As Terrorists Remain
Ergo, CNN A Racist Bigot By Default ... Globalists Using Their Minion Media Pushing Divide And Conquer Racist Routine In US
Three Guys From NZ Who Drew The Short Straws
Afghanistan: The US's Golden Calf
Qatar's Better Chance To Get Its Oil/Gas To Europe Working With Iran Than With Saudis
Iran/Qatar Share Gas Field With 14,000 Billion Cubic Meters, Developed By China, France
Video: Australia Vaxxed, Speak Up And Lose Your Kids
The Inter-World War Years, 7 Non-Aggression Pacts Signed With Germany
Amazon's Growth Into The Shipping Industry
The DOW Flying Too Close To The Sun ... Trump Will Be Blamed For the Crash Landing, Unless ...
US Civil War And States Rights: The Destruction Of The Truth Of A People's History Is The Best Way To Destroy A People
Afghanistan: A: Trump's B: New C: Strategy Is D: None Of The Above
Of Course, US Created Taliban To Fight Soviet Forces In Afghanistan, Which Spawned ISIS, Daesh et al
Apparently, No Honour Among Cyber Thieves
Swastika Symbol Goes Back 3000 Years, Used In Many Cultures ... Discern In Context And History Of Use, Ban Christian Cross Because Used By KKK?
From The "Anti-Kneejerk" Dept: In The Eye Of The Beholder, If You Could Think And Reason First ...
From The "Oil Speaks Louder Than Words" Dept: Qatar Restores Ties With Iran
Nutanyahoo's Logic Fallacy To Putin: Invited Iran Has To Get Out Syria Even Though Israel Illegally Occupies Syria's Golan Heights
The NAFTA Disasta'
Plain Old Greed In Fancy Logic Fallacy: Nestle's Brabeck, Water Not A Fundamental Human Right, So What Then, A Fundamental Nestle Profit Center?
US War Trap: Korea and Afghanistan
US Navy Colliding Its Ships, Air Force Crashing Its Drones
This Senate "Intelligence" Committee Is Really "Stupid": In The Olden Days They Were Called Newspapers With Opposing Views, Senators, Intel Services Keep Secrets Don't Publish Them Unless It's False Flag Stuff
The Bible: Some Things Are Literal, Some Allegorical Or Poetical, Some Prophetic, Not All One Or The Other
Lacking Moral Compass, US And Allies Targeted Civilians In Raqqa Airstrikes
US, UK Mini-Nuclear Attack On Iraq Continues Today
... While US Keeps Pushing False Narrative Of Assad Chem Attacks
Evidence Found In Syria Shows UK And US Companies Produced Chemical Weapons Used By Terrorists
It's Still About N. Korea Not Being In The West's Central Banking System As US Treasury [aka Fed Reserve] Imposes Sanctions
Memorization Generation's Rise Of Logic Fallacy: Memorization Is Storing Dots Of Information, Logic And Reason Is The Ability To Connect The Dots, "A Nation Can't Be Both Ignorant And Free"
Einstein's Letter Warning Of Zionist Fascism ... in 1948, Same Year 1984 Was Written
Black Hooded Tal-Antifa's Logic Fallacy Excuse For Using Violence, Tearing Down Statues
Taliban's Tearing Down Statues In Afghanistan
Iron Tracks, Silk Road, China Links With Germany
Pay More, Get Less, But We're Worth It, We're Exceptional
Dyslexic Reality At Pentagon? Anti-US Nazis But Supported Ukraine Nazis In Coup
NATO Doesn't Like These Missiles ... So Get Off The Russian Border
I Show You My Flag, You Show Me Your IQ Points, Ain't The 1st Amendment Grand?
Soros Funded Organization Planning To Disrupt Trump's Rally ... Set Up To Snag Soros?
UK Embraces Killer Robots, Not That Long Ago Bobbies Didn't Carry Guns
Live By The Sword Globalist US, UK Blocking Ban On Killer Robots
Germany's Somewhat Anal Thought Police
Another One Flew Over The Poppy Field
200 Billion Reasons To Stay: The Great Afghan Poppy-Opium-Heroin War
Magnitsky A PR Fabrication
Democratic Party Payoffs Linked To Wasserman-Schultz's IT Awans
No Doubt Russia Hacked Their Lookout's Binoculars
Poli-Cyber Warfare: PayPal Closes Conservative's Account After Attack By Globalist Soros Sponsored Group
Lesson To Learn, Get Out Of The Globalist Corral: Facebook Doesn't Like His Political Views, Shuts Down His Page, AND His Paypal
UK Exports Not Only Bombs, But Tons Of Outlawed Lethal Weed Killer To Developing Countries
Afghan Money Pit: 16 Years And A Trillion Wasted Dollars On, Yet Another "New" Strategy
Putin's Fiscal Responsibility Should Open Eyes Of Americans: Russia Makes Final Payment On All Soviet Republics Debt, While US Snatched 33 Tons Of Ukraine's Gold Reserves In 2014
Gold Snatcher
Googolstapo Censorship? On A Maths-Statistics Site?
Is The Globalist One-Worlder Pope Saying Send Them To The Vatican? Didn't Think So
Stupid Is As Stupid Does German Poodle Government
Real Threat: Statues From The Past Or Enemy Terrorizing In The Present?
From The "Swallowing A Camel" Dept: Exceptional White Supremacy Zionist AIPAC Speaks With Forked Tongue
Central Syria Almost Terrorist Free
Irony Aside, Another Mighty US High Tech Navy Ship Can't Avoid Slow Moving Tanker, Chinese Or Russian Hackers? Just Kidding ...
... Which Raises A Scary Military Drill Question, What If Some Ship Makes A Blunder Here?
CNN Up To It's Old ... Stupidity?
US Up To Old Trickery In Syria ... Supporting ISIS
Robert E. Lee And West Point
It's All About The Oil: Back To Square One Now That The US-Saudi-Qatar Pipeline War In Syria Is Lost
2009 Syria: Square One For Pipeline War
Make Music Not War
Video: A Short Bio Of Soros
This Is How America Was Made Great, Rational Thinking ... Can She Talk To Congresswoman Waters?
US Past Middle East Foreign Policy Big On Blowback ... Put Iran And Iraq Together, But Saved The Petrodollar
US Spy Hub Deep In The Heart Of Australia
CIA Training Saboteurs For Crimea, Donbass
Are You A True Believer In A Mass Hysteria Bubble? Find Out ...
Probably What The British Barristers Said When The Minutemen Showed Up
Angry Leftists Take Self-Righteous Hatred And Bigotry To New Level
Slave Emancipator White Man Lincoln Statue Burned, What's Next White Christian Crosses? Oh, Wait, That's The KKK
Oh, No! New York State, York City, York Stock Exchange Need To Change Their Names ... Named After Slave Owner York
Hey Antifa, Black Lives Matter, The Ultimate White Supremacists? The White Zionist-Globalists Who Fund You And All Those White New York "Financial Neo-Slave Master" Bankers ... Neo-York, Neo-York!
Intolerant Of Evil And Greed: Kansas Senate Opening Prayer Offends Politicians ... in 1996, Imagine Today?
In The Real World, NFL Sports Plantation Of White Billionaire Owners, And Disproportionate Number [67%NFL/13% Society] Of Blacks ... No Cry Of White Supremacy Here? BTW, What Happened To That Kaepernick Fellow?
US FATCA On The Way Out?
Financialization: The Art Of Making The Rich Richer, And the Rest Of Us Financial Slaves, Yet No Protests Or Marches
Thanks To US Congress, Russia Moving Away From US Central Banking System And US Dollar
Gitmo: When We Make A Mistake, We Pay, When The Government Makes A Mistake, We Pay
Official Investigation Into Ukraine's Meddling In US Prez Elections
Nations, Like People, See What They Want To See
From The "Are You Still Here?" Dept: UK's May Refuses To Release 9/11 Report, Still Selling Arms To Saudis
Goes To Show Israel Can't Be Trusted With Military Aircraft Much Less Nukes
For US, Koreas Are The Appetizer, Chinese Takeout Is Main Course
US: The Two Headed Contradiction
From The "Considering The Source" Dept: Black Racist CNN Commentator Calls Trump White Supremacist
Out Fascisting The Fascists!? Gee, No Black Racist Hate On The Left? Ain't The 1st Amendment Grand?
DNC Wasserman-Schultz Aides Indicted
On A Lighter Note, And We Really Do Need A Light Reprise, The Great Whole Foods Water Robbery
Getting Rid Of Flags And Monuments Doesn't Change The Truth Of History, Reinforces It
CYA: US Planning For War In Cities
US: Seeing The Big Picture Of Diplomacy Or The Tunnelvision Of Militarism?
Despite MSM "News" More People In Germany, France Would Trust Putin Over US
All War Is Deceit: Crowd Hire Company Paid Left Political Activists, Actors, Photographers For Charlottesville
Charlottesville Confirmed Staged Event, Agitation Propaganda ... Same Modus Operandi As Bolsheviks
Bolshevik Revolution Funded By Wall Street, Who Started CIA
The Wall Street "Too Big To Fail" Clan And The CIA
Canada Builds Camps For Those Seeking Asylum From US
Three Steps For US To Fix The Korean Mess
Neocon Twilight Zone Episode- Forward To The Past: US Policy Get Rid Of Nukes With N. Korea, But Sanction Iran To Develop Nukes?
Crude Oil Shock For The US?
Kangaroos Spotted At The Hague
BRICS Exceeding Expectations
Iran Pushes Back At Colonial Arrogance, Trump Asks Congress For Permisssion To Build Bases In Iraq And Syria ... Uh, Look At A Map, Prez, They Are Sovereign Nations With Borders, You Know, International Law
No Reason To Quit: Shortest Distance For US To Iran Is Through Afghanistan
No One-Sided Coins: Charlottesville Takes Two To Tango
Globalist Sheep: US Leftist Agitators Sound Like The Brown Shirts In Germany Before WW2 Falsely Blaming Others As Their Excuse For Using Violence
Globalist NGOs At Work In Canada
N. Korean Nuke Dilemma: Not That They Will Attack US, But That US Can't "Libya" Them
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Dept: US & NATO Allies Taught N. Korea Not To Give Up Nukes
2011: Pay Attention Nations, If You Don't Want US To Attack You Keep Your Nukes And Bio-Chem Weapons

S. Korea The Dead Meat In The US-N. Korea Sandwich
Feudal Poodles Going Rogue?
Blowback Foreign Policy: Congress Should Sanction US As Sanctions Are Boon To Russia, & Iran Too
Who's The Real US Senator John McCain ... Last Person Since WW2 To Bomb US Aircraft Carrier, Killing 134
The Farce Of International London Track & Fields Games ... Not World Games
Iran Returns To Oil Swap Ops In Caspian Sea
Iran Increases Oil Exports To South Korea
Nutanyahoo Seeking To Make Nuclear Israel The N.Korea Of Middle East?
US "Back To School" Trade War With China Starts Today
What's The Motive Behind Saudi's Move With Iraq And Iran?
The Danger Of US Domestic Extremism Only Benefits Globalists
Make Music Not War
From The "Better Late Than Never" Dept: Flip-Flopper Erdogan No Longer Supports Anti-Assad Terrorists, Now That They Are Losing (Lost?)
iBig Bro Google's Orwellian Youtube Behavior ... Time To Change Change Search Engines
Go To DuckDuckGo
Tight Spot: OPEC's 3 Options To Boost Oil Prices
S. Korea In Talks With China For Major Security Treaty, Germany-Russia Trade Treaty Over US Sanctions
Wow, At Least One Guy Gets It
iBig Bro Google, An Alternative Energy Supplier?
P-LIG (2X4 & Graphene) Make Energy-storing Supercapacitor
US Capture-Kill Base At UK's Menwith Hill
Both US And N. Korea Need To Stop Acting Like Childish Retards (v.), Holding Back Sane Progress
How Do You Spell Escalation? Locked And Loaded: If US And Allies Seek First Strike Against N. Korea, China Will Step In
US "Speaking With Forked Tongue" Foreign Policy: Overthrows Democratic Elected Gov't In Ukraine, But Insists on "Democracy Being Restored In Venezuela"
Just What The Globalists Ordered, They're Fighting Amongst Themselves
Clinton Collusion Contuberary [A Thickening Plot From Which A Dubious Desired Result Emerges]: A Lot Of HIgh Level Crisis Management For An "Innocent" Meeting
Boondoggle or Bust: New F-35 Snafu Class Fighter, More Costly Than Space Shuttle, Already Needs $4 Billion In Upgrades
NASA Space Shuttle Program Cost $209 Billion
F-35 Snafu Fighter At $400 Billion And Counting
Method To The Madness? So Many Wars, So Few Countries, Will People Finally Say, Stop It All?
Russia Warns US About Meddling In 2018 Elections
EU Fact-Checkers Low On Facts
Cling-ons Led By The DNC, Mis-Leading Media & Gov't Liars: No DNC Russia Hack, It Is A BIG LIE!!!
Same Things Over & Over, Different Results? Brit Newspaper Times: Didn't Like First Answer, So Asks Again

West's Short Term Memory Loss: Did Not The GDR Reunite With W. Germany? What's The Fuss Over Crimea Reuniting With Russia?
New Russian High-Speed Railway Bypasses Ukraine
Time To Drop Big Brother Google Censorship Engine For Neutral Search Engines
Go To DuckDuckGo
US Doubling Down On Afghanistan? It's Just Another Billion Down The Hole
Or Hand It Over To Private Contractors and Slink Out Of Town At Night
Definitely Not A Muslim Or Jewish Idea: Pig Transplants Into Humans
iBig Bro Google-Youtube Penalizing Ideas They Don't Like, Time To Make Changes To Your Search Engine
Neocon Media Still Opposed To Limiting Immigration Into US, Decreased Prosperity Globalist Goal
Same Migrant Goal In Germany
By The Numbers: Who's The Aggressor Nation?
US Drifting Away From World Respect, EU Leaders Attend Iran's Presidential Inauguration, Russia Next?
Canada Taking In Thousands Of Refugees From US ... Just Not Americans
Meanwhile, For Those In The West, Syrian Forces Having More Success
China Voted For UN Sanctions On N. Korea, Now Tells US Time To Talk, Stop Grandstanding
Hmm, Is N. Korea Planning To Launch Missile At Guam To Kill US Navy Snakes?
Canadians! Don't Buy Or Eat This US GMO Salmon
Like An Untrained Dog, Uncle Sam Takes A 20,000 Ton Toxic Metal Dump In NW US Waters & Just About Everywhere
US Military Does This Everywhere Else In The World, Why Not At Home?
From The "Getting Too Big For Their Britches" Dept: First Google, Now Amazon, Buy Local
US: The Zionist Empire Of Lies And Lawless Wars
On The Street In Hollywood: Are You Smarter Than A Congresswoman? Americans Agree With Military Action Against N. Korea, But Can't Find It On A Map, Picked Canada, India, Vietnam, Middle East, Europe
Big Pharma "Vaxxed" MMR Vaccine Does Raise Risk Of Autism
The Google Goolag, Diversify To Other Search Engines Like DuckDuckGo
Go To DuckDuckGo
"Ministry Of Truth" Google's Stealth Censorship ... Time To Move To Other Search Engines
US Gets First Place In International Poll: Greatest Threat To World Peace ... N. Korea, Iran Tie With Israel
First The US Backed Coup In Land Of Nu, Now A Military Base For Belligerent US
Anti-Semitism Or Just Old Fashioned International Law Breaking?
Too Late, Sanctions Will Impact EU
Speaking Of Voter Fraud, Illegal Influence In The US Prez Election, Wannabe Its Own Country California
The Seth Rich Murder, DNC Email Leaks And Persons Of Interest
US Congress Enabling Russia To Be More Independent And Self-Reliant
Irrelevant NYT Downward Spiral Continues In Its Lack Of Professionalism and Credibility
Is NYT About To Get Its "CNN Moment?"
Penny Wise, Pound Foolish Congress Puts US In Check To Grandmaster Putin: Threat Not Nukes Or Election Influence, But US Petrodollar Independence, Weakening Economic Sanctions Impact For Everyone
9/11 Allowed US To Keep Lid On Pandora's Petrodollar Box: Why Iraq Was Attacked, Not Saudi Arabia
The Petrodollar Is Uncle Sam's Hand Firmly On The Cojones Of The World's Oil Supply, 1973 Oil Crisis
Preparing For Collapse Of The Petrodollar
Petrodollar Collapse, Part 2
Petrodollar Collapse, Part 3
The Stupid US Sanctions Mistake
Video: US Sanctions, Russia, China, N. Korea
Most EU "Immigrants" Not Refugees From Syria, Middle East
AG Lynch-Clinton Emails ... FBI's Comey Said They Didn't Exist
Multibillion Dollar US Global Corporate Media Attacks Trump Claims He Gave Up On "Free Media"
Make Music Not War
Israel In Shadows Pushing US 2 Front Hot War Iran And N. Korea?
Premeditated?: Clinton Campaign Officials Deliberately Shied Away From Meeting With Russian Ambassador
Monsanto Caught Retracting Scientific Journal Article, Ghost-Writing Article
The Amazing Story Of Wasserman-Awan-Democrats In US Congress
No Surprise From The Usual Cast Of Neocons
Why US Keeps Hands Off Venezuela's Oil ...
... But Not Its Elected President
Mueller: No Grand Jury
US Special Counsel Mueller Closed Grand Jury Investigation Of Clinton Corruption In 2005
US Special Counsel Mueller Should Read Hersh's Report: Seth Rich Leaked DNC Emails, No Russiagate
Hey Germany, Better Get All Your Gold Out Of US And UK
Why Do We Doubt That CIAmazon Post Bezos Won't Be Joining Assange For Doing The Same Thing?
Xi's Push To Modernized China's Military
Clinton Emails More Than Smoking Gun In Pay For Play Scheme
What Would Make Us Think The US Sanction Congress Can See Beyond Their Noses?
Nothing Says Corrupt US More Than A Multimillion Dollar Book Deal
Janus Trump Shows His Real Face Says Russian Lawmaker
Signs Of Decline: US War-Minded Congress Doubling Down For Military-Industrial Complex, Not Healthcare, Jobs
This Flying CIA Elephant Can Control Your Webcam
Bigoted "Snowflake" Professors Can't Keep Their Politics Out Of Music
New US Sanctions Could Provoke Historical Tipping Point If EU Has The Will To Stand Up For Its Economic Sovereignty
Balfour Declaration: Anti-Semitic Zionists Exploit Jews, And How Their Zionist "Jewish" State Came To Be
House Of Cards: Mass "Russiagate" Media Ignores Hersh's Story Seth Rich Was DNC LEAKER
Canada's Saudi Arms Dilemma: Money Or Human Rights?
So Don't Sign It, Donald, Should Have Used The Pocket Veto Rather Than Sign Unconstitutional Bill
Article 1, Section 7, Clause 2, Pocket Veto
From The "Cake And Eat It Too" Dept: Trump And I Are Unhappy: Actions Speak Louder T-Rex As Prez Signs Sanctions Bill
Video: What Does N. Korea Want?
The Roman Pedophile Church, Another Priest Caught
Big Brother Gets Under Their Skin
Russian Aggression: A Short History ... Read All The Way To The End
Oslo's Political Hysteria In Stark Contrast To Norwegians Living On Russian Border
For US Senator It's Nothing Or Total Nuclear WW3 ... Let's Just Destroy N. Korea
T-Rex To N. Korea, "We're Not Your Enemy" ... What Are They Feeding Him At State? 
Hypocrisy And Arrogance: US Pilot, Illegally In Syrian Airspace Shoots Down Syrian Jet Defending Its Country, Says He's Justified ... So Syrian [Russian, Chinese, Iranian] Jet In US Airspace Shooting Down US Jet Over US Okay Too?
As US Unipolar Dominance Is Dissolving, How Desperate Will US Actions Become?
For A Country Manically Concerned About Foreign Meddling, US Sets Hypocritical Record
Videos: Tankety-Tank-Tank
Said The IMF Spider To The Ukrainian Fly
IMF Sinks Hooks Into Iraq
Canada Warns Citizens About Heading South Of The Border, US Police Banditos Already Stolen $2.5 Billion
Apples Still Falling Close To The US Tree About 30 Years On
Canada Probes Reports Of Their Weapons Used On Saudi Civilians Rather Than Yemenis As Intended
Tactics Change, Goals Don't: Why The Sudden Change Of Policy By US In Syria?
CIAmazon Post Reveals No Real Internal Uprising In Syria ... Pipeline War Fed By West And Its Allies
Who Knew That Asia, Eurasia, Middle East And Europe Were The Swamp?
Gitmo Torture Duo Set To Go To Trial
From The "Money Talks And BS Walks" Dept: Trump Closes CIA Syrian Money Pit, US "Moderate Rebels" Join Assad
From The Land Of Nu: The Upside Down Doublespeak World View Of The US That No One Else Is Buying
... Certainly Not China
83% Of Germans Better At Foreign Policy Than US Congress
Russia Does Get It That US Doesn't Want Better Relations, Seeks To Provoke On Way To World Hegemony
Russia Has Lots Of Options To Sanction US
Germany Economy Minister Says Same Thing As Russia, New US Sanctions Violate International Law, What's New?
What A Coincidence! Pentagon Links Nuclear N. Korea With Non-Nuclear Iran, 2 Non-Members Of US Central Banking System
N. Korea (10 Nukes) Exaggerated "Threat": Not Member Of US Central Banking System Or Missiles At Issue?
Big Lie Du Jour
Megyn Kelly Delivers Knockout Blow ... TKO'd In 8th Round
If You Are What You Eat, Then It's Chicken McYuck!
US Coup Ukraine Policy: Still Provocation Towards Russia
Make Music Not War
Video: New Silk Road Hot Spots
Video: The Roiling Pot That Is The Middle East
From The "Too Poorly Managed To Fail" Dept: EU Banks, It's Your Money Unless You Deposit It
Hey Idiots, It's A Privilege Not To Be Stupid
US Looking For A Way Out Of The Nuke Treaty While Blaming Iran, Who Isn't A Member Of US Central Banking System
Despite Deliberate Provocations In S. China Sea, S. Korea, US Never At Fault, Always Blames Others
Middle East Refugees Changing Europe
Pinpoint US Coalition Attack Blasts Another Hospital
Lunatics On The Hill: "God First Makes Mad Those He Wishes To Destroy ... This (US) Congress Is Mad"
Carthage And Rome: A Little History
T-Rex Lies To Americans ... It's All About US Oil-Gas Hegemony, Yet Former Exxon Chief Can't Admit It
Both Democrats And Republicans In US Congress Now In The Business Of Making Mucking Up Foreign Policy
EU Top Economic Officials Vow "Possibility Of Counter-Sanctions" On US, Lift EU Russia Sanctions, Trade War?
Life In Jupiter's France
What Does Awan Know About The DNC That Wasserman Was Going To Pay Him Even When He Lived In Pakistan?
Black Hole Gravitational Pull On The Three Dots ... DNC Wasserman, IT Awan And Insider Rich?
US Special Prosecutor Investigating "Russia Collusion" Colluded With Hillary, Russia
Globalist Racist Hoax: How To Combat "White Privilege" In K-12, You Know, Those White Guys Who Invented Those "White" Things, Computers, Cell Phones, The Internet, Television, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Airplanes, Cars, Discovered DNA, Cure For Polio, Those Privileged Guys
From The "Money Where the Mouth Is" Dept: Surely All Those Spare Bedrooms Could House Some Refugees
Hypocritical And Warped US Congress: Iran Launching Satellite Into Orbit Threatens US Democracy (?), Yet Can't Get US Astronauts To Space Station Without Russian Rockets 
What Happened? DNC Wassermangate Gets Worse ... Muslim Brotherhood Link
Neoliberal Globalization: Plunder The Earth, Plunder Nations, Plunder The People
Duh, Ambassador, What Did You Expect ... Bowing And Groveling?
Russia Finally Calls Out Moronic US Congress Over Their New Sanctions, Waiting To Hear From EU
Going To Gitmo: Will Deep State Shenanigns Force Trump Into Counteroffensive: Name Them All Enemy Combatants?
Why Do European Governments Protect Muslim's From Press Coverage?
Russia Suspends Use OF US Embassy Property In Moscow, Reduce Staff Levels
New US Congressional Sanctions "The Policy Of Morons," Pushing The US Dollar Over The Cliff
Russia Syria Sign Deal Allowing Russia To Stay In Syria For 49 Years
Asteroid Misses Earth, But Not By Much
Horribilus Senatorium Dementium ... And Yet They Keep Getting Elected
From The "Add One More To The List" Dept: CIA Admits Seeking To Overthrow (#38) Venezuela's Elected Government
Now There's A Surprise: US Democrats' Huge Scandal That Is Invisisble To Mass Media
US Billionaire Senator [D-CT] Wants To Send $500 Mil Of Taxpayer Money To Ukraine
Why Is EU Deep State So Desperate For Middle East Muslim Refugees In Catholic Europe?
Israel's Gofer, US Congress, More In Tune With Israel Than President ... Illegal To Boycott Israel, US Okay
New Russian Envoy To UN "Capable Of Taking A Blow" ... From US UN Envoy?
Gov't Jobs That Pay Really Well, Allows You To Own Rare Metal Company That Mines Lithium
Fawlty Logic: Pig Poop And Alcohol- US Energy Secretary Perry Pranked, Admits US Out To Thwart Russia Nord Stream 2 As "It Limits EU Energy Options," But More Costly US LNG In Its Place Will Add Options?
Low Hanging Fruit Not Always Best For Long Term Economic Health As EU Discovers
Video: Sanctions War, Economic Competition, US Oil Hegemony And EU's Economic Sovereignty
Deja Vu 1973: EU:US Trade War Talk Over Oil/Gas Re-emerges
US Using Political Tool For Economic Advantage At Expense Of EU
EU: Downward Dog Or Guard Dog With US Sanctions?
EU Squealing Now That Violation Of International Law Affects Them Rather Than Syria
From The "Living In A Glass House" Dept: US Military Always Quick To Point To Int'l Law When It Suits Them, But Silent On Military Invasion And Illegal Occupation Of Syria
US Continuing Sanctions Escalate The Disastrous Potential For War
Wasserman's IT Fugitive Arrested On Fraud ... Why Still On US Payroll ... Pay To Stay Or Pay Not To Say?
Neo-Nazi Kiev Reverts Back To 1940's With Donetsk
Dysfunctional No Healthcare Reform US Congress Stuck In Rut: More Sanctions On Usual Suspects
EU Blasts New US (Follow The Gas Pipelines) Congress EU Busting Sanctions On Russia
Messing With DNA And The Unknown In Frankenstein's Lab
Nutanyahoo's Israel-Centric Universe
What Is FBI Hiding With The Surveillance Tapes Of The Weapons Theft In Seth Rich Case?
FBI Altered Time Of Weapons Theft, Gave Ready Alibi Of Randomness With Seth Rich Murder ... Somebody Knew?
US "Right" To Violate International Law Not In Their Constitution, Not In UN Charter, So Where Does It Come From?
News Flash: Anyone Who Opposes Neocon's Quest For World Hegemony Is An Adversary By Default Including Trump
US Screws The Land Of Nu, Ukraine, Big Time, So Let Them Eat Coal ... At Triple The Price
At Least One Western Nation Is Cutting Back Its Defense Budget, Mais Le Général, Bien, Il Est Très Malheureux
Canada Following Along In "Mighty To Save" Big Brother's Footsteps
Video: What Happened To The 9/11 Passengers?
America Land Of The Freedom Of Speech ... Not Always
Like Afghanistan, Trump [Neocons] Returning To Past Failed Policies With Iran ... Expecting Different Results, Are We?
The Big Lie: Why DNC Won't Turn Over Its Servers To FBI: DNCgate Was An Insider LEAK, Not A Russiagate Hack
Russia's Unique Urban Terminator-2 Enters Syrian War
US 'Sledgehammer Precision' In Liberation Of Mosul
US Doesn't Like Iran Pointing Out The Obvious
Sanctionman II: Yeah, Iran In Compliance With Nuke Deal, But We Don't Like Them, So More Sanctions From ISIS Funder US
EU Poodle's Higher Cost Of Sanctions: 100 Billion Euros, And Loss Of Russian Business Trust

From The "All Bark And No Bite" Dept: UN Blasts Israel In Occupied Palestinian Territories
EU? Germany Reaps Billion Euro Benefit At Greece's Expense
The Indentured Class Of 2017: 77% Of UK University Grads Won't Earn Enough To Repay Loans Within 30 Years
The US Student Loan Financial Mess Reminiscent Of 2007-2008 Subprime Mortgage Financial Mess
Video: But Here's What You Get For Your Money ... "Honestly, I Don't Know"
But She Didn't Need A Student Loan
Iowa Professor's Truly Ignorant Racist "In The Eye Of The Beholder" Idea Gets Her 15 Minutes Of Fame Ignominy
Yes, Ancient Greek Marble Statues Were Originally "Colorized," Professor, Like Using A White Canvas For Best Color Rendering, Spilled Coffee On A White Shirt Opposed To A Brown Shirt, Not For "Racist" Statements 2300 Years Later
... Which May Be Why She Never Made It To Harvard
$15 Million For A "Racist" Painting Or "The Supremacy Of Pure Feeling Or Perception In The Pictorial Arts?"
The $15 Million Malevich Painting
Dear Queen Elizabeth, UK Now Genderless, Who's Going To Replace The "Stupid White Man" In All The Ads?
VISA Pushing To Be The Cashless Middle Man ... And Where Does That Leave Those Who Can't Get A Credit Card?
Scriptural Euros Just Like Real Euros, "Created Out Of Thin Air" But Warned Against By Private Bank Of Italy
Similarities US Russiagate And EU Chem Weapons: No Evidence, False Flag Myths To Promote Agenda
A New Country: Malorossiya
Groundhog Day For Stymied US Military In Afghanistan: Lesson Not Learned, Will Increase Troop Levels Once Again
Oh, Another Witness Set To Testify Against Clinton Foundation Commits Suicide By Gunshot To Head
Warped Minds: Saudi OK With Its Yemen Genocide But Freaks Out Over Woman In Skirt Showing Legs
F-35 Snafu Fighter Still Can't Fly Out Of The Woods
N. Korean Nukes: Poison Pill Against US Aggression Unless US Willing To Sacrifice S. Korea
Sanctions On Russia Tied To US Goal Of Pipeline Hegemony
Add To Obama's Murderous Assassin-in-Chief, Gangsta Grand Theft ... Yes, We Stole It, But You Can Buy It Back!?
From The "Make Your Bed And Lie In It" Dept: Hillary And DNC Made Ukraine-DNC Collusion A Bigger Catch-22 Issue Than Russiagate, Now What Will MSM Do With Coverage? What Coverage?
From The "Funny About That" Dept: Nutanyahoo's U-turn On Syria Ceasefire As Assad Invited Russian Troops Arrive To Negate Potential Israel Violations
Israel Moves To Consolidate Its Control Over All Jerusalem In Defiance of International Law
Clinton DNC Chairperson Wasserman's Continuing Criminal Computer Hacking Investigation
Soros An Enemy Of The State
Video: The Curse Of The Straw Men ... US Mass Media Drivel Dribble Blowback
Transcript: Tucker Carlson's Interview With Pseudo-Moralistic, Name-calling Pigeonholer, "Dr. Strangeglove"
Make Music Not War
While MSM Beats Hillary's Dead Russian Election Horse, They Ignore Her Live Ukrainian Election Meddling Horse
Pentagon Seeking US Congress Political Cover To Build More "Temporary Until The Oil Is Depleted From Under The Sand" Military Bases In Syria, Iraq To Protect Their Pipeline Routes To EU
France's Jupiter Saying US Can Get Its Pipeline From Saudi To EU Through A US Controlled Iraq Or Syria Partition?
Trade Better Than War: China, Jupiter's France To Develop South Pars Gas Field In Iran's Persian Gulf
Jupiter's Neocon Coup Against French Legislature And Its Citizens
Nutanyahoo Sicko Not Subtle: Israel's New Tourist Attraction Shoot "Palestinian Terrorists," Yet Imagine The Outcry If, For Example, Texas Had A "Shoot The Zionists" Or "Shoot The Illegal Aliens" Tourist Attraction
The West's Bunyanesque Supply Of Ignorance And Propagandized Fear Towards Russia
US Six Who Should Be Investigated For Their Ukrainain Ties
The Giant Stupid Mess That Is The Land Of Nu
Ukraine: US Made Leper Shunned By EU
US Moving To Control All Gas Flow To Vassal EU, Kiev-US Offers Alternative Pipeline To Russia's Nordstream-2, But Where Will Kiev Get All That Gas?
US Long On Accusations And Narrative, But Always Short On Hard Evidence
Kill The Cash And End Up In Bankster Prison Or Back To Barter
Hmm, Is Pope Sending Message To US Democratic Party?
Who Is This Anti-Trump Russian Lawyer?
Amazon Gets Unfair Market Advantage From US Taxpayers
Russian Lawyer's Translator At Trump Jr. Meeting Was Part-time Obama State Dept. Contractor
What's With NATO's Pro-Nazi Glorification Film?
Sharia Law In Chicago?
About Meddling In Elections: Putin Drained The Yeltsin-Clinton Swamp
Freedom Of Information Held Hostage By Politics At US Federal Election Commission
Video: FEC Chairperson Has Taken At Least 30 Trips Paid With Money From Foreign Governments Et Al
Russian Lawyer A "Useful Idiot" Or "US Gov't Spy?"
Former Democrat Congressman Hired By, Worked As Foreign Agent For Visa-less Russian Lawyer
Russian Lawyer Plot Thickens Some More: Obama DOJ Granted Rare, Special Entrance To US
Appears It Was Obama And Russians Attempting To Influence Election Campaign Against Trump
DNC Not A Hack, But Someone With Access Downloading To USB 07/05/2016, 5 Days Before Seth Rich
James Bond Of The Future: Storing Movie/Intel In DNA
US Hypocrisy: Fire Bombs With White Phosphorous
And How Is That Pipeline Getting From Israel To Turkey ... Under The Med Or Through Iraq Or Syria?
From The "Too Much Oil Under The Sand" Dept: They May Check Out, But They Never Leave
Trumpfather: Just Reimbursing Ourselves After Saving You From The Terrorists We Funded, Capisce
Powell's Test Tube WMD Redux ... Well, It Worked The First Time
Obama's Ambassador To Russia And The Russian Lawyer, Not Associated With Kremlin, But White House
Anti-Trump John McCain And The Russian Lawyer

Trump Jr/Russian Lawyer Contuberary (A Thickening Plot From Which A Dubious Desired Result Emerges) Blowback?
Video: Winds Of Change: Liberation-Marxist Roman Church Theology ... Gay Pedophilia, One World Agenda
US-50 Bigger Than MS-13
Video: Libyan National Army Spokesperson Hillary/Obama Colluded With Libyan Terrorists
Obama And Hillary's Benghazi Lies
Obama's Ukraine Lies
All The Lies That Are Fit To Print NYT Persists With Ukraine
CNN's Ticket Booked On A One Way Flight To Outta Here?
T-Rex Says US Should Determine Syria's Future, Putin Says That Right Is Reserved For Syrians
China's First Foreign Military Base
Entangling Alliances + Military + Profits = Wars ... CIAmazon Makes "Its Profits From Government Not Retail"
Jupiter Says ... Africa's Problem Is Too Many Kids, Not Western Companies Exploiting Their Resources
Blood Lust Cost Hillary The Election?
The Never Ending Election Cycle: US Congress Shilling For Dollars 30 Hours A Week
Video: After 1,379 Days, Unfit To Print The News NYT Issues Correction
China Moves To Ban Individual VPN Access
Kushner's Quest For A $500 Million Qatari Loan To Salvage 666 5th Avenue Is Turning Into A Clintonesque Contuberary (A Thickening Plot From Which A Dubious Desired Result Emerges)
Why Does US Do Business With State Sponsors Of Terrorists, And Sanction Those Who Oppose Same Terrorists?
Murray Reiterates: DNC Emails Were LEAKED Not Hacked
China Set To Help Rebuild Syria
UK Court: Accessory To Saudi War Crimes Legal
UK Swallows The Saudi Camel While Straining At The Anti-Terrorist Gnat
Hungarian PM Orban Hits The Nail On The Head With EU Refugees
Oopsy: US State Dept. Slams Moscow For Not Helping People Of Kitezh, A Mythical Town That Doesn't Exist
China's "Unhackable" Commercial Quantum Computer Network Goes Online Next Month ... Consumer Version?
The Russia-US-Jordan (Israel?) Ceasefire
From The "Sorry Charlie" Dept: Prince Charles Missed On His 96 Month Prophecy
China's Combustible Ice, Methane Hydrate, Record Haul
Israel Machine Gun Drones For Use In Crowded Civilian Areas ... Hmm, Would That Be In Tel Aviv Or Palestinian Areas?
Make Music Not War
NATO Feeding Off Its Own Paranoia: Just Pull Back From Russia's Border And Calm Down
A Message From A Secular Syrian To The American People
UN Confirmed US Backed Terrorists In Syria Used Chem Weapons
Nikki "CNN Of The UN" Haley: Still Beating Hillary's Invisible Dead Horse, What "Everybody Knows" Is That She's Being Played For A Fool
Pope To Sell All Church Gold, Assets And Give To Migrants, Poor, The Weak  ... Just Kidding
Cardinal Rules: Gay Sex Orgy In Vatican
What Do Yugoslavia, Libya And Syria Have In Common?
US At War 220 Of Its 241 Years
Say What T-Rex? Syria Can't Claim It's Territory "Illegimately" While US Is There In Violation Of All International Law?
Another Neocon Clone From The Land Of Nu Goes To Ukraine
MSNBC Tagging Along After NYT, CNN: Maddow's Much Ado About Nothing "Scoop" Dollar Short And Two Days Late
Video: Impeachmentitis And The Globalcrats Vs. Democracy
Jupiter In The House Of The Setting Sun?
From The "Are You Smarter Than A Third Grader?" Dept: DO NOT TOUCH
Sinking NYT Follows CNN: Dubious Story With Questionable Timing Cites Anonymous Sources Blaming Guess Who?
Elmer "NYT" Fudd: Reporting Fairy Tales As News ... Now Iran, Not Saudis, Did 9/11, Whose Next Goldilocks, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck? When Are They Going To Get It? Not Buying What They're Selling
Dear Donald: In The World Of International Relations, You Are The Apprentice
Is There No One Inside CNN With A Clue About The Outside World?
Very, Very Bad: Azerbaijan Uses Diplomatic Cover To Deliver Arms To Terrorists
Trump: "Very, Very Bad Behavior" Oh, You Mean N. Korea, Not US In Syria, Which Would Be Very, Very, Very ...
Having Perfected The Means To Regime Change 37 Times Since End Of WW2, Are These Means Being Used In US?
US Unipolar World Is Disappearing ... What Has US Done In These 26 Years Besides ME Wars And Regime Change?
Putin-Xi Press Statements Following Talks
White Helmet Theatre Presents Skulduggery ... Starring Duplicity Jones And Dick Shenanigans
While West Focuses On Russia + Syria, China Walks Into Heart Of Europe
But Why? Germany Has Been Refugees Most Vocal Advocate And Friend
Even Gates Says Enough Already
Just When We Thought Politicians Couldn't Get Weirder: Macron Sees Himself Ruling France Like A God ... Or Like A Planet Far Away From The Sun?
Trump's Playing With Fire In Syria
CNN Abandons Low Road For Gutter: "Squeals Like A Stuck Pig," Goes Evil Snowflake When It Hits Home
Not Nice People: Israel Destroys Palestinian's Houses, Then Turns Around To Sue Families Of Those That Attack Them
Israel Acting Like Those They Villified From WW2, Kidnaps 24 Palestinians Including Women, Children
Ukrainian Firm Suspected In Latest Global Cyber Attack
Russia-China's Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Stronger Than Ever
China's Xi: "The Outer World Is Turbulent," Putin: Russia-China To Coordinate Foreign Policy
Xi On Shared Goals With Russia
Message To Trump Ahead Of G20: Russia Awards Highest Honour To China's Xi On 4th Of July
If Russia Meddled In The US, As The US Did In Iran, It Would Be WW3
How To Solve The Kiev Crisis American Style ... After All, They Created The Mess
Another Groundhog Day In America
Beijing Night Documentary To Air For 52 Weeks On German TV 
Future Population Growth Of Japan Not Looking Good As Sex Dolls Gain In Popularity
UK PM May[be] Not Releasing Report On British Funding Of Terrorist Groups
Talmud "Even The Best Of The Goyim Should All Be Killed (Soferim 15, Rule 10)," Israeli Rabbi Asks West Bank Settlers To Poison Palestinian's Water
Quotes From The Talmud
US BFF Israel State Sponsor Of Terrorists: Pays al-Qaeda Salaries
Dear US Congress: You Keep Feeding The Intel Monster, Now Time To Defund It
Chess Master And Marbles Man: Don't Expect Much From Putin-Trump Meet
What Was The Big Stink US Democrats Raised About Private Citizens Meeting With Foreign Leaders?
Vietnam Redux: Mass Media In Bedded With US Military
False Flag Chem Attack By US Excuse To Stop Syrian Army Advances Against Proxy Pipeline Terrorists a la Israel
When Will US Produce The Modus Operandi False Flag Gas Attack In Syria To Blame Assad Because Its Terrorists Are Losing The Pipeline War? Videos As Real As Trump's CNN Wrestling Ones
Israel Siding With Terrorists In Golan Heights, Syria While BFF Trump Boasting About Defeating Same Terrorists In Iraq
"US Not In Iraq To Seize Anybody's Oil" ... "Saddam Has WMD" ...
General: US Should Stay In Iraq After US ISIS Guys Defeated ... (Because It's Really About The Pipelines, And Iran, Not Terrorism), And General, You Can't Defeat Ideologies With Guns ... Remember Vietnam?
... Even Obama Knew This
Who Is He Warning ... The 1%? Aggressive Globalist Warns About Aggressive Naitonalism
US Makes Big Show Of International Law In South China Sea, Not So Much In Syria
Beware The 4th Of July? US Has No Regard For Anyone's Sovereignty, Looking For Fight With China & N. Korea?
Qatar's 19.5% Stake In Rosneft Causing Problems For Saudis And US
Make Music Not War
Trump Misreads Xi, Angers The Chinese Dragon
Balfour And Britain's Support Of Zionism
Getting Jews To Convert To Atheistic Zionism
Anti-Semitism Is Zionist's Ultimate Weapon
Canada's PM Doesn't Conflate Anti-Zionism With Anti-Semitism
Video: Q&A With Adam Garrie
US Police Kill 598 In First Six Months Of 2017
The US: "Create A False Flag Story, Rail Against It, And When It Doesn't Happen, You Claim Victory" Strategy? No, Just A Postponing
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August 2014, Syria's Chemical Arsenal Fully Destroyed According To US, June 2017, State Dept. Says It Didn't Happen, See 1:02 In Video Link Above, Telling Us US Saved Some To Give To Syrian Terrorists For Use Now?
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