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Summer 2016

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Summer 2016

US Police State Caught Falsifying Charges
US FBI Drops Ball Again
Blair Got Iraq, Cameron Got Libya, May Up Next
Hottest August On Record
What's The Answer Obama? Why Are US Cops Trained To Shoot To Kill Unarmed Citizens On Your Watch?
We Can See Your "Spooky Action At A Distance"
Emailgate: Wiping Evidence?
You Gotta Love That American Spirit
Ocular Convergence Ability Significantly Impaired With Parkinson's Disease
Monsanto's Roundup Glyphosate Is In Your Honey, Honey
The Three Sisty Uglers
Israeli Anti-Palestinian Influence In US Public Universities ... Cancel Course Mid-Semester
The Anti-Palestinian Free Speech Israeli Influence In Canada Too
Soros And The Corporations: Invading, Dividing And Conquering The Christian Herd
From The "How To Break A Ceasefire Agreement" Dept: Pentagon Vs. US State Dept. Vs. Syria
Hey Sweden, Too Late, You've Been Invaded, It's The US War Refugees, Not The Russians
Duplicity And Lies: US And Its Allies Are Terrorists, Domestic And Foreign
GMO Soybeans Require 28% More Herbicides Than Non-GMOs
IRS Scandal Gets Worse
Gnat And The Camel: While NY Has A Bomb, It's US Bombs Away In Yemen
Vietnam Pauses On TPP
American Empire Military Proconsuls
Tidings From The East: China To Get More Active In Syria
Killing The Olympic Legacy: US/WADA's Doping Integrity Really Hypocrisy
CNN's Duplicity ... Making Fox Look Good
Not To Be Left Out ... Wash Post Duplicity
Japan, Inc. Globalist
Polymers: Kryptonite For Superbugs
Beam Me Up, Justin
Leaked: US Airstrike On Syrian Army Intentional
EU Ad Hoc Ethical Committee
ISIS Fall Guy For US Chaos In Middle East
Paranoia Plus: A Dead Pilot In Every Bed?
Runnin' Scared? Obama Pulls Race Card, Black Lives Don't Matter But Black Votes Matter?
Make Music Not War
Promised One Thing, Delivers Another: Obamacare An Economic Mess ... Now About TPP And TTIP
US Trains Syrian Terrorists

US UN Envoy Samantha Powers Blasted
Intentional Or Simply Inept? US Air Strike On Syrian Army During Ceasefire Pushes War Tensions To New Level
TPP & US Congress: Is It The Will Of The People Or Corporations?
"You Shall Live By Your Sword ... "
Russia Seen As Threat, i.e., In The Way Of, US Globalist Aims, Mucking Up Syria's Destruction a la Libya
Facebook Et Al Games: Weapons Of Math Destruction Or What We Will Allow You To See
While US Delerium And Paranoia Over Russia Conflate, Let's Take It To A False Flag Election Extreme
India High Court: Copyright Not A Divine Right
Berlin Rally Against TTIP And CETA
F-35 Snafu Fighters Grounded Over Faulty Wiring
Voting Machine Tampering Not In Favor Of Bernie
The Good Life: Not In The US Of A
US Gov't Admits Vaunted NSA/CIA Outsmarted By "High School Dropout, US Army Wash Out, Low-Level Technician"
Land Of Nu Recipe For Disaster: Add IMF Loans To Your Pot Of Coup, Stir In Corruption, Bring To A Boil
When The Crazy Guy Has A Nuke, That's All You Can Do
Cooperation For Oil Trumps Divisive Sanctions For Norway
WADA Doping Scandal Highlights West's Manipulated Olympic Showing
Perpetual Waste Of War: $5 Trillion and Counting, World Worse Off Now, West Still Not Learning
From The "You Gotta Love It" Dept: Campaigning By De-ceit Of Your Pants On Fire
FOIA Queries About Clinton Emails, Foundation Go Back To 2013
Teflon China
"Bayer Eats Monsanto And We Get Sick" ... Banksters, EU Military, North American Community
UK Ambassador To Saudi Arabia Converts To [Sunni?] Islam
FBI: US Foreign Policy Sparked Terrorism
WADA Leak: More Approved Olympic Dopers
From The "Changing The Subject" Dept: Shouldn't Sen. Warren [D-MA] Be Asking DOJ, FBI Same Questions About HRC Emails?
"Biden For President?" Rarely Coughs, No Fainting, No Pneumonia, Stays Hydrated, Uses Gov't Email Server, 8 Years Experience
CBS News Colin Powell Emails [#2] Report: Bill Still "D**king Bimbos At Home"
Hillary's Email Noose Tightens
MH-17 Update
Parkinson's Freezing
Parkinson's Freeze ... What Is It?
Cough, Dehydration, Fainting, Pneumonia Or Parkinson's? ... They Won't Admit What Disease Hillary Has Because ...
MSM's Election In Your Face Propaganda, Lying Is Ridiculous And Obvious ... Why?
US Pressures EU On Drone Warfare
The Cover-up Continues With Poli Parrots: Bwraack! Power Through, Power Through
WADA's Prejudice Immediately Apparent After Hack ... Why Not Tell Us Which Athletes Take What Drugs If Okay?
Iraq War Architect On Getting Stories Straight
Bayer AG Finally Reaches Deal To Buy Monsanto For $66 Billion
From The "US Plays Marbles, Russia Plays Chess" Dept: That Was The Whole Point Of The Simplistic Tirade ...
Going Rogue: State Department Secs Out Of Control? ... Evading Rule Of Law
Ignorance Is Strength: The Video
US House Oversight Committee Ready To Bring Charges Against Hillary?
Move Over Darwin, Here Comes The Putin Awards ... In 2nd Place, Putin To Shoot Down Santa Over Ukraine, In 1st Place
From The World Of TTIP and TPP: World's Largest Corporations Worth More Than 180 Countries ... And Growing
A Patriot's, Or Queen's, Act? "I Disapprove Of What You Say, But I Will Defend To the Death Your Right To Say It."
Parkinson's Med Info ... Progressive, Gets Worse Over Time
Parkinson's And Fainting
Parkinson's And Fainting 2
Parkinson's And Fainting 3
Oh, It's Neuro-Pneumonia, Resulting From Severe Chronic Duplicity Syndrome
US: Elephant On Steroids
Video: Mullah Gulen-NATO-CIA-Gladio B Mafia
UK PM Darth May-der?
Playing Doubles: US-WADA Olympic Standard
Standard Operating Procedures For US Sec State?
Trouble In Mudville: EU Poodles Biting The Hand That Leads Them
As The Worlds Turns ...
US Asian Pivot Taking On Water: South China Sea Confrontation And TPP, Asia Not Impressed
From The "RU Trying To Start A Race War?" Dept: US Police Shoot Amok, Killing Unarmed Black Man Eating Chicken In Backyard
Cameron Takes "Last Train Out Of Town"
Stingray Manual: How To For Big Bro Police Illegal Spy On Phones
Freedom Of The Press: Zuckerberg-Israeli Government Determine What You Should And Shouldn't See
H-ill-ary's Illness: A Cover-up Labeled As "Conspiracy Theory" By Campaign & Media
Americans Accepting Of Their Party Leader's Lies
Politically Biased Google Manipulates Searches In Favor Of Clinton
In Other Words, Keep Fighting, Excuse It With Self-Defense, And We'll Blame Russia For Truce Violation
Cooking The Poll Numbers
H-ill-ary Nearly Face-Plants After Another Bout Of "Chronic Dehydration" ... Proof Physically Unable To Perform Duties Of Office
Does Hillary Have Parkinson's?
9/11 Profile In Courage: Barbara Lee
Make Music Not War
Brothelbots: What Happens When The Software Crashes Or Gets Hacked Mid ...
Hillary's Deplorable Elitism Showing: "Basket Of Deplorables" ... She Wasn't Referring To Wall Street?
From The "If You Can't Beat Them" Dept: Francois "I'm No Charles Martel" Hollande Tells Catholic France To Embrace Islam
True Knee-Jerk Believers And Their Falling Sky As Reported By "NY 5th Grader" Journalists
9/11 Suspects Norad Responsibility

From The "Actions Vs. Words" Dept: If There Is No Impropriety, Why Not Go? Health?
Hey 99%ers, Get Out Your Checkbooks, Time To Kick In Your $20 Million For Your Candidate
Turkey-US Annex Syria Territory ... Invasion Vs. Vote, Expediency Vs. History
Bavaria, Germany: Enshrine Christian Values In Law
9/11 Suspects White House Knew
Hillary's Pro-War, More War National Security Advisors
Will American Voters Wake Up To Who's Running The US Gov't?
Dr. Ted Noel, M.D.
From The "Ludicrous" Dept. If Hyperlinks Are Copyright Violations, Then Footnotes And Endnotes In Books Must Be Too
71% Doctors Polled Believe Hillary Has Serious Health Issue That Needs Explaining
[Videos] 23 Big Coincidences Tied To 9/11...The Very Long Amazing List Of Deceits And Lies
Meanwhile At The US Paralympic Games ...
... While The US State Dept. Issues Travel Warnings Due To Obama's Policies 
List 40+ US State Dept. Travel Warnings ... Russia Not On List, But Ukraine Is
Jill Stein Spray Paints 'Dozer, Arrest Warrant, Hillary Violates Fed Laws With Classified Docs, Lies Under Oath, Nothing
US Secretly Expands It Special Forces Reach
Big Bro Google's Political Voodoo ... You'll Just Have To Wait Your Turn Republican Voters
9/11 Suspects: Fox In Charge, The Fix Is In
Physicists: Evidence Shows All 3 World Trade Center Buildings Dropped By Controlled Demolition
True Believer Carville Admits Voting Machines Can Be Rigged ... 100 Possible, Then So Is 1000, 10,000, 100,000
NY Times Dumb And Dumber Kremlin Stooges? Bogeyman Putin Got Them Too?
New York Times Resusitates McCarthyism
FBI As A Politcal Operator Of The State Rather Than Rule Of Law Enforcement
Fractionalizing The Voting Machines: Hand Counts Show Different Trends
Rigging The Voting Machines
F-35 Snafu Fighter Creates Norway Money Mess
From The "Ahead Of His Time" Dept: Hark! Sound The Trump-et! Send Out The Call The Concrete Calais Wall
Goldman "Too Big To Fail" Sachs Bans Donations To Trump, But Not To $40 Million Wall Street Hillary ... Any Questions?
The "Too Big To Lose" $40 Million Investment In Hillary

9/11 Tipping Point: Fakery And Lies
Are US Prez Elections Fake Too?
Consumer Mugging By The Felonious "Too Big To Fail" Banks
Syria: A Message From Over There To Over Here
9/11 EPA Lies
Ghosts Of London Blitzkreig British Style?
UK's Menwith Hill: Heart Of Drone Kill Base
France's "Really Explosive" Refugee Mess
Germany's Burka Merkel Keeps Refugees Coming Despite Political Set Back
Norway Goes All In Big Bro
From The "They Finally Figured It Out" Dept: Syrian War Not About ISIS But Pipeline Routes To West ... Iran's Vs. Qatar's
National Security: Time To Cough Up The Truth About Health, Emails As Foreign Nations Could Use Against US?
Larvicide Causing Microcephaly?
Could It Be Pyriproxyfen Or Roundup Rather Than Zika? POEA Ingredient Deadly Effect On Embryonic Cells

Big Brother's Bite Worse Than Mosquitos, Evidence, Again, Of WMD ... Weapon Of Mossy Destruction
US Elections: Hillary Health Concerns, If Nothing, Why Not Get A Full Medical Report Out And Move On?
9/11 Crime Scene Evidence Destroyed, As Were National Standards
From The "Gnat & Camel" Dept: While Illegal Immigrants Flood Across US Border, Big Brother Tries On New Cold War Duds
Labor Day: US Has Labor Profile Of Third World Country
Where's The Democracy? Britain Becoming A Pseudo-Dictatorship Under Big Sister?
FBI Testimony: Hillary Has Brain Injury
Obama: "You Know, When We Bind Ourselves To A Bunch Of International Norms And Rules" ... Like Invading Syria, Libya, Coups
Deflecting The Illegal Email Scandal: Hillary's Parrot Obama Continues Russia Hysteria At G20
Hmmm, Sounds Like A Set-up By Democrat-in-Chief
Philippines Prez Tells US/Obama Don't Tread On Me ... Not Your Colony, You @&$%#@%>
Refugee Blowback Or Payback? Sweden Has Bigger Problems Than Assange
Beware Of Tar Sands Pipelines
Money For Nothing
Watergate Cover-up Vs. Emailgate Cover-up, 40 Years In The Wilderness
Make Music Not War 
A Nation Of Laws Or Lawbreakers?: Rule Of Law Suspended For Clinton, Quid Pro Quo
Dollar Bill: Taxpayer Money Used For Clinton's Private Email Server
Free Speech For Only $2700 A Question
High Theatre And Low Principles
A Country Of Convenience
A Convenient Lie And The Rule Of Law
Dotcom Wars Vs. US, Extradition Livestream
The Leaning Power Of TISA
Monetizing IT Utopia
Confidential: Military Spy Gear For US Police
US Election: Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Spot? So Vote For Another Candidate
Brazil's ForaTemer
CETA Challenged In German Court On Constitutional Grounds
Harper's Canada/EU Trade Deal Same Negative Issues As TTIP ... Empowering Multinational Corps Over Canada
No Change On CETA From Trudeau Government
CETA Review: Environment, Health Problems: Okays Fracking, PCBs, No Ban Pesticides, Binds Munis, etc. P. 107
Catch-22 Flood Damage
The Exceptional Mussolini ... He Said So Himself ... How'd That Turn Out?
Future World: US War And Chaos Vs. East's Peace And Trade
Deja Vu? Hillary's Militaristic "US Exceptionalist" Pitch Reminiscent Of Germany's Supremacy Ideology ... How'd That Turn Out?
Rich Get Richer: Lots More Oil In Russia
Merkel Running For Re-election?
Run And Hide, The Sky Is Falling: US Democratic Party Russian Ghost Madness And Delerium Hits New Level
Hillary Failed DC Bar Exam, Any Of The 551 Who Passed Running For President?
Former Obama Doc: Hillary Needs To Have Her Head Examined
CIA's Conspiracy Theory Not A Conspiracy Theory
US Tells EU Poodles TTIP Deal Not Dead
No Need To Vote: Fed "National Security" Election Chief Says Trump Policies Un-American
No Need To Vote: US Executive Branch Of Gov't [aka Democratic Party] To Take Over Federal Elections ... Say Goodnight, Donald
Oh Look, It Was George "I Can Make US Foreign Policy Too" Soros And His Sidekick Obama Behind The Ukraine Coup After All
Keeping America Safe? Pentagon Employees Used Gov't Credit Cards At Casinos, Strip Clubs
Keeping America Safe? US Military's Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot Maneuvers
Oops, I Forgot About Those Incriminating 30 Benghazi Emails That I Said Were Never Deleted
Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
Former US DARPA Head Now In Ukraine
China's Rule Of Ex Post Facto Law
China's Quantum Satellite Operational
Life Swap: Syrian Refugees Rebuild Detroit, American Refugees Rebuild Aleppo?
Hillary Houdini's Press Conferences ... She's Escaped Them
Trudeau's Canada Joins US With Dirty Syrian Hands
The West's Shameful Mess In Yemen
Mini TTIP: Applexit? Ex Post Facto EU Says Pay $14.5 Billion In Back Taxes Owed Under Irish Deal
Mini TTIP: Apple Corp. Fires Back At EU Commission
Berlin's Bold Anti-TTIP Just Election Hype Or Not?
French/German Elected Officials Seeking Re-election Say No, Italy, Others Say Yes
US Lame Duck Pushing Lame Ducks To Pass TPP
Another New US Snafu Class Navy Ship Breaks Down
The 6000 Sq. Km Reef Hidden Behind The Great Barrier Reef
From The "Do Unto Others" Dept: The Invasion Of Europe
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Hillary 'Scandal' Clinton And The Rothschilds
Elite 1%ers NY Times Lack Of Journalistic Integrity Panders To Reader's Ignorance
High Noon On The Internet: NY Times Calls Out RT, Sputnik
The Shifting Tipping Points Of The Political Landscape
Videos: The British Empire Twerks On
Fallout From 2007-2008, Financial Bank Crisis Ongoing Effects
Meanwhile, Central Bankers Meet In Wyoming
Clinton Foundation "Beholden To Scumbags"
Russia To Establish Military Base, Troops 50 Miles From US Border
Make Music, Not War
From The "Cognitive Dissonance" Dept: US Kerry Can't Admit Criminal Role In Syrian War To His Therapist Lavrov
US Has Stunk Up The Olympics More Than Rio's Raw Sewage
Syrian Army Gains Full Control Of Damascus Suburb
TTIP R.I.P. Too?
Russia Sanctions For Opposing US Backed Coup In Kiev
Google Protects Its Clinton Foundation Investment
The US Hand In The Political Messes Of Rio's Un-Olympic Scoundrels
Shielding Hillary's Influence Peddling? More Than 50% Of Meetings With Outsiders Are Contributors To Clinton Foundation
Political Paranoia Or Mental Health Issues?
US Extra-Legal Police Practices Violate Citizens Constitutional Rights
TPP: Not In Obama's Time
Bill Bombed Iraq To Divert Attention From The Woman He Didn't Have Sex With?
Hillary's Emails: Congress Can't See Them, Tip-Top Secret, Others Without Any Security Clearance On Non-Protected Server Okay
The New Drug On The Block: Fentanyl, El Diablito, 50 Times More Potent Than Heroin
Burka Merkel's EU And Germany To See Increase In Refugees Over Next Few Years
From The "You Deserve A Break Today" Dept: A Big Mac Like You've Never Seen One Before
US Had ISIS Leader In Prison, No Transfer To Gitmo, Let Him Out
Why Did Middle East Tyrants Donate To Clinton Foundation? Why Did They Accept The Money?
Constitutional Cliff Notes: Free Speech No Longer 24/7
Politicians Leary Of Russian Bear, Investors Bullish On Russia
War Birds Of A Feather Do Stick Together
War Birds Of A Feather Do Stick Together 2
Russia's Nord Stream-2 "Bad Deal" For US ... I Mean Europe, Bad Deal For Europe
Saudi Airstrikes Leading Cause Of Yemen Civilian's Deaths
French Ties To Syrian Chemical Attacks
US Public Debt To Reach 77% Of GDP, Almost $20 Trillion
Bizarro World Robin Hood Politics: While Hillary's Left Hand Promoting Debt-Free Education, Bill's Right Hand Took Millions
From The "Caught In The Middle" Dept: Some Like It Hot
Does Anyone Really Know What Turkey Is Up To In Syria Besides Playing Tankety-Tank-Tank?
What Happened To The Rule Of Law? Influence Peddling, Lying Under Oath, Faux Philanthropy, But Nothing Is Done
Maybe Not So Good At Email Scandals, Or Thwarting Terror Attacks, But For Running Kiddie Porn Sites, FBI Is Your Go To
Russian Challenge To Other Paralympians: Come Here For Real Games
Petty Childish Behavior: West Takes Their Olympic "You Can't Play" Ball And Goes Home
Stacking The Deck: Buying More Manipulated Voters For The War Party, Undermining Historical Values Of US
From The "Having Your Cake And Eating It Too" Dept: Bypassing Chain Of Command, US Mercenaries Fighting In Syria
US War Crimes Now The "Normal Deviance"
Lawless US Military Invasion Of Syria, Claims Syrian Territory As Its Own ... Did You Hear The One About Mexico Walks Into Texas?
Brexit Boosts UK Economy, Exports
Church Of England's Pontius Pilate Advice
Health Concerns Not A Conspiracy And Pertinent To US Election
Hillary: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
From The "Yes, We're Totally Nuts" Dept: US Air Force: Syrian Air Force "Foreign Aircraft" In Syria!
Video: US "Upstairs" Gov't In 2001 Hatched Plan To Take Out 7 Countries In 5 Years ... Syria On List
Israel's Vision For An Oil Rich Middle East Set Ablaze In War And Chaos By US, So Who's Their Candidate?
Make Music, Not War
Sec State Clinton Supplied Arms To ISIS When Listed As Terrorist Organization In US, Then Lied Under Oath ... Treason?
Turkey's Incirlik Air Base To Open To Russia?
Neo-con "US Ambassador" Soros Called Shots In Ukraine
Strategic Russia-Iran-Syria Game Changer
Thailand: Tourists-Expats Must Use Traceable SIM Cards
US Turkish Nukes Now In Romania
New British Empire: King Of Unjustified Bulk Data Collection
New Doublespeak Low For US State Dept. Blaming Media For Their Deception
Lochte "I Wasn't Lying To A Certain Extent" Mess: Will US Sanction Brasil? Just Kidding ... Well, Maybe
Disgraced US Swimmers Arrive In US, Minus Tar And Feathers: Video Worth More Than A Thousand Words?
Lochte Travesty: Disgraced Feigen Pays Fine, Swimmers Leave Rio, Lochte Sticks To His Contradicted Story
American Olympic Morality: Lochte Lied, Splits To USA, Abandons Teammates, Gave Brasil The Bad Rap, Tweets About Hair Color
It's America's Bully Actions In The World That Are Isolating It, Not Campaign Rhetoric
From The "Crimea River" Dept: Money Stronger Than Sanctions
Uncle Sam And Janet Evening In Area 51
More Of Israel's Baby Stealing Saga Exposed
Why Is The President Out To Destroy The US Working Class? TPP And The Wall Street Lies That Go With it
And You Think This Is A Good Thing? "The Era Of The Bitch Is Coming"
Video: Soros Hack Reveals Rage, Riot Monger
True ... The US and Merkel Did
Who's Providing Advance Satellite Intel To Terrorists About Russian Airstrikes?
US State Dept. Finger Pointing Camel Swallowers Acting Like The Spoiled Fat Rich Kid Whiner Who Doesn't Get His Way
US Gives ISIS Safe Passage
Trump: US Industry Based In Asia Makes US Vulnerable, Repatriate Those Jobs To US
Lochte: Olympic Dope?
98 Positive Drug Tests At Rio ... With Clean Russian Athletes Banned, Why The Sudden Silence Western Media?
Political Dope At The Olympics
US/Western Olympic Size Political Hypocrisy
Tobacco Lobby Tactics In Place At GMO Monsanto
Holy Hurricanes Batman, Cyclone Only 7 Degrees From North Pole
Yugoslavia: Another Case Study In US Foreign Policy Objectives
Fire The Accounting Dept: Oh, Gee, Who Stole That $6.5 Trillion, 1/3 The National Debt? Oh Well, It's Only Taxpayer Money
Proof Of The End Of The World: Stop The Presses! ... Uh, Stop The Servers! MSM Admits Bias, Clinton Lies
From The "Watch What I Do, Not What I Say" Dept: Clinton Picks TPP/Fracking Advocate To Set Up WH Staff
Russia, Iran, China Expanding Roles In Fighting Terrorists In Syria 
Germany Fluster F**k
China Military To Provide Humanitarian Aid To Syria
Pentagon-Afghanistan Keeps On Failing, And Failing And ...
Postcards From The Land Of Nu: Can We Come Home Now?
Fallout From 2008 Wall Street Snafu Called "Greatest Monetary Policy Experiment" i.e., We Have No Clue What We're Doing
Obama To Push His Globalist Agenda In US Heartland ... No Reversing, Well Except For That Brexit Thing
Oh, And Maybe That Auxit Thing Too
Suing The US Government Over The Rule Of Law
China Orbits First Quantum Communications Satellite
NSA Cyber-Weapons Up For Auction
Big Sis-DNC Jamming Journalist's Communications
Leading US Congressional Republicans Lay Out Case For Charging Clinton With Lying Under Oath ... Up To 5 Years In Prison
From The "Guns Or Butter" Dept: Baltics Gain US Bombs, But Lose Big Income Revenues
IRS Gold Medal Games: Phelps Medals Worth $140,000, Pay Up 55K
UK: Troops Just Cannon Fodder?
US Modus Operandi: Ally Bombs Another Hospital
UN And US Embassy Refused Pleas To Help As US Aid Workers Raped By South Sudan Troops
Hey Christians, Chomsky Says Be Practical And Immoral, Vote For Hillary ... What!?
The Empire's Seedling: Salvation Or Destruction?
A Must Read: America's "Humanitarian" War Against The World
NZ Snafu: We Can't Spy On You But NSA Can
Elder High Net Worth Chinese Shift Focus From Investment To Health Care
Spoken Like A True Elite: German Prez "The People Are The Problem"
From The "Knee Jerk" Dept: Soros Hack ... Already Blaming Putin
Aleppo Propaganda: Western Media's Fairies In White Helmets And Other Trolling Tales From The Press Room
Make Music, Not War
Ethical Icebergs: The Titanic Nature Of The West's Moral Standards
World Is Bigger And Smaller Than We Think
Burka Merkel Urges Integrating More Refugees Into Economy
Hey Canada, Forget The F-35 Snafu Fighter, Russia's PAK FA T-50 One Fifth The Cost And Superior Aircraft
Old News Confirmed: Obama-Clinton Supported "Moderate Terrorists" To Overthrow Assad
Puerto Rico CDC's Experimental Zika Lab
1 In 5 Expected To Have Zika In Puerto Rico
Israel's Dark Decades Of Child Trafficking
Dual Citizen Americans Still Giving Up US Passports
Top Thief In The US? More Than Every Thief And Felon Combined ... It's The Government
Disappointing Sportsmanship From US Women's Olympic Soccer Team After Loss 
Usain Bolt Could Lose 2008 Gold Medal Over Banned Substance
Get Over It Pollyanna, The Olympic Games Are A Product Of Our World, Not Fairy Tales
Political Incorrectness In Rio

While Hillary Stops At Nothing To Win US Election, Trump Appears To Stop At Nothing To Lose It
From The "What's New?" Dept: Controlling Rat Brain And Behavior, Ah, Governments Doing That To Sheep For Decades
The Bigger The Lies, The Bigger The Liar
TPP: The Neo-Con Game Of Capture The Sovereign Flag
Turkey And The Thaw
The Fruits Of Lies And War
Clinton's Pay To Play State Dept., But Who Will Investigate ... FBI, Justice Dept.?
No Justice Dept. Refuses Clinton Foundation Investigation
Methinks Thou Protesteth Too Much: How Far, And Obvious Are The US Democrats Willing To Go To Cover For Hillary?
US Straining at The Gnat, Willing To Forfeit Turkey For Gulen ... Really?
Putting A Lid On Freedom
Burka Merkel's Germany A Muslim Priority Country?
After Failure By West, Russia Forms Regional Alliances, Air Base In Syria
From The "Love Me Or Leave Me" Dept: Erdogan Pushes US To The Wall
Well There's A Surprise: "Clinton News Network" [CNN] Trump Story A Hoax
Will America Vote For More War For The World?
Familiar Cycle: Merkel Increase Refugee Influx, More Terrorist Acts, More State Security Control, Med Docs State Spies
US Military-Industrial-Corporate Complex Needs Russian Bogeyman For Big $$$ Just Like Cold War Days
In Lieu Of An Acceptance Speech, Feeling The Money Burning A Hole In Your Pocket, Bernie?
A Coup In The US Of A? Assassinations?
Birds Of A Feather, And US Terrorists In Argentina
Murdered DNC Staffer Source Of Wiki DNC Emails 20K Reward
Italian Government Link To Clilnton Foundation, Campaign
Russia Foils Ukrainian Terror Plot In Crimea
NATO To Turkey: Your Membership Still Good Even Though We Stood By And Offered You No Help
China Sea Issue: Won't Allow US To Destablize Region a la Middle East, EU, South America
From The "Kill, Kill, Blood, Gore And Guts" Dept: Killary Guy, Ex-CIA Deputy, Kill Russians, Kill Iranians For Opposing Us In Syria
Purveyors Of Perdition: We Came, We Bombed, He Died, They Died, We Bomb Some More, Libya Dies ... "Hahahahahaha"
Innovative Way In Which US Military Delivers Arms To ISIS In Syria ... Abandon Weapons Cache And Run
WADA's Drug Politics Of Rio 2016 ... West's Double Standards?
"Colorful" Philippines Prez Calls Out US Ambassador Goldberg For Meddling, Downhill From There
C3WE Rivers In The Sky
Afghanistan: From Dubya To Obama-Clinton Where 14 Years And $17 Billion Of US Policy Is Failure
Pokeman Go Or Trojan Horse Go?
Advocacy For Terror Acts: Is The FBI Redefining What Makes A Terrorist Organization?
Civil Law Suit: Dubya Vs. Iraqi Mother
Middle Class Still Believing The Big Lie, TPP Et Al
From The "Turnabout Is Fair Play" Dept: Australia's Perpetual Wars = Perpetual Detention, Or Send The Prisoners To England
Angel Of Death As Another One Bites The Dust
If President, Hillary Would Bomb Damascus a la Libya
Damascus A Heap Of Ruins
Life, Chaos And Death In The Transnational Corporate-Banking Era
Is Hillary Suffering From Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, Or What? [Video]
Israel: Who's Destroying Country From Within?
Can World Expect Another US War President?
Birds Of A Feather War Together
Incirlik Base: Dagger In Heart Of Middle East
Hillary, Who Gave 20% US Uranium Production To Russia, Accuses Stein Of Being Russian Agent Too ... HRC Losing It?
Why Are Americans Afraid Of The Other US Woman Prez Candidate?
Former AIPAC: No US Aid To Israel Without Ending Settlements
US Intervention: Failed States, Now Failed Olympic Sportsmanship
Clinton Email Led To Execution Of Iran Nuke Scientist-Spy
China: US-S. Korea Will Pay High Price For THAAD, US War Policy
WADA Fails Political Drug Test
Make Music, Not War
Video: Julian Assange And Hillary Emails, Russian Connections
From The "Snatching Defeat Out Of The Jaws Of Victory" Dept: Why Is NATO's "Greatest Victory" Another Great Failure?
Venezuela-China Joint Venture To Boost Oil Production
The Syrian Red Line US Won't Cross: Humanitarian Aid For Aleppo
US Supporting Syrian Groups Using Chemical Weapons
Transparency At US State Dept.? ... Hahahahahaha
10 Facts About Syria Not Found In US Media
You Mean Like 9/11? US: "One Incident Here And There Would Not Necessarily Make You A Terrorist Group”
Turkey PM: Obama Lies, US Behind Coup, CIA Operatives In Prison, Will Close Nuke Airbase ... US Gov't A Terrorist Group?
Aussie Big Brother: Have Kids Immunized Or Pay $15,000
What Are You Hiding? Americans Detained, Handcuffed, Jailed Then Sent Packing By Israelis
Full Spectrum Dominatrix: Saudis And Israelis Putting On Their Chains And Leather
From British Empire's Horatio Hornblower To UK's Cup o' Joe And A Blow ... 50 Pounds
Got Asthma? Move To An Amish Farm
Russia Warned US About Their "Moderate Rebels" Using Gas Shells on Aleppo
Obama's Nationalization Of Local Police Departments Underway, Chicago, LA, Miami
Pre-Olympic 130 Meter Dash: Saving Toddler From Train
From The "It's Not Polite To Point" Dept: Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Puerto Rico Experimental Zika Lab
Canada Falls Into US Pit Of Barbarity And Ignorance
One Attack, New Anti-Terror Fast Response Police Unit, Still Too Slow
Obama's Working Nukes Decline Very Slowly
Monsanto's Elixir Of Cancer And Death
DNC Strains At The Gnats Of Peace While Swallowing Camels Of Hate And War
UK Financial Crisis Looms As Bank Of England Nods Off
US Globalism At The Intersection Of Brexit And TPP
The Games We Play
US Pivot And Africa Down The Drain
Gaddafi Made Libya Africa's Most Properous Nation, Nobel War Obama, NATO Bombed The S**t Out Of It, Now A Failed State 
Human Rights Watch: Nobel Obama's Military #1 Torturer Of Children
Rule Of Law? Blatantly Biased Obama To Impose US Penalties For Campaign Hack, Not Hillary's State Dept. Emails?
Liar-In-Chief Fires Away As Neocons, Globalists, Wall Street In Panic, What's Next Voting Machine Fraud, Assassination?
The Liar's Club: Corporate Media Journalists
Furious Sheep And A Handful Of Pennies
The Perfumed Princes Of The Pentagon
Libya: The Latest US War Without End
China Aiming To Wipe Out Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya Mossies
The Picture Says It All: Nobel Obama-Clinton-Neocon's Foreign Policy
Seven Humanitarian Corridors Opened In Aleppo
Strange Bedfellows? Clinton Foundation And Russian Military Research
The Predictability Of The West's Corporate Media ... Mongo Says Putin Bad, Wall Street Good, Hillary For President, Ugh
Russia, Syria In Aleppo Humanitarian Operation ... Where's The Americans? ... Oh, They're Just The Demolition Crew
French MP: Tatars In Crimea Better Off Than Russians In Latvia
China's Lunar Probe ... No Water Up There
Hey America, What Are You Waiting For? 3rd Party Not Beholden To Anyone ... Except You
Who’ll Stare Down The Fire, Athena or Narcissus? ... Dr. Jill Will
Make Music, Not War
Empire: From British Ruling The Waves To Lost Rule Of Law
The US And Turkish Coups Over The Decades
French Muslims Refuse To Bury Priest Killer
Obama: Hillary Will Continue Down Same Road ... More War, False Flags, Turmoil
For Example, Military Strikes On Assad
False Flags Fluttering In The Empire's Hot Air
Nuking The Turkey
Trigger-Happy Hillary: No Proof Russia Hacked DNC Just As Assange Has Said
Hand In Glove: TTIP & Sanctions On Russia
Transformed Into The Appearance Of An Angel Of Light
The Neocon World Of Global Disorder And Destruction
Guilt By Association Merkel Not Wanting To Be Seen At The Scene of The Crime ... Time And Time Again
Nyet Means Nyet! American's Still Don't Get It
Turkey And Russia Preparing To Tell US Nyet! On Syria?
Coincidence? 1930s Deja Vu: Germany Increases Security Forces Of The State ... Because Merkel Opened The Door
Okay, Then, Start By Paying LeBron James, Von Miller, Tyler Perry And Obama's Rent
China Russia To Hold Joint Military Drills In South China Sea
Clinton Foundation Gets $145 Million, Russia Gets 20% US Strategic Uranium Production ... Now About Those Emails
Why Is Sweden Swallowing The Refugee Camel While Straining At The Alleged Russian Gnat?
NATO Biggest Threat To Belarus
Open Skies: US Surveillence Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Siberia
Child Psychology: Hillary Changes The Narrative With MSM From Illegal Email To Alleged Russian Hacking
The Domestic War Of The US Police State: 55,000+ Killed Or Wounded By Police In One Year
Western Media Bias Wears Thin In Asia
NSA Hacks And Infects Millions Of Computers Worldwide
The Unprotected Email Server And The Morning-After Anti-Hack Pill ... Putin's The Daddy
Or Maybe NSA Or CYBERCOM Hacked Hillary?
Saudi Forces Burn Houses, Kill Civilians
Sanders Takes His 30 Pieces Of Silver Into The Night
The Puzzling Nature Of Time
Denying US Imperial Hegemony In The South China Sea
Britain Held Responsible For Israeli War Crimes
From The "Let's Flog The Democratic And Civil Liberties Defense Lie One More Time" Dept: West Wants Egypt And Algeria In Libya
The Wealth Of Politics And Favors
Bush-Cheney-Blair Iraq War Began May 20, 2002, Not March 20, 2003
Saudi's Yemen War Continues Amid Losses
From Whence Cometh US Campaign Mentality? Wall To Wall Walls
Putin To Win Pulitzer Prize?
Chechen Leader: US Wars Start In Muslim Countries, ISIS Acts On Orders From West
Questions Arise In Australia Over TPP Provisions
Turkish Daily: US General Behind Failed Coup
Syrian Army Retakes Control Of Strategic Pipeline
What's The Message? Hillary Appoints Discredited Wasserman Schultz As Chair Of Her Campaign
Are The 13 Stars On A US Passport Shaped In A "Jewish" Star Above the American Eagle?
Zionist Star: Symbol Of First Zionist Congress In 1897, Not Jewish
Zionism And Judaism Two Different Things
US Neocons Back Their New World Order War Candidate
Hillary's Strong Record
Hillary Clinton: A Threat To All Humanity?
8 Major China Investments In UK Since Brexit
China Switzerland Strengthen Links
US Led Airstrikes Kill More Civilians Than Nice Attack
China, Asean Reach Understanding On South China Sea
What Price Sovereignty? Has Trudeau Sold Canada To Lockheed For 10,000 Jobs? Time Will Tell
Is Obama Administration Really Behaving This Childishly? Russia Only Invited Outside Party by Syria's Assad
Meanwhile, Fallout From DNC Plot To Undermine Bernie Blamed On Putin As Paranoia Runs Rampant
Make Music, Not War
From The "Dropping The Truth Down The Rabbit Hole" Dept: CIA's Stories Within Stories
Politics Of Perception: Israel And Palestine
Red "Jews," Stalin, Trotsky, et al: Zionism Is Not Sequel Of Judaism
Zionism And Judaism Two Different Things
Jews One Percent Or Less Of World's Semites
Non-Elected Euro Commission Approves Monsanto's GMO Soybean Import ... Shades Of TTIP
ISIS: The $3 Billion A Year US Bogeyman
Air Snafu Canada "Delayed" Flight: 2 Days
France Supports ISIS In Northern Syria, Yet Mourns Domestic Attacks
Syrians To Determine Syria's Future, Not Outsiders
70,000 Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against ISIS
Why Do French Cops Demand Destruction Of Nice Footage?
China Warns US About Meddling In Asean Talks
Kerry: Obama Should Be Removed From Office As He Doesn't Have "Vast Majority" Approval? ... Only 49%, Putin, Assad 80-90%
Bigger Threat Than Zika ... Chagas With Chronic Cardiac Alterations ... 6-7 Million Infected Vs. 1.5 With Zika
Much Worse In Brazil Than Zika ... Leprosy, Dengue Fever, Schistosomiasis, et al, But Rockefeller Foundation Only Has Zika Patent
From The "Follow The Money" Dept: WHO's Global Zika Response Plan $122 Million ...
... Keep Following The Zika Money: But, Obama Asks US Congress For $1.9 Billion!?
Sultan Of Swing Or Turkey In The Straw?

USS Snafu Joins Snafu Class F-35 And GMD Missile Defense System
Tesla's Self-Driving Computerized Battery, i.e., Cars, Trucks And Buses
Silk Road: Connecting China's Dots From East To West
Another Attacker Known To The Government They Couldn't Stop ... Success In Failure?
Wagging The Dog ... No, Really
Russia Intercepted Intel Before Coup, Alerted Erdogan
Saudi Crown Price Major Role In Turkey Coup
Silk Stronger Than Lead For Turkey Or Jockeying For Leverage?
US Navy Caught Using Pirated Software ... Guess They Didn't Read The FBI Warning Label?
Who's Mentally Impaired Here? The One With The Toy Truck Or The Ones With The Assault Rifle?
Why Is US Stirring The Pot With De Facto Illegal Arbitration In South China Sea?
The Space Between: Dark Matter Not Detected
Video: History Of The EU's Colonization By Wall Street, TTIP Final Capstone
War Hawk Hollande Calls For EU Army
French Airstrikes In Syria Kill 120 Civilians
From The "Actions Speak Louder" Dept: Obama "US Not The World's Policeman," But US Navy Chief Says They Are
South China Sea Agreement Possible ... Without US ... Which Is What They Don't Want
US Backed "Moderate" Terrorists Behead 12 Year Old
No GMO Russia World's #1 Wheat Producer/Exporter
Will The Real Turkish Coup Explanation Please Stand Up
Trump's "Back To The Future" But "Too Big To Fail" Doesn't Like It
Same Old Tune In June: The Earth Is Hot, Hot, Hot
28 Pages: An Inside Outside Job? Dubya, Bandar Bush and 9/11
Security For Twin Towers? Dubya's Younger Brother
Italy's Banks A Leaking Hole In EU's Ship Of State
US Military Airstrikes: Terrorist Deaths Always Certain, Civilian Deaths Always Alleged
Open Letter: Why Is US Supporting Foreign Terrorists In Syria?
US Police Forces Military Training By Israel To Blame?
Israel Violates Syrian Airspace Regularly
Syrian Drone Flys over Israel And They Can't Shoot It Down
Follows US Precedent: Beijing Begins Combat Air Patrols Over South China Sea
Quantum Politics: Large Obama Collider Generates Alternative US Realities
EU To Turkey: No On Death Penalty ... Except When Supporting US Wars
The Turkey Triangle: Where Did The Navy Go?
Edinburgh And Gatwick Airports Owned By US Private Equity Firm
The Karma Of "Do Unto Others:" Kill Lists And US Drones In Homeland
Erdogan Coup Attempt Foretold In 2015 ... Just a Dry Run For Something Bigger With US Nukes As Bait?
F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Not Alone, GMD Snafu Class Missile System Joins It
Will US Start Nuclear War Killing 200 Million Americans For Poland, Estonia's Sake? Maybe
Israeli Jets Fire Three Missiles At Intruding Drone ... And Miss
Israel's Anti-Occupation Law
The Shoe On The Other Foot: Turkey Drone Assassination Justified By US Precedent?
Moving The Sheepopulation Into the Arms Of The State
Deja Vu: Manchurian Candidate From Iraq?
The New Negative Yielding Debt Bubble Jumps Up $10 Trillion In 17 Months
Post-Coup Turkey To Make Asian Pivot?
Make Music, Not War
Soft War Is Hot War 1914 Or 2014

Putin Admired As Leader Who Truly Cares For His Country
Erdogan Allowed Coup Attempt To Proceed Knowing It Would Fail, And Strengthen Him
Hillary's Email Case Not A Dead Duck
NATO Chooses Russia As Enemy, ISIS Kills EUers In EU, But No NATO Protection ... Not Interested Or Unable?
Russia Warplanes Pound Terrorists In Aleppo Province
From The "Getting Our Priorities Right" Dept: $70 Million Guaranteed Football Contract For 30 Minutes A Week
Big Brother "Ministry of Truth" Rewrites Recent History
Big Brother "Ministry Of Truth" Part Two
Hey Sweden, It's Called ... Förvisning, aka De-por-ta-tion
France Attack: "It's Only Getting Worse," Time For Change In US Aggression Policies
Big Brother Western Media Shamelessly Panders Myth Of Russian Aggression While Americans Sleep
Birds Of A Feather: Move Over Blair, Here Comes Cheney
Driving Miss Propaganda ... To Nuclear War
From The "Can Anyone Trust The US?" Dept: US Congress Still Messing With Iran
China Dismisses West's Court Of Arbitration Decision About Its Sovereignty
Man Bites Dog ... Middle Eastern Countries Warn Of Travel To US
Russia Taking NATO/US Nuke Threat Seriously
But Russia Has Mountains
Zombie Politics: Will The Real Bernie Please Stand Up ... Oh
Aliens R Us
The Empire's Pantheon Of Generals
What's Going On: Erdogan's Cupid Attitude With Russia, Syria?
The Real Bernie Caves In  ... Well, There's Always The Libertarians
Torture Back On The Table For US-CIA
Health Impacts Of Low Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation
US Congress GMO: Graft Money Organization
Privacy In The Eye Of The Beholder
Damascus Slams West's Hypocrisy Amid Massive Bombings
Philippines Prez: US Imported Terrorism To Middle East
It Lives! The Blob Lurking Off California
Political Weed Legal In Nobel White House? ... Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Russia Cold War, South China Sea
Obama Inciting Conflict Between Philippines And China
NATO Lovefest Ends As Obama Sends Troops And Weapons To Poland
Lockheed Continues Blackmailing Canada Over $200 Million F-35 Snafu Class Fighter
Bahamas Issues US Travel Warning
iBigBro: EU Allows Personal Data Transfer To US
Imperialism And Terrorist Proxies
The Blair Gift: From Iraqi War Lies To Brexit
Western Media Enabling Nuclear War
Make Music, Not War
Former Top NSA Tech Director: Clinton's Emails More Damaging Than Manning, Petraeus, Snowden
US Hegemony And USAID Targets "T Cells"
NATO [Guns] Projecting "Stability" As In Failed States With Russia In Its Sights
What Is The FBI Director Saying ... Clinton Lied With Intent Under Oath?
Gun Control For Citizens, Not Government, Criminals?
Are US Police Trying To Incite Race War?
War, Money And Truth: Who Wins/Loses In Europe? Same For The Past 100 Years, Them/And Us
Palestine: A Jewish Run Concentration Camp?
Meanwhile, There Are Other Candidates For US President
From The "Getting Rich In Government" Dept: Racketeering Charges Against $2 Billion Clinton Foundation
Clinton Foundation Arms Deals: Guess Everyone Knows How This Will Turn Out Too
That Was Fast, Just Like Magic, Case Closed
Federal Penal Code Title 18, Section 793 (f)
Hillary Violation Of Section 793 (f) Federal Penal Code Title 18; Congress Criminalized Mishandling Of Classified Information Through Gross Negligence (Carelessness); 110 Emails Classified At The Time
From The "Political Decision" Dept: FBI In "Flagrant Violation Of Justice Department Regulations"
Pentagon Preps For Zombie Pandemic ... When Those "Vaccines" Kick In?
Washington Obsessed With Secrecy ... Until One Of Its Favored Messes Up
Goodbye USA, Hello NEA, New Elite America: Banks Too Big To Fail, Big Bank Candidates Too Big To Indict
On The Record: Do Americans Want An "Extremely Careless" Pro-War Person With Finger On The Nuke Button?
And There Is Still The Matter Of The Alleged Clinton Foundation Illegalities
How Blatant Can Political Rigging Get In The US?

Chilcot Report: Blair Went To War Before Other Options Taken
5 Key Points From Chilcot Report
First Hand Report From Robert Fisk In Syria, Results Of Blair's Actions
Blair & Bush: They Wanted The WMD Lies Because They Wanted The War
Jack Straw Breaking Iraq's Back?
TPP: To Protect Profits Not Trade
Given Recent Performances, No Surprise From FBI: No Charges For 'Future Boss'
Chicken Hawks? Lead Men In War, But Run Away From An Interview?
Hillary's Iraq War Emails, Private Server Not The Issue, It's What Clinton Did With Classified Emails ... Delete
GMOs Not Going Away, Just New Names: Monsanto-Bayer AG; Syngenta-ChemChina
Will State-Owned ChemChina Open China To GMOs Or Follow Russia's Non-GMO Example?
GMOs And The "Not-So-Noble" Nobel's Rockefeller Fertilizer, Going Back To 1930's Germany
Putin: GMO Organizations Are Terrorists
If We Must 'Never Forget,' Then We Must Always Learn
Does Trump Get Equal Time On Public Conveyance Air Force One?
Saudi Arabia's Arab Spring Coming Home To Roost?
From The Keystone Cops File: FBI Doesn't Have Clinton's 30,000 Deleted Emails But Putin Does?
Iceland's Elections: Giving Power To The Powerless To Monitor The Powerful
Exit Du Jour: California
Security Phone Tips For Everyone
Who Thought Gun Control Could Be This Much Fun
Well That Didn't Take Long, Canadian Foreign Policy A US "Cut And Paste" Job
From The "Who's In Charge" Dept: Canada-EU (CETA) As Bad As TTIP? National Parliaments Have No Say
China's New Internet Regs Would Implode Western "News" Media
Bill: I Didn't Talk FBI Probe With That Woman
France Presidential Candidates Want Frexit
Make Music, Not War
Is Pointing Out Jewish Influence In Political Campaign "Anti-Semitic?"
Tail Wagging The Dog
You Say Anti-Semitic, I Say Anti-Zionist
Zionism And Judiasm Two Different Things

DNC, Wasserman Schultz Sued For Rigging Party Nominee Process
Rio's Other Olympics: Brazil's Coup D'etat To Become Coup De Grace For US Backed Takeover?
Hacked Emails Show US NATO General Wanted War With Russia Over Ukraine
Same Mossy As Zika, 2014- 800,000 Cases Chikungunya, No Hysteria, No Virus Patent Owner Either
Move Over Godzilla, Zika Hysteria: Follow The Money To Rockefeller Foundation Patent
Let's Get Hysterical! Aedes Egypti Mossy [Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya] In Birdbath, PS Change The Water, Put Some Chlorine In It
Zika Time ... South American Countries With Zika Outbreaks Record No Microcephaly
Surprise: Rockefeller Foundation Owns Patent On Zika Virus
Doctors Say Zika Epidemic Threat A Fraud ... Blaming The Mossies Rather Than Chem Companies
Zika: Never Thought Of As Severe Disease Until Now ... Unlike Ebola, Most People Won't Know They Have It, Complications Rare
Rockefeller Foundation (Owners Of Zika Virus Patent) Genetic Manipulation Program Hit By No Vote
US Imperial Proxies In South China Sea
After Brexit, Who's Next? The List Is Long
Another Year Of Despair, Austerity In Greece
UK PM Candidate Vision For UK Union
US "Moderate" Terrorists Attack UN Convoy
British Gun Control
US Government: This Is The World We Created For You
US Not Offically At War In Any Country, Only US Congress Can Do That, Drone Numbers Please
Dead Brexit Walking
Istanbul Attack Mastermind Granted Asylum In EU Before Attacks
First Time: North American Jet Stream Crosses Equator Mixes With South American Stream, Weather Chaos
From The "And We Thought Climate Change Was Important Stuff" Dept: Swift's Romantic Getaway Wardrobe
Mr. Bill: All Rules Of Law Out The Window For The Clintons?
Elite Circling Wagons Around Clinton
Hillary Called Out As A Liar Over Benghazi Deaths
Encryption Numbers Down, Not Up, For US Agencies Wiretapping
US Drone Casualty Numbers Coming In Weeks ... Months Ago
By Definition US Supreme Court Eliminates Political Corruption
Mr. Bill: All Rules Of Law Out The Window For The Clintons?
New Fail For US Proxy Army In Syria
Orlando Shooting Report: No One Died Until FBI Entered Building ... Time For Obama To Act?
Russia To Protect Its Borders With AI
US Policeman In Africa
Scotland Hits Wall With EU ... Blew Their Chance To Exit UK
Apology, Smology, Will Erdogan Close Border To ISIS, Arms Traffic, Their Stolen Oil And Stop Bombing Kurds In Syria?
Sans Hesitation Brexit Irrreversible: Merkel Top Poodle Now, EU Leaders Secretly Gleeful?
Bankrupt Kiev Still Shelling Donetsk, Lugansk
Intense Street Battles In Darayya, South Of Damascus
Harvesting Methane Hydrate In South China Sea
China's Advance In Scientific Fields
The Case Against Peace
Russian Military Tech Works With Civilian Sector Industry
German Politicians, Activists Accuse Erdogan Of War Crimes
US State Colorado Overturns Local Ban On Fracking
Globalist Or Patriot Hacker?
Brexit Farage Mocks EU Parliament ... Not Laughing Now Are You?
Soviet EU: "One Army Commanded By Unelected Commissars.”
Made In China Commercial Jet Begins Operation
Scotland Out Of UK For EU?
Looks Like Iceland Has Their Act Together
Can FBI Get Anything Right These Days?
Brexit Whiners: Not Time To Ask What EU Can Do For Your Country, But What You Can Do For Your Country
Beware Of Enemies Bearing Bulls**t
Lockheed's F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Hits Another Snag
1945 Nazi Crackdown, Bretton Woods And The Federal Reserve
Obama Cairo Speech: New Beginning ... Of The End In Disaster
Syria: How Much Do US Armchair Neocons Care About Ordinary People?
Of Course, Moscow Has Had It's Eyes On Iceland Since, What ... 1232?
US Gun Control: CIA Purchased Weapons End Up On Black Market
Example Of Elite's Disconnect From The Streets
Not Exactly The K-I-S-S School Of Economics
Make Music, Not War ... It's The Dream Afraid Of Waking That Never Takes The Chance
French PM, Le Grand Non To TTIP
China, Russia Creating Alternative World Paradigm
Birds Of A Feather Normalize Ties
New Panama Canal Opens
One EU Reaction To Brexit: Let's Form Our Own Army
China's AIIB Ready To Soothe Brexit Fallout
From The "It's Not My Fault" Dept: Brexit Proof Of Insularity And Failure Of Western Elite's Institutions
Self-Serving London Elites Don't Like Democracy When It Doesn't Work For Them ... Want London To Leave UK
Elite Spoiled Brats Really Sore Over Brexit Vote
The Big Question: What Will 'EU Out' Look Like?
It's A Place Where The Central Bank Cartel Won't Finance Government Deficits, Welcome To ... The Eurozone
Obama Legacy: The President Who Busted Up The EU
Brexit Good News Iceland, Norway, EEA
EU The Jilted Lover: Get Out Of My Sight Now!
And What Of The TTIP?
Cameron's Claim Russia Wanted Brexit Groundless
One Big Positive For UK: No Visa Free Travel To UK By Erdogan's ISIS Pals
Erdogan's War Against Kurds Continues
Trump: People Want Their Borders Back, Keep National Identity
Brexit Earthquake: The Fracking Of The EU And UK?
Hillary: "The Gift That Keeps On Giving"
Keeping Up With NATO: Military Exercise With 50 Aircraft Begins In W. Russia
EU Exit Votes: Fear Of Unfamiliar Light Greater Than Familiar Darkness?
Audio: If Hillary Wins, Dust Off The 1960's Bomb Shelters
US AFRICOM Peddling Contradictory Figures To Congress?
What's Happened To Freedom Of Speech And Protest On US Uni Campuses, Israeli Propaganda?
The World Needs A “Modern, Non-bloc Collective Security System"
Rio 2016, Forget Zika: The Real Plague, 175 Deputies In New Brazil Coup Gov't Accused Of Corruption
Priming Lockheed's Pump: US Ups Israel To $4 Billion/Yr Military Aid, Israel "Orders" 33 F-35 Fighters For $3.96 Billion
16+ US Jets Downed Over USSR During Cold War
French Company Paid ISIS Money To Keep Its Cement Plant Running
US Tactics Towards Assad Change, Goal The Same
The Deep And Dark Web
Texit USA? Would Texas Leave?
Satellite Database To Include US Military Sats
Hillary's Would Be Pentagon Chief Favors More War And Intervention
Campus Clinton Quotes
iBigBro: A Post-Device Era Where All Your Data Are Stored With Someone Else?
Ancient Maps Debunk China's Claim To S. China Sea
Ancient Maps Prove China's Claim To S. China Sea
Syrian Army Advances East Of Damascus
142 ISIS Fighters Killed In Battle With SDF
Movie: Utopia, Australia's Aboriginals
Okinawa And Japan's Pillow World Facade
Enemies With Benefits
CIA's History In Ecuador