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Spring 2023

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The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in the billionaire plutocrat's Western corporate mass media companies, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

However, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, which, in a sense, is an urgent reset for so many in our nations today. We need to realize our plundering princes, leaders, officials, and atheist tech media intentionally lie to us on a regular basis, exactly as the prophecies of our closing last days make quite clear.

Spring 2023

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

The Woke Mind Virus
"Covid:" The Deliberate Released Engineered SARS-Cov-2

Sickness Days In UK Up 57% Since "THE VAX"
Text/Video: Kary Mullis, Inventor Of PCR Process, It Can't Tell You If You're Sick, "Covid" Hoaxers Lie, And Who Have Their Own Agenda Tell Us Otherwise
Avid "Covid" Lockdown Proponent, Teachers Union Prez, Rewriting Her Own History Now That Tide Has Turned, But She Gets Caught
Latest Chapter In The "Covid" Fear Scam Saga, Man Those Masks ... Again, Highly Transmissible, You Know, Like The Common Cold, Arcturus, Greek Mythological Guardian Of The Bear
What Exactly Was The "Covid Virus?"
One More "Covid" Vax Injury Added To The List
Dementia Or Psychopath? Trudeau Said He Never Mandated "Covid" Vaxxes, This Differs From Violating The Nuremberg Code On Medical Experimentation How Exactly?
Nuremberg Code Refresher, Voluntary Consent, Not Blackmail " ... Able To Exercise Free Power Of Choice, Without The Intervention Of Any Element Of Force, Fraud, Deceit, Duress, Over-reaching, Or Other Ulterior Form Of Constraint Or Coercion," And For The Good Of Society, Not The Elites
HIV-SARS-Cov-2, NIH, EcoHealth Alliance And "Covid"
EcoHealth Alliance, Spike Proteins, NIAID And Corona Viruses, 2016
HIV, NIH And Spike Proteins, 2014
UK Government Tacit Admission, "Covid" Vaxxes Are Killing Working Age People
German Media Now Offering Heavy Diet Of "Covid" Vax Injuries
New Study: Carbon Dioxide Buildup, Good For Plants, Humans Not So Much, Wearing Face Masks Increase Risk Of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, & Cognitive Deterioration
32 Year Old Vaxxed Doc Died From Cerebral Blood Clot
Video: Medical Mental Disorder, Woke Transgender Dysphoria, The Lies And Deceits, Still Can't Change The Chemistry Of The Trillions Of Birth Chromosomes From One Side To The Other, More Politically Driven Destruction Of America's Future

Video: Surprise! CO2 Is Not The Global Warming Bad Boy That Political Incorrect Globalist Elites Are Attempting To Make It Out To Be, Actually The More CO2, The Greener It Gets, Which Is Why Growers Of Plants In Greenhouses Use CO2 Generators To INCREASE CO2 Levels, Average Earth Temp Is 57 F According To NASA, And Mars Average Temperature Is -80 to -195 F Near Poles, But Its Atmosphere is 95% CO2 (No Cows, Cars Or Coal Plants), It's The Solar Cosmic Rays Effect, Send In The Clouds
The Other Side Of The One-Sided Coin: Global CO2 Generator Market Booming, Is Anticipated To Rise At A Considerable Rate During The Forecast Period, Between 2023 And 2030, Blame Farmers Growing Food Outdoors For Increase In CO2, While Indoor Farmers Increasing Use Of CO2

Video: Update, 29 April, US/NATO To Ukraine, You Got All You're Going To Get, Drone Strike Sevastopol, Zelensky Terrorist Actions Against Churches, Continues Attacking Civilians, Germany To Make 155 MM Artillery Shells, But It's Not A Green Process, Clownworld China Forced Zelensky To Listen In Russian, Which Is His Native Language
US Steals Shipment Of Iranian Oil At Sea
Syria Facing Attacks From US, ISIS, And Zionist Israel Lauches Airstrikes From Lebanon Airspace On The Jewish Sabbath
The Elites: Living The High Life By Living By The Sword
The US Hegemon's Inward Inertia: Protectionism And Subsidies, Sacrifice Europe, So What Happened To Globalization? US Wants To Attract Best Minds From Around The World, Yet Promotes The Woke, CRT, Trangenderism In Its Own Schools
Video: Update, April 28 More Excuses For Ukraine Offensive, Russian Forces Larger, Stronger Than At Beginning Of SMO, Zahluzny Needs More Tanks, EU Wants Serbia RT Ban, Clownworlds S. Korean President Sings Bye Bye Miss American Pie,  Fed Reserve Powell Prank
The US Government Is Not The One Wearing The White Hat On The World Stage
Iran-Hezbollah: The Enemy Is On The Path Of Decline And Destruction
The US Dollar Is Falling From Grace, Approaching Terminal Velocity, Going "Green" Gets The US And The West Running Away From The Oil Resource Rich Countries, "Climate Change" Is Their Excuse, But It's The Geopolitical-Economic Climate Change That They Fear 
3 Videos: US Vs. Russia & China
Video: Zionist Israeli Nationals Fighting And Dying In Ukraine, Zionism Aligned With Neo-Nazis, Zionist Likud Party Tied To Ukraine
Argentina To Use Yuan In Trade With China
Video: Update, 27 April Zelensky Phones Xi Jinping, Xi Tells Z, Stick With The One China Policy, & You're In Big Poo Poo With The War, But We Can Help, NATO, Ukraine 98% Ready ... For What? Erdogan Sick For A Day, Clownworlds Biden Cheat Sheet, Ukraine Drone Putin
US Hardline On Syria Unabated As Normalization With Neighboring Arab Nations Continues To Move Forward
US Continues To Deplete Weapon Stockpiles In Zionist Israel For Ukraine
Video: Ukraine Desperation, Sudan Situation, US Syrian Oil Theft For Zionist Israel, Taiwan, Germany
Video: Update, 26 April  Good Luck With That RFK, Jr., Keep Tucker Quiet Until 2024, S. Africa ICC Flip-Flop, UK Depleted Uranium In Ukraine, Big, Big Mistake, Escalates To Nuclear Material, Wonder If Russia Has Missiles That Will Return It To UK, Clownworld US Wannabe Venezuela President Guido Kicked Out Of Columbia
From The "Man Bites Dog" Dept: Iranian Court Finds Bush And Obama Guilty Of Helping To Create ISIS, $313 Million Fine
Neo-con Woke Myths: Russia And China Stepping Up Their Game For War With The US/West, In All Western War Game Scenarios, US Loses
Dear US General: Your Illegal Base In Syria Is The Risk Escalation, Not Russian Flyovers Of Syrian Territory, Who Have Been Invited In By The Democratic Syrian Government
Any Ukraine Offensive Doomed To Failure
Video: Russian FM Blasts Western Hypocrisy, Nord Stream, Garden And The Jungle, Minsk, Laid It ALL Out in UN, Biden Fears Failure In Ukraine, US Plan To Assassinate Wagner Commanders In Africa, CIAmazonPost, US Blocked Moscow Attack, Clownworld Estonian PM Visited Zelensky, Yakking In Russian 
Video: Will The Real Leaker Please Stand Up?
Video: Tucker Carlson, Telling The Truth Is The Only Sin
How Many Bananas Does It Take To Make A Republic?
Soviet Union Khrushchev's 1954 Crimea "Gift"
Nutanyahoo's Assassination Strategy
Biden Preparing To Give Up On Ukraine
Laptopgate, CIA And The Political Figures Who Signed A Letter Claiming It Was Russian Disinformation
Biden & Co. Prepping For Nuclear Middle East BBQ, Y'all Invited
Maybe He Got The Two Mixed Up? John Kerry Says People Will Soon ‘See Their Farms and Crops Ripped Away’ or “Their Homes Destroyed” Due to Climate Change, Well, John A Nuclear War Certainly Would Change The Climate And Do Those Things Or Was He Referring To The Elites Using That As Their Excuse?
Video: Update, 24 April EU Send Their Navy (Nord Stream Sailboat?) To S. China Sea, Maybe Chinese Navy Should Patrol English Channel, Another US "Color Revolution" Attempted Coup, This Time In Sudan, Clownworld Blue Check Marks
The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Through Damascus ... With Lots More To Come According To The End-Times Prophecies In The Book Of Isaiah
Zionist Israel Bombs Syria ... Again
US Increasing Military Presence In Iraq
The Hegemon's Fountains Of The Deep Are Breaking Up, The Political And Economic Tectonic Plates Of The East And South Are Grinding The West Into Subduction
Laptopgate: A Farewell To Biden Presidency?
Biden's Alleged To Have Taken Upwards Of Tens Of Millions From Foreign Entities
Shades Of Afghanistan, US Chased Out Of Sudan, Emergency Evac Of Embassy Personnel
Video: Update, 23 April Russian Airstrike On Kharkov, Ukraine Fires 3 Drones, Shot Down, Germany Expels 20 Russian Diplomats, Russia Reciprocates, Russia Fully Committed To Abandoning USD And Euros, Use Of National Currencies Growing, Chinese Ambassador And Crimea History, Ukraine Liquidation Sale Of State Assets, Social Media Legislation, Clownworld Boris, I'm The King, Move Over Chuckie
US Judicial System Blindly Pulling Down The Temple
Sudan: US Interference In Sudan, Warning Against Key Military Base For Russia, Upsets US Apple Cart In Sudan

Learn Wisdom Not Folly  

Same Agenda, Different Vax
Selective Fearmongering: Just In Time For The UN WHO Vote To Control Health In The World, Alleged New Variant, 1 Alleged Victim And News Of It Traveled The Globe Already? Yet 136 People Die Each Day In The US From Opioid Overdose, Far More Than Gun Deaths Too, Where Is The Fear Campaign ... Confiscate The Opioids! Oh Wait, They're Pharmaceuticals, Remember The Original  "Covid" Pitch Line, "This Is Something We've Not Seen Before ..." Another Plandemic Summer Non-Flu Season Scare?
Deagel Population Study: 70% FEWER Americans, Europeans By End Of 2024, Pestilence, Famine And War
Video: Killing The Future Generation Of America
Okay, Before They Go Cutting Off Their Breasts, Please Explain How Surgery Is Able To Change 30 Trillion XX Chromosomes Into XYs, Otherwise We're Just Talking Mutilation Of The Mind Followed By Mutilation Of The Body
Is There An Honest Medical Review Board Out There?
Twitter 2.0 File Drop: Fauci-Pharma Files
How Did This Person Become The Head Of The CDC? Talk About A Day Late And A Dollar Short, Scientists Told Us This 3 YEARS AGO!
Yes, Virginia, We Were Lied To, But It Was Our Choice To Believe Them  ... Because We Refuse To Love And Accept The Truth, V. 10-12
As We Were Lied To About "Covid/Experimental Shots," We Are Being Lied To Again, But About Climate Change/Global Warming
Florida Board Of Education Bans Classroom Instruction Of Sexual Orientations And Gender Identity To All Grade Levels
Meanwhile, UN Is Pushing Report That Pedophilia, Adults Sexually Preying On Children Is A Human Right, No It's An Inhuman Perversion a la Sodommorah
FDA Doubles Down With Your Health And Life
US Government Cover-up, More Lies, Was Tracking The Unvaxxed, Allegedly To Track Those At Risk For More Severe "Covid," Of Course We Know All "Covid" Is Less Lethal Than The Vaxxes, And Natural Immunity Didn't Require An Experimental Injection Of Spike Proteins, They Just Wanted To Know Who Wasn't Obeying
ICAN Wins Religious Vax Exemption ... Just Don't Eat Beef Or Pork
From The "You Are What You Eat" Dept: The "Cowvid" Pandemic, Ranchers Confirm Will Begin Using mRNA Vaxxes In Cattle And Pigs This Month
Now Government Telling US How Much Meat We Can Eat? Better Sell Your Fast Food Stock Too? 
From The "Dead Men Don't Exhale CO2" Dept: Eating Rice Is Bad For The Planet Say The Desperate Elites, What's Next, Breathing, Banning All Cardio Sports, Porn And Heavy Breathers? 
ICAN Gets More Pfizer Docs
The Danger Of Doing Nothing
The Great Woke Delusion: I Think It, Therefore It Is, The Reality Of The Natural World Is Not A Respecter Of Delusions
Ultimate Delusion: Creating God In Our Own Image With AI
Altered Humans: Mind, Soul And Body 
AI, The Latest Version Of The Golden Calf
Video: Woke Math, Why Both China And Russia Look Forward To The Future Vis A Vis The US 
The Lost Generation: Trans Mutilation Epidemic
Blessings Or Curses? The Past 3 Years
Sunday Food For Thought ... Why Did The US Government Put More Effort Into Stopping The Distribution Of Nobel Prize Winning Ivermectin Than It Does With Lethal Cartel Fentanyl?

People's Choice Simple Democratic Solution: You Could Sanction The Belgian Conglomerate That Owns Budweiser, Vote With Your Dollars
Last Days Prophecy In The News:  "Both Their Hands Are Equally Skilled At Doing Evil! Officials And Judges Alike Demand Bribes, The People With Influence Get What They Want, And Together They Scheme To Twist Justice" Micah 7:3, NLT, A Drunk Driver Kills Someone About Every 45 Minutes, Gotta Get Rid Of Those Lethal Cars And Booze, And Suicides Kill More Than Gun Deaths, Now What? BTW Judges, The Deliberate, Pre-Meditated Experimental "Covid" Injections Have Killed More Than All These Combined, Time To Get Rid Of Needles Too "... We Must- And We Will- End This Plague Of Pharmaceutical Violence?" US One Of Only 2 Countries In The World To Allow Direct Drug Adverstising To Consumers
FOIA: The Government Knew About And Expected Vax Injuries From Day One 
California Church Fined $1.2 Million For Assembly During "Covid," But California Governor Newsome Did The Same Without Consequence
Do We Get It Yet?
BTW, Is It Climate Change Or Global Warming? Global Warming Is When The Temperatures Go Up In Summer, OK, Got It, Some People Don't Need Any Evidence To Go NUTS!

Another Indication US Losing Grip On Middle East/West Asia?
Video: 53 Tanks Short, Not So Secret Dutch Training, Zelensky Regimes Locks Monks In Monasteries, Putin To Attend BRICS Summit, Hungary-Serbian Pipeline Of Russian Oil, Clownworld Elon Identity Theft? Blue Check Mark Delete
Text/Video: Let's Not Forget Hillary's Top Secret Docs On Her Private Laptop, While Victoria Nuland Apprently Puts Secret Intel Out There In The Public
Video: Blinken & Lying Laptop 51, Buzzfeed Gone, Medvedev Ukraine Joins NATO In Parts, Typical, US Doesn't Believe Syria Should Join The Arab League, Twitter State Media Labels Gone For Everyone, Clownworld Hillary, Gates No Blue Checkmark, Male Canadian Politicians Walking Around In High Heels
Video: Chinese "Police Stations" In US, US Consensus Building For War With China, But Secret Plan Of China ... Wait For The US Collapse, Taiwan Constitution Admits It's Part Of The Territory Of China, Question Is Which Government Represents 1.4 Billion Chinese, Taiwan Is Not Ukraine, US Refuses To Acknowledge Its Sisiphian Task Vis A Vis China, So Will Continue Its Live By The Sword Mentality [Gen. 27:40], Taking The US [Gen. 27:41] Down The Tubes Instead
Pass The Fail Safe Point: Ukraine Mess Will Continue To Its Military Conclusion
Classified Docs: No Longer Rule Of Law, But Double Standards
Video: Update, 20 April EU Backs Down On Ukraine Grain, EU/G7 Found Their Own Loophole, Buying Russian Oil From 3rd Parties At Higher Prices, NATO Stoltenberg Visits Kiev, Flash In Sky, S. Korea To Give Weapons To Ukraine Or Not, Clownworld Russia Vodka Ban, No Swedish Absolut
BRICS Surpassing G7 In Global Economic Growth
Video: BRICS Rising At West Sinks, Q&A
From The Desk Of the Gaslighting Gazette: Western State Owned Media, Russian Fishing Trawlers And Nuclear War
What Is US Submarine Doing Submerged In Iran's Territorial Water?
Why Is A US COAST GUARD Boat In The Strait Of Hormuz In The Middle East?
Video: Germany Shuts Off Last Of It's Nuclear Power Plants, Rubber Band Power?
Hitler's Chief Of Staff Became NATO Chief Of Staff
Video: Update, 19 April Irrelevant G7, Blinken Nuclear Call, Blinken Persona Non Grata In China, China On Biden Sanctions Escalator, Borrell, "China Needs To Behave," Zaporizhzhia NPP Mystery Solved, US Tech In Nuclear Plant, Ukraine D-Day, Clownworlds Sweden State Funded Media, Zelensky Scurries To Front Lines Too, Mark Hamill's Dark Side
Biden Administration Alarmed Over "Vast Money Laundering Scheme," No, Not Ukraine, Lebanon ... How Dare Lebanon Sidestep Our Rules
US Dominion "Human Rights Values," Blocks International Aid To Afghanistan, And They Wonder Why The Rest Of The World Is Moving Away From The US?
Western Neo-Liberal Democracy, aka Fascism, The Charade Is Over
From The "Empty Wagons Rattle the Loudest" Dept: The Delusional US Political Elite
China-Russia Elevate Military Cooperation
China Changes The Middle East Chessboard
Video: More Info On US Leaked Intel Docs, World Changing, Crumbling US Unable To Stop It
Iran's Raisi Warns Washington To Leave West Asia ASAP
Missile Strikes Into Israel Change Nutanyahoo Behavior
Video: Update, 18 April End Of Golden Age Courtesy Of Ukraine, More Idiocy, Orwell Rewrite History Of Poland-Ukraine, Putin Visits Frontline, BRICS On Fast Forward, Ukraine Grain Full Of Chemicals, Ukraine's German Leopard 2 Tank Fell Apart During Training, Spring Offensive Amazing And Fast ... In Defeat By Russian Forces?  Dutch Intelligence Service, Russia-China Big Threats, But WEF Worse, Clownworld Twitter Label, CBC State Media, Easy Way To Clean Out Twitter
Zionist Israeli Forces Detain Palestinian Kids During Night Raids
Massive Explosions Heard From Illegal US Base In Syria
Video: US Poking At China, Any War Would Mean Destruction Of Taiwan
Gomer Pyle Update: Top Secret Leak Story Gets Fishier By The Day
All Roads Lead To Beijing

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

40 Facts, Albeit Belated, You Need To Know About "Covid," Lower IQ Lockdown Babies, PCR Tests Used Wrongly, Masks Don't Stop Airborne Viruses, No Successful Vax For Any Corona Virus, Etc., Used To Create Fear To Get The Experiemtnal Injections Into Arms That Have Injured And Killed Tens Of Millions Worldwide
Video: Transparent Mice Study Shows Spike Proteins Throughout Body, Yet No Safety Studies Needed For Future mRNA Vaxxes
When Doctors Become Hit Men For Pay
Fauci, Gates And US Republicans, $5 Billion More For Another Corona Virus Initiative
The Opioid Crisis Grows Along With The Greed
Biden & Co. Leading US To WHO Global Tyranny
WEF, WHO, Biden Working Hard To Give Control Over All US Health To WHO
Following The Professional Advice Of Not Asking A Question We Don't Already Know The Answer To, "Is There Any Member Of The Medical Community Who Is Willing To Explain How We Got It Wrong On The COVID Vaccine?" After All, We Need To Stop This Misinformation
Transparent Medical Laws, What Should They Look Like?
Time To Hold Big Pharma Accountable, Histopathology Tests Done Show 100% Vax Deaths
Time To Hold The Medical Journals Accountable
From The "It's The Market, Stupid" Dept: The $3 Billion Woke Joke, Neither You, Bud, Nor Bud Light Understand The People Who Use To Buy Your Product, So Now They Bypass Your Product, It's Democracy With Dollars
Big Pharma Not Just After People Directly, Gene Therapy Customizable mRNA-based “Vaccines" For Pigs, Close To Humans, If You Vax A Pig Higher Possibility It Can Get To Humans Who Eat Pork
Pigs And People
US Federal Attorney In Utah Has Given Anti-Covid Vaxxers Big Legal Gift
FDA Lacks Adequate Safety Testing Of Lipid Nanoparticles In "Covid-19" Vaxxes
In 2023, Swiss Government Says No "Covid-19" Experimental Shots Needed For Spring Or Summer, As People Who Did Get Them Are Still Dying, But Will Shots Mandate Come Back When Flu Season Gets Here?
38 Year Old Former NHL Hockey Dies Suddenly, Heart Attack
42 Year Old Former News Anchor Dies Suddenly
46 Year Old Irish Rock Band Guitarist Dies 
The All-EV Myth, The Twin Of The Safe And Effective Myth ... BTW, What Happens When EV Batteries Get Cold, Below 40F/5C Can Lose Up To 40% Of Efficiency, And When There Is A Power Outage, i.e., As With Natural Disasters?
The EV Carbon Scam 
From The "Duh" Dept: Fancy Billion Dollar Machines For Sucking The .0004% CO2 Out Of The Atmosphere, Or We Could Plant More Trees And Plants That Need CO2 To Survive, And Produce O2 Which Humans Need To Survive, Plus, Stop Cutting Down Forests, Recall, The Normal Range For Outdoor CO2 Levels According To The US OSHA Is 350-450 ppm, Currently We Are At 405 ppm
Global Warming Dumps Record Breaking Snowfall, Twice Normal Levels, Some Areas As Much As 7-10X Normal, On California, Utah, And Nevada
Dartmouth U Climate Woke: Rise In Baseball Home Runs Due To "Climate Change," Last Time We Saw This, Before "Climate Change," Wasn't It Steroids? Who Determined That .000395% CO2 As Opposed To .0004% CO2 Had That Much Of An Effect? Or Maybe Could Be Bad Pitching Due To Too Much Beer Drinking The Night Before, Or Better, Stronger Hitters Swinging Heavier Bats Faster Or ...
Moving On From The Treasuries And Banking Mess, Fed Reserve Moves On To The Climate, What Possibly Could Go Wrong?
Yeah, If Your Goal Is To Destroy The Country, Printing Money Is Not Sound Fiscal Policy BTW

It's About Time That Heritage Americans Realize That The Elite's Woke Left And Its Fellow Travelers Goals Are Out To Destroy The Founding Father's America, Extinguishing Values, The Rule Of Law, Health, Morality And Lives In Their Deliberate Process, Not Letting One Opportunity Go Unused
Why America's Elite Need To Be Brought Down
Audio: Ukraine, Taiwan, US Warmongering
Leaked Docs: US-Zionist Israel Support Against Iran In Exchange Zionist Israel's Lethal Aid To Ukraine
21 Year Old "Leaker" Story Stinks, Something Very Fishy, Got Them In Joe's Garage? Why Is CIAmazonPost Staff OK To View These Top Secret Docs?
The West's IMF And World Bank Balk At China's Equirable Lender Sovereign Debt Forgiveness Because They Can't Use Debt As A Weapon
Video: Update, 15 April Baerbock "Lectures" China, West Really Worried About Russia-China Alliance, French Protests, Brutal Government "Human Rights" Response, Finland Builds Russia Border Fence, Nord Stream, Jack Teixeira, US Sanctions, EU Orban Regime Change, Ukraine "Spring Offensive" Being Walked Back, Again Media Announcing Ukie Military Plans, Clownworld Zelensky Sanctions China's Xiaomi In Russia, With What Exactly?
The Tyranny Of the US Federal Government Is What The Founding Fathers Planned Against ,,, It's Individual And States Rights Over The Fed
Video/Text: Media Promotes US Big Taiwan Imperial Lies, US Actions Show It Doesn't Believe That Taiwan Is Part Of China Even Though They've Sign International Documents To That Effect, Taiwan Is Not A Tiny Island Nation, That's A Lie, It Is Not In The United Nations, It Was, But Got Voted Out By The Nations In Favor Of China, Taiwan Is A Island Province, A Part Of China The Same As New York Is Part Of The US, So China Is Not "Invading Taiwan," It's Protecting Their Own Internationally Recognized Legal Domestic Territory, Oh, BTW At Least Keep Some Credibility By Getting The Name Right, It's Not The CCP, Since October 1, 1949 It's Been The CPC, Bannon's Video Guest Doesn't Blink When Making A Point, US Hasn't Figured Out That It No Longer Is The World's Policeman Especially IN China
China To Provide Russia With Military Weapons And Equipment While US And The West Has Been Providing Lethal Aid and More Than $100 Billion To Ukraine Since 2014 At Least
The Gong Show Tradition Lives On With The Biden Administration
Video: The Gong Show, Young Barack Obama
70% Americans Are Financially Stressed, 58% Live Paycheck To Paycheck
Update: Controlled Leak, A Scapegoat ... But What About Joe's Thousands Of Classified Docs? He's Not Arrested
Top Secret Doc Leak, 3 Guesses, Um, Russia Did It! If So, US Admits Russia Can Access It's Most Secret Places, Another Biden Admin Failure
What Did The Chinese Put In Macron's Tea? April 2023, Macron, “The Worst Thing Would Be To ... Take Our Cue From The US Agenda ... We Are Not A Vassal Of Washington"
December 2022, "The United States And France Will Continue To Coordinate On Our Concerns Regarding China’s Challenge To The Rules-Based International Order," Joint US-France Statement
So Who Runs Tik-Tok, China Or The US State Department?
Video/Text: Secret Doc Leak Story Is A Controlled Intel Op
From Gilligan's Island To Gomer Pyle: Another "6 Folks In A Sailboat With a Ton Of C4 Blew Up Nord Stream Pipelines" Story
Russia's New Resolute Multipolar Foreign Policy No Longer Sees Cooperation With The Unipolar West As A Viable Way Forward
How To Lose Friends And Win Enemies: Arrogant And Ignorant US In Denial Of Their Increasing Isolation, So Keeps Hitting Countries Over The Head With The $anctions $tick, You Can Beat A Dog With A Stick As Long As You Have It Chained, Once The Chain Is Gone, So Is The Dog
Big Brother's AI Complicit In Russia's Great Reset ... "All Who Dwell On The Earth ..."
Zionist Israel Blocks Greek Orthodox Christians From Jerusalem For Ishtar Services
Minneapolis First US City To Allow Muslim Prayer Call 5X Daily
Video: Update, 13 April Sy Hersh Article, Zelensky Regime Corrupt, Skimming Off Oil Money, Up To $400 Million Past Year, Buying Russian Fuel For Ukraine, Sullivan And Blinken Viewed As Idiots Within Government, Deluded Milley Prepares Russia Surrender, Maybe He Forgot That Decision Is Determined By The Victors, Soverign Democratic Hungary Sanctioned Because It Displeased The American Empire, Cypress Sanctions Escalator, All The West Is Capable Of Doing Is Sanctions, Clownworlds Ukraine PM Has Emojis On His Plane, Twitter State Funded Media Label, NPR Overreacts
NPR State Funded Media ... American Or Chinese? :-)
Biden's Proxy War In Ukraine Not Going As Planned
Disgraced America
Iran, Russia, China And Pakistan FM's Hold Meeting In Afghanistan
Russia Begins Fuel To Iran By Train
Trudeau Foundation CEO Resigns Over Chinese Meddling In Canada Election, Will The Zelensky Curse Grab Justin Too?
Video: Putin Judo'd The West, Russia Wins The Sanctions War, West Still In Denial, Strategy To Float The Ruble In International Trade, Inflation Less Than 4%
Video: Update, 12 April Macron Heckled At Hague, It's A French Elected Leader Who Bypassed The Democratic Process That Put French Citizens Into A Rage, US Upset With Saudi-Iran Rapprochement, Trudeau Meet With Ukraine PM, Spring Summer Offensive, More Billions For Ukraine, Clownworld Canada Pipeline Hackers
Is Mankind Too Late To Stop AI?
Ukraine War Leak Biopsy: Bleak
Leaked Docs Show NATO Troops In Ukraine, But We Knew This Last Year With Mariupol
Putin's Address To 17 New Ambassadors, Including The Only Woman, The US, Individual Comments For Each Ambassador
Video: Update, 11 April Ukraine Reported To Run Out Of BUK/S-300 Ammo In 3 Weeks, CIAmazonPost Leak Cancel Offensive, Expect Big Losses, US Bigshots Pushing Go, No Reverse Gear, Not Their Skin On The Line, Maybe Time To Give All The Neo-cons 3 Weeks Of Training With The AK-47 And Send Them Off To Bakhmut, Clownworld BBC Squealing, No Wonder They're So Off The Mark With Everything Else, Government Mandates BBC License Fee, But Not Government Funded?
Opinion Poll: US Splitting Apart At The Seams 
When Empires Die, They Do So With Amazing Speed Having Abandoned Their Foundational Principles
The Deep State Globalist RESTRICT Act, Not About National Security, But About Elite Security
US Bombs Syria’s Deir Ezzor After Rocket Attack Targets Occupation Base
Video: Dealing With Reality In Ukraine
Will The FBI Start Burning Churches Now Too?
UK King's Assault On Christian Tradition, More Than Half Population Do Not Identify As Christian  ... Charles A Closet Muslim?
Memo From China To Collective West: Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over
Text/Video: While Students In China, Russia, India, Iran And Others Are Focusing On Chemistry, Engineering, Maths, Etc., Violent American Psychopathic Trans "Students" Are Focusing On The Their Crotches, Running Amok In US Universities
Video: Update 10 April, Jupiter Macron Sees The Light, Upsets Western Apple Cart In China, Europe Should Move Away From US Policies, Clownworld Ursala Publicly Humiliated, Took The Air Out Her Balloon, Regular Passenger Passport Check Exiting China, US Meddling In Domestic Chinese Affairs, Clownworld UK Telegraph Fantasy Fetish, Putin Beware Ides Of March
From 1940s Germany To Ursala
Video: Russia's Tactical Nuke Deployment In Belarus Roadblock To Regime Change By West
Trouble In River City: Zionist Israeli Mossad Backs Protesters Against Nutanyahoo
Fingernails On The Chalkboard For US Ears: They Need To Understand The “New Realities” Taking Form Across West Asia And Refrain From Interference, And Accept “The Decline Of Its Global Dominance”
Muslim World Should Unite Against Zionist Israel
Turkiye Will Continue Military Intervention In Syria And Iraq 
Are The Leaked Ukraine Military Docs Legit?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: All The True Believer Vaxxers Got It COMPLETELY WRONG, Screamed From The Rooftops, But Now They Scurry Off, Running Away From The Light Of The Truth, CDC House Crumbling
FDA, Same Ones Who Approved The "Safe And Effective" Experimental "Covid" Vaxxes Now Approve Lab Grown Meat, They Didn't Like Natural Immunity, Now They Don't Like Natural Meat
Well, Yes The "Covid" Vaxxes Injure And Kill, Sorry About That
"Covid" Deaths UP 39% After Vaxxes Rolled Out In Ontario CAN
What Happens When You Investigate Why Young People Are Dying
Was There Ever A "Covid" Virus? " ... Molecular Biology Is The Easiest Discipline In Which To Cheat," The Fear Over The Virus Was The Vehicle To Get The Injections Into Arms, Bottom Line, It's All Lies From The Get Go
Florida Surgeon General Saves Cardiac Arrest Victim's Life
Soothsayer Fauci Says There Absolutely Will Be Another Plandemic, Don't Be Swayed By The Throwaway Tagline "Grandchildren’s Lifetimes," Time Is Of The Essence For These Guys
Low IQ Operators: Finally, Woke Stanford U Figures It Out, Kinda, No Longer Requires Experimental "Covid" Shot, But Still Recommends Them
Medicare Records Clearly Show "Covid" Vaxxes Kill
Destruction Of The West Continues: Toronto Canada Asks Fed Government To Decriminalize Hard Drugs, Like Fentanyl, For Kids, Same Government That Bans Guns Because They Kill
Bird Flu Next Plandemic? Vaxxed Chicken?
Texas Bill "Covid-19" Vax Freedom Act
The Medical Industry's Lies About Ivermectin, "Covid," And Just About Anything Else That Ran Counter To Their Lethal Narrative
The "Covid" Vax A Huge Military Operation That Affected The World
Video: Centner Academy And Farm, Standing Up To The "Covid," Transgender Narrative, Critical Reasoning And Thinking
Another "Girly-Boy," Wins Women's Golf Tournament, Thinks It's A Big Deal, "Sissy Men" Killing Woman's Sports

Peace In The Middle East Is Like Saying The "Covid" Vaxxes Are Safe And Effective
US Government Biggest Purveyor Of Lies, Deceit
For Example, Ludicrous Is As Ludicrous Does, Sly Liar "Slying" Because It Wasn't MILLIONS, It Was BILLIONS 
A Chinese-Saudi Arabian Handshake Buried Trillions Of Dollars And Decades Of Western Investments In West Asia
China's Military Drills Around Taiwan
Video: Clueless In China, Macron/Ursala Fail In Trip To Beijing, They Don't Get It
More Leaked US/NATO Military Intel Docs
Video: Update, 8 April Yemen Talks End Of The War, Final Stage Of Fall Of Bakhmut As Blinken Talks About Spring Offensive, Coming In Next Couple Weeks, Same As They Were Saying In Early March, Again Why Is US Announcing Ukrainian Military Plans? But Ukraine Scrounging Around Small Countries For Ammo, NYT Leak Disinfo, Ukraine Burning Christian Churches, And Western "Christian" Nations Still Supporting Ukraine
The Spy In The Cold
NATO Intel Or Disinformation?
From The "Hasta La Vista" Dept: Saudi Arabia, Hit The Road Joe
America's State Of The Union Is A State Of Revolution
The NGO "Ministry Of Truth," Clownworld Where Up Is Down, And They All Be Clowns
While Macron Is In China On Behalf Of The Globalist's Ukraine, France Is In Chaos, West Coming Apart At The Seams
Video: Pelosi's Banana Republic Legal Opinion: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Robert Barnes
Video: Update, 6 April Saudi Arabia, Doesn't Care What US Thinks, Russian Military Ships Enter Port Of Jeddah, Moves To Get Syria Back Into Arab League, Trade In Local Currencies Not USD, Entire World Is Moving Away From Biden And Collective West, Bill Clinton Deceitful Nuke Apology, Ukraine No Borders With Poland, But We Gotta Win First, Macron Warns :-) China, China's FM Dismisses Macron As A Tourist, Meanwhile Tourist Ursala Still Doesn't Get It, So Keeps Digging The Hole Deeper, Clownworld Pompeo Visit To Kiev, Habeck Publicly Gets His Nose Rubbed In It, Grovels, Apologies To Zelensky, France's Hollande Pranked, Admits Minsk Agreements A Deceptive Ploy, Probably Not Laughing Now Because Putin Won't Forget
The RESTRICT Act Another Ploy For Government Control Over Population Under Pretext To Rid US Of Certain Tech Platforms
Video: US Under Fire In Their Illegal Occupation Of Eastern Syria, Conflict In The Middle East
No Freeedom Of Religion In Zionist Israel, Sort Of Like That "Jewish" Fella In Ukraine: 2nd Night In A Row Police Attacked Muslim Worshipers At al-Aqsa Mosque During Holy Time Of Ramadan
Zionist Israel's Nutanyahoo Pushing For War Again
Video: OPEC Oil Production Cuts Blowback On Collective West, US Caught Off-Guard, Big Blunder By Biden Regime, Japan Demanded G-7 Price Cap Exemption, Boomerang Biden Administration, Everything It Touches Goes In Opposite Direction, And At Warp Speed
Zionist Israel Pushing For Further Conflict With Iran
Video: Update, 5 April Trump Arrest, Biden Tweet, Forgot To Mention Russian Flag Over Bakhmut, And Mariupol, And ..., Stoltenberg, Didn't Ask If US Will Give Back Sovereignty To Ukraine Though, Beggar Zelensky Speaks To Chile, Send Me Stuff And Arrest Putin, Why Is Ukraine FM In NATO Meeting? Oh Yes, Their Proxy War State, Clownworlds Twitter Labels NPR State Affiliated Media, Waiting To See If Elon Will Put CIAmazonPost, NYStateDepartmentTimes And Others On The List, Tony "The Transference" Blinken, Lying For The Most In Debt Nation In The World, About 32 Trillion And Rising Rapidly, Whose Reserve Currency Status Is Failing, And Whose Money Value Versus The Ruble Has Fallen During The Past Year, US Economy In Deep Trouble, Quotes Anonymous Russian Billionaire, There Will Be No Money In The World's Richest Natural Resource Country With Extremely Little Foreign Debt, About $302 Billion Or About Four Months Of The US Annual Military Budget
John Adams, "Our Constitution Was Made Only For A Moral And Religious People, It Is Wholly Inadequate To The Government Of Any Other” Dwight Eisenhower, "Our Form Of Government Has No Sense, Unless It Is Founded In A Deeply Felt Religious Faith," i.e., Conviction Of The Truth Of The Word Of God, Not Heathen Traditions
US-Edom Neocon Policy: If At First You Don't Succeed, Fail, Fail Again, Obadiah 1-8
Biden Regime's 2 Proxy Spring Offensives, NYC Versus Trump, Ukraine Versus Putin
What's Happened To America ... Well, Besides Total Insanity?
Video: Update, 4 April Spring Offensive Ready, Talk Or Action? It's Just A Flesh Wound Zelensky Gives Russia One Last Chance, CIAmazonPost, Don't Talk About The Nord Stream Blown Up By US, Clownworld Media Follow Trump To NY, Hysterical While US Is Falling Down Around Their Ears
Opening Pandora's Goose And Gander Box, If Being A "Propagandist" Makes You A Legitimate Assassination Target, Then Just About Every Politician And MSM Journalist Are Legit Targets Including Grosnev Himself
Video: From The "How To Lose Friends, And Influence Enemies" Dept: BRICS Rapidly Rising As Neocons Destroy The West
US, Racketeering, Inc.
America's Focus Is On War And Dominion, Foreign And Domestic, Rather Than Peace And Cooperation As It Is Coming Apart At The Seams, At This Rate, Will It Last A Year?
Zionist Israel's Attack On Damascus, Kills Civilians
Text/Video: "Humanity Facing The Dawn Of 'A New World' As A Consequence Of The US Proxy Conflict In Ukraine, Which Has Sparked An Economic Crisis And Civic Disorder In The West," Which Is An Irreversible Nuclear Meltdown According To End-Times Prophecies
Video: Update, 3 April US Senator Rubio, De-Dollarization (Effect) Means US Can't Bully With Sanctions (Cause), Journalist Assassination, Russian Flag Over Bakhmut, OPEC Production Cuts, Expect Oil To Go To $100 bbl, Germany-Ukraine-Poland What's Up? "Dancing Queen" Not The Fairest Of Them All Anymore, Zelensky Curse, Lots Of Oil Price Cap Exemptions In The Works? Assassination Blowback A B***h, Clownworld NYT Won't Pay Twitter For Blue Checkmark
West Pushes New Terrorism Meme In Russia 
Video: Battle Of Bakmut, Russia's Guided Glide Bombs
NATO's 30 Years Of War
Meddling US Really Putting On The Pressure Before Before Turkiye Elections
The Zelensky Curse Strikes Again ... Far Left Finnish PM Down In Election Flames
Montana Train Wreck .... A Metaphor For US?
Talk About A Run On The Bank ... The US Dollar Reserve Currency Being Abandoned
ASEAN Countries Meet, Discuss Dumping US Dollar, Euro For Trade
Mexico Too Eyeing BRICS Membership
US Using Blacklisted Zionist Israeli Spyware Against Mexico
Japan Buying Oil From Russia Above The West's "Price Cap," After WEF Trudeau Says No Oil
More Biden Policy Blowback: Saudi Arabia To Cut Oil Production By 500,000 bbl A Day Beginning In May, Expect Prices To Go Up
Video/Text: Germany's Ongoing Love Affair With The Nazis
Collective West OPCW's Continuing Cover-Up Of Douma, Syria Deaths
Zionist Israel Airstrikes Kill Iranian General
Zionist Israel Ramping Up The Fires In The Middle East, Damascus Strikes
There Is No Fixing Stupid When It Comes To Western Delusions About Russia, Or Any Other Country For That Matter
Video: Update, 2 April Borrell Upset With New Russian UNSC Chair, Zelensky Regime Lavra Arrest, Shoigu, Ammo Production Surge, Ukraine 8 New Brigades, Bakmut Cauldron Almost Closed, Clownworld Hillary No Sense Of Humor
Audio: US Meddling, Ukraine, Taiwan
A Window To The Corrupt West: ICC Junk Yale HRL Putin Warrant Funded By Lying, Deceitful And Obviously Desperate US State Department

Learn Wisdom Not Folly  

Now That Healthy Young People Are Dropping Like Leaves Off A Tree In Autumn, WHO Jumps On The Bandwagon
Video: The Highwire Episode 313 Undoctrinated, Actual VAERS Numbers Are Damning, Major Cover-Up
3 People Die From EzriCare Eyedrops, CDC Issues Warning, Pfizer/Moderna Vaxxes Injured, Killed Millions, No Warning from CDC 
From The "Better Late Than Never" Dept: German Health Minister, Yup, Experimental Injections Can Be Permanently Disabling, Not To Mention Lethal
Estimated 2022 US Vax Damage, More Than 26 Million Injured
US Senate Votes To End "Covid" Emergency, Now What About The Vax Emergency That Is Killing And Injuring Millions More Than "Covid?"
Two Most Notorious Murderers: Experimental Vax Injections And Fentanyl 
More US Left-China Bioweapon Collusion
"And Sets Over It the Lowest Of Men" ... And Women
"More Than 99% Of Italy’s Coronavirus Fatalities Were People Who Suffered From Previous Medical Conditions, According To A Study By The Country’s National Health Authority”
The PCR Pandemic: 20 Facts About The PCR "Test" Used For "Covid"
25 Year Old Athlete Suffers Cardiac Arrest
Food Is Becoming A Real Issue
More Biden X.O. Climate [Weather Conditions Existing At A Particular Time, i.e., Sunny In The Morning, Rain In The Afternoon] Fraud Mandates On The Way, Current Atmospheric Levels Of CO2 About 405 ppm, OSHA Standard For Normal Range Outdoor Air, 350-450 ppm
Straining At The Gnat, Swallowing The Camel: How Many Will Be Killed Before Congress Bans Cars And Alcohol? And For Many, Abortions? BTW, US Is The World's #1 Arms Dealer, Past Year, Biden Gave Tens Of Billions For Ukrainian Weapons That Have Murdered Unarmed Women And Children By The Thousands
Oh, And Don't Forget The Banning Of Knives
Not To Make Light Of Tragic Situation, But Will Governments Now Call For The Banning Of "Assault Knives?" What About "Assault Vaxxes?' Dead Is Dead, So How Can There Be Any Death Penalty If It's The Guns Or Knives Or Needles That Kill People?
Pro Sports, Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Big Problem, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Among High School Athletes, But Will They Address The Cause?
Global Private Jet Climate Crazies Go After Netherlands Farms That Produce Less Than 0.4% Of The World’s Total Of .0004% Of CO2 In The Atmosphere, Blatant Lies To Control World's Food Supply, And Thereby Population

Video: Update, 1 April US Funded ICC Cretin's BS Putin Warrant, Putin's Child "Hostages," Belarus Lukashenko Says Poland And West Wants Regime Change, Actually Needed More In US, China, Ursala Needs Better Script Writers, No Wonder EU Leadership A Mess, Dancing Queen Election, CNBC Gets It Wrong, Collective West Is A Disaster, Zelensky Highest Paid Actor, Clownworld Macron Gives Interview For 1-3 Year Olds
CENTCOM, US Carrier Strike Group Ready To Respond To A Range Of Contingencies In The Middle East Caused By The US
Zionist Police Murder Palestinian Worshiper Outside al-Aqsa Mosque During Ramadan
Zionist Israel Has Bombed Damascus 4 Times Since February Earthquake 
Time For The History Books To Add Another Chapter, The Roman, Ottoman, British Empires, And Now The Structurally Corrupted Collapsing US Empire
Meanwhile, In Moscow ...
Video, From The "Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil" Dept: US Profit Driven Rather Than Purpose Driven, And It Shows, Becoming Rubble And Dust, Global South Is Democracy On An International Level Between Nations
Video: Update, 31 March, Trump Sham Indictment, Ursala De-Risking China, That Is EU Wants Its Cake And Eat It Too, Ukraine FM Backpedaling, Spring Offensive Rhetoric Fizzling Out, WSJ Reporter A Spy Or Bait? Free Assange, Austria Freedom Party Walked Out On Zelensky Speech
Text/Video, Gilligangate Update: Read All About It! 6 Boaters In Rented Sailboat Returned To Nord Stream To Pick Up The Unexploded Bomb :-)
Video: Update From Belgrade, Serbia, 30 March Dedollarization Accelerating, Embracing The Chinese Yuan, Saudi Arabia-SCO, Brazil No Longer Using US$ To Export Goods To China, China #1 Exporter Of Cars, Chad Nationalizes Exxon/Mobil Assets, Iraq Joining Multipolar Train, China Buying UAE LNG In Yuan, Does The West See It Is Rapidly Collapsing? Lavrov NATO De Facto Fighting In Ukraine, BTW, Where Has All The Money Gone? Wagner Group Grinding Down Ukraine/NATO Army But Taking Heavy Looses Too, Turkey And Hungary Punished By Biden Lack Of Invite, US Bill To Put Absolute Control Of Internet Into Biden's Hand, Clownworlds Ukraine's UN Language Translation Is Russian, Xi Shuns Zelensky 
Russian Oil And Grain To Arrive In Lebanon Soon
Video/Text: Lloyd Austin And Ukraine, Same Old Western Propaganda, Russia Running Out Of Weapons, US Mindset On China Taiwan, US No Longer Exceptional, No Longer Can Do What They Want Anywhere, Arrangance And Incompetence
Video: Is Bully US Worth Having Any Relationship With By Any Country?
Green, Green, Enough We've Seen, Sanctions Burned Our Bridges, Lost Inexpensive Oil And Gas From Russia, Reality Hits EU, Abandons Its All-Electric Car Mandate
Who Will Shape The New World Order? It Ain't Uncle Joe
Turn Away From Your Partner, Do-Si-Do, Change Places ... Promenade ... Allemande East Don't Let Go, Saudi Arabia Heads For The SCO
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria And Others Seek To Join BRICS
Video: Update, 29 March UN Hypocrisy, France's Violent Response To Protesters, Western Hypocrisy Galore, Zelensky Fears US Political Change, Russia Running Out Of Weapons, And Has Been Month After Month For A Year, Oh Wait, He Meant Ukraine, Western Nations Doing Same Things Over And Over Expecting Different Results In Ukraine, Estonia Using EU Slush Funds To Update Its Weapons, No UN Nord Stream Investigations, New Critical Infrastructure Rules, Clownworld Orthodox Monks Attacked, Evicted In Ukraine, ICC Concerned Over Medvedev's Rhetoric
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: Uncle Sam's Days Of Militaristic Impunity Over  Obadiah 1:3, 4
Audio: Conflict In Russia-Ukraine, Taiwan-China
Zionist Israeli Police Provide Cover For Israelis Performing Satanic Babylonian Talmud Rituals On Muslim Holy Site In Jerusalem
Talmud: Christians Too
Video: Update, 28 March TikTok Stops Ammo Production By Sucking Up All Electricity For Cat Videos, UK Depleted Uranium Tanks Arrive In Ukraine, Spring Offensive? Kenya To Buy Saudi, UAE Oil, But Not For Dollars, Russian Exports Of Diesel Hit Record Highs, Clownworlds Kaya Kallas, Bear Grylls Chocolate Poison
Video/Text: US Sec Interior Clueless, But Even Though China Is World's #1 GHG Polluter, US Is Second In Overall Total, But US, "Stewards Of The Environment" Is BS, Produces 2X As Much As China Per Capita Making US #1, Also US With About 4% World's Population Consumes About 20-25% Of World's Total Energy And Its Corresponding Production Of GHGs, So Subcommittee Member Is Being Disingenuous
US Rejects International Call For Nord Stream Sabotage Investigation, Guess Biden Is Going With The Gilligan's Island Storyline, Some Guys In A 15 Meter Rental Sailboat With 640 Meters Of Anchor Chain On Deck And A Ton Or Two Of C4 Did It, Then Vanished
US Hypocritically Occupies Syria, Stealing Its Oil While Condemning Russia In Ukraine After US Coup In 2014
US Afghan Fail ... Imminent Taliban Victory
Saudi Arabia Deal To Build Oil Refinery In Northeast China And Yellow Sea
Video: Update, 27 March EU, US Freak Out, Nukes, Regime Change, And Yuan Trade, If Russia Controlled By China By Using The Yuan, What Is The US Saying About Countries Using The US Dollar? Protsts In Pakistan, Zionist Israel, France, CNN Announces Ukraine Military Plans, Clownworld Xi No Calls From Biden, Zelensky  
Video: US Stuck In A Unipolar Mindset, They Don't Get It
Video: Middle East Turmoil, Growing Unrest In Zionist Israel, East Syria
Biden Declassifies Footage 1950's B-52s [2023 aka Sitting Ducks] Dropping Nukes ... WW3 Anyone?
Massive Protests In Zionist Israel
Serbian President: NATO Killed International Law 24 Years Ago 
The Goal Was Set, Serbia Was Attacked ... Then Kissinger Said
US International Rules Based Order Vs. Everyone Else's International Law
Kenya: The Times, They Are A Changin' ... And So Is The Money
Honduras Cuts Ties With Taiwan
Video: Update, 26 March, Russia To Deploy Nukes To Belarus In Response To UK Depleted Uranium Shells, US And Poland Unhappy With Olaf, Clownworld EU Sanction Washing Machine Trade, Helps Russia Repair Battle Tanks
No Profiles In Courage Among Blind And Ignorant US Neo-Cons
Video: Update 2, March 25 Middle East Heat, 2nd Front In East Syria, But Against US, Russia-China Negotiations Stabilize Middle East, 2 More Countries Claim Ready To Arrest Putin, Clownworld Body Double
Hmm, Maybe The Taliban Can Send Weapons To Zelensky
The ICC Is Another Western Political Kangaroo Court, And US Is Not A Signatory

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Video/Text: Liar, Liar, Politicians For Hire
Friday Funnies
Eyedrop Update: 3 People Die From EzriCare Eyedrops, CDC Issues Warning, Pfizer/Moderna Vaxxes Killed Millions, No Warning from CDC
Pfizer Agreed To Delivering "Safe And Effective" Experimental Injections Per Government Contract, Safe If You Don't Take Them, And Effective At Injuring And Killing People If You Do, Its Gotta Be What They Meant, Right?
A Dollar Short, And A Day Late: CDC Finally Admits Autism Rate 1 in 36, Though Could Be Much Higher
Video: Highwire Episode 312, Autism Interview
Moderna CEO Lying To Senator Under Oath
The Incestuous Patent Racket ... NIAID Funds Creation Of SARS-Cov-2, We Quickly Make A Vax, The FDA/NIH Authorize Us To Use It, Get Mandates In Place, We Make Billions, And Then Pay NIH $400 Million To Buy Their Patent
How "Covid Vaxxes" Damage The Body
"Basically We're Getting Chinese-Made Products, Putting Them In Vials, And Slapping On A Pfizer Label," A Batch Labeled With An E Had High, High Adverse Reactions And Deaths, Premeditated?
UCSF Orders Their Docs To Ignore Vax Injuries, What Then, Just Leave Them Lying On The Floor?
Video: The New Normal, The Experimental Shots Are "Effective"
Double Standards: OTC Eye Drops Caused Blindness, Company Must Be Held Accountable, CDC Issued Warning, But Not About The Vaxxes That Have Injured And Killed Tens Of Millions
Another Pilot Incapacitated During Flight, Still FAA Is Silent 
Utah State Footballer Suffers Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Despite Being On Life Support, Lowering Body Temperature And In Intensive Care, It Wasn't A Deeply Disturbing, aka Traumatic, Experience, So Must Be Kinda Normal These Days?
Vaxxed Athlete Dies, Sudden Rise Of Testicular Cancer Among Healthy Young Men
Teen Dies Of Cardiac Arrest During Flight 
36 Year Old Wife Of County Commissioner Dies Suddenly
35 Year Old World Cup Medalist Dies Suddenly
19 Year Old Boxing Champion Dies Suddenly
Text/Video: Hey Joe, Global Warming Dumped 555 Inches aka 46 Feet/14 Meters Of Snow In California, 12.5 Feet In Past Week
Could Changing Climate/Weather Conditions Be Due To The Earth's Shifting And Weakening Magnetic Fields? Magnetic Dipole Weakening Dramatically Allows More Ultraviolet Sun Radiation To Reach Us, Magnetic Field Weaker In Some Areas Than Others, Magnetic North Moving At 55 Kilometers A Year, Away From Canada Towards Russia, While South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly Is Moving Westward Too, It Has Doubled In Size In The Past 60 Years Now Covers About 20% Of Our Planet's Surface

"No Reverse Gear" Putin And Xi Bury "Pax" Americana And The WEF's "Great Reset," First Time In About 500 Years That "No Political Leader From The West Is Setting The Global Agenda," About The Time Of The Rise Of The Nation-State In The West, Now On The Doorstep Of The Fall Of The Western Nation-States
The 500 Year Cycle In Christian History
From The "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" Dept: Russia-China Multipolar Alliance Rankled The US And Their Myth Of "World Leader," Dominion Is Not Birthright 
Video: 1999 NATO Illegal Bombing Of Serbia, Used Depleted Uranium Shells, US Ambassador, Let Bygones Be Bygones, Conflict Flares Up In Syria With US Illegal Occupied Land, Iran Condemns Macron, Clownworlds Biden To Canada, Syrian Chocolate, n
Will The Real Villians And Liars Please Stand Up 
Your Tax Dollars At Work In Ukraine, Zelensky Shuts Down Christian Churches 
As America Crumbles, Biden Is Hellbent On Rebuilding Ukraine 
Video: Update, 24 March Nord Stream Set Up, Straw Man, No US Agency, Doesn't Mean US Didn't Do It, US Stirring Up More Sh*t, One More Shot At Regime Change In Belarus, Massive Protests In France, EU Hypocrisy, ICC Kangaroo Warrant, US Illegally In Syria, Stealing Their Oil, Launched Airstrikes, ICC Where Are You? Clownworld A Prestidigitator He Ain't, "Now You See It, Now You Don't," Macron's ($80K?) Watch
Video: New Atlas Live Russia-China, Ukrainian Offensive? Russian Military Production, AUKUS Submarines, Etc. 
It's War! Australia "De-banking" Independent Journalists, So Much For West's Mantra Of Democracy, Freedom, It's All A Lie, A Big Propaganda Fascist Fraud 
Western Media And Governments Still Can't Acknowledge That Casey Has Struck Out In Mudville, And Yes, The "Bogeyman" Is Coming For Them
The US Resurrects The "Axis Of Evil" Mantra With More Fingers Pointing Back At Them
Video/Text: The Spy Within, US Government And Big Tech Spy On US Citizens More Than Tik-Tok, Russian Military Analysis 
Video: Update, 23 March Graham-Blinken Embarrassing Public "Arrest Putin" Wet Dream, DeSantis Caves Already, Russia A Gas Station With Nukes, Medvedev, EU Leaders Lack Basic Literacy, Hersh, Nord Stream Cover-Up, 5 Guys In A Sailboat Best US-German Intelligence (?) Could Come Up With, These "Long Noses" Make Pinocchio Look Like A Beacon Of Truth, Clownworld US Soldier On The Ground In Ukraine, All Fake Reports  
Deny, Deny Deny Doesn't Work Anymore, More Nord Stream Lying From The US As If Anyone Believes Them 
Germany's AfD Party Says If Hersh Nord Stream Report Is True, Scholz Committed Treason 
Last Gasp For Ukraine Military, Depleted Uranium Shells?
Iran-Saudi Deal A Bid To End US Endless Wars
An Historic Event With Prophetic Implications, A New Spring And The End Of The Line For US And The West's Domination Of The International Order, Russia, World's Biggest Cache Of Natural Resources And Advanced Military, And China, World's Biggest Industrial Base, With Supporting Cast Of Most Of The Rest Of The World, Mightier Than US And The West
Video: Update, 22 March Sunak, Closer To Nukes, Hungary No To ICC, Borrell And NATO, EUSSR Grift Fund, Japan PM Visits Kiev, Invites Ukraine To Meaningless G7 Meeting [Ukraine A Top 7 Economy?] Italian PM Same As All The Other Globalist Puppet Leaders, Clownworld Zelensky Call Me
Bakmut: 10,000 Ukraine Troops Trapped In Russian Cauldron
Obama, Trump, Biden Agree On Syrian Oil Theft
The Absurdity Of The West, Transparently Sunk To Playing Childish Games On The World Stage
The Biden Administration: Where 1984 Meets Animal House Making Ukraine The 51st State (With Privileges) Of The US
Anti-Christ: No Talking Christianity In The Holy Land Where Christianity Began?
Jordan Parliament Votes To Expel Zionist Israel's Ambassador
Video: Update 21 March UK MoD To Send Tanks With Depleted Uranium Shells To Ukraine, Huge Escalation Crosses The Line Making UK A Party To The War, The Tipping Point To (Nuclear) WW3, Lavrov, This Will Not End Well For UK, Putin, Russia To React, Why Does UK Want To Turn London Into Chernobyl West? But Not To Worry UK, Just Put On A Mask
Bakhmut And Avdiivka Sitrep
Hypocrisy, US Liberals Freak Out Over Idaho Passing Law Making Death By Firing Squad An Option, While These Same Folks Are Perfectly Okay With Ukrainian Military Shelling And Killing Unarmed Women And Children In Donbass, At Least An Idaho Person Would Have A Trial
Video: China-Russia Strengthening Ties Including Military As Well, Core Of The Emerging Multipolar World, US Chronic Incompetence, Keeps Throwing Paper Dollars On The Fire That Is Ukraine While Their Own Country Is Falling Apart
Exactly As Our End Times Prophecies Are Warning Us, Question Is, How Far Down The Easter Bunny Hole Will We Go Before We Get It, And Make The Correct Changes?
Yes, This Has Got To Stop, But We Need To Look In The Right Place To Make It Happen
Russia-China A Mutual Benefit Society
Was March 2003 A Tipping Point In Russia-China Relations?
Russia-China: A View From The Other Side Of The Fence