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Spring 2022

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. Increasingly, anti-Christian tech-media outlets are removing sites considered pro-Christian in nature. Therefore, it is advisable to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. If you are interested in uncensored alternatives, go to, in particular their Explosive Topics section as well as Rumble and Odysee. Also, you may wish to copy articles on this site onto your storage devices for future reference as well. Please note, however, that most redshoe articles are edited and updated to varying degrees throughout the year. Major updates are noted in the articles menu. See our Terms of Use guidelines.

The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in the billionaire plutocrat's Western corporate mass media companies, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

However, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, which, in a sense, is an urgent reset for so many in our nations today. We need to realize our plundering princes, leaders, officials, and atheist tech media intentionally lie to us on a regular basis, exactly as the prophecies of our closing last days make quite clear.

Spring 2022

CDC No Evidence For Its "Facts," Real World, Variants Showed Up After The Vaxxes Showed Up
Text/Video: We Are In A Pandemic Of The Vaxxed, Check Your Vax Card Batch Number Online To Check Your Risk
More Vax Injured Commercial Pilots Speak Out Against Mandates
Fauci Funded 60 Projects With Wuhan Lab
Another SADS Fatality?
The Fruits Of Our Moral Corruption, Failing Our Children
Holy Sex Cult At Google, Batman

Video: Shift Away From Macron In France, South America Moving Away From US
Americans And Europeans Watch As Their "Western Civilization" House Collapses Like A Controlled Demolition
Ex US SecState Pompeo Says It's OK To Assassinate Foreign Leaders To Protect Assets, And If A Foreign Country Thought Pompeo Was A Threat, OK To Assassinate Him Too?
Video: Update 20 June, Macron Loses In Parliament Elections, EU Governments Collapsing, NWO "Green" Germany Will Fire Up Coal Plants, Globalist EU Not Getting Its Way, So Wants To Change Its Rules Based Voting System, Lithuania Pokes The Bear, Top UK General Prepare To Fight Russia In WW3, Maybe He Hasn't Heard About Mr. Sarmat, Clownworld Poland Will Deport Ukrainian Men Aged 18-60
Video: Update 2, 19 June, Ursala, Ukrainians Can Live The European Dream, No Gas, No Oil, No Food? NATO Moves To Russian Border, But Russia Is The Threat? Kalibr Missile Strike Big Message, Medvedev EU Will Not Last, Clownworld No Russian Language In Nikolayev, If Stilll A Part Of Ukraine In September
Sitrep Operation Z: June 19, Russia Answers For Shelling Of Donbass Civilians, More Than 50 Generals And Officers Of The AFU Eliminated In Kalibr Missile Strike, Newly Delivered Howitzers Destroyed
SPIEF 2022 Summary: The Fair World Order, A World Away From The Imploding Collective West
Video: Update, 19 June, CIAmazonPost Article, Anonymous Sources Biden Willing To Risk Global Inflation, Hunger, Thanks Dictator Joe, But What Are The Rest Of Us Willing To Risk? US Moving Away From Zelensky, While Rhetoric Is Fighting To The End, Defeat, China Providing Airline Spare Parts To Russia, Clownworld Trudeau Stole Freedom Is Top Selling Book On Amazon

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

In The Last Days, Perilous Times ... Traitors
Prayer And Fasting ...
The Plundering Elites
Dr. Insanity
Apres Vax, The Sudden Onset Of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
What Are High Levels Of Metals Doing In Baby Food?
Some Countries Stopping Use Of Moderna Injections On People Under 30, While FDA Approves For Use In Babies
Brandon's 10 Most Honest Lies So Far :-)
Fauci Caught With His Hand In The "Royalty" Cookie Jar
The Big Push To Do As Much Harm As Possible Before Mid-Term Elections, FDA, Moderna, Pfizer Experimental Injections That Have Injured And Killed
Another Food Processing Plant Goes Up In Flames
Orwellian Wordmeisters At WHO Move To Change Name Of Monkeypox, UK Health Agency Reports 99% Monkeypoxers Are Gay
Biden's Military Vax Mandate Beaten In Court-Martial
First Canadian Vax Injury Compensation
We've Been Lied To Big Time, And It Continues, Severe "Covid" Rare In Unvaxxed, But They Don't Suffer From Vax Injuries Or Death Either
Some Secular Points To Ponder
Video: The Covid Lockdown Blowback Plague Upon Our Children
Any Parent Who Would Allow Their Child To Get Injected With These Experimental Gene Injections Is ... , And The Data Provided Is, Being Nice, A Fabrication From Pfizer
Despite Evidence For High Risk Of Injury And Death, FDA Approve$ Moderna Vax For 6-17 Age Group
Another Fire At A Food Processing Plant ... Who's The Arsonist/s Behind All These Timely, Non-Coincidental Blazes?
Empire Walls Falling From Within, Creating Food Shortages To Go With The Energy Shortages
Putting Colleges And Universities On Notice About Mandates And Possible Vax Fraud By Pfizer And FDA (aka
Young Australians Dying In Massive Numbers ... So Much For "Safe And Effective" Or Is It "Safe To Say They're Effective At Killing?"
What Do These Lethal Vaxxes Have In Them That Kill People? "A Devilishly Insipid Hand-Crafted (Modified) RNA," See Photos
New Study: Lockdowns Never About Saving Lives, Population Control Resulting in Excess Deaths
The Double Entendre Quack Mask
Sunday Comics
From The "Definition Of The Month Club" Dept: Orwellian UK Changes Definitions To Alter "Covid Reality" For "Safe And Effective" Vaxxed Getting "Covid" More Than Once, My, How The Game Has Changed In Two And A Half Years
Video: Covid Redux? Usual Suspects, Lots Of Something Fishy With Monkeypox, Side Effect Of Pfizer Boosters ... Blisters
Amazing How Monkeypox Rollout Follows Same Narrative Pattern As "Covid" Rollout, Same Players, Fear Porn, Hysteria, Vax Purchases
Birds Of Prey Flock To DC Including Pfizer

Putin: The Collective West's Unipolar Globalist Schwab NWO Is Done
Prophecy For The Collective West, Micah 2:1-4
EU: Turning Kool-Aid Into Oil
Blowback: Turning Collective West's Sanctions Into Losing WW3
Video: Update 18 June, Bojo Off To Kiev With More Empty Promises, Offers Training By "Battle Proven" (WW2 Vets?) UK Military, NWO Can't Afford To Lose Ukraine War, Biden's New Tune, Let's Dial Back Rhetoric, Russia Releases Foreign Fighter Numbers, Clownworld Eurovision, Who Knew Mariupol Was In UK
Video: Update 2, 17 June, Putin Quotes Mark Twain, SPIEF Russia Out Of The Western Sphere, Spells Out The Details, Russian Commodities Available To Friendly Nations, UK Patel Extradites Assange, Clownworld Pelosi, US Problems Due To "Covid" And Iraq War
Video: Another Example Of The "Lowest Of Men ..."
Video: Update, 17 June, Russian FM Lavrov Getting Pissed Off With UK Narrative, Maybe Ambassador Sarmat Would Change Their Mind, Collective West Disses The Success Of SPIEF, Canada Refuses To Send Back Repaired Equipment, 40% Reduction In Gas To Germany, So Call Canada And Work It Out, 2 American Mercenaries Captured In Ukraine, Clownworld Japan ZIPAIR To Become IPAIR?
Video: On US TV Tonight? This Is The Real Ukrainian Army, They Can't Fight The Russians So They Fire On Defenseless Civilians
The Collective West Nothing But Lies And Deceit
Morally Corrupt Biden Administration: Folks, If You Don't See What Is Happening To Your Country, You Aren't Paying Attention
Biden's Rule Of Lawlessness
Video: Martyanov, Harpoon Missiles
Some Initial Takeaways From The SPIEF, St. Pertersburg International Economic Forum
Watch Out World, US Military Can Walk And Chew Gum At Same Time
Video: Update 16 June, Biden Powerless Against Putin In US Admits Biden, But Oil Available, After US Freezing Russian Foreign Deposits, So Release Their Money, Ditch Sanctions And Buy The Oil For Rubles, Problem Solved Without Pushing For The Multi-Trillion Green Agenda, In The "Near Term" Means At Least Until The Mid-Term Elections, Amid All The Problems In US "Living By The Sword" Reckless Biden Sends Another 1.2 Billion Of Your Money To Ukraine For Weapons After The Recent $40 Billion, More PR Trips To Kiev, Canada Sanctions Prevents Germany From Getting Gas From Russia, Clownworld Javelin Craziness
Video: What Ivan Knows That Johnny Doesn't, How The American Education System Was Deliberately Undermined To Where We Are Today, Be Woke, Memorize, Don't Think, Russia Develops Hypersonic Missiles Against Which The US Has No Defense, While Americans Are Pondering If Having A Penis Means They Are A Guy
The American Educational System Drags On
The New G8 Fair New World Order Can Dominate World Markets
Video: He Who Fights To Negotiate, Loses, Per Its Norm, More Lies, US Dumping It Losing Gambit Back On Ukraine, So Much For Crushing Russia And Its Economy
Video: 15 June, Another New US/EU Ukraine Wishful Thinking Strategy, Guided Missiles To Ukraine, It's About De-Militarization And De-Nazification For Russia, So Supplying More Weapons ..., Serbia Oil Warning, Clownworld Emperor Of Lies Biden Out Of Control On Economy, Blame Everyone Else, Takes No Responsibility
From The "Now That It's Obvious To Everyone In The World They Are Losing" Dept: Orwellian Hypocrisy And Deceit, US SecState Blinken, "Ukrainians Right To Determine Their Future ... We Support That Right," Yet In 2014 US Coup Overthrew The Ukrainian's Democratically Elected President, Which Has Led To The Deplorable Mess Caused By The "Exceptional" US
Sitrep Operation Z: 15 June, Graffiti Is On The Wall, US Gambled And Lost Big Time With Ukraine
The World Has Hope, It's Just Not Found In The Empires Of Men
Our Hope
Video: Update, June 14, Ukraine Continues To Shell Civilians In Donetsk, Mexican President Labels Ukraine Arms Supply As Immoral, NATO Not Expected Turkey Opposition, Biden Urges US Farmers To Buy Russian Fertilizer, Clownworld German Scholz Plan To Get Grain To The World ... Or LIft Sanctiions And Buy In Rubles
After Zionist Israel's Attack On Civilian Airport In Damascus, What Will Axis Of Resistence Do?
Video, 13 June, France's First Round Parliament Votes, NATO Ukraine Narrative Shift, But Russia Doesn't Want Territory As First Priority, Ukraine Uses Queen's Image With Rocket Launcher, Israel Bombs Damascus Airport, Zionist Israel Needs A Punch In The Nose To Get The Message, PM's Coalition Government In Jeopardy, Clownworld Russia & Ukraine Join Forces To Invade EU
Ukraine: Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over
Sitrep Operation Z: 13 June, Walk Back The Talk, The West Now Looking For A Face-Saving Way Out To Abandon The Orphan Ukraine While Keeping Up Appearances They Care
Video: Update 3, 12 June, Zelensky's Fairy Tales, Crazy Nuke Talk, So If Cuba Wants Nukes Too? UK Pubs On Endangered Species List, Clownworld Ronald McDonald Rebranded In Russia
Survivors Of US Sanctions, Iran And Venezuela, SIgn Cooperation Pact
Video: Update 2, 12 June, UK Guardian "Trickle Truth" Article West Looking For Off Ramp In Ukraine, Biden Dumps Zelensky Under The Bus Before Mid-Term Elections, Looking Tough Towards China? New G8 China, India, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, And Mexico Leading To Multipolar Fair New World Order, Nicarauga Invites Russia, Clownworld Weren't The West's Sanctions Suppose To Hit Russia?  US 9-1-1 Call Restrictions, Gas Prices Too High, One Way To Defund The Police, One In Six Germans Skipping Meals Due To Money Concerns, None Of This In Sanctioned Russia Though
Video: Update 12 June, Ursala Photo-Op Ideologue Rhetoric Pilgrimage To Kiev, EU Candidacy Ukraine, Denmark Inflation Highest In 40 Years, Asian "US/NATO" Summit Transference Comments Brings Sharp Comments From China, Bulgaria Ruling Coalition Party Leaves Government, No Money, Anti-Clownworld Kherson Residents Bank Debt Forgiven By Putin When Entering Russian Federation, Getting Passports
Video: Biden WH On Bad Terms At Same Time With Iranians And Saudis
Ukraine: Time To Beat The Feet To The Street
Can The Former British Empire Sink Any Lower?
Lovers Of Pleasure More Than Lovers Of God

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Vaxxes And Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Never Before In History
Video: Courts Overwhelmed With Experimental Injection Lawsuits
Justin Beiber's Facial Paralysis A Vax Injury?
Video/Text: Andy Wakefield Interview: Childhood Vaxxes Are So Dangerous CDC Refuses To Keep Stats That Would Contradict Big Pharma Narrative, Your Kids Pay The Price
Video: Dr. Mike Yeadon Interview With Dr. Paul Alexander, Catastrophic Vaxxes
The Elephant In The Room: Are You Smarter Than The CDC?
Not Just Lethal Injections, Food Processing Plants Torched, Never Before In US History
Taxing Cow And Sheep Burps, Who Produces More Hot Air Regarding Climate Change ... Cows Or Politicians? Therefore Let's Reduce Another Food Source Through Taxation
What The Excess Mortaility Stats Tell Us About "SARS-Covid-2," Endemic, Harmless By "Omicron-22," But The Toxic Effects Of Experimental Injections Still In People's Bodies
While Correlation Is Not Causation, Where's There's Smoke, There's Fire: Vax Rollout And Rise In Disabilities, Huge Spike In Post-Vax Timelines, Twitter Take Down In Less Than An Hour Confirms
More Pfizer Shenanigans, This Time With “Comirnaty"
"Covid" Testing To Enter US Gone
From The "Immortal Files Of Covid" Dept: The New Omicron Money Booster, Only Good For Bottom Lines
CDC Higher Covid-22 Infection Rates In Boosted As Opposed To Unboosted
"Covid" Spike Protein Vaxxes Linked To New Fatal Brain Disorder
Report: Surprise! Lockdowns Do Nothing Good
The Tortoise Of Truth Arrives, Asks, Please Explain This Fauci, NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO
From The "I'm Cold, So You Need To Put On A Coat" Dept: While Medical "Covid" Is Being Torn Apart More Each Day, German Politician Keeps The Financial/Political "Covid" Alive
A New Point About The Missing Virus
CDC Removes Masks From Monkeypox Guidelines
50% Rise In All-Cause Mortality Rates AFTER Vaxxes Rolled Out, How Do They Explain It? They Can't ... In Reality, They Don't Dare
Hospital Staff Gagged Over "Safe And Effective Covid Vax" Injuries, Why? What Are They Hiding?
Traitors In The Palace
Ivermectin Lawsuit
Bayer Admits "Covid" Injections Are Not Vaccines, But Experimental Gene "Therapy," Exactly What The SEC Filings Show, The Word Vaccine Not In Them, Popular, Familiar Terminology Promoted By MSM
The Link Between Big Pharma Drugs And Murder
Cherry-Picking The Scientific Data To Suit The Corrupt Political Narrative
America's Frontline Doctors: Masks Don't Stop Viruses, So What's Their Purpose?
When Masks Disappeared From Planes
Strange, Mass Shootings And Government Wants To Get Rid Of 2nd Amendment, Yet Same Government Okay With Mass Deaths And Injuries, Millions, Caused By Experimental "Covid" Shots, Why Do You Suppose That Is?
Experimental "Covid" Injections: The Gift That Keeps On Debilitating
2005, Scientists Knew Protein Based Corona Virus Experimental Injections, Like Pfizer, Moderna, Potentially Dangerous
Germany, Italy End All Travel Restrictions In Time For Summer Tourism, Hmm, Any Gas Or Fuel?
Why Is It "Fact Checkers" Didn't Exist Until The Truth Started Coming Out?

Will Europe Remain Content Living In The Downstairs Apartment Of The Elites Outhouse? Yep
Video: Martyanov, Ukraine Losses, Netcentric Warfare, Fifth Gen SU-57s Operating In Ukraine
Elitest NWO Young "Leader" Trudeau Goes Full Commie: Using A Gun In Self-Defense Is Not A Right, And Justin's Body Guards Carry Guns For What Purpose?
Video: News Of The Week: Brainwashing From The Lies You Can Trust Network :-)
Friday Funnies
Video: Africa Moves Closer To Russia, Fair New World Order, Very Desperate Neocons Want To ... What Else ... Sanction Countries Who Use Rubles, Eventually West Will Sanction Themselves Into Oblivion
Why Were Ukrainian Nazis In US Capital On Jan. 6?
Video: Update 11 June, Putin Beating The Knickers Off Biden's Bum, Can't Stop "Putin Tax," Russia Cuts Its Interest Rates, Collective West "Worst Collection Of Leaders In History," Orban Calls Out Soros As War Instigator, Biden Groveling, Clownworld Denisova Lies Fooled Italy, Reuters Nazi Photo
Video: Update 2, 10 June, Russia Rejects POW Status Claims For Mercenaries, Erdogan Claims US Bases In Greece Not Aimed Against Russia, "Spider To The Fly" Serbia Pressure From West, Clownworld Biden Social Media Comments
Traitors And Patriots: A Lesson For America And The Collective West
Video: Update, 10 June, Death Penalty To Ukraine Mercenaries, If POWs As Liz Truss Claims, Then UK Legally At War With Russia? Land Bridge To Crimea A Major Military Victory, Snake Island S-400s, More Western Weapons To Ukraine Drying Up, US Pentagon [A US Peaceful, Medical Orgainzation :-)] 46 Biolabs In Ukraine For Humanitarian Purposes, That's Why They Hid Their Shinig Light To The World Under A Bucket, Clownworlds Dubya Punked, US And West Running Out Of Weapons, Not Russia
Sitrep Operation Z: 10 June, Beginning Of The End Phase 2
US Think Tanks Misread Russia/Ukraine, Br'er Biden Stepped Into Tipping Point Gas, Oil For Rubles Tar Pit
Video: Russian Defense Minister: Land Bridge To Crimea Complete, Odessa Now In The Mix As Long As Ukraine Military, Nazis Still There
Video: Update 9 June, Ukraine, US Left Hand Doesn't Know What Right Hand Is Doing, Sounds Like An Excuse For Failure, US Yellen's Plan To Cap Russia Oil Profits, De-mining Odessa To Ship Grain, Needs Ukraine To Cooperate, Greek Appeals Court Overturns Confiscation Iran Tanker At US Instigation In Greek Waters, Clownworld Price Of Gasoline, "Cheaper To Buy Cocaine And Run Everywhere" 
In Case Anyone In The Collective West, Schwab, NWO, IMF, Bankers, et al Didn't Read Between The Politically Correct Words Coming From Russia's Diplomats, Here's A Clarification
Demo Day Of The Collective West's House: The New Fair World Order, Global South's Get Out Of Jail Free Card? The Tares Of The World Bank And IMF's 1990's Russia Plan Bearing Fruit Today, Good Seed In Putin's Yard, Their Greed Has Deceived Them, Obadiah v. 5,  And Will Destroy Them a la Rome
Obadiah 1:3- 5
Breaches In The Walls Of The Empire Of Lies, Ruins Of A US Border
The Collective West's Tipping Point Into The Dusty Pages Of History's Past Empires
Who's Buying American's Houses That Sit Empty?
Schwab's WEF US Young "Leaders," Or Is It Traitors?
The Soros [Of Ukraine Coup Fame, Look What's Happened To Them] Lawless Plague Destroying America From Within
Ukraine Intel: Headless Chickens In The Palace
The Obama-Biden Empire Of Lies Russia Collusion Lie
Biden Administration: When All Else Fails ...
Amateur Hour: Biden's Foreign Policy Disaster
Biden, US Effectlively Lost Most Of Gulf State Allies To Moscow, Fair New World Order
Western BS Narrative Regarding 404 Is Collapsing, Move Into 2nd Phase Of BS, Blame Bad Intel a la Iraq WMD
Sitrep Operation Z; 8 June, De-Nazification, De-Militarization By The Hundreds, NWO And It Ain't Schwab's
Lavrov: Political West "Increasingly Afraid Of The Truth And Are Trying To Escape Into An Invented, Fake Reality That Is Filling Screens, Social Media And Any Information Resources ... Want To Resolve Their Electoral Challenges By Brainwashing Their Voters" And All This To Support Nazis?
Defeated Europe Falls To US In Ukraine War
Clownworld: If Anyone In The West Doesn't Think They're In Trouble Following The Biden Lead, This Says It All
Video: Update 8 June, Rumor Of Ceasefire, But Russia Wants De-Nazification, De-Militarization, Burka Merkel Interviews, Ukraine Pissed At Israel, NATO Just Put Finland, Sweden In Russian Crosshairs, NATO Okay With N. Korea Nukes Then? Clownworld Ukraine Book Banning, Bojo Honorary Cossack
Video: Ukraine Military Collapse In Donbass, Turkey, Russis Closer Ties 
Pricey US Weapons, Lots Of Show, But Not Lots Of Go In Real War
Video: Update 2, 7 June EU-Russia Sparks At UN, But West Ignores Bioweapon Labs In EU, Russia Big Victories In Donbass, Collective West Panic Increasing, Clownworld Elon Musk Twitter, Haggling Over The Price Manuever? Start High, Buy Low?
The Moon Is Down, A Novel, Why Governments Don't Want Armed Citizens
EU Turns Oil Into A Tar Pit
Key Point Summary By Russian Chief Of The Army
Video: Update 7 June, Severodonetsk Ukraine "Offensive" More PR, Airspace Closure To Lavrov, Biden WH Nothing Is Going "Right," Russian/Indian Oil To Boycotting Countries, Citizens Will Pay More So Me-First Politicians Can Save Face, Clownworld Germany's Scholz Tar Pit Dilemma Fantasyland Trip Out
Famine Central: Will The Real US, NATO, WEF Please Stand Up?
Will Russia De-NATOize Europe Too?
After Biden Causes It, He Announces Energy Emergency, Ukraine War Sanctions That Biden Administration Put In Place On Russia, Froze Russian Foreign Assets, So Gas For Rubles, Oil For Rubles, No Real Shortage, Help Your Citizens, Joe, Just Pay In Rubles
Latin America, Caribbean No Longer US Fiefdoms
Video: It's Getting Ugly Between Ukraine And EU, Ludicrous Political Claims, Danger Of Mission Creep
Sitrep Operation Z: 6 June, Lots Of Action As Europe Feeling Their Self-Inflicted Sanctions Pinch
No Wonder NWO Klaus Schwab, Son Of A Nazi General, Hates Russia While Promoting Neo-Nazi Ukraine, Amazing The Amount Of Nazi Ties In Western Governments ... Nuland In US, Freeland In Canada
US Military Admitting To Cyber War Attack On Russia
Dear Joe, For Russia It's Not About Territory, It's De-Nazification And De-Militarization Of Ukraine, And BTW, What Negotiation?
Teflon Putin Vs. Sticky Joe
Video: 6 June, More "Game Changing" Weapons To Ukraine, European Leaders Bickering Headless Chickens, Clownworld Karma, Putin Interview Interrupts Ukraine World Cup Qualifier That Ukraine Lost By Scoring A Goal Against Itself
Video: Alex's, Biden Looks For Off-Ramp, But Who Says Russians Are In A Mood To Negotiate, Their Goals Are Unchanged
Video: Russia Advances In Donbas, Repulses Ukraine Counterattacks, Massive Russian Artillery Overwhelms Ukrainian Forces, Kiev Feeding Manpower Into Meatgrinder, NWO Can't Afford A Loss To Russia In Ukraine, Russia Wants De-Nazification And De-Militarization Of Ukraine, Territory of Secondary Importance
Video: Update 5 June, EU OK With Russian Oil Provided Refined In India, Keeps India In Global South Arena, Face Saving Measure For EU Kleptocrats, India's FM: Europe's Problems Are Not The World's Problems, West Becoming More Irrelevant To The Other 88% Of The World, The West Still May Speak Of The World Economy Or The World This Or That, But That Doesn't Exist Anymore, If Western Supplied Missiles Land In Russian Territory, Russia Will Strike Decision Making Centers In Those Countries, Clownworld Inflation Tax Added To Restaurant Bills
Operation Z+: The Natural Resource Curtain Across Continental Europe

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Dozens Of Records Of Illegal Molecular Research Reported To NIH
Video: Highwire Episode 270, Vaxxes "Safe And Effective" For Pregnant Women Based On Study Of 44 French Rats For 42 Days ... Petroleum Product In Breast Milk From Vaxxes, Baby Die Off From Vaxxed Mothers, Big Pharma's National Security Attack, Pfizer Docs Show Foreknowledge, Therefore, Premeditated Harm For Profit, These People Will Not Stop, Therefore They Will Need To Be Stopped
Biden Administration's Sneaky NWO Globalist WHO Agenda Defeated
FDA [aka] Feet Dragging Incriminates Itself As Much As Do The Pfizer Docs, Yet FDA Had No Trouble Doling Out Millions Of Dollars A Day In Taxpayer Money To Pfizer
Must Watch Video: Covid Scam Premeditated Murder, Racketeering, Felony Violations, Names Names, Legal Action
The Evidence "Covid-19" Planned From The Beginning, Like Monkeypox
Video: Premeditated Monkeypox Timeline Going Forward, Engineered To Be Vax Resistent, Holy Shades Of Covid, Batman, Channeling Monkeys, Monkeypox "Predicted" More Than A Year Ago For May 15, 2022, Missed By 3 Days, Deaths "Predicted" By Sunday, June 5, 271 Million Total Deaths, Same List Of Perps, 25+ Jab Patents Already In Place, What A Coincidence ... Again
The Monkeypox Con: More Crimes Agaisnt Humanity By Same People
Video: Covid And Monkeypox Coincidences Brought To You By The NWO And WEF
More Evidence Wuhan Lab Experiments And Monkeypox
Did You Know You Helped Fund The WEF Billionaires' Playground?
What An Electron Microscope Found In Those Pfizer And Moderna Experimental Injections, Same Stuff Now In The Vaxxed
Masking As Effective As Western Sanctions On Russia ... Who Is Harmed?
Airline Pilots To Sue US Government Over Vax Mandate
Video: Monkeypox, aka Moneypox, One Trick Ponies Following Same Talking Lying Points As Did "Covid," So Lockdowns, Masks, Social Distancing, And Most Importantly, More Shots From Big Pharma? Biolab Genetic Gain Of Function To Make It Lethal To The Covid Vaxxed?
Covid-19 Kits Shipped By WHO/WTO In 2017
The Out In The Open, Biden, Bill Gates, WHO, NWO Plan To Rule The World
Monkeypox Another Tool Of The NWO, Great Reset
The Monkey Business Behind Monkeypox
In Case You Forgot, Leopards Don't Change Their Spots, They Are Predators
ICAN: CDC In The Business Of Producing And Selling Cell Lines From Human Fetus Body Parts
From The "Fool Me Once" Dept: CDC, Remember Them From Their Covid Shenanigans, Now Leads The Way With Monkeypox Fear, Already Level 2 Alert, So, Why Conveniently Now ... WHO Vote?
Gay? Then No Need To Worry About Monkeypox Says WHO
CDC Mask Report Doesn't Hold Up, Superstitious Practice
Another Keep The Herd Running Plannedemic: Monkeypox/Covid Jab Patent Filed Over A Year Ago
Wuhan Lab Gain Of Function Monkeypox ... More Lethal
Prior Memes We Missed
Video: JP's We Lie To You News
Sunday Comics

Bilderberg, Davos, China And The Upset NWO Apple Cart
Zionist Israel's Eighth Decade, And Babylon The Great
Zionist Israel Keeps The Middle East War Fires Stoked
100 Days Of Ukraine
The Windbags Of The West Are Blowing Towards The East
Black Sea Geopolitics: Kirsch Strait, Sea Of Azov
Putin Interview: Calls Out Biden's Lies, NWO Agenda Is To Destroy The Existing West, Not Solve The Problems Schwab & Co. Create, Explains The Reasons Behind US Economic Mess, Rather Than Immature Attempt To Blame Someone Else For Their Mistakes, What Russia Did Differently
Video: Update, 4 June, Liar In Chief BS Extraordinaire, Life Is Good In US And Ukraine Is Winning War, Yet Hapless Biden Admits  Putin Controls Him Too? West Only Has Fake News And Propaganda To Fall Back On, Print More Money Which Increases Inflation, Further Weakening US Dollar, And Then Give The "Money" To The NWO's Green Reset, Further Catastrophe For US Written On Over It, Ukrainians Not Russians, Mined Harbors And Sea Lanes, Wheat, Grain Problem Due To Sanction Obstacles Of West, Just Lift The Sanctions And Grain Will Flow, Put Money Where Your Mouth Is, Call Putin On His Claim, Ukraine Missile Promises Lasted Only A Day, Clownworld Latvian Village Hot Water Stopped, Energy Too Expensive
Russia's Realpolitik SMO, What Factors Triggered The Timing?
Video: Martyanov, Math Of Geopolitics, CINC, Industry And Resources Vs. Services And Finance
The Trolls Are Doomed
Fair New World Order Moves Forward With Russia, China And Global South Based On Norms Of Recognized Internationl Law As Opposed To West's "Rules Based Order"
Sitrrep Operation Z: 3 June, Seppuku
Video: Update, 3 June Collective West, EU Sanction Clowns, EU Sanctions Have Driven Price Of Oil Through The Roof, Yet Biden Administration Says Oil Price Will Be Lower, Biden To Saudi Arabia To Grovel For Oil, Sad Sack Hillary's Transference, "Messianic Belief," Clownworld Interpol Warns Big Problem Ukraine Black Market Weapons
The Amazing BS Propaganda The Desperate US Pushes About Ukraine, Reality, Another Huge Failure For Biden Administration, It's Getting To The Point, WMD, Afghanistan, 2020 Election, Covid, And Ukraine Most Recently, They've Lied So Much, They Don't Know How To Utter One Word Of The Truth, So Why Do People Believe Them?
Video: EU Russian Oil Sanctions Mess, Unstable Oil Market In Europe, India Becoming Key Middle Man, Insurance Concerns For Oil Tankers, New World Of Commodities Based Currencies, Potentially Making The Ruble The World's Strongest Currency Thanks To US/EU Sanctions
Video: Update, 2 June, Biden Warned Not To Steal Russia's Foreign Reserves, Erdogan Moves In Syria, Clownworld Zelensky's Mouth
Video: Update 1, 2 June, Biden's Meaning Of "Just," No Comma After "War," Hungary's Oil Guarantee, Degenerate Biden Videos, Clownworld  9 Year-old Ukraine Military Advisor, Nice To Know All Those Soldiers Died Due To Dad's Military Decisions
Ukraine Casualty Numbers And Calls By Ukraine Military To Stop Senseless Waste Of LIfe, Using Same Kampfgruppen Strategy Used By Germany At The End Of The WW2, Politicans Only Care When It's Their Life At Stake
Assurances From Those Running The Show
Video: More "Game Changer" Weapons As Ukraine Using Same Rhetoric As Did Nazi Germany When It Was Losing
Video: Cross Talk World Under Sanctions, World In A Mess, "Protecting Democracy" In Ukraine, While Destroying It In Collective West
Sitrep Operation Z: 1 June, How Long ... Until The Evil Elites Are Stopped
Video: Update 2, 1 June, Biden Wants To Inflict Pain On Russia With "Multiple Rocket Launchers" To Achieve Ukraine "Diplomatic" Agreement, US MO,  Diplomacy At The End Of A Rocket, Germany-Greece Tank Swap, Clownworld Flag Problems
Not Only Has Europe Painted Itself Into Disaster's Corner, No Energy, No Food And Monkeypox Too
Video: Update, 1 June, Zelensky Interview Trickle Truth With Casualty Numbers, Says He Won't Cede Any Territory, But Russia Wants De-Nazification And De-Militarization, Big, Hypocritical Talk For Loser, Ukraine Human Rights Minister Fired Over Her Fake News Stories, Italian Draghi Tells Europeans They're In Energy Hole For Long Time, Clownworld, Hey Wales, When Klaus Schwab And WEFers Eat Bugs, Own Nothing And Ride Bikes To Davos, We Might Consider It
The Continuing Trend In Food Processing Plant Fires
More Gun Violence, Deaths In Chicago Daily Than In Uvalde Shooting, Has Been For Long Time, Yet Silence?
The Multipolar Fair World Order, Geoeconomic Integration Of The Eurasian Heartland, Nightmares For Schwab's NWO
Video The Real Build Back Better ... Mariupol, Hmm, Wonder What US Senator Lindsay Graham Is Saying Now?
Video: Update 2, 31 May, Woke US General Milley Backs Off Ukraine After Being Military Head Of The Proxy War, Russia Unimpressed With New EU Sanctions, Clownworlds Azov Rebranding, A Rose Is A Rose, But How To Get Rid Of Their Old Nazi Tattoos, UK/Ukraine POW Aslin Has A YouTube Channel, Ukraine World Cup, Former Scottish Captain Roots Against His Own Country
Video: Alexs, Lira Discussion, EU Circular Firing Squad, Oil Embargo
Video: Update 31 May, EU Virtue Signals Russia Oil Ban, Pretend Sanctions, Really About NWO Green Agenda Lifestyle, Street People ... You'll Be Happy And Own Nothing, Greece Dumb OIl Tanker Moves, Denmark, Netherlands No Gas For Rubles, Clownworld Bail System For Ukrainian Citizens To Leave Country, While The Poor Sent To Die At War Front, UK Telegraph "Military Experts"
Headlines From The UK Telegraph's Military Experts
After 3 Months Of Western Media Yapping Chihuahua Lies, Misinformation Et Al, They Can't Ignore What We All Know Any Longer
Video: Update 2, 30 May, EU Oil Embargo Stalemate, Russia Steps In And Comes To Aid Of Sri Lanka, US Bond Holders Of Russian Debt, Payment Reverse Gas For Rubles, Now That Ukraine War Lost, US Cutting Losses, Another Defeat After Afghanistan, Polling Numbers Down Over Ukraine, MSM, Warmongers Outed Pushing Lies Past Three Months, Clownworld Putin Dead, Body Double
Zionist Israel Keeps The MIddle East War Fires Burning Brightly
Video: Alexs, Van der Leyenomics, Russian Oil Embargo Or How To Hurt Russia And Not Us, Want A Green Utopia, Economic Death Spiral In West Aiding Rise Of Multipolarization
Video: Zelensky PR Photo Op, Despite Obama-Biden-Nuland 2014 Coup, Ukraine "Trump's Fault," Collective West Coping, Moping Spinning Past 3 Months Of Lies, Sanctions Russian Oil Pipeline Waiver For EU, Oil Tanker Shipping Work-Around To Bring Russian Oil To EU, Clownworld  EU Logic, Will Buy Russian Oil For Higher Prices So Russia Can't Sell It Elsewhere For More Money, "Take That Putin!" 
FM Lavrov: The Road To Multipolarity, Letting The Unipolar West Know It's Days Are Numbered, US Not In Favor Of A Universal Transparent Verification Mechanism For Bioweapons
Video: Change Of Narrative In Western Media, Probability Mathematics In War
Video: Q&A Alexs, Biden, NATO, Russia, Ukraine, Globalists
Analysis: Russia's SMO Response To US/NATO Aggression In Ukraine, US Is The Illegal Aggressor In Ukraine Beginning With The 2014 Obama-Biden-Nuland-Soros Coup Overthrowing Ukraine's Democratically Elected Pro-Russian Government
German General Of Same Opinion As Russian General
Video: Update 29 May, As Russia Winning Big Time, Macron, Scholz Call Putin, Turkey Still No Vote NATO Sweden, Finland, Game Changer Weapons More Western Fantasy, Clownworld Ukraine Corruption, $800 Million Zelensky Exhibit #1
Plans Changing For US; Larry Johnson, Eva Barlett
Video: Larry Johnson, Eva Bartlett Interview, US Biden & Co. Hypocrisy, Lies, Hoaxes Outed By Ukraine War 

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Friday Funnies
Russian MoD: Analysis Of US et al Military Bioweapons Activity In Ukraine, Lies And Coverups, Current Monkeypox Strain From Nigeria Where There Are 4 US Controlled Biolabs
Selling The Soul Of America: Why Gates Switched From Hi-Tech To Healthcare, The "Covid Vax" Scam, Now Bill Gates/WHO Wants To Up The Game, Strange That Everyone We Know That Is Getting "Covid" Is Multi-Vaxxed
Gates Quest To Rule The World, WHO Declares The Pandemics [Big Brother Slave Roundups] Whenever They Like, Think "Covid," Experimental Injections Follow To Reduce World's Population, He Just Needs [To Buy] Your Country's Vote, Question Is Will More Than Half Of The World's Nations Follow This Mad Pied Piper Of Doom?
Remember This Before You Vote: 10 Different Surveys Show Experimental Injections Are NOT Safe And Effective, Hundreds Of Millions Worldwide Injured, Millions Killed, In One Study 80% Of People With Cancer Got Worse, None Improved After Injections, Vaxxes Don't Stop "Covid" Infection Or Re-infections, Time These People Are Held Accountable
The New Normal: Vaxxed Getting "Covid," Some More Than Once As Their Immune System Capability Continues To Degrade
Call Joe's Plumbing Service, Big Leak On The Border
Putting Them Versus Us Into Focus
The Elites Equality Party, Slaves And Deplorables Not Invited
Monkeypox? Blame It On The Gays
Pandemic Monkeyshines
The Data Speaks
For Those Who Missed The Memo: Masks Ineffective Preventing Transmission Of Virus, Infection Rates Increase After Mandates, Just An Obedience Tool Of The Elites
For Every Outbreak, There Is A Vax To Make Money
What?! It's Monkeypox Season Already? I Haven't Even Taken Down My Ukrainian Decorations Yet
Wuhan Lab Was Experimenting With Monkeypox Last Year
Right On Schedule, May 2022, Monkeypox Shows Up Along With WEF-Davos Plague
Last Year, March 2021, NWO Monkeypox Was Scheduled For May 2022, Just Like Covid-19 Was Scheduled
Covid-19 Shipped And Scheduled In 2017
Sunday Comics
Don't Put Away Your Obedience Masks Just Yet, Another Vaxxed Induced Surge Coming, But Why Haven't Masks And Vaxxes Stopped This After Nearly Two And A Half Years If They Are Effective? Don't Ask Questions
For Show: Wear Your Mask, Joe, Okay, Now Take If Off
Video: The Science, Masks Harm
Video: HHS, FDA [aka] Extends Non-Emergency Emergency Status, Got To Push More Unneeded Shots, Doing Harm
Joe's World: Remember When US Use To Send Relief Aid To Poor Countries Around The World?
Global Warming Or Globalists? Follow The Science, Earth's Temperature About Same For Past 20 Years
Oklahoma Enacts Law To Counter ESG Policies Targeting Fossil Fuels
Economic Lockdown, More Covid Fallout: Pilot Shortage, Higher Airfares, As Gasoline Prices Soar, So Stay Home
Satire Cartoons

Video: Update, 28 May, Pirate World Iranian Ship Seized By Greece, Oil Stolen, Iran Retaliated, Seized Two Greek Ships, Polish Authorities Stop Current MP, Former Ukraine President At Border, Belarus To Create Command And Control Center In South, Next Stop For Russian Troops Zaporozhye, Seems Like Government Officals Packing Up Bags And Getting Out Of Town, Clownworld Canada's Freeland Ukraine Family Ties To Nazis, Shake Down Of Oligarchs
Video: Never Seen Any Leadership Like This In UK History
The 88% Eurasian+ NWO Picking Up Speed, Ukraine Defeat The West's Tipping Point, Crumbling Foundation, Inflation, Food And Energy Shortages, Lawlessness
Sitrep Operation Z: 28 May, We're Going Down, Ukraine Military Defenseless, On The Ropes, Using World's Most Powerful Non-Nuclear Weapons, More US Bioweapon Labs Info
Video: Update 2, 27 May, CIA/Washington Post, Russia Overwhelming Ukraine, Why Admitting Now? Preparing West For Defeat After Months Of Fantasy News, Bojo Wants New EU+, UK, Zelensky, Baltic States, Monkeypox/WHO Next Narrative? Clownworld Kissinger Says Ukraine Give Up Territory, On Their Kill List
Escalation Of Weapons In Ukraine ... How Far Would It Go? Would Turkey And Hungary Switch Sides??
Video: Alexs Discussion, Tipping Point Ukraine Lost By West, Slinking Away From Their Defeat, Therefore, NWO Dead Man Walking As Eurasian Economic System Rises
Video: Davos "News," Fly In On 1500 Private Jets To Discuss "Green Energy," It's The Resources, Stupid, Operational Warfare
Video: Update 27 May, Russia Lowers Interest Rates, Raise Pensions By 10%, What About Your's? Russian Oil Runs Through Greek Sanctions Loophole, Russia Winning Across The Board, Puts Ball Back In West's Court, Clownworld Ukraine Blackmail Hungary
US/EU Sanctions A Pinch On The Cheek To Russia, A Kick In The Butt To The West
One Can Only Watch As The Eurasian Continent Rises In The Distance As The Drifting Collective West Sinks Into The Sunset, A Coherent Message From A Sentient World Leader
Sitrep Operation Z: 26 May, Russian Forces Picking Up The Pace In Donbas, Advancing On Multiple Fronts, More Ukrainian Surrenders, Foreign Fighters Killed, The Process Of Disowning Ukraine Has Begun Hastened By The "Go F Yoursself" Comment To The Western Masters, For 8 Years Silence From The West Over Rudsia's Request To Implement Minsk Accords, Now That Russia Is Beating The Shorts Off Their Derrieres, Suddenly Fairy Tale Peace Proposals Begin Appearing
Video: 26 May, Hungary Makes First Move To Protect Against EU, Zelensky Refuses To Listen To His Military Leaders, Dashing Towards Defeat, Tells West "Go F Yourself," Hmm, Will He Have A Heart Attack Soon? Poland And Germany Spat, Clownworld Upside Down Flags In Pentagon
Russia Returns To Its Classical Education Roots, Critical Reasoning, Thinking, Professional Training, Ditches The Western Memorization Trans Woke, Dress Up For Drag Queen Story Reading Model
US Not Very Good At Winning Real Wars, But Excels At Lying, Creating False Narratives ... Ukraine Shipping, And It's The Elite's Food Shortage
Biden Pays Farmers More Not To Grow Crops
Going Green: Using Insects As Bioweapons To Destroy Crops, Not The Best Idea For Use On Exported Crops
Top Pentagon Brass So Attuned To Ukraine That It Hangs Ukrainian Flags Upside Down ... Hmm, Military Equivalent Of "Throwing In The Towel," Waving The White Flag?
Video: Update 25 May, Hungary Prepares For Battle With EU, Soros Hates Putin, Putin Is To Ukraine What Eliot Ness Was To Chicago And Al Capone, Undoes Soros' Ukraine Coup, When Soros Says Putin Threatens Civilization, He's Talking About The Elite's World, Not Yours, In The Land Of Biden, Has "Bankrupted" Russia By Stealing $300B From Russia, Clownworld US Troops Can Bring Their Kids To Drag Queen Story Time, No Wonder US Won't Put Troops Into Ukraine To Fight The Russian Military, Sort Of Gives "Top Gun" A Whole New Meaning
The NWO & West's Connection To Fantasy Vs. Russia And The 88%'s Realpolitik, The Decline Of The West
Video: Biden Shifts US Focus Away From Ukraine To China, "War? ... Yes"
Video: Update 2, 22 May, Now That Ukraine Obviously Is Lost, Kissinger Gives Biden Off Ramp Despite 8 Previous Years Of Requests For Negotiations By Russia That West Ignored, Medvedev Response To Italian Proposal, Erdogan Vs. Greece, Clownworld Faberge Eggs Theft By UK
Video: Alexs And Robert Barnes ... The Massive Changing Geopolitical Landscape Spillover From Ukraine
Video: Where Have All The Leaders Gone?
The Great Reset Has Begun ... The West's-WEF Unipolar World Is Dead Man Walking
Sitrep Operation Z: Donbas Arc Lights Up Like Solar Storm
Video: Update 23 May, Biden Go To War With China Over Taiwan, NATO Sword Latin America, US Puts It's Minions On The Front Lines, Zelensky Puppet Show At Davos, Big Talk For Someone Getting His Derriere Kicked, Donbas And East Ukraine Yesterday's News In West, Narrative Is More Money, More Arms, US Using Its Old Hackneyed Domino Vietnam War Line, If Not Defeated In ... [Ukraine], [Russia] ... Will Take Over The World, WEF Cover Has Been Blown, Clownworld Who Gave Her Right To Freedom Of Speech?
Video: Facts From The Front, Larger Geopolitical Issues, Not Looking Good For US, ISR
Video: Poland Trap "Special Status," Handing Ukraine Over To Warsaw As US Tip-Toes Away?
From The "Sets Over It The Lowest Of Men" Dept: Biden's Destruction Of America
Sitrep 180: Ritter, Lira, Johnson, Martyanov
Video: Update 23 May, 953 Banned From Russia, Poland Wants Free Oil From Norway, Bill To Integrate Poland Into Ukraine, Promise Getting NW Ukraine Back Into Poland A Tar Pit? More US Taiwan Comments, Clownworld Ukraine Officially Bans Letters Z And V As In Azov
Video: Update 2, 22 May, Poland And Ukraine Move To Merge, US/UK Pin The Tail On Moldova, Give Weapons, Paint Target On Them, Belgium Monkeypox, WEF Timing
Video: Update 22 May, Ukraine-NATO Fiction, Ukraine Mined Black Sea, Russia Opened Shipping Corridors, Wheat For Rubles Has The West's Knickers In A Knot, Clownworld WEF-Davos, Key Speaker Zelensky
Sitrep Operation Z; 22 May, Azovstal Military Unconditional Surrender, US M777 Howitzers Destroyed, Sarmat Missile System
As Mariupol Azov, The Best Of NATO/Ukraine Surrenders, Who Are The Next "Sacred Heroes" To Be Propagandized?
Video Pepe Escobar: Transition From West's Unipolar World To North & East's Multipolar World, Solid Evidence Of US Bioweapon Labs Violated International Law In Ukraine
Secular Analysis: US And West, Biblically The House Of Israel, Isolating From The Rest Of the World, Prophecy/World Events Coalescing, Final Blow Will Be The War In Middle East According To Last Days Prophecies ... "Tidings From The North And The East, Damascus A Heap Of Ruins"
What With US 4 Star Generals?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Beyond Global Manslaughter: Vax Should Be Immediately Withdrawn, Numbers Deaths Way Underreported
Last Year, March 2021, Monkeypox Was Scheduled For May 2022, Just Like Covid-19 Was Scheduled
Covid-19 Shipped And Scheduled In 2017
Monkeypox Endemic In Africa, Emerges In Humans From Time To Time, Low Mortality Rate, Question Is, Will Vaxxed, Experimental Gene Technology, With Compromised Immune Systems, Genetic Alteration, Change That Outcome?
CDC Drags Out Its Failed Wear A Mask Indoors Crap, Prepping For Monkeypox PLANdemic?
The Big Con, Part 2, That Was Pre-planned Fast, Eh? Just Heard The Word Monkeypox And FDA [aka] Already Has Approved Pfizer's Treatment, What Are They Expecting?
FDA Finally Confirms Aborted Fetal Tissue In Vaccines Contrary To Politician Claims
Video: Why WHO Wants Control Over All Nations ... 10 Years Of Artificial Pandemics
"Naturally Vaccinated" Versus Artificial Injections
The WHO [Bill Gates] Blatant Globalist Power Grab
Vax Adverse Reactions As High As 40%
Visiting Venice: Masks And Power Of The "Covid" Scam
New Zealand Vax Pandemic: Up To 100% "Covid" Hospitalizations Are In Fully Vaxxed
What's Causing Acute Pediatric Hepatitis? Take Off The Masks
Mandating Experimental Injections On Billions Crime Against Humanity Says Former Pfizer Exec
Has Pfizer Committed Criminal Fraud Again?
The Corona Myth Morphing Into Final Stage
Hey, Joe, How Do You Lose $160B In "Covid" Benefits?
Sunday Comics
Remdesivir Proven To Be Injurious And Deadly, But Government Pays For Its Use
Hey, America, It's Not A Drought, It's A Rain Distribution Problem, Baby Formula? Same Thing, It's Just All At The Open Mexican Border, But Cheer Up, A Bunch Of Billionaires [Gates, Bezos et al] Happened To Join Together A While Back To Start A Company, BiomilQ, That Makes Artificial, Or You Can Go Full Custom Bio And Breast Feed I Suppose

Video: Update 2, 21 May, Anti-Ship Missiles, New Government In Australia, Shoigu Warns Finland/NATO, Western Governments Sound Like They're Phoning In Pledges To A Ukraine Telethon, Clownworld Trudeau's CBC Kicked Out
China Buzzes Taiwan As Biden Lands In S. Korea, Pacific Not Your Backyard Anymore, Joe
Martyanov: The Inevitability Of Gas For Rubles, Bulgaria, Poland No Pay, Gas Shut Off, Finland On Saturday, Russia Launches Another Military Satellite
#1 Best Selling Fiction, Ukraine Is Winning, By V. Zelensky Supplanted By Non-Fiction, We Love Our Ukraine BioWeapons Labs, By V. Nuland, New To The List, Panic In DC, By L. Austin
Video: Update 21 May, Monkeypox Start-Up Narrative Similar To Covid, What A Coincidence, Just In Time For The Globalist NWO WHO Vote, Wonder How Many Plandemics Are On Their Master List, Shift From Russia/Covid To Monkeypox/China? Desna Missile Strike, NYT See Ya Later Off-Ramp, Now That Ukraine is Losing, US/NATO Pulling Back From Their Losing Situation a la Afghanistan, Clownworld Photos
Martyanov: Head Honcho Of Mariupol Neo-Nazi Azov Taken Captive, Probably Off To Russia And The War Crimes Tribunal, Oil Prices Under Pressure As China To Buy More Russian OIl, Ruble Getting Stronger By The Day While Euro Is Fading, Will West Realize Natural Resources Trump Artificial Money?
Video: Wheat For Rubles Has EU In A Panic ... Les Mis Redux?
Video: Les Mis: Do You Hear The People Sing?
Sitrep Operation Z; 20 May, Ukraine Army's Will to Fight Crumbling Fast, What The West Calls Victory
NWO, NATO's Love Affair With Neo-Nazis, Biden, Billionaires And Ukraine, And The Propaganda To Push Their Agenda
Video: Update 20 May, Excuses Are Reasons For Failure, US Sec Admits She And Biden Powerless Against Putin, Blames Him For Gas Rate Hikes, But It Doesn't Fly, Russia And China In Oil Talks, Food Shortages, EU Wants To Steal Ukraine Wheat, About Half Of $40B For Ukraine Goes To US State Dept., US/UK Provide Anti-Ship Missiles, Sweden, Finland Grovel Before Turkey, Clownworld, Turns Out House Burning A Fake Story, And What About Merkel's Privileges?
Martyanov: Former Russian Colonel, Now CNN Talking Head, Backtracks On Ukraine
Video: Update 19 May, Dubya's Freudian Or Contrived Slip, What Is US Congress Doing Conducting Foreign Policy? Ukraine Economy A Wreck, Desperate Zelensky Crowd Funding, What A Way To Run A Government, Another Steele Expert Misinformation, Putin Is Very Sick ... Of The Empire Of Lies. Maybe?
US DHS Puts Its Malign Creativity Ministry Of Truth On Hold
Video/Text: Not Sorry For Your Loss ... 83 Year Old Malign Creativity Or Just Plain Old Fashioned Non-Woke Satire?
From One Empire Of Hypocrisy To The Next: Moving The Globalist Agenda Forward
From The "Modern Art Of Politics" Dept: Let's See EU, Including Germany, Sanctions Russia, Blocks Russia From Trading Its Agricultural Products, Then Blames Russia For "Brutal Hunger"
Martyanov: Hollywood War Vs. Real War, Ukrainian Troops Surrendering En Masse In Donbas
Video: Update 18 May, Bidenopoulos And Greece Obedience To NWO, Massive Hypocritical Blindness, Turkey Plays The NATO Game, Success! Ukraine Azovstal Fighters Evacuated By Zelensky To Russia, Russian Default Fake Story, Clownworld Border Post Photo Op, US General Video Gamer 
Sitrep Operation Z: 18 May NATO Surrenders In Azovstal, Mariupol Celebrates Victory Day, Western Spin "Ukrainians Evacuation Mission," A False Flag Readied To Cover This Defeat? OSCE In Collusion With Nazis, Italian Weapons Found
From The "Shoe On The Other Foot" Dept: NY Mass Shooting: Same Ideology As Ukraine's Neo-Nazis
Sitrep Russia: The Game Is Afoot, Pulling Out Of Western Organizations WHO, WTO In Their Sights, Create New Ones Within SCO
Video: Martyanov, Russia's SMO Is Operational Art, Ukraine Military "Heroes" Hide Behind Women And Children
Martyanov: Ukraine Is Losing The SMO On The Ground, But In MSM Neverneverland They Are Victorious, And Other Such Make Believe Drivel
Video: Sorry, Andrei, But You Can Polish Turds, Here's How ...
Old School Energy Security Vs. NWO Green Tech?
Second Foreign Oil Tanker In One Week Caught Smuggling Oil Out Of Iran
US CENTCOM, Zionist Israel Practicing For The Big One
US Military Back In The Greater Middle East, The Strategic Somalia At Indian Ocean And Red Sea With Yemen Sandwiched In Between With Saudi Arabia, Permission To Bomb Country On Demand, So Where Are All The MSM Denouncing This Invasion And Wanton Act Of War?
Video: Q&A, Alexs And Lira
Video: Update 17 May, Azovstal Close To End, Mariupol Under Russian Control, How Does Western Media Explain This? Now Zelensky Turns The "Fight To The Last Ukrainian" Narrative 180 To Take Credit, Erdogan Says No To NATO Expansion So Far, Putin Warns Against Any NATO Military Hardware Into Sweden, Finland, Will Respond, Orban Says No To Oil Embargo, Not Only Aimed At Russia, But EU Nation States Too, Clownworld Ukraine Military Forces Repel Russian Forces With Paintball Guns
Ukraine Elite Paintball Troops
Another Clownworld: Not Be Be Outdone By Reuters Paintball Gun Story, Retired US 4 Star General Uses Video Game As Footage Of Successful Ukraine Air Defenses On MSNBC, Tweeted Out By Max Boot, Guess The New Ministry Of Truth Missed This One
Ukraine For Laughs And Gaffes
The West's Ukraine Strategy Run By Those Expert In Cluelessness
Europe's Economic Outlook Bleaker By The Day
FM Lavrov's Speech To Council On Foreign And Defense Policy: Bottom Line, Russia's Actions Pose An Existential Threat To The West's Unipolar NWO, Hence The Rabid Russophobia From All Corners, Yet Multipolar Winds Are Blowing Stronger Each Day
Video: Ukraine Offensive In Izyum Stalls, Wounded Evacuated From Azovstal, Erdogan Names His Price For NATO Membership Vote
Video/Text: Martyanov, Honor, Integrity Gone, Why Not Award FIFA World Cup To Ukraine Without Having To Play The Games?
Video: Q&A Alexs, US Phase One Destroy German Industrial Base Along With The EU, And Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Poland
Sitrep Operation Z: 16 May, Lots Of Rumors
Video: Update, 16 May, Report Former UK Soldiers Trapped In Azovstal, Not Exactly The Alamo, Fuel Shortages In Ukraine, Outside Train Supplies Can't Use Different Size Ukraine Rails, Fairy Tale Lies From NATO, Clownworld EU Playing Petty Word Games In Buying Russian Gas For Rubles, Like Little Kids On The Playground Without Adult Supervision, Romania's Eurovision Votes Rigged, Europe Really Is An Indescribable Mess 
Video: Martyanov, Some Headlines For 15 May
Video: Update 2, 15 May, Lavrov SMO, Russia Keeping Territory, Finland Electricity Cut Off, Gas Next, EU Caps Gas Prices, Inflation Will Go Up, Politicans CYA Spreading Increase Costs Wider, Spiraling Mess, Lavrov Many Partner Countries Around The World De-dollarizing, For All Their Sanctions,The West Is A Mess, Clownworld Western Weapons Hit Blackmarket, Surprise
Video: Update 15 May, EU/NWO/WEF/Davos Crowd Regarding Russian Oil, China, India Are The Monkey Wrenches, India Stops Export Of Wheat, EU Claims Food Shortages Caused By Putin, So Return Russia's Stolen $300B, Reverse EU Sanctions, Now EU Upset Sanctions On Them, Clownworld Estonian Market Added $25 Euro Charge For Ukraine, Ukraine "Won" Eurovision, So Zelensky Said It Would Be Hosted In Mariupol Next Year, Why Would The Russians Want To Do That?
Embargo Of Russian Oil Is An Insane Impossiblity
Video: US State Department Edging Towards Taiwan Independence
Tipping Point For The West's Unipolar World

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Did You Know Entitled Actors Are Immune From Viruses? That's Why They Don't Have To Wear An Obedience Face Diaper, But You Do
Friday "Funnies" ...
YouTube Censors Information About Product Killing Infants
America's Existential Threats Are From Within ... Time To Stop Believing The Lies, Our National Curses, Get Back To The Fundamental Truths That Bring Blessings
From The "Frog In Ever Hotter Water" Dept: Pallets Upon Pallets Of Baby Food For Illegal Immigrants, But The Open Border President Won't Give Any To You ... Do You Get it Yet? The US NWO Government's War Isn't Only In Ukraine
Video: Highwire Episode 267, The Real Global Covid Summit
Seized Documents Show US Backed Ukrainian Biolabs Attempted To Create "Controlled" Epidemics, Sound Like Any Pandemic Of Late?
Amazing How Many People Still Don't Get It, The Plandemic Was Designed To Kill Us, Not Protect Us, Still Is, They've Just Worked Their Way Down To Babies Now
Same Old Story With Inept CDC, Drops The Ball Again, This Time With Reinfection Rates
From The "It's The Vaxxes, Stupid" Dept: "Covid-19" Long Gone, Vax Induced Pandemic Rising, Omicron-22 Mutant Virus Surging In Highly Vaxxed States, Natural Immunity Protects While Vaxxed Still Getting Hit, Least Vaxxed Countries Least Affected, Masks Useless
$350 Million In Secret Payments To Fauci, Collins, Others At NIH ... But Who's Paying?
Only A Surprise To The Sleepwalkers: US, Canada, UK, Australia Et Al Lied To Us About Everything "Covid"
Another One Of Those Deceitful Happy Named Organizations Made To Harm Us For The Sake Of Them
Not News Anymore, Vaxxed And Boosted Are The Ones Repeatedly Getting Covid As Their Immune Systems Continue To Be Further Compromised
Video: New Data Shows Troubling Trend In Vaxxed
From The "Cure Is Worse Than The Disease" Dept: Now Here's A Surprise, Not, UK Stats Show Vaxxes Kill More Than Save, Again What The Real Scientists Warned Us, About 2 Years Ago, Would Happen
The Huge IQ Experiment, aka, Corona Psychosis: Japan, IQ Q: If Experimental Injections Are Safe And Effective, Why Are These People Still Being Tested? IQ A: Because Vaxxed Still Getting And Dying Of "Covid?" The Controlled Pandemic
FDA Admits, After The Damage Is Done, That Covid Should Be Treated Like The Flu, But No Mask Mandates With Flu
Not Bill Gates Though, He Wants A Global Fire Department To Put Out A Match

Sitrep Operation Z; 14 May, A Bad 2 Days For Ukraine
The US: We're Number 1, True, The World's Leaders in Laundering Money Are The Officials Of The US Government
Video: Update 14 May, US Senator Admits US At War With Russia, "Russia Losing" According To Media, Yet, Pentagon Wants Ceasefire, Or Is It That The $40B Is Coming Out Of Their Budget? Zelensky Refuses To Pull Troops Out Of Donbass Area, Clownworld Gas Prices Keep Going Up, All Time High
The Astonishing Evidence Of The US Bioweapons Labs In Ukraine, Germany Occupying The Downstairs Apartment In The US's NWO Outhouse
Video: Update 2, May 13, Turkey Says No To Sweden, Finland NATO Membership, Next Payment For Russian Gas By Finland Due In 10 Days, No Russian Oil To EU Proposal Runs Into Problems, When That Oil Leaves Europe And Goes To Asia, It Won't Come Back, What Will All This Money For Arms Do If Ukraine Has No Viable Military? New World Order, Just Not Schwab's, Clownworld French Open Censors, Bans Putin Comments
Video: Business And Industrial German Leaders Warn Politicians, Won't Have A Germany, Green Or Otherwise, Pure Insanity, While Nazis Being Trained On German Soil
Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is, US Pledges $800 Million In Humanitarian Aid To Syria (In The Area It Illegally Occupies?) Versus $40B For War In Ukraine
Video, Update 13 May, US Senator Rand Paul Stops $40B Fast Track For Now, Because $$$ Will Be Stolen, Finland And Sweden Politicians Decide To Have Russia Hypersonic Nukes Targeted At Them, Ruble Best Performing Currency In The World After US Sanctions Thanks To Putin Enabler Biden, Largest Wheat Harvest, For Russia's Partners, While West Is Suffering From Food Shortages, Russia's New EU-Ukraine Red Line, Ukraine Tells Its "Fight Like Tigers" Troops To Go Hide In Odessa Catacombs, Clownworld Twitter
Why Ukraine War Started, US Proxy War Against Russia As Politicians Openly Admit, Failed Attempt By West/Ukraine On Snake Island
Putin Wins, Chink In Schwab's NWO, European Gas Importers Smarter Than Politicians, Open Ruble Accounts With Gazprom
Video: Update 12 May, $40 Billion Theft Thrown Down The Drain While Americans Get Shafted, Fantasyland Poland Calls For The End Of "Russia World," Collective West Has Been Greatly Misled By Mediia And Politicians Upping Hysteria As Ukraine Losing Badly, Clownworld Starlink, Plus No Food, But Professional Photography In Bowels Of Azovstal In Middle Of War
Video: Ukraine, Poland, Alexs, Gonzalo, US $40 Billion To Ukraine While US Running Out Of Baby Food, But Money And Arms Don't Win Wars, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Money To Buy Up Everything? You Will Own Nothing, Same Scenario After 2008-2009, Too Big To Fail, What Will US/West Do? Who Can Blow The Biggest Bubble Of BS ...
US, German, Poland Coordination Of Bioweapons Labs In Ukraine
Video: Martyanov, Saying The Darndest Things, Hot Air Lies Vs. The Ton Of Bricks Of The Truth
Sitrep Operation Z: 11 May, Bottom Line It's Schwab's NWO Or The Global South New Economic And Monetary System, Only One Will Survive, Outcome Equals Ukraine Victory, From POWs, Ukraine Commanders Deserting Posts And Troops, Nazis? Abandoning East, Kiev Ordering Their Officers To The West To Regroup?
Who Are All The Brain-Deadbeat Western Propagandists Going To Blame When Russia Completely De-Nazifies, De-Militarizes Ukraine?
Israeli Director Of Holocaust Center Chastises Canada (Trudeau, Freeland) For Training Nazis, The Ukrainian Ones, Not The Truckers
Video: Update, 11 May, Odessa Ukraine Arms Depot Mall, Officer HQ Hotel Blown Up By Russian Missile Strike, Zelensky, Not Gazprom, Shuts Off Gas To Europe, The De-industrialization Of Germany By US, Another Western Leader Shows Up For Photo Op In, Where Else, Kiev, Germans Will Train Nazis On Its Soil, Back To The Future? The West's One-Sided Coin, If Russia's War In Ukraine Makes Them Terrorists, What Was NATO/US's Destruction Of Yugoslavia? Greek Shippers Stop Sanctions, Clownworld Ukraine Azov Troops Shown To Western Audience With Nazi Regalia On Uniforms, Sky News Cuts Off Interview
Video: Martyanov, Debunking Some Of The Sore Loser Fakes Produced By Clownworld Productions Unlimited
Video: Ukraine, Russia, NATO, Biden, Alexs With Robert Barnes, US Poll More Americans Think Biden Should Step Down Rather Than Putin, An Out For US Dems Is An Attack/War On US Before Elections, So Watch For Major False Flag Especially September, 9/11, Etc., Western Lies And Deceit Only Can Last So Long
5 Signs US Dollar Hegemony Is Going Away Fast, Will Be Hastened By Russia Victory In Ukraine
Video: Update, 10 May, Desperate, Ignorant US Senator Openly Puts Out Misinformation, Threatens Security Of US, Calls For Take Out Of Putin, Regime Change, No "Off Ramp," Nuclear War On US Table? Where Is Ministry Of Truth? His Should Be A Popular Video In Russia, He's Still Under The Illusion That US Is The World, US Congress Takes More Money Away From Americans, Throws $40 More Billion Into The Money Pit Known As Ukraine, EU To Go Into Debt To Throw It Into Same Pit, It's Really About NWO Survival, Not Yours, Russian Exports To China, India Surging, Ruble Stronger Than Ever After Western Sanctions, Who Needs Europe? Clownworld Cannes Film Festival Refuses Russian Journalists
Video: What's This!? The US Senator Just Told the World The Ukraine Neo-Nazis Are Fighting Like Tigers (Paper?) In Mariupol, Yet, In Realityworld, The Local Ethnic Russian Civilian Population Celebrates Victory Over The Nazis In The Streets Of Mariupol, Thank Putin For Their Freedom, aka How Russia Is Winning WW2 Again
Martyanov: Russia Losing In Ukraine? When The BS Meter Goes Off The Scale, They Must Be Inhaling The Same Stuff As The "Charismatic" Zelensky, Maybe They Forgot About The Two Long Wars The US Lost, Vietnam And Afghanistan, Be Sure To Check Out Comments On This One ... Naked Ukrainian Soldiers Fleeing Artillery Command Center
Ukrainian Troops Abandoned By Kiev, You Know, That Place Where All The Western Leaders Go For Photo Ops To Kiss The Z Derriere, Oh, BTW, Where Is All That Money Going?
Neo-Nazis Whitewashed By Western Media Into Ukraine Freedom Fighters In Only A Matter Of Weeks, More Lies, More Mass Psychosis
Neo-Nazis Of Ukraine
An Open Letter To The American People
Russia Still Celebrates Victory Over Hitler And The Nazis, Why Doesn't America?
One Possible Reason, Natiional Mental Heath Day, Perhaps? A Video Classic
Shameful Propaganda And Ignorance Aside, The West Should Be Respectful Of All The Losses Of WW2, Including The 27 Million Dead In Russia, Soviet Union Fighting The Nazis As They Are Again, And Not The Ukrainian People
US Gas Prices Hit All-Time High But Biden And Congress Set To Send $40B Of Your Gas Tax Money To Ukraine
Video: 9 May, Martyanov, Victory Day Over The Nazis, How To Make A Decision, Real War Planning, i.e., Kicking The Ass Of Your Enemy Vs. Hollywood Movies
Video: Update 9 May, WW 2 Victory Day, Ukraine Ambassador Trying To Rewrite History And Kiev PR Optic Visits On Weekend Marking Defeat Of Nazis, National Leaders Bow Down, Kiss Zelesky's Ring, Support Neo-Nazis, Jewish Z Is Proxy Leader For NWO, Clownworld Bono And U2 Support Of Neo-Nazis
Video: Update 2, 8 May, Bojo Dips Into UK Emergency Fund To Give 1.6 Billion To Ukraine, Russia Rebuffs Ukraine Attack On Snake Island, Ukraine Military Came Out Of Azovstal Factory Under White Flag To Talk, Then Returned, Canadian Sniper Returns From Ukraine, What It's Really Like in Ukraine, Ukraine Colonel POW Says Ukraine Officials Abandoned Them, But Billions Sent To Ukraine, Where Will It All Go? Clownworld Italian Authorities, Like Common Thieves, Steal $700 Million Yacht Belonging To Non-Sanctioned Russian
Video: Update, 8 May, Popasnaya, "Stalingrad Of Donbass," Report Now Under Russian Control, Estonia Hit Hard By Inflation, Electricity Up 119% Due To EU Sanctions, Biden Throwing More US Tax Dollars Out The Window, Growing Billionaires, Clownworld Computer Password Battle Cry For WW3, Dallas, Texas Restaurant Ukraine Fee Automatically Added To Your Bill, Yeah That Should Really Put The Tens Of Billions Over The Top
Sitrep Operation Z, 8 May, All Civilians Out Of Azovstal Factory, Major Military Set Back For Ukraine Near Odessa, Ukraine Military Set To Blow Up Chemical Production Plants Affecting Civilian Population As Russian Military Advances, So Which War Is Ukraine Winning? West Supplying "Garage Sale" Grade Weapons To Ukraine
From The "Cutting Off One's Head To Spite One's Nose" Dept: Is EU Leadership Beset By Lunacy, Madness, Low IQ Operators Or Combination Thereof? Germany And EU At Doorstep Of Catastrophic Doom
Taiwan: Japan, US Carrier Groups In West Pacific
US Up To Its Old Extortion Tricks To Keep Latin America From Switching To Global South New World Economic and Monetary System
Martyanov, 7 May, CIA Openly Bragging, Didn't They Use To Be A Secretive Organization? And More

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

8 Mistakes About Masks That Keep Some Smart People Wearing Them
Pfizer, J&J Deliberately Hid Vital Information Regarding Lipid Nanoparticle Migration In Body After Injections, Then Lied About It, Hid Study About Encoded Spike Proteins
The Covid Lies That Accompany The War On Your Health And Life, Tens Of Millions Injured And Killed By These Vaxxes, Yet They Continue To Be Pushed On Us, Millions Or More Yet To Die Unless We Stop
The Evidence Is In, The Vaxxes Are Killer Shots, The Toll Will Continue To Get Worse, It's About The NWO's Quest To Reduce World's Population And Getting Control Over The Rest, Their Great Reset, Remember
Video: Highwire Episode 266, Vax Polio Resurgence, Beijing Covid, Lockdowns Historically Fail To Work, What Is Being Used To Determine Infection Because PCRs Can't, Never Will Achieve Zero-Virus, Look At The Polio Virus We Thought Was Zeroed Out, Epic Geert Vanden Bossche Interview, Vaxxed More Susceptible To Variants, And Enhance The Viral Immune Pressure, Viral Infectiousness Via High Non-Neutralizing Antibodies, Omicron Mutation Gotten Around Vaccine Protection, Continued Vaxxing Makes The Future Much Worse, Need To Stop Vaxxes Immediately To Relieve Viral Infectious Pressure, Or Nature Will Do It By Killing Off Large Numbers Of Vaxxed Human Population, Unvaxxed, Natural Immunity Best Protection For Coming Future Outbreaks, If Vaxxed, Start Using Prophylactic Measures Like Ivermectin
NY Could Bring Back Obedience Mask Wearing And Vax Passports, When The Vax Variants Rise Up Again, Going Back To The Medical Measures Which Lie At The Root Of The Problem, It's Not About Your Health And Well-Being, Just The Opposite
FDA (aka Limits Pfizer Competitor "Covid-22" Shot Due To Blood Clots
Time To Flush Out The NWO WEF Members From Government
The Stats Show 11,000% Increased Risk Of Strokes Due To The "Safe And Effective" Covid Injections, So Why Is Pfizer, Moderna And Their Government Cohorts Still Pushing Them? To Reduce The World's Population, i.e., Kill You, As Bill Gates Said In His TED Talk So Many Years Ago
What's Killing People If It's Not A Corona Virus?
German Study: Severe Covid Jab Complications 40X Higher Than Previous Records
Corrupt CDC, LIke Others On Left, Disregard Legal Court Rulings They Don't Like To Push The NWO Agenda, But CDC Recommendations Do Not Supercede Federal Court Rulings
Big Brother CDC Used Phone Data To Monitor School, Church Lockdown Compliance
Moderna Wants To Kill Your Babies For Profit
Pfizer Promotes Ivermectin, HCQ Early Treatment But With Their Own Pill For Big Bucks
Pfizer's Antiviral "Covid" Pill Doesn't Work To Prevent Infection, Just Like The Shots, Another Big Money Scam
Always Thought That The "Covid Virus" Was The Smartest One In History, I Mean, It Knows When To Surge In Order To Meddle In The US November Elections, No Doubt This Virus Is Under Direct Orders From Putin
US Morally Bankrupt On So Many Levels
Biden's $8.8B Of Your Money For Ministry Of Liars To Counter The Spread Of Truth
Bill Gates Works With US Military On Extinction Of Species (Guess Nukes Aren't Enough) While Ideologue Politicians With The Same Intent Work The Other Side Of The Coin
Gates Wants To Play God (You're On The Very Short End Of That Stick, Bill)
The Scam That Is "Covid-19," And Its Horrendous Effects
Who's Destroying All The Food Processing Plants In US As Food Prices Set To Soar?
NWO Corporate Food Wars
Manipulated Inflation Another Tool For The NWO To Go With Covid And Food
Will The Real Elon Musk Please Stand Up

Video: Update 2, 7 May, Sinking Of Russian Warhip Claims By Ukraine Missiles Fake News, Safely In Russian Harbor, Poland-Ukraine Explore Forming Rump State, India Buys More Russian Oil That The EU Doesn't Want, More Corrupt Outright UK Theft Of Russian Assets, Clownworld Germany Removes Russia's Name From WW2 Museum, West Should Tread Carefully, Reaping What You Sow
Russia Is The Vehicle By Which The Geopolitical Chessboard Is Being Rearranged, Ending The Unipolar Hegemony Of The "Indespensable Nation," The Fall Of The US/UK Empire As Prophesied In Isaiah 17:3 And Daniel
The Third Patriotic War, In October 1993, 4000 US Marines Flew To A Miitary Base Outside Moscow
Video Martyanov, 7 May, The Story Of D-Day, Russian Ruble Continues To Increase In Value Exactly Opposite Of Biden's Proclamation, It's The West Who Can't Afford To Keep Ukraine War Going Because Russia Has The Resources ... Food And Fuel
Video: Update, 7 May, Azovstal Hostages, Kharkov, German Politicians Warned By German Industry, Hungry's Orban Remains Strong, Symbolism German Chancellor To "Kiss Jewish Zelensky's Ring," 2 Clownworlds German Der Spiegel Hides First Hand Hostage Account Of Azovstal, Indian UN Ambassador Tells Belgian Ambassador, Politely, To Butt Out
Death Wish WW3: US Goading Russia Into Direct Conflict, Start WW3 From Which US And West Have NO DEFENSE Against Russia's Hyperglide Sarmat, One Of Which Can Take Out An Area The Size Of France
Video: Update, 6 May, US Admits It Is At War With Russia, Ukraine A NWO "We" Proxy War, Which World Order Emerges? (Not West's According To Prophecies), Report US Assisting Ukraine Targeting Russian Generals Sounds Bogus, Lots Of Fairy Tales And Wishful Thinking, All From West, But Who Is Short On Gas And Oil? EU Calls For Stealing Of Russian Assets, At Some Point Russia Will Reciprocate, Clownworld Ukraine Teach UK How To Fight Russia
These Are The Guys That Are At War With Russia In Ukraine, Russia Wins, They Lose
Video/Text: War's Sidekick, The Hare Of Lies
Mass Delusional Psychosis, Lies All Dressed Up, US Department Of Homeland Security Is The Most Well Armed Department Of US Government, But You Won't Find Them Defending The Southern US Border
What The Western Media Misses When Reporting On Ukraine
Martyanov: 4 May, While EU Is Full Steam Ahead On Cutting Off Its Energy Supplies From Russia, US Continues To Import Russian Oil, The US/EU Sanctions Are Taking Their Toll ... On EU, While Russia, China, India Economic Strength Increases, The US Has Said They Want A Rules Based World Order, But Resources, Not Currency, Dictates The Game As In He Who Has The Gold Backed Ruble Is Making The New Rules
Video: Update, 5 May, Neo-Liberal Atheist EU Sanctions Patriarch Of Orthodox Church While EU Accelerates Destroying Itself, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu Warns NATO, Modi Leaves Europe, But Won't Condemn Russia, Clownworld Ukraine Spoiled Brats-German Hissy Fit
The Desperate West's Battle For New World Orders Heats Up
Was Russian FM Correct? Did Hitler Have Jewish Ancestors?
If There Is Any Doubt About The Low Level Of Leaders In The West In These Last Days, A Reminder
Middle East Keeping Warm On the Back Burner For Now
Video: Russian Prepares Its Retalitory Sanctions, Theft Of Russian Funds By US And West Ultimately Will Lead To The West Cut Off From Russian Resouces, Steady Russian Progress In Donbass Gives Them Time To Replenish Weapons, Plan More Details For Next Phase, More Of A Surprise When They Up The Tempo
NATO's Edifice Of Lies
Will The Baltic Women Warriors Live To Die In NWO NATO's Wars?
Video: Update, 4 May, "In 2 Weeks The Russians Will Run Out Of Weapons," "We Need 2 Weeks To Flatten The Curve," You Gotta Love It When World's Biggest Bully Talks And Tells Others "We" Are Here As You Fight To The Finish, Has Pelosi And Others Gone To Texas Border To Protest Invasion Of US? Overnight Missile Strikes In Western Ukraine, War Between Civilizations, Unipolar Globalist NWO In West Vs. New Multipolar Global South Economic System, Clownworld Biden Speech
West Asia's Economic Freedom Is Called Post-US Dollar Multipolarity ... Why The Battle In Ukraine Is Life Or Death For The West
Video: Ukraine Negotiations, When You Are Losing Badly, Demand The Other Side Surrenders
Ukrainian Human Rights Violations Covered Up
Rule #1: When It Comes To Western Government And Media Reporting, ALWAYS Start From The Premise That What They Say Is A Lie Until Definitively Proven Otherwise, Then Proceed With Caution, For Examples, Fake News, Nazi Propaganda, Western Lies, Report From Ukraine
The Synagogue Of Satan, Satanist Hatred Emanating From The West
The West's Plan To Destroy Russia
Video: Update, 3 May, Should You Decide To Accept This Mission ... A Canadian General In Azovstal Or Captured, In Moscow? What, The Canadian Military Lost One Of Its Generals? Russian Media Warns UK, Hey Dude, What Path Do You Think The UK And The West Has Been Loudly Taking Towards Russia? "We Want To Destroy Russia," Maybe You Should Stop Sending Weapons To Ukraine To Kill Russians If You Don't Want Russian Weapons To Kill Brits, Now There's A "Do Unto Others" Thought, Ukraine Warns Orban
Video: Martyanov, Top Gun Romantics, The Reality Of A Wall Socket
The US War On Russia
Ukraine A Metaphor For Western Civilization? Fighting To Destroy Itself
Video: Civilian Human Shields Leaving Azovstal, Popasnoya, EU Split On "Cut Your Nose Off To Spite Your Face" Energy Sanctions, Realpolitik Vs. Ideologue's Childish Games, Poles King's X, Won't Buy Russian Gas For Rubles, But Buy It Indirectly, Paying More Euros For Same Amount Of Russian Gas, Anyone Wonder Why Europe, Closely Followed By US, Is Headed Down The Toilet?
Video: Footage More Civilians Leave Azovstal
Video: SMO Discussion Alex's, Martyanov And Lira
Who Is The Hater Of Free Speech-In-Chief At The New Ministry Of Truth?
Demented Psychopaths Running The Show In The West
Nero Might Have Fiddled While Rome Burned, But Biden Has A Full Orchestra, Administration Diverting Funds From Veterans Who Fought For Freedom To Invading Illegal Aliens Who Are Undermining US Border Integrity, While Sending Billions Of Your Tax Dollars To Ukraine To Fight Russian "Invaders," Do You Get It Yet?
Why Is America Willing To Die For The NWO?
Ukraine Hunts Down "Free Speech" Social Media Users, As Zelensky Is Up For German Media Award
Video: Social Media Censorship Is Tech Version Of Nazi Book Burning
Is Germany An Accessory To The War In Ukraine, US Training Ukies On German Soil?
Russian FM Interview With Italian Media ... Western Leaders Put Nuclear War Back On The Table
Video: Update 2 May, Azovstal Mariupol, Dark Day Odessa 2014, Ghost Of Kiev Total Lie, China Gazprom Deliveries Up 60%, Clownworld, EU No Washing Clothes, You Will Own Nothing ...
Video: As Russia Advances In Ukraine, Ukraine And Its Masters Inviting Disaster, History Repeats, US Playbook Dusted Off, Parallels Between Ukraine And Vietnam, Russia Walks Softly And Carries A Big Stick, US Walks Loudly, Sanctions, And Poses For Photo Ops
Video: Update 2, 1 May, Civilians Leaving Azovstal Factory, German FM Tells Russia What It Needs To Do To Get Sanctions Lifted, While Germany Is Falling Down Around Her Ears Due To US Sanctions, Serbia Sanctions Pressure By EU, US, Clownworld Propaganda BS Birds Of A Feather Flock Together ... In Kiev, Elensky Presents Pelosi With A Medal For Her Contribution$, Can It Get Much More CON-descending Than These Staged Photo Ops? Remember Being A Kid And Playing Grown-Up? Now We Have "Grown-Ups" Behaving As Children, Patting Each Other On The Back While The Western World Crumbles Around Them
Sitrep Operation Z: 30 April, Red Cross Evac Of Civilians From Azovstal, Mercenaries Killed, Intel Reports Of Move By Poland Into Ukraine, US Leading From Behind In Ukraine, Weapons, Training, US/NATO Disguised As Ukrainian Pilots Flying F-16s? "Winning The War" Ukraine Suffering Mass Surrenders, Plus Video Links
Video: Martyanov, Hitler Was Sentimental Too, Kirby Crybaby Show
Video: Update 1 May, Wives and Mothers Protest Zelensky's Plan To Send Their Husbands And Sons To Fight, NATO Build-Up, If Winning In Ukraine, Why Setting Up Shop In Lviv Rather Than Just Popping In On Kiev Now And Then For Photo Ops? Russian Declaration Of War On May 9 Or West Invade Western Ukraine? Clownworld Wag The Dog, Actress Jolie In Lviv, Fake Air Raid Photo Op
Video: Q&A, Blackmail, Sanctions, Gas For Rubles
Russian FM Interview With Xinhua News Agency
21st Century Yellow Journalism
If The Zionist Treatment Of Palestinians Sounds A Lot Like The West's Treatment Of Ukraine, That's Because They Share The Same Root System

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

ICAN: More Misinformation From CDC, The Ministry Of Truth Should Investigate, CDC Says Vaxxes Don't Lead To Variants, But They Have No Evidence Or Data To Support Their False Claim, No Variants During The Pre-Shot "Covid Pandemic," First Variants Only Showed Up After The Vaxxes Did, The Public Record Is There [South Africa For Example}, And During The Entire 1918 Pandemic, That Virus Did Not Mutate, But They Had No Vaccines Either
Want To Kill Your Kids? Get'em Vaxxed
Video: Highwire Interview With Lara Logan, Fighting The Agenda
Dr. Drew Leaves Youtube After More Agenda Censorship, Going To Rumble
No, It Can't Be, "U.S. General Accounting Office Finds Evidence Of Political Interference Occurring At CDC & FDA During "COVID-19," Quick, Get The DHS, The Ministry Of Truth On It, Pronto!
It's A Miracle! Pfizer Shots Keep "Covid" Going, And Going ... Are They Saying "Covid" Is Not A Bad Outcome? If So, What Was The Past Two And A Half Years All About?
"Covid" Clownworld: Low IQ Operator Justifying The Elites Sovietization Of America Behavior, Okay, We All Understand The Difference Between A Hotel Ballroom And An Airplane, The Question Is, Does A Virus Know? And If A Ballroom Is Safe, Why Is Biden Going To Leave Early In Order To "Limit His Exposure To Covid" In Said Ballroom, Which Raises The Question, How Much Exposure To "Covid" Is Safe? Does The Virus Only Hang Out Near The Champagne Punch Bowl? What Does The Science Say?
All Hail Tennessee, Ivermectin Available Without Prescription, Albeit A Tad Late
Covid: A Summary Of The Plandemic
Vaxxes: Time Release Kill Shots
Moderna Knew Vaxxed Will Never Gain Proper Immunity After Breakthrough Infection, Hence The Wave After Wave Of New Variants With No Immunity In Vaxxed, Not To Mention The Other Toxic Crap Injected Into Their Bodies In The Process, Natural Immunity Provides Protection
From The "It's The Vaxxes, Stupid" Dept: Quad Vaxxed, Shielded, Masked US Congresswoman Has "Covid-22," While No Vax, No Mask, No Shield Natural Immunity Folks Unaffected, But Can She Connect The Dots?
Vaxxes Increase Severe Heart Issues 120 Fold According To Major Study, So It's Disinformation That They Were Safe And Effective
Why All The 5G Coverage In Agricultural Areas Of Canada? See Map 1 (Scroll Down)  And Map 2
Expecting Different Results, Are We? All Those Experimental Injections, Now After "Covid-19," Covid 2020, Covid 2021, We Have "Covid-22 Omicron" Surge In Canada, Remember When All Those Multiple Vaxxes Were SAFE And EFFECTIVE? Millions Injured And Dead, Nearly Two And A Half Years In, It's Getting Worse, Just As The Real Scientists Warned Us, And It Will Continue As The UK Health Security Agency Noted At End Of 2021 That The Vaxxed Immune System Capability Continues To Decline Over Time 
Israel, The Pfizer Real World Lab, Has Shown, High Vax Rates Equal Massive Excess Deaths, So They're Not Safe And Effective Are They?
It's Wake Up Or Die Time: Are Recent Variants Surges Rising To Peak, In Spring, Not Winter, For Vote Time? Gates-WHO Vote To Overtly Destroy National Sovereignty Set For May 22-28, If Global South Votes As A Bloc, They Can Stop It, Pandemics Happen Historically Every 10-50 Years, Still In Covid, So What's The Urgency? Not Medical, But Political For The NWO Globalists
Nothing Like Billionaire's Sour Grapes
Twitter Sold To Musk, He Turned On The Lights, The Propagandists Out Themselves And Flee
Liars Really Hate The Light Of The Truth
How Soon The Fig Tree Withered: The Taking Down Of America
The Global Fig Tree
Ireland Too
The Created Food Crisis To Go Along With The "Covid" Crisis
What If This Were Mandated By The WHO But You Don't Have A Choice What Gets Injected Into Your Baby?
One God, Or The Other, Everybody Serves Somebody
As Voluntary Vaxxing Is Losing Steam, WHO Pushes For Treaty Giving Them Absolute Control To Mandate Them
Sunday Comics
The Mussolini Legacy: Italy Introduces The "Good Behavior Social Credit System" a la China, Just Another Step In Enslavement Greased With A Lie
CDC's Vast Underreporting Of Vax Injuries And Deaths, Harvard And Other Studies Have Shown Only 1% Of Real World Numbers Get Reported
Astra Zeneca And Big Pharma In Russia

Video: US-EU Economic Lunacy, Double Digit Inflation, Recession And They Have Not A Clue To How To Correct It, Total Political Corruption, Bottom Of The Barrel Lunatics Running The Asylum, Turn Out The Lights, The Party Is Over Folks
The Zionist Anglo-Sphere, Known As The "Free World," Is Another Propaganda Fiction With Nazi Ties Today
The Duplicitous Empire Of Lies And Sanctions, We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal, What The West Is All About, Without Fail They Always Accuse Others Of What They Do
Video: Update 2, 30 April NYT Says Ukraine Is Winning Big, Looks Like Lots Of Crow To Be Eaten In Future, Like Hunter Biden's Laptop et al, UK's Truss Wants A Global NATO, Why? Can't Handle Russia In It's Own Backyard, What Are These People Ingesting? Clownworld Good Bye Gummy Bears, Another Product The Russians Can Make Domestically
For All Those Supporting The Nazis In Ukraine, Here's What You Support
Video: Putting All The Dementia Into Perspective Without Going Crazy, The West's Intellectual No-Fly Zone, Intel Reports Up To 50 French NATO Military In Azovstal Factory, Some Very High Ranking, " ... The Lowest Of Men,” Women Too
America And The West Have Lost Their Will To Remove Evil From Their Land
Throwing More Money Into The Fire Never Puts It Out
The Elite Corrupt Western Leaders Called Out For Their Empire Of Lies, Greed And Destruction
The Problem With Taking The Empire Of Lies At Their Word ... Disinformation
Christians East, Christians West, Why Europe Cannot Understand Russia, Ukraine Became A Province Of Russia In 1764, Decades Before The US Became The US, Odessa Founded In 1794 By Russia's Catherine The Great, Only 4 Years After Washington, DC, About The Same Time As Toronto, Canada, And About 100 Years After St. Petersburg, Russia
Zionist Israel's Armed Thugs Again Attack Worshipers At Al-Aqsa Mosque
Video: Update 30 April, EU Oil Embargo Back On, US/NATO Want Long Ukraine Conflict, Good For Arms Makers, Not Concerned About Peace, There's No Money In It, Sort Of Like Good Health Not Profitable For Big Pharma, New Global South Economic System Offers Multipolar Choices, Clownworld Sweden's Sticks And Stones ...
Video Interview Michael Hudson, IMF Unipolar Economic Control Resulting From Ukraine War Vs. New Economic Global South Multipolar System
Undeterred By The Failures Of Napoleon And Hitler, "The Empire Of Lies Wants To Destroy Russia," Z-Rated, Now Showing At The Ukraine Multiplex Theater, Spoiler Alert, They Lose Too
Video: Analysis And Perspective On Ukraine And Surrounding Countries Getting Involved, Implications
Video: Neocons Wait In The Background Throwing Money And Arms While Countries Destroy Themselves, Then, As Usual, The Evil Warmongers Walk Away From Their Mess
Video: The US Is Flushing Itself Down The Toilet, Orwell's Ministry Of "Truth," aka Lies, Tucker Carlson, Will They Investigate The "Safe And Effective" Covid Lies That Have Killed Millions?
From The "Printing Presses Are Not Real Economies" Dept: IMF Director Admits "We Printed (aka Counterfeited) Too Much Money"
Video: Update, 29 April, While Ukrainian Girl Pleads For Money For Kids At The NFL Draft, While Ukrainian Nazis Shoot Them In The Head, Biden And Congress Pledge $33B For Arms To Ukraine That Kill Women And Children, Biden's "Ministry Of Truth," And The Killing Of Free Speech As Collective West Is Collapsing, Ruble Stronger, Clownworld Zelensky Gets British Citizenship, Expecting To Flee, But Has To Bring The US Money?
Micah 3:1-3 You Who Hate Good And Love Evil; Who Strip The Skin From My People, And The Flesh From Their Bones
Sitrep: Operation Z: 28 April, Poland Threatens In NW Ukraine, As SE Ukraine/Moldova Sees Military Build Up, It's All Out War On Russia By West, Just Not Direct Military Conflict, Ukraine Military Being Decimated In Donbass, Mass Surrenders, Terrible Conditions In Azovstal Factory, Why Not Let The Wounded, Women And Children To Leave?
Video: Martyanov, West Still Upset Over Russia Rescue In Syria, Bottom Line, West Wants To Destroy Russia
Video: Russia, China And The Post-Dollar World, Russia "Isolated" By 12% Of World, Europe A NWO Zombie Herd Heading For The Cliff
The Ebbing Geopolitical Tide: Majority Of World Sides With Russia Over US
Video: Update 2, 28 April, Poland Threatens Military Entry Into Ukraine, Still Buying Russian Gas, But Through Intermediary Channels, Which Will Cause Poles To Pay Higher Prices So Their CYA Politicians Can Appear Tough, Okay And Stupid Too, NWO Biden, Trudeau Plan To Steal And Loot Again, Biden Must Think Ukraine Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving
The Schrödinger Euros, Now Russia Can Send Schrödinger Gas To The EU
Video: Update 28 April, Putin's Speech, Lightning Fast Response, EU's Ursala "Give Them Broomsticks" Announces Will Steal Russian Gas In Transit, Clownworld Cancels Masha And The Bear Cartoons, Too Nice, Hence Russian Propaganda, German Kids Need To Hate More
Video: Q&A Discussion Ukraine
Video: Russian Economy Stabilizing, Ruble Stronger Than Before Sanctions, West Is The Sacrificial Lamb For The NWO, An Economic Mess Due To US Sanctions Backfiring
The NWO's US/NATO Led War Against Russia And The New Economic Global South World Order
Putin, UN Sec General Meeting, Proceeding From A Position Of Reality Rather Than West's PR Optics
German "Target Practice" Armored Vehicles To Ukraine: What Happens When Russia Sanctions Any Country Supplying Arms To Ukraine, Will Not Get Gas, Oil Or Food From Russia For Rubles Or Any Currency?
Former NATO Analyst Paints Different Picture Than West's Narrative About Ukraine, Germany And France First? New al-Qaeda In Europe With Refugee Influx From Middle East, With Weapons Sent To/From Ukraine
Video: Update, 27 April, Poland, Bulgaria Gas From Russia Stopped, Not Paying For Gas In Rubles, Ukraine Train Substations Blasted, Clownworld Italy's Operation Thermostat, Again NWO Politicians Screw The People, In Order To Support Ukraine, Not In EU Or NATO, It's For The NWO Agenda
Video: Martyanov Q&A
Sitrep Operation Z: 26 April, Getting More Asymmetrical Activity
Evidence Of Election Fraud Plus French Military Trapped In Azovstal = ?
Le Petit Rothschild Roi, Macron A Minority Win In A Manipulated Election To Implement The Great "You Own Nothing" Reset, Reports Of High Ranking French Military Trapped With Neo-Nazis In Azovstal, Comme Dit-on Ca En Francais, Vichy Encore?
Video: Jupiter Macron EU's New Premier Demigod, Germany In Trouble
War Is A Racket, Ukraine No Exception
Video: Update 2, 26 April, 2nd Front In Transnistria, White Helmet False Flag Productions, Inc. In Ukraine, Kiev Targets Russian Journalists, Can't Handle Russian Military, Clownworld Zombie Movie Named Z Cancelled In France, A Rose Is A Rose
Video: Update 26 April, Lies, Lies, Ridiculous Lies, When The Western Leaders Go To Kiev, Do They Smoke What Zelensky Does? Have They Forgotten The US 2014 Ukraine Coup? Western Pipedream Sanctions Have Boomeranged On West, Ruble's Value Has Increased, Not Decreased As Biden Prognosticated, Russian Government To Assist Citizens, Clownworld 198 Year Old Russian Oak Tree Banned From EU Tree Of The Year Contest
US/UK Prepping For Their Final War, Not Ukraine ... Damascus A Heap Of Ruins, Fortress Departs From Ephraim, Isa. 17:1-3, Dan. 11:44, 45, US/UK Ephraim, Russia, China, North And East
Video: Update 2, 25 April, Kiev New Hot Ticket For Politicians, And This Means What Exactly? Why Doesn't West Understand Weapons Don't Fight Wars, Armies Do, If Ukraine Has No Military, Then What? Of Course, MIC Makes Money Regardless, More US Visits To India, Solomon Islands Hypocrisy By US, Australia, US Military Bases In S. Korea Much Closer To China Than Solomon Islands To Australia
Video: Update 25 April, Globalist Macron Wins, Implications With Russian Gas And Oil To EU, Oil Depot Fire In Bryansk, Russia, Clownworld Ukraine Player, Tennis Questionnaire For Russian Players, One Way To Get Rid Of Your Better Competition
Sitrep Operation Z: 25 April, Massive Missile Strikes On Ukraine Infrastructure, NY State Senator At Pro-Azov Rally In NYC Blames Putin For Swastikas On Azov Uniforms In Order To Invade Ukraine, And More
Martyanov, Monday 25 April, This Is Who The NYC Rally Was Celebrating
Maybe The NY Senator Doesn't Read Much ... Azovs, The Neo Nazis Of Ukraine
From The "Geo-centric Flat Earthers" Dept: Lots Of Misinformation By MSM About Russia's Military In Ukraine, Believing What They Want Does Not Make It So
Video: Update 24 April, Azovstal, If Women And Children There, Then Why Doesn't The Azov Military Release Them? Canada's WEF Globalist Freeland Hypocritical Statements, Why Doesn't US, UK, Canada Then Leave The G-20? All Driven By Hatred Of Russia For Standing In The Way Of The Globalist's NWO, Russian FM Spokesperson On Greek Relations, Clownworld 
Video: Martyanov, Nuke False Flag, Timing And Victory In Ukraine, Western Circus
Collecting Everyone's DNA Via Blood Tests, First Deputy Commander Of Mariupol Azov Is A POW, Friday, April 12
Will The Real America Please Stand Up
The Epitome Of US Cultural And Moral Degradation Since 1966
Globalist Macron Loses Big Time In French Overseas, But Wins In France
New Social Media Free Speech Platform Opens This Week, Time To Ditch The Community Standards Censors

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

1-800-LONG-COVID, Each Shot Causes More Hospitalizations And Death
Friday Funnies
Liar-in-Chief Reprise: Obama Brought Out Of Mothballs From 2016, (Why Did They Skip Over Trump?) Admits 2021 Vax Roll Out Was A "Clinical Experiment Carried Out On Billions Worldwide," Then Insinuates That Unvaxxed Are At Risk (At Remaining Healthy And Alive?) Despite UK Stats Showing 9/10 Dying Of Covid Are Fully Vaxxed, More Vax Injuries And Deaths In One Year Than With All Other Vaxxes Combined In Past 30 Years Or So, The Risk Is Getting Vaxxed, But He Was Right About One Thing, He Said, "People Are Dying Because Of So-Called Misinformation," Yes They Were Told The Vaxxes "Are Safe And Effective" 
From The "Snow Job" Dept: Flying With Vaxxed Pilots In The Cockpit Is Not "Safe And Effective"
The Tortoise Of Truth Shows Up, Astra Zeneca CEO Admits Vax Not Safe And Effective For Everyone As Advertised
Germany's Vax Clownworld To Go Along With Their Ukraine Clownworld
Fauci Signed Deal With Chinese Over Secret Files
Florida Strips Disney Of Special Self-Rule Status And Special Tax Privilege
Los Angeles Dems Reinstate "Obedience" Mask For Public Trans Despite Disobedience Of Federal Order Declaring It Illegal, Expect Court Cases
Video: Highwire, Episode 264, Force Of Nature, Higher Vax Rates Show Increase In "Covid" Infections, Overall Death Rates, mRNA Vaxxes Worse Than Monsanto's Roundup, Billions Of Lives Are At Stake, Remember, Bill Gates Openly Said He Wants To Reduce World's Population By Billions Using Vaxxes
An Open Letter To Inspector General Of US HHS, Hmm, What Response, If Any From This Public Agency, Should We Expect?
All The Better To Kill You ... With "Vaccines"
Giving New Meaning To Being Shanghai'd, I'm Waiting For Xi To Show Up In A Hazmat Outfit
From The "Do The Math, Mr. Obama" Dept: Thailand, Prior To Vaxxes, 25,000 Cases, Post Vax, 4 Million
Definitely The "Old Gray Lady" Is Senile, The NYT True Believers Continue To Embarrass Themselves In Public
Mr. Obama, The Most Vaxxed And Boosted Groups Are The Herd Heading To The Hospitals Because They Are At GREATER Risk
Potpourri: Masks, Pilot Heart Attack Landing Airliner, 10 Year Old Girl Dies Of Heart Attack, Bonnie Prince Charles And The Great Reset
The Data Shows The Vaxxes Harm You, And Now WHO Wants Total Authority To Mandate Future Vaxxes
Now Is The Time For The Ounce Of Prevention, Globalist WHO Pandemic Treaty, Largest Financial Contributor Bill Gates, Reducing World's Population Through "Vaccines": Another Sneaky Enslavement, Remember All The Lockdowns, Social Distancing, Mask Wearing And 4 Or More Injection Lies Have Failed To Provide Safety, Only Killed And Injured Tens Of Millions, Future More Forced Compliance, Lethal Injections Are On The Agenda
Remember, It Was The WHO That Shipped Millions Of "Covid-19" Test Kits Around The World In 2017, Then Lied To The World In 2020 That They Just Came Up With The Name For This "Novel" Corona Virus
The Religion Of Covid And Other Plandemics
The Prevailing Corona Nonsense Narrative
The Deleterious Effects Of Graphene Oxide In Vaxxes
FDA Jumping On Lucky Charm Investigation After Reports Of 100 Adverse Reactions, 120 Million CDC Vax Adverse Reactions, Not So Much
Pilots And Flight Attendants Ask Court To Permanently Enjoin TSA From Issuing Health Mandates, i.e., Masks, etc.
Memes And More: Unmasking The Truth
Even California Has Backed Off Experimental Jab Mandates For Kids
Vax Mandates Do Not Prevent Spread, Makes it Worse, And If We Know The Elites Are Planning Something Else, Why Do We Tolerate It?
German Ties To Pentagon Funded Biolab Weapons, Spread Epidemics
The Pandemic Of Lies: Big Mask Fail, When Science Is Corrupted To Fit The Political Narrative
Video: Pepper Spray Vs. Covid
The Experiment Continues, Biden Summit To Experimentally Inject Everyone On The Planet With More  Toxins, By Far The Vaxxed Already Have The Highest Death Numbers, So What Is This About, Well Besides Mass Murder And Population Reduction?
From The "Yeah, We Knew That, But They Didn't" Dept: The Worldwide Asch Experiment, "Covid-19" The Psychologically Manipulated Plandemic
Time To Cut The Double Standard Crap: The Experimental Injections And Policies Are Designed To Kill People, This Is Square One We Need To Start From
Killing The Crops Before They're Planted, Big Corporation Plan To Starve America And Increase Profits? Buy Local
Canada, Like US: Vaxxes Are Devastating The 0-44 Age Group, Excess Deaths Up By Record Amounts
Was "Covid" A Re-Branded Flu?
The Next Bioweapon Plandemic, Coupled With All Those Who Have Weakened Immune Systems From The Vaxxes
Telegraphing Mass Death From "Bird Flu"
CNN+ A $250 Million Failure
Another Food Shortage, Higher Prices Coincidence?
Is CO2 The Green People's Putin? Remember, CO2 Is Twice As Much Oxygen Than Carbon, And Since Plants Require CO2 For Photosynthesis, And Humans And Animals Depend On Plants For Food, CO2 Is Necessary For The Survival Of Life On Earth, Reducing CO2 Reduces Oxygen More Than Carbon, Need A Balanced Approach Rather Than Reacting Like Lemmings Racing For The Cliff

Video: Update 23 April, Kherson And Other Regions Look To Exit Ukraine, EU Will Pay For Gas In Rubles Bypassing SWIFT, Major Blow To West's NWO Banking System, West Stole $300B Foreign Reserves From Russia, Then Claims Russia In Default With Western Payments, Great Troll Entire Alphabet Written On Russian Trucks, Which Letters Will Now Be Banned After The Z and The V?
Sitrep Russian MoD: 23 April, New Provocations From US/NATO About Russia Using Banned Chemical Weapons, While US Is Only Country With Such An Impressive Arsenal, 672 Tons, Same With Biological Weapons, Russia's Phased Out In 1972, While US Has 336 Bio Labs In 30 Countries Including Ukraine, To Date US Only Country In World's History To Have Used All Three Types Of Weapons, Including Nuclear
Reporter From Mariupol, US Lying ... About Atrocities
Video: Update, 22 April, "To The Moon, Kamala, To The Moon!" Russia Blacklists Kamala And Zuckerberg, All The Money And Weapons To Ukraine, Where Is It Going? Elensky Wants To Cancel Nord Stream 1, Clownworld 1, UK Forgoes Diplomacy, Decides On Name Calling, Clownworld 2, Elensky Up For German Media Freedom Award, Kindergartenworld As Childish US Yellen Walks Out On G (For Grown-up?) -20 Meeting When Russian Speaking

The Same Globalists Who Brought You The Immortal "Covid-19," Covid-20, Covid-21 and Covid-22 Are Now Bringing You Ukraine-22
Targets Of The New McCarthyism, Who Knew That Bible Prophecy Was Misinformation? Micah 2:1-3
The EU Hates Democracy, Sanctions Its Members Who Dare To Use It
But Invoking King's X In Bizarro World, EU Council Says EU States Can Buy Gas For Rubles (Wait, Didn't They Say They NEVER Would Do That?) Without Violating Sanctions, Thereby Avoiding Citizen Revolt, But What If Russia Says, Too Late?
The Hypocrisy Of US Wars For "Freedom," Stopping Just Short Of Claiming They Are "Safe And Effective"
Video: Update, Gonzalo Lira Turns Up Alive After Being Picked Up By Ukraine SBU
Update: Gonzalo LIra Is Alive, Russia's Current Ops, War Aims
Video: Update 2, 21 April, Putin Cancels Assault Of Azovstal, Just Wait Them Out As Infamous Azov Nazi's, The Best Ukraine Has, Ran Like Rats Into A Hole, Hiding Behind Women And Children, Putin's Big Warning Sarmat ICBM, w/Multiple Hyperglide Warheads, One Can Take Out An Area The Size Of France Before They See It Coming, Clownworld Wimbeldon
Video: Russia's Medvedev Quotes Chinese Warrior General Sun-Tzu As Russia's Raison D'etre For Its SMO
Video: Update, 21 April, Azovstal Fog Of War, Civilian Hostages, EU Officials Visit Kiev
Western Media Complicit In Crimes Against Civilians In Neo-Nazi Ukraine
Sitrep Operation Z: 20 April, Russian Missiles Hit New Stockpiles Of US. UK And German Weapons In Lviv, Lots Of Video On The Ground Combat, Astoval Complex, Shooting Down Ukie Jet, Maps, Analysis
Western Weapons Sent To Ukraine Will Come Back To Haunt Western Countries
Video: Update 2, 19 April, Assange US/UK Political Human Rights Hypocrisy, Chairman Of Clownworld Boris Partygate Apology ... Blames Putin, Brits Take Their Balls And Go Home, Poor Sports, Ban Russian Players From Wimbeldon, Probably Afraid They Will Win, Global South, 87% World's Population, Needs To Start All Their Own Athletic Competitions, Forget West Political Olympics, "World" Cups, etc.  
If You Want To Know Who Are The Evil Bad Guys Regarding Ukraine, This Says It All
Why Is The US/UK Cheerleading The Ukraine Nazis, And The EU So Willing To Self-Destruct For Them?
Ukraine Losing Badly, Russia MOD Update
Meanwhile, In Israel, 150 Injured By Zionist Israel Security Forces Who Entered Muslim Al-Asqa Mosque On "Catholic Good Friday"
The Axis Of Resistance To Western Imperialism And Zionist Israel, 88% Arab World Opposes Normalization With Zionist Israel
Video: Update, 19 April, Russian FM Lavrov, Phase 2 Is An Ongoing Process, Ukraine Forces Face Annihilation, EU Smoking Same Stuff As Elensky? Doesn't Want Russian Oil Either, US Oil To EU Keeping US Gas Prices Up, Clownworld MSNBC Guy Goes To Lviv To Fight, Hmm, Why Not To Donbass?
FM Lavrov's Interview WIth India Today, The Ukraine War Started In 2014 With The US Backed Maidan Coup
Video: Martyanov Analysis SMO Phase 2 In Progress, Overflow Impact On Europe, US
Martyanov Blog, POW Video, Scott Ritter Discusses Javelins
2nd Phase Of Russian SMO
Video: Discussion French Elections, Potential Impact In EU, War Crimes, Political Fall Out In Ukraine And More
Video: Russian Storming Azovstal And Donbass Phase 2 Begins, The Bigger Picture Is NWO Vs. Global South New Economic Order, Only One Will Survive Long Term, So Stopping War In Ukraine Will Not Avoid The Bigger Global Struggle
Sitrep Operation Z: 19 April, Phase 2 Getting Under Way, Large Ukie Surrenders, "Biden Didn't Plan For A War Like This"
Video: 19 April Update, EU Fast Tracking Ukraine, Their Economic Blitzkreig On Russia Backfired, Turkey And Russia Tourism Dollars, Clownworld, Cheese Platter With Z Gets Official Fired From Government Job In The  cZech Republic
BTW, Whatever Happened To Gen Z In cZech Republic?
Z-elensky's Campaign Of Torture, Assassination And Kidnapping
The End Of Western Global Domination, US Dwindling Economy
US And West's Governments Believe Putin Is The Most Powerful Man In The World, Remember When It Use The Be The US President?
Clownworld On Steroids: Who's In Charge Of The Biden Administration? Who Knew It Was The Easter Bunny? It's Almost Laughable
Video: Empire Of Lies Press Sec
How Much Of US Emergency Oil Supplies Going To Europe?
Only Fools And Liars Deny Ukraine Is A Neo-Nazi State
From The "Growing Trees In Air" Dept: $33 TRILLION Added To US Millstone Debt Since 2010 Making It The Most In Debt Country In The World's History
Video: 18 April Update 2, Mariupol Trapped Ukie Military Being "Heroic," Says The Politicans, By Committing Suicide When The Russians Have Guaranteed The Choice To Surrender As POWs, Zelensky Needs $50B From G7, How Many Times, But With Russia's $350B Stolen, They Can Fork It Over To Ukraine, Keep In Mind, Russian Head Of Central Bank Is Pro-Western, At Least In The Interim, Another False Flag Against Le Pen In France Just Before The Election, What A Coincidence, Clownworld, German Ag Minister, EU Needs To Go To War To Protect Food Supplies, Uh, That Food Belongs To Russia, What, Not Enough To Steal Russia's Reserves? But They Will Sell Food To You In Rubles, Real Issue Is Whose Economic System Wins, Klaus And His NWO Or the Global South? Don't Bet On The West
Living By The Sword, Gen. 27:40: Peeling The Masks Off The Western Globalist Elites
Meanwhile In The Good Ol' US Of A, Killing The Crops Before They're Planted, Big Corporation Plan To Starve America And Increase Profits?
What Possible Common Denominator Is There? US-Wuhan Biolab, US-Ukraine Biolabs, US-?
US Has 336 Biolabs In 30 Countries
Pentagon Never Ended Biolabs Around The World Despite US Signatory To Treaty
Video: 18 April Update, Trapped Ukie Military In Mariupol Told Not To Surrender, Stay Put And Die, Russia Shoots Down Ukrainian Weapons Cargo Plane, US Politician Floats Idea Of US Troops To Ukraine, Turkey Stirring Pot Enters Iraq Mimicking Russia, Clownworld Crazy
Video: 18 April Q&A Russia, Ukraine, NATO, EU
NWO, US, NATO All Or Nothing Push Over Ukraine, Global South New World Economic Order
Sitrep Zone B
Russia Pressures Israel To Hand Over Russian Church In Jerusalem

2 Short Videos From Ukrainian Blogger In Crimea
Sitrep Operation Z: 16 April
The US Led World System Is No Longer Sustainable
All Of A Sudden US Is Interested In A Nation Where It Shuttered Its Embassy 29 Years Ago
Solomon Islands: Typical US-Western Bully Threats In A Changing World

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

2 Years Too Late, Vax Damage Done, But States Begin To Validate Use Of Ivermectin, HCQ
Biden Administration Continues Its Obedience Mask Mandate Because Overwhelming Evidence They Do Nothing To Stop Virus
Scientific Update, Failure Follies: The More You Vax, The Worse It Gets, As A Result Of Their High Levels Of Injections, UK "Covid" Rates Were At Their Highest Levels In March Since The Beginning, How Is This Possible Given The "Official Narrative," Lockdowns, Social Distancing, Mask Wearing, 3-4 Injections In 15 Months, And Now 9+ Out Of 10 Dying Of "Covid" Are Fully Vaxxed, If The Goal Really Was Effective Immunization? Wake Up, The Experimental Shots Are Doing Exactly What They Were Designed To Do, And It's Not Healthcare
FDA, Failure Department Of America, Flu Shots Are Another Medical Failure, But Profitable For Big Pharma
The Pattern Of Corruption And Whistleblower Fear Of Being Murdered By CDC
Woke "We Say It, Therefore It Is" CDC Cannot Back Up Its Claim That Vaxxes Do Not Have The Potential To Cause Genetic Mutation
Walgreens "Covid" Data Index Backs Up UK Findings, The More You Vax, The More At Risk Of Infection, Weakened Immune System
Studies, Stats Now Showing What Scientists Warned About: The More You Vax, The Weaker Your Immune System Becomes, The Vaxxed Are The Gateway To Future Deaths Labelled As New Pandemic, So FDA Pushing More Boosters, The UK Didn't Stop The Vaxxes, It Stopped The Data, Get It Yet?
Calling Out The Liars: The 100K Challenge To NYC Mayor, Discuss The Science Behind His Nonsensical Mandates, To A Woke Person This Is A Bit Like Trying To Discuss Why Believing The Tooth Fairy Leaving Money Under Your Pillow Isn't Reality
Last Friday's Funnies
Video/Text: 100,000 Documents Reveal "Covid" Fake Pandemic, Gain Of Function Crimes Against Humanity

Masks: The Political Tool Of Choice
Fauci Games: Wear Mask Indoors Again? What, Too Hot For Viruses Outdoors This Summer Or Miss Being In The News?
Stop Seeing Big Brother Money Regime Doctors Who Require You To Wear A Mask, Who Apparently Can't Evaluate And Think For Themselves, Other Options Available
Proof In The Pudding: Florida Handled "Covid" Lockdowns Much Better Than Woke NY Or California
Video/Text: Shanghai Residents Screaming From Their Apartments After Week Of Lockdown, Which Have Been Proven To Be Counterproductive And Harmful, More So Than "Covid" According To UK PHS, Maybe The Asian Group Psyche Can Handle This Better Despite Appearances, But Only Way To Get Close To "Zero-Covid" Is By Natural Herd Immunity, Which Should Have Been The Track 2+ Years Ago, As The Vaxxed Are More Susceptible Now Due To Vax Weakened Immune Systems, However, As PCR Tests DO NOT And CANNOT Detect An Infection, How Is "Covid-22" (Covid-19 Is Long Gone) Being Determined?
Not Just China, "Covid" Is A Gene Targeting Bioweapon, But Its The Vaxxes That Are The Real Pandemic
Why Aren't We Using Ivermectin? Because It's Not About Saving Lives, It's About Depopulation
Pathology Results: 93% People Who Died After Being Vaxxed Were Killed By The "Vaccine"
833 Cardiac Arrests, Serious Injuries In Vaxxed Athletes, 540 Dead, Yet Pfizer-FDA Push Another Booster
Australian Regime Considers Sedation To Inject Citizens With Toxic Jabs That Are Not "Safe And Effective," It's Not About A Corona Virus, But Rather The NWO Virus
Pfizer Hired In Mid-2021 1800+ To Handle Adverse Reaction Events From Their "Safe And Effective" Experimental Jab, Now Pushing For Another Booster After 4 Shots Failed To Protect, Do The Sheep Ever Wake Up?
Elites Living In Their World Lies

Video: 16 April, Update 2, Russia Hit More Than 800 Targets Overnight, British SAS In Kiev, So Who Isn't These Days? Train Ukie Troops, Obvious NATO At War With Russia, Clownworld Classic Political Transference, German Government Weaning Citizens Off Hot Showers, While Blaming Putin (After US Theft Of $350B Russian Assets And EU Sanctions) Rather Than Themselves Who Refuse To Buy Available Russian Gas, Pride Goes Before Destruction, Prov. 16:18  
Video: 16 April, Update, According To CIA's Washington Post, Russia Sent Letter Telling US State Dept. To Stop Sending Arms To Ukraine, US Response Will Continue On The Path To Perdition, Germany Will Spend 2.5 Billion To Buy Weapons For Ukraine, Better Off Buying Gas From Russia, So When Do They Start Throwing Kitchen Sinks At The Russians? Yet Another False Flag Warning a la Bucha, Ukraine Calls In "Hollywood Reserves" About The Botched Bucha "Everyone In The World Knows" False Flag Op, Zelensky Echoing CIA Bizarro World PR Talking Point That Russia Is Losing And Might Turn To Nukes, Which Translated Means Ukraine Is Losing Big Time And Desperate West Might Cry Banco, And Default To Nukes As The Desperate NWO Sees Their World Crumbling Before Their Eyes In Ukraine
What Keeps Klaus Schwab And Co., Central Bankers Awake At Night, Losing Their Colonial Dominion, Russia's Glazyev "Transition To The Global South New World Economic Order Likely Will Be Accompanied By Systematic Refusal To Honor Obligations In Dollars, Euros, Pounds, And Yen"
Video: Martyanov, Sitrep On The Run, More Than 1000 Surrenders Were On Russian Soil, Including NATO Officers Taken Prisoner, All Over Russian Media, Nothing In West, Will Be Shown To The Public During War Crimes Tribunal, Bioweapon Experiments Conducted, Names Of Western Politicians, Other People Involved 
Update Interview Russian Foreign Ministry: Captured Docs, US Military Bioweapons In Ukraine, Germany Has Plenty Of Dirt On Its Hands
Video: 15 April, Update 2, Foreign Mercenaries In Ukraine, All Paid Expenses Holiday In Siberia Or Firing Squad? Ukraine Military Misled By Zelensky And His "Hollywood Boys," No More Weapons From Greece
Video: Russian S-400 Used To Down Departing Attacking Helicopter, Polish Mercenary Unit Destroyed, Strikes Escalate In Donbass, China's Strongest Warning Yet Concerning Taiwan
Video: 15 April, Q&A Discussion
Video: Update 15 April, Possible Missile Strikes In Kiev, Last Oil Refinery Destroyed, Ample Proof US Funded Ukraine Biolabs, EU Will Stop Russian Oil Imports, Taking Europe into 3rd World Status, US Sullivan Hypocritical Comments About China, US Sends Clear Message To All Countries, Will Wantonly Steal, Keep Stolen Assets, Clownworld Moldova Parliament Joins The Club
Sitrep Operation Z: 14 April, Reports Some Ukie Military Units Selling Their Tanks To Russians For Rubles, Why Go Home Broke? Major Russian Captures In Single Day, British Mercenary Captured, Will Be Treated As Such, Not As POW 
Video: Update 3, 14 April, Musk Wants To Take Twitter Private, Kiev Inner Circle Warned By Russia, You Crossed The Wrong Line Forcing Putin's Hand, Trudeau's Azov Nazi Training Trouble, Lame Excuses, Shameful Canadian Parliament/Media Silent
Russian SMO Day 49, 14 April, Russian Ship Damage Explosiion Onboard, Confirmed Bucha Ukrainian False Flag, And Zelensky Signed Decree Authorizing Attacks On Russian Soil, Oopsy, Maybe He's Watched Too Many Old War Movies
Video: Pentagon Confirms Old Russian Ship Not Hit By Missile, Russian Patience Wearing Out With US/Ukraine's Lack Of Good Faith Negotiations, Hence Kremlin Signals Harder Line Actions, Issues Final Warning To Zelensky's "Hollywood" Team, Will Attack Decision Making Centers, NATO Convoys In Ukraine Are Legitimate Targets
Video: Update 14 April, Moskva Warship, Pentagon $800 Million In Old Arms To Ukraine When US Is In A Mess, And Any Weapons And Personnel Entering Ukraine Will Be Destroyed By Russia, Medvedchuk Not A Party To The Conflict
China Is De-Coupling From The West As Well Due To Western Sanctions, Holds US/NATO Fully Responsible For Ukraine Situation, Stands Firm With Russia, Their New World Order Definitely Is Multipolar, Global South Represents 87% Of World's Population As "US And West (Global North) Is In Terminal Decline," Which Is In Alignment With End-Times Christian Biblical Prophecies
Meanwhile, Zionist Israel Keeps The Middle East Fires Burning With Hints Of Srtriking Iran's Nuclear Facilities, Remember, It Was The US Who Unilaterally Pulled Out Of The JCPOA Leading To Current Situation
The Tale Of Two New World Orders
Video: Update 2, 13 April, US Puts Sanctions On Russia, Steals Hundreds Of Billions Of Russia's Money, Cuts Them Off From SWIFT, Then Blames Putin For The Price Hikes In US, Biden & Co. Must Think Americans Are As Stupid As They Are, What If They Gave Them Heavy Artillery, But No Army To Use Them? Boy, NWO Schwab & Co. Dudes Must Be Dumping Bricks In The Outhouse As Ukraine Is The Tipping Point
Video: Update 1.5 13 April, Zelensky Wants Swap For Medvedchuk, French Journalist Claims US/NATO "In Charge"
Biden's Sanctions On Russia Boomerang Big Time, Food Shortages In A Changing World As US "Unipolar" World Is Imploding
Video: Update 13 April, Ukie Marines Surrender, Zelensky Regime Holds Opposition Leader Medvedchuk Hostage, Putin Addresses Media, Witnessing The Break Up Of The Unipolar World, Clownworld Germany And France
How The "Unipolar" US Infests Its "Ally" Japan, Gives It A Huge Dose Of Wokism
Russian SMO: Day 47, If Majority Of Americans See Russians As Enemies For Fighting Ukrainian Nazis, Having Lost 27 Million In WW2 To Hitler, Does That Mean Majority Of Americans Are Pro-Nazis? A 1000 Azov Nazis Trapped In Basement Of Industrial Complex In Mariupol As Another Ukraianian Brigade Surrenders
Video 12 April, Update 2, Finland Returns Artwork To Russia, Macron Expels Russian Diplomats To Win Votes, Russia Has 100% Port Of Mariupol, Clownworld Childish Name Games
Sitrep Operation Z: Video Ukrainian Surrenders, Russian Missile Strikes Take Their Toll, 2 High Ranking Retired American Officers In Azov-Stal According to Reports Of Radio Intercepts, Reports Of Flooding The Mariupol Factory's Below Ground Tunnels Where Azov Are Hiding Out, French Journalist Claims US Generals Running The Ground Show In Ukraine, Much More ...
Video: 12 April, Q&A
Video: Update 1, 12 April, Interesting How US Never Takes Responsibility For Its Faux Pas, Knee-jerks Blame Putin, Russia Hardens Its Stance, Hypocritical NWO Young Leaders Trudeau-Freeland Canada Trained Azov Neo-Nazis While Calling Canadian Truckers Nazis
Video: Russia Continues Their Long Range Missile Strikes In Ukraine In Addition To Its Ground Forces, More Ukrainian Surrenders In Mariupol, Abandoned By Kiev, Donetsk Flag Flies Over Mariupol
Text/Video: Saudi Reality TV? Don't Expect Oil Deals From Saudi Arabia
"The US And Its Pricks In The State Department ..."
Empire Of Lies CIA Admits Dishing Out False Info To US Media, Deliberate Outright Lies
Biden Or Putin? High Gas Prices, Inflation
We Need To Realize 99.999% Western Politicians Only Can Lie, As Most People Who Actually Think For Themselves Realize After Years Of Experience With These Creatures, The Truth Is Too Difficult For Them To Handle
What Really Worries NWO US & Co. Elites, Removing The US Dollar And Replacing West's Financial Banking Dominance, Ukraine Just An Outward Indication Of The Direction The Geopolitical Poles Are Moving ... Quickly
The NWO Globalist Elite Families Facing Disaster, Ukraine-Gold-Rubles For Resources Counterpunch Is Working
Video: Update 2, 11 April, DOA, Russia Blows Up S300 Sent To Ukraine, Fast Track Ukraine Into EU, Clownworld No More Z License Plates, Boy, That Must Have Putin Sweating Bullets
Sitrep: Russian FM Comments, End US Dominance Of World System
Video: Update 11 April, Pakistan Regime Change Pissed Off Population, Major Geopolitical Implications, Who Or What Is In Mariupol, Minsk Agreements Were A Surrender Document, Who's Trapped In Russia's Cauldron In Donbass, Some NATO Guys? Austrian Chancellor To Meet Putin, Zelensky's Clownworld Production Crew Staged Fake Sandbags 
Wag The Dog Clownworld Productions Brings You, "No Z For Me," Starring Hollywood's Favorite Expendable Comedian-Actor Elensky
Rally Round The False Flags Or How To Be Hoisted On Your Own Petard
Fake Massacre For Real Sanctions
Video: Scott Ritter, Gonzalo Lira, The Battle Of Donbass, Phase 2 Beginning, Ukraine War 100% US Fault, Fiction Of Western Propaganda
Scott Ritter: Ukraine US/NATO Proxy War, Russia Poised To Win, Decisively
Video: Q&A Ukraine
Video: Update 10 April, "A Billionaire Clown Actor In High Heels Leading Us Into WW3," Bojo Goes To Kiev, NWO In Balance, Another Failed Mariupol Rescue, Sweden Looks At NATO, But If NATO Can't Take On Russia In Europe, Now Expects To Take On China In Pacific?
America's New Law A Road To War With China?
The Atrocities Of Zelensky's Regime
Sitrep Operation Z: 9 April Confirmation NATO Personnel And Foreign Fighters Trapped In Mariupol
Video: Update 9 April, UK Truss Calls For More Weapons To Ukraine, More Money For Arms Makers, Zelensky's Dog And Pony Show Takes A Hit In Cyprus, Exposes His Finances, A Wealthy Offshore Dude

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Believing That Wearing A Mask Will Prevent "Covid" Viruses From Getting You Is The Adult (?) Version Of Believing That Hiding Under Your Blanket Would Keep The Bogeyman From Getting You
Vax Injury And Deaths, i.e., Vax Failure, Getting So Bad, UK Government Turns To Lying (Now There's A Surprise), Officially Hiding Data
Video: Highwire, Episode 262, The Big Push
Video: Inadvertent Truth? Alleged Triple Vaxxed Pelosi Says "Vaxxes Work As Intended" ... To Injure And Kill, Reduce World's Population a la Gates?
FDA Failed To Mention Heart Damage In Teens Before Approving Pfizer Vax
Evidence Of Vax Bioweapons Cover-up
No, Say It Ain't So, NYT Spreading Covid Misinformation!?
NYT Has Crossed The Line
Time To Shine The Light, Name The New World Order's "Young Global Leaders," Know Who They Are, Where They Nest, Know Who We Are Dealing With
FDA [aka] Meets To Plan For More Boosters That Don't Work, Well Except To Injure And Kill, And Increase Profits
Pandemic Of The Vaxxed, The Only People I Know Who Get "Covid" [Mulitple Times Too] Are Vaxxed And Boosted
Another Vaxxed And Boosted Politician Gets "Covid"
China's Zero-Case Policy Never Has Worked On Corona Cold Virus, So Why Think It Will With This Corona Virus? And Flu Shots Have Never Had Anything Near 100% Success, Collective Guilt Over Wuhan?
Why Do The Experts Keep Passing On "Easy Money?" Surely There Has To Be One Person In The Entire US That Can Prove Masks Work As Advertised
No Question Anymore, Vaxxes Are Causing Large Numbers Of Deaths, Millennials Hard Hit
Apparently, Only "Ordained" Doctors Have The Credentials To Lie To Us About The "Safe And Effective Vaxxes" That Are Killing People Daily, Docs, Don't Confuse Education With Intelligence And Moral Character
The New Normal, Political Hypocrisy Photo Ops
Talk About "Evilness Dwelling In Our Tents," Grammy's Go Full Satan, Crowd Cheers, Christian America?
Who's Killing All The Millennials? Exceeds Vietnam War Dead In Only 6 Months
Heart Damage In More Than 2/3s Teens Within Months After 2nd Pfizer Injection
Nothing New, Scientists Warned Us The Vaxxed Would Continue To Produce Variants, While Unvaxxed Do Not
Sunday Comics
Sunday Comics 2
Dr. Robert Malone: "Covid's" Heavy-Handed Totalitarianism Via The WEF's New World Order
If The MSM Smear Campaigners Who Believe Dr. Robert Malone Is Spreading Misinformation, Then Back It Up With Facts Rather Than Unfounded Accusations, Answer These Questions On The Record, $1 Million Offer To Do So, Still No Takers, Oh, BTW, Dr. Malone Holds Patents On mRNA Technology, He Never Claimed To Have "Invented" Pfizer Or Moderna Experimental Injections, Which Are Not "Vaccines"
From The "Evilness Dwelling In Our Tents" Dept: So Many Instances Of Moral Degeneration In US, But This NWO Young Leader Is, In The Old Fashioned Use Of The Word, Sick

Time To Bring The Truth Into The Unfamiliar Light Of the Past 2+ Years
Leaked Recording, "Bucha Massacre" Staged By Ukrainian Militants, Followed By Staged EU Dog And Pony Vaudeville Act Duo, Von der Leyen And Borell
Video: Update 9 April, More Bucha Propaganda BS, 10 Days To 3 Weeks, According To The West, Alleged Dead Bodies Just Lying Around [a la US In Iraq], But They Don't Pass The Smell Test, Do These People Think We Believe Their Theatrics Anymore? They Must Think We're Stupider Than They Are, Question Is, Do They Believe Their Own Lies Or Are They Merely A Collection Of NWO Psychopaths?  Russian Ministry Reports Lots Of Languages Being Transmitted/Intercepted From Azov And Others Holed Up Factory In Mariupol, Clownworld Crematorium Re-runs
Remains Of Ukrainian Missile After Strike, But Hackneyed Western Knee-jerk Media Immediately Trots Out "Russia Did It"
From The "Squealing Like A Stuck Pig" Dept" Obvious NWO West Is Crumbling, Getting Sloppy With Their Lies And Propaganda, Hate Level Is Ratcheting Up, Getting To Be Ridiculous And Blatant
Video: What Is The Longer Term Outlook For Ukraine? Will Russia Continue The Same Pace Or Break Into A Blitzkreig?
NWO Elites War Against Humanity Using Its Dominance Of US And West To Enforce Its Crimes
Sitrep Operation Z: 8 April, US Song And Dance, Fancy Talk, Still Just More Lying, Deceit
Video: Martyanov, What Is The Plan?
Video: Ukraine Ambassador White Washes Neo-Nazis In Greek Parliament, Elensky's Vaudeville Tour Continues, Nuland's Been Away In Lalaland For So Long Hasn't Been To Cypress, Hence Faux Pas, Blows Apart Gas Pipeline, Back To Coal, Russia Booted Out UN Human Rights Council Of Hypocrites, Finland Says It Will Return Russia's Stolen Art
Video: Zelensky Rejected Peace Proposal That Could Have Stopped War Whose Roots Began With US Coup In 2014
The 3 Ring Circus That Passes For US Government, US Misinfomatiion, Intel, Sort Of Like Iraq WMD
LIfe And Death In Stupidistan: Does Not Europe See It's Death By A Thousand Cuts Inflicted By The US?
Video: US/EU Weighing More .... What Else, Sanctions, Logic And Reason By Neocons Out The Window, Still Nothing Close To Effect Of  Rubles For Resources However, Russia Begins Move On The Last Holdouts In Mariupol
Video: Zelensky's Scripted World Dog And Pony Show In Greece, Brings Azov Neo-Nazi As Guest Speaker, Total Load Of BS Lies Dumped On Greek Parliament, Then Some Of The Demented Poodles Stood Up And Applauded
Video: Q&A Discussion Ukraine
Sitrep UNGA: Rubles For Resources, West Pulling Out All The Political/Financial Stops As Russia Is Crumbling Their NWO Before Their Eyes, Ukraine The Excuse, 93 Countries On The "Unfriendly" List Can Expect To Pay More For Everything
Video: Russian FM Lavrov Confirms Russia's Ukraine Demands Remain Unchanged, Despite West's Flattery, China Refuses To Pressure Russia, But Critical Of US And Europeans, The West's Lunatics Running Around The Cuckoo's Nest Are Mad
Video: 7 April Update, Empire Of Lies And Hate True Colors Showing Through More Each Day, Twitter Bans US Marine, Authoritarian EU Turns On One Of Its Own, So Much For Hypocritical Talk About Freedom And Democracy, Hungarians Voting Is Democracy, Duh, Future NATO Member Finland Justifies Criminal Theft Of Russian Art, Sounds Like They're A Perfect Fit For The Imploding West
Video: The West's Repetitive Narrative Shapes Sheep Thinking ... Nuclear War Now Good?
From The "Be Careful What You Wish For" Dept: New World Order Pushing For WW3
The Empire Of Lies And Hate Declares War On Russia As It Heads Towards Oblivion
West's False Flag Op Re-Runs Wearing Thin Along With Their Counterproductive Sanctions, Which Are Having The Effect Of Exposing Their Deceits To The Rest Of The World
Video: 6 April Update 2, Greece Breaks Ties With Russia, Strikes In Greece, Mastermind of Ukraine Coup "F**k The EU" Nuland Going Around Making The Initial 2014 Mess Catastrophic In 2022
Video: The Lemmings Head For The Cliff: More EU Self-Destructive Sanctions Will Hit Europe Hard, West At War With Russia, New World Order In The Balance, As Ruble Increases In Value Again, So What Happens When Europe Has Loss Of Oil, Gas, Food, At Some Point, Les d'Elites Will Need To Be Deleted
The Dam Has Cracked, Dominance Of Resources Over Finance Leads To A Multi-Polar World, Or US And The West Have The Financial Debt, Russia And China Have The Natural And Human Resources
The Slo-mo Suicide Of America
Sitrep Operation Z: 6 April, Diversion, Single Largest Surrender Of Ukraine Military On Same Day As Bucha False Flag, More Evidence Of Ukraine Military Atrocities On Defenseless Civilians
Video: 6 April Update 1, So Who's The President Of US? Mariupol Mystery Continues As 2 More Choppers Shot Down Attempting Rescue, Evidence Of French Involvement, North Atlantic NATO Goes After South China Sea China, It's All Bigger Than Just Ukraine, Clownworld Seans
Video: Gazprom Assets Seized By Germany And UK, Nothing Like Cutting Off Your Face To Spite Your Nose, US Desperately Grasping At The Inevitable, Complete Disaster, End of Any Trust Still Left In The US And West, But Ruble Stronger After This
Video: The Hares Of Lies UN Kangaroo Court Declares Russia Guilty Before Any Evidence Presented By The Tortoise Of Truth, Typical West False Flag M.O. We've Seen So Many Times Before, This One Was Expected And Discussed Over The Past Month Or More, Only Fooling The True Believers, You Know, Like The Alleged Worst Mass Shooting In US History In Vegas That Evaporated 
Video Update 2: Sending The Fox Into The Coop To Get The Evidence As To Who Took The Eggs, Typical Western Shenanigans, NYT Fairy Tale Lies, Problem With Too Big Lies, Dead Bodies Lying In The Streets, And Families And Loved Ones Just Left Them Rotting There For 3 Weeks In Order To Get A Photo Op? Easy To Forensically Debunk, Guess NYT Guys Never Watched Bones, CSI Or NCIS, France Scrambling To Get Some Of Their Military People, Trapped With Neo-Nazis, Out Of Mariupol, Oopsy, What Are They Doing There? Macron The Neo-Vichy President?
A Turbulent History: The Ukraine Nationalist [Neo-Nazi] Movement, Then Bought And Paid For By CIA After The War, The Inconvenient Truths Left Out Of The History Books, Just Like The Above Story 
How Can "Jewish" Zelensky, And Zionist Israel Support The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis? Bear In Mind There Are The True Jews Descended From Biblical Judah, And Those Who Masquerade As Jews, Like The Zionists In These End Times
End Times, Rev. 3:9
Video: YouTube's Actions Confirm Bucha False Flag In Banning Open Discussion, Deplatforming Anyone Who Deviates From The Narrative Lies
Video Update 1: UK Blocks Meeting Of UN Security Council, What Are They Afraid Of? Time To Cut The West's Usual M.O. False Flag Crap, West Has More War Crimes On Its Bloody Hands, West Turning On Germany, Blamed For Everything, Clownworld Channeling Orwell, Just Asking, Using Clownworld Logic, If An Outhouse Was Painted Blue and Yellow, Would This Show Ukraine Politiicans Are Full Of It?
Now What?
From The "Political Kindergarten" Dept: UK, West Refused To Bring Bucha Evidence Before Security Council, Why If Nothing To Hide, Playing For Time To Get Ahead Of The Narrative, So Russia Turns To Media, Maybe A New "UN" By The Non-West Global South?
Pentagon Can't/Won't Confirm Bucha Accusations
The Recent Roots Of Ukraine Situation Are Found In Serbia, Starring You Know Who
Why Is The West Supporting The Nazis In Ukraine? Who Is Behind It? The Nazi King
Video: Russia Advances In Donbass, Yapping Chihuahuas Call For More Sanctions, Hungary And Serbia Elections
Video: Update Realpolitik Discussion With Scott Ritter, Ukraine, Russian Strategy, Ukraine Military Dead Men Walking, Hence The West And Ukraine Politician's Propaganda, China Shaping Pacific Battlefield, Solomon Islands
Video: Big Election Victories For Pro-Russia Leaders, 92-96% Voters Turn Down Sex Gender Nonsense, West Media Spins As Usual, Bucha Another False Flag, Clown Of The Day
Sitrep Hungary, A Repudiation Of Brussels And Washington
Hitler, Nazis Obsession With Russia Deja Vu
UK To Launch Nationwide Digital ID
NATO's UK Vs. EU Gold War
Hungary's PM Orban Wins Election Big, 135/199 Seats In Parliament Despite Big Opposition From US, EU And Soros, The Times Are Changing For Faltering US
Evidence Of The Closing Days Of The American Empire, Dollar No Longer Needed As Sole Reseerve Currency, Western Banks No Longer Needed, There Goes The Globalist's NWO Dream
Sitrep Operation Z: 3 April More Propaganda 
Video: Russia Strikes Odessa, Evacuations Of Westerners From Mariupol, US Karma Hitting The West
Video: Update 3, Sweden, Finland To Join Sinking Ship, NATO, Rubles For All Russian Goods
Video: Update 2 US Still Threatening China Only Making It Worse, New World Order Vs. Fair World Order, Pakistan PM Khan Outsmarts US Opponents, New Elections Called
A New International Reserve Currency Is Born: "Rublegas"
Video: Battle In Donbass, Germany Industry Needs Gas To Survive, China And India Rebuff A Desperate Washington, China Tells EU To Get Their Own Foreign Policy Apart From US
Video: West's Destructive Obsession, Lost And Confused EU Wants More Sanctions Except On OIl And Gas, Desperately Digging Their No Gas Hole Deeper, Wants Regime Change In Russia And Nukes In Poland, Finland Wants To Join NATO
Chanel's Link To Nazis, Then ... And Now?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

From The "Where's The Beef?" Dept: Gates Latest Scheme To Make Money While Putting You Under His Control, And Remember, You Are What You Eat
Queensland Senator Speech "Covid" And Freedom, The Sudden Rush To Marxism Is A Bad Joke
Remember All Those "Conspiracy Theorist" Scientists Who Warned Us This Would Happen? Excess Deaths Skyrocket Around The World Following Experimental "Covid" Injections
Death By Fauci
April Fool's Day Comics
Friday Funnies
A Hollywoke Oscars Infomercial Or Another Pfizer Scam Coincidence?
Video: Oscar's PR Stunt, BTW Alopecia Is Listed By Pfizer As An Adverse Reaction To Their Experimental Injections
Video: Ah, C'mon Will, It's Just A Joke
Vax Induced Aphasia ... No One Talking About It
CDC Cannot Find One Single Instance Of A "Covid" Death In Anyone 16 Or Younger, But Still Injecting Toxic Substances Into Them
Vaxxed Commercial Pilots Flying In Violation Of Federal Law
UK A Vaxxed Mess Of A Country, Experimental Injections Just Keep On Giving, Exactly As The Scientists Warned Us Over The Past 2 Years, You Know, When We Were "Conspiracy Theorists"
Dear US Surgeon General, If You Are So Concerned About "Covid Misinformation," Then Please Honestly Answer These 20 Questions
British MHRA Expected Adverse Reactions Before Vax Roll Out, Yet Still Went Forward As "Safe And Effective?"
So Much For The Government Misinformation, LIES, That The Vaxxes Are "Effective," Fully Vaxxed Cruise Docks In San Fran After "Covid" Outbreak
70% Of CDC's Covid Cases In August 2021 Were In Vaxxed Staff
It's Not Just Ukraine And International Monetary, Financial Systems In The West, The Entire Medical Industry Is A Catastrophe
When Medicine Becomes Politics, Saving Lives Becomes Killing
After US Discharging Unvaxxed Troops, Now Talking About Bringing Back Draft For Biden's War?
Sunday Comics
If All These Countries Are Opening Up From The "Covid Pandemic," Why Still Pushing Vaxxes For Young Kids Who Have The Strongest Immune Systems? What's In Those Experimental Shots They Want Injected Into Our Kids?
If "Covid-22" Restrictions Are Being Dropped Around The World, Why Is US Dumping Unused Vaxxes On Black Caribbean And Pretending To Be Altruistic?
Video: People Of Caribbean's True Feelings About West, A Royal Pain
Video: Diego Garcia, The Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots ... Learn From History To Know Who Are Your Enemies
The Moral Depravity Of The Elite, This Is America
The Political Mafia Running US?
The Ukraine Is A Personal Problem For The Bidens, Willing To Drag US Into Nuclear War Over It?

Video: 3rd Update 2 April, US Planning False Flag Chem Attack As They See Their NWO Going Down In Flames, (Z)elensky Labels 2 Generals As Traitors, Shell Not Buying Russian Gas, Talk Of Germany Nationalizing Gazprom, Rosneft Subsidiaries, Which Would Be Death Knell For German Industry, Followed By Political Chaos
Video: 2nd Update 2 April, US Threatened Pakistan, Meddling In Their Internal Affairs, Big Election Weekend, New World Order Vs. Fair World Order
Video: Update 2 April
Sitrep Operation Z: Update 2 April
China-Solomon Islands Sign Security Agreement Greatly Extending China's Sphere, Major Geopolitical Slap To US
Quo Vadis Europa? Descendit In Exhauriunt  ... Down The Drain
The World's New Resource Based Reserve Currency
Putin's New Rules For Unfriendly Nations Speech
Video: Current Situation Discussion, Q&A, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Middle East, Gas For Rubles, No New World Order Global Currency, Kamala For President?
Video: 1 April, Update, Recap Ukraine, VIPs Stuck In Mariupol, US Warns India Over De-Dollarization, Did Biden Send Himself A Letter Too? Clownworld Working Through Alphabet, Adds V to Cancelled Z, What Is This, Retard Political Kindergarten? "We'll Show Those Russians, No More V, That Will Stop Them!" Oops, That Was LATVIA, Wonder If They Will Ask Vanna For A Vowel? What Happens If Russia Introduces An Alphabet Tank Corp With All The Letters Painted On Them?
Sitrep Operation Z: Reports Say US And UK Advisors Holed Up With Last Of Azov [A o ?] Defenders In Mariupol, Ukies Sent In Evac Helos, 2 Or 3 Shot Down, High Ranking Ukrainian Intel Officer Captured, South Ossetia To Seek Becoming Part Of Russian Federation Along With LPR/DPR, Much More Military Info, Analysis As Russia Has All But Destroyed The Entire Ukraine Military Capabilities And Are Finishing It Off
Video: Martyanov Analysis Of Russian Military Ops In Ukraine, "Guys From The EU Who Pretend They Know Shit, But They Don't"
Video: The Day The US Dollar Died, Update, Putin Uses Enemies Strength Against Him, Signs Decree For "Unfriendly States" Purchases In Rubles, All Russia's Commodities Will Come On Line For Purchase In Rubles, So Who's Currency Exchange Rate Will Purchasers Be Subject To? Russia's, If They Don't Like The Rate, Then Can Buy Rubles On The Open Market, Biden To Use US Oil Strategic Supply, But Only Up To 180 Million Barrels, Which In Total Is Less Than 10 Days Consumption
Oil Reserves By Country
US Is World's Leading Consumer Of Oil, Uses 20%, But Less Than 5% Of World's Population, Far Surpassing China
Putin To The West: Open Rubles Account In Russian Banks, Pay In Rubles From 1 April, Or Go Shop Someplace Else, We're Not A Charity
Video: Putin The EU Poodle Whisperer? The West Screwed Itself, What An Avoidable Mess
Video: All Germany Had To Do Was Open Nord Stream 2, Rather Than Choose To Follow Their US Pimp
Day 35 Special Military Op Ukraine ... Just Maybe Putin Does Mean What He Says Unlike Forked Tongue Western Politicians
Video: Rubles For Gas, 2 Different Stories, West Goes CraZy, No More Na*is? Lavrov Fair World Order Is A Multi-Polar World
US MSM Abrupt Turn On Hunter Biden Laptop, Biden Policies Threaten Schwab's New World Order, Especially Ukraine, Days Numbered?
Update Day 34, The West Is Playing Ukraine In A Delusional Ideological Manner, But Of Course, There Is A Lot More At Stake Here Than Ukraine Soil, For The West It Is A Battle Of Keeping Or Losing The New World Order
Michael Hudson Interview: Central Bank/US Dollar Hegemony Ended Abruptly This Week, And Which Families Control The Central Banks, IMF, World Bank?
Thus Says The LORD, Behold Against These Families I Have Devised A Disaster From Which They Cannot Remove Their Necks
Video: Gas For Rubles Thursday, Biden Is A Blunderer, While Putin Is Not A Bluffer
Video: Update 2, 30 March, "We're Going To ClownWorld, Ukraine's "Green Energy Weapons, Slingshots And Snowballs," No Z For Elensky, No Russian Gas As US Forcing Europe To Self-Destruct, Age Of Regional Currencies And Demise Of The US Dollar
US And Europe, A Geopolitical Island Drifting Away From The Heartland: The Global Paradigm Shifts As Ukraine Goes Back Towards Eurasia, US No Longer The Only Player As It Dissipates Its "Center Of Gravity ... In Some Unexplained Fit Of Moral Masochism," Truth Is, No One Outside The West Believes US Hypocrisy And Lies, “We Are Committed To Defending Human Rights Around The World," But Doesn't Sanction Trudeau
Putin Has Put Many Of The Western Pundits On A Diet Of Sourgrapes
Video: Ukraine-Russia Proposals: Remember All War Is Deceit, Take Negotiating Points With Grain Of Salt
Liberated Mariupol Now Can Become Prosperous Hub Of Eurasian Integration, As Rubles For Gas Day Is Tomorrow
Operation Z: 29 March Phase 2, Think Chess
Video: Update 2, Ukie Torture War Crimes Videos Tipping Point, Not Condemned In West, Russia Ramping Up Destruction Of Donbass Cauldron Ukrainian Military, Visa Restrictions On Unfriendly States
Video: Update 29 March, Biden Sticks By His Ukraine Statements Despite "WH" Backtracking, Who's In Charge? This Is Who The EU Follows? G7 Rejects Gas For Rubles, Which Says They Don't Want Russian Gas et al, Germany And EU Monetary-Industrial Suicide
West Outsmarted Again By Russia, Not Selling Gold, Buying It
Biden Foreign Policy A Nuclear Train Wreck?
Video: Update, Map, 27 March, Russia Moving On To Phase 2, EU Has Become US Colony, Agrees To Transfer Personal Data To US
Video: Well, At Least Biden Brought US Out Of The Closet About Regime Change In Russia For All The World To See, Not Sneaking Around Like CIA Or Soros With His Colour Revolutions, But How Much Of It Is A Result Of Biden's Dark Secrets In Ukraine? European Leaders Only Starting To Realize The Deep Outhouse Hole They Find Themselves In Due To US Blunders And Their Lapdog Acquiescence
Video: US/UK Will Drop Sanctions If Russia Surrenders [Are They Serious Or Delirious?], Globalist War Against Nation Of Russia, Rest Of World Not Buying Into Biden And Western "Christian" Countries Folly, Victims Of Past US Aggression, Sanctions Pain Hitting Europe, Ukrainian Army War Crimes
Video: Discussion Ukraine Q&A
Russian Ministry Of Defense Update 26 March
The Pentagon, Biden Bio-lab Timeline
Video: Ukraine Update: Will US Troops Go To Ukraine? Cooking Up False Flag a la Syria? Wag The Dog Sound Stage In Poland? Same Story From The West's Playbook, But Remember, Obama Said "Assad Must Go!"
Video: Update 2. Lviv Military Installations Hit, Hungary Staying Out, Russian Flag Over Mariupol, Another Flare Up By Azerbaijan, Pushed By West?
Video: Biden's Sanctions Are Killing Europe, Not Russia, Victim's Of Their Own Delusion As So Many Before Them In History, Willing To Destroy Everything Thinking They Will Be Able To "Build Back Better" ... Wrong
The West's Fantasy Pipe Dream And Their Absolute Hatred Of Those Who Stand In Their Way For Global Dominance
Why Does The West Continue Its Geopolitical Deception, Pretending Neo-Nazis In Ukraine, Who Murder Ethnic Russians, Either Don't Exist Or Are Just A Tiny Influence? Because The People Of The West Know About Nazis From WW2, Not Seen As A Positive PR Image For Politicians To Support, Yet, Putin Vilified For Wanting To Get Rid Of Them, And He Will, Mariupol Done, Move On To Next Group

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

From The "If Your Dog Got 3 Rabies Shots In A Year, And Still Got Rabies, Wouldn't You Ask Questions?" Dept: There Never Was A Naturally Occurring  Pandemic, Making It Easy To Stop "It" So Abruptly
NZs Abrupt Lockstep "Covid" Scamdemic About Face Along With Other Western Countries, Who Gave The Order? Have The Experimental Injections Done Their Damage?
Health, Aging And Hormonal Balance
More Lies And BS From The CDC, It's CYA Time For Them
Klaus Schwab, Dr. Tongueliar,  The Perfect 007 Villain
US Surgeon General Seeking Misinformation Health Stories About "Covid-19," To All Those 119 Million With Adverse Reactions And 2 Million Dead Who Were Told By Government, Media And Big Pharma The Experimental Injections Were "Safe And Effective," Let Him Know About It
Study Shows Experimental Injections Damage Brain Cells, Which Support Physiological Processes Such As Breathing, And Immune System
America At War: "CDC Data Show The Millennial Generation Suffered A Vietnam War Event In The Second Half Of 2021, With More Than 61,000 Excess Deaths In That Age Group"
Covid Experimental Injections Ending In Utter Failure To Be "Safe And Effective," Substantial Excess Deaths
Fully Vaxxed US WH Press Sec Comes Down With Covid Again Just In Time To Avoid Foreign Trip With Biden, Second Occurrence In 5 Months
Tennis Player Nadal Hits The Deck With Breathing Problems In Tennis Match Final
Simple And Easy Solution To End "Vax Misinformation," Mandate Autopsies And Make Public The Findings
Pfizer Documents Contradict FDA, CDC's "Safe And Effective" Vax Claims
Overwhelming Majority Of Ukrainian Refugees Are Unvaxxed
Macron Panic? French Attorney On "Covid" Crimes Grand Jury Arrested And In Custody
Video/Text: "Covid-19" Lies, The Engineered Destruction Of Civil Society

The Institutionalized Intergovernmental War: Liars Vs. Truthers, Obvious In Last 2 Years
"Reduce The World's Population Through Use Of Vaccines," Bill Gates: Bottom Line They Are Out To Kill Us Or Enslave Us, They Will Use Any And All Lies, Even Those Contradictory, To Do It
... And They Have The Track Record To Prove It
ICAN: "The National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Shirked Monoclonal Antibody Treatment In Favor Of Vaccines"
Poll: The Gullibles Who Embraced The "Covid" Narrative, And Got More Experimental Vax Shots, Believe The West's Ukraine Narrative Too ... 5G Mind Control? :-)
Croatian Politician Nails Puppet Trudeau To His Face, Calls Him Out On His Dictatorial Freedom Violations
Video: Trudeau Is A Disgrace To Any Democracy

Michael Hudson Interview: Rubles For Gas
Video: Update Ukraine 26 March, Mariupol Cleaned-up, Russian Strategy Working, Hunter Biden et al Connected To Ukraine Biolabs
Commander-in-Chief Biden Tells Troops In Poland They're Going To Ukraine, "White House" [Whover They Are] Corrects Him, So Who's In Charge?
Pervert-in-Chief At It Again
NATO's War Fever
Delusion In DC, Lots Of Hot Air, But Realpolitik Ukraine Conflict Will Last Only As Long As Russia Deems It Necessary
The West's Ideological Poultry Farm :-)
From The "Playing With Nuclear Fire" Dept: Will Blundering West Blunder Into WW3?
As NATO Sits In The Stands, It Spins The West's Imaginary Tale Of The War In Ukraine
Pentagon Drops Truth Bombs On Chickenhawk Politicians, Danger Of False Flag Bioweapon Attack When It Becomes Evident Ukraine Military And Corrupt Regime Have Lost
Russian Ministry Of Defense Briefing, 25 March
2 More Briefings By General Staff
Video: Biden Says US Will "Disseminate Food Shortages," West Talking Up Chem Weapons They Created In Ukraine As A False Flag Op, Bojo Trying To Figure Out A Way To Confiscate Russia's Gold, Germany Won't Pay Rubles For Gas, Without Gas On Its Way To Becoming 3rd World Nation, More Likely A Change In Government First, World Community Lost Trust In US, West
Video: Geopolitical Discussion Ukraine
Inept NATO Meeting About Ukraine ... Lots Of Braggadocio, More Sanctions?!
Quick Update, Map Ukraine
Video: Martyanov On Killing Of The Petrodollar, Russia's "Shock And Awe" Sanction, And Kinzhal Hypersonic Missiles, Tipping Point, The Old Western Order Is Dead Man Walking
The US Deep State Has Destroyed Its Petrodollar And Its Future
Video: Putin Lands Big One On Jaw Of The West, Gas For Rubles Just The Start, Ukrainian Army Facing Collapse, China Reiterates Support For Russia
Putin: Unfriendly Nations Gas Contracts Payments To Be In Rubles
Is China-Russia Part Of Schwab's NWO?
Michael Hudson Interview Sanctions And Blowback
Putin Has Said, As Long As He Is President, There Always Will Be A Russia, Will Use Nuclear Weapons If Faced With Existential Threat, Putin Press Sec
Prophetic Last Days Warning To The House Of Israel, The Nations Of The West
SNAFU With Biden's Sanctions On Russia, BOOMerangs On The West Who Now Must Pay For Russian Gas In Rubles, The Only Question Remaining Is How Much More Stupid Can They Get? At This Rate,There Won't Be A US To Hold Elections In 2024
Video: Ukraine Military Logistics Demolished, Biden, NATO, UK, Poland Meet To Dig Their Ukrainian Hole Deeper? West's Ideology Will Keep Ukraine On Track To Total Surrender
Video Ukraine Update: IMF Admitting Countries De-Dollarizating, Mariupol 70% Taken, Russia Last Hurdle To China By NWO
Saker Interview Lavrov
Russian Ministry Defense Update 23 March
Video: 23 March Update, Ukraine Russian Air Force Increases To 300 Daily Sorties, Mariupol Azov Forces Getting Eliminated, NATO Statement Against China, Another Step Towards Geopolitical Suicide For Europe And West
China's Global Times Publishing A Series Of Articles Showing How US "Has Been Creating Trouble In The World One Crisis After Another," First Installment
US Moves New Class Of Warship Into S. China Sea
From The "How To Lose Friends And Embolden Enemies" Dept: First, Biden Admin Pushed Russia Closer To China, Now Pushing India Closer To Russia And China
US Talks Of Sanctioning India Too
Video: Q&A Ukraine
Ukraine Update 22 March, Video, Map
Another Example Of The Shoddy Journalism That Exists At NYT, Not Only Do They Not Know What's Going On In The World, But Haven't A Clue About Their Own Reporting
Are These "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal" Liars So Profoundly Deluded To Think Their Fantasy World Is Real, And That Their Lies Are Not Obvious? Amazing That They, Without Fail, Accuse Others Of What They Are Guilty Of
The West Still Loves The (Neo-) ZioNazis
Zionist Regime In Israel Arming Nazi Azov In Ukraine, Remember Zionists Are Not The Biblical Jews
Einstein's 1948 NYT Letter Comparing Israeli Politicians To Nazis
Video: 2018 Documentary Details US Government Funding Of Bioweapons Research In Eastern Europe
Newly Leaked Docs: US DoD Lied About Funding Bioweapons In Ukraine
Long US History, CIA 1947, Of Developing Bioweapon Labs, 336, In Other Countries
Covid-19-Experimental Toxic Injections: China Lab Or US?
Video: Mariupol Resident Says Can't Leave, Nazi Azov Military Will Shoot Them, Biden Sends 1960s Soviet Era Weapons To Ukraine, And US [What Else!?] Sanctions China, But Not Canada?
Video: US Begins Meddling In China's Domestic Affairs, Nothing Like Lighting Another Fire While Your House Is Burning Down
Ukraine Military Defeated, US/UK Military, Intel Personnel Killed In Airstrikes In Western Ukraine Bases, How Did It Come To This?
Those Controlling US Domestic Policy Create Another Fine Mess
Those Who Run US Foreign Policy Live By The Lies And The Sword
Ukraine Military Admits Placing Artillery In Residential Areas
If Biden Told Puppet Zelensky To Honor The Minsk Agreements That Putin Insisted On For The Past 8 Years, None Of This Would Be Happening
Briefings By Russian Defense Ministry 21 March
Video: Russia, Destruction Of Armies, Not Cities And Civilians
Russian Ministry Of Defense Update 20 March
China Doesn't Buy US "Supply And Distribution Chain Of Fake News" About Anything, Muchless Russia And Ukraine, Or Taiwan

Sunday Comics
Sudden Death Of "Covid" Versus Sudden War With Ukraine
The Numbers Show Vaxxes Made Things Worse
What S. Korea Taught Us About The Vax Lies, Experimental Injections Will Continue To Do Damage

Video: US Sanctions Against Russia Have Failed As Russia Was Prepared For It, Long Term Growth Surge, China And India Reject US Attempts To Isolate Russia While US And West Travel Disaster Road, Isolating Themselves, Expect Steady Stream Of Commodity Shortages In The Untrustworthy West, Especially Germany, As They Have No Strategy, Only Ideology
NWO, Globalist Pope Criticizes Eastern Orthodox Russia, But Never Said Boo About Ukrainian Nazi Artillery Attacks On Ethnic Russian Civilians In Donbass
From The "Strings Still Attached" Dept: Former US Presidents Clinton, Dubya Follow Suit In A So Obvious PR Photo Op At Catholic Church, Does Anyone Fall For This Dog And Pony Show Stuff Anymore?
Video: Senator Biden Bragging About His Support For All Out NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia, Civilians Over 78 Days in 1999, Gone Viral In China As NATO Bombed The Chinese Embassy There
Need To Recognize Realpolitik In Ukraine