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Spring 2021

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Spring 2021

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: The Double Standard Lying Elites, Us And Them, This Says It All Folks
The Covid Pandemic Was Billed As A Threat To Mankind, But The Experimental Injections Are "Safe And Effective," Despite The Fact They Have Killed More in 5-6 Months Than Covid Has In A Year And A Half
Video: Just When You Thought The Politicians Couldn't Get More Stupid And Make Life Worse, They've Done It, And You Thought It Was About A Virus, The Vaxxed Are The Spreaders Of The Deadly Spike Protein Variants, So Let Them Travel, Yeah, That Makes Sense
Video: Spike Proteins In All These Experimental Injections Are Very Dangerous, They Are Designed To Kill
2016 Daszak: " ... The Process Of “Insert[ing] Spike Proteins” Into Viruses To See If They Can “Bind To Human Cells," Causing Deadly Infections, The Very Definition Of Intentional Gain Of Function Research, This Was Not "A Mistake," They Are Thin The Herd Bioweapons
From The "You Gotta Love It" Dept" Wuhan Lab And Bat Woman" Scientist Nominated For Outstanding Science And Technology Achivement, Why Not, Look At The Havoc These Experimental Injections Have Caused In The US And West
Text/Video: Member Finnish Parliament Holds Legislators Feet To The Fire Over Genocide Of Citizens Through Toxins Known As "Vaccines"
Video: British Report Stop All The Experimental Injections
Video: Medical Testimony Harm Of Lockdowns, Censorship
Text/Video: The License To Kill, "Cure" Pandemic That's Worse Than The Disease Pandemic, And Remember, VAERS Historically Reports Only 1% Or Less Of Real World Injuries And Deaths, Which Would Mean In 5-6 Months These Injections Are 10X More Deadly Than Entire Vietnam War
RFK Jr: While Fauci Was Telling The World He Was Funding "Vaccine" Research, He Was Using Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Gain Of Function Bioweapons, Now Injected Into Tens Of Millions Worldwide
Video: Fauci's Fingerprints, And Who Else? Secret Meeting To Set False Covid Narrative
Another Reason Why To Reject These Experimental Genetic Modification Injections
Multiple Experimentally Jabbed BA Pilots Die Within 7 Days, Probably Just More Of Those Coincidental Covid Deaths That Are Becoming More Commonplace
Video: Covid Crime Against Humanity: Ivermectin Deliberately Withheld As A Treatment While Hundreds Of Thousands Died As A Result
Postmortem Study Of Experimentally Injected Vaxxed Person Who Died Of Covid: " ... Found Viral RNA In Nearly All Organs Examined"
Video: Israeli Doctor Study Shows Ivermectin Is Effective And Safe, $o Why Do Governments Still Block It?
Mandating Mask Wearing Is Downright Dangerous And Very Unhealthy ... According To The Science
Video: Allegedly More Suicides In Past 9 Months Than Previous 30 Years In LA County
Video: US President Biden Shipped AstraZeneca Out Of The US, EMA Senior Official Says AZ Experimental Injections Should Be Ditched, Yet Many Caribbean PMs And Health Officers Still Pushing It On Their Local Populations
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British Software Developer Paralyzed After Jab, Mocked "Anti-Vaxxers"
Why Is It That After Experimental Gene Modification Injection Deaths The Media Can't Bring Themselves To Admit The Obvious, With Them It's A Coincidence, Or Mysterious Death?
No Surprise Then That Big Pharma Owns Big Mass Media
Need To Round Up The Criminals At FDA Who Stopped HCQ Use Over A Fake Lancet Journal Article That Later Was Retracted, But HCQ Not Allowed Under EUA
Video: Kids In Israel React To Not Having To Wear Masks Any More
US Federal Law Cannot Mandate Experimental Injections
No Doubt Another Crazy Conspiracy Theorist: Oh Wait, Inventor Of mRNA Vaccines, Looks Like Ivermectin Is Safe And Effective, Not The Experimental Jabs
Video: Interview Dr. Michael Yeadon, Former Pfizer VP
Depopulation Trailhead: Experimental Injections
Got The AZ Jabs? Can't Go To Springsteen Concert
Pink Floyd's Waters To, No Way!
Video: Eric Clapton On Experimental Jabs And Others
Video: Tell Those Pharma-philes You Are Body Confident
Opening Pandora's Box Reveals A Can Of Covid Worms, i.e., Spike Proteins, He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tunes, As US Only Major Country Not A Signatory To The Convention On Bioweapons
A 2 For 1 Special: Food For Thought About Covid Spike Protein Virus And The Road To Experimental Injections, Blame It On China While Killing Off The Herd In US And West
Chinese Professor Claims China Won Biowar With US
Video: The Covid Hoax Trail
Greatest Threat To Humanity: Covid Spike Proteins " ... The Vaccine (aka EXPERIMENTAL SPIKE PROTEIN DELIVERY SYSTEM) Has A Device That Protects The Spike Protein Mechanism Against Immediate Destruction By The Body"
2016 Daszak: " ... The Process Of “Insert[ing] Spike Proteins” Into Viruses To See If They Can “Bind To Human Cells," The Very Definition Of Intentional Gain Of Function Research, This Was Deliberate, Not "A Mistake"
2104 Fauci NIH Research: "A major target for potential HIV vaccines is a spike-shaped virus protein known as Env ... Env can evade immune system attack," Which Means They Knew At Least 7 Years Ago They Could Use A Spike Protein To Avoid And Attack Our Innate Immune System Protection And Infect Our Body's Cells
British Medical Report Calls For Immediate Cessation Of All Covid Experimental Injections, More Than Enough Evidence Unsafe, But Do Governments Really Care?
Got Your Jabs? Maybe Should Think Twice Before Flying
Video: 12 Year Olds Can't Get A Shot Of Whiskey In A Bar, But Can Get An Experimental Sterilization Shot At School, Spike Protein Highest Receptors In Placenta And Testes, Depopulation, Why Governments Pushing These Experimental Injections On Children? State Sanctioned Child Abuse
Why Would CDC "Cook The Books" On These Experimental Injections?
Another One Bites The Dust
Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Caribbean Island Forces Spike Protein Injections, Covid Shoots Up Like All The Other Countries In The World That Have Done The Same Thing
Caribbean Island Opens Up "Leper Island" Where All The Experimentally Injected Pharma-phile Infectious Variant Spreaders Are Herded
Science Is As Science Does: When Will The Propaganda Media Get It Right? Chile Capital Locks Down Despite BECAUSE OF Mass "Vaccinations," As The Scientists Have Been Warning About For Months And Months, It's The Mass Experimental Injections, The Spike Proteins That Cause Sharp Increase In More Infectious Variants, The Vaxxed Are Spreading it Around While Their Immune Systems Are Being Wrecked
Add Another Caribbean Country To The Nuremberg List, Still Don't Understand It's Not A Vaccine, Even Jab Makers In Their SEC Filing Don't Call Them Vaccines, They Get Their Big Media Buddies To Do That, Duh, It's A Medical Experiment That Causes Injury And Death, And The Vaxxed Are The Ones Spreading The More Infectious Variants, Interesting How Governments Are Passing The Liability Buck Onto Businesses
Chinese Scientist Filed Covid Vax Patent In February 2020
Antiviral Properties In Green Tea
Nicarauga Goes Against The Globalist Agenda, So US Goes After Them

Video: A Weapons Talk Summit?
Video: After The Hype: Brief Chit Chat Summit Meeting
Summit: Picture Worth A 1000 Words, Biden Legs Crossed, Arms Crossed Over, Defensive Posture, All Shut Up, Putin, Arms And Legs Open, Relaxed And Ready
A Chinese Perspective On The Russia-US Meeting
On Eve Of Summit, Russia-China Release Joint Plan For Moon Base
China To Send 3 Astronauts To Its Own Space Station Using Its Own Rockets This Week
Zionist Israel Must Choose Civil War Or Regional War
The Road To Geneva, Then Later, On To Damascus
Why The US Should Never Enter Into Another War
... Not To Mention US War Crimes
Send In The Clowns, Don't Bother, They're Here
Video: The Real World State Of The West Versus Russia and China
From The "Too Little, Too Late" Dept: Blinded By The Myth Of Eternal US Hegemony, Delusions Can Be One Of The Main Signs Of Dementia
Video: The Summit ... Delusions Can Be One Of The Main Signs Of Dementia
Video: Woodshed Summit: US PR Hollywood Production ... Remember The Obama-Biden Administration Weekly Kill Lists Of US Citizens Without Due Process?
Propaganda Aside, This Is Where US Should Be ... On The N Wagon
Another Obama Era Fail: Assad Stays, Embassies Reopening In Damascus
NWO's Easter Bunny Has Laid Some Eggs

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Thrombo Airways? Increased Danger For Everyone Who Has Gotten Both Experimental Jabs
The New Bizarro World Order
A Worthwhile Video, In Harm's Way Episode, Governments Lied About Everything Covid
What The Doctors And Health Workers Are Saying About The Short-Term Effects Of The Jab
20 Reasons Why Mask Wearing Is Idiotic
Video/Text: Don't Wear A Mask, Wear A Mask, Wear 2 Masks, Wear One Mask Fauci Haunted From The Grave By Nobel Laureate Nemesis
2016 Daszak: " ... The Process Of “Insert[ing] Spike Proteins” Into Viruses To See If They Can “Bind To Human Cells," The Very Definition Of Gain Of Function
2104 Fauci NIH: "Scientists illuminated the movement and complete structure of the spikes that the HIV virus uses to bind to the cells it infects ... A major target for potential HIV vaccines is a spike-shaped virus protein known as Env ... Env can evade immune system attack," Which Means They Knew At Least 7 Years Ago They Could Use A Spike Protein To Avoid And Attack Our Innate Immune System Protection And Infect Our Body's Cells
If CDC's VAERS Holds True To Its Historical 1% Or Less Reporting Patterns, It Could Be That Half A Million Or More Have Died In US From Experimental Injections As Latest Reported VAERS Numbers Show Over 5000 Deaths
Immunology And Cell Biology, The Science Of Memory NK T Cells In Our Adaptive, Natural Innate Immune System
When Leaks Light The Truth, Zberg "All Leaks Are Damaging," Facebook Goal To Shut Down "Vaccination" Debate To Your Detriment
Another Smoking Gun? Madagascar Quits WHO, President Offered $20 Million To Add Toxin To Covid Remedy
Video: Covid Pandemic Was Planned For At Least 10 Years
From The "Virus Can Escape A Level 4 Bioweapons Lab, But Can't Get Through Your Drugstore Mask" Dept: If Only The Wuhan Lab Had A Giant Paper Mask On Its Front Door! The Participant List Of Pandemic Covid Cover-Up Gets Longer
Video: Covid Magnetotransfection, Aggressive Method To Infect Your Cells Causing Your Body To Produce These Lethal Spike Proteins, Which Are Spread Into General Population, A Global Gain Of Function Disaster
Spike, aka Viral Immune Escape, In Covid Cases A Result Of The "Vaccinated" Who Spread The Spike Protein Virus Exactly As Scientists Warned Would Happen, The More Experimentally Jabbed, The More Covid Spike Infections, Basic Biology, Why Are People Surprised By The Science?
Video: In Case You Missed It, The Massive Vax Science, Including Viral Immune Escape, Explained
Another One Of Those Phenomenal Rise In Worldwide Covid Coincidence Deaths, Creator Of CDC Coronavirus App Dies After The Jab
Texas Is 100% Open

Had Covid? Then Stand Up For Natural Immunity
Letter of Nurse Of 27 Years, Resigns, Gives Up Profession Over Crimes Against Humanity, Well, At Least We Know Of One Hospital Administration That Is On Record For Nuremberg 2.0
Video: The Criminality Of The Man-Made Covid Scamdemic
UK China Scientific Research Institutions
No Surprise That The Entire Lab Made Virus Was Used To Panic People Into Getting Experimentally Injected In A Worldwide Depopulating Medical Experiment, It's All Part Of The Elites Proposed Agenda, Which Is Why They Are So Desperate To Get The Crap Injected Into You, Shamelessly Even Stooping To Petty Bribery, Including Cash, Contrary To Nuremberg Code, So What's Your Life Worth? 2 Hours Pay, So Not Much To These Elites Who Likely Spend More On Their Lunch Every Day
Video: Top 5 Reasons Not To Get These Experimental Injections, One, You Don't Need It, After A Year And A Half You're Still Here, Right?
Videos: Culling Of The Elderly, Followed By Sterilization Of The Young Through "Vaccines?"
Peer Reviewed Journal Article Disappeared, 5G Induces Coronavirus
The Vaxxed Spread The Variants As Israel Scraps Vax Passport
Video: Fauci Trail Of Lies That Cost Millions Of Lives Around The World
Deliberate Blocking Of HCQ, Ivermectin That Would Have Saved Millions Of Lives, But That's The Opposite Of What They Are Still Doing
Birds Of A Feather Video: Biden Won't Fire Fauci
India Scientists Discover Coronavirus Engineered With HIV/AIDS Like Insertions
Smoking Gun NIH 2014: "Scientists illuminated the movement and complete structure of the spikes that the HIV virus uses to bind to the cells it infects ... A major target for potential HIV vaccines is a spike-shaped virus protein known as Env ... Env can evade immune system attack," Which Means They Knew At Least 7 Years Ago They Could Use A HIV Spike Protein To Avoid And Attack Our Innate Immune System Protection And Infect Our Body's Cells
Spike In Nursing Home Covid Infections After Experimental Injections, Same As SARS 2003 Lab Animals Tests, Again As Foretold By Virology Scientists, As "Vaccines" Are Cause Of Variants
Study Showed "Measles Vaxxed" Spread Measles At Disneyland In 2015
Or Maybe They Are Beginning To Realize The Vaxxed Are The Ones Spreading The More Infectious Variants, Again As Were Warned About By Leading Vax Scientists

What's Going On With Vax And Medicine In Israel, So Many People Suffering Side Effects, Violating Human Rights, Government Hiding It, Now Israel Scrapped The Vax Passport
Zionist Israel's New Self-Professed Arab Killer, Clone PM, Naftali Bennett, Hmm, I Wonder How The Arabs In The Coalition Government Feel About This?
New Zionist PM In Israel, Same Old Cowardly Attacks On Syria From Lebanese Airspace
After Syrian Election, US Backed Terrorists Active Again
Video: Deja Vu 1988, Putin "US Is Walking In The Footsteps Of Soviet Union" On The Way To December 1991
From The "Lipstick On A Pig" Dept: Geriatric 7 Desperately Not Relevant, The Polarity Of The World's Wealth And Power Has Shifted
The Woodshed Summit: Biden's G7 Spy Gauntlet Followed By Russia's Putin, Does Sleepy Joe Have A Clue What He's In For During The Next Week Or So?
Video: Way To Go, Joe, Starts Off By Offending UK, A Warm-Up For Russia?
Video: Obvious To The Point Of Absurdity, "Cyberattack" False Flag Not Designed By Those Smarter Than A 3rd Grader, This Is Your Strong Suit To Use Against Russia At Summit?
Maybe Jill Can Read This To Joe Before The Summit To Give Him Some Idea Of What Motivates Modern Russia, Hint, It's Not Hypocrisy And Double Standards
Video: Better Keep Sleepy Joe In Office, Deceitful, Clueless "I Don't Understand" Kookie Kamala Hands Out Cookies, What Is This Elementary School? And BTW, What Happened To The Dems Open Border Policy They Screamed About During The Past 4 Years?
Video: The Middle East Merry-Go-Round

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Experimental Injection Deaths In US: VAERS Reports 5165 Deaths In 5 Months, And Remember According To Harvard University And Two Other Studies Made Years Apart, VAERS Reports 1% Or LESS Of Actual Real World Numbers, Experimental Injections Appear To Be The Real Pandemic, And These Are Only The Short Term Deaths, CDC Continues To Drag Its Feet With Info Requests On Vax Deaths, While Last Year Couldn't Get "Covid Case" Numbers Out Fast Enough, What Are They Hiding?
Cunningly Devised Fables: Man-Made Engineered Diseases, Spike Proteins As Active Pathogens
Within Hours, mRNA Nanoparticles Everywhere In Your Body
Video: Multiple Blood Issues With These Experimental Injections
Israeli Study: A Majority Of Those "Vaxxed" Can Get Covid After First Shot
Looks Like Top Public Health Officials Are Fauci Clones
Video: Big Shift On World Stage Under Way, All Of A Sudden Fauci Under The Bus, But Who Threw Him There? Why Now? Emails Say Opposite His Testimony, Wuhan Lab Origin Of Bioweapon, Rebranding Covid ("Accidental" Lab Release, "Didn't Know" Spike Proteins Harmful, Bad Guys Must Go) Prior To Massive Deaths? The Old It Was Them, Not Us Ploy To Keep Ball Rolling To NWO Next Phase, Nutanyahoo Gone, US Pullout Afghanistan, Syria, Shift In China-Russia-US Relations, What's Going On?
Video: Long Worthwhile Highwire Program
Lazy Brain Syndrome And The Art Of Bearing False Witness: In A World Of Don't Think, Just Memorize And Repeat, All You Need To Do Is THINK!
Red Pill, Blue Pill, The Covid Scam: The Entire World Has Been Had, And Still, People Are True Believers
From The "Throw The Bums Out" Dept: Typical Hypocritical Canadian Leaders, Break Their Own Rules While Punishing You
Video: Trudeau's Canada Going Full Marxist, Arrest Two Teens For Speaking Out Against Covid Tyranny
UK NHS Demands GP's Turn Over Patient Medical Records
Banana Kingdom Denmark Exposed, Found Lying Naked In Bed With US Intel Agency
Video: Banana Kingdom Denmark Can't Handle The Truth: When Western Countries Shut Down The Truth As "Dangerous Information," You No Longer Live In A Democracy, Another Sign The West Is Crumbling To Pieces When Non-elected Intel Agencies Calling The Shots, Few Years Left
Big Brother Australia Plays Games, Moves To Make "Anti-Vax" Comments Criminal, But Experimental Injections Are Not Vaccines According To Their Manufacturers, So By Definition No Anti-Vax Comments, Use Their Own Language Against Them, Experimental Gene Therapy
Publisher Facebook Joins The Double-Down Censorship Of Free Speech, Use Your Freedom Of Choice To Censor Them Out Of Business, Stop Using Them
Pushback Against Public Health Officials As More Truth Comes Out, Continue The Push, Consider Not Traveling To Places That Vax Is A Requirement Of Employment Or Don't Patronize Stores and Businesses That Do The Same 
WHO's Chief Scientist Served With 51 Page Legal Notice For Misinformation and Suppression Of Evidence
Video: 1995 Warning Using "Vaccines" To Create A Race Of Zombies Or Just Depopulate Instead? BTW, 5G Is High Frequency
Maybe It's Time To Begin Referring To Them For What They Are, Disease Spreaders
New Zealand Doctor: My Patients Are Dying While "Health" Officials And Media Hide The Truth About Lethal Injections
World's Strictest Lockdown Resulted In Highest Death Rate
Remember All Those Positive Covid "Cases" We Were Bombarded With Daily Last Year, It's Not Just "Vaxxed" And "Unvaxxed" But That Means Tens Of Millions Have Natural Immunity ... For Life
No Jab, No Fly? Vaxxed? Maybe No More Flying For You, Experimental Injections Cause Blood Clots, Airplane Flights Can Cause Blood Clots, Hmm, A Double Thrombo Whammy, Not To Mention The Crew Flying The Plane
UK To Scrap Travel Passports
DIVERT NARRATIVE: When Elite Get In Trouble, Toss Out Another False Flag Op: 2 For 1 Special, Gun Owners And "Anti-Vaxxers," So What, Anti-Vaxxers Attack Vax Centers With AR-15s? This Is The Stuff Of Bad Sci-fi Script Writing
From The "We Didn't Know There Was A Viridae Race Out There" Dept: Prepping The Running Scared Narrative
LAB NARRATIVE Video: A Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots: CNN Narrative On Lab Origin Covid, CYAs Dropping The "It Was An Accident" No Harm, No Foul Total Lack Of Evidence Theory, One Problem With This, WHO Shipped Millions Of Covid-19 Test Kits In 2017, How Could They Possibly Know An "Accidental Leak" Would Take Place More Than 2 Years Into The Future?
WTO/WHO Shipped Millions Covid-19 Test Kits Worldwide In 2017, On Purpose
100% Certainty Covid-19 Fraudulent
Pentagon Funneled Millions To Wuhan Lab Research, Remember Original Rewsearch Began In US At US Military Lab
VAX NARRATIVE: Another Shift The Blame Narrative: "We Didn't Know Until Now" Is BS, Why Then Did Big Pharma Insist On Indemnity From Lawsuits Up Front? The Lab Guys Making Genetic Modification Injections Knew Exactly What Spike Proteins Do, World's Leading Scientists, Virologists Warned About This Last Year, ADE, The Animal Studies, When All The Lab Animals Died, From The 2003 SARS Tests Provided Evidence, Sounds Like Elites Are Trying To Get Out From Underneath Their Deliberate Mess Through Use Of Big Media, Likely Their Exit Strategy From The Get Go
Fauci's NIH 2014: "Scientists illuminated the movement and complete structure of the spikes that the HIV virus uses to bind to the cells it infects ... A major target for potential HIV vaccines is a spike-shaped virus protein known as Env ... Env can evade immune system attack," Which Means They Knew At Least 7 Years Ago They Could Use A Spike Protein To Avoid And Attack Our Innate Immune System Protection And Infect Our Body's Cells
Video: The Experimental Gene Modification Injections That Are Not "Covid Vaccines" Severely Damages Your Innate Immune System
So Much For Trudeau's Marxist British Columbia, Canada Informed Consent, Notice The Narrative Is About The Experimental Injection, Not Covid, Which Was Perfectly Okay To Warn About Covid's Effects Last Year, Prime Example For Use At Nuremberg Trials 2.0

Ontario Canada Premier's War On Canadian Citizens, Evidence Falsifying Medical Records
Nasal Spray Another Breakthrough Treatment Of Covid, That Is If It's Really About Covid And Not The Experimental Injection Garbage
Mexico City Covid Deaths Plunge After Use Of Ivermectin, Same Results As In India, Doctors, Evidence Is Overwhelming, Need To Use Globally, How Long Will Big Pharma Governments Continue The Vax Lies To The Detriment Of Their Citizens?
Text/Video: Facebook Complicit In Hiding Experimental Injection's Side Effects, Serious Injury, Death, Violating Informed Consent On An "Open Platform"
From The "They Don't Want Us To Do The Math" Dept: Experimental Gene Modification Injection Deaths Rates Alarming, Remember The CDC's VAERS Historically Only Reports One Percent Or LESS Of Real World Numbers
Good To Question "Covid-19 Vaccines," But Better To Question The Experimental Gene Modification Injections
A Star Is Born, Fake Injections Video Auditions
By Using Facebook, You Are Enabling Your Enemy, You Have The Power To Stop Them By Stop Using Them
Video: The Result Of Our Choosing Curses And Death Rather Than The Love Of The Truth Of The Word Of God: People Are Experimental Injection Hesitant Because It Can Kill You, None Of These Injections Are Safe, A Bioweapon, Setting Up For Mass Deaths
Hence Our Life And Death Pickle Of A Predicament
The Slick Move Of The Narrative From It's About Covid To It's About Get Your Experimental Genetic Modification Injection aka "It's Not a Vaccine Vaccine:" An Open Letter To Zionist Israel's PM, But It Should Be Sent To Every PM And President
2015 Study: It's The "Vaccinated" Who Spread The Disease

"Vaccinated" Experimentally Injected Spreading More Disease Via Spike Proteins They Produce In Their Bodies, Again As We Were Warned Would Happen
Video: Denmark, Greece Travel Passports: The "Vaccinated" Spread More Infectious Variants, So Now They Can Travel And Spread Them Around When They Should Be Quarantined, Remember This Same Time Last Year Healthy People Couldn't Travel Because They Might Be "Asymptomatic" Spreaders Of Covid? Now Governments Promoting It, But Can Naturally Vaccinated, i.e., Covid Recovered, Get Passports Too Or Is This Just Anther Tool To Get The Experimental Gene Modification Stuff Into People? Travel Just The First Step To Being "Allowed" To Doing Anything
Video: Nobel Prize Winner Experimental Injections (The Vaxxed) Causing The Variants, Producing Stronger Infections, Deaths, Viruses Don't Naturally Mutate During Pandemics, Not Even During The 1918 One
Salk Institute Science Paper: Your Body As A (Vax Passport Traveling) Vascular Bioweapon Factory ... Forever ... It's The Spike Proteins, Produced In Your Body By All These Experimental Gene Modification Injections, That Causes The Blood Clotting, By Definition Making Them All Unsafe
The True Believer Vaxxer's Push To Destroy The Next Generation Just As They Said, First The Elderly, Then The Young
Massive Malfeasance By CDC, FDA, Petition To Revoke Covid Experimental Injections EUA
Ivermectin Saving Lives Around The Old World Order
Fauci Said A Gain Of Function Outbreak From A Lab The Benefits Would Outweigh The Risks, But For Whom Tony?
Fauci Has No Credible Medical Standing And Evidence Of Gain Of Function Research Would Make It Criminal
The Hare Of Lies Dashes Out The Gate With Nicarauga And It's Covid-19 Response, However Nicarauga Didn't Lockdown, Didn't Social Distance, Didn't Mask Per WHO Doctor's Guidelines, Among Lowest Of "Covid Cases" And Their Economy Grew By 10% In 8 Months While Western Locked Down Countries Economies Got Trashed

Video Geopolitics: Prepping For War Around The World, Cold War Or Hot War In The Air?
Biden Is The Perfect Personification Of The US, Both Past Their Prime And In Decline: Don't Expect Biden's Meeting With Putin To Go Well, US Dealing From A Position Of Weakness, And Russia Doesn't Trust The US
The Big War Is Coming To The Holy Land Because Of Zionism, Inevitable Destruction Of Zionist Israel
Video: Big Implications For Middle East, After The Vote, Zionist Israel's PM Bibi Goes Bye-Bye, And Governing Coalition Includes An Arab Party, But More About Nutanyahoo Out Rather Than Real Operational Coalition
Zionist Israel's New Mossad Chief Promises More Assassinations In Iran
Taking A Cue From Allies Russia And China, Iran Changing Camels, Hardliner Rather Than Moderate For President
Zionist Israel's Victim Images Crumbles Along With The Vax PR Image, Gain Of Function Gains Traction, But Its Release Was No Accident
The US And West's Continued Failure In Syria Results In Assad's Overwhelming Election To His Fourth Term As President
If You Were Wondering About China's Technological Abilities, How Does 216 Million Degrees Sound?
Russia-China Military Alliance
Russia To Create 20 New Military Units To Counter NATO
Video: The Times They Are A Changin' As Russia-China Strengthen Strategic Foreign Policy-Military-Technology Cooperation, Viz a Viz US And The West, Rising To Preeminence In The World
China-Russia Strengthen Alliance's Core Values, Much Like UK-US Did At Their Peak, "From June To July, The China-Russia-US Trilateral Ties Likely Will See A Series Of Major Events"
Russia Dumps All US Dollar Assets
Moving Away From US Dollar, Impetus Not Looking Good For the West
A Perfect Example Why The US Is Toast Because This Is The Guy Who Is Going To Meet With Putin?
Another Perfect Example That The US Is Toast
The Disintegrating Mess Called America: It's Not The Just Social, Economic And Political Crumbling, It's The Bridges, Sewers and Airports Too
Beware The Hare Of Lies Dashing Out The Gate, But The Tortoise Of Truth About The Syrian Sarin Gas Attacks in 2013 Arrives

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Quick Video: Make Sure To Wear Your Masks ... You Don't Want To Inhale Any Germs
Video: Pro-Vax Top Doc: I Cannot Recommend These Experimental Injections To Anyone
57 Doctors Call For Stopping All Experimental Injections Immediately
Video: We're Being Lied To, These Experimental Injections Are Very Dangerous, Is It Worth Your Life Vs. 99.9% Survival Rate With Natural Covid?
Video: Doctors Vanden Bossche And Peter McCollough Webinar
Experimental Injections Lead To New Infections And Death, Exactly As We Were Warned They Would Do, Now The Evidence Is Here, And We Are Warned, This Is Just The Beginning Of Their Deadly Effects
Amazing, People Willingly Line Up For Lethal Injections
Great Info Video ... Lifelong Natural Immunity, 1918 Pandemic Survivors, Aged 91-101 Still Had Robust Immunity Against That Flu, Experimental Injections Contraindicated For Covid Survivors, OSHA Turns Its Back On Those It's Suppose To Protect, Red Cross Will NOT Accept Blood From Experimentally Injected Person For Plasma Donation, But Will From Natural Covid Recovered People, Baby Died From Breast Feeding 2 Days After Mother Experimentally Injected, Spike Proteins Wreaking Havoc In Body After The Experimental Injections, Shut Them Down, Other Proven Treatments Available!
Elite Lied About Covid Origin, Remember WTO/WHO Shipped Millions Covid-19 Test Kits Worldwide In 2017, So What Else Lied About, Likely Everything, But Either Way It Smacks Of Planned Biowarfare On Humanity, From Lab To Experimental Injections
Covid Origin: A Wuhandunnit
In 5 Months, Covid Injections Have The US At The Doorstep Of Becoming A Marxist Totalitarian State
Audio/Video: Lethal Injection Death Wave Due To Lab-Made Spike Proteins, Bio-Warfare
AstraZenea, J&J Killing More People After Lethal Experimental Injections, Strokes In Young People
AstraZeneca Now Linked To Strokes
Orwellian CDC Changing Rules AGAIN, Deliberately Manipulating The Numbers To Lie And Deceive You, No Science, No Medical Honesty, Can't Trust Any Government Agency, 60% of NEW Covid Cases According To Doctors Who Work With Covid Patients Are From Those Who Had Both Jabs, They Are Producing The Spike Proteins As These Medical Experiment Injections Are Designed To Do
Is There No End To Government Treachery? UK Government Tracked Vaxxed Without Their Knowledge Or Consent, Who Else?
Some Enlightened US State Governors Ban Vaxports, Mandatory Vax
Need To Quarantine The More Infectious Variant Spreaders ... The "Vaccinated," Uncontrolled Spiked Proteins Getting Into Cells Via Binding Antibodies
Deaths By Medical Coincidence On The Rise, Covid Shot Ruled Out, Unlike Fatal Motorcycle Accident Ruled A Covid Death Due To Positive PCR Test, Just Askin', Do They Really Believe We're This Stupid?
Catch-22 Study: Even A Mild Covid Infection Develops Lifelong Natural Immunity, Then All Those Tens Of Millions PCR Symptomless Positive Cases Wouldn't Need Injections According To What Health Officials Told Us
Leaked Documents: Publisher Facebook Censors Experimental Injection Facts When They Don't Fit CDC, Big Pharma Narrative Agenda, i.e., Shots Are Safe And Effective Despite Hundreds Of Thousands Of Deaths
Bringing Back The Fox To See Who Took The Eggs Out Of The Coop
Bat Trap: Wuhan Lab Deleted Files Showing Fauci Funding, Also Lying To Congress About His Gain Of Function Research Plague That Caused Millions Of Deaths Worldwide, Question Is Who Loosed It, And Where Initially?
Remember, Fauci Not The Only One In The Family
FDA Criminal Cover-up Of Pfizer Issues
US Frontline Doctors Sue US Government To Put A Stop To Medical Experiments On Children, Okay, But Where Are The Parents?
86% Kids Experimentally Injected Suffer Adverse Reactions, Why Are These Healthy Kids Participating In Medical Experiment With Unknown Effects On The Rest Of Their Lives? Where Are The Parents?
Beyond Covid: Experimental Injection, Wireless Radiation And You, Ask Yourself This, Was It A Coincidence All Those 5G Towers Got Put Up During The Medically Unnecessary Covid Lockdown, Avoiding Any Chance For Debate And Protests?
Time To Stand Up And Say No To Experimental Injections And The Fake Pandemic And It's Lab-Made Virus, Demand Safe Treatments Like Ivermectin Because These Injections Will Injure And Kill No Matter Your Political Preferences
2005 Virology Report Following SARS Outbreak: Chloroquine Is A Potent Inhibitor Of SARS Coronavirus Inection And Spread
Newspaper Chiefs Criminally Negligent Re: Covid, What Group Of People Own These Papers?
"Fact Checkers," Actual Media Hacks Shilling Destructive Propaganda For A Paycheck, Having To Eat Crow
US Public Health Corroded By Corruption
How Long Will We Allow THEM To Murder Our Children? 63 Under Age Of 3 Dying From Experimental Injections
The Vaccine Agenda: Kill And Injure Us With No Accountability
Speaking Of Which ...
Not Just General Population Reduction, But Prison Populations Too: Government Denies Ivermectin, Safe, Proven, Non-Invasive Treatment, And As These Experimental Injections Don't Stop Anyone From Getting Covid [Even In Prison], Though They Injure And Kill, What's Up With Bribing Criminals With 50% Reduction In Sentences If They Get The Jab?
MIT: Experimental Injection Skeptics Do Know The Science
Video: Covid From Lab In China, But When Actually Released, Considering "Covid-19 Tests Kits" Were Shipped By WTO And WHO In 2017?
WTO/WHO Covid-19 Test Kits Ship In 2017
When History Of Covid Is Written, Reputations Will Be Slaughtered, Blood In The Gutter
The Angel Of Death
If You Had Covid, Do Not Get Experimentally Injected
Video: Show This To Someone Who Is Considering Getting Jabbed
Video: Texas Senate Testimony, Experimental Gene Modification Injections Were Stopped In Animal Testing ... The Animals Kept Dying, People Dying Too, But Companies Want To Make Participation In Experiment That Already Has Killed Tens of Thousands, A Condition Of Employment? How Sick We Have Become As An Alleged Christian People In Quest Of Mammon
Ten Good News Stories About Covid
A Refresher On The Lawsuit For Violation Of The Nuremberg Code
The CYA Fauci Flip: Working His Way To "Covid-19" From Lab
Video: What Was Said Then Is Here Now, Fake Covid Numbers And Fauci's Pivot To Asia Lab
VAERS, Which Historically Reports 1% Or Less Of Real World Numbers According To Harvard University And Two Other Independent Studies, Shows 227,805 Adverse Reactions From The Experimental Injections
60% Of New Covid Cases Are Fully "Vaccinated," Who's Producing Infectious Virus Variants Wherever They Go? So Who Should Be Wearing A Mask, The Infected Spreaders Or Healthy People? Liberal Oregon Gets It Bassackwards ... Maybe Better For Healthy People To Shun The Vaxxed Virus Spreaders, And What About All Those "Naturally Vaccinated" Who Had Covid And Are Recovered With Natural Immunity, Remember All Those Daily Cases They Kept Throwing At Us, All Those People Don't Need Any Shot, In Fact They Are At Greater Risk Of Death From The Shots
Doesn't Look Like "Dr. Bill" Will Be Visiting Bulgaria Very Soon

Video: Florida Gov
ernor Drops The Hammer On Big Tech Censorship

Going Against The Narrative: Hebrew Edition Of Haaretz Newspaper Published Photos Of All Children Killed By Israeli Military Action
The Result Of US Interference In Syria, And Obama's "Assad Must Go!" Well, Assad Just Won A Democratic Presidential Election With 95% Of The Vote, A Number Like The Democratic Crimean Vote To Return To Russia After US Interference In Ukraine, See A Pattern?
Stay Tuned As China News Reports: China-Russia Strengthen Alliance's Core Values, Establish A New World Order As Increasingly Dysfunctional US Weakens, Obviously Not Good News For Klaus And Family, And "From June To July, The China-Russia-US Trilateral Ties Likely Will See A Series Of Major Events"
Video: US To Be Briefed On Alliance Of Russia-China's New World Order?
Russia Deploys Strategic Bombers To Syria
The Middle East: The USed Jalopy Tour
Zionists: Blood On Their Hands
Zionist Ideology: A Clear And Present Danger For International Peace And Stability
Monotheistic Old Testament Vs. Modern Day Jewish Talmudic Worship Of Different Male, Female Gods, Though Not Much Different In Principle Than Catholic's Virgin Mary And Saints Or Protestant "Christianity's" Santa Claus, Easter And Her Bunny

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Conspiracy Theorist Or Truth Telling Nobel Prize Winner? Experimental Injections Causing The Variants, Producing Stronger Infections, Deaths, Viruses Don't Naturally Mutate During Pandemics, Not Even During The 1918 One
Text: More From Nobel Prize Winner
If An Experimental Passenger Plane Had Killed More Than 4000 People In Crashes in Four Months, More Than All Those Killed In Air Crashes In The Past 20 Years, Would Any Sane Person Want To Fly On That Plane? Why Then Do They Coerce Us To Get Their Experimental Gene Modification Technology Injections When The Real Number Of Deaths Could Be 100 Times Higher?
Videos: Experimental Gene Modification Injectee Shows High Level Of EMF Radiation, 5G?, And Maybe Why Magnets Stick To Vaxxed People, Also Turn On Smart Devices With Your Body's AstraZeneca Bluetooth Side Effect?
When Do We Wake Up And Realize These Experimental Injections Are Out To Harm And Kill Us, And Are Doing So In Very Large Numbers?
Given All The Flip-Flops And Contradictions, Changing Definitions To Suit Their Agenda, The CDC Has Become The Center For Disease Cover-ups
The Covidiot True Believer Fact Checkers Start To Retract "Facts," A Long Road Ahead Of Them
Audio/Text: Where Did This "Covid-19" Come From, Strange Coincidences, Lockstep Reactions, Familiar Fingerprints?
Chinese Professor Claims US Defeated In Biological War With China
Video: From The "Don't Pop Your Head Above The Trenches" Dept: NWO-WEF Cancels Its Public Meeting
When They Talk About Risks Vs. Benefits, Were They Talking Health Or Money? Non-Invasive Ivermectin, 20 Bucks, While Experimental Injections Produce 9 New Billionaires
More Evidence Covid Pandemic A Man-Made Event: Goal, Experimental Injections
Researchers Find 1000 Different Proteins In AstraZeneca Experimental Injection That Cause Blood Clotting ... No Wonder Biden Shipped It Out Of The US
Around The World, Weekly Deaths INCREASE After Experimental Injections, Population Reduction Borne Out By The Numbers
International Military Tribunal: Vol. 11 Text Of Nuremberg Trials Of War Criminals, Keitel Hanged
Video: Experimental Injections Doing What Palestinians Can't, Israel Deaths From Experimental Injections Skyrocket
Video: Say What You Will, But Alex Jones Nailed It In 2009, Depopulate With "Vaccines," WHO And Family
Detailed Source For Vaccine Info, Injuries, Covid, Etc.
It's Time For The FDA To Be Investigated, And Reveal The Truth About The Experimental Injections
US State Of Connecticut Tells Health Workers Experimental Injections Are Deadly, But Not The People
The "Vaccinated" Zombies Spreading Illness, Again, Exactly As We Were Warned Would Happen
Lives Being Saved, Not Destroyed, India's Covid Cases Plummet After Massive Use Of Ivermectin, HCQ Approved
Video/Text: World Freedom Alliance Sent Notices Of Liability To All Prime Ministers And Health Ministers Around The World
Video: Millions Protest Worldwide, Biggest In History, No Coverage By Elite's Mass Media
The Weimar Case: The Covid Castle Begins To Crumble
Video: Fauci Project Manager Confesses To Creating Covid-19, 5 Different Viruses Made Into One, Leading To Bioweapon Injections, Now We Know Why All The Millions Of Covid-19 Test Kits Were Shipped By WHO In 2017
Why Are So Many Doctors At the NIH Refusing The Experimental Injections? Three Guesses
Stop Killing Your Brain Cells, Take Off The Mask As Millions Breathe Freely Once Again In Florida
Same Pattern As We Were Warned About, Mass Experimental Injections Followed By More Infectious Spike In Covid, Just As These Bioweapons Were Designed To Do, Cambodia No Covid Deaths Until Experimental Injections Began, Denmark About 2000 Deaths Attributed To Covid, About 4500 Deaths Attributed To Experimental Injections, And CDC Changed Their Rules Once Again To Favor The Bioweapon Cover-up
CDC Fesses Up To Another Lie They Promoted
Video: Doctor Testimony, Vast Underreporting Of Deaths From Experimental Injections, If You Are "Covid-Recovered," 2 to 3 Times More Likely To Die If You Get The Experimental Injections
What Are The Real Numbers? EU Database Claims 10,570 Dead From Experimental Injections, Regardless, More Than Enough Deaths To Stop These Bioweapons

Video: EU Parliament Wants Regime Change In Russia, Consulting With Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny And The Mad Hatter As EU Is Crumbling Too?
In Case You Have Any Lingering Doubts About The True Nature Of The Zionists In Israel
Video: US Weakness Exposed With Nord Stream 2
China Blocks US Bases In Central Asia, As US Abandoned, Without Notice, Major Kandahar Airbase in Afghanistan Under Cover Of Darkness On May 11-12
Video/Text: US Military Turning Marxist, UFOs, Oh, Any Idea Where The Tens Of Trillions Of Pentagon Dollars Disappeared To? Look, Up In The Sky, It's A Bird, It's A Plane No, It's ...
What Do UFOs Have To Do With Last Days Prophecy?
The US Is A Dumpster Fire
What's Going On People? This is Fascism Full Speed Ahead, Governor Michigan Shuts Down Pipeline During Gas Crisis?
Video: After Courting Favor Of The US And The West, And Being Shunned, Russia Takes China To The Prom, Portent Of Dan. 11:44
From The "Some Things Never Change" Dept: The Genocide Lie, How Is Israel's Treatment Of Palestinians Any Different Than Fascist Nazi's Treatment Of Jews? Where Are The Arab Nations?
Nutanyahoo's Zionist Israel Bombing The Defenseless In Gaza
Video: Worst Crisis, Wheels Coming Off US As Military Officers Send Warning
Cowardly Zionist Israel Bombs Defenseless Gaza Refugee Camp
Zionist Israel Destroys Gaza Media Building, War Crimes To Follow?
Middle East: There Will Be War

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Popular Indian Actor And Health Ambassador, "I Want To Put An End To All The Rumors, I Want To Show There Is No Danger In Getting Vaccinated," He Put An End To All The Rumors, Less Than 24 Hours After The Jab He Was Dead, Another Injection Coincidence, Must Be What, Thousands Of Them Now?
Ivermectin Works Against Covid, It Is Safe And Effective And Has Proven Itself For 40 Years, Which Is Why Ivermectin Denied Use For Covid, Otherwise Big Drug Companies Could Not Get Emergency Use Authorizations (King's X?) For Their Harmful Experimental Injections To Make Billions Off You As A Guinea Pig
Video: Psychopaths And CDC Called Out About LIES And DECEIT Over The Past Year, Experimental Injections Not 95% Efficacy, Only About 1% Better Than Nothing, More Likely Worse Than Nothing As 60% New Covid Cases Are Injectees, And Masks, Well, "Not A Single Documented Infection Anywhere In The World From Casual Outdoor Interactions," Why Is Your Government Mandating It? For The Longest Time, No Mask Okay Indoors Sitting Across From Someone While Eating, The Virus Wouldn't Get You, Keep Eating And Forget The Shots
Video: Got Your Shots? Experimentally "Vaxxed" Still Get Infected With Covid, Again Exactly As We Were Warned About, Viral Immune Escape, Think And Act Everyone
Eric Clapton: I Should Never Have Gone Near The Needle ... Stand And Deliver Recording
Once The Experimental Gene Modification Injection Is In You, Depopulation Has Started, But Focus On Our Positive Energy
ICAN Sends 12 US States Attorneys General Letter Calling Out Their "Vaccine" Misinformation
Video: Got The Receipts, Fauci Lied To Congress, Money Spent To Develop Bioweapon In Wuhan
Mass Experimental Injections Doing Exactly What We Were Warned About, Rapid Mutations Of Serious More Infectious Variants Spread By Those Experimentally Injected, Antibody Dependent Enhancement, Viral Immune Escape
60% New Covid Cases In "Vaxxed" People Who Ignorantly Believe They Are Safe, Yet Are Spreading More Serious Infections, Again Exactly As The Experimental Injections Were Designed To Do, ADE, And What We Were Warned About
Video: "Global Catastrophe Without Precedence," In Case You Missed It Before, And Want To Know What's Coming With These Mass "Vaccinations," Experimental Genetic Modification Injections, Watch And Share
Video: Again, In Case You Missed It, Experimental Injections Are Bioweapons, Hence All The BS Propaganda, Lies And Outright Bribery To Get People Injected ... "Get Injected And Receive 20% Off Bill & Tony's Fires Of Hell Crematorium Family Pak," I Know, Apologies For The Eschatological Dark Humor, But This Is The Direction Of The Absurdity In Which We Are Headed
US Secretly Developing Bioweapons In Labs In Former Soviet States
Parents: Take Action To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Injected With Experimental Technology
CDC Won't Answer Questions, According To VAERS And Harvard University Study Indicating Only 1% Or Less Injuries And Deaths Get Reported, 4178 Deaths Would Represent 417,800 Deaths As Of 5/3, And These Are Not Vaccines, Perception Is An Important Psychological Tool, Don't Get Lazy, Use Correct Language, They Are EXPERIMENTAL Genetic Modification Technology Injections
VAERS Deaths Tip Of The Iceberg? The Not "Covid-19 Vaccines" aka Experimental Gene Modification Technology Injections, "No Detected Pattern In Cause Of Death That Would Indicate A Safety Problem," Really? Well, Here's A Clue, Sherlock, How About The Pattern That They All Got These Experimental Injections That Aren't Vaccines!? Duh, And These Are The IQ Hesitant In Charge?
Russian Orthodox Church: "Pandemic Is A Bell To Be Ready For The End Times," However, Pandemic Is Part Of The End Times, A Deliberate Effort By Godless People
Video: Next Target Food As UK Outlaws Manure ... Just Asking, But What Are All Those Unemployed Politicians Going To Do?
Video: Bearing False Witness Under Oath, Dr. Fauci No Gain Of Function Support, But Chinese Lab Doctor Lists Him In Her Journal Article As Sponsor Of Her Research And Fauci Assistant Writes Letter Telling EcoHealth Alliance To Stop Funding, But How Do You Stop Funding If It Never Started?
More About Fauci's Covid-19
Video: Big Pharma In Bed With Government Regulators
Widespread Use Of Ivermectin In India For PREVENTION And Early Treatment Of Covid And Mutant Strains
Where And How To Get Ivermectin
Ontario CA Puts Halt To AstraZeneca Shots
Research: Deliberate Misuse Of PCR Covid-19 Tests Used To Induce Panic And Fear, Kits First Shipped Worldwide In 2017 Under Auspices Of WHO, Goal Was To Get Experimental Genetic Modification Technology Into Your Body, Which Coincided With Establishment Of 5G While You Were Locked Down
Some Day The Survivors Will Look Back At This "Covid Pandemic" For What It Really Is, A Concerted War Effort To Kill Off More People Than All The World Wars Combined, Conducted By A Small Family Of Evil People, With Immediate Goal To Destroy The US In The Process
Covid And The Hegemonic War
Salk Institute: All "Covid Vaccines" Spike Proteins Produce Deadly Blood Clotting
Another Prominent Scientist Calls For The Halt Of Experimental Injections
Video: Crimes Against Humanity, Health And Ivermectin In South Africa, Hmm, Didn't They Have Their Own Variant Emerge After Mass Experimental Injections, Exactly As Scientists Warned Us Would Happen, To Keep The Fear Machine Rolling Along? Yes, They Did, And What A Coincidence That Ivermectin Is Effective Against These New Variants Too, Get The Picture Yet? They Want You Dead
Death By Lethal Injections, "Vax Passports" Illegal, Government And Media Lies
Truth Be Told, It's Not Just Covid, US And Western Media Propaganda Abounds, It's The Don't Think, Just Memorize And Repeat School Of Journalism ... Spun Facts, Conjectures, False Hypotheses, Moral Judgements, Baseless Opinions, And Unfounded Accusations, aka Lies And Deceit Displaced Who, What, When, Where, Why And How
Are Parents Totally Irresponsible? Allow Experimental Injections On Infants 6 Months Old
The "Vaccinated" Are Covid Spreading Zombies
Pfizer's EXPERIMENTAL Genetic Modification Injections CONFIRMED To Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases, Definitely Not Safe And Effective ... Now Will They Pull It Off The Market Or Keep Pushing In Violation Of Nuremberg Trials? Their Actions Will Tell Us What's Really Happening
What Is ADE, aka Pathogenic Priming, And What Does It Do? Binding Antibodies Don't Stop Infection, Which Is Why Covid Injectees Get Covid, But Allows Covid Spike Proteins To Get Into Your Cells, This Is When The Jabs Turn Deadly, Too Late For Jabbers, Can't Stop The Process Once In You
Video: 8 Experimental Injection Mechanisms That Can Kill You
Another Example Of The Danger Of Mass Experimental Injections Warned About By Scientists: Initial Drop In Covid Cases Followed By Spike In New Covid Cases, Same As Seen In 13 US States, UK, BC Canada, India, Massive Deaths Expected In Coming Months By Year's End, Same As With This Technology Used On Lab Animals That Died Back With Original SARS Experiments
Video: Remember This Info? Because What He Said Would Happen Has Started To Come To Pass, Mass Vaccinations Drive Viral Immune Escape Due To Sub-Optimal Doses, More Infectious Than Original, And Subsequent Steep Incline Of Severe Disease Cases, Destroying Our Innate Immune Systems, Exactly What We Are Witnessing Now, But It's Just The First Step, Mass Experimental Injections Make It More Deadly For The Population, i.e., Population Reduction Through Use Of "Vaccines"

Video: False Flags, DB Cooper Redux? A Las Vegas Worst Mass Shooting? (Remember That?), Another 1973 Oil Crisis? Cyber Pipeline Attack? Time Will Tell
1973 Oil Crisis Rehearsal For 2021?
Video: Peace, Peace And There Is No Peace In The Middle East
Video: Irish MP Rips Zionist Israeli Ambassador A New One Using The Pointy End Of The Facts
Zionist Israel Turns Up Middle East War Temp To Medium
Palestinians Respond, Use Cruise Missiles For First Time Against Zionist Israel, But Like All Politicians Hiding Their Failures, Nutanyahoo & Crew Are Quiet About This And Other Weapons Able To Hit Israel
The War In Syria Is Not Over, But Russia And Syria Have Prevailed To This Point, Though US Continues To Plunder The Syrian People's Oil
Video: Afghanistan, Graveyard Of Empires, US Can't Even Get Out It's Own Way Trying To Leave, 20 Years Of Failure
Video: US Not Capable Of Winning War With Russia, Walks Back As US, And Nuland Orphans Her Coup Baby Ukraine, China Seen As Bigger Threat
An Insider Perspective Worth The Read: The Guy Who Was Sent To Open Pandora's Box Now Says It's A Big Problem ... US And Poodles In A Corner, They've Greatly Misplayed Their Hand, So Is It Wave The White Flag Or Go For Bust?
"Messenger Boy" Kissinger, The Guy Who Opened The Door To China: Misdirection Or Shift To Realpolitik Amid Moral Collapse?
From Dominance And Dominoes: Kissinger's Directors Didn't See This Coming 50 Years Ago
Controlled Disintegration Of Western Society, i.e., House Of Israel, Began Way Back When
Hezbollah Raises War Threat Level As Zionist Israel Repeats Same Steps Prior To The July 2006 War
Changing Arab Landscape In Damascus, Zionist US Risks Isolation Along With Zionist Israel
Video: Major Geopolitical Shifts In Less Than Four Months After US Election, China Kicks Sand In The Face Of 98 Pound Weaklings In Washington, History Doesn't Favor The Weak
Amateurs In Washington Walking In The Footsteps Of Rome, Soviet Union, The Inept And Weak Leading Rapid US Collapse
Video: The Elephant Walking On Chicken Legs: Reckless US Financial And Monetary Policies Further Weaken US, And Strengthen China And Russia
From WW2 To WW3: While The Folks On Stage Have Changed, Behind The Curtain It's The Same Hands
Video: China, Russia Vs. US Rules Based International Order, i.e., US [Central Banking] Worldwide Hegemony, Is Not The Same As International Law, National Sovereignty, This Difference In Worldview Will Manifest Itself In A "One Last Blast" Middle East War, Ending US As We Know It According To Last Days Prophecies

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Share The Info: The New Nuremberg Trials 2021, 1000+ Attorneys, 10,000+ Medical Experts Bring Legal Proceedings Against CDC, WHO, Davos Group For Crimes Against Humanity
Video: Covid-19 Hoax, PCR Testing, Masks, Lockdowns, Experimental Injections Are The Worst Crimes Against Humanity In History
To Wit, " ... There Shall Be A Time Of Trouble, Such As Never Was Since There Was A Nation," See Mat. 24:21, 22
Beware The "Vaccinate" Mantra And Lies
Scientists Call For Global Use Of Safe, Effective And Proven Ivermectin To Stop Covid, While AstraZeneca Has Proven To Injure And Kill People, Is Banned In 20 Plus Countries, Caribbean's St Lucia Chief Medical Officer Belmar-George Promotes Big Pharma Bill Gates AstraZeneca And Impounds Ivermectin Donated By The French Government
Pfizer's EXPERIMENTAL Genetic Modification Injections Confirmed To Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases ... Now Will They Pull It Off The Market Or Keep Pushing?
Another Example Of The Danger Of Mass Experimental Injections Warned About By Scientists: Initial Drop In Covid Cases Followed By Spike In New Covid Cases, Same As Seen In 13 US States, UK, BC Canada, Watch For Massive Deaths In Coming Months By Year's End
Salk Institute Science Paper: Your Body As A Vascular Bioweapon Factory ... Forever ... It's The Spike Proteins, Produced In Your Body By All These Experimental Gene Modification Injections, That Causes The Blood Clotting, By Definition Making Them All Unsafe
State Of Emergency, Emergency Use: Covid Tests Useless, Flawed Scientific Application
Video: Florida Takes Lead In Back To Normal, Dismantles Covid Hoax Mandates, Boost To Tourism As Caribbean Countries Still Have Restrictions In Place
Non-Narrative Medical Journal Calls For Ivermectin To Be Systematically Used Globally
Truth Exists, Lies Are Invented: Medical Facts Promulgated When No Political-Economic Agenda Was In Place, Then About Face When Covid-19 Agenda In Place
Sloppy Or Planned Science? From Scratch To Human Trials In 2 Months: AstraZeneca Not Just Blood Clots, But Eliciting Rare Immune Disorder Too
Video: Not Coming To A Theater Near You Any Time Soon: Actor Anthony Hopkins Acts Like He Gets His Jab, [Who Was In Charge Of Wardrobe?] Can't See Injection, Then "Nurse" Squirts Vax Out The Window, But He Got His "Vax Card"
Teacher's Union Back Door Deal With CDC, Didn't Follow The Science, Locked Down Your Kids
From The "You Can't Get There From Here" Dept: Travel-Hospitality(?) Industry Bribing Folks To Get Lethal Shots So They Can Make A Buck ... Should Go To The Governments And Tell Them To Stop All The Nonsense a la Florida
35 Valid Reasons Why "No Jab For Me," At Least 8 Mechanisms [Man-Made Technology] By Which Jab Can Kill, As VAERS Reports Only 1% Or Less Of The Real World Numbers According To Study By Harvard University, VAERS Reports 3544 Deaths As Of 4/23, According To Traditional Report History, This Would Represent 354,400 Deaths From The Experimental Gene Modification Injections In Four Months, Far Surpassing Covid At It's Peak, Yet Public Health Officials, Media Keep Up Their Claims These Non-Vaccine Experiments Are 'Safe And Effective,' "Then The Serpent Said To The Woman, “You Will Not Surely Die," Lies Memorized And Repeated By The True Believer Sheep
Video: And Here's The 8 Mechanisms
Doctors For Covid Ethics: Experimental Injections Are Needless, Ineffective And Dangerous, Scientific References Cited
Pfizer Corporation's Experimental Injection Designed In Just A Few Hours
Pfizer Corporation Seeks UK Government Approval To Experiment On 12-15 Year Olds, Ah, What About the Parents?
Video: Killing You Softly, And We Were Led To Believe Covid Was Bad
Video: Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Are Damaging Women's Uteri, And For Men Act As Anti-Viagra, Vaxxed People Can Infect Others
Video: Giving The "Covid Crisis" Its Big Brother Context
Video: Government Authorities Hiding Experimental Injection Death Numbers, According To VAERS 1% Reporting History, About 3500 To Date, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Have Died In The US From These Jabs In A Few Months, And In The Past Would Have Been Pulled Off The Market As Totally Unsafe
Yet These Same People Artificially Inflated Covid Cases And Deaths To Scare People Into Getting These EXPERIMENTAL Gene Modification Injections, Do You See The Big Picture?
Arizona Governor Nixes Mandated "Vaccine Passports"
No Matter The Number Of Amplifications, PCR Cannot Detect A Covid Infected Person Anymore Than Holding Your Shoe Up To Your Butt Can, Apologies For The Analogy, But Claiming PCR Can Do Something It Never Was Designed To Do After All This Time, Well, The Lie Is Getting Ludicrously Old
AstraZenca Adenovirus Experimental Injections Continue To Kill Young And Middle-Aged, But Still Being Pushed
Must Watch Best Explanation Video: Get Informed, Listen To The Real Science, Not The Deceitful Propaganda
The Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Are Unsafe And Not Effective At Preventing Covid
If The Medical Establishment Hasn't Learned Anything From The Thalidomide Disaster, Then, We, The People, Need To Do So
Denmark Ditches J&J Over Same Reason As Astrazeneca, Blood Clotting
Big Pharma Rolling In The Dough While You Die
Another Pfizer Victim ... How Many Healthy People Must Die Before We Get It? All The Experimental Injections Are Lethal Injections, Both Short And Long Term
Video: Scientists, Vax Researchers Warned Months Ago That High Jab Rates, After Initial Drop In Cases, Would LEAD TO SPIKE In Covid Due To The Modus Operandi Of The Injected Technology (True Vaccines Don't Do This), So Why Is Media Acting Surprised? And Don't Forget, Variants Are A Result Of Experimental Injections, None Occurred During The "Original Covid," We've Already Seen This Spike In 12 US States With Highest Vax Rates as Well As In UK, And BC Canada, But Cheer Up Injectees, The Worst Is Yet To Come 
Covid Experimental Injection's Blood Clotting Issues Were Known Prior To Emergency Use Authorization
Nuremberg 2: Say No To Their Jab
The Deliberate Effort To Shut Down The Experimental Injection Debate
Video: Clash Of The Titans As Insurance Companies Will Claim Adverse Reaction, Big Pharma Will Say No, US Hospitals On The Road To Becoming Medical Concentration Camps? Beware Of What You Sign, Beware Biogenics, Be Informed, Your Private Medical Insurance Likely Not Cover You For Adverse Reactions To Experimental Injections Even If Administered In Hospital, So Check With Your Insurer, One Covid Option, Go For Early Existing Effective Treatment, Ivermectin et al, Rather Than Experimental Jab 
Covid-19 Reset Destroying Nations And Lives
Video: Those Bioweapon-Medical Labs Aren't As Safe As You Think
All Part Of Their Design: Vaccine Passports In The Works Nearly Two Years Before Plandemic, But 60% New Cases Of Covid From Double-Jabbers, So How Can They Be Allowed To Travel, Spreading Virus Even More? Simple, It's About Population Control And Depopulation
Same With Covid-19 PCR Tests Kits Shipped Worldwide In 2017
60% New Covid Cases In Experimentally Injected
The Anti-Lockdown Movement Is Large And Growing, No Medical Justification For Lockdowns As Many US States Have Shown

Zionist Israel Efforts To Suck US Into Middle East War With Iran
Video: Tidings From Rising China, Russia Vs. Diminishing US Setting Up Daniel 11:40-44, The Burning Wick Before It Goes Out
Why Did The US Congress Vote To Make Washington, DC The 51st State?
Turkey Stoking The Fires In Iraq, Syria And Yemen
Saudi Arabia Ready To Make Amends With Syria
Keeping The Fires Burning: Zionist Israel Missile Attack On Palestinian Refugee Camp In Syria
Video: War With China Likely According To Australian General, China Senses Weakness In The US Administration, Manifesting Itself In Middle East Down The Road
Video Do Unto Others Comes Home To Roost: Russia Calls Out EU, Turns Table On West, Sanctions EU
Video: As The Empire Fails From Within, With The Covid Economic Impact On US Economy And Society, China Will Surpass US As World's Number One Economy Sooner Than Later ... Vs. "China Must Not Upset US's Rule Based Order," A US Pipe Dream
From The "We Think We're Great, So We Are" Dept: A Look At The House Of Israel From The Inside
When It Comes To The Middle East, Syria In Particular, Expect Lies And Propaganda For Political Purposes From The West
Video: Russia's New Hardline Towards West, UK, US Arrogance, Hostility
The Road To Damascus: Zionist Israel Needs To Return The Golan Heights To Syria Before Peace Settlements Can Be Reached, Zionist Israel Will Never Do That, Therefore ...

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Long Video: Get Yourself Comfortable And See Where We Are With Covid ... Vastly Underreported Short Term Deaths, Injuries, Basically These Injections Designed To Kill You, Yet Still On The Market, Grounded All The Boeing 737 Max Jets For Far, Far Less, Personal Story Vax Injury Interviews
The Nuremberg Doctors Trial And Current Experimental Vax Push
Hey UK and Canada, New Zealand Rocks Out
BioTracking Food Supply? Where Does It Stop?
Video: Highly Qualified Doctors Present The Covid Evidence ... Do No Harm, Informed Consent .. Very Contrary To Government/Media Narrative
Change The Mindset, Stop the Charade, Burn The Trojan Horse, Covid-19, The Great Reset Is Not About Medical Health, It's About World Dominion
The Masquerade Of The Mask Charade
Lockdowns Another Tool Of Oppresive Governments Not Based On Good Health
Flu Vaxxers Higher Covid Death Rates
Free Speech Platform, Gab, With Christian Core Growing
Big Pharma/Media Targeting Evangelicals To Get These Experimental Lethal Injections ... Right Out Of The Pages Of Prophecy
Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Affect On Reproduction
The Experimental Injections Are Here! 6000% Increase in First Quarter Vax Deaths Compared To First Quarter 2020
60% New Covid Cases Are In Experimental Injected People, And Now It's OK For Them To Get Travel Passports ... Spreading Covid As They Go?
British Nursing Alliance: "3rd Wave" Spike In Covid Will Kill 60-70% Of Those Who Got Both Shots, Exactly As Scientists Have Warned, Now What Were You Saying About Benefits Outweighing Risks? A Far Cry From Covid Deaths Of 0.14%, And Of Which 90% Could Have Been Saved With Early Treatment Of Ivermectin, HCQ And Others, This Is Genocide, Folks
More Detail 3rd Wave Kill 60-70%, At What Point Do We Wake Up And Realize It's All About Population Reduction, And Not A Mild 99.86% Survivable, Treatable Flu-Like Illness?
Institutionalized Murder, Treating Prisoners Better Than Patients
As A Reminder: These Experimental Injections Are Not Vaccines, Even In Their Securities And Exchange Commission, The Word Vaccine Is Missing, Instead The Filings Mention "Gene Therapy"
5 Million Men In Israel Heart Inflammation After 2nd Pfizer Shot
Video: Doctor, Ivermectin Dropped Covid Like A Rock
VAERS Reports Only 1% Or Less Of The Real World Numbers According To Study By Harvard University, VAERS Reports 3486 Deaths So Far, According To Traditional Report History, This Would Represent 348,600 Deaths From The Experimental Gene Modification Injections In Four Months, Far Surpassing Covid At It's Peak, Yet Public Health Officials, Media Keep Up Their Psyop Claims These Non-Vaccine Experiments Are Safe, i.e., Creating A "Reality" That Isn't True
Video Doctors Round Table: "Covid Vaccines" Are Bioweapons
Amazing What Chinese Bats Can Do: Scientists Discovered Engineered HIV Like Insertions In Coronavirus
Video: Medical Journals Have A Terminal Case Of Corruption And Fraud Caused By Psychopaths
Third Letter To The European EMA Warning Of Dangers From Experimental Gene Modification Injections
MIT Study: Six Foot Social Distancing Useless Medically
Members Of European Parliament Served With Notices They May Be Personally Liable For Damages From Issuing "Digital Green Certificates," Ever Notice How Cowardly Politicians Don't Even Have The Guts To Call This What It Really Is, Vaccine Passports
Long Video: Who Is Bill Gates? Well, Not A Doctor, Or A Health Professional, So How Does He Control World's Health System?
Non-Doctor Bill Gates Censored Medical Doctor, Via The "I'm Taking My Ball And Going Home" UselessTube Brats, For Speaking Out About Medical Information
//" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255); text-decoration: none; background: transparent; cursor: pointer; transition: all 0.1s ease-in-out 0s;">Watch The Video Here
Secret Meeting Of Billionaires Who Have Decided There Are Too Many People On Earth, Are They Volunteering To Set The Example? Au Contraire, Mon Ami, "Uncle Bill" And His Cohort Chickenhearts Want You
Video: About Time People Stopped Volunteering To Be Euthanized
“COVID” Is A Biochemical Poisoning Of Bodily Fluids Causing Cellular Membrane Breakdown And Genetic Mutation," Leading To Hypoxia, Now Add Breathing Through A Mask To Futher Reduce O2 Levels
Video: These Injected Spike Proteins Are Bioweapons, Not A Vaccine, Myth Built On Lies
Video: Death By Lethal Experimental Gene Modification Covid Injection
Video: Another Canadian Doc Puts The Truth Out About Deadly Experimental Injections

Middle East Reorganization Underway By Regional Arab Players
Video: Another French Revolution? Nationalist Yellow Vests, Ex-Military General Officers, Not Happy With NWO, Central Banker Macron, Warn Of Coup, End Of EU Possible?
Video: Sanctions In Reverse As Russia Puts Together List Of Ten Countries
Americans Asked To Leave Russia By June 15 ... By The American Government
Video: On The Road To Damascus, US-Russia Relations Similar To Cuban Missile Crisis
More On The Deteriorating US-Russia Situation, From The Latter's Perspective
Russia Done Playing Games With The US And NATO
Not Just Military, Russia Will Use Euros As They Continue To Move Away From US
While US Politicians Have All But Destroyed "American Democracy," Russia, Fed Up With US Petulance, Putin Lays Down The Law, With Prophetic Implications For Middle East
The US Anti-Russian Death Wish Hawks Leading US And Europe Down The Path To Middle East War
Always Enough Money For War
War-ning? Syrian Missile Hits Near Zionist Israel Nuclear Site, Where Might The Next One Land?
Missile Launched From Syria Landing Near Zionist Israel's Nuclear Facility A Warning For Israel Not To Make Any More Attacks On Iran's Nuclear Facility, But With Intifada Implications In Israel
What Happens If Joe Wakes Up One Morning, And Pushes The Red Button, He Believes To Open The Garage Door, But Turns Out He Just Launched A First Strike, Starting WW3? Oopsy
NWO Dilemma: Covid, World Electrical Grids, et al Or Nukes? Push For Nukes Because Klaus Schwab And Cronies Get To Be Part Of The Depopulation Scheme Too

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Myth Bluster True Believer Zellikow, Here Comes The Covid Cover-Up Commission And Their Birds Of A Feather, aka The John 8:44 Commission, To Write The Orwellian Version Of The Covid Hoax Perped On The World, How Obvious, Vain And Out Of The Closet Can You Get? Which Begs The Question, Where Was The SARS Commission Or The MERS Commission Or The H1N1 Commission? Oh, The NWO Wasn't Quite Ready Back Then
John 8:44
From The "Throw The Bums Out" Dept: Government Official Covid Hypocrites
Video: 3 Big Fat Covid Lies ... We Are The Animal Test Subjects Of Koch's Postulates, Inject It Into Us And See If It Makes Us Sick, Which Is What We Are Seeing With Injected Folks Getting Covid
The "Covid Crisis" Is One Big Lie That Is Killing People ... Start Holding Accountable The People Doing This
You Are At War Video: Ripping The Veil Off The Lies, Corruption, Vaccine Damage
Video: A Big Pharma Lie From The Beginning
US Laboratories Can't Find Covid-19 In 1500 Positive Tests
Don't Forget the Significance Of The Nuremberg Code's Informed Consent
Top Secret US Intel Agency Confirms What Bill Gates Has Said, Depopulation Through "Vaccines," The Artificial Crisis
Can't Get Enough Man-Made Technology? How About We Inject It Into You?
More And More It's Clearly A PLANdemic
Must Watch Best Explanation Video: Get Informed, Listen To The Real Science, Not The Deceitful Propaganda
The Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Are Unsafe And Not Effective At Preventing Covid
Real Patients, Not Propaganda, Tell The Story: The Binding Antibodies Are Holding On To The Covid Viruses Produced In The Body (You Are The Virus Factory) By These Experimental Genetic Altering Injections Exactly What The Independent Scientists And Doctors Warned About, The Spike In Covid Among Injected, Deliberately Making Healthy People Sick, New Big Pharma Customers
Video: Doctors From Around The World Speak Out Against The Covid Injection Hoax, Reckless, Not Proven Safe And Effective
More Deceit And Lies Shenanigans By Big Pharma Destroying Evidence
Time To Dismantle Bill Gates' WHO, And The Serpent Said, "Go Ahead Get Our Experimental Injection, Surely You Will Not Die," Well Not All At Once
And Remember, It Was The WHO That Shipped Millions Of Covid-19 Test Kits In 2017, Then Feigned Ignorance With Announcing A Name For This Novel Coronavirus In February 2020
History Repeats Video: German Hitler's New World Order, Third Reich, German Schwab's New World Order, The Fourth Reich
Add J&J's DNA Experimental Jab To AstraZeneca's DNA Problems
Shingles May Be Another Side Effect Of Experimental Gene Modification "Covid" Injections, Plus How Bad Are These Experimental Injections That Big Pharma/Gov't Miniions Are Resorting To Bribery And Propaganda In Light Of The Facts These Things Kill And Injure People Daily? And This Is Just The Start
Putting Covid In Context Of The Big Picture
The Amazing Medical Properties Of Covid-19: Seasonal Flu And Other Maladies Have All But Disappeared
The Emperor's New Numbers, Hmm, CDC No Longer Collecting Flu Data During The Covid 2020-2021 "Flu" Season, Need Those Numbers To Count For Covid Cases
Video: Scientific Integrity Buried, Industry Corrupted, Scamdemic, Fraudulent, Info-Laundering, Fearmongering  Big Pharma Payola Drug Pushers Paying For Master Counterfeit Ghostwritten Medical Journal Articles, Wonder Why?
From The "You Gotta Love The PR" Dept: After Getting Shot, Denmark's Top Health Official Keels Over At A Press Conference Announcing Halting Of AstraZeneca Experimental Injection
Another AstraZeneca Related Death
WEF's Cyber Polygon War Game, Last Time These Psychopaths Did This, Event 201, We Got The Covid Hoax, And Bioweapon Injections, With A Smirk On His Face, Bill Gates Said There Would Be Another Event
From The Horse's Mouth: Cyber Polygon
Add To This The $2.3 Quadrillion Derivatives Market, And It Appears Next Phase Of NWO's Great Reset Would Be Catastrophic
Video: Global Agenda Cyber Polygon, Attack Much Bigger Than Covid, But By Whom? They Don't Say, But If NWO Klaus & Co. Blamed China For Covid, Setting Up Russia For This Time Around?
Video: Maybe So, Russia Kick Out Western NGOs, Cancel Google, Facebook, Twitter, VISA, MasterCard, Swift?
NWO Agenda After Covid: Your Food Supply Via Big Tech
They Shall Die By Disease (Bioweapon Injections For Covid?), Famine (NWO Control Food Supply?) And The Sword (Middle East War?) Ezekiel 6:11-14, “They Will Understand Themselves, At Last, That Freedom And Bread Enough For All Are Inconceivable Together ..." i.e., Population Reduction And Control Of Food Supply, Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov
Is That You, Bill, Klaus?
Scaredemic Shenanigans To Drive Herd To Experimental Bioweapon Injections: CDC Violated The Law, Inflated Covid Deaths And Case Numbers, Changed The Guidelines In Place For Previous 17 Years To Artificially Create Bigger Death And Case Totals For "Covid," In Essence, An Outright Fraud
Video: "Vaccines" Are Man-Made Drugs, Not A Naturally Occurring Virus, Any Anti-Covid Benefit In These Experimental Injected Drugs? ... No, Don't Want Covid? How About Alzheimer's Or Mad Cow Disease Then? Advice To US President, Stop All These Experimental Injections Immediately
Ireland Had Its Lowest National Death Total Since 2013 In ... 2020, But What About Covid?
Video: Covid Resource Site
From The "Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water" Dept: Why Have So Many Medical People Abandoned Do No Harm And Act As If Covid Is Worse Than The Black Plague When It's Treatable And 99.86% Survivable?
Video: UK Nurses Blow Whistle On Crimes Committed In The Name Of "Covid"
True Lies? Moderna Withheld Systemic Symptoms Caused By Their Experimental Injections, False Use Of Statistics, Just As The Average American Has One Breast And One Testicle Stat While Mathematically True Is Bearing False Witness Same As These Efficacy Rates
The Alarming Similarities Between Nazi And Covid Policies And Tactics

US Backed Terrorists Prepping For Violent Interference In Syria's Election? Say It Ain't True, Joe
Video: Putin's Significant Anti-Globalist Speech, Wants Russian Population To Grow, Strengthen Russian Families And Traditions, Spelled Out Red Lines
Despite The Facts And Evidence, Douma Attack Was A White Helmets Op, But The West Never Passes On A Chance To Blame The Syrian Leadership
Trudeau Government Funding White Helmets AFTER Officially Cutting Ties
A Current Reminder Of The Lies, Domestic US In This Case: Steady Stream of Main Stream Media Bullshit, Lies, Lies, Lies, But Don't Expect Any Comparable Retractions And Apologies
The War Will Come: The Middle East Had It's Post WW2 Baptism Of Fire In 1953, And The Fire Still Burns Hotter Than Ever As Zionist Israel Is A Nuclear Weapon Antagonist
Biden's Folly: A Taiwan Guarantee Of Eventual War With China, After Pushing For War With Russia Over Ukraine, All This In Three Months In Office, Damascus Next Up?
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: With Biden's Appointment Of Victoria "Ukraine Coup" Nuland, Syria Definitely On The Radar
Why Is Trudeau's Navy Playing Role Of Stooge In South China Sea? This Is Not The China Of 70 Years Ago
Failing From Within Empires, Their Great Leaders Long Gone, Desperate To Hang On To Past Greatness, Led By Those Cut From Inferior Cloth, Never Go Quietly Into The Night
History Of Antagonism In One Region Carry Over Into Other Regions
China, Russia, Africa, For US, Africa Is The New Vietnam Domino Effect, Overseen By AFRICOM, A US Military Area Of Responsibility Of The Pentagon With US Troops On The Ground
Critical Mass Alliances And Bigger Wars: Hawks Working Overtime To Ignite War, Starting With Iran, Now Strongly Allied With Russia And China, Avoiding Many US Sanctions
Will America's Bloviated Militarism Lead To Middle East War?
From The "Candy Is Dandy, But Liquor Is Quicker" Dept Video: Nukes Faster Than Covid Experimental Injections For Population Reduction

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Do Vaccines Make Us Healthier? Three Independent Studies All Agree, No They Don't, Now What's That About Risks Vs. Benefits? Observation By Locals In Tropics, Say Rasta Kids Who Don't Get Any Vaccinations Are Noticeably Healthier, More Energetic And More Alert Than Those Kids Who Do Get Jabs ... Maybe It's The "Cannabis rastazeneca"
Rather Than Honest, Open Scientific Thoughtful Discussion, We Have The $4 Billion Mindless Advert Mantra, "Vaccinate, Vaccinate, Vaccinate," Our Educational System's Trademark Of Memorize And Repeat, Don't Think, We Can Train Dogs To Memorize A Trick And Repeat It, But We Have The Incredible God-given Ability To Think, Let's Use It Rather Than Let "Smart" Devices And Others Do It For Us, So Don't Get Depressed, Which Impacts Our Ability To Think, Stay Positive, Informed And Pray
"Memorize And Repeat, Don't Think" Graduate Video: MSNBC Maddow's Mindless, Flat Out Erroneous Peer Pressure Experimental Injection Rant Especially As Recent Study Showed "Vaccinated" 8X More Susceptible To The Variants Being Shed By Those Injected, And Who Still Get And Spread Covid
After The China US Election Scandal, More News From The Very Fishy Market: Biden Pals With China's Xi Since 2013
Video: Former CDC Director's Interesting Timing During Government's Big $4 Billion Ad Push, Covid Is A Bio-weapon Lab Grown Virus ... That Is, It Is A Bio-weapon, But With A Novice, Not Master, Level 99.86% Survival Rate And Is Easily Treatable? A Diversionary Tactic Scaring Us Into The Awaiting Arms Of Experimental Gene Modification Injections That Are The Bio-Weapons Not Designed To Prevent Covid As Evidence Shows, But To Change Our Human Genetic Code, Which They Readily Admit, US NIH, DOD--China Lab Money Connection, Yet Most People Still Believe It's About Stopping A Chinese Lab Virus Infection With Injections, Not Early Treatment, As Our Only Way Out, So We Go Along, Letting Them Shoot This Crap Into The Cells Of Our Children, All War Is Deception, Sun-Tzu, Ancient Chinese General
Covid Lab Grown Virus: How Else Could The WHO Name And Ship Millions Of Covid-19 Test Kits In 2017 Just Guessing That Someone Would Get Some Bad Bat Soup In A Wuhan Market In November 2019?
//" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255); text-decoration: none; background: transparent; cursor: pointer; transition: all 0.1s ease-in-out 0s;">So, Not Surprising That The WHO Covid-19 PCR Test Primer Sequence Is In All Human DNA, Great Way To Pump Up False Positive Numbers You Want And Attribute Heart Attack, Pneumonia And Flu Deaths To Covid By Paying Hospitals Extra, End Game Always Was To Scare Everyone Into Getting The Experimental Gene Modification Injections, This Is Not A Natural Phenomena, It's A Deliberate War
Video/Text: Doctors On The Danger Of Lockdowns, Which Is Fuel On A Fire, And Censorship, To Keep You Quiet In Lockdown
From The "Doing The Same Things Over And Expecting Different Results Is ...." Dept: Florida Governor Says Lockdowns A Huge Mistake As They Were When Used First Time, With Facts To Back It Up
Video: Tired Of The Twit's Censorship And Propaganda From Twitter, Choose Alternative Like Rumble
From The "Who's In Charge?" Dept: The CNN Tech Director Caught Off Guard On Camera Said Climate Change Is The Next Big Thing After Covid Plandemic, From Whence Came The Wuhan China Bioweapons Lab "Covid" Virus, So Where Does Biden's Climate Envoy Head To First? China, The Alleged US Government's Archenemy, More Like An Enemy Of The US People, Keep An Eye On Biden's Virtual Climate Summit In Next Couple Weeks To See What They've Got Cooked Up This Time
Politician, Pope Or False Prophet? He's On Board With NWO, Universal Vaccinations And Climate Change
A Look At Some Of The Covid Deaths ... Until Google Takes It Down
Experimental Injection War: Unprecedented Cancel-Threat Culture Alive And Well in Medical World Too As Doctors And Medical Staff Dying After Jabs
Vaccine Evading Variants, But Remember, No Variants With Covid UNTIL The Experimental Gene Modification Injections Came On The Scene, First Shot Suboptimal Doses Designed To Put Genetic Pressure On Virus To Mutate, Exactly As Scientists Have Warned About Since Last Year, So The More People "Vaccinated," The More Variants Produced And The Injected More Susceptible To Them, This Is Biowarfare, Folks, And Now Using This Variant Excuse To Go Back To Lockdowns (Expecting Different Results?), Instead Keep Your Liberty And Freedom, Keep Your Focus On Early Treatment, Ivermectin And Others
Video: To Understand, Watch The Explanation
You're Worse Off Getting The Experimental Injection, The Experimentally Injected , aka Genetically Modified Mutants (GMMs) 8X More Susceptible To Variants Than Natural Immune Non-Injected People, And From What Scientists Have Been Warning About This Rate Will Increase Over Time Among The GMMs With All Variants As Their Innate Immune Systems Progressively Are Compromised And Destroyed
Video: Insanity Running Amok On The Streets Of NY, Orwellian Rewriting Of History: Change Relatives Death Certificate To Read Covid, No Autopsies, Forensic Or Medical Evidence Required, Just Submit A Form, And While Your At It, Write To Their Bank To Tell Them Their Relative Had Millions, Not Hundreds, In Their Accounts, Or My Relative Committed Suicide, So I'll Get It Changed To Covid So The insurance Companies Will Have To Pay Or Maybe Change Back Those Votes To Trump Too?
WOW! To St. Vincent Prime Minister et al: "Pursuant to the Tribunal's Final Order of November 29, 2020 and its Universal Jurisdiction under Natural and Common Law, under Articles 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Court Statute (ratified by 123 nations) banning Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, and under 18 USC 1091, You Are Hereby Ordered To CEASE & DESIST and Immediately Halt The Distribution And Use Among The Human Population In Your Jurisdiction Of Any And All “COVID VACCINATIONS” [GENETIC BIOWARFARE] As Constituting Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity In Your Jurisdiction," Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, And Pope On Laundry List Of People Named For Crimes Against Humanity
With Any Other Roll Out Of An Experiment, This Many Negative Results, Including Hundreds Of Thousands Disabling Injuries And Deaths, When Safe And Effective Alternatives Are Available, Would Have Shut Down Long Ago, Yet "Health" Officials And 4 Billion Taxpayer Dollars Are Paid To Ad Agencies Who Pay Big Media To Push Big Pharma Destructive Products On Us Over Something Medically No Worse Than Seasonal Flu, They Are At War With You
VAERS Reports Only 1% Or Less Of The Real World Numbers According To Study By Harvard University, VAERS Reports 3005 Deaths So Far, According To Traditional Report History, This Would Represent 300,500 Deaths From The Experimental Gene Modification Injections In Four Months, Far Surpassing Covid At It's Peak, Yet Public Health Officials, Media Keep Up Their Claims These Non-Vaccine Experiments Are Safe
Video: European Docs Push Back Against Shots, Kids In Masks, Lockdowns, Taking Governments To Court As 87,000 Switched On Nurses Refuse Injections
Why Is Bill Gates Still Being Allowed Out?
The New Hitler, Now Is The Time To Stop This Madness
Why Are Normally Sane People Losing Their Minds Over This?
The Evil Creeping In Unawares: Pfizer Doc, VP: Injections Are You Know Who's DEPOPULATION Injections, Will People Wake Up Or Die Believing Their Lies, Over A Flu-Like 99.86% Survival Rate Treatable By Different Non Invasive Injections?
Early "Covid" Treatment Options Squashed By Big Pharma, Social And Corporate Media Blackout, Directly Caused Hundreds Of Thousands Unnecessary Deaths In US, Time To Hold These People Criminally Responsible, And Would Have Short Circuited Experimental Injections Being Pushed On De Population, Which Cause More Deaths, Also No Scientific, Clinical Or Safety Reason To Give X-Injections To Covid-recovered People, They Have Complete And Durable Immunity
The Damning Video
Video: The Deliberate Big Pharma, Big Tech Media Alliance Lead Hundreds Of Thousands To Needlessly Die, Still Doing So
Hmm, UK "Health" Officials Delay Over Approving Ivermectin For Covid Treatment, Guess Good Health And Life Aren't Their Priority
Exactly As Predicted By Scientists, After Warp Speed Mass Experimental Injections, A Brief Decline, Then A Sharp Spike In Severe Cases As More Than 100 Million Injected Are Shedding Stronger, More Infectious Variants, Vax Passports Would Allow These People To Spread Even More While Penalizing Healthy People, Not Seeing This Reaction In Very Low "Vax" Countries
UK: "New Covid" Deaths To Be Dominated By "Vaccinated," As Scientists Have Warned About These Experimental Gene Modification Injections, Sheep Still Believing The Lies
The "Vaccines" Are Giving People "Covid," Some Dying, Which Will Continue To Happen According To Scientists As Once Injected Into You, You Can't Get It Out
The "Vaccines" Are Causing Huge Amounts Of Miscarriages
Clearly You Were Told All This Upfront Summary: "1- The vaccine (What They Mean To Say Is The State Of Emergency Use Experimental Gene Modification Injection or EGMI) is not safe for pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant within a few months of receiving the (EGMI) vaccine 2- The (EGMI) vaccine is not safe for those who suffer from immunosuppression (weak immunity due to taking drugs that lower immunity or having immune-suppressing diseases such as AIDS) 3- No test has been performed to determine any long-term side effects (You Are The Long-Term Side Effect Guinea Pigs) 4- No test has been performed to determine side effects if it is taken with long-term medication 5- It is not known if the (EGMI) vaccine will cause infertility (Why? Because You Are The Guinea Pigs In This Massive Experiment) 6- Taking the (EGMI) vaccine will not prevent you from spreading the virus but it will only reduce the symptoms," Conclusion, The EGMI "Vaccine" Is Not Safe ... Short Or Long Term ... Period
Video: Bill Gates & Co., Their Plan Happening Worldwide
From The "Keep The Herd Running Over The Cliff" Dept: Now Talk About Coincidences, Right On Heels Of Spike In Cases, US Military's DARPA Has Injectable Chip To "Track" Covid, Really, Just Take Some Ivermectin And Rest Up At Home For A Few Days
Exactly As Scientists Predicted And Warned About: Viruses Don't Mutate Naturally Or Produce Variants In Pandemic, 1918 Virus Remained Unchanged, It's Those Who Get Injected With Experimental Gene Modification Technology That Creates Proliferation Of Stronger, More Infectious Variants, The Variants Began Showing Up After The Experimental Injections, Told It Would Affect Young People, Same Scenario As In The US States With High Mass Injection Rates, And UK Where More Deaths From Variants Than Original "Covid," Serious Illness And Deaths Of Injectees Is Next Step According To The Scientists
Video: mRNA Injections Are Frankenstein Killer As Approved Vaccines Of Past Are Losing Immune Efficacy, Polio, Measles On The Rise Again, And Big Pharma Patents Coming To An End, Experimental Gene Technology Destruction Of The Human Race All For Big Bucks
Video: AstraZeneca Does Cause Blood Clots, Effect To Be Given It's Own Name
Beware Of WHO Bearing Gifts? Rejects Idea Of Vax Passports ... Hmm, What's Up With That? Experimental Injections Don't Stop Transmission Of Covid According To Fauci Or Something Less Altruistic?
If You Had Covid, DO NOT Get One Of These Shots, Doc Who Unknowingly Had Covid Survived, Then Died From The "Covid" Injection, Why Are The Scientific Facts About These Experimental Gene Modification Injections So Scary To Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Media?
Video/Audio: Charade, Fraudulent Covid Testing Still Going On By Inept, Distrustful, Lying Governments, Mask Wearing Lies, Many Qualified Doctors, Professors $ilenced, Coercion To Mandate Experimental Injections Illegal According To Many Treaties, Artificial Protein Spike Can Initiate Coagulation, Killed By AstraZeneca Shot, No Better Way To Kill Off World's Population, UK Elite's Still Holiday Traveling, ADE Concerns After Injection, A Phenomenon In Which Binding Of A Virus To Suboptimal Antibodies (This Is Why 2 Injections Are Necessary As First One Intentionally Induces Suboptimal Response), Enhances Its Entry Into Your Host Cells, Followed By Its Replication Killing People For No Health Benefits, Say No To Experimental Drugs
Despite Flogging Us With Blatant Lies Over Covid To Get Us To The Experimental Gene Modification Injection Stage, Which, BTW, Doesn't Stop Transmission Of "Covid," Now WHO Tells Us PCR Tests Useless, "Positive Cases" Meaningless, And Lockdowns Have No Scientific Medical Basis, What Are They Going To Tell Us About These Experimental Injections Six Months To A Year Down The Road, Oh, Yes, They Kill You, But Too Late You Can't Get Back Your Innate Immune System
Experimental mRNA Injections "Whereby mRNA Sequences Can Be Transformed Into DNA And Inserted Into Your Human Genome"
Video: CDC Walks Back Another "Warning"

Video: AstraZeneca's Blood Clotting Concerns
Working On Commission? From The "One For The New Nuremberg Trials" Dept: Dear PM, Please Explain The Benefits Vs. The Risks To Your People, Caribbean Government Refuses To Evacuate Citizens Who Haven't Had Banned In Europe AstraZeneca Experimental Gene Modification Injection, Okay For His Healthy Citizens To Face Death From Volcano Eruption Over A 99.86% Survival Rate Virus That Is Treatable With Ivermectin
World Media Picks Up On St. Vincent PM "Jabbers Only" Evacuation, No Confusion, Just Politicians Trying To Walk Back Decision After Getting Put In Spotlight
Evergreen Video: Bill Gates Post-Covid Plan: Food For Thought

Video: Fraudulent Zionist West Losing Grip On NWO Dominion, Seeds Of World War, Covid, Climate Change And BRI Eurasia-Africa-Middle East-Latin America Rising With US/Europe Looking In From The Outside With Their NWO Covid Debilitating Quest, Citizens, Like Foolish Little Children, Are Lead Around By Fanciful Tales, The Fruit Of The Lies, Santa And The Easter Bunny
Serious, Why Would Anyone In The West, US/UK, Want A Hot War With Russia? Certainly It Would Wreak Havoc With Klaus Scwab And Co. Plans For Any NWO
Russia-Iran Signing Strategic Alliance Agreement On Heels Of Formal Agreement With Iran And China, Putting Chink In Zionist Israel's Sought After War On Iran
To Counter US/NATO's Tumescent Move On Biden's Ukrainian Border, Russia Moves Troops To Its Border With Lugansk And Donbass In The Middle Of A Hot Sandwich, But What Message Is Sent To Washington And The American People If An Undetected Russian Nuclear Sub Were To Pop Up On The Surface Off NY Or DC As US Warships Do In Black Sea From Time To Time?
UK Syrian Spy Rings And Propaganda
Video: While US Hawks May Be Not Happy With Their Broken Puppet Ukraine Situation Cooling Down, Saner Leaders Appear To Prevail
Chicken Or the Egg? Which Kills Off Our Country, Covid Experimental Injections Or Nuclear War?
Avoidable Ukraine War Could Lead To Nuclear War On US Soil If Not Derailed
Video: Strong Economies Make For Peace, But Withering, Dying Economies With Large Militaries, Though Inferior, Make For "Last Ditch Effort" War
Jangled Ideologies: Ukraine War Spill Over Into Middle East Into WW3?
Zionist Israel's Role, And CENTCOM's In Starting Middle East War, Iran And Allies China, Russia
Spies Among Us: The Magic Of Zionist Israel, Conjure Up Reasons For War To Appear

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Wake Up And Share Video: Princes Beware, Tipping Point Nuremberg 2.0 Evidence Based Class Action Lawsuit Against WHO, i.e., Bill Gates et al, Crime Family, Crimes Against Humanity, Never Been About The Virus Or Health, But Genetic Experiments, Worse Crimes Than By Nazis In WW2
Mandatory Experimental Injections Lawsuit: Nuremberg Code States, "1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision."
Video/Text: Time For The Silent Majority To Take Action, No Matter How Small It May Seem, But Do Something
Worldwide People Are Rebelling Against Lockdowns, Realize The Motivation Is Not A Concern For Citizen's Health, But Enslavement
6000% Increase In "Vaccine" Deaths Compared To Year Ago, But, Hey The Media And Government Tells Us They're Safe, Image If Air Travel Was 6000% More Fatal This Year Compared To Last, Airports Would Be Deserted
VAERS Reports Only 1% Or Less Of The Real World Numbers According To Study By Harvard University, VAERS Reports 2342 Deaths, According To Traditional Report History, This Would Represent 234,200 Deaths From The Experimental Gene Modification Injections, Yet Public Health Officials, Media Keep Up Their Claims These Non-Vaccine Experiments Are Safe
US FDA: These "Covid Vaccines" Unapproved Experimental Products For Emergency Use ... But There Is No Real Emergency, Just A Fake One, You Won't Die When You Take Off Your Mask, But You Will From These Genetic Modification Injections, Sooner Or Later
Audio/Video: Former Pfizer Chief Of Research Doc and VP, These Experimental Injections Are Madness, The Prideful Princes Killing Tools For Depopulation
The Plandemic: The Protocols Of The Elders Of Sion, i.e., Zionists "... Exhaust Humanity ... By The Inoculation Of Diseases ..."
Video: "Vaccines" No Smoke Without Fire
Ignore The Paid Smearsters: Getting Experimental Genetic Material Injected Into Humans A Key Part Of Great Scaredemic Reset From The Get Go, All Part Of The Great Population Reduction Plan Through Use Of "Vaccines" Per Bill Gates
The Royal Exterminator: Why Is It That People Who Claim The World Has Too Many People, Claim Need To Reduce Population Never Volunteer To Lead By Example, They Hang Around As Long As Possible?
The New World Order Slavery: Experimental Injection Passports Contrary To Nuremberg Code
And Now They Want To Inject Our Kids: “Give Me Just One Generation Of Youth, And I'll Transform The Whole World,” Karl Marx
From The "Just Say No" Dept: J&J Too, Problems With These Genetic Modification Injections, It Is An EXPERIMENT After All, Remember When We Were Taught To Resist Peer Pressure And Not Experiment With Drugs, Now Here We Are Pressured To Take Part In Experimental Drug Agenda
These Experimental Killer Injections Are Working
Sudden Death, 40X Faster, Among Elderly After Experimental Genetic Modification Injections, And Variants Only Appeared After Injections Showed Up
Audio/Video: Former Pfizer VP, These Experimental Injections Are Madness, The Prideful Princes Killing Tools For Depopulation, "We Need God More Than At Anytime Since WW2," So Let's Make Our First Stop Of Each Day One Of Prayer, Getting Back To The Truth Of The Word Of God
To This End, Learn The Lesson Of The King Of Babylon, Dan. 4:34-37
AstraZeneca Does Cause Blood Clotting, German Doses Sent To Caribbean Islands
All In The Family: Gene Editing Covid's Cousin
The Lawless Great Covid Reset: US Fed Violated 2016 Law Requiring Real World EVIDENCE
From The "Ignorance Is Bliss" Dept: What's In Those Experimental Jabs That Make The Guinea Pigs So Braggadocio When Deaths From Injections At Least 100X Greater Than Deaths From "Covid" Same Time Last Year?
Despite The Media Calling These Experimental Injections "Covid Vaccines," They Are Diabolical Trojan Horse Killers That See Your Body As Their Computer
No Mask Denmark Has One Of World's Lowest Covid Death Rates, And If Masks Work So Well, Why Haven't They Been Normal Attire During All The Past Flu Virus Seasons? Because It's Political Not Medical, Right, Joe?
Worldwide Mask Fiasco Is Mass Stupidity, Scientific Fact They Greatly Reduce Oxygen To Brain, Killing Off Brain Cells For About A Year Now, So Stupid People Are Getting To Be A Chronic Disease On Society, Apparently Even French Government Ministers Agree, Which May Be Why They Had To Retreat To Secret No Mask Restaurants
ideo: Data Clear After Year, Mask Wearing Is Harmful To Health, Mask Mandates Are Malevolent Political Obedience Tools
WHO Playing Stupid Orwellian Word Games, aka Lies, Claims Herd Immunity Only Possible Through These Experimental Gene Modification Injections, Fauci And Others Recently Admitted They Won't Stop Covid, Hence Can't Provide Herd Immunity, In Fact People Getting Covid From These Shots Because They Are Designed To Instigate Production Of Viruses, And Every Doctor In The World Knows Herd Immunity Is A Natural Phenomena, Well Except For Tedros
Video: The NWO Global Technocracy Mess, Eroding Process Over Past Decades
Another German Who Wants To Rule The World, Just The Tactics Have Changed, Big Banks Rather Than Big Bombs
The NWO Family Is Full Of Sociopaths, And To Be Held Accountable
Fake PCR Testing [Now Declared Useless by WHO) And Scamdemic To Big Brother Passports In Just Over A Year, Patronize States And Businesses That Say No, While Zionist Israel's Experimental Subject Death Rate At Least 40X Greater Than "Covid" And Criminal Charges Filed With ICC For Crimes Against Humanity
From The "Throw The Bums Out" Dept: French Government Ministers Caught Flagrantly Violating All Their Covid Obedience Rules In Secret Restaurants, Who Knew Champagne And Caviar Kills SARS-2 Virus While No Mask Sucking Face With The Opposite Sex?
Video: As Soon As Biden Says Mask Mandate Lie Is Not Politics, You Know Exactly That's What It Is Because as Soon As Other States See Getting Rid Of Masks Makes Life Better, The No Mask Fever Will Spread, And They Don't Want That Loss Of Obedience
Facts UK Graph: After Mask Wearing Mandated, Covid Cases Skyrocketed
From The "Every Picture Tells A Story" Dept: Cause And Effect Absurd On So Many Levels, America's "Christianity" Has Come To This, Biden And The Bunny, And We Wonder Why We Are In Such Dire Straits As A People
Here's Another Interesting Picture, Covid Hoax In Real World: When Comparing Covid Rates In World's Regions, Mask Wearing, Locked Down North America And Europe Worst, Highest Vax Rates Too, Sub-Saharan Black Africa The Best, Where People Take Their Sunday-Sunday Pill, HCQ Every Sunday, Don't Wear Masks, Not Locked Down, Oh, BTW, They Have World's LOWEST Vax Rates Too, Paralleling What Scientists and Doctors Have Been Telling Us, Our Natural Healthy Immune System Works Best
Video: Mongo Says Walking In Park, Breathing Fresh Air Bad, Lockdown, Experimental Injections Good
Why Are We Putting Up With All This Non-Medical, Non-Scientific Covid Reset BS?
UK Cat Chasing Covid Tale: The Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Are The Cause Of Variants Being Produced By Injectees, The More You Inject, The More Variants, But They Know This
Very Strange: UK Has One Of The World's Highest Experimental Gene Modification Injection (aka "Covid Vaccine") Rates, Why The Need For Weekly Covid Tests If They Stop Covid As Promoted Especially After WHO Told Us PCR Tests Are Useless?
NWO, Covid-19 And Battle For Humanity
Nice To Know NWO-WEF-German WW3? Klaus Schwab, aka Reset Megalomaniac, Considers Himself A Threat To Humanity, (We Agree Klaus), As These Experimental Genetic Modification Injections, (Remember The Nuremberg Code About Medical Experiments Herr Klaus?, Coercion, Fraud) Which By Definition Are Not Vaccines, And Therefore No One Can Be Considered "Vaccinated," Are Designed To Destroy Our Innate Immune Systems Leading To Death, You Can Be Sure He Wasn't Injected With Any Experimental Genetic Modification Toxic Brew
In Case You Forgot, Klaus, Nuremberg Code: "The Experiment Should Be Such As To Yield Fruitful Results For The Good Of Society (Not NWO), Unprocurable By Other Methods" ... But Ivermectin Works On The 99.86% Survival Rate "Covid," And Is Readily Procurable As Are Other Treatments, So Why Did Some US States Governors Make It Illegal To Prescribe, Causing Hundreds Of Thousands Unnecessary Deaths? ... "During The Course Of The Experiment The Scientist In Charge Must Be Prepared To Terminate The Experiment At Any Stage, If He Has Probable Cause To Believe, In The Exercise Of The Good Faith, Superior Skill And Careful Judgment Required Of Him That A Continuation Of The Experiment Is Likely To Result In Injury, Disability, Or Death To The Experimental Subject," But After Verified Injuries And Deaths By All The Gene Modification Injections, They're Pushing Forward Instead, Clear Evidence Of Crimes Against Humanity, Criminal Culpability, It's About Killing You, Folks
New VAERS Death Of Experimental Subject Numbers Out: Remember Harvard Study Showed That Traditionally Only 1% Or Less Gets Reported, If This Is Following Historical Patterns, Then 250,900 Experimental Injection Deaths In US
Must Watch Video: The Diabolical Rockefeller Mass Depopulation Crimes Against Humanity Plan Exposed, Taking Place Since Last Year, So When People Start Dying Are They Heroes Or Suckers?
Dear Americans: Don't Worry, Reports Are That 229 Million Of You Will Be Dead By 2025
Video: The Natural Science Facts Contradict Government, Media, Big Pharma Propaganda, Clinical Studies Vaccinations Enable More Hot Strains, Variants, That Are More Deadly, Expect Deaths To Increase As A Result Of These Experimental Injections
Video: Credibility Proof, Banned By YouTube, Why Did The Billionaires Years Ago Switch From Tech To Health Industry? Hundreds Of Thousands Injured And Die Each Year Due To Injections, While Creating Stronger Viruses, Chronic Diseases, Our God-given Immune System Is Our Best Defense, And Now These "Covid" Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Are Designed To Change That
Another Doctor And Director Of Diagnostics Lab Speaks Out About Dangers Of These Experimental Genetic Modification Injections
Video: Point Of No Return, US Government Using Your Tax Dollars, $1.5 Billion, Against You To Push The Experimental Gene Modification Injections Before Injectees Start Dying In Big Numbers, One Ad, "Unless The Vaccinations Are Everywhere, This Pandemic Isn't Going Anywhere" Is A Flat Out Propaganda BIG LIE, The Scientific Evidence Shows More People Injected Cause The New Pandemic, More Serious Infections As Variants Spread By Those "Vaccinated"
Fact: US States With Highest Experimental Injection Rates Have Highest Rates Of "3rd Wave Of Covid" Variant Cases Exactly as Predicted By Scientists, UK Seeing Increased Covid Deaths Since Experimental Injections, Really Need To Quarantine The "Vaccinated" Mutant Shedders
By Their Actions, You Shall Know Them: Covid Lie's Biggest Casualty, Scientific Truth
Video: Mask nanofibers Similar To Breathing In Asbestos Fibers
Court strikes Down US Governor Mask Mandate
Video: Global Coup d'Etat aka Covid Trojan Horse Scamdemic
Are Police In Canada Waking Up Or Upset Cities Are Messing With Their Hockey?
Plandemic, The Biden Government-China Connection
In Case You Missed It Video: The Coming Experimental Gene Modification Injection Covid Catastrophe, "An Initial Decline And Plateau, Then A Subsequent Steep INCLINE Of (Severe) Disease Cases Is Inevitable," Caused By Those Injected, It's Here
SARS-Cov-2 ... WHO, Why And WTF
Video: Australia More AstraZeneca Blood Clots
Grow A Garden

China-US War: How Hot Is Hot?
China Hits US, EU With Their Own Stick, Sanctions
Video: The War In Syria Today
US Dems (Democrats, Demons, Dementia?) Dusting Off The Old Obama Era Playbook, Blame Russia For Everything, Prepping For War
War Trigger? Reports Of US Bioweapons Labs In Ukraine
Daniel's Prophetic Players Of The North And East Assembling In Middle East, While The Pentagon's Central Combatant Command Is Circling Jerusalem
A Ukraine War Warm-Up For Middle East?
Won't A War With China Be Such Fun?
Video: Shifting Locus To Eurasia, Distance From Failing US: China Is Germany's #1 Trade Partner 5 Years Running, Come Join Our NWO, Forget Klaus Schwab, He Doesn't Even Have A Country, Just An Office In Switzerland, Would An Increasingly Isolated US-UK Join With Zionist Israel In Middle East War?
All Roads Lead To Damascus
Plans To Conquer The Middle East
Uncle Joe's Middle East Nostalgia Tour: Just Like Old Times, Russian Warplanes Kill ISIS Terrorists In Syria

New Russian Technology To Attack Syrian Terrorists
ISIS Back, And Taking Credit For Attacks In Syria
Video: Former Senator, US Marine, American Aggression Towards Syria

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Exactly As Scientists Predicted And Warned About: Viruses Don't Mutate Naturally Or Produce Variants In Pandemic, 1918 Virus Remained Unchanged, It's Those Who Get Injected With Experimental Gene Modification Technology That Creates Proliferation Of Stronger, More Infectious Variants, The Variants Began Showing Up After The Experimental Injections, Told It Would Affect Young People, Same Scenario As In The US States With High Mass Injection Rates, And UK Where More Deaths From Variants Than Original Covid, Serious Illness And Deaths Of Injectees Is Next Step According To The Scientists
US States With Highest Experimental Injection Rates Have Highest Rates Of "3rd Wave Of Covid" Variant Cases, Injectees Asymptomatic Spreaders Of New Variants, The More Injected, The More It Will Spread, Viral Immune Escape, Thousands Of Variants Identified Worldwide And Growing In Number As Each Injectee Is Their Own Variant Factory, Exactly as Predicted By Scientists, Really Need To Quarantine The "Vaccinated" Mutant Shedders
Video: The Frankenstein Threshold, Which Means We Will Be Subject To Stronger, More Infectious Mutants Without Any Immunity, This Is Contrary To The Natural Virus Cycle Is That Viruses Become Weaker Over Time, Artificial, Man-made Genetic Pressure Causes Stronger Mutations
In Case You Missed It Video: The Coming Experimental Gene Modification Injection Covid Catastrophe, "An Initial Decline And Plateau, Then A Subsequent Steep INCLINE Of (Severe) Disease Cases Is Inevitable," It's Here
French Agency Links AstraZeneca To Blood Clotting Causing Deaths
Antibiotic Pandemic As Bacteria Variants Have Outmutated Vaccines, Immunity Evasive, Same Point Now With Experimental Injections Creating Viruses That Are Viral Immune Evasive Due To Global Mass Use
Bill Gates' AstraZeneca Causing More Deaths
Germany Halts AstraZeneca Experimental Gene Modification Injections ... Again
European Medicines Agency Gets Blasted By Doctors For Covid Ethics For EMA's Political Rather Than Scientific Medical Statements, Violations Of Nuremberg Code, Crimes Against Humanity
Lockdowns Were A Huge Medical Travesty By Those Who Should Know Better, But A Great Political And Economic Success For The NWO
Texas Numbers All Going In The Right Direction After No Mask Wearing, No Lockdowns, No Un-social Distancing Implemented, Exactly Opposite The True Believer Media-Vaxxer's Narrative
The Last Time Your Computer Was "Vaccinated," Which USB Port Was The Needle Stuck Into? The Mad Scientists Playing God That Made These Experimental Gene Modification Injections Tell Us They Are "Like Software Updates" To Our Bodies, So They Admit This Stuff Is Not A Vaccine, But A Way To Transform i.e., "Update" Our God-given DNA, Another Warning To Not Get Injected
To All You True Believer Maskers: Guess What You've Been Inhaling The Past Year, Well, Besides Way Too Much CO2?
Belgium Must Lift All "Covid-19" Measures Within 30 Days
The Snake Oil Elixir Of The Big Pharma Gods ... Bio-Fascist Global Capo
"The FDA, The CDC, The NIH And The Pharmaceutical Companies Involved Have All Stated Very Clearly That There Is No Evidence To Support Experimental Injections Stopping Transmission Of Covid," So What's It All About Alfie?
From The "All The Better To Eat You With" Dept: Biden Opens Doors To South Of The Border Asymptomatic Shedders Of Covid Variants, Spreading Greater Chance For Plague Catastrophe, While US Injectees' Innate Immune Systems Are Being Destroyed From Within, All Part Of The "Huff And Puff" Plan To Blow Down The US
So Far, In 6 months, Twice As Many Deaths From These Killer Experimental Injections Than All Vax In Past Decade, AND You Still Can Transmit Covid, But They Dare Call This "Safe"
Germany AstraZeneca Unsafe For 60 And Under
Canada Declares AstraZeneca Off Limits For 55 And Under, Before AstraZeneca Not For Use 65 And Older, Non-Variant Covid Was 99.86% Survival Rate, And Treatable With Ivermectin, Yet Some Public Health Officials Still Claiming This Experimental Gene Modification Technology Is Safe, Time To Stop The Experiment
Why Is Everyone In Texas, And S. Dakota, Not Dying? No Lockdowns, No Masks, No Un-Social Distancing
Governments Covid-19 Stats Trustworthy?
VAERS Reports Only 1% Or Less Of The Real World Numbers According To Study By Harvard University, VAERS Reports 2050 Deaths, According To Traditional Report History, This Would Represent 205,000 Deaths From The Experimental Gene Modification Injections, Yet Public Health Officials, Media Keep Up Their Claims These Non-Vaccine Experiments Are Safe, Yet Would You Fly In An Experimental Airplane That Had These Weekly Fatality Numbers? The Entire 737 MAX8 Worldwide Fleet Was Stopped From Flying For Much Less
Video: Here's What They're Not Telling You About What's Injected Into Your Children, From A Father Whose Child Died From Vaccine, Vaccines Do Spread Viruses, Corrupt Industry
A Look Back Reminder: US Government Loses Major Vaccine Landmark Lawsuit
Video: Bill Gates Empires, Eugenics And The "Poison Cartel"
Transcript: Gates Empires, Eugenics And The "Poison Cartel"
UK University Shuts Down Research That Shows Aluminium Toxic In Vaccines
Video: WHO Warns Against Vax Passport, Because UN Located In NYC? All For Show? Leopards Don't Change Their Spots
Excited To Get Her Shot, Pro-Vaxxer Dies Within 48 Hours After Getting Experimental Injection, Medical Examiner "The Vaccine Was One Of The 'Significant Conditions Contributing To Her Death,'" Remember During The Scaredemic Phase How Any Death Within 28 Days Of A Positive PCR Was Automatically A Covid Death, Including A Motorcycle Accident, Hypocritically Now Every Vax Death Is Subject To Scrutiny 
“He Who Does Not Know The Truth Is But A Fool, But He Who Knows The Truth, And Calls It A Lie, Is A Criminal,” Galileo
Grow A Garden
Intentional Collapse Of Food Industry The Next Covid, And Bill Gates Is Largest US Farm Land Owner, Do The Math
A Little NWO Sarcasm

US-NATO War In Syria: A Historical Perspective
How To Start A Bigger, Hotter War In The Middle East
Lining Up The Prophetic Chess Pieces On The Middle East Board: China-Iran Sign 25 Year Strategic Deal, All While Bypassing The US Dollar And Sanctions, Potentially With The "Straw That Breaks The Camel's Back" Goldie Yuans For Saudi Oil Not Too Far Away
Video And Text: Great Reset Economic Global Land Feudalism: Not Surprisingly China, Russia And Iran Not Part Of The Hegemon Of The West, Leaves Military Option On The Table
Threats In The Eye Of The Beholder, US "A Declining Power, Guilty Of Territorial Aggression," Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran et al: Meeting At The Table Will Lead To A Battle On The Field, Talks Reminiscent Of Vietnam Days
Hypocrisy Of The West's "Brussels 5" Syria Conference Also Violation Of International Law, What's Left Of It
Blinken 0 for 2, Same Old US Foreign Policy And Lies With Syria, Humanitarian issues Initiated By US Under Obama Many Years Ago
Syria Dirty Tricks Fraud, UK, US And EU
Syrian Constitutional Committee: Russia's Constructive Syrian Approach Must Have US Concerned
So Much For US Humanitarian Crocodile Tears: Biden Iranian Envoy Boasted Of Depriving Iranians Of Food
Elites Delusional Foreign Policies Lead To Wars

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Mark Of The Beast Full Speed Ahead?
Video: UK From Democracy To Soviet Union In Less Than 18 Months
Video: Blood On The Hands Of Political And Medical Leaders Who Caused Hundreds Of Thousands Of Unnecessary Deaths, Ivermectin Works, 12-48 Hours
Jumping Off A Cliff To Avoid A Bee Video: The Coming Experimental Gene Modification Injection Covid Catastrophe, "A Subsequent Steep INCLINE Of (Severe) Disease Cases Is Inevitable"
Happening In US Already
Video: When Good Turns To Evil, The Critical Mass Of Liars And Propagandists Arises, Pushing Experimental Injections, Genetic Selection Pressure Results In Viral Immune Escape, The Frankenstein Threshold, Which Means We Will Be Subject To Stronger, More Infectious Mutants Without Any Immunity, UK Already Seeing Higher Covid Mortality Due To Mass Vax, This Is Contrary To The Natural Virus Cycle That Viruses Become Weaker And Don't Mutate
Don't Get The Experimental Injection, Then You'll Be An Outcast, Left Behind ... While All The Injectees Start Dying Off
Veterans Of Domestic War Video: The Crying Wolf "Covid-19 Pandemic" Sold As The Worse Thing Since 1918 Pandemic That Killed 50 Million, Yet No More Than A Mild Flu Season, So Why Are We Here? To Quickly Get Their Experimental Gene Modification Goo Injected Into Us On The Way To Their NWO
Video: Before The Massive Pro-Covid Experimental Bio-Warfare Injection Propaganda Machine Got Cranking, X = 7.8 Billion Human Beings Alone Exhaling About 3 Billion Tons Of CO2 Per Year [Approximately One Kilo Per Day Per Person, Not Including All The Cars, Trucks, Buses, Trains, Planes And Private Jets We Use Daily], Remember Bill Gates Said He Wants To Reduce Global CO2 Emissions To ZERO, [Yet The Do As I Say, Not As I Do Bill Has Multiple Private Jets And Cars], And He Wants To Reduce The World's Population Through The Use Of "Vaccines," So Bill's Experimental Genetic Modification Injections Are Here Today, People Have And Are Dying From These Shots, Do The Math To Get To X = 0, Because Ivermectin, HCQ, Budesonide While Helping You Survive "Covid-19," They Won't Reduce Your Exhaled CO2 Levels To Zero
Video: Scandal On The Way From Man-Made Viral "Pandemic" Covid-19 "Vaccine" That Was Supposed To Rid Us Of Covid, Rather Than Injectees, To "Endemic" With Ongoing Covid Shots Like The Flu, Pfizer Experimental Injection Is A Designed Perpetual Profit Center To Fleece The Guinea Pigs
The Cruelty We Visit Upon Our Elders
From The "There Is One Truth, But The Lies Are Ubiquitous" Dept: The Fiction Of Any "Benefits" For The People In The Real Risk Scenario
Video: Covid-19 Is The Great ECONOMIC Reset, According To Klaus Schwab
The Foreseen Bio-Warfare Against Humanity
New World Order Covid-19 Great Economic Reset On Schedule
The Top Billionaire Profiteers From Your Covid Economic Losses
Who Would Have Guessed That Zionist Israel Government Would Outdo The Nazis At Medical Experimentation? Experimental Injection Deaths Skyrocket, As Israelis File Lawsuit In ICC Over Nuremberg Code Violations
Moving The Goal Posts Scamdemic-19: Now That The "Warp Speed Vax Machine," Is Under Way, Which Accelerates A Very Dangerous Global Viral Immune Escape Creating Smarter And Stronger Lethal Viruses That Will Kill Humanity, How Convenient That After The Three Weeks To Flatten The Curve Lies, The Need To Lockdown, Mask Wearing, Unsocial Distancing Lies, The PCR Cases That Were Meant To Scare Everyone Lies, The Bill Gates' WHO Now Admits PCR Results Meaningless, How Many Will Die Before They Admit Their Experimental Gene Modification Injections Are Not Safe, But Pose A Threat To Mankind?
Do No Harm? US "Safe" Experimental Injection Death Toll Over 170,000, As VAERS Historically Reports 1% Or Less Of Real World Deaths And Injuries According To Harvard University Study, Do The Math, Yet CDC Ignores Inquires To Investigate
Scenarios For Future Enslavement Of People: Rockefeller, Lockdowns, Mask Wearing, You Know That Sort Of Thing ... Published In 2014, Wow, How Did They Know The Future? Do You Get It Yet?
Where Exactly Do They Recruit Their Big Brother Cops To Terrorize Fellow Citizens? Don't They Have Mothers And Children Too?
Video: One US State That Got It Right, And Has The Fruit Of Their Efforts To Show For It
One Restaurant Owner Wins First Battle Against Masks, Shut Down
Video: People In The Western Countries Died Needlessly Due To Governments Denying Early Effective Treatment, Which Would Have Negated Any Need For Experimental Gene Modification Injections, Yet Here We Are
Video: Part 2, People In Western Countries Died Needlessly ... 
Jumping Off A Cliff To Avoid A Bee Video: The Coming Experimental Gene Modification Injection Covid Catastrophe, "A Subsequent Steep INCLINE Of (Severe) Disease Cases Is Inevitable"
US States With Highest Experimental Injection Rates Have Highest Rates Of "3rd Wave Of Covid" Cases, Injectees Asymptomatic Spreaders Of New Variants, The More Injected, The More It Will Spread, Viral Immune Escape, Exactly as Predicted By Scientists
Same Exact Political Covid M.O. In Australia As US, Canada, UK
Video: What, You Don't Remember That Increased Carbon Dioxide Levels With Continued Mask Wearing Is Killing Your Brain Cells?
Video: Dozens Of Schools Close After Teachers Get Experimental Gene Modification Injections, But, Hey, Obviously They're Safe, Right? Better Off With Ivermectin, HCQ, Budesonide et al
Why Still Pushing Experimental Injections When Evidence Shows People Dying?
Official Covid Management Models Failed Miserably, Continue To Do So, "Ranks Among The Most Catastrophic Public Health Policy Failures In The Last Century," But Wildly Successful For NWO

Tidings From The East And North: Sowing Seeds Of The Middle East War

The Deadly Path The US And The West Traverse: Pride Goes Before The Fall, Whether People Or Nations
Zionist Israel Versus Iran In Syria
The Hypocrisy Of The West's "Brussels Five" Syria Conference
US Barrel-leggers: Plundering Syria's Oil, Turkey Complains To Russia It Can't Do The Same
Syria Deja Vu: US Dems Back In Power, ISIS Back In Syria, Threat Of Chemical Attack In Idlib, Wow, Feels Like Old Times Are Here Again
Guess So, US Planes Transport A New Batch Of ISIS Terrorists To Iraq
Deja Vu: Terrorists In Syria Launch Missile Attack On Civilians In Aleppo
Country Formerly Known As USA Wants A War
Syria Ratifies Oil Exploration Deal With Russia
US Opens Borders To Terrorists, One More Step In Destroying US