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Spring 2020

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Spring 2020

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Central Bankers
Said The Banker Spider To The Fly ... Come Quickly To My Web Before You Discover My Covid Shakedown
Mais, Monsieur, That Was The Idea From The Beginning ... It Was Only About The Economy, Not The Virus, Which Was The Fear Excuse For Panicking The Sheep
Zionist AIPAC Gives US Congress Permission To Criticize The West Bank Annexation Plan As Long As The Money Keeps Flowing
Except For Zionist Israel, Chief Allies Moving Away From US
Despite Hollywood Portrayals, “These Russian Forces Have Destroyed And Are Destroying More Armed Power Of Our Enemies – Troops, Planes, Tanks, And Guns – Than All The Other United Nations Put Together” Winston Churchill
Ephraim: The UK's Impressive "Royal State" Rap Sheet
Update On The Skripals, You Remember Them Don't You? Goes To Show Truth Stranger Than Theresa May's Russian Fiction
Update: George Floyd, Fentanyl And Respiratory Depression?
Big Picture Covid Review
Political Lockdown Was Not A Healthy Medical Policy, But It Wasn't Meant To Be, The Economy Was The Target, And It's Working
Video: Essential Food For Thought, Security Is Not Freedom
Big Agra And The Edible Famine Brought To You By The Covid Scaredemic
US SecState Adding Comedy To His Routine, Or Is It Just More Platitudinous Hypocrisy?
Uh, Mike, Like You're Decades Too Late ... Risen
China Economy Surpasses US In Purchasing Power As US Remains Number One In Debt
Wrong Think, Wrong Speak Comes To Academia Under The Guise Of Doublespeak Diversity, Which Is Leftist Conformity Wrapped Up In BS Lies To Justify Their Social Agenda, Biology Now Irrelevant (Why Stop At Biology, How About Mathematics, Physics, Name Your Favourite Science), It's What You Think That Is Real, For Example, If You Get Run Over By A Bus, But If You Think You Didn't, Then Your Biology Won't Have Any Internal Injuries Or Broken Bones, And If We Think Covid Doesn't Exist, Then We Can All Go Back To Work, Boy, The Vaccine Makers Won't Like This, Sort Of Puts Big Pharma Out Of Business, And It Can Clean Out The Cancer Wards In All The Hospitals Too
Google Demonetizes Zero Hedge
Demonetize Google, Get The Duck
The Zionist Spying Lightbulb
Exceptional America And Hegemonic Petrodollar "Coming To The End Of Their Years"
Nevertheless, Still Attempting To Overthrow Foreign Governments On Russia's Border
Prepping For The Coming Middle East War: Well, Besides Overthrowing Foreign Governments, Like Syria, What Else Does The US Do? Oh Yes, Of Course, More Sanctions
Falling Apart At The Seams: Lawlessness Of America Both Internationally And Domestically
If You Don't Think This Stuff Is A Planned, Coordinated Destruction Of Society, Why Are UK Police On The Street Ordered From On High To Take A Knee Over A Local Municipal Murder That Happened In US?
Stirring The Pot: BLM But Not A Police Murdered White Guy? So Who Is Manufacturing This Reverse Discriminatory Racism? For What Globalist Purpose?
Here's One Answer For "Dumbshit Americans"
A Black Voice Of Reason And Sanity In A Sea Of Hypocritical Whites Using Racism For Their Deceitful Political Purposes
From The "The Bus Over The Cliff Reaching Terminal Velocity" Dept: US Justices See Christian Morality As Discrimination, Abandon Society's Foundational Ethics Of Right And Wrong
And Then There's The Collapse Of The US Dollar
As Einstein Said, Never Lose A Holy Curiosity, For It Leads Us To The Truth, And The Truth Will Set  Us Free From The Lies
Zionist Israel Ups The Ante For War With Plans To Annex West Bank
Lesson From The Tortoise Of Truth: Covid Losing Its Punch, Lockdown Makes No Difference, Vaccines Not Needed, Follows Pattern Of Previous SARS Flu, Which Epidemiologists Told Us Months Ago, The Real Pandemic Continues To Be Economic And Political
Good News: As Covid-19 Weakens, And Positives Increase, Shows Natural Herd Immunity Works As With Previous Viruses, And No Vaccines Needed, Remember Zika?
The Corporate Media Covid Lies Are Tumbling Down Like Statues
Big Corporate Media Are Fanning The Flames Of Racism
Deep State Behind The "Spontaneous" Nationwide Homogeneous Protests?
The Big 6 Media Corporations: The New Slave Owners
Who Owns These Ideology Slaves?
Our Schools Have Produced These Slaves
Like Covid, Racism Is A Tool Used By Globalists To Disrupt The "Normal"
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
The World Doesn't Need A Covid Vaccine: So Let’s Learn Some More About Our Body’s Immune System, Which The Lockdown Harms 
Video: NY Hospital Nurse Exposes On Camera The Criminal Covid Lies, Practice Creates "Pandemic" In Hospital, They're Murdering People In Hospitals
When Doctors And Medical Journals Lie For Big Pharma Profit, We Die
Journalism: Another Pillar of Society Based On Lies
Anarchy Within The Gates
Afraid Of Dying, So Many Want Us To Stop Living, Yet Two Years Ago Flu Killed 1.5 Million Without The Chicken Little Hysteria
Imitation The Sincerest Form Of Flattery? Not For US
From The "Galileo Or Pope?" Dept: To Settle The "Mary Potter" Inquisition Is Very Simple, Like The Flat-Earthers, If You Want Us To Believe You Just Show Us A Photo Taken From The Edge Of The Planet, The Trans Folks Need To Pull Themselves Away From Their Incestuous Social Media Devices And Show Us Proof That One Made A Complete Transformation From XY To XX Or Vice Versa, You Know ... Observable Evidence
The World Watches An Absurdity Wrapped In The Ridiculous Surrounded By The Farcical
Tortoise of Truth Arrives At MSM: Covid A Cover To Give Up Control Of Basic Liberties
How About Winston Smith Hand In Hand With Peter Pan Flying Over Piccadilly?
Hillary Ordered To Testify In Court
Ezekiel: "Those Near And Far From You Will Mock You As Infamous And Full Of Disturbance And Destruction"
Abhoring Judgement: Trump Sanctions Int'l Criminal Court Officials
The Loss Of Nations Are Built On A Foundation Of Freedom Eaten Away By The Love Of Lies
The Gift From Zionist Israel That Is Shredding US: Militarized Police Tactics
Okay, We Got The Wars, And The Pestilence, Now We Only Need Famine For The End-times Trifecta
The Other Piece Of Our Current Puzzle: The Coming Great Middle East War
Zionist Israel's Plan To Take More Palestinian Land
Why Have The Sheep Panicked And Run Scared Over A Flu Bug? It's The Political Cognitive Dissonance Power Game
So, Cui Bono? UK's Lockdown Czar Says It Made No Difference Medically, Economically, Well
Tail Wagging The Dog: Apologizing To Domestic Terrorists Who Burn Down Buildings? Would They Feel The Same If The Inquirer Building Was Torched?
Playing Make-Believe In DC Or Is It Just Flat Out Lying Again?
The Descent Of America: When Something Hasn't Worked For Decades A) Keep Doing It, B) Keep Doing It, Or C) Keep Doing It?
In America, Black Lives Matter, But Only When ...
From The "No Longer Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave" Dept: Think Of The Tens Of Thousands Who Died On The Beaches In WW2 To "Protect Our Liberty And Freedom," Hypocritically We Hold Parades, Ceremonies And Wave Our Flags To Allegedly Honor Their Sacrifice, Then, Cowards, We Throw It All Away Over The Artificially Induced Panic Of A Flu With Low Death Rate, We Should Be Ashamed
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
JK Rowling, There Are 2 Biological Sexes, The Real Phobia Appears To Be With The Truth Of The Word Of God-Phobics, Still Only XX And XY Sex Chromosomes
Still Playing Make-Believe After All These Years: XY Tells An XX What It Is To Be A Real XX, Well, Maybe It's Time To Unleash The Nukes And Turn The Planet Over To The Cockroaches And Viruses
When Nations Lose Their Sense Of Humor, They Lose Their Nations
Old McDonald Had A BS Crisis ... Here A Covid, There A Covid, Everywhere A Covid ...
From The "It's The Agenda, Stupid!" Dept: Globalist Agenda Greasing The Skids With Covid Lies ... Covid Deaths .00005 Percent World Population, WHO Stats, Lower Respiratory Infections Killed 3 Million Worldwide In 2016, Nearly Ten Times More Than Covid, Yet Where Was The Agenda Then?
The Prince's Parade To Oblivion
Bus Over The Cliff: The Ongoing Systemic Collapse Of US Society
Another Nail In The US Coffin
Bill's Actions Speak Louder Than His Straw Man Denial, "I’ve Never Been Involved In Any Microchip Type Thing," No, Bill's "Type Thing" Is Nano, Not Micro
Citizen Harassed By Cops, T-Shirt Free Speech In UK Is Crime, Police Say "Likely To Cause Harassment," "illegal To Display Any Writing, Sign Or Visible Representation ..." Like ANY Police Uniform?
Fascist Antifa Organizers Of US Violence
The World Watches As Self-Righteous, Hypocritical Finger Pointing US Condemns Others On Human Rights, But Never Zionists With Palestinians Or While Trampling Constitutional Human Rights Of Its Citizens
Billionaire Princes: Who Loves Ya Money, Baby?
Shot Across The Bow: Putin's Approves Use Of Nuke Response
WHO Executive Summary, Table 1: Medical POV, Contact Tracing NOT Recommended, It's The Government Control Folks That Want It
Video Italian MP: Italy's Media-Government Reported Covid Death Numbers Are False, Lies, Medical Science Numbers Tell Different Story
Why Isn't Every Citizen Alarmed? Because Their Smartphones Still Work
The Deadly Consequences Of Continued Government Lockdown
Anti-US Protests Sweep Europe
US-Zionist Israel Outside Rule Of International Law
Canaduh's Leader: The Empty Sound Of Silence
Chauvin-20: The Worldwide Exposure That Threatens US Princes Of Plunder
The Trail Of Blood And Oil Lead To Damascus
Consider The Facts Without The Hype, Lies And Hysteria
Political Medicine: Covid, The Discerning Virus
Coming To Our Senses With Covid Flu, Which According to The Medical Experts Is A "Generally Mild" Flu
Medical "Experts" Backing Away From HCL Bashing
HCL And Zinc Much More Effective With Covid, 96-100%, Than Proposed Flu Vaccines Which Historically Are Only 20-50% Effective, But Make Big Bucks For Big Pharma
Tortoise of Truth's Bottom Line: Covid-19 Scaredemic Is "Bullshit"
WHO, Big Pharma More Scare Tactics And Lies To Keep The Fear Ball Rolling, First Wave Wasn't "Very Destructive," Wouldn't Have Potential For Milder "2nd Wave" Except For Lockdown Preventing Herd Immunity, Any More Than Other Flu Years When There Wasn't Any Quarantining Like 2017-2018 Flu Season When 1.5 Million Died Worldwide, No Hysteria Then
Endless War Comes Home
The War In America
Canada's Billionaire PM ... "I'll Help You Spend Other People's Money"
Trump's Bible: His Way Of Saying The "Apocalypse" Is Here?
The Princes Do Cover Each Others Backs, While They Live Off Of Yours
Princely Handiwork: Hillary We Came, We Saw, We F**ked Up The Most Prosperous Country In Africa Big Time, And Obama-Biden Did Same With East Europe's Once Properous Ukraine, While Trump-Pompey-o Are Working On South America's Venezuela
Where Is US Puppet Traitor Hiding?
Meanwhile, Back In Damascus
Pathetic, Yes, Let's Not Work Together To Solve The Problems, Help The Country, Instead Use Bloodshed And Riots To Get Your Guy Elected, As If That Will Solve Anything
UK Princes Recruiting 4 Year Olds ... To Spy On Parents?
Who's Dumping All The Bricks? Surely, The Surveillance Cameras Can Tell Us
How Government Moves To Trace You, The Princes Always Have A Convenient Excuse To Tighten The Noose
Distracted With Covid And Riots, Keep An Eye On The Princes In Congress
Freedom Of The Press Trampled On By The Princes In Government
Who's Your Buddy, Who's Your Pal? LA Police Arrest Store Owners Defending It From Looters
Government's Knee On Our Necks, Lady Liberty Can't Breathe: Covid + Some Riots And The US Militarized Population Control
The Victim Floyd-Chauvin Cop Connection: Former Work Mates
Big Brother Babylon aka USA, Looks Like It's Time To Move To Africa
Old Obama-DNC Guard Still Beating The Ghost Of Hillary's Dead Horse: Right, The Minneapolis Cop Really Was That Mission Impossible Clever Rascal Putin In Disguise
Right On Cue: Moral Cowards, US Leaders, Politicians In Dazzling Display Of Finger Pointing
Tortoise of Truth's Bottom Line: Covid-19 Scaredemic Is "Bullshit"
So We Don't Forget The Damage By Vaccines Rushed Into Use
Silence Of The Covid Lambs
A Look At Covid's Numbers
US Covid-20 Famine
Trump Declares Antifa Terrorist Organization
The Pivot: EU Sees End Of US Led System And The Arrival Of The Asian Century
CIAmazon Post Propaganda
Big 5 Got 90%: US 1st Amendment A Corporate Inalienable Right?
Censorship Web Of Soros
The Bullet Fired From The Russiagate Smoking Gun
Hillary's Impact As SecState
The Anti-US Globalist Elites Love It
If Numbers Of Known Worldwide Covid Infections Rise, Could Be Sign That "Herd Immunity" Is Working In Spite Of Lockdown, And "Second Wave" Will Be Minor, But Beware Of Bill Gates-Johns Hopkins Alleged Numbers To Push Their Vax Agenda
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Money Or Medicine? Outside West's Big Pharma Pocketbook, India's Top Body, The ICMR, Finds HCL And Zinc Work To Prevent Covid, Expands Its Use, While Big Pharma Shut Down Its Use In France Despite Clear Scientific Evidence It Works, And 65% US Doctors Surveyed Said They Would Use It For Their Own Families, Time To Speak Up People
West's Covid Lockdown Much Like Communist Czechoslovkia In 1970s
Anonymous To Start Exposing Minneapolis Police Crimes To The World, We'll See
The Good 'ol US of A Ezekiel 22:1-22
Just A Heartbeat Away From Militarized Police State
Killed By Police Stats 2020 US
New York Police Behave Like Foreign Terrorists
Murder On Video
"To Protect With Courage, To Serve With Compassion" Meaningless Platitudes, Creating Hatred As Minneapolis Police Shoot Paintballs At Homeowners On Their Own Front Porches From Inside Their Armored Vehicles, Well, So Much For Courage Too, Makes One Want To Move To Hong Kong
The Tortoise Of Truth: Leaked German Government Doc, Corona Virus Global False Alarm, Nowhere Near 2017/18 Flu Death Toll, 1.5 Million Vs. 300K Covid
Video: Anonymous Vs. Bill Gates
EU Flu Season Numbers 2017/18
EU Epidemiological Flu Season Data 2014 To Present
The Deluded US Superpower
What We've Become: True Lies, Lawful Murder, The Road To The Police State
Police Provocateurs Turn Protests Into Riots
WH Sings A Different Tune Over Hong Kong
Hong Kong Newspaper Rips Trump Over His Minneapolis Response
From The "Shoe On The Other Foot" Dept: Remembering Hong Kong And US Congress Passing Bill Supporting Protesters, But In US, When City Police Break Law To Start Riots, Regime Politicians Silent On Cause And Go After The Protesters, Eze. 22:4, 5
Clashes At White House
Police Openly Shoot At TV Reporters In Kentucky
Politics 101, CYA- Beating The Straw Man To Death: When The Covid Hits The Fan, Lie And Blame Anyone And Anything Else Except Yourself, And If That Doesn't Work, Lie Some More, Double-Down, Triple-Down, But Never Accept Blame For Screw-ups, Especially In Election Years
As The World Rejects US Claims, Eze. 22:4, 5
US And UK's Statistical Anomaly Covid Deaths Result From "Guesstimates," Not Science Says NHS Doc, This Explains Why US And UK Have The Worst Numbers, But The Best Fiction, Keep An Eye Out For "Novelist" Bill And Big Pharma
"Italy’s High Death Toll From COVID-19 Is A Result Of Mild Flu Season”
Money For Lies, None For Truth
From The "Know Your Enemies" Dept: Big Pharma Lies Against Hydroxychloroquine And You
French Government Supports Big Pharma Profits Over Science And You
The Prescription Big Pharma Racket
Beware The Anti-Constitution Free Speech Zionists Within
From The "Above The Law" Dept: Then His Actions Set Standards For All Citizens Of UK?
France Launches Its Big Brother Tracing App ... Never Can Be Turned Off
Buying A Not Smart Phone
The Hare Of Lies Is Exposed As The Tortoise Of Truth Shows Up: Scientists Speak Out, Covid Not The Threat Is Was Proposed To Be
What Did Bill Do In S. Korea?
The American Facade Of Christianity
Deplatforming Twitter, Tech Giants ... Not Arbiters Of The Truth
Apparently Fact Check Didn't Fact Check Itself
CDC Backs Down On Covid Death Rate, In Normal Range For Annual Flus ... "We Destroyed Our Entire Country And Suspended Democracy For A Lie,"  Sheep Reaction, Yawn Or?
A Vax Hit Job On Hydroxychloroquine ... Which Worked Great Just Months Ago
You See Where This Is Going, Don't You? Because Big Pharma Knows Exactly
Another Hit Job In Favor Of Vax
The Pandemic Of Fake Numbers
From 9/11 To C-19, Where To Next, Agenda 2030?
Attention All Guinea Pigs, Please Show Up At The Sacrificial Altar, Access Through The Bill Gate
New Gold Rush: Big Pharma Globalized Profit
Trump Was Right: Freedom Of Religion, Assembly Burned To The Ground
Bill "Killer" Gates: The One Man Pandemic, Create The Problem, Then Solve It With Your Vax Population Reduction Program
Living In The USSA
UK's Digital Health Passport ... That Was Fast, Not Really, Part Of The Covid Plan All Along
Nano-bots In Vaccines?
The Enemy Within: The Senile Old Ladies Lie Again, Entire Editorial Board Obviously Flunked 3rd Grade American History, First Slaves In America Were White
The Old Gray Ladies Got It Wrong With Afghan War Too
Chicken Little Covid Science: Shutting Down The Entire Nation Based On A 15 Year-Old's 3rd Place Science Fair Flawed Computer Models Now Official Government Policy
Earth's Magnetic Field Weakening, Splitting
Video: Who Is The Real Bill?
Vaccines That Kill
Bill Gates Buying His Way Into Our Bodies, Liberty, His Rushed Vaccine Doesn't Appear To Be Altruistic, Fast Cash For Vax That May Well Be Obsolete Next Flu Season, Or Is It Just A Flu Vax?
Yellow Journalism, News Or PR? Pathethic Times Indeed ... What About The 600,000+ That Die From Heart Disease Each Year, Or The 600,000 Cancer Victims Or The Drunk Driver Victims Or The ...? And Where Were You With Flu Victims In Past Years?
Are We To Blame China For Killing Off The SAT?
Google, Facebook What Are They Hiding?
Get The Duck
Worldwide Corona Overview
From The "Trickle Down Theory" Dept: Ukraine A Colony Of US, US A Colony Of Zionist Israel Who Supplies Arms To Ukrainian Nazis
Israel Arms Nazis In Ukraine
A Refreshing Role Reversal? US Political Leaders Fear, Condemn Citizen Sheep Standing Up, Speaking Up
US Dem Party A Closed-Loop Oligarchy Not Of The People
Big Pharma Robbers: Why Put Money Into Research When They Cannot Be Held Legally Liable For Any Crap They Inject Into Us?
Universal Lockdown Was Bad Medicine, Bad Economics And Bad Politics
Cummings-20, The UK's Political Virus
America Is Drowning In A Pool Of Evil Greed
Perspective On Manipulated Pandemic, #5
Youtube Suffers Big Dump
Get D.Tube
Worth A Listen Audio: The Fabricated 150 Patient "Pandemic" ... Dr.- "Covid 19 In His Patients In Maryland Late September," Vax Announced At Davos, BEFORE "Pandemic," Financial Pretext For Small Group Of Billionaires-Big Pharma Pushing Bogus Agenda, Largest Transfer Of Money Wealth, Multi-Billion Fraud, Evidence Points to US Patient Zero, Wake Up Citizens
Mr. Bill's Graphic
Hold Your Horses, Syria War And Damascus Destruction Not Far Off
Top Three In The World: US, UK And Canadian Governments Exceptional Torturers
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Zionist Israel Is An Enemy Of America
US Senate Quietly Gives Zionist Israel $38 Billion While Americans Lose Jobs, Businesses
Prince Pompey-o And His Donor Dinners
The Princes Of Pride And Arrogance
Devouring The Poor From Off The Earth
Video: Keep Covid-19 Healthy, Stay Indoors
Lockdowns Made No Difference With Corona Virus, But Wreaked Havoc On Economy ... So Who's Bright Idea Was It?
The Needy Among Men: 5 Million Die A Year From Lack Of Water And Food, But WHO, EU Want A Vaccine That's 20-50% Effective Because 350,000 Die From Flu?
Tail Wagging The Dog: US Corona Virus Known Infection Rate Half Of One Percent, But The Economy And Freedom 100% Adversely Affected
Superiority Lost, A Tale Told By An Idiot: China Prevails As World Sees US Failure In Handling Covid
US To Add Piracy To Its Exceptional Traits?
US Traitor Puppet Guaido "Grossly Misled" Venezuelan Coupsters
Ludicrous Language Dictatorship, Would That Be Le Partner Or La Partner?
Hmm, Didn't Trump Warn Us Covid Is A War?
The Lingering Death Of US State Department
A Lesson For Our Day: Mark Twain On Covid's Political Economy
Common Sense Or US Medical-Big Pharma Most Colossal Failure In History Of Health Care? Let's See, US Hospitals Get Paid More For Covid Deaths Than Others, Fact, No Lab Report Needed,  Fact, Fed Reserve Just Put $6 Trillion In Play, Fact, CDC Changed Way To Classify Deaths When This Started, Fact, Heart Disease And Strokes, Top US Killers Have All But Disappeared, Fact and US Claims Nearly 30% Of Covid Deaths Worldwide With Less Than 5% Of Population, Fact, No Other Country Close To These Dismal Numbers, Fact, and Only 5 Western Countries Account For About 65% Of All Reported Deaths, Fact, What Has S. Korea Done Right? No Lockdown, No Travel Restrictions And Only 263 Deaths? Fact, So Why Are All The Usual Big Media Outlets, CNN, Forbes. MSNBC, NYT, BBC et al,  Singing The Praises Of The Lockdown-Vax Agenda News In Lockstep? It's Not The Virus That's The Problem
5 Minute Corona Test Wrong Half The Time
Mass Media Pushing The Corona Fear
Jewish Rabbi: Zionists Need To Return All The Land Back To The Palestinians
Now That's Really Rich, World's Mega-Terrorist Nation Places Cuba And Venezuela On Terrorist List, Both Countries In Which US Has Had Failed Coups
Governments Overthrown By CIA
Times Of India Link Shut Down: Article Reported S. Korea Beat Covid Without Lockdown, 263 Deaths With Population One Seventh Of US Equates To US Death Toll 1841, Not The 90K+ Reported, Need To Follow S. Korea Model, Not Bill Gates And Kushner, Pushing Fake Numbers To Justify Mandatory Mass Vax, Population Control
Check It Out Here
Like A Fly on S**t, Oh No! Mr. Bill Goes To S. Korea, A Country That Won Against Covid-19 Without A Lockdown, Travel Restrictions, So They Messed Up Bill's Global Lockdown/Vax Theory, He Wants To Make Sure They Don't Do It Again, Italian MP Calls For Bill's Arrest, Still Think He's Interested in Science And Medicine, Saving Your Life?
Forget The Mass Media Pushing Corona Fear, Look At The Facts And Worldwide Numbers: At The End Of The 2019-2020 Flu Season, Covid-10 Infections 4.8 Million Worldwide, Deaths Worldwide 321 Thousand, All In NORMAL Range For Flu Seasons According To WHO Stats
WHO: NORMAL Flu Season Numbers
What Is It Folks, Stand Up To Zionist Kushner, Gates Or 300 Million Dead Sheep? Who's Country Is It?
Why Are The Big Brother Politicians Rushing To Get Everyone Vaccinated? What's In That Stuff?
Vaccines Not Needed, Viable Treatments In Place, Common Sense And Natural Herd Immunity Best Medical Solution
CDC's New Code (Why The Sudden Change? Political Lies, Not Medical Science) Manipulation For Counting Alleged Covid Deaths, No Proof Required ... "Most Likely" Good Enough, Hmm, Where Have We Heard That Phrase From The Government Before? Setting Up US Citizens For More Restrictions On Their Liberties, "Covid Worst Ever" Lamentation To Follow
Medically, The Lockdown Was An Unwise Move, So Will A Second Politically Motivated Lockdown Be Tolerated?
The Tortoise Of Truth Ambles In: News Stories Avoid Naming Zionist Israel, But Then Again Who Owns The Mass Media?
Sun Tzu Still The Master
A Look At America's Monetary System
The Lesson Of Hindsight For Today, The Dangers Of Incomplete Data, Testing: We Were Told That Thalidomide Was A Safe Drug For Pregnant Women Too
Big Pharma Profits While You Suffer, Eat Healthy Foods, Exercise, Vote Out Big Pharma Politicians
Big Pharma Not Held Legally Responsible For Vax Injuries, Death, And Then Allegedly Sane People Question Hesitancy Over Vaccinations, Hold Them Financially Accountable and Watch The Playing Field Shift Real Fast
Vaccines A Wild West Show For Big Pharma, DHHS Fails Americans
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Still Too Big To Fail, With Unemployment Rates Soaring, US Taxpayers Bailout Wall Street 1%ers Again
Use The Blue Star: Don't Cede Your Control, Ditch The Middleman And Go Direct To Sites, Add To Favorites
From The "True Actions Speak Louder Than Lying Words" Dept: "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal" SecState Pompey-o Doesn't Even Believe The US Fearmongering Over Covid, Social Distancing, 14 Day Quarantine, Did They Inform The Viruses Of This? So What Does This Tell Us, Folks?
Forget Corona Virus, 5G More Serious, But Governments Fearmongering Diversion Over Virus
Flu Season Over, Italy To Open For Business
Thailand Opening Too
Most Likely US Political Numbers Inflated Rather Than Russian Medical Numbers Low
Who Decides Freedom Of Speech? You Or Youtube?
Watch Video Here
Video: In Case You Missed It, Epidemiologically, Worldwide This Is A Normal Flu Season
And You Think America Is The Land Of The Free? Long Gone, What Happens When Government Doesn't Want You Exercising Your Inalienable Rights
Too Late, The Lawless One Will Not Be Prosecuted
The Zionist Spy Machine
The West Has Been Had, Once Again, By It's Chicken Little Leadership: Even With The Grossly Inflated US Numbers, SARS-Covid-19 Infection and Death Rate On Par With Normal Flu Seasons, 4.6 Million Infections, 305,000 Deaths Worldwide, No Extra Lethality As Profit-Minded, Fearmongering, Vax Pushers Were Shouting Early On, BTW, Where Is That Must Have Zika Vaccine?
WHO Says Covid Answer Not Vaccines Or Meds, But Natural Herd Immunity, i.e., End Lockdowns
The People Choice: Now That The SARS-Covid Dust Is Settling, Sweden's Approach Comes Out The Winner
US: Leaders Make Choices For A Reward, The Big Pharma Choice
US Colossal Covid Failure, A Virological F-35 Snafu Fighter
From The "Par For the Course" Dept: The Old Grey Lady's Senility Shows Up Once Again
Does A Signed Contract For A Coup Qualify As Treason?
The Fallacy Of US Democracy Or Did The Government Demand You Stay Home?
We're Sick And Tired Of It, But We'll Keep Taking It
Where Is The Vaccine That Protects Against Government Authoritarianism?
China Up And Running, Investments Pour In, While West Flounders Around
Boy, The US Really Is a Mess
Netflix Gives Credibility To Ezekiel's Prophecy For Us, 22:23-31
Ezekiel 22
From The "Thelma And Louise School Of Economics" Dept: The Bankrupt West
US Ponzi Flu Worse Than Corona
US Big Brother Going Full Orwell Over Flu Panic
US Senate Back To Old Ways, More Sanctions
News Flash: Zionist Israel To Annex US! Wait, I Thought They Already Had
Of Course, Starting A Nuclear War Would Solve The Corona Crisis Hysteria On The Part Of Government Officials
Forget The "Fauci Flu" Fear Factor: WHO, Covid-19 Mild For Most, The Perception Fearmongering Is Political, Not Based On Real Numbers
Video: Is Fauci Duping America?
Covid Flu Deaths, Still Less Than Half Severe Flu Year, Despite "Pushed" US Statistical Anomaly (BTW, Where Have All The #1, 2 Killer Heart Attack-Strokes Disappeared To?) "Top US Officials" Pushing The Claim It is 10 Times More Lethal, Numbers From Other Countries Do Not Support This Lie, FYI India Has 1.3 Billion People, 2310 Deaths, US 330 Million People, 82,000 Deaths Claimed, Bangladesh, Half Of US Population, But Only 250 Deaths
Russia Reports 2nd Highest Number Of Infections, But Less Than 2500 Deaths, Why Is US Alleged Death Rate So Unrealistcally High?
Billionaires Go Shopping: Soros Happy, "Everything Up For Grabs"
FBI Framed Flynn: List Of Obama Officials Declassified
More US Botched Coup Attempt Details, Outed On TV Weeks Before
Russia Going Back To Work
The Big Pharma Player$ Locking Us Down
The Cost Of Big Pharma's Unneeded Covid Vaccine And The Lies To Sell It
Obamagate: Russiagate Hoax Revealed
US F-35 Snafu Fighter Still A Work In Progress 5 Years On
Remember Taiwan: China Won't Accept Any US Incursion Into Venezuela
Venezuela: US Paid Political Puppet Hundreds Of Milllions In Stolen Dirty Trick Money
From The "Yeah, Right" Dept: Like The Dozens Of Coups Made By The US Over The Years, This One Was Not An American Effort, Those Ringleaders From Florida With US Passports Are Russians
In Depth Look Behind Censorship Of Southfront
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Lies Or Resurrections?
Pity The Poor US, Apparently Helpless In The Face Of C-19, Collapse Not Far Off?
The Anti-Democratic Actions And Lies Of The US: Supported Violent Overthrow Of Ukrainian Democratically Elected Government, And No Support Of Crimean's Democratic Vote To Re-Join Russia, From Which They Were Unilaterally Abducted By A Soviet Marxist Dictator
CDC's New Code (Why The Sudden Change? Political Lies, Not Medical Science) Manipulation For Counting Alleged Covid Deaths, No Proof Required ... "Most Likely" Good Enough, Hmm, Where Have We Heard That Phrase From The Government Before? Setting Up US Citizens For More Restrictions On Their Liberties, "Covid Worst Ever" Lamentation To Follow
A Plague On The West? Less Than 3% Of World's 195 Countries, US, Spain, Italy, UK And France Account For 70% Of Reported Covid Deaths
Covid Death Rate About Half Of Average Flu Season: Up To 5 Million Infections, 650,000 Deaths, Covid-19: 4 Million Infections, 275,000 Deaths Even Including The Very Suspicious US Statistical Anomaly, Less Than 5% World's Population, More Than 25% Reported Deaths, And "In 2009 H1N1 Flu Pandemic – About 18,300 Deaths In The United States" With No Lockdown, Social Distancing Or Travel Restrictions
5 Million Infections Annually, 650K Deaths
Must Watch Video- Science-Medical Perspective, Not Political Perception, On Covid-19 Epidemic, Numbers Similar To Regular Flu, Showing No Need For Locking Down Population, Which Increases Risk To Elderly, Vax Pusher Bill Gates' Proclamations Have Nothing To Do With Reality (36:10 Mark), No Vaccinations Needed, No Evidence Behind Social Distancing
Back To The Dark Ages: Serfdom Or Flu? Big Brother's Immunity Passport To Totalitarianism, Time To Move To S. Korea
Lose Job Or Risk The Flu? Canada Killing Its Economy
German Intel: US Blaming China Lab Is Smokescreen
UK's NHS Response Made Epidemic Worse
From The "One Flu Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Dept: US Universities Going Chinese With Tracking App
How To Recognize When Your Government Has Turned Against It Citizens And Their Rights
Make Sure A Virus Doesn't Kill Your Inalienable Rights
The US "Military-Corporate" Pandemic
Fascist-Style Google Censoring C-19 Apps Not Produced By Government
Censor Google, Fly With The Duck
Evidence C-19 Grown In Lab?
Watch Virus Cover-up Video And Make Up Your Own Mind Before Youtube Takes It Down ... Too Late, They Took It Down After Nearly 3 Million Hits
But You Can Watch It On ... Spread The Word
Youtube Has No Problem With "How To Make A Time Bomb" To Kill People, Not A Violation Of Their Community Standards ... Time To Wake Up
Must Watch Video- Western Governments Got It All Wrong, Wasted Time And Opportunity: Science-Medical Perspective With An Attitude On Covid-19 Epidemic, Numbers Similar To Regular Flu, Again Showing No Need For Locking Down Population, Which Increased Risk Of Elderly, Vax Pusher Bill Gates' Proclamations Have Nothing To Do With Reality (36:10 Mark), No Vaccinations Needed, No Evidence Behind Social Distancing, The Tortoise Of Truth Makes Way Too Much Sense
The UK Guy Who Made All The Wrong Calls
Covid-19 Numbers Hysteria: Tests Showed That A Goat And A Paw-Paw Fruit Tested Positive, And Why Is It That The Exceptional US With Less Than 5% Of World's Population Allegedly Makes Up More Than 25% Of The World's Covid Deaths, Way Outside The Statisical Norm, While China With 1.3 Billion People Accounts for Less Than 2%? Really Bad Health Care Approach Or Politically Inflated Panic Numbers?
Swiss Research Update: Scroll Down For Interviews, Nobel Prize Biologist, "Lockdown A Huge Mistake"
Several Medical Experts Described Vaccines Against Coronaviruses As Unnecessary, Even Dangerous, The Vaccine Against The So-Called Swine Flu Of 2009 Led To Some Severe Neurological Damage And Lawsuits In The Millions
The Gates Of Hell? A Documentary
This Message Didn't Self-Destruct In 5 Seconds: More Details On Failed US Led Coup Attack In Venezuela, Damning Photos
The Digital Goldie Yuan: Changing The Playing Field For Global Economy
China Tests Sovereign Digital Currency, Cashless Society
Video: Russiagate House Of Cards Comes Tumbling Down
The Clinton Foundation Box Opens A Bit More ... Dirty Tricks, Mueller, Mifsud
More Mueller Blowback
Who's Foreign Policy Is It? US Or Zionist Israel's?
George Orwell Receives The Prestigious Brave New World Award
Another Plague, How Convenient, Just Enough Time To Get Us To The Next Hysterical Flu Season, Maybe Time To Abandon France Altogether (Just Kidding)
Dirty Tricks Pompey-o's Failed Venezuelan Bay Of Pigs Fiasco, Now Isn't This Reason To Resign?
Zionists Attack On Liberty ... Don't Forget It
One Example Of Politicians Being In Over Their Heads, So They Implement The Sweep The Dirt Under The Rug Solution Where Few Voters Live
From The "Scaring People To Death" Dept: Get Covid, You're Gonna Die, But We're Gonna Control The World
Future Of US Played Out In Streets Of NY: Police State's Social Distancing Brutality
Future Of US Played Out By Wall Street Banksters Of NY
Zionist "Greater Israel" Still In The Making
Trump's Plan To Support Illegal Annexation Of West Bank By Zionist Israel Still In Play
Pompey-o's "Kick 'Em When They're Down" Venezuela Policy Still In Play
US Food System's Weakened Immunity
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Radio Quebec Ends Lockdown, Follows Science, Not Politicians
The Smart Ones: Sweden, Iceland, Belarus, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Didn't Follow China's Lockdown Quarantine Approach
The Not Smart One: "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal" Pompey-o Blames China, Why Then Did US Politicians Follow China's Quarantine Method That Wreaked Havoc On Economy Rather Than The Science?
Even In The Global Hotspots, The Risk Of Death For The General Population Of School And Working Age Is Typically In The Range Of A Daily Car Ride To Work, The Risk Was Initially Overestimated Because Many People With Only Mild To No Symptoms Were Not Taken Into Account
Ban Facebook, Go Direct, Add To Bookmarks, Make Up Your Own Mind What To Read
Sweden's Covid Response Based On Science Not Politics, Big Pharma
Sweden Didn't Issue Mandatory Quarantine, Left It To Citizens To Decide, Based On Sound Medical Principle Rather Than Political Control, And Remember, Neither Japan Or S. Korea Had Mandatory Lockdowns
No Lockdown S. Korea: Population 51 Million, Infections 10,780, Deaths 250, Extrapolated To US Population Figures Would Mean 1750 US Deaths Vs. 40,000 Claimed, And Damaged Economy
S. Korea Lowest Death Rate In World By Heart Attack, 2nd Lowest Japan, And Sweden In Low Category, Time For The S. Korean Diet Craze?
Top Ten US Deaths By Illness
Pennsylvania Citizens Challenge Mandatory Stay At Home Order On Constitutional Grounds
Link Between Covid And Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (Blood Clots Lungs, Heart)
Covid: 5 Folks Who Are Lovin' It
The UK's Antichristian Blasphemy Culture
Steele Dossier Author's Links To Clinton, DNC
Deep State Makes Move To Block Ukrainegate Explosion
Meanwhile, "Crooked Hillary" Waiting In The Wings
CIA Hired Scottish Doctor To Torture His Canadian Patients
The Greatest Rip-Off In History: US Imperial Economics
N. Korea's Kim Jong-un Way Of Saying Western Media's Claim Of His Death Was Bulls**t
OPCW: New Ownership, Open For Business
ZionaVid-20 Spreads To Virginia
Billionaire Covid Bonanza
US Profit Centered Rather Than Patient Centered "Health Care" System Is Exceptional
Nature Not A Respecter Of Countries: American Exceptionalism Falls To Covid-19
Fauci Sent $3.7 Million To Wuhan Lab
"Robbing Peter To Pay Paul" In UK: Unnecessary Additional 18,000 Die From Cancer Due To Shift To Corona Virus
Alphabet-Google-YouTube Censors Doctors Who Question Stay Home Policy, Yet ...
The Tortoise Of Truth Calls Political Global Scam: "Home Quarantine Of Exposed Individuals To Reduce Transmission Is Not Recommended," p. 47, In October 2019, WHO Study Found "Little To No Scientific EvidenceFor The Effectiveness Of Measures Such As "Social Distancing," Travel Restrictions And Lockdowns
Update Former European Chief Epidemiologist: 75 to 90% Of The Epidemic Is "Invisible“ Because That Many People Develop No Or Hardly Any Symptoms, A Lockdown  Therefore "Pointless" And Harms Society
C-19: The Data And The Science Do Not Support The Current Political Policies, Putting Vulnerable People More At Risk
From The "Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace" Dept: Canada's Chinese Big Brother Mandatory Charm Bracelet, And When A New Annual Flu With No Vaccine, Which Are Only 20-50% Effective At Best (How Will They Know Who It's Really Protecting?), Shows Up, What Then, Lockdown The Entire Country Until A New Proven Vaccine Shows Up A Year Or More Later? If World Survived 1918 Flu Without Big Brother, Why Needed Now?
Canadian's Speaking Up For Ouster Of Covid Doctor: Does She Work For Canada Or China?
Assange Political Trial More Contrived Farce
Growing Syrian Resistance To Illegal US Occupation
China Escorts US Warship from Its Territorial Waters
What's Wrong With This Picture, Folks? Panicdemic And Pandamonium: 2020 Olympics To Be Cancelled If Common Cold Corona Virus Not Brought Under Control (???) By 2021, Reported Covid-19 Deaths To Date, 215,000, Average Flu Season Worldwide 650,000
Average Global Death Toll Flu 650K
Social Distance Bombing ... Bad Karma
From The "If You Can't Beat Em, Join 'Em ... Again" Dept: JCPOA
The Paranoia Switch: Testing, 1, 2, 3, Testing
Expendable Theater Brought To You By Universal Lockdown
Zionist Israel And Its Hapless Host
The Greatest Rip-Off In History: US Imperial Economics
C-19: The Data And The Science Do Not Support The Current Political Policies, Putting Vulnerable People More At Risk
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
The Tortoise Of Truth Calls Political Global Scam: "Home Quarantine Of Exposed Individuals To Reduce Transmission Is Not Recommended," p. 47, In October 2019, WHO Study Found "Little To No Scientific Evidence“ For The Effectiveness Of Measures Such As "Social Distancing," Travel Restrictions And Lockdowns
Update Former European Chief Epidemiologist: 75 to 90% Of The Epidemic Is "Invisible“ Because That Many People Develop No Or Hardly Any Symptoms, A Lockdown Would Therefore Be "Pointless" And Harm Society
The Lockdown Is About Politics And Control First, Not Health And Well-Being Of Its Citizens
Average Yearly Global Death Toll From Flu Is 650,000, So Far Into Spring, 200,000, Far Less Than Average, One Has To Question Lockdown And Hurry-up Call For Getting All The Sheep Vaccinated
Time To Lockdown Pollution
In Austria March 2020, More People Died From Unattended Heart Attacks Than C-19
The Political Alzheimer's Syndrome: By The Way, Whatever Happened To All The Zika Virus Panic And Travel Warnings, The Virus Is Still Around, No Vaccine, Big Pharma Tried To Scam $8 Billion From US Congress, Then The Panic And Threat Miraculously Faded Away Just like The Worst Mass Shooting In American History
2010 Spider And The Fly: How Vaccinations Can Be Used To Reduce World Population, Initial Vax Catalyst Used To Increase Death Rate From Bioweaponized Future Viruses ... Do You Trust Bill Gates?
Mercury And Aluminium In Vaccines, A Simple Experiment, So What Could Sophisticated Bio-engineers In Level 4 Labs Create?
Catalytic Chemical Reaction: Inert Aluminium Powder and Water, But Put The Two Together ...
Video: Globalist Fascism Pressing For Mandatory Vaccinations
Ask Yourself This About This 21st Century Trojan Horse: If Natural Immunity, Antibodies Not Produced By Having Covid-19, As WHO Alleges Without Evidence, How Does Bill "Reduce The World's Population Through Vaccinations" Gates And WHO (Globalist's Health Organization) Artificial Vax, Which Usually Are Only 20-50% Effective, Be The Answer? Not The Answer, It's Their Excuse, Why Are They In An Awful Hurry To Push This Poison Before Evidence? It's Not Because He's Concerned About Your Good Health
RFK Jr. Calls For Investigation Into Gates And His Vax Depopulation Agenda, His Vaccines Have A History Of Causing Disease And Death, Crimes Against Humanity
Update: Non-Sky Is Falling Facts About Corona Virus, Medically Lockdown An Extreme, And Unneeded Overreaction, But Big Pharma Makes Billions Off Of Fear, "A Nine-year-old French Child With Corona Infection Had Contact With 172 People, But None Of Them Were Infected," Death Rate 20x LOWER Than WHO Assumptions
No Lockdown, No Social Distancing, S. Korea Holds Democratic Elections, Leads Enlightened Way With Covid
Peer Reviewed PNAS Study: 3 Types Covid-19, A, B, And C, Type B In China, Type A And C In US And The West, So Where Did It Come From? Not Wuhan
NYTabloid's Exceptional Self-Deluded Claptrap
It's Contagious, Following A Perfectly Written Script
Have The Elites Finished Their Lockdown Work? As NY Admits Death Rate Much Lower As Millions Already Infected Without Ill Effect
When Politicians Pretend To Be Doctors: More Evidence Lockdown Was Unnecessary, And Covid-19 Was Well-Established In World Before Controls Put In Place
Saudis Sending Oil Bomb To US
The Sky May Have Fallen On US Energy Independence, Lift Lockdown And Get People Moving Again
See How Many Planes Are Flying Right Now
Update: Non-Sky Is Falling Facts About Corona Virus, Medically Lockdown An Extreme, And Unneeded Overreaction, But Big Pharma Makes Billions Off Of Fear, "A Nine-year-old French Child With Corona Infection Had Contact With 172 People, But None Of Them Were Infected," Death Rate 20x LOWER Than WHO Assumptions
RFK Jr. Calls For Investigation Into Gates And His Vax Depopulation Agenda, His Vaccines Have A History Of Causing Disease And Death, Crimes Against Humanity
Reason For Pause: Gates Vax Mayhem In India
Corona Virus Reminder: NO VACCINE NEEDED To Cure It, A Variety Of Available Medicines Work
A Convenient Crisis: Rascals Play While We're Locked Away
The Time To Start Thinking, Folks: #12- Countries Without Lockdowns And Contact Bans, Japan, South Korea And Sweden, Have Not Experienced A More Negative Course Of Events Than Other Countries
Swedish Epidemiologist Explains Why Lockdowns Are Wrong Medical Policy
Doctors Agree: Natural Immunization Of Population Best, Protect Most At Risk
Media-Globalist Generic Covid Panic Harmful Medically And Economically
Globalist Political Lockdown: Worldwide Sheep Herding
Video: Covid-19 Stay Safe Stay Home Propaganda Slogan Effect On Human Population
Given This, Will They Accept Or Reject Her Offer? 
Video: Back In The Day When Journalists Went After The Facts Rather Than Spouting Propaganda
Another Study Suggests C-19 Much More Common Than Thought, Which Means Death Rate Much Lower, Supporting Previous Reports That Most Don't Show Any Symptoms, So Why All The Lies? Induce Panic And Fear Among The Herd
NYTabloid Falls For Fake News From US Funded Propaganda Outfit, Which Raises Question As To Who Is "Brain Dead"
From Lincoln To Trump: A Government For The People To Against the People
Lockdown's Economic Effect On Oil, If You Must Isolate, Then Do So In Your Car And Start Driving?
Living By The $word: No Lockdown On War Though
The New Saddam Has WMD Scenario, Pin It On China, Despite The Fact That People Died From It In US In June 2019, Long Before US Military In Wuhan Outbreak
Patient Zero In US?
A Temporary Exit By US From Iraq Part 1
A Temporary Exit By US From Iraq Part 2
Too Big To Fail Should Have Been Left To Fail
Corona Virus Enhances The Stupidity Gene: Should Have Dumped The Sand Into Council Chambers

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Update C-19 Info: Most Show No Symptoms Or Have Mild Symptoms
Antiviral Drug Remdesivir Covid-19 Patients Recovering Quickly
Stanford Study: Covid-19 More Widespread Than Thought, And No More Deadly Than Flu, If So, Who Pulled The Wool Over Our Eyes And Disrupted Economies? They Need To Be Held Responsible
Time To Reverse Lockdown Strategy
Say No To Bill And His Vax Buddies
Update: London Times, "Cure" Just As Bad, 50% Of Current British Excess Mortality Might Not Be Caused By The Coronavirus, But By The Effects Of The Lockdown, General Panic And Partial Social Breakdown, And Half Of Those Up To 80% Of Test-Positive Individuals Remain Symptom Free, Median Age Of Deceased In Most Countries, Including Italy, Is Over 80 Years and Only 1% Of Deceased Had No Previous Serious Illnesses, So Who's Pushing The Herd Hysteria, Cui Bono And Why?
In All This Excessive Mass Hysteria, Government And Corporate Malfeasance, What Have We Learned?
Peru Keeps Its Masks Route Secret So US Can't Get Their Hands On Them
"We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal," Yup, They Do
Out Of Quarantine? Google Subpoenaed To Provide Hillary's Scrubbed, Classified?, Emails
Flu Vaccines Only About 50% Effective On Past Flu Viruses, Not On New Ones, And Now Another Effective Treatment For Covid-19, So Be Smart, Think Ounce Of Prevention ... Wear A Mask, Wash Your Hands And Let's Get Back To Work Which Is ESSENTIAL For Supporting Our Families
à Votre Santé! Hydroxychloroquine And Now Everyone Wants It To Treat C-19
FedEx Employees Are Not Dropping Like Flies, Nor Are Food Market Employees, Or Government Officials
If Planes (aka Airborne Confined Spaces) Are Flying, Then We Should All Go Back To Work, Check Out Map For US, EU And China
Rich Flying Private Jets During Lockdown
Boeing Is Putting Its People Back To Work Next Week
Run, Sheep, Run! The Elite's Global Covid-19 Coup
Covid-19 Death Stats Being Manipulated, Covid Deaths Counted By CDC, By Own Admission, Include Actual And Guesses, Creating Fear, Same Tactic Used By Hitler's Nazis To Scare Germans Into Submission, And Look Where That Led
When All Else Fails, Divert Attention Elsewhere, “Democracy (BTW US Is A Republic) Depends On An Informed Citizenry (Doublespeak Code For What Media-Owning Elites Want You To Believe) And Social Cohesion (Doublespeak Code For Keeping The Herd In Their Pen)," Obama ... As Opposed To A Republic Depends On A Citizenry Given The Facts By Independent Media Journalists And Freedom And Liberty Of The States And Individuals Governed By Constitutional Law, Which The Elites Greatly Fear
For Example ...
When All Else Fails, Play The Blame Game, From Bat Soup To Wuhan Virus To China Flu To Russia Subverting US With Covid, Point Is US "Health Care System" Is A Billionaire Profit Center System First And Victims, aka Patients, Are The ATMs, And C-19 Exposed Their Shame, Face It Folks, The People Need To Stand Up Or Else Perish At The Hands Of These Greedy Bastards
From The "Just Say No" Dept: Be Leery Of Bill Gates And Big Pharma Now Bearing Gifts To "Save" You After They Scared You Half To Death
False Flags, Fake News And Now Fake Deaths: US Hospitals Get Paid More For Listing Covid-19 As Cause Of Death
The Elite Rich Own About Everything, And Now They Want You
5G Beetles?
Sounds Like Good Advice Regarding Google, Apple
UK's Laughing Health Care Minister
All Those C-19 Infected Refugees In Favor Of Going To Europe, Line Up Over Here
Like Afghanistan,The Iraq War Continues in One Form Or Another, But It's Not The Elite's Kids Getting Killed
The 5G-Vax Connection Video: Banned By Youtube, Reason Enough To Watch, Make Up Your Own Mind While You've Been Locked Up At Home
Brave New World
The Brothers Karamazov
5G Rollout Map Zoom In For Details
When Government Tells You What's Important: Governor Gretchen Whitmer Doesn't Care If You Gamble Or Booze It Up, But She Don't Want You Growing Your Own Food
Use The Seeds You Can Buy: Growing A Veggie Garden From Grocery Store Produce
Use Eggshells As Starter Pods
DIY Video: Growing Veggies
DIY Video: Start Growing Those Seeds
The Zionization Of America
War-Loving Zionist "Idol Worshipers" Using Covid-19 To Crackdown On Religious Jews
Covid, Job Loss, And Wall Street ... Remember Them?
When Living On Debt Comes Home To Governments
Mighty To Rescue? A Dash Of Truth Mixed Into A Tall Tale For The True Believers Equals Panic And Loss Of Freedom
Russiagate Prosecutions To Be Forthcoming
Rehearsal: When Big Brother Determines Who Can Travel, Today It's C-19, Tomorrow Whatever BB Wants
De-Panic Covid
Covid Scaring People With Biased "Facts"
C-19 Wipes The Veneer Off The Exceptional US's Health Care System
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Russia's New S-500 Air-Space Defense System
DNC: The Ukraine Connection Runs Deep, Then Deeper
Covid-19: War A Non-Essential Activity
The Search For Patient Zero And The Mirror On The Wall
Despite Calls From UN And Countries For US To Lift Sanctions Due To Corona Virus, "Humanitarian" US Still Persists, Doesn't Even Appear To Be That Interested In Helping Its Own Citizens Either
No Humanitarian Help, But We'll Steal Your Oil While Americans Die
US #1 In Covid-19 Death Toll, Going For The All-Time Record?
US Death Toll, 1918 Kansas Influenza Spread By US Military
When Government Tells You What's Important: Governor Gretchen Whitmer Doesn't Care If You Gamble Or Booze It Up, But She Don't Want You Growing Your Own Food
Use The Seeds You Can Buy: Growing A Veggie Garden From Grocery Store Produce
Use Eggshells As Starter Pods
DIY Video: Growing Veggies
DIY Video: Start Growing Those Seeds
Pandemic Or Panpanic? A Dozen Experts Believe It Is The Latter
Ten More Believe It Is Panpanic
In A Time Of Crisis, Leaders Come Forth To Help, Not Hinder
The New Trojan Horse: Another Western Nation Develops A National Tracking System To Stop "Covid-19 Spread," aka Sheep Into The Pen, Already Decided, "After Broad Debate" Is To Placate The Sheep
The Obama-Hillary-Biden Triumvirate And The Illusion Of A US Democratic Party
Peer Reviewed Scientific Study: 9/11 Building 7 Collapse Was Controlled Demolition ("Pull It" Insurance Money Refund?), Now What About The Political Impact Of Covid-19?
Kushner's Priorities Not Making US Safe: Covid-19 Masks, Medical Supplies Headed Off To Zionist Israel, How Long Are You Going To Suck It Up Americans?
New Record US Covid-19 Death Rates
How To Make A Covid Mask In 45 Seconds ... Hmm, What To Do With All Those Facial Recognition Cameras
Australia's High Court Judges Let Convicted Roman Church Pedophile Cardinal Walk Free
From The "Who's Your Buddy, Who's You Pal?" Dept: China, Russia Helping NATO Countries To Fight C-19 More Than NATO
US Unilaterally Says Space Up For Grabs ... Well, At Least Until Others Take Advantage
US Covid-19: When The Accusations And Lies Come Back To Bite
America's True Character Shows Through In Its Use Of Power
Video: Unseen Battle For World Dominance: Take Time To Watch This, Now That We Have The Time Thanks To Mr. Gates, Caveat: Keep Mathew 24:24-28, Revelation 6:4, 1 Thessalonians 5:3 Foremost In Mind
Elites' WHO, aka World Panic Organization
UK: The Enemy Within
Danger Of The Lie: Crisis Decision-Making Based On Unreliable Data ... Human Rights, Police State
Eyes Wide Open: A Look At What's Going On Around Us
Current Mortality Rates Still Below The Stronger Flu Winters Of Recent Years, "According To All Findings To Date, Covid-19 Is No More Dangerous Than Previous Influenza Epidemics, Isolation Now Would Only Cause A Second Wave Later"
Those Government Officials Immune To C-19
German National Tracking App With Covid-19 As Excuse, Voluntary, Info Not Stored, Yeah Right
Covid-19 Cover For Iran War?
Pompey-o Pushes For More War
US Profound Lack Of Human Decency
One Flu Over The Cuckoo's Nest: Abolish Family, Privacy, Cash, Make Everyone Our Slaves!!
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Babylon's Planet Lockdown: A Massive $ocial Re-Engineering Project, A New Great Depression By Design
Planet Earth Has The Flu, But Not As Bad, Despite Media Chicken Little Frenzy, As Some Previous Years, So What's Different? Fear Propaganda
Covid's Chicken And Egg Story?
US Ambassador Thanks China For Covid Assistance
Russia's S-400 Missile Defense System Must Be Really Good As US Offers Turkey Another Deal To Drop Them
China Back Up And Running, US Stumbling All Over Itself
Sounds Like A Bad Batman Movie: After Stealing Masks Headed For France, The Orange Masker Swipes Those Headed For Germany, Canada On High Alert
Beware The Banksters ... Again
Population Reduction And Public Health "Care," UK Asks Sick And Elderly To Volunteer For Death
Video: 80/20 Rule Help Those Who Need It Most, Not Ask Them To Die, Unless That Is The Real Goal
Weekend At Bill Gate's
From The "Make That Three Scoops Of Heaping Coals Of Fire" Dept: US And West With Allies Hold Fast To Their "Kick'em When They're Down" Antichristian Behavior
Christian Behavior
China's Health Silk Road
Panicked Media More Worried About "Evil Russian" Propaganda Potential Than Saving Lives
What No Screeds From MSM That Russia Is Meddling In US During Election Year?
US Government: Using C-19 Outbreak As A Political Weapon? Hey, Presidents and Prime Ministers, How About Cooperating With Each Other To Help The People For A Change?
Military Troop Movements Spreading The Virus?
Exceptional Disgrace
C-19: Reaping What One Sows
Squirrel Who Gathers No Nuts For Winter Is Not Seen In Spring
The Not So Sweet Nutcracker: Making America Groan Again
Which Is Worse: The Illness Or The Response?
Will The World's Real Narco-Terrorist Please Shut Up
What!? Mexican President And Buddies Not Accused Of Being Narco-Terrorists As Drug Smuggling Into US Has Been Ongoing For Decades
You Should Have Heeded Thomas Jefferson: Virginia, The First US Zionist State
Covid-19, But No Need For Mr. "Reduce World's Population Through Vaccines" Gates' Pound Of Cure Vaccinations, Travel Control Certificates a la The Old Soviet Union: Hydroxychloroquine + Z-Pak, And Other Readily Available Solutions
FDA Also Approves Chloroquine For Covid-19 Treatment After Hundreds Treated Successfully
Average US Joe Gets Short End Of Hoe
Russia Sends C-19 Medical Supplies To US
From The "I Bet You Forgot" Dept: CDC, 80,000 Died In US Alone 2017-18 Winter Flu Season, Covid-19 Worldwide Into Spring, 39,000, Yet No Scary Headlines, No Quarantine Domestic Or Global, No Economic Slaughter 2 Years Ago, So How Long Will Big Brother Be Allowed To Wreck Economies, Kill Businesses, Jobs?
CDC Deaths 2017-2018 Flu
No Need To Lock Down For 10 Weeks Per Bill Gates, 6 Months In UK, No Vaccinations Needed: France Finally Sanctions Chloroquine Treatment After 78 of 80 Patients Recover Within 5 Days
FDA Also Approves Chloroquine For Covid-19 Treatment After Hundreds Treated Successfully
The Circle Of Darkness: Rule Of Law A Relic Of Past Republics
Merkel Allows Refugees Into Germany During Covid-19, But Closes Borders To EU States
Covid-19 Or Should It Be Covid-9/11? Follow The Money Because The Numbers Don't Add Up: Worse Case Scenario With Current Johns Hopkins University Fatality Numbers [Total Of Past 4 Month Numbers Added Together, Used As One Month Number Times 12] Adds Up To LESS Than Average Death Toll In Average Year, So Why The Propagated Media Panic And Total Shut Down? Political And Economic Control
UK To Remain In Partial Lock Down For 6 Months, Which Takes Us To The Next Flu Season, Then What, Full Time Lock Down A la Big Brother?
What The US Use To Do, Putin: The Rich Must Cover The Covid-19 Economic Costs, Money To Those Who Need It Most
What's The Real Reason For Getting US Troops Out Of Iraq? We Know It's Not The One Given By The Government
Russia Questions Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs Near Its Borders ...Especially When All Bio-Weapons Were Supposed To Have Been Shut Down
But US Pulled Out Of Treaty In 2001 ... Given C-19, Who's Making These Decisions? And For What Purpose?
Light At End Of Tunnel: Spanish Infection Rate Of Covid-19 Drops Significantly
Video: Hillary Defense, Hey Deplorables, I'm "Too Important" To Testify
US Dem Pelosi-9/19: "No One Is Above The Law," Now About Hillary ...
Beware The Government Bearing "Gifts" ... No Such Thing As Free, Slave
Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Beware The Western Comsm-20 Viral Hysteria
Russia To The Rescue For Italy
China Delivering Medical Supplies To Europe
Cuba Sends Help Out To Other Countries Amid Covid-19 Outbreak
Choosing Curses And Death: Where Cheap Life Is Sacrificed On The Altar Of Corporate Greed
The Really Big Lie: C-19 Shines A Light On The Corruption Of The US, Becoming Clear For The World To See
Time To Wake Up? You Bet Your Life!
Living By The Sword: Inadequate Health Care System, No Pandemic Emergency Team In Place [Trump Fired Them], Snail Pace Response, So Blame China Despite 5 US Military Members Getting Sick Within Days Of Arriving In Wuhan, And Despite The Fact That Some Medical People Have Reason To Believe C-19 Was Present In The West Before Wuhan, But US Does Have Plenty Of Bombs And Missiles For Everyone
Covid-19's Chicken And Egg, Crisis And Opportunity Questions: What We Know So Far
Common Chloroquine And Z-Pak Throwing Wrench Into Deep State's Plan For A Mass Vaccination Tracking Control Program And Big Pharma Profits
Chloroquine, France And Big Pharma's Let Them Eat Cake Moment: Remember When We Were Patients Not Profit Centers?
Where's The Profits? Government on Behalf Of Big Pharma Doesn't Like Chloroquine And Z-Pak Treating C-19
Makes One Wonder If C-19, Though Real, Is More About Media-Political Panic Diversion
Changing The World Under Cover Of Covid-19
Zionist Israel Military Raids And C-19
The Convenience Of The Sheep Pen
While US Accuses Maduro Of All Sorts Of Nonsense, The US Overthrows Legitimate Governments It Doesn't Like, Supports Terrorists In Middle East, Bombs Women, Children And Hospitals, And In Afghanistan Protects The Poppy-Opium Trade
US Heroin Actions Louder Than Poppy Pompey-o's Words
CoronaVasion-20: "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal, We Invade" Accusations Galore With All The Right Jargon, "Cabal [aka Lobby], Awash In Corruption, Lining Pockets With Drug [Company] Money," Oops, That's Congress, Interesting Timing However In Midst Of C-19, Like 5G Rollout, Attempt To Pass Anti-FREEDOM Bill, National Health Tracking Network With Google, What Else Do They Plan To Roll Out During The Crisis While Adding Greatly To The National Debt?
More Corona Virus Diversion And US Congress "FREEDOM" Trickery
Why Does The US Gov't And Google Need To Create A National Network ... All The Better To Track You Down The Line
Radiation Health Concerns Over 5G
Why Are Authorities Putting The Kibosh On Chloroquine For Treating C-19 When People Are Dying And Facilities Are Full?
First C-19 Case Inside Pentagon As Wuhan Gets The All Clear
Nutanyahoo's Corona Coup
Hero Or Nero As US Slow Burns
Scaring The Sheep Into the Pen: Panicked People Don't Think, And Those Who Don't Think Are Easily Manipulated Against Their Best Interests
Free To Travel As China Lifts Restrictions
Keeping the Covid-19 Stats In Perspective, As Stats Can Be Very Deceiving ... For Example, The Average American Has One Breast And One Testicle, Now Go Find That Average Person ...
Swamp Ghouls
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China's Quick Response Teamwork, And A Smoking Gun
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