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Spring 2019

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide
Make Music Not War

Spring 2019

US Bias, Blame For Everything Is On Russia And Iran, Saudi Arabia And Zionist Israel Do 100 Times Worse, No US Condemnation
Putin, Russia Will Stand By Its Allies
Iran Shoots Down US Spy Drone Over Its Territory
US Warmongers Believe Nuclear War Winnable, But For Whom: Cockroaches 1, Mankind 0?
US Food Growers Continue To Suffer Under Trump's China Tariffs
US Sanctions On Russia Hit Europe Much Harder
673 Million People Pooping Outdoors Like Critters, But Does That Include San Fran?
Malaysian PM: MH17 Probe By West All About Blaming Russia
Rothschilds Accused Of Attacking South African State Owned Enterprises
Hedging Bets: American Airlines Buys 50 Airbus Airliners
Russiagate Hoax Unraveling More Each Day
Cell Phone Use Causing Bone Spurs On Skulls
Thousands Of Somali Refugees Flood Small US City
Washingtom Willing Accomplice To Humanitarian Atrocities
Lemming Syndrome: Here's Why California Politicians Drag Down State's IQ And Financial Rating As Taxpayers Flee State
Iran At Center Of Eurasian Riddle
US Pissed At Turkey Over S-400s: Whine Loudly And Carry A Sanctions Stick
Boeing Pilots Too Weak To Turn Hand Crank On 737s?
First Grade Perversion, Scerewing Up Little kids Lives, So Where Are The Parents?
Millennials And Gen Z Killing Themselves In Record Numbers
Feet Killing You, Legs Weary? How About Stand-Up/Leaning For A 5.5 Hour Flight?
How Far Can Zionist Israel's Terror Regime Push EU To Support Them?
IAEA Recognized Palestinian Statehood
We Got Fake News, Now We've Got Fake Journalists Pushing War
Trump/US Can't Defend Own Border, But Wants To Attack Iran?
Douma Intel Report Compromised, Yet Trump Fired Missiles Into Syria, So Now We Have Iran
Trump And Gang Looking For A Way To Bypass Congress And Start WW3
From The "Our Kind Of Guy" Dept: Frick & Frack Pompey-o/Bolton's Venezuela Puppet Embezzled Millions In Humanitarian Aid Money
Boeing's Shortcuts Cost Billions At Paris Air Show
Why The Snowflake LGBTQ Community Gives Itself A Bad Rep
Same Old M.O. For Zionist Led US Starting A War It Wants ... Create False Flag, Accuse X Of Doing It, Then Act Using Your False Flag As Pretext To Attack
Ego Stroke, Giving Away Something That Doesn't Exist, On Land That Doesn't Belong To You: Some Tribute, Eh? Nutanyahoo Opens "Trump Heights," A Non-Existent Settlement In Illegally Occupied Golan
Russia Gas Cheaper Than "Freedom Gas"
US Huawei Ban Costs US Tech Companies Billions
Boeing Making Another Mistake? Simulation Not Real World
Iran Admiral Urges US To Leave Persian Gulf To Restore Security In The Region
Snowflake University Lunacy: Sticks And Stones ... But Names Will Never Hurt Me?
An Apt Description Of The Result Of Zionist Influence In US
Iran Dismantles Large CIA Run Cyber-Spy Network
Canada Can't Get Its Pipeline Problem Solved
"We Cheat, We Steal, We Lie" Pompey-o's False Flag Accusations Called Out By Japanese Media, Eyewitnesses, Points To More US Lies
Deep State Throwing Monkey Wrench Into Trump-Putin G20 Meeting?
African Migrants Coming To US Via Mexico Carrying Rolls Of US $100 Bills ... Who's Organizing This?
The Fruit Of Trump's JCPOA Decision
Time To End Monopolistic Tech Companies Eroding Constitutional Values
US Warhawk Eager To Start WW3
Forget The Cold War, Trump's Ally Saudi Barbarism Is The Dark Ages
"Extremely Entitled And Extremely Lazy" Snowflake, Coffee Shop Socialist Millennials Don't Provide The ROI US Corporations Expect ... Read The Comments Too
Russia Slams CBS For Working With al-Qaeda In Idlib
Beijing: Do You Hear The People Sing?
Calling In The B-Team A Big Mistake
Pearl Harbor Attack Unmasked
Tortoise [Truth] And The Hare [Lies]: Surprise, Surprise, Lies From The Government About DNC "Hack" And Russiagate
US/Allies Baltic Sea Shenanigans And Nord Stream 2 Pipeline
Make Music Not War
US False Flag Lies Beginning To Exceed The Gullibility Of Americans
UN Big 5 Split: Zionist [Edom] Led US [Manasseh], UK [Ephraim], France [Reuben] Vs. Russia, China
Despite The Colossal Domestic Mess, Colonial Glory Days Mindset Tough To Shake As UK Mulls Keeping "Skin In The Game" By Sending Marines To Persian Gulf
Hong Kong Backs Down With Extradition Bill After Massive Protests
NYT: US Allegedly Increases Cyber Attacks On Russia's Power Grid
Indonesia To US: We're Not A Dumpster, Sends Garbage Back To US
An Open Letter To Hypocritical YouTube
Generation W [Whinerbabies], If You Can Handle It, A Positive Example For You
Trade Wars Going On All Over The Place
US Dollar Creates Opportunity For US To Meddle And Punish Foreign States
Foreign Banks Willing To Join Russia's SWIFT Alternative
India Slaps Tariffs On US Goods Prior To Pompey-o Arrival
Spain Rolls Out Huawei's 5G Network Despite US
Jordan Peterson Launches Thinkspot
Pompey-o: "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal," So Listen To Me When I'm Talking About Iran
Why The US Doesn't Like Those Russian S-400s
Follow The Money, And The Biggest Investor In Russia Is ... The US
Putting A Ding In Android: Huawei Files To Trademark Its Own OS Worldwide
India Considers Slapping Retaliatory Tariffs On US Goods Before Pompey-o Visit
Putting Another Ding In The Dollar: EU-Russia Agreeing To Trade In Euros, Rubles
A Look Into The Workings Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran
UK, US, Australia: Assange About Shutting Down Freedom Of The Press, Speech, Promoting Lies
Given The "Assessment" And The "Coincidental Timing" Of Oil Tanker Attack, Should US MIC Send Iran A Thank You Note?
US Oil Tanker Video Walks Down Both Sides Of The Street
Oil Tanker Crews Report Seeing Flying Objects Rather Than Torpedo, So Who Benefits If Oil Prices Go Up?
Oil Tanker Attacks: Pardon Us, Western Allies, But Your M.O. Is Showing
New York: State Over Church, Parents
US Looks Into The Crystal Ball, And What Does It See? A Chinese Hegemon From Xi To Shining Sea
All Is Not Utopia In Land Of Yellow Pencils
China Directs Investments Away From US Into Silk Road Projects
US Achilles Heel: Oil, Imports Russian Oil
A Message Too Clear To Be Ignored: Orwellian US Re-Writing History Of Events
Not Getting What You Pay For: US F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Most Expensive System In History Has Problems, But Pentagon Will Accept "Workarounds?"
There You Are World, "US Will Be At War Forever," Of Course, US Won't Be Around Forever
Swamp Creatures, Propagation Pompey-s Big Nuclear Deal LIES
Right On Cue, Pentagon Says "No Interest In New War," Well US Never Stopped The Old One With Iran
Warmonger, False Flagger, Secretary Of Lies Pompey-o Says Tanker Attacks "Threat To International Peace," Okay, Then Why Did US & Allies Do It? No Benefit In It For Iran
Like Douma Attack, Which Had Assad Written All Over It, Trump Claims Oil Tanker Attack "Has Iran Written All Over It"
Douma Gas Attack Was Faked, A False Flag Promoted By US
Assessments, Raise Concerns, Does This M.O. Sound Familiar? Quick Draw Pompey-o Blames Iran For Tanker Attack As Flames Still Burning
Emperor's Invisible New Clothes: Suspicious Doesn't Begin To Describe Oil Tanker Attack As Iran-Japan Talks In Tehran Start, 11 Russians On Board Tankers
From The "Remember The Maine, The Gulf Of Tonkin False Flags" Dept: Hormuz Tanker Attack Has The US, CIA [Saudis, Israelis Too] "Invisible" Fingerprints All Over It, Another No Evidence, And A "Highly Likely" To Blame Iran, Sounds Like Iraq And WMDs, And Like The Fake White Helmet Attacks In Douma Followed By Trump's Missile Attack
Remember The Gulf Of Tonkin
From The "Have We Got A Deal For You" Dept: Poland Makes Itself A Target Of Russian Nukes On Behalf Of US, Means Fewer Missiles Aimed At US
Third Time In 3 Months US Air Attack In Afghanistan Kills Allies
Google's Tail Wagging The US Dog
Obama Administration's Fake Dossier Hole Gets Deeper
Video: Finally, A High School Valedictorian Speech Worth Hearing, The School Admin Was Pissed, But The Graduating Students Liked It ... A Lot
Less Than Half Of US Illegals From Mexico
Michigan AG Drops All Criminal Charges In Flint Water Crisis
As Huawei Goes In US, So Goes US Tech Companies In China
Bojo Looks To Succeed Mayhem As UK PM
Driving Miss India To Russia: US Really Doesn't Like Those Russian S-400s, Now Threatens India As It Did Turkey
German Chancellor Trump Considers Nord Stream 2 Sanctions "To Protect Germany From Russia" ... Does He Really Think We're This Gullible And Stupid?
Leftist Censors Join Ranks To Protect Each Other
F-35s: All That Money To Build Them, Nothing To Fix Them
Video: Grenfell Fire Aftermath Indicative Of England's Failures
UK Human Rights Report Fails To Mention The Saudi's In Their Genocide Against Yemen
Climate Control? US Military Largest Producer Of Greenhouse Gases In The World
From The "Are You Paranoid Enough To Survive?" Dept: When In Washington, Do As The Romans Did
Is Trump's China Trade War The Smartest Way Forward Or Postponing The Inevitable?
Trade War: China Thinking No Deal Better Than Bad Deal
Logistical Blowback From Trade War For US
As China, Russia Emerge, Grow Stronger, Eurasian Outsider US Ramps Up The Fear Factor Rhetoric
FBIAS In CYA Mueller Report
Expensive US F-35 Snafu Class Fighter No Longer Stealthy To China
Meanwhile, In The US, It's Time For Recognizing "Stupid" As An Ethnic Group
Add Pinterest To List Of Leftist Censors
Video: US Policy Of "Our Way Or The Highway" Is Driving Countries Away From US
Russia, China Set To Double Trade To $200B Annually
Crimea: New Russian Cultural Center In Sevastopol
Trump Gets Senators Riled Up, $8 Billion Sale To Saudi et al Hits A Bump In US Congress
Our Zionist Policies Are Your Policies America, Don't You Get It Yet?
Ukraine Becoming Failed State Not Enough For Soros, Now Working On US
Soros In Ukraine
UK High Court: MI5 Unlawful Handling, Storage Of Data
Bolton Proclaims Open Cyber Warfare
Post Mueller, US Still Meddling In Russia
China Invites India To Join Forces Against US Trade Practices, Sanctions
The Day The US Lost Its Liberty, Betrayed Its Own Seamen, And Its Sovereignty
Dershowitz: Dem's Russiagate A Political Hit Job, Not About The Law
China's Rare Earth Exports To US Drop Due To Trade War
Illegal's Golden Gateway: Dems California Crazy As State Kowtows To Foreign Law Breakers
Kiwis Tell Government, No Thanks We'll Keep Our Guns
Squirming On The Receiving End, US Still Issuing Threats To Turkey Over S-400 Purchase
Turkey Playing Both Ends Against The Middle: No US F-35s? Then Russian Su-57s or China's J-31s
Google's Smartphones Had Pre-Installed Backdoor Malware
Trump Brags About Doing What He Accused China Of Doing To Start Trade War ... Putting US At "A Tremendous Competitive Advantage”
Trump: US To Stop China From Taking Advantage ...
FOIA Docs Show DNC, Obama Officials Link To Steele Dossier And Russiagate
US Pompey-o Says He's Willing To Meddle In UK Politics On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
Trump's Art Of The Deal Iran Strategy
Carter To Trump: It's The Military Budget, US Most Warlike Country In History
Germany, Jordan Support 2-State Solution For Palestinians
Canada Spies On, Collects, Stores Data On Its Citizens
Don't "Left" The US Become Like The Fallen UK
Left Out Of The Closet In It's Tolerance Of Diversity
Leftist Google's Youtube Plays God, Bans People And Views It Doesn't Like
State Plays God, Moves To Take Over Christian School, Force State's Antichristian Values
NYC: Left Covers For Those Committing "Anti-Semitic" Hate Crimes
Make Music Not War
More Evidence That US Armed Syrian Terrorists In Coup Attempt Against Assad
Iran Calling For Elimination Of Weaponized US Dollar, Trump, US Congress Doing Its Best To Make It Happen With Sanctions And Trade War
More US Regression Aggression: US To Cuba Water Crossing "Illegal"
US Coup Aided By Canada, Other US Allies Drives Venezuelan People Closer Together
Trump Pushing Turkey Out Of NATO?
Lies Upon Lies: CIA's Haspel Deliberately Misled Trump Over Skripal Incident, BTW, Where Are The Skripals?
Hong Kongers Take To Streets To Protest Extradition To Mainland China
China Adds CIAmazon Post, Guardian To Blacklist
Exceptional America Increasing Its Skid Rows
Christianity Put The God In Godzilla
US Billionaire Tries Hand At Rewriting WW2 History
China Moving To Stop Key Exports To US Over Huawei Clampdown
Trump Presses German Troops To Remain In Syria
Russia Develops Technology That Grounds Drones
Another Hit To The Petrodollar As Venezuela To Use Rubles In Trade With Russia
Venezuela Suspends Consular Service In Canada
Correction, Doublespeak Freeland: It Was The US, Supported By Canada And Others, Who Abandoned Democratic Election Results In Venezuela By Attempting A Coup Designed To Oust The Democratic Elected Maduro, Read The Master List Of US Coups Since WW2 ... Easiest Way To Resolve "Crisis" Is For The US, Canada And Allies To Get Out Of Venezuela's Business
The US Master List
Mexico To Buy From US "Patriot" Farmers, But They Can't Grow Crops In Soggy Soil
Food Crisis: US Farmers, Future Food Supplies Getting Hammered By Weather, Trade War, May Be Worst In US History
No Sowing In Soggy Soil
Russia Crop Plantings Increase By 1.2 Million Hectares For 2019
STD's Making A Comeback With Super Bacteria
Huawei's Ace Card
More Mueller Report Deceits, False Witnesses ... 2 Years And $25 Million Wasted, Who Will Be Held Personally Responsible? No One
YouTube And Emotionally Stunted Whinerbabies
Google's Beast: "No Man Might Buy Or Sell Unless He Has The [Approval] Mark Of The Beast"
The Zionist Gang Of International War Criminals Always Pushing For War While Getting Special "Law" Protection
One Trick Pony US Trots Out More Iran Sanctions
The Smoking Gun: US Intel Committee IG Clinton Email Notes Missing, CD Irreparably Damaged
The Onslaught Continues ... 300,000 Anchor Babies Born In US Each Year, Future IRS Taxpayers No Matter Where They Live Though
IRS To Anchor Babies ... You Got To File And Pay Or Face Fines, Jail Time
The Road To Destruction Is Paved With Lies
The Great Race: US Or China To Lead Globalization?
Malaysia Stands Up To US, Supports Huawei
Russia To Fill Food Gap For China Due To US Tariffs
Not Much Has Changed Since 1953 With The US And The CIA
Kushner And Nutanyahoo's "Joke Of The Century"
Which Raises The Questions, Who Bought Their Tickets, Where Are They Going, And Who Gave The OK For Illegals To Fly Without Proper Docs While Citizens Can't?
Optical Allusion: Probably Because The Russians Lost 27 Million Dead While France Rolled Over For The Vichy Government
"It iIs A Capital Mistake To Theorize In Advance Of The Facts" So Innuendo Will Have To Do
Russia Moving To Develop Large Oil And Gas Fields In Arctic
From The "Better Late Than Never" Dept: NYT Publish First, Ascertain Facts Later ... No Dead Ducks
Video: Jordan Peterson, If We Can't Take Responsibility For Ourselves, Then How Can We Do So For Our Family, Community, Our Country?
What US Dems Did For San Francisco, They Can Do To The US
India, Like Turkey, Chooses Russia's S-400 Despite Washington's Sanctions
Google It's Own Hateful Ideological Culture?
Love The Duck
Trump Digs Hole To China Deeper
Canadian Crude Production Looks To Increase In Next Decade
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept; War Veteren, Anti-War Candidate No Friend Of Military-Industrial Complex And Their Fellow Traveler Corporate Media
Bilderberg And The US About Face On Iran
Here's Some News For You, An Attack On Iran Will "Bring Down The 2.5 Quadrillion World Derivative Market, Largely Wiping Out The Economies Of All Western Nations" ... Oh
Huawei To Develop 5G In Russia
Russia-China Ink Dozens Of Trade Deals While US Continues Hitting Countries Over The Head With A Tariff And Sanctions Stick
Maybe DNC Should Hire Shrinks To Analyze The Do Nothing Dems Fixation On Trump Rather Than Policy
Public Officials Support Making Government Accounting Secret
And If You Were Wondering Why The US Is Toast, This Should Answer Your Question
Alabama Passes Chemical Castration Law For Child Sex Offenders ... Will Catholic Priests Remain?
Facebook In Court Over Its Censorship Moves
Google-YouTube Censorship Of The Right ... Time To Move On From Them
Duck Out On Google
What's With US Government's Obsession With All Things Oil? Propping Up The Endangered Petrodollar?
Oh The Terribleness Of Multi-Millionaire Whinerbabaies Who Can't Handle The Word Owner ... So Leave And Go Work In The Fast Food Industry ... What, They Are OWNERS Of Fast Food Businesses?
Hypocrisy Of US Policy: Riots And Unrest In Streets Calling For Freedom And Democracy Ignored By US Corporate Media ... Not Venezuela, But In US Ally Honduras
32 Tips To Spot Propaganda And Manipulation
From The "How Many Is Too Many?" Dept: A New Pro-Zionist Israel Group In US
Corporate Media Even Tries To Fake Coverage Of Real News Story
Part Of The Problem, US Interprets Other Nation's Acting In Their Self-Interests As "Aggression"
Trump Says May Better Negotiator Than He Is, Hence All The Sanctions And Trade War Chaos
Apparently He's Not So Good With Facts Either
Zionist Nutanyahoo Slammed For His Deal Offer With Religious Ultra-Rightists
Leaked "Deal Of The Century" Pompey-o Tapes Show Growing Doubts
Turkey S-400 Deal, Yes, US Deal, No
Facebook Public Policy Links To Neo-Nazis
Not Exactly A Dale Carnegie Devotee, Trump Has Enough Trade War For Everyone, Well, At Least For 2.5 Billion People
Trade Deficits Are Made In The USA ... "The Counterpart Of The Trade Deficit Is The Sum Of The Private Sector Deficit And The Government Deficit"
Trade War: Misery Loves Company
Trump Making Russia Great Again As Chinese Companies Look To Move Production To Russia
Zionist Israel Continues Its Interference In Syria
Another Aussie Journalist Targeted By The State
How US Is Isolating Itself In The World, Let Us Count The Ways
Edging Closer To Zionists Getting Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Putting One's Political Foot In One's Mouth Is Now A Great Talent
Bojo The Clown
Is The "Global Economy" Rapidly Winding Down?
Mood Of Europeans Souring On US Heavy Hand And Lies
Maybe He's Just Ignorant Of US Actions In Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya Ad Infinitum
Translunacy Mockery: Where's The Glory For A Loser Guy To Claim To Be A Girl, Then Beat True Girl Runners?
Trump Not A Fan Of Mega, Making Europe Great Again
The War On Truth
Owner Of 666 5th Avenue Says Not To Be Trusted By Palestinians
FBI Gave Special Treatment To Hillary Demands
CIAmazon Graft?
Bias? 94% Of DHS Grants To Enhance Security Go To Jewish Groups Who Make Up About 1% Of US
Murder Inc., The West's Killing Of Assange
Mueller Report Edits Of Transcripts Show Deliberate Bias
Another Chip In The US Constitution On The Way To Police State
Theresa Mayhem, PM
Make Music Not War
Iran-Turkey Look To Ditch US Dollar In US Sanction Workaround
US Ultimatum To EU, Buy American Military Arms, Not Russian
From The "Every Coin Has One Side" Dept: Poor Exceptional America, Countries Have Mistreated It For Decades, And In Those Sames Decades The US Has Overthrown Dozens Of Governments, And Pushed Its National Debt To Dangerous Historic Levels 
European Poodles Tuck Tail And Run
It's 1984 And The Sheep Are Ripe For Herding Into The Pen
The Road To Enslavement Is Paved With Convenience: CIAmazon, The Invasive Parasitic Plague
Solving The Student Debt Problem: First Pick A Degree Based On Its Earning Potential, Not Ideology
Time To Step Out Of The Social Noose, Time To Unbelong
NSA Violates Federal Law By Providing Info To Zionist Israel For Targeted Assassinations
Facebook The Public Bulletin Board: Don't Expect Privacy
Now That The Lovers Of Darkness And Lies Have Their Hands On Assange, Open Season On Journalists A Trend?
Grounds To Impeach Trump For Illegalities, Agent Of A Foreign Government, But Not Russia
US Continues Its Oil War In Syria
The Economic Wars Of The US
Let The People Decide
Bilderberg: The New World Order Elites In Action
Trump's "Deal Of The Century" For Iran
US Sets Records For Forest Fires, Tornadoes, Flooding And This Week The Bullying Of Other Countries
Here's Comes The Garbage: 2500 Tons Of Trash Headed For Vancouver
IAEA: Iran Still Within Key Nuke Deal Limits
Beijing Compiling List Of US Firms Harmful To Chinese Interests
Placating The Youthocracy Snowflakes
Like The Old Soviet Union Before It, US Has Entered Its Terminal Phase
For The Umpteenth Time, The DNC Was Not Hacked, It Was An Inside Leak As Forensic EVIDENCE Shows, But This Is Ignored ... Why Is No One Looking To Connect The Leak To Insider And Bernie Sander's Supporter Seth Rich's Murder?
While Just About Everyone In The West Blames Russia For Everything Under The Sun, While Ignoring Evidence To The Contrary, Everyone Else Asks The Same Question, Where's Your Proof?
Pillow Talk: The App Fairy Takes Your Personal Data While You Sleep
The EU: Cheap Communists
News From The Frontlines: China To Microsoft, You're Out
Huawei Reinstated Quietly By Bluetooth, SD, Wi-Fi Alliances
From The "What Farzenheimer Comes Up With This Sophomoric Stuff?" Dept: What Do You Get By Eating Freedom Burritos ... LNG Or Freedom Gas?
Trump Is The Zionist's Water Boy In The Oval Office
Assange Saga: The Lawless "Democratic West" No Different Than Other Abusers Of Power
Washington's "Mighty Warriors:" Draft Dodgers And Scoundrels, But Happy To Put Your Ass On The Line
Russia Continues To Get Its Financial House In Order Thanks To Uncle Sam
More Punitive Threats Against US Companies Using Russia's Rockets
However, US Still Uses Russian Rocket Engines To Launch Satellites
Nasty Bully US To Punish Any Country That Uses INSTEX Program For Trade With Iran
So No Surprise That German Companies Trust China More Than US Or UK
Russia All In On AI
Canada's Relationship With China Off The Rails
Use Your Brain, Not Google's AI
What Does Obama Have To Say In One Speech That Is Worth 10 Years Of The Average Middle Class Income In The US?
If China And US Had A War And The US Killed 350 Million Chinese, And the Chinese Killed 350 Million Americans, There Would Be No US, But China Would Still Have A Billion People
A Cautionary Tale About Banksters
The China Trade War Diversion ... Controlled Demo Of US Economy
US Records 500+ Tornados In One Month, States Brace For Worst Flooding In History
When Governments Accuse Without Evidence, They Are, "No Doubt," "Highly Likely" And "Almost Certainly" Lying To Us
Same Old Same Old, Accusations With No Evidence, Therefore "No Doubt" Another False Flag From Warmonger Bolton
Situational Unawareness, Bad Judgement, And He Wants To Be President: Why Can't "Creepy Uncle Joe" Keeps His Hands Off Little Girls?
Israel Tells Hague To Back Off Its War Crime Investigation Of IDF
"Deal Of The Century" For Zionist Israel, US, Swamp Land For Palestinians
Trump's Charge Of Espionage Against Assange Wakes Up Some Of The Slumbering Media
China: The World's First High Tech Digital Dictatorship, US Racing To Catch Up
The Great White Whale Beached On The Shores Of Diversity
Telling Refusal: Steele Of Dossier Fame Refuses To Cooperate With Barr Investigation, If It's All True, What's The Fuss?
China's Three Trade War Hammers
Another Example Of US Tech Superiority ... Not
Getting Old Real Fast, Just Sanction Everything Russian And Be Done Already
Look Before You Leap? More Reasons To Drop Incompetent Facebook, Twitter
Palestinians Reject Zionist "Deal Of The Century," Maybe Zionists Will Accept Palestinian Plan? Ha
9/11: What Was Zionist Israel Mossad's Involvement?
One Trick Pony US Senate Sanctions Bill, Ukraine Shot Itself In The Wallet, And Overall US Lost Grip On Reality As It Imports Oil From Russia
From The "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" Dept: Chagos Islanders And Britain Human Rights Hypocrites
"Global Masters" Summon Their Lackeys To "Secret" Meeting, You're Not Invited
Huawei's Work Around Apple/Microsoft Options For Its Users
Amazon Consolidating Power: Purging It's Smaller Suppliers
Syria's Children: Did The BBC Tell Us The Truth?
Small Town America: The Delusion Of Self-Righteousness
A Reach Too Far: US Espionage Charges Against Assange Apply To All Journalists
US Monster Runs Amok In Global Village: Hackers Use NSA Code To Bring Baltimore To A Halt
Douma And Skripals: Mr. Henderson And The Strangely Silent Corporate Media, Lies Of Omission
China To Declare US Tech Makers As Threat To National Security?
Trump's Trade War And US Weather Hits Farm Crops, Farmers Hard
Upgrade To DefCon 1? "UFOs Are A Vital Threat To National Security" ... Strange, Just A Couple Years Ago, UFOs Didn't Exist According To Government
About Face, Forward March ... US Military Now Openly Talking About UFOs, Why?
"We Know UFOs Are Real" Ex-Defense Official
Kissinger's Last Days Flying Saucer Invasion Scenario
FBI Docs Show That US Government's BFF, Zionist Israel's Mossad Had Foreknowledge Of 9/11 Attacks
US Memorial Day: Remembering That Now US Soldiers Die In Vain In Corporate Wars Cloaked In Faux Patriotism
US's Other Military, Their Foreign Legion
The Profiles In Courage Documentary That Zionist Israel Doesn't Wants Americans To See, PBS Pulled It, But Watch It Here
Zionist Sympathizer Bolton And The Plan For Greater Israel Needs Iran Out Of The Way
Same US M.O., Stage An Attack a lal Douma et al, Pin The Blame On Your Chosen Country In Pretext For War
For Example, Gulf Of Tonkin Staged False Flag Op For US War In Vietnam
Journalism Is Dead For US Leftist Media ... Driven By Ideological Gossip Stenographers
Trump Fastest Gun In The West, But His Aim Is Terrible, Keeps Shooting Self In The Foot
The Consequences Of Treaty Breaking Trump
Iran's Road to The Med ... Back To 2011 When And Where It Began
Iran, Iraq And Syria Sign Pipeline Agreement, Then Saudi Terrorists Showed Up In Syria, And The Rest Is History
Master Of Their Domain: A New Internet?
Human Rights: China Vs. US
Main Stream Corporate Media A Sucker For Hoax Dossiers
Accessing The Great Northeast Passage
Super-Rich Have Hidden Trillions
In Case There Were Any Doubts About Future US Actions, Pence Tells US Military Academy Grads, Expect To See Combat
Make Music Not War
Brexit: As UK Goes, So Too The EU?
American Empire Spreads Chaos And Destruction
The War For The Homeland
CIAmazon 98% Shareholders Vote To Give Spy Info To Government
WTF, Get The Duck
We've Chosen Curses And Death
Familiar Sound: Bolton Beats The False Flag War Drums For Zionist Israel Over Iran ... Again No Evidence, No Proof, Just Accusationa A La Gulf Of Tonkin Vietnam, Afghanistan, WMD Iraq, Chem Weapons Syria, Libya, et al
M-I-C's Salesman Of The Month: Does Trump Get A Sales Commission?
Documents Show FBI Knew Of Hillary's Abuses
Iraq's Big No To US, De Facto Israel
US War President Sends More Troops To Stir The Pot In Middle East
Trump's Huawei Blowback: Huawei Create New, Non-US Monopoly OS?
"Do Unto Others As ..." Interesting How US Dems React When The Tables Are Turned
Biden Money Trail In Court Appears to Show Offshore Corruption
The Price Of Truth In The US ... It's Not Just Corporate Media That Loves The Darkness Of The Lie
Iran: Time To Build The "Golden Ring"
After Signing Latest $700+ Billion Budget For US Military, Trumps Speaks Out Against Military-Industrial Complex ... Actions Vs. Words
US Oil Refiners Replace Venezuelan Oil With Russian Oil
5G: If You Can't Compete, Come Up With Excuse And Change The Rules
Japan, UK Join US On Huawei Ban
Political Pole Shift: Russiagate Is Becoming Obamagate ... Did He Know?
What Are All The Russiagaters Going To Do When It Comes Out The "Evidence" Was Fabricated?
Canada, Take Back Your Trash
When Convenient Politics Becomes Stupid Economics Destroying Long-Term Trust
Got To Have A Large Supply "Anti-Tiger" Rocks When Making Stuff Up
US Double Down On White Helmet's False Flag Op In Douma With New Idlib Accusation
After Mueller: US Dems Keep Drilling In A Dry Hole
From The 'It's Not A Pollywog, It's A Tadpole" Dept: Now It's FBI Comey Vs. DOJ Lynch ... Which One Is Lying Now?
US Double Down On White Helmet False Flag Op In Douma With New Idlib Accusation ... Send Them The Full OPCW Report
OPCW: When The Facts On The Ground Don't Match The West's Narrative ... Risk War And Lie
US Increases Its Import Of Russian Oil As Venezuelan Oil Import Drops
Trump's Actions With Huawei Come From A Position Of Weakness
Mr. Tidybowl Trump Vs. Huawei
Saudi's Democracy: Kangaroo Trial Of Opposition, Get Death Penalty Verdict, Then Execute ASAP, Maduro Doesn't Even Do This, But No Outcry From Hypocrite US
Zionist War Criminals: Shooting Unarmed Palestinians "Preserves Israeli Values," Murderers
Secret FBI Chart Of Hillary's Potential Crimes
The Age Old Tactic Of Lying To Start A War: Bolton, Zionist Israel "Intel" Pushing For Another "Iraq WMD" False Scenario With Iran
Little By Little, Trump Pushing For Middle East War
Gabbard: Trump Pretext For Iran War
What Zionist Israel Wants The US To Pay For With Its Money And Blood
Christians Bamboozled By Zionism
As Usual US Gets It Bassackwards, US Sanctioned Iran, Pulled Out Of JCPOA, Sent Aircraft Carriers To Strait Of Hormuz, Not Vice Versa
LA Plague: Rats, Trash, Typhus
The Diverse Ideology Of Future Economic Slaves: While Top Chinese Compete For Spots In University, US Looks For Way To Open Door For The Unqualified Based On The Ideology Of "Diversity"
France Does Not Belong To The French: First Two Times It Was The Germans, Now It's The Migrants
One Of China's Aces: Block Rare Earth Elements To US
Pax Americana An Amusing Hoax At Best
Zionist Israel Goading US To Do Its Dirty Work While Laughing At The Willing Idiots
From The "You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits" Dept: The Land Of Nu Totally Screwed Over By US Backed "Democracy And Freedom" Coup, GDP Less Than North African Countries, Will Need 35 Years Of Progress To Get Back To 2013
Italian Dock Workers, Not Politicians, Stand Up For Peace
UK Gone Muslim Crazy?
Trump Threats To End Iran ... Maybe He Should Consider Tidying Up N. Korea And Afghanistan First
US Stirs The Pot In S. China Sea
From The "Herd Of Pigs" Dept: "Exceptional" US Economy, Based On War, Death And Destruction, Would Collapse If Peace Prevailed
American Billionaire Hero: Pays Off Graduating Class's Student Debt
Apple's Days In China Are Numbered Unless US Backs Off Huawei
Make Music Not War
Game Of Thrones "Got Nothin" On US Foreign Policy
Australia: Post A Bible Verse And Lose A $4 Million Sports Contract
OPCW Report Douma Attack Fake, Skripals Too?
Trump's Insane Iran Policy On Behalf Of Zionist Israel's Interests
Trump To Usurp Congress Right To Declare War
US Pretext For Iran War On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
Zionist Israel Biggest Beneficiary Of Holocaust
Israeli Spy Company WhatsApp Attack, Amnesty Lawsuit
Bolton: International Genius Or Village Idiot?
Trump's Wrecking Ball Decimating International Law
Trump's War On Huawei Is Backfiring
Video: How The Dems Coup Against Trump Started
NYT And 5G: Conflict Of Interest Rules Don't Apply To Propaganda
What Was It That Trump Said About China's Trade Taking Advantage Of The US As His Reason For Trade War?
Trump Backs Off Dumping Illegals In Florida ... Too Many Jews There?
Israeli Company Spends 800K To Meddle In African Elections
Trying To Get Out From Under The 737 MAX Fallout, US Congressmen Try To Pin The Crashes On Pilot Error, Pilots Having None Of It
Here's Some News For You, An Attack On Iran Will "Bring Down The 2.5 Quadrillion World Derivative Market, Largely Wiping Out The Economies Of All Western Nations"
US: From Barbarism To Decadence Without Civilization In Between
Zionists: We Need A False Flag Op To Get Us Into War With Iran
As Predicted, Evidence-less Saudi Blames Iran For Pipeline Attack ... Building The Case For War Against Iran One False Flag Op At A Time Like The Fake Syrian Gas Attacks
Unpublished OPCW Report: Douma Was A Staged False Flag
US Needs To Fight "Space Pirates" ... Rogue Aliens?
The Heads Of Obama's FBI, CIA Both Voted Communist
Getting Ugly: CIA Vs. FBI ... Who Pushed The Fake Steele Dossier?
US Dems Still Can't Handle Hillary's Loss, Hold Public Reading Of Mueller Report To Share Their Psychosis
Oh No, The Russian Meddlers Are Running Amok In Run Up To The EU Elections Or So They Would Have Us Believe, But Keep An Eye On Those Real Zionist Meddlers
Loose Cannons On Deck Of SS Trump
The Giant Malignant Virus That Is Killing America
US Media More Emotions Than Rational Facts
US Nuclear Waste Leaking Into Pacific Ocean
The "Rule Of Gold" Is Much Different Than The Golden Rule
How America Has Changed: The Two Income Trap
Why Thinking Outside The Box We've Been Put In Is Important
Germany Fed Up With US Colonial Policy
When It Comes To Foreign Policy, It's US Vs. Just About Everyone Else
Standard US M.O.: Won't Start War With Iran, Instead Will Create False Flag Op, Blame Iran, Then As A "Victim" Will Attack On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
Pompey-o Builds Pressure On Iran With EU Countries, Austrian President Slams US Policy
Investigating The Russiagate Hoax Investigators, Instigators
How We Love To War: Let Me Count The Ways We Hide It
China's Tariff Nuke Option: Dump US Treasury Bonds On Open Market
Baghdad: US Can't Use Its Territory For Iran War
Tariffs: Insanity, Ignorance And Incompetence Cost Americans More For iPhones, Nikes And Levis
Russia To The Rescue As Trump's Trade War Pushes China To Russia For LNG
Zionist Israel Military Exercises Create Havoc On Palestinians
Seriously, Boeing Pay Out For MAX Crash Victims Based On How Long They Knew They Were Going To Die?
Who Benefits From UAE Ship Attack? Three Guesses
From The "He's Probably Right" Dept: Zionist Israel Stirs The Pot With Drone Attacks On UAE To Blame Iran
Fundamentally We Want Iran To Roll Over And Give Us Control Of Iran
Huawei Willing To Sign "No Spy" Agreements With World's Governments, But Then How Do Governments Spy On Us?
WhatApp Attack Earmarks Of Zionist Israel Spyware ... US Reaction?
Pompey-o's Zionist "Divide And Conquer" World Tour 2019
Deja Vu 1930's Europe: Lawless US Continues Its Contempt For International Law
US Coup Puppet Calls On More Sanctions To Inflict Suffering On Venezuelans
Uncle Joe's Closet Full Of Ukrainian And Chinese Skeletons
US Guide For Overthrowing Other Country's Democratic Governments
Psychopathic Capitalism aka Grand Theft
Iran Battling Zionist's Balkanization Plan For Middle East
Zionist Errand Boy Pompey-o Pressuring EU Officials Over Iran
Unpublished OPCW Report: Douma Was A Staged False Flag
False Flag Oil Tanker Attacks Setting Up Of Iran?
Well, Surprise, Surprise, That Didn't Long, About A Day Before US Accuses Iran With Unknown "Evidence," Typical US M.O. Just Like Gulf Of Tonkin Lie
"Deal Of The Century" Benefits Zionist Israel, Palestinians Not So Much
UK's New Brexit Party High In Polls
China's Retaliatory Tariffs On US Goods
China-US Instigated Trade War Keeps Upward Pressure Oil Prices
Time To Rein In Facebook And Google Or Create Their Ideological Counterparts
Start With Getting The Duck
Muellergate, Not Russiagate, The Real Deal
Trans Is A Boy: A Bit Of Sanity Finally Prevails
National Trance
I Don't Want To Read It If It Doesn't Say What Want It To
The Warped Mindset Of US Democrats Is Truly Amazing In Light Of Their Russiagate Fiasco
Public School Education Screwing Up A Generation: So, Billy, Do You Think You're A Girl?
An Unchained Goldie Yuan Would Bury The Petrodollar
What Happened To Respect For "Law And Order"?
Make Music Not War
Glacier Speeds Up: 60 Feet Per Year To 60+ Feet Per Day
Scottish Minister Calls For Following Crimea's Example, Referendum Vote To Exit
Where The US Military Bases Are Located
Bully In The China Shop Goes For Broke
How Much Crisis Can One Country Stir Up Until "The Straw Breaks The Camel's Back?"
What Does It Say About US Imperial Aspirations That A US COAST Guard Ship Is Down In Venezuela?
An American Curse As Illegal Immigration Increases Despite Trump's Rhetoric
US And EU Poodles Warmongering Pushing The World In Fatal Direction
No Wall, But Record Month For Illegal Immigrants Crossing Into US
"Mr. Military-Industrial Complex" Named As Head Of Pentagon
Steele Dossier Fabrications Fraying At The Seams
Snowflake, Be The First On Your Block To Become A Hate Spy
From The "Be Careful What You Ask For" Dept: Does He Not Realize Someday His Administration Will Be Out Of Office?
Pompey-o's Humongous Ego Thinks He Speaks For The Venezuelan People When He Doesn't Even Speak For Fundamental Values Of US, Oblivious To Treatment Of Assange
Neocon Twins Frick Pompey-o And Frack Bolton's Infatuation With Iran Increases War Threat In Middle East
Break Up EU And Start All Over Again?
Co-Founder: Break Up Facebook-Hatebook
From The "It's In The Eye Of The Beholder" Dept: Zuckerberg's Facebook Now Hatebook, You Must HATE
If You Have Any Doubts About The Sicko Bastards Among Us ...
Trump Threatens Everyone
Pompey-o Threatens Britain
US Sanctions On Syria To Remain Another Year, Illegal Military Occupation Stays
Bolton Seeking Pretext For War
Like Buying A Used Car From A Con Artist ... It's A Great Deal
Chna's Moves To Check US Aggression
Spy Vs. Spy
The Fable Of The Eagle, The Bear And The Dragon
The DNC Political Russiagate Lie Is Coming Apart
Trump "Sanctions" US Left Corporate Media By Initiating 90 Minute Phone Call Wiith Putin
US Sanctions On Iranian Oil Nothing To Do With Nuke Deal, It's All About Regional Zionist Hegemony Which Is Creating Some Interesting Moves By EU And Russia
US Debt Funding Of Student Tuition Not Worth The Price Of Admission
PM Mayhem And EU Leader's Choice Brexit Words On Camera
Trump Uses Tariff Stick On China Again
Spain: Trump's Ride'm Cowboy Venezuela Intervention
US Police Act With US Citizens Like IDF Does With Palestinians
This Is The Guy Who Is Your President America
Tension Inflater Pompey-o Off To Iraq To Stir The Pot For War
The Hypocrisy Of Poitical Finger Pointing Or Just Lack Of Intelligence?
US Bully Tactics: I'm Going To Punch You, But Don't Hit Me
Thanks To Unilateral Pullout Of JCPOA By US, Iran To Diminish Commitment To Nuke Deal
Chicago Erects Statue In Honor Of Holocaust Accomplice, Yet No Antisemitism Protests?
Loss Of Ratings Income Hits CNN, Staff Cut Backs
Anti-Trump Left, Fraudulent, Not Based On Ideological Principle
Sadistic US Economic Venezuela Hit List
Trump & Gang After Cuba Too
Mueller Report Major Omissions
Zionism At Work, Yet Cry Foul When It Is Pointed Out
Turkey's Attack Foiled By YPG
Spoken Like A True Puppet; Guaido Throws His Followers Under The Bus ... Their Fault
Pompey-o Erupts In Arctic: Wants US Interests Respected While US Ignores Everyone Else's Interests
Where Are The Boundaries Of Zionist Aspirations?
US Dems Still Having A Difficult Time Grappling With Reality
Counterpunching Uncle Sam
From The "Have We Got A Deal For You!" Dept: The Con Of The Century
Living By The Sword: Speaking Of Cons, How Did The Pentagon Con US Taxpayers Out Of $22 Trillion?
US 2018 Plan To Overthrow Maduro In Coup Leaked
Zionist Rabbis Endorse Hitler's Ideology And Arab Slavery
Pompey-o: The One Man Arbiter Of International Law ... Not
Make Music Not War
EU Poodle Rebellion Or Just More Barking?
PM Mayhem Fires DM Who Pushed Skripal Story
And Governments Bemoan Lack Of Affordable Housing
Z-Berg's Facebook Bans Muslim, Christian Sites
Mr. VP, US Military Is A Socialist Institution
US Sanctions On Cuba Illegal Says EU
L'Idiots Deux Doing Their Best To Push World Order Over The Cliff
No Matter How You Slice It, It's More Than Enough To Kill All Of Us
From The "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" Dept: Issue Is Bigger Than WikiLeaks, Assange Just Happens To Be The Guy
Iran Increases Its Gas Exports
Iran, Iraq, Syria Redux: Frick And Frack Openly Threatening Coup In Venezuela To Steal Their Oil Resources
OPIC In The Works?
Assange Another US Example Of The Lawless One
When You're Worth More Dead Than Alive, Would You Trust Those Three Amigos To Watch Your Back? Heck, They May Bump Him Off And Blame Maduro To Justify Their War
Dead Man Walking? Traitor, Coup Leader, US Stooge Guaido Says No Turning Back
US Mercenaries To Move Into Venezuela To Capture Natural Resources
Meddling Frack Bolton: How Meddling And Obvious Can You Get?
American Dream Long Gone, Never To Return
The Great Threat To America? Those Countries Who No Longer Believe Our Lies
Zionist Israel The Apratheid State The West Doesn't Want To Confront
Making The World Safe For More War
From The "Thought You'd Never Notice" Dept: US Coming Apart At The Seams
Trudeau Messed Up Canadian Immigration System
Remember MH-17? Well If It Wasn't Russians Or Ukrainians, Better To Forget It
Make Music Not War
Say, Did You Happen To Hear About The Palestinians In Gaza? Didn't Think So
Seth Rich Murder, DNC Leak, And WikiLeaks, Loose Ends Coming Together?
Let The Shouting Begin: Not One Single Whisper, That's How Good We Were At Lying
Uncle Joe Probably Just Forgot About These
Western Governments In Retrograde Motion, Back To Imperial Colonialism That Preceded Revolution
The Drug Dealer That Fights To Keep You Addicted, Shuts Down Treatment Providers
Mueller Report Finished Just In Time, No Russian Collusion In 2016 Election, Now DS Free To Stoke Fears Of Russian Collusion In Next Election, And Venezuela Exists In A Parallel Universe?
Trump's Convicted War Criminal Abrams Still Openly Meddling In Venezuela
From The "In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time" Dept: Par For The Course With US These Days
Trump Winning Votes In Golan Heights For 2020
Don't Complain About Vomit And Wet Seat (Who Knows What Viruses Might Be There) On An Airplane In The US, It Will Get You Thrown In Jail
Actions Show More Corruption Than WikiLeaks, Proves Their Point
US Coupmeister War Criminal Abrams Caught With His Oust Maduro Knickers Down ... Bigger Issue, Is Abrams, Pompey-o And Bolton The Best The US Has To Offer? If So, US Worse Off Than We Thought
Jews Fake "Anti-Semitic Attack" Hate Crime On Themselves
Imperial US Africom's Afri-Wars ... What Use To Be Armies Now Have The Ubiquitous Orwellian Label "Security Forces" For "Stability And Prosperity' To The Benefit Of The US
Janus Jupiter Goes After Journalists Reporting Government's War Crimes
The Lawless One: US Sanctions On Venezuela In Violation Of Geneva And Hague Conventions
Swift Move Pompey-o: Now If US Wants To Talk To N. Korea's Kim, They Must Go Through Putin, So Is Maduro Next? A Trend In The Making?
Hoodwinked: Does Acting On Behalf Of Zionist Israel Make You A Foreign Or Domestic Agent?
China Is Main Rival To US, On Ascendant While US Is In Decline
China Missiles Outclass US Stuff
Russian Phone Pranksters Get Jupiter Macron
Geomagnetic Jerks, Different From The Geopolitical Ones
F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Jet Now Has Hacking Issues Too?
Pompey-o: In Other Words, They Are Terrorists When We Want Them To Be
Pentagon Too Busy Stashing Hidden Trillions To Match New Russian Weapons Systems Or Trick Up Their Sleeve?
Is Iran As Terrible as The US Keeps Telling Us? Or Is It Someone Else?
Video: US Creating World Dictatorship
Like A Spurned Teen Desperate For A Date, Bolton Lusts For Venezuela's Resources
So-So Britain: From Empire To Failed State
Russia Stays Away From The US Dollar, Buys More Gold
US Continues To Ignore International Law, Turns Syrian Refugee Camp Into Prison
US Sanctions Forces Russia To Reach Its Potential
Official: US Diplomacy Is An Aircraft Carrier, i.e., A Sitting Duck With New Missile Hypersonic Technology
Big Brother: Back Seat Driver
The Brutal Dictator Of Saudi Arabia, American Ally
Blowback: Countries Getting Fed Up With US Sanctions
From The "Do Unto Others" Dept: But Do These Western Easter Worshipers Not Realize They Are Active Participants In The Daily Yemen And Palestinian Genocides?
Christians And Muslims Hijacked By Extremists
Trudeau Catches More Flak In Canada Before Election
Another Carbon Liberal In Trudeau Tradition ... Could Be Worse, He Could Have Been From Buffalo
Obama's Covert CIA/Military Ops In Syria Exposed
Syrian Terrorists Chemical Warehouse Explodes In Aleppo
Despite Trump's Sanctions Stick, Both Germany And Russia Get The Carrots
Border Conundrum: Mexican Soldiers On US Soil Detain US Soldiers And Not A Peep? Can't Say Much With US Troops Illegally In Syria Doing Worse
Meddling Cartel: Bernie Bites The Hand Of Nutanyahoo's Racist Government, Well He Just Lost The Election
Only The Stick? The Foreign Policy Of Sanctions And War
The 1%ers Plan To Screw The Rest Of Us
Just Your Standard US Congress Loving The Zionist IDF Cowards Shooting A Handcuffed, Blindfolded, Unarmed Palestinian Teenager
The Official 121 Page Russian Report About Russiagate
Act II Russiagate: The Circular Firing Squad
US Imperial Sanction Bullies At It Again
What They Know That Most Don't, Easter Worshipers
What The Heck Is An Easter Worshiper? Well, Brittany, It's The Same Reason They're Called Easter Eggs, Not Christian Eggs
Itching For More War? Trump To Stop Its Waiver On Iran Oil Sanctions
Fanatics Frick Pompey-o And Frack Bolton Running Ruinous Trump Foreign Policy
US Still Picking on Cuba, Iran And N. Korea, Three Countries Still Not Part Of The West's Central Banking System
Exactly Why US Presidents Were Not Given War Powers
... Case In Point
Pompey-o: "We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole," BTW, Who's Your Mentor?
Ukraine Outdoes The US, Elects Jewish Comedian As President
Seems Like It's Russiagate Time For Obama's Guys
Make Music Not War
Seeing The Bigger Picture Yet, Folks? US Feds Don't Arrest Illegals Entering US, Instead Arrest Leader Of Armed Militia Protecting Their Borders From Foreign Invaders
Ex US Marine Arrested In Connection With Attack In N. Korea's Spanish Embassy
Institutionalized Fraud: Moral Decay
Where, Oh Where Have Their Minds Gone?
Cockroaches Really Hate The Guy Who Turns The Lights On
The Meddling Cartel: Trump In Zionist Corner From Get Go
Diversity! Well, Then, How About Brain Diversity?
Turning The US (Or Any Other Country) Into A Dumpster In 4 Easy Lessons ... What Goes In DC Comes Out In San Fran?
Standard Anal Hysterical Hypocrisy From EU Globalists
Crimea To Send Oil To Damascus Due To Shortage From The US-Zionist Backed War
Mueller: Say It Ain't So CNN, Russia Meddling? Under Obama, Hillary? Well, We Have To Keep Russia As The Bad Guy, So If We Can't Pin It On The Donald ...
Russia Leases Syrian Port For 49 Years, Venezuela Next?
Why US Has Failed In Venezuela
Middle East States Summit In Iraq Including Iran
N. Korea To US: When You Are Willing To Get Serious, Get Rid Of Pompey-o, Then We'll Talk
The Penta-stein Monster Runs Amok In The Global Village
Not Just Measles, STD's Resurgent In Middle America
Flu Season Lasts Longer Than Thought
US Thought Police Deep State Charge Assange To Get Rid Of WikiLeaks
Could This Be Where Some Of The Pentagon's Missing Trillions Went?
US 5 Year Lemming Plan? Falling Behind, Relies More On The Punitive Stick, A Sure Sign Of Failure
Always The Instigator, US Sounds Like The Old Soviet Union Bully On The Playground, Calls For Blocking Russian Aircraft To Venezuela Bringing Aid To People ... Putin's Marshall Plan?
Fentanyl A WMD?
Current Ebola Outbreak Able To Go Global
Everybody's Got To Serve Somebody
What Are The Odds That 50% Of England Is Owned By 1%?
Iran Exposes Hundreds Of CIA, M16 Middle East Spies
From The "And We Wonder Why The World IQ Has Dropped To 82?" Dept: Scary When Those In High Positions Make Major Decisions Based On Jr. High School Level Pranks
First Time In Universe HeH+ Molecule Discovered
Steele Dossier: US DOJ To Release Report On Where Collusion Did Occur In 2016 Campaign
Desperate Snowflakes: Don't Tell Us What You Discovered, Tell Us What We Want To Hear
US Still Providing Military Aid To Kurds Fighting Turkey, Ally (?), NATO Member, Under Guise Of Humanitarian Aid
Unsealed Affidavit: US Extradition Of Assange Political Payback, Not Rule Of Law
Lost Relevance: US Church Membership Continues To Decline
If "There Is No Place In US Politics For Divisiveness" (All Evidence Aside, Russiagate, Illegal Immigration, etc.), Then Will You Refuse Zionist AIPAC $$ Too?
How Are The Protected People Always The Victims?
Dem Quixote Lives! No Doubt US Democrats Will Scream For Special Prosecutor To Investigate AG Barr's Redacts ... Must Be Very Desperate To Keep Focus Off Hillary
US Senate Wants Info On Highly Classified FBI Hillary Memo
EU Finds No Evidence Of Kaspersky Labs Spying
Huawei 5G: US Sees Others Through Its Ruse Colored Glasses
17 Arab States Join China's Silk Road
Japan Produces New Regional Airliner
Is The Snafu Class F-35 Too Complex?
Skip Article And Go Directly To Comments
How Many Could Pass The Entrance Exam For Harvard In 1800s?
Magnetic North Pole Keeps Moving To Russia, And It's In A Hurry Too
So Frick Pompey-o, In Principle, You're Approving Native American's Right To Sue The US Government For Land And Property It Seized As A Result Of Its Revolution? Same With Japanese-Americans During WW2?
Is Frack Bolton Leaking?
From 13th Century Mosque To Zionist Nightclub
High On A Hill, They Left Their Poop On San Francisco
War-man Trump Vetoes Yemen Peace Resolution ... Let The Genocide Continue
Syrian Army Finds More State Sponsors US-Israeli Arms Left By Terrorists, No Iranian Weapons Though
Massive Fraud And Corruption At Pentagon: But What Will Be Done About It?
Pompous Circumstance: The Delusion Of Empire As UK Sends 5 Helicopters To Estonia
AI Optimized For A Lack Of Accountability
Remember When People Would Hold Up Banks, Not The Other Way Around?
Anti-Palestinian, Muslim Bias, OK, Anti-American Bias, OK, Anti-Zionist Bias, NO
Isn't It Time We Understand The Word Semite, And To Whom It Applies? A Dictionary Would Help
Trump: Muslims Very, Very Bad (Except When Buying US Military Arms), Zionists Very, Very Good ... Real Life = Zionist AIPAC Life?
A History Of AIPAC Meddling In US Electoral Process On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
Who Can Make War With The Beast?
Break Out The MZIG Hats: Making Zionist Israel Great
Chrstopher Steele Dossier Vs. Julian Assange WikiLeaks
Z-Berg's Facebook Plan To Misuse Your Data For Gain
From The "It's Really Easy To Give Other People's Money Away" Dept: This Guy Won't Practice What He Preaches, And He Wants To Be President of US? Sounds Like He Qualifies
Feelin' The Bern: We Just Don't Want Freedom Of The Press Here At Our Open To The Public Meeting
President Carter Nails It On The Head: The Deleterious Cost Of Living By The Sword
Pentagon Considers Military Options In Venezuela
China: Pompey-o Has Lost His Mind ... Yeah, We Know
Switzerland Signs On To Silk Road Deal
End Of OPEC?
By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War
Of Course, If The US Congress Had Any Backbone, It Would Sanction The Pentagon, Not One Penny More Until All Past Money Accounted For ... Ha, Ha, Ha
It's A Miracle! Ecuador's Moreno $4.2 Billion IMF Loan In Exchange For Assange
I'll Trade You A $4.2 Billion Loan, Plus Another $6 Billion For Assange, Deal?
The Wrath Of Revealing The Evil Soul Of The Goliath Empire
Pompey-o: "Don't Ask Questions Like That," Wouldn't Need To If US Didn't Have Policies Like That
Spying On Trump Campaign Was Run Out Of White House
The Frankenstein Medical Trans Procedures Performed On Children
Make Music Not War
Russia Sees New World Order Being Pushed By US
From The "That Train Left Town" Dept: With An Election Coming, Canadians Gather At The Station To Jump On Board Russiagate, No Worries, The Ukraine Freeland Express Is On The Way
Ukraine Officials Offer Evidence Of Meddling On Behalf Of Hillary, And Her Money Trail In 2016 Election
From The "Pride Goes Before Destruction" Dept: Hillary- Assange Must Pay For Exposing US War Crimes
Lady Justice Has Been Bribed And Corrupted
The Metastasizing Deep State
Embassies: Where Journalists Go To Die
What Government Calls Conspiracy, Journalists Call Investigation, Fundamental Tenet Of Journalism Always Seeking To Get More Information From A Source
US Threatens Its Customer, Digs The Hole Deeper With Turkey Purchase Of S-400s, But They Can Buy Su-57s Rather Than Snafu F-35s
Coordinated Crackdown On Personal Liberty By The National Insecurity State: Governments Don't Like The Freedom Of Speech And Press Of The Internet
Anonymous Issues Warning Over Assange Arrest
Another "Bomb Cyclone" Hits US
Corporate America Math: CIAmazon Pays Zero Tax On $11 Billion Profits, How Much Tax Do You Pay Out Of Your Minimum Wage Paycheck?
"Payola" Bolton Took Money From Banks Tied To Terrorists, Cartels, Donors Tied To Clinton Foundation
"Reality Is An Illusion, But A Persistent One", A. Einstein
Playing With Genetic Fire: Putting Human Brain Genes In Monkeys
Alexa, Their Spider To Our Fly: The Big Brother Spy Within
A Bit Of Truth Emerges From Under The Asphalt Of Lies
Trump-a-Mania: It's Time To Rumble, Ready For Iran, Middle East War Per Dan. 11:40-45?
US-UK Kangaroo Court Thuggery, Act Like "Banana Republics," With Apologies To Banana Republics, Over  Political Extradition Of Freedom Of The Press, Yet No Arrest For Guardian Or NYT Editors For Publishing Exact Same Material, So US Gov't Tailors Charges To ATTEMPT To Crack Passwords
Key Take Away From Assange Saga: Stand Up Now, Or Assange Today, Anyone Else Tomorrow
Lawfare: Lawless US And Huawei's Meng Arrest
US VP Pence In UN Representing A Country That Has: Overthrown Almost Forty Governments Since The End Of WW2, Brought Death And Destruction To Millions In Iraq Based On WMD Lies, Orchestrated Ukraine Coup Of Democratically Elected Government, Stole Its Gold Reserves, Left It As Poorest Nation In Europe, Overthrew Most Prosperous African Nation, Libya, Stole Its Gold Reserves, Left It A Failed State, Brought Death And Destruction While Illegally Occupying Syria, And While US Made Bombs Are Killing Women And Children In Yemen, He Sat There Like An "Angel Of Light" Condemning Venezuela Against These Same US Attacks To Overthrow Democratically Elected Government Of Venezuela, Example Of The Dependent Ally Of Rev. 17:13
Egypt Exits The US/Arab Anti-Iranian "NATO"
US Takes Another Step Down In The Moral Abyss
Okay, Men, We're Only Behind By Three Points, So Let's Cuddle Up .. What!?
US Dems Squealing Already As Russiagate Shoe Is On The Other Foot
Flappers Back In Vogue, Well, Lip Flappers Anyway
Google Founders Skipped Every Employee Town Hall Meeting In 2019
One World Currency Alternative To Petrodollar?
Birds Of Prey Circling Boeing As Class Action Lawsuit Filed By Shareholders
Hotel Brexit, You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave: The Indeterminate, Unknown Known Of Leave
Zionist Israel Is An Apartheid State, Nutanyahoo A Racist Expelling Black African Jews
Political Birds Of A Feather: BFF
As The Russiagate Worm Turns
From The "Do Unto Others" Dept: US Dems Had Russiagate, Trump Has Venezuelagate
Trump: Those Behind Russiagate Attempted Coup, And Those Attempting Coup Against Venezuela?
Venezuela Keeping Its Gold Away From US Sticky Fingers
US Took Ukrainian And Libyan Gold Reserves
UK Refuses To Give Venezuela Its Gold
Trudeau Scandals Hit Lib Party In The Polls
Whose Car Is It?: Your Car Is Watching You And Spilling Its Guts
Video: America And UK's Foreign Legion And Their Proxy Wars
A Betrayal: Trump A True Zionist President
Trump Is Following The Zionist Party Line On Iran, Middle East War
Neocon's See Turkey As Flashpoint For Middle East War
Canada's Oil Woes Continue
Google Manipulates Search Results According To Internal Docs
Get The Duck
New Futures Investment Market: College Students
Evil Zionist IDF
Deadly Fungus, C. Auris, Plagues US, Invades Chicago
A Farce Wrapped In The Ridiculous Of The Ludicrous: Pompey-o Trots Out, What Else, Sanctions, Egypt Buying Russian
Brexit Voted To Leave, Problem Is The 2 Year Deadline Is History
Vaccine Hoax Cover-Up
US Nuke Double Standards, Saudi Arabia, Zionist Israel Vs. Iran
Huawei 5G Roadblock, A US Competition Ploy
They Just Keep Piling Up: Another US Senator From Zionist Israel
If You Want To Buy A Book Banned By CIAmazon, Look Here
What Trump Left Out: Boeing Heavily Subsidized Through Its Overpriced Military Contracts
Overpriced US Weapons
Pipelineistan's Road To The Med
Walk Loudly And Hit Everyone With A Stick: First China, Now US Trade War With EU?
Made In USA: Japan Grounds F-35 Snafu Class Jets As One Vanishes During Training Flight
As US Sanctions Just About Every Country In Sight, Turkey To Increase Trade With Russia
Another Domino Down On The Road To A Major Middle East War
Trump's Collusion With Zionist Israel, Yet No Complaints?
The Hypocrisy Of Bully Sanctions: We Prefer You Remain A US Captive
Facebook Slammed As "Morally Bankrupt Pathological Liars"
Liars Club Clout Growing
More Than Russiagate: Official FBI Docs Show Evidence Of Cover-up With Clinton Classified Emails On Personal Server
Spraying Glyphosate On Food Crops Before Harvest
Remain PM Mayhem Challenged By The House Of Lords
Iran Begins Direct Flights To Venezuela
US Government Filled With Geezers
Pushback: US Government, CENTCOM Put On Terrorist List
What?! Break Up The Dynamic Duo, Frick Pompey-o And Frack Bolton!
Turkey-Russia Have More Arms Deals Besides S-400 ... Su-57?
Master Of Pompous Hypocrisy Pompey-o Warns Turkey Against Unilateral Action In Syria As US Is Unilaterally, Illegally In Syria
A Profile In Courage In The Face Of Political Bullies
German TV: Russia Invades Estonia! Well, Just Two Lost Geezers Who Drove Over The Border In Their '60s Lada, Actually Not Even That, Only An Overactive WW2 Delusion To Keep The Bogeyman Fear Going
Why Does The US Allow Zionist Israel's Parasitic Meddling In Its Domestic State And Local Politics? Imagine Russia Doing This
Sweden Continues To Break New Ground, Digs The Hole Deeper: Christ Was Queer
Make Music Not War
Italy: Gold Belongs To People, Not The Central Banksters
Trumpinistas: Pirates Of the Caribbean
NATO: Another Western Military Tool For Destruction
Another Obama-Hillary Failure: We Came, We Destroyed, We Leave
Obama's Land Of Nu Coup: An Insane Legacy Of Extreme Failure And Destruction, From Nazis To Zionists?
"Novichok" Survivor Meets Russian Ambassador ... Doesn't Know How He Was Treated
Deadly Fungus Spreading Across Globe
US Continues To Ramp Up Tension With Iran On Behalf Of Zionist Israel
Beast HQ: Pentagon Had Whistleblower Complaints On Average Every 6 Minutes For Five Years Straight, Missing Tens Of Trillions Of Dollars, And Where Are The Accountables?
Selling Strategic Assets With National Security Implications For Personal Gain While In Office, And Still No Official Investigation?
Robots Have No Sense of Humor, And Neither Do Many Politicians Anymore, And Both Are Killing Us
How To Totally Screw Up An Entire Generation Of Kids: US Big Brother Government Frankenstein Experiments By Giving Transgender Hormones To 8 Year-Olds ... Do No Harm?
Brexit Case Study: How Politicians Implement The Vote Results They Don't Like In A Democratic Referendum
Brexit Case Study 2: The Built-In Flaws
From The "Tag, Your It" Dept: No Obstruction Of Justice If There Is No Crime
NATO Doesn't Need To Exist, Well, Except To Keep Military Arms Makers In The Big Profits Business
U of Mess: What Did You Get For Your $200,000 Of College Debt? A Degree In Pre-Modernistic Feminist Literature Of The Early 13th Century Mongolia, Which Is Perfect For My Career As A Sustenance Server Specialist In A Post-Modern Fast Food Corporate Establishment In Large Urban Centers
Swedish Social Services Takes Three Christian Children Away From Father, Puts Them In Muslim Foster Home
Video: China Silk Road Arrives In Europe
NOPEC Bill: Petrodollar Fail-Safe Point
Because It Helps The Rest Of The World Understand Who The Bad Guy Is
Love Is Blind, But So Is Hatred, 2003, 2016
Dear Flat Earthers: Why Not Mount An Expedition To The Edge, Show Us Your Photos?
More Folks Think Hillary Colluded Than Did Trump
April Is Kill Uncle Joe's Presidential Run Month
US Congress Actually Votes Against A War ... So What's The Catch?
Three Guesses Who Gets The Short End Of The "Deal Of the Century" Stick
Facebook Buys News Articles Praising It, And They Want To Tell Us What News Is "Real?"
Polish Ex-Army Chief: IF Russia Invaded Poland (???) Starting WW3 "Most Reasonable" Response
China's Silk Road Moves Into Europe
Z-Book Wants Private Email Password If Want To Open New Account
Reparations Bill Gains Momentum In US House: Finally WW2 Japanese Internment Camp Relatives To Get Back Confiscated Property, What!?, Not For Them?
Do Cry For Me, America
Americans Borrowed $88 Billion Last Year To Cover Their Medical Bills
From The "Who Needs Airplanes Now?" Dept: Surely They Must Be Joking, US Nuclear Tech To Alleged 9/11 Perpetrators?
Are Boeing's Issues Systemic?
Are Government Rescuers Of Facebook Dumbf**ks Too, Zuckerberg?
Are You Still Using Facebook? Millions Records Found On CIAmazon's Cloud
Oh, It Wasn't Uncle Joe In All Those Public Photos, It Was Putin! We Should Have Guessed
Back At Ya: US Must Choose Turkey Or Terrorists, But We're Buying Russian
So Long, Farewell, Then, NATO, We'll Spend Our Money Someplace Else, Mr. Pence
Venezuela Restructuring Electrical System After Sabotage
Pentagon: It's China, China, And China Which Means Gives Us More Money, More Money, And More Money
Video: The Incredible US War Machine: Empire Must Maintain Its Imperium
US Lemming-Like Democrats Bound And Determined To Ride Hillary's Dead Horse Into 2020 Election Defeat
From The "That Didn't Take Long" Dept: US Attempt To Disrupt New Middle East Trilateral Oil Entente
Major Move: New Middle East Trilateral Pipelineistan Entente
Ethiopia Crash Info Points To Boeing MAX's "Terminator" Software
While Infrastructure In Asia Vibrant And Growing, US Crumbles From Within, Yet Plenty Of Money For Bombs
Pentagon Budget Sucks Life Blood Out Of America
Volcanic Activity Rises On N. America's West Coast
Mom Stops 5 Year-old Daughter's Kidnapping In A Mall Store ... Pulled Out Her Gun
Frick And Frack's Faux Prez Stripped Of Immunity
Iran Nuclear Deal: Lesson Learned, Iran Can't Trust West To Honor Its Commitments
Getting Away With Murder: The Jamal Khashoggi Murder 6 Months On
Fickle Fingers Of Blame: So, Uncle Joe, It's Really Uncle Bernie In All Those Public Photos?
Canada's Tax Morass, Anyone Know What's Going On?
AIPAC Is "Full Of Lies And Liars"
From The "If At First You Fail" Dept: UK Parliament Fails On Brexit, So Call A Second Vote ... To Leave Some More?
Trump's Unilateral Moves, Jerusalem, Golan Heights, Opens Door To Large-Scale Conflict
The Un-credible Hulk
Time To Get Maddow A White Jacket And Assist Her To The Funny Farm, "There, There, Rachel ..."
The DC Magic Show: The New Abracadabra, "In The Interests Of National Security"
Making The Dollars Disappear In The Interest Of National Security
The Land Of Nu Now Poorest Nation In Europe Since US Backed Coup
China's Social Credit System Coming To US ... Or Is It Here Already?
Western Culture Died A Politically Correct Death
Chinese And Russian Alternative To West's SWIFT Banking
Top Ten Media Russiagaters
Putin Tells His "Puppet" Trump, Bugger Off, Russia Staying In Venezuela As Long As Needed
Video: Everybody Is A Socialist When Someone Else Is Paying, Flips When They Are The One's Paying
Major Move: New Middle East Trilateral Pipelineistan Entente
Make Music Not War
Frick And Frack's Fake President Puppet Admits He Is Behind Terrorist Attacks On Electrical Grid, No Water, No Electricity, Now That's Standing With the People
As California Goes, So Goes The US, That's Not Good
Kremlin Goes For Gold
MSUDS Disease, Making Shit Up Democrats ... Talked To Barr? No, Read The Mueller Report, No, But You Still Know?, Yes
Definition Of A Two Way Street: Okay, I'll Give You All Mine, And You Give Me All Yours, That's Fair
Venezuela: US' Other "Two Way" Street
"Venezuelan Commander-in-Chief" Frack Bolton Keeps Sending Messages To Defense Minister
Fake Attack Planned For Idlib To Blame Russians? Can't Blame Them For Hillary's Loss, So ...
US Doesn't Like Other Countries Playing The "NATO On Our Doorstep" Game
Abe Lincoln's Russia Collusion Helped Save The Union In The Civil War ... What A Little Investigating Can Do CNN
Video: The US Left Really Upset Trump Not A Russian Puppet, And That Hillary Really Lost The Election Fair And Square
Message Trump's Administration Sends To World: CYA And Get Away From US As Fast As You Can
Sanction Of The Month Club: US (Not UK?) Issues More Sanctions On Russia Over Skripal False Flag
PM Mayday Gets Trounced Three Times, Now Will She Leave Or Is She Holding Out For A 2nd Referendum Stay Vote?
The Age Of Hybrid Stupidity
Want To Stop Internet Censorship, Book Banning? Easy, Stop Using Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google, It's Our Choice, Buy Local
What The Duck!
Germany Rebuffs Fake US Puppet President Guaido's Fake Envoy To Germany
Germany Growing Tired Of US Envoy Meddling In Their Politics
From The "Are You Still Here?" Dept: The Day The UK Didn't Brexit
Mike "Frick" Pompey-o, King Of The Transparent Whoppers
Trump's US A Bully Rogue Nation
US Hubris On Steroids, Oh, And Will Someone Please Get "Venezuelan Commander-In-Chief," Frack Bolton A Lexicon, He Keeps Misusing 'Shared Goals Of Democracy, Rule of Law, Security,' Stuff Like That
Zionist's Ritual Murder
Facebook Condemns Zionist Israel's "Jews Only Nation," Bans All Praise For White Nationalism, Separatism, And Last We Looked, Jews Are White
Three Races Of Man: Mongoloids, Negroids and Caucasoids, Hmm, No Jewoids
It's A Valid Point, After All, They Are US Property Unlike The Golan Heights
Jupiter Macron, His Political Axis Askew, Wobbles In His Supercilious Globalist Orbit
737 MAX: If You Can Afford To Do It Right The Second Time, Do It Right The First Time
Second Jury Finds Monsanto-Bayer Guilty Of Cancer Coverup
Gaddafi Gave $8 Million Bribe To France's Sarkozy
Frick And Frack Manufacturing The Lies, Flying Faster Now That Russia Has A Presence In Venezuela
The Fruit Of The Pompey-o Tree
The Hollywood Left's Diversity Includes You Out
Communist Country Defector: UK Beginning To Remind Them Of Their Old Country ... Same People In Charge, Same Ideology Pervading UK
Hear No Collusion, See No Collusion, Speak No Collusion: Trumpuppet "Peace Plan" For Zionist Israel, Give Them Whatever They Want
US Leftist Media Has Fed The Fiery Beast For Two Years, Hell To Pay Now, Or Change The Subject As If Nothing Ever Happened
White Helmet Terrorists Up To Old Tricks In Syria
NZ Book Dealer Relents, Reinstates Peterson's Book
Snafu F-35 Meets Its Match In Snafu Class USS Ford
All Options On The Table To Get Russia Out Of Venezuela? ... Including Get US/NATO Troops and Military Hardware Removed From Russia's Borders, Removing All Sanctions Against Russia And Venezuela? WTF! [Wow, That's Fantastic!]
Obama Administration Told Ukraine To Back Off Soros Investigation During 2016 Election
From The "Get That Man A Mirror" Dept: How Obvious And Pathetically Political Can You Get?
Remember The Saudi Murder Of Khashoggi? How'd That Turn Out ... Now About Venezuela's Gold
After Russiagate Implosion For Democrats, AOC Green New Deal Shot Down In Flames, 57-0, In US Senate, While 43 Democrats Lacked Leadership Courage To Vote, Including 7 Wannabe Presidents
CNN Zucker: "We Are Not Investigators," True, Just Reporters Who Regurgitate What Anonymous Sources Want Us To Hear To Rake In The Ad Dollars
EMP Warfare Puts Out The Lights
Video: Russiagate, A Lesson For Our Times: As Adolf Said, Tell A Lie Often Enough And People Will Believe It, Ask The Pandering Corporate Mass Media
You've All Heard About These Benjamins, Right? Israeli Banks Pay More Than $1 Billion In Tax Evasion Scheme To US
Don't Conflate Judaism With The Zionists: Haredi Jewish Community, Opposition To AIPAC, Zionism And A Sovereign Israel In The Holy Land Is Not Anti-Semitism, But Pro-Judaism
How Far Will US Go To Elect Zionist Nutanyahoo ... Iran Surprise Or More Territory?
Golden Rule: Fair Dinkum Is As Fair Dinkum Does
Life In Perspective
US-Russia: More Thoughts On Extraterrestrial Visitors
China Signs Deal With Airbus
Zionist Tail Wagging The Trump: Golan Heights Thievery
EU Dark Day For Internet: "Whoever Would Overthrow The Liberty Of A Nation Must Begin By Subduing The Freeness Of Speech," Ben Franklin  
From The "Theorizing Without All The Facts" Dept: The Old 'It Can't Be Me' Dubya Free Pass Blame Game: I Got Bad Intel ... Okay, From Whom, And Why Did You Repeat It?
Brexit: A Case Study On The Efficiencies Of Government
Anti-Brexit PM Mayhem May Still Win: If At First You Don't Succeed, Vote, Vote Again, How About Best 2 Out Of 3?
Make America Broke Some More ... Worst Deficit Yet
Top Ranking US Democrat, But Not Orthodox Jews, Stands Firmly With Zionist Israel's Apartheid, Genocide Of Palestinians, Violation Of International Law
Freedom Of Speech In The US Appears To Be Freedom Of Zionist Allowed Speech
PM Mayhem: "Win One For The Gipper"
Googlegate: Evidence Google Meddled In 2018 US Mid-Term Elections
The Lawless One Strikes Again
Trump Roles Out The Red Carpet For The Master, Presents Him With Golan Heights
In Violation Of International Law, Trump Acquiesces To Zionist Israel's Illegal Annexation Of Golan Heights, No Syrian Referendum Vote
Thief-in-Chief Steals $30 Billion From Venezuela
Russian Cargo And Troops Arrive In Venezuela
DNC/Mueller Farce Done: Who Shall Be Held Responsible?
The Great Hoax: Russiagate Just Another Fake News Story
Trump 2020 Campaign Slogan: 2 Year Witch Hunt Was Total And Complete Fake News
Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over, There Was No Russiagate
"Happy No Collusion Day"
And This Evidence You Know Is Real, That No One Else Can See, Is It In The Room With Us Right Now?
Zionist Nutanyahoo Bars Moses From Israel With His New Jewish Only Law, Moses Not A Descendant Of Judah, The Jews, But Of Levi, 1 Chron. 23
The Great Fraud Of National Zionism
What Scientific Evidence Has Been Found Regarding 9/11?
From The "And They Wonder Why They Lost The Election?" Dept: Top US Democrat, We Don't Care What The Apollo Astronauts Say, We Know The Moon Is Made Of Green Cheese, So We Will Continue To Waste Taxpayer's Money
Make Music Not War
WH Has Zeno Paradox Syndrome: Has Defeated ISIS 15 Times Since December, So Far
Fallen From The Pedestal: Southern Poverty Law Center Scandal
Video: Of Liars And Losers: Hillary's Gift To America, Mueller Report No Russiagate
Russiagate Skeptics Proven Correct, Now About Hillary ... Special Prosecutor For HRC For Two Years?
Mueller Report: Which Country Has Colluded With US Government? Zionist Israel, But Are They In The Report?
That Didn't Take Long: We Don't Know What's In The 2 Year Mueller Report And Already The "Tooth Fairy, Flat Earth, Moon Made Of Green Cheese Believer" Conspiracy Theorists And Their Ilk Are Looking For The Invisible Man Who's Skulking Around In The Emperor's New Clothes
From Transgenderism To Transageism To Fairy Tales Can Come True-ism
And The Beast Shall Plant His Palace In The Glorious Holy Mount, Daniel 11:45, Revelation 18
It's 'Possible' Israeli SecState Pompey-o Meant Trump Should Protect Americans, Palestinians From Zionists
Classified Info Found On ex-SecState Hillary's Email Server, Back Channel To Zionist Israel
What No Mueller Indictments!? Putin's Puppet Too?!
Saudi Arabia TIQ'd Off
China, Italy Sign Silk Road Agreement, EU, US Not Exactly Pleased
Nothing New: Oppose The Iraq War, You're A Saddam Apologist, Oppose The Syrian War, You're An Assad Apologist, Oppose Sanctions On Russia, You're A Putin Puppet, All The Jingoistic War Propaganda, Why Waste Hundreds Of Billions On Wars In Other People's Country, Spend That Money At Home
For All The CYA "It's Not A Lie If You Think It's True" Denials, Bush Invasion Based On Lies Not Intel, And Despite Post-Invasion Searches For Any Evidence, No WMD Ever Found In Iraq
Ari Fleisher Lied, People Died
Video: UN Chief Inspector of Weapons in Iraq, No WMD In Iraq
Intelligence Conspiracy To Overthrow Saddam
From The "Stop The Run On The Bank" Dept: Saddam's WMD, Not Nuclear Or Chemical, But Selling Iraq Oil For Euros Not US Petrodollars
Before US Invasion Of Iraq: In 2000 Saddam Insisted On Selling Oil For Euros, And Made Hundreds Of Millions In Euros In The Process
Saddam's Euro Profits
Look For The WH Human Rights Report In The Fiction Section Under Orwell, Pompey-o, US State Dept. 
More Ignorant Knee Jerk Hypocrisy: NZ's Whitcoull's Bans Jordan Peterson's Book, But Still Sells Mein Kampf, and The Talmud, Which Says Non-Jews Are Subhuman, Okay To Be Killed, Sanhedrin 57a, "Gentile Children Are Animals," Yebamoth 98a, "Jesus’ Mother Was A Whore," Sanhedrin 106a
Brooklyn, New Yorker Baruch Goldstein Massacre At Ibrahimi Mosque
So What Other Hate Does The Talmud Espouse?
Excuse Me!? Jews Want To Insert Warning Messages Into The NT Of Bibles, Qurans Warning Of "Anti-Semitic" Passages, Guess They Never Read Obadiah and Other OT Prophets Then
Note To Jews: Christians And Arabs, Who Far Outnumber You, Are Semitic Peoples Too, So Stop Being "Anti-Semitic"
From The "Donald Playing Make Believe In Wonderland" Dept: "Autarch" Trump "Gives Away" What's Not His Or Israel's
Video: Imploding US Democratic Party Willing To Destroy US In Their Quest To Regain Power
Video: Trudeau's House Ablaze As Fireballs Of False Feminist Claims Hurled At Him In English, He Answers In French
Southern Poverty Law Center A "Highly Profitable Scam"
Video: Tidy Mouse
New Jersey Passes Rain Tax ... How Much Are They Going To Charge The Fed Gov't For What Falls On Their Highways? Mud Roads To Make A Comeback?
Religious Massacres Not A "White Nationalist Man" Only Domain, Arabs Do It, Zionist Jews Do It And Glorify It
Say It Ain't So, US Meddles In Ukraine, Gives Orders
UK Leads The Way: It Was White Men, Now It's Christianity, PS UK, Have You Checked Out Zionist Israel And The Talmud Lately?
Trump Presidency: The Ruckus With FUKUS
Hypocritical US Grade School Duplicity Not Surprising, But Where Is The Democratic Referendum By Syrians?
Russia's Crimea Continues To Flourish
EU, Canada No Longer Trust FAA
Superdeplorables: Jupiter Threatens PM Mayhem With No Deal Brexit
The Art Of Banksterism
NZ Fears Fear: Ignorant Knee Jerk Censorship By The Cowardly
Reverse Democracy: Punishing All For The Act Of One
Acts Of Violence Used By Empire To Take Away Rights
Ethiopian Jews Cite Nutanyahoo's Racial Discrimination
Cambridge University Can't Handle Jordan Peterson
Globalist EU: Our Way Or The Highway ... Highway It Is
Yes Folks, No Civilians Have Ever Died In A US Airstrike, At Least None They Care About