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Spring 2018

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Spring 2018

Video: US Can't Survive Without A Trust In Justice System
Hungary Passes Stop Soros Law, Illegal Immigration
"The Fruit Of The Diseased Minds Of Sociopaths" War Criminals Concerned About US Losing Moral Authority
Video: US, Western Allies Speak Nobly While Committing War Crimes
Pentagon, Military Industrial Complex Overrides US Congress No Vote
Clincally Insane Hollyweirds
EU's Tariff Response: That's It!?
China's Many Non-Symmetrical Options With US Trade War
The Awakening: Transitioning From The Gender Stereotypes
Pentagon's Lead Role In Taking US On The Road To Perdition
Another Chink In US Armour: Russia/India Ditch Dollar In Defense Deals
Nearly 2 Years On US Dems Still Wandering Around AImlessly Mumbling About "Russiagate"
CIAmazon Post: Life Under The Oligarchs
The Changing Times: World Cup And Life
A False Prophet Of The Big Lie
Trump To Leave Human Rights Council Over Criticism Of  Zionist Israel

EU Efforts To Prosecute Israeli Military For Human Rights Violations
America Putting Israel First Or Being Bled Dry?
Who Do They Think They Are, The US? Zionist "Greater Israel" Aircraft Strike Anti-Terrorist Iraqi Army In Syria
Trade War: China Can Switch To Iranian Crude Rather Than US
TSA's Abusive Passenger Training ... Just Stand There And Take It
Merkel Has Two Week Deadline
Turkish Army In Outskirts of Syria's Manbij
Video: Trump's Schizophrenic Foreign Policy
World Trade Cup: G7 Vs. SCO8
China Upgrades Its Military, Adds Nukes
The Redefining Of Democracy By Elites
ZTE: The Economics Of Politics In DC
From The "They Want War Not Peace" Dept: US & Zionist Israel Obstructing Peaceful Negotiations For Syria
Bad Cop Mentality: US Passing Laws Outside Their National Jurisdiction
NYT: Lying About Their Lying
China Threatens Possible Tariffs On US Oil-Gas Imports
Saudis Continue Their War Crimes In Yemen With Western Weapons
US Miitary Sponsored Terrorists Strike Syria Army ... Who Says This Is Not Illegal Aggression?
Zionist Israel Moves To Override Its Constitution
Follow The Gold: US Fed Reserve Public Enemy #1?
Make Music Not War
Raqqa: LIberation And Freedom US Style, One Year You Can Still Smell The Bodies
White Helmet Roots Go Back To US, Alles Intel Services
Australia Says No To Embassy Move To Jeruslaem
China Meets Trump's $50 Billion In Tariffs With Same Amount
Russia Dumped Half Its US Treasury Bonds In April
Who's Wagging This Dog? US To Exit UN Human Rights Council Because They Think It's OK For Zionist Israel To Shoot & Kill Unarmed Nurse According To Nikki Haley
How Christian Is It To Support This? Israeli Snipers Kill Unarmed Nurse Helping Wounded
Spain's New Policy: Immigrants Rights Over Citizens
Why Did US Bomb Raqqa?
Thank You Mr. President, Canadians Buy Canadian
Video: US Foreign Policy, Follow Us Or Pay A Price
Expect The Same Results: South Africa, Zimbabwe Deja Vu
Nutanyahoo's Israeli MP: Jews Are The Supreme Race
Bottom Line: FBI Meddled In Presidential Election
Summit: Nobel Peace Prize Photo Opp?
US State Dept. Resumes White Helmets Funds, Claims They Have Saved "100,000s Of LIves," (No Evidence To Support This) Though Most People In Syria Don't Know Who They Are, And They Only Operate In US Backed Terrorist Held Areas
EU Hits US With Trade Tariffs
Canadians Boycott US Goods, Cancel US Vacations
IMF Banker Taking Over As Head Of Jordan Government
The Cost Of Social Media: Mental Illness Epidemic
Known By The Company You Keep: US-Zionist Israel's Allies Saudi-UAE Treat Yemenis As Israel Treats Palestinians
UNGA: 120 Countries Vote To Condemn Israel's Gaza Killings, 8 Against, 45 Cowards
The Fantastic Lunacy Of Corporate Media Ignorance: The Bogeyman Is Everywhere!
Soros Globalist EU Fifth Columnist Points Finger At Alleged Russia's Fifth Columnists
Assad Remains As Syria's President Because He Is Popular With The People

G7: Countries Always Act In Their Own Self-Interests ... Well Except For US Vis A Vis Zionist Israel
Video: If "Peace" Breaks Out On The Korean Peninsula, Do US Troops Leave?
Now Will Trump Get Israel To Denuclearize?
Ding, Dong, Ike's Warning About Military Industrial Complex (MIC) Rings Loud And Clear Along With Other ICs
12 Tips For Making Sense Of This World
China Closes Door On Vietnam's South China Sea Oil Drilling
Gold Rush As Countries Pull Their Gold Out Of US
Maybe Some Of Those Lost Pentagon $Trillions Ended Up On Whidbey Island?
Russia Tax Overhaul Of Its Oil Sector
Saudis Increase Oil Production To 10 Million BPD
The Time Of The End, Knowledge Shall Be Increased
From The "Spider And The Fly" Dept: Trump To Kim: In Lieu Of Missiles, You Could Have Best Hotels In The World, But, You Have To Join Our Central Banking System To Make It Work, Which Iran Refuses To Do
Modus Operandi Deja Vu: US Terrorists Bringing Chlorine Gas To Deir ez-Zor For Another False Flag Attack Like Bosnia
Uno Loco Hombre
Pirates In The Palace
Iran FM Points Out Obvious To N. Korea's Kim: DON'T TRUST TRUMP
The Fruit Of Modern Society: US Suicides Rates Are Depressing
Israeli Satellite (?) Shows Missiles On China Island
Zionist Israel Hits New Low Demolishing Historic Palestinian Graves
Arab-Israeli Couple Strip Searched In Greek Airport ... By Israelis

China First To Develop 6th Gen Aircraft
The US Geoeconomic Strategy Drivng Foreign Policy: Being Held Hostage By Wall Street
Trudeau G7 Statements Must Have Hit Home To Hear US Officials Squeal So Loudly
Doth The Truth Sting Thee Mr. Turmp, For Methinks Thou Protesteth Too Much
David And Goliath: Canada Economy Less Than 1/10th US, Yet US Acts Like The Poor Victim
The White House: A Peek Through The Looking Glass
When You Are Inept, Pass The Buck: UK's PM May Gropes And Fumbles With Brexit While Beating The Dead Horse That Russia Did It
Bubblenomics: Too Many People Getting Loans For Cars They Can't Afford?
Make Music Not War
Boeing Aircraft Have Embedded Autopilot Controls That Can Override Pilot
US Government Says Hacking Planes "Only A Matter Of Time"
Boeing Patents Cyberattack Pilot Training Sim Tech
Free Speech War: Central Banker-President Macron Proposal To Ban Fake News, i.e., Opposition Free Speech, During Elections Has Increased Opposition
Russia Developing Laser Cannon To Destroy Space Debris (UFOs Too?)
Crude Prices Down As Saudis And Russia May Increase Supply
SCO-8, G-7 In Two Pictures
SCO-8 Summit: Represents Half World's Population
Putin Wearies Of G7's "Creative Babbling"
From The "Woe Is Me" Dept: World Getting Tired Of Spoiled US Whinerbaby
Hey, Maddog, Get Over It, It's His Country Not Yours
ISIS-Daesh Active In Syria But Only In US Controlled Areas

Turkish Military Now In Northern Iraq
Assad To UK Media: Douma Attack A "British PR Stunt"

Iran To The West: A Deal Is A Deal Or It's No Deal
Russia Oil-Gas Trumps Finland, Estonia Politics
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: US Wants India To Stay Away From Russia Weapons, Too Big A Market For US To Lose
The F-35 "Boondoggle" Snafu Class Fighter Maker Awarded Another Government Contract
15 Signs America's Middle Class Ain't Great
Financiers Finance Wars, But Don't Tell Who They Are, Even Though We Know
Not Just Jerusalem, US Opens New De Facto Embassy In Taiwan
China-Russia Sign $3 Billion Nuclear Deals
Medal Swapping: China Awards First Ever Friendship Medal To Putin
New UN Security Council Members Elected
Closer Energy Ties Between Russia And Europe A Bother To US Hegemony
German Bundestag: Trump Should Not Threaten Nord Stream 2
Video: Why Is Everyone So Mean About The Zionist Nuclear Terrorist State Of Israel?
The Farcical "Kangaroo Court" German Prosecutor Issues Arrest Warrant For Syrian General ... Guess He Forgot To Include Bush, Blair, Cheney, Obama, Trump, Maddog Mattis, May, Saudi Prince, Heads Of CIA Torture  Regime, Etc., Etc.
Video: Transatlantic Trauma Trump Threatens Europe
Controlling The "Heartland," The East Is In Ascendancy As The West Declines
Fractured West Holds G-7 In Canada, United Russia-China Hold SCO G-8 In China
Iran To Prosecute Boeing In Global Tribunals Over Cancelled Deal
From The "Consider The Source" Dept: NATO's Pro-NATO Atlantic Council Uses DIsinfo-lies To Counter Criticism Of NATO Actions
Universities Use To Educate, Motivate Societal Values, Civility, Not Police Free Speech
Trump Administration To Make Zionist Israel "Great" As In Babylon
World Leaders And The Return Of The Glowing Orb
Globalist Vatican: SecState Joins In Bilderberg Conference
Video: The US Empire And The Medici Cycle
US Economic War: Trump's Pulling Out Of Iran Deal Not About Nukes, But About Iran's Oil And Pocketbook To Further Zionist Israel's Geopolitical Interests
Kneeling At Facebook's Antichristian Altar
The Convenience Of Big Brother: Time To Be Smart And Go Back To Dumb Phones
Come One, Come All, Canada Legalizes Recreational Pot
US Provides China Reason To Militarize South China Sea Islands With Childish Provocations, Oh, By The Way, Isn't US Militarizing Its Illegal Presence In Syria?
Mad Dog's Island Fever 6000 Miles Away
Do As We Say, Not As We Do: How US Stole The Hawaiian Islands 2400 Miles Away
France, UK's Chimerical Voyage Into Their Imperial Past, Self-Righteously Claiming "International Law" While Their Ally US Violates International Law Daily In Syria
China's Silk Road Growing "Saltwater" Rice In Dubai
From The "Cake And Eat It Too" Dept: Dear Pompey-o, Russia, China Can Place Their Nukes In Iran Like You Do In Europe
If Mueller Did That, He'd Have To Go After The US Congress, The Fed Reserve, The US State Dept., The Pentagon And Nikki Haley
NATO War Games In Russia Border Countries ... Bottom Line, It's Still Comes Down To The Nukes
Remember When Gangs Use To Mug People? Now It's The Mesa Police 5
"Sweden" Mobilizes All Its Military Reservists ... Domestic Or Russia Threat?
NATO The Pandemic Virus That Threatens The Health And Stability Of The World
US Intent To Set Up Illegal State In Syria
US State Dept. Nauert Gives UN Haley A Run For Her Money With D-Day Example
The F-35 "Boondoggler," Snafu Class Fighter Still Has Nearly 1000 Deficiencies
Strange "Sonic Attacks" Only Affects US Staffers Only In China And Cuba
Really Israel? After You Massacre Them
Zionist Israel's Immoral Low Ground
Nutanyahoo: The Muslim Grave Robber
Video: Who Needs Who More In Trade War?
Russia's Answer To Trump's Higher Priced Gas
Want To Pay Triple For Your Gas? Neither Does Europe
Democracy Tree Bearing Authoritarian Fruit
Miss America No Swimsuits, Won't Judge Women On Appearance, US Foregn Policy, However, Remains Judged On Propagandized Appearance
Peace Or War: Maybe He Should Convince Trump To Rejoin The Iran Nuke Deal Instead
Wacky British Schools Out In The Noon Day Sun: Boys Made To Wear Skirts To Make Transgenders Feel More Comfortable
Colonial Imperialsm? What Vital Interest Does France Have In The South China Sea?
More UFOs In The News
US, Israel, Saudi Arabia Axis Powers: Saudis Threaten Military Action If Qatar Installs Russian DEFENSIVE Missiles
Nutanyahoo Goes To Europe To Kill Iran Nuke Deal
US Moves Against Europe With Sanctions
Trade Tariffs: Trump Doesn't Like His Own Medicine
Russia Puts Sanctionmans Countermeasures Into Place
US Supreme Court Rules Against Gay Couple Cake
Facebook Is Spybook
Targeted Killing US Drone Style
Psychopath's Trade War
Make Music Not War
2017 Worst On Record For Cyber Attacks, Data Breaches
China Accelerates Pace With Nuclear Weapon Development
Even Maylasia Airlines Doesn't Accept Russia Shot Down MH-17
Chinese General Slams Mattis Comments About South China Sea, Taiwan
China Will Compete Vigorously With US In Gulf Of Mexico, Oops, US Will Compete Vigorously With Beijing In South China Sea
UNSC Israeli Puppet Haley Vetos Another Pro-Palestinian Measure
US Oil-Gas War: We Want You Dependent On Us, Not Them
US Still Killinhg Civilians In Syria
GDPs: If US States Were Countries, Where Would You Be Living? What About National Debt Comps?
The Assymetrical Nature Of The US Economy
Got To Keep US Economy Miitary Industrial Complex Thriving: King Trump Tells India Not To Buy Russian Weapons
Whinerbaby US Crying Over Canada's Treatment Of US Agriculture
Where Is Condemnation Of US llegal Occupation In Syria?
The Deed Is Done: US Embassy In Jerusalem, Building His Palace Between The Seas
Trump's Steel, Aluminium Tariffs "Based On A Lie"
CFR Says Domestic Propaganda (Lying) Is Necessay
The Pathological Clapper
Problem Isn't Guns As Knife Attacks Increase, It's A People Problem
US Numero Uno Meddler
Google: Republicans Are Nazis; History: Socialist Worker's Party Were Nazis
Go To Duckduckgo
What's Wrong With UK? First Skripal Farce, Now Bizarre Big Bro Vs. Tommy Robinson
EU Drops Legal Case Against Russia's Gazprom
So US, Allies Wanted A Contrywide Airstrike On Syria?
Trump Slaps NAFTA Canada, Mexico With Steel, Aluminium Tariffs
Canada Sanctions Trump
Why Do Countries Allow Soros To Undermine Their Political Systems?
"Sinister Choreography" In MH-17 Investigation: An Unnatural Course, i.e., Russia Snuck Into Ukraine, Shot Down A Civilian Airliner With A Russian Missile So The World Would Condemn Them?
UFO's Suddenly A Serious News Story
Another Government UFO Report: Rendezvous With "Something Big Underwater" ... Why Hearing This Now? Or Just A Diversion Or Groundwork?
Flying Saucer Invasion? Was Kissinger A Prophet Then?
Trump: Not Enough Chevy's In Germany, Snubs Ford
Sweden's National Suicide
Video: The Weaponization Of US Intellgence Agencies
The Zionist Beast's Operation Talpiot
What Is America's (Not Zionist Israel's) Goal In The World? Do What They're Told To Do
Iran Bracing For All Out Economic War From US
Qatar Looking More To Iran, Turkey Than Sauds
Making America Poisoned Again: Bayer Monsanto Merger Apporved
US Police Massacring Civilians?
YTD About 500 Killed by Police 2018
US Exceptional Arrogance Essentially A Declaration Of War
Despite Italy's Recent Elections, It Ends Up With A Bankster As PM
This Will Teach Italians Not To Vote For A Populist Government
Methinks Thou Sanctionith Too Much: India Joins Countries Ignoring US Sanctions
Seattle Mussels Testing Positive For Opioids
From The "Your Hypocritical Ideology Is Showing" Dept: Liberal Outrage At ICE Detaining Children In Cages, Thinking It Was Trump's Doing, Then Deleted Criticism When It Turned Out To Be Obama
South American Pacific Columbia Becomes Big Brother North Atlantic Treaty Organization Member
Is UK Saudi Arabia North?
Failure Of Intelligence CIA Torturer Now In Charge
Palestinian Shoes Of The Dead
5 Year Jail Term For Photographing Zionist IDF?
Video: Flip-Flopping Politics
Is Trump Making America Great Again Or Destroying The Empire?
US, Not Turkey, Is NATO's Problem Child
Nutanyahoo: Director Of Syrian Foreign Policy?
US The Outside Antagonist In The South China Sea
More Info On US Navy/Pentagon UFO Confirmation
Orwellian UK Judge Orders Media Blackout Of Immigrant Pedophilke Grooming Trial Arrest ... Who's He Protecting?
Trump: Flippant Or Flipping Off The World?
Did Hawaiian Geothermal Plant's Fracking Cause Earthquake Which Triggered Volcano Eruption?
Make Music Not War
The Russian Collusion Hoax For Dummies
Another Reason Why US Stays The Course In Afghanistan: Terrorist Rebels Access To Russia
Capital Old Boy: Trump's Imperial Grammar
Pipelineistan: Russia-Turkey Pipeline Deal To Bring Gas To European Consumers
Wiki: A Pedia For Our Times
UK Arms Sales To Zionist Israel Peaks
From The "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" Dept: The Romancing Of America's Wars
Best US Vacation Romance Packages To Vietnam
We Get It Now: US/UK M.O., Create False Flag Op, No Evidence, Blame It On Russia, Do A Fake "Impartial" Investigation By US/UK Allies, But Keep Russia Out Of The Loop, Then, Without Providing Verifiable Evidence, Blame Russia Again a la Skripal Shenanigans, Las Vegas Shooting
MH-17 Update: Dutch Investigators BUK Engine Soviet Era, Decommissioned By Russia In 2011, But Not Ukraine
Sanctionman: Desperate Nations Resort To Desperate Measures Not Aimed At Peace
Cyberwarfare And Security Need Rules Like Nuclear Weapons
Poking The Pig In The Eye: Russia to EU, Let's Trade In Euros
Big Bro Bezos Amazon's Alexa Listens, And Records Your Conversations
Boris Pranked By Russian "Armenian PM"
Trump Games: N. Korea Destroys Nuke Site, Trump Cancels Meeting, Moral Of The Story?
US Navy Admits Encounter With UFO, "Flying Saucer"
Flying Saucer Invasion? Was Kissinger A Prophet Then?
What Are The Brits Still Hiding With The Skripals? Why, If It Wasn't Them?
MH-17 Update: Evidence Ukraine Shot It Down, But Does Anyone Care If It Wasn't Russia?
Rank And File FBI Sickened By FBI Political Leadership, Want To Testify
Where Do These US Cops Believe They Are ... Israel?
What We All Know: US-Israel Wants Syria Gone, Then Iran
US Attacks Syrian Army: I Believe It's Still Called An Act Of War
Where US Doesn't Have Hegemony, It Is Committed To "Free And Open," No So Much Otherwise
Pompey-o's Sonic Booms, More Evidenceless Accusations ... Under The Ruse Of He Has Access To Info The Rest Of Us Don't?
US NFL Kneels To The Money
UK Labour Party: Got Room For A Self-Identified Martian? If So, I've Got A Couple Of Friends Who Identify As Canis Majorites
Setting Up His Palace Between The Seas ... Muslims Beware
They Take Our Money, Then Sell Our Faces For Pennies
Assassinations: Maybe Pompey-o Confused Iran For Israel
List Of Israeli Assassinations, Not Including Shooting Unarmed Palestinians
Goldman Sachs, aka US Treasury Dudes, Fiscal Outlook Not Good For US
Let Them Eat Cake: Tax The Poor
Why Is POLITICAL Commentary Acceptable Except When Applied To Nutanyahoo?
Smartphones Making Us Depressed
Poodle Trump To Reveal Israel's New Peace Plan For Middle East
UK Watch: Ah, C'mon, Theresa, Let Him Talk To His Mom
If US Is "Essentially (Self-) Righteous," Is "Log In The Eye" Pompey-o Ready To Set The Example, Walk The Walk That He Demanded Of Iran?
US Ulterior Motives Transparent In Zionist Pompet-o's Essentially Ridiculous Demand
Lesson For All Wannabe Politicans: Don't Tell The Truth, Learn To Lie
One Of The First To Wake Up, New Italy PM Russia Friendly
If You Couldn't Account For $65,000, Would The IRS Audit Care?
"Don't Buy Local" Big Bro Bezos Seeks To Sell Facial Recognition To Police
from The "Shoe On The Other Foot" Dept: Airlines Threatened With Possible Sanction Over Taiwan, T-Rex Sanctionman T-Rump Squeals
Trumpanyahoo: The Lines Blur From Tail To Dog
Boy Scout Motto, Be Prepared, Condoms Required At Jamborees ... Is There A Merit Badge For This?
Well That Didn't Take Long: The Swamp Drained Trump Of His Presidency
Call For Arab Countries To Cut Ties With Countries Who Move Embassy To Jerusalem
What Does Iranian Nuke Deal And Soldiers In Syria Have In Common? Trump
Sanctionman Attacks Venezuela
The Other 18% Were Unavailable For Comment
From The "Which One Of Us Is Stupid?" Dept: Pompey-o Trots Out Heckneyed US M.O.: Accusing Invited Iran Of What Illegal Occupational US Force In Syria Has Done
Obama Adminstration Paid $1 Million To Trump Spy
Nuke Weapon Convoy Incidents In UK
Syrian Army Has Captured French Troops
Video: US "Mafia" Launching Economic War On The World, Zionist Regime Massacre
US Adds More War Pressure To The Middle East Cooker With Ridiculous Unrealistic Iran Demands Benefitting Zionist Israel
From The "Who's In Charge?" Dept: BBC/UK Sees Apartheid As Antisemitism When It's Zionist Israel
Pax Americana Now Blatantly Bellum Americana
After Recent Elections, Iraq Has New "Kingmaker"
Finally, A Place Where Corporate Media Can Shine
National Sovereignty Or Empire Poodles? Place Your Bets On The Latter
Trapped: EU Subject To NATO Which Is Legally Dominated By The US
South Africa Recalls Ambassador From Israel
Hungary's Brilliant Migrant Border Solution
Make Music Not War
Killing Democracy With Lies
Russian Naval Force To Stay In Med
Political Games: Like North And South Korea, US Drives Wedge Between EU And Russia, China, Iran
EU Poodles Not Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is
Good Cop EU, Bad Cop US With Iran Or Real Deal?
Trump, Go East, Iranian Oil, Go East: China Willing To Replace France In Iran, Largest Gas Condensate Field In World
Are The Petrodollar's Hegemony Days Numbered?
Japan Reacts Against US Sanctions
Ditching Trump's Red Line: Dutch More Trade With iran
Video: Every Coin Has 2 Sides: The Korean Summit
Trump Serves Up Perfect Opp For EU And Iran To Drop Petrodollar, The Central Banksters
The Impulse To Destroy Is The Mood Of Our Times
Obama's FBI Planted Mole In Trump Campaign Named
Infographics: China-US Trade War At A Glance
The Trouble With Lies, How To Cover Them Up? Skripals Miraculous Survivors Of Lethal Nerve Agent, Their Condition Was World News, Now UK Cites Patient Confidentiality
Why Didn't Skripal Die?
Crimea And Gaza: The Inversion Of Reality By US
"D.B. Cooper" A US False Flag Op Or Opportunistic Move That Made Our Airports What They Are Today?
Trump Giving World Gas Pains
Italy's New Government: Drop Russia Sanctions Immediately
China Looking To Israel For Microchip Tech Backup
Trump And Bolton: A Deadly Combination
US Seeking To Use OPCW As Political Tool
How Dare You Act In Your Own Sovereign Interests Rather Than Ours: US House Intel Committee Names China As Official Threat/Enemy
US Inspector General Finds FBI, Justice Dept., Broke Law, Refers For Criminal Charges
From The "Birds Of Feather" Dept: US Senate Warmongers Give The World A Torturer
Big Brother Usupring Move: Z-berg's Facebook Teams Up With Zionist Neocon NATO Propaganda "Think Tank," Atlantic Council, Who Voted To Give Facebook And NATO The Authority To Police (Affect?) Elections And "Our" Democracy?
NATO's Actions Speak For Themselves
Throwing Election Staff Under The Bus
Sounding More Dictatorial Than Presidential, As If Sovereign Nations Are HIs Apprentices, Trump Says Germany "Will Be Dealt With"
EU Taking Measures To Block US Sanctions On EU Companies Doing Business With Iran
From The "Playing Marbles" Dept: Russia, Iran And China The Bad Guys As Only America Is "Essentially Righteous," Formerly The "Only Indispensible Nation"
China's US Economic Silk Road Diplomacy
What's Up With Merkel's 2nd Trip To Moscow In 2 Weeks ... Nord Stream 2, Iran Or More?
Essentially Imperial US Getting Ready To Use Its Banking System Club To Sanction Aything It Doesn't Like ... Nord Stream 2
Trump Wholly Violates Agreement By Pulling Out Of Iran Nuke Deal Then Sanctions Russia For Alleged Violations Of US-Soviet Era Missile Treaty
From The "One Can Never Have Enough Enemies" Dept: Japan Prepares To Retaliate Against US Sanctions
iran Signs Deal To Join Russia Led Free Trade Zone
Pompeyo's Pep Talk To State Dept Staff: Be True Believer In America's "Essential Righteousness"
Illinois Pension System Gone Broke, Loads Everyone With $11,000 Debt
Whatever Happened To May's False Flag Skripals, Novichok?
Ultrasonic Attacks Can Trigger Alexa, Siri With Secret Commands
Whinerbabies US-Ukraine Not So Happy With Democracy When It Doesn't Serve Their Purposes
Kim Jong-un: Chief Red Eagle Redux?
Obama Administration Dirty Tricks Coming To Light
Zionists Steadily Dismantling Arms Control Treaties
Ukraine Vs. Hungary: One Stood Up To Soros Meddling
Putin: Russian Warships Permanent Standby In Med Due To Terrorist (US/Israel) Threat?
Zionist Israel's Murderous Apartheid
State Of The Union: US Senate Pushes Torturer Forward As Head Of CIA
Crack In The Dam? EU To Ditch Petrodollar In Buying Iranian Oil
Will The EU Poodles Part Ways With Dog Walker Trump?
Bubble Trouble For eCars
US: Socialism Coming To Your Town, Maybe In The Next Election
UN Pushes International Gun Contrl For Citizens Not  Militariesl
On The Road To Armageddon, Starring Trump And Nutanyahoo
US Nipping Korea Peace Talks In The Bud
US Doesn't Want Peace Between North And South Korea: N. Korea Calls Off Talks With South After Joint US Military Drills Aimed At N. Korea
Zionist Israel Targets Journalists According To Reporters
The P.T. Barnum & Haley Circus: She Must Really Believe A Sucker Is Born Every Miniute The Way She Blathers
Israel's Yellow Brick Road To Perdition
Turkey Recalls Ambassadors From US, Israel
Israel's "Toxic Influence," Making US Foreign Policy, Affecting US Elections
Now That There Is One Crazy Idea, Maybe Bolton Should Make The Same Offer To Israel
US Jerusalem Embassy Opening: The Kushner Connection
The Beast Officially In Jerusalem: "On god's Side," Daniel 11:36
Israel's Leadership: No Moral Conscience
Video: US Dissent Suppressed, War Criminals Pushed Forward
50 Years Later: NSA Keeps Israel Attack On USS Liberty Warship Secret ... So Who's Running The NSA?
Pentagon Audit: $21 Trillion Unaccounted For, Which Is About The Total US National Debt
Iran Ditches The Petrodollar, China's Goldie Yuan A Better Option
Nuclear States US-Israel Ganging Up On Non-Nuke Iran ... What Is Their Goal?
Gaza Palestinians: May Day May Day As US Opens Jerusalem Embassy
The Evil Spirit Of The Trump Administration: So Much For Caring And Supporting The Syrian People?
Bromance? Trump Ready To Help Macron Over Paris Stabbing
Despite Invading Syria, Erdogan Calls Israel A Terrorist State
More Gadaffi Promises Made To N. Korea Yeah, They Will Get Others To Do It
Make Music Not War
Hitting The Middle Class To Pay For Wall Street, Government Mismanagement Again
Officially Adding China To The Syrian Peace Process Mix
Deja Voodoo: US Offers Same Promises To N. Korea As Gadaffi Got
Jerusalem Street Protests US Embassy Move
Can The America Survive Trump And The Corrupt Corporations's Destructiveness?
Iran Securing Ties WIth China After Trump Pulls US Out Of JCPOA
Xi's One-China Tightening The Grip On Taiwan, Airlines
Russia, EAEU Draft Free Trade Deal With Iran While US Sanctions On Behalf Of Israel
Nutanyahoo's Tail  Wagging Trump's Dogs Of War With Iran
Nutanyahoo Pushes Trump's Buttons With Iran
Zionist Israel's Dirty Hands: Syrian Terrorists Hand Over Israeli Made Weapons
The Skripal's Are Fading Away Like All False Flag Ops That Have Served Their Purpose
Zionist Israel Trots Out Old Hackneyed Anti-Semite Accusations Against Iran, Who Are A Larger Group Of Semitic People
US Senate Hearing: Why Wasn't The War Criminal Dragged Off In 'Cuffs?
What's With Zionist Israel's Strikes On Syria?
Europe Forced To Confront US Economic Bullyism
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Trump's Torturer In Chief, War Criminal
US Iran Nuke Pullout More About Oil Money Enrichment Than Enricjhment Of Uranium
Neoliberal Creative Economics: What The Chinese Call "Growing Trees In The Air"
US Embassy Moves Its Twitter Address To Jerusalem From Tel Aviv
State Dept.'s Global Engagement Center: US Orwellian "Ministry Of Truth"
Trump's Pulling Out Of Iran Nuke Deal Tipping Point: Door Open To Prophetic End Time Events?
Murder Inc., US Gives Israel Geen Light To Assassinate Top Iranian General, Imagine If Putin Said Same To Iran About Israeli General?
Zionist Israel Launches War Against Iran, Syria With AIrstrikes Ahead Of US Move To Jerusalem
Poodle Revolution? Merkel Says Its Time For Europe Not To Look To The US, New Axis: Israel, US, Saudi Arabia
Same Old Modus Operandi: Instigator Zionist Israel Warns Iran About What Israel Already Has Done
Did Nutanyahoo Open The Door And Push US Into All Out War?
The Foreign Policy Vaudeville Team Of Trump And Nutanyahoo
Iran Retaliates Against Israel In Illegally Occupied Golan Heights
Trump Acting In Israel's Best Interests, America's Not So Much
Zionist, Paranoid Nuclear Israel's Nutanyahoo Claims Iran Threatens Israel After Israel Violates International Law Bombing The Invited Legal Iran Military Base In Syria
The Last Time Iran Invaded Another Country: 1798, US & Israel Have Invaded At Least 75 During That Time
World Reaction To Trump Failure To Honor Iran Nuke, Or Is It The Oil, Deal?
US Sanctions Push Countries To Leave Zionist Banking System
Stagflation: US Ongoing Economic Collapse
US Bully's UN Mouthpiece, Israel Sales Rep Loses It In La-La-Land, Accusing Others Of What You Do Is Hallmark Of Zionists
Treaty Breaking: Follow The Money
Nuclear Zionist Israel Pushing For War, Launches Airstrike On Iranian Base Near Damascus

Liars Club: Trump's Foreign Policy Campaign Promises Out The Window Along With Any Shred Of US Integrity
Brinkmanship: The Political Art Of Playing Chicken, Poorly, And Starting Wars
No Longer Land Of The Free: Karl Marx Manifesto's Top Ten List Now In Effect In US
Seattle: Typical US Big City Trouble Woes, There Are Lots Of Affordable Cities To Live In, It's Called Moving
One Step Closer: On Behalf Of Zionist Nuclear Israel, Trump Moves US Embassy To Jerusalem, Pulls Out Of Nuke Deal
Lawless One US Pulls Out Of Multilateral Nuke Deal, With Support From All The Usual Zionist Suspects
Russia Meddling? More Accusations, But No Evidence, Getting A Bit Trite
Best Off Both Worlds? Typcial Political Lies, Make Accusations But Provide No Evidence, Examples, Sanctions AImed At Iran's Crude Oil Exports, Keep Iran In Deal While US Pummels Them WIth Sanctions
US Olympic Committee Accused Of Sexual Abuse, Trafficking
Do Christian Nations Torture As A Matter Of Policy?
Moving Backwards: Trump Set To Reimpose Sanctions On Non-nuclear Iran?
Germany, France, UK To Stick With Iran Nuke Deal If Trump Backs Out, But Why Is There Not An Israel Nuke Deal? (Rhetorical Question)
Venezuela Starts Bi-National Bank with Palestine To Bypass US Sanctions
From The "Need We Say More" Dept: Anti-Gun Second Amendment Celeb Protester Shows Up With Armed Guards In Public Park
Harbinger For US? S. Korea Offers Plan To Link Koreas With China Economy
Clash Of The Jews ... In The US ... Will The Real House Of Judah Please Stand Up
US Congress Abdicating To Israel's Caesar?
Rewriting History: Bizarre US Orwellian Court Ruling Blames Iran For 9/11 But Not The Saudis, Or Saddam ... Remember Him?
9/11 Points To Ponder
Make Music Not War
US Moves Their "Foster Troops" From Syria, Middle East, To Afghanistan
From The "Sheep Are In The Corral" Dept: Why Do Americans Allow Their Government To Bleed Them Of Their Tax Wealth Used In Foreign Countries Rather Than In US, Weakening US Internally, Increasing The National Debt? Time That Americans Realize US Military Is An Invasion Force Not A Defense Force
Trump Committed To War With Iran, Claims To Speak For Iranian (Like Iraqi, Syrian) People  ... On Zionist Israel's Behalf
To Wit, Propaganda Right On Schedule, Nutanyahoo Announces Israel Ready For "Iranian Aggession"
Fake Socal Justice: Using "Diversity" As A Tool Against Christianity
In Trump No One Trusts
Globalist Atlantic Council Tells Us Why We Need To Be Propagandized (Lied To)
Theresa May Needs To Stop Lying
Will US Debtor Prisons Get The Homeless Off The Streets For Not Filing Tax Forms?
Many Countries To Ignore Washington, But Can They Ignore Trump?
From The "Taking A Dump" Dept: Typical Of West's False Claims, Act, Punish, Then Fade Away After Evidence Shows Otherwise
Soy Boys And Snowflakes In U Of Texas: Mental Illness Masked As Diversity?
White Helmets Riding Off Into The Sunset?
DIY Independent Journalism: Use Search Engines And Bookmark Sites, Don't Be Lazy And Rely On Facebook Or Google
Go To Duckduckgo
Video: War Withour Goals Leads To Never Ending Wars
When A False Flag Op Doesn't Work, Burn The Flag
"Soy Scouts:" Have Boys And Girls Changed In The Last 100 Years Or Has Society's Moral Relativism And Ethics?
The House Of The Rising Xi: China "Biggest Player In History Of The World" Vs. West's Central Banksters "Growing Trees In The Air"
US Intelligence On Russia Has Low IQ
US Kangaroo Court Pins 9/11 False Flag Op Led By Saudi Bin Laden And All Those Saudi Hijackers On Iran ... Ya Don't Suppose US, Saudi Arabia And Israel Had Anything To Gain By This Do You?
Zuckerberg's Facebook To Become Almighty Discerner Of Truth ... Finding "Truth's" Common Ground, You Know, Like The World Is Flat, The Sun Revolves Around The Earth Consensus Truth
Nutanyahoo Trying To Bring Americans Into War With Iran For Zionist Israel's Gain
Nutanyahoo Doesn't Want Israel To War Against Iran, Wants US To Do It
Nutanyahoo: The "Infamous Liar" While Not Confirming Existence Of Israel's Actual Nuclear Weapons
No Nukes In Iran
Western Civilization: What We Used To Be Before We Became Zionist Israel Lackeys
Example OF What We've Become
And More ...
A Flase Flag Announcement: Nutanyahoo Returning Trump's Favor For Recognizing Jerusalem With "News" On iranian Nuke Program?
Sorry, Nikki, You Don't Have The Intelligence To Work For Russian Intelligence
Video: N. & S. Korea Peace Threatens US, According To The US
Precedent? N. & S. Korea Making Progress Without US
Iran Is All About The Globalist Banksters, Not Part Of The West's Central Baking System, Neither Is N. Korea
Pompey-o In Favor Of Trashing The Iran Nuke Deal, Best Way To Make Sure Iran Gets Nuclear Deterrent, Lesson For N. Korea And Rest Of The World, Can't Trust US
Make Music Not War
Fly By Asteroids ... Five Today, And Lots More To Come
LIke A Dead Fish Floating Down Stream, US Pompey-o Calls For, What Else, More Sanctions
Deep State Pushing For Deep Do-Do In Syria
Like All The Other West's False Flags, Russia Olympic Doping Case Fails In Court
Intrinsic Nature Of US Ruling Elite: Expediency Not Law
Russia Parliament Considering Issuing Sanctions
Trump And JCPOA: Stupid Is As Stupid Does?
US Congress: No Russiagate, But Russia Still Bogeyman
In Pursuit Of A Detablized Middle East ... Zionist Israel's Interests Come First Not America's
Video: "MAGA" Is Globalist Neocon In Sheep's Clothing
Why Not Spend That Afghan $Billion A Day In US MAGA?
Facebook's Creative Censorship, And Lame Excuses ... Lies?
Iran Deal Blowback Setting Stage For Syria: Iran, Russia, China United Front Against US-Israel, May Move To Jerusalem
With All Indications Regarding Current Events And Propehcies, I Would Guess This Will Change In The Not Too Distant Future, Though It Will A Tad Late
From The Failed Land Of Nu: This Is What Soros Spawns
US Complete Lack Of Respect For International Law, Protocol ... "No Invasion, We Just Broke In," State Department Making It Up As They Please Based On Lies, Again Accusing Others Of Their Own Evident Impertinent Behavior
Syrian Terrorists Built Tunnel City Under Douma
Radio: Russia, Some US Senators Wanted Disarmament Talks, Corporate US Media Not So Much, Neither Do The "Crazies"
Why Do We Accept War Crimes As Normal Behavior?
US China Trade: US Seeks Fundamental Changes, China Doubles Down With Its Made In China 2025 Policy
Amazon's Economic "Slum Lord" Bezos Booed By Employees, In His Day Henry Ford Paid Workers High Wages
Henry Ford's Higher Wages
Another Palestinian Journalist Assassinated By Zionist IDF Sniper
Good Little Yellow Pencils Get A High Social Score
17 Years Later, 9/11 Fact Failure By US Government
US Cuddles ISIS, White Helmet Employees
Video: US State Dept. Says "White Helmets" Still Getting Their US Paychecks
OPCW Finds No Evidence Of Chemical Weapons At Douma, Can't Wait To Hear Trump, May And Co. Justifications And Who They Blame On This One, Future Cred To Shoot First, Get Facts Later Is Shot
Here's One Orwellian Answer: US Shifts Timeline Of Syria Events ... No Matter, Still No Evidence Of Chem Weapons Found By OPCW, So That Won't Work
US Political Leaders: Lying Our Way Into War ... Doing The Same Things Over And Over And Getting The Same Results
Video: Assad More Popular In Syria Than Trump In US Or May In UK, But Western Media Won't Let You Know
Pranksters Get Head Of OPCW To Admit Skripal Agent Could Be Produced In Many Countries Including US
From The "Do As I Say Not Do" Dept: While US Denounces Nerve Agents, Why Do They Keep Filing For New Patents And Keep Their Weapons Stock?
If Syria Uses S-300 DEFENSIVE Missiles Against Israel Attack, Israel Will Retaliate? How About If Israel Doesn't Attack Syria, It Won't Use S-300 System?
Trump Changes Discussion From Iran NUKE Deal To Missile Narrative ... It's All About Making Iran Impotent Viz a Viz Israel
Well If US Renegs On Its Treaty Commitment, China/Russia Can Put Their Nukes In Iran a la US Nukes In Europe
US Republic Not Meant To Be Sustainable, Used As Means To A Zionist End
Beware The Neocon Globalist NY Mag Idiot Strokes, Feeds Us A Pile Of Illogical Sh*t, Can Their Lies And Lack Of Journalistic Integrity Be Anymore Transparent?
Trade War: China Can Always Let The US Stock Market Crash
Neither Trick Nor Treat; Wear A Mask (Burka Too?) In Public, Get Arrested
America, The Land Of Pay Up Or Else
Video: US State Dept. Says "White Helmets" Still Getting Their US Paychecks; The Korean Penisula Will N. Korea Nukes Stay? 70% World's Dictators Armed By US
Well If The Skripals Didn't Die From The Lethal Nerve Agent Novichok, Where Are They?
From The "A Little Satire For The Soul" Dept: Sheepdom Tales From Uncle's Farm
The Sweet And Endearing Humanitarian Mind Of Israel MP
More Threatening Than Nukes: Iran's Central Bank Pushing US Bankstercon's Button, Switches To Euro Over Dollar
Next US False Flag: "Russian Attack" On US Ship a la The False Flags Maine, Gulf Of Tonkin
Jordan Peterson: Do Not Bother Reviewers When They Are Looking In The Mirror, They Are Bothered Enough As It Is
NASA: Lots Of Stuff Out There That Could Hit The Earth
You Mean Like You're Building A New France? So The Goal Of Globalist Allies Is Destroy Syria In War And Rebuild A New Syria After The War?
Photos: The Nouveau Paris
Photos: Paris In Death Throes
Make Music Not War
The One With A Sense Of Principle, Assad: Returns French Legion Of Honor After Missile Attack
Thousands Protest Nutanyahoo's Power Grab To Control Supreme Court
Lesson For N. Korea: US Not Fulfilling Its Iran Nuke Deal Obligations, Wants More One-Sided Concessions
To Wit: Trump's Win-Lose Policy, Can't Assume Iran Will Be The Loser
The F.U.K.U.S. Strikes On Syria: Diplomacy 100% Dead, But Not Business
German Parliamentary Report: US Violated International Law In Syria Attack
From The "Cutting One's Nose Off..." Dept: US Keeps Beating Its EU Poodles With A Stick While Russia Gains
Turkey Puts A Ding In The Petrodollar Hegemony
New Sanctuary City ... For 2nd Amendment Gun Owners While The Pro-Sanctuary Cities For Illegals Are Outraged
2 Headed Stench Of UK's Hypocrisy
US-Israel Pushed Once Too Often With False Premises, Attacks, Russia Will Supply Syria With S-300 MIssile Defense System, So Get Ready For Their Hypocritical Screams
Saudi "We Started The Syrian Crisis" Arabia In Talks With US To Further Their Illegal Invasion Of Syria
Iran's Defense Is Not Up For Debate
Cameron's Libya Fiasco Criticized By Own Committee
Remember The Good 'ol Days Of Gaddafi? Libya To Send Oil Prices To $100?
Video: Aftermath Of Trump Attack In Syria, Future N. Korea
Video: US, Allies: Humanitarian Aid Missiles (HAMs) From Pork Barrel America
Video: US Prefers Existential Threats To Domestic Ones, Healthcare The New "F-35 Leech," Killing Americans From Within For Profit
Austria Bans Turkish Politician Speeches Within Borders
Turkey Removes Gold Reserves From US
Eastern Orthodox Romania Follows Trump To Jerusalem
Macron, The Warmongering Globalist Central Banker
Macron The Rothschild Banker
Struggle For Supremacy: Germany In Way Of Macron's EU Vision
Video: Another Terrorist Chem Lab Discovered In Douma With Gas Making Equipment From Germany And/Or UK, Big Question, Why Didn't US Missiles Target These Verified Labs, Denounce The Terrorists Or Even Acknowledge They Have Means For Gas Attacks? ?
Photos: Douma Terrorist Chem Lab
Video: Talk With "Gassed" Boy In White Helmet Video
This Is How Stupid CNN Thinks We Are ... More Likely Tear Gas Residue
Sarin Facts
From The "Not Moving Forward" Dept: US Dems Still Beating Hillary's Dead Horse In Run-up To 2018 Midterm Elections
Portman Shows More Moral Integrity And Bravery Than Israeli Army Firing On Unarmed Palestinians
Definitely From The Stupid Is As Stupid Does Department
Are Western Propaganda Makers Totally Devoid Of Any Logical Thought? US Accuses Russia, Syria Of Trying To Sanitize Chem Weapons Sites After US Blew Them To Pieces With Their "100% Successful Pinpoint Missile Attack?"
New US Smart Missiles So Smart They Realized The "Gas Attack" Was A False Flag, So They Decided Not To Detonate
MAGA Oasis Is A Cruel Illusion For A Dehyrated Nation
More LIes: Orwellian Neo-Revisionist US History Leaves Americans Ignorant And Doomed
False Flag Bites The Dust: Father Of Boy In White Helmets "Gas Attack" Video Says There Was No Chemical Attack In Douma, Son Frightened, Not Gassed
Seems Like Western Intel Is Worthlesss When It Comes To The Middle East: Well Done, Mr. Trump, You Took Out A Lab Producing Life Saving Medications Denied Syria By Your Sanctions, So Who's The Animal?
Zionist Neocons Control The Levers Of A Hijacked Rogue State
The Guardian Of Orwell's Newspeak: Perpetuating The Narrative Lies
The US Plan All Along: China, Not Europe, The Goal
Austria Takes Steps To Protect Its Nation From Influx Of Refugees
Roman Deja Vu: Senate Passing War Powers To Emperor Augustus Caesar As Rome Bid Farewell To Republic
War Crimes R US: It's What We Neocon Psychopaths Do
Zionist Trans-Elite Economic And Military Violence
The Lawless Arrogance Of US Lawmakers: We Say It, Therefore It Is
CNN Echoes BBC, Stick With The Ideological Narrative, Not The No Chemical Attack Facts
Austria Leads By Example With Russia Showing The Way Forward For Positive European Relations Unfettered By US
Zionist Netanyahoo Coordinated Attack On Syria With US
Contrary To Their Opinions, Syria Is Not The Property Of Saudi Arabia, Zionist Israel Or The US
Pandora's Lid: Do You Suppose There's A Connection Between West's War In Syria And Rise Of Military Grade Weapons In Hands Of European Refugee Terrorists?
As Its Major Funder, US Is Destroying UN, Wants A Rubber Stamp, Seeks To Kick Out Russia, China, Time To Start A New Organization, Minus US And Its Vassals, With HQ in Asia
China Emerging As New Hi Tech World Center
China Trade Moves Designed To Circumvent US
Nikki: The Queen Of Hearts In Wonderland
UK Needs New Elections
The Obvious Counterfeit Farce Of Novichok ... Russia Still UK's Go To Villian
May's Hypocritical Faux Hero Declarations
Video: Yelling Fire In Crowded Theatre: No Evidence In Douma Of Gas Attack
Pillars Of Civilization: What Happened To Good Manners, Virtue, And Being A Gentleman?
Once Upon A Time Americans Valued The Truth
From The "Fools Rush In Where Wise Men ..." Dept: Dear Prez: It Is Better To Be Sure Of One Truth You Have Proven, Than Ninety-Nine Others For Which You Take Someone Else’s Word
UK Gov't Sponsored BBC: Don't Tell The Truth, "It Muddies The Waters," We Need Lies For Propaganda War
US: No Comment On No Douma Evidence Leads Us To Believe They Acted Without Confirmation As Trump Strongly Claimed That Gas Was Used By Assad To Kill His Own People
Another US Military Base In Oil Rich Area Of Syria
Russia Continues Its Move Away From West's Banking System
7th Generation Rothschild Takes Over West's Banking Empire
If You Don't Think The "1%ers" Have Too Much Money, Read This, Yet No Outcry From Liberal Diversity Groups That This Money Spent On A Painting By A White Artist Should Be Given To The Poor
Fed Government Doles Out A Million Bucks To Study "New Non-Binary Species"
Highly Likely There Was No "Highly Likely Lethal Nerve Agent" Event In UK
From The "Feathered Nest" Dept: UK PM's Hubby Making Profit From Syrian War
Same Flawed Logic In Both The Skripal Case And Syrian Gas Accusations, Not In Interests Of Either Russia Or Syria, But Definitely In The Interests Of US/UK Whose Supported Terrorists Are Losing The War In Syria
By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them: Not Counting The Dead, 13 Million Syrians Displaced By US Wars, But Why Aren't They All Given Sanctuary In The US/UK If Warmakers Care So Much?
Doctor On The Ground In Douma Hospital Says It Was Hypoxia, Too Much Dust/Smoke In The Air, Not Gas
Rule Of Thumb For A Modern World: Assume Leaders Are Lying Until Hard Evidence Is Provided To Prove Otherwise
Like US, UK Corporate Media Attacks Counter-Narrative To Government Lies, Lack Of Evidence a la Blair Iraq WMD
Asian Pivot: If Trump Backs Out Of The Iran Nuke Deal, Iran wIll Work With China To Develop Its Nuke Program
Afghanistan: Pakistan Suffering From Fighting "Other People's Wars"
US Reporter In Douma Nobody Saw Or Heard Anything Like A Chem Attack
This Is Scary Fiscal Management Of Pensions
Canada's Oil Pipeline And Trade At Risk
Domestic German Focus Shifts From Russia To China
Corbyn: PM Accountable To UK Parliament Not Whims Of US President
Russia's S-300 Missile Defense System In Syria A Deterrent To Israel
Evidence UK Security Services Behind Staged Douma Chem Attack
Expect More To Come
Video: Political Attack For US, UK, French Audiences, The Aberration Of Normal
Where's The Gas?
When The Dust Settled, What Was Accomplished?
From The "It's Not My Fault" Dept: Bombing Syria: Ah, Justifying The Illegal Attack After The Fact, They Always Have A Reason, It's When They Stop Offering Excuses ...
Trump & The US Constitution: Oh, I'm Sorry, I Thought It Was A Door Mat
Tech Giants Warping Democracy
Go To Duckduckgo
Make Music Not War
US Sets Up Shop In Syria Like Afghanistan, Now Sits On Iran's Eastern Border, Stone's Throw To Iran, And Syria's Oil, Not Unlike A Certain Country Did In Austria Before Poland
If This Sounds Familiar, Including The Rhetoric, Raise Your Hand

If We Can't See The Lies And Connect The Dots Now, Then We Are The Stupid Sheep They Think We Are: Swiss Lab Proves It Was Not Lethal Novichok, But US/UK Produced Non-Lethal BZ Toxin Used On Skripals
Video: Lethal Military Grade Nerve Agent "Too Deadly To Use" Miraculous Survivors, First In History, Shipping Them Off To US?
The Double Standards Of The West ... Wait A Minute, They Have No Moral Standards, Only Expediency In Attaining Zionist Goals
From The "Chamberlain Diaries" Dept; Appeasement Is The Key ... To A Larger War Later, Say Didn't That German Fella Ignore International Law Back Then Too?
A Lone Voice In The West: Where's The Legal Basis For Syria Attack? Check The National Socialist Worker's Party Playbook
UNSC Too Cowardly To Even Vote To Stop US Aggression In Syria ... Sounds Like 1930's And Germany
US Airstrikes Hit Targets Last Night Set To Be Examined By Int'l Chem Weapons Inspectors Today, But No Gas Or Chemicals  Released After Bombs Hit Them
US Destroys The Non-Existent Evidence
The Heart Of The Ghost Of WMDs
US/UK Caught In Their Lie
Russia Offers Proof Of Fake Douma Gas Attack By Exceptional Western Country
First US Strikes On Damascus ,,, Deja Vu Baghdad ... The Ghost Of WMDs Past ... Liars Always Claim Proof But Never Show It Because It Doesn't Exist
Neocon Tail Wagging The Bejabbers Out Of The Democratic Dog: Trump's War Lies For The Sake Of War With No Evidence Again Is Evidence Of Neocon Agenda On Behalf Of Zionist Israel And Saudi Oil
The Exceptional Liar ... Maybe It Helps Her Sleep At Night, You Know, Repeat The Lies In Order To Believe Them
Mindthink UK Corporate Media Cuts Off Former Chief British Military As He Questions The Official Syria Gas Narrative
Russia, China Talk While US And Allies Bomb
Video: Globalists Hate Christians i.e., Biblical Translation, Esau Hates Jacob, Genesis 27:41
Big Brother Esau
This Manner Of People Needs No Justifications, They Live By The Sword
Remember When Britain Was Great? Now "Exceptional" UK Creates False Flag Ops, Supplies Arms For Genocide, Puts Sanctions On War-torn Countries, But No Humanitarian Aid
Exceptional Knuckleheads (Hosers): Haughtiness And Arrogance Gets You In Trouble Every Time, What We Need Is Some Godly Humility
US Exceptionalism: Where Does It Come From?
Russian Lawmakers Draft Bill Suspending Cooperation With US In Nuclear, Missile And Aircraft Building
"Oscar" White Helmets "Gas Video" Shows Giant Cannister Causing Hole In Roof, But Leaves Bed Undamaged, Notice Time Difference On Clock 
Another Campaign Promise Bites The Dust: Trump Wants To Return To TPP
From The "Diverting Attention From Diverting Attention" Dept: Clairvoyants May And Boris Fresh From One False Flag Seance Get Another Case Of The "Highly Likelies," Without Evidence Of Course
Send In The Clowns: May, Boris And Their Three Ring Salisbury Circus
Want To Feel The Heat: Why Germany, Italy Won't Join Airstrikes On Syria
Hungary's Vote Huge Repudiation Of Soros And Globalists
Trump's Shout For War Based On Social Media ... Seriously, With All The Money They Spend On Spying?
Another Oscar? Syrian Kids Learning How To Fake Chem Attack On Camera
The Syrian War: Who's Where?
Syrian Terrorists Use Chem Weapons
Same Old Hack Lies Pedaled By The West: 160,000 Refugees Left Terrorist Control Area For Assad Controlled Area, Why, If As Alleged by The West, Assad Is An "Animal Gasser" Who Kills His Own People, Yet, Like Putin, Has A Much Higher Approval Rating Than Trump And May?
The Other Chem Weapon Story Ignored By Western Media: 40 TONS Of Chem Weapons For Terrorists In Syria From US & Allies
Video: The Western Corporate Media's Hunger For War, Manipulating Population, Don't Care About Killing People
Video: Path To False Flag War Greased By The West's Corporate Mass Media
Up The Escalator: Hold On To Your Knickers As Zionist "Mad Beast" Trump Threatens To Start WW3 Over Fabricated Lies On Social Media
Six Reasons Why Trump Is Taking The World To War In Syria
Damascus A Heap Of Ruins
History Repeats Itself With The US Leading The Way This Time: Creating Lies To Start Wars Just Like Loser Nazi Germany
On The Threshold Of The World's Last War, And It Will Be Fought, Not Only "Over There," But On US Soil Too
This Is How Ego, Ignorance And Lies Leads To World Wars
Zionist US War On Behalf Of Zionist Israel, And Don't Forget The May Date For US Embassy Move To Jerusalem
17 Times Trump Urged US Not To Go To War In Syria, Then Who's Really Calling The Shots?
This Is America's Chief Ally
The One Sided Narrative For Israel's War, While Americans And The West Pay For It With Their Own Blood And Money
American Frankenstein Excuses And Lies For US Rampaging The Global Village For Its Own Purposes
Connecting The Dots: Why Do We Believe The Lies?
Moment Of Truth For The Petrodollar?
China Sends US Garbage Back To The States
Zionist Israel Charged With War Crimes And Genocide
So Help Me God ... Zionist Facebook Z-berg Will Not Testify Under Oath
Zuckerberg "Owns" 85% Of Senate Committee
Video: Lethal Military Grade Nerve Agent "Too Deadly To Use" Miraculous Survivors, First In History, But Don't Want Them To Talk So Ship Them Off To US
US And Allies Supply Terrorists With Chem Weapon Supplies, Equipment, So Who Carries Attacks Out? Anyone Smarter Than A 3rd Grader Knows The Answer
40 TONS Of Chem Weapons For Terrorists In Syria From US & Allies
By 2030, Richest 1% Will Own 2/3s Global Wealth
More Chem Weapon False Flag Accusations Spewed Forth As Prior Justification For US Military Action
The Military Hot War Is Based On US Dollar Hegemony Being Undermined By Russia, China, And Iran
Closing The Mind: US "Higher" Education Is Closing The Door On The Future
US Military's Reckless Disregard Of The Truth, But Staying In Afghanistan Means A Military Presence On Iran's Eastern Border Creating A 2 Front War for Them
Losers Lament: West's Broken Record, Economic Sanctions, And Alleged Chem Attacks By Those Who Don't Have Them, Never By Their Terrorists Allies Who Do
40 TONS Of Chem Weapons For Terrorists In Syria From US & Allies
Failing To Honor Their Word Again, US Has Largest Stockpile Of Chem Weapons In World, Syria And Russia None
Make Music Not War
From American Republic To Babylonian Empire: What's In A Name Mikhail Octavian Trump?
The Immortal AI Dictator: Image Of The Beast?
Squawk, Squawk, Squawk, False Accusations, Hoaxes, Name Calling, Everything But Evidence: The Hallmark Of May's UK "Government," And Scientific Facts Show Her Initial Nerve Agent Accusations Are Lies, Political Hot Air
Why The UK's Quick Claim Of Novichok Poisoning Is A Political Propaganda Lie, You Don't Recover From Novichok, You Die Almost Immediately
A Bit Of Context For May's Skripal Farce
Former Afghan President: America Has Been Killing Us For 17 Years
Amazing Big Lie Thought Process From The Lawless Invader: Whatever They Make Up, They Believe And Spout As Fact, When It Is The Exact Opposite
China To Make Rain In Area 3X Size Of Spain
Memoir From The Herd: Another Reason To Drop Z-berg's Facebook ... Pay For Privacy Supposedly Guaranteed Under 4th Amendment?
Corporations And Government Working Hand In Hand Before Your Very Eyes: Z-berg Nothing To Fear As He "Owns 85% Of House Committee Members"
Three Fingers Pointing Back At You: Hypocrisy In Mueller Investigation
US Meddling Again? Turkey In Crosshairs Prior To Their Election For US Purposes In Pipelineistan
Evidence US Meddles In Foreign Elections
Big Brother's Next Step To Control: Track Journalists, Media Content
Trump's Bolton Appointment A Bluff Or War Buffoon? Bad News Either Way
Got To Hand It To May's Government: Too Busy Shooting Off Their Mouth To Stop Shooting Themselves In The Foot
How Does One Recover From A Deadly Military Grade Nerve Agent? What Treatment Was He Given By UK? What Is The Known Treatment For A-200 Class Nerve Agents?
Novichok Is So Terrible And Lethal That There Is No Known Antidote Treatment For It ... So Which Is It, Theresa?
Lab Facts: You Can't Decide What Nerve Agent Used Within 24 Hours, So If May Knew It Was Novichok, Then It Had To Be A UK Op
If It Was Novichok Nerve Agent As Claimed By UK, "They Would Have Buried The Skripals A Long Time Ago"
Skripal False Flag A US/UK Black Op
MIracle! Skripal Military Grade Nerve Agent Victims Doing Just Fine ... Were They Ever Really Poisoned As UK Gov't Claimed? Again, No Evidence
The Fallacies And Discrepancies Of The UK's Novichok False Flag
Video: Porton Down Syndrome Bojo, US Only Nation Produce A-200-260 Nerve Agents, Novichok Term Coined By Scientist In 2006 Book, No Proof Of Poisoning Either, Only Jeremy Corbyn Was Correct
Maybe The Swiss Did It, UK's Cheesy Skripal Hoax Has So Many Holes In It
Eerie Parallels To Pre-War Nazi Germany
UNHRC Sides With Globalist Soros Against Democratic Nationalist Government Of Hungary
Oligarch Billionaire Trump Has Lost It: Trade War With China, Idiotic Sanctions On Russia, Wanting To Leave Nuke Agreement With Iran, Leaves Only The Hot War Option On The Table, US Will Be A Victim, But That's Part Of The Plan
More From "The Empty Wagon Rattles The Loudest" Dept: US UN Sales Rep Arrogant And Sophomoric Silly Insults, Pride Goes Before Destruction, A Haughty Spirit Before A Fall
Israel Tail Wagging US Dog With Appointment Of Neocon, Zionist Israel, War Hammer Bolton, Might As Well Have Nutanyahoo As The NSA, So Expect The Worst Possible Outcome
Russia, Iran, Turkey Alliance
Who Is The Commander-in-Chief In US: President Or Joint Chiefs?
Honoring The God Of Fortresses: Kurds Confirm US Military Bases In Syria
US Pestilence Bacteria Spreading In US
Video: Social Media Is Killing Our Brains And Personalities, Short Attention Span, Lack Of Focus, Shallow Thinking, Anxiety, Depression, Ditch It Before You Become Totally Addicted, Get Dumb Phones
US Sex Workers To Politicians: Better Start Like Having Sex With Your Wives Again
New Italian Government Condemns Outgoing Cabinet Expelling Of Russian Diplomats Over Alleged Skripal Poisoning
Chief Surgeon: London Like Afghan War Zone
China Has Royal Flush In Spades, Trump Full House: Can Kill US In Trade War By Dumping $1.17 Trillion In US Treasuries Debt
Trump & Chickenhawk Crew Don't Like Iran Deal Because It Works And Goes Against Zionist Israel's Goals
From The "Standing On Safer Ground" Dept: Citizens Need A New Collective Mind Set, Whatever Heads Of Government Tell Us, First Assume It's A Lie Until They Prove Otherwise, No More Benefit Of The Doubt
Boris Orwell, UK FM
UK "Behaving As A Mafia State" Over The Alleged Skripal Poisoning, "They Lie From One War To The Next"
Time For UK To Prove It Wasn't Behind The Alleged Skripal Poisoning
Now Palestinians Can't Even Get Next To The Israeli Occupied Gaza Border Without Air Force Shooting Them
Syrian Army Finds Large Stockpiles Of NATO, US, Israeli Weapons In Terrorist Areas
US: Iraq Has WMD, Will Leave Syria After Terrorists Defeat, UK: No Evidence In Russia Skripal Poison Accusations, Conclusion: No More Prima Facie Grace Period, Assume They Lie Until Proven Otherwise
Youtube Shooting Not Worth Corporate Media's Time, Woman Shooter, Only A Handgun, Not AR-15
Video Slaughterbots: And Folks Are Concerned About The NRA And AR-15s?
Sanctuary California Raises UC Tuition Fees By $1000, But Not For ILLEGAL Aliens
A Closer Look At The "Dastard Neocon Chickenhawk": Unfit For Office
Reflection On The Values And Direction Of Europe, Ruins Of Morality
Video: Prospect Of Poor Pitchfork Revolution Keeps Billionaire Awake At Night
Z-berg's Facebook Gets More Lawsuits
I'd Put My Money On The People Particle To Get Their First
West Becoming Orwellian Goliath
May's Gov't Desperately Trying To Keep Lid On Big Lie Skripal Poisoning
Boris Cooked in His Own Borscht
Porton Down Lab's History Of Human Testing
Same Old CIA M.O. For US With Venezuela
Road To Nowhere: Keep Telling Yourself Lies, And One Day You Will Come To Believe Them, The Rest Of Us, Not So Much, Now Tell Us About The Millions You Made Selling Off 20%+ US Uranium To Russia Corp.
Clinton Uranium One Deal
Putin Democratically Elected With 76%, Trump "Soars" To 51%
Video: What Is The Deep State?
Globalist US Is AntiRussia On Every Level, Roadblock To Their Quest For Global Hegemony: Justifying Lies Placate The Masses, So They Can Do What They Want
Google Finding New Ways To Search Your Computer Files Without Consent In Clear Violation Of 4th Amendment To US Constitution, Yet ...
Go To Duckduckgo
Video: UK's May Government Is An Escalating Mess, But Up In The Election Polls Now
Zionist Israel: The Murdering Bully
UK Foreign Policy: Blame Russia, UK Domestic Policy: Blame Russia, And Then Lie, Lie, Lie
Nothing Like Good Ol' American Justice
From The "Biting Off More Than You Can Chew" Dept: Trade War Trump Adds China To His Hit List Along With Iran, Russia And N. Korea Sanctions War
Video: The Godless US Air Force
If You Need To Be A Mature 21 To Buy An "Assault Rifle," How Are You Mature Enough To Be An Authority On The Subject At 18? And, If You Are, Then You Are Mature Enough To Buy One At 18
Two Old Ladies Hitting Each Other With Umbrellas? Old British Empire To Go To War With Old Spainish Empire Over Gibralter?
Enough Is Enough, Russia Calls Out The Village Idiots
Sub-Prime Idiots At It Again
Trump Words: I Want To Bring Troops Home From Syria, Trump Actions: US Builds 2 New Military Bases In Manbij
Bogeyman False Flags To Keep War Money Flowing, While Bleeding Out NATO Nations
Dear Prez Trump: Iran Doesn't Need Nukes, Russia And China Can Store Their Nukes In Iran, As A Member Of The SCO, Like You Do In NATO Germany, UK, Etc. You Know, Just In Case
Dispute Resolution Under Canada's CETA Give Away Of Sovereignty & Portal To Global Corporate Regime
The Neocon Love Of The Lie And Their Love Of War in Our Exsanguinated Democracy
As The False Flag Is Lowered To Half-Mast, Weeks Later UK Lab Can't ID Source Of Alleged Skripal Nerve Agent, So How Did UK's May Know Within Hours Of The Event? Her/US Domestic Intel Op For Voter Bump?
US Disabled Uzbekistan Novichok Lab In 1999 And Took It Home Along With Scientists Who Made It
Hmm, Turns Out The Novichok (A234 Nerve Agent) Soviet Chemist Moved To The US
Simple Simon U: The Box Of Yellow Pencils, Institutionalized Hate
Which Jefferson Was It? CIAmazon Post Slander?
Germany Stays The Course With Indefinite Afghanistan Presence On Iran's Eastern Flank
N. Korea, China Talking, Strategy Vs. US
From The "We Thought You Should Know" Dept: China To US Neocons: We Are Close To Russia In Military Terms If You Catch Our Drift
Making America Worse Again
Facebook VP: "We Connect People. Period." Including Connecting Terrorists With Guns To Their Victims
Sovereignty Lesson? Saudi Crown Prince: Palestinians, Israelis Have Right To Live Peacefully On Their Land, Syrians, Iranians Not So Much
Well, That There Must Be The 'Murikan Eagle
Spring Goddess Of War
The White Helmets Are al-Qaeda, A Pure Intel Propv
For Those Who Would Ban Assault Weapons, Start With Your Own Government
Video: US Run By Unelected Ideology, Neocons
UK May's Feeble Works Based On Lies And Deception Towards Russia, Even Their False Flags Fail
US Foreign Policy: Lie, Lie, Lie
NATO Vs. NATO In Syria
From Citizens To Dependent Clients: "Leftist Utopia" Has Changed Europe
Q1 For US A Disaster: Money For War Killing US Too
"Ideological Excuse For Imperial Meddling" In Middle East, Political Destabilization For Israel Is Their Game
Video: This Is Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy ... And They Are Right
China Hikes Tariffs On US Goods In Trump Trade War, Evidence Of US Desire For War And Chaos
Hello Goldie Yuan, Goodbye Petrodollar?
Nothing New As US Acted Illegally In Expelling UN Russian Delegates
Make Music Not War
The Babylonian Goddess Easter: The Antichrist Celebration
What The Hell? There Is No Hell Says "Infallible" Pope, Come To Find Out All Those Dudes Who Ate A Beef Wiener On Friday Just Disappeared? Nevertheless, In The Classical Dante Sense, He's Correct
Video: The Road To The Soviet Union: Criminalization Of Political Differences
You Gotta Love Merkel's New Germany
Putin Sends Message To West With War Games In Response To UK's MIschief
Russia Pins The Tail On May's Donkey With 14 Legitimate Questions
UK's May Big On Blame, Nothing On Evidence Leaves One Conclusion: Intel Op By Secret Services
China Will Succeed With The Goldie Yuan Where Gaddafi Failed
China Lands One On Uncle Sam's Chin, Will Pay For Oil Imports In Goldie Yuans
US Dollar Headed For 5th Consecutive Quarterly Decline
Polish Politician: CIA Poisoned
UK's Evidence-less Accusations Outrage China, Calls Out Lawless West
Clownish UK Antics Getting Boorish, The "British Empire" Reduced To Running A Carnival?
Zionist-berg's Facebook Turned Over Data On Millions To Obama/Hillary
Go To Duckduckgo
Perhaps He is Too Young And Naive To Understand The Difference Between "Standing With" And "Being Used"
Syrian Army Liberates East Ghouta
Zionist Israel Puts 100 Snipers On Gaza Border
T-Rexrump Goes Full Neocon
Video: The Farce Of The Fiasco
Crimea: As Usual Money Talks And Bullshit Walks
Finding Real Journalism A Bit Like Finding Truffles ... They're There, But It Take a Keen Nose And Some Rooting Around To Find Them
From The "Political Incest" Department: Bolton The Clueless
Genesis 25:23 The US And The West Repudiates Its Own Culture Directed By Those Whose Culture It's Not
Genesis 25:23
A Bush By Any Other Name Would Smell
Easter War? Israeli Jets Violate Iranian Airspace
Just Can't Get Enough War: US Complicit In Yemen War
From The "Lame Brain Logic" Dept: Most Efficient Way To Stop Civilian Casualties, General, Is To Stop The Illegal Bombing, Duh
As Facts Surface, Obama WH Meddled In 2016 Election, Not Russia
Soros The One Man Globalist Democracy Wrecking Ball
Nothing More Disgusting Than US Neocon Whinerbabies Who Inititated The Move Based On Zero Evidence
The Dangers Of Empire Lost: Starting Wars With Hoax For The Sake Of Past Glory
No Surprise, West Made The Bed, Russia Expels Diplomats
Boris Must Have Missed That One
George Washington, War Of Independence And 2nd Amendment
Maybe Larry Zeiger King Should Stick To Jewish History, Current Events? Interesting Resemblance Of His Remark To Zionist Israel's Track Record With Palestinian Apartheid Policies, However
China Follows US Foreign Kidnapping Example
One Way To Make "Land Of The Free" Tourism Industry Lousy Again
Desperation, Exasperation Fueling Fake Brouhaha
What Weapon Is Used To Kill More People Each Year: Blunt Objects Or AR-15s? FBI Says Hammers, Fists, Etc., When Will We Hear The Call For Confiscating All Those 2nd Amendment Hammers?
US Olympic Shooting Team
If A Grant From The NRA Is Blood Money, Then Last 70 Years Shows US Is A Blood Country
Master List Of Countries Overthrown By US
Smoking Gun Obama White House And FBI Political Collusion
Monetary Unicorn Have You Seen One Too?
Video: Trump (Neocons) Assembling War Cabinet, ME War Ramp Up To Coincide With Jerusalem Embassy Move?
Bolton: A Man Not To Be Trusted, Much Less With The Fate Of Nations, So Why Is He In Trump's Gov't?

Pushing For "Hot War" With Russia In Which Case Planet Earth Is Toast
Video: Maybe It Was A Russian Hypersonic UFO?
One Way Street: Countries Who Didn't Expel Diplomats In Kneejerk Fashion, But What About Condemning Those Countries Who Provided Terrorists With Chem Weapons Making Ability?
40 TONS Of Poisonous Chem Weapons Found In Areas Liberated From Western Backed Terrorists, Yet No Red Line Speeches From Macron, May, Trump, Merkel, But We Know Who Uses Chem Weapons And It's Not Assad
The Monster Speaks
Ah Who Needs Evidence When You Have Lying Allies? Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, Putin & Trolls Did Get Trump Elected?
Maybe We All Need To Send Nauert And Haley A Copy? Correlation Is Not Causation
CIAmazon Wants To Personalize Your Fake News, Lies Just For You
Left Ideologists Turn Corporations Into Spy Police
Z-berg's Facebook Can Hear You Too
Big Bro Google Not Only Knows Everything About You, But It Wants To Own You
Google Spymaster Par Excellence Knows More Than Santa About You, Time To Ditch Big Brother?
Go To Duckduckgo
How To Kill Credibility in One Fell Swoop: Monsanto Answers One Question About Sponsorhip Of The Anti-Gun March Figurehead, As Ignorant Teen Lectures US About Pesticide Science
China's Entrenched Xi Announces To World: Here We Come
It's Time For War: Lawless Warmonger US Established Large Military Base In Illegal Occupation Of Syria, Then Squeals Over Unproven Claims Of Spy Poisoning
NATO Joins In The Lying Diversion Of Blaming Russia Who has Thwarted The West In Syria
The Lying Government Of The People, For The People ...
Video: When Hate Crimes Like Rape Are Legitimized And Speaking Truth Labeled Hate
China's New Oil Benchmark Making Inroads To Brent
Western Leaders Integrity A Lost Relic Of The Past
Video: Expect Ramp Up In West's Wars, And Total Disregard Of International Law
You Want To Talk Gun Violence, Then Let's Do Chicago, BTW Whatever Happened WIth The Vegas Shooting, The Worst In US History? Divert Attention To Parkland
The Blind Leading The Ignorant, The Ideology Of False Narratives And Information
Blind Leading Blind Once Again, The Privileged Antigun Movement Celebs Were Protected By Hand Gun Toting Private Security, While Facts Show More KIlled With Hand Guns Than Rifles
Children Will Be Children: UK's Desperate May Now Considering More Measures Against Russia As The Lies Get Piled Higher And Deeper, Why Doesn't The West Just Cease All Diplomatic Relations With Russia And Be Done With It?
Nearly Unanimous, Bolton Is Disaster For US ... And The World
Gee, Has Putin Lost Control Of His Sock Puppet Trump, You Know The Guy He And 13 Trolls Got Elected?
The Neo-Black Plague, Neocon Rats Are Back In Force And Still Want More War, Death And Destruction
Ike's Prophecy: 55 Senators Vote For US Staying In Yemen Genocide, One Election Away From "Killer Blow To Any Remaining Democracy In US," Now Where Are Those Anti-Gun Marchers When You Need Them?
As US/UK Makes New Arms Deals For Yemen War
The Dirty War Hands Of The US And Its Allies
Who Is Greasing The Skids And Using This Teenager For Their Political Goals?
US/UK Supported Terrorists Abandon E. Ghouta
And This Tells You What About US: Porn Star Gets "60 Minutes" Highest Ratings In 10 Years
The Emperor's New Clothes: Infantile Propaganda Games Of The West
The Emperor's New Clothes
Dumb And Dumber Digs The Hole Deeper: Like Bush And Cheney Plods Along Assuming Guilt And Acting Without Evidence
Former British MP: Trump's Deep State Actions A "Declaration Of War"
European Poodles Follow In Lock Step With US Despite No Evidence Only Accusation ... This Is War Propaganda, Folks, So Get Prepared
The Measured Response From Moscow
US Admits To Its War In Syria, With the Assad, Russia And Iran "Problem," i.e., US Not Respecting A Democratically Elected Gov't Or Its Sovereign Borders
A Letter From The Left: Transformers And A Return To Sanity
The Madman In The White House
The Perfect Chickenhawk Neocon: Worst Example Of One Track Mind To Kill And Destroy Given A Second Chance By Trump
If Novichok Couldn't Escape UK's Porton Down Facility, Then It Would Have To Be Taken Out Intentionally
Hmm, Turns Out The Novichok (A234 Nerve Agent) Soviet Chemist Moved To The US
Zionist Israel Caught Using Drone To Target Civilians With Chem Weapons ... Surely US UN Sales Rep Haley Will Condemn This Red Line, But Don't Hold Your Breath
Venezuela Set To Launch 2nd Cryptocurrency
From The "Shoe On The Other Foot" Dept: China Hits US Nerve With Garbage Ban, Now US Are Trade War Whiners
Independent Palestinian State A No Go
Bad News Bolton's "Deranged Cult" MEK Connections Not Good For US, Peace
Bolton's Bucks From Terrorist Group
Make Music Not War
From The "Still Beating Hillary's Dead Horse" Dept.: Now Its Analytica That Did It, But What About The Voters, You Know, Democracy, Or Are They All "Dumbf**ks?"
Giant Intel Gathering Service, aka Facebook, Users Dumbf**ks
BS: All Perverts, Barry And Hey, You're Supposed To Keep It Gender Neutral, Remember
Attention All Homeless: Head To LA Immediately, Free Housing For All
Making It Up As They Go With No Regard For International Law: "No Evidence Needed" Trump To Blindly Follow May's Handlers Over False Flag On Continuing War On Russia
Russia Takes High Road Over Alleged Poisoning, Still No Evidence From UK
Who's Your Buddy, Who's Your Pal? US Government Strips Away Another Layer Of Protection For Its Citizens
Injecting A Bit Of Context For The Hypocritical Zionist Mindbent Mob
Lost On These "Swallowing The Camel, Straining At The Gnat" Federal Tax Paying Sheep Is That Their US Gov't/Military Is The #1 Arms Dealer And Warmonger In The World, Responsible For 100,000's+ Deaths Of Iraqi, Syrian, Yemeni, Libyan Women And Children (Vs. 17) Even As They March With Actors Who Make Million$ Off Movies Glorifying Gun Violence Protected By Their Own Private Gun Toting Security
The Disconnect The Dots Crowd: 2nd Amendment Military Weaponed US National Guard "Protecting" The Anti-2nd Amendment Crowd
How Soon Before They Ban The Rocks Too?
Analyzing The US Mass School Shootings: It's The Psychiatric Drugs Not The Guns
Mass Shootings: FBI's Blind Spot
Putin To The Lost Decency, New Lawless US: Go Back To Raqqa And At Least Bury The Dead Civilians You Killed
Thousands Civilians Continue To Flee US Backed Terrorists In E. Ghouta
US Congress Gives Itself A Bonus
US Empire Dying From Within As It Goes Full Metal Jacket; 'Give Up The Guns' Party Invaded By Deep State Candidates
UN Human Rights Council Condemns Lawless Zionist Israel's Violations; US Sales Rep Squeals
China: Trade Oil In Yuans And Get Income Tax Exemption
Lawless US/UK: Adversaries Guilty Upon Unfounded Accusation
Video: 15 Years On, US/UK Iraq War Crimes: No Accountability, No Jail Time, So Same Neocon MO Employed Today
Hilarity "Women's Rights Advocate" Hillary's Laughing Libya Scene Not Comical For These Gang-Raped Women
Weak Canada Has No Impact In Real World, Turns To Newspeak
Redefining Words: Truth Into Lies
Putin's Overwhelming Margin Of Victory Something Trump, May, Macron, Merkel Only Can Dream Of, So What's He Doing Right?
Eating Sour Grapes In South Africa
South Africa Preparing For Famine
March Madness: Trump Adds John "Ramp Up All The Wars We Have" Bolton To His War Chest
The Flimsy, Plagiarized, Cut And Paste "Intel" Reports UK/US Gov'ts Use To Go To War

Hercule Poirot's Salisbury Case
UK's False Flag Fail Falls Flat On Face ... Who Did It? 3 Fingers Pointing Back At May
Big Brother US FDA Declares Walnuts Illegal, But Eat All The Junk Food You Want, It's Good For Big Pharma Business