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Spring 2017

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Spring 2017

How Government And Mass Media Collude To Deceive US Democracy
US Claiming Self-Defense While Illegally In Syria, Violating Int'l Law, Training Jihadists, Is Absurd Psychotic Theatre ... A Burglar In Your House While Thieving, Shooting Your Guard Dog

Why Are Loser US Democrats Promoting Civil War?
Turning The Corner On A New World Order: Who Is It Going To Be, East Or West, Petrodollars Or SilkRoad Goldie Yuans?
Russia Tired Of US Games In Syria, US Forcing World Into Major Syrian War?
After All The West's Political Hubbub, Crimea Quietly Is Recognized As Part Of Russia
From The "White House Speaks With Forked Tongue" Dept: Outlaw US Violates Syria's "No Trespassing Sign," Shoots Down Syrian Jet In Syrian Airspace Attacking Anti-Syrian Government Terrorists, And US Complains?
Good Question, Why Do Central Banks Do Nothing Except Protect Big Banks At Our Expense?
Russia's Vast New Oil Discovery ... Low Oil Prices In The Future
'Janus' May And The Tories Getting Hit By Terrorists On Both Sides Of The Street
US Backed Terrorists Losing Syrian War, So US Big Bro Steps In
World-Island SCO In Ascendancy
3 EU Countries Refuse Trojan Horses, Germany Sues
Canada FM's Nazi Family Affiliation Affecting Her World View?
Canada Goes Looney For War, Following In Disastrous US Footsteps: FM Says 70% Increase In Military Spending
Canadians Sucked Into The Swamp: Leads NATO Battle Group
From The "Why We Can Never Trust Politicians" Dept: Condi Rice Admits It Wasn't WMD, Just Wanted To Get Rid Of Saddam's Euro For Oil
Largest Sponsor Of State Terrorism, US, Wants To Pin Title On Iran
Qatar To Continue Pumping Gas To UAE
US Blows Chance For Peaceful Skies: US Aircraft Become Legitimate Targets Violating Syrian Airspace
Make Music Not War
SCO Preparing To Cook NATO's Goose In Petrodollar Bouillon?
America First Hits EU Too ... NATO Fallout, Closer Ties To Russia, China?
Hypocritical US Trots Out Trite "Human Rights Concerns" For Economic Sanctions On Cuba: Reason, Not A Member Of The West's Central Banking System, Along With N. Korea & Iran
Why Does Mass Media Represent Views Of Billionaires, Not The Masses? They're Owned By Billionaires
St. Louis Baseball Cardinal's Stand Their Ground With Christian Day
Rainbow Coloured Crosswalks, What Coloured Crosswalks For Those Massacred By US In The Middle East?
Forget Sovereignty: Where West Sponsored ISIS Goes, US Troops Surely To Follow
It Appears The Western Mass Media Has A Prefab Log In Its Eye
US Has Lost Afghan War ... Just Doesn't Realize It Yet
US Adds Snafu Class Aircraft Carrier
Too Big A Failure To Stop? F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Jet
Oliver Stone: Israel Has More Influence On US Elections Than Russia
CIA Hacking Wifi Routers For Access
Seeds Of Violent Colour Revolution Sprouting In US
Why The US Reluctance To Destroy Its Chemical Weapons?
UK Won't Stand Up To Middle East Despots
US Has Interfered In Russia Elections As Far Back As 2000
From The "Worm On A Hook Trying To Catch A Fish" Dept: Infowars Records Megyn Kelly's Duplicity 
Illegal Extra User Fees Impacting Canadian Healthcare Services
US Control Of Oil Prices: A Strategic Weapon
EU German Shepherds Bark At "America First" International Law Violaters, Ignorant US Senate
Video: Amanpour's Blowback And Lack Of Courage In Face Of The Truth
US Setting Up House In al-Tanf In Violation Of Syria's Sovereignty And International Law
Parable Of The Tares: Sowing The Seeds Of Undermining The West's Culture
Syrian Army's Swift Move To Border With Iraq A Shock To US
US-Israel Move Against Human Rights For Palestinians
UK's May Creates Her Own Swamp
EU Poodles Planning More Economic Warfare Sanctions On Russia?
Putin Ready To Grant Asylum To Comey
Vault 7: CIA's Malicious "Cherry Bomb"
US Navy Joins "Funder Of Terrorism At High Levels" For Military Drills
UK's BAE Sells Powerful Mass Surveillance Equipment To Six ME Countries
Trump Denounces [Words] Qatar's Terrorism Support, Then Sells [Action] Them $12B Long-Range F-15's
Concentration Of Power In The Hands Of A Few Tech Companies Recipe For Abuse 
Trump's ME Duality Policy Speech: Up Is Down, Black Is White, Iran Not Saudi Arabia
Israel's Mossad Follows In CIA Footsteps: Invests In Hi-Tech Start-Ups
While US Presidents Change, Policies And Goals Remain The Same
France's Cherry Picker Freedom Of The Press
N. Korea Not Part Of West's Central Bank System ... Now #1 Threat, Then Iran, Same Thing
US Senate To Escalate Its Economic War On Russia, Iran
9 Out Of 10 Least Peaceful Nations Target Of US Aggression, Yet US Points Finger At Everyone Else
Trump 4X The Drone Assassin-in-Chief Than Was Obama
Putin: US World Hegemony A Dead End Street
Khamenei: US Nurturing Terrorism Not Fighting It
Sweden Dying From A Spreading Cancer
Sweden's Festival Of Rapes
Reinstate The Glass-Steagall Act Or Serve The Big Banks
UK: Not OK To Show Koran Burning On Social Media, Might Incite Racial Hatred, But OK To Show Terrorists Attacks That Killed Brits That Might Incite Racial Hatred?
Laugh Of The Day: State Sponsors Of Terrorism, US & 9/11 Saudi Arabia, Point Their Bloody Fingers At Iran
Obama Justice Dept. Forced Corporations To Fund Leftist Groups
Video: Judicial Watch FOIA: What's The Deal With The $400 Million Cash On Wooden Pallets, 338 Federal Acres For Vet Housing With No Houses?
Big Pharma Chasing Galluping Politicians To The Bottom
Did UK Really Belong In The EU?
Don't Think, Just Watch The 6 O'clock News
Drinking The Kool-Aid, Then Getting It Bass Ackwards
Qatar-Russia & Russia-US Work In Tandem In Southern Syria?
Make Music Not War
UK May Out Of The Fire Into The Frying Pan With N. Ireland's DUP
Syrian Army's Brilliant Move Reaches Iraqi Border
Half Truth Trump: "Qatar Historically Funder Of Terrorism" ... Left Out That 9/11 Saudi Arabia Is Even More So, After He Sold $100 Billion In Arms To Saudis ...
... While Trump/US Interferes With Syria's Fight Against Terrorists
True Colours Showing: US/UK Openly Takes Sides With Terrorists In Syria
Okay With US, 9/11 Saudis Stirring Up The ME Pot
NATO Keeps Marching Towards Russia's Border
Russia Has Daily Hack Attacks From US
It's December For UK & May In June
Pirates In The Castle: Tech CEO's In WH
US Attacks Syrian Forces In Syrian 3rd Time In Week ... Looking To Escalate War?
Russia FM, RT Challenges CNN's Amanpour To Put Money Where Her Mouth Is
Samsung's Peeping Tom Devices
From The "Divide And Conquer" Dept: US Breaking Up Iraq
Success Of Syrian Army Headed For Showdown With US On Syrian Soil?
US Presidential Authority Concerning FBI
PoliticalAncestry.Com? Comey's Roots With Clintons Run Deep
Syrian Casus Belli Comes Full Circle: The South Pars North Dome Gas Condensate Field Shared By Qatar And Iran
Geopoilitics: The South Pars North Dome Gas Field
Trump's Wahhabis Sword Dance Lights The Match For Blowing Up The Middle East
The Lawless US Illegally Setting Up Shop In Syria
From The "Who's The Real Enemy?" Dept: UK May's Scrap Human Rights Laws In UK Rather Than Change ME Oil War Policy
Obviously, There Can't Be Any Correlation
BA's Very Weak Link Sounds Like A Bad Spy Movie Plot Device ... Thought He Was Unplugging The Hoover
NSA/CIA's Very Weak Link: Contractor Walks Off With 600 Million Classified Docs On 47 Hard Drives
Kiwis Give T-Rex One Finger Salute
Syria Army Continues To Hit ISIS Hard In Aleppo Countryside
Tankety-Tankety-Tank: Russia Challenges NATO To Tank Competition
55% Americans Say Religion Can Answer Most Problems
A Rules Based Order Key To China's Emergence?
Russia Protecting Its Flank In Kurils In Response To US Militarization
How Swedish Women Fight Terrorists ... A Refugee In Every Bed?
As China Builds Largest Floating Solar Panel, Trump Takes US Forward Into The Past
4.5% Of World's Population Consumes 20% Of Its Energy ... US ... Economy Would Sink If Used Its Fair Share
US Biggest Greenhouse Gas Emitters ... Money Over Health, Jobs Over Climate
NATO: The Fig Leaf Covering Obscenity Of Western Imperialism
US Afghan War Throwing Good Money After Bad: We're Staying, We're Out, In, Out, Surge, More Failure, Surge
St. Petersburg Economic Forum Deals Increase To $2 Trillion, US Ambassador Attends
Trickle Down Foreign Policy: US Influence Trickles Down In Asia While China Trickles Up
As NATO Keeps Moving To The East: Montenegro's Political Betrayal
Video: London Attacks Seeds Of Blowback, Run, Tell, Hide
Hillary Clone UK PM May Blames Internet For Attack Not Britain's ME Military Death & Destruction Policy
Laugh Of The Day: #1 Arab Terrorist State Cuts Ties With Qatar ... Accuses Them Of Sponsoring Terrorism
No Honor Among Terrorist Nations
1967: Six Days Of Deception
China's Silk Road: Trade Tentacles That Threaten US Led One World?
Middle Class Has Become An Indebted Working Class
Make Music Not War
From The Youth Who Lived The War In Syria
Former US DNI Clapper: Co-opt, Penetrate, Gain Favor, Whatever ... Hmm, Isn't This What Intel Agencies Do?
Follow The Banksters: N. Korea Not Part Of West's Central Banking System, So ...
Hacked Emails Show UAE/Pro-Israel Think Tank Collude Against Iran
Paris Accord: Yup, It's The Money As EU Threatens Economic Retaliation, Closer Trade Ties With Russia
2015: A Before Look At The Paris Climate Deal
Macron Trolls Trump: In The End, Macron Will Need To Pony Up More Euros To Cover US $3 Billion A Year, Yet Can't Even Cover Their Annual NATO Commitment
Cut And Snip: Blundering Into The Unknown With Human DNA
Hey MSM, This Is Getting Boring: NYT Spins, Puts Word's In Putin's Mouth, How About Just The Facts?
Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves For 3rd Time Since Einstein Predicted Them
Agreed, We Want To Stop Climate Change And Rising Sea Levels, But How Does Paris Accord Do This? Anyone??
The Sky Is Falling Paris Climate Deal: Each Country's Politicians Submit a Non-Binding Plan Every 5 Years For What They Want To Do ... Would You Pay Politicians $3 Billion A Year Upfront For Non-Binding Promises?
Is EU Lamenting US Withdrawal From Climate Deal Based On Science Or More Money They Will Need To Kick In?
Saudi's Fear: Qatarfefe
Dontya Get It? Nutanyahoo Doesn't Give A Rodent's Derriere About Int'l Law Because No One Does Anything
Antifaschistische Aktion, Antifa, Left-Wing Devotees Of Violence
Bilderberger Globalfest 2017 Meets In Virginia, Down The Street From Trump's WH Digs
Not Yet, Trump SIgns 6 Month Waiver On Move To Jerusalem
I Blame Everyone, Yeah, I  Blame Everyone ... Russians, Comey, Wikileaks, Infowars, Facebook, Twitterbots, Bannon, Racism, Misogyny, Google, DNC, Deplorables ...
Sound Familiar? Former Hillary Campaign Chief Wasserman Admits IT Security Violations, Blames Others
Saudi Arabia Funding Terrorism!? But UK Won't Let That Get In The Way Of Things
US Hypocrisy Claims Rights 12000 Miles From Its Shores, Yet Not Signatory To UN Convention on the Law of the Sea
NATO's Next Creation: Nightmare For the World aka Jihad 2.0
S. Korea Moons Trump Over Surprise THAAD Systems
From The "Me Thinks Thou Protesteth Too Much" Dept: Who Gave Macron And Clapper Their Talking Points?
Profile Of A Loser: Never Accept Responsibility, Never Learn From Mistakes, Always Offer Excuses And Above All, Blame Someone Else
... And The US Provides $100+ Billion In Weapons To Finish The Job
I Come Not To Send Peace On Earth, But A Sword
Missed By The MSM, Political Chessmaster Putin Tutors Macron In French History
Seasoned Spy Calls On An "Open Line" Knowing It Will Be Intercepted, Could It Be A Set-up, Amazon-CIA-Post?
When To Light The Fuse Of The Middle East? June 1 Will Trump Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capitol And Move Embassy There??
Snowden: Rights Are Lost By Cowardly Lawmakers
Putin In Le Figaro Stop Making Up Fictional Russian Threats
UK PM May #1 In iTunes Music Charts
From Bankster Central: Trump Sets Sights On Cuba, The Other Country Besides N. Korea, Iran That Doesn't Belong To The West's Central Bank System
Fire At Will: US Supreme Court Hands Out Non-Recourse Hunting Licenses To US Police Depts
4 Unaccounted For US THAADs In S. Korea: Does US Respect Any Nation's Sovereignty?
US In Blatant And Arrogant Disregard Of Syrian Sovereignty
As The World Turns On Its US-Saudi-Israeli Axis In The Middle East
Macron The Former Rothschild Banker
Banker Macron Diss On RT, Sputnik, Three More Fingers Pointing Back At Him
Big Chem Like Big Pharma, Big Tobacco Play Games With Facts For Profit
Trump The Theologian? Who Writes This Stuff?
What's All The Left Media Hubbub About Private Citizens Meeting With Foreign Leaders, Interfering In US Policy?
NATO Becoming Old Soviet Eastern Bloc ... At Least Geographically
Syrian Forces Kill 3000 Terrorists And Leaders In Aleppo Countryside
RT, Sputnik To File Lawsuit Over Macron's Public Accusations
9/11 False Flag Attack ... First Iraq, Now Iran Did It, Eventually It Will Be Russia, Then China, But Never Saudi Arabia?! How Convenient
Implementer-In-Chief, The Western Narrative, And Lying On A Daily Basis: How The US Operates
Rule #1: Always Bring Your Government Issued ID WIth You To A Terrorist Attack
Make Music Not War
Big Bro's Domestic Political "Herd Them Into The Sheep Pen" Policy: Maximum Security Equals No Freedom
Pentagon Can't Move Enough Manpower In War With Russia, China
US, Central Banksters Make Move Against China
Big Brother Government, Private Police Vs. Little Brother Citizens At Standing Rock
Foreign Policy: Russia, China Play Chess While West Is Busy At Marbles
Wishful Platitudes Of An Empire Faded Away
Big Oil And Big "Labor" Pounding On Tesla's Door
9/11, Now Schizophrenic NYC Honors Convicted Terrorist Bomber?
Isn't This The Same Left Media That Applauded Trump For Firing Missiles Into Syria Killing Innocents There?
MSM's Comic Con: Promoting Putin And His Superpowers
The Psychological "Friendly Fire" Of Unjust Wars
Are We The Terrorists We Loudly Protest?
In The Valley Of The Blind, Can A Truthtelling Politician Become PM?
It's Time We Consider Everything The Government Says Is A Lie Until Proven Otherwise
On Stage And Behind The Scenes With US Foreign Policy: Lies, Seeds Of Confusion And The Goal Of One World Order
The Cadaverous Janus-Face Of Western Wars
From The "Bearing False Witness" Dept: As Most Folks Read Headlines, MSM Buries Lead Killing Facts Within Article For Deniability Of Producing Fake News
CNN Newsflash: Russians Have Cooties, Russians Have Cooties!
SBU: Destroy All Evidence Of Special Op MH-17
Past 15 Years Of US Foreign Policy: Start Wars, Sponsor Terrorism And Impose Economic Sanctions
The Childless Leaders Of Europe
Germany Quietly Building Euro Army?
"Community" Standards? Don't Complain About Death Threats If You Want To Keep Your Facebook Account
What Adults Teach Our Children About Freedom Of Speech
Obama, NSA Very Serious 4th Amendment Violations
From The "Are You Crazy?" Dept: Europe Has To Get Use To Bombings Or, The West Needs To Get Out Of The Middle East?
US Uses Back Channels To Funnel Arms To Terrorists In Syria
Why Are London Police Investigating Speaking Out Against Terror Attacks?
UK Sells Billions In Weapons And Bombs To Poor Human Rights Record Countries Used To Kill Children
The Splinter And The Log: UK PM Fails To Connect The Cause And Effect Dots
The International Banker's Party Of France
Why Would Former DNC Chair Interfere In Seth Rich Murder Investigation?
Should You Decide To Accept This Mission, It Is Designed To Fail
From the "Dollar Short And Day Late" Dept: For All Their Excuses About Security While Spying On Us ...
The Art Of Lying In The Reign Of War
Video: Deep State-- Beware The Wolf In Lambswool And White Hat
Excuse Me! Why Didn't Trump Do This?
Big Brother's Deep State Real Constitutional Threat
Scientists Claim First Hominids Came From Europe Not Africa
Closer Ties For Iran And Russia
Trump And 55 Muslim States Sign Pact To Fight ISIS Assad
Why Are Western Governments Pro Refugees Who Undermine Traditional Western Values?
The Global Wrecking Ball That Is NATO
Israel And Saudi Arabia Are Best Buds ... For Now
Make Music Not War
American Left Following Hate Protocol?
China Dismantled Entire CIA Ops And Executed Score Of Spies
Obama Admin Leftovers Holding Back Hillary Emails In Trump Admin
Moneyball: Spending More Doesn't Get You A Better Team As US Loses Tanks War Games
US Snooping Again In China's Back Yard
A Microcosm Of Middle East Relations And War
EU Highest Rate Of Suicide In World
Social Media Damages Our Kids
Video: Autism Is A Corporate Profit Attack On Population
Why Are Children Vaccinations Chemical Warfare?
Video: Why Are "Scientists" Putting Glysophate, Aluminum And Mercury Into Toxic Cocktails Called Vaccines?
Sweden (Finally) Drops Charges Against Assange: Now Its UK And US
UK PM Passes Buck To Local Police On Assange
Draining Morality Out Of TV
Soros Buying Influence On Local Level
Turks Were Told To Attack Protesters On US Soil
Doing The Same Things Over And Over, Germans Can't Expect Different Results
Poland: Taking In Refugees Worse Than EU Sanctions
Video: Not First Time Turkish Officals Assault Protesters On American Soil
Double 0 License To Assault?
Another Reason Not To Fly To The US
Canada: Can't Remove Passengers From Overbooked Flights
West's Effort For Regime Change In Thailand
Elites Win: Get To Keep EU
German Thought Police Arrest Runaway In Hungary
Derailing The US Plan To Disrupt Eurasian Integration
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: If There Were Any Doubts Concerning What The US Is All About, This Should Clear It Up
Video: Mass Media Bogeyman Story Still Working
What Would You Do If You Could Control Someone's Attention?
Why Big Brother Uses A Bogeyman
False Russian Accusations Aside, It Makes No Difference Who Gets Elected, The President Is Always One Of Them
NATO Still Banging Its Head Against The Afghan Wall
Surprise! It's Big Brother Who Wants To Control Our Elections Not Their Bogeyman
The Restoring Of Cold War
5 Million Tons Of Smoke And A Dead Planet
Video: Lionel's Rules For Interpreting This World
Russia Minor Player In US Political Influence Compared To Israel
Court Report: Monsanto Produces "Genetically Modified" Facts
Making Sense Of The "Super-fuse" Scare
At D.B. Cooper's LAX: Separating The Rich From The Minion Masses
Moving US Embassy To Jerusalem Would Help Peace ... Nutanyahoo
UK: Christian Population Continues to Shrink, But Muslim Increases
Hamburg Government Seize Private Houses To Provide Migrant Housing
European Country Ordered Fake Syrian Army Chemical Attack Footage Staged By Oscar Winning White Helmets
Will Actions Back Up US SecDef Words?
Who Dunnit? Russia And China Hit Hardest In IT Cyberattack
CIA Interfering In French Election?
Russia's "Interference" In US War Policy
Saudi Arabia And The Military Industrial Complex's War Of Justification
French Election: Emmanuel Clinton And The Revolt Of The Elites
The New Globalist Trade Agreement You Didn't Know About Has Arrived
It Appears S. Korea Wants Detente Rather Than De Bomb
Surprise, Surprise Government Underreported Number Of Citizens Unmasked By NSA
The Political Legacy Of James Comey And The Russian Bogeyman
The "Kooky-Bananas" US Congressional "Sky Is Falling" Bill ... And These Guys Were Elected?
The War Party's Fear Of Eurasian Integration
OPCW Confirms Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons In Aleppo
Court Orders New Hillary Benghazi Emails Released
Anti-Semite Israel? Seeks To De-list The Largest Spoken Semitic Language, Arabic, As An Official Language
Ukraine: Desperate States Do Desperate Things
Video: The French Election: EU Survival Or EU Demise?
US Eurocom Nukehead General: We Ready To Fight Russia
EU Joins Russia As Alleged Election Meddler
Divide And Conquer: Russia, Iran, Turkey Syrian Descalation Zones
Video: US WIll Seek Arrest Of Assange Because ...
China Carrying The Banner For Globalization 2.0?
Ukraine's Nuclear Situation More Of A Threat Than N. Korea's
Make Music Not War
Operation Gotham Shield: Preparing America For What?
From The "Of One Mind" Dept: One Nation, Under Generals, So War We Must
T-Rex's Perfect Description of US, Just Gets Name Wrong ... T-Rex Blasts Iran, Pence N. Korea, Both Countries Not Part Of Globalsit's Central Banking System, How About That For Coincidence?
In 2000, Only 7 Countries In World Without A Globalist Owned Central Bank, Now Only Cuba, N. Korea, Iran
The Truth Is Trump Kills Babies Too ... Who Does He Fire 59 Tomahawk Missiles At Now?
Not One To Bear False Witness, But This Catholic-Evangelical Said It With A Straight Face Too, Pence: "The United States Of America Will Always Seek Peace" ... Just Ask Those In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen Or Libya
So, What Saith Proverbs 6:16-19?
NYT On Pence: From Irish Catholic Altar Boy To Evangelical Governor
From The "Lawless One Creates False Evidence To Justify Violating Int'l Law" Dept: "Sarin" Gas Attack, Analyzing Angle Of The Shadows In The Photos, Weather Data Winds, Gas Dispersal Vector ... Once Again, It's A Lie
Assange Interview On The CIA
The War Is Coming To America
A New Political State Emerging In Middle East
Emboldened By False Flags Or Desperation? 2nd Chemical Attack By ISIS In 2 Days
Bomb Syria, Get One Free? FBI Used Fake Dossier To Build Trump-Russia Collusion Story
MOABomb Afghanistan, Get A Second One Free, And A Pair Of Flip-Flops?
Big Pharma: Good Enough For You, But Not For Me
The Price You Pay For Living By The Sword: American Military Is Killing America With Unexploded Debt Bombs
War Has Not Made America Great For About 70 Years Now ... Oh, But They Weren't World Wars, You Say?
Jr. High Locker Room: US Generals Consider Shooting Down N. Korea's Missile Test As A Show Of Tumescent Strength
Who Is More Dangerous To World Peace: Donald Trump Or Kim Jong-un? The Envelope Please ... And The Loser Is
No Nation Benefits From Prolonged Warfare: US Not Immune, Just Think They Are
US/UK Not Out To Promote Peace in Syria, It's War They Want, Hence The Biased Sarin Gas Probe To Prove Their Lie
Strange: No Requests For Any Antidotes Or Medicines From Alleged Sarin Gas Attack Town, Not Even By White Helmets
Poodle Canada To Lead NATO In Latvia
5 Reasons Why It Really Would Be Dumb For Trump And His Generals To Attack N. Korea (Hint: They Get China Too)
China's FM: Anyone (US) Who Triggers Korean Conflict Will Pay Price, Chocolate Cake Or Not
Video: The Lawless One, War And Rumours Of War
666 5th Avenue
Video: Who Is This Guy?
The Alt-World Of General McMaster: The US Of Accusations Without Evidence
Why They Have No Sense Of Humour: The Stupidity Of Absurdity
How The Big Corporations Plan To Stick It To You For More Tax Money
Super Duper Dupes

Pentagon On Autopilot, Trump A Prisoner In The Palace?
Candidate Trump Is Dead, Zombie Trump: "Frankly, We Have No Choice" But To Build Up Our Military, (Um, What Have You Done With The $100 Trillion+ Dollars You Spent On The Military Since 1991?)
Of Morons. Morons And More Morons  (Hosers For You Canadians) And War Criminals: Are US Presidents Nothing More Than Minions?
Putin Said: No More Wars Will Be Fought On Russian Soil-- The Single Russian Stealth Nuke Capable Of Destroying An Area The Size Of Texas Or France
See He Really Does Work For Putin, Xi And Khomeini: Trump Brings Russia, China, And Iran Closer Together
Duplicity Writ Large As US Tells N. Korea: No Nuke Testing
Make Music Not War
The Obvious And Blatant Lies Of T-Rump And T-Rex: Begging For The End Of The Western World?
US Righteous, Mighty To Save Rhetoric: Trampling Int'l Law Under Pretext Of Conducting Military Operations For "Humanitarian Reasons" Or To "Protect Democracy"

The US Righeousness, Mighty To Save Rhetoric In Prophecy

Video: It's The Policies, Stupid
Syria "Sarin" Attack Total Fabrication; False Flag Swallowed Hook, LIne And Sinker By MSM And WH, Likely For Political Purposes
Video: Ignore Everything MSM Tells You About N. Korea
World Held Hostage By Trump's Acquiescence To Military Madness

Something Tumescent Trump Should Understand About N. Korea
Will US Generals Punch N. Korea In The Nose To Start A Nuclear War, And In The Process Sacrifice S. Korea?
"Rogue" State Like Iran Can Face Tougher Military Action From Hyper-Rogue, Warmongering Violator Of International Law US
Trump Morphing Into Hillary To Appease US Aristocracy
Been There, Done That,
MIT Prof: CIA Alleged Assad Sarin Gas Attack Egregious Errors And Evidence Tampering
NSA Malware Threat To Microsoft Users Worldwide
Video: Swamp Creatures Drain Trump Dry
Who's Your Daddy? Forget MOAB [Mother Of All Bombs], Russia's FOABs 4X More Powerful
Trump's Tax Reform ... Taking Care Of His Constituents
Video: The Syrian Strikes ... With A Bit (Okay A Lot) Of Satire Thrown In For Good Measure
From The "We Got Them, So Let's Use Them" Dept: Afghanistan MOAB Blast A Testing Ground For N. Korea?
Meanwhile, Back At The US/NATO Snafu Mess In Libya ...
Easter In Scandinavia: Be Sure To Have A Detective Novel With You, The Bible, Not So Much
Pompeo-Assange: CIA A State Non-Intelligence Agency That Produced al-Qaeda, ISIS
US Commander-In-Chief Has Delegated His Bombing Authority To Underlings?
CIA DIrector Pompeo: Assange Has No US Constitutional Law 1st Amendment Freedoms, Then Neither Is He Subject To Other US Laws
When Enough Is Never Enough: Really Big Lies A Favourite Among West's War Allies
Fictional TV Show Needed To Boost Confidence In FBI Or Lull Into False Security?
Canada's Friendly Borders With Refugees From The South
Palace Intrigue In Trump's West Wing: Another Harvard Legacy Student In The WH
Trump's Jewish Son-In-Law Shadow SecState
US Coalition Airstrikes Hits ISIS Controlled Gas Depot, Hundreds Reported Dead
From The "Being A War President Is A Piece Of Cake" Dept: Trump's Beautiful Chocolate Cake Foreign Policy
Assad Tells BBC And The World What Everyone Knows, But US And The West's Nodders Won't Admit
Solving One Of Life's Big Mysteries: Why Our Shoelaces Come Untied
US UN Clown Haley Stating The Obvious ... "We Don't Think ..." "We Don't Think ..."
Assad's Approval Rating [72%] Higher Than Trump's [48%]: Using Haley's Own Logic (?), Then "We Don't Think The People Want Trump Anymore"
Big Brother Lobotomy?: Trump Of One Mind Now With Deep State
US Coalition Airstrike Hits ISIS Chem/Gas Depot ... Hundreds Killed ... What Now, Haley?
US Intel Source: Syria Gas Attack By Drone Launched By Israel-Saudi Arabia In Jordan ... If Proved True, Will US Strike Israel, Saudi Arabia For Killing Those Children And Babies Haley Paraded At UN? Yeah, Right
Commander-In-Chief: About Face, Backward March ... Presidential Action Worth A 1000 Campaign Promises
US Sharply Cuts Back Air Ops Over Syria
Belgium Withdraws Fighter Jets From US Coalition In Syria
Oil Pipelines And Drawing New Borders In Middle East
US/NATO Pushing Russia Into Hot War Mode
Is That Armageddon On The Horizon?
California EPA Declares Roundup Causes Cancer
Historical Origins Of Barbarians At The Gate
Afghanistan: US's Second Vietnam
Trump Lost More Than Assad Did With US Syria Attack, Trump Now "Presidential," i.e., Out Of The Globalist Puppet Closet Like Others Before Him
Video: War-A-Lago, Making America Hated Again
Maybe They Should Have Offered More Than An $800 Voucher And A Free Hotel Room
From The "Tell A Big Lie Often Enough" Dept: US Liars Accuse Moscow Of Sowing Truth About Syrian Chem Attack
The Nodders: UN And NATO Bobbleheads
Trump: We're Not Going In To Syria, So We Should Expect You When?
Gee, Why Wouldn't Israel's Defense Minister Be Surprised That "Someone" (Anyone We Know?) Would Off Archenemy Iran's President
Video: White Helmets Handle "Deadly Sarin Gas" Debris While Lighting Up A Smoke
Restraining The Donald
How To Spot Lies In Our Emails
Now That Your Internet Browsing History Is For Sale ...
Treaty Of Rome: Soft Power And Creation Of The EU
Why US Can't Afford Good Roads, New Bridges ... General Dynamics $333,859 Per Support Staff Member Making Afghanistan Great Again
Symantec Ties CIA To Series Of Past Malware Attacks
No More Pretense: US Spies On Its Citizens In Disregard Of Constitutional Rights
Meanwhile, Back In Korea, You Remember Korea Don't You?
The Plot Thickens: 1983 CIA Plan To Destroy Syria ... Blueprint Of Current US Foreign Policy
CIA's Nefarious Roots In Syria Go Back To 1949, And It's Still About Oil And Gas Pipelines
Colin Powell The Sequel: Why Latest Claims Against Assad Are Another Pack Of US Lies, Or "In Our Surrogates ISIS We Trust"
Syria's Chem Weapons All Destroyed, ISIS Still Has Them, Yet The Usual MSM Now Raising False Flag That Assad Might Have Some More, Again All Accusations, Innuendo, No Proof Like US "Intel"
Video: Russian FM Spokesperson Lays Bare The Political Non-Evidence Gas Attack Charade By The US
Putin: Intel Shows More False Flag Gas Attacks Being Planned For Syria ... "We've Seen This All Before"
CIA's Master Not The President, It's The Too Big To Fail Wall Street Bankers
Big Brother's CIA, The Rogue Agency Running US Foreign Policy?
Report: US Terrorist Allies In Syria Planning More False Flag Gas Attacks, This Time In Damascus
Trump Bump: Doing The Same Thing Over And Over: Fake Intel, Shoot From The Hip a la Bush & Cheney, Drop The False Pretenses And Admit US WIll War With Anyone Until It Gains World Dominion?
Cause And Effect With US Senator John McCain And Terrorists?
Finally Some Sanity: G7 Rejects New Russian Sanctions
Video: US War With Military Troops On Syrian/Jordan Border ... LIke Nazi Army And Polish Border In 1939
Trump Plays Wag The Dog ... More Clever Or Dumber Than We Think With False Flag Chem Attack?
Video: Trump's 180 Folly Or Political Theatre?
US Congress's Last True Patriot? Lefty Globalists Call For Her Removal From Congress For Upholding Constitution, Oath Of Office
US On Track For Its "7 Countries Tour," Not Willing To Change Course In Syria
Le Pen Warns Trump Not To Repeat Iraq, Libya Mistakes In Syria
SWEDHR Catches White Helmets Faking Rescues, Using Dead Children As Props
The Irrelevant Echo From The Great White North
In 2000, Only 7 Countries In World Without A Globalist Owned Central Bank, Now Only Cuba, N. Korea, Iran
From The "How We Doing So Far?" Dept: 2001 US Plan To Invade 7 Countries, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria And Last But Not Least, Iran
Lest We Don't Realize Who Trump Works For, He's WIlling To Act Unilaterally On N. Korea
Are We Ready For Multiple Wars And Economic Collapse Ushering In New World Order?
No-Go Zones: Sweden's Loss Of Sovereignty
Video: Modern Foreign Policy For Dummies
"Honour Crimes" In Heart Of British Empire
Poodle Trump Runs With The CIA Dogs Of War
Syria It Is: The Gauntlet Is Taken Up, Putin, Iran And Allies Warn That They Will Respond With Force, If Trump Wants WWIII He Knows Where To Light The Fuse
Make Music Not War
Syrian Oil War All About Getting Qatar/Saudi Oil Pipeline Through Syria To European Markets Rather Than Russia, Iran Oil And Gas, Which Is Why Regime Change, Not "Peace" Is Still Priority, All Else Political Theatre
Unleveling The Playing Field: The FBI's Secret Rules, Expansion Since 9/11, Not Unlike East Germany, Soviets
Hackers Release NSA Passwords Because Trump Abandoned His Base
Globalist Trump: Bluster Or Stupidity In Pushing War Option On The World?
Russian Telescope In Brazil To Protect Earth From Space Junk ...
Equal Opportunity Assassinator-in-Chief And Placing Nukes In S. Korea Because US Doesn't Want Nukes In N. Korea
This Ain't Reality TV, Donald: Trump Attacks Syria, Considers War Sanctions On Russia And Iran For Supporting Syria, i.e., Opposing Qatar/Saudi Pipeline Through Syria
From The "It's Not How You Start, But How You Finish A Race That Counts" Dept: A Summit China WIll Not Forget
Video: What Happened To CIA/Susan Rice Story? Up In Flames in Syria ... Plus Trump, China, North Korea, UN Resolutions
Video: Trump Accusation That Assad Gassed His People Replete With Things That Make No Sense
Confirmation: US Presidents Are Now Globalist War Presidents
A Message To Trump From Homs, Syria
The Blatant Lies Of Trump In Accusing Syria Of Gas Attack
Syria Strike: Those Who Live By The Sword Were Afraid Peace Was Going To Break Out
Trudeau's New Foreign Affairs Minister's Granddad A Nazi Collaborator
"Daesh, al-Nusra Part Of Special Forces Of CIA"
Trump's Very Short Term Small Gain Traded For Very Long Term Big Loss, Russia-China-[Iran?] Military Alliance
US A Ship Of Fools Headed For Bermuda Triangle?
Audio: US Bragged About Getting Assad To Destroy All Chemical/Gas Weapons Aboard A US Ship Under UN Supervision, Now Casus Belli When ISIS Known To Have Gas Weapons? More US Oil Excuses And Lies?
Inmates Running The Asylum: Terrorist Nation US Leadership Love Of War, Death And Destruction
Out Of The Closet: Trump's A Puppet, Just Not Putin's, Globalists Jubilant
Vault 7: Grasshopper Another CIA Malware
Do You Believe In Coincidences? ISIS Launches New Offensive In Conjunction With US Airstrike
Chicken And Egg: Which Came First, Plan Of Attack Or False Flag Op?
US True Colours: Big Brother Deep State Controls Trump: False Flag Excuse To Launch Oil War On Assad As ISIS Failing In West's Directive For Regime Change

End-time Prophecy: US, And Damascus A Heap Of Ruins

Video: Assad, Syria, Chemical Attacks, And Potential Military Attack [Now Real]
Political Theory War Games: The Deep State Globalist War Threat A Ruse To Trade Assad Or Syria Partition For Pipeline Route To EU? Won't Start Nuke WWIII As Globalists Will Lose Everything
Deja Vu Iraq: US False Flag Leading To Oil War, No Role For Democratically Elected President When It Comes To Oil Says Exxon CEO/SecState T-Rex, Got To Act Fast With Prospect Of Peaceful Syrian Settlement Chaired By Russia
Oopsy, $500 Billion In Accounting Errors Discovered In Obama's HUD
Western Canada's Organic Farms Escape Fungal Scourge
While America's Infrastructure Is Falling Apart Due To War Costs And National Debt, China Soars Into New Territory
US Jihad: CENTCOM's Hammer Never Has Enough Nails
Russian Duma To Hold Investigation Of Foreign Media [CNN, Radio Liberty, etc] Meddling In Russian Electoral Process
Sweden Becoming Europe's First Islamic State?
Video: Intel Unhinged Soft Coup
Syrian People's Militia: ISIS Hunters
Another Blatant False Flag By West's Syrian Terrorists To Blame Assad As ISIS And US Neocons Are Losing Their War
Interesting Rat Line From Syria Gas Attack To Libya To Hillary, The Gift That Keeps On Giving
2013: CIA Delievers Libyan Weapons To Syrian Terrorists From Jordan

2013: Gas Attacks Not Assad's
Soros Leak: Spends Big To Promote Globalist World Government Prop-Agenda
A Cuckoo's Nest Of One: Hyper Haley Ratchets Up Her Rhetoric
Video: The Importance Of Unmasking Susan Rice
US [6800 Nukes] Conflates N. Korea [10 Nukes] Threat Prior To Xi Meeting ... Pentagon Not Capable Of Knocking Down 10 Nukes?
German Military Cyber Warfare Unit Operational
Analyzing The Facts Before Knee-jerk Fake News Reports When Gas Attack Has "Fingerprints" Of ISIS/Daesh All Over It
CNN And Usual Suspects (MSNBC, NYT, Wapo)  Fake News Propagandists Instantly Blame Russia And Syria For Gas Attack
Amazon Post Straw Man: Rice Didn't Leak, She Unmasked Names, Sent Them Down Chain Of Command Obama Made Possible Knowing Others Would Leak ... Whch is What Happened
Rice-A-Baloney? White House Staff Don't Do Intelligence Or Criminal Investigations, That Leaves Political Motivation
5 Possible Talking Points For Trump And Xi
Another US Dim-ocrat Senator Goes Bananas Over RT, Sputnik ... Nefarious Photo Proof, RT Editor With Putin
Therefore Trump's Meeting With NYT Editorial Board Means He Closely Supervises Their News Stories ... Huh?
"The Only Security Of All Is In A Free Press" Thomas Jefferson, Ah, Senator, It Was The Nazis Who Controlled All Media
Hypocrisy And Ignorance: Same US Senator Undermined Bernie Sanders Presidential Primary Hopes To Favor Hillary
Update F-35 Snafu Fighter
US Snafu Class Aircraft Carrier, Carrying F-35 Snafu Class Fighters, Is A Big Mess While Russia Increases its Sub Capabilities
Reaction To UN Haley's Globalist Claim That US Is Moral Conscience Of The World, No Comment About The Mustache Though
Living By The Sword With Same Old US Foreign War Deception Policy: Genocide And Regime Change For Oil
No West MSM Reporting On This: Russian Army Humanitarian Aid In Syria Shocks EU MPs
US Democrats, Still Refusing To Accept Responsibility, Now Blame Invisible Rabbit Harvey For Their Election Losses
The Koch Brothers' White House Staff
From The "What Happened To Common Sense?" Dept: We Thought It Couldn't Get Much Crazier But Then Like This Happens
Obama Still Has A Shot To Shore Up His Legacy: WWIII
Rice Ordered Detailed Spreadsheets Of Trump ... First Response Was To Lie, "I Know Nothing About It," No Mention Of Yes, We Did It For National Security, That Leaves Politics
With More US Troops In Syria, Will US Finally Stop Interfering In Other Countries' Oil Business And Get Out Of Syria?
Maslow's Baby Boomer Heirarchy Of Needs
Millennial Layer Added To Maslow's Heirarchy Of Needs
Is The Universe Collapsing Back On Itself?
Susan Rice Apparently Lied On PBS When She Said She Knew Nothing About Unmasking Trump Officials
Holy Bloviating Hyperventilation Batman! US Media Is A Plague Of Locusts
To Wit, A 60 Minute Saga Of Minute Rice
From The "Empty Wagon Rattles The Loudest" Dept: Nikki An A Student At The Ministry Of Truth, Majors In Orwellian History
Ukraine Annexed Crimea Like US "Annexed" Indian Lands ... When Will US Return Their Lands, Ms. Haley?
Serious International Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia Charges Made By Alleged Victim
West's MSM Prepping For Russian "Invasion" Of Libya
Video: New 9/11 FBI Photos Released ... Still No Evidence Of Plane, Passengers At Pentagon
The Swedish Mess Continues ... MIgrant 1, Four Cops And A Cop Car, 0
Obama's Rice Requested Intel Unmasking Of Trump Officials
What Does Doubling Of US National Debt During Past 8 Years Portend For The Future?
From The "Insane Hypocrisy Of It All" Dept: Trump Meeting With Xi, No Big Deal, Meet With Designated Bogeyman Putin And The Snowflakes Are Falling
While US Wastes Financial Resources On Military, War: China-Russia Set To Bypass Dollar With Gold-Backed Standard Of Trade
Make Music Not War
1917 Bolshevik Revolution: Globalist-Soviet Analog Control Military, Transportation, Communication and Media ... Then The Gulags
The Soviet Gulag Archipelago: "The State Within The State That Ruled All-powerfully"

The US Gulag Archipelago ... US Presidential Executive Orders 10990 Through 10999 Sound Familiar
NYT: Cash Flowed To Clintons Over Russia Uranium Deal
Video: The Left's Gaslighting, Swamp Creatures (Globalists And Zombie Snowflakes), And The Forgotten Electorate
Did Globalist Pentagon CENTCOM Just Declare War On Iran?
Beware Of Those Who Have No Sense Of Humour
US Turns Down Russia's Offer On Afghanistan Conference
Germany's Muslims Not There To Assimilate, Become German, Undercover Mosque Investigation Shows
A Refresher: The Zionist Plan For The Middle East
Video: Who Rules The US Political System ... Wall Street Billionaires, Intel Agencies Or Elected Executive Branch?
US Presidents Still Assassinating Journalists With Drone Strikes?
iBig Bro's Surveillance State Behind Russiagate
Vault 7: More Tools Used By The CIA To Mask It's Identity, And Ops
Vault 7 Marble: CIA Hacks And Masks In Russian, Chinese And Farsi

Budget Games: US National Debt Hasn't Risen A Penny In 15 Days ... At Least On Paper
Video: US Congress Just Sold Your Pound Of Flesh, Ukrainian CrowdStrike DNC Hack Lie, Not The Russians Et Al
Video Clip: Animal House Food Fight
Animal House Redux As EU Joins US Cafeteria Food Fight
Video: Does The US Have A Government Or A Cafeteria Food Fight?
Doubling Down On Stupidity: US/NATO Planning War In Ukraine's Donbass?
300 Police Killings In US First 3 Months
Video: The Insane Conditioning Of Americans To Accept Overreaction, i.e., Lunacy
From The "How Much Does It Cost?" Dept: F-35 Snafu Class Fighter Has Stealthy Price Tag
2009 Foreclosure Crisis: The Bullshit To Cash Ratio
Globalist NATO: On Russia's Border While Keeping Europe's Borders Open To Migrants
US Troops In Ukraine, NATO Takes Over Ukrainian Nuclear Power Sites, And More Tidbits 
Obama's Pandora Box Of Intel Gathering On Trump Opened A Bit Wider By Insider ... Political Intel Gathered And Disseminated
Italy Returns To Its Medieval Feudal State Roots Under EU And US

Trump's Hit On The Environment
The Consequences Of A Presstitute Western Mass Media
Video: The Google-YouTube Monopoly And Net Censorship
Is Le Pen Mightier Than The Sword Of Anti-Russian Propaganda?
Felony Charges For Invading Privacy By Recording Without Consent ... Surprise, It's Not The CIA
Coca-Cola Or Caca-Cola?
The Farcical West's Globalist Orwellian History Of Crimea's Democratic Vote Exposed, BTW, What's All This Talk Of Scotland Doing The Same Thing!?
Scotland Hypocrisy: Where's The Sanctions? Where's The EU Outcry? Will Russia Sanction Scotland?
Sweden Still Going Crazy ... Hide The Pigs!
Video: The World Wide "Wiretap" Web
From The "Hindsight Is Wonderful" Dept: 3 Key Mistakes Made By EU
Message? Don't Bring Your Electronic Devices To USA
No Pretense: Trump Administration Goes After Palestinians Too
Apple: App That Tracks Drone Strikes "Excessively Objectionable ... Crude” The Actual Strikes? Well ...
The Great One-sided Liberal Globalist Divide Shows Trump "Russia Connection" Faux News All Along
Le Pen: Time To Defeat The Globalists
A Look At John D's Life
Illegals Free To Roam Streets Of LA ... But Who's Gonna Pay?
Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Clinton Tree

An Unspoken Truth: Nukes Ensure National Security
Haley's Disingenuous Question: Would N Korea Give Up Its [10] Nukes? ... Not When Threatened By Big [6800] Nuke USA, So How About Parity Nikki?
Who's Got Nukes?
With Brexit, UK To Lose Its Nukes?
Goal Second Only To Regime Change: Split Syria
More To Popeye Than Olive Oil: Spinach Turned Into Beating Heart
Soros, Nuland, Obama's Ukraine Porcelain Throne Monarchy
From The "Yup, That's Our Foreign Policy" Dept: RAND Says US Hammer Sees Everything As A Nail
Trump Puts More Boots On The Ground In Iraq
Trump Still Mulling Over US Embassy Move To Jerusalem
Low Hanging Fruit In The Garden Of Hillary
Ex-CIA Officer: Trump "Wiretapping" Worse Than Watergate
Monsanto Using Tobacco Industry Playbook ... How'd That Turn Out?
Make Music Not War
Iran Warns US About Its Fleet Movement In Perisan Gulf
Man Bites Dog: Iran Imposes Sanctions On US
On The Road To Irrelevance: Hackneyed Western MSM Still Wallowing In Double Standards, Lies And Ignorance With ME Reports
Whose Values Have Gained Dominion Over The US?

Where Are The US And UK Values, And What Happened To Them?
Daesh, Cheney's Creature From The Box Of Pandora And Al-Anbar
$80 Billion Soros Blowback: Ukraine's Failed Land Of Nu Pipelines To Become Scrap Metal?
If You Don't Want To Be Norwegian, Why Are You Living In Norway?
France's Le Pen Has More "Des Couilles" Than Her Male Counterparts ... Meets With Putin
Only In America: President Has Legal Right To Assassinate Americans But Not Keep Suspected Terrorists Out Of Country
Revealing It's True Nature: "Hunt And Kill White Women" Meets Facebook Community Standards, But Not Bible Verses
Video: The Spawning Of Hatred And Confusion
US Russophobia A Sign Of Weakness From World's "#1 Country" Or Elite's Populism-phobia?
A Turkey In The EU Ointment
Poland To Regulate Its Borders From Ukrainian Migrants ... You Mean Like Trump?
Macedonia: No Albanian Tail Wagging The Dog
What Masters Of Disaster Obama, Soros, Nuland's Ukraine Coup Confirms ... US Is An Oligarchy
Hillary's Podeta, Not Trump, Subject To Russian Influence?
The Internet: Governments Number 1 Enemy
From The "Deny, Deny, Deny" Dept: Never Believe Anything Until It's Been Officially Denied
Belgian Police Avert Car Ram Terrorist In Antwerp
Sonic Screwdriver, NIght Skies: CIA's Apple Hack Tools
"No Borders" Globalists Don't Want Us To Connect The Terrorist Dots, We Might Want To Stop Their Wars
Erdogan: Just Another Rant Or Escalation Of War?
Trisodium Phosphate In General Mills Children's Cereal
Warning: Trisodium Phosphate Harmful If Swallowed
US DOJ: Planted [By Whom?] Russian Mimic Malware At Trump Tower
Stupid Is As Stupid Does Swedes ... Meanwhile Assange Still A Political Prisoner With No Charges Filed Against Him
Clinton's Turn A Dollar Off HIV/AIDS Donations
Why Israel Upset With UN Aparthied Report?
Video: McAfee On Vault 7, CIA Can Hide Their Hacking Tracks [French 2012 Election], And Their Mistakes
It's Even In The NYT: Clinton Deal Gave 20% Strategic US Uranium To Russia
Hillary's Podesta Board Member Of Firms Linked To Russian Investors
Trump Has US Dems So Rattled They Are Running Around LIke Headless Chickens
US Senate's Newest Neocon Cheerleader, Ben Sasse
Wiki Ben Sasse, Company Man Groomed In All The Right Places
Video: Normalization Of The Creepy
Many Canadians Wants Illegals From South Of The Border Deported
Sultan Erdogan Meddling In Denmark's Internal Affairs
FBI: Leaking Fake News Not Illegal, So US Intel Leaks Should Be Considered ...?
Read All About It! Trump Only American US Intel Agencies Didn't Eavesdrop On During Obama Administration
271 Killed By US Police By 19 March 2017
Attention Black Americans: 9-1-1 A Dangerous Call
From The "Earth Is Flat" Dept: He Must Be Considering A Career In Politics
No Business Like Show Business ... Well Except Political Propaganda
Ancient Earth Crust Found In Canada
More Obama Administration Dirty Surveillance Hands
Crop Diversity, Rotation Fights Rootworm Not GMO
Erdogan Continues His Political Crackdown On Kurds
Trump Gets UN Official Ousted To Shield Israel ...
... Because Of This UN Report: Israel As A Racist State
Whistleblower Docs: NSA Records Show Trump Spied On During 2004-2010
Big Bro's Deep State Wants Your DNA
From The "Beating A Dead Horse" Dept: Forlorn Left Desperate For Trump-Russia Evidence ... US Intel, Congress Nyet