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Spring 2016

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Spring 2016

It Must Be A Full Moon: Owners Required To Pay Social Security On Robots?
Banned GMOs, Russia Becomes World's #1 Wheat Exporter
Chemical Glyphosate Disrupts Uterine Development ... Birth Defects Possible?
US Politics: Wanting More Than Presidency ... Empress Of The World?
NATO General: Russia Poses No Threat To Baltics
Forced Sexual Abuse At Aussie Military Schools
Queen Bee Clinton Travels For Speeches Like A Princess ... What About Bernie?
Hey, White House, Don't Complain, Those Cowards Pass Your Military Budget
Latest Heavy US Spy Satellite Found Over Malaysia
Who Allowed ISIS To Get This Entrenched? ... In Europe
Talk About Gun Control: ISIS Uses US Humvees, Missiles, Tanks, Howitzers, Etc. In Their Fight ... Drones Next?
Setting Precedent For US Borders: Why Is US Entitled To Send Armed Militants Into A Sovereign Nation?
How-To Guide To Avoid Campaign Finance Laws
From The "Put Your Vote Where Your Money Is" Dept: If We Don't Put Our Money There, Why Should We ...?
US Think Tanks In La-la Dreamland With Russia
US Billions In Aid To Israel, Palestinians Zero
Western Government's "Reckless Disregard For Their Own Security"
Finland President: No Threat From Russia To Europe
Fukishima Lies ... So Is Food Safe To Eat?
Fukishima Rice To Be Sold In London
Pro-West American Analysts Writing Public Opinion for Asian Publications
What A Turkey ... More Empty Political Promises
... And "Speaks With Forked Tongue" Broken Nuclear Promises
Land $peed Record? Zika Vax Ready ...
But Doctors Say Zika Epidemic Threat Zero ... Blaming The Mossies Rather Than Chem Companies
Wuxi Valley? World's Fastest Computer Is In China ... Made From Chinese Microprocessors
ISIS Executes Women, Children, Sick Fleeing Manbij
ISIS Men Infiltrate As Refugee Women ... Apparently No Fear Of Cross-Dressing And Becoming Sex Slave
Make Music, Not War
Trump Sees Relations With Russia, Putin As Positive For World
US/EU Corporate TTIP Or Sovereign Nations Eurasian Partnership, SNEP?
Ukraine Continues Selling Its Soul To The Devil
Ministry Of Truth Rewrites History
Okinowans Fed Up With US Military
Russia Economy: From Lemons To Lemonade
Doublespeak Abounds In The Halls Of Washington As American Nodders Look On
US Plays Marbles, Russia Chess: Surprise Russian Airstrike Catches US Flatfooted
No Map, No "Moderates"
The Hypocrisy Of Labels: We Say Nationalist, You Say Terrorist
From The "We Thought US Wasn't World's Policeman" Dept: Eritrea Next US "Mighty To Save" African Coup Target?
Putin: It's Not EU, Rather NATO That Is The Problem In Europe, And Has Been Historically
German FM Slams US For Russia Warmongering
Hard Time Working Together On Earth, Germany-Russia Try The Moon
Soyuz Crew Safe Landing In Kazakhstan After 6 Months In Orbit
Of Course, US, UK Don't Want Poodle Off Their Leash
Yes Congress, Stop Allowing Export Of US Arms For War To Other Countries ... That's Not What "Nobel" Meant!?
Start WW3 Over A 3rd Party Hack Attack? Are You Crazy? Sadly, It's Not A Rhetorical Question
No Surprise Here: Olympic Rio Financial Mess
SPIEF 2016 Updates
FBI Face Recognition Illegalities
The American War Against The World
May 2016 Warmest On Record
$1600 For A $16 Haircut? Ask For Your Money Back
Bulgaria: No To NATO Black Sea Navy, Sailboats Not Aircraft Carriers
Twisted Logic Theatre: US Goals The Same, Tactics Change Again, Now It's Destroy ISIS By Bombing Assad, Damascus
Damascus A Heap Of Ruins
France Now Building Military Base In Syria? Who's Authority?
Lockheed Threatens Canada Over F-35 Fighter Jet Purchase
Inbred US State Dept. Duplicity: Will Release Clinton TPP Emails Only After November Election
US Meddling, And South China Sea As Asian, Not American
Guccifer 2.0 Hacks DNC/Clinton Info, Mega-Donors
US Russophobia Costs Norwegians $1 Billion A Year
Russia To Launch Nuclear Icebreaker For Arctic Exploration
When Oil And Money Matter Most, Forget Sanctions, Build Pipeline With Russia
Switzerland Withdraws EU Application
Iceland Withdraws EU Application 
Iran To Open Financial Hub On Gulf Island
GMOs "Biggest Fraud In History Of Science"
Russia Total Ban On GMOs
China, Russia Bulwark Against Neo-Imperialism
"Brazenly Screwing ... Strangers For Money Without Regard For Scruple ... Should Have Guaranteed Job At Goldman Sachs"
FBI: "Society Has To Decide What They Want." We Did, It's Called The US Constitution ... What About FBI Oath To Uphold?
FBI Oath Of Office ... In Case We All Forgot
Vs. Apple, FBI Seeks To Violate Constitutional Rights 
Did So With US Congressman
Cheney-Bush "Tip Of The Iceberg" Torture Legacy Surfaces
Weapons Of War OK Over There, Not Here
Orlando Disconnect: Calls For Gun Control ... Don't Americans Know They Are World's Largest Arms Dealer?
Gnat And Camel: US Senator Filibusters 14 Hours For Gun Control, On Civilians, Not Military
American "Merchants Of Death": Arms Dealer To The World
Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism Was Murdered
Challenges In Canada-Iran Relations
European Union? Not At Euro 2016
Does Marijuana Qualify As Landscaping?
Killing Gays "Normal" For Moderate Muslims
From Lawmakers To Lawbreakers: The Age Of The Psychopaths
Who Instigated Orlando ... ISIS Or FBI?
Damascus: Real Deal Or Trojan Horse?
Surrender Now Leaflets Dropped On ISIS In Raqqa
Banksters Threaten UK Voters
Despite NATO Rhetoric, Aggressive Behavior At Russia's Borders Spell Trouble For The World
How Would US React To Chinese And Russian Forces Amassed On Borders With Mexico And Canada?
Shell Games: Illegal Foreign Government Prez Contributions Filtered Through Foundations
Foreign Governments To Release Intercepted Secret Clinton Server Emails?
Payback: Assange, Wikileaks Will Release Enough Evidence To Indict Clinton, FBI Holding Back For Political Favors?
From The "Who's Side Are You On?" Dept: FBI Introduced Orlando Shooter To Informants ... Tell US Again Why FBI Needs To Spy On Us?
Gallup Poll: Confidence In US MSM At All Time Low
Pew Poll: EUpeans See Militarism, Terrorism As Biggest Threats, Not Russia
$100 Million Dilemma: Using Russia Rockets To Launch US Satellites To Monitor Russia
Libyan Forces Retake Sirte
US Expands Mission In Afghanistan
Syrian Forces Win Another Battle, Seize ISIS Arms
From The Farcical Side: Brits Boots On The Ground "Fighting" In Libya And Syria As History Repeats
Chicken Littles Really Getting Nervous: Brexit Now Spells End Of Western Civilization, Up From Turmoil
Iraqi Defense Minister Leads Fighter Attack On ISIS
... Then ISIS Is Operational In US Or Is It FBI?
ISIS Claims Responsibility For ISIS Orlando Attack
Gitmo Detainee: No Charges, No Evidence In 14 Years
The Truth Gets Bashed By Lies From Both Directions
Nobel Peace Prize Obama At War Longer Than Any US President ... 8 More With Clinton?
US Cyber Warfare Against The World
31 Organizations Call On EU To Ban Glyphosates
UN: Zionism Is A Form Of Racism
Zionism And Judiasm Two Different Things
US Doesn't Want Peace With Assad: Syrian Ceasefire Ends
All Hail Erdogan: UK Advised Allowing 1.5 Million Turks Into EU ... Seems Like Good Enough Reason To Brexit
Believing The Lies, Lies, Lies: Herding The Sheeple Into Imperial Globalization
US Stops Iraqi Fallujah Advance
Allen Dulles, Indonesia And JFK Assassination ... Pinning The Tail On The Donkey
Got Netflix? Got A Mind? Watch Requiem For The American Democracy
Recolonizing Latin America
Bolivia Next US Coup?
The Dismal Failure Of Always A Day Late Western Intel: From 9/11 To Paris, Brussels, San Bernadino And Orlando, But They'll Call For More Spying On Us Because It's Not About Terrorism, But Population Control
Just Like Paris And Brussels: Failure With Another "Known Quantity"
Make Music, Not War 10
US Admits Their Ally Saudi Arabia And Gulf States Fund ISIS et al
Clinton Email Saga: Political Interference Leads To Leaks
Slush Fund Shell Game
Political Chess In Pipelineistan
US Ally (?) Saudi Arabia Top Cleric: All Churches Must Be Destroyed
From The "Shades Of WW2" Dept: NATO Invades Poland
US Poll: Run Bernie, Run
Syrian Forces Sever Main ISIS Route Into Turkey
Survivor: Proof Exists, Benghazi Order To Stand Down A Huge Mistake
One Politician In Germany Recognizes Crimea As Russian
France Lends Moral Support In N. Syria
Musical Chairs In Asia ... No Seat For China Or US?
What Is Purpose Of US Propaganda Of "Russian Aggression" If Not War?
Assad: Aleppo Will Be Grave Of Butcher Erdogan
All China's US Assets Could Be Annulled
History: France's Napoleon, Germany's Hitler Invaded Russia, Not Vice Versa, So What's With NATO's Aggression?
FBI Sting Ops Creating Radicals
UN Removed Saudi Arabia From Child-Killer List Due To Extortion
A Look Into The Future World? South Sudan And Clinton: Flip-Flops And AK-47s
Consolidating The World Order: Imperialism And Counter-Revolution In Brazil
Big Everything's Candidate In Launch Mode ... Little Everything Is The Target
Bilderberg's Annual Meeting ... You're Not Invited
US-NATO Buffer: Lining Up The Scandinavian Ducks
The Old Neocolonial Strategic World Game ... We Masters, You Slave
The US Political Myth Of Democracy
Second US Carrier Group Deployed In Med
UN Syrian Report: No Mention Of Russia's Efforts
Syrian Army With Russia Airforce Support Advancing On ISIS Capitol [Video]
From The "Bogeyman Du Jour" Dept: Terrorizing EU To Spend More Money For War
The BRICS House Of Cards
Brit Navy "Intercepts" Russian Sub On Surface With Tugboat
From Charles "The Hammer" Martel To Angela "Welcome Wagon" Merkel, Half A Million More Refugees In Germany
Spying: Too Much Info Risks "Intel Failure," Increases Population Control
Russia Rolls Out New Medium Range Passenger Jet, MC-21
Autism, Rockefeller Foundation, Honest Journalism And Vaxxed ... From 5 in 10,000 To 5 In 350
Signs Of The Official Start Of The Recession
China To Build 1000 220-Ton Troop Transports
FBI Seeks Secret Filing Over Clinton Emails
Wikileaks: Google Controls Information Flow For Clinton
Clinton's Deliberate Email Behavior Treasonous, Making Her Subject To Blackmail?
US Congress Debates How To Fund WW3
Doctors: Zika Epidemic Threat Zero ... Blaming The Mossies Rather Than Chem Companies
Ex-Danish PM Got NATO Sec General Job After Anti-Kurd TV Deal With NATO, Turkey
It's A Dirty War In Syria, Like Others Before It

North Korea Reactivates Nuke Plant
MH17: Can't Pin It On Russia, So It Must Have Been An Accident
Zika Time ... South American Countries With Zika Outbreaks Record No Microcephaly
Zika Virus Has Been Around For Nearly 70 Years
From The "Three Fingers Pointing Back At You" Dept: Clinton Accuses Trump
US Wants EU Poodles To Suck It Up For Sanctions
US Abandons Diplomacy, Goes Military On Syria
US Shuns Russia Attempts To Discuss NATO Missile System Ringing Russia
Western Ally Erdogan Says Working Women "Half-Persons" ... Merkel Too?
Make Music, Not War 9
From The "Sicko Coward" Dept: ISIS Burns Alive 19 Women In Cages
US Asks Russia Not To Target al-Qaeda Terrorists
Merkel Adds Russia To Official List Of Rivals
EU Tightens Visa Requirements For Ukraine
Syrian Army Confident To Retake Raqqa
US Tells China It's Primary Security Provider [aka Policeman] In Asia-Pacific
China Tells US To Mind Their Own Business, Not China's And ASEAN Countries
Past Two Decades Of US Military Intervention Has Brought No Solutions
Brazil: The Worst Is Yet To Come
From The "Wagging The Dog" Dept: Faked White Helmet Videos
US Ballistic Missile Aggression Aimed At Russia
US Pushes "Soft" War On Russia And China
FBI: No Lawful Authority To Demand Email Records
2016 Political Olympics: Brazil's Coup President Gets 8 Year Ban
Stem Cells Reverse Brain Damage
Video: Russian Jets Bomb ISIS Oil Near Turkey Border
"Huge Mistake To Trust Evil Britain And The Great Satan"
Are They A Terrorist Organization? GCHQ And NSA Intercept MP's Mail
US Presidential Candidate Clinton Exceptional Warmonger
Hillary's Baby
Ukraine: Greater Autonomy For Donbass?
Cheney And Saudis: The Mess Of Their Oil War
US Fed Reserve Hacked At Least 50 Times
Upset At Outcome Of Germany's Exercise Of Democracy, Erdogan Recalls Ambassador
Anti-NATO Campaign Emerges In EU
US CENTCOM: Killing Of Unarmed Pregnant Women Not A War Crime
New York's Gitmo North
"Moderate Rebels:" Obama's Exceptional Myth
Rambo Clinton Rides Above The Law?
The Internet: Cheeseless Mousetrap
UK Tops List: Most Corrupt Country
High Security Lux Phone For 1%ers
The Withering Ghost Of MH17
Misinformation And The Syrian Border Chaos
Ground Zero And NATO's "Witless Puppets"
Blowback: Americans Warned To Stay Out Of Europe This Summer ... Watch Out Canada
Raqqa: Russia Jets Destroy Terrorist Held Oil Production Facilities
Secret Stuff In Hillary's Deleted Emails
Immigration Concerns Boosts UK Brexit
US "Sinkhole" Wars: Elusive Victory
Brussels Accuses US Of Undermining WTO
Russia Out Produces Saudi Oil Production
Israel Redraws Map ... Adds Settlement Land
Russia Friendlies In NATO/EU
From The "You Gotta Have Hope" Dept: On The Road To Raqqa
Kurd Forces With Russian T-55 Tanks Launch ISIS Offensive
Does Risk Of Clinton FBI Indictment Make Sanders The Dem Frontrunner?
EU: Specter Of Break Up
President Of EU Juncker To Attend Russia Economic Forum
Spain Accused Of Betraying NATO ... Allows Russian Ships To Refuel In North Africa
NGOs Transmogrified: Now Government Operatives
Berta Caceres Murder Tied To USAID Supported Company
Clinton Accused Of Racketeering By FBI ... Biden To Step In?
"Love Hotels" The Epitome Of Recycling?
China Navy Base Joins US, France And Japan In Africa
Make Music, Not War 8
4 Bottom Lines In South China Sea
Al-Qaeda Blamed For 9/11, So Why Is US State Department Working With These Terrorists?
Clinton "Did Not Know How to Use Computer Email," No Password Protection For Top Secret Docs
German Vice Chancellor: TTIP A Bad Deal, Fair Trade, Not Free Trade
Finally, Someone Is Creating Jobs In US
If UK Votes For Brexit, Will They Leave EU?
Prepping For War: UK To Stockpile Tanks In EU
US Presidential Campaign: Bought And Paid For
Erdogan Orders US "Boots On The Ground" To Remove Kurd Patches
NATO Trying To Spark A War
OK Then, Make Your Own Space Rockets
The Colour Revolution In Monsanto
Go East, Young Man, Go East!
US Congress Proposed Bill Contrary To Constitution
Saudis: It Wasn't Us, The US Planned And Carried Out 9/11 To Gain Hegemony

The Most Expensive Nuclear Thing On Earth
The War For Oil Control: Four Of Five Top Global Fortune 500 Are Oil Companies
Why Is US So Afraid Of Israel?
Colour Revolution In Macedonia?
US Backed Forces Mounting Attack on Fallujah ... Thousands Of Civilians In Crossfire
US Presidential Candidate Trump Has Delegates To Win Nomination
US "Must Steer Clear Of China's Affairs"
China's Xi Orders Military Boost In Battlefield Capabilities
EU Can Be Hit By New Wave Of Refugees From Turkey
CIA Disrupting Africa Including Libya
Pentagon's $Trillion War On Accountability And New Miitary Base in Africa
Brexit Would Free UK From Trade Limits With Israel
Whistleblowers: Punishing Those Who Shed Light On Darkness
Blair Still Hawking More War
Full Release Of Snowden Info In Coming Weeks
Russia Prepared To Defend Country From NATO Attack
US Intel Vets Ask FBI To Speed Up Hillary Email Report
Fake ISIS Report Of Russia Airbase Attack In Syria
Syrian Army Full Scale Assault To Retake ISIS Capital, Raqqa
CENTCOM's Top Secret Top General Visits Syria ... What's Up?
As The World Spins, ISIS Urges Attacks In Europe , US If Followers Can't Make It To Syria
How Low Can Israel Go? Public Beatings For Not Showing ID To Off-Duty Cop?
From The "What's This All About?" Dept: Cameron Troops Train Soldiers On Their Human Rights Watchlist
Putin Congratulates Canada On Hockey Victory
Clinton, Trump, Tie In Poll For Worst US Presidential Candidates
Western Imperialism, Not Assad, Must Go
Nuremberg: Deja Vu And The US
Make Music Not War 7
NATO's Risky Business ... Just Ask Napoleon, Hitler
The Illusion Of US Democracy
FBI's Secret Biometric DataBase
US: Establishing EU A Top Priority After WW2
NSA Internal Report Spy Stories
UK DefSec More Money For War
Erdogan's New Empire On The Line In Aleppo
March Of The Dumb Devices: The Smart War On US Soil Continues
Junk Food In Decline: The March Against Monsanto
From The "If You Can't Beat Them, Buy Them" Dept: Chinese Pour Billions Into US Real Estate
More Doublespeak: US-Saudi Support Of ISIS Not A Factor In Refugee Flight ... It's Russia Bombing ISIS
US Still Wants Assad Out, Rejects Joint Fight Against Terror Group al-Nusra
San Fran Mob Attack
Stupid Is As Stupid Prints
Turkey And Ukraine Join Forces In Black Sea
Who's Gonna Buy Monsanto? Take Two Aspirin And Call In The Morning
More Police Power In France
From The "Now Or Never" Dept: US Desperate Actions In South China Sea
Joker In The House Deck Of Cards
Former London Mayor Wins Most Offensive Erdogan Poem Contest
Cameron Faces First Queen's Speech Defeat Since 1924
Passing The Death Baton?
Snowden: Sidtoday Files
US War In Somalia
Mote In The Eye of The Beholder: US Empire
NATO Tankity-Tank-Tank War Games
Brazil: US Coup Coup
Make Music, Not War 6
The US Military Addiction: No Such Thing As Too Much War
Russia's S-500 Game Changer
NATO Busy Painting Targets On Poles, Romanians Too
From The "1930's Deja Vu" Dept: Der Fuhrer Erdogan Writing His Way Into Constitutional Dictatorship
Think Drugs Are Expensive Now, Wait Until TPP, TTIP
Regime Change R Us
Strong Winds In China Tear Off Rooves ... Horses Hoofs Unaffected
Corporations Pushing The Envelope
Business As Usual In Turkey: All Our Guys Are Good Guys, All Yours Are Bad Guys
Surprise! Interim Brazil President US Intel Informer ... WikiLeaks
Brexit: Politicans Sky Is Falling ... UK So Weak It Needs EU? ... Why Not Using Euro Then?
Shell Oil Spill In Gulf Of Mexico
Yellow Streaks And Blackmail
Iran Nuke Deal: About Face, Forward March
Netanyahu About To Martyrize Free Speech? Oh, And You Can't Leave
Eleven Signs US Economy Is In Do-Do-Land
TTIP, Brexit and Bye Bye EU
Brazil: 60% Rousseff's Accusers Involved In Criminal Proceedings
Prominient Ukraine Government Official Incites Terrorism
Your Smart Phone Is Outsmarting You
TTIP And GMOs: Boon To Russia's All Non-GMO Food Production Goal
GMO Crops Banned In Russia
Quantum Tunneling: New Six-Sided Water Molecule
OK, Who Wants To Read Harry Potter? Shakespeare? Damaging The Brains Of Children
US Military Rank And File Prefer Trump
Erdogan's Free Passport Access For ISIS To Europe Scheme
US Strategic Quagmires And Tar Baby Roads
Russia, China Buying Up Gold By The Ton
ISIS Buries Alive Dozens Of Its Own
Major US Recyclers Exporting Toxic eWaste
You Say Anti-Semitic, I Say Anti-Zionist
Zionism And Judiasm Two Different Things
Tail Wagging The Dog?
Aleppo Truce Threatened By Terrorists Shelling
Cameron's Bizzaro History: Excuses For His Failure As PM
How About A Leather iPhone ... Made In China
China Sea: US Has Own Rules, Not Signatory To UN Law Of The Sea Convention ... Now About Hawaii
Want The Mumps? Hang Out With People Recently Vaccinated
TTIP Necessary To Protect Greedy Megabanks
US Biggest Lies: Part 2
NATO Wants Their 2%
India Adds Russia's S-400 Missile Defense System
Canadian Wildfire Keeps Oil Prices Stable
Israel's Biggest Enemy
From The "We Don't Allow Christian Churches In Our Country" Dept: Inhumane, Intolerant Saudis Lecture US On Democracy
Syrian Army, Allies To Retake Khan Touman
China Warns Against Debt-Fuelled Growth
Belarus New Anti-Color Revolution Doctrine
If I Ruled The World ...
Poll: Russia Fought Nazis In WW2?
Moldova To NATO: Go Home
Why IS ISrael Off Limits For ISIS?
US Diplomats Decry US-Saudi Yemen War
New Normal: Perpetual War Of All Means
Party Line Cameron: Brexit Could Trigger WW3 ... How? Why?
Make Music, Not War 5 ... V-E Day
Western Media Silent On Syrian Terrorist Civilian Attacks
Thousands Rally Against US Corporate Rule, TTIP
From The "Low Math Scores" Dept: Stupid Is As Stupid Does Paranoia
Bailout Saved Banks, Not Greece
Kurds Smash Terrorists In Aleppo
New Data Collection Laws For China
US Bully Out Of The Closet
If Russia Had Freed Canada From Washington
US Moves To Block Syria Retaking Aleppo From Terrorists
US Dystopia To World: Our Way Or War
Aggressor World: Conquer The Planet 
From The "Orwell Doublespeak" Dept: As US Moves To Surround Russia Militarily, Putin Accused Of Aggression
Man Seeks Restraining Order Against God
Sun-Tzu Strategy? China To Join US Led Naval Exercise In Pacific
Motive Behind TSA Slowdown At US Airports?
US Whisper Diplomacy: Psst, Don't Talk To Russia
Making Music Not War In Palmyra
Israel Hulabaloo: Power Speaking Truth To Power
Sailors Leaving Brit's "US" Navy
God Not Dead, Was Only Napping After WW2
Davos: West Coast Style
Brazil Heading For Olympic Size Mess
US Propaganda Express Keeps Rolling In Europe
New War Monger Commander
Secret TPP, Wall Street Speeches and
Watch Out Mickey! Medical 'Acceptable Losses' Equivalent To Orlando Population Every Year
From The "It Takes One To Know One" Dept: War Birds Of A Neocon Feather Stick Together
Why Doesn't Russia Stop Selling Rocket Engines To US ... Lift Sanctions
Merkel Offers Hors D'Oeuvre To Erdogan
Israel To Open Permanent Mission At NATO HQ
Anglo-US Info Warfare In Support Of Terrorists
Syrian Army, Allies Restore Security To Aleppo Districts
Neocons Act Like Second Graders ... No Offense To Second Graders
America's Blue Collars Left Behind
WeChat Far Superior To Facebook
Canada Cites Espionage Risks From Mainland China Telecom
Western Media's Aleppo Spin
Pushing The Nuclear Bear
From The "Writing Is On The Wall [Of China]" Dept: US Neocons Dream They Will Call the Shots In Asia
France Dumps Russia Sanctions, Will They Have A Choice After TTIP?
Snowden: Inside The Assassination Complex
"Combat Death" Of A Non-Combat Boots On The Ground Personnel
Orville And Wilbur Would Love This
May Day March Arrests In US, Canada
FBI: "Lets Criminals Go Before Obeying Court Order"
The Propaganda War In Battle For Aleppo
Video: NGOs, the Pentagon, And The Human Rights-Industrial Complex
From The "Nose of Pinocchio" Dept: US Says Secretive TTIP Misunderstood
TTIP Leak: Why Docs Were Kept Secret ... Keep The Bottom 51% Believing
TTIP Leak: GMOs Here, EU Farmers Bye-Bye
TTIP Leak: Kill The Paris Accord On Climate Change
China's "Donald Trump" Slapped With One Year Probation
Make Music, Not War 4
Variation On A Ukrainian Theme: Brazil Golpeachment In C Minor
US Likes Starting Wars ... What's Next?
German Soldiers Back At The Eastern Front In Time For V-E Day ... Protect German Borders First?
Aggressor US/NATO To Send 4000 More Boots On The Ground To Poland
US Aircraft Carrier Denied Access To Hong Kong
Beijing Strains Taiwan Relations
Documentary: Turkey ISIS Oil And Death For Profit ... Turkey Denies, The World Ignores
From The "Push For WW3" Dept: NATO/German Troops Move Aggressively To Protect Lithuania Borders
Russian Guided Missile Destroyer With Nuke Capability 40 Miles Off New York ... Or
TTIP May Be Finalized By End Of 2016
Batteries That Last Forever
Artificial Intelligence Wave Of The Future: Natural Intelligence Not Working Out ... Start With Politicians?
Looks Like They Need It ... Selective Political Cognition And Doublespeak
ISIS The Convenient US Bogeyman
Mosul Apocalypse And US War Crimes
Hersh: Hillary Ok'd Libyan Sarin Gas In Syria
US Doesn't Much Care For Democracy In Syria
Fractured Frackers: Oil Producer Chaos
Media: People Want Choices, Not To Be Told What To Think
US Supreme Court Setting Precedent For US To Pay War Damages From Vietnam To Syria?
America: The Land Of Might Makes Right ... Brady To MH-17
The Glaring Hypocrisy Of Erdogan And The West
Syrian Forces Closing In On Terrorist Strongholds In Aleppo Province
US Dismantling One BRICS At A Time
Politicalmpics In Brazil: Gold Medals And Banana Peels
Americans Up The Ante In The Middle East
Macedonia: Another Reason Why China Places Foreign NGOs Under Police Authority
BRICS, And Mortars To Follow
Oil Rule Mosque Builder Not Into Golden Rule
Doublespeak: Boots Are Not Boots, Though The Troops Wearing Boots Walk On The Ground
From The "Send In The Sultans" Dept: Who Does Erdogan Think He is?
Libya: Conquer And Divide ... But Keep The Refugees Away
Big Bro Moves: Blame Snowden For Everything
Dutch Journalist Held In Turkey, Netherlands Home Burglarized
Saudi Arabia Snubber, US Snubee
Big Bro Moves: TTIP Talks In NY
Obama Sends More Troops To Syria
Turkey Bars Foreign Journalists
Big Bro Moves: Shut Down Criticism Of Wall Street Ties
Some China Foreign NGOs Put Under Greater Police Oversight
Brazil: South America's Ukraine?
Saudi Arabia's Evil War Making Machine
Video: Make Music, Not War 3
Neville Chamberlain's Reincarnation
R2P: Responsiblity To Profit
Huge Saudi Supplied Terrorist Bomb Workshop Discovered By Iran
Erdogan Sites Nazi Hitler's Germany As "Effective" Presidential System
Germany On Path To Repeat History
Germany Turkey WW1 Allies
UK Seeks 10 Year Prison Sentences for Web Piracy
Galloping About And Other Big Bro Adventures
CIA Torture Psycho-logists Can Be Sued
Zionist Plans For Greater Israel 
Stop The TTIP
Russia Discovers Huge ISIS Weapons Cache
Russia Leads The Organic Food Revolution
From The "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Dept: US To Iran, Don't Act Contrary To International Rules And Norms
A Nation Under False Flags
World's Longest Flight? Air France Lands In Iran After 8 Years
US: "Russia Greatest Threat" But "Abandoning Russia Rockets Threatens National Security"
Der Fuhrer Invades Netherlands
Russia's S-400 Air Defense System
UK's Big Brother Bulking Up
Turkish Court Overturns 275 Verdicts
Humvees From Heaven
Siding With The Losers ... Again
From The "Excuses Are Reasons For Failure" Dept: The Principle Of We Don't Like Your Kind Asking Too Many Questions
Glyphosate: The Old Corporate Tobacco Ploy Redux
Brussels Attack: Why The Fake Images?
5000 Militants Entered Syria From Turkey in Past Week
The Oily Petrodollar Shenanigans
German Company Zenden Gives Crimea The Boot ... And Shoe
Gitmo: Who Committed War Crimes ... Those Inside Or Out?
EU Allows Turkey To Act Like 1930's Germany
Neocon's Multi-Polar Disorder
Canada Considers Joining US Missile System
Washington's Fake War Goes To Libya
As The Worm Turns
The War Crime Of Opinion
West And Allies Syrian Goal Unchanged: Divide And Conquer
I Pledge Allegiance To The Global Corporations And To The Goals For Which They Stand ...
How Hot Is It? It Was So Hot That ...
While US Has Trashed Its Constitution, Russia Validates Its Principle Of Supremacy
Saudi Arabia's Humpty Dumpty Oil Move ... Looking For More King's Horses
Nation-State Of Israel: The World's Sacred Cow
NATOization Continues In Europe
NATO's Foundation Crumbled, Restraints Gone
No Problem With Sharia, Just US Law
South China Sea Precedent: Do Unto Others ... Will Russia/China Do The Same Off Coast Of US?
Beijing To Washington: Be Careful
The Emerging Blue Water Navy Of China
Russia-China Join Forces For Regional Security
Russia-China Developing Financial Links 
Hey, Cannon Fodder, Ever Heard Of The Global Environmental Facility? ... Hint, It's A Bank
Video: Make Music, Not War 2
Gonorrhoea Not Gone At All
China: Reality Must Be Controlled ... No More Reality TV
Russia Replaces Turkey's Goods With Those From Iran
Monsanto's Roundup Lawsuits Pile Up
NYC Central Park's Roundup
When 5% World's Population Uses 25% Of Its Energy Supplies, It's The 1%ers Pipelines Vs. Principle
Exceptional Irrational Double-Think
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Turkey Blackmails EU, Saudi Arabia Blackmails Exceptionalist US
If Not The Saudis, And Not Saddam, Then Why All The War Since 9/11?
One Track War Minded Neocons Obstacle To Peace 
Advanced Russia S-500 Missile Defense System Deployed In 2016
Seeing Ain't Believin' No More
From The Land Of Nu: Jewish Groysman Ukraine's New Prime Minister
Video: Why Canadians Saw So Many "Flying Saucers" Last Year
Brazil's Pirates In The Palace
Turkey's Money For Refugees Scam
Burqa Merkel Caves In To Der Fuhrer's Request
Erdogan's Out To Kill The Media
Rockefeller Foundation (Owners Of Zika Virus Patent) Genetic Manipulation Program Hit By No Vote
US Roman Empire Model: Garrisoning The Empire's Territories Wasn't Sustainable Back Then Either
Trans-Iran Canal Feasible In Today's Geopolitical Climate
CIA's In-Q-Tel Investing In Companies That Mine Tweets And Photos
Microsoft: Big Bro Abusing Secret Search Warrants
Unusual Ice Sheet Melting In Greenland
"No Reason To Fear" New US 'Ghost Ship'
Cliff Notes For Putin's Annual Citizen Q&A
Putin Annual Q&A Session With Citizens: Video ... Nearly 4 Hours
SNAFU: Big Bro's Feel Good Vocabulary
Blue Light Special Now In The Talk Is Cheap Department
US War Games Dangerously Close To Russia, 70 Km, But 7000 Km From Washington
Video: Russia Pilots Add Some Realism To US War Games About 40 Miles From Russia's Baltic HQ Naval Base
Keep The War Going ... There's Money In Them There Refugees
From Leave It To Beaver To Leave It To Beiber
All War Is Deception ... 10 Lies That Prove It
The Killing Fields Of Fallujah
Obama Administration Pressured US Company To Keep Quiet About TPP
One China Policy Pokes Taiwan In The Eye
AIIB & World Bank: Birds of A Feather Or Keeping Your Enemies Closer?
Aleppo Key To Syrian War
Syrian People Voting Don't Represent Will Of The People Says US State Dept ... (Because We Don't Like The Outcome)
US & Allies To Double, Triple Down On Syrian War?
Killary For President?
Implementing The Terrorist Catch And Release Program Where The Ends Justify The Means
From The "Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar" Dept: US Sanctions Hasten Move Away From Dollar Hegemony
Records Of Israel's Weapons Sales During Rwanda Genocide Remain Sealed
China: Three Key Economic Indicators More Important Than GDP
Syrian Air Strikes On ISIS HQs
Ukraine: Successful Coup, Failed State
Iraqi War Vets: Bush & Cheney Would Be Guilty Of War Crimes
IMF 1%ers Turning Up Voter Scare Tactics, Threat Level Over Brexit ... Must Be Getting Nervous
British Intel Spies For Harry Potter
UNICEF: Saudis And US Causing Thousands Of Yemen Children To Starve ...
But ISIS Has US Food Supplies
No Sir, Commander of the Order of the British Empire Refines ISIS Stolen Oil ... Knighthood Next?
Hillary's Emails: Political Mud Puddle Or Illegal Sinkhole?
Yats Not Really Resigned? All Part Of The Game
EU Leaders Blindly Following Big Brother Washington
Panama: London Capital City
A Microcosm Of What's Wrong With Europe
EUxit To Follow Brexit?
WW3 Fight Card: And The Winner Is ...
Iran Flies Domestic Drone In War Games
Chinese Scientists Alter Human Genes In HIV Study
Erik Prince And His Private Air Force
Jewish Bible, Old Testament, And New Testament On Challenged List Of Books
Tragedy And Hope 101
The North Atlantic's Big Blue Blob
US Living By The Sword While Paying Through The Nose
Der Fuhrer Erdogan Urges Criminal Charges Over Satire ... In Germany
Birds Of A Feather: US Congress Opposition To Iran, But Loves Turkey
First Of Russia's S-300 Missile Defense System Arrives In Iran
US Support For Syrian Militants, Not Democratic Government, Continues
From The "Beware Of Lobbyists Bearing Gifts" Dept: US Pro TPP Op-Eds Taken From Foreign Lobbyists
US Government Agency Funder Of Panama Papers
Syrian Jets Hit Major ISIS Weapons Depot
Suicide Epidemic In Canadian Town
Tale Of The Tape: Privacy Is As Privacy Does For Director Of FBI
Banker's Shell Game: US VP Biden Congratulates Ukraine's PM Yats On Procuring IMF Paper Loans, Wrecking Ukraine's Economy So ...
... US Could Take 33 Tons Of Gold From Ukraine As Partial Default Payment ... Mission Accomplished
Yats Top Seven Dubya-Speak Moments
Video: Make Music Not War ... Hallelujah
Planet X To Affect Earth This Month?
Sun Tzu: All War Is Deception ...
President-man Speaks With Forked Tongue
ISIS Has US SAMs To Target Syrian Planes
Syria To Liberate Aleppo Next
Russia Develops e-Commerce Platform a la Alibaba
Russia China Building Bridges ... Open In 2019
Britain's Former Conservative Secretary Of State For Trade Opposes TTIP
Ukraine Ship Of State Sinking In The Nuland Triangle
Yats Deserts The Sinking Ukraine Ship
Putin: The Multi-Lingual, 8th Dan Black Belt Diplomat   
NATO Doublespeak: Bombs For Peace
CIA's Skin Game
Double Standards The Norm Until Absolute Power Achieved
Big Bro Doublespeak, aka True Lies, Alive And Well In US Prez Campaigns
No Trace Of Neaderthal Y Chromosomes In Human DNA
Anti-Israel Sentiment Rising In Europe
Military Counterpoint: Tourism In South China Sea Islands
US Tax Haven Reno, Nevada: Where Prostitution And Casinos Are Legal
Emperor Facebook Thumbs-Up
AIIB Looking To Expand Membership
White House: $600 Million For Zika, Up to $1.8 Billion
Surprise: Rockefeller Foundation Owns Patent On Zika Virus
Zika: Never Thought Of As Severe Disease Until Now ... Unlike Ebola, Most People Won't Know They Have It, Complications Rare
From The "So What's Up With That?" Dept: 25,000 Microcephaly Cases In US Annually Before Zika
Video: Prepping For Nuke False Flag?
U of Mosul: ISIS Bomb Making School
Gas Attacks On Kurds In Aleppo
From The "Throwing Your Good Money After Bad" Dept: Another $500 Million To Upgrade Military Base
US Congress Funds Wars, Just Won't Vote [Be Held Accountable] For One
US Hybrid War Tactics Product Of A Hack ... While US Is Tax Haven Capital Of The World
China Perspective: The Panama Papers
Putin On Panama Papers: US Propaganda To Sow Mistrust
US General: Million Man Army Too Small For Future Wars
Big Brother's Policy Of Cracking Down On Journalists
WikiLeaks: US Government Behind Panama Papers, Super Big Financial Crisis Looming?
Soros, Ford Foundation Connected To Panama Papers
The Israeli Lobby And All Us "Anti-Semites"
Tail Wagging Semites
US Sanctioned Military Coup Of Honduras: "Democracy Of The Rich"
Private Military Companies Vs. Private Security Companies
IDF Shooting: "I Wrote The Code Of Ethics"
Pakistan's Extremist Battle Crunch Time
Tactical Nukes In Hands Of Pakistani Field Commanders
Video: The Panama Papers A Strategic Black Ops For Global Tax Structure?
So Sad, Too Bad, Kunduz
Big Bro's West Coast Offense
Worst Middle East Drought In 900 Years
Barbarian "Liver And Heart Eating" Rebel Killed In Lattakia Province
Yemeni Army Captures Key Saudi Military Base
"Panama Papers" On Sale Now In The Fiction Section ... But You Can't Read Them
The Rich 1% Buying US Presidents
Panama Free Trade Agreement: Easier To Sell Products Or Hide Money?
From The "Now He Gets It" Dept: UK Cameron Invokes Privacy
US Presidents Can March To War Like Roman Emperors
The Fall Of The EU Empire a la Rome?
Palmyra: Clearing Bombs And Landmines Left By ISIS
Behind The Attempted Coup In BRICS Brazil
Dubya's Grandfather Helped Nazis Rise To Power
Propaganda Pictures Presents ... Putin-mania
The Perfect Candidate For Our Times
US Insatiable Appetite For Foreign Fortresses
Turkey's Ministry Of Religion Promotes Martyrdom To Kids In Order To Go To Heaven
Israel's Crimethink Actions
Video: Israel Doesn't Occupy Gaza ... Same As It Doesn't Occupy A Sheep Pen
Syria's Lesson From Pipeline War: Can't Trust West And Their Allies To Abide By International Law
From The "Excuse To Spend More Money" Dept: US Flogging The Bogeyman In The Closet
Austria And Russia Energy Producers Sign Deal
The Creature From The "Corrupt Swamp"
US-Russia Relations: Stupidity Is As Stupidity Does
The Israeli Military Culture Of Murder
IMF: When The World Takes A Dump, We Thrive
US "Refugee" Policy: Catch And Release
Leak: IMF Crisis "Greek Event" Before UK Brexit Vote
Hillary Buying Delegates And Nomination
US Training Syrian Rebels In Turkey ... What, Need To Replace Those Who Went To Europe With Refugees?
From The Land Of Nu: Ukraine Continues To Fall Apart
Airbrushing Reality: Western Media War
"Dr. Strangelove" Calls On NATO To Prepare For Aerial Combat Against Russia
Iranian Navy Rsponds To US Menace
U of Mosul: ISIS Bomb Making School With 40 Kg Of Uranium Compounds ... Whose Nuke Material Got Into Iraq?
China, US Agree On Anti-Nuke Terrorism ... Next Attack A Dirty Bomb?
US FDA Approves GMO Salmon "Frankensfish," Gets Sued
Video: Uncle Sam, The Prince And The Dragon
Petrodollar: US Monopoly Money
EU-Turkey Refugee Deal Mess
From The "Shoe On The Other Foot" Dept: Xi Jinping Throws Down Gauntlet To Obama
Hillary Loses Cool Over Fossil Fuel Donors
Weather A Factor In Football Concussions
US Expedient Foreign Policy On Human Rights
Hillary's Emails: Judge Rules Exhibited "Wrong-Doing And Bad Faith"
Russia Fighters Fly 500 Sorties, March 7-27
US Helicopter Rescue Of Senior ISIS Official Fails
Russia Ignores US Nuke Lame Duck Quacks
The Manipulative US Mass Media
Neocons Strain At Iran et al And Swallow A Turkey
Dictator Of The World Visits DC ... Protests Ensue
Hammond's Theorem: "Russia Threat To All Of Us" ... Who Want To Dominate The World
Crimea Ends Dependence On Ukraine Electricity
EU's Magic Flying Carpet Ride ... Neville Chamberlain, Co-Pilot
He's Not Dead, Shoot Him In The Head
"Capital Of The World" NYT's Nameless Assassin
Brazil Rejects Israeli Ambassador ... Reassigned To "Capital Of The World"
Brazil's "Lowly Crooks" Throw Democracy To The Dogs
Erdogan Turkey's "Biggest Comedian"
Dutch PM: Ukraine Can Never Join EU, No Word About Turkey
Russia, China Buying Up Tons Of Gold
Russian Pilots In Syria Given High Marks
US: Death Merchant Of The World
FBI-Apple: If Indeed It Did
Crimea Back To Russia, Ukraine To US, Which Is Failing?
Erdogan Video: To Kill A Mockingkraut ... And Free Speech
Mosul Dam: Western Prophecy Or Policy?
Obama's Quasimoto Quagmire
Islamist Extremism Marxist's Roots
Canada Trudges Along With The Herd
Syrian Residents Able To Return To Palmyra
Syrian Kurd Army Plans To Seal Off Syrian-Turkish Border
Zippety Duda, What A Horrible Day
Video: EU Commission, US Policy And Russia Sanctions ... Why The Mess?
From The "Glass Is Half Full" Dept: ... Or Go To Crimea Where Life Is Much Better
Balkanizing In Pipelineistan: Getting Pipeline Through Some Part Of Syria
If Garland Approved, US Supreme Court 45% Jewish, 55% Catholic, 0% Protestant ... Now To The Executive Branch
Does US Constitution Remain In Force?
IDF: What Happens When The Roles Get Reversed?
Will Western War Criminals Be Brought To Justice?
Mainstream Media: Fact Or Fiction?
Syrian Army Takes Back Palmyra, ISIS Flees
Kurds, Syrian Army Win Back Key Village In Raqqa
Islamic Jihad Accused Of Hacking Israeli Drones
Quantum Computers: One Step Closer
Founder Of Blackwater, aka Xe aka Academi Under Investigation By US
Don't Worry Europe ... Only Moderate Rebels Crossed Your Borders With The Refugees
Terrorism A Process With Specific Goals
Sarkozy: Turkey Not A European Country
Syrian Army Securing Palmyra
Mass Spying: Who Has The Time To Read All That Stuff To Keep Us Safe?
Mainstream Media Published Fake Brussels Airport Attack Video ... But We Were First
US Dragging Feet On Its Part Of Iran Deal
Syrian Army In Control Of Palmyra
G4S, US Feral Dogs Of War
America's Private Military Leviathan
Syria: Ceasefire Or Cessation Of Hostilities ... US Still Supports Rebels
Chinese Financial Buyer Anbang Sucking Up US Properties
From The "Not The Brightest Bulbs On The Chandelier" Dept: Well, Duh ... So That's Why We Have All Those Refugees!?
Dealing With Issues In An Intelligent Manner Won't Get You Elected, Bernie
GMO Labeling On Mars
Clinton's Emails: Best Way To Help Israel Is To Destroy Syria ... And We Thought ISIS Was The Bad Guy
US Fake War On ISIS Continues ... Taking Credit Where None Is Due
From The "Selling Your Soul To The Devil" Dept: EU's Folly Makes Them The Ultimate Victim
EU Blowback: Do Unto Others ...
Zionist Smear Campaign
Grabbing Back CO2 With Air Capture Plants
3000 Pounds CO2 Per Man, Woman And Child Per Year = Climate Change