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Autumn 2022

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. Increasingly, anti-Christian tech-media outlets are removing sites considered pro-Christian in nature. Therefore, it is advisable to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. If you are interested in uncensored alternatives, go to, in particular their Explosive Topics section as well as Rumble and Odysee. Also, you may wish to copy articles on this site onto your storage devices for future reference as well. Please note, however, that most redshoe articles are edited and updated to varying degrees throughout the year. Major updates are noted in the articles menu. See our Terms of Use guidelines.

The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in the billionaire plutocrat's Western corporate mass media companies, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

However, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, which, in a sense, is an urgent reset for so many in our nations today. We need to realize our plundering princes, leaders, officials, and atheist tech media intentionally lie to us on a regular basis, exactly as the prophecies of our closing last days make quite clear.

Autumn 2022

When Do We Realize The Experimental Shots Are Out To Injure And Kill Us, Including Our Babies?
Do You Think It's Possible He Misunderstood Scaffold For Pedestal?
Pro-Vax Doctor, And Former Medical Association President Changes Her Tune After She Suffers Serious And Ongoing Injuries ... Question, As A Doctor, How Come, In Her Position, She Didn't Figure This Out Beforehand As So Many Other Doctors Did?
Numbers Of Sudden Deaths Spike After Rollout Of mRNA Vaxxes
Exposing Big Pharma, Like Big Tobacco, Only Worse
4070% Increase In Miscarriages And Stillbirths Since Rollout Of FDA EUA For mRNA Vaxxes
Moderna mRNA Vax: FDA Records Show Significant Number Of Skeletal Deformations In Lab Tests, But Who Cares, Damage Done, They've Made Billions And You Can't Sue Them, Do You Get It Yet?
"Covid" Religious Exemption $10.3 Million Settlement
While The FDA Was Lightning Quick To Ban Ivermectin, Issue An EUA For "Covid" Experimental Shots, Slow As Molasses In Admitting Clot Shots Are Real, BTW, How Many Died In The Meantime?
The Doctors And Scientists Who Spoke Out Against The "Covid" Vax Beginning In Early 2021, And They Were And Are Right
An Open Letter To The CDC Director
An Open Letter To Dr. Angela Rasmussen
A Letter To University Presidents: Booster Mandates Are Unethical
How To Spot the Ignorati, Not Including Zorro Or The Lone Ranger
13 Year Old Drops Dead During Football Match In Spain
Another Drop Dead Heart Attack
14 Year Old Has Heart Attack While Biking
FDA Finally Acknowledges That Vaxxed Pulmonary Embolism Generated A Safety Signal, But ...
Canada's Life Alert Makes Euthanasia EasyVideo: Latest Ukraine Weapons Dump Won't Change Outcome
Food Shortages, Maybe All The Fires At Food Processing Plants Should Be Investigated?
Long Time, No See, Leland, Guess We Should Be Grateful Our American Grandfather Didn't Go To Stanford U.

Video: UK Illicit Sex And Drugs In Government, Falling Living Standards, Political Leaders Invisible As UK Is A Mess ... So Give Zelensky More Money
Video: Use Optics When Things Are Going Badly, Zelensky Goes To Bakmut ... To Say Good-Bye As He Did Previously With Other Cities Lost To Russia? Media Justifying The Economic Catastrophe By Western Leaders That Is Ukraine
Add Another One To The List Of Biden's Failures
Video: Update 21 Dec, Mr. Z Goes To Washington, Okay You Didn't Get To Speak At World Cup, But How About US Congress? How Much $$$ Does He Want This Time? (How Does $45 BILLION Sound?) Clownworld "NATO Could Beat Russia In 3 Days" So Goes The Fairy Tale
Twitter Files: Election Interference? Yes, But It Was FBI, Not Russia
Video: Update 20 Dec, Putin And Lukashenko Meet In Belarus, EU Gas Price Cap ... "99 Cents Per Eurowatt Hour"... EU Tax For Breathing, Qatar Responds To EU Scandal As EU Keeps Digging The Hole Deeper And Deeper, Clownworld Zelensky's World Class Ego Snubbed By FIFA World Cup
RFK, Jr., CIA Murdered JFK
Video: CIA's Claim Of  "Conspiracy Theory" No Longer A Conspiracy Theory
Will The Real CIA Please Stand Up
What's With China's Continual Hold Over Biden? 
Video: Another Sign Ukraine Is Losing, Orwellian Media Propaganda Now Claims No Nazis In Ukraine 
Video: Time's Up For Ukraine, Putin, Lavrov And Shoigu Land In Belarus For Major Meetings, Something Big In The Works, "Poulet Sans Tête" Zelensky Losing Touch With Reality
Is There A Change Coming In Ukraine? Zelensky On The Way Out The Door?
Video: Qatargate, Eva Kaili And Josep Borrell, EU "Appalled" They Got Caught With Hands In The Cookie Jar, Zelensky, Reconquest Of Crimea Has Already Started In People's Mind, Or In Someone's Foggy Drug Noggin, Russian Drones Strike Kiev, Clownworld UK Political Cocaine Drug Use
War Arms Contractors Laughing In The Face Of Americans 
What's That About Leopards Changing Spots? Germany, Italy And US Side With The Glorification Of Nazi Ideology  
Text/Video: Notice The Pattern Yet? Russia Hits Ukraine With Missile Barrage, Later, A Western Or Ukrainian Leader Firmly Proclaims Russia Is Running Out Of Missiles (BTW Saying This For Months Now), Then A Few Days Later Russia Hits Ukraine With Another Missile Barrage, Then A While Later, West Makes Same Claim, Then Russia Hits Ukraine Again
Video: Update, 18 Dec West's Pipe Dreams, Pie In The Sky, Kissinger Peace Proposal For Ukraine Crosses Red Lines For Russia, Olaf Peace With Different Russia, EU Needs To Take Out Billions In Loans To Help Keep Ukraine Afloat While They Sink, Clownworld Zelensky Proposes Putin Duel, Although Putin Is 9th Degree Black Belt While Zelensky Is 2nd Rate Actor
US Tempts Ukrainian Stooge Regime To Invade Russia

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Pfizer May Have Underreported By 10X Or More Adverse Events
Sudden Death Hits Home: Princess Of Thailand, Now Czar Of Canada's Team Response To "Covid" Dead At 35
Unvaxxed Blood Becoming World's Most Precious Resource
CDC's Wallensky: Misinformation One Of Biggest Public Health Threats, So Is She Going After It's "Safe And Effective" Big Pharma, FDA And Her Own Agency?
Important Vax Survey, You Can Make A Difference, Only 5 Simple Questions
24 Hours, First Results From Survey
Celine Dion Vax Disabled With Stiff Person Syndrome
Friday Funnies Potpourri
Who's Playing Who Here? ... Pfizer, Governments And Us
Video: UK MP "Covid" Vax Danger Address, Empty Commons Chamber
The Battle To End "Covid" Tyranny Isn't Over
Video: The Highwire, Episode 298, Bringing The Heat
"Covid" Czar Still Spouting The Deliberate Lies For Big Pharma
Schwab's Ginormous Lie: "Nobody Will Be Safe If Not Everybody Is Vaccinated," Aside From The Fact That These Experimental Jabs Are Not Vaccines, Not Safe, Have Caused Excess And Sudden Deaths, Heart Attacks, Increase In Cancers, And Have Killed More People Than All Other Previous Real Vaccines Put Together, The Evidence Is Clear This Is Now A Pandemic Of The Vaxxed, Does He Really Believe This Crap? Worse, Does Anyone Else? And Ten Bucks Says He's Not Boosted With This Bivalent Shot Either
Questions To Ask Your Doctor About The "Covid" Jabs, Just Don't Expect Any Answers, Wait, Maybe "Nobody Will Be Safe" Klaus Can Tell Us!
The Dumbest Most Dishonest Argument (Lies) For "Covid" Shots Yet, But It's Still The Spike Proteins And Lipid Nano-Particles That Get Injected That Do The Real Damage
Vaxxed Clot Shot Blood Transfusion Kills Baby
From The "Better Late Than Never" Dept: UK MP Evidence Linking mRNA Jabs With Heart Inflammation
Somebody, Help! I'm Having A Coincidence!
The Differnece Between Us: You Took The Experimental Jab, And Wished I Would Die, I Watch You Take The Vax, And Prayed You Wouldn't
Elon, Twitter, McCullough, Malone And $1 Million To "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is," BTW, Where Are The Big Pharma Guys, FDA, CDC, NIH, Fauci, Big Chance For Them, 3 Years And Still Cowards Hiding, Spent Billions On Fostering The Lies, Won't Risk Being Exposed For A Million Bucks
Florida Governor Announces Grand Jury Investigation To Hold Vax Makers Accountable
Congrats, You Survived The Third Year Of The Largest, Most Globally Coordinated Psychological Warfare Operation In The History Of Mankind, Millions Of Others Played The Game And Didn't Make It, Be Prepared, The Next One Is In The Pipeline
Last Time Bill And Co. Did This We Had The Man-Made "Covid" Plandemic, Crimes Against Humanity Two Months Later, Planning One Worse This Time, Targeting Kids, Why Are We Playing So Nicey-Nice With These People Who Are Deliberately Injuring And Killing Us? They've Declared War On Us, Silence Of The Lambs, Do You Get It Yet?
The "Covid Plandemic" Isn't Over And They Are Planning Another One
Old "Covid" And Bill's New "Covid" Plandemic, Accountability For Their Crimes?
Video: 10 Minute Summary Of 3 Hour Senator Johnson's "Covid' Summit 
Ontario CAN Nurses Won 2018 Case Against Vax And Mask Mandate
German Data: Sudden Death Unknown Cause Tripled Since "Covid" Vax
Video: US Senator Johnson's Vax Roundtable
Sunday Comics
Musk Will Sue All Twitter Employees Who Violate Their NDA
New Twitter: My Pronouns Are Prosecute/Fauci
Jen Psaki A Year Ago: The Government Does NOT Collude With Social Media, Oopsy, Caught In Another Lie
Oh Look, The "Censor And Ban" Gang's All Here!
World Health Summit Member Admits What We've Been Saying For More Than 2 Years, The Lockdowns Were Political, Not Scientific, Now That The UK CMO Admitted Increase In Heart Attack And Cancer Deaths Are Due To The Lockdowns, Will These Politicians Have Criminal Charges Filed Against Them?
UK Chief Medical Officer: Lockdowns Responsible For Increase In Heart Attacks And Cancers
Dr. Baffled And The Curious Cases Of The Sudden Death Epidemic
Animal Rescue Founder Another Sudden Death
Another Jogger, Thailand Princess, Collapses Of Heart Attack
Vaxxed Thai Princess Dies Of Heart Attack 
Thai's Opposition Leader Vax Comments Leads To Charges Filed Against Him By Monarchy 
3rd Journalist Dies At World CupVideo: Latest Ukraine Weapons Dump Won't Change Outcome
Another Journalist Dies Suddenly At World Cup
Another Jogger Sudden Death

Video: US Military Keeps Producing Massive Amounts Of Lies For Ukraine
Video: Update 17 Dec, Twitter Files FBI Bedfellows, FBI Doesn't Like Satire, Humor, EU Hypocritical Media Commissioner Musk Sanctions Coming, Maybe They Should Be Careful, Who Knows What Twitter Has On Them, Clownworld Zelensky Wants World Cup Stage, Does He Not Realize Ukraine, aka Mr. Z, Is Not The World?
The Empire Of Those Who Live By The Sword Continues To Lie
Western Hysteria Ramps Up As Leaders Become More Clueless With Each Passing Day
Going Green or Greenbacks Going? Twice as Expensive To Recharge Electric Car Than Filling Up With Gasoline In Oslo, Norway
Tectonic Move By Xi Of Arabia: China Will Use The Yuan For Its Trade In Oil
Video: Update 16 Dec, New Russian Missile Strikes In Ukraine, 72 In One Hour, More Ukrainian Pipe Dreams, Ukraine Wants More Weapons ... What Did You Do With All The Ones We Already Gave You? UK Training Judges For Tribunals Of Russians, Including Putin, But West Doesn't See That It's Their Ship That's Sinking, A Lot Of  Incestuous "Rah, Rah" Rhetoric,  Zelensky Curse Hits Slovakia, Clownworld US And EU Tax Dollars At Work, Mrs. Z $40,000 Euro Shopping Spree In Paris, But Send More Money To Suffering Ukraine, Do You Get It Yet?
Video: Oh No! UK Striking Nurses Support Putin According To UK Cabinet Minister, Suffer To Stop Putin As If Their Own Government Hasn't Done Enough Damage With Lockdowns, Sanctions, Inflation
By Now, Even The Dumbest EU Politician Would Have Realized That Anti-Russian Sanctions Almost Exclusively Hurt Europe 
No Wonder The Elites Love Communism, Well Their Inclusive Version Of It Anyway
Christian Pastors, Pray For Ukraine, Better That You Pray For America And Yourself, Start By Ditching The Idolatry With Heathen Trees
Our Christian Compasses Are Out Of Whack
What Crumples Ukraine First, Military Losses Or Economic Collapse?
Kurds A US Tool Against Iran For More Than Past Decade
Who Let The Cuckoo Into The EU's Nest?
Video: Update, 15 Dec Russia Said Will Take Out Patriot Missiles If They Show Up On Battlefield, Pentagon Same Old Story We've Heard This Past Year, Russia Using Old Ammo, Out Of Ammo, In 2023, EU Ministry Of Truth, Sanctions Package #9, What's Next, The Moscow Phone Book? What About Pro-Russian True News? Polish SEJM Declares Russia As Terrorist State, Clownworld Canada, Blades Of (No) Glory, Will Hurt Canada Pairs In International Competition, Turn Off Majority Of Fans, Eventually Move To Singles Competition Destroying The Sport
Video: Ukraine Update, Bakmut, Odessa, Russian Missile Strikes Continue, What!? Hypocritical EU Politicians Don't Want Ukrainian Refugees After All Their Support For Ukraine In The War
Video: Update 14 Dec US To Transfer Patriot Missiles To Ukraine, NATO Mission Creep, Escalating War Into Western Nations, Destruction Of NATO, Clownworld Freedom From Electricity, What's Next, You Call It Freezing, We Call It Freedom From Heat, You Call It Death, We Call It  Freedom From Life?
Video: Patriot Missiles, It's NATO Versus Russia Now
US To Send More Wunderwaffen To Ukraine, At What Point, Then, Will They Get The Nukes?
Video: Interview With Col. Macgregor (Ret.)
Former Spy Claims Biden Is Controlled Asset Of China, Recall In The Aftermath Of The 2020 Election, Allegations That US Voting Machine Results Were Routed Through China And Back To US
China Threatens To Fire Senators Who Voted For Til-Tok Ban :-)
China's Interference In US Elections, Russia Used As The "Bad Guy" Diversion
China Owned French Company That Designed Devices Used In The Dominion Voting Machines
Biggest Corruption Scandal In Brazil's History, Soros, Obama
No Russia-India Summit Nuke Claims Dispelled
Zionist Israel's Tantura Massacre And Denial
The Best Way To Control The Opposition Is To Lead It
US Using Panama Playbook In Serbia?
US Uses Stolen Syrian Oil To Fund Proxy Kurd's War
Video: Update 13 Dec Bankman-Freid Arrested, Will He Be Epsteined Or Maxwelled? Putin Cancels Q&A, Putin's Health Or Russian Offensive? Scholz Will (Never) Talk To Putin, Clownworld Brit FM Takes Merkel/Minsk Admission Script, Flips It And Inserts Putin's Name In Place Of Merkel ... Plagiarism?
Video: Update, 12 Dec Warmongering US Pushing For Another War, Bakmut Battle Nearing End, Russia Advances, With Their Words US Says Not Encouraging Ukraine To Attack Inside Russia, But If They Give Ukraine The Long Range Weapons They Are Encouraging It, Odessa No Electricity, No Water, Can't Protest Or Will Be Arrested
Biden's Army Arrives At Border, Human Christmas Presents From Joe, Do You Get It Yet?
New Twitter: Twits Leaving, Woke "Mentality," Up Is Down, White Is Black, Twits Misinformation Is Truth Because It Conforms With What They Want To Believe, Lots Of Accusations Of New Twitter "Misinformation," Backed Up By Nothing More Than Woke Ideology
Dear EJ, Any "Misinformation" In Particular, Or Just Knee-jerk Woke Loss Of Income If You Stay?
Elon Slamming Down Asleep Wokers, Ignorant Fauci Lovers
UK Non-Elected PM Announces Plans To Build New Stealth Fighter Jet, Warming The Cockles Of The Hearts Of The Freezing And Hungry Citizens
Video: Update 11 Dec Now That Merkel Let The Cat Out Of The Bag, Pentagon Provides Weapons And Greenlights Attacks On Russia, Makes US A Party To The War, US Sites Become A Target, Serbia Troop Deployment In Kosovo
Fascism In The EU
Video: Merkel's Minsk Confession A "Petition For A Tribunal," Minsk Agreements Were International Law
Putin Forgot One Of The Basic Biblical Tenets, Don’t Put Your Confidence In Powerful People; There Is No Help For You There
Don't Put Your Trust In Weapons Psa. 146:3
Text/Video: America Is Not The Fairest Of Them All
Video/Text: America Losing Their Christian Values, Losing Their Families, Literally Losing Their Country
Text/Video: To This Point, US Libraries Ok With Drag Queen Story Hours, But Not Christian Values Story Hour, Woke Diverity Hypocrisy

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

This Says It All: The Pro-Vaxxers Were Invited, But None Dared Show Up To US Senator Ron Johnson's "Covid" Vax Meeting
The "Covid Pandemic" One Giant Fraud
Time To Prosecute The "Covid" Crimes
"Covid" Dog And Pony Show, But Where's Joe?
Friday Funnies
Eating Whole Foods For A Wholly Healthy Life
Video/Text: Will Science Based Medicine Make A Comeback Or Has Big Pharma Killed It Forever?
"The Japanese Pfizer Biodistribution Study Data Showed That The Lipid-Nano Particles, mRNA And Likely (Most Certainly) Translated Spike Protein Accumulate In The Testis And Ovaries"
Jabbed Parents Transfer Human Changing Genome To Their Unborn Fetus 
"Of Grave Concern For Global Public Health Is A Gain-Of-Function Origin To SARS-CoV-2 Is Indicated By Its Spike Protein Incorporating Human Infectivity And Pathogenicity Enhancing Features Unprecedented In Nature ..."
It All Goes Back To The Spike Protein
Video/Text: 2016, Daszak, Insert Spike Protein Into Corona Virus Makes It Lethal
mRNA Integrity In "Covid" Jabs
Florida Governor To Hold Vax Makers Accountable For False And Misleading Statements Of Safety
The "Covid Vax" Cancer Pandemic
Journalist Dies Suddenly At World Cup
Another Sudden Death By Young Athlete 
College Basketball Player Out For Season With Blood Clots In Lungs
28 Year Old Woman Dies Of Heart Attack in Gym
NFL Player Has Stroke, Doctors Baffled
China Shifts Strict Zero-Covid Policies, Rolled Back Isolation Rules 
Video: Australian Senator Speaks Truth To The Liars, Nails The "Covid Plandemic" Squarely Between The Eyes, And All Those Politicians Who Mouthed For Big Pharma That It Was "Safe And Effective," Don't Like Being Called Out For Their Lies
Video/Text: Fiery Speech Against Yale's Student Vax Mandate, But Not Mandated For Professors And Staff, Violation Of Nuremberg Code
Fauci Testimony: I Can't Recall, Is The Entire Biden Administration Smitten With Dementia Or A Psychopathic Aversion To The Truth?
If A Vaxxed And Boosted Person Keels Over This Month, It's Holiday Heart Syndrome, Next Month, Who Knows, Another Made Up Medical Lethal Vax Category, And If You're Still Waiting For Your Electric Stair Lift, May We Offer You The Euthansia Option Instead?
Amazing The Number Of Vaxxed People Suddenly Collapsing Of "Dehydration" Lately
Another Pfizered Teen Dies Suddenly
Video: "Covid" Not A Natural Virus, Narrative Created Around The Lies
Biden's Sick Asst. Health Sec Pushes Transgenderism, Sex Change Surgery For Kids In Attempt To Destroy Any Future For Traditional American Families, All Part Of the Bigger NWO Plans
We Can Get Away From Pharmaceuticals And Free Our Bodies Of Chronic Disease
More Lies And Fearmongering Narrative From WHO, Big Pharma's Sales Lackey: If We're Not Alert (Who Knew Low Alertness Is A Medical Condition That Causes Viruses To Mutate?), Then "Covid" Will Create A New Deadly Variant, More People Have, And Are Dying From The Shots Than "Covid," He Forgot To Mention If We're Boosted, Then We Increase Chances Of Dying, Heart Attacks And Cancers
Yes, We Need To Eat Bugs, UK Health "Experts" Claim Eating Fresh Fruit, Produce, Baked Goods Could Give You "Covid-19," Which Doesn't Exist Anymore, It's Omicron-22/23 Now, And It's A Pandemic Of The Vaxxed
New Zealand Government Afraid Of No Vax Blood For Surgeries Taking Hold?
The Old Scissor Ploy: What's With China's Zero-Covid Policy? What, Their Vaxxes Don't Injure And Kill As Well As The Western Vaxxes!?
Sunday Memes

Video: Update 10 Dec Twitter Files Deplatform Trump, Election Meddling In Cahoots With FBI, Putin Nearly ZERO Trust In The West, EU Needs To Get It's Own House In Order, Greek MEP World Cup Bribes, Hypocritical EU Calling Kettle Black
Text/Photos: Iran Today: After The 1953 Assassination Of Their Democratically Elecrted Leader by The CIA, And The 1979 Revolution In Which Iranians Took Back Their Country, The US Has Been Out To Get Iran Ever Since
Biden's Swap Meet, What A Bout Trade
Video: The Complete Destruction Of Ukraine Is Unavoidable, Biden Signs Use Of Nuclear Weapons As US Policy
No Wonder Only Way US Would Fight Russia Is With Nukes, This The The US Army
US Planned For War With Russia, 2014 Coup, Ulterior Motive With Minsk Agreements, Billions In Weapons, Build Up Of Ukrainian Troops For March 2022 Assault On Donbas, Merkel The Proxy Fixer For War On Russia, Ironically Her Efforts Are Killing Ukraine And Germany
Merkel's Admission That The UN Approved Minsk Agreements Were Entered Into In Bad Faith Grounds For Tribunals
Text/Video: Winds Of Change
Video: Germany Cuckoo Coup? Ukraine Daily Losing Battalion In Bakmut, Ukraine Can't Win
Video: Update 9 Dec Russia-US Prisoner Swap, MbS Mediator, Twitter Shadow Banning
Western Tankers In An Insurance Jam In The Black Sea
Biden Administration's Deliberate Undermining Of Non-Western Countries Natural Industrial Resources In Order To Control World With Wind And Solar "Green" Hegemony
Brazil Handling Corrupt Left Government A Bit Differently Than US: Criminal Charges Have Been Filed With Brazilian Military Supreme Court To Arrest Chief Justice, Military Mobilizing
"A Powerful Shift By The Persian Gulf’s Most Strategic Arab State Toward The Multipolar Alliance Is Being Consolidated," aka Dismissing The West's "Green Agenda"
Rabbinic Group Condemns New Fascist And Racist Zionist Government As Threat To Jews And Palestinians
Person Of The Year, This Year's Oscar For Best Performance In A $100 Billion Farce, "In The Name Of Democracy And Freedom," Goes To Mr. Z For His Shutting Down Of All Opposition Parties And Media, And For Closing Down Churches And Arresting Clergy
Video: Update 8 Dec, Putin Comment Ukraine War Started In 2014 With The Aggressive US Coup, Merkel Admission The Minsk Agreements Were Done To Give Ukraine Time To Get Stronger In A Military Conflict With Russia In Order To Destroy Russia, Ironically, Russia Likely Will Destroy Ukraine, EU Price Cap SNAFU, Oil Tanker Jam, Ukraine Karma Apocalyptic Winter Electric Grid Collapse, Russia Belarus Now One Military, EU Airspce Getting More Congested, Clownworld Biden's Nono Chips
Video: Tucker Carlson Calls Out Anti-Christian "Jewish" Zelensky, Communist Soviet Dictators Shut Down Christian Churches Too
Biden Calls For Weapons Ban, Okay, So Stop Sending Billions In Weapons To Ukraine
Major News Media Stumped By Turn To Alternative News Sources  :-)
Zionist Israel Government, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Christian
US Sodomorrah
Sodomorrah: Sexual Perversion With Minors "A Really Cool Part Of My Job"
Video: US Sodomorrah 2
Soros Funding Anti-American Agenda
Xi Arrival In Saudi Arabia Gets Purple Carpet Treatment ... 3 Day Summit Meetings
Video: Update 2, 7 Dec Xi In Saudi Arabia, Stark Contrast To Biden Trip, Biden Put The Petrodollar In Great Jeopardy, Remember Obama's Weekly Kill List, Killing US Citizens Without Due Process By Drone In Foreign Countries, German Coup Crazy Unlike US Ukraine Coup, Putin, Russia The Only Guarantor For Ukraine, Sea Of Azov Now An Internal Russian Lake, Clownworld Time Mag Person Of The Year, Zelensky And The Spirit Of Ukraine, Which Is What, Corruption, Grift?
Grifter Of The Year Award, A Comparison Putin Versus Zelensky, Who Did ...
US Political Weapons Procurement Process Vs. Russia's Military Procurement Process
Video: Update, 7 Dec Musk Fires Ex-FBI "Russiagate" Baker, Disappeared Twitter's FBI Docs, US Deep Strike Weapons, Blinken No Denial, Russia Will Retaliate If So, Leaves Russia No Choice But To Destroy Ukrainian State Due To US Support Until A Finality, Hungary Will Not Train Ukraine Recruits, Clownworld Hungary Blocks $18 Billion EU Loan Proposal For Getting Loan To Give To Ukraine, EU DIgging Hole Deeper Into Future
Video: China's Century Of Humiliation, Context To Current US-Chinese Tensions
China Studies And The Asian Pivot By The West, History Repeating
Video: Sitrep Ukraine
Trouble Brewing In Brazil, A BRICS Member, So Guess Who Shows Up To Stir The Pot? A Bit Strange Though, US Likes The Brazilian Communists But Not The Chinese Ones ... Freedom And Democracy Biden Style
From The "Stop The Problem You Cause In Return For Something You Want" Dept: Hmm, Who Do You Suppose Is Behind The Protests, Uprisings In Iran, A SCO Member? Could It Be The Country Who Is Willing To Bargain The Cessation Of Such In Return For Not Selling Drones To Russia, And Makes Concessions On Its Nuclear Program? They Can't Be This Obvious Can They? Interesting That The US Shows "Support For The Fundamental Aspirations Of The Iranian People," Who The US CIA Assassinated Their Democratically Elected Leader, While The Biden Administration Tramples All Over The American People's Aspirations For Secure Borders, Liberty And Transparent Elections
Video: Update, 6 Dec Mistletoe? No, Missile Strikes On Ukraine, Ukraine Drones In Russia, From The Deepening Hole, 9th EU Sanctions Package, We Need An Office Pool, How Many EU Sanctions Packages It Takes For EU To Kill Itself, Clownworlds Sounds Like They're Worried They Opened Pandora's Box, Germany And Norway Call On NATO To Protect Pipelines, Germany Wants To Be Guarantor Of European Security, Supply All The Green Slingshots, Bows And Arrows, Macron Sees Resentment In Putin's Eyes, And From The Who Cares Dept, Financial Times Person Of The Year, Zelensky, Who Knows Maybe He'll Win The Bernie Madoff-FTX Award Too
US SecState Blinken Admits Taiwan "Crisis" Could Be Devastating On World Economy, So Will US Now Butt Out Or Keep Stirring The Pot?
Dissension In Canada Over Trudeau's Gun Grab
US Diplomats Blinded By Their Own Propaganda?
Potential Trouble Between Israeli Army Command and Nutanyahoo's Incoming Zionist Government
Germany Had Russian Gazprom Long Term Deal On The Table, Chancellor Scholtz Didn't Look At It, 11 Days Later Nord Stream Pipelines Blown Up, Though One Gas Line Survived And Is Available, No Gas For Germany, So Who's Bitch Is Germany? US, NWO, Central Bankers, All Of The Above, While Europe Has Been Neutered ... Expensive US LNG, No Russia Resources, No Chinese Market All Self-Inflicted In Less Than A Year, In Short, Europe Has Lost The War Before Ukraine, It's A Disaster
Germany Going All In On National Suicide ... Farmers Cut Use Of Fertilizer To Grow Food, Russian Supplies Of Fertilizers Cut Off By "Green" Government
Crimea Bridge Repaired And Operational, Ukrainian Drone Strikes Russian Air Base Killing 3 Soldiers
Walk 2 Miles In The Snow To Work: Switzerland May Ban Use Of Electric Vehicles This Winter
Propagandized Americans Dumbed Down On Russia
The Kangaroos Of The Hague Have Announced Their False Conclusions
From The "Make It Up And Publish It" Dept: MH-17 Predetermined Verdict, Another Western Snow Job a la Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage By The West, Russian Missile Landing in Poland Ad Infinitum
Malaysian PM, Russia Is Scapegoat For MH-17 Downing As Ukrainian Air Traffic Control Put That Flight On The Course When Others We Rerouted Away From That Area
CIA 2014: US Intel Photos Of MH-17 Don't Support Obama Lies
Video: Update, 5 Dec, Twitter Poll, 80% Assange And Snowden Be Pardoned, Musk Concerned For His Safety, Russia Moving At Their Own Pace In Ukraine, West Is Wetting Themselves, Central Banker Macron Baffled, Why Is US LNG 6X More Expensive? Really, Jupiter? EU Vs. US: Who Gets Green? Both Ends Against The Middle, Another Boondoggle Moneymaker For The Elites Who Plan To Control And Sell Sunshine And Wind To Us, Politicians Already Blowing Sunshine Up Our Derrieres, They Just Want To Monetize It, Clownworld UK Bring Your Cool Cash To Our Warm Banks, How Do The Banks Plan To Stay Warm? What A Load Of Horse Doo-doo
Text/Video: Biden's Birds Of A Feather Flock It Up Together, National "Intelligence" Director Spinning Ukrainian Narrative, Germany And France, Guarantors Of The Minsk Agreements They Ignored For 8 Years, Now Suddenly Jumping Up And Down For Another Agreement ... Because Russia Is Losing? No, Green Wind Power Is Turning Into Brown Wind Power As The Caca Is Hitting The Western Fan
OPEC+ To Reduce Output For 2023, US Threatens 
NATO: Sweden Extradites PKK Kurdish Member, Turkey Arrests On Arrival
Text/Videos: The Ukrainians Are In Real Trouble In Bakmut

Learn Wisdom Not Folly   

Coronamaniacs Who Thought They Were Right
US Court Of Appeals Upholds USAF Personnel Exemption From Experiemental Shot Mandate
Vax Exemption Program
International Blood Bank For The Unvaxxed ... 94% Of The People Who Experienced Side Effects One Month After Receiving The mRNA "Vaccines," Had Abnormal Blood, And Contained Foreign Matter, "Terrible Contamination," Death Is Not A Safety Risk According To American Red Cross Despite Death After Vaxxed Blood Transfusion, Sounds Like A CYA Explanation, If mRNA Shots And Contaminates Don't Get Into The Blood Stream, How Is It That Blood Gets Contaminated From The Shots?
"Covid" Lockdowns Negative Health Issues: Amazing How Chief UK Public Health Official Blames Lockdowns Rather Than Big Pharma's Experimental Injections, Which Are Causing Huge Spikes In Heart Attacks And Cancers And Will Into The Future In Areas That Did Not Have UK Type Lockdowns
Masks Have Been Proven Not To Prevent Transmission Of Airborne Viruses, So US Military Adopts Mask Mandates For All Fully Vaxxed Personnel, BTW, "Covid-19" Is Long Gone, It's An Omicron-22/23 Thing, And Does The Mask Mandate Apply To The Commander-in-Chief?
"Covid" Criminals
"The Medical Authoritarian Orthodoxy On Covid Has Been Scientifically Wrong"
All Of Big Pharma's Vaxxes, All The Masks And Lock Ins, Can't Keep "Covid" (RECORD Numbers In Beijing) From Coming Back Again, Should Have Let It Run It Course Naturally And This Plague Would Have Been Gone, And Other Stuff
Sudden Deaths And Flying, Pilots, Crew, Passengers
Celebrity Trainer Dies Unexpectedly
CDC Employees Couldn't Get Their Findings Published Even By CDC, Counter To Public Health Narrative
Thermographic Imaging Of Vaxxed Shows Blood Clotting
Another Sudden Death In Young Athlete
23 Year Old Paramedic Dies Of Heart Attack While Driving An Ambulance
UK Sending Armed Police As First Repsonders To Heart Attack Victims, Ambulances Can't Keep Up With The Demand
UK Oncologist: Cancers And Other Diseases Rapidly Progressing In Boosted Vaxxers
Meanwhile Fauci Is Out Pushing The Vax Booster Jabs
Pfizer CEO Bourla Sued Over Vaxxes And Dishonest Claims
Spanish Half-Marathon: The New Normal, 3 Runners Suffer Heart Attacks, 125 Need Medical Attention
New Normal Career Opportunity: WIS Deprogrammer, Woke Indoctrination Syndrome, aka Manchurian Candidate Syndrome, aka Symbionese Liberation Army Syndrome aka Old Fashioned Brainwashing
Ireland To Criminalize "Hate Speech," i.e., Anything You Say That These Folks Don't Like, Victim-Centered,  The Programmed Woke Folks Will Come Out Of The Woodwork On This One, They're A "Victim Of Everything"
Own Nothing, Eat Bugs And Be Thankful ... "Yeah, We Skipped The Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey This Year, Instead We Had A Grateful Great Reset Klaus Farm To Table, Free-Range Four Pound Cockroach Stuffed With Dung Beetle Spiced Maggots, With All The Fixings Including Crunchy Cricket Pie For Dessert"
A Step In The Right Direction, But It's A Long Way To The Trailhead
Another Step In The Right Direction: Alberta CA, No Mask Mandates, No School Closures
If The Earth's Overall Climate Trend Is Towards Cooling, Why Is Dutch Government Shutting Down 3000 Farms Amidst Food Shortages?
All Climate Temp Models For Past 50 Years Too Warm Vs. Real Temps Measured By NOAA  
Video: Who Really Built The Pyramids? Aliens With Space Ships, Tractor Beams And Lasers?

Video: Update 2, Dec 3 "Jewish" Zelensky Regime Raiding Ukraine Orthodox Christian Churches, Twitter Files, Butterfly Effect Of Censorship
Video: Update, Dec 3 Stupidity Continues To Reign In EU With Oil Price Cap, Guess They Haven't Figured Out It's Not Their Oil To Sell, Eurasia Gas Union a la OPEC, Ukraine Losses In Bakmut "Colossal," Asset Seizure $200M Ukrainian Yacht By Z Regime
Organized Religion Always Has Been A State Manipulation, Used In Order To Control Populations
Video: US New Warplane Unveiled ... Just Not Built Or Flying Yet, Wasted Money, Out Spending Russia While Falling Short
Musk Opens Twitter's Pandora Box
Western Elites Announce 2023 Agenda For Your Enslavement
Russia Winning The New World Order War Too
Four US Sailors Assignerd To Same Naval Center Commit Suicide Past Month
Iraq Dismisses Commander In Charge Of Border With Iran
Iraq Seizes Weapons Bound For Iran's Kurdish Region
Remind Us Again Who's Really Running Out Of Weapons For Ukraine
Video: Update, 2 Dec Macron Offical State Visit To US, US Billions More For Ukraine? Italy Takes Over Russian Lukoil, Non-Elected EU Commission Freeze Own Member's 7.5 B Euros, But In The End The Ukraine That Becomes Part Of Russia Will Far Outstrip in Value Any Russian Assets Stolen By The West, Ursala Said 100K+ Killed, Clownworld Prague, Freeze Russia Buildings But It's Ukraine That Freezing
The New World Order Catholic Pope Stirs The Pot Between Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims And Buddhists
Typical NYT Bloviated Propaganda, All Things China, Russia Bad
The West's Propaganda And Ukraine's Military Death Numbers
From The "Voodoo Economics" Dept: Another Comedian a la Zelensky, Hey, Janet, That's A Good One, All Of You Who Control The Fed And The Money Supply Blame Your Failures On Consumers Buying Too Much, Many Of Whom Lost Their Jobs And Businesses Because Of Government "Covid" Policies
Holy KA-POW!! Batman, Global South, 88% Of World Population, The New Payment System Will Include A Single Payment Card – In Direct Competition With Visa And Mastercard, Ukraine Is A Heavy Body Blow To The West, But This A Smashmouth Blow Square On The Jaw Of Klaus Schwab's Banker Bosses, Including A New Currency To Replace The US Dollar
US Own Worst Enemy: India, Iran Closer Ties, With Russia Out Of Necessity 
Video: Update, 1 Dec Lies Of War Coming Out Of the Woodwork, Ursala's 100K Now "An Estimation," So It Could Be 110K, 120K, 200K? NYT Gathering Of Crooks, Hosts FTX Bankman-Freid-Zelensky, Sudden Onset Stupidity, As Klaus Is Just Down The Road In DC, EU Threatens Twitter, Reverse Clownworld Russia's New "McDonald's" Puts Books In Happy Meals
Klaus In DC
Video: Ukrainian Billionaires Setting Up Shop In Monaco, Incumbent Anti-China Party Out In Taiwan Elections, And Other Related Stuff
The New Normal: Ukrainian War Crimes
Video: Update 2, 30 Nov Ask For A Trillion? Then Ursala's Casualty Number, "100,000 Ukrainian Officers Dead," Orwellian Scrubbing Of Statement From Social Media, Pirates Of Brussels Stealing Russian Assets, Ursala Putting The Gun To Europe's Head, Putin Weapon ... Winter, Naryshkin Annex Western Ukraine By Poland, NATO Hypocrisy, Three More Fingers Pointing Back At Them 
Ukraine Casualties: Who's The Better Moon Walker, Ursala Or Michael? Or Was It A Way To Shut The Door On The US So They Couldn't Claim A Victory And Leave EU Holding The Bag?
Video: Update, 30 Nov NATO Member Countries FMs "In Principle" Ukraine Should Join NATO, But ..., Musk Raises Starlink Prices, Clownworld Zelensky Wants A Trillion Dollars From The Clown In The Red Suit, Guess He Must Be Tired Of The Lumps Of Coal Russia Keeps Dropping Down The Chimney On Him
"The Person Who Is Afraid Of Love Constantly Reacts Against It With Hatred," S. Blanton, 1 John 4:16
Why Russia Knows The US Is Toast, Though Most Americans They's The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread :-)
In The Crypt: Why Are All These Crypto Bosses Dying All Of A Sudden?
FTX Crypto Scam Continues, A Tsunami?
Another US Fomented "Colour Revolution" In Iran Under Way Using Kurds And Lackey Western Media As Proxies, Now Iran Is A Member Of The SCO, Russia, China And Others Are Strategic Partners
Less Than 50% People In UK Identify As Christian
US Headed In Same Direction
The Breaks In The Wall Of Our Christian Nations, In Urgent Need Of Repair
Video: Interview With Russia FM Lavrov, Historically, Ukrainian People In East Are Ethnic Russians, US, Nazi Proxies Needed To Destroy That Relationship
Oh, Grenada, Grenada, Where Art Thou? I'm Over Here, In Serbia
Video: Update, 29 Nov EU Frozen Out, "World," i.e., The US, Leaving Europe Behind, More Bizarro World Fairy Tales From US, Bloomberg's Alleged US Strategic Ukraine Victory, Clownworld Stephen King Girl Power
Video: From The " Game-Changing Weapons Of the Month Club" Dept: Ukraine's Set Backs Per NYT, West Keeps Ignoring Fact Russia's Primary Goal Demilitarization Of Ukraine, Not Gaining Territory
Lots Of Establishment Uni Degrees And Still A Dummy, Maybe They Left Off Writer Of Fairy Tales In His CV, Oh, BTW, Intelligence And Education Are Two Different, Not Necessarily Related, Things
American Style Graveyard For Polish Soldiers Killed In Ukraine Causing Strife
Video: Update, 28 Nov EU Useful Idiots Just Figured It Out? NATO Weapons Low, Bakmut Fall, Clownworld
Iran Increases Cargo Transit To Russia, India To Record High While Reducing Costs By 30% As EU Paying Higher Costs To US For LNG
Iran Calls Out Berlin's "Human Rights" Hypocrisy, Germany Was Main Supplier Of Chemical Weapons To Saddam In War Against Iran, Just Another Attempt By West To Stir The Pot For Regime Change, Though Less Direct Than CIA's 1953 Assassination Coup
From The "There's Trouble In River City Spelled With A Capital T" Dept: Fracturing West As Europe Feeling The Crunch
Hey Joe, Where'd That $20 Billion Go?
The Ukrainian People Will Be Liberated From The Neo-Nazi Rulers
Operation Claw-Sword, The New SMO, This One Is Turkey's
Sunday Comics
Video: Update, 27 Nov EU Zombies Sanctions Package 9, Russian Oil Price Cap Delay, UK MoD, Keep Pressure On Russia, Reality Russia Is Pressuring Ukraine, Europe, Clownworld Ukraine No Energy Or Just Shortages OK For 2-3 Years
European Parliamental Cases Smear Russia While Bankrolling Nazi Terrorism In Quest For Their NWO
Brazil Military Stands With Bolsonaro
Biden Groveling For Venezuelan Oil, BTW Not Communist Country, But Socialist

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Video: From The "Lies Lead To Death, Truth Leads To Life" Dept: Fauci Exit, Lying To The End
Fauci Admits He Based His Lockdown Proposal On China's Model
Blood Supply Is Contaminated By Vaxxed
The Question Becomes, Are The Doctors and Execs Of CDC Deliberately Hiding The Truth And Lying About It, Or Are They Just Plain Stupid?
Can You Recognize Propaganda?
Covid Pandemic Farce A Trial Balloon For Klaus's NWO
Corruption In EU With Covid Contracts
Covid: The Crime Story
Video: US, More Than 2400 Excess Deaths Each Day, Europe 300,000 In 2022
Video: Battling The Covid Cabal 
Sunday Comics
Text/Video: US Is A Total Banana Republic Sh*tshow, Election/Political Corruption, FTX Financial Corruption, Ukraine Coup Mess It Started In 2014 Bearing Fruit With Nearly $100 Billion In US Taxpayer Money Down The Drain, Now US Government Is Suing A Doctor For Recommending Over-The-Counter Vitamin D And Zinc With "Covid," Which Really Is "Safe And Effective," While Big Pharma/FDA/CDC Fully Supporting Experimental Lethal Injections, Including Babies
Propaganda And Fear Same Old Modus Operandi Of Elites: Kids Now Afraid Of Climate Change, Yet According To Measurements Taken By Meteorologists, Overall The Earth Is In A Cooling Trend
Earth's Significant Temperature Drop 2 Years In A Row February 2016-2018, 2018 Same Year Greta Thunberg Missed School For 3 Weeks, And Sat Outside Sweden's Parliament With A Sign That Stated “Skolstrejk för Klimatet” (School Strike for Climate), Guess She Should Have Stayed In Class To Learn That The Earth Cooled Down During Those Previous 2 Years Due To Decrease In Sun Spot Activity, While CO2 Levels Steadily Increased Both Those Years
All Climate Temp Models For Past 50 Years Too Warm Vs. Real Temps Measured By NOAA

Video: Utter Nonsense In Ukraine As More Than 500,000 Russian Troops Poised For War
Ukraine" "Suicide By Cop"
The Collective West: Never Underestimate A Wounded And Decaying Empire Collapsing In Real Time
Text/Video: Why Is Poland In Bed With Current Day Ukrainian Nazis Whose Grandfathers Murdered 100,000 Poles?
UK Intelligence Agencies Role In Creating Terror Groups In Syria To Overthrow Assad
Video: Update, 25 Nov "Victim" Merkel Wanted Minsk 3, Even Though First 2 Minsks Were Ignored, Kiev Mayor, Get Out Of Town, Clownworld UK Chancellor Hunt, Curb Energy Usage To Defeat Putin, Rather Than The UK Politicians Who Caused The Problems
The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis
The Ending Of NATO
The Electric War In Ukraine As Europe Falling Apart
Russia Gets No Thanks As It Helps Ukraine Implement The NWO Green Agenda, Living Off The Grid
Text/Video: Ukraine "We'll Leave The Light On For You"
Ukraine Military Death Throes
Video: Update 3, 24 Nov Magic Price Cap, 5 Cents For Cup Of Coffee, Pirates Of Brussels Want To Seize Russian "Terrorist State" Assets
Video: Update 2, 24 Nov, Turkey, Iran SMO, Kosovo License Plate Deal, Catherine The Great Odessa Statue To Be Dismantled ... But Put Back After Russia Takes Over?
Video: Update, 24 Nov EU Parliamentary Idiocy, Power Disappearing In Ukraine Ansd Moldova, EU Fantasy Oil Price Cap
Ukraine: NATO’s Frankenstein Monster
China’s Defense Minister Reminds US That Taiwan Is A Red Line For Them
FTX: Another The Big Lie
While US Violates Iran And Syria’s Sovereignty, They Oppose Others Who Oppose The US
Russia Turned Off Ukraine's Lights
Video: Col. MacGregor, Ukraine About To Be Annihilated
Video: Update, 22 Nov, Fishy AP Firing Of Reporter Over Missile Hitting Poland, NATO Mission Creep, Boots On The Ground Under Guise Of Private Army, 2 Million Migrants To EU, Clownworlds
November 22, 1963 Deep State Coup d'Etat
First Pelosi, Now Kamala Fanning The Flames, Is This All The US Does Anymore? Sanctions And Stirring The Pot?
From The “Getting Desperate And Very Nervous” Dept: Well, If You Feel That Way, How About Russia, Or China, But Not Klaus?
Who Backed The FTX Game?
Text/Video: FTX Roundtable Billions, US Tax Money To Ukraine/FTX To Dem Party, Tether Involved Too
Video: Update, 21 Nov Frustration With Zelensky’s Missile And WW3, West PR War Crumbles With POW Executions, Sweden, Nord Stream 1, It’s Sabotage! Now How Do We Blame Russia? Turkey, Iran Launch Offensives, Clownworld Sunak To Kiev, PR Refillable Lighters For Troops To Keep Them As Cannon Fodder
Only More War On The Table For Ukraine, Russia Has Moved On From Talks
Report From The Front, Warning To Europe
From The “Getting Desperate And Very Nervous” Dept: Well, If You Feel That Way, How About Russia, Or China, But Not Klaus?
Only More War On The Table For Ukraine, Russia Has Moved On From Talks
Video: Update, 21 Nov Frustration With Zelensky’s Missile And WW3, West PR War Crumbles With POW Executions, Sweden, Nord Stream 1, It’s Sabotage! Now How Do We Blame Russia? Turkey, Iran Launch Offensives, Clownworld Sunak To Kiev, PR Refillable Lighters For Troops To Keep Them As Cannon Fodder
A Report From The Front, Warning To Europe
Who Backed The FTX Game? 
Text/Video: FTX Roundtable Billions, US Tax Money To Ukraine/FTX To Dem Party, Tether Involved Too
Video: Update 20 Nov, Meloni Agrees Putin, Slams Macron, According To Zelensky, Putin Offered A Short Truce, Sounds Fishy, Sunak, Like Others Before Pays Homage In Kiev
FTX A Spider's Web With Lots Of Stuck Flies

Learn Wisdom Not Folly    

Friday Funnies
Video: Living In A Dystopian 1984 World Of Censorship
Just Another Naked Power Grab By The Elites: Let's See, Cause Fake Pandemic With WHO, Governments Restrict Travel, Now Propose "Solution" To The Problem They Caused, WHO Wants Digital "Health Passport" To "Facilitate," i.e., Control, Travel, Which Means If You Don't Get Your Debilitating Shots You Gotta Stay Home, Locked Down For The Next Plandemic They've Cooked Up, Don't Need Health Passport, Just Return To Pre-Covid Conditions, Simple
You Remember The Big LIE, WHO Shipped Millions Of "Covid-19" Test Kits Worldwide In 2017, But Told The World In February 2020, They Just Came Up With The Name "Covid-19"
Davos In The Desert, Elites Vs. The Rest Of Us ... "Opportunities In The Post-Pandemic Recovery," Remind Us Again Who Created The Plandemic, And Who It Was Aimed At, Who Suffered Injury And Death? But Vaxxes Have Made Billionaires Out Of Big Pharma Execs Who Haven't Gotten Their Own Jabs Including The $4 Billion BioNTech CEO
Within 5 Months Of Use Of "Covid" Vaxxes, 9 New Big Pharma Billionaires Of Death
Video: Doc Who Made Pfizer mRNA, Not Jabbed,  "Legally Can't Take It" ... BS, "Our Shots Are Toxic"
CDC Billboards
G20: $31 Billion Is Required To Tackle The Next Global Pandemic, The Next One? How Does He Know? Another One Planned? 
Video/Text: Nuremberg Report Needs Verification, No Who, When, And How, But In Malaysia, If True, Huge Implications
Experimental, Never Before Tested Novel Genetic Therapy Pushed In Pregnancy, Perped Unlawfully ... Needs To Stop
US Medical System Kills 225,000 Americans A Year, Prescription Drugs 128,000+, And Then We Have The Vaxxes
Video/Text: New Healthcare Company By Doctors Who Aren't Big Pharma Zombies
Sunday Comic
Fauci Said What!? "Covid-19" Consequences Like A Severe Seasonal Flu, And For This You Unleashed Lethal Experimental Vaxxes On People?
Stanford U Quietly Drops Vax Requirement

Video: Update 19 Nov Russia Continues To Hit Ukraine Infrastructure, Russia Hits Motor Sich After Ukraine Nationalizes It, Chinese Out, Where Did Russia Get All Their Missiles? They Made Them, Maybe Shouldn't Have Listened To Western Government Propaganda And Lies
Video: Ukraine, Polish Officers Refused To Attack, Get Slaughtered, Going Into Bakmut, Nazi Azov Soldiers Threatened To Kill The Polish, Who Opened Fire And Killed The Azov Guys
Looks Like FTX Put The F In "Financial Fraud Fiasco," Or Elaborate Scheme Within A Scheme To Kill Off Crypto?
Russia Running Out Of Precision Missiles, Again, And Again, And Again
From The "Do You Get It Yet?" Dept: How Is It Non-Elected Bill Gates And Klaus Schwab At G20 Meeting Of NATIONS, They Want Digital Health Passport To Travel, Have Us Eat Bugs And Fake Meat, While Elites Flew In On Private Jets And Had Tenderloin Of Wagyu Beef On Menu, Doesn't Sound Like A Great Reset, Just Ages Old Common Greed For Money, And Power Over A Dumbed-Down And Clueless Herd
Video: Russia-India Trade Surging, Sanctions Absurdity, EU Continues Its Destruction, Oil Price Cap Failure
Video: Col. Douglas MacGregor, Ukraine, And Europe, Calm Before The Storm, France Has 4 DAYS Worth Of Ammunition, US Just A Bigger Version Of Former UK System
Biden And Burns Tag Team Vs. Putin And Xi
BTW, Zelensky, Turn Out The Lights On The Way Out The Door ... Oh, Wait, The Lights Are Out Already
FTX: Ponzi's Fraud-O-Matic
The West's Economic Mess, As The Truth Will Set Us Free, Then The Lies Are Enslaving Us
APEC: US And West Are Falling Apart On The World's Stage, Is US Relevant Anymore, Or Just A Sore Loser Causing Problems?
UK Chancellor: Economy In "Freefall," Universal Income Next?
G20: Doddering G7's Divorce From Reality, And The Global South, BRICS+
Video: Western MSM War Criminals, Propaganda Whores, You Cannot Explain To Morons That They Are Morons
Video: Update, 17 Nov Zelensky Insists On Destroying Any Credibility He Has, Still Claims It Was Russia's Missile That Landed In Poland, After Meeting With His Russian Counterpart, CIA Chief In Kiev, Same Day Billions More To Ukraine, Another Round Of "Gamechangers," US General Milley Spinning More Fairy Tales, More Weapons And Money As Long As It Takes, 20 Years And Trillions Of US Dollars In Another Failed War Effort a la Afghanistan, Vietnam? Again, What Is So Critical About Ukraine For The US? Clownworld Will Putin Send Birthday Greetings To Biden?
Whoa, Biden Lucid, Cites Actual Evidence When He Says Zelensky Is Wrong About The Missile In Poland, Z Displeasing His Handlers?
Text/Video: Did Zelensky "Accidentally On Purpose" Fire The S-300 Missiles Into Poland Under The Guise Of Firing At Russian Missiles To Get NATO Overtly Into The War? Notice How Quickly Biden Said It Was A Ukrainian Missile, FTX Fraud Reaches Into Highest Echelons Of US Government, Gross Voter Ballot Fraud Evidence
Made In England Imams
The Collective West, US, UK, EU Ideologues, Think Mongo In Blazing Saddles, Frustrated, Unsophisticated Low IQ World Dominionists Can't Comprehend That The Emerging Fair World Order Really Doesn't Need, Or Want Their Hegemony
Video: G20 Irreconcilable Differences, Divorce, No Longer Relevant In Real World
Video: Update, 16 Nov Ukraine Missile Killed 2 NATO Polish Citizens, NATO Reprisal, War On Ukraine Or Silence? Trump 2024, But Dems Likely Would Steal That One As Well,  Xi Lays The Leather To Trudeau In Front Of The Cameras
Video: Lavrov Press Conference At G20
China Tells Decaying West Their Taiwan Independence Policy Is A Dead End
Video: Russian Missiles Hit Ukrainian Power Grid, Most Ukraine "Air Defense" Missiles Are Short Range From Soviet Era, Can't Stop A Russian Missile, But Can Hit A Farm In Poland
Hmm, Did Ukrainian Government Official Just Admit Missile That Hit Poland Like MH-17 Downing? In That Case, Ukraine Shot Down MH-17
Shocker, Not: Nertherlands Investigation Blames Russia For MH-17, But Malaysian PM Doesn't, BBC Even Censored Its Own Report Claiming A Ukrainian Jet Shot It Down, Why Did Ukrainian Air Traffic Control Direct Only That Flight Into That Airspace?
The Fruit Of Zionist Israel's Palestinian Policy
French Intel Agents Arrested In Iran In Connection With Police Killed In Riots
Saudi, Bahraini, Emirati, And US Involvement In Iran Riots
Caveat Emptor: Typical Slander Propaganda, No Evidence, Just Unfounded Accusations That Damage, UN Envoy's False Viagra Rape Story Outed, Not Her Role To Find Out If What She's Peddling Are Snake Oil LIES
Parts Of S-300 Air DEFENSE Missile, Still Used By Ukraine, Land In Poland, How Would Russia Fire An Outdated S-300 Air DEFENSE Missile With A Range Of 75Km, From Next To Poland-Ukraine Border Which Is Hundreds Of Miles Away? Makes No Sense, But Does For A Ukrainian S-300 Firing At Incoming Russian Missiles, Turns Out It Was A Ukrainian S-300, US Quiet, FTX Kickback Scheme To Congress Traceable
Looks Like US Doesn't Want An All-Out War With Russia, Very Quick Disclaimer, Even Reuters Story Said Ukrainian Missile
The Real Quad That Matters: Russia, India, China, Iran, What's Happening In The 87% Of The Real World Versus Joe And The Keystone Cops Of Sanctionsland
Video: Western Media Reports Lavrov Hospitalized, Wow, Must Be Some Kind Of Fantastic Docs And Hospitals In Bali
Video: Update, 15 Nov US-Russia Meet In Ankara, Clownworld Russians And Zoo Animals, G20 Whinerbabies No Group Photo With Lavrov
Nothing Is More Rotten To The Core Than Western "Leadership," The Soul Of A Virtuous, Moral America Died After WW2 When The CIA Assassinated The Democratically Elected Prime Minister Of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, In 1953 Over Their Oil, JFK In 1963 Over Their Existence? a la Gen. 27:40, 41
Video: Russian Strategy, "Every Battle, Whether Defensive Or Offensive, Has The Object Of Inflicting Defeat On The Enemy," Think Kherson
Western Media Hyping Fake News Reports About Iranian Protesters ... Police Do Not Die From Peaceful Protesters
US On Looting Spree Of Syrian Resources
China Is Biggest State-Based Threat To UK Economic Security, Well Besides Sanctions Loving, Unquestioning Financial Support To Ukraine UK Government
Turkiye FM Told US To Go Screw Itself Over Terrorist Attack
FBI (?) Investigates Zionist Israel Sniper Murder Of al-Jazeera Reporter In West Bank City Of Jenin
US Proxy, White Helmets, Looking To Stir The Pot In Syria With False Flag Op ... Again
Zionist Israel Planning To Build 9000 New Settlement Units In Jerusalem In Violation Of Intenational Law Supported By The West
Video: Zelensky, "Fight To The Last Ukrainian," Now "We Are Ready For Peace," But US Not Treaty Reliable, Minsk Agreements, JCPOA, Looking To Negotiate When Troop Increase, Winter Gives Russia Advantage, Will Putin Fall For The Talk? But, It Remains US Goal To Undermine Russia, Just Not With A Losing Ukraine War
Sanctions Wood Theft In Estonia: Electricity Costs Alone For August, September 30%+ Of Take Home Pay, Government Now Subsidizing, But That Can't Last Forever Without Increased Taxation
US Military, Generally Speaking, A "Lamborghini Welfare Program"
Video: Update, 14 Nov Istanbul Attack, FTX Growing Scandal, Ukraine Winter Slowdown? Clownworld?
Video: Update 13 Nov Biden In Cambodia-Columbia, FTX Crypto Corruption, Snore UK, Greece Blame Putin, Clownworld Russia Sanctions Paul "The Hammer" Pelosi And Others
Round And Round It Goes? Tens Of Billions To Ukraine, Goes Through FTX And Back To US Dems, Then FTX Goes Bankrupt On Election Day
Annual US MIlitary Budget 2.5 Times Russia, China Combined, GAO Mission Capable Audit Shows Not Much For The Money

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Truth Bombs
Video: Doc Who Made Pfizer mRNA, Not Jabbed,  "Legally Can't Take It" ... BS, "Our Shots Are Toxic"
CDC Billboards
FDA Director Violates Terms Of EUA For "Covid" Vaxxes
The Age Old Dilemma: Descent Or Ascent? The Social Disease Of Dehumanization Rather Than Aspiring To The Godly
Inflammation Of The Brain After Booster
Autoimmune Response After mRNA Booster: A Case Study
Video/Text: Pfizer And The World They Rule: Self-Destructive Liars Want To Take Us With Them, Why Have We Been So Eager To Go?
We Shall Know Them By Their Lies, Their Deliberate Lies: Psychopathic? Orwellian? Dem Governor In Michigan
ICAN Demands Answers From The CDC About Spike In Children's Respiratory Virus Rates
Remember When Mothers Immunity Protected The Fetuses? Big Pharma Started With The Elderly, Now Their Lethal Greed And Evil Knows No Bounds, Pfizer Develops RSV To "Immunize" The Unborn, What's Next A Vax For Sperm And Eggs?
Sunday Comics, We Can Forgive Someone For Tossing The Egg On The Floor And Breaking It, But They Need To Be Held Accountable For Replacing The Egg
Amnesty, i.e., Admitting Their Guilt, But They Chose To Be In The Dark, When It's Made In A Lab, They Knew, Stupidity, Willful Ignornace Are Not Excuses, Else How Did The Unvaxxed Scientists And Doctors Figure It Out And Warn Us Unvaxxed From The Beginning? Forgive Their Alleged Ignorance (I Was Just Following Orders)? Okay, But They Need To Pay Reparations For Their War Crimes Against Humanity, Some Financially, Some In Prison, Some With Their Own Lives As It Was With Germany And The Nazis With Their War Crimes
Text/Video: They Knew
All Climate Temp Models For Past 50 Years Too Warm Vs. Real Temps Measured By NOAA

Video: Update, 12 Nov US General Milley Ceasefire, NYT, Ukraine Tells Russia Where Ukraine Goes Next, Clownworld Kindergarden Whinerbabies US, UK Want Lavrov Shunned
Syrian Clans Getting Fed Up With US Occupation Forces In Eastern Province
From The "Catch Us If You Can" Dept: The Ascent Into The Future Is In Eurasia
While The West Is Being Torn To Shreds In An Obvious Fall From Grace, The Global South Looks Like A Different Planet, Walk Softly And Carry A Big Bamboo
The Remedy To What Ails America Is Not Found On A Ballot
"You Rulers Make Decisions Based On Bribes ... Yet All Of You Claim To Depend On The LORD" Micah 3:11
Sun-Tzu Walks Into A Kherson Bar ...
Video: Update, 11 Nov Russia Takes Pavlovka, Z CNN PR Scripted Interview, Kherson Timing, Freezing Conflict
Video: Update, 10 Nov, Biden, No To Drones, Lavrov To G20, Clownworld Fetterman For POTUS?!
Well, Klaus, You And Your Masters Are Too Late, No 4th Industrial Revolution, Good News Revolution Beat You To It
The Good News Colour Revolution
1 German Plus 1 German = No Germany
Remember Napoleon And Moscow, Then Consider Kherson And Winter
Video: Russia Withdrawal Kherson A Military Strategic Move, If Ukraine Rushes In ...
Video: Update 2, 9 Nov Kherson Move Russia, What's Up? Will Be Difficult, If Not More So, For Ukraine To Defend Too, Employees Sold Twitter Blue Check For 15K
Video: Update, 9 Nov Liars, Thieves, And Slimy Snakes, Midterm Escalation, After Pulling Out Of Negotiations With Russia, Now Ukraine Blames Russia For Not Wanting To Talk, PR Face Saving Move By Z, Ukraine Nationalizes Industry, Including Chinese Companies, And Zelensky Backer Oligarch's Assets Too, Clownworld Penn Gives Oscar To Zelensky, Confirming Z Is Just A Puppet Actor Following The Script 
Western Civilization, Going, Going, Go...
Britain's Relgious Colonialism
Video: Update, 8 Nov, US Oil Companies Record Profits, If Ramp Up With Oil And Gas To Handle Current Energy Deficits, Then What About The Green-Climate Agenda ... Which Is It? Pirates Of Brussels Shell Game, Attack Hungary, Poland, Ukraine Missile Math
Video: Inferior Air Defense Systems To Ukraine, Too Little, Too Late
Nord Stream Pipelines: Remains Of US Torpedo Found At Explosion Site ... Act Of War By Reckless Biden Administration, If Reciprocal US-Europe Transatlantic Communication Cables Severed, Then What?
When You Make Your Living By The Sword, You Always Need An Enemy, Even When It'sYourself, If War Is Good For The Economy, Then How Good Would A Nuclear War Be, Klaus? You'll Be Dead And Own Nothing
Video: Speaking Out For Peace Can Get You Banned In 26 Countries
Lawlessness Vs. The Rule Of Law: Lessons From 7th Century T'ang Dynasty, A Novel
Video: US Funded Media Produces Ukraine War Propaganda
New Italian PM Closes Ports To Ships Carrying African Migrants, Leaving More Room For Ukrainian Migrants? 
Twitter's Attitude Adjustment As Shoe Is On The Other Foot
A Peek Into EU's Future, In The Last Days Of The Soviet Union
Video: Update, 6 Nov Biden, 1000 More Years, All Cars Electric, CIAmazonPost, Negotiate With Russia, NYT, Evac Kiev, Zelensky Freaking Out, Warns Iran (Via US Puppetmasters), NATO Next Head, Just Another Nazi-Globalist? Clownworld Russians Eating Zoo Animals In Kiev
Video: US Foreign Policy, Live By The Sword ...
US/West Not Concerned About World Food Shortage, It Wants World Starvation To Feed Its Appetite For Global Dominance
Video: The End Of US Exceptionalism
Can US Fight A Two Front War? No, How About A One Front War? Not Really
UK Protests: Britain Is Broken, Call For New Elections, Just One Problem, The Elected Officials Are Not The Decision Makers
Iran Dismantles EU Backed Terrorist Group Planning Assassinations
New UK PM Urges Faster, Further a la Thelma And Louise, Kill The Economies, Destroy Your Countries, Hurry Up With The Great Reset Before Russia Wins In Ukraine
Berlin Goes To Beijing: What's Up?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Get Shot Until You Drop: Record Surge Of Respiratory Infections In Children, Doctor Dunce, Once Again, Baffled 
2022: "The ("Covid") Vaccine Designed The mRNA To Hide The mRNA From Cellular Defenses," 2014 NIH HIV/AIDS Research Paper, "Env Is Spike-Shaped (HIV) Virus Protein That Can Evade Immune System Attack”
We've Been Had: Chances Of SARS-Cov-2 Occuring Naturally, LESS Than 1 In 100 Million, Fake Pandemic
2016 Daszak: Spike Proteins, Gain Of Function With Corona Virus  
China's Full Access To Fort Detrick, US Biodefense, US Troops In November 2019 Wuhan Military Olympics Trained At Detrick
Stupid To The End, US, China Still Not Allow Unvaxxed In, But Vaxxes Don't Stop Transmission, And Most Getting And Dying Of "Covid" Are Vaxxed
CDC Up Their Old Tricks Again With Your Life In The Balance
The Price Of Getting Injured Or Killed By Pfizer's mRNA Shot Goes Up 400%
Given Wuhan Lab's Plandemic, First Boston Lab Creates Lethal Virus, Now London Lab Does The Same, Why, And What Are The Elites Planning?
From The "Don't Do The Crime If You Can't Do The Time" Dept: Now That The Tide Is Turning, "The Demented, Freedom-Hating, Fear-Mongering Leftists" Who Willfully Destroyed People's Lives, Are Now Pleading Ignorance To Escape The Consequences Of Their Actions, Typical Bully Cowards
Video: "Covid" Vaxxes Destroy Heart And Brain Cells, Lies By FDA, CDC Killing People, World Renowned Microbiologist And Virologist, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, Jabs Create Auto-Immune Response, a la HIV/AIDS, So Who Has Been In Charge AIDS Research Since 1980s? Fauci, And Who Has Overseen "Covid?"
Another SADS
Another One, Fully Vaxxed And Boosted, Pro-Vax Author Dies Of Heart Attack At 49
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Dept: Big Pharma And The Powers That Be Are Dragging Out The "Covid" Fear Once Again
From The "Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other" Dept: Dead Multi-Vaxxed Body Builder Died Of "Covid," Not The Vax That Is "Safe And Effective," "Prevents Transmission," And Has Induced A Huge Spike In Excess Heart Attack Deaths In His Age Group, Oh, BTW, According To British Health Services Earlier This Year, 94% Of People Dying Of "Covid" Are "Fully" Vaxxed
Elon's Twitter Truth First Strike, Fact Checks Hillary: Drunk Paul Pelosi In Fight With Male Prostitute, Lying Left Websites Created After The Fact
More Lefty Lies, Turn On The Guy Guy Who Hammered Pelosi, Was A Leftist, One Of Their Own, Photo Evidence
NYT, America's Paper Of Propaganda, Still An Embarrassment To Journalistic Integrity, Still Using Same Old Hackneyed Methods, i.e., Lies 
DHS Will Censor Freedom Of Speech As Much As It Takes To Preserve Democracy :-) Well Sort Of
Collective West Sacrificing Our Future To Baal, Scotland Leads The Way

Video: Update, 5 Nov Biden Sunak Renew Vows, UK Training "Secret" Terrorist Ukraine Military, Putin Explains Kherson, Titanic Crimea Stamp
Video: Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel, US, Netherlands To Send Moth-Balled Soviet Era Tanks, aka Targets, To Ukraine
Biden Administration's Ukraine SNAFU ... Open War With Russia?
Message To US And Collective West: Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword, And The Day Is Not Far In Coming
Video/Text: Zelensky Ego Strokes While His Country And People Are Being Destroyed, Will There Be A Ukraine By The Time The Letterman-Zelensky Show Airs?
Video: Update 2, 4 Nov G7 Oil Price Cap, But It's Not Their Oil, Surprise, Not, EU Lawyers Set Precedent, Show How To Confiscate EU Assets Around The World, Go Shopping, Get Warm This Winter, Visit Russia With Easy Visa, Clownworld Show Letterman In Kiev
Video: Update, 4 Nov US DoD Austin, Ukraine "Capable," Scholz Goes To China, Imran Khan Shot, Russia Shows UK The Evidence, Clownworld Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Power Outages, Stay Home And Make Love, But Can't Take A Hot Shower Afterwards
Usual US M.O. For Regime Change Efforts, Creating Lies As Justification, US Ramping Up Its Terrorist Attacks On Iran
Video: Russia's Kh-32 Missile
Zionist Israel Continues Their Attacks
The Hallmark Of Our Times: Fiercely Embracing The Lies While Shunning The Truth
Video: Update, 3 Nov Rumble Cancels France, Twitter Labels Ukrainian State Media Site, Putin Grain Deal Warning, Clownworld Zelensky Nuclear War Comment
And Weapon Fairies Are Putting Drones Under Putin's Pillow Every Night, Does Anyone Really Believe Anything This Guy's Administration Says? But North Africa And Middle East Are Prophetic Areas Of Interest For US
Sweden Ditches 2030 Climate Change Agenda, But Okays NATO Nukes In Sweden, Guess Nuclear War Would Negate Any Concern About Climate Change
Iran Challenging Fake US Hegemony In The Middle East
Ukraine ... A Farewell To Arms
Grain Deal Back On, But With Stronger Hand And More Favorable Terms For Russia ... Based On Written Guarantees From Kiev, Sort Of Like The Minsk Agreements, So We'll See How This Lasts
Video: Wait Until All The Ukrainian Migrants Head To The EU Countries That Support Ukraine, Brussels Should Be Destination One, Putin Erdogan Reinstate Grain Deal ...
Video: Update, 2 Nov Pentagon Air Defense Systems To Ukraine, US Troops In Ukraine, Serbia Warned, EU Or Russia? Sweden Open To Putting Nuke Target On Its Back, Clownworld Ukraine Urges Iran Ban For World Cup
Video: Communist Party, China And The Moral Social Credit System, Fact Or Fiction? Guess What, It's Fiction, Doesn't Exist Even As Western Media Acknowledges
Germany And "The New World Order"
Zionist Israel: Nutanyahoo Looks To Return To Power
Biden Administration: Sowing The Seeds Of False Flag Dirty Tricks, Plus Russia's Thermobaric Bombs As Powerful As Tactical Nukes Without The Radiation
Trains And Trucks: It's Only Autumn And The Diesel Crunch Is Here, Western Economies Facing Major Downturns
US Sanctions Blowback: US Only 25 Days Of Diesel Fuel Left
Why Didn't Russia Do This Sooner? Yet The Usual Idiots In The West Say It Ain't So
Russia Examining Remains Of UAVs Launched Against Fleet In Sevastopol
Grain Deal Suspended, Zelensky And The West Broke The Rules
Video: Ukraine Failing On All Levels, Russia Just Getting Started, West's Sanctions Sinking The West, Similar Political/Economic Situation With West And China, But With Computer Chips Rather Than Oil And Gas
US Same M.O. With Taiwan And China, Computer Chips, But Will Blowback On US, They Don't Learn
Video: Overview Of China And The West ... Conflict?
US-China: A Graph Is Worth A Thousand Words
Well, There's A Surprise, US, EU Military Weapons In Hands Of European Gangs, But They Were Sent To Ukraine ... Ah, Just Blame It On Russia
Elon Musk Sole Director Of Twitter, Shoe On The Other Foot, Now US Government Concerned That Saudi Arabia Is 2nd Largest Shareholder, They Will Repress Political Speech Impacting U.S. Politics, Wait Wasn't That What Twitter Was Doing Already?
Video: From The "Do Unto Others" Dept: Nukes In Finland, EU, Then How About Russia In Cuba, Oh, How About Mexico Too?
Video: Update, 1 Nov Wooden And Rehearsed Trudeau Not Oscar Worthy, Collective West Taken Over By Puppet Actors, Russia Hammers Ukraine, Dismantling Infrastructure, NYT, CIAmazonPost Still Spewing Lies While Ukrainians Are Dying, Putin, Not All We Can Do, EU's Magic Inflation Surges, "It Came Out Of Nowhere," As Lagarde Tries To Deflect Attention To Putin, Clownworlds, Fantasy Billionaire Russian Government In Exile, Biden Says 54 States Now In US, BTW Joe, Does That Include Limpopo?
Video/Audio: Limpopo, Why Isn't She US VP?
Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned, Biden White House "Adults" Particpate in Chilidren's Make Believe As The West Crumbles
Video: Russia Dismantling Biden/Neocon's Ukraine, EU/West Still Acting In Bad Faith
Buckle Up Folks, Everything Is In Play Now As The Fair World Order Emerges, Life Never Will Be The Same Again
Nord Stream, Kerch Bridge, Sevastopol, Feckless British Intel Operatives, So Much For Double-Os Mr. Bond
Twitter: Former Board And Law Firm Hid Info From Court
Trudeau's Marxist States Marches Forth With Internet Restrictions
Video: Update, 31 Oct NYT Article Ukraine Sevastopol Attack On Ships Providing Safe Transport Of Grain, But Wasn't Ukraine Complaining Their Grain Couldn't Get To Market? Now West Freaking Out, No More Profiting From Ukraine Grain Sales, So Sanction Russia Grain, Wow, West's True Selfish Colors, It's Really About Starving People, Moldova Protests, Clownworld Pelosi Attack, Liz Truss Phone Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage
Video: Update, 30 Oct Grain Deal Dead, EU Blames Russia, Not The Ukraine Attacks On Russian Ships Safeguarding The Grain Cargo Transport, Russia Will  Replace With 500,000 Tons Of Their Grain To Needy Countries, Nord Stream Claims, Methinks UK Protesteth Too Much, A Distraction That The West Is Losing, Clownworlds PayPal $2500 Fine Back In Place, Maybe Musk's Twitter Will Start One Of Their Own Without Penalties, PayBack? So Where Is Arestovych Looking To Go When Ukraine Has Lost?
UNGA Votes 152-5, Israel Must Destroy Its Nukes, Submit To Inspections
Texas Police Face "Armed Citizenry," Whereas In Past Limited Only To Armed Criminals, Murder Is A Criminal Act, Having A Gun Is Not, US Constitution 2nd Amendment Is The Permit, Right To Keep And Bear Arms, Not A New Law, So Where Do Criminals Go To Get Their Training, Jihadist Camps?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly  

"Covid:" All Roads Lead To The Spike Protein, "Covid" Mirrors Inflammation Found With HIV, Which Leads Us Back To Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance Research, Chinese Colleagues, And Fauci, And In UK, One Of The Highest Vaxxed Countries, "Covid" Is Becoming Chronic, T Cell Exhaustion, Immune System Destruction, Increased With More Jabs
It's The Gain Of Function Cytotoxic Spike Proteins That Kill, Same Research Daszak And His Chinese Colleagues Were Working On With Corona Viruses, SEC Filings Describe mRNA "Vaxxes"As Gene "Therapy," i.e., Genetic Technology
2016 Daszak: Spike Proteins, Gain Of Function With Corona Virus
HIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS, Spike Proteins And "Covid" 2014 Research Paper
Video: Spike Proteins, Daszak, Chinese Colleagues
mRNA Vaxxes: The CIA And National Defense
Post-Jab Fatal Prion Disease
How Far Does Big Pharma Reach Go? Medical Boards Strip Top Doc, Most Published, Of Their Credentials For Speaking The Truth About The Covid Lies
Video: Highwire The "Speed Of Science" Tortoise Of Truth Arrives, Exposes The Propaganda Hare Of Lies Now Stuck In The Tar Pit
The Great Reset In The Works For Decades, "In 1974, [Atheist Greedy Bastards?] The Club of Rome Declared Boldly, 'The Earth Has Cancer And The Cancer Is Man,'" Versus "So God Created Man In His Own Image, In The Image Of God He Created Him ... And Gave Him Dominion Over All The Earth," It's Not Man, But The Choices Mankind Makes, Good Or Evil
Choices: Truth Or Lies, Good Or Evil And The Fruit Thereof
Canadian Intel Police Officer ... Lies From Trudeau, All Levels Of Government, Media, "Law Enforcement" About Canadian Truckers
US Congressional Dems Form Committee To Find Out Who Ordered All Those Lockdowns, Violated Civil Rights, And Mandated Vaxxes :-)
Video/Text: Whistleblower Lawsuit, CDC's King's X, Time Out, You Can't Sue Big Pharma If They Harm You Or Kill You, But ...
From The "In Too Deep" Dept: CDC Vax Lies And Cover-Up Continue
Video: A Scandal Beyond Your Wildest Nightmare ... CDC, Fauci, President, Media, Criminal Conspiracy Of Coordinated LIES, "Speed Of Science," aka "Speed Of Lies," Normally 8-10 Years To Vet The Safety Of A True Vaccine, Not A Couple Months On A Few Rats
Film: The Betrayal Of America, And The Nations By The Scientific-Industrial Complex
Why Does NYC Still Want MANDATED Vaxxes After Court Struck It Down, And Evidence Shows They Harm And Kill?
New Alberta CA Premier, Illegal To Discriminate On Vax Status
New California, US 51st State
Good-Bye America, It's Been Nice: Still Can't Enter US Without Passport And Proof Of Vax, Well, Unless You're An Illegal Alien
Video: EcoAlliance VP, Covid Was Made In A Lab, Fauci Funded, Crimes Against Humanity On Worldwide Scale
Judge Orders Fauci, White House To Testify In Big Pharma Collusion
If You Said No To The Vaxxes, You Are One Of The Sane Ones, 30 Points To Prove It
Another Sad Vax Damage Story ... Never Forget, The Vaxxes Were Planned Not To Help, Spike Proteins And Gain Of Function
The Publication Of Fraudulent Information By Medical Journals
Sunday Comics
Big Pharma Has Us Where It Wants Us ... Never Healthy, Never-Ending Injections And Never-Ending Profit Stream
You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits ... Piano, Big Deal, How About The Cymbals?

Video, Update 3, 29 Oct Russia Pulls Out Of Grain Deal After Black Sea Attack, Opens Sea Access To Odessa, UK Denies Nord Stream Sabotage Claims ... Spontaneous Combustion?
Video: Update 2, 29 Oct, Crimea Attack By UK/Kiev, On Black Sea Ships, All Missiles/Drones Shot Down, Ursala's Clown Tour, Pirate Cash For Serbia, EU Warns Elon Musk,
Russia: UK Royal Navy Complicit In Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotge, Sevastopol Attack
Video: Update, 29 Oct Musk, Bird Is Free, Starlink US Tool, Massive Protests In Prague, Greece, Poland Want German Reparations
Text/Videos: Why Is West Staking It's Future On A Losing Ukraine While EU Sinks Into Abyss?
Video: Update 28 Oct Daddy Are We Russian? Putin Ushers In Multipolar World, Historic Frontier, Just Not For Schwab & Co., Historic Q&A, Western Media Sour Grapes, Can't Even Comment Intelligently, Clownworld Biden And West On And On About Nukes, Nukes In Finland, etc.
History Repeats, But With Nukes? Germany 3
Leaving Petrodollar Station, The Oriental BRICS Plus Express, Now Boarding!
US/NATO Nukes On Russia's Border In Finland A Potential Death Wish, Just Asking For WW3
Western Nuclear Blackmail, Escalation Scenarios, US Has A History Of Using False Flags To Start Wars, Will It Risk Nuclear War To Do So Again, And Over Ukraine?
EU Sanctions Blowback: World's Largest Chemical Producer "Downsizing" Permanently In Europe, As It Opens New 10 Billion Euro Plant In China
Who Made PayPal Judge And Jury With Permission To Steal?
Video: Update, Oct 27 CNN CIA Director "Secret Trip To Ukraine," Related To "Dirty Bomb?" Russia Has The Intel On The Ukraine Dirty Bomb, Unlikely Nuclear Material For Dirty Bomb In A Nuclear Lab, More Likely Clandestine Location, Ukraine Total Vassal State, Finland Wants NATO Nukes On Their Soil, Target On Their Back, EU Sanctions Are Isolating Them Even Further, South Africa Ignores Sanctions, Clownworld Talk Peace, Lose Your Job
Social Media Mirror: "The Person Who Is Afraid Of Love Constantly Reacts Against it With Hatred," Smiley Blanton
Zionist Israel Continues Its Missile Attacks On Damascus
Pushback, Iran Sanctions EU MPs, French And German Media, Supporters Of Terrorism
From The "Dog And Pony Show Production Company" Dept: No Z Elensky's Hot Air Balloon Crusade Now In Croatia, Proselytizing For More True Believers, Vows To Annex The Moon, Mars And Jupiter, Well Crimea, Talk Is Cheap, But It's All He Has As Pelosi In Attendance, Don't These Guys Have Real Jobs?
Video: Non-Elected "Democracy," aka Globalist NWO, In Action: New UK PM, aka Puppet Man
Terrorist Zionist Occupation Forces Continue Palestinian Territory West Bank Raids
Video: US Sponsored Terrorism, Still Obsessed With Iran Regime Change After It's Regime Change In 1953 And Assassination Of It's Democratically Elected President By CIA
Video: Putin's Address To Russian Security Council In Light Of US Eroding Hegemony
Typical Response From Western Smear Nuts, So Maybe Time For China To Put An End To The US Troublemaking In Taiwan, Instigated By The National Endowment For Democracy, Orwellian Bizarro World Euphemism For Regime Change, Coups And Political Assassinations Same As 2014 US Coup Overthrowing Ukrainian Democracy
Video: Update, 26 Oct, Entire Clownworld Episode, Ursala "We Abide By The Rule Of Law," So We Are Working On Legal Mumbo Jumbo To Steal Russia's Assets, And She Thinks We Believe Her King's X Tomfoolery? But Russia Can Use Same Modus Operandi, Opens Pandora's Box For Everyone To Seize From Each Other, Think Of All The Third World Countries That Will Be Able To Seize EU Assets, Think Turkiye Seizing All Those US/NATO Nukes There When Joining The SCO, Bojo Clownworld Road Show, Going To America, 30 US Dems Retract "Peace" Letter, Signed And "Staffers" Sent It By Mistake, Yeah Right, German President Bows At Altar Of Globalists In Ukraine, Raytheon Making Billions From Ukraine, German Court Fines Taxi Driver 4000 Euros For Displaying Letter Z, Maybe He Should Display The Entire Alphabet MINUS The Z Now
30 US Dem's Letter: “Didn’t Consider Election Timing” But Maybe They Did
Video: Larry Johnson Podcasts, Fall Of The American Empire, The Details
Hatred And Dirty Bombs
In Our Woke Bizarro World Where Up Is Down, And Evil Is Good, Ukraine Is Winning The War
The Incestuous Globalist Leadership Has Led To Mandatory Decay And Collapse, West's Frantic Clawing At The Wall As It Descends Into Perdition, "The LORD Of Heaven's Army Says, 'They May Build, But I Will Throw Down; They Shall Be Called The Territory Of Wickedness'" Mal. 1:4
UN Russian Ambassdor Calls Out Western Hypocrisy Security Council, Time For the Global South To Form A New World Body
Memes For the Day
Video: The Mind Snatchers, Yes Virginia, There Are Terrorists, They Speak To You From Their Televised Newsrooms, Or Write To You On The Internet Citing Anonymous, Unknown Officials
Dead Journalism Language, Media Still Pushing Claims "US Officials Said" As A Source, So Why Not Make Up Stuff Too? "US Officials Said Biden Claims To Be A Reptile Alien" Or "US Officials Said The President Takes Orders from Klaus Schwab" Or "US Officials Said ..." (Fill In The Blank)
Zionist Israel's Biological War On Arabs
Zionst Israel's License To Kill
For Whom The HIMARS Game-Changes, Follow The Money
Video: Update, 25 Oct, US, West Plausibly Denies Dirty Bomb Claim As Expected, 30 US Dems Talk "Peace" ... Political Theater Just Before Elections,  More Lies To US Electorate, Clownworlds EU Resell Price Capped Oil, But What About Helping Our Europeans Heat Their Homes? German Ministries Campaign, "Freeze For the People," Sanctioned Iranian General Trolls EU, Use My Worldwide Assets And Sell Them To Buy Coal For Europeans
Video: Update, 24 Oct Ukraine Dirty Bomb, Russian Intel UK-Kiev Nuke Technology, Why Is Ukraine Worth The Risk? Sunak PM, Glue Protests
From The "Say No More" Dept: Former Goldman Sachs Analyst, Sunak New UK PM
"Davos In The Desert," US Not Invited
Desperate Ukraine Players Wanting To Use Dirty Bomb To Escalate War
Kiev Dirty Bomb Plot Exposed
Video: Update, 24 Oct Bankrupt Ukraine Blackmails EU, Macron Claims He Doesn't Know Why US LNG Is So Expensive, Kherson Dam, EU Still Meddling In Hungary
Video: Update, 23 Oct, Petraeus, Zelensky Fear Word Ops, Puppet Clown Bromance, Clownworlds Scientists Glued To Floor Overnight, Russian Cultural Centers Heating Points In Finland, Luxemburg
Video: Former President Hu Jintao Escorted Out Of CCP Meeting, But Was Escorted In As Well, Health Issues
Current US Troops In Romania A Photo-Op
Video: Potpourri Q&A, Timing Is Everything

Learn Wisdom Not Folly   

EcoHealth Whistleblower Doctor: "Covid" Gain Of Function Created In Several Labs, Covered It Up, Copy Of Report Sent To US Senate
Even After Murdering 20 Million People And Injuring 2.2 BILLION Others, Drug Monsters Have No Reverse Gear
Conclusive: "Covid" Made In A Lab
New Normal: Signs Of "Safe And Effective" And Increase In Cardiac Arrests, UK City Installs Defibrillators Around Town
Stanford Uni Course Tells Docs How To Handle Vax Hesitancy: Lie
Friday Funnies
Abnormal Rise In Cancers, And Heart Attacks Since mRNA Vaxxes According To Top Cardiologists
Another Cardiac SADS 
ICAN Will Challenge Any State's Mandate For Experimental Jabs To Attend School
Safe States-R For Your School Kids
Another Young Athlete SADS
Baffled Doctors Still Baffled, Another Student Athlete Has Heart Attack 
Are You Smarter Than The Non-Elected Unanimous Voters At The CDC Who Want To Inject Proven Lethal Injections Into Your Babies?
License To Kill CDC To Vote Thursday Whether To Require Killing Your Kids With Experimental Shots ... Whose Kids Are They?
What Kind Of A Society Allows Its Children To Be Injected With Experimental, Lethal Toxins?
After More Than 2 Years Of "Covid" Hysteria, Moderna CEO Now Says "Covid-19" Like A Seasonal Flu, So These Brainiacs Figure It Is Safe Now To Admit It? Damage Done, And Billions In Profits In Their Pockets From Their Toxic Experimental Injections, Betcha They Knew Before ...
Biden HHS Extends Public Health Emergency Over Seasonal Flu
The Criminal Medical Establishment More Interested In Your Death Than Your Life
Whistleblower: "Covid-19" Created In Wuhan Lab, Daszak, Eco-Health Alliance
Text/Video: Daszak Intent Admission, Insert Spike Proteins, Bind To Human Cells, 2016 
Boston University Biolab Docs Create New Omicron Variant That Has 80% Kill Rate, Funded By NIH, Fauci, Question Is, Given The "Covid Pandemic" Situation, Why? And If This One Escapes Accidently On Purpose??
Fauci: More Pathological Lies, Dementia Or Both? "I Had Nothing To Do With It!"
Another SADS Victim
80 Young Doctors Die, So Far, After Vax In Trudeau's Canada
Nice Of Companies To Out Themselves, Offering Money Discounts To Encourage Debilitating, Lethal Vaxxes
Video: Clown World
Sunday Comics
Eco Goes Wacko: After Van Gogh, Steal Milk, Pour On The Store's Floor To Protest Dairy Industry, Duh, Next Time Go Out To The Pasture And Smear Yourselves With Fresh Cow Patties, You Know Address The Methane End Of Things, BTW Humans Produce A Pint Of Methane Per Day, How Much Methane Did You Leave In The Store While You Poured Out The Milk That Has No Methane In It?
NASA: It's The Sun, "Cycles Play Key Roles In Short Term Climate, And Earth’s Position Relative To The Sun Is A Strong Driver Of Earth’s Long-Term Climate"
NOAA: Plant Growth Surging Alongside Increase CO2, Which Plants In Turn Increase O2 Through Photosynthesis
How Photosynthesis Uses CO2 And Produces Oxygen For Us To Breathe 
Text/Video: From The "Keep The Herd Running" Dept: Bill "Covid" Gates "Climate" Taxes: Just Another NWO Ruse, (Hysterical Covid-19 Now Just A Seasonal Flu), To Further Control Citizens, Push Into Poverty, See The Pattern Yet?

Video: Climate Change? Evidence Earth Is Actually Getting Cooler, It's Cycles And Sun, Colder And Drier Years Ahead, Major Financial Collapse Follows Historical Downturns To Colder Cycles

Video: Update, 22 Oct, Monastary Icons, aka Graven Image, Berlusconi, Putin Invented SMO, Anonymous "Military Savants" NYT 6 Weeks To Take Kherson, "Losers Determine End Of War," aka Total Surrender And Capitulation, "Losing" Russia Hits Electric Supply Stations All Over Ukraine, US Army Ready To Enter Ukraine, EU Wants To Steal Billions Of Russian Assets, Clownworld The Zelensky Itch
CIA Clownworld Handlers Of Ukraine 
Zionist Israel Still Firing Missiles At Damascus

NATO's Inferno Populated By Liars, Deceivers And Evilness
Video/Text: Russia's Strategy, And Ukraine Government Is Squealing
Not Just Zelensky, US And Europe Go Theatrical a la Thelma And Louise
Elites Want To Rid You Of Feeedom Of Currency, Switch To Use Their All Controlling Digital Central Banker NWO Currency
Peaceful Modernization Versus West's Wars, Coercion And Plundering
Video: US-Taiwan-China Relations, Taiwan Is NOT An Independent Country Recognized Anywhere, Including The US, As US Doing To Europe WIth Energy, It Does To Asia With Semiconductor Chips
Video: Update, 21 Oct Bojo Coming Back!? Larry The PM? Musk Twitter Deal, US Security Concerns, Clownworld Dark Side Drone Hysteria, Get Your T-Shirt
Biden Denies Drawing Down US Strategic Oil Reserves To Keep Gas Prices Down Before Mid-Term Elections, Yeah, Right, Watch What Happens After The Vote
Video: Update, 20 Oct Drone Game Changer, Rolling Blackouts, Panicked US Usual M.O., Stick Only, No Carrot, Financial Threats, Turning Point, Remember US Nukes In Turkey, Clownworld Bizarro Billionaire Bill, Europe's Energy Crisis "Good," But For Whom?
US Threatens Turkey, Which Way Will Turkey Go?
Text/Video: Truss Given Her Walking Papers, Cabbage Wins
UK Political Theatre Presents "Tossed Salad," The Story Of How A Fruit And Vegetable Became PM
Under Satan's Banner, The Synagogue Of Satan, Rev. 3:9
The Kingdom Of MbS's Saudi Arabia
Video: Update, 19 Oct, Wednesday Big Battle Kherson, Surovikin Interview, German Deindustrialization The Bankruptcies Begin, Clownworld Zelensky Losing War, But Has Vogue Photo Shoot, Book Deal
Video: Uzbekistan, A Part Of The Eurasian Heartland
Video: Iran
Video: UK Push For Truss To Resign, Jupiter's Wobbly Orbit, Economic Crisis In France Gets Worse
US Drone Tech, Copied By Iran, Used By Russia Bombing Kiev? "A Big Chunk Of Elephant Shit Assembled From Dishwasher Chips"
China Final Countdown To The Fair World Order As The West's New World Order Collapsing In On Itself
Video: The Parable Of The Fig Tree, Alexs And Robert Barnes, Ukraine Bizarro World, Elections, Inflation Crisis, Rampant Biden Government Corruption, Same Pattern As The Last Days Of The Western Roman Empire
US Finance Economy, aka Ponzi Scheme: Global Blood Sucking Parasite
From The Shores Of The Potomac, Biden Waves Good-bye To Saudi Arabia
Australia Revokes Its Recognition Of the Western Part Occupied Al-Quds As The Israeli Proclaimed Capital Of "Israel"
US Death Star: Cannibalizing Europe To Delay Its Ultimate Demise
Case Study: All You Need To Know About The Elites Running The Show
Video: Update, 18 Oct Follow The Money, But EU Weapons Fund Runs Dry,  General Armageddon, Full Surrender, Embassies Tell Citizens To Get Out Of Ukraine, Saudi Wants To Join BRICS, Ukraine Blackouts, India Tells US Au Revoir, Clownworld West Social Media Photo Shows Alleged Russian Bombing Of Civilian Train, Reality, Old Photo, It Was US/NATO From Serbia
Medvedev Warns Zionist Israel Against Sending Military Aid To Ukraine
Video: Update, 17 Oct Russian Drone Strikes Hit All Major Ukraine Cities Including Kiev, Protests In France, Moldova, Libya Propaganda Recycled, Military Viagara? News Flash, Young Soldiers, As A Rule, Don't Have Erectile Dysfunction Issues, Probably The Opposite, Clownworlds United 24 Bizarre Video, Macron's LNG Light Bulb Finally Lights Up
The Collective West's Empires Are All But Disappeared
Russia's Missiles Down 2 Of The Remaining Ukrainian Jets At A Distance Of 217 Km/135 Miles
Video/Text: Russia's Next Move In Ukraine, Russian Allies Shutting Down Their Embassies In Kiev ... General Armageddon, "We've Got Enough Power And Technical Means To Lead Ukraine To Total Capitulation"
Video: Update, 16 Oct Foreigners In Ukraine Urged To Leave, CIAmazonPost Says Morale Low, EU Wood Is Expensive
Video: Ukraine Crisis in Bakmut, Kherson Defeat, Putin Hint At End Of Ukraine?
London Times: Truss "A Pointless Prime Minister - An Empty Vessel With No Policies Or Power"
Video: Turkey-Russia "Working Together," But Keep In Mind This Is Erdogan
Russian Air Strikes On Turkish Backed Factions In Syria

Learn Wisdom Not Folly   

Cancer Rates Sharp Uptick Since First Week April 2021
Pro-Vax Body Builder Dies, Said We Can Use Him As A Test
Friday Funnies ... "A woman said to her husband, why are you whispering? He said, I feel like we're being listened to. She laughed. Then Siri laughed...."
Video: Highwire, Episode 289, Freedom Fest, The Plandemic Effects, Trivalent Vax Not Effective, Not Safe, Stop Vaxxes Now, Highly Vaxxed Are Damaged And Dying, 90+% Omicron Deaths Are In Vaxxed
If You Don't Think We're At War, Vax Killed 20 Million, Injured 2 Billion ... So Far
Video: SARS Virus Manipulated To Allow Spike Proteins To Invade Human Cells, Same Ability As AIDS Virus, Plandemic Bioweapon
Text/Video: Daszak Intent Admission, Insert Spike Proteins, Bind To Human Cells, 2016
2104 Fauci NIH Research: "A major target for potential HIV vaccines is a spike-shaped virus protein known as Env ... Env can evade immune system attack," Which Means They Knew At Least 7 Years Ago They Could Use A Spike Protein To Avoid And Attack Our Innate Immune System Protection And Infect Our Body's Cells
CDC Still Debating How To Respond To Safety Debate It Lost Over A Year Ago
Another Pfizer Horse Out Of The Barn, Never Tested For Prevention Of Transmission, But Not What We Were Told By Government, Big Pharma, Health Professionals
CDC Study Confirms "Covid" Vaxxes Prevent Transmission, April 2021, While Censored Real "Misinfo" Scientists Told Us It Was Not True, And They Were Right
Video: Will The Real Misinformationists Please Stand Up?
People Power: Twitter's Desperate Attempt To Silence FL Surgeon General
"Safe And Effective:" Another "Covid" Jab Victim, Once Healthy, Now Disabled
Globalist Plandemic, Climate Agenda Another Crime Against Humanity
Biden Administration Used $250 Million To Have Celebrities Push The Experimental Lethal Jabs, Who Knew The Terminator Was Real?
Audio: "Covid-19" Around As Early As 2018
French General: Unvaxxed Are Superheroes
Sunday Comics
Clownworld Vax Hesitancy? No Problem, Government Will Pay For Your Funeral
Pfizer-EU Advance Purchase Agreement Leaked
Hunter, Is That You? No One Messes With A F'd Up Biden?
CDC Putting Out Misinformation? Confirms 338X Cases Of AIDS Associated Diseases And Cancers After Vax Roll-Out
Swedish Study: Vaxxes Degrade Immune System Over Time, Viral Immune Escape, Increase In Hospitalizations And Death
Vaccinologist Video/Text: While Powers That Be Keep Spending The Money For Ads That The Vax Is Safe And Effective, Reality, Things Will Get Much, Much Worse, Omicron Immune Escape
From The "Damage Is Done" Dept: Vaxxed Kids Weakened Immune System, Hospitalized For Common Cold, Exactly What The Research Scientists 2 Years Ago Said Would Happen, But Their Voices Were Censored As "Misinformation," But, Do People Get It Yet?
Text/Video: What Are People Seeing Just Before They Drop Dead From "Covid" Vax?
Are The Kids Okay? Not If They've Been Pfizered
What Is Your Gut's Reaction To "Covid" Jabs?
US DOD Funded Ukraine Research Contract 3 Months Before "Covid" Publicly Known
WHO Shipped "Covid-19" Test Kits Worldwide In 2017, Tracking Number 300215 
Is Biden Channeling Walter Mitty Or Don Quixote?

Germany's Failing Nat Gas Storage Experiment
NATO Perfect Timing, Nuke War Exercises
Video: Update, 15 Oct Putin Russian Missile Strikes, Kiev Killed Peace Deal With Its Pullout, Sweden Shuts Down It NS Investigation, Musk On Ukrainian Kill List Supported By Biden Administration, Clownworld Van Gogh Sunflowers Painting Defaced By "Environmentalists"
It's The West, Not The East, That Will Fall According To The Clear Message Of The Prophecies
The US Led Collective West's Ukraine Ultimate Defeat, Coming Full Circle To The Prophetic Final Act In The Middle East, Dan. 11:44, 45, Troublesome Tidings, East Is China, North Is Russia
Damascus And The Middle East, Soaked In Blood And The Oil Of Desert Sand
Syrian Soldiers Killed In Bus Bomb Blast Near Damascus 
Zionist's War On The Palestinians
Israel's RoboShooter Use Palestinians As Targets 
Zionists IOF Kill Doctor, Others Storming Jenin Refugee Camp 
Hypocritical US Occupational Forces Refuse To Leave Syria's Oil Fields Despite Syrian Government Making The Request
Western Empire Attacks, World Strikes Back, Middle East Coming Into Focus 
Russia Courts Muslim Countries: Hyperbole Bites Back, US Neocons Bragged In 2003, We Are The New OPEC, ME Countries Didn't Forget, And Now Schwab And NWO Not Liking It
Meet Russian General "Armageddon" 
Video: Update, 14 Oct TurkStream Sabotage? Several Arrested, Collective West's Obsession With Tactical Nukes In Ukraine, Russia Doesn't Need To Use Them As They Have Thermobaric FOAB, EU Garden In A Jungle, Musk, Pentagon, Starlink, Clownworld AOC Called Out
Video: Russian Missile And Drone Strikes Continue Across Ukraine 
So Far This Week, 70% Ukraine Power Capabilities Destroyed, 50% Of Energy Generation Capabilities, Boy, That TV Comedian Zelensky Really Knows How To Win A War
What's Happening In The Fair World Order: The CICA Summit In Astana 
Finance Vs. Energy: You Can Print Money, You Can't Print Oil, BTW, Finance, It's Not Your Oil
Biden's Attempt To Get Saudis To Cut Oil Prices Until After Mid-Terms ... Really Care About Americans Or Just Political Gain?
It's Not Just Biden, Seems Like The Entire Administration Prone To Believing Fairy Tales
Biden Administration Releases National Security Strategy Document, Available In The Fiction Section Next To Grimm's Fairy Tales  
Video/Text: The Coming Economic Pain 
Video: Bank Of England, Task At Hand, Total Regime Change In UK 
Video: No Tax Cuts For The Masses, Bank Of England ("Owned By The UK Government, Even So, We (Rothschilds) Are Unique In That We Are Independent From The Government And Our Tasks Are Handled Appropriately") Force Tax Increases, Regime Change In UK, But Not Solving Problems, It's Power And Control As Usual
Lunatic US Policies Doom US And Collective West 
Video: Update 2, 13 Oct Putin Proposes Turkey, TurkStream, As New Gas/Oil Hub, Why Would Sweden Hide Investigation On Nord Stream Pipelines From Russia a la MH-17? Biden Wanted 1 Month OPEC Delay Until After Mid-Term Elections, Green Screen Revealed 
Video: Russian Missile Strikes Continue At Same Rate, Ukraine Electrical Grid In Serious Trouble, How Do You Operate Missile Defense Systems Without Electricity? Putin Criticizes West's Oil Price Cap  
Video: Update, 13 Oct West's UN Referenda Vote Fails, India, China, S. Africa Abstain, Over Half World's Population Against, NATO 10 Year Ukraine Plan, Living By The Sword, West Sending Air Defense Systems To Ukraine, NATO Will Have To Operate, After This Fails, What Then, Nukes? Why Is Ukraine This Important To West? More Than Just Territory, Sanction Russian Aluminium, Clownworld Odessa Cancels Musk 
Video: Update 2, 12 Oct Putin Speech At Energy Forum, Cui Bono?, Russia Intel ID's Kerch Bridge Participants, Plot Details, UK Plan, Clownworld Ukraine Demolishes Statue, Like Antifa
Russia Does Need To Use Tactical Nukes, Instead Can Use Thermobaric FOAB
NATO Planned A Preemptive Strike On Russia, Polaris 21 Last Nov-Dec, Shortly Before Ukraine Was Set To Start A Major Offensive In Donbass, But Russia Beat Them To The Punch
Video: Russian Missile Strikes Continue 3rd Day, More Kerch Bridge Attack Details, Ukraine Offensive Stops, G7 Oblivious 
Video: French Strikes, Anger Towards Macron, Military Unhappy With Macron, No Majority In Parliament, Demand Jupiter's Resignation
Video: Update, 12 Oct Biden Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Bizarro World Daily Spin, CIAmazonPost Claims India, S. Africa To Isolate Putin, Globalists "We'll Own Everything" Idea Of Peace Is "Do It Our Way," NYT Claims "Russia Out Of Missiles," So What's Falling On Kiev And Other Cities? Twisted Logic, Missile Strikes Continue For 3rd Day, Critical Electrical Grid Near Collapse, Clownworld EU Pay Raise
Ukraine: US And NATO's Tar Pit
Biden's 3 Most Dangerous Words, Make America Great Again :-)
Biden's Bizarro World Midas Touch Strikes Again, Middle East Oil Supplies, No US Friendlies In OPEC+
CSTO Members Belarus And Russia To Form Joint Regional Army, Remember Their Joint Winter Military Exercises Last February, And Pundits Were Asking Why, As Ukraine Puts Troops on Belarus Southern Border
Ukraine Hit Hard By Missiles Strikes Second Day, Taking Out Electrical Other Needed Infrastructure As Winter Weather Weeks Away
US Playing Games With Emergency Special Session Of UNGA, Called Out By Russian Permanent Resident, How Long Before Rest Of World Forms A New Body Not Located In US?
Video: Update, 11 Oct, Clownworld Zelensky Green Screen Selfies, Panic, Retreats To Safe Place, On Camera, Zelensky Asks G7 (NATO) For Peace Keeping Troops In Ukraine, Belarus Border, A 2 Front War? Double Down On Lies, Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Dem Party
Video: End Ukraine Proxy War Or Armageddon?
Typical Bullies, Ukraine Has Killed An Estimated 10,000+ Civilians In The Past 8 Years, Then Squeals Like A Stuck Pig When 14 Are Killed In Retaliatory Strike
Text Of Putin's Remarks To Russian Security Council Following Massive Missile Strikes On Ukraine
Video: UK, Truss All In With Ukraine, NATO, Ignoring People Of England's Severe Domestic Problems, Rotten Core Values
From The "Digging The Hole Deeper" Dept: Collective West Keeps Shoveling, Losing On All Fronts
Video: Kerch Bridge
Ukraine Now A Terrorist State, Pipelines, Bridge, Assassinations, As Russian Intel Services Have Thwarted Others, Azov Nazis, Zelensky Called For Nuke Attack On Russia, And Western Idiots Support This Guy?
Videos: Ukraine, What A Difference A Day Makes, Be Sure To Watch Last Video, Russian Chechen Forces At Parade, Oh, BTW, Thanks For The Javelins, Biden
Russia's "General Armageddon" Unleashes Shock And Awe On Kiev, Details Of Where The Truck With Explosives Traveled That Hit Kerch Bridge And Those Involved
Video: Massive Strikes In Ukraine, Putin, It's A Warning, But Will They Listen Because They Haven't So Far?
Video, Update 2, 10 Oct Numerous Ukraine Cities Hit, 47 Missiles Hit Kiev Alone, Where Are Ukraine Air Defenses From US, NATO With All Those Billions? Zelensky Panic, But Where Is Your PR To Protect You Now?
Video: Kremlin Sends Message To Ukraine, Q&A Alexs With Moscow Resident
Video: Update, 10 Oct Russia Responds, SBU Offices In Middle Of Kiev Hit, Other Missiles Hitting Ukraine, New Russian Command General, "For The Enemies Of Russia, The Morning Does Not Start With Coffee," Putin Labels Crimea Attack As Terrorism, US Threatens To Punish MbS, OPEC, Be Careful US, They Have The Resources, Paris Protests, Clownworlds Ukraine Ex-Ambassador To Germany Asked Why His Son Is Studying In Berlin Rather Than Fighting In Ukraine For Their Freedom, Crass Lies, Accusations For Response, Kersch Bridge Putin's Killer Dolphins 
More Than 70 Missile Strikes On Ukraine
Ukrainian Cities Come Under Attack
Hmm, Ukrainian Claims That Russia Has Run Out Of Missiles Must Have Been Premature 
Now That Russia Is Hitting Back, Is His Dream Becoming A Nightmare?
Text/Video: Kerch Bridge Explosion, Bridge Back In Service
Video: Biden Drains US Strategic Oil Reserves To 40 Year Low, Keep Gas Prices Low Before Mid-Terms
People Power: PayPal Backs Off Stealing Your Free Speech Money, But Will Still Cancel You
Kerch Bridge: Despite Rumors Of Its Death, It Is Open For Business, Now It's Russia's Turn
Video: Update, 9 Oct, Kerch Bridge Operational, No Military Victory For Ukraine, Just A PR Win, New Russian General Unified Command Of Forces, Clinton And Blair Wanted Hungary To Invade Serbia, PayPal Still Cancel Accounts For Misinfo, Clownworld What Passes For MSM Analysis, Putin Hiding In A Bunker On His Birthday Coming From A Country Whose President Turns To Shake Hands With Invisible Person, Or Scans Audience Looking For Dead Person

Learn Wisdom Not Folly 

Surgeon Sees 84% Rise In Cardiac Deaths In Vaxxed 18-39 Year Olds
Huge Rise In Miscarriages And Fetal Abnormalities Since Vaxxes Began
Death By Ventilator ... 30,000+
17 Year Old Vaxxed Daughter Of Pro-Vax US Congressman Dies Suddenly Of Heart Arrhythmia, Politican Dad In Denial It Was Vaxxes, "We'll Never Know"
Looks Like The Powers That Be Figured They Have Inflicted As Much Damage As They Can With The "Covid" Plandemic, Easing Off Around The World Now That Evidence Of The Damage Is Coming Out 
Friday Funnies
"Pfizer Killed About 40X More People Than "Covid" Would Have Killed During Recent 5 Week Vax Period" In Very High Vax Rate Zionist Israel
Vaxxes Reducing Natural Immunity Paving Way For Global Health Disaster
"Covid" Vax Trickle Lies By WHO
Vax mRNA Detected In Breast Milk ... Tied To Baby Formula Shortages?
Vax Spike Proteins And Its Silent Heart Attacks
Proof CDC Ignoring Safety Signals From "Covid" Vax, Would Have Thought "Death" Would Be A Strong Signal To Inform The Public
Video: WHO, Camps And Medical Tyranny, In The Works For Decades
Ad Hominem Easy Neolib Smear Tactics, Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is, How About Discussing Each Point On Merit?
Video: Highwire, The Vax Pandemic, Big Pharma Hid Critical Information, UK 14,000 Excess Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrests, Israel Has Seen An Increase Of 25% Heart Attacks In 16-39 Year-Olds Specifically Associated With The Vaxxes, Not Covid
We Will Own Everything, And You'll Be Happy ... Or Long Since Dead
From The "You've Been Had" Dept: The Fake "Covid Pandemic" Has Resulted In The Real Vaxxed Pandemic As Originally Planned, How Do You Get A Toxic Substance Injected Into People? Lies, Fear, Mandates
New Video: Safe And Effective ... ???
From The "Cat Chasing Its Tail" Dept: Does China Really Believe They Can Rid Themselves Of Corona Viruses, Colds, Flu, "Covid," When No One Else In History Has Done It? 
Nose Spray For Viral/Bacterial Protection
Criminal Fraud And More? Why Did CDC Hide V-Safe Info From Public While People Were Dying?
ICAN: After Suing CDC Twice For Public Information, Obtains V-Safe Data, Shows 30+% Adverse Reactions
Would You Spend $453,000 To Transgender A Monkey, No?, Fauci Did Using Your Tax Money
Collusion And Corruption: Vaxxes And Billions EU Style
Peter "Coronavirus" Daszak Gets NIH Grant (Reward?) To Examine Bat Coronavirus ... Wasn't That Done Already, You Know, The Bat Soup Thing?
mRNA Spike Proteins Found In Deceased Man's Heart And Brain
Canadian Data: The More Shots You Get, The More Likely You Die, Pandemic Of The Vaxxed
Excess Deaths Among Canadian Docs Who Got Boosted
Text, Videos: WHO, Public Health Enemy #1
California Governor Going After Doctors Who Spread "MisInfo About Covid" That Now Is Being Proven Correct
Sunday Comics
Using Mosquitos To Vax People, Don't Need Vax Mandates Anymore
Collins (NIH), Fauci (NIAID) Funded Mossy Vax Experiment 
Too Late, Horses Out Of The Barn, Pro-Vax Doc Now Says Stop
The Corrupt Pro-Vax, Anti-Ivermectin Medical Journals, More Than 500 Articles To Be Retracted, Too Late
Too Late, Trudeau Suspends Vax, Mask Mandates, Damage Done
Video: Yep, Too Late, Damage Done
Video: Climate Change Apocalyptic Cult, Another Hoax a la "Covid," No Increase In Landfall Hurricanes In Past 120 Years, Don't Expect Any, Slight Decline, NOAA
Hurricane Andrew, Worst Ever To Hit Florida, Yet No Talk Of Climate Change Back Then
Definition Of Climate, Condition Of The Weather In A Region Of The Earth, So Climates Change, How Often Does The Weather Change Where You Live, Wait 5 Minutes?
NOAA: "Since The Start Of The 20th Century, Plants Around The World Are Utilizing 30 Percent More Carbon Dioxide," Spurring Plant Growth As Increase In Crops To Feed People
Ukraine, West Resort To Sabotage, Pipelines And Bridge, US Forces On The Ground In Ukraine
UN HRC Defeat For US Trying To Weaponize Human Rights Against China
PayPal's Version Of Freedom Of Speech: Will Steal $2500 Out Of Your Account If You Say Something They Don't Like, Calling It Misinformation
Video: Update, 8 Oct, First Russian Pipelines, Now Attack On Crimea, Kerch Bridge, Starlink Down, Zelensky Wants Nukes, Preemptive Nuke Kick On Russia, Clownworld Ninja In Ukraine
Video: Ukraine's Political Show War Vs. Russia's Military War
Video: Update, 7 Oct Biden Nuke Speech, Zelensky Calls To Nuke Russia, Lots Of Fiction Coming From The West, Biden Begging Venezuela For Oil, Hey, Where's Our Gold? Lift Sanctions First Joe, Macron's EPC Fiefdom, Pathetic Grasping At Straws, Poland Share US Nukes? Clownworld Ukrainian Orgy If Russia Nukes Ukraine
China In The Ascendant, While Collective West Is In The Rapid Descendant, Spreading Lies And Discord On The Way Down
Biden & Co. Stirring Up Nuke Fear Over A Threat No One Has Made, Beware False Flag Op By West
Remember All Those Mob Protests In Iran Over The Kurdish Iranian Girl, She Died Of Multiple Organ Failure Due To Cerebral Hypoxia, Underwent Brain Surgery In 2006

Seems Like Zelensky Is Feeling The Heat That Is Due To Come His Way
Time For American Leaders To Wake Up And Realize Russia Is Genuinely Fed Up With The Games The West Plays In Quest Of Its Globalist NWO, And It Has The Means And Resources To Back It Up
Video: War Zone Report From Donetsk, China, Against The Law In Ukraine To Accept Aid From Russia, Civilians Still Killed By Shelling In Referendum Areas By Ukrainians, US Ally "Shooting Them Like Pigs", China City Of 32 Million, No Homeless People, High Speed Bullet Trains Throughout Country, Excellent Insight
Michael Hudson: Interesting Observations Of Russia, China Economies, Currencies, Germany's Economic Wreckage, Old World Order Vs. Fair New World Order
Video: German Deindustrialization, Plan To Remove Europe From Any Energy Source Except From US
European Countries Need To Face Fact That Biden Betrayed Them, Nord Stream 2 Still Has One Pipe Working, Can Supply Gas To Europe, Why If The Russians Blew Up Their Pipeline To Prevent Gas To Europe?
Video: Update, 6 Oct No One F*cks With A Biden, Well, Except Putin, MbS, Saudi Oil Minister Rips Reuters Reporter, Biden Saudi Oil Increase Lie, Neocon Self-Reassuring Mantra, (Fill In The Blank) Must Go, Forked Tongue No US Policy Of Regime Change Despite Real World Actions, Russian Drones Take Out Target Near Kiev, NYT, US Intel Darya Dugina, Zelensky Under The Bus? Narrative To Get Ahead Of Russian Intel Services, Nord Stream 2 2nd Pipeline Still Can Deliver Gas, Clownworld BBC Reporter In Helmet And Flak Gear Busted By Ukrainian Woman With Shopping Bags
Ursala's EU Mantra: If At First, Second, Third, ... Eighth You Don't Succeed, Then Fail, Fail Again, As NOFWABiden Depletes US Strategic Oil Reserves, 50% So Far, For Political Purposes, Help Keep Dems In Office
As WShite House Reduces US Strategic Oil Supplies, Issues Threat To OPEC+  
Let Them Freeze: Germans Need To Cut Gas Consumption Big Time If They Hope To Avoid Becoming Popsicles
Text/Video: Ukraine Capturing ... Open Fields And Trees, Looks Like Another Russian Bait, Surround And Destroy Tactic
Pipeline Sabotage: Even A Liberal University Economist Believes The US Did It ... And So Does The Rest Of the World, Then Days Later Oil Productions Cuts Announced By OPEC+
Living In The Times Of Evil Darkness And Mass Stupidity, Devoid Of Moral Leadership
Video: Update, 5 Oct, Russia Gains 4 Territories, 8.8 Million People, Temporarily Gives Up Some Territory In Kherson Until Russia Makes Big Offensive, Putin Regime Change, But Follow The Money To Ukraine, Up Or Down? War Between NWO And Fair World Order, Russia, OPEC To Cut Oil By 2 Million Barrels A Day, Clownworld Twitter Musk Saga
While The Slovakian Government Has Supported Ukraine With Military Weapons, 52% Of Population Want Russia To Win
The Spirit Of Hitler Lives On In The Western Media And The Halls Of Congress: Media Hides Fascist Ideology Of Ukraine Militia Visiting US Congress
"The Evil American Empire Is Doing All This Sh*t"
Any Attack By Ukraine On New Russian Federation Territory, Russia Can Invoke CSTO Nations To Help Out
No Wonder Putin Said Collective West Has Satanic Influence, Who Put The Money Up For This?
Despite What US Politicians Might Claim, 90% Of The World Does Not Support US In Ukraine, Since 1991 US Has Launched 251 Military Interventions Around The World, Making America Exceptional, #1 
UK Already Owns Jerusalem Land For Embassy, PM (Democracy, Liberty, Human Rights) Truss Admits She Is A "Huge Zionist," The Same Ones Killing Palestinians, Bulldozing Down Their Houses, Violating Their Holy al-Asqa Mosque, Bombing Damascus Airport
After His Success With Ukraine, Soros Makes America Enemy #1
Video: In Case You Had Any Misperceptions Of The True Nature Of The West Backed Ukraine Zelensky Government That Biden Has Given Billions To, Look No Further, Grown "Men" Place 13 Year-Old Girl On Kill List
Pentagon Chief: US Will "Help Defend" China If China Invades China? News Flash, Taiwan IS A Part Of China, Not A Member Of UN, So How Is It US Recognizes One China Policy?
FM Lavrov, Russia Doesn't Care If West Recognizes Referendum Results, But They Will Need To Understand The New Reality; Ukraine Nothing More Than A Subservient Political Vassal Of The Collective West
Send In The Clowns, Don't Bother ... The Central Bankers Are Here
Crash Test Dummies Of The Financial Kind
China's Look At Ukraine, De Facto Cannon Fodder For US, Like So Many Others Before It
Liz Truss' "Seat Of The Pants" Government Makes U-Turn Already
Well, Canada, If That's The Reason, Obviously Sanctioning US Or Zionist Israel TV Too, Or Just Being Hypocritical As Usual?
Video: China's Domestic Built Airliner Gets Certification, $74 Billion In Worldwide Orders So Far
Video: Update, 4 Oct Elon Musk Tweets Peace Proposal, Macron Creates EU Light, Turtleneck Look
Despite The Public Rhetoric, The US Is Wondering, What's The Difference Between Being In A Jam Vs. Being In A Pickle?
Video: SMO Coming To An End, Paradigm Shift, Lavrov, Diplomacy Success
Video: Update, 3 Oct Elections Brazil, Bulgaria, Russia, We Can Repair Nord Stream, What Do You Say, Germany, Want Us To Repair It? Clownworld 9 Countries Want Ukraine In NATO
No Nord Stream Pipelines, LNG Prices And Demand Have Soared In Past Two "Covid" Years, Most Contracts Are For Asia, Not Help For Germany, EU
Germany To Suffer Defeat As Bad Or Worse Than WW1, WW2, No Pipelines, No Gas, All This In Months Rather Than Years
Video: Latest Military Events In Ukraine
Video: Billions In Damage From Hurricane Ian, Maybe Zelensky Could Throw Back A Few Billion
Video: NATO Rejects Ukraine Membership, UK Gov't Heading Into Oblivion
Too Late Germany, No Nord Stream 2, Maybe Biden Will Send Billions To You Like Ukraine
Video: Update, 2 October, BS Blinken, Now Europe Less Dependent On Russian Energy, "Tremendous Opportunity," But For Whom? Now More Dependent On US, Ursala, From 110 BCM Gas Per Year To 13 BCM Hoisted As A Tremendous Victory, Crazy, They Lie To Themselves And They Believe It, Clownworld Luke Skywalker Goes Over To The Dark Side
Italy Off Russia's Friendly Nations List

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Friday Funnies
Judge Reinstates NYPD Union Members Cut Over Vax Mandate
NYC Forced To Drop Crazy Vax Policy
Do You Want To Keep Censored Google And Gmail? Lots Of Better Options
Ukraine: US Biolab Central, What Were They Doing?
Court Gives CDC 4 Days To Release Data On Vax Injuries
Pro-Vax Heart Doc Now Calls For Immediate End Of Vax
The FDA Pats Its Victims On The Head, Thanks For Sharing
The PCR Scam: We Need Those Case Numbers To Drive The Herd To Fear
Did Those In The Know Actually Get Vaxxed, Or Just Lying To Us?
Canadian Roulette: Woman Dies In Pharmacy Within 15 Minutes After Getting Bivalent Booster
Sunday Comics
Hurricanes Not Getting Stronger Or More Numerous, Planet Actually Getting Cooler

Video: Update, 1 Oct Putin Echos Prophecy: Things Will Never Be The Same, West's Satanism, Zelensky Wants NATO Fast Track, Told No Way, So He Has A Piece Of Paper, Russia Has 4 New Regions, 180,000 Red Square Party, NATO Feed Cut And Switches To Putin Speech, Clownworld EU On Track To Sanction Themselves Out Of Existence, Banning Russian Toilet Paper
Text: Putin's Speech On New Entries Into Russian Federation
US Propaganda Embraced By Those Who Love The Lie
Video: Jordan Peterson, Why Is The West Attracted To Stupidity, Like Flies Attracted To S...?
Video: 1 Oct New Russian Regions, The SMO Over, Now It's Russian Territory
US Congressional Bill Aimed At China Over Taiwan, How To You Say Deja Vu Ukraine?
Growing SCO Cohesion Over US, West's Actions
"If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It:" US Gets Apoplectic Over New Russian Territory, They Should Have Left The Bear Alone And Lived Up To The Minsk Agreements, So What Do They Do? More Cowbell
Four Oblasts Join Russia
Video: Putin's Historic Speech Finalizes Referendums Results, Collective West On Its Butt, Throws Tantrum After Picking The Fight, No Going Back
Putin Hits Nail On The Head, Western Satanism, Imposing Perversions On Children, Zelensky Rejects Negotiations
Video: Update, 30 Sept US VP Announces Alliance With North Korea :-)? Ukraine Command Center Retreats To Germany, But Aren't They Winning? Ukrainian Forces Shell Civilian Convoy Moving Towards Russian Territory, More Pipeline Sabotage? Clownworld Fairy Tale Ukraine's Woke Army Is Best, Which Is Why Ukraine Has Lost The Best 20% Of Its Country In 6 Months After 8 Years Of Preparation And Entrenchment, And Why They've Holed Up In Shopping Centers, Civilian Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Kindergartens
Putin Signs Legal Documents Admitting New Territory To Russian Federation
Bojo Steps Down, New PM A Step Down For UK
Should Europe Thank US For Destroying The Pipelines And Their Countries?
Prague Protests: "Czechia First," Not Ukraine
Video: Cui Bono Pipelines, Alexs And Robert Barnes, In The Big Picture Russia Loses 2 Pipelines, But Gains Best Agriculture/Industrial 20% Of Ukraine, But It Kills Germany
Video: Update, 29 Sept NATO Tries To Direct Pipeline Sabotage Narrative, UK Remote Control Sabotage, EU Sanctions Alexander Dugin, Clownworld UK Telegraph Giving Babylon Bee A Run For Their Money
Video: Update, 28 Sept Nord Stream Sabotage, Blinken, Baltic Pipeline, Russia's Final Warning, Clownworld Ned Price
EU Elite Dictators Show Their True Colors About Transparent Democracy, They Hate It
4 Regions Set To Join Russian Federation With Overwhelming Average 94% Approval, Major Repudiation Of The Collective West, BS Blinken Kiev Every Right To Take Them Back, You Mean Like England Right To Take Back The US?
Video: Why Are Nuclear Nutcases In US So Nervously Waving The Nuclear Threat? Transference? Especially As US Has No Defense Against Russian Hypersonic Nuclear Weapons
Statement On Ukraine In UNSC, Donbas Referendums, "In General, The Western Model Of Democracy Has Been Reduced To The Liberal Minority Dictating Its Will To The Conservative Majority," Just Like In The US
Africans Are On To Desperate Colonial Lying, Hypocrtical US Interference With Russia Relations
Russia Releases 34 Page Document, Photos Of Ukraine's Violation of International Law And Military Crimes Against Civilian Populations
Pipeline Sabotage A Direct Act Of War?
Bizarro World Ursala, The EU's Hitman, Killing Decocracy, Open Threats To Those Nations That Don't Toe The Line
The Nord Stream Pipelines Sabotage, Cui Bono? The US, Poland The Question Is, Will Russia Hit Back Quid Pro Quo?
Maybe Poland's New Pipeline?
Sitrep On Nord Stream 1 & 2 Pipelines ... Referendum Pipeline Connection To Biden?
Video: Western Collapse, EU, Nord Streams Sabotage, Bringing Germany Down, Impact On US, Empire In Decline As The East, Global South Are Surging
Eating Their Young: US War On Germany, Destroying Germany To Keep US Economy Afloat
Underwater Pipeline Sabotage, Explosions Reported In Area Of NS1, NS2 Gas Leaks, Making Sure Germany And EU Can't Change Mind About Russian Gas, But Who Has The Means To Do This, And Who Benefits? US, NATO? 
Iran Protests: Appears Outsiders Stirring The Pot ... Zionist Israel, US?
Meet The Person On The US Payroll Behind Iran's CIA-Led Riots, M.O. Never Changed Over The Decades
Video: US Sponsored Attempted Regime Change In Iran ... Again
US Regime Change Master List
Iran-Venezuela Help Each Other Out
Donbas Referendums Planned Well In Advance, Should Be Official This Friday, What Does Russia Have At The Ready When Ukraine Attacks The Returned Oblasts To Russia?
Video: Update, 27 Sept Italians Take Down EU Flag, Put Up Italian Flag, Darkening Outlook For EU Following String Of Lies, Backfired Sanctions, Plan To Break Up Russia, Hungary's Orban Tells It Like It Is, NS1, NS2 Sabotage? ... Leaking Undersea Holes, Putin Makes Snowden A Russian Citizen, Clownworld West No Free Speech Except When Talking About Their "Free Speech"
Donbass Referdums: "We're Going Home!"
Understanding Why Current CIA Analysis Generally Is Useless
Video: Update, 26 Sept Italian Elections, Donbass Referendums, Fric And Frac Sullivan, Blinken Warn Russia, If Russia Used Hypersonic Nukes, US Has No Way To Stop Them, Clownworld While EU Can't Heat Their Houses, Russia Is Looking At Heated Sidewalks To Prevent Ice
US Society Okay With Christianity As Long As You're Not One Of Those Weirdos Who Actiually Believes The Bible :-) :-(
Nicaragua Government Removes CNN
Video: Can New PM Save UK From Collapse ... Uh, No
Video: Update, 25 Sept Lavrov, Referendums Just Doing As Zelensky Told Them To Do, Cowardly Ukraine Targets Journalist Hotel, EU Tail Wagging The UN Dog, Unelected EU Forbids Elected Government Of Cyprus To Meet With Lavrov, Russia's Iranian Drones Hit Military Sites In Odessa, Iranian Kurd Masha Ameni, 22 YO, Dead Of Heart Attack, SADS, Clownworld Klaus Schwabette NZ PM Jacinda Points Out Dangers Of Interconnected Globalism, Sounded Like Soviet Collectivist, We'll Own Everything

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

The Fauci Fraud
NY Judge Rules Vax Mandates Invalid ... Great, But A Bit Too Late
Like Oil Paint On A Canvas, The Liars Are Piling More Lies On Top Of The Former Lies To Paint A New Picture ... Myocarditis Now "Normal" Kid Ailment ... For The First Time In History
Friday Funnies
The "Covid" Lies Are Floating To The Surface
The Fox Inside The "Covid" Coop
"Covid" Vaxxes Ongoing Harm
"Covid" Shots For Kids Are Dead, As Are Some Kids Too
"Covid" Vaxxes Most Deadly Ever Produced, And Still Being Advertised And Promoted ... Get It Yet?
Billy And The Beanstalk: Gates Peddles His "Magic Seeds"
One Side Of Earth Is Rapidily Getting Colder Than The Other ... It's Land Masses And Seafloor Heat Dissapation, Not Carbon Emissions 
Video: Fauci's 14th Century Pseudo-Science, Submission And Control
Oral-Nasal Wash And Omicron
"Recharge Your Immune System," Just Plug In One More Of Our Vaxxes For Life-Long Dependence, Which Will Be Shorter Than You Think
Louisiana Dept. Of Health Rescinds Shot Mandate For School Attendance, Great, But Too Late, Damage Is Done
Synthetic Spike Proteins In Vaxxes Cause Long Term Symptoms, Injuries, Death

Video: Update, 24 Sept, Italian Election, Referendum Sabotage Fails, Iranian Drones
Russian FM UNGA Speech, 6 Points, US, Ukraine, EU Unelected Dictatorship, Old World Order Crumbling
From The "Grass Is Browner On The Other Side Of The Sanctions" Dept: Terminator Habeck Looking To Kill Trade With China Too, Ensuring Germany's Suicide
NYTabloid Back To Its Journalistic Roots ... "Officials Said," Umm, Would That Be Officials Of The Local Toilet Bowl Cleaners Union Or The Shite Shovelers of America?
Will Europe Break Away From US Or Just Break?
Video: Update 3, 23 Sept Clownworld EU Ursala Threatens Italian Voters, So Much For Democracy, Peskov, Russian Constitution After Donbas Vote, Clownworld Poland If You Can't Afford 3 Tons Of Coal, Then Buy 1.5, Energy Shortage Solved!
Video: Update 2, Sept 23 Clownworld Boris Freudian Slip, Germany Nationalizes Theft, Digs Hole Deeper, Death Wish 2, Disfunctional And Crazy NATO Targets China
The Failing NWO Globalist Experiment Headed For The Dirt, EU On Way To Becoming 3rd World Hellhole
US And West's Elites Don't Like People Voting
The Join Russia Vote Has Begun
Since 9/11, More US Troops Killed By Suicide Than Combat
Russia Eliminates Mercenaries, Azov Fighters
Video: Update, 23 Sept, US And West Poked The Bear, Now Squealing Like Hypocritical Stuck Pigs, Lavrov UN Speech, Macron EU Not At War Despite US Ukraine 2014 Coup, Russian Sanctions, Arms And Billions To Ukraine By Collective West, POW Swap, Donbass Referendum Begins, Munich And Minsk, Clownworld Zelensky And NWO Clinton Foundation Event
We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us, US Falling Fast 
Interview Alexander Khodakovskii ... Ethnic Russians Have Never Considered Themselves Ukrainians

Zionist Knesset Member Pushes For Outright Assault On Muslim's Jerusalem Holy Mosque, Daniel's Prophecy, War Not That Far Away, Be Patient Ben Gvir, You Might Get More Than You Think
Edward Snowden: Are We Right To Think That, Americans?
Remind Us Again, Who's Lying And Panicked?
What's Going On? 4th US Gas Plant Explosion Since June, Like The Food Processing Plants
Video: Update 22 Sept, Russia-Ukraine POW Swap, Russians Fight Or Flight, If It Looks Like War, Smells Like War And Sounds Like War, Then .... EU Taking Their Ball And Going Home, Remove Veto On Russia Votes, Protests In Brussels, Blackout By EU Media, Clownworld EURO 2024

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