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Autumn 2021

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or name sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Autumn 2021

Video: The Answer Is We Walked Away From The Truth Of The Word Of God And Learned To Love The Lies,  2 Ths. 2:9-12
The Fruits Of Our Labors
The Murdering Liars Keep Moving The Goalposts: From 2 Weeks To Unknown Number Of Boosters
The Lies Don't Add Up
British Medical Journal: Facebook Not Fact Checkers ... "Inaccurate, Incompetent And Irresponsible"
More Lies, In Other Words CDC Over-Counting Those Vaxxed ... By The Millions
So How Many Are Vaxxed? They Don't Know
This Is Why You Need To Get Triple Vaxxed, So You Can Get "Covid," You Know, Just Like Being Unvaxxed, Except You Get Killer Bioweapon Spike Proteins Injected Into You
Experimental "Covid" Jabs Most Lethal In History, Remember This When Jab Exempt Government Officials Disregard The Evidence And Push More Shots [Engineered Bioweapons] On Us, Destroying Our Immune System Capability, They Are Consciously Wanting To Kill Us
Why Are The Elites So Anxious And Desperate To Inject Citizens With A Lethal Toxin?
"Nazi Austria" As Police Track Down Those Who Haven't Had Their Lethal Injections, Not Even Hitler Did That To All Germans
Maple Leaf Or Jackboot O Canada? Trudeau's Security Thugs Attack Rebel News Reporter Who Is Standing On Sidewalk With Others
Natural Immunity: CDC's Two Published Studies "So Flawed, Worse Than A 7th Grade Science Experiment," With Apologies To 7th Graders
Unless You Were There, You Probably Missed It ... Millions In Protests
ICAN Funded Lawsuit, Court Strikes Down Vax Mandate To Attend School In San Diego, California
California School District Says No To Governor's Dictatorial Vax Order
Video: The Evil Premeditated Midazolam Mass Murders, Need To Watch This Factual Lookback At The Great "Covid" Homicide
Legal Update: Midazolam Murders, The Most Important Mass Murder Case You Never Heard Of
Triple Vaxxed US Senator Tested Positive For "Covid," Says His Symptoms Would Have Been Worse If Not Vaxxed, Correct, But The 52 Year-old Neglected To Mention The UK PHS Stats As Pointed Out By Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Creator, That While The Vaxxed Have Milder Symptoms Initially Than The Unvaxxed, The Unvaxxed Survive, While 9/10 Dying Of Covid Are Vaxxed
UK Health Security Agency: "Double Vaccinated 40-79 Year-olds Have Now Lost 50% Of Their Immune System Capability And Are Consistently Losing A Further 5% Every Week" Which Means That No Difference In Case Rate Between Vaxxed Or Unvaxxed, Just That The Vaxxed Will Have Lost Their Immune System Protection Against Infection And Disease Exactly As We Were Warned About By Scientists Over A Year Ago, While Unvaxxed Retain Their Innate Immune System
Mainstream Media Now Conspiracy Theorists Or Just Really Late To The Wuhan Lab Party? Hey, Joe, Lancet Published Letter Scolding Those Who Claim This Is A "Pandemic Of The UN-Vaxxed"
Failure To Protect: Denmark's Vax Info
"Omicron" Variant Initially So Weak, South Africa Opens Up To Air Travel, No Tracing, No Quarantine, Switzerland Travel Okay, Nearly All Affected Are Vaxxed Too
"Omicron" Fraud: How Many Times Will Gullible Public Be Suckered By Government Officials?
Too Many Scientists Are Liars
Pfizer Rubs It In Our Noses: First Sells Experimental Injections That Cause Immuno-Inflammatory Heart Issues, Then Takes A Portion Of Those Profits To Buy Company That Provides Pharmaceuticals To Treat Those Pfizer Induced Injuries, If Humanity Is Stupid Enough To Tolerate This, Then It's Hasta La Vista Time
FDA's [aka] Forced Hand Drops Pfizer's Bombshell "Safety" Document
Speaking Of Safety, How Safe Was The Attentuated And Tested Polio Virus Vax?

From Domestic Plunder To Global Blunder, Goodbye SWIFT, Goodbye Western Sanctions, Bypassing The Petrodollar In Time Of US Produced Inflation: Russia And China Announce Independent Financial Trading System, A Death Knell For Rothschild Banking System?
Serious Situation: Russia's Demand To US Becomes Public Ultimatum, US And West [With It's Totally Delusional Political Class, A "Kindergarten On Crack Cocaine"] Is A Crumbling Mess Very Close To Military Action
Video: The Timing Of Russia's Ultimatum To West
What's With Russia's Ultimatum To The West? Well, Pay Attention And Read ... Ukraine Country 404
The US Illegal Coup, 404 Ukraine
Video: EU Political "The Lowest Of Men" Leaders Caused Natural Gas Crisis In Europe, Ukraine, Deadly Winter, Famine Situation
Billionaire Elites Stealing Land, Plundering Our Fields ... Micah 2:4
Video: 2015 JCPOA Ditched By Trump, Very Dangerous Moment, Heading For Military War Flaring Up ... Middle East

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Plandemic Test For "COVID-19," Patents In 2015, But It Was A Novel Virus According To WHO In February 2020, Follow The Money
Moderna: We're #1 In Heart Inflammation, Pfizer #2 Tries Harder
Pfizer: First 2 Experimental Shots For Kids Failed To Achieve Pfizer's Goal, So Adding A 3rd Shot, Is This Genocide By Pfizer Or Suicide By Participants?
World Council For Health: Immediate Cease And Desist Experimental Injections
Pfizer Motto? Do More Harm Than Good, While Making Huge Profits From The Chumps
Before And After mRNA Experimental Jabs
Typical Elite: One Set Of Rules For You, One For Them, Do You Get It Yet? It's Not About A Virus
Flying The No Longer Friendly Skies: But If You're A "Regular" Passenger On United ...
Video: Highwire Episode 246, Where Did Highly Infectious Vax Variant "Omicron" Come From? No Mutation Track, Just Popped Up All By Itself, Looks Like Lab Origin, Pandemic Of The Vaxxed
The Orwellian Doublethink, "Covid" Is Of Natural Origin, Singlethink, Lab Gain Of Function Bioweapon Injections
Pandemic Of The Vaxxed, Vaxxes "No Longer" NEVER Prevented Transmission, Shifting Official Narrative
P.T. Barnum, A Sucker Is Born Experimentally Injected Every Minute, Orwellian Changing Definition Ad Infinitum
Let's See, More Than 100 Published Scientific Studies Show That Masks Don't Prevent 1 Micron Size "Covid" Aerosol Borne Viruses From Passing Through Masks, Wearing Them Causes Hypoxia, Hypercapnia [Irreversible Brain Damage In Kids] And Bacterial Pneumonia, Experimental Injections Don't Prevent Transmission Of Covid [i.e., They Fail, Hence Boosters Forever], And 9/10, According To UK PHS That Die From "Covid," Are Vaxxed, But CNN Says ...
Who Are You Going To Believe, "Fact Checkers" Who Hand Out OPINIONS As Facebook Admitted In Court Documents, Or The Scientific Evidence? Every Medical Trained Person Knows Reduced Oxygen Levels [Less Than 21% We Normally Breathe] And Increased CO2 Levels Are Harmful, And If You Go To A Hospital For Respiratory Issues, Why Do They Put People On 100% Oxygen? To Increase Inhaled Oxygen and Reduce CO2 Levels, Not The Other Way Round
23% Drop In Cognitive Abilities In Kids, Reduction In Oxygen Levels In School Kids Wearing Masks
The Psychological Obedience Training That's Been At Work For Decades In Our Schools, Societal Adults Already Primed
Covid Bounty: Hospitals For Hire, But You Die
Criminal Against Humanity
As Usual, Joe Gets It Wrong, More Fearmongering Lies, It's The VAXXED With The Lethal Injected Spike Proteins That Are A Killer, It Is The Vaxxed Who Are Facing Death This Winter As Their Immune Systems Have Been Greatly Destroyed By These Experimental Injections, Unvaxxed Retain Their Innate Natural Immune Systems That Help Keep Us Alive
UK Health Security Agency: "Double Vaccinated 40-79 Year-olds Have Now Lost 50% Of Their Immune System Capability And Are Consistently Losing A Further 5% Every Week" Which Means That No Difference In Case Rate Between Vaxxed Or Unvaxxed, Just That The Vaxxed Will Have Lost Their Immune System Protection Against Infection And Disease Exactly As We Were Warned About By Scientists Over A Year Ago, While Unvaxxed Retain Their Innate Immune System
From The "Let's Kick Them While They're Down" Dept: Biden Pushes Lethal Jabs Amid Kentucky Tornado Devastation
Moderna Pulls Out Of Healthcare Conference, Fears Of "Covid" Or San Fran Or Both?
Vatican Court Judge Blames Gates, Soros, World's Financial Elites et al For Using "Covid" To Gain Total Control
It's Not Just The Jabs That Are Ruining Our Kids Futures
Murder Inc., The US Medical Establishment's Ethical Hippocratic World Trade Center-like Collapse
Ethics Or Money? Hospitals Hiring Back Staff Fired For Not Getting Vaxxed, Guess The Administrators Didn't Want To Lose Their Jobs With Hospitals Closing, But Wasn't It About "Covid" Health?
High Priest, True Believers Still Attending Daily Covid Ritual Services
The Knock-on Effect of The Covid Jabs ... Cytomegalovirus
Truth Rising: Political Decision To Deny Americans, And Others Around The World, Early Treatment To Funnel The Way To Inject The Experimental Plandemic Vaxxes That Have, And Continue To Injure And Kill Millions
Truth Sinking: Twits At Twitter Go Full Anti-Science Woke, Why Is Anyone Still Using Them?
Never A Shortage Of Lies, Change The Narrative To Keep The Goal Posts Moving, Fauci Insinuates [i.e., Lies] That About 50% Unvaxxed Americans Are To Blame [Not Him And His Cronies Of Course], At The Same Time UK [80%+ Vaxxed] PHS Numbers Show That For The Past 4 Months, 90% Of "Covid" Deaths Are Among The "Protected" Vaxxed, Hey Tony, What Happened To Your Fabled 80% Vaxxed Induced Herd Immunity, Like Israel Too, Or Did You Mean Vaxxed Induced Herd Deaths? And Don't Tell Us Dead People Are Immune, So The Vaxxes Work
Why Are Smart People Stupid? Part 2
Maskholes: To Wear Or Not To Wear? A Political Concern, Not Medical As Mask Wearing Leads To Hypoxia [Killing Off Brain Cells], Hypercapnia [Rebreathing Increased Levels Of CO2 Emissions, As In Climate Change?] And Bacterial Pneumonia While Allowing Viruses To Pass Through
Coincidences Galore: Last Year Before Vaxxes Rolled Out, Hardly An Athlete Was Reported To Have "Covid," Now After Jabs, With Weakened Immune Systems, Reports Of "Covid" Among Sports Teams Increasing, Games Cancelled, 60X More Adverse Events, And Deaths
Goodell Throwing Gas On The Fire: Vaxxed NFL Experiencing Jump In "Covid," Mandates Experimental Booster By End Of Month
Video: Fauci Admits Some "Vaccines" Make Things Worse, So If It Is A Medical Decision, The Jabs Would Stop Immediately, But If Political Tyranny, They Will Continue Being Pushed
Video: Best Seller, The Real Anthony Fauci
When They Start Vaxxing The Kids, They Will Begin To Die, In A Short Time Have Managed To Murder Nearly 2X As Many As All Kid's "Covid" Deaths
Why Is This Guy Still Walking Around, Much Less On Your Phone?
Some Of The Basic "Covid" Lies That Have Led Us To Getting Injected, The Vax Spike Protein Is The Bioweapon Killer Same As The Env Spike Protein With HIV/AIDS
Florida Surgeon General Promotes Nutraceuticals For "Covid"
Money Talks, Research Walks
Vax Induced Heart Disease Epidemic
Look At The World Around Us, Is This What We Want To Live In?
Video: Take This Jab And Shove It ...
Video: Covid Jabs And Brain Damage, More Jabs = More Brain Damage
Video: Why Most Of The Jabbed Will Die Early
Text/Video: The "Covid" Pandemic Is Gone, We're In The Midst Of The Vax And Lies Pandemic
From The "Yeah, We Knew That" Dept: UK Covid Scientists Admit It's About Tyrannical Control
Doing Same Things Over Again, Expecting Different Results Or More Of Same? Bojo Goes For More Totalitarian Jabs, 3 "Covid" Jabs Failed With Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, So Go For 4 With Omicron Or More Loss Of Liberty, Mass Coercion?
Video: Bojo Government Pisses On Lockdowned Citizens
Top Cardiologist: Myocarditis From Vaxxes Worse Than Natural Version
Video: Nurse Says Hospitals Full Of Vaxxed With Adverse Vax Reactions
Text/Video: Real Devastation From Covid Jabs Greatly Underreported
If Pfizer Is As "Safe And Effective" As Claimed, Why Did They Not Distribute In Countries Where They Weren't Given Legal Protection From Injuries And Deaths They Caused?
Ivermectin Success Where Vaxxes, Hospitalization Have Failed
Brazilian City Uses Ivermectin, Cuts "Covid" Hospitalizations And Deaths In Half
Brazilian President Compares Vaxports To Dog Leashes
Video: Vaxport Protests, In Case You Missed It On Mainstream Media, You Did Because They Didn't Air Any Of Them, Do You Get It Yet? Big Pharma, Big Media, Governments
Video: Good Bye Australia a la 1930s Germany?
Court Docs: Facebook Admits Deceitful Practice, "Fact Checkers" Are Posers, It's Just Opinion

Video: Russia Turns Down Push By Government Faction To Install QR Code For Citizens
Iran Reaches Deal With IAEA After Zionist Israel's Attack On Its Nuclear Complex
Samsonitis? Destroying The Temple To Save It?
Why Does America Tolerate This Sick Behaviour?
Part 2
When US/UK Talk About Human Rights, Always Remember Their Slow Murdering Of Julian Assange
The American Fiction Of Democracy And A "Free World"
Socialism, The Success Of Repeated Failure, Sort Of Like Big Pharma's "Covid" Jabs, When 3 Is Not Enough
Video: EU And US, It's One Thing To Shoot Yourself In The Foot, But In The Head?
Video: Message From The East [China] And The North [Russia] To The House Of Israel [US/UK And The West], And In The Not Too Distant Future, Warning Moving To The Middle East, Dan. 11:44, 45, Then Isa. 17
Video: A World Crisis Brewing? While Biden Fondles Kids, Pushes Vaxxes, US/NATO Sees No Way Out Of Their Self-made Ukraine Mess, Will They Push Kiev Into Starting Hostilities And Then Blame It On Russia, Bringing China [And Taiwan?] Into The Picture, Then Wash Their Hands Of Ukraine?
Video: "Tidings Out Of The North," Russia's Demands To US, NATO, Heading Towards Ultimatum

Video: Military Reality, Ukraine Can't, US/NATO Won't Vs. Russia
Video: OPEC, 50 Years On, Nord Stream 2, US Still Trying To Deny Oil And Gas To Europe, Expect EU Poodles To Fold
Video: US/UK Major Democracy Summit Flop, No Alternative To UN

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

UK PHS Confirms What Top Scientists Have Been Saying, Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve, Past 4 Months, Already 9/10 "Covid" Deaths Were Vaxxed, And We're Not Into The "Dark Winter" Yet
Warning Of Inevitable Collapsing Health System Due To Complications In Vaxxed
Video: Highwire, The Slippery Slope, Episode 245, At What Point Should Hitler Have Been Stopped? "The 'Welfare Of Humanity' Always Has Been The Alibi Of Tyrants," And Tyranny Remains The Road To Revolution, To Paraphrase Juvenalis, A First/Second Century Roman Satirical Poet, "How Few Of All The Arrogant, Egotistical Men That Reign, Descend In Peace To Pluto's Dark Domain," Death  
The Fauci Mindset: Sometimes I Have To Make Difficult Decisions That Override The Right To Individual Informed Consent For The Good Of Society, And Sometimes, Tony, For The Good Of Society, It Needs To Get Rid Of Certain Individuals, Nuremberg 2.0
Text/Video: Covid-19 Smoking Gun Back In 2015 Gain Of Function In China And US Government
Another Mysterious Untimely Death Tied To The Exposing Of Experimental Injections
"Man Bites Dog, Read All About It," US Senate, Including 2 Democrats, Votes To Join Court In Overturning Biden Vax Mandate, Remember The 48
US: Half+ Population Opposes Vax Mandates
Vax/AIDS Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, When Will The Vaxxed Rebel, Realizing They've Been Lied To At The Cost Of Their Lives?
Vax AIDS, Acute Organ Failure ... Media, Just More Of Those Experimental Injection Coincidences
Video: Easy-Peasy, Want To Stop The "Pandemic?" Stop The Experimental Vaxxes
They Must Make Up These Lies As They Go Along, And Then See What Sticks: UK, Allegedly 300,000 Suffer From "POST-PANDEMIC Stress Disorder" [aka Heart Attacks More Commonly Called Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions], But Also "Long Term" Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder [Wait A Minute, Didn't This Pandemic Just End, But Now There Is Long Term?], So If The Pandemic Is Gone, We Don't Need All these Shots, Masks, Lockdowns Right? What They're Trying To Do Is Prepping Us For Lots Of Heart Attacks In The Near Future Caused By The Experimental Injections, But Don't Want Us Stupid People To Make The Connection
Why Are 300 Plus Athletes Worldwide Having Heart Attacks And Dying In Their Prime After Getting Vaxxed? Hmm ...
Another Athlete With Heart Issues After 2nd Pfizer Shot, Doc Says "Common" After Pfizer Experimental Injections, But Says Nothing About "Post-Pandemic Stress"
Biden Contractor Vax Mandate Shot Down
So Soon? "Omicron," The Nothingburger Alleged Variant, Only Showed Up A Couple Weeks Ago, But Pfizer's Bourla Claims, i.e., Takes Credit, His 3rd $hot Booster Neutralizes It, Show Us The Peer Reviewed Evidence
Video: While Pfizer Propaganda Keeps Spouting "Vaxxes Are Best Protection," Statistics Show What Pfizered Israel Has Shown The World, Highest Vax Rates Result In Highest "Covid" Death Rates, Super Spreaders Vaxxed Increase Transmission, Again As We Were Told Would Happen A Year Ago
Worse Than A Bad Movie Script: Bourla's Pfizer, Who Has A Track Record Of Criminal Fraud Convictions, Wants Court To Seal Their FDA Experimental Gene Technology Injection Data Until 2096, Nothing To Hide [?] As Pfizer Jabs Are Injuring And Killing Millions Around The World For Profit
Video: Vax Damage, Abandonment And Hypocrisy
Video: New Mandate Song: Stick It Up Your ...
CDC Admits No Record Of Any Kind For "Covid-19 Virus," So It's All Been A Big Lie
Experimentally Injecting Kids Exposes The Criminal Fraud By These Evil Psychopaths
More Pfizer Death Shots, "When 5-11 Year Olds Are Experimentally Injected, They Will Begin To Die," Well Here We Are, Parents Should Be Held Responsible Too
German Study Shows Previously Healthy Kids Now Dying From The Experimental Vax
Obama Madness: LA School Vaxxes Underage Child Against Parent's Consent
Despite Injuries And Deaths From Pfizer Experimental Shots, Vietnam Will Continue To Inject Kids
UK Health Security Agency: "Double Vaccinated 40-79 Year-olds Have Now Lost 50% Of Their Immune System Capability And Are Consistently Losing A Further 5% Every Week" Which Means That No Difference In Case Rate Between Vaxxed Or Unvaxxed, Just That The Vaxxed Will Have Lost Their Immune System Protection Against Infection And Disease Exactly As We Were Warned About By Scientists Over A Year Ago, While Unvaxxed Retain Their Innate Immune System
Look Back Major Video: Injecting And Infecting Everyone With HIV? The Evidence, Autoimmunity Disease, Basically Used The HIV/AIDS Test, Spike Proteins Increase Like Env Spike Protein In HIV Hooking Up With Binding Antibodies, Your Natural Immune System, NK Cells, Tank After 2nd Jab, When Neutralizing Antibodies Drop, The Binding Antibodies Increase Providing Passage Of Spike Proteins To Infect The Body's Cells, Vital Organs, Then ADE
FDA Docs Show 1200 Pfizer Injection Deaths Within First 90 Days
Moronic Omicron: The Simpsons Got It Right 11 Years Ago
UK Downgraded "Covid-19" To Flu Level In March 2020, So What's Happened Since Is About What Then?
Video: It Never Was About Protecting You From A Virus, Hence All The Lies, All Sorts Of Deadly Nano Crap In These Experimental Injections, Changing Human Genes And Patenting Humans, But You Can Take Action
Comrade Trudeau's Covid Gulag ... You Stop The Spread By Stopping The Vaxxes, Imprisonment An Excuse For Stalin Era Tyranny, And Surely All The Government Officials Are Treated This Way, Hmm, Where Did Comrade Trudeau Spend His Time After Returning From The Climate Summit?
Bizarro World Soviet Style: Not Getting Vaxxed Could Mean Mental Illness, But Wearing A Mask And Destroying Brain Cells Due To Hypoxia Is Okay
Vaccination, Subjugation, Eradication Over A 99.87% Survivable Flu-Like Illness? Yet People Still Think This Is About Protecting Our Health?
You Gotta Love Those Friendly Canadians, Eh? New Brunswick: If We Can't Kill You With An Experimental Jab, How About We Starve You To Death? But It's For Your Own Good Because We Care About Your Health, What Will They Do When The Immune Deficient Vaxxed Start Dying This Winter?
From The "Let Them Eat Cake" Dept: History Is Full Of Her Tyrannical Ilk, Clueless, She Is The End Point
Text/Video: Informed Consent About "Covid" Denied, The Truth Is First Casualty Of War
Percentage Of "Covid" Cases Increasing Week By Week In Fully Vaxxed
Major Florida Hospital System Ceases All Covid Mandates
Video: Ignorance As Medicine
Just Like Old Soviet Marxists, One Set Of Rules For You, Another For Them
"As A Dog Returns To His Own Vomit, So A Fool Repeats His Folly," Pro. 26:11
If You Don't Think The Multiple Vaxxes Are A Total Medical Failure, Why Is The US Surgeon General Saying People NEED To Wear Masks Indoors? If 3 Shots Don't Protect You, What Will A Mask Do? Zero, Nada, Nothing, Remember, Highest Vaxxed Rate In The World, Israel, Has The Highest Covid Related Death Rate Too, UK Health Security Agency Published Stats Showed Vaxxed Die At 9 Times The Rate Of Unvaxxed
Video: German MEP, "Vax The [Globalist] World" Or Hold Vax Management Accountable For Deaths?
More Evidence Emerges: Experimental Injection Bioweapons, US Cooperation With Chinese Military

The Wickedness Dwelling In Our Tents
How Deep Is The Malignancy? The Book That Explains The Globalists And What They're Doing
From The "Do These Evildoers Think We're All That Stupid?" Dept: Political Farce Theater, Mask Wearing, Social Distance Allegedly Over A Virus That Is Gone Or The CDC Has No Evidence Of Its Existence, But They Push Deadly "Vaccines" On Their Constituents
CDC Admits No Record Of Any Kind For "Covid-19 Virus"
Ghostbusters: New UN Statue Of The Beast Unveiled
Epstein Ring, The Fishy Fix: Wonder Whose Asses Are Being Sheltered?
The Beastly NWO Families
Putin-Biden Talk: Amazing How US Claims It Wants A Return To Diplomacy After They Supported The Violent Coup That Overthrew Ukraine's Elected President And Has Resulted In The "Short End Of The Stick" For the US
Video: Putin-Biden Video Meeting Outcome, NATO, Ukraine, Iran
Video: Strong Warnings From Russia To US, NATO About Ukraine Provocation
We Need A War To Cover All Our Colossal Blunders, Sorry, Make That A Nuclear War
Climate Change: Despite Billionaires Flying Around The World In Their Private Jets, Study Shows Worldwide CO2 Emissions Flatlined During Past 10 Years

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Yes, Virginia, There Are Bio-Engineered Killer Spike Proteins In Those Experimental Injections Misnomered As Vaccines ...
... Put There Thanks To Fauci Funded Daszak And His Chinese Colleagues
Doc Interview: Virus Was Engineered, Bioweapons Grade Spike Protein
Video Highwire Episode 244: Omicron Or Omiclown? Omicron In Europe Before South Africa, But No Hysteria Until South Africa Mentioned, It's All In The Timing, Keeping The "Covid" Vax Death Ball Rolling [99.87% Survivable "Covid" Set To Surpass Duration Of 1918-1919 Flu That Killed Upwards Of 50 Million, But They Didn't Have "Vaccines" To Keep The Mutation Fires Burning Back Then], This Is A "Pandemic" Of The Vaxxed, 5 Most Vaxxed US States Have Highest "Covid" Rates, Just Like Israel, Gibralter et al, To Be Safer, Increase Your Vitamin D3 Levels, Vax Mandates Causing Hospital Shutdowns, 1% VAERS Means 2 Million US Dead From Experimental Injections, Vax Spike Protein Causes Increase In Acute Cardiac Risk [Death] By More Than Double, Yes Go Out And Get That Experimental Booster Spike Protein, Data From Thousands Case Studies Show Unvaxxed Kids Overall Healthier Than Vaxxed Kids, Threatens Foundational Premise Of Big Pharma, CDC Protocols, Corrupt, Deceitful Oregon Medical Board
Experimental Injections Are Killing People And Governments Are Lying In Order To Enslave You, Wake Up Or Die
Fauci's Dead Orphans
Was She Experimentally Injected? Another Athlete In Their Prime Dies
World Record Holder Athlete's Heart Damaged By Pfizer Shot, Doc Says "A Common Side Effect Of Pfizer"
Under The Law Everyone In US Has Right To Refuse Experimental Drug
While Vax Injuries And Deaths Continue To Pile Up, Another High Profile Success Story, Ivermectin Saves Fully Vaxxed From "Covid"
Maybe Biden Administration Should Host It's "Democracy" Summit At The Publicly Funded FDA Offices, aka "The Federal Government Wants To Make You Take This Product, Will Not Let You Sue Pfizer For Injuries, Will Not Let You See The Documents Pfizer Gave It To License This Product," Yeah, That Sounds Like Open And Transparent Democracy Corruption
Think This PR Stunt Wasn't Planned?: On Heels Of New Omicron Scare, Monsters Of Death Show Up At School Abattoir To Get Underage Kids Vaxxed As Dimwitted Parents Gleefully Get Photo Op In Exchange For Their Kids Health And Lives
Get Fined Or Die: Greek Government Attempting To Kill Heart Attack At Risk Age Group, 60+
From The "Remind Us Again Why We Need To Get Vaxxed" Dept: Vaxxed Are The Modern Day Lepers, Triple Vaxxed Heart Doc Transmits Omicron To Another Triple Vaxxed Heart Doc, How Many Patients They've Infected? Gets More Stupid By The Day
Massive Increase In Heart Attacks Among Vaxxed Research Shows
Video: Drama And Performance, Still Buying Your Tickets To The Greatest Scam On Earth? Keeping The Covid Propaganda Moving Forward, Marketing Always Needs Something "New And Fresh," Just Look At The Labels On Your Household Products, PR Fear Porn Push With The New Variant, More BS, Same As Past 2 Years
Defining Stupidity For All The World To See, UK Now Injecting 4th Shot In A Year For A 99.87% Survival Rate Virus, While Injection Deaths Keep Piling Up, Vaxxes Are Being Shown To Be A Colossal Failure, Need To Show Proof Of Negative Test Even If Vaxxed, Just Like Before Being Vaxxed, Except Now You Have Spike Proteins That Can Kill You, BTW What Happened To Fauci 80% Vaxxed Gets Herd Immunity Lie? Guess It Died In 84% Vaxxed Israel
"Get Vaxxed, Get Omicron," Uganda Reports: Omicron Symptoms Mild, Only In Vaxxed, Western Propaganda Fear Tactics In High Gear
The "Omicron" Dress Rehearsal In Israel, A Bioweapon False Flag Op On 1918 WW1 Armistice Date, November 11, Still To This Date, No Country Has Produced An Isolated SARS-Cov-2 Virus From Anyone Alleged To Be Infected, Should Be The Easiest Thing To Do, Variants Come From The Experimental Injections, Not SARS-2, Remember, Mutatiions, Caused By Genetic Pressure, Taking Place In The Bodies Of The Vaxxed
More Scam: We Constantly Hear, "Tested Positive For Covid," But What Are They Using? Don't Assume, If PCR Test, Which Is NOT A Diagnostic Tool, They Can NEVER Detect If Someone Is Sick Or Infected, All Positives Are False, So What Are They Using To Impose Their Political Tyranny? Assumption By The Herd
Biden's Shot Mandate For Health Care Workers Stopped By Court
Fully Vaxxed NBA LeBron James Positive For "Covid," 3 Tests Needed, And The Booster Will Do What Exactly?
The Hills Are Alive, But The Swiss? Vote To Imprison, Kill Themselves Over 99.87% Survival Rate "Covid"
Video: Psychotic Madman Nazi, All He Needs Is The Mustache, But Dude, These Experimental Injections Are Not Vaccines, So You Got Square One Wrong From The Get Go, Politics And Medicine Don't Mix
Video: From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Fauci Likened To Nazi Death Monster, Their Lies Are Being Exposed All Around The World
Video: What Are "Nano-Razor Blades" Doing In The "Vaccines" You "Need To Get?"
Video: Priest Gets 3rd Shot, Booster, Dies At The Altar
Video: The PCR Scam, Useless, Beware Of The Swabs, Boosters More Deadly, Experimental Jabs NOT Vaccines, Pharmaceutical Companies Can Mix Whatever They Want Into These Injections Without Any Notification Under The FDA's EUA
The 1% Figures: EMA Injury And Death Numbers
Seems Llike We Need To Add The Word Premeditated In Front Of The Word Murder
Video: Medical Proof, Covid Jab Is Murder
Bill Gates Charged With Murder In India's High Court, Seek Death Penalty
Plandemic To Lethal Jabs To Vaxports And Then Slavery To The Elite
Same Old Folks Who Screamed About Locking Us Down, Now Back With More Fearmongering Over New Variant
Fauci: The Darth Vader Of Covid Wars
Fauci Propaganda Claims Covid Immortal, Not Going Away: Of Course Not, It's Too Profitable, After Two Years, Lockdowns, Social Distancing, Mask Wearing, 2 Original Jabs And A Booster, More People Have Been Injured And Died From These "Safe And Effective Covid Vaccines" In Less Than A Year Than From All Vaccines Combined Over The Past 30 Plus Years, Proof All Those Measures And Vaxxes Were A Useless Medical Failure, So Now Are We Going To Keep Believing These Lying Talking Donkeys Who Are Spouting More Unfounded Vax Propaganda About The Omicron Variant That's Less A Week Old? How Did They Get Their "Evidence" So Fast? Time To Use That Which Does Work, Ivermectin And Other Proven Treatments
Pfizer CEO Bourla: Echos Fauci, Immortal Covid Equals Renewable Cash Flow, Well Until All Your Customers Die Off
Chicago Area Edward Hospital OK With Death Vs. Possible Side Effects, Saving A Life Violates Their Policies, Judge Intervenes, Ivermectin Saves Patient's Life, A Great Side Effect
Follow Up: How Many People Have Hospitals And Their  Forgotten "Do No Harm Policies" Killed?
365 Studies Show Ivermectin Works, Not To Mention The 241 Million People In Uttar Pradesh Who Are "Covid" Free Because Of It
Video: Japan Okays Use Of Ivermectin, Within 2 Weeks Goes From Crisis To Covid Cases Dropping Like A Rock To Nearly Zero, Wore Masks And Social Distanced When Covid Spiked, Ivermectin Is The Variable
From The "It's Not About A Virus" Dept: While Looters Pillage The City, Liberal Hypocrite San Fran Mayor Out Partying Maskless Again Despite Her Wear A Mask Indoors Policy
You Gotta Love The Liberal Marxist Elites: California Guv Vacations in $29K Per NIGHT Villa After Extending Tyrannical SOE
Germany Finds Same Result As UK Health Agency: As Planned, It's A Pandemic Of The Vaxxed, Modern Day Lepers
Here We Go Again, Welcome Back To Nazi Germany ... Guess They Learned Nothing From Nuremberg Trials
Informed Consent: Nuremberg Code

Besides "Covid," What A Mess The World Is Experiencing, All Roads Point To Middle East Prophecies
Video/Text: Fighting Continues In Syria
Video: Shifting Balance Of Power, US Getting Dictated To By Russia And China
Video: US And West's Neo-Liberal Ideologues Keep Digging Their Ukraine Coup Hole Deeper ... Where Are Obama, Soros And Nuland Now?
NATO Bluster, Puffing Out Chest Feathers Or Ravings Of A Lunatic?
Video: A Brief Historical Look At The Ukrainian Situation, Understanding The Internal Dynamics, Demise Of Western Democracies, Doubtful US Can Make It To 2024 Election, Everything Headed In The Wrong Direction
Will Taiwan Punch Their Ticket For War Or Figure A Way Out Of US Trap?
Video: La-La Land Ideological Foreign Policy, Does Biden Administration Really Believe No One Sees Through Their Scam, Their Blatantly Hypocritical Cheap Words US "Democracy" Summit? [Note: US Was Created Intentionally As A Republic, Not As A Democracy By The Founding Fathers] Only More Threadbare Globalist NWO Doublespeak BS, Hmm, Will They Address Biden's Non-Democratic, Unconstitutional Attempt To Mandate Experimental Injections, Australia's Nazi Anti-Democratic Covid Tyranny? Don't Hold Your Breath
When The Government Becomes The Outlaw
The US Constitutional Republic
Welcome To Nazi America: Must Be Michigan, Mom Charged With Felony For Questioning School Curriculum, Overreaction Indicates They Must Be Hiding Something Very Serious
Not Just Twitter, WH Staff Censors President As "Leader Of The Free World" Goes Off Script, Cuts Mike, Blasts Loud Music
Video: Russian Anti-Satellite Missiles, S500, S550 Anti-Missile System Puts Pressure on US, Space Warfare

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Two Persons Said To Be Infected With Omicron Variant Arrive In Australia ... Both Fully Vaxxed
Bear In Mind, Around The World, Vast Majority Of "Covid" Cases, And Related Deaths Occur In The Vaxxed, Modern Day Lepers, Exactly As Scientists Have Told Us For More Than A Year Now, Natural Immunity Reigns Supreme And Does Lead To Herd Immunity, Remember In 1918 With 40-50 Million Deaths, No Vaccines, And Yet Here We Are, More Populated Than Ever
UK Report: Easy To Understand Graph, 81% "Covid" Deaths Fully Vaxxed
From The "Doing The Same Things Over And Over, Expecting Different Results" Dept: No, Not Really, Most Prizered, Highest Death Rate In World Israel Has The New "Omicron" Variant, Highlights Dramatic Evidence That All The Previous Pharmaceutical Efforts Are Total FAILURES, Go To Proven Ivermectin Before They Kill Everyone
Let's See, In 2 Years "Covid" Is Undefeated Vs. Big Phailure Pharma, Millions Continue To Be Injured And Killed From The "Safe And Effective Vaxxes," 2 Shots Failed Stopping Transmission or Protection, Boosters Failed As Well, Just Drives Up Injuries And Deaths, So How Is It Possible With A "Newly Identitified More Infectious Variant" That Big Pharma Already Has A "New Failure" They Are Testing, When For Previous Decades They Were Unable To Succeed, And Past 2 Years Nothing But Utter Failure, Seems Simple, It's All Part Of Their Obvious Plow Ahead Plandemic Scam, Time To Say No More To Their Track Record Of Abject Failure
Mass Injections Drive The Emergence Of New Waves, It's Cause And Effect, Populations That Use Ivermectin, Like 241 Million People In Uttar Pradesh, Are Covid Free And No Covid Waves, Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve, Stop Vaxxing, 100% Vaxxed Spreaders Makes It Worse, Not Better, Are We Better Off Than 2 Years Ago Or Worse Since Experimental injections?
Track Record Of Failure, Injury And Death: Access Lots Of Inconvient "Covid" Facts
Hypocrite Joe: 2 Sets Of Rules
Bizarro World False god Fauci: Claims People Criticizing Him Are Killing People
Doctor-Scientists Call Out Fauci For His Lying, His Policies Responsibile For Half A Million Unnecessary US "Covid" Deaths
War Drums: Immunosuppressed Vaxxed Threatened By Bill "Devil Of Death" Gates With Smallpox Bioweapon
600 Informed Google Employees Vote To Overturn Company Vax Mandate
Switch To The Duck
Late To The Party, But Still Out To Lunch
The Names, Faces And Email Addresses Of 14 "Nuremberg Criminal Gang Members" Of CDC's ACIP, Mostly Women Who Voted To Kill Your Kids, And Their Preferential Ties To Big Pharma, Print It Out And Stick On Your Fridge, You Can Make A Difference, Push Back For Your Kids, Band Together, Form Action Groups, Hold Them Accountable For Their Actions, Use The Guidelines In The Article
Just In Time For Winter, As Predicted By Scientists, And Expected, With Mass Vaxxing New More Infectious Mutant Strain Threatens The Vaxxed Whose Immune Systems Are Compromised, Be Prepared, Boost Your Own Immune System Before Winter, For Example, Put Full Spectrum "Sunlight" Bulbs Throughout Your House, Use Natural Immune Boosting Herbs, Exercise On Regular Basis, Keep Hydrated, Etc,
365 Studies Show Ivermectin Works, Not To Mention The 241 Million People In Uttar Pradesh Who Are "Covid" Free Because Of It
Real World Lab: How Uttar Pradesh In India With 241 Million People Became Covid Free, While Kerala With 35 Million Failed, Guess Which One Vaxxed And Which One Used Ivermectin
Video: Japan Okays Use Of Ivermectin, Within 2 Weeks Goes From Crisis To Covid Cases Dropping Like A Rock To Near Zero, Wore Masks And Social Distanced When Covid Spiked, Ivermectin Is The Variable
A Sobering, If Impolite, Letter About The Elephant In The Room
True Believers Flying The Jolly Roger: The Covidian Cult, Associates Of The CRT Acolytes ... Guilt, Guilt, Guilt And Never Ending Loop Of Control, Total Abandonment Of Individual Power Of Choice
Your Power Of Choice Is Inalienable, Unless You Surrender It
Critical Video: Killing You Softly ... And Slowly, But Definitely Killing You
Video: Highwire Geert Vanden Bossche Interview: Mass "Vaccinations" Leading To Catastrophe For Humanity, Explains The Science Why
As Warned, And Repeatedly Told About, The "Covid" Wave And Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve, The Depopulation Agenda
UK Office Of National Statistics: Vaxxed Under 60 Dying At Twice The Rate As Unvaxxed, For Now, But Wait For Winter
From The "Connect The Dots" Dept: Excess Deaths From Experimental Vaxxes Are Rising
Turning The Tables: Athletes Collapsing On Field, First Question We Need To Raise, Was He Vaxxed?
Text/Video: Board Certified Pathologist: Experimental Injections Cause HIV Like Weakening Immune System, Disease Deaths That Won't Show Up On The Stats As "Covid," Such As Cancers, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Organ Failure
Nurse: Hospitals Doing Harm, Killing Patients, Intubation, Remdesivir
Renowned Cardiac Surgeon Warns: Acute Corona Syndrome  Risk More Than Double In 5 Years Due To "Covid" Experimental Injections
Trudeau & Co. Served With Legal Paperwork, Don't Expect Anything, They Serve Their Masters, Don't Respect You Or The Law
Charging $200 For A Test That Cannot Tell If You Are Infectious Or Sick, And They Know It, The PCR Scam, Just Like Lethal Lockdowns, Silly Social Distancing, Useless Mask Wearing And Experimental Injections That Don't Prevent "Covid," But Spread It
Santa Cruz California Politicians Way Beyond Totally Clueless Of The Vax-Covid Wave Causation Dynamic, Orders Useless Masks To Be Worn In Homes, Might As Well Walk Around With Toilet Plungers On Their Heads, Just As Effective
Israel Health Official: Pfizered Are 95% Of Severe "Covid" Hospitalizations, Hmm, Maybe We Should Forward This To The Folks In Santa Cruz Before They Spend All That Money On Toilet Plungers?
Zionist Israel's Pandora's Box, "5th Wave" In One Year: The Faster They Pfizer, The Faster The Next Wave Shows Up As Weakened Immune Systems Repeatedly Taking A Beating, Just Had 4th Wave And Booster Past Couple Months, How Long Before It's One A Day? How Can Pfizer Produce New Vaxxes Bioweapons So Fast? Hint Israel, Drop The Vax And Go To Treatment, Ivermectin, Etc.
Video: Israel, Highest Mass Vax Rate, What Not To Do, Pfizered Very Sick, Going To Hospital, Dying, Exactly What The Scientists Have Been Warning About For More Than A Year, But No One Was Listening, Or As UK Health Security Agency Said, "Neutralizing Antibidies Lower In People Who Are Infected After 2 Dose Vax," Which Means Spike Proteins Can Hook Up With Increase In Binding Antibodies, Enter Your Cells Leading To ADE And Death
"Scientists" Mystified By Africa's Low Covid Rate And Low Vax Rates (Goes To Show "Covid" Naturally Not That Big A Deal), And Like Israel Can't Figure Out Why Highest Vaxxed Have Highest Covid Death Rate Despite Independent Scientists Saying This For More Than A Year, The Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve Up, So What Do "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Governments Do? Vax More, Create Another "Wave," Then Deaths Go Up More, Then Governments Vax More, Creating Their Own Self-Perpetuating Death Wave Machine, Duh
Chief German Doctor Who Said He Can No Longer Be Part Of The Vax Genocide Commits Suicide
Canadian Doctors Say Data Shows Increase In "Covid" After Experimental Injections, Immune System Suppressed, Neutralizing Antibodies Drop, Again As We Were Warned About
Current UK Health Security Agency Reports Shows Most "Covid" Deaths Are In Fully Vaxxed, About 8:1 Ratio, For Now, Expect Greater Disparity This Winter
A Look At The Three Main Factions In The Plandemic Non-Medical Bioweapon War, And Now In Rotterdam, What's More Deadly Than An Experimental Shot? Being Shot By Police Over A 99.87% Survivable Virus, Yeah That Makes Good Health Sense
Marie Antoinette Syndrome Video: Tipping Point In Rotterdam
Supoened Documents From FDA (aka Showed Nearly 159,000 Adverse Reactions From Their Experimental Injections In First Few Months Of This Year, But Plowed Ahead Regardless, All's Fair In War
America Being Scammed Big Time After Stolen Election
This Is The Same Guy Who Said Don't Wear A Mask, Then Wear A Mask, Need 80% Vaxxed To Achieve Herd Immunity, Now Cannot Get Herd Immunity Even With 100% Vax Rate, Now Says Vax Doesn't Protect Against "Covid" Or Death, Lies Or Stupdity Or Both? But What Does It Say About Us Continuing To Believe Him?
Multi-Generational Genocide: Pfizer Moving On To Killing Babies After Killing Elderly, Adults, Teens And Children
Lockdowns Increased Deaths

This President Has Turned His Back On America Since He Took Office
Rise Of The Idiots: As Desperate, Plundering Biden Begins Draining America's Gas Tank, Selling 50 Million Barrels Of Oil Reserves, US Energy Sec Has No Idea How Much US Needs Daily (It's 20.5 Million Barrels A Day)
Video: Carrot And Stick "Profoundly Stupid," Duplicitious US's China Policy, Pushing China's Patience To The Limit
Criminal Charges Filed Against 5 of 6 Wisconsin Election Officials
California There I Go, Heading For The Yellow Rose ... Lone Star Texas Here I Come
Lookback Video: At War With Evil, But What Will We Do? US Globalist Political Theater
Plundering America: Hunter Biden Connection To China, Selling World's Richest Cobalt Mines To Chinese
Orwellian Rewrite: If You Think You Can Trust The Corporate Agenda Media About Anything, Read This
Nazi Austria: Interior Minister Politician, Police Can Stop You Anytime, Anywhere Over A 99.87% Suvivable Virus? But It Never Was About A Virus, This Is What It Is About
Klaus's Planned Reset By The Numbers
Yemen: Another Fake "Civil War" By The West And Its Minions a la Syria, But With The Trade Wealth Of The BRI Waiting For Yemen
Woke Attack On French Gender Pronouns Attacked By Lawmakers
Germany, EU's Popsicle Derrieres Or How Stupid Can You Get?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

The Highwire: Episode 242, Geert Vanden Bossche Interview, Plus, As Experimental Injections Increase, Covid Deaths Increase, Austria, Others Going Back To Lockdowns That Didn't Work More Than A Year Ago, Stop The Vaxxes Will Stop The Viral Pressure Problem, But Politicians Clueless, Being Mislead, Now We're Being Told Herd Immunity Not Possible With More Injections, But For Past Year We Were Promised, And Pounded With Vax Rates, Told X% Injections Would Get Us Herd Immunity According to The Vax Experts, But The "Anti-Vaxxer" Scientists Were Right, The Vaxxes Don't Work To Get Herd Immunity, If We Can't Get Herd Immunity, We Get Get Herd Extinction, How Many More Lies Will We Tolerate? We Have A Right To Self-Defense
What Will Austria Do After Locking Down The Unvaxxed, When The Covid Cases, Hospitalizations And Deaths Keep Increasing Among The Vaxxed (Hint, It's The Spike Proteins In The Vaxxed), But Not The Unvaxxed?
Austrian Military, Police Refuse To Enforce Political Vax Mandates
Names And Faces Of People Who Are Killing Humanity For Profit
The Big Scam In Action: No Money In Ivermectin For Big Pharma, So Biden Orders Millions Of "Pfizermectin"
Video: Sins Of The Parents, Sacrificing Our Children On Satan's Altar: Pfizer Killing Our Kids With Lab Produced Spike Protein Bioweapon, But Calling It "Covid-19 Vaccine," They Know And Don't Care, Do You?
The Fauci Fraud Dossier ... Claimed "He Was 'Required By Law' To Commit Fraud On The Patent Office, And Get Paid For It!" First Three Pages Outlines The 2020 Novel "Infectious, Replication Defective, Coronavirus" Criminality Beginning in 1999
How Evil And Corrupt Is Pfizer/FDA Family That It Asks Judge To Postpone Releasing Experimental Injection Assassination Data For 55 Years? MLK's Files Only Sealed For 50 Years
The Great Reset Covid Lie: Steamrolling Its Way To Tyranny, The Past 2 Years Were Not An Accident
From The "Boiling The Frog" Dept: 2 Weeks To Flatten The Curve, After Government Has Made Life Onerous, Injured And Killed Hundreds Of Thousands In The Process For Nearly 2 Years, Now Government Promises To Make Life Easier For You If You Get The 3rd Shot, After Told First 2 Would Get Us "Fully Vaccinated" And Life Would Get Back To Normal, But They Lied, Again, This Is Leading To A NEVER ENDING Rabbit Hole Whereby You Will Have To Turn Your Life Over To The Elites, Say No Now Or Forever Hold Your Rest In Peace
2070: J. Smith Of Topeka, Kansas, Last Survivor Of Experimental Injections Gets 100th Booster Jab For Covid-19 aka Boosters For Life Until Death
Bill "Reduce The World's Population Through Use Of Vaccines" Gates Major Funder Of WHO And Corporate Media
The Great Reset School For Covid Dictators
Banksters: Divide And Conquer, Digital Control System, All Liberties At Stake
Switzerland's Covid Referendum Indicative Of Worldwide Covid Tyranny
Catholic Archbishop Calls For People Of Faith To Unite Against Globalist Tyranny
US OSHA Backs Off Its Illegal Edicts
Pfizer Experimental Injection Trial Lacks Medical Integrity
Research Shows Pfizer Experimental Injections Cause AIDS, Novel Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Video: Injecting And Infecting Everyone With HIV? The Evidence, Autoimmunity Disease, Basically Used The HIV/AIDS Test, Spike Proteins Increase Like Env Spike Protein In HIV Hooking Up With Binding Antibodies, Your Natural Immune System, NK Cells, Tank After 2nd Jab, When Neutralizing Antibodies Drop, The Binding Antibodies Increase Providing Passage Of Spike Proteins To Infect The Body's Cells, Vital Organs, Then ADE
Major Uptick In US Hospital Admissions Due To Acute Organ Failure, Sounds Exactly Like The Scientists Warning About Advent Of ADE In Fully Vaxxed People
AIDS Overview: HIV Gradually Destroys Immune System Leading To AIDS, Same Pathological Progression Leading To Organ Failure As With Experimental Injections, Notice The Spike Protein
India Scientists Discover Coronavirus Engineered With HIV/AIDS Like Insertions
2016 Fauci-Daszak: Inserting Spike Proteins Into Rapidly Replicating (10 Hour Cycle) Coronaviruses For Use In "Vaccines," i.e., Experimental Gene Modification Injections
Smoking Gun NIH 2014: "Scientists illuminated the movement and complete structure of the spikes that the HIV virus uses to bind to the cells it infects ... A major target for potential HIV vaccines is a spike-shaped virus protein known as Env ... Env can evade immune system attack," Which Means They Knew At Least 7 Years Ago They Could Use A HIV Spike Protein To Avoid And Attack Our Innate Immune System Protection And Infect Our Body's Cells
Experimental Injection's Spike Protein Effect On Kids
As The Vaxxed Are The Super Spreaders, The Modern Day Lepers Who Should Be Isolated, Fauci Mask Rules Different For Him, Wear Only When You Don't Know Someone? How Does The Virus Know This, Tony?
Fauci: We Lied, And Now You Are In Grave Danger
Message From The Grave
Another Real World Example That The Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve, Therefore Experimental Injections Are Working As Planned
Hospital Stats: 90% Admissions Were Vaxxed
WHO's Own Numbers ... Staggering, Yet Ignored By Governments And Media To Your Detriment
Video: Experimental Injection Injuries And Deaths Being Ignored For First Time In History
Given Pfizer's Experimental Injection Track Record, Smart Move To Say No
North Dakota Senate Passes Bill Protecting Medical Professionals Using Nobel Winning Proven Safe And Effective Ivermectin
Hypocrisy Central: Don't Want To Shake Hands With This Vaxxed Person, BTW, Where's The Mask?
Dr. Robert Malone, The Vaxxed Are The Super Spreaders
The Video: CDC This Is A Pandemic Spread, Not By The Unvaxxed, But By The Vaxxed
ICAN Legal Team: CDC Admits Not One Case Of Unvaxxed Spreading "Covid," Yet Millions Of Injuries And Deaths From Experimental Injections Are Ignored
Video: CDC Director Okayed Boosters For Use On Americans Against FDA/CDC Medical And Scientist Advisors No Vote, Yet Due To Ignorance, Incompetence Or Worse, Doesn't Know How Many In Her Own Agency Are Unvaxxed? A Whopping 75% According To US Senator, What Do They Know That She Doesn't Or Won't Acknowledge?
Under Threat Of Lawsuits, CDC Finally Admits Nearly 150 Million Assumed To Have Natural Immunity (Yes, Virginia, Natural Immunity Exists), The Real Figures, Given CDC's Track Record Of Lying, Probably Much Higher
If You Want To Know The Facts, Just Go 180 Degrees Opposite These Fabulist Fact Checker Outfits
Whites Denied Monoclonal Antibody Treatment In US
Video: Milan Children's Health Defense Press Conference, RFK, Jr., Katherine Fitts
Video: When We Don't Learn From History, 2 Weeks To Flatten The Curve To Dictatorships, Melbourne Premier, Exactly How Hitler Got His Dictatorial Power, From The Legislature, Then He Got Rid Of Them
Austria Goes Full Nazi, More Freedom In China, Medically, Lockdowns Do Not Work, In UK Killed More Than "Covid," But This Is Unvarnished Political Tyranny, Which Goes To Show How Desperate The Elite Are With Their Plandemic Crumbling Under The Growing Weight Of Medical And Scientific Truth
Taiwan Bans 2nd Pfizer Dose Due To Myocarditis
Pro Mountain Biker Victim Of 2nd Pfizer Injection, Pericarditis
NFL Ivermectin QB Back, While Vaxxed QB Out With "Covid," Yet On The Sidelines Without Mask
Another Ivermectin Success
Text/Video: Quietly, Ivermectin Appears On Approved NIH List For Use In Treatment Of Covid, Make Copy And Show It To Any Doctor Or Hospital Who Refuses To Use It Upon Your Request
For Our Next Act ... Climate Change, Global Warming, 2020 No Deaths, But Drug Overdose, 93,000+, Hmm, Covid, Drug Company Overdoses, No Wonder Billionaires Left Big Tech For Big Pharma

US, Soviet Union Have Switched, Russia More Free Than US As Biden & Co. Heads TOWARDS Marxism
Goldman Sachs Out? Biden & Co. Wants To Hand Over US Treasury To Avowed Marxist
Hair Sniffing Turkey Joe Gets A Pardon From The Corporate Media
From The "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Dept: After Medical Exam, 79 Year Old Biden Declares He is Feeling Great, Looking Forward To Celebrating His 58th Birthday
Trump: US Won't Survive Three More Years Of Biden & Co.
Text/Audio: Collapsing America, Rise And Fall Of Empires, A History Lesson, Next Up On World Stage, China
Even NYTabloid Not Happy With Joe, So Replace Kamala As VP, Move Another Selected Puppet Into VP, Then Biden Steps Down And Viola, A New Selected, Unlelected President!
Video: Wisconsin Officials Admit Telling Election Workers To Break The Law
Text/Video: Pennsylvania Officials Destroy 2020 Election Evidence, Admit It's A Felony
Biden Administration Policy: Abandon Americans In Foreign Countries
Video: After The Summit, No Real Change In US-China Positions
An Unvarnished, Yet Spot On, Like It Or Not, View Of US Democracy From China
In Case You Didn't Notice, China Is Back, So Where To Next?
Israel's High Anxiety, Beside The World's Highest Experimental Injection Death Rate Plague
Video: The West's Ukraine Knee Deep Mud Puddle

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Really Need To Watch This Video And Pass It On: Dr. Martin, We Have A Big Problem When We Willfully Start Killing 5 Year Olds, Time To Put Faces And Names In Public Who Are Killing Humanity, S1 Spike Protein Bioweapon Criminal Conspiracy, A Surprise Anser
As Spain Is The Latest Country Admitting It Is Unable To Isolate A Single SARS-Cov-2 Virus, More Health Professionals Are Saying "Covid" Does Not Exist, Flu Has Disappeared For 2 Years Now, And The Experimental Bioweapon Jabs Are Killing People
Pfizer A Bioterrorist Corporation? Settles Suit For Using African Children As Experimental Guinea Pigs
US Appeals Court Reaffirms No Go On Biden's Vax Mandate
Video: Catastrophic "Vax Passports" ... Digital Slavery Of Your Entire Life
Video: The Highwire, The Sins Of Science, Episode 241
The Fraudulent "Covid-19" Fakedemic, The Tyranny Of Government Pandemic Is Real, All A Push To Inject World's Population With A Bioweapon Toxin
Public Health Stats: Past Month, 89% "Covid" Deaths Were FULLY Vaxxed With Toxic Bioweapon
Doc Who "Wouldn't Cry At Funeral Of Selfish Unvaxxed," Takes One For The Elites, Dies After Booster 3rd Shot
Florida: No Lockdowns, No Masks, US Lowest "Covid" Case Numbers
Scamdemics Audio Interview: Dr. Vernon Coleman, Book Banning, Suppression And Censorship Not Necessary If What Governments Are Saying Is True, Flu Deaths Disappeared, Replaced As Covid, Global Warming, More Tyranny
Brazil President Confronts WHO, People Dying After Second Dose Of Bioweapon
Video: FDA Approved "Comirnaty" Same As EUA Pfizer, Government Caught Lying In Court
CDC Admits No Records Of Any Recovered "Covid" Person Spreading Covid, Therefore This "Pandemic" Is One Caused By The Vaxxed, Again As The World's Top Doctors And Scientists Have Been Saying Since The Get Go
If Possible, CDC Hits New Lows
Video: Global Covid Bioweapon Summit In Florida ... If You Really Want The Science, This Is It, Shows The Government Is Lying Big Time, Constantly, Forward To The 54 Minute Mark For The Start Of The Summit
Need To Watch Video Too: UK Funeral Director, Plandemic Tent Set Up In Hospital In November 2019, Not What We Were Told, i.e., Lies, The Truth Is Too Horrible To Disbelieve, The Moment They Jab The Kids, They Will Start Dying, Almost All The Spike In Deaths Are Vaxxed, No Flu Deaths In UK Either
Federal Appeals Court Blocked Biden's Vax Mandate ... No Legal Grounds, 27 US States AGs Suing Biden, Federal Government
Video: Melbourne Rebellion, Reminiscent Of Vietnam War Protests
UK NHS Vax Mandates: Shooting Themselves In The Foot ... What No Herd Immunity At 89% Vaxxed? Remember When 80% Would Reach Herd Immunity, No More Vaxxes Needed?
From The "Death Curve Follows The Jab Curve" Dept: Globalist Macron Mandates More Shots Due To Vax Jab Caused 5th Wave, Amazing How A 99.87% "Covid" Survival Rate Keeps The Experimental Bioweapon Injections Rolling For Big Pharma And Their Lackeys
Senior NIH Scientist Will Argue Against Vax Mandate During Ethics Reviews
Fauci's Track Record Goes Back To 1980's
Sacrificing Our Lives On The Altar Of Moloch
Michigan School District Closes After Large Number of Teachers Suffer Adverse Effects From "Booster" That Boosts Adverse Reactions
Video: No Emergency, No Pandemic, What Wrong's With Parents? Millions Taking Their 5-11 Kids To The Bioweapon Slaughterhouse
"More Fetal Deaths In The Past 11 Months Following COVID-19 Shots Than There Have Been For The Past 30+ Years Following ALL Vaccines," At Least 99,473 Fetal Deaths
FDA Fails To Confirm Level Of Aluminium Adjuvant In Childhood Experimental Injections, Autism Danger With Aluminium
At 80% Vaxxed, Achieving Herd Stupidity
Why Are So Many Pro Athletes Collapsing And Dying As Never Before In The Year Of The Vax?
Nearly 400 Adverse Reactions Listed In Package Inserts For "Safe And Effective" Experimental Injections
Did Pfizer CEO Bourla Just Admit He Is A Criminal By Spreading False Information That "Covid Vaccines" Are Safe And Effective When Real World Verified Injuries And Deaths Are In The Millions Worldwide?
From 2 Weeks To Flatten The Curve To Slavery
The Nazification Of Covid
Farce City: The Vax Mandates Are Political, Not Medical, If The Truckers Stopped Shipping Goods, US Would Grind To A Halt, Mass Chaos, So Truckers Exempt From Biden Mandate
Biden's Illegal Vax Mandate Coming Apart, US Cannot Survive 4 Years Of Biden Administration
Bureaucrats Who Choose To Do Evil
NFL Quarterback Stands For Informed Personal Consent, Takes Ivermectin
Now France Says Moderna Not Recommended For Under 30 Year Olds
The Beginning Of ADE [Antibody Dependent Enhancement] Dark Winter? Isolated From Covid, But Not The Vaxxes, Western Australia's Hospitals Under Huge Pressure, Never Seen This Before, But Never Had Massive Experimental Gene Modification Injections Before Either, 2 + 2 = ?, Again The Scientists Warned About This Last Year Before Experimental Vaxxes Put In Use
Appears That The Vax Induced ADE Dark Winter Has Arrived, The "Exact Same Phenomenon" Across The US
Major Uptick In US Hospital Admissions Due To Acute Organ Failure, Sounds Exactly Like The Scientists Warning About Advent Of ADE In Fully Vaxxed People, So How Long Will It Take To Emerge From Denial?
British Medical Journal: Whistleblower, Pfizer Public Enemy #1?
These Liars Have No Morals: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Shills Sesame Street's Big Bird To Lie To Children About Vax, Since When Do 5 Year Olds Have This Decision Making Authority? Maybe They Vote In Next Election? Or Carry Firearms Too? Where Are The Parents?
Austria Moves To Protect The "Unvaxxed" From The Vaxxed Super Spreaders :-), Following Israel's Successful Highest Death Rate Model
The Crap They Call Vaccines

Roman Church Pope At The Top Of The Globalist Agenda Pyramid, So What's Next, You Go To Hell If You Don't Get Vaxxed With A Toxic Bioweapon? But Will The Roman Church "Sell All That It Has And Give It To The Poor, So It Will Have Treasure In Heaven," And Then Go Follow The Teachings Of The Truth Of The Word Of God Rather Than It's False Dogmas? These Globalists Need To Lead By Example, So When Does The For Sale Sign Go Up At The Vatican? 
Tennessee Judges Conducting Public Business In Secret, Journalist Crashes This Public Funded Meeting And Gets Arrested
Learn To Think ... Avoid College
Biden's Comments On Gas Emissions At Climate Summit
Video: Why Biden Never Became An Astronaut :-)
From The "Run For The Border" Dept: Biden Administration Abandons US Citizens In Ethiopia, While Allowing Illegal Aliens Into Country, Then Flying Them To Cities Throughout The US
US Proxy Dabbling In Afghanistan
Video: After West's Wars In Middle East, Self-Created Problem As Migrants Head For Europe
Video: National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Expounds On US Elite's Ideological Pipe Dream

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Alaska Governor Invokes States Constitutional Rights, Squashes US Federal Illegal "Covid" Mandates, Including Bank Transactions, Experimental Injections, Etc., Standing Up To Globalist Marxism
Directory State Chartered Banks For California, But Find The Ones In Your State, Also Check Out Credit Unions
Video: Vax Injuries Huge Increase In Hospitalizations
Ozone Therapy Shown To Reverse Vax Blood Clotting
When Greed Turns Diabolical, ICAN: FDA/CDC's EUA Vax Illegal, No Emergency, Of No Benefit To Kids 5-11, Only Harm, And Profits For Big Pharma, Children Are The Future Of A Country
ICAN Obtains Documents Showing NIH Knew of Gain Of Function Research In 2016
In A Nutshell, The Most Obvious Undeniable Fact That "Covid" Experimental Injections Fail To Protect You, The 4th Shot, All In Less Than A Year, Add To This Masks Don't Protect [How Many Times Have Politicians Shown To Take Masks Off After Photo Op], PCR Useless Tool As Used, And Social Distancing A Farce, Ticks All The Boxes, It's A Scam
When Government Becomes Enemy Of The People: Biden's Soviet Style Enforcement Of The Scamdemic, Very Obvious Now, The Virus/Vax Is A Political Tool For Loss Of Freedom And Liberties, Destruction Of Nation For The Marxist Globalists, Now We Know Why They Needed To Steal The Election
The Globalist War On Nations: "The Supreme Art Of War Is To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting," Sun Tzu, Chinese General
Covid-19, The Great Fake
One Solution, 100 Or More Employees, Split Company Into 2 Or More Legal Entities Of 50 Or Less
From The "Time To Pay The Piper" Dept: Countries Labeled "Covid-19 Vax Champions" Have Highest Death Rates
Taking One For The Globalists: Pfizer's Creepy Ad Tells Kids They Are Heroes For Getting Experimental Injections, Say, Isn't That What The Government Tells Us The Dead Military Personnel Killed in Afghanistan Are, Heroes
In An Age Group, 5-11, With A 99.999% Survival Rate From "Covid," And With The Injury History And Death Track Record In Teens, CDC, Joins FDA, Votes To Murder Your Children Too, Remember Their Names
17 FDA Officials Voted To Intentionally Harm Your Children, Remember Their Names
Ontario Canada Healthcare Workers Stand United, Government Backs Away From Vax Mandate [Expecting The Dark Winter?], But CYA Propaganda Still Pushing The Lie That The Experimental Injections Have Kept Hospitals Safe Rather Than Admit The Truth That The Vaxxed Are Super Spreaders And Most Of Hospitalized Covid Deaths Are Among Vaxxed
India Television Exposes Pfizer's Blackmail, Bully Tactics
Pfizer, Humanity's #1 Enemy, But Wouldn't You Think They Should Be "Covid's" #1 Enemy?
Video: Booster 10X More Potent Than Harmful First Shots
Big Lies, Fear And Hysteria, Now That So Many Are "Pfizered," The High Number Of Initial Reported Covid Death Cases, After Careful Analysis [Why Wasn't This Done To Begin With Last Year? How Many Excuses Will Be Offered?], Italy Reduces That Number DOWNWARD By 97.1%, So Not The Big Threat It Was Propagandized To Be After All, Didn't Need These Injections
Fauci Said 80% Experimentally Injected Supposed To Result In Herd Immunity, Not Death
Video: Lt. Colonel Flight Nurse Says Experimentally Injected Pilots Should Not Fly [What About AF1?], 200,000 Soldiers Refuse Jab, Not Active In Service While China Keeps Increasing Its Forces, Who Is The Commander-in-Chief Working For Between Naps?
Video: Lethal Injection Death By Batch Numbers ... It Is A Medical Experiment After All
The Psychopaths Who Use Torture For Profit
Sacrificing Your Children To The Pharma Gods On The Guinea Pig Altar
The Novel Trojan Horses Of Death
Canada Joins Australia, NZ In Killing Itself From Within As Well
Swedish Study: The Big Lie And The Big Scam, Any Jab Protection Disappears In Mere Months, Natural Immunity Long Lasting, Lifelong, No Wonder Pfizer And Others Don't Want It Recognized
A Letter To Those Experimentally Injected
From The "1% Or Less" Dept: 28,000 Reported Deaths In Europe From Experimental Injections So Far, Expect Numbers To Skyrocket This Winter
Video: Unmasking The Hypocrites That Are World "Leaders"
400 Grinning Hypocrites: Elites Fly In On Their Private Jets (About $20 Billion In Aircraft, Give Or Take, At Average Of 350 Gallons Fuel Per HOUR Per Jet, Or 140,000 Gallons Per HOUR For The Flying 400) To Discuss Climate Change And CO2 Reduction
Hundreds Of Thousands Vax Injuries Backlogged, Not In VAERS Yet
Jabbing 5 Year Olds Is Not Medicine, It's Internecine
US Republic's Diagnosis: Political Autoimmune Syndrome, Acute Institutional Failure, Attacking Itself From Within, Prognosis: Likely Terminal
Case In Point: Why Are State Troopers Brought Into Public Meeting? They Are A Disgrace To Their Oath
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Pope Calls Joe Biden A "Good Catholic" As He Pushes Aborted Fetal Cell Line Experimental Injections For Kids, Makes One Wonder Who Their god Is, BTW, What's The Difference, Then, Between A "Good Catholic" And A Good Christian?
A Quote From Ancient History: "Leader Of The Free World"
19 Fire Stations Close In NYC Due To Political Vax Mandate, New Meaning Of "Safe And Effective," Hmm, 99.87% Survival Rate Vs. 0% For Your House On Fire
American Airlines Cancels 104 Flights Due To Their Vax Mandate Induced Crew Shortages
Video: Remember The Alamo, Remember The Maine, Remember The Plandemic
A Ruse Is A Ruse, No Matter The Definition
Big Pharma's "Great Reset," The Novel Dark Age

Who Thinks They Own The World, Well The West Anyways
Let Them Eat Bugs!
Video: Snoozer Of The Free World, Obviously Oxygen Deprived (Take Off The Photo Op Theatrical Mask, Sleepy Joe), Killing Off What Brain Cells Are Operational
Video: Unmasking The Hypocrites That Are World "Leaders"
Poetic Justice As Fired Teacher Wins Election To School Board
Prince Charles' True Colors Showing Through, Wants To Force You Into Poverty And Slavery, He Should Remember What Happened To King Charles 1, Seems All That Oppressive Power Went To His Head
King Charles 1
Soros Funded Antifa An International Terrorist Group
And Now He Gets To Fund US Committees That Handle Ballot Initiatives
Video: Three Flashpoints For The West, Taiwan, Ukraine, And Iran, Still Not A Member Of The International Banksters System
NATO Hallucinations Over Russia
Video: The Trade Winds Are Shifting, Blowing Easterly, China, Russia Replacing The US And Britain, The Birthright Nations Of The House Of Israel
Birthright Nations
Israel's Proxy War On Hezbollah Escalates Towards A Civil War To Negate Hezbollah's Resources As Saudi Arabia Way Over Reacts About Yemen "Futile War"
Video: Update On The Current Nuclear Weapons Balance Of Power, US Agree To First Strike Policy
When Empires Begin To Topple, Bluster Can Have One Last Hurrah Before Collapse
Biden Gives No Vax, Illegal Aliens Priority Over US Citizens, And You Think This Is Back To Normal?
The Globalist Push To Turn The US Into The Old Soviet Union
Putin Hits The Nail On The US And West's Coffin, Ideological Shades Of The Old Central Committee Of The Communist Party In The Fallen Marxist Soviet Union
Australia's Resurrected Third Reich With A Chinese Twist
America: From Founding Fathers To F**k Joe Biden
Terminal Rot: The US Will Not Survive 4 Years Of Biden
Another Big Lie From The Folks Who Brought You The Plandemic

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Highwire Episode 239, CYA NIH Changing Definitions, Total Corruption In Government Agencies And Official Lies, Watch The Legal Interview In Particular, 24 US State AGs File Suit Against Biden's Illegal Vax Mandate
Nearly 2 Million Americans Dead From Experimental Injections So Far In Less Than A Year, Much More This Winter As ADE Kicks In, Yet The True Believer Vax Fanatics Keep Screaming, Get The Vax!
From The "We Haven't Put 2+2= Together Yet" Dept: "4th Wave" Caribbean Island Chief Medical Officer And Minister For Health Still Pushing Experimental Injections On Apparently "Vax" Savvy Population Despite Real World Example Of Israel With Highest Vax Rate In World Also Has Highest Covid Death Rate As Covid Death Curve Follows The Covid Vax Curve Worldwide, But They Aim To Catch Up! Code For In Our Ignorance We Aim To Keep Trying To Injure And Kill More People
Major Uptick In US Hospital Admissions Due To Acute Organ Failure, Sounds Exactly Like The Scientists Warning About Advent Of ADE In Fully Vaxxed People, So How Long Will It Take The Media To Emerge From Denial?
Why Health Care Workers Prefer Job Loss To Covid Jab, aka Life Loss
Major Video: Injecting And Infecting Everyone With HIV? The Evidence, Autoimmunity Disease, Basically Used The HIV/AIDS Test, Spike Proteins Increase Like Env Spike Protein In HIV Hooking Up With Binding Antibodies, Your Natural Immune System, NK Cells, Tank After 2nd Jab, When Neutralizing Antibodies Drop, The Binding Antibodies Increase Providing Passage Of Spike Proteins To Infect The Body's Cells, Vital Organs, Then ADE,
Acute Kidney Organ Failure Among Autoimmune AIDS Hospitalized Patients
Nobel Winning, Non-Patent Generic Wonder Drug Ivermectin Works As Advertised, So Why The New Patented ($$$) Unproven Pill? BTW, NIH Has Approved Ivermectin For Treatment Of Covid
Text/Video: Quietly, Ivermectin Appears On Approved NIH List For Use In Treatment Of Covid, Make Copy And Show It To Any Doctor Or Hospital Who Refuses To Use It Upon Your Request
When Did Drug Companies And Schools Take Over Legal Parental Authority For A 99.999% Survival Rate For Children From "Covid?"
Children Dying At A 62% Higher Rate Over 5 Year Average After Experimental Injections
Moderna Given Green Light By Your Government To Experiment On You For Big Buck Profits
From Lab To Real World: Cruelty In Research Labs To Bring You Lethal Injections
US Media Brain Dead Or Paid For, Total Ignorance About Covid Cases And Deaths Follow The Vax Curve Everywhere In The World, Again As Scientists And Nobel Prize Winners Said It Would
Video: Florida Governor Suing Biden Over Vax Mandate
AMA Working To Get Ivermectin And HCQ Banned, Is Every Medical Agency Bought And Paid For?
Video: Delaware Dead Man Voting
Video: Interesting Covid Q&A
Australia Goes Full Marxist Tyranny: No Jab, No Job, No Eat
Seizing Everything ... "If Thieves Came To You, If Robbers By Night, (How Are You Cut Off!) Would They Not Have Stolen Till They Had Enough? If The Grapegatherers Came To You, Would They Not Leave Some Grapes?" Obadiah v.5
Experimental Jabs Triggering Cancers
Florida Surgeon General Goes Against The Covid Narrative, Tells The Truth
200 US Congress Folks Treated With Ivermectin
If You Hate Your Kids, Get Them Jabbed, Otherwise Don't Let A Needle Near Them
This Is The Happy Face Monster Who's After Your Kids
As The Vaxxed Are Super-Spreaders, Vaxports Would Throw Gas On The Fire
Video: The Most Vaxxed Countries Have The Most Covid Deaths, But God Created Natural Immunity Doesn't Exist For These Media Plandemic Liars
Where's The Beef? No Record Of Any Isolated Human Sample Of SARS-Cov-2 Virus Anywhere To Date, Should Be Trillions To Choose From
Never In History Has There Been An "Immortal Virus" That Requires Routine Vaxxes, And Neither Does Covid, Only The Boost To Big Pharma Bottom Lines, Yet Not One Single SARS-Cov-2 Virus Isolated To Date
Spain Admits No One Has Isolated The SARS-Cov-2 Virus To Date, With Tens Of Millions Sick And Billions Of Viruses In Each Person, Too, So Where Is It, Or Was It The 2020 Flu Labeled As Such To Get Us To The Jabs?
As Flu Deaths Have All But Disappeared Worldwide During The Past Two Years With The Advent Of "Covid," Maybe The WHO's Admission That Covid Was Not Worse Than The Seasonal Flu Is Because It Was The Flu, And Now The Spike Proteins Have Been Injected Into People Under The Trojan Horse Guise Of Being A "Vaccine," It Will Begin To Kill More And More
DNR, Vax Murder Charges?
The Experimental Injections Are Only An Effect, The Bigger Problem Is The Love Of The Lie Rotting Disease In A Country When It Doesn't Like Hearing The Truth, Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water
The Experimental Injections Far Worse Than Covid, Still The Governmental Push, True Believers Swallowing The Lies Even Though It Will Mean Their Deaths
Reaping What We've Sown, Another Highly Vaxxed Country Sees Jump In Covid Among Vaxxed Just Like Iceland, Israel, Others Around The World, Again Exactly As The Scientists Warned Us Would Happen With Mass Vax
UK Gov't Tells The Truth, I Know, I Know, We All Were Shocked, If You Got The Experimental Jabs, You Lose Your Natural Immunity [What, They're Admitting There Is Such A Thing As Natural Immunity? :-), Exactly What The Independent Scientists Have Been Telling Us For A Year Now, And When Neutralizing Antibody Levels Drop, Up Goes The Binding Antibodies, Allowing Spike Proteins To Infect Cells, Opening The Door For ADE, Same Mechanism As With HIV/AIDS, Covid Recovered Protected Against All Strains
Video: The Warning From Earlier This Year, Exactly What He Said, Has Been Happening In The Order We Are Seeing, The Worst Is To Come For The Vaxxed
There is No US Federal Mandate For Vax, Reserved To The States Or The People
The So Much For "Safe And Effective," VAERS Analysis: Death Curve Follows The "Covid Vax Curse" Curve: 5,427% Increase In Deaths In 9 Months Compared To All Real Vaccines In Past 10 Years, Yet Still Being Mandated!? This Fact Seems To Tell Us Someone Is Trying To Kill Us Because They're Not Stopping
More Flat Out Lies By CDC As The Numbers Show
The Pandemic Of Lies: Let's See, 6 feet/2 Meters Social Distancing Has No Medical Basis, Made Up, Aerosol Borne Viruses Can Travel 30 Feet Or More, The PCR Test Is An Analytical Tool, Not A Diagnostic One, Impossible to Detect Infection Or If Someone Is Sick, And Masks, Well, They Make Covid Worse
Every Picture Tells A Story Video: If You Want To Look At The Soulless Officials And Media Pushing The Experimental Jabs, This Is It
More About Maddie
Video: Mayo Clinic Resignations Over Lethal Vax Mandate, A Pandemic Of Corruption, Hippocratic Oath And Nuremberg Code Out The Window, It's All About The Money

US Military Biggest Threat Is From Within
Taiwan Admits US Military Trainers On Island
Video: UK's Cake And Eat It Too Foreign Policy, Contradictory Approach To China And Russia

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

ICAN Eviscerates Deceitful CDC Regarding Natural Immunity That's Protected Mankind For Thousands Of Years
Text: ICAN's Legal Response To The Science Hesitant, But Politically Compliant CDC, Be Sure To Read The Conclusion, p. 17, Their Actions Making People Think That CDC Stands For Criminal, Deceitful & Corrupt
From The "Moving The Scamdemic Goal Posts Once Again" Dept: "Immortal Covid" Will Require Jabs Forever To Be "Fully Vaccinated," CDC Director, Well Except In Uttar Pradesh, Admission Of Abysmal Failure On A Large Scale Of What Is Touted As A "Safe And Effective Vaccine," And Remember, Pfizer's "Booster" Is Same Old But Diluted With 20% Water As It's Secret Ingredient The FDA Held Back From Disclosing Until Sued By ICAN
Real World Lab: How Uttar Padsesh In India With 240 Million People Became Covid Free, While Kerala With 35 Million Failed, Guess Which One Vaxxed And Which One Used Ivermectin
Video: Is Florida The Last Real US State?
When Will People Say No To Drugs, Including Deadly Experimental Gene Technology Injections Falsely Labelled "Vaccines?"
The Work Of The Devil Will Not Allow Religious Exemption, But It's Not His Choice, It's Yours
The Power Of Choice Is Your God-Given Liberty
UK Stats: Child Deaths Up 52% Over 5 Year Average After Experimental Jabs
Children Nearly 70% More Likely To Be Hospitalized From Covid If "Fully Vaccinated" With Experimental Toxin
The Fix Is In To Kill The Kids, The Next Generation, Waiting Approval Of The FDA, Federal Death Agency
NIH Quietly Removes Gain Of Function From Its Website, Who Gave That Order?
New NIH Update: Fauci, Collins Lied About Gain Of Function, Wuhan Research, Bioweapon Development For Use On Americans Under Cover Of CCP, Info Sent To US Congress
750 GE Employees Walk Out Over Vax Mandates
In A Move To Enforce Vax Mandates On The Homeless, Now Required To Have Vaxport To Poop On San Fran's Sidewalks *:-)
The Movie: Covidland, Of Course, Former FDA Official Later Admitted Social Distancing Totally Made Up, No Medical Basis, Gunshot Death Listed As Covid, CDC Inflated Numbers, Fear M.O. Lie, Do Damage, Retract
SMART Uniion Stands Firm Against Mandatory Wuhan Experimental Injections For Flip-Flop Fauci Flu
European Journal of Epidemiology Study Shows Countries With Highest Experimental Vax Rates, Have Highest Covid And Death Rates
2 Irish Counties Real World Proof, Same As Israel
Video: Mass 80+% Vax Means More Covid And Deaths
As Vaxxed Are Super Spreaders, Looks Like A Chinese Style Social Credit-Tracking System For The US Targets Those Who More Likely To Spread Covid, What Did Joe Agree To When Flying 17,000 Miles With President Xi??
Now Why Is That? OSHA Won't Enforce Policy Requiring Employers To Report Medical Experiment Vax Adverse Side Effects, But Don't Experiments Need All Data To Get Accurate Results? Or Maybe They Don't Want That
But Okay To Shut Down A Business For Not Checking Government Issued Piece Of Paper
Apparently No Presidential Executive Order Mandating Any Experimental Injections, So Where Does It Come From? Media? Do Americans Have A Breaking Point Or Like 1930s Germany, Completely Acquiesce?
Video: Vax Kills 2 To 1, FDA
Hmm, If Innocent Of Any Wrongdoing, Why Do You Think A Public Agency Charged With Public Immunization Safety, While Having More Vax Deaths In 8 Months Than In Previous 20 Years Combined (Obvious Disastrous Failure), The CDC Would Refuse To Disclose It's Policy-Making Emails To Private Vax Makers? If Disclosed To A Private, Non-Governmental Party, Then Must Release To Public, No Playground King's X When People Are Being Killed
Video: Taiwan Confirms Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve As More Die From The Vax Than Covid, And The Gap Will Continue To Increase Over Time, UK Stats 8X+ More Likely To Die Initially, Same Story All Around The World Once The Vaxxes Began
Fully Vaxxed Former US SecState Dies Of Covid, A Reminder That The Experimental Vaxxes Don't Prevent You From Getting Covid Or Spreading It Like Real Vaccines, So Then What Do These Experimental Injections Do Besides Injure And Kill People Sooner Or Later?
Fully Vaxxed DHS Chief Gets Covid, Will He Go The Way Of Powell?
Pfizer Jab Full Of Toxins, No Wonder It's Killing People
Video: Beware The Nasal Swab As Gates And Soros Own Company That Makes Swabs
Video: Who Packages Your Swabs?
Vax? How To Say Yes, While Saying No And Putting The Burden Back On Them
Video: Pandemic Of The Vaxxed Creating The Mutant Strains
Nebraska AG Gives Big Legal Kick In The Rear To Big Pharma
Video: Biden Administration A Metastasizing Cancer In US And It Shows, Worst Time In US History, All In 9 Months, Will The US Survive This Administration?
The Empire Of Lies Breaking Down?
In Case You Had Any Doubts About The US Morphing Steadily In The Old Soviet Union, Check Out His Latest Administration Pick
Calls To Defund The Police, But $100K On Private Security
And If You're Still Undecided About The Queen ...
In Terms Of Good Health, More And More Looks Like Ivermectin Is The Way To Go, Experimental "Vaxxes" Not
"Vaccine" Effectiveness Hits MINUS 109%
Unvaxxed Looking Smarter Each Week
Trojan Horse Plandemic Sole Goal: Get The Jab In Your Body

Video: Beyond Dementia? As Biden Commits To War Over Taiwan, Potentially Igniting A Nuclear Holocaust
Video: As US Crumbles Domestically, It's Envoy's Scurring Around World Sowing Discord
Video: China Russia Joint Naval Exercises Marks Strategic Change Of Times
US/Zionist Israel Monkey Business To Incite Civil War In Lebanon In Order To Weaken And Neutralize Hezbollah
Video: China Tests Hypersonic Glide Missile, US Intel Shocked, Finds Itself Between A Rock And A Hard Place
Video: China Has Record Breaking Trade Surplus With Biden's US, US No Longer Energy Independent, Needs Russian Oil And Gas

* :-) satire

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

5 Days Ago (16 October) Video: Need To Watch, Prophecy In Action
10 Days Ago Video: Need To Watch, Prophecy In Action, And Read Obadiah Especially Verse 7
Video: New Nuremberg Trials, Fauci & Others Plotting Criminal Acts October 2019 Footage: Use New Virus From China To Get Universal Vax Mandate, Can't Wait Years To Do This, Blow Up The Old Tried And True System, Result? Millions Injured And Killed Worldwide
Video: Covid Farce A Global Coup ... For The Time Being
Video: It's Gone Past Being About A Virus, Project Veritas, Federal Doctor, "Vaccines Are Full Of Shit"
What Is That Creature Living In The Frankenstein Pfizer Vax That US President Wants Injected Into You? Looks Like The Flurry Screen Saver
Spain Admits No One Has Isolated The SARS-Cov-2 Virus To Date, With Tens Of Millions Sick And Billions Of Viruses In Each Person, Too, So Where Is It, Or Was It The 2020 Flu Labeled As Such To Get Us To The Jabs?
Wow, Just Like Superman And Clark Kent, The Flu Dropped By 97% In 2020, First Time In History It Decided Not To Show Up, Same Year As Covid Decided To Show Up, What A Coincidence! I Guess That Makes The Truth Covid Kryptonite
No Vax Mandate Florida Sees Covid Drop 88% In 6 Weeks
US State Nebraska Approves Use Of Ivermectin, HCQ
Will Mayor Of Murder Capital Of US Lose 50% Police Force Over Vax Status?
How Much More Evidence Of Injury And Death From These Experimental Injections Is Needed To Stop The Insanity And Realize We've Been Suckered?
FDA Approval: Harvesting Organs From Human Fetuses, But Not Nobel Winning, Proven Ivermectin, See A Pattern Here?
Video: NBA Player Got Clot Shot, Got Clots, NBA Told Him To Keep It Quiet, Why?
Lie First, Do Damage, Retract Afterwards, PCR Tests Are ANALYTICAL, They Are NOT DIAGNOSTIC Tools, Therefore EVERY Positive PCR Diagnosis Of Covid Is A False Positive, Everyone Of Them, What Is The Cost To Society For This Lie?
How Long Will It Be, Do You Think, Before They Get The PCR Memo?
Video: Digital Tyranny, Ditch As Many Smart Devices As You Can
Video: Here's A Brilliant Example From The Great Medical Minds In Hospitals, Hospital Closed Due To Staff Shortages ... Caused By Firing Medical Staff By The Administration For Refusing To Get Vaxxed Against A 99.87% Survivable Alpha Virus, Which Staff, By The Way, See The Damage And Vaxxed Deaths From The Delta Variant On A Daily Basis, So Patients Need To Drive More Than An Hour To Get ... Emergency Care
When Adhering To The Principle Of The Hippocratic Oath Gets A Doctor In Trouble With The Hypocritical Hippocratic Oath Takers
Text/Video: Quietly, Ivermectin Appears On Approved NIH List For Use In Treatment Of Covid, Make Copy And Show It To Any Doctor Or Hospital Who Refuses To Use It Upon Your Request
Music Video: Rapping The Vax
Inventor mRNA Technology: Vaxxed Super-Spreaders, Even At 100% Vax Rate, And Masking, Delta Will Spread, Can't Stop It, Those Claiming Otherwise Are Lying, The Next Variant Even Worse For Vaxxed, Which Is Why Natural Immunity Is Best
None Dare Call It Treason? The Liar-In-Chief Pitchman Spreading 100% False Information, Perping Biowarfare On American Citizens, What Is His China Connection In All This?
SARS-Cov-2/Covid-19/Vaxxes A Chinese Bioweapon?
Vax: Made In China
Chinese Professor Claims China Wins Biowar With US
Maybe Joe Didn't See This In His Morning Brief Sheet, Nobel Prize Virologist, "This Vaccine Is The Biggest Risk To Genocide In The History Of Humanity," Sworn Affidavit To International Criminal Court
Governments Using Corporations To Do Their Dirty Work, Notice The Frontline Groups That Are Being Targeted, The Takedown Of America From Within
The Psyop War And You're The Enemy
The Psychology Of Stampeding The Herd
How's This For Another Convenient Coincidence? Lie First, Retract After The Damage Done, Now That Their Vax Has Peaked, Same WHO Director Who Lied About Covid-19, Now Is Claiming Climate Change Is Biggest Health Threat, Rumor Is Next Week He Will Hold A Presser At WHO HQ To Announce To The True Believers That The Sun Revolving Around The Flat Earth Is Causing Climate Change, So What Lies Does The NWO Have Cooked Up This Time?
What The World Economic Forum Has Been Up To To Enslave Us Under Their Guise Of A Better World ... For Them
Nuremberg Informed Consent Spillover? German Court: YouTube Has To Repost All "Antivax" Info It Took Down
Earth To Joe: Covid Infection Rates Among Vaxxed Higher In Every Group Over Age 30 Compared To Unvaxxed
From The "Get The Jab And Die, No Lie" Dept: Remember Harvard's Pilgrim Study Showed CDC Numbers Are 1% or LESS Of Real World Numbers, So If 16,310 Dead From The Jabs Times 100 = ? And In Only 10 Months, Yet Vax Is "Best Protection" Against Covid, But Death, Not So Much
Please Watch Video: Antibody Dependent Enhancement, Autoimmune Response Clear Explanation, Body Attacks Itself Due To Genetic Modification Experimental Injections, FDA Has Known This, Sounds Like HIV/AIDS, Goes Back To Fauci, Not A Vaccine, Spike Proteins, Cytokine Storm, Tipping Point For Humanity, Bottom Line It's Genocide
ADE Rate Accelerating Each Week Among Vaxxed, US DOD Data In Direct Contradiction To Biden's Proclamations
20X Increase In Cancer, Autoimmune Disease Among "Vaccinated"
CDC EID Journal Paper: Confirmation Of Rise Of Inflammatory Syndrome After Experimental Injections ... Autoimmune Response To Tissue Damage From Spike Proteins, Viral Shedding Of Variants By Vaxxed
Are We Subject To Evil Authority Of Men?
Intel Inside, Not Experimental Injected Toxin
Texas Governor Makes Illegal All Vax Mandates Public And Private Employers
Real Life Recovery Example: No Vax Mandates
Corporate Rebellion: Blueprint For A Message
People Blind That War Is Waged Against Them
Problem Is People In US Still Don't Realize They Are Victims Of A Revolution, Stolen Election, President Pushing Lethal Injections On Citizens, Losing Jobs, Now Real Life Mandated Food Shortages From Uncle Joe, What's Next, Get Vaxxed If You Want To Eat?
Covid Infection Rates Among Vaxxed Higher In Every Group Over Age 30 Compared To Unvaxxed
Real World Lab: How Uttar Padsesh In India With 240 Million People Became Covid Free, While Kerala With 35 Million Failed, Guess Which One Vaxxed And Which One Used Ivermectin
Video: Governments Lying To Us, Experimental Injections Won't Get Rid Of "Pandemic," It's The Cause
Beware Big Pharma Bearing "Gifts," Reinventing The Wheel, More Safe And Effective Statements, Nobel Winning Ivermectin Proven Safe And Proven And Inexpensive, That Is, No Money In It For Big Pharma
Johns Hopkins Data: Death Curve Follows Vax Curve

Totally Awed Russia, Putin By US And West For Their Suicidal Stupidity, The Dumbest And Most Incredible Self-Destruction In History
Video: US Diplomatic Visit To Moscow A Failure As Was US Diplomatic Talks In China
Lebanon's Hezbollah Prepared To Expel US
Wow, Way To Fight The Taliban With US Money
Video: US Nuclear Sub Collision In South China Sea, US Marines In Taiwan
Beware Of Rulers In Pointy Hats: Notice He Is Not Leading By Example, No For Sale Sign At The Vatican, Hasn't Pawned His Gold Rings

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Highwire Episode 236, Frankenstein Pharmademic, World's Top "Vax Experts" Admit On Camera, Behind The Scenes At The WHO Summit, They Have No Clue, No Basis For What They're Doing, And Have Done To Us With These Experimental "Vaccines," Or What The Cumulative Vax Interactions And Effects Will Be Down The Road, 72 Injections By Age 18 In US, We May Find Out That They've Vaxxed Humanity Into Extinction, Yet In Public, The Vaxxes Are "Proven Safe And Effective," Which Is A Huge Lie, The Tide Is Turning And Some Are Already Jumping Ship
Major Video: Injecting And Infecting Everyone With HIV? The Evidence, Autoimmunity Disease, Basically Used The HIV/AIDS Test, Spike Proteins Increase Like Env Spike Protein In HIV Hooking Up With Binding Antibodies, Your Natural Immune System, NK Cells, Tank After 2nd Jab, When Neutralizing Antibodies Drop, The Binding Antibodies Increase Providing Passage Of Spike Proteins To Infect The Body's Cells, Then ADE
Daszak 2016: Gain Of Function Research, Insert Spike Proteins To See If They Bind To Human Cells
Fauci, 2014 NIH: "Scientists Illuminated The Movement And Complete Structure Of The Env Spike Proteins That The HIV Virus Uses To Bind To The Cells It Infects"
Jamaica Suffers Rash Of Coincidences After 11 Die Just After Getting Vaxxed, No Autopsies Performed, But Officials Puzzled At A Possible Explanation
Same Story As In Israel And Every Place Else: Highest Vax Rate US State Has Highest Hospitalizations, Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve
Another Pfizer Kill Shot: 15 Year Old Dies After 2nd Jab
Pfizer, Moderna Don't Care About Your Kids Dying, just Want To Get Them Injected, Money Rolling In
Text/Video: If It Doesn't Work, Doesn't Protect, But Injures And Kills, Why Is It Being Mandated? Because It Injures And Kills
Study: women's Fertility Harmed By Experimental Injections, 127 Women Vaxxed In First 20 Weeks, 82% Miscarriages
81% Covid Deaths September: VAXXED, The Curve Of Death Follows The Curve Of "Vaccinations"
Video: ER Canada Doc Resigns Over Covid Mandate, How Many Are We Going To Kill?
Nearly 2 Years In, If It's Not A "SARS-Cov-2" Virus, What Is That Stuff? "Every Institution Without Exception Has Failed To Provide Or Cite Even 1 Record Describing Purification Of The Alleged Virus From Even 1 Patient Sample"
Video: Horrific Finding In Blood Of Vaxxed, We Need The Treatment Of God
Video: Project Veritas Part 5: Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails Showing Suppression Of Vital Covid Info To Public
Doctors Getting Angry At Patients Who Want Treatment Rather Than Vax, Hit Them In Their Pockerbook, Find A Different Doctor, And The Tune Will Change
Are Elected Officials Making More Money From Big Pharma Than Government Paychecks?
Video: ICAN To Sue California Governor Newsom Over His Mandated Experimental Injection For Children
Australian Florence Nightingale's Blow The Whistle About What's Going On In Hospitals, Same Stories As In The Rest Of The World, Massive Unreported Injuries And Death From The Vaxxes
When Did It Switch From The Hippocratic Oath To The Hypocritical Oath? Colorado Memorial Hospital Denies Life Saving Transplant To Unvaxxed Person, Psst Colorado Memorial, Vaxxes Offer No Protection Against The Delta, And Didn't Even Stop Transmission Of Alpha Covid According To Fauci, WHO And The CDC, And These Are Our Medical Professionals? Flat Out Malpractice And Payola Is What This Looks Like
Study Shows Risk Of Hospitalization INCREASES After Getting Experimental Vaxxes Injected
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Dept: Well It Is NY After All, As Countries Are Ditching All Covid Restrictions, Using Ivermectin, And Getting Back To Normal, Coercive NY Health Big Pharma Officials Fire 1400 Non-Vaxxed Smart People
Fauci's Boss Resigns After Documents Show He Lied About Participation In Covid Gain Of Function Research
Enough Is Enough, Caribbean Island Drops All Covid Restrictions For 2022, Book Your Holiday Now, Joins Scandinavian Countries
Aussie Bill: Employers Who Mandated Vax For Exployees On The Hook For Compensating Them For The Rest Of Their Lives
Their Actions Speak To The American People: FDA Rushed To Get Big Pharma Experimental Injections Out There, But Dragging Its Feet, Offering Lame Excuses For Its Failure To Enforce Its Own Rules
Blood Clot Heart Attacks On The Rise From Experimental Injections
Last Year We Were Pounded By The Media With The Number Of Covid "Cases," Yet This Year Millions Of Deaths Worldwide From The Vaxxes Are Not Being Reported
The Vax Injured Tell Their Stories, Out The Propaganda Lies
Video: The Convenient Jab Brought To You By Evil Doers, Project Veritas Part 4, Remember When It Was Just About A Virus? "It’s Just About Making It So Inconvenient For Unvaccinated People ..."
Immortal Covid Moves The Goal Posts Again: It's Not About The Virus, Only Blatant Political Tyranny To Inject Everyone, President Bourla Of Pfizerland Causes Israelis To Lose Vaxxed Status And Green Pass Overnight (What Happened To The Science Of Biology?), Apparently His First 2 Jabs Didn't Work As Advertised, So A Watered-down "Booster" 3rd Shot Now, But In 6 Months Need To Get Pfizered Again, Who Knew There Was So Much Money To Be Made In Failure?
US Dept. Defense Document: Large Experimental Injection Failure Rate, But WHO, CDC Even Fauci Admitted It Doesn't Stop Transmission, So What Does It Do? Spike Proteins
According To Lazy, Demented? CHO Of Alberta Canada Lepers Are Counted As Covid Cases, Throws Everyone Into The Covid Bin, No Need For Scientific Evidence Anymore, Or Maybe All Their Medical Bean Counters Died From The Vax
And Don't Forget The CDC's Monkey Business, Not A Covid Death Within 14 Days Of Experimental Lethal Injection, Puts Insurance Companies Back On The Hook To Pay Out, US Looking More And More Like A Grade School Playground, All This In Less Than A Year Too
CDC Releases The New 1% Or Less Numbers Of Fetal Deaths Following The "Proven Safe And Effective" Experimental Injection, In 10 Months Nearly The Same As All Fetal Deaths From A Vax in 30 YEARS
Double Vaxxed Emmy Winner Dies Of Delta Two Weeks After Award Ceremony
Her Son Dies One Day After Getting Vaxxed, But, Abracadabra, CDC Says Not A Vax Death, Does Any Thinking Person Believe Their Nonsense? Do They Believe Their Own Nonsense?
Video: It's Alive! No Wonder The Evil Powers Are Doing Everything They Can To Get This Lethal Poison Injected Into Everyone Including Children, When Is It Time To Stop These People? When "We Will Not Let Wickedness Dwell In Our Tents"
Mandatory Injection Of Military Personnel, Well Except The Apex Chain Of Command Generals (Someone Has To Enforce The Mandate), All Part Of The Plan To Destroy The US
Top US General Would Warn China Of Attack, Who Is He Working For?
Military-Intel Community Ties To "Public Health"
The Plandemic: US Says China Did It, China Says US Intel Did It, Either Way Not Natural
Bourla's Pfizer Accused Of Experimenting On Orphaned Babies, And Now On The Rest Of Us
Video/Text: A Couple Of Tips When Dealing With Medical People, Decline Their Offer To Inject You, Rather Than Refuse
A Caribbean Island Fights Back Against Corrupted Health Officials
Beware Of Big Pharma Bearing Gifts And More Lies Even As Vax Stocks Crash, Stick With Nobel Winning, Less Expensive Proven Ivermectin, As Thus Far Covid-19 Vaccines Have Proven To Be Highly Effective In Killing More People Than All Previous Real Vaccines Combined In Past 20 Years, And We Haven't Gotten To ADE's Dark Winter Yet
Covid Vax Real World
Evidence Plandemic Was Schemed Starting Back In 2001
Fining Infected People For Living With Healthy People: Evilness Coming Out Of The "Healthcare" Woodwork In US, While Smarter People, Countries Stopping Lethal Experimental Injections

Video: Did China Take Over The US Abandoned Afghan Bagram Airbase?
Goodbye America: As If Biden's China Debacle Isn't Enough, His Open Border Policy Is Eroding US From The Inside
Video: China Sharp Response To US Rhetoric, Offers US Choice To Save Face
Video: US Calling China's Bluff? Stay Tuned As US Position Only Leaves War Or Humiliation Of US
Video: Massive China Military Air Force Near Taiwan, Tells EU To Mind Its Business, Knowing Biden Impotent
Video: Another Major Move In Middle East With Last Days Implications As Iran-Saudi Rapprochement Builds Moving Away From US, Huge Shift In Less Than A Year
The Zionsts Other Crime Against Humanity
Video: Putin-Erdogan Negotiate Large Arms Deal Linked To Syria Mess, Idllib Crisis, Accuses US Of Supporting Terrorists In Syria
Video: US Finds Itself In Check With China, Russia And Nuclear Deterrents

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Video: Highwire, Against The Wall, Episode 235, In Particular Robert Malone And Geert Vanden Bossche Interview At The 1 Hour 45 Minute Mark, We Need All The Unvaxxed People We Can Get If We're Going To Beat Covid Variants Before Nature Wins Out, i.e., We All Die, Even 100% Experimental Injections Can Never Get Us To Herd Immunity, But It Will Get Us To Herd Extinction, Which Is Their Agenda
Video: Her Vaxxness, The False Prophet, High Priestess Of The Covid Cult Of Death, a la Jim Jones, Looking For New Apostles, Promises Pilgrimage To Wuhan *:-)
Jim Jones Cult, Who's The Leader Of The Cult Today, Seeking To Lead Billions To Their Deaths?
CDC Reminds American True Believers To Listen To Health Professionals, Well Except The Ones Opposing The Cult's Agenda Lies, Just Like CDC High Priestess Walensky :-)
Meanwhile, Just Across The Pond In Scandinavia, Covid Is Over, Restrictions Gone
FDA, 3 Year Olds Playing Games, Making More Money From A Diluted Product: Booster Only A Watered Down Experimental Injection, Nothing To Do With Addressing Delta Variant, Spike Proteins, But CDC Director Walensky Override$ Advisory Doctors And Scientists Recommendation, And Approves Its Use Anyway
Warning To The Unvaxxed, Unless You Have Had Covid And Have Natural Immunity, The VAXXED, Who Produce Trillions Of Spiked Proteins, Pose A Threat This Winter, Take Measures To Boost Your Immune System And Arrange Now For Early Treatment If It's Needed
Okay, Besides Injuries And Death, What Could Go Wrong With These Experimental Injections, Oh My, Really?
Liars Mantra, "Proven Safe And Effective," Unless You Mean Proven To Be Effective At Injuring And Killing People, 48,465 Deaths In Medicare Patients Within 14 Days Of Experimental Injections, Stats For Only 20% Of US Population (Times 5 = ?), But Time Out, King's X, Not Considered Vax Deaths Because, Abracadabra, Simple Simon Orwell Says Vax Deaths Within 14 Days Of Jabbing Don't Count Anymore, Sounds Like A Dream Defense Strategy For A Murderer, Not Guilty, Your Honor, Because They Died Within 14 Days Of Me Stabbing Them, So It Couldn't Be Me
Interesting How Murdering And Lying Go Hand In Hand
Being Lied To Death
Remember This Lie? In February 2020 Head Of WHO Announced To The World They Finally Came Up With A Name For This "Novel" Coronavirus, Covid-19, Yet This Same WHO Shipped Millions Of Covid-19 Test Kits, Described As A Diagnostic Tool, To Countries All Around The World In ... 2017, Even Though Its Nobel Laureate Creator Said His PCR Test Is Not, And Never Can Be Used As A Diagnostic Tool, And Anyone Who Says Otherwise Is Lying And Is An Idiot
Harsh "Unvaxxed" Critic Dies, Damned?, After 3rd Covid Shot, Just Like In Israel
Israel Finally Admitting "Vaccines" Don't Protect, But Produce Increase In Injuries And Death
What's Killing People? A Virus Or The Spike Protein Variants?
Increasing Heat Of The Truth Too Hot To Handle For Cowards At YouTube, Label Science Fact As Misinformation, Well Until They Get Their 3rd Shot, But Really, Who Needs YouTube For Their Source Of Information? There Is Rumble, Odysee, BrandNewTube and Many Others, Plus Bookmark And Go Direct To Independent Sources, It's Up To You
When Are "Smart" People Going To Stop Being Stupid, Believing The Propaganda, And Start Thinking? WHO, CDC And Fauci All Have Said Experimental Injections Will Not Prevent Transmission Of Covid, Plus, The Shots Are For The Alpha Covid Strain in 2020, Viral Immune Escape Means No Protection From 2021 Delta For Those Vaxxed, And Here We Are At Harvard, 95% Alpha Vaxxed And Having A Substantial Outbreak Of "Delta Covid," But Apparently No One There Can Connect the Dots, How Is This Outbreak Possible As It Is Contrary To Fauci's Propaganda Herd Immunity Vax Narrative Of The Past Year? Wake Up Harvard, But It Is Exactly What The Biology Science Has Told Us For A Year Or More Now
There Is No "Vaccine" For The Delta Variant, And The Original Alpha Variant Is Gone According To Epidemiologists, Yet Still Pushing People To Get These Experimental Injections, Why? Death Curve Follows The "Vaxxed" Curve, All The Self-Righteous Vaxxed Are Unvaxxed When It Comes To Delta, According To Public Health Numbers The "Vaxxed" Are 13X Or More Likely To Get Delta, And 8X More Likely To Die From It Than Natural Unvaxxed, It's Called Viral Immune Escape, Best Situation Is Natural Immunity, 27X Greater Protection Than Vaxxes
US Senator: Covid Death Curve Follows The Vax Curve
Neutralizing Antibody Protection Declines Quickly And Steeply, But Lethal Spike Proteins, Along With Increasing Binding Antibodies Team Up To Kill You
Update: Electron Microscopy Shows Graphene Oxide Poison In Covid Vaccines, Why Is That In There?
Why Are People Who Avoid Eating Genetically Modified Food Lining Up To Get An Experimental Gene Modification Injection?
Scandinavia, Covid Is Over, Restrictions Gone, Israel Just Keeps Making A Bigger Mess Now With 3rd Bourla-Pfizer Jab, Yet So Many Government Leaders Remain In Covid Coma, Stupid, Bought Off Or Both?
Fauci Bragging That His Gain Of Function Covid Wuhan Research Has Been Very Successful, Nazis Likely Thought The Same Thing Of Their Concentration Camps Too ... Well, Until The Nuremberg Trials
He Must Think We're All Stupid Or He Is: Pfizer CEO Bourla Thinks Regular Covid Shots Is The Norm, Same Guy Who Said Last Year Two Shots Would Do the Trick, Or Was That The Trick?
Project Veritas Video: Covid Evil Exposed Part 3
Videos: Get Factsinated
Prisoner Sentenced To Life In Australia :-)
Australian NSW Police Commissioner Says They Won't Check For Vaxports
Text/Video: FDA Knew Of Experimental Gene Technology Injections Would Cause Injury And Deaths, But Withheld Info
Text/Video: Beware Remdesivir, Experimental Injections, And Fauci
Doctors Free To Prescribe Ivermectin And Pharmacies Not Allowed To Refuse Filling Prescriptions
From The "Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots" Dept: Pfizer Was Guilty Of Largest Criminal Health Care Fraud
Vax Agenders Attack On Ivermectin A Crime Against Humanity
Not Just "Safe And Effective" Vax Lies, Lying About Keeping Ivermectin From People, Goes Against Their Depopulation Agenda, Step By Step Guide To Knowing And Exercising Your Rights To Use Ivermectin
Real World Lab: While Justin "I Cannot Tell The Truth" Trudeau Pushes Big Pharma Vax Agenda In A Country Of 35 Million, India's Uttar Pradesh Province Of 240+ Million People Now COVID FREE After Ditching Vaxxes And Massive Use Of IVERMECTIN, While 8.5 Million People Israel Seeing Its Highest Covid Levels Ever After 3rd Bourla-Pfizer Shot, Hmm, A Pattern Is Emerging, Sherlock
Pro Tennis Player's Season Ends After "Safe And Effective Covid Vax"
Canadian Nurses: Deaths After Getting "Safe And Effective Vaccines," Hospitals Full Of Vaxxed People

Dozens State Troopers Resign Ahead Of Nuremberg Violation Vax Mandate
While Record Numbers Of Elderly Defenseless, Criminally Maskless Australians Beaten And Pepper Sprayed By Bone Breaking Police, US Border Patrol Given Segways And Pool Noodles To Hunt Down Tens Of Thousands Of Aliens Illegally Invading The Country :-)
Billionaires To Shrink World's Population ... By Killing You With Lethal Injections Sold As "Safe And Effective Vaccines"
And Their Sleight Of Hand Financial Shenanigans While They're At It
Biggest Federal Reserve Scandal ... It's Not About A Virus
Kaplan And Rosengren, Deserting The Sinking Fed?
And Now The Big Corporate Squeeze On Processed Foods

Putin-Erdogan Meeting: Status Quo In Syria Or Not Telling
Hungary Signs 15 Year "Screw You, US" Deal With Russia
Video: A Prism To US Future: Biden's Ukraine A Window To Biden's US
Biden's Open Border Not Paying Dividends For California
The Planned Destruction Of America: You Need To Be Tested For Covid Before Entering US, But US Congressional Democrats Say That Doesn't Apply To ILLEGAL Immigrants Crossing The Border
Not Only Has Biden Administration Abandoned US Citizens In Afghanistan, But Won't Allow Chartered Plane Of US Citizens Into US
Video: Historic Defeat For US By Afghan Guerillas, Major Paradigm Shift, Rise Of SCO
A Primer For Understanding Afghanistan
As The World Turns: Iran Full Member Of SCO Along With Russia And China, Significant Impact For Middle East Geopolitics
NATO Tops US Navy On US Soil
Tip Of The Iceberg? Arizona Audit Shows More Than 5X Margin Of Biden "Victory" Invalid Votes, Where Does US Go From Here?

* :-) satire, we need intelligent laughter to keep sanity within reach

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

Music Video: Psalm 91
At Some Point We All Need To Realize The Covid-Vax-mRNA Spike Protein Agendas Are Designed For One Purpose ... To Kill Us, So How Long Will Fauci, Gates And Governments Be Allowed To Continue Before Enough Is Enough Or We All Are Dead?
Croatia: Enough Is Enough, No More Experimental Injections
Highwire Rise Of The Resistence: Episode 234
Covid Fact Sheet: 30 Items

Autopsies Find Rare AUTOIMMUNE Disease In Vaxxed
Video: Covid Pandemic Is Biowarfare, HIV Found In mRNA Injections, Watch And Pass Along To Everyone, Including The "Vaccinated," The Death Curve Follows The Injection Curve
Another Prong Of Genocide: Scientists Researching Ways To Put Lethal mRNA Spike Proteins Into Food Supply
Guess We'll Need To Eat Boiled Food
Or Microwave It ... Maybe Someone Can Invent What's Needed To Kill Spike Proteins In Our Food, Just Don't Patent It So Everyone Can Use It
Yeah, We Know That, Social Distancing Totally A Made Up Political Tool, Former FDA Commissioner
Europe Becoming A Concentration Camp Because Of A 99.87% Survival Rate Fakedemic ... It's Not About A Virus, Folks, It's About Your Survival
Moderna CEO: Enough Vax Already Made To Kill Everyone, Then Lying He Pushes Their Fear Agenda, But The Vaxxed Are The Ones Filling Up The Hospitals, Dying, Not The Unvaxxed, Watch What Happens This Winter, Remember, UK Governments Put Out Contracts For Bid For Excess Body Collection And Storage

Ontario CA: Majority Of Vaxxed Who Went To Hospital For Heart Problems Were Young People
Organized Pushback By Medical Doctors Against Globalist Agenda Tyranny, i.e., The Use Of Injections To Reduce The World's Population, aka Genocide
Video: Time To Hear The Stories About The Deliberate Toxic Experimental Vax Injuries And Deaths From Its Victims And Families
Video: Scientist Explains The Covid Experimental Vax Criminality
Open Wide And Swallow: The Never Ending Supply Of Experimental Vax Lies
A Final Warning To Humanity
The War: "Vaccines" That Aren't Vaccines, Ignored Nuremberg Code, Real Crimes Against Humanity, And Participation In Medical Experiment Voids Health And Life Insurance Due To Vax Hospitalization And Death
What's Next, Marburg?

Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Keep Your Eyes On The Center Ring Where The Amazing Fauci Performs Another Mindboggling Flip

Afghanistan: A Look At The Government Of The Emirates Of Afghanistan From That Side Of The Coin
US Funnels Foreign Made Arms Into Syria To Shield Involvement ... Too Late
You're SOL Klaus, World's Nexus Shifts To Heartland, Eurasia, Amid The Accelerated Collapse Of The West
Monroe Doctrine Being Replaced By Xi Doctrine? Astonishing How Quickly The US And West Shriveled On The World Stage After Joe "I Traveled 17,000 Miles With Xi" Biden Occupies The White House, China's Xi Moves Into US Backyard, Invites 33 Latin American And Caribbean States To Be Part Of BRI

Theopolitics: Jer. 30:14
Video: France And Germany Float Idea Of EU Army, Let's See, Napoleon And Hitler Combine To Form An Army, What Possibly Could Go Wrong?