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Autumn 2020

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Autumn 2020

Learn Wisdom Not Folly

From The "You Bet Your Life" Dept: WHO Finally Admits That They LIED, PCR Deliberately Used To Pump Up False Positives, Panic About Cases, As They Are Not Designed To Detect Presence Of Any Virus, But The Big Bucks, Different Base And Unproven Vaccines Are Here Along With Their On TV Sales Pitches By Politicians, What Are The Chances, Then, They Are Lying About Safety Of Vaccines With No Long Term Animal Or Human Testing?
Two Deaths, Not Cases, Plus 21 Serious Conditions First Week From Pfizer Covid Vaccine
He Was Right: Former VP Doc, Beware The Pfizer Safety Vax Claims
Report: Evidence Of US Election Fraud Sufficient To Give Victory To Trump
"To Your Health!?" During Peak Of Covid, UK Lockdown Killed 2 For Every 3 Alleged Covid Deaths, Knowing This, UK Repeats Same Mistake Over Again With A 99.991% Suvival Rate Virus
Homogernized Milk For the Masses: Where Propaganda Calls Home, Research Persona Non Grata
Video: Covid Vaccines NOT NEEDED, Masks NOT NEEDED, Better Medically Proven Option For All Of Us, But Too Much Money At Stake For NIH, Fauci
Amazing How Many Trust Big Pharma Not To Harm Them When Their Track Record Shows The Opposite
Ultimate Goal Of Covid Hoax By New World Order, Great Reset Elites: Vehicle To Get Everyone Injected, A Few More Things You Probably Didn't Know Were Tossed Into The Toxic Vaccine Brew, No Wonder Bill Gates Says FDA Is The Gold Standard, Just Asking, But How Much Gold Did Bill Give Them?
PCR Used To Amplify Mass Ignorance, Hence The Rush To Get Their "Vaccine" Injected Into Everyone
Why LONG TERM Vaccine Studies Are Necessary, Unless You Want To Kill People
Soros And Lord Malloch: Bonnie And Clyde On Steroids
Soros-Trudeau Color Revolution With Shot ID "Freedom Pass" ... Didn't Canadians Have Real Freedom, You Know That WW2 Thing, Before Taken Away By This Government Control?
Heads Or Tails: US On Doorstep Of Constitutional Crisis
Beware: Bill And Melinda Gates Donated $500 Million For Something "They Really Hadn't Thought Through," And Now They Are Pushing Vaccines?
Then Again, They Lie Too
US Doc Has Med License Suspended For Not Going Along With The Vax Narrative
A Silver Lining To The Covid Destruction
US University Mandates "Flu Shot" For All, Well Whites Only
The Obvious: Fake Covid "Pandemic" A Vehicle For Power Grab
Pope Backs Great Reset ... Elite Princes Give Up Capitalism In Favor Of Owning Everything Outright, Just Steal From Everyone
UK Justifies Its Destroying International Law In Favour Of Outright Theft

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Klaus And Elite Friends Great Reset, But China, Russia Not Buying It, BRI, Their Reset In Full Swing, Beneficial For The People
A Sack Of Coal For The Holidays
Video: RFK Jr, Bigtree Call Out Gates And Fauci Fraud, Lies, Can't Do Better Than God
Protecting Individual Rights During Covid Fraud
Video: The Nazi Process, UK Begins By Killing Off The Imprisoned Care Home Elderly, Doc's DNR- Premeditated Mass Murder Of Unwanted, Crimes Against Humanity
Why LONG TERM Vaccine Studies Are Necessary, Unless You Want To Kill People
Take The Money And Run? Covax-20, Problems From Day One, No Long Term Testing, Normal 7-10 Year Protocols Not Followed, Think It's Safe Short And Long Term?
Two Deaths, Not Cases, Plus 21 Serious Conditions Already From Pfizer Covid Vaccine
He Was Right: Former VP Doc, Beware The Pfizer Safety Vax Claims
Dangerous Covid Vaccine Affecting Human Guinea Pigs, Big Money Behind FDA Approval
Covax-20: What's The Purpose Of Vaccinating Millions of Healthy People Over A Treatable Illness With A 99.991% Survival Rate?
Video: What's In The Covid Vaccines Will Shock You, And The Manufacturers Are Expecting High Volume Of Adverse Reactions From The Human Guinea Pigs That Take It
US Election Security: Now 18 States Join Texas Lawsuit
But To No Avail ... What's Next Or Is That It?
Report: Biden Campaign Political Director For Texas Arrested For Election Fraud
Video: Real Or Fake Injection?
Not So Great Reset: As Politicians Continue Lockdowns Of Healthy People To Kill Off More Small Businesses, Billionaires Wealth Skyrockets, Do You Get It Yet?
Seven US States Join Texas In Federal Election Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin And Michigan
Video: Western Doctors, Covid Vaccines Are Unproven And Unsafe, Skipped Animal Testing Phase, Including If There Are Long Term Deadly Effects, Experiment On You As Guinea Pigs Which Is Contrary To Nuremberg Code Without Full Disclosure, As Crimes Against Humanity, Don't Take Them, You Can't Circumvent Time Tested Medical Science Procedures, Fake Pandemic All Part Of The Political "Great Reset"
Nuremberg Code
Shot Passport: Why Necessary If Tested Positive Or Had Covid And Recovered? You Have Natural Immunity, If Shot Injures Or Kills People, Will Airlines Be Legally Liable For Requiring It In Order To Travel? Not Needed Now, And With Confirmed Covid Deaths Numbers Flatlined, Nowhere Near Peak, Isn't This Really Just Another Political Control?
Wow, Covid-19 Really Widespread And Contagious, Eh? Without "Shot Passport" IATA: 1.2 BILLION Passengers, 1 Alleged Case, Not Death, For Every 27 MILLION Passengers, And For This Our "Leaders" Are Killing Our Economies, Restricting Our Travel, Locking Down Countries? Wake Up Time
Despite Covid Vax Skipped Animal Testing, Not Proven Safe, BC Canada Premier Says Jabs To Start Next Week, Will He Give Full Medical Disclosure About Vaccine To His Citizens, When People Get Sick, Maybe Die, Will He Take Full Responsibility?
Former Dr. VP: Beware The Pfizer Safety Vax Claims
Video: High Profile Alberta Canada Doc: Politics Playing Medicine, All Testing Should Stop! Covid-19 Greatest Hoax In History, No Government Interference Needed, Mask, Social Distancing, Lockdowns Medically Useless, This Is A Flu, Not SARS-CoV-2 Or Otherwise
Video: Alberta Premier Rejects As Offensive WEF's Klaus Schwab Great Reset
Not Coincidence How The Fear Game Is Played: Alberta Province Suddenly Pounded By False PCR Covid Results, Premier Does What The Great Reset Wants, CASES Are Not Illness Or Presence Of Covid VIRUS
From The "My People Are Destroyed For A Lack Of Knowledge" Dept: PCR Inventor, Nobel Prize Winner, PCR Not Meant To Detect Viruses, Any More Than A Barometer Meant To Detect A Fever, Increased Testing At High Amplifications Only Produces Increased Cases, Not Illness, But Too Much Money In Vaccines For The Truth Or Your Good Health
The Pfizer Dangers Of Unproven Vaccine ... Worse Than Zika For Pregnant Women, Possible Infertility, Bill "Control Population Through Vaccinations" Gates?
Human Animal Vaccine Volunteer Develops Encephalopathy
The Family's Web
Klaus Schwab A Conspiracy Theorist ... Says There Is A Great Reset ... Read His Book Or The WEF's Article, Covid 19: The Great Reset
The "Great (For Them, Not The Rest Of Us) Slave Reset, Can't Say They Didn't Warn You
Where Is Scientific Evidence Of Novel Corona Virus?
Check Out New Site: Covileaks
Video From The "Banned In Boston" Dept: Facebook, Youtube Confirms Message, Takes Down Video, Western Doctors, Covid Vaccines Are Unproven And Unsafe, Skipped Animal Testing Phase, Including If There Are Long Term Deadly Effects, Experiment On You As Guinea Pigs Which Is Contrary To Nuremberg Trials Without Full Disclosure, As Crimes Against Humanity, Don't Take Them, You Can't Circumvent Time Tested Medical Science Procedures, Fake Pandemic All Part Of The Political "Great Reset"
It Takes 7-10 Years, Not Months, To Produce "A Safe Marketable Vaccine," (Unless You Skip Animal Testing)
Pathologist Petitions FDA To Stop Pfizer Vax Until PROVEN Safe
Why Does Pfizer Vax Need To Be Stored At -94 F?
Reported 5M US Ballots Printed In China And Sent To Canada, Mexico For Final Imprinting, Shipped As Medical Supplies, Etc., ... So Who Picked Them Up?
Raid In Maricopa AZ Voter Theft Investigation By FBI, Warrant Executed Before November 18
US State Of Georgia On-Camera Ballot Stuffer Identified, Retains Legal Counsel
Video: 9/11 Clear View Building 7 Pull It
One More Hole In The Rotting Hull Of Briatin's Ship Of State
Australia's Jewish Power Broker
Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated
China's Moon Lander Takes Off From Moon With Samples

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Video: Alberta Premier Rejects As Offensive WEF's Klaus Schwab Great Reset
Read The Great Barrington Declaration For Yourself
Video: If This Covid Is Not A SARS Corona Virus, Then What Is PCR "Testing," What Are These Miraculous Vaccines For A "New" Virus That Have Appeared In A Matter Of Months Intended To Do, When For Decades There Never Has Been A Successful Vaccine For Any Corona Virus? All The Animals Tested Died, So They Skipped The Animal Testing Phase This Time, It's Big Brother Control Of The Masses By Very Small Group Of Elites By Injecting A Toxic Zombie Brew Into Us Which Has Been Their Goal Since The Scaredemic Began Earlier This Year, We've Been Duped By Big Lies, Otherwise, What's The Rush (Before It Comes Out It's All A Fraud?) With Protecting Us From A Treatable, Nearly Benign Virus That Has A Survival Rate Of 99.991%, With Odds Like This, We'd All Be Rich And Vegas Would Go Broke
Animal Testing Phase Skipped Despite What Elite Owned Media Claims, Otherwise Could Not Have Produced A Viable Safe Vax This Fast
It Takes 7-10 Years, Not Months, To Produce "A Safe Marketable Vaccine"
From The "Vaccines For Dummies" Dept: “If Anthony Fauci Tells Me This Is Safe… Absolutely, I’m Going To Take It” Barak Obama, Just Asking, But What's The Quid Pro Quo Here, How Much Will Fauci Pay Obama, Directly Or Indirectly, To Be His On Camera Celebrity Salesman? And Will It Have The "This Is A Paid Advertisement" Disclaimer?
Make That Eleven, And Now The Dog And Pony Shows Goes On TV, You Can Bet Obama Won't Be Getting What You'd Get, It's All Political Theater To Herd The Sheep, So The Lies Continue ... On The Other Hand The True Believer Dems Will Be The First To Go
Luciferase Vaccines Designed To Affect Behavior Not Protect Against A Phantom PCR Virus
Masks Are An Obedience Tool To Get To The Vaccinations, Which Are Being Rolled Out Now, Strange No Vaccine For A Corona Virus Has Been Successfully Developed Despite Decades Of Trying, But In Mere Months We Have A Vaccine For Covid Corona?
The Entire Trump Election Fraud Speech Video
Video: Shows Alleged Election Voter Fraud In Georgia ... The Old Stuffing Of The Ballot Box
UK Police Now Just Jack-Booted Thugs, Enemies a la 1930s Germany
The Blatant LIES-CoV-2 Hoax Laid Out Step By Step Video: Where Is The New SARS Covid-19 Virus? The Alleged "Deadly Virus" Caused No Increase In Overall Deaths Of The Elderly, The Most Vulnerable Group, Medical Miracle: Overall Death Numbers Caused By Heart Disease, Pneumonia, Influenza In 2020 Fell By Same Amount Of Alleged New Covid Deaths Numbers Reported According To CDC Numbers Back To 2013, Johns Hopkins Report, PCR Big Lie, Why Were US Hospitals Paid For A "Covid" Death, But Not For A Heart Attack? To Create A Fake Pandemic, Fear, Perception Is Their Game, Fake Becomes Real Only When You Think Its Real
Video: Big Brother Marxist Totalitarian Government Vaccines Are Needed, Even If Already Had Covid, But When Does This Virus Go Away Naturally Like All The Other Viruses? Time To Get Out Now
Video: Beware of Governments Bearing Gifts, UK Rushes Out Experimental Human Guinea Pig Vaccine Against A Non-Isolated, Non-Existent?, Virus, But All Those Catch-22 PCR Positives The Governments Have Been Using Against Us, Now Show All Those Hundreds Of Thousands And Maybe Millions Have Natural Immunity And Don't Need A Luciferase Vaccine, Unless It's Not About Covid After All
Video: Anti-Christian EU Commissioners You Can't Vote For, Banning Hate Speech, i.e., Free Speech, So Word Of God, Created Male And Female, Is Now Hate Speech
Johns Hopkins U, aka Bill And Melinda Gates Credibility Cover University, Censors The Evidence
Video: High Profile Canadian Doc: Politics Playing Medicine, All Testing Should Stop! Covid-19 Greatest Hoax In History, No Government Interference Needed, Mask, Social Distancing Useless, This Is A Flu, Not SARS-CoV-2 Or Otherwise
More Mask Science; Not Safe, Not Effective Medically, But Effective Obedience Tool For Governments
Video: The Covid Hoax/Fraud Needs To Stop, 99.991% Survival Rate, Mask Wearing Is Fraud, And Politicians Exempt Themselves From Wearing Them, Do They Have A Hotline To The Virus So It Knows Which Non-Mask Wearing Person Is A Government Employee?
Video: UK Police Charges Against Piers Over Free Speech Dropped By Judge
Video: UK Parliament's Swayne: Speaks Out Against Mandatory Government Vaxxing As Suppression, Tyranny
Video: Finally Members Of Parliament Speaking Out Against Violation Of Fundamental Rights
10 FATAL Flaws With Pro-PCR Corman-Drosten Paper
Video: Portuguese Court Rules PCR Can't Detect Covid-19
Video: Covid Hoax, Klaus Schwab, WEF, Covid A Small Disturbance Compared To What These Guys Are Planning Next
Jenna Ellis: My Mission Is Truth, My God Is The Lord Jesus Christ, My Client Is The President Of The United States
Audio: A Tipping Point For The Future? General Flynn Message To US a la "Greatest Fraud In History"
Telling Move As Trump Chops Big Heads At Swamp Pentagon
Pushback Against Comey And Swamp
History 101, Just Like 1930s Germany, In London, That Their Grand And Great-Grandfathers Fought In WW2, Police Bullies, Hiding Behind Masks And Uniforms, 2 To 3 Cops Harass One Older Woman, What's Going On In Their Minds?, When Corrupt Leaders Push Too Far The People Push Back, This Is Just The Beginning As More Lies Become Unveiled, So Next Time Everyone Carry A Photo Placard Of A Relative In Uniform That Fought In WW2, The Great Photo Rally Of 2020, Now Let The Police Attack That
Covid: The World's First Immortal Virus, Well At Least Their Money Grabbing Vaccines Appear, Alleged 2nd Wave Is Totally Fake
Nuremberg And The Evil Elites Of 2020
Jordan Peterson's New Book Sparks Tantrum By Woke Whinerbabies, Quick Break Out The Hot Chocolate, Baby Blankets And Coloring Books
Government Covid Death Count Bearing False Witness In Canada ... Actually Numbers And Evidence Based Decisions Doesn't Fit In With Soros/Trudeau's Fear Agenda Based On Lies And Deceit, So Resort To Bullshit Defamation ... Wake Up Canadians
Soros Admits Funding Ukraine Coup Mess, So What's He Up To In Canada, Eh?
Video: From The "Caught With Their Knickers Around Their Ankles" Dept: Canada's Blatant No Cred CBC LIES-CoV-2: Fake Government Media Emergency Room Covid Reports ... For An Illness With A 99.9% Recovery Rate And No Sick People In Sight
PCR Meaningless As A Test For Covid
21% Of All US Dollars In Circulation Were Printed In 2020

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Profiles In Courage Or Cowardice? Big Brother's Planned Destruction Of You And Your Country Is Occurring Right Now
Video: UK Police Rebuffed, Which Takes Precedence, Statutory Law Or Common Law?
Common Law Derived From Judicial Decisions, Statutory Law Is Legislation
Video: WHO Docs Question Safety Of Vaccines
Video: Gates And Rockefeller Plan For Genocide
American Governors: Covid Crisis Actors
Using A Barometer To Check Your Temperature Is The Same As PCR Checking For Covid Infection, Video: Defamation Lawsuit Filed In Germany Against Big Tech "Fact Checkers" Over PCR/Covid Hoax, Blueprint For Other Countries To Follow
The Mask Cult Of True Believers: Only Covid-19 Specific Clinical Test, Masks Don't Prevent You From Getting It
The Source Document Evidence: Stop The Hoax, Send This To All Your Government Leaders, BTW, Have You Noticed The Political Leaders In Media Who Don't Wear A Mask, Not Social Distancing?
Winds Of Change Video: The Fruits Of Forsaking Our Birthright, The Truth Of The Word Of God, Also In German
The Two-Edged Sword: Military Led NSA, Pre-Trump Top Honchos Replaced, Remember, NSA Records Everything
Video: US Election Game Of Poker, Transition Funds Listing Conflict of Interests Required, i.e., Ties With Foreign Countries
Orwellian Government Princes
America, A Self-Mutilating Country: The Evil Hatred That Destroys Our Children
A Corrupt Family Of Elites: The Covid-Economic Reset Connection, Nessel, From The German, Nettle, A Stinging Plant
Common Denominator Documentary: Money, Money, Money, Doctor Virus Fraud And His 36 Years Of Lies
US Police Overwhelmingly Will Not Enforce Public Covid Orders
Not Fake News Video: They Think We're Stupid Sheep
A Reminder: Covid-19 "demic" Is Over, The Rest Is Attempted Political Takeover
Dominion Voting Machines Stays Away From The Light Of Day
Bill Gates: A Primer
The More You Wear That Face Mask, The Greater Your Chance Of Lung Cancer, Sterilized With Known Carcinogen
2020 The Year Of Disguises And Deception
Has The Specific Covid-19 Virus Been Isolated, And Positively Identified As The Source Of Disease? If So, Then Where Is The Definitive Peer Reviewed Independent [Non-Governmental, Non-Bill Gates-Fauci et al] Consensus Scientific Paper?
The Repeated Three Big Lies
The Massive Fraud Perpetrated By The Trans-National, Trans-Moral Elite Princes
WW3, Third Time's The Charm: Dear Klaus, What's With You Germans Wanting To Rule The World?
Hubris Klausmeister: World Never To Return To "Normal"
Dark Ages Redux: How Can One Alleged Virus Spawn So Many Different "Legitimate" Responses?
Covid Science For Real Dummies
Beware The Covidiots
War Is On: Orwell Wrote 1984 In The UK ... It's Showing
Video: UK Freedom Pass? Thought That Was The Magna Carta
How Do Viruses Reproduce?
Video: What Is A Virus? Can We "Catch" One?
Pompey-o: US SecState Or SecState Zionist Israel?
US Zionist Toady

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Video: Danish Annals Of Internal Medicine Targeted Covid-19 Mask Study, Scientific Evidence Shows Even Surgical Level Masks Are Not Effective, No Infection Correlation Between Wearing Mask And Not
The Evidence Video: Fat Lady Is Still Off Stage ... Somewhere Overseas, Soros On The Seizure Of Assets And Arrest List?
Trudeau-Soros Hellbent On Destroying Canada
BLM Is A Fake Black Movement From Soros
Lost Birthright Blues: The Fake Racial Wealth Gap, Just Ask LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Serena Williams, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Julio Jones, I Could Go On And On But We Have Mortgages And Student Loans To Pay
Seasonal Flu More Of A Medical Concern Than Mild Covid, Except In The Media
Democracy American Style: To Fraud Or Not To Fraud
... Could Be
LIES-Cov-2: Covid 19 Illusion And Evidence Of Global Fraud ... Medical And Scientific Advisory Board, No Test Capable Of Detecting SARS-CoV-2, Thus Crimes Against Humanity
PCR Can Pick Up The Presence Of Other Coronavirus Remnants, Not Viruses, So A Positive Result Can Indicate That You've Recuperated From A Common Cold In The Past
Video: Globalist Trudeau, aka Key Prosecution Witness? Outs Covid As Great "Build Back Better" Fraud Opportunity For Elites, Says Your Economic Destruction Has Been Pre-Planned, Opportunity For Their Reset, Thus Crimes Against Humanity
A Glimpse Into The World Of The Elite Reset
Google Betting On Biden
From The "What You Do Can Make A Difference" Dept: Mandatory Vax Law Abandoned In Denmark After No Mask Wearing Mass Protests
Video LIES-CoV-2: Biggest Public Health Fiasco In World History
Why Does Pfizer Vax Need To Be Stored At -94 F?
Former Pfizer VP, Doc Questions Vax Safety Claims
In Elites Rush To Create Scaredemic, Quick Covid Test Plagued By False Positives
Got Kids? Watch This
Tipping Point: Portuguese Appeals Court Rules PCR Unreliable For Covid Testing As Its Nobel Prize Winning Creator Said From The Beginning About Using It For Virus Detection
From The "Spider And The Fly" Dept: Covid Economic Impact, "Build Back Better" With Debt You Didn't Have Before, You'll Be Owned By Us
The Great Reset Puppets: Plundering Princes
Is This Coup Treason? And If So, Are They All Enemy Combatants a la PATRIOT Act?
PCR And Covid Virus: Real Or Promulgated, Truth Or Lies?
Who Will Lead The Proposed New World Order ... China Or US/India Or Would That Be India/US?
The US "Social Credit Agenda" ... Worse Than China
Bio-Weapon War: LIES-CoV-2 And The Lie Appeal
"Vaccines For SARS, MERS and RSV Have Never Been Approved," And Covid Is SARS-2: How Covid Vaccine Can Destroy Immune Systems
Video: Big Pharma Vaccines Aren't Safe, Blowing Up In Their Face, A "Sick Set Of People"
Either Way, Folks, It Four More Years Of Zionist Israel
When Does A Glitch Become A Coup?
If 2.7 Million US Votes Lost, Like Hillary's Emails, Will That Make New Election Mandatory?
Video: When Does The Police State Show Up? The War Is Here As UK Police Handcuff Woman Exercising Free Speech Against The State Issued Lockdown, Just Like Australia, But When Does The Queen Speak Up For Her Citizens, She Was Around When UK Fought Against This Tyranny In WW2?
Audio: Vaccine Rush ... Money, Money, Money, No Public Liability, Consider The Source
Video: Who Funds The Shaming BLM?
Roman Church: De Facto Atheists

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Video: What Propaganda Does To Us ... Induced Submission, Shaming ... BLM, Language Abuse ... Woke, But When Will Hollywood's Oscar Change HIS Name, And Awards Not Given Out In Male And Female Categories?

Video: In Case You Had Any Doubts About Real Intent Behind Covid Lies, Police Arrest Citizen For Exercising Free Speech ... Goes To Prove Elites True Intentions
Video: Shameful UK Police Behaving Like 1930's Germans That Their Grand-, Great Grandfathers Fought Against
Facebook Video Taken Down, Watch Here: The Covid-19 Genocide Of 2020 ... Know How You Are Being Set Up
Text Genocide 2020
Video: Fauci During Peak Covid Months ... "People Should Not Be Walking Around Wearing Masks," But Reversed Not For Medical, But Political Reasons
Video: Why Is The Survival Rate So High, 99.86%, For Covid, When Life In General Is Only 99.2%? Testing Way Up, But Infection Rates Way Down, All 7 Corona Viruses 90% Alike, So Corona Cold Virus Can Show Up Same As "Covid" With PCR, Plus We Have T-Cell Immunity
Caribbean Island Falls For Fake Covid Narrative, Photo Of Chief Medical Officer Wearing Very Leaky, Gapped, Totally Ineffective Mask, PCR Gives False Positive Cases, The Virus Isn't Spreading, Only The False Positives And Fearmongering
Video: CDC, Mask Useless, "At No Time Did CDC Suggest That Mask Wearing Would Protect Wearers From Virus," Huh? So That Leaves No Medical Reason, Only Political Obedience, And Mask Wearing Can Increase Spread Of Viruses
Video: Masks Do More Harm Than Good: Question If Masks Don't Inhibit The Oxygen We Breathe In, And Don't Increase The CO2 Trapped Behind A Mask When We Exhale As Some Claim, Then Why At NFL Games Does Everyone Except The Players Who Are Running Around Breathing, Sweating And Dropping Body Fluids All Over Each Other Not Wearing Them, And Why Are Not The Number Of NFL Players Testing Positive For Covid Skyrocketing Like The Rest Of Society As Not One Team Has Been Quarantined? But Now That We Are Mentioning It ...
The Text: 100 Facts You Should Know: Mask Wearing Does More Harm Than Good (Scroll Down To Main Text)
The Covid Global Scam And Its Non-Medical Destructive Impact
Video: Attention Canadians, Germany 1930s Deja Vu ... Trudeau's "Covid" Concentration Camps And Political Prisoners
Video: UK Common Law Defeats Covid Regs
What The Elites Of The World Economic Forum Are Planning For Us ... What Covid Economic Damage Not Enough For Them?
Video: Fraudulent Use Of PCR, Covid Crimes Against Humanity Taken To Court
US Economy Worse Than "Thin Ice," More Fraud
Video: Mass Protest To UK Lockdown
Video: Legal Challenge To UK Lockdown
Who's Life Is It? Yours Or Big Brother's?
Why Aren't The Authorities Putting A Stop To The Covid Fearmongering?
You Cannot Patent Anything In Nature, Only That Which Is Man-Made, i.e. Artificial: CDC Has Covid Patent, MASSIVE COVID FRAUD EXPOSED
Fauci: COVID "TEST" HAS FATAL FLAW, Creates Up To 100% False Positives, PCR Is A Quality Amplification Process Not A Quantity Test According To Its Nobel Winning Creator, It Can't Determine If You Have One Virus In Your Body, Any More Than Checking The Quality Of An Item Can Determine How Many Of Those Items A Store Has In Inventory, If Any
From The "Still Pushing The Fear" Dept: "Covid" Deaths Are Down While "Positives" Soar ... Why?
From The "Light Of Day" Dept: Massive Ballot Fraud In 3 Key US States
Vote Switching Software Run In Swing States
Handiwork Of Evil Princes
Video: Fraud, Misinformation, Falsehoods, "Blood On Their Hands," Covid-19 Numbers Don't Warrant Any UK Lockdown Especially As Excess Deaths Occurred At People's Homes Where Lockdowns Happen, All The Numbers Show Respiratory Illness Are Normal Now Compared To Previous Years

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
From The "Nothing New Under The Sun" Dept: Another Elite Vaccine Experiment Gone Awry, 1918
Audio: More Fearmongering LIES-CoV-2 Agenda Makes No Scientific, Medical Or Common Sense, But Perfect Marxist Sense, "Tests" Spike, But Not Sickness Or Deaths, BTW, Again What "Test" Is Being Used To Detect Covid-19 And Not One Of The Other Six Corona Viruses That Virtually Everyone Has Had At One Time In Their Life
PCR Amplification Process, Not A Test, Misused By Governments For Political Purposes, "Collective Suicide Of Nations"
Next Step Censorship: US Seizes Canadian Domain Names In Free Speech Hypocrisy While Google, Facebook, Twitter, NYT, WaPo, BBC, Etc. Untouched, But Precedent Set
Who Controls The Information?
MH-17 "Australian Journalist" Was Ukrainian Lies Spy, How Many More Like Him Out There?
China's Long Term Economic Strategy, Missed By Kissinger And US, Bearing Fruit As US Withers
1930s Germany Deja Vu Video: For Bojo Liberty And Freedom Of Brits, Fought For In Two World Wars, Less Important Than Mild Virus: Same Country That Has Clean, Unused Swab Test Positive For Covid, Now Using Military In Streets To Test People, But Do We Need A Dictatorship To Stop A Virus? Or Couldn't A Democratic Referendum Be Held To Determine If Loss Of Liberty And Freedom Vs. A Mild 99.8% Survivable Virus Is Worth The Risk?
Video: Honest Nurse Forced To Resign By UK NHS ... Still Think The Government Is On The Up And Up?
True Pandemic: Virus Of Lies And Fear
Like A Decade Ago, WHO's Big Pharma Fake "Pandemic" Declaration: SARS-CoV-2 Is, At Worst, A Medium Level Virus With A 99.8% Survival Rate Even Including All Those Over 80 With Underlying Conditions In Nursing Homes
Video: When The Marxist Elites Come For Your Land
Zionist Israel Wins US Election
Video: Mandatory Covid Camps: Controlling The Mild 99.8%+ Survival Rate LIES-2 Virus Or The Citizens By Big Brother, When Life In General Only Has A 99.2% Survival Rate?
Caribbean: China's Growing Economic Outreach
Video: Big Pharma Vaccines Aren't Safe, Blowing Up In Their Face, A "Sick Set Of People"
Not Like the Old Marxist Soviet Union: More Christian-like, Russia Steps Up To Help Its Independent Small, Medium Size Businesses While Increasingly Marxist Antichristian West Continues Lockdown Agenda To Kill The Survivors Of The First Lockdown
UK Government: More Lies, More Lockdown Imprisonment While Army Patrols The Streets, At What Point Do The Sheep Get It, Stand Up And Say Enough Is Enough?
More Corralling Of the Sheep Like The Old Marxist Soviet Union: Want To Travel, Will Need Government Approval Based On LIES-CoV-2 Agenda
Video: Covid 19 The "Smartest Virus In History" ... It Has A Watch, A Calendar and Knows The Difference Between 5 Foot Eleven And Three-Quarter Inches And Six Feet
Nicarauga Didn't Lockdown, Didn't Social Distance, No Masks, Yet Came Out Of LIES-CoV-2 Better Than Other Central American Countries, Economy Grew 10%, A Success Story For All Of Us Except The Conniving Elites Who Are Now Spewing Their Lies At Nicarauga, Ask Yourself, Why?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Video: 100,000 Doctors Expose The Fake Pandemic, LIES-CoV-2
Video WHO Doctor: For Everyday Activities, No Mask Is Needed
Video: US Pennsylvania Governor And Rep. Ullman Caught On Hot MIc: Wearing Mask Is Political Theater
Too Much Sense Video: Great Covid Worldwide Fake Crisis ... LIES-CoV-2 Is The Elite's Attempt To Make All Of Us 1930's "German Jews," But Will We Learn From History?
Decades Ago Crime Scenes Required A Large Sample For A DNA Match, But Now Only A Very Tiny Amount Is Needed, That's PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction, It Amplifies A DNA Sample Many Times Over, It Does Not Detect A Virus Or If Someone Is Sick According To Its Nobel Winning Creator Anymore Than A Barometer Can Determine If You Have A Fever, So Will Government Agencies, And Mass Media Please Tell Us What "Test" They Use To Determine The Convenient Sudden Surge In Covid-19 Positives And Not One Of The Other Six Corona Viruses, Another False Flag Hoax? What Are They Up To?
LIES-CoV-2 Video: The Polymerase Chain Reaction Process Is Not A Test According To Its Inventor, Explains In Video,  Doesn't Detect The SARS-CoV-2, And False Positives Can Be Manipulated
Video: What The New World Order Elites Have Planned For Us Unless We Reset With The Word Of God
Video: LIES-CoV-2: Government By Decree
WEF, UN False Narratives Meant To Enslave Us
Video: Canadian Concentration Camps ... Jews Weren't Sent To Camps By Being Told They Were To Be Exterminated, Neither Are Canadians, It's For Your Own Good, You Know, Covid And All
LIES-CoV-2 Scenario: Trump Wins In Landslide, Rounds Up All The Liars About Covid, Vaccines, World Order, Declares Them Enemy Combatants, And Ships The Lot Of Them Off To Gitmo: The Preposterous And Fake Medical Nightmare
Lockdowns Are Terrible For Health But Great Tools For Mass Obedience To Government And The Plutocrats
Preying On The Weak Minded: The Mindlessness That Leads To Tyranny
Some Inconvenient Questions, And The Lies They Give For Answers
From The "Cockroaches And Light" Dept: The Great Barrington Declaration That Fauci Hates
From The "Government Says Thumb Up The Bum" Dept: Medical Evidence Is Mask Wearing More About Obedience To Government Than Health
Best Defense Strong Immune System, Healthy Lifestyle As Mask Wearing Can Damage Our Immune Systems
WHO Admits No Evidence That Mask Wearing Is Effective For Health, Apparently Then Only For Obedience Training
Sneaky Plundering Princes Payday At Your Expense: Pentagon Required To Buy $9 Billion Of Fauci Sponsored Unneeded Big Pharma Vaccines
Money, Money, Money, It's A Rich Man's World: How Vaccine Trials Are Rigged
While Big Tech Data Mines Your Kids For Profit
Too Small Not To Fail: US Financial System
Video: What Is It About Germans? German Schwab's WEF Plan For Their New World, Like A Blitzkreig ... It Starts With Covid And Mask Wearing Obedience And Ends Up With Marxism (Marx Another German) And Extreme Levels Of Poverty, Central Banker Rothschild, Also German ... 4th Industrial Revolution Or Fourth Reich?
WEF Merkel's New Nazi Germany Looking At New Restrictions, Lockdown Rules To Enslave Germans
Video: World ECONOMIC Forum Used Covid To Wreck National Economies
From The "Follow The Money" Dept: Time To Prep The Sheep For The Covid Vaccine ... But Corona Positive Rates, Not Deaths, Going Up So Fast According To Government Reports, Shows Herd Immunity Is A Success, It's Not Just Antibodies, But T-Cells Too, And Vaccines Not Needed As With Original SARS And H1N1
T-Cells In Covid Positive Cases Bodes Well For Long Term Immunity
Neurophysiologist: Continued Mask Wearing Can Lead To Permanent Brain Damage
Wow, Covid-19 Really Widespread And Contagious, Eh? IATA: 1.2 BILLION Passengers, 1 Alleged Case, Not Death, For Every 27 MILLION Passengers, And For This Our "Leaders" Are Killing Our Economies, Restricting Our Travel, Locking Down Countries? Wake Up Time
Madrid Court Rejects Partial Lockdown, "Harmful To Basic Rights"
Face Mask "Effectiveness" Reminder
"A Top Government Advisor," You've Heard Of Him, Right?, Warns Of Covid's Immortal Soul, It Never Dies Or Goes Away, Much To Politicians Delight
Video: Beware The Political Lies
1- PCR Does Not Detect SARS-CoV-2 Virus, It's Not A Test, 2- So What "Tests" Are Being Used? Notice They Don't Say What They Are Using 3- A Corona Virus Positive is NOT A Covid-19 Positive Or Means You Are Sick As There Are Many Other Corona Viruses Out There We Had In The PAST And Traces Remain In Our Bodies 4- We Contact Bacteria And Viruses All Day, But Our Immune Systems Handle Them Without Our Panicking
Beware Of Fake "Immortal Soul" Covid Stats Pushed By Governments: Using Common Corona Virus To Control You Once More, "WHO Acknowledges That Covid-19 Has Similar Features To Seasonal Influenza (Viruses A and B)"
Video: Can't Trust The Official Government Positive Test Results, They're Making It Up
Sweden Stands Strong Again: No Lockdown, Which Are Proven To Kill People And Kill The Economy
Luxemburg Court Of Justice: Limit Security Surveillance, Reinforce Rule Of Law
Western Civilization Bids Farewell To Its Liberty And Freedom
Video: What You Should Know About Zionist AIPAC
The Danger Of Playing God With DNA

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
WHO's New Mask Wearing Policy Due To Political Agenda Pressure
Lying Political Agenda: "In The US State of Kansas, the 90 Counties Without Mask Mandates Had Lower Coronavirus Infection Rates Than The 15 Counties With Mask Mandates, To Hide This Fact, the Kansas Health Department Tried To Manipulate The Official Statistics And Data Presentation"
Covid Mask Wearing A Placebo
An Analysis By The US CDC Found That 85% Of People Infected With The "New" Coronavirus Reported Wearing A Mask “Always” (70.6%) Or “Often” (14.4%). Compared To The Control Group Of Uninfected People, Always Wearing A Mask Did Not Reduce The Risk Of Infection
Risks Associated With Wearing Face Masks
Studies Claiming Face Masks Are Effective Used To Create False Impression, Conveniently Omitting Critical Facts
Updated Covid Numbers: Turns Out Not Nearly As Bad Medically As All The Elite Media And Government Hype, Worse Politically And Economically, But Hey, The Billionaires Are Rolling In Their New Billions
Tipping Point: Will Covid Be The Straw To Kill The US Economy?
And If We Thought These Lockdown Czars Do So Because They Care About Our Health And Well-Being, We'd Be Wrong
Locking Down The Constitution: Orwellian Amazon Censors Covid Book It Doesn't Want You To Read .. Freedom Of Speech, Just Not On Their Platform
Take Your Lives Back, Ditch The Private Prince Governments That Censor Us
And Then There's The Regular Old Everyday Media Censors
Video: More International Doctors Speak Out About And Expose Covid Lies, Note None Of Them Are Wearing Masks, Hmm, Maybe They Know Something ...
LIES-CoV-2: A Look Back Into The Future
Elite Prince's Puppet Propaganda Rag, BBC, Prepares Hit Piece On Independent Journalism, i.e., Those Telling You The Truth
From The "You Shall Know Them By Their Lies" Dept: When Does 2+2 Not Equal 4? When Facebook "Fact Checkers" Say So .... Really, People Sheep Still Use Facebook?
Have Some Champagne! Covid Big Liars Push 8 Million More Americans Into Poverty, Ha, Ha, Ha, Glad You're In Line For Poverty Too
Do You Get It Yet? Covid Made Billionaires Richer Than Ever ... You Still Think These Elites, Who Aren't Afraid Of Covid, Are Telling You The Truth About Covid? If So, You Might As Well Give Them Everything You Own Now, Including Yourself, Then Bend Over And Kiss Your Derriere Good Bye Because They Will Own Your Ass, Which Is Their Stated Goal
Paying Attention: Corona Virus Positive Does Not Mean Covid-19 Positive: Ireland's Corona Virus Cases (Colds?) As There Are Many Common Corona Viruses Out There, You've Probably Had A Few Of Them In Your Life And Are Alive To Tell The Tale ... So It's Kneejerk Lockdown, Which Is Proven To Kill People
The Plundered House: US Economic Future Is Built On Its Printing Presses
Grow Some Food
NYTabloid Is Anti-American, Anti-White, But Not Anti-White Jewish
Jewish Dominance Of African Slave Trade
Who Brought Slaves From Africa?
Blacks Were African Slave Owners Too
Zionist Israel: A State Without Borders
Mindobamba, When Sight Died Out Among Them: A Covid Parable For Old Yacob, Escaping The Valley Of The Blind
Covid Video: What The Cowardly Elites Don't Want Us To Hear ... Psst, Elvis Died Of Covid, Along With Six Of The Seven Dwarfs, And Horror Of Horrors, Santa Tested Positive For Covid, Rudolph In Lockdown, But Given Enough Time, Humans Will Evolve Natural Masks, We Have To Because The Corona Virus Isn't Going Away, The Elites, Well ...
Get With The Program: Masks Don't Stop Spread Of SARS-CoV-2 ... Stop The Spread Of LIES-CoV-2, Don't Wear A Mask
The Orwellian Media That Hates You ... Ditch The Twits
Video: Wearing Mask Makes You An Obedient Minion Nothing More
HCQ: The "No Money For Them SARS Med" That Big Pharma Loves To Hate
Those Lockdowns Kill People And Economies, Not Viruses, The UK Government Still Fearmongering
UK Lockdown Killed People, Yet Government Still Pushing Them
Sweden And Nicaragua Were Right: No Lockdowns
None Dared To Call It Treason
LIES-CoV-2 Video: The Polymerase Chain Reaction Process Is Not A Test According To Its Inventor, Explains In Video, Like Using A Barometer To Check Someone's Temperature, Doesn't Detect The SARS-CoV-2, False Positives Can Be Increased to 100% Depending On Number Of Amplifications, And False Positives Can Be Manipulated To Show Vaccines Work Merely By Reducing The Number Of Amplifications During The Process

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Say Good Bye, America ... Good Bye
Turning Universities Into Nursing Homes For The Mentally and Morally Weak: Marxist Totalitarian Atheist "Soviet" Left Cannot Tolerate Different Opinions Or Investigating Facts ... Whatever Happened To Challenging The Professor Face To Face In Class Among Your Peers Rather Than Whinerbabies Cowardly Scurrying Off To The Administration To Get Them Fired? If This Is Indicative Of America's Future, China Will Crush America
The Enemy And Author Of The Lies, v. 42-47
Imprisoning People For Thought Crimes ... You Only Can Think What We Determine You Can
Covid NOT A Categorically Different Danger, Same As Previous Virus Flu Seasons
Director WHO Europe: Governments Need To Stop Enforcing Lockdowns
Video: Why Mandated Mask Wearing Is A Medical Farce
Sober Realization, LIES-CoV-2 Used As Grease On Our Skids
Video: The Familiar Hand, Parallels Between 9/11 And LIES-CoV-2
LIES-CoV-2 Video: PCR Is An Amplification Process Used For Measurement, Like Determining IQ, It's Not A Medical Test According To Its Inventor, Cannot Detect Covid-19 Illness
Covid Cuomo Case Study: New York
Elite UK Covid Scam
Video: Dr. C Debunking LIES-CoV-2
Covidian Family: The Elite's Cult
US Of A Loves Coup d'Etats ... For Others
From The "This Is Not A Lev. 19:33, 34 Move " Dept: Zionist Israel Stops Issuing Visas For UN Human Rights Workers
These Are US Allies? Zionist Military Shuts Down Palestinian Olive Harvest
Olive Branches But No Olives
What The Bible Book Of Leviticus Does Says About The Palestinians in Israel: "The Stranger Who Dwells Among You Shall Be To You As One Born Among You, And You Shall Love Him As Yourself," Lev.19:33, 34
Zionist Israel Attacks American's Freedom Of Speech, Choice
Meet One Of The Plundering Princes
Video: Our Corrupt Medical-Political Establishment
Pushback To The Corrupt Medical-Political Tyranny
Video: WHO Doctors Do Not Advocate Lockdowns, So Who Is Doing It?
From The "Cure Worse Than The Disease" Dept: UK Lockdown Killed Its Citizens, And Economy, In Order To Protect Them
BoJo's Planned 3 Tier Lockdown Scheme
NHS Nurse On LIES-CoV-2 In UK
Russia's Syrian Check On US-Zionist Israel 5 Years On
Exceptional US Leads The World In ... Human Rights Violations
Big Tech's Spying Not A Guardian Angel

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
WHO Unintentionally Admits Covid No More Dangerous Than Flu [Note The Happy Faces Too]
Video: What You Need To Know About The Stuff In "Vaccines" ... Toxic Chemical Life Altering Brews
The Wake Up Must Watch Video: The Great LIES-CoV-2 Mask Rip-Off And The Unseen Agenda, The Fake Crisis, Sick Kids, Aluminium In Vaccines Severely Damages Immune System, The SARS-CoV-2 Gone As Medical Threat To Society
Video: LIES-CoV-2 Politicians And Advisors Going To Prison
Mask Wearing For Kids Is Child Abuse
The Video: Class Action "Covid" Lawsuit For Crimes Against Humanity, That Would Be Us
Covid 19: The Stitched Together Frankenstein Virus, The "False Positive Pandemic"
LIES-CoV-2 Video: The PCR Process Is Not A Test According To Its Inventor, Explains In Video, Doesn't Detect The SARS-CoV-2, Unless You're A Goat Or A Fruit, False Positives Can Be Increased to 100% Depending On Number Of Amplifications, And False Positives Can Be Manipulated To Show Vaccines Work Merely By Reducing The Number Of Amplifications During The Process
“The Only Means To Fight The Plague Is Honesty” (Albert Camus, 1947), And The Means To Fight LIES-CoV-2 Are Medical Facts Replacing Induced Panic
Inventing Pandemics For Fun And Profit
How Long Do We Put Up With LIES-CoV-2?
Inventor Of PCR "Test": It Doesn't Tell You That You Are Sick
Video: The LIES-CoV-2 Fear Pandemic And The International Class Action Lawsuit
Denmark: A Beacon Light In The Dark World Of Covid Lies
And If LIES-CoV-2 Isn't Enough, US Government To Push 5G Use Into Being Lethal  
Covid Gone The Way Of Pevious Corona Vruses, No Worse Than Normal Flu According To The WHO Numbers, But UK Lockdown Still Going Forward
BoJo Using Covid As Vehicle Tp ... Dictatorship?                 
First The British Lost Their Empire, Now They Are Losing Their Society
From The "Rotting From Within" Dept: The Effect Of Government And Medical People Lying About Wearing Masks, Their Alleged Effectiveness
Frogs In An Ever Warming Pot Of Hot Water: UK Military And Covid Vaccination, What Do You Think That's All About?
The Fruit Of Lies: US Walking In Britain's Footsteps
The Bigoted Project 1619, Epitome Of Orwellian Rewriting Of History, BTW Hannah-Jones, US Is A Republic, Not A Democracy, " ... And To The REPUBLIC For Which It Stands ...." Hmm, She Must Have Done A Lot Of Research Before Writing That Book
But What About All Those Jewish Slave Owners?
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: Jews Sold Black Slaves In Philadelphia, Now What BLM, NYT ... Who Will Disturb The Sound Of Silence?
Blacks Owned And Sold Black Slaves
US Bill: Allow Zionist Israel To Approve Arms Deal In The Middle East
You Know The Liars By Their Assault On Freedom Of Speech, But It's The Link To Twitter And Its Twit Minions That Needs To Be Warned Against
CIA Director Blocks Key Russiagate Info
Is This Your Democracy Or Your Police State? At Best, Vaccines Only 20-50% Effective, Big Bucks For Big Pharma
Taking Journalism To A New Low: Fake Journalists To Go With Fake News
Painting Truth To Power Over The LIES-Cov-2 Nonsense, Fact: A Thumb Up The Bum Just As Effective, Perhaps More, Against The Vanishing Covid Virus As Mask Wearing, It Would Keep Hands From Leaving Viruses On Surfaces, Would Be A Natural Distancing Method, Could Stop Fart Virus Clouds From Infecting People, And Yes, We're Being Cynical And Sarcastic
Putting Covid Cases In Perspective, SARS-CoV-2 Survival Rate 99.8%, Life In General, 99.2%, But Once We Have Had Covid-19 According To The Tests, We Are Immune, So What Are Governments Doing To Accommodate These Hundreds Of Millions Of Positive Cases, According To WHO, Who Don't Need To Wear Masks, Don't Need To Social Distance, Don't Need To Quarantine, Don't Need Vaccines And Don't Need Travel Restrictions?
Wearing Masks Can Be Deadly
France: Indoor Mask Mandate and Covid Cases Jumped UP!
Truth Versus LIES-CoV-2 In These Deceitful Times
Everyone Wore Masks During The Real Pandemic Of 1918, But They Were Useless, To Be Effective We'd Need Full Head Masks, Gloves And Protective Suits By Everyone, Forever As The Viruses Never Completely Disappear Like SARS, H1N1, 6 Other Corona Viruses, All The Types Of Flu Viruses, Etc., But The Sheep Would Rebel, So Only Masks Are Needed For Obedience To The Davos Elites As A First Step
Sweden And Nicaragua Models For Real Covid Fight, Not The Political LIES-CoV-2
Nicaragua: Another Factual No Lockdown, No Distancing, No Mask, Economy Doing Well Success Story

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Examining LIES-CoV-2
UK Slyly Moving LIES-CoV-2 From Medical To Military, And You Thought It Was Protecting You Against Viruses
UK Military In Charge Of Covid Vaccination, What Do You Think That's All About?
The West Is Not Immune: How Police States Emerge
Revolutions Can Come True, They Can Happen To You ...
In The Big Scheme Of Things, Where Is The US Today?
Video: Jordan Peterson, Marxism, Society Death Wish
So Who Are The Idiots? Doing Same Things Over Again, And Expecting Different Results: Lockdown Kept Large Part Of Population From Herd Immunity To SARS-CoV-2 Earlier In Year, Now That They Are Out, Some Are Susceptible To Virus, So What Is Spain's Gov't Doing, Lockdown Again, Makes About As Much Sense As Locking Down The Population So No One Gets Killed By Drunk Drivers, Then When Folks Can Drive Again, We Experience A "2nd Wave" Of Drunk Driving Deaths, Lock'em Down Again, Duh!!!
SARS-CoV-2 Truth: "No Medical Justification For ANY Emergency Policy Anymore," Where Does This Leave LIES-CoV-2?
Prince Fauci's LIES-CoV-2 Lead To Death Of US Patients
In Case We Forgot, Fauci Approved HCQ, "No One Needs To Die," Back In 2005
Place Your Bets: Chinese Chip Investment Fund As Asia Approaching Escape Velocity From The West
Keeping The Middle East Fires Burning: US Increases Illegal Troop Occupation In Syria
UK's Propaganda Attacks On Syria Exposed
Getting The Zionist Vote
An Altogether Different Perspective On Covid
South Atlantic Anomaly
Rapid Shift Of Magnetic North Pole Away From Canada Toward Russia
From The "Keep The Dumb Sheep Running" Dept: More LIES-CoV-2, Alleged "2nd Wave" Based on Fake Stats
The Economic Wreckage Left Behind By LIES-CoV-2
Which Covid Got You ... SARS-CoV-2 Or LIES-CoV-2?
Why Are The Politicians So Silent About The Zionist Israel Spygate, Meddling In US Internal Affairs?
The World We Inhabit With Assange
How Do You Say Overreaction To Covid? Australia's Police State
The Stupidity And Insanity Pandemic: The Collapsing Western "Empire"
Strong Military Societies Rot From Within
Take A Listen Audio: Turns Out Covid-19 Alleged "Pandemic" Was Not Much More Than A Common Flu ... So Why All The Political And Corporate Media Hubbub? And Why Is Everyone Still  Wearing Masks Which Have Been Proven Medically Ineffective By 2 CDC Studies During The Covid Season?

Learn Wisdom Not Folly
Earth Vs. The Lying Talkers
If The Covid Vaccine "Unlikely To Stop People Catching Virus," Then What Does It Do?
Don't You Just Hate Hate Crimes? But Does This Include Hating White People?
Germs And Political Oppression
SARS-CoV-2 False Positives, RT-PCR Does Not Detect Presence Of Genome
What Will Americans Do To Fix Its Broken Country?
What Will US Do To Fix Its Broken Syria Mess? ... War?
From The "When It's Broke, Fix It" Dept: While Other Countries Are Looking At More SARS-CoV-2 Lockdown, Wear Masks, Unsocial Distancing, Sweden Is Back To Normal With Not One New Hospital Covid Patient In 2.5 Months, Which Begs The Question Is The Issue Medical, SARS-Cov-2 Or Is It Political, LIES-Cov-2? 
In The UK, It's Still LIES-CoV-2
Wrong! Bible Does Not Say Land Of Israel Is Only For The Jews, It Is For ALL Israel, Not Just Those Of Israel's One Son Judah ... The Birthright Belongs To Israel's Son Joseph, 1 Chr. 5:1,2, The Kingly Line Of The House Of Israel, Not The House Of Judah, And Especially Not The Zionists
What The Bible Book Of Leviticus Does Say To The Jews About The Palestinians in Israel: "The Stranger Who Dwells Among You Shall Be To You As One Born Among You, And You Shall Love Him As Yourself," Lev.19:33, 34
The Jews, Judah, Apportioned Only A Part Of The Land Of All Israel, Jos. 15:1-12
Map Of Land Given To Each Nation Of Ancient Israel
Blind Leading The Blind: If Bible Is Woke's New Target, Then Jews Will Be Targets Too, Muslims Next, Hindus?
What Happens Now When You Get A Corona Virus Cold This Winter?
Censoring The Facts: Studies Showing Masks Don't Protect You From Viruses Removed From Internet
Why Remove Article Face Masks Don't Work When CDC's Two 2020 SARS-CoV-2 Season Studies Proved The Same Thing? Control Of The Sheep Herd
Maintaining Focus: The Dangerous Virus Is Not Biological, It's Political
It's The Lockdown, Stupid, Why Are Some Officials Still Pushing The LIES-CoV-2, When SARS-CoV-2, With 99.8% Survival Rate When Including All Age Groups With Underlying Conditions, [By Comparison, Life's Survival Rate is 99.2%, .81% Of World's Population Die Each Year] Has Gone The Way Of Other Past Viral Outbreaks?
The NYTabloid Keeps Pumping Out The False Narratives One After The Other
From The "Pulling Our House Down On Our Heads" Dept: The Killing Debt And Those Princes Who Benefit
Remember The JCPOA? Middle East Peace Agreements Not Worth Paper They're Written On
Zionist Israel And The House Of Saud's Connection, Well, Besides 9/11
Same Folks, Same Strokes As US Morphs Into Marxist Soviet Union
Fiddling While Rome Burns: $1400 US For A Pair Of Grass Stained Jeans Definitely Not BLM Couture, Though Its Millionaire Founders Can Afford Them