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Autumn 2018

The articles listed in the NEWSLINK section are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. It is helpful to add URL links to your web browser's Bookmarks Menu to sites that you find of particular interest for direct access and easy reference. The intent here is to provide a wide range of articles from the four corners of the world not normally found in Western corporate mass media, in order to gain a more balanced look at secular current events however eclectic, i.e., the big picture, providing validation to the last days prophecies pertaining to us found in the Biblical record in relation to the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, which are becoming more obvious day by day. Daniel 4:17-37.

Therefore, no endorsement of content, philosophy or ideology, social, economic or political, is implied or given. Our perspective is theological, and only that of the love of the truth of the word of God. Most important, readers are encouraged to think for themselves. When leaders and officials point fingers without substantiated fact, or named sources, i.e., lie to us, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Autumn 2018

Judicial Watch Testimony Before Congress About Clinton Foundation
Bad News Nuland, Of Ukraine Infamy, Facilitated Classified "Russiagate" Docs To US Senators Just Before Trump Inauguration
Not A New Recruiting Slogan, Join The US Navy And ... Record Yourself Having Group Sex With A Minor
Look Who's Meddling Now: US Dems Ran False Flag Russia Bot Op In Alabama Election, And, Surprise, Media Gobbled It Up
Major Russian Bank Prepared To Shut Off VISA, Mastercard, US$ Holding Halved
Iran Green Lights Flow Of Foreign Currency Into Country
Pompey-o's Tune, Not Putin's, "If I Ruled The World"
The Pompey-o Proclamation
US INF Treat Pullout Endangers Europe and US Too
S-400 Missile Defense System Now Protects Crimea
CNN Journalist Of The Year Admits He Faked Stories ... But Apparently Has A Future Writing More Fiction
Massive Pentagon Audit Fraud: $21 Trillion Missing, Move Along, Nothing To See Here
Regaining Constitutional Rights: Sad State Of US School Administrators Who Don't Get It
Chicago Financial Disaster: Each Person Owes $140K To Bail Out Pensions
The Land Of Nu: Failed State Ukraine, 8% Poroshenko, Ukraine's Value To The West Is Military Outpost For Their Weapons Pointed At Russia
Video: Saudi Rebuke By US Senate, But Saudi Says Problem Is With US Senate, All Speculation, Saudis Don't Care What Others Think
China Detains Third Canadian
US Is THE Belligerent, Warmongering Nation In The World Today
US World Ruling Empire Or Nuclear War? Can't Beat China-Russia-Eurasia Economically, Trump Pulls Out Of Keystone Anti-Nuclear War INF Treaty
A Historical Journey Into Crimea, As 2 Million Ukrainians Have Migrated To Russia Since US Backed Coup
The Tale Of Two Annexations
Strait Of Hormuz Modern Day Archduke Ferdinand Scenario?
Trudeau And Freeland Offer Lies As Excuses For Being America's Minions
Video: Syria Will Attack Israel Tit For Tat With Medium And Long Range Missiles
Elegant Solution: China Can Play The Israel Angle With Trump's Political Kidnapping
Abject Lunacy As Reality Aborts UK: Brighton Schools Put Their Eggs In Wrong Basket, "Boys" Must Have Periods Too
Humans, Some More Than Others, Too Stupid To Learn From History, Even When It Is Pointed Out To Them In Advance
Pretty Boy Person Trudeau Joins Jupiter Macron In Hot Water
The Meddling Cartel: Zionist Israeli Lobby Attacks US Constitution, Free Speech, Where Is The Denunciation By US Leaders?
From The "Year 2039, Time To Move On" Dept: Which Is Stinking More? Hillary's You Lost The Election Dead Horse Or Mueller's Russiagate No Results??
Canada The Wimp Country Corporate Bullies Like To Pick On ... First Lockheed Martin, Now General Dynamics
Nuclear State Zionist Israel To Develop Missiles Reach Anywhere In Middle East
US Cancels Arctic Icebreaker Drills For Fear Of Having To Be Rescued By Russian Icebreakers
No Doubt US Will Follow Its Own Lead And Extradite Goldman Sachs Blankfein To Malaysia, Right? ... Wrong
Video: EU Turmoil, The Russian No-Spy, US Political Kidnapping Weaponizes The "Law"
Mark Of The Bezos, Rise Of The Robots, Buy Local
Normal US Double Standard: Saudi Human Rights, But What About The Saudi Collusion For Trump In 2016 Campaign?
The False Notion Of Equality Of Outcome, Unless, Of Course, You Are Talking All-Out Nuclear War
Failing US Schools Are Boxes For Yellow Pencils, Independent Thinkers Not Wanted
Ideas Morphing Into Frankenstein Ideologies Not Good For The Global Village
Russia's Economic And Tech Foreign Policy Focus Is Not In The Atrophying West, But Eurasia, Hence Washington's Panic Vis A Vis Sanctions And Trade War
Mueller Involved In Obstruction Of Justice, Destroying Evidence?
Make Music Not War
Video: Red's Child, The Serpent And The Vatican
US Military Intel Heads Protecting Trump From Coup?
Well, There Goes 2020, Hillary: Clinton Foundation Operated As Unregistered Foreign Agent For The Personal Benefit Of Its Principals
Bush-Millman-Clinton Zionist Organized Crime Family Flow Chart
Denver HQ Of Zionist's Northern Command [North America/NORTHCOM], US Zionist Central Command [CENTCOM] Is Middle East, Yup
China Raids Children's Morning Bible Study, Shuts Down Church
Russia And NATO: Doom Of All Dooms, We're All Doomed
Silver Breasts Join Yellow Vests In Continued Jupiter Macron's Paris Turmoil
Russia Follows NATO Lead, Will Set Up Military Base In Caribbean
No Wonder AirBulldozer'nBomb Won't List Places In Israel, Remind US Again How Many Israeli Houses Have Been Destroyed After Killing Palestinians?
Pompey-o's Idea Of Level Playing Field Is US North And All Others South, Does Trudeau Have Laryngitis, And Is Canada US's 51st State?
US Senate Should Bar Barr
UK Integrity Initiative's Secret Metastasizing Clusters Pass Along Misinformation
The 1%ers Got A Lot More, We Didn't
Video: America The Greatassed?
US Qualcomm A Chinese Huawei Lackey? Seeks To Prevent Apple iPhone Sales In China
That's It!? The Dems Are Saying That $4700 In Russia Related Google Ads Trumped Hillary's $1.3 Billion Campaign Expenditures ... So Next Prez Election Should Be Much Cheaper, Right?
2018 "Person Man Of The Year" Award, With No Apologies To The Snowflakes, And The "Garden Variety Intolerant
Russophobic Trotskyists Hiding Under A New Cloak Of Pseudo-Liberalism"

American Pravda, Of A Truth, It's Not Prada
US Pentagon's Astonishing Fraud
Ukraine's Poroshenko Has Become De Facto Undersecretary For Anti-Russian Affairs At US State Dept.
Leftist Tech Social Media Hypocrisy So Glaring They Can't, Or Won't, See it
Middle Man Melodrama Continues: Second Canadian Arrested In China, Is Trudeau Still PM There?
Pompey-o Goes Full Orwell, Reacts To His Straw Man Accusations
So Much For Trump's "Competitor Not Enemy" Rhetoric, Making America Great By Bullying Everyone Else
Zionist US Fondness For The Shah Puppet Of Iran
Group Of Israelis Arrested in Colombian Child Sex Trafficking
Bandito US Incorporates Lawless Economic Tactics Into Its Repertoire, Canadian Action Illegal
Nimrata Randhawa Haley Leaves UN With Legacy Of Sock Puppet Embarrassment
US China Trade Wanzhou Snafu
US Political Hostage As Canada Does The Minion Middle Man Dirty Work
Canada, Especially BC, Tourism Down After Wanzhou Arrest
PM May Desperate Before Vote No Confidence ... Makes Campaign Promise, Brings Back Sexual Harasser For Vote
Surprise! Big Corporations Say They Support Climate Accord, But Won't Give Up Their Corporate Jets
A Trump Steel Curtain Or Central American Marshall Plan?
Hillary's Keys To The Kingdom, How Did She Get Them?
From The "It's Expensive To Live By The Sword" Dept: American Abracadabra 21 Trillion Weaponized Dollars Disappear
Satellite Mapping Service Reveals Secret Turkish, Israeli Sites
Video: Lawless US Disregard For The Rule Of Law, WW3 And US Isolating Itself With Zionist Israel, Saudis
US Presence In Syria A Cancer On Syrian Peace Prospects
China Arrests Ex-Canadian Diplomat ... For Starters
Trump's Big Bluster Bluff: He'll Just Take The Money From The Military Budget, And Get It Back In Next Year's Budget
Nickel And Dimeing Us The United Way: What's Next, Charging For Toilet Paper?
The Meddling Cartel: Bush Sr. And The Zionist Israeli Connection
Actions Vs. Words: Australia Says Zionist Israel's Capital Is Jerusalem, But Embassy Stays In Tel Aviv
How Can America Be Such A Bully Internationally, And Such A Wimp Domestically? Russia To Declassify, Release US Correspondence About Alleged 2016 Election Hack, Again Lots Of US Political Punching Bag Accusations, But Again NO Evidence
Always The Hypocritical Beam In The Eye: Half Of US Military Budget Of $750 Billion Enough To Support Africa, As US Has About 1000 Military Bases Encircling The World
Keep Your Kids Away From Those Screens ... Irreversible Brain Effects
Diversity A Strength Or Just Anther Name For Divide And Conquer With Deadly Results?
Whole New Meaning To Cruising The High Seas
From The "Don't Leave A Paper Trail" Dept: Saudi Fighter Jets Just Happened To Find A US Flying Gas Station, Filled Up And Took Off Before Paying With Their Credit Cards ... For Years?
Mueller, US Intel Agencies Sued For $350 Million
UK PM May Skewered For Her Brexit Cowardice
Macron: Let Them Eat Crumbs From The Table Of Their Masters
At Least Poroshenko Made It Official: We Hate Russia
Video: Où Est Macron?? US New World Order
European Court: UK Can Go Hard Brexit And Leave
USAF Joint Forcible Entry Drill ... Which Middle East Country?
Can't Get Closer To The True Spirit Of Christmas Than This
Why Would Nutanyahoo Stop Anti-Porn Internet Watchdog?
Make Yourself Invisible On The Internet
Make Music Not War
Big Brother Comes Out Of The Closet: UN, WTO, ICC Et Al Must Bow To US Led World Order ... A Declaration Of Coming WW3? Because Russia And China Will Not Acquiesce, US Will Settle For Middle East War Instead
December 6, 12/6, 2017, The City Of Jerusalem, December 6, 12/6 2018, The Beast ... 12=6+6/6
Trump 12/6: Jerusalem Is Zionist Israel's Capital
Damascus Prophetic Crosshairs Coming Into Focus
Guess Saudi Minister Didn't Catch Pompey-o's Speech About New US World Order
Where's The 2-Faced Media Uproar About Direct Foreign Agent Saudi Influence In US Senate?
Zionist US Always Ready To Live By The Sword, Antagonize, Sanction While Blaming Others For Their Predicament, Never Willing To Compromise, Cooperate For The Greater Good Of Mankind
Spewing Forth Lies, White House Strongly Supports Saudi's Genocide War In Yemen
Trump's "Withdrawal Doctrine," Imperialism Or Isolationism With The Axis 3, US, Israel, Saudi Arabia
US Sends Carrier Strike Group To Middle East Amid Tension In Iran, Syria Caused By Zionist US
US Gives Iraq Concessions In Order To Put Squeeze On Iran
Greenback DiVests: India And UAE Join In The "Ditch The Dollar" Revolt
Fake News And Lies Begin With Parents Who Don't Connect The Dots, Told Santa Is Real, He's Not, Later They Tell Us Christ Is Real, But ...
Russia Goes Full Production From Arctic Gas Field
US Actions Push Pakistan Closer To Russia And China
Price Of Doing Business With A Country Like US: Canada Suckered As US Errand Boy, Will Pay Heavy Price, Begs Question, Why Didn't US Arrest Huawei Exec In US? Aimed At Xi Personally
Trump's Next "Zionist Foreign Policy Sock Puppet" For UN Post Follows Long History Of No Diplomatic Experience Necessary, But Someone Experienced In Reading A Script
Russia Preparing To Ditch West's VISA, Mastercard
Russia: Organic Food For All
Video: The Other Side Of The Coin, US Aggression 2018
Lefty Loosey: Lug Nuts On A Birthday Cake
A Long Way From PM Churchill's Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself As PM May Stirs Up The Fear, Why Theresa?
Clinton Foundation CFO Knows Where "All The Bodies Are Buried," Might Be Careful So As Not To Join Them
India Ditches US Dollar To Buy Iranian Oil
Detention Of Chinese CFO Major Stupid Mistake By US, Shows US Can't Compete, Stirs Up Anger, Determination In China, Puts US Companies, Executives In Jeopardy, Xi Won't Forget
China Tightening Screws On Chinese Companies, Jack Ma Now Member Of The Party
Video: Yellow Isn't Mellow In France
A Bird, A Plane, A ... President? One Major Diff: Putin Not A Figment Of One's Imagination
US Accusations Endless, Lack Of Evidence Endless
Same Old Sky Is Falling Sales Pitch For More Dough For The US Military-Industrial-Corporate Complex, Yet No One Asks What They've Done With The Hundreds Of Trillions in The Past
US Trade Deficit Still Gets Bigger In October
Trump's New Clothes: Popularity 50% Higher [Like Assad And Putin's?] Were It Not For Mueller
Why Isn't Soros In The Ecuadorean Embassy In London?
Marriott Hacked Since 2014, Anyone Could Have Done It, But Now It's Blame China Time
Another US Blunder: Fearful US Has Become The Thuggish Soviet Union, Political Arrest Aided By Weak Canada, It's A Lesson In How To Make Your Worldwide Competition Stronger And More Determined
China's Strong Reaction To US-Canada Cowardly Arrest Of CFO
US Stock Market Plunges After Arrest
Chemical Weapons Used By Terrorists To Bomb Aleppo Were Armed By French
US Health Care Is A Take Care Of The Financial Health Of Big Insurers, Give Back As Little As Possible, What To Do?
US INF Pullout: Decision Made A While Ago, New Short, Intermediate Range Missiles Already A Pentagon Budget Item
Video: Mueller Spook Probe, All The Queen's Men, Integrity's Disinfo, King Of Fake News
The Film Zionist Israel Doesn't Want You To See About Their Massive Covert Operations In The US, Parts 1 & 2
250 Pages Of Facebook Internal Docs Released
US Provides Safe Haven For ISIS In Syria
True Lies Are Manufactured, Truth Exists
Society Pretty Screwed Up When It Lets Those Who Don't Know The Difference Between Men And Women Control Our Information
May's Bizarro World Brexit Deal: The Final White Flag Of An Empire Past To The Globalist EU Council
Video: Middle East Oil, Foreign Policy Intrigue And The Wars It Spawns
The Saudi's Human Cannon Fodder Mercenaries In Yemen, Where, Then, Are The Saudi Royals?
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Why US Making Excuses For Saudi War Criminals?
US Senators Convinced MbS Ordered Khashoggi Murder
Chickenhawks Leading The US Parade Of Lemmings
Same Old Same Old: Angelic US Blames Russia For INF Withdrawal, As US Military Is Unlawfully In Syria, Pulled Out Of Iran Compliant Nuke Treaty, Supported Illegal Coup Of Democratically Elected Gov't In Ukraine, Puts NATO Bases On Russia's Border, Whose Countries The US Has Made Targets Of Russia's Nukes, Etc.
Russia To Pompey-o Come See For Yourself, Dude
Locked Into Death Spiral: US Pentagon, $700+ Billion A Year Is Just A Bare Minimum As Military Contractors Jump Up And Down In Glee
Clinton Sex Pal Plea Bargains Before "Sex Slaves" Testify
Top 25 Censored Stories Of 2017-2018
Global Decline In Rule Of Law
Government Busing: Not The Kids Anymore, It's The Homeless
Groinamania Killing Germans
Trump Warns China Against Raiding Great US Debt Based Wealth ... So Make America Debt Free Again
Antagonist US The World's Troublemaker
Russia-Saudi Arabia Controlling Parties Of OPEC
US/NATO's Circle Of Friends Pushing For Annihilation Of Planet Earth At Russia's Borders
Don't Start No Shit, Won't Be No Shit
Following The Tried And True Path Empires Past, The Weakening "Empire Of Lies" Drops Another Notch
Why America's Snowflake SJW Smartphone Generation Will Lose To China ... Outnumbered And Out-Educated
Saudi Ally Israel Implicated In Khashoggi Murder
Storming The Bastille: The Yellow Vest Revolution
Video: Propaganda "Don't Care What The Facts Are ..."
UK-EU Spying: "Integrity Initiative" Second Leak
You Crazy!? Ukraine's Poroshenko Encouraging NATO To Start WW3 To Bail Him Out Of His Kerch Blunder? PS Dude, It Was Ukrainian Warships In Russian Territorial Waters Not Vice Versa
EU: Hitting America Where It Hurts ... De-Dollarization
Kiev Vs. Paris: Tale Of 2 City's Revolt
Sacrebleu! Let Them Eat Cake!! Globalist Banker Macron's Meltdown: 77% Population No Support
Europe Busting At The Seams: Brexit, Greece, Italy, Now France In Turmoil
Qatar Exits OPEC, More To Follow?
Disturbing Trend With Smartphones, Children And Sexual Assault
Make Music Not War
The Tale Of Two Economies: Growing Trees In The Air Versus Solid Ground
Women's Shoes: Palessi Or Pamori?
US Deep State Forced Out Of The Shadows
Ukrainian Leadership A Party Of War
Ukraine Job Ad: US Military Contractor Hiring For Deployment In Combat Zones
Middle East: Behead Someone, No Problem, Show A Leg, Go To Jail For 5 Years
More Than One Way To Skin A Brexiteer: May's Terrible Brexit Deal To Force Second Referendum To Get No Vote?
Remember May's 7 Arguments Against Brexit
Notes From Orwell: "Brexit Means Brexit," But Which Brexit Is It?
Same M.O. From US: Purple Tie Mattis Blames The Other Guy (Russia) For What US Does ... Say Again, Who Rips Up Treaties?
Trump Pulls Out Of Another Treaty
Israeli Police Recommend Nutanyahoo & Wife Be Indicted For Bribery
Gee Whiz, The US Economy In Trouble ... No, GE And GM, But General Mills Doing OK
Neocon Globalists Or Lemmings? You Think They'd Would Be Smart Enough To See The Obvious
Poroshenko's Transparent Blunder A Disaster, And The Inherent Danger In The Combination Of Evil, Greed And Stupidity
The Written Text Of Orders Given To The Ukrainian Boat Crews
Senators, All Hail Pompey-o The Perverse? What!? No?
US Headed For Military Defeat In Afghanistan
Video: Assange A Big Brother Lesson For Every Citizen Of What's To Come
A Little History To Put Kerch In Perspective, Haley Sock Puppet To The End
Digging The Hole Deeper: Ukraine Intentionally Violates International Law In Russian Territorial Waters, And EU Council To Sanction ... Russia, Who Speeds Up Missile Defense Systems And Ditching US Dollar In Trade
Kerch-EU Blowback: Now Foreign Warships Need Approval From Russia To Use Northern Passage
New Russian Missile Deployment In Crimea After Ukraine Provocation
From The "Spider To The Fly" Dept: Road To Servitude Paved With Convenience
Who's Manipulating Trump? Can't Meet Putin?
US Moves Large Military Force Into The Med In Prep For Attack On Iran Forces In Syria
Curses And Death: US Suicide Peak
Why Do University Administrators Lie About Race?
Clinton's Dog And Pony Road Show A Big Flop
Video: Burning Cash Flow, What Cost US Debt-Based Fracking? Independent Of SWIFT? Who's Money Is It?
Eurobond Buyers Vote Of Confidence In Russia
AirBnBibi: Zionist Israel Just Can't Help Themselves Meddling In US Affairs
ISIS Preparing Another Chemical Attack
US Senate Advances Bill To End Support Of Saudi War In Yemen
Former US Homeland Security Official: Telling Truth Is Dangerous ... What, Snowflake US So Corrupt It Can't Handle The Truth Anymore?
Why Is The West And Corporate Media Silent On Terrorist's Proven Chemical Attack On Aleppo? Where Were The White Helmets Riding To The Rescue? Where Was Their Film Crew?
Know Your Enemy: The Saudi Royal Family
Making America Great By Tearing Down Others
GM: Making Bailouts Great Again Or How We Got The Suckers US Taxpayers To Pay For Our Mistakes
Video: Dire Straits In Ukraine
From The Land Of Nu: Cheap Ukraine Ploy By Neocons Or What A Single Digit Approval Rating Before The Election Can Do
Soros's Ukraine Et Al And Why He Wouldn't Dare Set Up Shop In China
Elitist Rule Of Law: Do We "Little" People Get To Determine Which Laws We Keep And Which Ones We Can Break, Or Is It Just The "Self-Important" People?
After What Looked Like A No Go, May Changes Her Brexit Rhetoric
"They Shall Give Their Power And Strength To The Beast"
... Because The Greedy Bastards Will Destroy Anything In Their Way
From The "What Are We Doing?" Dept: NATO's Think Tank Giving MbS Friendly Advice On How To Get Out From Under Khashoggi Murder PR Cloud
Making America Great Again Has A Lot Of Catching Up To Do
Prosecutor Recommends Nutanyahoo Indictments
Worse Than TV, Cellphone Addiction
Soros Kicked Out Of Hungary, Now Kicked Out Of Turkey
Ukraine Sailor's Admit They Intentionally Entered Russia's Water And On Orders Ignored Russian's Warnings
May Warns MPs Not To Reject Her "No Brexit" Brexit Deal
UK's "Integrity Initiative" Lacks Integrity
Making Sense Of Ukraine's Martial Law
Russia Naval Encounter With Ukraine In Black Sea
A Result Of Our Not Minding Those Things Of The Spirit
Anonymous Exposes Huge UK Psyops To Discredit Russia
UK Uses NGO's To Cover Intel Ops
Xi's Big Brother Beijing
"Napoleon's" House Burning
Inside British Army's Information Warfare Machine
Russia-China Planning Direct Cross Border Trade Transaction In Own Currencies
US Only OPCW Member State That Still Has Chem Weapons Arsenal, And Has Failed To Destroy Them, Yet They Point Fingers At Iran
From The "One Crashed Into The Cuckoo's Nest" Dept: Yes, Blaming Everyone Except MbS, Moral Dilemma Of Being Stuck Between Military-Industrial Complex And Traditional American Values
CIA Has Alleged Recording Of MbS Ordering The "Silencing Of Khashoggi"
The Spirit Of Christmas: How Much Money Do You Plan To Spend Buying Stuff?
Be Sure To Buy The Right Stuff

Russian Diplomacy Winning Cold War Against West, And Its Zionist Influence
US Officer Sank Norwegian Frigate Not Russian GPS Finagling?
The Curse Of infectious Diseases Coming To America
Video: May's Brexit: We're Breaking Up, But I'm Leaving My Clothes At Your Place
Russia Nuke Response To NATO's Move To Russian Borders
US Largest Oil Producer In 2018
So Why Didn't US Lower Oil Prices? Why Thank The Saudis?
Rock And A Hard Spot? Saudi's MbS Needs Higher Oil Prices, Why Agree To Lower Them?
UK Complicit In Billions Money Laundering
Zionist Israel, Murder, Inc.
After US Backed Maidan Coup, Ukraine Emerges As Europe's Poorest Country
Who's In Charge? Isn't Italy A Sovereign Nation? ... Even Washington DC Can't Reject A US State Budget
US Indispensable Nation ... Indispensable To Zionists?
“Once We Squeeze All We Can Out Of The United States, It Can Dry Up And Blow Away”
California Burning: "As California Goes, So Goes The US"
Ah, The "Tit For Tat" Deal Was Made, Khashoggi For Oil Price Reduction?
Trump Justifies Yemeni Genocide, Supports House Of Saud, Making America Despised Again
530,000 Canadian Student Federation Opposes Zionist Israel's Apartheid, Your Turn Mr. Trudeau To Follow AirBnB BDS?
Assange And Khashoggi: On Who's Side Does US Justice Fail?
Expediency Over Principle: Trump As Zionist Israel's Waterboy?
From The "Laughably Stupid" Dept: Catholic Church Pedophile Sex Abuse Crisis An American Conspiracy Aimed At The Pope
The Iran Connection: Birds Of A Feather, Nutanyahoo, MbS, Protagonists For Middle East War
Time To Accept Facts, US Is A Warring, Murderous Nation No Longer Based On Rule Of Law: Trump Caves In To MbS, Zionist Israel, Accepts Khashoggi Murder
Princes Of Assassination: Trump's Eggs In The Khashoggi Murder Cover-up Basket
Mr. President, Saudi Arabia (Of 9/11 Infamy? "Worst Attack Since Pearl Harbor") Is Not An Ally, Great Or Otherwise
US Imperium: An Elephant Standing On Old Bird Legs With Huge Debt On Its Back
Rolling The Dice US Foreign Policy: Helping China's Emergence On The Path To The Inevitable Bankruptcy Of American Empire

Video: Feeling Safer Are We After All These Years Now That Saddam Is Gone? It's Worse, We're Poorer And Less Secure, Downhill Trend Will Continue
India Inks Another Military Deal With Russia
Brexit And The Brick Wall
Looks Like Hillary Has Doesn't Have Company
Zionist Israel Sniper Shoots Unarmed Member Of The Press ... 600 Meters Away From Protests
AirBnB Decision Not Anti-Semitic, But Anti-Zionist, Anti-Apartheid
From The "Goose And Gander" Dept: US Senators Meddling In Interpol Election
US Law Prevails In France? Where Is Macron And EU?
Pence "Stare Down?" Putin 8th, 9th Degree Martial Arts Black Belt, Check Out Photo And Putin's Mouth & Fist
Pushback On US Sanctions: Russia Close To Recognizing Luhansk And Donbass Regions After Election
Man Bites Dog: Russia Sanctions Ukraine
Syrian Army Roots Out Daesh From Last Southern Stronghold
All These Years Later Bush Admin Intel Officials Grudgingly Admit No Evidence Of WMD In Iraq Before War, So Where Do You Suppose This Leaves US With Syria And Iran Today? Find Out In 20 Years
UN: Biggest Threat To UK Is Their Ruling Elite
UK, Northern Ireland Lesson For Democracy And Brexit Or How Jolly It Is To Be English
Israeli Scammers Rip Of Folks In France And US
Dude, Where Have You Been? Did That With JCPOA, But Trump Pulled Out
China Continues Its Dumping Of US Treasury Bonds
Living By The Sword: The Cost Of America's Wars That Americans Ignore
Video: Brexit, Khashoggi-CIA HIgh Confidence And The Saudi-Israeli Allies, Acosta Vs. Assange
Canadians Oil Export Problems Continue
Hollywood Whinerbabies At It Again, First It Was Canada, Now Georgia
NYT et al Providing Deceptive info On N. Korea Nukes
No Flaws In "Lord's Prayer," Only Flawed Understanding Of What Is Stated
Regs On Tech Coming Says Apple CEO
Make Music Not War
From The "Still Beating That Dead Horse" Dept: Crimean Doublespeak As US And Its UN Minions Only Love Democracy When It Works To Their Advantage
US Brokered Deal That Overthrew Democratically Elected Government Of Ukraine, Which Led To Crimean Vote
As A Reminder, Crimea Was Part Of Russia Long Before Pence's Indiana Was Part Of US, But The Native Indians Weren't Given The Chance To Vote
What!? No International Outrage Over Scotland Leaving UK, Doesn't Even Need A Democratic Vote?
America Wars While China Trades
More US Weapons, Missiles Turned Over To Syrian Army By Terrorists
Trump's "America First" Not First Enough For Pence
At This Rate, No Wonder US Has Trade Deficit
True American And British Colors: Trump Administration Pushes For Assange Elimination, Even Though NYTimes And Others Published The Same Information
Snowflake Minority Rules In US School
By The Same Token, Hollywood Has No Compunction By Turning Them Into Movies To Line Their Own Pockets
Corporate Profit Puts Squeeze On Airline Bathrooms, What's Next Standing Room Only In Lieu Of Seats?
Internet Magna Carta
Standard US Doublespeak Foreign Policy M.O., Control The Narrative By Accusing Others Of What You Have Done, Still Pushing For Regime Change In Syria
Chengdu: Intelligent Design In China
Special US Bombs Never Kill Women Or Children According To Military Brass
S-300, 400: Yeah Right
Video: Meddling Cartel: Zionist Israel Meddles In US Elections, Donated Millions To Candidates
Zionist Israel Wins US Midterm Elections
Zionist Nutanyahoo Has Made Palestinian Situation Worse
Here We Go Again, CIA Has "High Confidence," MbS Was Involved In Khashoggi Murder, OK, Then Show Us The Evidence
Theresa May Delivers For Her Brexit Handlers
Video: Globalism, Socialism, Leftist Totalitarianism And The Nation-State
According To The Unnamed Twits At Twitter Saying Men Aren't Women Is Hate Speech, Umm, What About Women Aren't Men, Gays Aren't Straight, Transgenders Aren't Women?
Pride Goes Before The Fall: The Dream Of "Unparalleled Military Power" Beyond Challenge
The Bipartisan Con Played by The US & Western Media, So Guess Who Plays The Role Of The Patsies?
Goldman Sachs Hands In $4.5 Billion Cookie Jar
Saudi Arabia Part Of Terrorism Triumvirate
θηρίου Give Us Our Daily Blood: Pro-Zionist America Living By The Sword
ψευδοπροφήτου Pope Francis Queering The Roman Church?

οἶκος Ἰσραήλ Guilty Of All The Evils In The World
Video: Leftist Open Border Immigration A Scam, Another Lie, Only Serves To Weaken US, Western Nations, Not Help Solve World Poverty
Making War Not Music
US Spent $6 Trillion On War Since 2001, And Climbing
Zionist Israel Media Meddling
No Sun Spots Makes For Colder Winter
3 Tankers With Russian LNG Reach US ... Resell To EU For Profit?
California's "Fukushima" Faces Triple Threat, But Gov't OK With It
It Gets Worse: Nuclear Waste Materials Up In Smoke In California Wildfires
When A Reporter Becomes The News Story Rather Than Observer Of The News, He Is No Longer A Journalist
Cinderella Clinton's Clock Ticking To Midnight?

Hillary A Shoo-In For 2020 Presidency ... in Libya
Regime Change Trumped? Grateful Syrians Carry Assad On Their Shoulders
Mark Of The Beast: You Will Get Chipped, It's Just A Matter Of Time
Surprise!! Not ... CIAmazon's New HQ Goes To New York And DC, Central Banking HQ and Political HQ
America's Descent Into Madness
De-Dollarization: Western Oil Traders Pressured To Pay For Oil In Euros
Ukraine And Montenegro: Two Peas In NATO's Pod
Pompey-o One More Zombie For The Zionists As End Justifies The Means
Blind Leading The Blind At Stanford U ... Sorry, Prof, But It Takes Too Much Time To Check Sources For My Dissertation, "Twits On Twitter"
Emergence Of A Fascist EU, Zionist Israeli Security Firm To Patrol EU Maritime Med Borders
NGO Caught Teaching Migrants How To Illegally Enter Europe
Isabella Chow: Profile In Courage, UC Berkeley Once Forefront Of Free Speech, Now Forefront Of Leftists Virtual Signaling, Spout Diversity, Free Speech, But Don't Really Like It, Want Totalitarian Conformity
True Orwellian Doublethink: Equating Constitutional Freedom Of Speech With Illegal Entry, Grand Theft Violations Of Federal Law
More Orwellian Doublethink: War Criminal Awarded Liberty Medal
Best California Can Do? Trump Blasted For Federal Fire Relief Funds Comment, But On The Ground, 1.37 Million Acres Burned So Far In 2018, Firefighting Costs $773 Million, Not To Mention Loss Of Life And Multiple Thousands Of Houses
Worst Fire Catastrophe In California's History
Worst California Fires In Recent Years
Pope: Sexual Abuse Stonewaller In Chief, "Liar, Fraud, Hypocrite"
US Fed Elections Change Nothing Except A Few Names On The Doors In The Halls Of Congress
NATO War Games Mishaps Blamed On ... Yes, Russia, If So, Imagine What They Could Do In A Real War!?
The Worthy And Unworthy Victims Of War
Throwing Good Money After Bad? 2 Time Loser Hillary Re-Run In 2020?
Pathological US Economic And Financial War On Iran A Shortsighted Move
Trump Administration Just Yelled Fire In A Theater
America's Thugs Collective Punishment Of The Iranian People, Ally Of Zionist Israel's Palestinian Genocide, Saudi's Genocide Of Yemenis
Facebook's Political Firing, Words To The Contrary
Google's New Europe Home In STASI HQ Building In "East" Germany?
Empire Of Europe? How Tall Is Macron? One Inch Taller Than Napoleon
Video: War And Insults
Whose Foreign Policy Is It? President's Or Deep State's When The Only Change Is In The Name Of The Commander-In-Chief?
New US DOJ Lawsuits
UK, Like US Excels At Selling Weapons Of War
Make Music Not War
NATO's Keystone Cops
The Geo-Strategic Sanctions Exemption In Iran
US War Veterans Perspective On The "Grandness Of War"
Some Brits Have A Brexit Sense Of Humour
The Race For The Next Weapon Of War: AI
Reaping The Whirlwind: Another Mass Shooting, By US Marine
Video: Election Meddling: Non-Citizen, Illegal Aliens Allowed To Vote In US Elections
$550 Million Bank Robbery: Don't Trust UK, US When It Comes To Gold, UK Central Banksters Refuse To Give Venezuela Back Its Gold
Pardon Us Mr. President, But Your Divide And Conquer Sanctions Ploy Is Showing
Systemic Roots Of American Degeneracy
Video: Carrot Or Stick? Iran Response To US's Illegal Sanctions
From The "Hitting Them With A Stick" Dept: Another Blow To Weaponized US Dollar, SWIFT Caves In To US Demand On Iran, Countries Seek Alternatives
Multipolar Currency World? France Leads Move To Make Euro Currency Of Choice
Iran-S. Korea Agree To Bilateral Trade Avoiding US Dollar
US Election: Nevada Voters Preferred GOP Dead Man To Live Dem
Snowden Warns Israelis About Zionist Government Surveillance
Video: What US Used To Be, Caution Strong Message And Language
America The Messed Up
French Macron Wants "Real European Army," And The Role Of Napoleon Would Be Played By ...?
From The "Fickle Finger Of Fame Blame" Dept: "I Never Want To Spend Time With White People Again," (She Must Have Changed Agents) Just The White Man's Money In My Pocket
Zombie Voters: Apparently, Democrats Get The Walking Dead's Vote
New US Poll: Young And Poor Don't See Zionist Israel As Ally
New Twist In Khashoggi Intrigue: Political Assassination
US Trying To Stir The Pot In Russia's Chechnya, Of Course, Gitmo Doesn't Exist
Countries Sanction US By Using Alternative To US Dollar
China-Pakistan Trade In Yuan, Not US Dollar
Another UK Chicken Little Moment
Iran Bypasses SWIFT System To Continue Trade After US Sanctions
Video: Brazil Election, Iran Sanctions
French Conservative Party Overtakes Macron In Election Polls
US Continues To Use Banned Chem Weapons In Syrian Airstrikes
Pompey-o Verbiage Erupts Over Iran
The Pakistani Volcano
Buying Future Votes To Undermine US: Soros Partners With Mastercard To Hand Out Money To Migrants ... Fine George, Give It To Them In Their Own Countries, Not For Entering US Illegally
Send In The Autistic Hamsters And US War With Russia, ... China, Iran, N. Korea, et al
Trump Telling Truth About Trade, But Not All The Truth
Is There Anything Left Of American Democracy?
Another Trump Pullout, Survived 2 World Wars And Hitler
US Getting Desperate Starts Manufacturing Russian Weapons Violating Copyright
Zionist Israel Calls In Syrian Reporter Over Coverage Of Israel's Election In Illegally Occupied Golan Heights
20,000 Armed Refugees Ready To Enter EU
The Extra-Tangled Web We Weave
Money's Love Of Power, Another Root Of Evil
Make Music Not War
Russian Bear Photo Bombs NATO Exercises
Kavanaugh Rapist Accuser Admits She Made It All Up
MAGA: When Will GE File For Bankruptcy?
EU Not On Exempt List So Will Continue To Trade With Iran
Globalist-Zionist Created The Immigration Crisis
Leftist Biden Calls For Rule Of Violence Against US Congressman, What's Next, Violent Overthrow Of Government?
What's That Saying About Living In Glass Houses? Don "White Men Are A Terrror Threat" Lemon's Boyfriend Is ... White
Feed The Beast As US Urges Taiwan To Buy More Weapons
Video: Talking War
From The "Living By The Sword" Dept: Stupid Or Really Trying To Provoke WW3? US Military Drills On Russia's Border
Going Backwards: The Destroyer Trump Pulled Out Of Iran Nuke Treaty, Now Reinstates All Sanctions
Trump To Send Haley Clone, Ex-TV Presenter To UN?
Russia, China, Turkey Buying Gold, US Steals It
Trump's Imperial Order "Blocks," With No Legal Standing, Venezuelan Gold Sector, US Wants It For Itself Like Ukraine's Gold Taken To US
After US Backed Coup, Ukraine's Gold Gone, Taken To US
Russia's Alternative To West's SWIFT Gaining Popularity
Start Home Schooling ASAP
6 Ways To Homeschool While Still Working
George Washington "I Cannot Tell A Lie" Trump "I Tell The Truth When I Can" But Is He Telling Us The Truth??
In The End, The 1%ers Of The Roman Empire Helped Bring It Down, Lost Their Balance, And Fell Over
America's Choice: Celebrity Obsession
Big Brother AI "Lie" Detector At EU Borders, But Will Politicians Be Able To Make It Through?
More US Blowback: Russia, India, Iran Seeking Trade Route Bypassing Suez Canal
Canada's PM: Trick Or Treating Its Citizens?
The Ponzi Central Bank Of Canada: Guards Everywhere, But No Gold
The Merkelization Of The EU: She's Leaving After The Damage Is Done
As US Pulls Out Of Nuke Deals With Russia, Russia Should Pull Out Of Alaska Deal With US And Take It Back
Spectacular Facebook Fail Transparency Tool Doesn't Catch Fake Ads By US Sentate & ISIS
Amazing How Pompey-o Warns China Against Doing What The US Has Done For Half A Century
Uncle Sam, Pickpocket Extraordinaire
India Calls US Bluff, Will Pay For S-400s In Rubles
Blatant Hypocrisy Of The Left, Complained About Meddling In Elections, So Twitter Meddles, Drops Conservative Candidate
Map Genocide? Zionist Google Ahead Of Zionist Israel: Wiped Palestine Off The Map
Get The Duck
The Race To WW3 Faster, More Perilous Than Ever Before
Russia's Response Options To A US Nuke First Strike: Forget The Details, We're All Dead
Rule Of Law Or Lawless Based Global Order? US Zionists Prefer No Rules, But War, Both Foreign And Domestic
From The "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" Dept. Khashoggi Premeditated Murder, Now What US/UK?
Middle East Regime Change Without Bombs And Missiles? MbS To Be Replaced By AbA With West's Backing?

Judicial Watch Filed FOIA Lawsuit To Get Clinton's Security Clearance Records
Canada's Really Big Ice Cubes, aka Glaciers, Quickly Melting In The Climate Cocktail
Two Horned Dilemma: Hot (War) And Hotter (Climate)
That Black Man Must Be Talking About Those White Men, The Middle East Terrorists
Tribal Beliefs Or Occam's Razor: Dilemma For The West
From The "Cart Before The Horse" Dept: Pope Says Attack On Catholic Church Is Satanic, And The Church's Attack Over Decades On Young Boys By Its Priests Is What?
The One-Sided Hypocrisy With US/UK Sanctions: Silence The Lambs
The Khashoggi Murder Intrigue Snafu
Ron Paul: The Privately Owned Central Bank Of The US, Federal Reserve, Is Crazy
Why Is US So Willing To Commit Nuclear Suicide Taking Everyone With Them? But As Putin Said, There Always Will Be A Russia Or There Will Be No US And Allies Either
Merkel's End Due To Migration Policy
US Allies Using Banned Chem Weapons In Syria, So Where's The Sanctions, The Denouncing Headlines By NYT, CNN, CIAmzaon Post?
More US Military Weapons Left By Terrorists Found In Golan, Syria
From The "It's Bad For Business" Dept: Zionist Israel Won't Risk Snafu Class F-35 Fighters Getting Shot Down By S-300s
Land Of Nu, Ukraine Still A Wreck After US Backed Coup, Lugansk Region Rising
The Caravan, What's The Old Saying? Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do To You
Liberal Party Canada Prefers State Of War With N. Korea Like Conservative Trump?
Liberal Party Canada: The Trojan Horse Within The Gate
Liberal Party Canada Follows US Model, Secretly Gathers Info On Its Citizens
The Netflix Moral Geniuses Obsession With Genitalia: Introduce Kiddie Porn
60 Minutes Or National Inquirer?
Now US Has China Preparing For War Along With Russia
US Muslims Show Class Despite Zionist Israel's Violence Against Palestinian Muslims
Make Music Not War
Bully Bolton: No Olives, No Stones? He's No Oliver Stone
US To Lose Hosting Too? The Genocide World Cup Brought To You By The US: Saudi Arabia/Yemen Vs. Zionist Israel/Palestine
What Was Agreed To At Istanbul Summit On Syria, i.e., What The US And Zionist Israel WIll Ignore
Exceptional "Ugly Americans" In London, Boozing It Up Before The Game
Billionaire Wealth Grew 20% In 2017, How About You?
Currency Traders Sentenced To Death For Rigging FX Market in Iran, In US They Get Rich, Live In Big Houses And Drive Expensive Cars
US Government Workers Porn Addiction Threatens National Security, Computer Network Infected With Malware Watching Russian Porn On US Tax Dollar
Zionist Facebook "Freedom Of Censorship" Vs. Free Speech Just the Beginning According To Insider, So Ditch It
The Fruit Of US Foreign Policy: The Well-Organized, Funded Caravan, Hardly Sunshine And Light ... Gang Members, Human Smugglers, Terrorists
The Destroyers: No Morals, No Ethics ... Yemen Vs. Khashoggi
World Gold Demand Up 42% In Response To US Actions
China, Japan In $30 Billion Trade Swap Deal Avoiding US Dollar
The Destroyers: We Came, We Saw, We Made Libya A Failed State ... Ha, Ha, Ha
Russia Preparing For War With US If They Attack Russia
The Lemming Syndrome: Warmonger's INF Walk Away And Increasing Nuclear War
Video: Bolton's Bolt On Arms Race Diplomacy
US Would Face No Threats If It Kept Its Military And Black Ops Within Its Borders
Guatemala Rescues Group Of Minors From Human Traffickers In The Caravan
Zulus Side With White Farmers In S. Africa's Land Grab
Swedes Take To RFID Chip Implants
The Paul Craig Roberts Never Used Twitter
Check Out Paul Craig Roberts For Yourself
The Maria Butina Case Is Falling Apart
The Destroyers: Antifa And Its Slogan Chanting Adolescents = Mob Mindset
The US Middle Class Debt Saddle: More Than Half Americans Get More From Government Than They Pay In Taxes
Going Rogue: Mueller Has No Life Support For Hillary's Dead Horse, Russiagate
The Divine House Of Saud Or US Milking Cow?
Western Elites Creating A Muslim Europe?
Video: The Killer Within: Crippling Interest On US National Debt, About $250,000 Per Family
India Looking To Avoid Paying In US Dollars Too
The Triumph Of Evil In Our Culture
Arctic: Militarizing The Last Frontier?
Jordan Peterson's Speaking Truth To Lost Youth And Society, And The Liberal Left Hates It
If Gender Is A Contsruct Of Old, Dead White Men, And Therefore Really Doesn't Exist, How Can One Have Gender Study Courses?
Reaping Fruits Of Their Policies
Remember When CIAmazon Was A Retailer? Facial Recognition Pitched US To Track Immigrants
Pence: "Peace Comes Through Strength," So Russia And China Should Get Stronger?
Saudi Meddling In US Midterms, But Who Will Sanction Them?
With US Pullout From The Last Nuke Treaty, Brings World Closer To The Brink Of All Out Nuclear War
The US Homeless Curse
Video: Progressive Leftist Liberalism = Totalitarian Ideology, Preaching Diversity Means Conformity To Their Values, The 21st Century Crusade Creating The World In Their Own Image With Us As Their Slaves 
The US Has No More Olives
Big Tech, Data Industrial Complex, Overreach Needs To Be Curtailed
Big Brother Marches On, Doesn't Need Facial Recognition To Pick You Out Of A Crowd
Beware Government Leaders Who Promise You Something Tomorrow, But Not Today
14 Year Old US Crude Oil Leak
Video: Don't Text And Walk
When It Comes To Elections And Taxes: Read My Lips ...
A Tax Cut But Not For Middle Class Americans
China Opens New 55km/34mile Sea Bridge
Barbarians At The Gate
Saudi Name Calling A Deflection? Saudi Intel Agency A Terrorist Organization?
Lots Of Smoke: US Slaps Saudi Sacrificial Lambs, But Will US Sanction MbS And Cut Arms Deal? For A Sense Of Perspective, Imgine If Putin And Russia Had Done This To A WaPo Reporter? WW3
Macron's France A Willing Accessory To Murder For Sake Of Arms Sales?
Political Street Thuggery Rising In America
Has Trump Ever Met A Treaty He Does Like?
With All The Complaints About Zberg's Facebook, Why Is No One Creating An Alternative?
USAF Gives Up $10,000 Toilet Seats, Goes For $1200 Coffee Cups
US Provocateur In South China Sea
China's New Stealth Bomber Threat To US Carrier Fleets
Ergdogan And The Khashoggi Murder Evidence
From The "Don't Drop The Soap" Dept: Khashoggi Murder Excuse For US, Zionist Israel To Ease Saudis Out Of The Triumvirate?
No Choice But War (Continued Genocide?) On Palestinians Claims Belligerent Zionist Israel
Selling Swamp Land? White Helmets Ride Again, Given Refuge But Not In US Or Zionist Israel, Hmm?
"As California Goes, So Goes America:" Anti-Christian, Anti-White, Anti-Male Communists Money To Educate K-12
Leg Of Lamb Anyone? The Elite At Google Wants To Herd All Us Sheep Into Their Pen
Get The Duck Today
Left Doesn't Like Trump Because It Hates Average Americans
From The "Snowflake Generation" Dept: The Immature, Whiny Adults Who Can't Solve Their Own Problems, Real Or Imagined
Why Doesn't Mexico Take In The Refugees?
Mexico Wants Tariffs Off Steel Before Signing New "NAFTA"
US Continues To Isolate Itself With China Gambit
Uh, Donald, More Than Enough Nukes In Existence To Wipe Out All Life On Earth Many Times Over, So Why Waste The Money?
US Wants More Nukes
Government: Rather Than Sex, Check Off Box Which Represents Your Chromosomes As Medically Verified?
US Public Pension Fund Collapse Inevitable?
Interview: Jewish-American Anti-Zionist Journalist
UAE Hired Hitmen To Assassinate Yemeni Politicians
The Imperial US War For The Eurasian Landmass, But Eventually They Will Settle For The Mddle East
India, Follows Russia, China, Sells Off US Treasury Bonds
Canada Installs China Sub Dectectors Near US Base
Big Time US Meddling In Macedonia Vote
Zionist Israeli's Kidnap Jerusalem Governor, Put Him In Prison
Video: Khashoggi Middle East Intrigue
Why Khashoggi Murdered
US Electoral College A Product Of Sound Economics And Balanced Voting Representation, Industrial States Vs. Agricultural States, Not Ignorant Politically Motivated Slavery Claim
Putin Stops Re-Sale Of Russian Oil To Ukraine
Who's Supporting And Handing Out Cash To The Invading Refugee March From Mexico? Although Syria Might Ask The Same Question About The US In Its Country Illegally
Why Does NYU In US Capitalist NYC Have A Love Affair With Marxism?
US War On Iran Escalates As They Seek Removal Of Iran From SWIFT
Japan Filling Up With Trash
Jordan Wants Its Farmland Back From Zionist Israel
EU Poodles Reliance On Cheaper Russia LNG Not Acceptable To US
Germans Stand Strong With Nord Stream 2 Despite Continuing US Pressure
Merkel Caves On US LNG
Make Music Not War
Haley Derided Civilian Deaths In Syria, Now US Airstrikes Kill 60 Civilians
Another Nuclear Agreement Trump Plans To Leave
Ever The Weapons Salesman, Trump Willing To Believe The Saudi's Story
Now Saudis Say 60 Year Old Khashoggi Killed In Fist Fight With 15 Intel Agents, So Produce The Body
Damage Control: Khashoggi Sh*t Rolls Down Hill, MBS Will Sacrifice Everyone But Himself
Trojan Horse Day: Trudeau Settling White Helmet ISIS Allies
Abortion, Roe Vs. Wade Already Headed Back To US Supreme Court
Sharp Rise In UK Jews Seeking German Citizenship
Russia Invites Other Countries To Join Its SWIFT Alternative
Shades Of Rome: Undermining Our Youth's Morality, New UK Rules Allows Millions Of Porn Videos Available To Kids
Germany, France Join Russia, Turkey In Syria Summit
CEO Rages At Goldman Analyst
Where Is US Democracy In Identity Politics?
Game On: Witches Use Facebook To Put "Hex" On Kavanaugh, Catholic Church Responds With Mass
Figure They Can't Win Fair And Square, US Dems Prepreint Filled In Voter Forms
The British Empire? Four Major UK Warships Never Left The Dock In 2018
Will Saudi's Prince Be Brought To Heel?
MbS, The Unfit Prince?
Nikki, The Zionist Zombie, The Perfect Candidate For President?
Politics Anyone? Lockheed Martin Moves HQ From SoCal To DC
9 Seconds To WW3? Hackers Get Passwords To Pentagon Weapons
NATO's War Games On Russian Doorstep Could Have Started WW3 ... By A Mistake
Trade Triumphs Over Murder In International Relations, It's How To Justify It
Russia Divests Itself Of More US Debt
Skripal & Khashoggi: The Hypocrite Gap
And Then There Were 14 ...
Facebook Sued For Inflating Ad Watch Time By 900%
Facebook: Leftists Screams For Diversity Mean Conformity To Their Ideology
Security Double Standard: ex-FBI Agent 4 Years In Prison For Leak, Hillary Unsecured Classified Emails ...
Does The US Really Need An Ambassador To The UN?
Court Lied To, Criticizes US State Dept. On Clinton Emails
Oops, US Air Attacks Kill Kurds Not ISIS
Democracy In Central America At End Of US Stick
Persian Gulf Powder Keg
US Ally Daesh Holds 750 Foreign Citizens Hostage
EU Political Doublespeak Sanctions Regime For Use Chem Weapons: So Will They Go After US [White Phosphorus], Saudis Whose Equipment/Weapons Have Been Found In Syria? Ha
From The "Nothing New" Dept: Total Ignorance Of Biblical History And Purpose Of Christ's Ministry Pops Up In An Inane Ad
The Demands Of The Outlaw US Regime As In The Illegal Invasion/Occupation Of Sovereign Territory Of Syria, Backing Violent Overthrow Of Democratically Elected Ukrainian Government et al
The Billionaire President Unmoved By Moral Appeal When "God Of The Bottom Line," Mammon Is Jeopardized
US Identity Politics A Boon To China's Future Preeminence In Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
US Democratic Party Has Become The Extremist Party Of Hatred And Violence
NYT's Cartoon Character Columnist
After Much Obligatory Dancing By The Politicians And Media To The Tune Of Janus, There Will Be No Outcry From The West's Malleable Masses
Video: US Gives Free Pass To Saudi Arabia As It Does Zionist Israel
You Gotta Love America's Allies: The Wonderful Folks In Zionist Israel's Army Using Rubber Bullets And Tear Gas To Close Down Palestinian School, Yet Had That German Fellow Done The Same Thing, The World Would Condemn It, Why Not Now?
US Spike In Rare Spinal Disease
Is US Economy Really Booming For Everyone?
By George, They've Got It ... Lots Of It
Leading Cause Of Death Among Americans Under 50: Opioid Overdose
The G20 From Hell?
Twitter Gets Weird As YouTube Goes Dark
YouTube Goes Dark
Another Reason: Facebook's Censorship "Right Arm" Is NATO/US Funded
New Big Media Censorship Buster Media Site
Go To Distributed Info Banned By The Big Brother Tech Outlets
UN Grants Palestine More Rights As Zionist Israel Bombs Gaza
Time To Play CYA With Saudi Arabia
If Saudi's School Bus Bombing In Yemen Won't Sway US, Then Khashoggi Murder Won't Either
Sacrificial Lambs Will Make Everything Better
Time for New Sports Category, Men, Women, Transgender
Big Brother Zionist Israel's Grip On American Politics
France's Gift To Italy: Homelessness On An International Scale
They're Back: Trump's Neocon Administration
Goldman Sachs Admits US Sanctions Formula For Loss Of Dollar As Reserve Currency
The Zionist ADL Influence In America
Really, It's Time To Ditch Big Brother Facebook
BBC Goes Gender Nuts
Political Religion: Russian Orthodox Church Splits From Constantinople
Russia Has S-700 System?
No More US LNG In China
Video: The Disappeared, Big Tech And Saudi Purging
From The "Every Coin Has One Side, Our Side" Dept: Facebook, Twitter Move To Expell Dissidents a la The Old Soviet Union
US Economy Headed For Titanic Iceberg?
South Africa Plans To Speed Up Land Confiscation
Trump Walking Back Saudi Threats Over Khashoggi, Could Be "Rogue Killers' In Their Consulate?
US Sanctions On Saudi Arabia Damage To US, Saudis Threaten Use Of The China, Russia, Iran Card
Sanctions The Weapon Of Choice The World Over Now
Make Music Not War
America The Bully: Telling Other Sovereign Nations What They Can And Cannot Do
US, Allies Using Illegal Chemical Weapons In Syrian Airstrikes Again
US, Allies War Crimes In Syria
Israeli Settlers Back To The Stone Age
The Unelected Censors
US Corruption In Hgh Places Means Snafu Class F-35 Not What It's Cracked Up To Be
National Security At Risk As TSA Punishes Whistleblowers Not Managers Misconduct
"Anti-Semitism," Like Hillary's Dead Russiagate Horse, An Important Prop For The Left
More Of Hillary's Email From Unsecure Server Keep Floating To The Surface, Yet No Charges Brought Against Her?
US, Allies Sitting On Their Hands In Aftermath Of Their "Liberation" Of Raqqa In The Name Of Democracy
Cowardly Canada? Protecting Criminals Not Victims
International Rogue's Gallery Set Out To Dump Trump From Office
Remember When Robots Were Learning To Walk, Now They Can Run, Jump, Leap And Do Back Flips
Video: Trump "Planet Earth Already Doomed," So Why Not Stop All The Nasty Foreign Policy, Trade War Crap?
One Flu Over The Big Pharma Nest
True Driver Of US Foreign Policy: Arms Sales, Not Democracy
Tennessee Democrat Lied To "Ignorant Voters" About Kavanaugh
US Billionaire Trump: "Chinese Lived Too Well Too Long," So Let's Bring Down To The US Standard?
Trump's Let Them Eat Cake Mar-A-Lago Castle
Orwell's History For Dummies Or How To Learn To Love War And Total Annihilation
Feminism Has Become An Ideology Of Blind Hatred, The Barabbas Syndrome
Video: 2nd Wave Feminism Is Collapse Of Western Civilization
The Scary People Are Those Without A Sense Of Humor
From The "What Do US Democrats Stand For These Days Besides Violence And Obstruction?" Dept: Hillary's We Came, We Saw, He Died Meme Lives On With Democratic Party In US
How Can The West Treat Islam Respectfully When Touching A Water Bowl Elicits A Death Verdict?
Google Investigated By US
ISIS Attacks al-Nusra/White Helmets, Captures Their Chlorine Canisters
Our World Gone Mad ... Any Correlation With Rise Of Cell Phones?
Mental Health And Cell Phone Use
The Lies Of Our Financial Times
US Upgrades Snafu Class F-35 In LIght Of S-300 Missile Defense System In Syria
Poli Sci 101: An Empty Wagon Rattles The Loudest Case Study Of "In Over Your Head"
Attempt To Re-Brand The Extreme "Moderate"
No Wonder US Worried About Russia, China, Entire Gen of US Weapon Systems Easily Hackable
Haley True To The End: It's Is Fear And Despising At The End Of A Stick, Not Respect
A Look At Haley's Imperialist Warmongering Tenure At UN
Free Speech Not In Google's War Plan For Americans, Others
Need Anyone Say More About Goolag Google? Why Are You Still Using Them?
Go To The Duck
All The UK Press Takes Saudi Money
US Economy On "Sugar High" Prior To Midterm Election
It's Still All About Trump For The DNC As Hateful Kavanaugh Lies Fail, To What Dark Corner Will US Dems Go If They Lose The Midterms? Mass Suicide?
Russia Ready To Increase Exports To China To Make Up Gap In US Imports
Video: US Threatens Russia With War
British Intel Services Become Organized Crime ... Skripals Too?
India Ignores US Sanctions Threats, Buys Russian S-400
Haley Not Concerned About US Caused Civilian Deaths In Raqqa, Only When Losing The War In Idlib
US Bombed The Hell Out Of Civilians In Raqqa
Shine A Light On EU Corruption And Get Murdered?
The Ideology Of Hatred And Lies Fails Again
Google: Anti-American Terrorist Supporter?
Go To The Duck
As For My People, Children Shall Be Their Oppressors, Women Shall Rule Over Them
FBI: "Sketchy As Hell"
The US Ship Of Fools
US Continues To Provide "Ubercopter" Services To Its Daesh Terrorists in Syria
Make Music Not War
After The Left, Dems Unproven Accusations, Libel And Slander Attack On Kavanaugh Fails, US Supreme Court Made Up Only of Jews And Catholics, No Protestants
Protestants 50% US Population, Catholics 20%, Jews 2%
From The Babylon The Great Watch Desk: Zionist Israel Moves To Evict UN, Palestinians From Jerusalem
The All Or Nothing US Crashing The Global Economy Policy
New  CAMUS "NAFTA" Deal Rated PG: Mexico, Canada Need US Permission To Make Deals With China
From The "By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them" Dept: Young Americans Overweight, Suicidal, Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol
FEMA Alert Another Reason To Ditch Cell Phones
Due To US Sanctions, Middle East Countries Buying Chinese Drones
This Is What US Fears, And Why It Has Initiated A Trade War With China
Russian Cyber Attack? Same M.O. As Kavanaugh Circus, Allegations, No Evidence
The Fruit Of US Lies And Illegal Wars: Military Suicide, 5,520 So Far In 2018
Apparently, "#Believe All Women" Have Liars, False Accusers In Their Ranks, Then There's Hillary, And Bill's Accusers
Cirque Du Sénat: Leftist Lies Vs. No Credible Allegations Against Kavanaugh
From The News Desk Of Ace Reporter Rickety Stilts: Check The Hippocampus
Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Works For Soros
Video: Political Escalation, Lies And Accusation, Universities Are Dumb Down Factories
Time To Sue Slanderers, Libelers For Defamation Of Character By Kavanaugh?
What Socialism Means To Americans: Free Stuff, No Work
Orwellian Hatred Becomes A Time Traveller In US
China Issues White Paper On Trade War With US
FBI Met US Dems/DNC To Discuss "Russiagate" Conspiracy Theory
Claptrap Ideology Of Hatred Pushed By The Left
Continuing Benefits Of "White Privilege"
China Used Tech Chips In US Products, While US Tech Company Installed Secret Cameras in Our Computers And Televisions
Big Brother Tech Spies In Our Televisions
Bosnian Village Bans Politicians, Enough Lies
Hysterical Zombie-Minds Left Mob Freaks Out Over Unfounded Accusations, Real Issue Not Kavanaugh, But Any Trump Conservative On Supreme Court
Shady Macedonian Referendum
Will FBI Go To AG Over The Real Russia Collusion Uranium One Deal, Or Keep It Under Wraps For The Clintons?
How And Why Days Numbered For US Dollar As World's Currency Reserve
Switzerland, Like Other Countries, Would Join Alternative To US SWIFT
One Man Could End World Hunger, But He Won't
The World According To Trump
Video: US A House Divided
Top UN Court Orders US To Lift Sanctions On Humanitarian Goods To Iran
From The "Let Them Eat Cake" Dept: It Doesn't Appear That These Guys Are Our Future Farmers
US Government Doc: US Supports Anti-Democratic Oppostion In Syria
The Meddling Cartel In North Macedonia
Facebook, Google, Amazon Get CYA Protection From New "NAFTA"
In A Society Of Lies, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, And The Burden Of Disproving A LIe: False Accusations Pass For "Evidence" Be It Syria, Election Collusion Or Supreme Court Nominees
The Cursed Snowflake Nation
No More Teddy Roosevelts
More Allegations And Accusations, But Again, No Evidence
Doomsday Clock: US And European Allies Move It To Two Minutes To Midnight
US: So Many Places From Which To Start Planet Killing WW3
Meanwhile, US Debt Hole Grows Even Larger
Life In Google Land
Get The Duck
Three Dozen Secret Memos Unranium One, Clintons, Obama And Russia
US Loves Terrorist Organizations That Don't Like Iran
Brexit: You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave
US To China: We Want Competition, Not Cooperation, But What US Really Wants Is Dominiation
Not That Nutanyahoo's Paranoid ... But You Have To Watch Our For Those Carpet Cleaners In Nowhere Land
The US Two Party System Has Become The Double Standard Party System
Another Way US Spies On Its Citizens
Syrian FM: US Direct Supplier Of Terrorists
US Policy Of "Action Without Evidence" Comes Back To Bite Them
Silicon Valley Takes On Role of Big Brother, Anti-White Male And Founding Principles Of US
Snafu Class F-35 Vs. 50 Year Old Russian S-300
Make Music Not War
US Money Used To Influence Brexit Vote
US Asserts Right To Self-Rule, But Doesn't Respect Other Countries Rights
Despite All The Hysteria And Histrionics Thrown Its Way By The West, Russia Maintains Its Sense Of Humor
Hong Kong Role: Trump's China Trade War Not Just About US, Move To Curb China's Rise In The World Market
US Fear Of China Evident In Trump's Trade War
Facebook's Zberg: "They Trust Me, Dumb Fucks"
Belgium Suing Google
Buying & Selling: Big Brother Google Pays Apple $9 Billion A Year To Be Your Default Browser
De-Default Google, Go To The Duck
Why The Neocon Bolton Dissed The ICC: Jerusalem Embassy Move
The Kavanaugh Circus: A Microcosm Of How The World Sees The Exceptional US
Video: Donald At The UN, Going To War
$200 MIllion Up In Smoke, Snafu Class F-35 Crashes In US
The Greatness Of America Was Found In Its Christian Principles, Not In Its War Crimes, Lawlessness And "BIG FAT LIES"
Empty Wagon Haley Rattling On: Same Old US Meddling In Other Countries Politics
Soy Boy U
Since Hillary Lost, US Democrats Have Come Out Of The Closet As An Anti-American Fascist Party Concerned Only With Power
What'sApp Sells Your Soul To The Devil
The Blundering Zionist Israelis S-300 Wake Up Call
Nuclear Weapon Nutanyahoo Accuses Iran Of Having Nuclear Site, But Israel Wont Join NPT
US Senators Can't Get Past The Idea That Crimeans Democratically Voted To Leave Ukaine AFTER US Backed Coup Overthrew Their Elected Government
Video: What's The Best Way To Break Up Facebook, Google? First Step, Stop Using Them
Go To The Duck
If American Christians Believe The Principle Of "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You,", Where Does That Leave The US In Terms Of Yemen? Where Are The Church Leaders?
Video: Court Of Credibility Or Rule Of Law?
Heavily Indebted Uncle Sam Needs To Acknowledge The Reality He Sees In The Mirror
Wow, Haley, Get A Grip On Reality, The Only Respect In There Was Dis-
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Boy, These Liars Really Hate Iran
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