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Autumn 2017

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Autumn 2017

Trump "Backs" Ukraine Minsk II Peace Initiative With Overt Arms Sales To Ukraine
Implications Of The Fall Of The House Of Clinton
Stupid Is As Stupid Does: EU Votes To Renew Russia Sanctions That Hurt EU Economies
Russiagate Is DNC's Meddling; Israelgate Is Trump's
Zionist Nutanyahoo's Jerusalem Prophecy
Jerusalem Status: If We Can't Buy It, Then We'll Just Take It?
The Arc Of Doom: US Most Psychologically Colonized People On Earth
Big Brother False Flag Op In US? Former Obama Chief Of Staff Mayor Testing The Waters With UN Troops On Streets Of Chicago?
Trump: Israel's Blackmailer-in-Chief Or Shooter Of Self In Foot? Blowback: China And Russia Step In To Fill The Void
More About Chief Eagle Feathers Speaking With Forked Tongue
Real World Actions Speak Louder Than Crypto Coins?
Remember All Those Photos You Pasted On Big Brother Facebook?
Mueller, Comey And Company About To Be Mutinied?
MIssed The Part Where ... Zionist US-Israel Threatens UN Membership With Spoiled Brat Behavior
UN: Zionist Israel An Apartheid State
Zionist Israel's IDF: Sees Nothing Wrong In Killing Defenseless, Legless Man In Wheelchair
Poland About To Feel Squeeze Of Globalist EU, Refuses To Follow Swedish-Ukraine Model, More EUxits On Horizon?
"Sweden" A Lawless, Cowardly Landmass: Gang Rapers Walk Free Despite Surveillence Video, Assange Still A Political Prisoner
CIA Used Car Dealership ... To What Greater Purpose?
Who Murdered DNC's Seth Rich? Another Unsolved Mystery?
College Campuses Used As Orwellian Doublethink Reeducation Centers By The White Globalists
US Rattles At N. Korea, Iran, Crumbling Domestic Infrasructure, While Russia Builds Leading Edge Mega Arctic Project
Cash Only Legal Marijuana And The Reach Of US Major Banks
Killing Ourselves Softly
Monopoly Money?
November 2017 5th Warmest On Record Since 1880
US Track Sprinter/Team Under Drug Investigation
US Chief Eagle Feathers Speaks With Forked Tongue
From Soros's Land Of Nu: Ukraine Sets World Wreck-ord
"Russiagate": Going For The Guiness Book Of Records For Beating A Dead Horse, Goal 2018 Elections
Hypocritical Twitter Political Prejudice Showing
Trump's "New" National Security Strategy The Old Zionist Neocon Plan Of Chickenhawks Bush & Cheney
Meanwhile, It Was US Who Pulled Out Of The JCPOA, Not Iran
US New Strategy More Force And Sanctions
US Foreign Policy: Talking By The Sword
Who's Debt Will Implode First: China Or Canada?
What's Going On With Russian Banks?
US Congress: Longest Incumbency In Its History Despite Lowest Approval Ratings
From The "What's In It For Me?" US Tax Bill
Still Believing Itself To Be Indispensable, US Continues To Alienate Nations, Isolate Itself Politically, Inhabit Haley's Alt-World
US Can't Get Enough War
US Deep State M.O.: Point Fingers And Accuse Others Of What You Do
Video: FBIgate And Coverup; Internet Democracy In Danger
China To Launch Yuan Based Oil Futures
Does Germany Owe Greece $185 Billion Euros For Nazi War Damages?
Austria: Nazis Were Left Socialists, Not Right Nationalist Conservatives
Nazis: National Socialist German Worker's Party
Austria's Left Social Democratic Party
Refugees Overwhelming French Cities
Trump-style Kicking Over The Outhouse, Then Walk Away: Proclaim Jerusalem Zionist Capital Of Israel, Then Signs Waiver Postponing, Hoping The Stink Goes Away
Turning The Corner In Afghanistan Means US Has Been Turning In Circles For 17 Years And Counting
Time To Add Syria To The Vietnam List, At Least For Now
US Congressional Protection For Sexual Assault Act Of 1995 Springs Major Leak, Swamp Water Floods House
Make Music Not War
10,000 Anti-Corruption Protesters March On Tel Aviv's Rothschild Blvd. Against "Crime Minister" Nutanyahoo
Body Armoured Zionist Troops Pull Palestinian Girls From Ambulance
Floundering Germans Still On 75 Year Nazi Guilt Trip
By The Way, Who Are The Semites In The World Today? Not Who You Think
"Anti-Semitism" The Ultimate Zionist Weapon
Saudi Fly Listening To US-Israel Spider
EU Killing Europe
FBI Corruption Continues To Be Exposed
Mueller's "Dirty Hands" Trump Investigation, Still No Hillary Investigation
Peeling Barack Layers Of Corruption
Video: Soros "Net Neutrality" Marketing Scheme Gone, FTC Stonger Powers To Protect Citizen's 1st Amendment Rights, Control Monopolistic Net Companies Or Not? 
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The True Nature Of Zionist Nutanyahoo's Israel
New Anti-Migrant Austrian Government Takes Office
When MSM's Journalistic Integrity Fails, They Identify Themselves As Political Propaganda Tools
Pentagon Reverts To Failed Vietnam War Strategy In Afghanistan
China Calls Trump's Ante, East Jerusalem Capital Of Palestine
"Peace, Peace And There Is No Peace" Zionist Soldiers Kill Palestinians In Illegally Occupied Palestinian Territory
Who Owns The Internet Now?
Trans Eurasian Geoeconomics: While US Is Bogged Down In Turmoil And Wars, Russia And China Are Building Economic Might
Obama's FBI Meddled In US Election On Behalf Of Clinton
More Wars, But No Anti-war Movement ... Gone With The Vietnam War Draft And TV Body Bag Coverage
Haley's Empty Wagon Circus Bumbling On Towards Tehran
Fingers Pointing Back At Haley's Missile Circus, Selective With It's "Proof"
While Obama's Swamp FBI Helped Clinton, US Sent Advanced EU Arms To Syrian Rebel Terrorists
"PDDS, It's CIAExpress!" ... Weapons From CIA's Plausible Deniablility Delivery Systemtm Direct To ISIS In Weeks
Time To Put Up Or Shut Up: Iran Would Exit Syria If Requested To By Damascus, Would US? So, Who's The Rogue State Then?
UK Court: Wikileaks Is A Media Organization
Petroyuan Putting More Pressure On The Petrodollar
From The "Tail Wagging The Dog" Dept: Nutanyahoo Doesn't Face The "Facts," Trump Declaration Is Not International Law
Turkey To Open Embassy In East Jerusalem
9 Key Points From Putin's Year End Q&A Session
The Odd Couple: Wonderkids Or Wreckerkids?
More Absurd Orwellian Snowflake "Mindsh*think" In England
Canada, With No Foreign Policy Of Its Own, Follows US Lead In Stepping Up Arms To Ukraine
2016 US Prez Election Meddling: Everyone, It Seems, Except Russia
Zionist's "Peace" Plan To Restructure The Middle East ... Who's Up Next?
While The World Watches With Empty Condemnation: Nutanyahoo's Palestinian Peace Plan, More "Ethnic Cleansing"
Will The Swiss Be "The Last Man" Standing?
Erdogan Urges World To Recognize East Jerusalem As Palestinian Capital
Trump's Red Line In Jerusalem Portends Prophetic War In Middle East
Putin Seeks To Expand Syrian Naval Base
Trump's Jerusalem Move Death Knell Of The Petrodollar?
US Raises The Ante in Jerusalem, Iran Matches
You Know You Can Trust Us Because We Lie: No NATO Expansion To The East
Neocon & MSM: Trust Us Because We Lie
Pentagon Plays Hide And Seek With Its Troops ... Any In Israel?
Nutanyahoo's Israeli Version Of Peace
Evidence CIA Altered Obama Birth Certificate ... To Hide Real Father's ID?
Since Trump's Jerusalem Proclamation, Deep State Throwing Flowers Rather Than Brickbats ... Coincidence?
Hidden Hands In US Embassy Move To Jerusalem
Social Media Tearing Apart Society
The Absurd Nanny State That Passes For England These Days
Video: Trump Jerusalem Decision Jeopardizes US National Security
The Third Temple In Jerusalem ... "Establish His Palace Between The Seas In The Glorious Holy Mountain"
Monsanto Stoops To Bribery To Ply Us With Their Chemicals
From The "Spider To The Fly" Dept: Nutanyahoo's Fake Offer Of Peace
US Government: World's Leading Fascist Nation
Make Music Not War
Trump Knocks Down First Prophetic Domino Leading To Establishment Of Babylon The Great In Jerusalem, War Against The Saints
The Prophet Daniel Wrote Of This
Last Time Jerusalem Was Israel’s Capital Was c. 931 BCE, See Footnote 1
The Prophetic 21st Century Antichrist
The War: “He Shall Also Enter Into The Glorious Land”
The Donald Has A War Of His Own, Unites Arabs, UN And EU
UN, EU Oppose Trump's Unilateral Jerusalem Declaration
Walking Into Armageddon
Past 70 Years Of Jerusalem History
"Jerusalem Is An Arab Muslim Land"
Pakistan Orders Shoot Down Of Drones Violating Their Airspace Including US
Israeli UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, Says Israel Will Never Be Bullied Into Agreement By UN
In The Eyes Of The World, Zionist's Plan To Make Jerusalem A "Jewish" City
Zionists Claim To Be Jews But Are Not
Speaking Out Of Their Own Imaginations, "Expert" False Prophets
Reaction To Trump Jerusalem Statement
Video: Jerusalem's Fate
Bizarro World: Witchcraft "A Beautiful Way Of Life"
A Major Crack In The Swamp: The Curious Recusal Of A FISA Court Judge
The Shifted Balance Of Power In Middle East: Israel & US Vs. Everyone Else
The Symbiotic Relationship Of US-Israel
Syria: US Sledgehammer Vs. Russia Scalpel
Israeli Soldiers Regularly Harass Palestinian Teachers And Students
Hamas Calls For Infitada Against Zionists
Trump Jerusalem Decision Sends Signal: America's Moment Has Passed
Syria Talks: "Americans Don't Solve Conflicts"
Consent's Interesting Timing
Pope: Lord's Prayer Goes Against Teachings Of The Church, Or Maybe Church Doesn't Understand The Word Of Our Lord?
Lord's Prayer Commentary: See Sixth Petition, Verse 13
Gold's Comeback To End Petrodollar Dominance?
Sidestepping US Sanctions With Cryptocurrencies?
Gay DNA? Genetic Code Differences Between Straight And Gay Men
Teenage Brains Can't Tell Difference Between What Is And Isn't Important
California: The Golden Brown, Crispy State
The Hague Again Says Milosevic Was Not Guilty Of War Crimes
A Law Unto Themselves: US Quadruples Illegal Presence Of Troops In Syria To Stabilize Areas They Destroyed & Destabilized?
Morphing US Justification For Illegal Occupation In Syria
Cherry-picking Real Intel To Create Fake Justification For War
US Field Commanders Historically Given Authority To Use Nukes
Russia-Egypt Agree To Use Each Others Air Bases
Harvard Kids Romanticized By Myth Of Communism
Olympics? IOC Is The One Playing Games
Virtue Signaling The Moral Facade: Phony Virtue Ruining Western Society
Banana Republic? German Government Dictates What Can And Can't Be Reported On TV
How Illegal Is This? NSA's McMaster Sent Secret Surveillance Of Trump And Bannon To Soros In Cyprus
Video: MSM Myths, Unicorns, High Priced Junk And Free Speech
Universal Condemnation Of Trump's Proposal To Recognize Jerusalem As Zionist Israel's Capital
Trump Claims He Will Take The Prophetic Step To Jerusalem
Making Middle East Peace Impossible
Silence Of The Sheep As Half Of US Expendable Taxes Go To Military For Wars
China's Domestic Airliner Reaches 785 Orders
From The "Give Them Enough Rope To Hang Themselves" Dept: Mueller Investigation Revealing A Gaggle Of Maggots
Nutanyahoo's Israel: Liars and Lovers Of Lawlessness
They Come, They See, They Wreck: The Delusional Destructive War Legacy Of Self-Proclaimed Protectors
German FM: World Order Changing Away From US Dominance
British War Crimes In Iraq?
A Mad Situation: Spy Vs. Spy
Protecting The Citizens Or Government? Orwellian World Capitol "Sweden" Tells Citizens Only Elite Can Handle Certain Information
A Corrupt Double Standards System When Political Favoritism Outweighs The Rule Of Law
Double Standards With Left And Universities And Immigration
A Fitting Confirmation Of Hollywood's Morality
Fat Cats, Red Scare And Bringing Home The Dough
Mueller Names Trump Colluding Foreign Power ... So All Along It's Been Israelgate
Video: The Flynn-Kushner-Trump-Israel Connection
Democracy An Impediment To US Fighting (Illegal) Global Wars Long Term?
Trump: To Push The Jerusalem Button Or Not?
Kushner Acting As Foreign Agent On Behalf Of Israel?
Who Is It That Meddles In Elections? Cambodia Disbands Opposition For Conspiring With US
If British Dubya Said It, That Settles It, Brexit MUST Move Forward
Venezuela Launches Own Cryptpcurrency, The "Petro"
FBI Duplicity In Flynn Case
FBI Double Standards With Hillary
Soros's "Three More Fingers Pointing Back At Him" Tirade Sounds Like Sour Grapes
The High Cost Of Santa Insanity
Would Be Laughable If Not Such A Travesty That Is America Today
... Despite Their Living In Iran For Past 2700 Years ... Nutanyahoo's Lies To Stir The Pot For Ulterior Motives
Sex And Corruption Continue To Plague Left, And Witch Hunt "Probe"
Make Music Not War
US Admits To Military Assets In Space
Addictive Smart Devices Cause Chemcial Imbalance In Brains Of Teens
Tel Aviv March Of Shame To Protest Nutanyahoo's Protection Bill
Hillary's Libyan Legacy
Illegal US al-Tanf Base In Syria Now Useless
Could Indonesia's Agung Volcano Affect Global Weather?
Pandora's Box #2: Trump & US Have No Legal Standing To Make Jerusalem Capitol Of Israel, Only Their Military
Rogue US Created SDF Rebel Group As Cover To Provide Weapons To Syria's Kurds
Video: More Evidence Of US-EU Support Of Syrian Terrorists In US Oil War
Flynn, Kushner Unregistered Foreign Agents Of Israel?
United States Of Israel: Trump To Take The Step Off The Deep End Next Week With Jerusalem?
Germany Returning To Its Eastern GDR Post-War Roots?
Liberty Based Economics
Mandatory Minimum Wage Increases A Short Term Fix
What Gives Cryptocurrencies Their Value?
Video: Bitcoin Fever
Petroyuan Looming? China Finds 1+ Billion Tons Of Crude Oil In New Deposit
Shifting Power Axis In Oil
Flynn Charged With Lying To FBI, Who's Director Lied To Congress
NSA Director Lied To Congress, Where's His Accountability? Knows Too Many Dark Secrets?
Soros's Contradictory Stance On Racism
But That's The Point, They Want Democracy To Die, Facts Replaced By Their Opinion
Churchianity's Slide Into The Moral Abyss Continues
How Low Will US "Freedom Of Speech" Congress Take The RT Absurdity?
Buzzfeed On The Hook For Libel Claims
Google Sued Over Privacy On Behalf Of 5 Million Users
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Possible Autism Link: Vaccinations & Aluminium
Dengue Vax Could Make Things Worse
US Tax Dollars At Work: Paying Off Victim's Of Congressional Sexual Harassment
Video: Hypocritical Whinerbaby US War On RT: The Ludicrous Constitutional Tragedy
Follow The Crashing Cryptos
So Long Europe, It's Been Nice
The Former Sovereign Nation "Sweden" Has Gone Off The Deep End
Sweden Has Become The Orwellian Capitol Of The World
For RToday's Performance, The Part Of The Spoiled Rich Kid Is Played By The US Congress
Cheaper Buy The Dozen: Left Paid For Protesters, More $$$ If You Get Arrested
Video: The Absurdity Of "Personal Identity" Arguments In Canada
Video: Pay Attention Boys And Girls, LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP
Video: Feminist Infant Book And Pedophilia: Promoting The Moral Turpitude That Infects
"Guilty Of Treason," Clinton Sold SAPs, Above Top Secret Emails, Not Authorized To Have, Threatened National Security, Lives And Operations
FBI "Out Of Control" With Regard To The Rule Of Law
Video: Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS "Jihadimobile"
US Blowback Results In Changed Middle East Order
All 16 Central And Eastern European Countries Have Joined China's Silk Road Initiative
Age Of The Aircraft Carrier Gone With The Dinosaurs?
Video: The US Mess That Is The Middle East
Hypocrite Central's Whinerbabies: US & EU Condemn Russia For Following US Foreign Agent Example
NSA/CIA Push "Conspiracy Theory" Against One Of Their Own ... But It's Just More Fake News
Another Move Away From The West In The Works: BRICS Nations Explore Independent Internet Hosted By Russia
Russia's Budget Safety Margin
Putin Brokers Deal Between Nutanyahoo and Assad?
More Evidence Obama's EPA Violated Federal Law
Big Bro Fake News CNN Wants To Ban Term "Fake News," Not By Stopping Reporting Of Fake News, But By Abridging Our Freedom Of Speech
Typical Zionists: Making It A Criminal Act To Oppose Their Criminality, Which Goes Unpunished
Nutanyahoo's Government Passes Bill To Make It Illegal For Police To Be Transparent ... In Order To Protect Nutanyahoo
From The "Zionists Are Not Jews" Dept: Atheist Zionist Government Use Skunk Cannon On Orthodox Jews
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall ... Trump Administration Publishes Its Own Fake News
Sexbots Are Coming ... If You Have Sex With Someone Else's Sexbot Without Consent, Is It Rape? Ethical Questions That Will Need Answers
Yes, But Is She Allowed To Drive A Car?
US 4th Amendment And Police Use Of Stingray To Gather Info Illegally
Make Music Not War
As The Worm Turns, The US Squirms
Putting The Hurt On Uncle $am: BRICS Considering Gold Trade System
KMart-ial Arts: Blue Light Main Event, Stupidity Of Fake Holiday, Corrupt Values
US Gen. Mattias: A Purple Revolutionary Aiding The Enemy?
Bizarro World: N. Korea To Station Troops In US To Oppose Trump
US Groping Its Way To Peak Stupidity
"Crooked Hillary's" Russiagate Fiasco: First Come Up With The Story, Then Make The Evidence To Support It
Oh No, Mr. Bill! Sexual Predator-In-Chief?
Hypocritical US Congress Political Paranoia Comes Home To Roost: US Media Classified As Foreign Agents In Russia
The Cost Of Lost Sovereignty: EU Faux Stance On Climate Change, OK For Germany To Cut Down Ancient Forest To Mine Polluting Lignite Coal
History Lesson: US Uses Magic Buzzword "Democracy" While Installing Dictatorships, For Example, Iran, Chile, Indonesia, et al
Possible Vegas Shooting-Saudi Purge Connection?
Lugansk People's Republic Pragmatically Moves Toward Stability
Pipelineistan Machinations: The Diplomatic Solution For Syria
The Circular Flow Of History And The Charge Of The Light Brigade
Monsanto Permit Revoked In Mexico For GMO Soy In Unauthorized Areas
Note To The BBC: "The Map Is Not The Territory" S.I. Hayakawa
Peace Train Rolls Through Syria, Canada Still At The Station
American Turkey And Thanksgiving For Starving Those Less Blessed
"Useful Idiots" Are A Strange Mixed Crew, Some Think Like Me, Some Think Like You
$200 Million Trojan Horses?
Making God In Their Own Image And Likeness: Church Of Sweden Moves On To Absurdity And Irrelevancy
To The Billionaires Go The Spoils: Soros $18B Tax Shelter
US Follows Traditional Pattern: Corruption Rots Empires From Within, Then They Fall
So Where Is The Hague Court Now? Another Apparition Of Justice In The West
Video: TSA 80% Fail Rate
Google Apps Infested With Trackers
Google Promises To Stop Spying On Us: Why Have They Been Violating US Constitution?
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Sour Grapes In Israel? If You Don't Like Rocket Attacks, Then ...
Public Enemy #1? The Public: What Passes For US Democracy These Days
Another US War Fail, But Will Stay In Syria After ISIS Defeated: It's Still About The Oil, Oh, And Iran Too
To Wit ... Follow The Moving US Target, Now "Diplomatic Solution," Then What? Psst, It's All Excuses, They Ain't Gonna Leave Unless The Oil Dries Up
More Disregard Of International Law By The "Lawless One"
Rogue US Still Supplying Heavy Arms To Assad Foes
A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still An It? No Longer Boys Or Girls In UK, Just He-Its And She-its?
From The "If You Can't Beat Them, Sanction Them" Dept: US Using N. Korea As Conduit For Economic Sanctions On China
Follow The Leader: Iranian Warships To Visit Gulf ... Of Mexico On Way To S. American Ports
Iran Played al-Qaeda To Gain Intel/Trust Before Arresting Them
Laugh Of The Day: Z-berg Segregates Russia To "Protect American Democracy" Or Is It Facebook's Hegemony?
Britain No Longer Top 5 Economy
Chasing Down ISIS Remnants In Euphrates Valley
The Untouchables? Hillary's PR Firm Paid Off Corrupt MSM Hacks To Push Fake Russia News
How Pervasive Is The Sexual Harassment In Society?
Haitian Refugees Flood Into Canada On Foot
Will The Real Jared Kushner Please Stand Up
Video: Saudi Roulette ...
Pipelineistan Politics: How Long Will Polish Politicians Trump People's Pocketbooks?
Creating The People's Internet ... Alternet?
US State Department Coming To Soros Defense In Hungary ... Meddling In Other Countries Affairs Are We? Does That Make Those Media "Foreign Agents?"
US Net-Neutrality: What Is It Exactly?
Twitterology: Punishing Those Souls Who Stray From Their Flock
Inheritance Lost: Declining Minor Power UK Booted Off World Court
Le Goog: But Easy For Fake News?
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Secret US Space Satellites?
Bank Records: DNC Payments To Fusion GPS For Fake Trump Dossier
Trade Difficulties As US's Waning Moon Meets China's Waxing Moon
China To South Korea: Avert Your Prying Eyes
Two Can Play The NATO Game: Russia Bases Returning To Cuba?
US-ISIS Didn't Get What They Want From Syria, Russia, Iran In War, How About In Peace?
Canada's PM: Pretty Face Time Over, Hard Questions Need Answers
From The "Birds of A Tar And Feather Stuck Together" Dept: Le Goog's Schmidt Long History With Clintons
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Hungary Mapping The Soros Tentacles
VI Day: Military Victory Over ISIS By Syria, Russia And Iran, Meanwhile After 16 Years In Afghanistan, The US Is ...
The Peace Process In Syria: Unity Or Discord?
No Surprise: FBI Can't Verify Trump Dossier, Premise Of Russiagate ... Can't Prove A Negative
JFK Assassination Cover-up By Deep State Continues a la 9/11 Building 7, Push The Propaganda, Ignore The Inconvenient Facts ... Simple Physics: Which Direction Did Jackie Go To Retrieve Skull Part After JFK Was Shot?
Video: Watch Slo-mo Rifle Bullet Hit Watermelons ... Which Way Does Breach Go? Forward Or Backwards? 1:30 Minute Mark
FCC Chairman: Return The Internet To The Free And Open Market
US's N. Korea Policy: Unachievable Goal Through Ineffective Means
Big Bro's Push For Diversity? Not When It Comes To "Media"
NATO's "Mister Clean" Dirty Hands And Propaganda
Assad And Putin Meet As Syria Military Action Against ISIS Is Nearing End
Sex Sells, But It Also Corrupts Society ... More Sexual Harassment Reports
CIAmazonPost's Bezos Colludes For Elites
Le Goog Acting As Domestic Agent Of Big Brother
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ZioWahabi Blowback
Saudi Led Coalition's Death Toll Of Children Reaches 50,000
Sweden Sovereignty Continues Sliding Into Morass
Video: Setting Precedence? The Ideology Hypocrisy Of US Media
"Half-Educated Tech Elite" Delivers Chaos
Arab League: Where There's Smoke, There's Rhetoric
Soros Plays Trite Jewish Card ... He Must Be Losing Or Giving Credence To The "Jewish Conspiracy" Or Both
Clinton Express Keeps Racking Up The Miles
The Sovietization Of American Media
Update From The UN: Haley Still Holding Title Of The Emptiest Wagon
From The "First Step In The Right Direction" Dept: Abandon The Word Christmas
Make Music Not War
Soros And Collusion With 226 EU Cronies
Up To 9 US News Outlets Could Be Named As Foreign Agents In Russia
The Modern Globalist Pope
From The "Constitution Be Damned" Dept: Entire US Government Spies On Everyone All The Time
Google: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do ... But Not Impossible
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From The "See You Need Us" Dept: NATO Beating Its Drums To Justify The Existence
Saudi Coup's Impact On The Petrodollar And Dollar Reserves
From The "Desperately Looking For A Few Good Men Or Cannon Fodder?" Dept: US Military Says Send Us Your Clinically Insane, Your Addicts And Alcoholics ... Drive A Tank, Use A Missile Launcher, Have Your Own Fully Auto Rifle
Orwellian "Early Onset" US SecDef Mattis Claims UN Gave US Right To Illegally Invade/Bomb Syria, Seriously General?
Russia Slams Continuing Illegal US Presence In Syria
Twitter Undermines Its Own Terms And Privacy Policy For Political Purposes
CIAmazonPost: Following Hitler's Advice About Repeating Big Lies, Left Still Going Bonkers Over Hillary's Loss And Fake Russiagate
Hitler's Advice About Lying
Man Bites Dog Moment: MSM Admits US Helping ISIS Escape To Fight Another Day Against Syria Or Elsewhere
Big Corporations Pulling Their Losing Bets From Clinton Foundation
McCarthyism Still Alive And Kicking In US Congress
Turkey's Pendulum Swings In Russia's Direction
Enough Evidence To Charge Israel's Bibi Nutanyahoo With Bribery
Make Music Not War
Big Brother US DOJ Politicalization Of Freedom Of Speech
35 Chinese Cities As Wealthy As Nations
Soros Et Al Meddling In Myanmar
Business Rivals To US Firms Fill Gaps Created By US Economic War Sanctions On Russia
Media As Foreign Agents: Russia Will Do Unto The US As The US Has Done
Liars, Leakers And Russiagate Makers
Dubya's Saudi Prince Buddy Arrested In Purge
All The US Celebrities Who Would Move To Canada If Trump Won ... They Didn't ... Canadians Thank You
Obama-Soros Coup In Land Of Nu Extending To Clergy, And The Globalist Pope Says ...
FBI Hacker Wars
North Versus South In Muslim World
Video: Rigged US Elections As Clinton's, DNC Thrown Under The Bus, Ignored By MSM
What If Everybody Except Israel Did? Think Of All The Money The US Would Save
The Bizarro World Of MSM
Another Hollywood Sex Cult
Wikileaks: CIA Wrote Code To Impersonate Kapersky Labs
Antarctic Supervolcano Melting Ice Sheet
UK Grocery Chain Gets It Right, But Christians Don't Get It
Why Christians Don't Get It
From The "Two Sets Of Laws" Dept: Hypocritical And Illegal US Government's Politicalization Of The Constitution, RT A Foreign Agent, But Not BBC, CBC
US Following Failed Vietnam Strategy In Afghanistan: Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, But Expects Different Results
Video: The Donald's Asia Pivot
Syrian Arab And Iraqi Army Units Liberate Final Town From ISIS ... Which Arab Country Is Next For Terrorists?
Hillary's DNC Paid Cash For Trash
Fake Trunp Dossier At Root Of Russiagate
Who's In Charge? Will Governments Draw The Line Or Not With Soros Deliberate Attacks?
Olive Leaf: Russia Will Restructure Venezuela's $3 Billion Debt
Sword: US Tax Payers Sowed $6.5 Trillion On Invasions, Occupations, Destruction Of Nations, Deaths Of 100's Of Thousands Since 9/11
FBI Pompeo Told DNC Was Inside Job
From The "Electoral College" Dept: Hillary Won The Illegal Popular Vote Too
Saudi's End Blockade Of Yemen Port
Sun Tzu: All War Is Deception, Trump Dines In Forbidden City
War Birds Of A Feather Plan Together: Israel And Saudi Arabia
Dirty Tricks: The Russian Lawyer And Fusion GPS: A Trump Set Up From The Get Go?
German Military Docs: EU Collapse, Turn Towards Russia By 2040
US Wants To Push Russia Out Of EU Energy Market ... While Delivering Russian Gas To Europe
It's About Time The Juveniles At CNN Grow Up And Start Acting Like A News Organization
Texas Outlaw Church Shooter Denied Gun Permit
Video: US Dems Dirty Laundry, Hypocrisy Of US Espoused Values, Idiots Talking To Fools
Saudi's War On Yemen: Crying Foul When The Tables Turned
Why Didn't UK King-To-Be Save His Cousin The Tsar?
The Mueller Merry-Go-Round
US Senator McCain Riding The Mueller Merry-Go-Round Too?
Saudi Purge A Move Towards The East?
Globalist Soros: The Would Be King ... 225 EU MEPs Under His Control
Soros Globalist Influence In EU
Make Music Not War
Syria Invasion, Occupation: US Builds New Base In Syria
From The "Fox In The Chicken Coop" Dept: Special Prosecutor Mueller Compromised Over Uranium One Scandal
IT Fascism: Big Tech Corporations And Deep State Spying On You
Major US Foundations Gave Millions To Muslim Organizations Tied To Terrorists

Mueller Investigation Another False Flag Diversion
Soros Fund Manager Accused Of Raping Women In NYC Sex Dungeon, Human Trafficking
Prince William: "Too Many People In World" As Royals Keep Having Children
Humpty Hillary Fell Off A Wall: US Dems Changing Tune After Groundless Accusations Proven Wrong
West's Gas Attack Staged To Blame Syria Evidence Says
Fail: Twitter Hid Podesta Emails ... Colluded To Help Hillary Win
Clinton Campaign Paid $1 Million For Fake Trump Dossier
Video: Special Prosecutor Mueller A Fraud, Russiagate A Fairy Tale
Irony In Iran? Russia Building New Iran Nuclear Plant ... Using Uranium From Hillary?
The Road To Convenience Is Paved With Microchips: Unlocking The Future And Locking Up The Rest Of Us
What Has The Western World In Its Grip? Well, Besides Lunacy
Russia: US Dollar Should Not Dominate The World
China, Russia Economic Policies Hit US Where It Hurts ... In The Petrodollar
Google Admits RT Actions Legitimate During 2016 US Campaign
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Clintonistas Closing Ranks As Battle Turns Towards Them
Video: Dossier-gate ... Trumped Up Story, Big Brother Media Censorship Of Any Narrative Contrary To US
Fusion GPS Trump Dossier Roots Go Back To Obama
Pentagon Controls Most Military Forces Of Africa
Hillary's Body Language At Odds With Her Words
Twitter'c Political Ban Is Censorship ... Exercise Your Freedom Of Speech, Stop Using Twitter
Make Music Not War
Hungary Turns Up The Heat On Soros
From The "Move Along Nothing To See Here" Dept: Sounds Like FBI Is Hoping The Vegas False Flag Will Quietly Go Away
Cuban Cicadas Attacking US Embassy
Chicken Little AntiTrumpers Keep Coming Up with New Attacks After A Year Of Dead Ends
US Deep State Can't Take The Heat, So Kicks RT, Sputnik Out Of The Kitchen
The Trump Dossier Plot Thickens
Set-Up? Twitter Pitched RT To Spend Big On Advertising During 2016 US Election Campaign
Twitter Text To RT
Looks Like The JFK Conspiracy Theorists Were Right, If Oswald Was The Lone Shooter Why Did CIA Convinces Trump Not To Release All Files, Just Those Supporting The Official Narrative?
US Dems Still Hurting Over Hillary Loss, More Lies ... Time To Move On
US Dem Swamp Creatures Writhing In The Mud
NSA Docs Show Collusion US/Saudi Against Syria
The Hallmark Of ISIS: Death And Destruction, No Democracy
US Still Evacuating Their ISIS Commanders In Syria
Hillary Could Be Charged With Up To 13 Crimes
Hillary Played Greed Card, Russians Played Hillary
Hillary Russiagate Karma
The Great Race: Globalist Financial Control Or China-Russia Backed Currency?
Globalist War On Cash: US Behind Brutal Demonetization In India
Wikileaks Email Show Clinton's Knew Unranium One Was Not Kosher
Video/Email Evidence Of Clinton Corruption
Video: Governement -Corporate Fascism Limiting US Citizens Mobility Including Car Ownership
NYC: HQ For Illegal Aliens
US Is All About The Oil, Not Democracy
Soros Et Al: Not The Brightest Bulbs In The Closet, Empty Wagons Rattle The Loudest, Stupid Is As Stupid Does, Take Your Pick
Time For US, CIA And Koreas To Put Away The Locker Room Jock Talk, And FInd A Way Forward
Make Music Not War
CIA False Flag Op In Cuba ... Lacks Imagination, Time Worn Plot, 1.5 Stars
Xi's Road Map To #1
A New Spanish Revolution?
US Continues To Remind N. Korea Of The Massive Destruction And Loss Of Life It Caused During Korean War
Trump's Going To Dallas October 25th, JFK Files To Be Released October 26th
America's Future: Passing Grades To Students Who Never Show Up To Class
Is She Saying That When It Comes To Congress, It's What's Between Your Legs, Not your Ears That Count?
Syria: US/NATO, It's Lies All The Way Down
Muslim Voice Of Sanity: Quran Does Not Require Women To Cover Their Faces
Video The Kneel-FL: Original Black Panther Says Get Off Your Knees
The Big Crash Of 2017?
From The "True Colors" Dept: Zionist Israel Politicizing Relief Aid To US Hurricane Harvey Victims While Israel Gets Billions From The US Each Year, Kick Them When They Are Down
Nutanyahoo's Tail Wagging Trump's Dog
From Knee-JERK Reaction Campus ... Higher Education In Action, Who's Plan Is It?
Trump Met With Putin Before Election, Oops, No Wait, Clinton Met With Putin Before Uranium One
Ha, Ha, Ha Dubya, That's Another Funny One Coming From A White-Silver-Spoon-In-The-Mouth-Legacy-Harvard-MBA-Neocon-Supremacist-in-Chief
5 Key Facts About The Other Korea
US State Dept. Admits Its Terrrorist Allies Use Chem Weapons In Syria
Video: Body Language Look At Vegas Campos-Ellen Show, LVPD Chief
Video: Antifa, Exterminating 25 Million Americans
Video: Trump Appears To Be Right, "Crooked Hillary," Charity Fraud Tip Of The Iceberg
Clinton Foundation Did Not Report Russian Uranium One Payments
Papers Filed To Disbar Former FBI Director Comey
Gotta Love The Hypocrisy Of The Two Architects And Instigators-In-Chief Pointing Fingers At Unraveling Their Handiwork
Going To The Mosque On The Bus: Think It's Bad In Quebec, Try Going To Church In Saudi Arabia
From Indonesia To Yemen: Not Much Has Changed In This Respect In Past 50 Years
Nudging The Petrodollar Closer To The Flame
Those Who Spend Wealth And Those Who Create It
Ha, Ha, Ha, That's Funny Dubya
US A Lawless Banana Republic?
Banana Republic Media
Banana Republic "Law And Order"
Obama And US Dems Legacy Turning Out To Be A Den Of Vipers
US DHS Chief: Terrorists Plotting New 9/11 Style [False Flag?] Attack ... Okay, So Go Stop Them
When It Comes To Nukes, US Is Do As I Say Not As I Do
Uraniumgate: The Coverup By Comey, Clintons And Obama
Vegas: Coroner's Office On Lock Down ... Why If Only One Shooter?
Soros Out To Kill US a la Ukraine
Fascism Is Big Corporations Working With Government: Facespook Out Of The Closet, Looking To Hire People With Government Security Clearances
Too Obvious: Vegas Security Guard Sought By Hard News Journalists Pops Up On Controlled Leftist MSM Fluff Entertainment Show
In Your Face: NFL Doubles Down, Bets You're Too Weak And Can't Stay Away, Players OK To Kneel Without Penalty ... Say No To The NFL
Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Canada: Set To Sanction Clintons, Obama, Comey, Mueller? ... Foreign Nationals Who Are "High Profile Cases Linked To Russia"
Left MSM Pays Homage With Vow Of Silence: Hillary The Untouchable Patron Saint Of Lies And Corruption
Video: Selling Out The Country? Pay Me And I'll Get You What You Want ... SecState Clinton Uraniumgate Bribery
SecState Hillary Was The Rus-ted Weak Link Who Enabled The Russians To Exploit Her
Video: From The "Russia Plays Chess, US Plays Marbles" Dept: US Got Snukered ... By Hillary And Obama
US Uranium Deal Ripples Into Real Russiagate ... Mueller And The Clintons
FBI Files: Hillary Connected To Multiple Levels Of Corruption
2800 Government Docs Found On Hillary Aide's Spouse Laptop ... Any Criminal Investigation?
Video: Big Insurance Via US Dems Protest Unconstitutional Law By Illegal Obama Executive Order
China's Xi Detailed Outline Of Future Direction To CPC Congress
Xi: Zero Tolerance Of Corruption ... Leads To Fall Of Governments
Our Religion Is Everything, But We Don't Take It Seriously
A Prophet For Our Time If You Have Eyes That See And Ears That Hear
Know Your Enemy: Melania Trump's Dr. Suess NO!!! Michelle Obama's Satanic Drag Queen YES!!!
Corrupt M$M Eagerly Produced Fake News Stories For US Intel Agencies
MSMedia Hypocrisy: Swiss Investor Gets Flak For Pointing Out "White Supremacy," The Narrative Pushed By MSM
Israeli F-35 Snafu Fighter HIt By 1960's Soviet Era S-200 "Bird Strike" Missiles
Iran Hits Back At Zionist Israel After Airstrike
Global Zionist Soros Shovels $18 Billion of His $25 Billion Into Foundation To Undermine US a la Ukraine, What And Where Is The Pay Off?
The Land Of Nu: This Is What Soros Wants For The US
If US Goes Into Non-Compliance With The JCPOA, EU Will Stand With Iran Against US Trade Sanctions
Judge Reverses Rapist's Child Custody Ruling
LA-LA-Land: Sanctuary City Or Spy City?
The Zionist Poodle And The Puddle's Iran Dilemma
Not Your Decision Trump Jr., But If You Agree To Leave The Golan Heights ....
Repeat A Big Lie Often Enough And She Will Believe It
The Oldest "UN" You Never Heard Of ... 137 Years
The Obama-Clinton Uranium Deal With Russia
FBI Leaks Used In Fake News
Killing The Bees That Feed Us
NAFTA: Canadian Mining Companies Accused Of Human Rights Violations In Mexico
China's Xi Charting New Course?
AIIB Looks To Expand Its Membership
From The "Are You Crazy?" Dept: NFL Moves From Entertainment To Politics
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Surprise, Surprise, Can We See An Audit? Didn't Think So
This Is Why We Should Trust The FBI In Its Vegas Investigation ... Not
Video: Russiagate Moves On To Pokemon According To CNN; US-Israel Contempt For International Law
Norway Recognizes The Obvious: Crimea Is Part Of Russia Again
Pentagon Considering Retiring 100 "Older" New F-35 Snafu Class Fighters, At Average Cost of $245 Million Each
From The "Clear As Mud" Dept: "When Both A Speaker And Audience Are Confused, The Speech Is Profound"
The Fracturing Hegemony Of The Petrodollar And The Emerging Shift Of A New Paradigm
China-European Cooperation On JCPOA Even If US Goes Into Non-Compliance
Austria's Response To Burka Merkel's Globalist Immigration Policy
Vegas Eyewitness Shot At Ground Level: Multiple Shooters On The Ground
A Few Salient Points From The Cuckoo's Nest: Trump's Iran Speechwriters, The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus And The Easter Bunny
US Influence In German Elections
Anti-immigration Parties Win In Austria's Snap Election
Make Music Not War
Video: Syrian Army Captures Huge Stockpiles Of Weapons As ISIS Flees
US Minority Rebels Who Dare To Think For Themselves
Petrodollar Becoming More Irrelevant, Volatile Times Ahead
Petrodollar Danger And US Attempts Coup As Venezuelan Oil To Be Sold In Yuan Or Rubles
From The "Pay Attention America" Dept: US-Soros Led Ukraine Coup, Neo-Nazis March In Land Of Nu
Preaching Honesty In Churchianity
North Korea: US Finger Pointing UN Haley Speaks A Truth, Unwittingly Makes N. Korea's Point
California: Sanctuary State Now Has Fires And Earthquakes
Vegas: Run For The Hills, FBI Says Move Along, No Questions, Nothing To See Here
Vegas: Another Eyewitness, Active Shooter Situation At Bellagio Too
Vegas: Eyewitness Says More Than One Shooter
Syria: Syrian Arab Army Controls ISIS "Capitol"

Cuba: Mass Hysteria At US Embassy Or In Washington?
Look Who's Eager To Report This: Obviously He Doesn't Understand The Zionist Neocon's With Whom He Works
Neocon Zionism Begins Where Judeo-Christian Values Are Destroyed
US Neocons Race To Rescue The Central Bank Economic Stick, Sanctions, Before It's Petrodollar Tanks
Trump Marching To Zionist's War Tune With Iran Nuke Deal
Trump Praised By His Alter Ego Mentor
A Man's Word Shall Be His Burden For We Have Perverted The Word Of God
From The "Now Ain't That Convenient" Dept: Iran Accused Of Hacking, Not Russia, Same Old No Proof S**t, Different Day ... Take Away Hacking Accusations And Sanctions, There is No US Foreign Policy
Trump's Strategyless Iran Strategy
Political Game Theory Scenario: Iran Stays Compliant w/JCPOA With All Other Signatory Countries, Russia Puts Its Nukes In Iran, a la US Nukes In Germany, Italy, Etc., To Balance US-Israel Nukes In Middle East
The JCPOA Script: Trump To Jumpstart Iran Nuke Production? Uses Same Old Zionist Methodology, Accusations Without Proof, Lies, Confuses Iran With US's Track Record, Only IAEA Can Certify Compliance, Which They Did On Monday
US Neocon Arrogance: JCPOA Not A Bilateral Agreement, US Cannot Nullify Deal, But US Can Isolate Itself As It Colludes With Israel
Video: Iran Nuke Deal: If US Backs Away From JCPOA, It's Telling N. Korea, And Everyone Else, No Chance For Deal Because Can't Trust US To Keep Its Word
Nutanyahoo's Tail Wagging Trump's Dog
ISrael Providing Haven For ISIS In Golan Heights
Russia Hedges US Dollar Manipulation With Gold Reserves
What A Crashing Petrodollar Means For The World
Video: A Real World Case For 2nd Amendment Rights ... Analogy: The Guy Walking In Is The Government, The Clerk Represents The People, Now Imagine The Clerk Without His 2nd Amendment RIGHTS, Do You Get It Now?
Afghanistan: Doing Same Things Over And Over, Expecting ...
Obamacare: Gov't Can't Pay Unlawful CSRs; Obamawar: Gov't Can Stay Unlawfully In Syria
Weakening The US To Keep The Cancerous Zionist Empire Strong
Too Many Holes In Their Fake Story: The Vegas BS Continues In Cover-up By FBI, Government
FBI Muddling The Big Picture: Vegas Deep State Boilerplate High Theatre Aimed At Eliminating Gun RIGHTS, FBI Wipes Witness Devices, MSM Silent on Victims, Worst Attack, Etc., But Pushes Gun Control In Lockstep
FBI Wipes Clean Vegas Witness Devices
Knives Kill People! People Can Get Them Without A License!! Exact Crime, But With A Gun, Would Bring Hypocritical Shouts Of "Ban Guns," "NRA Terrorist Organization" From Left, But Not A Peep With A Knife Attack
What Happened In Vegas? Laws To Outlaw Citizen Investigations? Active Shooter FEMA Drills In Vegas Same Week ... Another Mass Shooting Coincidence?
From Lies To Invasion: Do Folks In US Care If Media Lies?
Sounds Like, Sounds Like ... A False Flag Op, Cuba 1 Of 3 Still Not In West's Central Banking System
Hollywood's Sicko Double Standard: Glorifie$ Gun Violence While Protesting Means To Defend Against It In Real Life, Recent 5 Movies: 108 Uses Of Automatic Weapons, 192 Dead, Not To Mention Cannibalism, Stuffing People Into Meat Grinders, Etc. PS Stop Paying Hollywood
Latest "Gun Control" Arguments Trotted Out Already Stale And Lacking Supporting Facts
Video: US Gov't Fast & Furious Gun Running Account, AK-47s, AR-15s Into Mexico
Video: FBISIS To "Tear Up Texas"
The Arrogance Of Ignorance: Hey, Dan, You Got It Backwards, He Doesn't Need Us
Canadian School Board Axes The C Word ... But It's An ENGLISH Word, Um, You Know, Chef, Premier Means The Same Thing?
Flanders Anyone?
Palestinians Form New Unity Government
Brown's Sanctuary State Still On Fire
British Empire Sunset: China's Richest 2130 Have As Much Money As UK Economy
I Spy, You Spy, We All Spy On Each Other: China Catches US Spies
The Yuan Straw That Can Break The Petrodollar's Back
War For The Petrodollar And Central Banks
Hiding The Truth In Canada
What!? This Perk Isn't Included In Your Obamacare?
Kneeling Death Knell Of NFL? You Don't Have To Like Standing, It's Part Of The Job, Everyday Folks Tired Of Disrespectful 1%er Multi-Millionaire Whiners, Bottom Line: We Don't Need The NFL, But They Need The Fans
Another Russiagate Story Bites It: Facebook Russia Ads Made In The USA
Hollywood's Weinstein Flees The Country A La Polanski ... But Will He Come Back To Face The Music? Don't Hold Your Breath
Video: Cowardly Hollywood's Hypocrisy About Its Moral Bankruptcy ... Grab Your Vomit Bucket 
International Law Violator, Foreign Invader Neocon US In "Game Of Chicken" With Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah
Double Standards Theatre Presents Witch Hunt At The Not OK Corral: US Justice Dept Checking Out RT, Sputnik For Propaganda But Not NYT (Major Foreign Ownership), CIAmazon Post, CNN, MSNBC et al?
NYT Ragsheet Editor Admits Front Page Is Slanted Political Editorials
Turkey Snubs Outgoing US Ambassador
Really?! This Is The Best BS They Could Dream Up To Set Up Trump's Excuse? Vague, Unsubstantiated Accusations
FBI In Multi-State Pighunt: What's In Their DNA? GMO?
Video: Left Rails Against Slavery Of Past, Not So Much About Today's Slavery, So Will California Give The State Back To The Native Americans On Indigenous Peoples Day?
Where Does Left Draw The Line? Indigenous American Indians Owned Black Slaves Too
Duck! House-sized Asteroid To Pass By Earth Only 27,000 Miles Away
What Planet? Hey Z-Berg, Your Virtual Reality Is Fake, Take Your Oculus Rift Headset Into A Wind Tunnel With Driving Rain Howling At 150 MPH For 6 Hours, Then Afterwards, Let Us Know If You Noticed A Difference
CIAmazon Post Publishes Professor Who Called For White Genocide ... What Do You Bet That He Didn't Say Start With The Wall Street Bankers And Billionaire Media Owners?
From The "Snowball Rolling Down The Hill Picks Up Speed" Dept: Iran And Turkey Alliance Hits The Hegemonic Petrodollar, Taking Away The US Sanctions Stick
Scientists Find The Missing Other Part Of The Universe ... And Its Not In The White House
Authors: CIA Killed Western Officials During Cold War
Balance, Balance, Balance: Intolerance Lives In The Hinterland Of Extremism
NFL Takes Billions Of US Tax Dollars, Then Allows Players To Diss US? ... Don't Think So
Another Left Media Russiagate Story Bites The Dust
T-Rump: Make A Deal With Everyone, Never Trust Anyone ... So Don't Trust Trump
Green Eggs And Ham: Racists See Racism In Everything ... Duh, You Get Chopsticks In Chinese Restaurants
Chinese Farmer In Traditional Pointed Hat
Without Chopsticks China Loses Part Of Its Identity
Christian's Duty To Fight Satan's Soros
UK Not Really Special To Recent US Presidents
NATO Wild Card Turkey Partners With Iran ... It's The Kurds
Turkey And The Kurds
US [nee Israel] And The Kurds
Turkey In Syria, Iran Has Strategic Warnings
The West Blocking Iran's Development
Turks To US: We're Not A Tribal State, Mind Your Own Business
US-Israeli Made Weapons Traded For Stolen Syrian-Iraqi Oil
Tale Of The Tape: When It Comes To The Numbers "Privilege" Says Differently
New Low Even For US Moral Standards
Video: US Media Control
US Neocons Pissed Off That Russia Challenges The Petrodollar Hegemony
NATO Increases its Aggressive Posture Towards Russia
How To Become A US Billionaire
Global Food Conglomerates: They've Taken Over Natural Resources
Middle East Axis Powers: Russia, Iran And Turkey Plus China
Trump: Iran No-Nuke Deal Embarrassment To US, 1- Get Over It, 2- Have You Seen What US Has Done In Middle East, Libya, Ukraine?
Germany, France, UK To US: Don't Pull Out Of The Iran No-Nuke Deal, Stop Listening To Neocons
US Still Pushing All The War Buttons: If US Moves First, Iran Will Consider US Troops As It Does ISIS, Daesh
From The "Protecting The Petrodollar" Dept: German FM Says US Will Pull Out Of Iran Nuke Deal Next Week, It Never Was About The Nukes, Rather Iran's Central Bank Is Real Goal
Iraq Working With Kurds To Ease Tensions
UN Report: US Sanctions On Russia Have Failed, But Hurt EU Big Time
Follow The Money: Foreign Investors Head Back To Russia's Stable Growing Economy
Make Music Not War
Trump's 2 for 1 "I Believe It, So Should You" Sale: Links Iran With N. Korea Again, Now How Can He Fit Cuba Into This? PS You Gotta Love His "Causing Trouble In The Middle East" Remark, But Trouble For Whom? Well, Besides US, Israel And ISIS, It's Really All About Preserving The Oil Trade In US Petrodollars
From The WW3 Desk: So Trump Planning To Move US Embassy To Jerusalem, When Is Only Question
The One Russian Story That Matters, Ignored By MSM, US Achilles Heel
AI: The "God Bot"
Zionist America And Its Lack Of Empathy, Fruits Of Living By The Sword
The Hateful Zionists
The Difference Between Zionists And Jews
Sound The Trumpet: It's Not About The Nukes, It's About The Money And One World Government
Like Charity, Trump's "Protect American People" Should Start At Home
US Constitution Made For Moral And Religious People
M.O. Of Zionist Foreign Policy: Always Blame The Other Guy For Doing What You Do ... "Spreading Terrorism And Instability In Middle East," "Causing Trouble In The Middle East"
ISIS-US Ties More Apparent As Syria War Looks To Have End In Sight
Political Cover Story: Iran Treaty Not Making Nukes Not In US Nat'l Interest, Follow The Money Story: Not In West's Central Banking System, Same As N. Korea, Key To World Government 
The Other Country Not In West's Central Banking System: Cuban "Nukes," aka Spurious Mysterious Sonic Devices As US Withdraws Diplomatic Staff
US Withdraws Troops From ME Exercises, Needed For Other Purpose?
Buildup Of NATO Troops In Europe
Trump's Riddle Changes Narrative From Vegas: Calm Before The Storm ... War Against? US Civil War?
US Congressional Intel Report To Expose Fake News Russiagate Media
Deceptive Narrative Of Lame Stream Media
Canada's Zionist-Ukrainian "Cutting Nose Off" Senseless Reaction To Russophobia
Late Night Propaganda Shows: Between Kimmel And Fallon, Americans Getting More Sleep Than Ever, Yet Same Networks Glorify Guns And Violence In Prime Time As Kimmel's Teary Words Condemn Network TV
Hungary To Expose Zionist Soros
Video: The Gun Excuse: Zionist's Process To Undermine US Citizens Rights And Liberty
Zionist Israel Upset Assad Winning
Syria Arrests US Spy In Damascus
No Freedom Of Speech, Religion Here: Nutcase California Flushes Constitutional Rights Down The Genderless Toilet, But When I Check In You Must Call Me By My Preferred Name, "My Eternal Lord And Master"
California In Violation Of 1st Amendment: Free Exercise Of Religion, Speech Only In Private? Personal Interpretation By Gay And Jewish Weiner, Straining At The Gnat?
California HIV: No Longer Felony To Infect Someone Intentionally
Snowflake Hysteria: Racism Tied To The Racist
Video: None Dare Call It Terrorism: When Shooters Don't Fit The Narrative, They Disappear From MSM
Video: Vegas Shooter Possible Gunrunner For ISIS? Antifa? Mid-East Connections
Trouble In Mudville DC: Fraudulent Spending Records
GoogleTube Can't Handle Level Playing Field
Go To Duckduckgo
It's About Inalienable Rights, Not Insanity Lefts
But It Goes Much Deeper Than The Constitution
UK: Government Owns Your Body And The Queen's When Dead, Working On The Alive Part Daily
While US Uses Bombastic Threats And Economic Sanctions, Russian Diplomacy Gets Stuff Done
Neocon US Continues To Fight Along Side ISIS In Syria, Support Antifa In US
Anal Left's Telling First Response To Vegas Shooting: Focus On The Guns Not The Victims
Outlaw Cars! It Had A Muffler On It So Pedestrians Couldn't Hear It Coming!!
Hillary Response To Vegas Shooting Vs. Mike Rowe's: This Is Why You Lost, Hillary, No Empathy
Is She Saying She's The Village Id ...
Keep Your Eye On The Banksters
Vietnam The Fairy Tale: A Killing Of History Worthy Of Its Orwellian Origins
From The "Brains Pickled In Formaldehyde" Dept:  Kimmel Logic Fail: Gun Owners (His Own Hired, Gun-toting Bodyguards? Police? Olympic Medalists?) Share Responsibility For Vegas Shooting, As Car Nuts Do For Drunk Driving Deaths, As People On Prescription Meds Do For Illegal Drug Overdoses? Ad Nauseum
Hollywood Hypocrisy: Shooting On Movie Set Who Were Shooting A Movie About Shooting ..."Strong, Bloody Violence"
Venezuelan Oil Available In Yuan And Ruble, Long Term Loss For Petrodollar
Afghanistan: Pentagon's If We Don't Leave, We Won't Have Lost Strategy
US Accepts No Responsibility For Its Actions
Psychotropic Drugs And Mass Shooters: Ban The Drugs Not The Guns
Shooting Victim Says Attack Strengthened His Views In Support Of 2nd Amendment
Video: Private Armed Citizen Gives Gun To Cop On Honeymoon In Vegas
Video: Silence On Benghazi Vs. "Silencers" In Vegas? BTW, Bullets Travel Faster Than Speed Of Sound, Why Is The Narrative In MSM About "Silencers," Not Antifa Shooter?
This Should Light A Fire, Forensic Psychiatrist Says CNN Contributed To Vegas Shooting
The Art Of The Ludicrous Taken To A New Level ... NFL Kneelers Russian Stooges, What's Next, US Budget Deficit Votes?
Ah, Excuse Me, They Already Do, It's Called Media Propaganda
Amazon To Go To Redneck Jawjah?
Snow What!? Summer Was Just 2 Weeks Ago
Antifa Link To Syria Training With Rebels ... Why Not A Terrorist Organization?
More From The "Empty Wagons Rattle The Loudest" Dept: Maybe Time To Outlaw Stupidity And Logic Deficits As Unconstitutional Abuse Of First Amendment? Antifa Is The Terrorist Organization
The NRA: World's Premier Firearms Safety And Education Organization, Not Firearms Abuse And Murder
Follow The Logic (Deficit): US Sends "Terrorist" NRA Shooters To Olympics To Win Gold Medals?
US Olympic Gold Medal "Terrorist" (?) Legend On NRA Board
Nutanyahoo Eggs US On In Syria
No Borders R Us: Israel's Mossad 100,000s Ops In Other Countries Every Year
UK Big Brother: Prison Terms For Watching, But Not Showing(?), Online Terrorist Propaganda ... BBC, CNN?
Bottom Line Six Years US War In Syria: Nothing Good
Cars-Booze Kill People: Handguns Kill About Same Number Each Year As Cars And Booze, So ...
US Right To Bear Arms, Right To Own A Steak Knife, Right To Drive A Car Is Not Permission To Abuse Them To Murder, Don't Conflate Separate Issues PS Mr. Pierce's Taxes Support World's Largest Arms Dealer & Warmonger
More Than Half US Federal Discretionary [Free Choice] Budget Goes To Military ... Guns And Other Weapons
US Is The World's Leader In Arms Sales, Coups And Wars
Video: Vegas Shooter Shot By FBI, Antifa Literature In Room, Shot Right-Wing Concertgoers
Video: The Prediction On Friday Before Vegas, US Revolution On 100th Anniversary Of Bolshevik Revolution?
This Is What America Does: Vegas Vs. Mosul

Irrelevant Loser Hillary Trying To Make Political Points With Vegas Tragedy, Keeps Killing Dem Party
Biggest Bank Robbery: Brazil, No Wall Street's Too Big To Fail
Video: PR Union Truck Drivers Block Relief Supplies
Video: MSM Has High Standards, They Just Happen To Be Double Standards
Look Who's Against "White Supremacy," The White Prime (Supreme) Minister? What Is White Supremacy ... Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Wall Street, Smart Phones, Internet? Will We Stop Using Them?
Spain: Will EU Commission Act According To Its Own Article 7? Or Is The Rule Of Law Absent Here Too?
The Catalan Referendum Totally Misplayed By Madrid
US Attempting To Link Their ISIS Allies With The Kurds
Watch Your Back, PR, Haitian Hillary Says She's With You
Make Music Not War
Eleven Months On And US Dems Still Riding Donkey Hillary's Dead Horse
ISIS Gambit Failed For US, Allies, What Mischief Is Next?
For US Left, Freedom Of Speech Is Silencing The Opposition
US Government Overriding US First Amendment Freedom Of Speech
Incessant Lies: Time To Remove The NYT From The Journalist Side Of The Ledger
Video: Massive Clinton Foundation Fraud Discussion
Israel Against The World With The Kurds
Where's The Racism? NFL Kneeler's Racist Testimony Contradicted By Police Arrest Video
Putin To US: Close Down RT, Say Goodbye To CNN et al
Has Anyone Checked Nutanyahoo For Stinky Knickers Lately?
No Surprise The Left's Google, Amazon, Z-bergbook Wanted Hillary In The Oval Office
Left Still Feeding At The Trough
Hillary Back On The Hook
US Making A Move On Cuba, The Other Country Besides N. Korea and Iran Not In The West's Central Banking System, Can't Use Nuke Excuse With Them, So Blame An Unconfirmed Mysterious Sonic Device
Too Big To Fail, But Not Too Big To Die
The Difference Maker In Syria
False And Delusional Claims From The UK Ministry Of Fairy Tales
The Heavy Hand Of US Aggression At Standing Rock
Video: Kurdish Independence Referendum Conundrum
Cat In The Hat, Strain In The Brain: Racism Everywhere In The Eye Of The Beholder
Deja Vu 1930's Germany: Using Antifa Fascists To Open Door To Martial Law?
Danish Military Replace Police On Streets
Nothing Beats A Convenient Hairy Crab Vending Machine
Corruption Rampant In US Law Enforcement
What Would Happen If US Football Just Disappeared? Um, Job Applications For McDonald's And Walmart Would Skyrocket? Oh, And Many Universities Would Be Toast, Burnt Toast
Video: Sorry, Spain, Get Your Own Bogeyman, Blames Russia For Catalan Independence Movement
South Park Takes The Piss (Oops, Urine) Out Of The "Politically Correct" Left
What's The Difference Between Falling And Flying? The Landing: US Society Is No Longer Flying
Beach Ball Freaks Out Leftist Fodder Snowflakes At US University Pre-School, Plead For A Beach Ball Time Out, What's Next, Handing Out Adult Diapers At Freshmen Orientation? Oh, And Don't Worry Little Snowflakes, You Will Only Get A's For The Next 4 Years
NFL Owner Billionaires Loyalty Is To Dollar Bills In Pockets Of Fans, Not Country, Will Fans Connect The Dots?
After A Year Of Lies By Dems: Z-berg Admits No Russian Interference In US Campaign-Election
The West Digs The Hole Deeper: Still Pimps The $100 Million White Helmet Propaganda Hoax
Global Airport Computer Crash
Networks A No-Show On Angry Fans In Stands, So Don't Watch Next Sunday Or The Next Sunday Or The ...
That's Silicon Valley For You, The Golden Calf Is Too Passe, Creates New Artificial God
Canada First: Don't Buy US F-35s, Put Guns And Missiles On Bombardiers
MSNBC Chucky Flunks US History 101
UK's Grenfell The Disaster That Keeps On
GoogleTube Deletes Footage Of US Coalition's Airstrikes In Syria, Iraq
Go To Duckduckgo
Beware Of US False Flags And Bogeymen Used To Start Wars
Capitalizing On Human Catastrophe
Time For the US To Recognize Who They Really Are
US Using Banned Weapons In Violation Of International Law While Illegally In Syria
An In-Depth Look At The US Nuke Arsenal
Just When ISIS Was Riding Off Into The Sunset, Along Comes The Kurds
Someone Is Lying About The DNC Servers
Has The NFL Stepped Into The Tar Pit?
Who's Not Supporting Whom? Don't Walk Away With Your Loyalty Money!
Back To Square One, The Love Of Money: Militarizing The NFL
Hypocritical How Israel Has Ignored The Palestinian State For Decades, But Jumps To Recognizing The Kurds?
A Voice Of Reason Drifts Across The Punitive Sea
How To Freak Out Government Facial Recognition Surveillence, A Head Full Of Eyeballs
Facebook Too Use To Doing What It Wants In The West
Ruble Up By 10% On US Dollar
Simple Solution: Do Nothing, Stop Listening, Stop Watching, Stop Buying, But They're Betting You Really Don't Care
Fed Up With The Constant Lying, Big Corporate Fake News, Politics In Sports ... Send A Message, Turn It All Off
Dostoevsky Was Right They Are Weak, Vicious, Worthless, and Rebellious
From The "Like Monkeys In A Zoo" Dept: One Has To Marvel At The Intelligence And Maturity Of Antifa (Bedwetter Vandals With A Urine Fixation?) At Berkeley Jr. College, With Apologies To Jr. Colleges
Trump Trolled With Fake Iran Missile Test ... Intentionally Given Wrong Info On World Stage?
Baba Beijing and Big Bear Smacking Down
And If Committed In Canada, Their Middle East Offenses Would Be Considered War Crimes Against Humanity
Canada's Shameful Alliance
Junior Wants To Sit At Grown-ups Table, So Follows In US Footsteps
China's Live Fire Drill In 1st Foreign Military Base
The Valuable American Click For Money In Googlesville
Video: Neocon War Circus
PLO: It Will Never Happen
Billionaire Pirates Of The Playing Field
The Tipping Point? Waking Up Out Of The Stupor
Enablers Getting What We Deserve ...
How To Scare The Bejabbers Out Of The NFL: No Federal Funding For New Stadiums, No Tax Breaks
They Do Get Hit In The Head A Lot: Financial Supremacist Footballers Take Knee Against "White Supremacy" While Working For White Billionaire Owners Who Make Them 1%er Multi-Millionaires? LOL & Stop Watching
While A Pair Of Nazi White Supremacist's Knickers Sells For $6.5K
Girls As Young As Four Required To Wear Hijab ... In British Funded Schools
High Theatre In The Appropriately Named Year Of The Rooster
US Forces And Hardware In ISIS Positions
Who Knew This Was The Way To Respect Sovereign Borders?
The US Fed's $4.5 Trillion Yard Sale
The Modern Zionist State Of Israel
US Troops Drop Into Syrian Oil Field To Block Syrian Government Takeover From ISIS
Make Music Not War
Rewriting History In New PBS Revisionism: Seeds Of US Vietnam's War Sown With FDR And Ho Chi Minh During WW2 To Defeat Japan And Get French Out Of Indo-China, After War US Reneged On Promises
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