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Autumn 2016

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Autumn 2016

Checks And Balance: Why The US Has An Electoral College
Dem Coup Failed, What's Next?
Blame Game: FBI Letter Or Obamacare Premiums Skyrocketing In 2017 After O Leaves Office?

Photographers Caught Faking Aleppo Photos
MSM GMO Aleppo News
The Russia Lack of Hack Attack Story
Big Crack In Antarctic: Iceberg The Size Of US State Of Delaware
Fickle Finger Of Blame: Dems Still Refusing To Accept Responsibility For Presidential Loss ... Formula For Future Failure
Burka Merkel's Christmas Gift To Germans
Summarizing The Election Loss By Hillary
Why Bother Spending Time And Money On A Trial?
Big Bro Has More Than 400 Secret Cellphone Trackers Listening To You
"Hamilton" Elector Blowback: Hillary Loses More Electoral Votes Than Trump
From The "It's Not Our Fault" Dept: Dems Lose Election, Fail Recount, Fail Elector Coup, What's Left Assassination, Or Oblivion?
Yum, Finally A Swiss Bug Burger
Calexit: California Opens 'Embassy' In Moscow
When Corn Smells Like Dead Meat ... GMO Maize NK603 Not Normal
Sabotage East Aleppo Evacuation
Digital Detox For 2017
June 2035, Brexit Expected To Be Approved By Next March
The Perfect Wedding Gift
Kiev Breaks Ceasefire With Attacks In Donbass
With Trump Election, EU Wandering Around, How To Get Out Of The Swamp
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" Dept: King Of Fake News ... Still No Beef
US Psy-Op Color Revolution A Fail?
Make Music, Not War
From The "Excuses Are Reasons For Failure" Dept: Clinton Donors Not Buying Russian Excuse
From The "Doing The Same Things Over, And Expecting Different Results" Dept: Dems Didn't Take Responsibility For 2010 Midterm Election Loss
Parties to Leaker: DNC Emails A LEAK Not A Hack, MSM, Dems Keep Running With The False Narrative ... Why?
Familiar Refrain: German Knee-Jerk Reaction Blamed Russia For Hack, Turns Out Leak From Their Own Parliament
Advanced Election Fraud: Obama Personally Hacked Putin's Computer, So The Story Goes
Japan Now Top US Creditor
Russia, Japan Sign More Than 60 Deals During Putin Visit
US Congress Bill Allows Anti-Aircraft Weapons To Syrian Terrorists Capable Of Shooting Down Civilian Planes
Sour Grapes? Obama's Claims Don't Hold Up In Fact Check, Russian Rocket Engines Carry US Satellites Into Space
Oops, Obama Forgot, Russia Top Wheat Exporter Too
US Congresswoman: CIA Armed Terrorists In Syria
DNC "Hack": WikiLeaks Asks Obama, Where's The Beef?
CIA Has Meddled In Hundreds Of Foreign Elections, Now In US Election With False Report
Stuck In A Corner, Obama Doubles Down On Bluster, Innuendo, Allegation, Russia Asks, Where's The Beef?
From The "Cut And Paste" Dept: White House Obama Birth Cert. Deemed Fraudulent By Forensic Experts, So Who Is This Guy?
No Proof Elite Narrative: Putin Hacked DNC Emails; Rule Of Law Narrative: Clinton Exposed Classified Emails On Illegal Server

The $Billion Plus Clinton Campaign: How Was She Going To Pay That Back If Elected?
The West, NATO, MSM, The Guys In Black Hats Pushing Lies ... Listen To The On The Ground Radio Report
Video: Remember When The US, UK Did This? Russia Distributes 35 Tonnes Of Humanitarian Aid In East Aleppo
UK, Germany: Spy Vs. Spy Spat
Hillary Not Good For Her Campaign: Big Brobama Attacks "The Hack," i.e., Straw Man, Not Address The Leak, Classified Emails
Bad News Bolton As US Deputy SecState?
5 People Witness Accident, 5 Different Stories, Facebook To Decide Which Story Is Fake = MSM Censorship
UK Foreign Minister Gets In On The Aleppo Loser Action
Dem White House Clearly Engaging In A "Form Of Red-Baiting," Diversion From Real Story Along With NYT
Trading Firm Capital Knight Found Abusing Naked Shorts
Video: "Hamilton" Electors May Face Criminal Prosecution For Perjury, Election Fraud
MSM Myths About Aleppo Atrocities ... Same Old Blame Game For Regime Change
Aleppo Civilians Welcome Syrian Army, West Sends More Arms To Terrorists
Alleged Aleppo Civilians Actually Bloggers With MSM Access, Terrorist Sympathies
CIA's DNC Russian Hack Claim, WH Politicos Jump On, Intel Pros Say No Hack, A Leak ...
Remember This Vanished Story: Whatever Happened To The Murdered DNC Staffer In DC Amid Leaks?
The DNI's Classified Blog And Your Rights
To TPP Or Not TPP: Japan Votes Yes
Former Top NSA Officer: CIA Lying About DNC "Hack," No Traceroute Packets
Jubilation In Aleppo Liberation From West Backed Terrorists ... Surprise: NYT "Reports" Contrary Story
From The "That Sounds Familiar" Dept: Aleppo Losers Fill MSMedia With Lies, Fake Narrative
Look, Up In The Air, It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No It's "SuperPutin," Able To Hack Any Computer With A Single Key Stroke ...
Lies Incorporated: We Lie To You For Your Own Good
When You Get Right Down To It, What's The Difference With Obama's Weekly Kill List?
Illegal US Cluster Bombs Killing Kids
CIA Accusations Still All Bun And No Beef
Video: Mainstream Media's Mantra, Keep Repeating Big Lies Until People Believe Them
Blowback In The Netherlands Over Globalist War Policy Flooding EU Society, Culture With Non-Assimilating Refugees
To Solve EU Refugee Problem, Rid Syria Of The Globalist Sponsored Terrorists, And Allow Refugees To Go Home
Assad Assails The Two Faces Of The Globalists With Syria, Western Aid Sent To Terrorists, Not Civilians
Bill Gates Likens Trump To JFK, You Know The Last Assassinated President
More Hysterical Crazy Lies From The Globalists Outside Rule Of Law
Calls For Kissinger Arrest In Sweden As War Criminal At Nobel Peace Event, France To Ask For Extradition A La Assange?
From The "The Really, Really Out Of Touch" Dept: 8 Years On His Watch ... Cops Killing Unarmed Black Men Weekly, Obama Says "Progress Extraordinary" And They Wonder Why They Lost Election?
Moratorium On US Police Shooting And Killing Unarmed Civilians Ends
Politically Childish West Takes Their Sled And Goes Home
McLaren's Factless Allegations While Named Western Athletes Allowed To Dope For Competition
US Intentionally Revoked Snowden Passport While He Was In Russia
Big Brother: Insidious Spy Dolls For Girls, Spy Bots For Boys At Xmas
Spy Vs. Spy: Director Of National Intel Refuses To Support CIA Claim, What Now DNC?
CIA Trolled With #RussianHack ... China Got Putin To Do It!? ... Officer, I Wasn't Speeding, Putin Hacked My Speedometer
Guardian, But No NYT Or CIAmazon Post, DNC Emails A Leak Not A Hack, Former UK Ambassador Calls CIA Claims "Bullshit"
DNC, Dems Still Hysterical Over Loss, Failed Recount ... It's A Leak, No Proof Of A Hack, What's Next Assassination?
CIA + Media + $600 Million Contracts = False Intel, Why Is Regime Change CIA Interfering With US Election Results, Transfer Of Power?  
China Overreaction: Much Ado About A Phone Call
Trump Takes Tex Rex Tillerson As SecState
Tex Rex Interview
US Congress Votes Unilateral Sanctions On Iran Violating Treaty Obligations, Iran Takes Counter Action
US Democrats Risks Becoming Politically Irrelevant: Obama Lost It Not Putin
US Democrats Risks Becoming Politically Irrelevant 2: Continued False Claims, Lack Of Responsibility, Integrity
Where's The Beef? Obama, White House Drag Out The McCarthy Straw Man ... More Non-supported Scraping Bottom Of The Barrel Allegations
Wisconsin Recount Finished: Trump Increased Lead Over Hillary
US President-elect Trump Closes All His Saudi Businesses
Video: Example Of Corporate Main Stream Media Pushing Fake Narrative With Trump Chief Of Staff
Paradigm Change: Mutiny On The Potomac?
US Shell Game: Where's The Frenemies?
Lying Loser's Lament: CIAmazon Post, NeoconDems Put Blame On Putin And Fake News ... Take No Responsibility For Loss
Boeing Seals $16.6 Billion Deal With Iran
Hillary's Fake News Fake News Speech, Again Lots Of Bun
WADA Too Lots Of Bun, No Beef
Hysteria In The 'Ministry Of Lies' "Truth"
Make Music Not War
Amazon Post At It Again ... Big Bun, No Beef
From The "Worm On A Hook" Dept: Why The Federal Gov't Rather Than Private Citizens? Always Use Benign Reasoning Upfront
Former NIST Staffer: World Trade Towers Collapse Don't Add Up
Orwellian Master And Serf Economics ... A Happy Face On Poverty, Sqeezing Out The Middle Class
Dubya, Cheney Et Al On Trial For Illegal Iraq War ... Live On Ninth Circuit Court's Youtube Channel
From The "Politicians Never Screw Up" Dept: Fake News Leader CIA, Merkel Blame Omnipotent Godfather Putin Rather Than Herself For Mess, Loss Of Voter Support In Germany

From The "Changing Spots" Dept: Burka Merkel Seeks 4th Term, Makes Political U-Turn, Ban The Burka! Obey Rule Of Law!
Russian Special Forces Making A Difference In Liberating Aleppo
Crime Fighters Or Crime Perps? FBI Sent Planeload Of Agents To Frame Assange, Wikileaks In Iceland
MSM Modus Operandi: Report First, Check Facts Later
Obama: Start Off With Peace Prize, End With War Legacy
50,000 Evacuate Aleppo Through Russian Corridors In 2 Days

Trump Makes Goldman Sachs Great Again
Trump Advisor: West Coverage Of Crimea Prime Example Of Fake News
Nobel Obama Hands Out Weapons To Terrorists To Continue War In Syria
Russia Can Use Iran Air Base As Long As Needed
Big Money: Control Mainstream Media, Shut Down The Rest
Who's Hiding In The Shadows Of PropOrNot?
China Moves To Control Capital Outflow
China's Xi: More Thought Control On Campus
MSNBC, Where's The Beef?
Hey Amazon Post, Where's The Beef?
With Nothing To Lose, Obama Finally Out Of The Terrorist Closet
A Look At Today's Damascus
Classic British Colonial-Speak, Arms To The Middle East For War
US Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Stop US Aid To Terrorists
US Dept. Of Homeland Security Attacking Homeland
From The "Say It Isn't So" Dept: Vladimir Planning To Teleport 14 Legged Killer Squid?
Russian Info Infrastructure Targeted By Foreign Intel Services, Repels DDoS Attacks
Still About Regime Change: Obama Okays Arms To Foreign Forces Supporting US Against Assad In Syria
Autumn 2016 Weather Warmest On Record For US
Canada Solves Refugee Problem: Give Everyone A Teddy Bear!
Kurds Liberate Six Districts Of Aleppo
Branstad Is Trump's Ambassador To China
Video: German Migrant Kicks Woman Down Subway Stairs ... It Wasn't Merkel
Prepping For CENTCOM HQ In Israel?
Big Bro Farce- Liars Theatre: New UK Law Allows Government To Lie In Court
Nationalism Vs. Globalism: Who Wins?
Assad Sends Truckloads Of Citrus To Liberated Citizens Of Aleppo
PR Aside, US Snafu Class F-35 Fighter Still A Me$$
Michigan: Sealed Box w/306 Ballots, Only 50 Inside, Yet Hillary Given 250 Votes ... Did She Really Get More Popular Votes?
Michigan Judge Rules Stein Not An "Aggrieved Candidate" ... Stops Recount
Truth In Advertising? Amazon Post Admits Russian Prop Article May Be Fake News
Obama Forgot San Bernardino And Orlando, "Homegrown" ISIS Terrorist Attacks On His Watch Don't Count?
Video: Syrian Army Has Control Of Aleppo
Losing Their Grip In Syria, The Global-Village Idiots Move To Make The Mess Worse
China's Base In Africa
Global Utopia Or Dystopia By 2030?
Nationalist Russia Viewed As Threat By Globalist US
Non-Russian Athletes Used WADA Exemptions To Use Banned Substances In Olympics
Russia, China Buying Lots Of Gold
US To Canadian Journalists: Stay Out Of Our "3rd World Country War Zone"
Ukrainian Officers Charged With Shelling Russian Territory
Israel's New Sacred Golden Calf
Opening Shot On Brexit Before UK Supreme Court
Russia Implements New Information Security Measures
From The "Ministry Of Truth's Big Can Of Worms" Dept: US House Moves To Criminalize Fake News On Web ... Does This Include Congressional Campaign Promises?
Trump Proposal To Turn Oversight Of US Native Lands To Tribes
Google News Has 3 Months To Comply With Russian Laws
Dark Web Solicits Money, Advice For Trump Assassination
Recount: Milwaukee Wisconsin Padded Votes In Hillary's Favor Up To 100% ... Jill, Where's The Outcry Of Election Fraud?
Still, After 15 Years Of War In Afghanistan, US Bombs Only Kill Terrorists
US Spreads Its Nukes Around
USAF "Russia #1 Threat To US" Like Saying Home Alarm Systems Are #1 Threat To Burglars
US Backed Coward Terrorists Shelling Hospitals Again
Trump's Iran: Friend Or Foe?
Snowden: "Petraeus Shared More Classified Intel Than I Did"
Fake News Wars: The "Alt-Right" Strikes Back
Life In The Oval Office: Trump Day 1
Syrian Army Gains More Control Of Aleppo
Five Leaders Standing In A Row, Four Are Gone, One To Go
Trump Tweets: A New Diplomatic Tool Or Fool?
China Iran Call On US To Honor Its Agreement
Trump's White House Counsel: Architect Of Big Money Politics
Obama's $1.9 Billion US Zika Panic: More Cases Of Poisonous Snakes Bites [~7000] Than Zika Mossies [185]
Make Music Not War
US Nukes In Nuclear NPT Countries
The West's Third Law Of Aggression: Every Aggressive Action Produces An Opposite Reaction
Trump's Patron Saint Of Chaos And Masters Of The Universe
Germany Admits US Uses Air Base For Extra-Legal Killings
UK Quick To War, Not So With Humanitarian Aid
Big Uncle Uber Tracks You After Drop Off
From The "Actions Speaker Louder " Dept: Michigan Proclaims Itself A Fascist State
Swedish Rights Group Calls On Obama To Release Political Prisoner ... It's Not Assange
The Globalist Battle Of Berlin
US Turkey Embassy: We Like Ike
Trump Promises To Reverse 60+ Years Of US Policy
When Corporations And Government Join To Squash Public Protest
Brexit In UK Supreme Court
GMO Superweeds: Game Over For GMO Crops
Monsanto/Bayer GM Corn Damages Intestines In Lab Studies
No UN Humanitarian Aid To Residents Of Eastern Aleppo

US Sheepstream Media: Purveyor Of Lies, Left And Right
Treatybusters, Who You Gonna Call? US Senate Votes To Extend Sanctions On Iran, Violating "Treaty"
UK: The One World Globalist Agenda Must Continue
"Hate Crimes" Only Can Be Committed By White Men?
The Spoiled "Time Out" Generation Can't Handle Being Told No, Throws Tantrum, Gets A Four Year Time Out
Video: US Government Xmas Gift, Tightens Its Control, Ups Spying On Citizens
Canada's Intel Info Gathering, Storage Deemed Illegal
Dear Trump SecDef: Iran Won't Need Nukes As Member Of SCO, They'll Have Russia's, China's, Like Germany Has US Nukes
Sweden In A Refugee Mess
WADA You Know, Approved Banned Drugs For Athletes In 14 Countries, Not Russia
Clinton Foundation Under Scrutiny For Donations By Foreign Government Now In CYA Mode
Trump Succeeds Where Obam ... uh, Failed
Ridding Aleppo Of US Backed Terrorists By End Of 2016
Regular Everyday "Useful Idiot" Washington Post Lambasted By Rolling Stone
Big Brother Lives In UK ...
MH-17 Update From Donbass ...
Shoot First, Apologise Later ... If You Have To
NATO, NATO Where Art Thou Headed?
Want a Second Spouse? Migrate To Germany
Bottled Air Anyone?
When The Map Is The World With Apologies To S.I. Hayakawa
Syrian Army Rescues 80K Aleppo Civilians
From The "This Is More Than Awkward" Dept: Clinton Lawyer: Stop The Recount! ... For A Republican Candidate
Condoleezza Redux With Flynn? Iran The New Iraq, Regime Change Without Facts
Move To Censor Alternative Media With Label Of Fake News, i.e., News The Globalists Don't Want Us To Hear
Canada's Trudeau Government Feeble Imitation Of Failed Obama Policy?
NY Times' Krugman Kool Aid Analysis: Putin And FBI Director "Kingmakers"
From The "What Did You Expect, Flowers?" Dept: ISIS Plots Terror Attacks In EU
Philippines President Duterte On Poor US Relations
CIA Major Purveyor Of Fake News
Daesh Suffers Heavy Losses In Iraq
Russia Response To Increased NATO Unilateral Threat
Syrian Army Liberates 40% East Aleppo From Terrorists
US Sec State Kerry Moving To Protect US Syrian Terrorists From Trump
PropOrNot Shady Site
Video: Propaganda Or Not
Who Will Be The First To Ferment Or Distill A Marijuana Spirit?
Make Music Not War
Globalists Demonize Strong National Leaders
EU Poodles Vote To Make Their Bark Louder
From The Friendly Folks In The US Of A: Myriad CIA Failed Assassination Attempts Of Castro
Obama's Noose To Hang US Democracy ... Ropemaker Google Inc.
Germany Urged To Move Away From "Market-Oriented Management Of Globalized Predatory Capitalism"
Delete Yourself From The Internet
Believing Their Own Fake News Stories, WaPo Provides Fakes Facts To Debunk Accusations Of Fake News Story
Like US, MSM Losing Trust In Germany, Finger Of Blame Shifts To RT, Sputnik
14 EU Countries Call For Convential Arms Treaty With Russia
Austria Plan For Central Coalition To Counterbalance Germany, France
Glexiting? But Will Trump Nix TTIP Too?
The Sickness Of The UK In Moral Decline
Last Obama-Soros Push: Ukraine Crazy!? Live Missle Exercise Over Crimea In Civil Aviation Area
Who Is Pushing For Destruction Of EU National Culture? Dutch Member Of Parliament, Head Of Party Brought To Political Trial Over Comments On Refugees, Same Problem Everywhere
The Company You Keep: Trump To Kill Net Neutrality?
Israel Still Defiant With Closure Of Gaza: Crimes Against Humanity
US-Russia Clash At Bio Weapons Convention
Globalist Obama Still Mucking Up Syria To The End
Israeli High Court Wants To Know Why Only Palestinian Extremists Homes Are Leveled
All Part Of US Globalization: Russia Hopes Trump Will Stop Illegally Applying US Laws In Other Countries
Old Age Is Just A Number, Like 20's, 30's
RCEP Rises From The Pyre Of The TPP
Controversy Of CETA Heats Up In EU
Google Faces Seizure Of Assets For Defying Court In Russia
UK Navy Destroyer Towed Back To Port
EU's Free Speech Double Standard
Judicial Watch Petitions Court Over Release Of 30 Clinton Emails
Trudeau's Government About Face On Syria Combat?
CIA, And FBI [What Are They Doing There Anyway?] Beat It Out Of Ukraine
Hypocrisy In The Fake News Post-Truth Era
As Turkey's Pendulum Swings, This Way And That, EU Or SCO?
State The Biggest Thief In France?
Erdogan's Myth Of A Free Press
From The "Stupid Is As Stupid Does EU" Dept: Draft Bill To Counteract RT, Sputnik ... Why Not Let The Free Press Do That?
FBI Hacks 8000 Computers In 120 Countries On One US Warrant
How Apple Lost Out To Local Phone Makers In China ... Local Marketing Versus Global Marketing
Old Lobbyists Out, New Lobbyists In
New US Navy Stealth Ship So Quiet ... Especially When Towed By Tugs
Let's Face It, Facebook Is Not The Tooth Fairy ... Oops, Truth Fairy
The Green Moon And The Lost Art Of Constructive Skepticism ... The Danger Of Learning To Memorize Rather Than To Think
CIA Deep Into Ecuador
United Church Of Canada Linked To Human Rights Violations In Latin America
Sunoco Buys Dakota Pipeline Company
Trump Takes MSM Honchos To The Woodshed
France's Le Pen Doing A Trump?
College Bans US Flag: Symbol Of Racism And Hatred Or Country?
Trump To Issue XO On Day 1: Nix TPP
Hearty Laugh Of The Day: Obama May Speak Out If Trump Threatens US Values Or Ideals ... O's Drone Assassinations A US Value?
Softening Shift?: US NATO Commander, Russia Not Our Enemy
California Sleeper Cell Attack Part 1
California Sleeper Cell Attack Part 2
Syria Rejects Terrorists Call For Divided Aleppo
Obama Final Gift To American People: Open The Border Floodgates
Hypocrisy Writ Large: Mass Media Attacks The Other Fake News Creators
The Brave New Post-Truth World
From The "One Track Mind" Dept: John Bolton- War Forever, Fight Everyone, Everywhere
Video: Crisis In Federal Reserve: Central Banks Shift West To East
China Offers Trade Agreement In Lieu Of TPP
Greece Can Be China's Gateway To Europe
Russia-China Ties Continue To Grow
From The "Time To Grow" Up Dept: US Judge Tells 'Not My President' Folks To Leave Country
Obama Can't Pardon Snowden, [Or Hillary] Unless He Goes To Court
Make Music Not War
Video: Russian Airstrikes On Homs, Idlib
Eastern EU Pivoting Towards Russia
Obama's -0 Legacy
Buy Nothing Friday: Stay Out Of The Aisles Of Organized Landfill
US Dems Battered, Sinking Ship: Formula For Future Failure, Blame Everyone Else
Big Brother Invading Europe With Forced Housing
Whose Cabinet ... Trump's Or Neocon Zionist's?
Soros Sponsor Of Revolution
Fickle Finger Of Blame: Soros' Ukraine Is A Mess
Can You Say S-a-n-c-t-i-o-n-s? Russia's Gain Is Russia's Grain
Trump Challenge: Innovation Versus Resistence To Change
Germany's Merkel Lost Her Bet
White Helmets Behind Kirby Accusation In Aleppo
Advice: Don't Go To Police If Raped In Dubai ... Better Yet, Don't Go To Dubai
Amazing Video: Soros Making Plans For ...?
Will The Real Deplorables Please Stand Up? What, No Comment From Hillary?
US Presidential Elections: Promises And Myths
Trump: Sessions For US AG, Pompeo For CIA
From The "Who's In The Pews?" Dept: Pope Changing Face Of Church
China's Astronauts Return To Earth After Longest Space Mission
Wafarin And Dementia Link
All In The Ear Of The Listener
Is Harvey One Of Mr. Kirby's Unnamed Credible Sources?
Why? She Said She Has Done Nothing Wrong
Which To Trust? Rule Of Law Or Rule Of Lying Under Oath?
iPhones Secretly Send Call History To Apple
GMOs And Nobel Marionettes?
Ukrainians Wanting To Join Crimea?
EU Commission Backs Off Penalties With Anti-EU Sentiment Running High
LinkedIn Blocked For Violating Russian Privacy Law
Dubai Money And Clintons
Clinton Donor Dubai And Women's Rights ... UK Rape Victim Arrested For "Extramarital Sex"
Suck It Up, Buttercup Bill
Guess US State Dept. Never Heard That Pen Is Mightier Than Sword
The Shadow Knows: NSA Spy Center In NY City
US Judge Orders CIA, FBI, NSA To Hand Over Files On Occupy Philadelphia
German Court Denies Call For NSA Disclosure
TPP Not Good For Either US Or China
Destroying Nations One At A Time: UK Continues Arms Sales To Saudis, Deaf Ear To Yemen War
Obama Stumping For Trump In Europe?
Play-doh, Coloring Books And Hot Chocolate For Student-Infants At US Universities ... Seriously!?
Swell, A Doomsday Future Led By Athletes And Celebrities Or Marketing Gimmick?
Trump Building Neocon Nest?
Worse And Worser For Trump Sec State?
UK Tories Ignore Democracy
ICC Findings: US War Crimes
Massive Raids Against Islamists in Germany
Worst Person At Wrong Time
Who's Behind The Anti-Trump Trumped Up Protests? ... Non-voters?
From The "Selfish Idiots" Dept: Clinton Supporters Blocked Roads, Father Of 4 Year Old Girl Dies In Ambulance
"Nobody" Won The US Presidential Election In Landslide
Obama: Assassinate The Moderate Rebel Leaders In Next 2 Months Only Shows US Goal Was Prolonging War
US Largest Debtor Nation In History: Doubled In Past 8 Years
Have Protesters, Will Travel
Two EU Countries Elect "Pro-Russia" Presidents
Israeli Apartheid Grows With Proposed Bill
Main Stream Media Same Old Spots, Same Old Manipulation
Already Drinking The Kool-Aid, VP Pence: Strike Assad Militarily
//" data-mce-href="">Can You Make A Good Apple Pie With Bad Apples?
Make Music, Not War
Protesters For Hire, Foreign And Domestic
Four US Presidents Didn't Win Popular Vote
Obama Follows Trump Lead On Syria
US Navy $7.5 Billion Super Ship: $800,000 To Fire One Round Of Ammo
Nothing Changes At The US Treasury Department
EU Economic Disaster? 270,000 Euros Per Refugee And A Plan
Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons On Aleppo
Video: The Shadow Government And Presidents
What Is Most Disturbing About The Election? The Exhibition Of Hatred By Those Supporting Hillary
From The "Lost Rule Of Law" Dept: The Purple Revolution, Neocons, And No Clinton Investigation, Prosecution
Childish Swedish Reaction of Hatred Like US Rioters ... When Democracy Doesn't Favor Them
Investigation Of World's Hottest Recorded Temperature ... 1913
Relax, Folks, Nothing Really Changed, The Bus Is Still Over The Cliff, It's Only A Different Driver
Relax Liberals, Nothing Changed, Goldman Sachs Alum As New Sec Treasury, Pro Iraq War Guy Running Pentagon
Keeping Your Eye On The Ball
Are Liberal Elites Smarter Than An AI Computer?
We Came, We Voted, She Lost
Politics Like Tennis And Golf, Follow Through Is Crucial
7.6 Trumpquake
Largest Pedophile Ring Exposed
What Now ... TTIP, Russia, EU, Syria et al?
Your Very Own 645 Square Feet/60 Square Meters Of Arctic Ice Water
Banning Tiny Houses, But Living On The Street OK?
Humpty Hillary Sat On A Wall ...
Believing The Lies: CETA And Canada's Looming Loss Of Sovereignty To Global Corporations
Raqqa: And The Beat Goes On
The Invasion And Occupation Of Sweden ... It's Still Not The Russians
Semantics At Play For US In Syria
"Rule Of Law Dead" In The US
From The "Bought And Paid For" Dept: FBI Corruption In High Places
Make Music, Not War
US Election Voting Machines Can Steal Election
Obama Encouraging Illegals To Vote?
Digital False Flag On US Election Day?
Every Picture Tells A Story
Syria Somewhere Between Cold War And WW3
Post Election False Flag Turmoil?
US Debt A Millstone For Economy
Balance Health Issue Still Present For Hillary
Birds Of A Feather? Spirit Cooking Dinner
From The "Selling Your Soul To The Devil" Dept: Halloween Real Deal For Clintons?
Laundering Money Talks

Canada: Pervasive And Dangerous Mass Surveillance
Bonnie And Clyde Writ Large?
US Policy And Tax Dollars At Work ... Via Saudi Via ISIS
Middle East Not Enough Chaos? Paving The Way For War
Assange: Clinton, ISIS Funded By Same Money, Trump Won't Be Allowed To Win
Coffin Nail? Hillary's State Dept. Emails On Weiner's Private Computer
FBI Says Five Foreign Agencies Hacked Hillary Private Server Emails
Gitmo Gross Miscarriage Of Justice
Who's Votes Really Count: Sneaky Way To Get Around Brexit Vote?
Bonfire Of The Scandals: "We Have To Dump All Those Emails"
Syria Still A Tar Baby For The West
Obama Policy Losing Out To China In Asia
Have The Masters Of The Universe Moved To Trump?
And Never The Twain Shall Meet On A One-Way Street
China-Russia Join To Build Wide-Body Commercial Airliner
WikiLeaks 26th Batch Of Hillary Emails ... NYC Mayor A Terrorist
DNC Email Leaks: Washington Insider, Not Russia, BTW Whatever Happened To The DNC Staffer Murdered In Washington?
Video: Indictment Or Impeachment?
Fearing Fear Itself
Russia Opens Aleppo Corridors
You Ain't Seen Nuttin' Yet: Invasion Of The Zombie Lawyers, In Courtrooms Beginning November 9
Remembering The Lies
Deflect, Deflect, Deflect ... Why, Why, Why?
Changing The Subject ... Again
Comey Letter: Hillary Indicted On Fed Racketeering?
Beating The Machines: Fraction Magic Changes Your Vote For ... Guess Who?
Did The Revolution Start Inside The FBI?
Leadership Traits: Decision Making On Political Instincts?
NY Times: FBI Says No Trump Ties To Russia, All False Accusations, No Proof
Obama Actions Speak Louder: US Calls For End Of Saudi's Yemen Strikes, But Still Sells Them Weapons
Make Music Not War
New Russian Radars Online
The Red Line Is In Syria
If You Stop And Think About This, It Says Everything About US/EU In Syria
Russia Tells NATO: Nuclear War Won't Be Fought Only On Its Soil
Merkel Considers Putting More Economic Pressure On Russia Over Syria ... Cutting Germany's Throat?
Burka Merkel Won't Change Policy On Undermining Germany From Within
Russia Warns US Over Airstrikes On Syrian Government Forces
US Admits Israel Building A Permanent Apartheid State
At This Point, What Doesn't Hillary Lie About And Fake?
Why Is The Current US Administration Insanely Hellbent On What Will Be Nuclear War With Russia?
Why Is The US Seriously Turning The Corner To War With Russia?
Dangerous Precedent: US Military Pentagon In Charge Of Foreign Policy
Another Hillary Bobble-Head Moment With Reporters
US Blocks Moscow's UN Report Of Shelling Russian Embassy In Damascus
Puppetmasters And Their Puppet
Unfounded Fears Of Russian Invasion In Sweden
US Link To Georgian Seaport In Black Sea
Central Banks Are Vegas-style Casinos
Vietnam Joins Russia Free Trade Zone
Rhetoric Of A Military Meathead ... Can Hardly Wait For Hillary
Canada's Democracy, Sovereignty Threatened By CETA
Hillary's US State Department Inc.
Oh, Those Nagging Human Rights, Get Rid Of Them So We Can Kill People Willy-Nilly Already
Prepping For The Battle Of Damascus?
Podiumgate: Clinton Rigging The Debates Too? ... Check Those Voting Machines
Who's Your Buddy, Who's Your Pal, Not Yahoo
Hope You Like It Hotter Or Where'd All That Ice Go?
Above The President's Pay Grade: Muckety-Mucks Know Who Was Behind 9/11 And It's Not The Saudis
From The "You Gotta Love War As Much As We Do" Dept: Pentagon Took Half A $Billion Of Your Money To Lie To You
Putin Suspends Plutonium Deal Due To US Threats
Libya And Gaddafi: The Clinton Way, No Wonder She Laughed
Always Amusing Hillary: Can't We Just Drone This Guy!?
America: 21st Century Barbarians
FBI Allowed 2 Hillary Aides To "Destroy" Laptops In Side Deal
Ex-US Intel Officials Warn Obama To Rein In Putin Bashing, Threatening Nukes
May Be Or May Be Not: Official Brexit Process To Begin in March
Make Music Not War
Clinton's Plan To Get Millennial's Votes? Make Them Government Minions ... Anyway, There Aren't Any Jobs In This Economy
Solar Storms Headed For Earth ... 3 Days
America: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later
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