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Autumn 2015

The articles listed here are for informational purposes that may be of interest to readers of this site, and nothing more. The intent is to provide a wide range of articles, not normally found in Western mass media, in order to get a more balanced look at current events however eclectic. No endorsement of content is implied or given. Readers are encouraged to think for themselves. As a rule of thumb, be mindful that when countries and leaders point fingers of accusation without factual support, three more fingers are pointing back at them.

Autumn 2015

No Wonder Europe Has Suffered So Many Wars: EU A Prisoner Of Its Own Mistakes
Sec. Clinton/US/NATO's Gift To Libya
Where Things Stand In The Saudi-Yemen War
Kurdish Forces [YPG] Retake Area East Of Aleppo
Dead ISIS Leader: The Cell Phone Tells All
Part 1 US Middle East Policy Goal: Chaos/Success Or Stability/Failure?
Don't Look Now, But You Live In Copland
Taking Over The Narrative: US Coalition Taking Credit For Russia's Work
Trump To Media: Are You Journalists Or Gossip Columnists? Need Proof For Accusations
TV Mass Media Censorship And Manipulating Agenda
US Government Catalogue Of Cellphone Spy Gear
Apple's Cook: We Can Have Privacy And Security
China's "Spook Proof" Quantum Communication
Norway: Most ISIS Oil Goes To Turkey
From The "Sleeping With The Enemy" Dept: Turkish And Israeli Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows
The Big M-E-L-T
The Russian Robo-Sniper
EU Sovereignity: Real Or Imagined?
Assad Thanks Kerry For Allowing Him To Stay As President ... Just Kidding
Who Owns The Private Federal Reserve Bank? Debunking The Myths
The Road To Dabiq
Will UN Security Council Sanction ISIS Sponsors?
From The "Speaking With Forked Tongue" Dept: US Supports Assad, Not Seeking Regime Change In Syria?
Prelude To Kicking US Military Out Of Syria?
From The "Can We Really Call This News Anymore?" Dept: November 2015 Earth's Warmest On Record
German Business Urges Politicians To End Russia Sanctions
Mystery Of MH-17: Evidence Falls Short Of Russian Border
After US Airstrike On Syrian Army, Will Russia/Syria Impose No Fly Zone?
US Won't Divulge Finance Info About Paris Attacks
Saudis Attack On 9/11, US Goes After Iraq; ISIS Attacks US And EU, US Goes After Russia
Fear Is Here: US-EU Visa War?
China's Internet Offensive
Western Manipulation Of IAEA Intel
It's Not Only Oil, ISIS Drug Cartel
Not To Be Left Out, The US Pharmaceutical Cartels
CIA's Horror Shows Probably Won't Garner Oscar Nomination
The House Of Saud Magic Show
Where Does ISIS Get Its $80 Million Monthly Income?
What To Do With The US Failed Ukrainian State?
Russia's Zeus Unveiled
Western Media Shows Russia Airstrikes As US Coalition Strikes
Chess Player Putin To Turkey And NATO Marble Shooters, You Want War? Do You Really Want War?
Newest US Naval Ship Breaks Down, Towed Into Port
Turkish MP Faces Treason Charges For Outing Erdogan's Sarin Gas Criminality, The West Is Silent
From The "Whatever Happened To The Roman Empire?" Dept: When Democracy Becomes Hypocrisy
Time Person Of The Year: Burka Merkel Refugee Hypocrisy
Theatre Of The Absurd, Starring Saudi Arabia
Appeals Court Rules Bush-Cheney Administration Can Be Sued For GWOT
The Lemming Influence Of Americans For War, Hardship, and Increased Danger
ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced Back To British Government, Saudi Arabia
Tactics Change, Not Goals: Saudi Arabia's 34 Country Military Coalition For War
Saudi Coalition ... Why Fighting ISIS, A Group They Gave Birth To And Funded?
Yet Saudi Arabia Sent 500 US TOW Missiles To Terrorists Last Month
Putin Gives Priority To Constitution Over International Court
Blair Amnesty To Tell The Truth About Torture ... Wait, Doesn't He Prefer Waterboarding?
From The "Dig The Hole Deeper" Dept: Despite A Lot Of Growling, Groveling EU Poodles Once Again Will Follow US Alpha Dog
No Kiss And Tell With ISIS
Another Success For Failed State Economics From The Land Of Nu: Ukraine's Economy Bottoms
Russia's Thousand Stings
Reinventing The Banking System
1% Vs. 99%: Repression Or Revolution?
"From The "Who'da Thunk" Dept: Political Duplicity In UN Security Council
Turkey Supplied Materials To ISIS To Produce Deadly Sarin Gas
US Living By The Sword: Killed 30 Million Since End Of WW2, Not Including The Ongoing Veiled Domestic War
Assad Interview: West Not Serious About Fighting Terrorists In Syria
Saudi Coalition Forces Killed By Yemen Troops
Reports Turkey Withdrawing Troops From N. Iraq
Turkey's Odd Alliance With Iraqi Kurds
Erdogan Stirring The Pot For NATO
Russia Puts Military Satellite In Orbit
Recapturing The War Criminal Culture From 1933 Germany: The Criminalization Of Parliamentary Democracy
The 1933 German War Criminal Culture 
German Parliament Approves Sending Troops To Fight ISIS
US Neocons Quest For Destroying Sovereign States
As The US Coup Turns: Wants Ukraine In EU/Military Alliance At All Costs To Block Russia
Erdogan's Alternative Ottoman Universe
Erdogan's Real Reason For Turkey Invasion: Replace Russia Gas
French General: Rycep "Both Ends Against The Middle" Erdogan A Global Danger
US Millennials Have Cheney Character: OK Boots On The Ground To Fight ISIS, But Too Cowardly To Do It Themselves
Let's Not Learn From Our Past Mistakes Or How To Screw Up The Middle East
Saudi Wahhabism
US: Who Will Clean Up Our 'Mission Accomplished' Mess?
The West's Involvement In Syria: Dangers Of Mission Creep
The US Doublespeak News Desk: Assad Is The One Buying ISIS Oil
From The "What Are You Hiding And It's More Embarrassing Not To Answer Direct Questions" Dept
Well, It Does Answer The Question As To Why The US Wants More Women In The Military
Video- It's Time To Rumble: Things Not Going So Well In Ukraine
Up To 70% Syria Controlled By ISIS
Syria: Any Threats Against Russia Must Be Destroyed Immediately
The Lies And Deceit Of War: Crimes Against Humanity Go Unreported
Life In America: Dreaming Of A Red Cup Christmas Are We?
We, The Innocents, In Order To Form A More Perfect World: 6 Mistakes On The Road To Damascus
Gold-Backed Yuan, Ruble Pressure US 'Achilles Heel' Dollar
US Chooses Blind Eye To Erdogan's Shinanigans
Provacateur Erdogan Stirring The Heated Pot Some More
Made In The USA: ISIS Tanks, Weapons
US In Syria: Guided By International Law Or Own Rules?
US Straw Man Policy: Create A Problem, Then Be The Hero Getting Rid Of It
Iraq Ponders Kicking US Out
Putin's Hint About As Subtle As Dropping An Anvil On Someone
Canada's New Government Foray Into Foreign Policy: A Debutante Among Thugs
Submit To Our Hegemony Or Prepare For War aka Time To Realize The US Is Serious About World Dominion
From The "Birds Of A Feather" Dept: Honoring Of Martyrs And War Criminals
Syrian Wildfire: Erdogan's Invasion A Spark That Could Inflame Entire Region
Erdogan Going Cold Turkey
NATO: The Alliance That Is Undermining US And European Security
Five Steps For Russia In Syria
Mission Accomplished: ISIS
UN Security Council To Address Issue Of Turkish Invasion
It Is War: Erdogan Refuses To Withdraw Invading Turkish Troops From Northern Iraq ... What Was That About Respecting Borders, Recep?
A Tale Of Three Empires
What Is Erdogan Up To?
Russia TOS-1A Solnitsa Rocket Launcher
Still No Condemnation Of Turkey Buying Stolen Oil From ISIS, Supplying Arms To Terrorists
The Race Is On ... Russia Air Force Using Two More Syrian Bases
Who's Side Is Obama On? After Cal Shootings Of Americans By ISIS Followers, US Jets Bomb Syrian Base, ISIS Follows Up With Attack
Iraqi Commander Ready To Attack US Bases, Turkish Military Interests
No Shortage Of Competition For World Dominance ...US/NATO, ISIS
US/NATO's Excuse To Arm Turkey ... Upping Ante For War
Actions Speak Louder Than Words When It Comes To Saudi Arabia
Crazy Erdogan ... Invades Iraq, Supplies Arms To ISIS, Shoots Down Russia Jet, But Overreacts About Rocket Launcher On Warship?
US NATO Supports Turkey, Ergo ISIS
From The "Straining At The Gnat" Dept: Unlike US Instant Claim Russia Downed Flight MH-17, US Can't See Turkey-ISIS Alliance
Turkey Shooting Russia Jet Planned For Weeks In Advance
From The "But That's The Point" Dept: US/NATO Turkey Fighting Assad Strengthens ISIS
Deception Central: Charitable Donations From West Support ISIS
Padrone Obama Out Of The Closet Too, "A Great Partner" To Turkey's Illegal Oil Trade, ISIS Funding And Military Support
Six Months Ago: US Policymakers Call for the Division, Destruction and Military Occupation of Syria
From The "Like Flies To Honey" Dept: NATO Countries Escalate War In Syria, Goal The Same
Damascus A Heap Of Ruins
Yemen Army Sinks Saudi Warship
Saudi Surrogate ISIS Kills Aden Governor In Yemen
Will US Military Draft Women For Combat?
US Reckless Roadmap To War
The "Real Leader Of The Terrorists Is Tayyip Erdogan" ... Silence from US/EU
Turkish Opposition: Suggests Erdogan Heat Presidential Palace With Dung
The Circle Of Death: Cal Shooter Pledged Allegiance To ISIS, US Supports Turkey, Turkey Supports ISIS, ISIS Kills Americans?
Iraq Demands Turkey Remove Its Forces From Iraqi Soil
Saudi Warplanes Drop Cluster Bombs On Own Soil As Yemen Forces Make Deep Inroads
US Intel Budget: $100 Billion A Year ... Too Much For Too Little
US Still Fighting Russia Rather Than ISIS, Turkey, Saudi Arabia
US Media Suckered Again: Getting Story First, Not Right, Is Priority
Putin Sets Goal For Russia To Become World's #1 Supplier Of Non-GMO Food
850 Year Old Seeds Bear Fruit
Worst Kept Secret In The 'Fert-Oil' Crescent
Hey, America, "Terrorists Attack US Because We Bomb And Occupy Their Countries" ... And Have Been For Decades

From The "Reaping What You Sow" Dept: US Media Eeyore Focus Is On Victimization, Keep American's In The Dark About The Why
Obama's Foreign Policy "Best Understood In A Psychiatrist's Office"
Map Of Russia Operations In Syria
Russia, China Surpass US In Cyber Technology
Israelis Keep Killing Palestinians In Their Homeland
Outed "International Outlaw" Assad, Oops, Erdogan ... Obama's Hypocritical Silence Says It All
NATO Military Needs New "Non-Doublespeak" Slogan
Istanbul, Turkey: Erdogan-ISIS Oil Trade "Everyone Knows What's Going On"
Okay, Say ISIS Is Destroyed, Then What?
California Shooters Appear To Fit Terrorist Profile: Weapons Cache
US Congressman Applauds Putin, Chastises US
Turkish Opposition To Provide Proof Of Erdogan ISIS-Oil Link
'Janus' Erdogan: Support ISIS With One Face, NATO-France With The Other?
From The "US Tax Dollars At Work" Dept: Why Did You Buy $150 Miilion Villas In Afghanistan?
Erdogan Warns Iran: Don't Blab About Turkey-ISIS Oil Link
Erdogan's Real Syrian War: Stolen Oil And Killing Kurds

From One Mom To Another ... Why Does Your Son Support Terrorist Killers?
Sucked Into Syria: Bloody Hell, UK Votes To Go To War!
In Case You Folks In The US Missed It Due To The Timely California Shooting Mass Media Coverage: US Ally Turkey Links To ISIS Oil With Transcripts, Videos
Missing The Connection? Televised US Mass Shooting Less Than US Gov't Killed At Kunduz Hospital
Obama On Shootings: "No Parallel Anywhere Else In The World" ... Except Black Clad ISIS And Terrorists In Syria, Libya, Iraq, Paris ...
US World's Largest Arms Dealer, Including Billions To Turkey, Saudi Arabia, i.e., ISIS
Erdogan Wants To Buy Reaper Drones, Super Cobra Attack Helicopters From US By End Of Year
Living By The Sword: Teaching Our Children Gun Violence, US Television, Movies
Covert US Regime Changes From 1949: Not Including Libya, Ukraine And Syria [Again]
ISIS Using Gas Attacks In Iraq
ISIS Training As Pilots In Libya
Cat's Out Of The Bag And In The Frying Pan With US/NATO Turkey Support, Expect US To Control Narrative, Take Credit For Recent ISIS Oil Decline
The Dirty War On Syria: ISIS Beheading's Blood Trails Back To US Hands
RT International On The Air News
Russia Provides Direct Link $2 Billion A Year Illegal ISIS Oil Money, "Erdogan Won't Resign Even With His Face Smeared In Illegal Oil"
Map Illegal ISIS Oil Routes Into Turkey
Video/Photos-- Russia Defense Ministry ISIS Oil Turkey Proof, Will US/EU Silent Accomplices Sanction Turkey For Supporting Terrorism, Destabilizing A Neighboring Sovereign State? Don't Hold Your Breath
Free Syrian Army Claims Document Proof ISIS Oil To Turkey, Erdogan Not Assad That Needs Regime Change?
US Conservative Buchanan: Who Is Aiding And Abetting Terrorists In Syria, Erdogan Or Putin?
EU Court: Turkey Violated Freedom Of Expression
Don't Learn From History? Without Moscow, Without Paris
Hypocrisy Central: EU Silent On Corrupt Turkey ISIS Oil, But Gives 3.2 Billion Euros To Keep Refugees Out Of EU, Fast Track Full NATO Status
Mr. Nice Guys Saudi Arabian PR Campaign In DC, Where's Our $5000 Watches?
Beware Of Saudis Bearing Gifts ... And Politicians Who Justify Accepting Them
Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? Barbie Can Be Hacked!! Say It Ain't So
Erdogan To Quit When Russia Proves ISIS Oil To Turkey? Not A Chance, Deny, Deny, Deny
Assad: Most, Not All, Syrians Fleeing To Europe Common Folks Escaping Western Backed Militants
US General Blames Bush-Cheney For ISIS ... Two Dumb Too Dumb?
Paris Back To Normal, All Those Heads Of State, No ISIS In Sight ... Maybe They Should Have Dinner In Damascus And Baghdad?
Respecting Sovereignty? Germany To Put Boots On The Ground In Syria ... No Approval From Assad
Heil Hitler Then!? US, Canada, Ukraine Reject UN Resolution Condemning Glorification Of Nazism
India's Modi: Advanced Countries Who Prospered Using Fossil Fuels, Must Lead Climate Fight
From The "Man Bites Dog" Dept: Al-Qaeda Declares War On ISIS
Russian Handgun Could Reduce Fatal Police Shootings
My, My What Language, Europeans Should Oppose US Aggression
Home On The Range In The Land Of The Free
Ayatollah Khamenei's Open Letter To Western Youth
Israeli Court Finds 2 Guilty Of Murder In Palestinian Death, Suspends Sentence
Syrian Army Adds Fresh Forces For Aleppo Province Control
Yemeni Forces Capture Military Bases ... In Saudi Arabia
From The "He Who Owns The Piper Calls The Tunes" Dept: Hawks Set The Tone In US, UK "Foreign Policy" TV
Hypocrisy: NATO EU Reasons For Sanctions Applied To Russia, Not Turkey, US
ISIS Making $100 Million A Month From Stolen Oil Sold In Turkey ... Cash, Barter Or Banks?
EU To Consider Extending Russia Sanctions
Russia S-400 Missile Defense System In Syria
From The "Hey, Wait For Us" Dept: Why All The Recent Interest By NATO Countries Putting Military In Syria?
Turkish Generals Arrested For Stopping "Humanitarian Aid-- Weapons" To Terrorists In Syria
Erdogan: Oil And Antiquities Smuggling, Gun Running, No Bootlegging However
Harvard Alum Bilal Erdogan "Up To His Eyeballs" In ISIS Oil Money
Faulty Powers: Stirring The Fear, Bombing ISIS In Syria Won't Stop Attacks In UK ... What's The Hidden Objective?
TPP: US Economic War Against Asia, Latin America
Erdogan Ups Ante: Syrian Army Shelled From Position In Turkey
How ISIS Preys On Teenage Girls
Boko Harem Overtakes ISIS As Terror Killers 
Nobel Peace Prize Obama Kills More With Drones Than 9/11 Deaths, Including Women, Children
EU: Turkey On The Menu
US Anti-Tank Missile Fired At Russia Press In Syria
From The "That's The Spirit" Dept: NSA To Stop Bulk Surveillance, Switches To New Spy Program
Chinese, Russians Targets In Mali Attack?
US Opposes Iraqi Homeland Fight Against ISIS
Is Obama Erdogan's Puppet Master?
West's Goal To Stop Russia's Turkish Stream Pipeline?
Putin Pissed Off With West's ISIS Hypocrisy: Launches "Total Destruction" Op
Turkey's F-16 Missile Attack Pre-Planned
Shooting Of Russia Pilot Termed War Crime
Cameron's Mystical 70K Rebels Based On Magical Intel And Analysis
Russia Adds New Interceptor To Syrian Arnsenal
Turkish Blunder May Lead To Syrian No-Fly Zone
Turkish Made Shotguns Intercepted On Way To Belgium
Who Produces The Drones, And Technology ISIS Uses To Operate Them?
Profiteering On War: Balal Erdogan Link To ISIS Oil
Saudi Arabia To Behead 50 More
Good Cop [NATO 'Mistral' France], Bad Cop [NATO Turkey] Or The Real Deal?
4WD Pipelineistan Convoys To NATO's Turkey
Feeling Left Out, Are We? Cameron Is Anxious To Get In The Fight In Syria
US To Send "Boots On The Ground" Special Forces To Northern Syria ... Advisors A La Vietnam?
Russia S-400 Air Defense System In Place In Syria

How To Deter Blame Away From Yourself For Major League Fail ... Again
From The "Usual Suspects In The Peanut Gallery" Dept: The Glorious Mythology Of Blaming Snowden For Paris
Putin Class Act Among G20 Leaders
ISIS Tar Baby: Heads We Win (Shun Refugees, We Gain Recruits), Tails You Lose (Take In Refugees, We Get Future Recruits In Your Country)
Theatre Of The Absurd, Daily Performances In Syria, But Coming To A Theatre Near You
Au Revoir La Vie En Rose, Bonjour La Guerre En Rose Courtesy Of US Allies Saudi Arabia And Turkey
Scarier Times Ahead In Africa
Boko Haram, ISIS Franchisee In Africa, Kills More Than ISIS Syria
Saudis Making Yemen The Next Syria?
US Sells $1.3 Billion Of Bombs To Saudis, Instigator Of Syrian War
Beirut Use To Be The Paris Of The Middle East, Yet Attacks There Ignored, Not To Mention Russian Airliner
TPP Propaganda Not Supported By Past Estimates ... Just The Opposite ... Lost Jobs, Slave Wages For Workers
TPP: The 1%ers Gift From Heaven
Russia's FM: US Spared ISIS In Syria, A Two-Edged Sword
Following Attack, France Institutes Authoritarian Actions A La PATRIOT Act
Russia Doubles Down On Bombing, Airstrikes, Adds Long Range Bombers
Russia Fires Cruise Missiles From Med At Raqqa
Encryption Privacy Results From Lack Of Political Leadership, Mass Illegal Collection Of Data By Governments
Video: Julian Assange Show, Episode 1
Alleged Anonymous YouTube Video Is Fake
Hacktavist Group: Anonymous Has People "Very Very Close" To ISIS On The Ground
Putin "Names And Shames" US Into Action
Iraqi Army Gaining Ground
Saudi Attacking Yemen Continues
Uzbekistan And ISIS
Netanyahu And 6 Senior Officials Face Arrest In Spain
ISIS And Paris: Yes, Crusaders, Bring Us Your NATO Boots On The Ground
ISIS Determined March To The "Apocalypse"
Terror In France ... 1793
El Nino: 2015 Warmest Week Temps Ever Recorded
Hypocritical Outrage: Some G20 Members Buy Oil From ISIS Which Funds Attacks
US Put People In Gitmo On Less Intel Info, So Why Are These Guys On The Streets?
Climate And War: All We Need To Do Is Open Our Eyes
The Marketing Of War, Fear And Profit
When Did Geneva Convention Change Red Cross From Medical Aid To Military Target?
The Myth Of Governments Gathering Intel For The Purpose Of Preempting Terror Attacks
Baghdad Warned Iran, France, US Of Looming Attacks, Yet ...
Jihad Vs. Crusade?
So Much For US-NSA Intel Gathering, Effective For Controlling Citizenry Not Terrorists
French Intel 20/20 In Hindsight
Facts, Figures And Lies In US Prez Debate
And These Guys Actually Get Elected?
Hilliary "Libya" Clinton Guarded Words, Still, Business As Usual In ME
NATO: Turkey's "Alliance" Game About Kurds Not Buffer Zone
"Apocalyptic" Scenes From Paris
Reaping What We Sow: US-NATO-Israel Sponsored Syria Terrorism
The Tangled Web Of Lies: Who's Who In Syria
What To Expect For Winter From El Nino
Russia Airstrikes Hit 289 Targets In 2 Days
Private Players In EU Sovereign Affairs
Video Chechnya: Russia's Muslim Republic
US Military Fiscal Policy: Money For Nothing
Ukraine's Finance Minister: Thanks America
Dominoes? France Suspends Schengen For Month
The Monsanto Challenge: Non-Existent GMO Safety Standards
Russia Foreign Ministry: Are You Really Journalists?
Once In A Blue Moon For The 1%ers
B-52s And Chicken Of The Sea
Snowden: How To Reclaim Some Of Your Privacy
The Other Side Of Remembrance Day
Israeli Officers Dressed As Arabs Kill Palestinian At Hospital
Syrian Army Set To Take Another Strategic Airport From ISIS
War Within A War: Turkey And The Kurds
EU: Labels On Israeli Squatter Goods
Video: Earth Breathing?
Sex And The Vatican Properties
US Congress Provides Funding For The Wars, Then Voting To Refuse The Refugees
2 For 1: US Wars Destablize Middle East And EU
Burka Merkel: German Cultural Values Unchanged From 1930s
German Refugee Crisis: Der Spiegel Asks "How Naive Can We Be?"
War Crimes Indictment For Dubya Sidekick?
Serfdom For The Masses: TTIP 1% Feudal Lords Rising
Shades Of Future With TTIP?
Europe's War Refugee Crisis Catches Fire In Calais
Move Over Amazon, Alibaba $9 Billion In Sales In 12 Hours
China Flies Giant Airship To Edge Of Space
Using The Original Smart Device To Navigate Cities ... Our Brains
Growing Crops Outdoors In Alaska ... In The Winter
More Nanny Regs For UK?
Mr. Prez, Where is Your Executive Order, Veto? US Senate Votes To Keep Gitmo Open, Military Aid To Syrian Rebels
Doublespeak In The Land Of Nu
The Battle Of Poitiers Part 2 ... But Where Is "Close The Door" Martel, Or Is It "Open The Door" Merkel?
Merkel Losing Clout, Confidence Over Refugee Crisis
The Graying Of The Obama Administration
Putin: Russia's New Missiles Can Penetrate Any Current Defense System
From The "It's Possible To Justify Anything" Dept: Saudi Billionaire Diplomatic Rep In UK For Caribbean Island
Muslim Majority City Council In Michigan
The Big Canadian Dump Has Been In The Pipeline
Dynamic Neighbors: Iran, Turkey And Russia
Better Say No To Disingenuous TPP 1984: Biotech Can Patent YOUR Genes
TPP Full Text ... Growing The Middle Class By Shipping More Jobs To Other Countries With Cheaper Labor Costs?
But Have You Read Its 5500 Pages, Mr. President, Without The Guiding Hand Cliff Notes?
Nearly 450 Targets Hit By Airstrikes In 3 Days
US Of Israel Sounds Like A Marriage ...
Does "12 Year Old" Kerry Want Them To Divorce?
Court Orders NSA To Stop Mass Collection Of Data Again
From The "Ditching The Dollar" Dept: China Yuan-Swiss Franc Direct Conversion
2015 Vintage US Whine: We Only Had To Make Syria Fail, Now Russia Too
Plans To Divvy Up Iraq?
Jewish Ambassador For Whom?
Hebron: With Neighbors Like This, Who Needs ...
Didn't Learn Anything From Their Germany Experience? Only Good Palestinian Is A Dead Palestinian?
Syrian Pilots Fly Vietnam Era Jets To Bomb ISIS: Videos
Life On The Merry-Go-Round: The Fantasy Of War Won In Afghanistan
Tapas Of Mass Destruction: NATO's Continuum Of Deterrence, AKA Stopping The Erosion Of Full Spectrum Dominance
The War On Terror Hoax
Montenegro's No To NATO
US Congress Votes To Keep Gitmo Open For Business
Russia Steps Up Syrian Airstrikes
UK Million Mask March
Video: Why Isn't Our Private Stuff Private?
Video: History Of Nefarious CIA Doings
MSF Docs Won't Let Obama Administration Ignore Afghan Hospital Bombing
On A Roll: Putin Tops Forbes List Three Years Running
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall We're The Only Exceptional Nation For All
Putin Plays Chess Not Marbles
25K Plus Foreigners Fighting With ISIS
Coming To A Theatre Near You: Resource Wars ... It's Not Just Oil Anymore
From The "Terrorists Are Us" Dept: Syria's Newest Terror Group
Temperatures Rising In South China Sea
Temperatures Rising In South China Sea 2
Russia, US Stage Air Safety Drills
So, When China Sends "Freedom Of Navigation" Warships Into The Gulf Of Mexico ...
Based On Capability And Intent, Russia's Greatest Danger Is ...
Our Bloodless War
Turkey Elections: Real Democracy?
Fiscal Insanity: US $400 Billion Fighter ... And Counting
For Sale: $500K Gas Station For $43 Million ... Guess Who?

Why Doesn't Assad Tell US To Get Out Of Syria?
Despite Bases Around The World, US Military Grades Out At Kindergarten Level
Doing The Obvious: US Changes Tactics Again To Protect Its Syrian Strategy ... Regime Change A La Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Etc.
The Imperial Tourist
Ukraine's Fascist Brand Of "Democracy" Strikes Again
Following The Money In The South China Sea
Proposed Bill To Require Warning Labels On All GMO Food
Why Send Ground Troops Into Syria?
UK's Lost Generation
MSF And Red Cross: Russia Has Not Bombed Our Hospitals
Deja Vu A La Iraq, Libya: Destroying Syria In Order To Save It?
Hole In Ozone Layer Now Size Of Canada And Russia
ISIS Oil Conduit Runs Through Turkey
Caliph At The Gates Of Vienna
Israeli Military Assaults Hospital
Want To Live In London? Stay In A 4 Star Hotel, It's Cheaper
EU Parliament Close Vote Calls For Amnesty For Snowden
US Military Intelligence Source: Press Reports

Red Cross Personnel: No Reports Of Russia Airstrike On Hospital
US Refugee ... In Canada
US Agrees To Inclusion Of Iran In Syria Talks
... But What Does It Mean?
Iraq Does Not Need US Assistance With Ground Forces
Video: Syrian Army Assault On ISIS
EU And The Coming Winter Freeze
Fearing The Unfamiliar Light
Will Homeland Vote For WW3?
The Not So PATRIOT Act
Russia Airstrikes Enable 800,000 Syrians To Return Home
Russia Challenges West's Claims On Bombing Hospitals
Caution Presstitutes At Work

Drawing Red LInes In The Sea

The $100 Million Soldiers: Rewarding Failure, US Military Can't Help Itself
From The "It's About Time" Dept: Saudis Being Viewed Differently In UK
Bush Family Buddies: Off With His Head, Then?
More CIA Brennan Wikileaks
Russia Airstrikes Hit 285 Tagets Missed By US
F1 Likes Putin For EU Too
Baghdad To Moscow: OK To Bomb ISIS Fleeing Syria Into Iraq
Snowden: NSA, CIA Propaganda
Blair: "Elements" Of Truth US Invasion Of Iraq Led To ISIS
Pipelineistan & Empire Of Chaos: Destabilize Syria, ISIS Sells Oil On The Open Market Approved By US
Putin & Tolstoy: WW3 And Peace
Russia Oil Vs. OPEC
Russia Airstrikes Week In Review
South China Sea Tango
Russia Airstrike Cuts Off ISIS Bridge Supply Route
Putin's Approval Rating Nears 90% ...
... Obama's Not So Much
DeHarperizing Canada
Fill In The Blanks: What Possibly Could Go Wrong!?
Life In The Empire Of Chaos' Pickle Barrel
Jam The Electronics Full Speed Ahead
On The Road To Kurdistan Or Bust
72 More Airstrikes Against Syrian Terrorists
Wiki's Latest Email Dump
Secret US Drone Base In Africa Grows Large
Base Danish Law On Koran?
West's Sanctions War Against Russia Losing Steam In EU
West's Information War: Consider The Source
83 Targets Hit As ISIS Al-Nusra Talk Of Uniting
No Back Door For Apple
Syrian Army In Process Of Taking Back Dzhobar District Of Damascus
US Joins Russia, Signs Co-op Airstrike Deal ...
... To Warn Sunni Rebels In Iraq?
Russia Ramps Up Airstrikes
From The "Reaping What You Sow" Dept: Middle East Mayhem
Fantasy Presidential Candidate Speaks With Forked Tongue, Kimosabe
M. E. Karma Policy: All's Fair In War And Bombing
51 Terrorist Targets Hit By Russia's Airstrikes
Syria: Living In The Ruins
A Different Perspective History: Key WW2 Battles
US Drone Pilots With A Conscience
NATO's "Humanitarian" Libya Intervention aka Regime Change, Chaos
Syrian Civilians Help Locating Russia Airstrikes Targets
Heady UK Hypocrisy Politics: Special Relationship With The House Of Saud
OK, If Not MH-17, Then Give US The Drone Downed In Turkey? No? What About A Kite, Then?
El Nino 2015: Too Big To Fail
456 Terrorist Targets Missed By US Destroyed By Russia Airstrikes in 2+ Weeks
25 Tons Nuke Waste On "Dustbin" Ship Leaving France
The Libyan Connection: Smuggling People, Weapons
The Fog Of Foggy Bottom Intelligence
Fox News Commentator, Dubya White House Consultant Faces Fraud Charges Posing As CIA Official
US Senator Guaranteed Russia Wouldn't Take Action In Syria
Talking About Greenhouse Gas: Truth Behind Hillary's Copenhagen Story
MSF: US Deliberately Attacked Kunduz Hospital
Mission Unraveled: Prospect Of Baghdad-Moscow Cooperation Points To Total US/Bush/Cheney Failure In Iraq
Key ISIS Leader Killed In Russia Airstrike
Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA 5th Gen Fighter
Su-30SM 4th Gen Fighter
1%ers Own More Than Rest Of Us Put Together
Climate: The Blob Vs. El Nino
Russia In The Middle East: Nouveau Politik
Special Edition: US Military's Drone Assassination Program ... Can Hit Targets They Choose
Russia Airstrikes Hit ISIS Missile System, 33 Targets Missed By US
Is Obama Trying To Start WW3?
Trump, Haaretz: Middle East Better Off Without US Intervention
So Who's The Aggressor?
Who Buys The Oil From ISIS?
These Guys Buy The Oil
US Blocks Russia Proposal To Add ISIS To UN Sanctions List
MH-17: Has Western Media Become The Story?
IMF Changing Rules So Ukraine Doesn't Pay Russia Debt
Spy Vs. Spy: Big Brother Can Spy On Big Brother
Syrian Campaign: Russia Plays Chess Not Marbles
BUK Contractor: New BUKs Have Butterfly Shape Shrapnel
But Dutch Reports Butterfly Shaped Perforations (9:30+ Mark Video)
Russia: 40 Attacks On Terrorist Targets
Israel's Domestic Tensions
Flying The Empty Skies
Russia: Bombing ISIS Sunnis While Talking With Saudi, Turkish Sunnis
US Refuses US-Russia Antiterrorist Delegation For Syria
Russia Su-30 Visual ID's US Fighter in Syria
MH-17: US Ignores Dutch Report, We Want It To Be Russia Backed Rebels
China Not Planning Sending Troops To Syria
Will US Release Satellite Intel Showing BUK Missile Firing Or Stick With Social Media?
BUK Defense Contractor: Outdated Missile From Kiev Controlled Area
Text Video: MH-17 Dutch Safety Board (Click More For Video)
Watch Video: MH-17 Almaz-Antey RUSSIAN Manufacturer Explodes BUK Showing LEFT [Port] Side Strike As In Dutch Report
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