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Did you know that...

•    Cain did not leave Eden with a sister/wife according to the account in Genesis?

•    Going to heaven is not the ultimate end, Earth is?

•    Creation did not take place in six 24-hour Earth days according to Genesis 1?

•    Charles Darwin, in the last paragraph of his final edition of Origin Of The Species, agrees with Genesis 1 that our Creator is the originator of life?

•    The wise men brought their gifts to Christ when he was a young child living in a house?

•    We are not Gentiles, but descendants of our patriarch Israel, "his people" as Christ said?

•    The deadly wound of the beast in Revelation 13 was inflicted less than 100 years ago?

•    The basis of the Old Testament is God’s plan for Christians today?

•    The apostles and the early church, established by Peter in Jerusalem, not Rome, never celebrated the Roman church's non-Biblical festivals of Easter or Christmas?

•    The identity of the Antichrist, Babylon the Great, in Revelation is detailed in the book of Genesis about 4000 years ago?

No doubt much of what you just read above will be foreign to you. But, all these points and more are detailed from the Biblical record in the Elephant books, The Blind Man’s Elephant, The Hijacked Elephant and The Curious Elephant as well as in our articles posted online. The elephant is a metaphor for Christianity today, which is a far different species than that delivered by Christ and the apostles in first century. When we let the Biblical record speak for itself, it gives us a much different picture than the modern day traditions of Churchianity, heavily influenced by the Roman church.

The books, and this site's articles, are reference works on the above subjects and others that show what the Biblical record says is very often not what we’ve assumed it to be. The books and the articles contain foundational points of Christian understanding, important for us in our world today. And you can find the answers to all the questions above, here at your convenience.

For more about the Elephant Books on this site, go to the menu bar and click on the Elephant Books tab. Or download the books as a complimentary PDF.