And It’s Still A Mystery

Christians are intrigued by prophecy. We all want to know what's going to happen. But it is the underlying theology that allows us to identify the prophecies that are taking place right now, that affect our daily lives. It also gives us the solid foundation upon which to build our faith. Very few Christians today understand redemption as it applies to us, much less the current day significance of that first century Pentecost after the resurrection of Christ. This is the most consequential day in Christianity, as opposed to those two popular false traditions that lead us into perdition. It officially marks the beginning of the Christian era. It is the first time that the Spirit of God was available to Christ's chosen people. Yet, it's origin before the beginning of time, and who was redeemed is absent from most Christian literature, and therefore is absent in our day to day awareness of who we are, and what prophecies concern us. As a result, and to our detriment, the Christianity of the Biiblical record remains a mystery. Let's draw back the curtain, and see what this mystery that pertains to us is all about. " ... we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the ages [or beginning of time] unto our glory." [1 Cor. 2:7].


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Pentecost, The First Fruits and Christianity, The Hijacked Elephant

We have seen very clear evidence that the days observed by our forefathers of the House of Israel, under the law given by Moses to all Israel, have a duality to them. Christ was the Passover lamb taking us from under the bondage of the law and sin portrayed by Israel coming out of Egypt. The Biblical record is one complete book written to the same people. And as we know, Christ plainly said, “I am not sent except to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”



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23 Skidoo

One of the foundational tenets of ethical theological study is allowing the Biblical record to define itself, which it does when we permit it to do so. This is why the Old Testament is so important in helping us understand the New Testament. Both testaments provide context to each other. Lacking this awareness, one of the basic traps Christians and Christianity get into is redefining the word of God, thereby creating fake doctrine, i.e., lies. Therefore, when we redefine the word of God, we change the truth into a lie, setting in motion all sorts of confusing and crazy notions.



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