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NEW YORK CITY— John F. Kennedy said, “The world knows that America will never start a war. This generation of Americans has had enough of war and hate ... we want to build a world of peace where the weak are secure and the strong are just.” The Bay of Pigs notwithstanding, about forty years later, a new generation of American leaders apparently motivated by a tumescent imperial swagger for “war and hate,” started the Iraq war over non-existent weapons of mass destruction, and not the obviously gauche raison d’etre, existent oil and gas. The Middle East, and the world haven’t been the same since the fateful day in Baghdad, when America, ignorant of its prophetic portent, opened Pandora’s box in the ancient land of Babylon.


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The Genesis Birthright, The Blind Man’s Elephant

One is.

It’s just two little words. Five Letters.

Never have two little words held such ominous implications for our age. For they lie, today, at the heart of the Genesis Birthright ....



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Peace On Earth?

The holiday time of the year is filled with greeting cards that people send to family and friends. Typically, they have tranquil scenes, often with some snow on the front cover or they will have a Nativity scene showing the wise men with their gifts as well as some shepherds at the manger. Very often the cards will say, “Peace on Earth,” as did the one I got in the mail. Inside it said something about glad tidings, joy and peace on Earth at Christmas. But in looking at the past few years in particular, our world has been filled with wars in December ... Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine as well as a long list on ongoing armed conflicts. [Wars and Conflicts]. In fact, after 2000 years of Christianity, we'd be hard pressed to find true peace anywhere on planet Earth. What's going on, then?



10 Things In The Bible Most People Don't Know

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