Updated: Our Corrupted Compass

We took for granted at one time, in the old days of the rule of law, "Normal World," pre-LIES-Cov-2, that without government approval we, the people, could hop on a plane, drive a car, or sail a boat and go someplace hundreds or thousands of miles away with the confidence that we will find it without any trouble. The age of satellites, computers and GPS, a very hi-tech "compass," has ensured pinpoint accuracy when traversing the expanse of our globe. It’s almost inconceivable that a ship’s crew out of sight of land would end up lost, meandering around not knowing where they are or which bearing they need to make landfall, even in a storm. Despite these advances in scientific technology, we've lost our more important theological GPS, our reliable Biblical record compass, along the way. As a result, we find ourselves in the midst of a tempest, a strengthening Cat 4 societal storm that is crashing our nations upon the rocky shores of an atheist Marxist enslavement and destruction. Is it possible to emerge from this, and once again find our safe harbour? Yes it is. But, all hands need to be on deck.


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Why First Century Christianity Is More Relevant Than Ever, The Curious Elephant

The simple reason is that Christ implemented major theological changes regarding the covenants, which resulted in good news for a specific group of people in our age. This group of people today is largely oblivious to the gravity of their current circumstances due to blithely ignoring their heritage despite the warnings given to them in end-time prophecies. Their days draw near, and they have come to the end of their years as the prophecies tell us. They would be us.



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Updated: Flying Saucers In The Bible … Really?

The subject of UFO’s or flying saucers in the Biblical record has the potential to open Pandora’s Box at warp speed, especially in light of some recent admissions. The topic, however, is not new by any means. So before anyone gets weirded out about the subject matter of this article, given its title, a word of caution. We are going to stick to what is contained in the Biblical record and to a very specific point at that. If the general subject of aliens and flying saucers peaks your curiosity, there are books and stories out there going back more than 100 years. Our story is a bit different, but it's much more intriguing as we'll discover. Examination of the subject starts with a proclamation made by someone not noted for being a flying saucer aficionado … Henry Kissinger.



10 Things In The Bible Most People Don't Know

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