Isaiah 63: Big Brother, The Prophetic 21st Century Antichrist

All the ruckus, domestic turmoil, and violence we see in the US and Western Christian nations is our big brother exerting his promised dominion over us by ripping apart our society, undermining our traditional institutions, and flooding our God-given nations with non-Christian refugees, which the Roman Catholic pope supports. The leaders, past and present, of the modern day Biblical House of Israel, i.e., the nations comprising Western civilization, are now branded with the negative epithet, "white supremacists." The call for "diversity" is aimed at undermining our God-given birthright. But, because we have lost knowledge of our Biblical heritage, we are clueless as to who it is that is seeking to destroy us. [Globalist Pope Battles Nation-States].


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Pentecost, The First Fruits and Christianity, The Hijacked Elephant

We have seen very clear evidence that the days observed by our forefathers of the House of Israel, under the law given by Moses to all Israel, have a duality to them. Christ was the Passover lamb taking us from under the bondage of the law and sin portrayed by Israel coming out of Egypt. The Biblical record is one complete book written to the same people. And as we know, Christ plainly said, “I am not sent except to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”



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What About Everyone Else?

As Christ is "Our Redeemer, the LORD of hosts … the Holy One of Israel … the Lord God of Israel … [who] redeemed His people” [Isa. 47:4; Luke 1:68], being the son of David, and the son of Abraham [Mat. 1:1] and who was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel [Mat. 15:24], where does that leave everyone else?



10 Things In The Bible Most People Don't Know

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