The Princes Of A Plundered House

“And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the LORD.” In the warnings given to the House of Israel for us today, when reading this statement, we tend to think of the average person who goes about their daily routines, celebrates "Christian" religious holidays, cherishes idols and the works of their hands, the customs and traditions of modern life. But, this is not solely the case. It refers more so to those “1%ers,” the rich and powerful who are in positions of “leadership,” who abuse their lofty stature to do evil, including the chief muckety-mucks of major corporations, whether they be big banks, big tech, big pharma, big media, big military/police or political elites. In their madness, they may believe themselves to be untouchables, above the law, shielding themselves with money and earthly power as they scurry about the planet, merchants of misery, sowing destruction and death, but no one is “King’s X safe” when the hand of our LORD is put forth to slay them. No one. [See Dan. 4:17-37; also Dan. 5:17-31].


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The Genesis Birthright, The Blind Man's Elephant

One is.

It’s just two little words. Five Letters.

Never have two little words held such ominous implications for our age. For they lie, today, at the heart of the Genesis Birthright ....



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Updated: To The Moon

Self-awareness and curiosity are linked. This goes beyond just having awareness. For example, when someone reads this or another article, how are you relating to it? Is it, I’m reading an article about theology or Christianity and it says, blah, blah, blah? This means we have read the words, and understood the meaning of the words. But when we finish reading the article, we have finished relating to it. We’ve encountered, but we’ve not engaged. When we read that Christ said he was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, we may be aware of what we are reading, but it sort of glances off us, not being incorporated into our daily personal consciousness. We're not a participant. This is analogous to looking at the moon, thinking it's made of green cheese, as opposed to going there and finding out it's not.



10 Things In The Bible Most People Don't Know

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