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Excerpt from: The Blind Man's Elephant


One is.
   It’s just two little words. Five Letters.

The Genesis Birthright
   Our story is non-fiction. While the names have changed, no one is innocent.

Updated: Creation In Six Days, But Who’s Counting?
   Einstein and other scientists have discovered the space-time continuum ...

Did The Second Man Marry His Sister?
   Did you go to Sunday school? I had to.

I’d Like An Ottoman To Go With That!
   I was sitting on my four-piece sectional the other day ...

Creation In Six Days, But Who's Counting?
   You might ask, “Okay, time is relative, yada, yada, yada, but ... 

Finding The Elephant
   So oft in theologic wars, The disputants, I ween, ... 

The Genesis Birthright 2

   During the 200 years after the Solomon’s death, ...

Three Creations Of Life
   Bare feet are wonderful things. And when school ...

New! Seeing The Elephant
  Living our life in pursuit of quantum theological ...

Excerpt from: The Hijacked Elephant

THE BookCover

The Last Great Day
   The last of the high holy days is the eighth day of the feast of Tabernacles, ...

Passover And The Days of Unleavened Bread
   Ed. note: the Old Testament ordinance, the Days of Unleavened Bread, ...

Christ And The Duality Of The Atonement
   The duality of the Day of Atonement, both of the old covenant, ...

The Duality of the Autumn Harvest Feast!
   There are a total of seven high holy days throughout the year.

Christ's Return
   The Day of Trumpets, which heralds the beginning of the new civil year, ...

Pentecost, The First Fruits And Christianity
   We have seen very clear evidence that the days observed by our forefathers ...

Where Do We Go To See The Elephant?
   For the past several hundred years in particular, ...

The Elephant Has Been Hijacked
   Every major theological event in Christianity ...

Excerpt from: The Curious Elephant

TCE icon Riding Rogue Ponies Into The Apocalypse.    
   At its most fundamental level,...

The Great Rebellion.    
   We've lost our spiritual purity.

New! Why First Century Christianity Is More Relevant Than Ever.    
   The simple reason is that Christ implemented ...

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